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00:20 And so, since we are just empty vessels Lord,
00:23 seeking to do nothing less than your will,
00:25 we ask that you will fill us with your Spirit
00:28 and empower us to continue
00:30 the work that we are called to do,
00:33 so be with us Lord, guide us and thank you
00:36 for answering this prayer, this we ask and pray
00:39 in your precious and wonderful name, amen.
00:42 Pastor walking away from the pulpit.
00:46 Piano introductory music...
00:54 When I survey the wondrous cross
01:02 On which the Prince of glory died,
01:11 My richest gain I count but loss,
01:20 And pour contempt on all my pride.
01:30 Piano music...
01:36 Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast,
01:44 Save in the death of Christ my God!
01:53 All the vain things that charm me most,
02:02 I sacrifice them
02:07 to His blood.
02:12 See from His head,
02:17 His hands, His feet,
02:22 Sorrow and love flow mingled down!
02:31 Did e'er such love and sorrow meet,
02:40 Or thorns compose so rich a crown?
02:49 Piano playing...
02:56 more music...
03:03 some more music
03:09 some more music...
03:13 Were the whole realm of nature mine,
03:22 Love so amazing,
03:27 so divine,
03:36 Demands my soul,
03:42 my life, my all.
03:46 Audience: Amen...
03:51 We are happy to welcome
03:55 each of you here this evening,
03:56 we are looking forward to a program that will inspire us
04:00 and I'm delighted to be here with Bill Knott
04:03 who is the Editor of Adventist Review
04:06 and Adventist World as well,
04:07 we're so glad you're with us this evening.
04:08 Good to be here.
04:10 Well, you probably have noticed
04:12 that there have been some changes
04:14 and we're going to talk about some of those changes
04:16 for the Adventist Review.
04:17 But before we get into that, I just want to say,
04:19 "Wow! you actually made it through the Alamodome battle...
04:23 and you survived the... every single day...
04:27 48 pages for the Adventist Review. "
04:30 It's not... it's like...
04:31 we've never done anything quite that ambitious before,
04:34 typically Adventist Review, which has functioned
04:36 as the daily bulletin of the General Conference Session
04:40 since the very first one, in 1863... this year we...
04:43 added 50 percent more in page count
04:46 and that meant 50 percent more time and design
04:49 and everything else and created a daily bulletin
04:52 that really tried to capture the whole experience in San Antonio.
04:57 My staff is enormously glad
04:59 the General Conference Session is over...
05:01 and doesn't come back for five years.
05:02 I'm sure that's true,
05:04 well, you know, so much has changed
05:06 about the look and feel of the Adventist Review
05:08 and so, I'm just wondering how is that working out
05:11 and what motivated these changes?
05:14 You know, every successful marketer
05:17 talks with an audience and discovers what it is they want
05:21 we began doing research a number of years ago
05:23 talking with our faithful Adventist Review subscribers...
05:26 many of you in this room
05:28 sending in Survey responses, letters asking for your opinions
05:32 and the answers that came back routinely were,
05:34 "We would like the Adventist Review
05:37 a little less frequently
05:38 and a little more substantial when it comes"
05:41 and, in fact, many people were saying,
05:43 "Bill, we feel terribly guilty because we don't actually get
05:47 to reading all of the articles" and we said,
05:48 "Well, who reads magazines that way anymore, today?
05:51 So we're going to provide you with a more substantial magazine
05:55 once a month and show you how to use it every week
05:57 if it's your habit to read the Adventist Review,
06:00 every Friday evening"
06:01 and a big percentage of our readers do that.
06:04 So, after months of thinking about this
06:06 and our Board endorsement,
06:08 we launched this new edition on April the 1st.
06:10 We particularly wanted to focus on an audience of faithful,
06:16 committed young families in Adventism
06:19 as well as their parents and grandparents
06:22 trying to raise up another generation of faith
06:25 so that the Lord's work will continue.
06:27 We've had an enormously good response to that
06:29 on every scale we can measure by... God has been blessing.
06:33 We hear from so many of our readers who say,
06:36 "I may be 90 years old but I like the new look"
06:39 those are the gratifying letters to get.
06:41 Okay, well, I just want to bring to your attention
06:44 that you have a copy on your seat,
06:47 every single seat got a copy of the Adventist Review
06:50 and I want to point out that this is an ASI Special Edition.
06:54 And in fact, we have been creating an ASI Special Edition
06:58 for almost ten years now putting in unique ASI content
07:02 telling the stories of ASI each year
07:05 part of what we're interested in doing
07:08 is using this vehicle which the Lord has given this church
07:11 to shine a spotlight on the ministries,
07:14 on the services, the organizations
07:17 that God is using to finish His work.
07:19 That isn't only happening
07:21 out of the General Conference building.
07:23 Well, we are delighted
07:24 for this collaboration that we can have
07:26 together with the Adventist Review
07:28 and the ASI family,
07:29 it's something that's very much appreciated,
07:31 and I'd like to find out what's different between...
07:35 like... what we had last year at ASI...
07:39 what's different and what's the same as well.
07:41 Well, first of all,
07:42 the message of the Adventist Review is unchanged
07:45 and I pray that it will always stay unchanged.
07:47 This magazine... James White described
07:49 as gathering the scattered flock,
07:51 it's here to nurture and support faithful Adventism
07:55 that's always going to be the same
07:57 but the look of this is quite different,
07:58 you notice the polybag that it's in,
08:00 the KidsView magazine which many adults tell us
08:03 is one of their favorite pieces of what we produce,
08:06 KidsView is now wrapped in this polybag
08:09 but you'll also notice that other material can travel
08:12 in this mailing opportunity
08:14 to all of the subscribers of Adventist Review
08:17 and so partner ministries,
08:19 ASI partner ministries can work with us...
08:22 we can help carry the postage so that your message gets out
08:26 to our Adventist Review Subscribers.
