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00:20 Ron and Marta Davis are Managers of the
00:22 Better Life Broadcasting Network
00:24 so we're still dealing with Media,
00:26 so notice how different things... different ways...
00:29 all of us can participate even if it's the same area
00:32 so, tell us a little bit about Better Life.
00:35 Well, Better Life was founded in 1990... well actually...
00:40 it was founded in 1988,
00:42 we started broadcasting into Grants Pass in 1990
00:45 by an Engineer... local Engineer...
00:47 a man named Delmer Wagner and his wife Evelyn
00:52 and so, it's been broadcasting now for 25 years,
00:56 this is our 25th anniversary on July...
00:58 in July, we celebrate 25 years of broadcasting, right?
01:02 So, tell me how you got involved in this,
01:04 were you educated in the area of broadcasting?
01:09 No, we weren't, we didn't have any idea
01:11 like... how to turn on a TV or how to turn it off...
01:14 that was about it.
01:16 Well, that's kind of scary but you're
01:17 leading a Media Ministry with television broadcasting.
01:20 Well, in 1996, we moved...
01:23 we started watching Better Life Broadcasting Network
01:26 it's an affiliate of 3ABN and we've been Christians since 1979
01:33 so we ourselves became Seventh-day Adventists
01:37 as a result of the 3ABN programming
01:40 and Doug Batchelor. Marta: Yes.
01:42 So, praise the Lord. Debbie: Amen.
01:44 Yeah, we know how impactive and effective the broadcast can be.
01:48 Give us a little bit of context,
01:50 what is the programming and what's the coverage,
01:54 where can Better Life be seen?
01:57 Well, right now, we are broadcasting about 80 percent
02:00 of 3ABN's programming and we have a Production Truck
02:04 and a Studio and everything
02:06 and we developed local programming,
02:08 we go out to churches and our mission is to...
02:11 we believe God's given us directive
02:13 to "Go ye into all of Oregon" and further into California
02:16 to reach as many people as we can
02:18 and as quickly as we can with the saving message of Jesus
02:21 and we endeavor to do...
02:23 to help connect the churches with the people
02:27 and the people with the churches, so...
02:29 So you're connecting people with churches
02:31 and churches with people,
02:33 are you getting any feedback from these viewers?
02:36 Yes, we get lots of feedback, we get lots of calls and letters
02:39 and people coming into the churches every day,
02:42 every week... we have people coming
02:44 and they're ready to be baptized
02:46 and they are really ready... the Pastors say...
02:50 and over 450 were baptized in the last decade
02:53 in two local churches there
02:55 right near our Studio in Grants Pass Area.
02:57 Yeah, these are the testimonies from the two pastors there
03:01 that... that that... that that many were baptized
03:04 as a result of some participation with Better Life.
03:07 Now I understand that you're venturing out...
03:10 and you're doing something new,
03:11 you're adding three stations or three channels?
03:14 Share a little bit about what that means.
03:16 Well, maybe what I can do is to tell you a bit about
03:20 what's been happening since and then we'll go into that
03:25 unless, we run out of time but... at any rate...
03:28 right now, we're broadcasting on 27 Television Stations
03:33 okay, ranging from Southern Washington
03:36 right on down through Oregon
03:38 and contiguously through... into California...
03:42 down into the Bay Area and the 27th one was added
03:47 very recently and that's the San Jose,
03:50 Reno...
03:52 Well, Reno was... yeah... but we've been broadcasting
03:54 in Reno but San Jose was just broadcasting...
03:59 and soon the 28th one will be in Monterey,
04:02 so, yeah, we're taking seriously God's Directive
04:04 to Go ye into all of Oregon and further into California.
04:07 Okay, so... so now tell us about
04:10 what our offering is supporting this year
04:12 which is supporting 3 Channels...
04:14 Yeah, we are so blessed to be part of ASI
04:18 and we just get inspired and encouraged by being here
04:22 but... it's built on faith... you know...
04:25 and so we can... we can follow...
04:28 we believe what God's providing... opportunities...
04:31 but we have been developing
04:33 some additional television stations...
04:37 I mean... channels... three additional channels,
04:40 we've been broadcasting on one,
04:41 it's been Better Life TV throughout our broadcast area
04:45 and now we have recently gone on the air with Better Health TV
04:50 which is a health channel,
04:51 we believe that it will reach many, many people
04:55 in the huge metropolitan areas
04:57 who don't want to hear anything about religion
05:00 you know, but they're very health-conscious people
05:03 who will tune in and God can draw them
05:07 by the power of the Holy Spirit
05:09 and a saving relationship with Jesus
05:11 and so, that's the mission of that...
05:14 and that is on the air... that's been broadcasting since?
05:17 April... April of 2015... just about six months.
05:20 That's right and it's broadcasting right now
05:23 into Southern Oregon and
05:25 all the way down through the California Area,
05:27 we... and our mission is to get it to other places as well,
05:32 but this Friday... this Friday...
05:35 Marta: Day after tomorrow.
05:36 Ron: we are going to... we're launching our new
05:38 Vida Mejor TV Television Station which is a Spanish Station
05:45 and Vida Mejor TV means Better Life TV
05:49 but it is... it is 3ABN Latino programming...
05:52 that we'll be doing also local programming,
05:55 yeah, local programming is essential
05:57 to reach the communities.
06:00 Wonderful, can you share with us
06:02 a testimony that you have heard...
06:03 maybe someone's written in and shared how much it's meant
06:06 to be able to watch your programming.
06:08 Well, we've received letters and we have one person who was
06:12 a gangster... he was a Hell's Angels kind of guy...
06:19 motorcycle guy... anyhow, he was in prison
06:22 in Crescent City in Pelican Bay
06:25 and he started watching Better Life,
06:27 he has since... gotten out... he is now an Elder
06:30 of the church in Redding and he's also running
06:33 a motorcycle ministry
06:35 and we are getting many more requests for information
06:39 from that Pelican Bay
06:40 as they continue to show the programs in that area.
06:45 Oh, wonderful, is there another...
06:46 you were telling me about...
06:47 There's a lady who was 99-years old who...
06:52 who had contacted the station
06:55 and we went to visit her personally
06:58 and she... we invited her to attend
07:01 an Evangelistic Station... our Evangelistic Program...
07:04 at the time... the series and so she came every night
07:07 that the series was going...
07:10 and wound up being baptized at a 100-years old.
07:13 Isn't that amazing? So, you know, I mean...
07:16 it reaches people of all ages
07:18 and we're just blessed to be a part of such a vital ministry.
07:22 It's never too late and I just want to thank you so much
07:26 for what you're doing through
07:27 Better Life Broadcasting Network.
07:28 Thank you and just real quick... God's not done yet
07:31 He's shown us that there's a station in LA
07:36 and we have our eye on that and praying about it.
07:39 It has the potential of 17 million people there.
07:42 God bless you.
07:44 Debbie: Amen, praise God, thank you.
