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00:20 Piano playing... His Eye is on the Sparrow...
00:42 I sing because I'm happy;
00:48 I sing because I'm free;
00:57 His eye is on the sparrow
01:07 And I know He watches me.
01:15 Why should I feel discouraged
01:22 and why should the shadows come?
01:29 Why should my heart be lonely
01:34 and long for heaven and home?
01:38 When Jesus is my portion,
01:43 a constant friend is He,
01:49 His eye is on the sparrow
01:54 and I know He watches me.
02:00 His eye... is on the sparrow
02:06 continuation music...
02:07 continuation of music...
02:09 some more music...
02:11 interim music...
02:12 and I know He watches me...
02:18 I sing because I'm happy;
02:26 I sing because I'm free;
02:34 His eye is on the sparrow
02:43 And I know He watches me...
02:53 closing music...
02:58 My name is Wayne Atwood, I'm from Better Living Ministry
03:02 or in French it's "Mieux Vivre"
03:03 and I'm delighted to be here
03:05 to introduce Claus Nybo this morning...
03:08 I think many of you know him, he's from LifeStyle TV
03:10 and we're delighted that you're here with us today.
03:13 I'd like to ask you... what are the challenges
03:17 surrounding your work at LifeStyle TV?
03:20 Well, Wayne, you know
03:22 it's a lot of the same as you're facing... I think...
03:23 working in Northern Europe and Scandinavia...
03:26 we have very few Adventists to begin with...
03:29 we have... probably as many Adventists
03:31 as typically will come out for an ASI Convention
03:33 in all of Scandinavia,
03:35 that's not very many to reach those countries...
03:38 on top of that...
03:39 this is ranked as the most secular areas in the world
03:43 so there are a lot of challenges
03:45 and I know each of you are facing challenges
03:46 so I don't want to claim the challenge
03:48 as being worse than what you're facing...
03:50 but these are some of the things that we're working with.
03:53 And what do you do
03:54 in order to try to reach those secular people
03:56 because that is something that's very important?
03:58 We have found that health is really one of the things
04:02 that opens up doors
04:04 amazingly... so we have developed that...
04:07 a whole comprehensive health strategy
04:09 to reach out to people
04:10 and so we do that from doing Health Expos...
04:14 a little different than what you did here in Spokane
04:16 but big Health Expos that
04:18 connect with people out in the shopping centers,
04:20 and introduces them to what we do,
04:23 we have then developed a magazine
04:26 that is an Outreach Health Magazine
04:28 that we give out free... four times a year
04:31 and so everybody that comes to the Health Expos...
04:34 we will sign up for a free subscription
04:36 to a magazine like this and that will then connect
04:39 to different health programming so we have
04:42 a health Series called Lifestyle Talk that connects in
04:46 and they go through a Lifestyle Expo,
04:47 get a lifestyle VIEW Magazine,
04:49 start watching Lifestyle Talk Programming on TV
04:52 and then... as they're in on the TV...
04:55 they will find the spiritual programs as well...
04:57 the Message Series
04:59 which is really what's going to bring them
05:01 to conviction and into the church.
05:03 That's a wonderful idea,
05:05 so people become familiar with this magazine
05:08 that's completely free... and then, because they know you,
05:11 then when you send other messages,
05:13 then... they have that connection.
05:15 That's really interesting because what we do...
05:18 we have the churches work with
05:19 signing up subscriptions in their area
05:22 and so, as they do that...
05:23 they will help build a mailing list
05:26 of subscribers in their area...
05:27 whenever the church then does any kind of health event,
05:31 then they will send us their flyers
05:33 and we will add it with the magazine when we mail it out,
05:36 so people will have found and build up confidence
05:39 in what they've been reading,
05:40 they see an advertisement
05:42 and it's no longer just a stand-alone advertising
05:44 like everything else,
05:45 but they will show up at the meetings
05:47 and we find that the rate of people
05:49 coming to the churches now... are much higher
05:52 than when the church just sends out flyers alone.
05:54 Yes, isn't that a great idea? It's just...
05:57 it's wonderful to be able to build up that confidence
05:59 so that the people recognize you because a lot of times
06:02 we just send out something kind of "cold-turkey"
06:04 if I can use that expression,
06:05 and people don't maybe make the connection
06:07 so that's just a wonderful idea
06:09 to be able to create connections that are ongoing
06:11 so, does it work?
06:13 It does and it's amazing...