08:27 We are looking forward to the opportunities
08:29 that this new vehicle creates for us
08:32 in giving all of the ministries of ASI
08:33 an opportunity to get their message
08:36 in front of core Adventist readers.
08:38 What a wonderful opportunity, that's just really a good idea
08:41 to be able to include others as well in getting messages out.
08:45 Well, in fact you'll find in this polybag, this evening,
08:48 an ASI ministry,
08:49 one of the newest members of ASI has material in this polybag...
08:54 you'll get an example there of what we could do to be helpful
08:57 to other ministries as they want to grow their footprint
09:00 in their opportunity to serve.
09:02 Wow! what a wonderful opportunity...
09:04 in fact, I kind of hear those polybags
09:05 kind of make us some noise out there
09:07 so I know that people are looking at the magazines.
09:08 Well, you know, you have been coming to ASI
09:11 now for 15 years and actually eight of those years
09:14 you've been the senior editor of Adventist Review,
09:17 so, my last question to you is why do you keep coming back
09:20 we're delighted to have you but tell us why you come.
09:24 My family and my staff know that this is one of the
09:27 absolute "Musts" in my annual calendar,
09:30 I build everything around what happens
09:32 in early August each year,
09:34 not only because it represents an opportunity
09:37 to talk with people who are doing frontline ministry
09:40 because it's a tremendous inspiration to me
09:43 to see what God is doing through this Organization.
09:46 The first ASI Convention I attended, 15 years ago,
09:49 I returned and I wrote an editorial
09:51 for the Adventist Review,
09:52 the title of which was addressed to me.
09:56 It read, "Your church is too small"
09:58 and what I meant by that was...
10:01 I had too small a vision
10:03 of what God was doing in this Movement
10:05 and coming to ASI each year reminds me again
10:08 that God doesn't only work out of bricks and mortar buildings,
10:12 God doesn't only work through named Organizations,
10:15 God's constantly at work through His Spirit
10:17 raising up faithful people,
10:19 I get a chance to meet you at ASI to hear your stories
10:22 to tell those stories in the Adventist Review
10:24 and in Adventist World,
10:26 those are the things that make me excited to be here
10:28 and to meet you each year.
10:30 Thank you so much...
10:31 it's a privilege to work together.
10:33 It's good to be with you.
10:34 We got to move along very quickly here
10:36 and I have with me, Barbara Taylor,
10:39 who has been with ASI for many, many years
10:42 and from the Denver area,
10:44 she's going to tell us about New Beginnings DVD Series.
10:48 The New Beginnings DVD Series
10:51 has been one of the most exciting, successful,
10:55 wonderful, soul-winning programs
10:59 that ASI has ever established in my opinion
11:02 and I can tell you right now that when you ever become
11:05 involved with ASI New Beginnings DVD Training,
11:08 you will become on fire for the Lord.
11:11 Yeah, is this cost effective, tell me...
11:13 it's very, very cost effective,
11:16 the other day, when we were in our Board Meeting
11:19 we found that they're actually per soul...
11:21 it's one dollar per soul
11:23 when we use the New Beginnings DVD training program.
11:26 They'll be people who stay in the church
11:28 or what's the average people who leave or stay in the church?
11:31 You could send out a hundred evangelists
11:34 and they could have a hundred baptisms
11:36 and the statistics show that after one year
11:39 95 percent of those people have left the church
11:42 because they're not connected, they do not have anyone
11:46 to give them nurturing, to give them encouragement,
11:51 to get them involved in other programs
11:53 and the reason that the New Beginnings DVD program
11:56 is so successful, is... once we form teams
11:59 and once they start these small group home Bible studies,
12:03 with lay people, just like yourselves,
12:06 they become baptized and once they're baptized,
12:10 they get on fire for the Lord
12:13 and they get those people involved in training them
12:17 to become involved in the next new...
12:19 So what kind of retention do we have here?
12:21 Is it better than the large evangelism program?
12:23 It has shown that after five years,
12:26 88 percent of those people are still in the church
12:30 and they're out winning new souls to God's kingdom.
12:34 So, you've been involved in this for a while
12:36 and then you just do this out of your home in Denver
12:38 or have you done this elsewhere?
12:40 No, this New Beginnings DVD Program was started
12:44 in the year 2000 and this was a program
12:46 that was developed by ASI and It is Written...
12:51 Mark Finley at the time was in coordination with this
12:54 and now, we tie in very closely with the General Conference
12:58 so this is a marvelous, marvelous program.
13:00 And where have you been lately?
13:02 I just returned... just last year from Brazil,
13:06 I went down to South America
13:08 and we did DVD Evangelism Training in South America,
13:12 our very first place that we went to
13:14 was down in Gravatá...
13:18 we trained 400 Bible Workers in Gravatá.
13:21 And I think we have a slide that shows a little...
13:22 something about this.
13:24 Yes, when we trained the 400...
13:26 these were 400 Bible Workers from one Conference,
13:30 wouldn't we love to have 400 Bible Workers
13:32 in our one Conference in our United States?
13:35 Yeah, there's a girl named Sarah on the second slide...
13:39 Yes, and Sarah...
13:40 this lady doing home Bible Studies,
13:44 these are all lay people... the home Bible Studies...
13:46 she has baptized... last year... a 135 baptisms,
13:52 can I hear an "amen?" Audience: Amen
13:54 The total over the past... ten years?
13:57 Over the past ten years,
13:59 she's baptized over 1,000 people.
14:01 Now, now, wait a minute, if she baptized 135 last year
14:05 and a thousand over ten years,
14:07 so she had some down years... it sounds like...
14:10 maybe only about 90 per year.
14:12 I would love to have that kind of a down year, wouldn't you?
14:15 Yes, and so... after that
14:18 you went to Bolivia and trained some more.
