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00:20 Good morning every one.
00:23 You guys are the faithful few
00:25 that are here at the beginning, amen.
00:27 How are you doing today?
00:28 You blessed?
00:29 Well, because you came early, you get a special treat,
00:32 how's that?
00:33 Because you came early, you get a special treat.
00:35 We have a special--
00:37 This is the first time that this video is gonna be shown.
00:40 This is a work that we've done over the last few months
00:44 to share with others a little about what ASI is all about.
00:49 You know last night,
00:50 I shared with some of our history of ASI--
00:53 The history of ASI,
00:54 but this is now done in a video.
00:57 And I think you really gonna blessed
00:58 as you watch this video which tells us
01:01 about the mission and the purpose of ASI.
01:22 Have you ever wondered where we began,
01:26 the spark to begin this movement?
01:32 Remember--
01:35 It took me a long, long time to learn to really believe
01:39 that all things worked together for good.
01:42 To those who love the Lord.
01:45 I still will have to learn many more things.
01:48 But I have been led over a path
01:52 that has helped me to stabilize my faith.
01:58 That great truth can be depended upon
02:04 if one will stay by the Lord.
02:09 Under her guidance, this college was established,
02:13 self supported, inspiring, educated,
02:16 the foundation was laid.
02:18 Ministry sprang up all over the world.
02:21 Lay members and church leaders burned
02:24 to join ministry with the church,
02:26 ASI was born.
02:30 Today, ASI continues with the example
02:33 of the Apostle Paul,
02:34 sharing Jesus Christ in the marketplace.
02:39 Business professionals were needed on the team,
02:42 and as ministry and business united in their efforts,
02:45 a dynamic network was formed.
02:48 Everyday ASI members and ministries
02:51 carried the lights to mission fields across
02:53 the North American division and the whole world.
03:01 It's important to be a part of ASI,
03:03 because I'm able to share my gifts
03:05 with the team of people in so many ways worldwide.
03:08 It's not just the blessing to the people I teach.
03:11 It's a blessing to me as well.
03:15 Building a one day church is a really special experience
03:21 because you get to come in here
03:23 and this people sometimes don't even have a church
03:26 or whatever they built for themselves
03:27 and it's really special,
03:31 you see them come to you, they're all happy,
03:32 they come and shake Your hands,
03:34 say thank you, thank you.
03:35 They value the church so much.
03:38 And building it, it's a good build,
03:41 it's not hard.
03:42 I didn't have to get through any special training to do it,
03:45 but the rewards from them are incredible.
03:48 It's such an experience.
03:50 It's great opportunity
03:52 to be part of ASI as a business,
03:55 because it's God who gave us
03:56 these businesses in the first place.
03:58 And now being a part of the ASI family,
04:02 I can work together in a strategic way
04:04 to use my business,
04:06 to multiply the kingdom of God in the way that
04:08 I never could have done before.
04:09 Well, I--
04:11 you know I think that this whole program
04:14 says two or three important things.
04:16 Number one, it says I can be involved,
04:20 no matter who I am,
04:22 no matter what my skill level or what my talents,
04:24 I can be involved in that.
04:26 And that really is a message for the whole church.
04:28 The take away is, we can work together.
04:32 We can build community that goes beyond
04:37 what differences we have.
04:40 Healing, teaching, training,
04:47 sharing, proclaiming,
04:52 building faith, restoring.
04:56 This is what we do. This is who we are.
05:00 The tribulation will bring about good and mellow one.
05:08 Make one more efficient.
05:10 And more capable of working for the Lord
05:15 is a hard experience to learn.
05:19 If I'd had my way when I stared out,
05:23 I never would have traveled or would never have chosen
05:27 to travel over a road that had in it tribulations.
05:32 I would have always looked for a road
05:34 that was free from those.
05:36 Because as a young man.
05:40 I'd dodged every time I could
05:42 anything that was hard and difficult.
05:46 And when I was in medical school,
05:48 I found that even young people that were old enough
05:53 and had developed enough to take a medical course
05:56 could become quite famous in dodging a good many things
06:00 that they only could get away with if you understand?
06:03 Your wisdom is sufficient,
06:05 that you will not dodge any hard thing
06:10 and take an easy road.
06:12 Because if you get in the habit
06:14 of doing that you're going to have a hard time.
06:17 We are a team in business and ministry
06:21 together focused on Christ,
06:25 passionate about the mission of the church just like you.
06:29 Join us in spreading the light
06:31 of the advent message to the world.
06:36 What the world needs is Jesus.
06:39 Remember.
06:42 I have the privilege of introducing
06:44 our speaker this morning, a good friend of mine.
06:47 Her name is Pat Arrabito and she directs a ministry
06:51 called LLT Productions.
06:54 It's a medium ministry
06:56 and among their most significant accomplishments
06:59 are two film projects.
07:02 The first is called ''The Seventh Day''.
07:05 It's a five part documentary on the history of the Sabbath.
07:09 How many of you seen that?
07:11 Documentary, great, that's awesome.
07:13 The second is a film called,
07:15 and it's a feature film this time called
07:18 "Hell and Mr. Fudge".
07:21 It's a story of a man named literally Edward Fudge.
07:24 And Edward Fudge studied his way into
07:28 what we called the state of the dead,
07:30 our understanding of the state of the dead.
07:32 He was a Bible Belt preacher.
07:34 And the film is about the amazing story of this man's
07:38 journey into biblical truth.
07:41 And it's a great film, I just love it.
07:43 I have no bones about saying it's the very best film
07:47 that's been produced by any Adventist.
07:49 I like to say it's a vegan film,
07:51 because it's so professional that there is not one moment
07:54 of cheese in the whole film, you know,
07:55 how some of these low budget films
07:57 could be kind of cheesy at times.
07:59 There's not a moment of that,
08:01 the film has wonderful warmth to it,
08:03 it's the human interest story, but it also got deep theology.
08:07 It's a fabulous movie.
08:09 You need to get yourself a copy of that
08:10 if you haven't yet.
08:12 But the thing that's the most remarkable about
08:14 our speaker this morning Pat Arrabito
08:16 is the fact that she out of great tragedy in losing
08:21 three family members years back.
08:25 Channeled that grief into creative ministry
08:29 and carried on in place of her husband
08:32 and brought his own visions to fruition.