06:16 I just... I'm so excited just two weeks ago,
06:19 I was at the Swedish Union Summer Conference
06:21 and there came up a couple to me
06:24 and they were so excited...
06:27 they came up and said, "You're from LifeStyle TV right?"
06:29 And so this couple shared how they had found LifeStyle TV
06:33 on the satellite about two years ago,
06:35 they started watching...
06:37 as they watched, they would watch more and more
06:40 and then they would find our "Great Controversy Series"
06:43 which is a Series that goes through The Great Controversy
06:45 chapter by chapter...
06:47 they said they followed every week,
06:49 they would record it on DVD and they would sit and watch it
06:52 they said... 25 times each... in order to make sure
06:55 that whatever was presented was according to the Bible,
06:58 at the end... when they were getting through all of this,
07:01 they were getting really worried...
07:03 they weren't going to get tricked into anything,
07:06 so the man... he says... "I drew up this chart
07:09 of what I believe of end-time events"
07:11 and then he says... "I couldn't believe it...
07:14 a couple of weeks later in the Program...
07:16 you held up a chart in the Program
07:18 and it was basically identical to what I drew up
07:21 and I knew that the Adventist Church was the right place"
07:25 so him... his wife... their daughter and her husband
07:29 four people... joined the church
07:31 this Wednesday as a result of that.
07:33 Wow! Amen, praise the Lord, well, your ministry LifeStyle TV
07:37 and our ministry... Better Living Ministry,
07:39 have something in common...
07:41 and I'd like you to tell us what you're doing
07:43 to train the next generation.
07:44 We do have... even a name, I believe,
07:47 we have the Media Missionary Program
07:50 where we train young people to learn about Media,
07:54 giving them an opportunity
07:56 to work with a professional media team
07:58 and to learn alongside... during one year...
08:01 and to see what Media is really like
08:03 and then they can go out in the churches... to work...
08:06 to other ministries and use their skills
08:08 and I think you have something similar to that don't you?
08:11 Yes, that's right, in fact I won't take the credit
08:14 because we kind of saw what LifeStyle TV was doing,
08:16 we saw that training young people
08:18 is something that's so much needed
08:20 and so we also were inspired to do something similar.
08:24 But before we get into the training,
08:26 why did you choose
08:28 a French-speaking area in Canada to work in?
08:31 Okay, well, when I moved to Quebec, Canada,
08:35 where my wife is originally from about 13-years ago,
08:38 I was very surprised to see how much work needed to be done
08:42 among French-speaking people
08:44 and at that time, I didn't speak the language,
08:47 so it took me awhile to kind of... realize...
08:49 how big the need was...
08:51 and so as I started to develop a burden for that, I thought,
08:55 "What better way to reach out to these people than using Media"
08:58 because Media can just go beyond
09:00 what any one individual can do
09:02 and so, we were just really inspired
09:04 to start a Media Ministry
09:06 that was dedicated to reaching out to French-speaking people
09:09 and of course our first goal was to reach out
09:12 to French-Canadians because that's where we were
09:14 but our second goal was to reach out
09:16 to French-speaking people all over the world
09:18 so that remains just a passion in my heart
09:21 to be able to do that.
09:22 And does that work then to reach French people?
09:26 That's a really good question and I would say that
09:30 it is a big challenge to reach out
09:32 to French-speaking people
09:33 and it's something where we have to be creative...
09:35 it's something where we have to use new methods as well,
09:39 it's... health is... is a wonderful thing
09:41 that we've also used in the past,
09:43 I won't talk about it a lot this morning
09:45 but it's something that we've seen...
09:46 very good results from as well
09:48 and... and we were...
09:50 we feel that this is so important
09:53 to be able to provide materials in French,
09:57 originally recorded in French,
09:58 so it makes much more of a connection
10:00 than things that are just
10:01 translated from another language.
10:03 You have worked specifically also in reaching young people
10:06 with some of your programming,
10:07 what are some of the initiatives you've done there?
10:09 Yes, well, I guess what I could start with is
10:12 to just explain a little bit about how...
10:15 what we have in common in our programs... in that
10:18 we really felt that training young people
10:20 is something that is just so important
10:22 because they're the next generation
10:24 that is going to take the gospel message to the world
10:28 and they have so much energy and so much enthusiasm
10:31 and unfortunately,
10:32 media is something that is often used
10:34 I think, in the hands of Satan
10:38 in order to influence people in the wrong way,
10:40 I mean, everybody can see that it's no secret...