07:45 Now, Tony Moore, now you may have recognized him
07:51 because of the uniform that he's wearing,
07:53 and when you see him on television or with his Series,
07:58 where he's known as the man in the blue shirt
08:00 but... Tony... tell us a little bit about Biblical World...
08:04 for those who may not be acquainted with Biblical World.
08:07 Well, Biblical World is a really special ministry,
08:09 it's my favorite ministry, actually
08:11 and we get to go and tell all the great Bible stories
08:14 and film them on location
08:16 and try and relate them in that way
08:17 and so we have a very special Series, for instance,
08:21 on the life of Apostle Paul,
08:22 some of you might have seen that Series,
08:24 and I get to wear a blue shirt for that one,
08:26 this is actually the third generation of uniform so...
08:29 so we have the Series on the life of Paul
08:32 and the other Series on the life of Jesus...
08:34 So, knowing His footsteps...
08:36 Tony: In The Footsteps of Paul. Debbie: In The Footsteps of Paul
08:39 and so this is intriguing to me because there are a number...
08:44 especially as of late... there seems to be
08:47 a number of programs that are trying to
08:49 portray Biblical characters or Bible stories
08:53 and I don't know how much of a good job
08:56 they are doing... so tell me
08:58 what kinds of things is Biblical World trying to do...
09:01 to counter that kind of an influence.
09:03 We're really trying by...
09:04 and bring the Bible story to life
09:06 and that they be historically accurate...
09:08 to be Scripturally... faithful to Scripture...
09:11 and spiritually relevant,
09:13 now, it's true, there are some recent movies
09:16 that were pretty wild about some of our favorite Bible stories,
09:18 but we're trying to do them in a very Biblical way
09:21 In The Footsteps of Paul and Tracing The Footsteps of Jesus,
09:24 they're really wonderful programs,
09:26 that bring those Bible stories to life
09:28 and they can actually be used evangelistically... by the way.
09:30 There's beautiful advertising you can use,
09:32 if they stop by our Booth they could actually see
09:35 some of the Evangelistic opportunities
09:37 that you would have
09:38 in using that in public meetings or in small groups
09:41 but we're... we're wanting to think beyond that actually
09:45 beyond just some of the programs we've done
09:48 to a little bit wider audience
09:49 and I think that's what you were thinking about.
09:51 Yes and so... as you're thinking about
09:53 how to kind of broaden your reach to a different audience,
09:56 you're actually looking at developing programming
09:59 that could be available on commercial TV,
10:01 why is that necessary?
10:02 We have it available on 3ABN and Hope
10:04 and why commercial television?
10:07 Well we're wanting to do something that would reach out
10:09 into a broader, perhaps, less religious audience
10:13 and it's my belief that people have a soft memory
10:16 at least in this Country about Jesus...
10:19 most people have that but maybe they don't go to church,
10:21 and maybe they won't look at religious programming
10:23 and actually... several years ago,
10:25 there was a program called "The Bible"
10:27 on the History Channel, now they tell us...
10:29 a 100 million people saw that,
10:31 now, I don't know, that's what they say,
10:32 and... but a 100 million people and I'm thinking...
10:35 "Wow! what an opportunity to reach far out
10:38 into the secular world through commercial television"
10:41 so that's what we've been working on...
10:43 a five-part Series for another five one-hour Series,
10:45 and we're actually praying and trying to prepare this
10:48 so it will be such quality that it could actually be
10:51 in prime time that they would desire and want
10:54 to show during prime time.
10:56 Now tell us... I know that we actually have a clip
11:00 that maybe we can... introduce that gives us a picture
11:04 of at least how this looks and what the beginnings are.
11:07 Well, we're pretty excited about that
11:09 but let me tell you about the title,
11:10 because it's called... and they're going to see the clip,
11:12 it's called, "Mysteries of the Fifth Gospel"
11:14 Debbie: Fifth gospel? I thought there were four gospels.
11:17 Yes, there are four gospels, now some people
11:19 think the fifth gospel is the book of Acts
11:20 or some people think it's Revelation
11:22 and... but there's a wonderful line...
11:25 "There are five gospels that tell the story of Jesus,
11:27 four you'll find in books,
11:28 and one you'll find in the land they call: Holy...
11:31 understand the fifth gospel... the Holy Land...
11:34 and the world of the four gospels will open before you. "
11:37 So I'm praying... "What's our edge?
11:38 What's the attraction of the commercial television?"
11:40 I think, "Ah, that's kind of edgy isn't it... "
11:42 you know, the fifth gospel...
11:43 because many people think the fifth gospel is
11:45 Mary Magdalene as the wife of Jesus
11:46 where he's got seven kids and
11:48 commercial television often portrays Jesus in a...
11:50 in a very sarcastic way
11:52 and undermines the faith in Scripture
11:54 and so, we're wanting to do it in a very positive, winsome way
11:57 and... and actually the second line of that Series is called,
12:01 "Exposing the Real Jesus"
12:02 now, "exposing" is a great word in photography,
12:05 terrible word for tabloid journalism, however,
12:07 but we want to reveal or bring out the detail...
12:10 the real Jesus... as we look at the Biblical world
12:12 and that's what this clip is about.
12:14 Okay, so we can roll that clip now
12:15 and get a feel for what it's going to look like.
12:17 The Holy Land...
12:22 For centuries, Christians have focused on these gospels
12:27 while strangely neglecting the fifth,
12:31 in this fascinating Series, our host, Tony Moore,
12:36 follows the narrative of the written gospels
12:38 while seeking to unravel mysteries from the fifth gospel
12:43 that expose... the real Jesus.
12:46 Blowing of a horn...
13:28 music...
13:30 Tony, I want to ask you, what is behind the scenes?
13:32 There's something special about the scenes,
13:35 and your narration that's bringing out certain things
13:38 for our commercial audience.
13:39 Well, we're trying to bring out
13:40 the rich details of the Bible story,
13:43 where they happened and that fifth gospel...
13:44 brining the Bible story to life
13:46 and that's really what that was about
13:48 and while we can't do a full court press about Bible Study
13:51 and so on, we could actually open up
13:53 the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Friday afternoon
13:55 where we see thousands of Jewish people
13:57 in their finest garments, streaming out of the wall
13:59 to welcome in the Sabbath
14:01 or we can crawl around in the tomb of Lazarus
14:02 and tell the story of how Jesus was teaching
14:06 that death is a sleep in that setting,
14:08 so, we're very excited about trying to tell the story
14:11 on location in that way
14:12 and just like the little voice of the narrator there,
14:15 she happened to be our Tour Guide... last year
14:17 on the Island of Patmos and she turned out to be
14:19 an Actress in the UK
14:22 and so we're pretty excited about
14:23 getting her to do that narration
14:25 with the special little voice that she had.
14:27 Well, we are praying that God will be able to
14:30 go before you and open up doors
14:33 so that that can be used in a marvelous way
14:35 to be able to share Jesus with an audience
14:37 that otherwise might not hear about him.
