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00:20 Good evening, everyone.
00:23 I hope you're as happy as I am.
00:26 I think this is probably the happiest event.
00:29 The one I enjoy the most every year.
00:32 And I'm here to welcome you all to ASI Convention.
00:35 This is our national convention
00:37 and we're accepting an amazing blessing
00:40 this weekend.
00:41 Thank you for coming.
00:42 Now as far as lineup is concern, you know,
00:45 we have a wonderful lineup of speakers for us.
00:48 I hope you know that on Sabbath morning,
00:50 it will be Ted Wilson speaking to us
00:53 and for our devotion every morning
00:54 and I'd like to invite you to get up in the morning
00:56 because...
00:58 What time is that, Frank?
01:00 I don't know, is it 6:30?
01:02 It's early. It's early.
01:03 Check your program guide, I forgot too.
01:05 You gonna have to-- you gonna have to check it.
01:07 Yeah, this is John Bradshaw, he's going to be speaking to us
01:09 every morning, and I don't know we heard him last night
01:12 and he did an amazing job, just an amazing job.
01:15 I also, as you know we have exhibits
01:18 and we want you to take advantage of that
01:20 because there is a lot to learn,
01:22 there is a lot to receive from there
01:24 because I know
01:25 that you want to share Christ in your market place
01:28 and this is what, this is all about.
01:30 I'm going to pass this over to Kyle.
01:31 He can say what I forgot.
01:33 That's okay, Frank.
01:34 Now thank you so much for--
01:36 Praise God for ASI, amen.
01:37 And the theme this year is that,
01:39 we're on the theme for the second year now,
01:42 Lift Him Up and our theme is lifting up Jesus,
01:45 so that He may come soon.
01:46 And all of our sermons and seminars
01:49 will be focusing on that theme.
01:51 And I want to encourage you guys
01:52 to take, get the most out of this ASI.
01:54 Attend the sermons, come to the seminars
01:56 and you will be blessed.
01:58 Just a quick show of hands.
01:59 How many of you, is this your first time to ASI?
02:03 What do you say? Amen.
02:05 Welcome.
02:06 Welcome to those of you
02:08 for whom this is your first time.
02:09 We're glad you're here.
02:11 I want to say a special welcome to our pathway
02:13 to help volunteers
02:15 that had been here already, Frank,
02:16 for a couple days serving the community of Spokane.
02:19 We're glad that you're here as well.
02:20 God has really blessed us so far.
02:22 And I know, we have a very powerful week ahead.
02:25 Amen.
02:27 So, Frank, we're looking forward
02:28 to what God is gonna do here in Spokane.
02:30 He is already started, I'm feeling,
02:32 I'm feeling the spirit and I believe with all my heart
02:35 that by the time this is over,
02:37 we will all go home stronger than what we came.
02:39 Amen.
07:25 I'm pleased to bring to you
07:27 the first of our Offering in Action segments
07:29 that we will have over the course of the convention.
07:33 This is the time when we want to share with you
07:34 and highlight just a few of the projects
07:37 that are going to be supported by the offering
07:39 that will be taking this weekend.
07:41 And how appropriate is it for us
07:43 to begin by talking with Danny Shelton of 3ABN.
07:48 Now just a couple of weeks ago, Danny,
07:50 I understand with Jim Gilley's retirement,
07:53 the board has asked you to return as president
07:56 and to continue shepherding this great organization.
07:59 That's true.
08:01 I got about a seven year layoff,
08:02 I think that's biblical.
08:04 So now I am back, and you know what,
08:06 I never thought I want to set back there at my age.
08:09 When first ASI was 30 years ago,
08:12 I was 34 years old
08:13 and now here we are that was 1985 Big Sky, Montana.
08:17 Some of you are old enough
08:18 to remember that with me, right?
08:20 Okay, some of you're honest, thank you.
08:22 Henry Martin, you were vice president back then.
08:24 I just saw a brochure, someone sent me
08:27 Ellsworth McKee, president of Southern Union,
08:29 Phil Winsted, president of ASI.
08:31 I thought how unique it is a lay organization,
08:35 at 3ABN we feel so blessed to live in a time
08:39 that we're able to have the tools
08:40 to literally we can reach around the world.
08:42 But ASI actually respond 3ABN
08:45 and the fact that we went there with basically nothing,
08:48 but a prayer and a dream and a vision
08:51 and ASI members, the McKees, May Chung,
08:54 many others began to support us,
08:56 Henry Martin here,
08:57 others of you began to support 3ABN
09:00 and helped it to grow and to be a lay organization.
09:03 And now by God's blessings literally, Debbie,
09:05 it's reaching around the world,
09:07 on any continent on planet earth,
09:09 even your cellphones, you can download apps,
09:12 watch 3ABN anywhere in the world all six networks.
09:15 So I'm excited to be back,
09:17 I wasn't sure I wanted to go back in the seat
09:19 but today that I knew the board asked me back.
09:22 I said, Lord I'm ready,
09:23 if this is what You want me to do.
09:25 And now all I can think about evangelism,
09:27 so plans are coming at night, I can hardly sleep,
09:30 because Jesus is coming soon.
09:32 This recent five, four,
09:34 Supreme Court redefinition of marriage
09:37 tells me planet earth is not going to last very much longer.
09:40 And what are we going to do about it?
09:42 God has given us tools as a church,
09:44 as a people through all of our media outlets,
09:47 we need to be letting the world know the truth and Jesus.
09:51 And I believe right now
09:52 we have opportunities we never had before
09:54 so, we're thinking about evangelism
09:56 literally around the world and I love to come to ASI
10:00 because all of you have the same vision,
10:04 Debbie, they have that we do.
10:05 Let's take the gospel commission into all the world.