14:21 Yes, Pastor Denado and myself... we went to Bolivia
14:25 and we trained over 500 lay people
14:30 who... some of them...
14:31 traveled 24 hours to get to the meetings,
14:34 they trained all throughout the day
14:37 and the next... that night, they got back
14:39 and they traveled another 24 hours to get home
14:42 and this is amazing because
14:44 we had testimonies that were just outstanding...
14:47 in the next slide, you're going to see
14:51 a little lady here holding the DVD disc...
14:54 or DVD player... and this little lady...
14:57 she's from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and she has started
15:01 31 home Bible Study groups
15:05 in her one church in Central Bolivia,
15:08 in Central Santa Cruz...
15:09 and she has... every single week they have
15:12 multiple baptisms, not just one a week
15:15 but multiple baptisms and the next slide is showing
15:18 a General... now this General gave his testimony,
15:22 he was a top General in the Country of Bolivia,
15:26 and when he... his wife and three daughters
15:29 became Seventh-day Adventists
15:31 through the small group home Bible Studies,
15:33 and when he would get up every Sabbath
15:36 his daughters and his wife would say,
15:39 "Oh, please, please papa, come to church with us. "
15:41 And he'd say, "No... " and he'd march off
15:44 and he'd go on to his work,
15:45 after three years of earnest prayer,
15:48 one Sabbath he woke up and he said,
15:51 "Okay, I'll go to church with you"
15:54 and he became a Seventh-day Adventist,
15:57 he retired from the military and last year
16:01 he had 32 baptisms...
16:03 can I hear another amen? Audience: Amen.
16:06 And then, this year, he is going to give
16:08 three small-group home Bible Studies in his home
16:12 and he is working with top Government officials
16:15 from Bolivia, so this is how God is working
16:18 in wonderful, wonderful, mighty ways.
16:20 And we have another slide here of a lot of people
16:22 who've gotten involved in the young people.
16:25 Yes, the young people are on fire for the Lord,
16:28 they are the strong things in the church in South America,
16:31 when you go to South America, you see so many young people
16:35 in our churches... and they are on fire for the Lord
16:37 and they are out developing Home Bible Study Groups as well.
16:41 Now Barbara, you've been a member of ASI for many years
16:44 and you are President of the Mid-America ASI Chapter
16:47 and you've been a business woman
16:49 in marketing and sales for many years
16:51 but how does this New Beginnings DVD rank among all that you do?
16:56 It is the most rewarding, most exciting,
17:00 most encouraging program that I would encourage
17:03 every single one of you, please go to our ASI Booth,
17:07 you can get a copy of this DVD, New Beginnings Program,
17:11 it has 25 Bible Studies on it,
17:13 it has... in 30 different languages...
17:16 and we are developing this for all over the world
17:19 and we are very, very successful
17:21 all over the world and God is leading.
17:23 So let's see, by show of hands if you're not
17:25 capable of doing something like this.
17:27 Okay, that's unanimous...
17:28 so everybody will be coming to the Booth.
17:30 Amen, God bless, thank you so much.
17:31 So, my next guest is Paul Opp and Leovina Perez
17:39 of the "People of Peru Project" in Peru.
17:43 No, Paul, we want to find out
17:46 a little bit about the People of Peru Project,
17:49 just give us a quick snapshot.
17:51 People of Peru Project has a
17:53 unique situation in that we
17:55 are located in the largest city on earth
17:58 that has no roads that lead to it
18:01 so you have to get there by boat or by plane
18:03 it's a city of three quarters of a million people
18:06 in the middle of the Amazon jungle
18:08 at the head waters of the Amazon River
18:10 and what we do there is
18:12 we have a Crisis Center for abandoned and abused girls,
18:16 a free medical and dental clinic
18:17 and educational programs that take young people
18:20 all the way through the University Level.
18:22 And we have a short video that shows a little bit about
18:26 the area because I don't know how many people
18:28 have been to the head waters of the Amazon
18:32 and really been able to see where you're from
18:34 and doing your work so hopefully we can have
18:37 that come up and people can see... just exactly
18:40 where you're doing your ministry.
20:44 Wow! that's moving... and we have with us
20:49 Leovina Perez and... tell us Leovina,
20:53 how is this scene that we see here significant to you?
20:59 Good evening, everybody, well, you guys saw this video
21:05 so I live in this place,
21:07 I live in a forest area in Iquitos
21:09 and I'm really know how to feel
21:14 when you live in this kind of condition,
21:16 how you need to work,
21:19 how you need to support your family,
21:21 when you are like... in this kind of life...
21:25 so, thanks to People of Peru Project,
21:28 thanks to Mr. Paul that I found 15 years ago,
21:33 this is a big change for me, for me and my family,
21:38 and many people that love me.
21:40 And so you are... were taken in by People of Peru Project
21:45 and you were sent to school and funded into...
21:50 what kind of... University... what did you learn...
21:54 a degree in at the University?
21:56 Right now, I'm... I finished 2012...
21:59 I'm a Child Psychologist
22:02 and I've been helping in the Organization...
22:06 in the Crisis Center that we have,
22:07 you just saw a little bit on that video.
22:09 So, yes, Leovina was the person in the blue dress
22:12 and the blue shirt... at the end there
22:14 and so she's helped with the Crisis Center
22:18 where they have 15 children now
22:20 who were abused or abandoned and they need a lot of
22:24 mental and physical healing and there's one...
22:28 can you think of one person who was in
22:33 a very difficult situation
22:35 that the People of Peru Project helped?
22:37 There is one girl, her name is Roxannie,
22:40 she came when she was 13-years old,
22:43 she was... she came from the jungle
22:47 and she came to work in Iquitos... in the city...
22:50 and she got abused by the people that she was living with,
22:54 so, the Court sent her to us and right now, she is 22-years old,
23:00 almost finishing her Nursing, she's going to be a nurse
23:07 in this year, I think, so, we keep going...