08:35 And you're gonna hear that story in detail.
08:37 Pat is an amazing person.
08:39 She considers herself behind the scenes persons,
08:41 but this morning she is gonna be speaking
08:43 and when she speaks,
08:45 people listen because she is the real deal.
08:47 And I really love Pat.
08:48 And aside from all that, she is my ASI roommate
08:51 for the last 15 years so,
08:54 I think we gonna hear from her next.
08:56 Hello.
09:14 How shall we stand amid uncertainty?
09:21 Where is our comfort in travail?
09:28 How shall we walk amid infirmity
09:35 When feeble limbs are worn and frail?
09:42 And as we pass through mortal sorrow
09:49 How shall our hearts abide the day?
09:57 Where is the strength the soul may borrow?
10:05 Teach us thy way Teach us thy way
10:14 Make us one,
10:19 that our burdens may be light
10:22 Make us one
10:26 as we seek eternal life
10:29 Unite our hands to serve thy children well
10:37 Unite us in obedience to thy will
10:44 Make us one!
10:47 Teach us, Lord, to be
10:51 Of one faith
10:56 of one heart
11:00 One in thee
11:16 Then shall our souls be filled with charity
11:24 Then shall all hate and anger cease
11:31 And though we strive amid adversity
11:38 Yet shall we find thy perfect peace
11:46 So shall we stand despite our weakness
11:53 So shall our strength be strength enough
12:00 We bring our hearts to thee
12:06 in meekness
12:09 Lord, wilt thou bind them in thy love?
12:18 Make us one Make us one
12:23 that our burdens may be light
12:27 Make us one Make us one
12:30 as we seek eternal life
12:34 Unite our hands to serve thy children well
12:41 Unite us in obedience to thy will
12:48 Make us one
12:52 Teach us, Lord, to be
12:56 Of one faith
13:00 of one heart
13:04 One in thee
13:10 Take from me this heart of stone
13:16 And make it flesh even as thine own
13:23 Take from me unfeeling pride
13:30 Teach me compassion
13:33 cast my fear aside
13:37 Give us one heart
13:40 give us one mind
13:44 Lord make us thine
13:48 Oh, make us thine!
13:52 Make us one Make us one,
13:58 that our burdens may be light
14:01 Make us one Make us one
14:05 as we seek eternal life
14:08 Unite our hands to serve thy children well
14:16 Unite us in obedience to thy will
14:23 Make us one!
14:26 Teach us, Lord, to be
14:37 Of one faith
14:43 of one heart
14:47 One in thee
15:02 One in thee.
15:27 Amen.
15:28 Good morning.
15:31 I was 21 years old traveling the world
15:35 proving that I could do it all myself,
15:38 that I didn't need any one.
15:40 I had always wanted to go
15:42 to one of the little Greek islands,
15:43 where there is little white buildings and blue sea
15:46 and it's beautiful.
15:48 Caught a ferry to the island of Naxos,
15:51 I wanted to go to a place
15:52 where there weren't a lot of tourists.
15:55 Found a room for a dollar a night.
15:58 Went out to the water, enjoyed the sea.
16:02 Children came and talked to me, took me sightseeing.
16:06 Sabbath came around a couple days later
16:08 and I wanted to spend the day in another place,
16:10 so I took the bus across the island
16:12 to the second village.
16:14 As I got there, I saw this beautiful curve
16:17 with the village here and cliffs over here.
16:19 And I just thought,
16:20 I'm gonna go out on those cliffs
16:22 and I'll spend Sabbath reading my Bible,
16:23 and having a quite time with God.
16:26 It took me a while to get out there,
16:27 because it was a rocky and stickery.
16:29 Had a bag on my shoulder with my Bible in it,
16:32 traveler's checks, passport, the little money that I had.
16:38 I made it out to the cliffs and I started climbing around.
16:41 And as I was climbing my bag slipped off my shoulder,
16:44 it bounced once on the ledge where I was standing
16:48 and then it flipped down into the sea,
16:52 about 40 feet below.
16:54 And my first thought was, "Oh that could have been me."
17:00 My second thought was,
17:02 there is no way I can get down there,
17:04 and get that bag.
17:07 And I can't go anywhere out in the words without it.
17:10 I scrambled back through the brush and the rocks around
17:14 the curve to the village looking for help.
17:16 I found a teenager
17:18 who could speak a little English,
17:19 and I told him what had happened.
17:21 He went and got his dad, they had a little boat.
17:23 They got in their boat
17:25 and they started chugging across that curve.
17:27 But it was a windy day and there're whitecaps
17:29 and they couldn't get over to the cliff.
17:33 They took me home with them, they fed me,
17:37 they gave me a room to stay in.
17:39 And pretty soon this whole little village
17:41 knew that there was an American tourist
17:43 who had lost her belongings in the sea.
17:47 Every one came out,
17:48 I walked down those cobble streets
17:50 and people would invite me in their home
17:52 and they would offer me food.
17:53 The young people in the village,
17:55 friends of the teenager took me sightseeing.
17:59 Night came, I looked out again
18:01 and the water was still full of whitecaps.
18:04 I slept in that beautiful guest room,
18:07 woke up first thing in the morning,
18:08 crack of dawn,
18:09 I'm looking out my window and there are still whitecaps.
18:12 On the next day, the villagers entertained me
18:15 and took care of me.
18:16 The bus driver came looking for me,
18:17 because he was worried,
18:19 I hadn't come back to his village.
18:20 He offered me money to get back to Athens.
18:23 Other people in the village afford me money.
18:25 The day passed, the whitecaps remained
18:28 and I spent another night in that lovely guest room
18:30 which I could never have afforded
18:32 if I were paying for it.
18:33 Monday morning dawned, I looked out, it was calm.
18:39 The boy and his dad and several other people
18:42 got a little bigger boat,
18:43 they took me on the boat with them
18:44 and they checked across that curve.
18:47 They got right there near the cliffs,
18:49 and a man dived down into the water,
18:52 and on his first dive he came up with my bag.
18:56 Water running out of it.
18:58 They horn the boat going all the way back, the people,
19:01 the whole village was lined up on the wharf
19:03 cheering and clapping because they found my bag.