10:08 And I want to let you know,
10:09 anyone who is willing to work with 3ABN,
10:11 we want to work with the church,
10:13 we want to work with laity to see what we can do
10:15 to give God's final warning message
10:18 to the lost and dying world.
10:19 So you listen, that's why we feel
10:21 that these kinds of segments in Offering in Action
10:23 are really important to share with you,
10:25 because there really is more than about
10:28 just providing funding
10:29 to support a lot of the ministries
10:31 that we have.
10:33 But it really is about taking advantage
10:35 and supporting all the tools that are available
10:37 that can advance the work.
10:39 I want to ask you, Danny, so you mentioned
10:40 that 3ABN actually had its beginning here at ASI.
10:44 And we're so grateful that we are happy
10:46 to continue supporting 3ABN.
10:48 What has ASI meant to 3ABN?
10:51 Well, it's been incredible over the years
10:53 to have this working relationship.
10:55 Only a few years after we went on the air,
10:58 we started showing the ASI live
11:03 and first it was just in North America,
11:05 then as it went out to the world.
11:07 And I remember 1985,
11:09 Henry, I think there was about 300 people
11:12 in the international convention was about all the membership.
11:15 And so 3ABN, again it's been able to help each other
11:19 because there also many, many the offerings
11:22 over the years people have given to that's helped 3ABN.
11:25 We've built studios, we've bought trucks.
11:28 I mean, evangelism is what this is all about
11:32 and I'm just amazed at what ASI has done,
11:34 I'm thankful.
11:36 But also on the other hand it's what you call win-win,
11:38 because we've been able to promote ASI
11:41 and members from around the world has told us,
11:43 "Hey, we joined ASI because we watched it on ABN."
11:46 So I love ASI for what it stands for,
11:50 Sharing Jesus in the Market Place.
11:52 Time is short and I want to encourage
11:54 each and everyone of you, all of us.
11:56 Jesus says, "Go ye into all the world."
11:58 I just wrote a new little book
12:00 and it's called 'The Blessing is on the Go'.
12:02 And that's what to me today,
12:04 the blessing of God is on the go.
12:06 When we step forward in faith,
12:08 God will open the windows of heaven
12:10 and pours out blessings
12:11 for there is not room enough to receive them.
12:13 Danny, I know I can speak for a many myriad ministries
12:18 that have been blessed as a result of your support
12:21 and as sharing with their ministries,
12:24 and their stories, and their testimonies.
12:26 And so on behalf of all the ministries
12:28 that 3ABN has supported, thank you so much.
12:31 Because without all of us working together,
12:33 we're so much more effective together than we are apart.
12:37 And as soon as we embraced that,
12:39 then the gospel really will go forward in more power
12:42 and Jesus will come.
12:44 Amen.
12:45 Well, 3ABN is a channel of blessing
12:46 and that has been one of the greatest things
12:49 in my life is to be able to.
12:51 Over the years, you know, we think about the Ty Gibsons,
12:54 James Raffertys, the Doug Batchelors
12:57 and all these folks, a lot of,
12:59 very few people really knew them
13:00 till they started.
13:02 David Asscherick is on 3ABN. I was talking to Ty while ago.
13:05 He was not much more than teenager
13:08 when he first came on 3ABN,
13:09 and to see these ministries now reaching out
13:12 into all world is just the tremendous blessing,
13:15 and I feel humbled, and I thank all of you
13:18 for your love and your prayers and support of 3ABN
13:21 as we continue to take this gospel to all the world.
13:24 But we're not gonna do it haphazardly,
13:26 we're going forward,
13:28 I believe with great power is the Holy Spirit
13:31 and each of you in your ministries,
13:32 we need to be praying,
13:33 God fill us with Your Holy Spirit,
13:35 so we can go forward with great power and glory
13:38 and help hasten the soon coming
13:40 of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
13:42 Danny, I just want to tell you, I spoke with a woman
13:44 just a couple of days ago
13:46 that attended the Pathway to Health event
13:48 and she came up to me and she says, you know, I know,
13:50 I didn't know who she was and she says but I know you,
13:53 you see, I don't really go to church because I'm not able,
13:57 but I watch 3ABN
13:58 and I feel like you are my family.
14:00 So, you and Danny and Jim Gilley and James Raff
14:04 all of those, she says you are my family.
14:06 There are people out there that through 3ABN are connected
14:10 and are family with us because of 3ABN,
14:14 and we're grateful for that.
14:15 Absolutely, and we couldn't do without all of you
14:17 and without ASI.
14:18 Thank you, Debbie, so much from all us at 3ABN.
14:22 Thanking all of you ASI members for your support
14:25 of Three Angles Broadcasting Network.
14:27 Thank you, Danny. Amen.
14:59 Every heart
15:03 Is filled with longing
15:07 To be free
15:10 From all life's pain
15:15 Yet the search
15:18 Through earthly pleasures
15:23 Always ends in vain
15:30 Only God
15:33 Can be our reason
15:38 To satisfy our souls
15:45 Apart from Him
15:48 And all His meaning
15:52 All things fail
15:55 As they begin
15:59 And hearts deceived
16:03 Can only know
16:08 A chasing of the wind
16:20 All achievements
16:24 All possessions
16:28 All with time
16:31 Return to dust
16:35 Only God
16:38 Can be our reason
16:43 For deep
16:46 And quiet trust
16:50 He will guard us
16:54 From the dangers
16:58 That gladly make men fools
17:05 Apart from Him
17:09 And all His meaning
17:13 All things fail
17:16 As they begin
17:20 And hearts deceived
17:23 Can only know
17:28 A chasing of the wind
17:37 A chasing of the wind
17:48 Why do we live
17:51 Without Jesus?
17:56 Why do we waste another day?