14:39 And you know, for folks here,
14:40 could I just tell them to come by our Booth,
14:42 it's Number 818 and we have a very special
14:44 newsletter... just for ASI...
14:46 that talks about this and they can have...
14:48 and if you're not able to do that, go on our website,
14:51 was it, "fifth gospel"
14:52 spelled out? Debbie: Yes
14:53 fifthgospel. net is up on the screen
14:55 and you can find out that we're very careful about
14:58 what we say even on the website
15:00 because we don't want people to misunderstand...
15:03 that is... the television people to misunderstand
15:05 what we're trying to do,
15:06 but we want to tell the best story about Jesus
15:08 that anyone has heard on commercial television
15:10 and that's where it was going and by the way
15:12 we'll have a Viewer Version of this
15:14 that will also be available for Adventists to use
15:17 and... before Evangelistic Meetings
15:19 and to be on Adventist television as well.
15:20 Great, thank you very much Tony. Tony: Thank you Debbie.
15:23 I tell you, we have lots of opportunities
15:25 through a variety of different means
15:28 to be able to share the gospel.
15:29 This is Members in Action,
15:33 these are stories of ministry and inspiration
15:38 that you can use to take home the ASI experience.
15:42 Tonight, I have with me Janet Evert
15:45 and Janet, where do you live?
15:47 In Chelan, Washington.
15:49 Leasa: Not too far away.
15:50 No... about two hours...
15:51 Now, you have a ministry called: Young Disciples...
15:55 Janet: That's correct.
15:56 That you minister to a lot of children around the world.
15:59 Janet: That's correct.
16:00 But you have a... you have one that's much more personal
16:03 and this is why we have these four little lambs here.
16:06 Can you tell us about your personal ministry?
16:10 Okay, well, it starts with being a grandparent
16:13 and, you know, when we have... when we have grandchildren,
16:20 we find out what really loving a child means.
16:25 Yes we do, now I just very recently became a grandmother,
16:29 finally, and I just want to spoil that little child
16:35 and that was my plan until I heard
16:37 your ministry to your grandchildren,
16:40 can you tell us about that?
16:41 Well, yes, it's... we do... we want to spoil them...
16:46 we want to give them everything they want,
16:47 we want to make them happy,
16:48 we want them to smile, we want them to love us,
16:50 but, what do we want most of all?
16:53 We want them in the Kingdom and so I feel that my ministry
16:59 to my grandchildren is to support their parents,
17:05 to make sure that I don't spoil them but that I strengthen them.
17:11 So you don't send them home full of sugar?
17:14 No, I don't sugar them up and send them home.
17:17 Okay, what do you do with them?
17:18 Okay, one of the things
17:20 we started out with is called: Lamb's Club
17:23 and you referred to them as lambs
17:25 and they are Christ's little lambs
17:28 that we want to see in the Kingdom
17:30 and so we have... every Friday night...
17:33 a Lamb's Club.
17:34 And what do you do at your Club?
17:37 Well, we... we do a lot of things.
17:40 One of the things is that...
17:41 well, we started out with making sure that
17:44 they know the Lambs Law
17:47 and that's why I brought them out here this morning.
17:51 This is four of the seven grandchildren
17:54 and they're going to recite the Lamb's Law for you.
18:02 Be obedient, be pure, be kind, be true,
18:07 be respectful, be helpful, be cheerful,
18:13 be thoughtful, be reverent.
18:15 Leasa: Amen... Janet: Thank you, you can go.
18:19 Now, if we could teach all of our grandchildren
18:23 those precious... what do you call those things?
18:27 Characteristics or well... whatever they're called...
18:31 we would have a much better world... would we not?
18:34 So, Janet, besides the Lamb's Club,
18:37 you have a philosophy
18:41 of being a grandparent and you called it,
18:43 "Intentional Grandparenting" what does that mean?
18:45 It really... it just kind of...
18:47 in the title... you kind of see what it's talking about
18:50 because I have an intent,
18:53 very intentionally to help them be in the Kingdom
18:57 and that's really what the Lamb's Club is all about,
18:59 we have our little law but we talk about character traits,
19:03 we talk about little things that maybe I saw during the week
19:06 that weren't quite right to help them
19:08 become more like Jesus and so we do all sorts of fun things,
19:12 we have a Bell Choir, we study nature,
19:17 we do shells and rocks and all sorts of different things,
19:20 we do crafts and...
19:24 So these are kind of like a little Pathfinder Club
19:26 or Adventurer Club that goes on every Friday night?
19:29 Yes and they look forward to it.
19:31 If I'm out of town, they sometimes call me and say,
19:33 "Grammy, are you going to be home
19:35 in time for Little Lambs' Club?
19:36 Now, is it just for your grandchildren?
19:38 Well, that's kind of what I thought at the beginning
19:41 but it has expanded and so now,
19:43 we have kids from the church, kids from the community
19:47 that will come and be part of the Lambs' Club.
19:49 And how many come?
19:50 It really depends, sometimes we'll have 10 or 12,
19:54 sometimes we'll have just our own kids,
19:56 sometimes we'll have even more.
19:57 Now, it's not just work
20:01 or teaching them positive character traits,
20:04 you also have fun.
20:05 Janet: Oh, it has to be fun.
20:07 Yeah, for sure, I mean, they're little lambs...
20:10 they need to have fun
20:11 so what kind of fun things do you do.
20:13 Besides the Lambs' Club?
20:14 Besides the Lambs' club.
20:16 Okay, we have "Grammy Camp. "
20:17 About once a year, they all get together
20:19 and we have... maybe five days where they stay over
20:21 and we just do a camp with them,
20:23 with marching and gymnastics and crafts and cooking
20:28 and all sorts of things.
20:30 Okay and on their birthdays
20:32 I know you do something special with each one.
20:34 Each one gets a birthday trip, we take them somewhere special
20:38 and this is such a... really special time
20:39 when we can really zero in on them personally,
20:42 they know how much we care about them
20:44 and special time where we seize opportunities
20:47 to bring them closer to Jesus.
20:48 So, do you take them out in the backyard... and
20:50 where do you go?
20:52 Well, sometimes we go to a national park
20:54 and go camping, we go rock collecting,
20:56 we've taken them to Williamsburg,
20:59 it just depends on how many frequent flier miles we have.
21:03 Okay, so how grandmothers out there is this inspiring?
21:08 Yes, okay, so we need to change our strategy, I think,
21:13 after hearing her plans,
21:16 and what she does with her grandchildren,
21:20 I know that my son is going to appreciate
21:23 my intentional grandparenting so thank you Janet,
21:26 Oh, Janet, you have a story to share with us...
21:29 Yes, I do, the two little boys that you saw up here...
21:33 after Lambs' Club every Friday night,
21:36 we have... a couple of them will stay over
21:39 and so it was their turn to stay over,
21:41 I tucked them in, they...
21:43 but before I tucked them in we have prayer
21:46 so they knelt down and the first little guy...
21:49 went through the whole Lambs' Law
21:52 one by one, "Oh Lord, there were...