23:13 we're doing a lot of good things.
23:17 Yes, so she came to you abused and abandoned
23:20 at age 13 and now she's 22 finishing her Nurse's degree
23:23 and Paul... if I understand correctly
23:26 sponsoring a young person like this
23:29 is about 200 dollars a month?
23:31 Depending on the degree that they choose,
23:34 could be anywhere from 200 to 300 dollars a month
23:37 to put a kid through the university
23:39 and absolutely change their life.
23:41 And so are you able to take everybody who comes to you?
23:44 Sadly, we have requests that come in every week
23:48 to our Organization and there's a drawer
23:50 that's getting more and more requests for help
23:53 and we can only put a kid in the University
23:56 when we have a sponsor.
23:58 So, you're looking for sponsors
23:59 and you have roughly how many applicants in that drawer?
24:02 There are about a hundred students right now.
24:05 Hundred children waiting to be sponsored
24:07 and they're being pulled out of the depths of poverty
24:11 and the garbage dump and abandoned and abused
24:15 and they're ready to go to School,
24:17 they're ready to be sent to the university
24:19 and some of these students are very bright
24:21 and... but there is sometimes...
24:24 you even have one that's gone to Medical School.
24:26 We've graduated several professionals,
24:29 a couple of dentists, a lawyer, a teacher,
24:31 a child psychologist, a mechanical engineer,
24:34 we've got some young people that have done very, very well.
24:37 And this is more costly, I would assume.
24:38 Yeah, it is more costly.
24:39 And so you have other people even from Adventist homes
24:44 who need assistance.
24:45 Absolutely and I'd just like to say
24:47 that Leovina is the very first young person
24:50 that my wife and I met in Peru
24:52 and she started...
24:53 we met her when she was 13-years old
24:54 and I just want to tell you
24:56 that Leovina is now the Executive Director
24:58 of People of Peru Project in Peru.
25:00 And you haven't done this all your life, Paul,
25:02 you were here in the Northwest doing what?
25:04 I owned a logging company.
25:06 Logging Company and working
25:07 in the automobile industry a little bit
25:09 but now you've been with
25:11 People of Peru Project for how long?
25:13 I went to Peru the first time 15 years ago.
25:15 Fifteen years ago,
25:16 so here's a gentleman who's been in ministry
25:19 and mission work for fifteen years
25:22 and I know there are people here who would love to sponsor
25:25 some of the students and you can do that by visiting
25:28 Paul and Leovina at their Booth, here at ASI,
25:33 or our Viewers can go on: peopleofperu. org
25:37 and we'll continue to pray for this project
25:39 and we know the Lord will continue to bless.
25:42 Music... piano playing...
25:49 "The Weight of the Cross"
25:56 The crowd pressed in to see this Man who stood condemned to die
26:02 A Man they once proclaimed as King
26:06 they now would crucify,
26:09 They laid a cross upon His back and pushed Him up the road,
26:16 The path would lead to Calvary, He fell beneath the load
26:23 And as I watched I understood the burden that He bore
26:29 Was more than just a heavy tree the weight was so much more
26:39 The weight of the cross
26:45 was the weight of my sin
26:50 Not the weight of the tree
26:56 that was carried by Him
27:04 My guilt and disgrace
27:08 Jesus bore in my place
27:12 On Calvary's road
27:18 'neath the weight of the cross
27:24 Piano playing...
27:31 His face was scarred His body bruised
27:34 His head was crowned with thorns
27:37 The crowd now jeered and cursed His name
27:40 The object of their scorn
27:44 He never spoke a word to them
27:47 The silent lamb of God
27:50 This Man of sorrow bore the cross
27:53 He chose to carry on
27:58 But somehow in His eyes I saw
28:02 A love beyond the pain
28:05 As if He knew His sacrifice and loss
28:10 Would be my gain
28:15 The weight of the cross
28:20 was the weight of my sin
28:26 Not the weight of the tree
28:31 that was carried by Him
28:36 My guilt and disgrace
28:41 Jesus bore in my place
28:47 On Calvary's road
28:52 'neath the weight of the cross.
28:57 The weight of the cross
29:03 was the weight of my sin
29:08 Not the weight of the tree
29:13 that was carried by Him
29:20 My guilt and disgrace
29:24 Jesus bore in my place
29:28 On Calvary's road,
29:34 On Calvary's road..
29:39 On Calvary's road...
29:44 'neath the weight of the cross
29:51 On which the Prince
29:59 of glory died.
30:07 piano playing...
30:13 And what segment is this?
30:17 "Offering in Action"
30:21 I want to see if you've been paying attention,
30:23 when you see me you should be knowing
30:25 that we're going to be talking about the projects
30:27 that we want to support in the offering this weekend.
30:30 So I have another ministry
30:32 that we'd like to share some information about.
30:34 GYC and we'll find out a little bit more about what that means.
30:39 This is Moise Ratsara
30:42 and he is the President Elect for the Organization
30:45 and Taylor Hinkle who is the Vice President of Evangelism.
30:49 Moise, tell me,
30:51 how long have you been involved with this Organization?
30:53 And what have you seen happen
30:55 during the time you've been a part?
30:56 All right, well, I've been with GYC, Debbie,
30:59 for the last eight years
31:01 and GYC is a Movement of young people
31:05 wanting to finish the work in this generation.
31:09 we're passionate about Christ
31:11 we're passionate about His second coming
31:14 and we're passionate to spread the Three Angels' message
31:18 at any cost,
31:19 you know, just in the last year alone... through our Convention,
31:24 in a matter of three days 90 young people
31:28 made decisions in Phoenix to be baptized.
31:32 In Europe, that same year,
31:35 a 120 plus young people in Europe
31:39 made decisions for the Lord to be baptized.
31:42 Hundreds more made decisions to give their lives full time
31:48 to Ministry... that is GYC.