18:03 He is the life
18:06 That sustains us
18:11 The only hope for us today
18:16 So tell me, why do we live?
18:23 Why do we live without Him?
18:35 Why without Him?
18:48 Amen.
18:51 Well, it's time this evening
18:52 that we explore the Word of God.
18:55 And our young speaker is Pastor Kyle Allen.
19:01 Well, I don't want say we robbed him
19:03 but we got him from the Mentone Church
19:06 in California.
19:07 And we've been happy ever since at ASI.
19:10 I'm so grateful to introduce your ASI secretary treasurer.
19:15 Now what I appreciate with Kyle
19:16 is that he is passionate.
19:19 He is passionate
19:20 when he is talking about young people.
19:22 By the way if you notice, he is not very old.
19:24 And he is our link to the young people out there.
19:27 We really would like to draw young people to ASI
19:30 as much as we can, however we can.
19:32 And Kyle is helping us with that.
19:35 And he has real passion for them,
19:37 but the thing that he is really passionate about
19:40 is the Lord.
19:42 And you're going to find this out tonight.
19:43 And so, Pastor Kyle Allen, ASI secretary treasurer,
19:50 he is going to be a blessing to us
19:52 through Christ.
19:53 Thank you, Frank.
19:55 Good evening, everyone. Good evening.
19:58 It's a blessing to be here with you tonight,
19:59 and I just want to say thank you to Alessandra
20:02 for that beautiful song.
20:04 You know, she was a Youth for Jesus student this year
20:05 and--
20:07 Actually I was a Youth for Jesus student too
20:09 but it was 14 years ago,
20:11 that was my first experience with ASI.
20:14 And I could never have imagined that you know
20:18 someday I would be up here speaking to you
20:20 and be a part of the ASI organization.
20:23 It's amazing how God works,
20:25 but I praise God for what He is doing.
20:27 I praise God that you're all here tonight
20:29 and also for those of you watching on 3ABN,
20:32 welcome to you as well.
20:34 And we believe that God will pour out His spirit
20:37 during this weekend, amen.
20:39 I want to also praise God for Pathway to Health
20:41 and what He's done in Spokane over the last two days.
20:45 Just got the numbers, 3111 patients
20:49 seen over the last two days, amen.
20:50 Amen. God is good.
20:52 God is good.
20:55 And we'll be hearing more stories
20:56 as we go along this week
20:57 but we praise God for what He's done.
21:00 Let us pray together as we begin.
21:03 Father in heaven tonight,
21:07 we humbly bow before You seeking Your Holy Spirit.
21:12 Father, I pray that You would hide me behind the cross
21:14 that Jesus would be lifted up, that all of us here tonight
21:21 would receive a fresh blessing from Your word.
21:25 And then we would be inspired to live as Your people
21:29 who are called to take this message to the world.
21:33 Bless us tonight Father, send Your spirit I pray.
21:37 Forgive me Father for my sins
21:38 and cover me in the blood of Jesus,
21:41 in His name I ask, amen.
21:46 The date was April 11, 1970.
21:49 Forty five years ago, the crew of Apollo 13
21:55 blasted of in their Saturn V rocket
21:57 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida
22:00 on their way to the moon.
22:02 Was less than a year
22:03 after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
22:04 had first set foot on that lunar soil
22:07 and Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert
22:10 were on their way to the moon.
22:13 But 56 hours after successful launch
22:16 with the Apollo 13 spacecraft and its three man crew
22:19 now two hundred and five thousand miles
22:21 away from earth
22:23 on their way to the moon came the ominous words,
22:27 Houston, we've had a problem.
22:32 An oxygen tank in the service module
22:33 had exploded,
22:35 setting off a chain reaction of failures that crippled
22:38 the basic life support systems of the spaceship.
22:42 Realizing that the situation was critical
22:44 and one of life or death,
22:46 mission control and the crew were no longer focused
22:49 on getting to the moon.
22:50 Now they had one purpose and that one purpose
22:53 was saving the lives of those men
22:55 and bringing them back to earth.
22:59 They created a lifeboat
23:00 out of the, out of the lunar module
23:02 and actually they decided that the only way to save them
23:06 would be to slingshot them around the moon
23:08 using the moon's gravity
23:10 to propel them back to the earth.
23:12 And so they did this
23:15 and the power was out pretty much,
23:17 they had a loss of heat, there was a shortage of water
23:20 and they had crippled air purification system.
23:23 At one point they famously had to figure out
23:26 with tape and spare parts
23:27 how to make a square filter go into a round hole
23:30 so that the crew could breathe clean air.
23:34 The crew and the mission control staff work together
23:37 to create what was nothing short of a miracle.
23:40 The flight director Gene Kranz
23:42 who was the man at the helm of mission control in Houston.
23:45 He was approached by the NASA director
23:47 at the height of the crisis and the director said,
23:50 Gene, you know, this could be the worst disaster
23:53 NASA has ever experienced.
23:57 And Gene looked at him and said,
23:59 with all due respect, sir,
24:02 I believe this is going to be our finest hour.
24:06 And he told his team those famous words,
24:09 failure, you remember what it is,
24:11 "Failure is not an option."
24:14 Failure is not an option.
24:18 They came together and had one purpose
24:20 to get those three astronauts home.
24:23 They gave all their best effort,
24:24 all their energy to that one single goal,
24:26 it was life or death.
24:28 Failure was not an option.
24:31 You know, the NASA team that worked on Apollo 13
24:33 was determined to follow their goal.
24:37 There is a story in the Bible,
24:40 that was about a group that also had a mission,
24:42 they had a goal to accomplish something,
24:45 and nothing was gonna stand in their way to get it done.
24:47 Now it might not be the story you're thinking of
24:49 because we're gonna go to Genesis Chapter 11.