21:55 sometimes this week where I was not obedient
21:58 and I need your help" and then he went through
22:01 every single one of them and it probably took 15 minutes.
22:06 Leasa: Amen.
22:07 So, when he was finished, the other little guy
22:12 went through the whole plan of salvation
22:15 and when they were finished, I said,
22:18 "You know, you guys, those were like sermons"
22:21 and I said, "You know, you ought to consider being a pastor"
22:25 and they're like... looked at me...
22:27 and I tucked them in and went downstairs
22:30 and I didn't hear any more from them until the next morning
22:32 and the next morning, one of them came to me
22:34 and said, "Grammy, I need to tell you,
22:35 we didn't go to sleep right away after you left... "
22:39 I said, "Oh, really?"
22:41 He said, "Yes, we were praying about being pastors. "
22:46 Audience laughing...
22:49 Well that particular day
22:50 when we got to church, there was an announcement,
22:52 there was going to be a seminar in another church
22:54 where they were going to teach how to preach,
22:56 so those little guys saw that...
22:59 and they said, "We are going... "
23:01 and they did... they went to the whole thing.
23:03 Amen, amen... thank you so much,
23:08 you know, you're my... I mean you're my inspiration
23:10 you're like a super grandma,
23:12 so, thank you so much Janet. Janet: Thank you.
23:16 Next we have a very special story...
23:19 this is an ASI member who lives in Eastern Kentucky,
23:24 now, I grew up reading Catherine Marshall's books
23:27 of working in the Appalachians, how many of you did?
23:31 Yeah, quite a few of you,
23:33 Peter Marshall, his wife, Catherine Marshall...
23:36 and this is Kristina and Kristina, you...
23:41 where did you come from?
23:42 Where did you originally live?
23:45 I grew up in Washington State.
23:46 Leasa: Washington State... and you moved to?
23:50 Right here in Spokane.
23:51 Oh, amen... okay... local girl...
23:55 so you moved to where?
23:57 To eastern Kentucky.
23:58 Okay, specifically in the...?
24:01 In a little County called McCreary County,
24:04 there's no incorporated town in the entire county.
24:07 And who lives there?
24:10 Like what kind of people?
24:14 They're my favorite people, can I say that?
24:18 Leasa: Amen.
24:20 I love them... I... it's basically
24:23 a group of people that moved out
24:26 and were isolated from the rest of the United States,
24:30 known today as Appalachia or Appalachia... as we say it
24:35 and because of their isolation,
24:39 they really developed their own culture
24:43 and not even a sub-culture of the US.
24:46 So what made you move there?
24:48 My husband grew up not too far from there
24:52 and he had a love and a desire to get to know them
24:57 and to be a missionary among them
24:59 and I grew up... here in Washington State
25:03 wanting to be a missionary
25:05 to an unreached people group in the United States.
25:07 I had no idea they existed.
25:09 Amen... amen... and so when you moved there
25:12 and you started working with them,
25:15 how long before you really evaluated what was needed?
25:18 We spent the first six months doing cultural research
25:22 just trying to get to know the people,
25:25 see what their needs were
25:26 and how we could reach out to them.
25:28 And what jumped out at you?
25:30 The first thing was health... very poor health...
25:34 Leasa: Very poor heath... because...?
25:36 Very poor diet.
25:37 Okay, so what was so poor about their diet?
25:41 They didn't eat very many fruits and vegetables.
25:45 Leasa: What did they eat?
25:46 Groundhogs... squirrels... rabbits...
25:55 Leasa: Oh yikes...
25:56 And, of course, more nowadays... junk food and meat and potatoes.
26:01 Okay, so you're trying to teach
26:04 them to eat fruits and vegetables,
26:07 so what is your approach?
26:09 We started with a simple class once a month
26:12 on how to use fruits and vegetables
26:14 and add them to your diet.
26:15 We featured one fruit or one vegetable each month.
26:19 Okay... and... so did people start eating them?
26:22 Yes...
26:24 and oftentimes it was the first time
26:27 they had eaten that fruit or vegetable
26:30 but our little health talk was five minutes on
26:34 why that fruit or vegetable
26:36 is good for you and why you should eat it
26:38 and so they would go home and they'd eat it.
26:40 Okay and this led you to open a restaurant...
26:43 After five years and growing the class
26:48 because of popular demand, now in four different counties,
26:52 two of them every single month, and then there's periodically...
26:56 people started saying,
26:57 "Well, your food tastes so good, we just want to buy it. "
27:01 Okay, so you opened a restaurant,
27:03 now, restaurant is hard work,
27:05 I mean, it is really labor intensive
27:08 and even people in the best of health
27:11 it's very... stressful for them, how do you do it?
27:13 It's a miracle from God,
27:16 I've had an auto-immune disease most of my life,
27:18 I live in chronic pain,
27:20 I don't always have to use a wheelchair,
27:22 I do have stools placed strategically in the kitchen
27:26 and behind the counter and through prayer
27:29 my health has actually improved in the past year
27:33 since I started the restaurant.
27:34 Amen... amen... so, why do you do all this work?
27:38 What is your end goal?
27:40 I want to share Jesus with others,
27:43 I want them to know the joy of Jesus...
27:45 the joy that he's given me, the peace that I have,
27:49 I want them to have it too.
27:51 And in the restaurant,
27:52 do you have an opportunity to do that?
27:53 Oh, so much more than I ever dreamed possible.
27:57 The thrill for us when we opened the restaurant
28:01 is that we're small... it's a small community...
28:05 but when customers come in,
28:07 they expect us to sit down and talk to them while they eat.
28:11 Leasa: Amen.
28:12 I mean, what better can you ask for?
28:15 It is such a blessing and so exciting.
28:18 So, in your conversations with them,
28:20 do you have opportunities to witness?
28:23 Yes.
28:25 Can you share a couple of stories with us?
28:26 Oh, I'd love to.
28:28 One of my favorite couples
28:34 started coming in,
28:36 a mother and her son and they started coming in
28:38 just because they liked fruits and vegetables
28:41 and wanted to know that they were eating a
28:43 healthy meal once in a while,
28:45 so they started coming in
28:47 probably about once or twice a week
28:48 and after a while, they got to know me well enough
28:53 that pretty soon... they came just to eat lunch with me
28:56 which means, when they walk in the door,
28:59 if I'm not busy with other customers,
29:01 they want me to go in the kitchen... and get my food too
29:04 and sit down and eat lunch with them
29:06 and it's been such a joy to develop a relationship with them
29:11 now we can talk about Bible topics,
29:15 I now have an open invitation to go to their house,
29:18 drop in on them any time which is a real blessing
29:22 and just to be able to pray together,
29:25 share a prayer request and it's just such a blessing.
29:29 Now, besides health needs, what other needs do they have?
29:33 They have a need for Jesus, you know, it's the Bible belt
29:37 but they don't understand how simple salvation really is
29:42 and the superstition is very high
29:45 and for me... I was shocked,
29:48 I felt like I had arrived in a different country...