31:51 So it's more than coming for training and seminars
31:54 and camaraderie, it's...
31:56 it really is meant to... really harness their attention
32:00 and get them to make
32:01 a life-changing decision for Jesus.
32:03 Moise: Amen... Debbie: That's wonderful.
32:05 Tell us some of the specific things that have occurred
32:07 over the last few years,
32:09 now you said you were involved for eight years,
32:11 you barely look like you're eight-years old.
32:13 Debbie: So you are 25... Moise: I am 25...
32:16 so you've been involved with the Organization
32:18 since you were about 17? Moise: Yes.
32:20 Debbie: Praise God, praise God, wonderful.
32:23 So now tell us what's been going on.
32:25 Okay, well, probably my friend, Taylor,
32:28 knows more about the details since he's the
32:31 Vice President for Evangelism but over the years,
32:35 from my perspective, what has happened
32:38 is that it has made young Adventists...
32:40 thousands of them,
32:42 excited to be Seventh-day Adventists
32:44 and proud of the message that we preach and hold as a church.
32:48 Amen, amen, so let's get into some of the details
32:52 specific to the project
32:53 that will be funded through this year's offering.
32:56 so Taylor, share with us what that focus is for this year.
33:00 Absolutely, GYC has a strong burden of supporting
33:03 the local church and the mission of the General Conference
33:06 in North America Division
33:07 and in doing that, we have a burden for evangelism
33:10 and growing the local church, growing the areas where we go to
33:13 and so what we've been doing is looking for ways...
33:16 how can we use the young people that come to our Conference,
33:19 whether it's the 4,000 or 8,000
33:20 that are attending on the weekends,
33:22 and get them involved in evangelism projects there.
33:25 Last year in Phoenix we decided that we needed to do
33:27 more... typically evangelism was comprised of
33:30 a four-hour event on Friday, but what we did was...
33:33 we actually had a five-day pre-conference canvassing event,
33:36 we had 180 people come
33:38 and that was during their Christmas Break
33:40 and the students knocked on doors
33:43 eight hours a day in Phoenix
33:45 and by God's grace
33:47 we knocked on over a 100,000 doors
33:49 and God was able to do amazing things.
33:50 Now, on Friday, we knocked on another 100,000 doors
33:53 so by the end of GYC,
33:55 we'd knocked on almost a quarter of a million homes
33:57 and it was amazing to see what had happened,
33:58 God was able to bring in 300 Bible Study interests
34:01 and we're working with
34:02 Northeast Evangelism Training School... NETS...
34:04 and they provided some training for the local churches
34:07 and local church members were moving forward
34:10 and carrying out those Bible Studies.
34:12 I'm still reeling from the fact that young people
34:16 knocked on a quarter of a million doors,
34:19 in a few days... that's... that's incredible,
34:23 that's incredible, now, I... I...
34:25 hear and I sense from what you've shared, Moise,
34:28 that this is personally convicting for the attendees,
34:34 can you share with us an experience of how GYC
34:38 has impacted the life of one of the attendees?
34:41 You know, GYC has had a drastic impact in my own life,
34:44 I attended GYC for the first time when I was 16-years old
34:47 and I was raised as a Seventh-day Adventist
34:49 and I've gone to many youth events and things like that
34:51 but during the time that I went to GYC,
34:53 I was a nominal Seventh-day Adventist,
34:55 I would even go on mission trips and things like that
34:58 then I would go home and get involved
34:59 in things I shouldn't be involved in
35:01 and I remember going to GYC for the first time
35:03 and I looked at the people
35:05 and they were really weird,
35:06 I mean, they dressed a little differently than I did,
35:08 they had religious words that I didn't even know,
35:10 I wasn't familiar with and they just...
35:12 it was almost over my head and it seemed out of my reach
35:15 but I remember thinking it was such an attractive thing
35:18 because for the first time in my life
35:20 I realized that there were dedicated
35:21 Seventh-day Adventist young people
35:23 who loved the Lord and loved the message of this church,
35:26 so, I didn't make any decisions there,
35:28 appeals were made... things like that...
35:29 I didn't go forward but I came back the next year
35:32 and by God's grace, you know,
35:33 Randy Skeete was preaching that evening,
35:35 and he made a call for...
35:37 "How many of you sense that the Lord is leading you
35:38 to: 1. break up with your girlfriend?
35:40 And I... that kind of hit home to me...
35:41 and Number 2: to dedicate a year of your life
35:45 to evangelism and go to Evangelism Training School.
35:47 And I remember going forward for the appeal
35:49 and my girlfriend happened to be sitting next to me at that time,
35:53 but what was amazing
35:54 is that the Lord worked in such a powerful way
35:56 that I knew that I couldn't stay in this condition
35:58 of just being content and entertained in the church,
36:00 but I really needed to dedicate my life to His service
36:03 and so, I went to Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism
36:05 and God worked in powerful ways in transforming my own life
36:08 and I realized the joy of service in the Lord
36:10 and that's what I do at GYC... we have such a burden
36:13 to have young people who love Jesus
36:15 to draw closer to Him
36:17 and also to dedicate their lives to service for Him.
36:20 Amen, so, Moise, wouldn't you say that this is
36:23 why it's really important for our ASI family
36:25 to consider very carefully that we want to sacrifice to give
36:29 ministries like GYC
36:31 funding to support the efforts that are being planned?
36:33 You know, Debbie, it's more than just money
36:36 because when you invest in GYC,
36:39 you're really investing into the future
36:43 of the Adventist Church
36:44 and if we believe in the young people,
36:48 not only... don't only give your money,
36:52 but give your presence,
36:54 they say: the most meaningful relationships
36:57 for Millennials is inter-generational relationships
37:01 if you ask a young person, you say,
37:03 "Who are the people that impacted your life?"