19:05 They took my stuff,
19:07 they spread it all out on the flat roof to dry.
19:10 My passport had one visa washed out,
19:13 my Japanese one, I was done with it,
19:14 all the other ink was fine.
19:16 My Bible was like this thick, by the time it dried out.
19:20 I had a letter half written to my parents,
19:22 I finished writing it and I said "lick this paper,
19:24 it's salty, spin in the drink."
19:28 You know, those people loved helping me.
19:33 I was out to prove my independence,
19:36 and thinking that I didn't need anyone.
19:38 And God allowed me to be in a position
19:40 where I desperately needed help.
19:42 And what He showed me
19:44 was that those people were blessed
19:46 to be able to help me.
19:48 Some of those people wrote to me
19:49 for five years after that.
19:51 They loved helping me and they were so blessed.
19:54 And that was one of my first adult lessons
19:57 in what God is like, and how He takes care of us,
20:01 and what he does for us
20:02 that is so surprising and unexpected.
20:05 Life doesn't always happen the way you think it will,
20:08 does it?
20:09 It doesn't always do treat you the way you think it should.
20:13 And I'm really thankful to be old enough
20:17 to see some of the things that God does.
20:19 You know, everyone has a story.
20:23 You have a story, I have a story.
20:24 Everyone has a story.
20:26 And it's our stories that God uses to show what He is like.
20:31 Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians,
20:34 "For we are made spectacle or theatre unto the world,
20:38 and to angels, and to men."
20:40 You don't think about the fact
20:41 that the whole universe is looking at you
20:43 in your life and what God is doing in you.
20:46 Paul exhorts the Corinthians believers and us.
20:49 In 2 Corinthians 3:2-3, he says,
20:52 "You are our epistle written in our hearts,
20:55 known and read of all men, being made manifest
20:59 that you are the epistle of Christ,
21:01 ministered by us, written not with ink,
21:04 but with the Spirit of the living God,
21:06 not in tables of stone, but in the tables of the heart,
21:10 fleshly tables of heart."
21:12 God story is written on ours hearts,
21:15 and it's written for the whole universe to see.
21:19 And it's for the purpose that the universe can see
21:21 what God is like.
21:24 Some of the things that I have learned,
21:26 I want to share with you this morning.
21:29 I have learned that God loves me.
21:31 I have heard that all my life.
21:33 I didn't really take it seriously
21:36 until I was a rebellious teenager.
21:38 I walked into a week of prayer,
21:39 I looked up at the ceiling and I said,
21:42 "God, don't think you gonna get me this time."
21:46 By the end of that we week of prayer,
21:47 God had spoken to my heart and He had impressed my heart
21:50 with a fact that He liked me.
21:53 And it wasn't because I was so good.
21:56 And I couldn't help but like Him back,
21:59 that's what God does.
22:00 He says, I know the thoughts that I think toward you.
22:03 Thoughts--
22:05 says the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil,
22:07 to give you an expected end.
22:09 He has plans for us and purpose for us.
22:12 And when things don't look so good,
22:14 it doesn't mean that they aren't good, right?
22:16 Because God does things in ways that we can't understand.
22:19 I learned that,
22:21 it's because God loves me that I have great value.
22:24 It's not because I am so good, because I am so gorgeous,
22:27 talented, accomplished, it's because I am His child.
22:32 Because I am, He loves me, and His love for me
22:35 is what gives me value.
22:37 I remember holding my first born son
22:39 after a long and difficult labor,
22:42 his head was shaped like a bullet
22:44 and he had white stuff all over him
22:46 and I realized later he really wasn't beautiful,
22:49 I couldn't tell at the moment.
22:52 And that baby in my arms did nothing to win my love,
22:57 earn my love, or payback my love.
23:01 I would have died for him on the spot.
23:03 I loved him so much and I realized I'm God's baby.
23:07 There is nothing beautiful about me but He loves me
23:10 and that's what gives me such value.
23:15 You know speaking of ugly, I remember thinking
23:17 before he was born,
23:18 having seen a baby that look kind of unhomely to me.
23:22 You know when my son is born,
23:24 I'm gonna admit if he is not beautiful,
23:26 it doesn't mean I don't love him.
23:29 But when he was born, I couldn't even tell
23:30 because love creates beauty.
23:33 We look at the people we love and they are beautiful to us.
23:35 And that's what God does in us, His love creates beauty,
23:39 and He creates love in us
23:42 because He said love begets love.
23:44 And that way that God loves us
23:46 is what gives us such tremendous value.
23:51 Another thing that I learned along the way
23:52 is that God loves us and in that love
23:56 God allows us to suffer.
23:58 I used to think if I just truthfully obeyed God
24:01 and followed Him well, that I wouldn't need
24:04 the discipline of suffering.
24:07 And then I remember reading, well,
24:09 I was kind of drawn to the Book of Job,
24:11 I wanted to understand Job's experience.
24:13 And then, I also came across Hebrews Chapter 2
24:19 where it says that
24:21 "It became him, for whom are all things,
24:24 and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory,
24:28 to make the captain of their salvation perfect
24:30 through suffering."
24:32 That's Chapter 2 verse 10.
24:33 And then over in Chapter 5 it says,
24:36 "Though he were a Son,
24:38 yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered,
24:42 then being made perfectly
24:43 he became author of eternal salvation,
24:45 for all those that obey him."
24:47 And I just thought wow,
24:49 if Jesus suffered to become perfect,
24:54 to develop that character,
24:55 how would any of us feel that we could be like Jesus
24:59 without suffering.
25:00 And I realize that suffering isn't just discipline,
25:03 suffering is entering into Christ.
25:06 And into fellowship with Christ,
25:08 and it's becoming like Christ.
25:10 And that we really can't be like that without it.
25:13 The servant is not better than the master.
25:15 And if Christ endured that,
25:17 then the people who love Him will also.
25:23 I knew then that, well, I had never really suffered
25:26 in my life, that suffering will be a part of my life.
25:30 My husband was an artist,
25:32 but his great passion was soul willing
25:34 and he loved evangelism.
25:36 And he began to share Sabbath history in his evangelism
25:39 and he found people so responsive to it.
25:42 People had never heard those stories.
25:44 They never heard that Saint Patrick
25:46 was the Sabbath keeper.