24:51 So turn it with me in your Bibles
24:53 to Genesis Chapter 11
24:54 or open up your iPhones, whatever you've got,
24:58 let's go to the Word of God, Genesis Chapter 11
25:02 beginning with verse 1.
25:04 The Bible says, "Now the whole earth
25:06 had one language and one speech.
25:08 And it came to pass,
25:09 as they journeyed from the east,
25:12 that they found a plain in the land of Shinar,
25:15 and they dwelt there.
25:16 Then they said to one another,
25:18 "Come, let us make bricks and bake them thoroughly.
25:21 They had brick for stone and they had asphalt for motor.
25:24 And they said, "Come, let us build ourselves a city,
25:26 and a tower whose top is in the heavens,
25:29 let us make a name for ourselves,
25:31 lest we be scattered abroad
25:33 over the face of the whole earth."
25:36 See, the builders of the tower of Babel,
25:40 they didn't trust God and His promises.
25:43 The Bible says, they wanted to make a name for themselves
25:46 that was their main purpose.
25:48 God had told them to disperse throughout the whole earth,
25:51 but they wanted to create a city.
25:53 They wanted to find security in man's works not in God's.
25:57 And in selfishness and pride, they directed their own course
26:00 and charted their own destiny.
26:03 They also wanted to secure their lives
26:04 in case there was another flood.
26:06 They didn't believe God's promise in Genesis 9
26:08 that He would not flood the earth again.
26:11 The tower was a way of saving themselves.
26:14 And the Bible continues in verse 5 Genesis 11,
26:18 "But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower
26:21 which the sons of men had built.
26:22 And the Lord said, "Indeed, the people are one
26:26 and they all have, what?
26:29 One language and this is what they began to do,
26:32 now nothing, notice what it says,
26:34 nothing that they purpose to do will be withheld from them."
26:38 Interesting, the Bible says, that if God didn't step in,
26:42 these evil men would stop at nothing
26:45 and they will they would fulfill their goal.
26:49 What did God do? We know the story.
26:51 Verse 7, the Lord said, "Come, let us go down
26:56 and confuse their language
26:58 that they may not understand one another's speech."
27:02 So the Lord scattered them abroad
27:04 over from there, over the face of all the earth
27:07 and they ceased building the city.
27:11 The Bible says, it confused their language.
27:15 You can imagine, they're trying to build this tower
27:17 and they're calling up for more materials,
27:19 and they're calling down and they can't understand
27:21 and they're getting frustrated and angry.
27:22 Have any of you ever been in a place
27:24 where you didn't know the language
27:25 and you were little frustrated?
27:27 You know, I'll be honest,
27:29 I started my ministry at a Filipino Church.
27:32 I love Filipinos by the way, my fiance is one.
27:34 But at the church, it was funny
27:37 because, you know, they could talk about me
27:39 and I could never know what they were saying,
27:41 but I love them and I praise God for them.
27:44 But anyway,
27:46 they could not understand each other
27:48 and so God's purpose was accomplished.
27:51 Slowly they dispersed
27:53 over various parts of the earth.
27:55 Now this is a sad story in the Bible.
27:56 I mean, these people experienced such a loss
27:59 in setting themselves against God.
28:01 Instead of gratefully remembering
28:03 God's mercy and His covenant,
28:04 they murmured against God and tried to save themselves.
28:07 How many today are in that same boat
28:09 building towers for themselves,
28:11 whether it'd be towers of human or scientific theory
28:13 turning away from the clear teaching of scripture.
28:17 Ellen White says in Patriarchs and Prophets, page 124,
28:21 "If the professed followers of Christ
28:24 would accept God's standard, it would bring them into unity,
28:28 but so long as human wisdom is exalted above His Holy Word,
28:32 there will be," what?
28:33 "Divisions and dissension."
28:36 Well, let me ask you a question.
28:38 If evil men with an evil purpose,
28:40 a self seeking purpose
28:41 could unite together for a common goal
28:44 even to the point where God said
28:45 unless He stepped in, they would fulfill their goal.
28:50 How much more can God's people when they're united
28:54 under the power of the Holy Spirit
28:55 accomplish their goal?
28:56 Amen.
28:59 Is there a place in the Bible
29:01 where God's people came together
29:02 for a common purpose to do something?
29:05 Sure we could look at many stories,
29:07 but the one that stands out in my mind
29:09 is Acts Chapter 2, Acts Chapter 2,
29:12 the story of the New Testament church.
29:15 And you remember,
29:16 our scripture reading for tonight Acts 18.
29:18 "Just before Jesus returned to heaven,
29:21 He told His disciples that promise.
29:24 He said, you shall receive power
29:27 when the Holy Spirit has come upon you,
29:30 and shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem
29:34 and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."
29:39 And so Jesus is then taken up from them, out of their sight.
29:42 He is no longer with them.
29:44 The angels tell them
29:45 that He's gonna come back in the same way He left
29:47 and they have a job to do.
29:49 So now what do they need to do?
29:51 It's time to device plans.
29:52 It's time to lay down the strategy,
29:55 to meet together and come up with the committee.
29:58 Is that what they did first?
30:00 They go to have a prayer meeting,
30:02 that's the first thing they did.
30:04 Acts 1:14, "These all continued
30:07 with one accord in prayer and supplication,
30:12 with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus,
30:14 and with his brothers."
30:15 They understood the source of their power
30:18 was not in themselves, it was in God.
30:23 My friends, when God's church prays together,
30:26 powerful things happen and just the same.
30:29 The key to success in our local churches
30:33 in our conferences, in our unions, in our divisions,
30:36 in ASI is that we humbly come together
30:39 seeking the Holy Spirit.
30:42 Acts 2:1 says,
30:44 "When the day of Pentecost had fully come they were all,
30:48 what, with one accord in one place."