29:51 Now these people... this group of people...
29:53 especially... are very suspicious of outsiders
29:56 and it's extremely hard to reach them
29:59 with a prophecy seminar or anything like that
30:02 so are you able to... do they...
30:04 what kind of relationships do you have with them
30:07 that can help you to teach them about Jesus?
30:10 Well, I'll share with you one more story.
30:14 A lady, I will call Doris, she grew up Catholic
30:18 and she never understood the love of Jesus
30:22 and she got to know us through our cooking classes
30:25 and then through the restaurant
30:27 and got to know us as friends as time went on
30:31 and pretty soon she just started opening up to us
30:35 and said, "I want to understand the love of Jesus more,
30:39 I want to know Him better,"
30:41 and after a couple of years
30:44 of me just sharing a Bible promise with her
30:47 or praying with her and encouraging her,
30:49 she came with me to a Women's Retreat
30:52 last fall and accepted Jesus as her Savior
30:56 for the very first time. Leasa: Amen, amen...
30:58 And she's coming with me
31:00 to Women's Retreat again in a couple of weeks,
31:02 she's having Bible Studies with my husband and I
31:05 and she attended our church
31:07 until she had to move a little ways away
31:09 but God is still working with her and I'm excited.
31:13 You know there are all kinds of fruits...
31:14 different types of fruits...
31:16 and this is one type of fruit
31:18 that will last for eternity. Kristina: Amen.
31:20 Thank you so much Kristina.
31:25 Next we have Debbie Baker...
31:26 Debbie Baker and Jeremiah Samuels.
31:30 Now, Jeremiah...
31:31 was one of my "Youth For Jesus Kids" this year
31:34 and last year... actually...
31:35 and so I'm glad to see him as a student.
31:40 Okay, Debbie, where do you teach or what do you do?
31:45 Well, I'm an Administrator at Heritage Academy
31:47 in Monterey, Tennessee.
31:49 Okay, Monterey, Tennessee, is Southern United States.
31:54 Yes, sort of... ish...
31:57 Leasa: ish... okay, well I think they would disagree with you.
32:00 but... anyway, you know the weather is
32:04 pretty nice... most of the time,
32:06 I mean, I'm from... originally from Minnesota,
32:08 it's nothing like Minnesota. Debbie: No... no...
32:11 Okay, but last February, what happened?
32:14 Well, we typically have snow but not usually ice...
32:21 and so, we woke up the end of February
32:24 to an inch of ice over all of our vehicles and trees
32:29 and it was terrible.
32:31 Okay, and you also woke up to no electricity?
32:33 No power... no lights...
32:35 No power... how wide of an area did it cover?
32:36 It covered about nine counties,
32:38 about 50,000 people were without power.
32:41 Okay and for how long?
32:43 For our area, most of us were out of power for about 7 days.
32:46 Okay and so... you are at Heritage Academy,
32:52 you have students there,
32:54 you're running a school with no electricity.
32:56 That's right, there are about a hundred of us on campus,
32:58 we wake up to no power... it's Sabbath morning,
33:01 we were all anticipating going to church
33:03 and... so we all woke up and kind of took stock of everything
33:07 and decided, we're going to meet and have church and
33:10 start a little generator to have some heat
33:12 and met in our chapel and held church.
33:15 So you needed to do something for your internal survival.
33:19 That's right.
33:21 But instead of just working for yourselves,
33:23 you guys did something pretty amazing.
33:26 We did, you know, we travel all over the Country
33:30 doing Disaster Response
33:31 and we found that right now the disaster was at our place
33:35 and it was a very different feeling
33:38 when we realized that this is us and...
33:41 so we took stock of our campus
33:43 and then said, "Now, we need to reach out"
33:45 and we took a drive off campus
33:48 and found that we couldn't hardly leave,
33:50 on both sides... both directions on the way to Monterey
33:54 and then our other local town,
33:55 the roads were completely blocked for miles and miles.
33:58 Now, you have a video that can show us
34:01 what really actually happened. Debbie: That's right...
34:03 Okay, so while they load the video,
34:05 Jeremiah, you are a student at Heritage Academy.
34:10 Yes.
34:12 Okay and where are you from?
34:15 I'm from New York.
34:16 New York... so you are used to ice storms and power outages?
34:20 Jeremiah: No... Leasa: No?
34:21 Jeremiah: I live in the city so... I have power in abundance.
34:25 Okay... okay... so... when this happened
34:29 what did you do?
34:30 I was kind of frustrated
34:33 because I really, really despise the cold, so...
34:36 That's why you went to school in Tennessee?
34:39 Jeremiah is nodding his head.
34:41 Okay, let's watch the video and then we'll talk some more.
34:45 There is like... about an inch of ice
34:47 and it was enough to take down a couple of trees
34:49 and then most of the roads were pretty blocked
34:51 and stuff like that and so,
34:53 we as a couple of kids from the school...
34:56 we went out and had a chainsaw...
34:59 chainsaw groups and we all just cut some trees off
35:03 and pushed them to the side of the road
35:07 for six miles... we covered six miles...
35:11 And what's happening here?
35:13 Okay, here we had pretty much like a soup kitchen,
35:17 we fed... we fed... about 1,000 people, so...
35:25 Leasa: How many meals?
35:27 Ten days' worth of meals.
35:28 Ten days' worth of meals...
35:30 about a thousand people per meal.
35:31 Wow! okay so that's 3,000 meals,
35:35 that's like 30,000 meals... you've served.
35:38 Yes, that's right, in that little kitchen.
35:40 So, through this experience of reaching out to the community,
35:44 did you learn anything about your community?
35:47 Well, the kids that were talking in the video...
35:50 they had the opportunity to go door to door
35:52 you know... we...
35:53 this was widespread in a lot of communities
35:55 and we sat down and met with
35:57 Emergency Management folks everyday
36:00 and those folks said that
36:03 all other counties in our area except ours,
36:07 there was loss of life and they said the reason why
36:10 there was not a loss of life in our County
36:13 was because these kids went door to door
36:15 making sure that everybody was okay
36:16 and several of them in the video mentioned that
36:20 folks were so appreciative that they were going door to door
36:25 and when they would ask, "Why are you here?"
36:27 They'd say, "We're here to help you. "
36:29 They'd ask, "Where are you from?"
36:30 They'd say, "Well, we're from Heritage Academy...
36:31 just down the street"
36:33 and they'll say, "Well, are you guys okay?"
36:35 And they'd say, "Well, we're without power too"
36:38 and just the idea that the kids were without power,
36:41 out serving other people that didn't have power, was powerful.
36:45 Audience: Amen.
36:47 Now, were you known before this... this event?
36:50 A little bit, you know, we were that little school
36:53 down at the end of the road with the... you know...
36:56 at the dirt road and things where the kids did canvassing and
36:59 a lot of outreach but absolutely nothing
37:03 compares to how meeting the need of folks
37:06 just at that time... the difference it made
37:08 for them, so... Leasa: Amen.