37:05 They're less likely to say,
37:08 "Well, you know, 'My friend,'"
37:11 but they are more likely to say my grandma, my grandpa,
37:16 the pastor, the teacher, my coach,
37:19 and that is why we need each other in this work
37:23 because we believe that Jesus is coming soon
37:26 and we want to hasten His coming.
37:28 Amen, Moise and Taylor, God bless you,
37:30 and we thank you for your commitment to GYC.
37:32 Thank you so much.
37:33 Next... for our
37:37 Offering in Action Segment,
37:38 is a project that is dear to my heart
37:41 because I'm a Registered Nurse
37:43 and this has to do with the Weimar,
37:44 what I would call the School of Nursing,
37:46 thinking back in my history of how we would term
37:50 this Institution but this is actually
37:53 something a little bit different,
37:56 you actually call it "Win" and with me is Neil Nedley,
38:00 he's the President for Weimar
38:02 and Lenora Follet who is the Director of Nursing,
38:07 and Randy Bivens who's the Chief Operating Officer.
38:12 Thank you for coming so that you can share with us a little bit
38:15 more about this exciting project.
38:16 So, what is WIN?
38:18 Weimar Institute of Nursing.
38:21 Debbie: Ah... okay... okay, excellent.
38:23 Neil: That's what it stands for.
38:24 And how did the idea of WIN get started at Weimar?
38:27 Well, Weimar is a... of course, a Sanitarium,
38:31 it's a Lifestyle Center,
38:33 we've been doing health and healing there for many years
38:35 and it's also an educational institution
38:38 and as we began to study the counsel
38:41 from the Spirit of Prophecy, it's very clear that she wanted
38:44 nurses trained at places where there were Sanitariums
38:49 and in fact she said, "Our nurses are to go out
38:52 as Medical Evangelists teaching the Word
38:56 as well as physical healing"
38:58 and so the gospel in Medical Missionary work
39:02 were to be combined
39:03 and you know when we looked at Madison,
39:05 they had a Nursing Program and graduated a lot of nurses
39:08 and it seemed right
39:10 that for what we were doing at Weimar it was time...
39:13 with our Pre-Med Program that we had in place
39:15 and all of those Sciences
39:16 to then go into a potential for a Nursing Program.
39:20 Now, I understand Randy that it was very evident
39:25 that God was leading in this process
39:28 when you went before... like a Board...
39:31 can you share a little bit of that experience?
39:33 Yeah, the Board of Registered Nurses,
39:35 there's a committee called the ELC...
39:37 the Educational Licensing Committee
39:38 and we had to go before that Board before the whole BRN...
39:42 the Board of Registered Nurses would actually meet,
39:44 grant and approve our program
39:46 and... it's kind of a Disciplinary Board
39:49 in addition to a Licensing Board
39:51 and most of what they were doing was discipline
39:53 and there was a Board...
39:55 actually a Nursing Program in Sacramento
39:57 who had lost their affiliation with the local hospital
40:00 and they were going to affiliate with a hospital sixty miles away
40:03 and the Chairman of this Committee
40:05 was just chewing them up,
40:06 I mean, I'm thinking... and he was saying,
40:08 "You're going to have them drive...
40:10 and increase their time on the road"
40:11 and all those things and we're over there saying,
40:15 "Wow! we have clinical sites all over the map... "
40:18 we have Loma Linda which is like 350 miles away,
40:21 he's going to chew us up and spit us out, were toast,
40:25 when he got to us he said,
40:28 "What are you going to do about transporting these nurses?"
40:30 And Dr. Shirley Anderson who was there with us
40:33 and was very instrumental in getting this program,
40:35 she said, "Well, Dr. Bivens is here
40:37 and he's our Chief Operating Officer
40:39 why don't you ask him if he's going to pay
40:42 to have those nurses moved" and I said,
40:44 "Well, okay, yeah, we're going to transport them"
40:48 and he said, "Great, why didn't that other School say that?"
40:51 We went up afterward, we spoke to him,
40:54 Dr. Sebo and I talked to him and he said,
40:57 "I know you Adventists... "
40:59 he goes, "my uncle was a teacher at Oakwood College,"
41:04 God had gone before us.
41:07 Amen, amen and Lenora Follet, you've been an Administrator
41:13 in... a high-level Administrator for many years
41:18 in various Institutions overseeing Nursing Programs
41:22 but you had such excitement when we were talking in the back
41:26 about this particular program,
41:28 why is this especially significant for you?
41:31 When I took nursing, it was at Loma Linda...
41:34 at the time... when they were doing hydrotherapy,
41:37 and massage and I remember Dr. Butterfield
41:40 there at Loma Linda University Hospital
41:42 ordered a lot of fomentations for his patients
41:46 after surgery and some of them really didn't
41:50 want it at first,
41:51 but when they had the fomentations,
41:53 they said, "That really helped"
41:55 and then, I always wished that I could work in a place
42:02 where I could do that again as I moved around
42:05 and when I was in Nursing Schools,
42:07 I kept wishing that we could incorporate
42:10 those natural remedies into our Nursing Program
42:14 and now I'm at my dream job
42:17 because that's just what they want us to do
42:20 at Weimar and the Board has approved
42:23 our classes in learning that and we're just so...
42:27 I'm so thankful that I can work there,
42:30 I'm very thankful.
42:32 I told them, it feels like, I want to go to school again
42:34 and they invited me to come back
42:36 but I said, "I think I'm done... "
42:38 so... so that's good, so coming full circle now
42:41 back Neil to what you were saying
42:44 that we want to follow the counsel that has been given,
42:47 that nurses should be trained as medical evangelists.