30:52 Pentecost comes, the Holy Spirit falls,
30:55 Peter preaches a powerful sermon
30:57 and the Bible says in Acts 2:41,
31:00 "Then those who gladly received his word were baptized,
31:04 and that day about 3, 000 souls were added to them, praise God.
31:10 Now question for you.
31:11 What were the reasons
31:13 for the success of the early church?
31:17 Let's take a look at a couple of statements
31:18 from Acts of the Apostles to see if we can find this out.
31:22 The first one here from page 36,
31:25 "Like a procession, scene after scene
31:27 of His wonderful life passed before them.
31:30 As they meditated upon His pure,
31:32 holy life they felt that no toil would be too hard,
31:36 no sacrifice too great,
31:38 if only they could bear witness in their lives
31:41 to the loveliness of Christ's character."
31:44 You see they understood the source of their power
31:47 was first in lifting up Jesus, in remembering His sacrifice
31:52 and His love for them.
31:54 The second thing that she notes, she says,
31:58 "The disciples prayed with intense earnestness
32:02 for a fitness to meet men
32:04 and in their daily intercourse to speak words
32:07 that would lead sinners to Christ.
32:10 Putting away..."
32:11 What does it say?
32:12 "All differences, all desire for supremacy,
32:14 they came close together in Christian fellowship."
32:20 They realized that in order to do God's work,
32:23 they had to put away their differences.
32:25 They had to unite humbly confessing their sins
32:27 to one another and uniting together.
32:30 Thirdly, she says this,
32:33 "These days of preparation were days
32:35 of deep heart searching.
32:39 The disciples felt their spiritual need
32:41 and cried to the Lord for the holy unction
32:44 that was to fit them for the work of soul saving.
32:47 They did not ask for a blessing
32:49 for themselves merely.
32:51 They were..."
32:52 What does it say?
32:54 "Weighted with the burden for the salvation of souls."
32:59 They had one purpose, the salvation of souls.
33:05 And just as in Genesis, God used language
33:09 as a tool to separate.
33:11 In Acts 2 when the disciples came together
33:13 humbly depending upon His power,
33:15 He now uses language as a tool to unite them
33:19 for the preaching of the gospel.
33:23 And so my, friends,
33:24 when we understand the source
33:25 of our power is not in ourselves,
33:27 it is in looking to Jesus and lifting Him up.
33:30 When we understand that we must humbly unite together
33:33 and put away all differences.
33:34 When we understand that we have one purpose,
33:36 a burden for souls,
33:38 God will give us power to finish the work.
33:41 But you might say, well, Kyle, that's very interesting
33:43 but it's not like that in my church.
33:45 I mean, my church is having all kinds of problems.
33:48 I mean, look we bicker, we fight, we have issues,
33:51 we have arguments, opinions offshoot theologies
33:54 and evangelism doesn't work most of the time.
33:57 Well, you know, there is a...
34:01 I'll just throw this quote up there.
34:03 There is a quote that always comes to my mind
34:05 when problems arise in the church.
34:07 Think about this.
34:08 "If pride and selfishness were laid aside,
34:11 five minutes would remove most difficulties."
34:16 I know we've all heard that before but just chew on that
34:18 little bit more tonight.
34:21 When was the last time you sat in your church,
34:24 hey let's do evangelism.
34:25 What happened?
34:26 I'm just curious.
34:28 I know, you cannot tell me,
34:29 but I can guess what you might say.
34:30 You had lots of problems, right?
34:32 You know why?
34:33 Because the enemy knows that if he can distract us
34:35 and bombard us with all these other issues,
34:37 it will take us away
34:39 from the one purpose that can unite us,
34:40 away from the power that God longs to give us.
34:44 I had the privilege of pastoring the Mentone
34:47 Seventh-day Adventist Church in Southern California,
34:50 and I heard an amen.
34:54 One of my church members out there, but you know,
34:57 it was a blessing to be there.
34:59 When I arrived at the church,
35:01 the church was in a good deal of turmoil
35:03 over some various issues that have been brewing.
35:06 And of course as the pastor coming in,
35:07 I was 27 years old and they hoped,
35:09 I would solve the problem.
35:12 I said I have no experience,
35:13 I cannot solve your problem but I will pray.
35:16 And so, we began to pray and, you know,
35:18 the church had already began taking steps toward evangelism,
35:21 they had held their first evangelistic meeting
35:23 in a number of years, the year before I got there.
35:27 And so the Lord continue to lead us,
35:29 to focus on evangelism.
35:31 Now did that solve all of our problems?
35:33 What do you think? No, it didn't.
35:35 In fact, we got more problems
35:38 because, you know, problems come--
35:40 the enemy will throw those things at you
35:41 to try to distract you and don't get me wrong,
35:43 you have to deal with your issues.
35:45 You have to stand up for what's right
35:46 and I learned some hard lessons and made plenty of mistakes.
35:50 But I believe that we must stay focused on our goal,
35:54 on our one purpose of reaching the world for Jesus.
35:57 We cannot be distracted or divided.
36:01 By God's grace, the Lord grew our church.
36:05 It wasn't perfect, I made a lot of mistakes
36:08 but I believe that God blessed us.
36:10 And I believe the reason He blessed us
36:12 is because we focused on
36:14 what God wanted us to focus on.
36:18 So my, friends,
36:19 as ASI when we understand the source of our power
36:22 is in lifting up Christ Jesus,
36:25 is in uniting and putting away all of our differences,
36:29 is in having a burden for souls that is our one purpose,
36:32 our church can see again
36:34 what happened in Acts Chapter 2.
36:38 This statement from the Spirit of Prophecy
36:40 always stirs me deeply,
36:42 speaking to our one purpose in this world
36:44 and not being distracted.