25:47 They've never heard that the schism
25:49 between the Latin and then the Orthodox churches
25:51 was partially over the Sabbath.
25:53 The Latin church was requiring fasting on Sabbath
25:56 and the Orthodox church, Greek church said, absolutely not,
25:59 the one day of the week that you can't fast is the Sabbath
26:02 because that's a festival day.
26:03 And so, they excommunicated each others leadership
26:07 and there was a big schism.
26:09 And, you know, those stories were new to people
26:11 and we would find people showing up in church
26:13 on Sabbath after hearing those talks,
26:15 when they hadn't even been invited.
26:17 And out of that, he wanted to produce a documentary
26:20 series for secular audience that would trace
26:23 the history of Sabbath, and show the conflicts
26:25 and the heroes and the martyrs,
26:27 and where Sunday came from.
26:30 And he laid that dream before the Lord
26:32 and he began to work toward it,
26:34 and to travel to gather material for it.
26:37 Traveled to Europe, traveled to the Middle East,
26:40 traveled to China
26:42 and other places in Asia collecting material.
26:47 He traveled to Alaska.
26:48 He heard a story of a Inupiat whom God had talked to,
26:54 and told him about the Sabbath,
26:56 told him about the Father and the elder brother
26:59 and a beautiful city that was gonna come down
27:01 and a special fruit that you would eat in that city,
27:03 and taught him that the Father
27:06 had more power than the shamans,
27:08 that his people were subjected to.
27:11 The shamans tried to kill him but they said,
27:13 they couldn't because he was surrounded by a white light,
27:16 and his home was surrounded by a white light
27:17 and they couldn't get through to him.
27:19 And this man told his people,
27:21 every time you see my pole with a flag on it,
27:24 that's the day you don't have to work.
27:26 You can come and I will talk to you about the Father
27:28 and teach you.
27:31 It's a wonderful story, isn't it?
27:32 It just shows you how God is not willing
27:34 that any should perish,
27:35 but that all should come to repentance.
27:37 And where there is no machinery and no human voice can go,
27:41 God sends dreams, or He sends a talking bird
27:44 as he did to Maniilaq, The Eskimo.
27:48 God is so good, isn't he?
27:52 Jim was traveling to Alaska.
27:53 He had enough mileage on his travel bank
27:56 to take our two older sons.
27:58 Tony was 13, Joey was 11 and the dream of their life
28:02 was to go to Alaska.
28:04 They wanted to see elk and go fishing and see polar bears,
28:07 and do all the things that kids would like to do
28:10 in a place like that, they were outdoor kids.
28:13 For 10 days they stayed in the villages up
28:16 in northern Alaska,
28:19 they learned what life is like that it's hard.
28:22 They heard the stories, they interviewed the elders,
28:25 it's an oral tradition
28:27 and stories are passed down from father to son,
28:29 they interviewed different people
28:30 to get the whole story.
28:32 You know, it's a story of tremendous hope.
28:34 People still believe that Maniilaq was a prophet,
28:37 and that his prophecies will yet come true.
28:41 While they are up there, God put on my heart to pray
28:45 particularly for my boys,
28:47 that he would put love in their heart
28:49 as the motive for their choices.
28:52 They'd been baptized.
28:53 I wouldn't say that they were ready for translation.
28:57 But I wanted them to make their decisions based on love.
29:03 It's not enough to obey
29:04 because your mom and dad told you to.
29:06 It's not enough to do good because the church has rules.
29:10 God is calling for the motive of love
29:12 in our hearts for action,
29:14 and that was my prayer for my boys.
29:16 And you know, God has told us in Matthew 7 to ask, He said,
29:22 "Ask and you'll receive, seek and you'll find.
29:25 Knock and it will be opened unto you."
29:27 And he says, "What father if his son asks for bread,
29:31 will he give him a stone?
29:33 If he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent?"
29:36 My boys probably would have loved to have a serpent.
29:39 But I know that God heard my prayer,
29:42 because He promised,
29:43 if we ask for what's good, He is not gonna give us a rock.
29:47 And that we are to ask him.
29:51 They were scheduled to return home on Monday,
29:54 landing in L.A
29:56 because they'd been to get cheap flight out of L.A
29:58 And one of our helpers had driven down to L.A.
30:01 to pick them up,
30:02 I live in northern California.
30:05 He gave me a call mid-afternoon,
30:06 and he said, "They're not on the plane."
30:10 And I was kind of shocked, 'cause I thought,
30:12 surely if they've missed their flight,
30:13 they would have called and let us know.
30:16 I called up to Alaska, to our friends up there,
30:20 and that's when I found out
30:21 that the small plane they were flying in
30:23 had not arrived in Anchorage the night before.
30:27 They were-- It was Jim, and our two sons,
30:30 and a young lady from New Zeeland
30:31 and a native pilot.
30:34 Search and rescue was unable to go out,
30:36 because the weather was bad that day.
30:40 But I knew in my heart that they were fine,
30:42 because Jim was working on the Sabbath project,
30:45 and God had given us so many evidences
30:48 of His intervention and of His guidance in it.
30:53 It was a big project.
30:54 Originally Jim had prayed for $10,000.
30:58 He said, "I'll finish this in six months,"
30:59 but you know, how things grow, they grow,
31:01 they take on a life of their own.
31:03 And there was more material, and more information,
31:05 and more places to go.
31:06 And ultimately, he was praying for million dollars.
31:09 And me, me of little faith was thinking,
31:13 a million dollars, why do we need a million dollars?
31:18 But that was his prayer,
31:19 and as he began to put material together,
31:22 we could see that was a huge project.
31:24 He storyboarded it all,
31:26 before he had gone up to Alaska,
31:27 almost 600 small frames
31:29 telling the people and places, events
31:30 in the order it should go as he saw it.
31:33 He hadn't written a script for it,
31:35 and he had not filed his information.
31:38 It was all in his head, and in all the books he read.
31:41 So his goal was, when he got back from Alaska,
31:45 he would begin to write on it.
31:48 I knew that God was gonna finish that job.
31:51 He was praying one day for money for the project.
31:53 The phone ring as he was praying,
31:55 and the voice on the other end said,
31:56 "I heard about what you're doing,
31:58 and I'd like to know what you'd do with money,
32:00 if I gave you 10,000 or 25,000, or $50,000."