42:51 You know, interestingly, when we were submitting our
42:54 material, we were very overt
42:56 that we were going to be training our nurses
42:59 as Evangelists as well as in health education
43:03 and Dr. Andersen reminded me today
43:06 of how when we presented these health classes,
43:09 the Nursing Board Liaison was looking
43:12 and saying, "So, how does this fit in,
43:14 it's not under OB, it's not under Med-Surg,"
43:17 she was trying to find out how this all fits in
43:20 and finally when they realized
43:23 that our nurses were actually going to be putting on
43:25 Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programs
43:28 and CHIP Programs as part of their training,
43:30 she looked and she said,
43:32 "This isn't public health... this is total health"
43:35 and with the evangelism component,
43:39 she says, "You know what?
43:41 This is a different nursing program"
43:42 she says, "we pride ourselves in California
43:46 as being Alternative Medicine State,
43:49 but we need an alternative medicine nursing program
43:52 and you'll be the very first one. "
43:54 Audience clapping... Debbie: Amen...
43:58 And it turns out... we're the first one in the entire Country.
44:01 Say that again, did everyone hear that?
44:03 We're the first alternative medicine nursing program
44:06 in the entire Country,
44:08 Debbie: Amen, amen...
44:09 Neil: and it's one that, of course,
44:11 they'll sit for the Boards
44:13 but they'll also come out as health educators
44:15 and they'll be also teaching the Word
44:18 in combination with physical healing.
44:20 Praise God, praise God, thank you very much
44:22 for sharing with us about the Weimar Institute of Nursing,
44:27 our last Offering in Action Project
44:31 is one that you will not find in your booklet,
44:33 it is one that we have added
44:35 because it's of special significance
44:38 with all that has been in the media
44:40 and all the debates about Creation versus Evolution,
44:43 we have felt that it's extremely important for us
44:47 to under-gird the efforts that are being made
44:50 to strengthen the Biblical Creation Story,
44:54 particularly in our curriculum
44:56 that we are providing to educate our children at every level.
45:00 So, this particular project which we have termed
45:02 "The Creation Project" is one that is for...
45:05 we're requesting 40,000 dollars
45:09 to provide the support to continue this work.
45:12 With me is Ed Zinke,
45:13 he's retired from Biblical Research
45:15 and has his hands in a number of different areas
45:18 but we're happy to have him here
45:20 and Larry Blackmer who is the Vice President
45:22 for North American Division Education.
45:25 So they're going to share with us a little bit
45:27 about what two schools are doing
45:31 in this particular line of work, Ed...
45:34 Yes, thank you very much indeed Creation is extremely
45:39 important to us as a church not just Creation...
45:43 but Biblical Creation.
45:45 In 1980, the church revised a statement
45:49 of belief and revised the statement on Creation,
45:53 there seemed like the statement was clear enough,
45:57 that Creation took place in six actual days...
46:01 a short period of time ago...
46:04 but many individuals...
46:07 some individuals have re-interpreted that statement
46:10 to mean that God created over millions and millions of years
46:14 and each day represented millions of years
46:18 and so some felt that it was necessary
46:22 to tighten that statement up and in 2010
46:25 at the General Conference Session there was a request
46:28 for a study to be made to that...
46:30 that was brought back to the General Conference Session
46:34 this last time and the statement was clarified
46:36 and it would be very difficult to read anything other than
46:40 six actual days... seven... when you include the Sabbath
46:45 seven days more or less like our week,
46:48 the other thing that some individuals that felt that
46:52 worldwide flood which was in our 1980 statement
46:56 meant that the "then-known world"
46:59 and so it didn't mean the whole world,
47:01 it just meant that there was a big flood
47:03 and so that also was changed at the General Conference Session
47:07 to mean... to say... "Global Flood"
47:11 rather than world-wide flood.
47:14 Now, several institutions... educational institutions
47:19 within the church are
47:21 taking very seriously the doctrine of Creation
47:25 and they have done extensive study
47:29 in Geology and Biology and other areas
47:32 supporting the Biblical account of Creation,
47:37 one of those is Southern Adventist University
47:41 also Southwestern Adventist University
47:44 and at the Earth and Biological Sciences Program at Loma Linda
47:48 is the only place in the world
47:52 in which you can get a Ph. D. in Geology or Biology
47:56 from a Biblical perspective.
47:58 Now we are supporting two of those programs
48:01 at this ASI Convention
48:04 and Larry will tell us about Southern Adventist University
48:08 and then I'll tell you about Southwestern.
48:13 Why is Creation important to the Church?
48:18 In 2014, the Gallup Poll did a survey
48:24 of the general population and they found out that
48:28 42 percent said they were Creationists
48:31 and that 31 percent said they were Theistic Evolutionists
48:36 and only 19 percent said they were straight out Evolutionists.
48:41 The difficulty is, "What is a Creationist?"
48:45 in defining what a Creationist really is
48:49 because many people say they're Creationists
48:53 but they believe in "millions of years"
48:55 through that process
48:56 and so, it's been our goal in the church
49:01 through the educational system,
49:02 through higher education to make sure that we present
49:07 a Biblical foundation to Creationism.
49:11 The... there was a survey done recently
49:15 by the Pugh Group and they found out that
49:19 in the Adventist Church, 47 percent
49:22 believed that the Seventh-day Adventist Church
49:25 is anti-Science,
49:28 are we anti-Science?
49:30 We're not!
49:31 but we have somehow convinced our young people
49:35 that the Adventist Church does not believe in Science.
49:38 We believe in the Church and in our Institutions
49:43 that there is real good Science behind Creation
49:48 and so we're trying to find ways
49:50 to make sure that happens.
49:52 The Biblical account...
49:54 Creation is all the way through the Biblical account.
49:57 It's in the Old Testament,
49:59 it's mentioned by every single New Testament Writer
50:03 and Creation is actually talked about... by Jesus Himself.
50:07 So it is an important issue.
50:09 Creation is closely tied to... and I have here...
50:13 15 different doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
50:18 in which Creation is directly tied.
50:22 Creation is fundamental to our Church.