36:46 She says this,
36:48 "In a special sense Seventh-day Adventists
36:52 have been set in the world as watchmen and light bearers.
36:55 They have been given a work of the most solemn import,
36:58 the proclamation of the first,
37:00 second and third angels' messages.
37:03 There is no other work of so great importance.
37:07 They are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention."
37:12 Nothing else should absorb our attention.
37:15 Now, friends, I have struggled with this one.
37:17 I'm being real with you, I have struggled
37:19 but I believe that this is where we need to be.
37:23 Nothing else can absorb our attention.
37:27 We must focus where God wants us to focus.
37:31 Now in a larger sense, the church at all levels,
37:34 not just the local church but the conference, union,
37:37 division, general conference
37:38 goes through what a local church does, doesn't it?
37:41 I mean, Satan has the same strategies
37:43 to divide us and take us off for one purpose.
37:47 Issues and problems can distract and divide us
37:49 from that purpose,
37:51 just as in the local church
37:53 issues are important to discuss,
37:54 you have to make biblical decisions
37:57 and stand on truth.
37:58 Unity cannot be had at the expense of what's right.
38:03 Our only true unity is as we follow Christ in His word.
38:07 But you know what?
38:09 A wise church member once told me something
38:11 in the midst of a difficulty at my church.
38:14 Said, pastor, you know, you can often do the most sinning
38:17 when you're right.
38:19 Did you catch that?
38:22 You may be right but not righteous, friends.
38:27 It's not just what we believe that's important,
38:29 but it's also how you live, it's how you treat each other.
38:35 And there are people that will be in heaven
38:36 that may not have had it all right
38:38 but they knew Jesus and they knew
38:39 how to treat others as he would have treated them.
38:42 The enemy will use any issue to take us off track.
38:45 We cannot debate issues at the expense of focusing on
38:48 our one purpose and doing
38:50 what Christ has called us to do.
38:54 The other way that the enemy seeks to take us off
38:56 our purpose is to create a divide
38:59 between church and layman, between people
39:01 who are really supposed to be on the same team.
39:05 Sometimes as we've tried to reach out to the world,
39:08 different branches of the church,
39:09 different ministries, church ministries,
39:10 supporting ministries, laymen,
39:13 they think their branch of ministry
39:14 may be the most important.
39:16 I remember last year at ASI, the sermon on Sabbath morning,
39:20 Pastor Finley preached a powerful message
39:21 and in that message,
39:23 the one thing I remember him saying is we are a team,
39:27 because we are united
39:28 in our purpose of reaching this world.
39:31 In our own Seventh-day Adventist movement,
39:33 this was a challenge from the beginning,
39:34 the brethren and the church leadership
39:36 often didn't understand
39:37 those in supporting ministries and vice versa,
39:40 there has been tension.
39:42 And Ellen White was right in the middle of it.
39:44 She was a strong supporter of supporting ministries,
39:46 but strongly encouraged and exhorted both the church
39:49 and the laity to come together to finish God's work.
39:52 Remember these two quotes from the Spirit of Prophecy here,
39:55 speaking of pressing together.
39:57 "Again and again the angel has said to me,
40:00 "Press together,
40:02 press together, be of one mind, of one judgment,
40:05 " Christ is the leader,
40:06 and you are brethren follow him.'
40:10 " And then she says,
40:11 Review and Herald, December 2, 1890.
40:15 "The secret of our success in the work of God
40:18 will be found in the harmonious working of our people.
40:22 There must be concentrated action.
40:24 Every member of the body of Christ must act
40:26 his part in the cause of God,
40:28 according to the ability that God has given him.
40:31 We must press together against obstructions and difficulties,
40:35 shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart."
40:40 And, my friends,
40:42 this is where the story of ASI comes in,
40:45 because the story of ASI
40:46 is the story of God bringing laypeople together
40:49 to support the church for the work of ministry.
40:53 Where does the story of ASI begin?
40:58 Ultimately it begins at the beginning of the story.
41:01 Wow, let's think about that one,
41:03 but the beginning of the story of redemption.
41:06 From the call of Abraham who himself was a businessman
41:10 down to the patriarchs
41:11 and the prophets through the ages,
41:13 even to the New Testament times,
41:15 when God called men and women to proclaim His grace
41:17 by their life and witness in their market places.
41:20 People like the Apostle Paul come to mind,
41:22 who supported His work and ministry by his own labors,
41:25 who had one purpose,
41:27 sharing Christ in the market place,
41:30 the burden for souls.
41:32 And down through the ages
41:34 until the dawn of the advent movement
41:35 when people of various backgrounds farmers,
41:38 businessmen, doctors, lawyers, and yes, preachers
41:41 join together to proclaim the advent message
41:43 that Jesus was coming.
41:44 William Miller was a farmer, wasn't a preacher.
41:49 He was a layman called to preach
41:50 the message of the soon return of Jesus.
41:52 And the founding
41:54 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
41:55 a small band of young people, faithful believers
41:58 who loved God's word and were driven
41:59 by the power to take of God,
42:01 to take the three angels' message to the world.
42:05 Different backgrounds,
42:07 but their unity was in their common faith and mission.
42:10 As the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
42:12 expanded around the world, the church became organized,
42:15 institutions were developed
42:16 but it began to become a parent.
42:18 The church alone could not meet the demand.
42:22 For new schools, for missionary training centers,
42:24 for outpost, and it was from this need
42:27 that self supporting ministries were born.
42:30 In 1904, you remember the story,
42:32 some of you hardcore ASI, friends, but those of you
42:35 who may not know 1904, E. A. Sutherland
42:38 and Percy Magan left Berrien Springs, Michigan
42:41 where they had founded Emmanuel Missionary College,
42:43 today Andrews University.