37:10 Forty percent of our local community is impoverished...
37:12 we found that out as we were serving them,
37:15 and so our goal is that
37:18 the kids are going to go out once a month
37:19 and feed the folks in Monterey
37:23 and a free meal and have a music concert
37:26 and share Jesus with them
37:28 while hearts are opened and they're excited
37:30 and... I tell you... we have the greatest group of kids
37:34 trained in disaster response
37:36 better than most people you'll know,
37:37 we've just been so excited to see them being used by God
37:42 as the hands and feet of Jesus in a disaster.
37:45 Amen... amen... so Jeremiah...
37:46 what was your personal experience with this disaster?
37:51 Okay, so... like I said before,
37:53 I totally despise the cold
37:55 and it was really frustrating waking up to a cold...
37:57 cold mornings... and spending the day in the cold
38:00 but helping other people and like...
38:04 being able to reach out to them
38:05 like supplying them with food
38:07 and then seeing their gratefulness
38:09 gave a lot of us... like that warm sensation in your heart...
38:13 like... true happiness... like satisfaction...
38:18 you know, Jesus said,
38:19 "Whatever you've done to the least of these,
38:22 you've done to me" and so, it was really a great blessing.
38:25 Amen... amen... you know, there's nothing like
38:29 using the Isaiah 58 model to reach your community
38:33 and... so... what...
38:35 do you have plans for a follow up,
38:37 you said about "once a month thing"
38:39 but was your student experience...
38:41 what are some other plans that you have?
38:44 Well, the kids are trained in Disaster Response
38:46 so they travel to lots of different places
38:49 training other young people and communities
38:51 in disaster response so they're prepared
38:54 should something like this happen... and for us...
38:56 we'd been to lots of places but it never had happened to us
39:00 and so, it really gives us a very different perspective.
39:03 We're taught not to say,
39:04 "I understand what you're going through,"
39:07 because you don't... but in this moment...
39:09 Jerry could stand next to a guy and say,
39:11 "I'm without power, you're without power,"
39:14 he could have prayer with them and they could understand
39:16 the compassion in his heart for them
39:18 going through the exact same thing... so, it was really neat.
39:21 Amen... amen... and that's what Pathway to Health
39:24 this weekend was all about also,
39:25 you know, if we can reach out to our community
39:28 and meet their needs, we can share Jesus with them
39:32 much more effectively, thank you so much.
39:34 This is Ty Gibson,
39:37 he's a Co-Director for Light Bearers
39:39 and Ty, first tell us a little bit about Light Bearers.
39:42 I'm intrigued to know
39:43 that Light Bearers is a lot more than just literature.
39:47 It is... and I begin by saying that this is where it began
39:50 right here in Spokane, a lot of people don't know that
39:53 but my wife, Sue and I were baptized in this city
39:56 when we were 18-years old and...
39:59 Debbie: Just a few short years ago.
40:01 Yeah, yeah... was that five years ago?
40:03 Yeah, we came to know the Lord here in Spokane
40:07 and we had a very motivational pastor who believed that
40:12 young people should be involved in ministry
40:14 and so... right here in this city,
40:16 we got a map and a yellow highlighter pen
40:20 and I know this area,
40:21 we literally walked through all the streets of Spokane,
40:26 street by street and marked each street off
40:31 doing door-to-door work and it was a privilege...
40:33 this is where we began Light Bearers Ministry.
40:36 James Rafferty, my Associate, was baptized here as well
40:39 shortly thereafter and...
40:41 and we started the ministry
40:43 as an in-home, small-group Bible Study.
40:46 We had small groups, 10 to 15 of them
40:49 meeting all around the greater Spokane
40:52 and Coeur D'Alene area for a number of years... it was great.
40:55 Isn't it? So this is really like "coming home" for you.
40:57 Yes it is, I love this City.
40:59 Right to its beginnings. Ty: Yeah... yeah... yeah...
41:01 So, I mentioned literature because
41:04 I think many of us know Light Bearers
41:07 for the literature distribution
41:08 but it is more than that... you mentioned...
41:11 Yeah, it actually began as a teaching ministry,
41:13 literature was an afterthought
41:16 because as new Seventh-day Adventist Christians
41:19 we started noticing in the writings of Ellen White
41:21 the idea that the Preacher's work should be
41:25 supplemented by or backed up by written material
41:28 so, as we were teaching and as we were preaching,
41:32 we began writing and producing materials,
41:35 we bought a copy machine at first
41:36 and then we bought a printing press...
41:38 and figured out we didn't know how to run it
41:40 so we hired a guy to run it
41:41 and we began producing literature
41:44 but Light Bearers is also a teaching ministry,
41:48 we run a school called "Arise"
41:50 and that runs two courses every year,
41:52 one here in the United States, the last week of August
41:55 we began our course here, it's a three-month discipleship
41:58 training course and we run one in Australia each year as well,
42:02 it's a Media Ministry,
42:04 we produce a lot of video projects,
42:06 you may want to check out Digma. com
42:08 and... yeah... and a lot of teaching and preaching,
42:11 we have four full-time evangelists...
42:13 myself, James Rafferty, Jeffrey Rosario
42:15 and David Asscherick and we preach and teach
42:18 and we're eager for Jesus to come
42:21 so that's what we're doing with ourselves.
42:22 Well, praise the Lord,
42:24 and it sounds like you guys have been really busy.
42:25 Busy... better to be busy than bored.
42:27 Debbie: Yes... Ty: Yes.
42:29 Tell us then, what particular projects
42:31 are happening right now
42:32 in addition to the regular schedule of training?
42:36 Well, the... the present project that we're super excited about
42:40 is called Truth Link...
42:42 we have a Booth specifically for Truth Link...
42:44 please check it out or go to truthlink. org
42:46 and these are Bible Studies, you'll be delighted to find out
42:50 that are really powerful
42:53 because they achieve two things... number one...
42:55 these Bible Studies are doctrinally sound...
42:57 they are theologically rich...
43:00 they move systematically through
43:02 the entire Adventist message,
43:03 including First, Second and Third Angels' messages
43:06 with a very intentional focus on weaving in gospel concepts
43:11 righteousness by faith concepts, justification,
43:14 salvation concepts through every doctrine,
43:16 so it doesn't matter what you're encountering
43:18 whether you're studying the Sabbath...
43:20 you're studying... justification by faith,
43:22 you're studying the third angel's message...
43:24 you're studying righteousness by faith,
43:25 you're studying the sanctuary...
43:27 you're encountering the gospel.
43:28 So that's Truth Link and these Bible Studies...
43:31 you'll want to acquaint yourself with them
43:33 and that's what we're presently doing.
43:35 So now, the project that is in the Offering for this year
43:39 is something different,
43:41 so there's something new on the horizon
43:42 describe that for us.
43:44 Well, the project that you as ASI will be supporting
43:48 this year... actually we've decided
43:50 for it to encompass two projects.