32:03 And Jim said, "I'll call you back."
32:06 Called him back and the man send $50,000,
32:08 that was the beginning.
32:10 And over and over again, God opened Iraq,
32:14 it had been closed to tourism, Jim was able to get into Iraq.
32:17 China was close to tourism at that time.
32:19 He told the travel agent,
32:21 "As soon as there is a way for me to get into China,
32:24 book me a ticket."
32:25 The agent called one day, he said, "There's a tour,
32:27 it's going across China
32:29 to all the places that you want to go."
32:31 So Jim said, "Book me," there were three other men
32:33 that were gonna go with him with equipment.
32:36 The agent called one day, he said,
32:37 "By tomorrow I need $1,400
32:41 to hold your place on that tour."
32:44 We had no money, Jim was an artist.
32:46 The next day, someone walked into the studio,
32:50 someone we hadn't met before, but he heard,
32:52 and Jim explained the project to him and he left.
32:54 He came back an hour later
32:56 and he pulled a roll of bills out of his pocket,
32:58 and counted off 20 $100 bills.
33:01 We hopped in the car
33:02 and went down to the travel agent.
33:04 Jim pealed off the 1,400 and then he said to the agent,
33:08 "I've got 600 left, shall I put this
33:10 toward what's needed for the rest of the balance.
33:12 And the agent said, "No,"
33:14 when the time comes, he will have it.
33:16 See what God does, He uses our experiences
33:20 to give faith to other people.
33:23 And it was true, God took care of it.
33:25 And on that trip,
33:27 he had opportunity to share with people,
33:29 they wouldn't have otherwise.
33:30 Their guide was a young Chinese woman.
33:32 And she made it plain right at the start
33:34 that she was communist, and she heard
33:36 that four of the people on the tour are Christians,
33:38 and she made it plain,
33:39 I don't want to hear anything about God.
33:42 So Jim had with him a Christ Object Lessons book,
33:45 he was reading.
33:46 And he sent to her, her name was Doe,
33:47 he said, "Doe, I'll help you with your English.
33:49 Come sit with me on the bus or the train,
33:51 and I'll help you with English.
33:53 So she comes, sit with him, and he would tell her stories,
33:56 he would tell her stories like the prodigal son,
34:01 the sower sowing the seed.
34:02 He would tell her some of the stories
34:04 from the old true education readers,
34:05 those heartening stories.
34:07 Toward the end of the trip, she said to him,
34:09 and he wish she'd come to sit with him,
34:11 he put his Christ Object Lessons away.
34:12 He would say, "You don't want to hear this book,
34:14 because it's a Christian book.
34:16 Toward the end of the trip, she said to him,
34:18 "Where do you hear these stories,
34:20 they won my heart."
34:22 He said, "Well, a lot of them are in this book here."
34:26 She said, ''Can I have your book?"
34:28 And he left it with her.
34:30 And we know that God's word does not return void.
34:33 No one know what's happened, but God knows,
34:35 and she had that book.
34:38 So God had opened that door.
34:41 Over and over again,
34:42 God had provided ways and means,
34:44 and I knew that God was going to accomplish his dream
34:48 of a Sabbath documentary.
34:50 There was no doubt,
34:51 and I believe that He needed Him to do it.
34:54 And I knew that they were okay.
34:55 Besides, my son had taken with him his
34:57 "How to survive in Alaska" book.
35:00 So I had confidence when I went to bed that night,
35:06 I prayed and have you ever asked God to talk to you.
35:09 Sometimes we need the voice of God, don't we?
35:12 And very often, God has led me right to the verses that are--
35:17 what His word is to me,
35:18 and I know it's Him talking to me.
35:21 And I went to bed that night, and I said
35:22 God, I don't know what's happening,
35:24 I don't have any word,
35:26 I believe that my family is fine,
35:27 but please talk to me.
35:29 And He took me to a verse in Job 23:10,
35:33 "But he knows the way that I take,
35:35 when He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold."
35:39 And I thought,
35:40 "Man, why are you giving me that one?"
35:43 And I thought, well, it's probably,
35:45 'cause it's a trial to not know and have to wait.
35:48 And later I thank God for that verse,
35:50 because you know, He knows that we are about dust,
35:54 and yet He's promised
35:56 that He can make gold out of dust.
36:01 God is amazing.
36:03 The next day we waited for news, and as we waited,
36:06 my house filled up with friends who had heard,
36:09 friends hooked to wait with me.
36:12 Early afternoon, I had a phone call from search and rescue,
36:16 which was headed up by an Adventist pastor,
36:19 and they said, we've located the plane,
36:22 and we're sending the helicopter in,
36:25 and that's all they would say.
36:26 My brother is a pilot, he lived in Sacramento,
36:29 I called him, and I said, they've found the plane,
36:32 he called them,
36:33 he'd been keeping in touch with them,
36:35 and he called me back and said, "I'm gonna fly over
36:37 and be with you when you get the news."
36:39 So he flew over in his plane,
36:41 my dad picked him up at the airport
36:44 and brought him to the house.
36:45 And my brother let me outside,
36:49 and he and my dad closed their arms around me,
36:52 and my brother said, "There are no survivors."
36:58 And my head was spinning,
37:00 and I think that time stood still,
37:05 and I thought, but there are survivors,
37:07 because I'm still here, and my two younger children.
37:11 I don't know how long we were out there.
37:15 People say that you go through a stage of denial,
37:17 but there was no denial in me, I knew it was true.
37:22 I went back in the house, my son Andy was seven,
37:26 my daughter Ella was almost nine.
37:29 Andy ran across the room,
37:31 and he just flung out these words,
37:33 "My daddy is dead, isn't he?"
37:35 And you know, as a parent, it's our--
37:37 our job is to protect our children.
37:40 We raise our children
37:42 hoping that we can protect them from damage,
37:44 and get them to adulthood whole.
37:47 And at that moment, I wanted more than anything to say no.
37:51 But it wouldn't have made a difference
37:53 'cause it was true.
37:56 He climbed on my lap, and my daughter was on my lap.
37:59 And I felt like we were--
38:01 this tiny spot of the most intense agony
38:06 in this huge universe.