42:46 For Madison Tennessee
42:47 were under the prophetic guidance of Ellen White,
42:49 they established Madison College
42:51 just outside of Nashville.
42:53 As a self supporting school,
42:54 Madison pioneered
42:56 the development of an educational program
42:58 following the counsels
42:59 of the Spirit of Prophecy closely.
43:01 Helping students graduate without debt
43:03 and with life skills that would help earn a living
43:05 for their lives as missionaries.
43:07 And Madison's success sparked the foundation
43:10 for other missionaries worldwide
43:12 and these church members were committed
43:14 with an intense desire
43:16 to take the three angels' messages to the world.
43:19 And in 1947, the church and lay people realized
43:22 that they needed to band these ministries together,
43:24 and so they created what was called the association
43:27 of self supporting institutions or ASI.
43:34 And this network was for the purpose of uniting
43:37 the church with laity formation.
43:40 And as it grew over the years, business leaders,
43:43 professionals were needed on team
43:44 and they formed the dynamic network of members
43:47 who utilized their God given talents
43:49 and energy for God's work.
43:52 And today, ASI members around the world
43:54 continue to follow the example of Apostle Paul,
43:58 sharing Christ in their market places.
44:03 Now some of you know a lot of what ASI,
44:05 how ASI has done this?
44:08 How has ASI partnered with the church?
44:10 How has ASI helped to fulfill
44:12 that one purpose of saving souls?
44:16 You know, some of these friends,
44:17 you're gonna hear more about this week
44:19 but just to name afew.
44:20 First of all, equipping laypeople for evangelism.
44:23 The New Beginnings Project allowing laypeople
44:25 to preach millions and baptizing thousands.
44:27 I got to go to Zimbabwe in December
44:29 and see 3, 000 laypeople in Zimbabwe trained
44:32 to give Bible studies using New Beginnings, amen.
44:35 And now over 50,000 laymen and women have been trained
44:41 and countless numbers of new believers
44:42 are worshiping every Sabbath because of New Beginnings.
44:47 In Africa and all across the world one-day churches,
44:52 Maranatha, OCI other supporting ministries
44:55 have erected over 6,000 one-day churches around the world,
44:58 1500 classrooms in the fastest growth areas for our church,
45:01 providing a place to worship for over a million souls
45:04 each Sabbath and a classroom for over 50,000 students.
45:09 I saw one of these go up in Zimbabwe,
45:11 in Zambia this last December as well.
45:14 It's amazing to see the response
45:15 of our community to getting a church.
45:18 They're so thankful for a place to worship.
45:20 This is ASI.
45:22 The Happiness Book Project providing over six million
45:25 full message books into the hands of church members
45:27 that end up in waiting rooms and prison cells
45:30 and in the hands of pathway to help patients
45:32 with an outcome that heaven alone knows,
45:34 an ASI youth for Jesus.
45:36 For 15 years training over 500 ASI youths
45:40 in the actual experience of public evangelism,
45:42 bringing over a thousand baptisms
45:44 to the Adventist Church.
45:46 Praise God for ASI Youth for Jesus.
45:50 ASI has supported over 700 supporting ministry
45:53 and Adventist church projects over the last 20 years.
45:56 Supplying $30 million to enable and encourage
45:59 promising projects both large and small
46:02 for the spread of the gospel in North America
46:04 and around the world.
46:05 You'll be hearing more about the 41 projects
46:07 selected for this year's offering as the week goes on.
46:11 One of those projects I'll just say
46:13 was a great impact to me and that is GYC.
46:16 You'll hear a little bit more about this ministry
46:18 but I can say that on a personal level,
46:20 this ministry impacted me greatly
46:22 when I was a college student at Colombia Union College.
46:26 I found a group of young adults who were committed
46:28 and passionate about the message
46:30 and mission of the SDA church
46:32 and were willing to put their lives on the line
46:34 to make it happen.
46:35 It moved my heart and it changed my life
46:39 and I'm in ministry today
46:40 because of what GYC did in my life
46:43 and I praise God for that, friends.
46:46 That's the ministry of ASI.
46:49 And last but not least,
46:50 your best pathway to health
46:52 came on the scene just over a year and half ago.
46:54 I was there in the Bay Area
46:55 and saw the first patients coming.
46:57 No questions asked,
46:58 free healthcare to the most needy.
47:00 Through volunteer staff wanting to do the work
47:03 that Jesus did providing $40 million
47:05 in healthcare services to more than 10,000 patients
47:08 by about 4,000 volunteer, wait a minute, 13,000 patients
47:12 and 6, 000 volunteers because we got to add Spokane.
47:16 Amen. God is good.
47:20 Thousands of laypeople mobilized for evangelism,
47:23 committing their lives to the message of hope
47:25 and healing that will change their communities.
47:28 This is how the work is finished
47:30 when laypeople in church come together united,
47:33 humbly seeking God's spirit to finish the work, amen.
47:37 This is how it will happen, united for one purpose.
47:42 There are major events coming down the road,
47:44 much bigger than any
47:45 that we faced in our church thus far.
47:48 The enemy will try to distract us
47:50 and divide us because he knows the power of this message.
47:53 But, my friends, by faith I know
47:55 that's not how the story will end,
47:57 we will not be divided
47:58 because God's church will triumph.
48:01 Press together, God is calling us
48:04 to remember the humble unity
48:05 and clarity of purpose that church
48:07 experienced in Acts Chapter 2.
48:08 This will only be achieved as we press together
48:11 united for one purpose, recognizing that our power
48:14 is not of our own but only as we lift up Jesus,
48:18 reading His holy word the Bible,
48:20 the Spirit of Prophecy,
48:21 making it relevant in our lives.
48:24 Press together united for one purpose,
48:26 putting away all differences and strive between us.