43:53 The offering that you'll give to Light Bearers this year
43:56 which I think is 40,000 dollars will contribute to
44:00 number one... a container of literature for Tanzania,
44:04 these publications are going to Tanzania specifically
44:08 to be follow-up
44:09 for the Ted Wilson Evangelistic Meetings
44:11 that just occurred there in the spring,
44:13 we also provided the pre-work evangelistic literature
44:18 leading up to his meetings,
44:19 so in Tanzania, they've already distributed
44:21 two containers of literature
44:23 surrounding his Evangelistic Meetings
44:25 and a container of literature has two million publications
44:30 and so Tanzania is one of the projects that you're supporting
44:34 and then also...
44:35 one of the containers will be sent to South Africa
44:39 for three conferences there that have banned together
44:42 and they have a lot of evangelistic meetings planned
44:45 because we don't send...
44:48 we don't just... drop off a container of literature
44:51 somewhere in the world,
44:52 they have to be very intentional, deliberate,
44:56 aggressive, high-energy, proactive efforts
45:00 that are going on
45:01 and then we send that material...
45:03 then people distribute it,
45:04 they engage people in Bible Studies systematically
45:07 and what we're doing by sending this literature
45:09 to the mission field... one container after another...
45:12 is we are raising the Biblical literacy
45:15 for our people and our new converts
45:18 rather than the Evangelist just arriving
45:20 and kind of a "hit-and-run"
45:21 doing a two-week or a three-week evangelistic campaign
45:23 and then baptizing a few hundred or a thousand or two thousand...
45:27 sometimes thousands of people and then leaving...
45:30 the literature produces a mature theological faith
45:33 so a person who becomes a Seventh-day Adventist...
45:37 they know what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist
45:40 in their belief system,
45:42 we believe that the character development part
45:46 of Christian experience follows Theology
45:48 so we believe people need to be richly, theologically educated
45:54 and that's what this material will be doing.
45:55 That sounds like it's going to be a phenomenal project
45:58 and we look forward to being in partnership
46:00 supporting Light Bearers.
46:01 Thank you to ASI for supporting these two containers this year.
46:06 Right, thank you very much, Ty, I appreciate it.
46:08 Coming to the podium now is James Hartley.
46:13 James Hartley directs another light...
46:16 well light...
46:17 James: We get confused a lot... that's true.
46:22 So James, tell me a little bit about LIGHT...
46:25 what does that name mean,
46:26 it's an acronym... James: Yeah...
46:28 And describe the scope of its ministry.
46:30 Okay so... LIGHT stands for the
46:32 Lay Institute for Global Health Training
46:34 and we are providing health evangelism training
46:36 to pastors and lay people around the world.
46:39 We started in 2008
46:42 and ASI has always been a strong supporter
46:44 of this project
46:45 and collectively we're just adding up figures...
46:48 we've trained over 14,000 pastors and lay people
46:51 in over 85 countries of the world.
46:53 Wow! that's a lot of countries.
46:55 It's something that God has taken control of...
46:57 we don't even know how that happened
46:58 but God just took the reins
47:01 in steering it in the right direction... we are
47:02 training people that are going out and training others
47:04 and it's just been multiplying
47:06 and where... people are learning how to reach souls
47:09 with "Jesus results,"
47:10 with the right arm of the gospel... getting close to them
47:12 and teaching them how to... how to reach the hearts
47:15 and use the health message as an entering wedge
47:18 through a variety of community programs
47:20 so when people come into our training programs,
47:23 let me just say, our training is 125 hours
47:26 it's not a weekend training, okay,
47:28 it takes a full commitment... a one-month...
47:30 it's a four-week course, intensive
47:32 and so we bring... usually in the
47:34 summer months or on vacation times,
47:36 we're in Brazil, we're in Venezuela,
47:38 we're in Zimbabwe, we're in Thailand
47:40 and Cambodia and Indonesia and Australia... around the world,
47:44 lay people are coming in... and pastors...
47:46 we have shorter trainings for pastors,
47:48 we really want to see our churches getting active
47:51 and one of the easiest ways for lay people to get active
47:53 is getting involved in these different health programs,
47:55 they don't have to be a medical professional
47:57 but we need the medical professional's help
47:59 to lead out these programs
48:00 so to teach them how to do health expos, all right...
48:03 and how the lay people can help with those events
48:05 but not only help... a health expo... you know...
48:08 if doesn't accomplish that much if it's only an event,
48:10 right, but we have follow up plans
48:12 where we teach churches how to set up health clubs,
48:14 that will be like an on-going regular meeting
48:16 throughout the year that where...
48:17 people are learning how to live healthy
48:19 as a community health club,
48:20 it doesn't have to be at the Adventist Church,
48:22 in fact it's usually better not to have it
48:23 at the Adventist Church so it just... brings people in
48:25 and letting health break down prejudice...
48:28 break down barriers, so we're teaching that
48:31 you can use health to reach Muslims and Buddhists
48:34 and Hindus and all religions in the world
48:36 even Roman Catholics,
48:38 I was raised a Roman Catholic in Wisconsin,
48:40 I was really brought into the health...
48:42 into the church... through the health message
48:44 if it wasn't for a vegetarian restaurant
48:46 in Bowser Switzerland, I wouldn't be here today.
48:49 So, the health message, I know it's very powerful
48:51 and so this is what we're trying to get out there.
48:53 You know, it's interesting you say that
48:54 because I was having a conversation with Vicky Griffin
48:58 and she mentioned a statement which I think is very true
49:01 health ministry is a vehicle for teaching the truth about God
49:07 and so this is a very important work
49:09 that you're training individuals to do.
49:11 It shares the character of God,
49:13 because when you have an opportunity
49:15 to show the love of God in a sincere...
49:16 ministering to somebody's needs... it just...
49:18 it makes a connection with somebody...
49:20 it's just... it's just... we need to use the right arm
49:23 if we are not using that tool, we're just...
49:25 we're doing evangelism
49:26 with our right arm tied behind our back.
49:28 So what is happening with LIGHT now...
49:30 what project are you involved with?
49:32 Let me show you a picture here, this is a...
49:34 this is our new online school
49:36 and I don't know if you recognize the language,
49:38 you recognize one word up there at least
49:40 this is our Korean online school so we have our online training
49:45 it's 125 hours of training in English, Spanish
49:48 and we have the whole thing complete in Korean,
49:51 and we've partnered with our Korean Union Health Department
49:54 and we just launched this school one month ago,
49:57 just before the GC... a little... maybe six weeks ago,
50:00 we have over 100 students registered into that program
50:03 that the Korean Union themselves promoted... and are bringing in
50:06 we're training Koreans that are in China...
50:09 that are in Korea... that are all across the United States,
50:12 you know the Koreans have a very strong mission focus,
50:15 you find them all over Southeast Asia,
50:17 right, so we're training them, getting this message in...
50:20 we have a plan to train them...
50:22 those that are especially in China
50:23 to be missionaries there
50:25 and those spread all throughout Southeast Asia,
50:27 our work is growing in Southeast Asia.
50:29 Debbie: Very good.