38:08 You know, and where is God, and does He know
38:11 and 'cause He know how much pain we're in right here,
38:14 and how can we bare this.
38:17 And at that moment, I felt a core of peace in me
38:21 that I knew is not me, that God was right there.
38:26 And He was keeping me in peace
38:29 in the midst of the worst thing that could ever happen to me.
38:33 My daughter looked at me, and she said,
38:35 "Mom, I'm sure glad you're not the kind of person
38:36 that blames God for everything."
38:39 I thought it's my daughter feeling that presence too,
38:43 and at the same time, my son is blaming God.
38:46 We are all so different.
38:48 And yet God knows, He knows our hearts,
38:50 He knows our needs,
38:52 and He is there to minister to us
38:54 whatever that is.
38:57 Then Ella said, "How about Tony and Joey."
39:00 And I had to say them too.
39:02 You know, in that instant our family was cut in half,
39:06 and for my son especially,
39:10 it was all the men in the family,
39:12 it was his heroes, his mentors,
39:14 it was the men who kept a lid on him,
39:16 'cause he was always a bit too much.
39:18 It was like gravity was gone for him.
39:23 I knew that God was there,
39:26 and I knew that God was gonna finish the work He had started.
39:31 And I knew that God would do it with or without me.
39:37 I wanted God to do with me, I want to be part of it.
39:41 I don't have the gifts that my husband had,
39:44 I'm not the artist, and the creative person,
39:47 and didn't have the capabilities,
39:50 but another thing I learned is that
39:52 God can do anything He wants
39:54 with anyone He wants to do it with.
39:57 Do you think that you don't have
39:58 any of the gifts or abilities?
40:00 Are you a one talent person?
40:04 It does not matter.
40:05 God picks the least likely,
40:09 because He can be seen for who He is.
40:12 There is a verse in Isaiah, that I really love.
40:15 A few verses, that is Isaiah 41:17-20, it says,
40:20 "When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none.
40:23 And their tongue feels them for thirst.
40:26 I the Lord will hear them.
40:28 I the God of Israel will not forsake them.
40:32 I will open rivers in high places,
40:35 and fountains in the midst of the valleys,
40:37 I'll make the wilderness a pool of water,
40:40 and the dry lands springs of water.
40:42 I'll plant in the wilderness the cedar,
40:44 the acacia tree, the myrtle and olive tree
40:46 are set in the desert,
40:48 the fir tree, and the pine tree,
40:50 and the box tree together.
40:51 That they may see and know, and consider, and understand
40:56 that the hand of the Lord has done this,
40:59 the Holy One of Israel has created it."
41:01 It starts out with,
41:03 when the poor needy are thirsty, they need water.
41:06 It ends up with, and God's gonna do it in a way,
41:10 that you'll see and know and consider
41:12 and understand that He did it.
41:14 God accomplishes His work
41:16 in a way that we know who did it.
41:19 Remember the story of Moses,
41:22 he didn't want to go to speak to Egypt.
41:24 He said, I can't even talk, don't ask me to do this,
41:28 and God wanted him to do it.
41:31 And God wanted him to do it in a way
41:33 that everyone would know that it was God.
41:36 My favorite author, Ellen White says,
41:38 "God intended to accomplish the work
41:40 in a manner that would pour contempt on human pride.
41:45 If you know, you can't do it,
41:48 and God does it, you know that it's Him.
41:52 And that's exactly what God did with the Seventh day Series.
41:57 It took me eight years of research,
41:59 and all the time I was praying that God would send someone,
42:02 who knew how to do it better than me
42:04 and faster than me.
42:06 And God didn't send anyone.
42:08 I know how to research, I can do that.
42:11 So during those eight years
42:12 I prayed for a producer, director,
42:14 who would know how to produce it,
42:16 and he would see the scope and the value of it.
42:19 I prayed for someone who could write the script,
42:21 because writing script is an ability
42:25 that a person learns, and I didn't have that ability,
42:28 and I prayed that God would send the right host.
42:30 And for those eight years,
42:32 He didn't send any of those things.
42:34 At the end of eight years, I had a manuscript
42:38 that was over 200 pages, it had over 1000 footnotes.
42:42 Some of the footnotes had 10 sources.
42:45 Every footnote was filed in hard copy
42:48 and in my computer so it couldn't be lost.
42:52 And I sent that out to a few people and they said,
42:55 "This is way too long, this is too big."
43:00 I wrote a book.
43:02 About that time, someone, one of my friend said,
43:06 "Have you talked to Jeff Wood, he's a producer."
43:08 I said, "No, he is such a busy guy."
43:10 And he said, "Let me give part of the script to him."
43:12 So he gave him,
43:14 that was laid out in four parts,
43:15 he gave them the first part.
43:16 And I had a call, and he said,
43:18 "I'm interested in this, let's talk."
43:21 So we met together, looked it over, and I told him,
43:24 you know, there's all these other parts here it is.
43:27 And he said, "Well, would you be interested
43:29 in having scriptwriter, come on board."
43:31 And I'm like, "Absolutely, yes."
43:34 He suggested his brother Jim Wood, so Jim came,
43:37 we began to talk and I asked Jeff,
43:39 "What do you think
43:41 we are looking at in budget for this?"
43:43 He said, "I think it's a million dollar project."
43:46 And I'm like, "Yes."
43:50 And God did it.
43:52 Ultimately it was a $4 million project.
43:55 At this point it's been translated into 19 languages.
43:59 There are four more in the works,
44:01 and it's being used all over.
44:03 And look what God did,
44:05 and look what He chose to do it with,
44:08 someone who couldn't do it.
44:10 We-- None of us have any right to think
44:13 that we can't do something for God.
44:17 We have no right to think that we don't have abilities--
44:25 'Cause God measures differently than we do.
44:28 And that's another thing that I learned about God.
44:30 He measures things differently than we do.
44:32 Remember the widow with her two coins,
44:35 and how Jesus thought
44:37 that she had given more than all of the rich people
44:39 that were putting a lot of money in,
44:41 'cause she'd given her all.
44:45 Her heart went with her gift, that's what Ellen White says.
44:48 The value is estimated not by the worth of the coin,
44:52 but by the love to God, and the interest in his work,
44:54 that had prompted the deed.