48:29 Let us remember that we have one mission laity
48:32 and church together, ASI and the church,
48:35 we are united in our mission to reach the world.
48:39 Let us not be divided thinking our ministry is better.
48:42 Let us support each other as a team,
48:45 the church needs ASI and ASI needs the church.
48:48 Amen. Amen.
48:51 "The work of God in this earth
48:56 can never be finished until the men and women
48:59 comprising our church membership rally to the work,
49:03 and unite their efforts with those of ministers
49:07 and church officers."
49:08 Gospel Workers, page 51.
49:10 It cannot be finished until we unite together.
49:14 Press together, united for one purpose,
49:17 focusing on evangelism,
49:19 taking the three angels' messages to the world
49:21 in this generation.
49:23 Let us not be distracted from our focus on mission.
49:26 My friends, we don't have time to be divided.
49:28 Jesus is coming soon.
49:30 Souls are perishing all around us.
49:33 Our world is waiting.
49:34 Multitudes are perishing in the night with no hope.
49:37 The world needs this message and it needs it now.
49:42 We need a 100 missionaries where they're now one.
49:44 We need a thousand new ASI members faithfully living
49:47 Christ in the market place.
49:49 We need new supporting ministries, schools, churches,
49:52 orphanages, lay training centers, hospitals,
49:55 lifestyle centers, media and literature ministries.
49:58 We need scores of pathways to help happening
50:00 across this country and across the world.
50:03 We need a church where every member is ignited for mission.
50:07 We are a team.
50:11 Testimonies for the Church, volume 9, page 221.
50:16 "If Christians were to act in concert,
50:20 moving toward as one,
50:22 under the direction of one Power,
50:24 for the accomplishment of one purpose,
50:28 they would move the world."
50:30 Amen.
50:33 As the astronauts of Apollo 13...
50:37 Sorry, guys, lost my voice, approach the earth,
50:43 their problems were not over.
50:46 They had first to correct their course
50:48 because if they were too shallow,
50:49 they would skip off the atmosphere
50:51 but if they were too steep they would burn up on reentry.
50:55 And their parachutes
50:57 that were supposed to protect them on splashdown.
50:59 Their heaters had not been working.
51:01 So they worried that they might be blocks of ice
51:04 and they would plummet to their death.
51:06 And the heat shield was it damaged
51:08 in the deadly explosion, they didn't know.
51:11 They did their best as a team.
51:12 Mission control crew work together to save those men,
51:15 but at one point all they could do was pray.
51:19 As the command module plummeted to the earth in a fireball,
51:23 there was a standard blackout of radio communications,
51:26 tensely they waited, would this end in failure,
51:31 would their work be in vain?
51:34 At 1:07 PM Eastern Time,
51:36 they heard the sound of Jim Lovell over the radio
51:39 as the bright orange parachutes unfurled in the Pacific sky,
51:44 and the astronauts of Apollo 13 had made it safely home.
51:49 My friends, we have a much greater mission than
51:52 that of mission control in Apollo 13.
51:55 Our mission is to bring the life saving news
51:57 of Jesus Christ to the world,
51:59 the three angels' messages to the world.
52:01 Some don't see how this church in feeble
52:04 and defective as it may be will prevail,
52:06 but God has told us
52:08 that He will bring these ships safely home.
52:11 We have a choice though, friends,
52:13 will we work together,
52:15 surrendering to God's will for us.
52:17 My friends, Jesus is coming soon.
52:19 It is only as we are united recognizing the source
52:22 of our power and looking to Jesus,
52:24 putting away our differences,
52:26 focusing on our one purpose of saving souls
52:29 that we can have the power
52:31 of the Holy Spirit to finish the work.
52:36 Maybe tonight
52:39 and this appeal is just as much for me as for you.
52:43 You recognize that you've not had the right spirit
52:45 in your heart.
52:47 Maybe you haven't relied fully on the power of God.
52:50 Maybe you've been looking at yourself
52:51 or someone else more than Jesus.
52:55 Perhaps you focus on distractions.
52:57 They've pulled you away
52:58 from the one purpose God has called us too.
53:00 Maybe as a layperson,
53:02 you haven't been focused on evangelism
53:03 as you realize you should be or as a church pastor
53:06 you haven't united together
53:09 with your laypeople as you should have.
53:11 But tonight God calls all of us each
53:13 and every one of us to recommit our hearts
53:17 to pressing together.
53:18 Humbly uniting with our brothers and sisters
53:21 so that God may use us to lift up Jesus
53:24 before the world.
53:26 My friends, I invite you tonight before we close,
53:30 if God has touched your heart tonight,
53:33 that there is something He is calling you to do,
53:35 there is some apology you need to make, there is some,
53:38 something that He is asking you to do to,
53:40 to press together with your brothers and sisters,
53:42 to unite humbly together to finish this work.
53:45 Some ministry He's calling you to start.
53:47 I don't know what it is.
53:48 But if God has touched your heart tonight,
53:52 I invite you to simply bow your heads with me
53:54 for a prayer.
53:56 And if God has spoken to you tonight,
53:59 just please raise your hand and say Lord Jesus,
54:02 I accept the message
54:05 that I've heard tonight and I pray,
54:09 I pray, Father, for all these
54:13 precious Seventh-day Adventist members
54:15 that are here tonight,
54:17 that You would fill them with Your spirit,
54:20 that You would unite them together
54:21 for the one purpose of reaching this world for Christ.
54:27 Empower them and fill them, Father, is my prayer.
54:31 Forgive us, Father, where we have been distracted
54:33 and divided.
54:34 Give us the unity that only You can give us.
54:39 And we pray with all of our hearts
54:42 that Jesus will come soon, in His name we ask, amen.


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