50:30 Let me... let me... I got one other picture..
50:31 one other picture here is from Vietnam,
50:33 this is not an easy picture to get.
50:36 Vietnam is probably the most difficult country
50:39 in Southeast Asia to minister in.
50:42 We tried to have ASI meeting there we were present there
50:46 and sadly the Government came
50:47 and just shut down the whole meeting
50:50 so it is not easy to work in Vietnam
50:53 but little by little in a secretive way
50:56 working in our churches,
50:58 you have to be in our church to do training,
51:00 we completed... we have graduates now in Vietnam
51:02 that went through our training course,
51:04 so, let me also just mention... in Thailand...
51:07 we have trained half of the pastors in Thailand
51:09 with a short, condensed training
51:11 and now, their eyes are just wide open,
51:13 calling our teams all over Thailand,
51:15 training church members to use the health message
51:17 to reach Buddhists mainly... in this country.
51:19 Debbie: We have another picture.
51:21 Oh yeah... yeah... yeah... let me... look...
51:23 well this is a different continent now,
51:25 this is Zimbabwe... and it might be a little hard
51:28 to figure out what's going on in there
51:29 but this is a Health Expo, okay,
51:31 can anybody guess how many people were at this Health Expo?
51:34 It looks like a lot... 30,000 people... okay...
51:37 now I know we...
51:39 it's not quite to the level of what Pathways is doing
51:42 in services okay... but we are bringing in...
51:44 this is a partnership with the Conference,
51:47 and it was our lay team... our lay grads
51:49 who've done several short LIGHT Courses, one-month courses
51:52 and they were the ones and our Director in Zimbabwe
51:54 were the ones... helping to lead out and train the masses
51:56 of Adventists that were leading out this massive thing,
51:59 we're planning another one in next spring
52:01 and you'd be invite, Debbie, to just come,
52:03 it's in March... and there's going to be 30...
52:05 they're expecting 35,000...
52:06 to see 35,000 people through that Expo.
52:09 Awww... my first Health Expo Convention,
52:11 all right, I'll look forward to that.
52:13 Let's quickly... let's set way over to
52:15 what is the project for the offering this year.
52:18 Sure, so, LIGHT is an ongoing project, right,
52:20 and so the offerings that ASI has helped to raise for...
52:24 is supporting over 40 missionaries
52:26 that are well screened and trained,
52:28 people that have graduated through our programs,
52:31 have a good reputation, they're full time in the field
52:32 year around... conducting training courses,
52:35 right, we're providing materials...
52:37 health expo equipment and so forth
52:38 especially in areas that are...
52:40 that don't have a lot of finances,
52:42 we're working in a lot of poor countries
52:44 and you know... in those countries it's amazing,
52:46 when you put on health programs...
52:47 you just bring them in by the thousands...
52:49 and I wish I could say how many...
52:50 I was trying to figure it out,
52:52 it's in hundreds of thousands of people that have gone through
52:54 our health programs... all right in all of these countries
52:57 and hundreds of baptisms that we know of,
52:59 I've got one more picture here real quick...
53:01 of a baptism in South America...
53:03 I would be remiss to not mention South America,
53:05 it's just been amazing...
53:06 our partnership with the South American Division
53:08 and the support that we've had there, this is from Chile,
53:11 our course that we conducted in the Northern Conference there
53:14 this gentleman was an Adventist but for years...
53:17 he had been out of the church...
53:18 and somehow he wandered into one of our Expos
53:21 and just got reacquainted with Adventists,
53:24 and his heart was just burning within him,
53:26 he wanted to get Bible Studies
53:27 and within a month he had rejoined the church
53:29 and so... we have testimonies of people joining the church
53:32 around the world, it's just exciting,
53:34 every week we're getting e- mails and reports
53:36 in Brazil... we're starting a new Lifestyle Center
53:39 and Training School in the Rio Union,
53:43 at the... you know...
53:45 in Rio, there's the largest Seventh-day Adventist Hospital,
53:48 it's called the Silvestre Hospital,
53:49 1,200 employees... we have a partnership with that hospital,
53:52 we're conducting every... every weekend
53:54 LIGHT training courses at this hospital
53:57 and we're doing all of the community outreach
53:59 around Rio de Janeiro promoting the hospital
54:01 and bringing... bringing in people...
54:03 to the Expos and teaching... introducing them to the church
54:06 so, we're getting very diverse
54:08 and we're just excited about it... so...
54:10 I can tell... you're really excited...
54:12 and we're excited to be able to help you
54:14 and to help you to raise the right arm...
54:17 and use the right arm of the gospel
54:18 in order to share the love of Jesus...
54:20 Amen... Jesus is coming soon...
54:21 He is... thank you... James: Thank you Debbie...
54:23 So, here we have... two other projects
54:27 that we really want to support as they spread the gospel
54:31 through the means of literature, health evangelism,
54:34 teaching... all of those things...
54:36 so thank you so much
54:38 for the support that you will provide.
54:39 Debbie is walking away...
54:47 Here's my good friend, Kyle.
54:49 Good morning, Debbie, it's good to see you.
54:51 Debbie: Yes... Kyle: Thanks for coming back to get me.
54:52 Debbie: Okay... yeah... you know...
54:54 because we wanted to talk a little bit about
54:57 something really special that occurs overseas...
54:59 That's right Debbie, thank you so much.
55:01 You know, ASI... really the heart of ASI
55:04 is our members, amen...
55:05 not only our members that are working in their businesses
55:08 in their workplaces here in the United States
55:10 but also our ministry members
55:12 and we have so many faithful, dedicated missionaries
55:16 around the world, amen
55:17 and I mean... when you...
55:19 when you think about some of these ministries,
55:21 the word that comes to my mind is sacrifice
55:24 because... a lot of our missionaries
55:27 work on very little pay but they're out there
55:29 because they believe in what they're doing
55:32 and their purpose is... sharing Christ.
55:34 So there is a particular area that we want to focus on
55:38 and share something about that ministry,
55:40 is that Riverside Farms?
55:41 That's right... Riverside Farm... in Zambia...
55:43 and I had the privilege, Debbie, of going to Zambia
55:46 last December and just seeing
55:48 this amazing ministry and what they do.
55:50 Allen and Pauline Knowles, Jaypel and Michelle Museller,
55:54 there are lots of other missionaries,
55:55 that have served there and given their time
55:57 to serve the Lord and to reach the people of Zambia
56:01 and I'm telling you, it's an amazing ministry.
56:03 We're talking building one-day churches,
56:06 training lay people not only in... how to...
56:09 how to make a living and then farming and tailoring
56:12 and doing these kinds of things
56:13 but also how to share Christ as lay Bible Workers
56:15 in doing that kind of ministry, it's just an amazing thing
56:18 and on top of that... they have farms...
56:20 huge banana plantations which last year...
56:23 I think, ASI, through the offering
56:25 provided some funding to help plant some banana trees.
56:29 Debbie: That's right.
56:32 ASI Spokane, Washington.


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