44:56 It's the motive that gives character to our acts,
45:00 stamping them with ignominy or high moral worth.
45:06 Here's another one I love.
45:08 Those who think they can do, but little,
45:11 should improve every opportunity
45:12 to do that little.
45:14 It may be the smallest link in the longest chain,
45:18 separate it from other influences
45:20 that may appear of very little worth,
45:22 but in God's great chain of circumstances,
45:25 it may be the link
45:26 that connects the soul to heaven.
45:28 You don't know what your little acts are doing.
45:30 You don't know what your smile or your kind words, the card,
45:34 you don't know what God does with those little things.
45:37 And you know what makes them of great worth.
45:40 It's the love of God in our heart
45:42 that motivates those actions.
45:44 Did you know that love is power?
45:47 Love is power.
45:49 Moral and intellectual strength are involved in this principle
45:52 and cannot be separated from it.
45:54 Whatever is done out of pure love,
45:57 be it ever so little or contemptible
45:59 in the side of men is holy fruitful.
46:03 For God measures more with how much love one works
46:05 than the amount he does.
46:07 Love is of God, that's from a Review
46:09 and Herald article, May 11, 1886,
46:12 "Did you hear that, that whatever is done
46:14 out of the motive of pure love is holy fruitful."
46:19 We might not see the fruit of it now.
46:22 We might not know what God's doing with it.
46:24 But you can believe this promise,
46:27 that if you've done it out of the motive of love,
46:29 it's holy fruitful.
46:33 Those of you who have experienced great loss,
46:35 and that's probably all of you.
46:37 I heard a quotation one time that said,
46:41 "You should treat everyone you meet
46:42 as though they suffer from great pain,
46:46 because they do."
46:48 That is a human condition down here.
46:52 We want to protect our children from it,
46:54 we want to raise them without that pain.
46:57 And yet I've learned that it's in the journey,
47:03 that we show who God is.
47:05 It's not necessarily the arrival
47:08 or the accomplishment or the growing up
47:11 or the reaching the goal.
47:12 That's the most important part of this journey.
47:16 You know, maybe it's in our falling down, and stumbling,
47:20 and being wounded and damaged.
47:22 You know, maybe it's in our great need of Jesus,
47:28 that the story is really told of who He is.
47:31 You know, not one of us grew to adulthood
47:34 without pain and damage.
47:38 And in this world, not one of our children will either,
47:41 much as we wish to protect them.
47:44 But it's in that pain, it's in those wounds
47:47 that we find out how much we need God,
47:50 and that we find out how faithful,
47:52 and how good God is.
47:54 We would not know if we didn't need Him.
47:57 You know, we hate to be in need.
47:59 We are so self sufficient.
48:01 We don't want to need anything.
48:03 And yet God in His mercy, another thing I've learned.
48:06 And in His love, allows us to be in great need.
48:10 And it's in that need that we find out who He is,
48:13 and how faithful He is.
48:15 How could we know otherwise?
48:17 If we're so self-sufficient that we can accomplish anything
48:20 and everything by ourselves, we don't even need God.
48:24 And I look at the millennial generation,
48:28 and so many of them are in that position.
48:31 Life is good, they have everything they need,
48:34 they are successful financially.
48:36 They don't realize that they need God.
48:39 And I know that they will find out,
48:41 they will suffer, and God in His mercy
48:44 will allow them to be in need,
48:47 so that they can know how good He is.
48:52 You know, Paul, when he was a prisoner in Rome, said,
48:56 "The Lord can bring victory out of that,
48:58 which may seem to us discomfiture in defeat.
49:02 When misfortune and calamites come,
49:04 we're ready to charge God with neglect, or cruelty.
49:08 We need to learn that chastisement
49:09 is part of His plan.
49:11 And that under the rod of affliction,
49:14 the Christian may sometimes do more for the master,
49:16 that when engaged in active service."
49:19 That's sounds really strange, doesn't it?
49:23 That under the rod of a affliction,
49:25 you might be able to do more for God
49:27 than you could in active service.
49:30 You remember in the chapter on John the Baptist
49:33 in Desire of Ages, where she says,
49:37 that God's faithful servants are never laid aside
49:40 in sickness and in health, in life and in death,
49:43 he uses them still.
49:46 That God could use us in sickness.
49:49 That God could even use us in death.
49:51 Isn't that to his credit of what an amazing God He is.
49:55 And not only that, that He allows us those things,
49:58 and sometimes not for our own chastisement.
50:01 Sometimes our need or our trial
50:05 is for the good of somebody else
50:07 and a blessing for somebody else,
50:09 we don't know.
50:10 You know, we can never complain or question
50:14 what it is that God is doing with us,
50:16 because we know that He is good.
50:18 We know that He has good plans for us.
50:20 We know that He uses anything and everything
50:23 that happens to us.
50:25 And we can know, that no matter what it is,
50:27 no matter how grievous, no matter how shattering,
50:31 no matter how painful, God is able to use it for good,
50:35 not only for us, but for someone else.
50:38 When I think that God could take the loss of my family,
50:43 the agony of that, and end up using it
50:46 to encourage or bless someone else.
50:49 I'm just overwhelmed and amazed
50:51 at what God can do.
50:53 Paul went on to say scene that we're surrounded
50:56 by so great a cloud of witnesses,
50:59 let's lay aside every weight in the sin
51:01 that so easily be besets us.
51:03 Let's run with patience, the race is set before us.
51:07 Looking to Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith.
51:10 We're not alone in this, we're being watched,
51:13 not only by heavenly beings,
51:15 and not only by the universe, whatever is out there,
51:19 but we are being watched by each other.
51:21 You don't know what people see in you.
51:24 You can be totally surprised by what someone has seen
51:27 in an experience of yours or in a response of yours.
51:30 Something you're completely unaware of that
51:32 God used to draw attention to Himself,
51:35 to His credit, He can do that.
51:38 And I stand in all that, because God is so good,
51:41 that He can take the worst thing,
51:43 and the most painful thing and use it for good.
51:46 You know as parents that your children's agony
51:50 and your children's troubles are yours.
51:54 And having to see my children suffer,
51:56 the way they did,
51:58 to have lost their dad and their brothers
52:00 was my pain as well.