50:26 Last year, I stood up on the platform
50:31 and told you about our new by design... Science curriculum,
50:36 Grades one through eight developed distinctly by
50:39 Seventh-day Adventists
50:40 for Seventh-day Adventist Schools
50:42 based on a Biblical account of Creation
50:46 and it's a North America Division Initiative,
50:50 it's both Health and Science combined.
50:52 We have also now through Southern Adventist University
50:59 and their local project... created a lot of other resources
51:04 these resources could be used by design separately
51:08 through the School System,
51:10 they can be used by home schooling families,
51:12 by Christian families
51:13 whose kids are in...
51:15 whose students are in public school
51:17 and by Lay Persons of all ages
51:20 and it's available online free.
51:22 There are many other projects we have in the pipeline.
51:26 We're actually... Dr. Tim Standish is the
51:29 Editor of our new Ninth Grade Biology textbook,
51:34 that we're now going to have the Life Science Series
51:38 totally developed by Seventh-day Adventists
51:41 for our Schools.
51:42 We are creating a set of videos about Adventist Scientists.
51:47 Science is alive and well in the Adventist Church
51:51 and we have world renowned Scientists
51:55 that belong to our Church.
51:56 We're developing dinosaur videos and interactives,
52:00 we're designing a College-level "Origins" class
52:04 with Faith and Science in Southern Adventist University
52:08 and we have a Chemistry Professor at Andrews University
52:12 who's working on materials about Design in Chemistry.
52:17 We're developing interactives and simulations
52:21 that can go along with "By Design. "
52:23 We're working through a number of our universities
52:27 in a collaborative project
52:29 and so, what we're trying to do
52:32 is we're trying to create resources
52:34 on multiple topics, on Origins, on World View
52:38 and Biblical Foundations.
52:39 We're working at the Elementary, the Secondary
52:42 and the College level and we're developing partnerships.
52:46 We have a delivery system
52:50 called: the Adventist Learning Community
52:52 adventistlearningcommunity. com
52:54 and all of these resources will be available
52:58 at no cost to everyone.
53:00 We want our resources used in the Church.
53:04 How could you help?
53:06 You can encourage Conference Administrators,
53:09 local teachers and pastors to become interested in Origins.
53:14 You should sponsor "Origin" Education Events
53:17 for Administrators, Teachers and Pastors
53:21 and you can sponsor events at our Academies,
53:24 our Colleges at the local church level.
53:27 You can donate to Organizations
53:29 that promote Creation from a Scientific worldview,
53:33 Faith and Science, the Origin Center at Southern...
53:37 the program at Southwestern Adventist University
53:41 and Geoscience.
53:42 On Sabbath, part of the offering
53:45 will go to support additional resources
53:48 that will be available to our young people.
53:51 Debbie: Amen amen.
53:52 We have just a short period left here but if we could
53:56 bring up the slides of the Hanson Ranch
53:58 that's terrific... this is a project of
54:01 Southwestern Adventist University
54:03 every summer they go to a Dino dig...
54:06 thank you for advancing that,
54:08 that's the Hanson Ranch there.
54:09 Fifteen years ago, Mr. Hanson wanted the...
54:14 wanted the... bones that were on his ranch
54:18 to be studied by Geologists.
54:20 There are a number of dinosaur bones there
54:23 and he contacted the Scientists
54:25 who came out and looked at it
54:27 and he told the Scientists,
54:29 "I don't care what you teach about Theistic Evolution
54:32 or any kind of Evolution but you have to teach Creation"
54:35 and... so this Scientist stormed off... enraged,
54:39 he left some graffiti on the barn that said,
54:42 "Science will never again be done on this ranch. "
54:45 Mr. Hanson contacted Art Chadwick
54:49 who is one of the foremost geologists
54:53 and Art Chadwick came to that Ranch,
54:56 we won't have time to go through the details
54:58 but he developed latest methods for doing Geology
55:03 when the GSA... the National Profession of Geologists,
55:08 when they have their meetings, they asked him to present
55:12 the presentation on latest methods for Geology
55:15 and actually... many years in a row...
55:20 and so Art has the opportunity of working with students
55:24 and we're going to have that picture
55:26 I hope, before our time runs out
55:27 with students who have the opportunity of
55:31 digging there every summer
55:32 and hearing his lectures on Creationism and Geology...
55:36 it's a wonderful blessing to those students
55:38 and to our Church.
55:40 Thank you very much,
55:42 we really appreciate what you're doing
55:44 to keep the Creation story alive and accurate.
55:47 Both: Thank you very much. Debbie: Thank you.
55:49 At this time we would like you to listen to the
55:54 piano instrumental that will precede our closing prayer.
55:57 Piano playing
56:03 Piano playing...
56:10 Live out Thy life within me...
56:16 Oh Jesus King of Kings.
56:22 Be Thou Thyself the answer
56:28 to all my questionings;
56:33 Live out Thy life within me,
56:38 in all things have Thy way!
56:44 I, the transparent medium,
56:50 Thy glory to display.
56:58 Look upon Jesus,
57:04 sinless is He;
57:09 Father, impute His life unto me.
57:15 My life of scarlet, my sin and woe,
57:21 Cover with His life, whiter than snow.
57:27 Cover with His life whiter than snow;
57:33 Fullness of His life then shall I know;
57:38 My life of scarlet, my sin and woe,
57:44 Cover with His life, whiter than snow.
57:50 Take my life,
57:54 and let it be
57:57 consecrated Lord, to Thee;
58:02 Take my hands, and let them move
58:07 At the impulse of Thy love,
58:12 At the impulse of Thy love.
58:17 Take my feet, and let them be
58:23 Swift and beautiful for Thee;
58:28 Take my voice, and let me sing
58:34 Always, only, for my King,
58:41 Always, only, for my King.
58:47 Live out Thy life within me,
58:52 in all things have Thy way!
58:57 I, the transparent medium, Thy glory to display.
59:03 ASI, Spokane, Washington.


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