52:04 We went memorize all the verses on the resurrection.
52:07 My son felt so burdened and guilty
52:09 like, somehow they must not like him,
52:12 or he even said God, God doesn't even like me,
52:14 'cause if God liked me, He won't let that happen to me.
52:17 And I think in his mind was a question to,
52:19 if God is really as loving as we say He is.
52:22 And if He really loved me that much,
52:24 He wouldn't let it happen to me,
52:25 or if God is strong as they say He is,
52:28 He could have stopped it from happening and He didn't.
52:30 So those questions went around in my son's mind
52:32 and we prayed and read promises,
52:36 and you know, we have to say that my son probably
52:40 still struggles with those things to this day.
52:43 My daughter, for five years,
52:46 she didn't want to think about it,
52:48 but she couldn't help but think about it.
52:49 And she'd think, "I'm okay,"
52:51 and then at night she cried herself to sleep.
52:53 And for her when her dad was gone,
52:55 it was like God was gone.
52:56 You know, for children, their dad is the image of God.
53:00 And she felt like, she couldn't see God,
53:02 because her dad was gone.
53:04 When she was 14,
53:06 she made an adult commitment to God,
53:09 and He helped her through it and He walked her through it.
53:13 And I think God, He can do such a thing,
53:15 you know, he can lead us.
53:17 My son still struggles, God's not done with him.
53:20 God has given us promises.
53:22 You know, how often God talked to us when we needed.
53:25 My children were young, and I was agonizing over them.
53:31 He sat on the couch one night, put him to bed early and cried,
53:33 I said, "God, look at my kids, they are helpless.
53:36 Look at me, I can't even save myself much less my kids.
53:39 What are we gonna do?"
53:40 And He took me right to those verses in Isaiah 49,
53:44 where He promises that He would take the captive away,
53:47 that He would contend with him who contends with us
53:49 and He would save our children, that's our God.
53:53 After we finished the Seventh day Series,
53:56 we wanted to talk about
53:57 what God is like in relation to death.
53:59 The character of God, and we started by,
54:01 wanting to talk about hell and eternal torment.
54:03 Do you realize that over 60 percent of Americans
54:05 believe in eternal torment?
54:08 Do you realize that most Christians, most of Islam,
54:11 very large proportion of people in this world
54:13 believe in eternal torment?
54:15 And it's the devil's attempt to make God look like himself.
54:19 We got to know Edward Fudge, and when we heard his story,
54:23 we thought, it's a good way to talk about it.
54:26 It's a sweet story,
54:27 and God led him every step of the way
54:29 through difficulties, and trials, and heartache
54:33 to the place where he could see that.
54:35 The dead are really dead, and God is not such a God
54:38 as to torment sinners endlessly in fire.
54:43 Again it was an act of God to produce the movie.
54:46 We didn't have funding.
54:47 We set it aside for a while and I had phone call one day,
54:50 and the man on the other end, someone I had not met
54:53 and still have not.
54:54 He said, "It was really a mistake for you
54:56 to stop working on that project,
54:57 is there anything I can do to talk you into it."
55:00 And I said, "I've never stopped praying
55:01 that God provide the means for us to do it."
55:04 He said, "Well, I think I can get you some money.
55:06 Three weeks later, there was an envelope on my desk
55:09 with a half a million dollars in it.
55:11 That was marching orders, that wasn't the whole budget,
55:14 but that God is going,
55:16 and step by step, God accomplished it.
55:19 The film had showed
55:21 in over 150 theaters and public venues.
55:24 And it's being shown not just by Adventists,
55:27 but by other people out there in other places.
55:30 And the kind of responses we're getting
55:31 are so encouraging.
55:33 Do you know that many people have never even heard
55:35 that there was another view of what happens to the lost?
55:39 One of our actors came in the day before our shoot,
55:42 and he dropped the script on the counter and he said,
55:44 "This script has really impacted my life."
55:47 And we said, "What's your story?"
55:48 He said, "Well, I was raised Catholic,
55:49 I left the church as a teenager,
55:51 came back to God as an adult and as a Protestant.
55:54 But he said, "I never even heard
55:55 that there was another view of hell.
55:59 One lady wrote a little note after watching the film,
56:01 she said, "You know, I was raised
56:03 believing in eternal torment,
56:05 but she says even as a child, I couldn't understand
56:07 how a God of love could do such a thing.
56:09 And she says, "You've confirmed my childhood beliefs,
56:11 and I can hardly wait to tell my friends and family."
56:15 We have a documentary in the works
56:17 that will go along with the film,
56:18 that will go deeper into it and be able to take people
56:20 through all of the scripture that has to deal with it.
56:23 We have more to say on this subject of death.
56:26 We're so blessed and fortunate
56:27 to know what God is really like,
56:29 and we have an obligation to share that with the world
56:34 who is in ignorance of His character.
56:38 This morning, I want to end just on the whole idea
56:43 that God has told us to ask.
56:46 Jesus said, "You have not, because you ask not."
56:49 You know, He said, "Make high demands on me, ask me."
56:53 And do we?
56:55 Are we afraid to ask God for things?
56:57 Do we think that we are not worthy of it?
56:58 Do we think that He's a stingy, punitive father,
57:02 and he wants to make us work for it?
57:05 It's not true.
57:07 He said to ask.
57:10 Philippians 4 says, He's well pleased--
57:13 Said to ask Him, and Ellen White says,
57:15 He's well pleased when we make the highest demands upon Him
57:19 that they may glorify His name.
57:21 You know the bigger things He does for us,
57:23 the more honor He gets.
57:25 The more we ask of Him, the greater opportunity
57:27 we give Him to show who He is.
57:30 You have a dream, ask Him to accomplish it.
57:32 You've children on the faith, ask Him to save them.
57:36 You need money for a project to honor Him, ask Him for it.
57:40 He's good, and He will give us what we ask for
57:43 when it's an honor to His name.
57:44 He doesn't always ask, answers immediately,
57:46 and He doesn't always answer us the way we hope He will.
57:50 But He takes every opportunity to be seen, and to be known,
57:54 and to be glorified for who He is.
57:57 And you know, we are His hands down here.
57:59 We are who He has
58:00 to show the world who He is, and to show the universe
58:03 that He's exactly who He says He is.


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