10:42 and yet... media is so important for us to use it for God's glory
10:47 so we were just inspired and one thing that really...
10:50 I would say... there are two kinds of motivating factors
10:52 for us when we decided to launch this program...
10:55 one of it was seeing what you guys are doing
10:57 and inspired by what you're doing...
10:58 another thing that was really the deciding factor for us
11:02 was when we went out on a mission trip... in Honduras
11:05 to Vida Internacional... it's also a project or a member
11:09 I should say... of ASI and so we saw down there
11:13 a vibrant training program, it wasn't particularly in Media
11:17 but it was... we saw these young people
11:19 and all the energy they brought
11:20 and we were just convinced and the amazing thing is...
11:23 is that... there were two people that we met right there
11:27 that decided to join the Program and so...
11:30 to us it was also a confirmation that God was opening the door
11:34 and once again, you sweetened...
11:35 and to help... encourage us to move forward.
11:38 Really, literally so... because one of your trainees
11:41 was one of our employees, right?
11:42 Yes, that's right... and we sent one of our people
11:46 to get trained by you as well,
11:47 before we even started the training program.
11:49 You're right and so we like that partnership
11:51 but you did a specific program as well for young people
11:55 where you involved them in issues
11:57 that are related to young people.
11:58 Yes... that's absolutely right,
12:00 we did a Series called "Conviction"
12:02 we recorded it in French
12:04 but it's actually also the first program
12:06 that we recorded in English as well,
12:08 we did 26 episodes and we had young people come and share
12:13 their convictions on a variety of topics
12:17 including topics like Evangelism
12:19 which is something that's pretty standard,
12:21 but also things like homosexuality, peer pressure,
12:24 things that young people face today...
12:26 challenges that they face and giving them Biblical answers
12:30 but also targeting those
12:32 that don't have so much of a background of the Bible yet,
12:34 so they can know how they can stand strong.
12:37 Very good... now your program...
12:39 you already touched this a little...
12:41 but they're just available in France... are they?
12:43 No, the programs are actually all available on our website
12:47 and we're also broadcasting on Hope Channel
12:51 as well as on 3ABN French
12:53 and the new program is most likely going to be
12:56 also broadcast on 3ABN...
12:58 the English-speaking one on 3ABN as well,
13:00 so... we've developed some partnerships.
13:02 You know, it's interesting,
13:04 I think we have time for just one story, Wayne,
13:07 what we all live on is prayer and faith
13:10 you know, when we started this magazine,
13:12 one really unique experience was...
13:15 in Sweden you have to get permission by the Government
13:18 to use the title that you're going to use for your magazine
13:21 before you can publish, so we thought, "No problem... "
13:23 we sent in our application,
13:25 got it back within a couple of weeks and it said, "Denied... "
13:27 and so they wouldn't let us use that title
13:31 because they thought... somebody else was using the word
13:33 "Lifestyle" in another title,
13:35 we didn't agree with them
13:36 and really felt that this was what we needed,
13:39 so we started a long legal battle
13:41 with the main lawyer of the Government
13:44 for the Patent Registration Department
13:47 and to make a long story short
13:49 over four months we went back and forth
13:51 on a legal battle and finally she told us on Christmas,
13:54 "You know, we hear your arguments
13:56 but it's not going to fly,
13:57 so just send another application with another name... "
14:00 and I don't know why, Wayne,
14:02 because I've never done this before...
14:03 especially in secular Sweden
14:05 but seeing that we had a Christian background...
14:07 I told the head lawyer, I said,
14:08 "Thank you but we believe God wants us to have this name
14:12 and we're going to pray
14:14 that you're going to change your mind. "
14:15 And two months later...
14:19 after we had had a whole week of special prayer,
14:22 all of a sudden I get a letter from the Government
14:26 that just simply was... the right to use the name
14:30 without any explanation... totally unheard of
14:33 and I just said, "Thank you Lord"
14:35 and so God works...
14:36 and I'm sure you could share many stories as well.
14:39 I will actually share one for fifteen seconds
14:41 and that is that we had a couple...
14:44 a family with young children
14:46 that were listening to our programs
14:47 they were just eager to hear more,
14:49 they downloaded all of our radio programs,
14:51 they listened to them in their car... day after day after day,
14:53 they were so convicted that this was the right message
14:56 that they joined the church and a lot of times, you know,
14:58 we don't see what happens after...
15:01 but these particular people actually joined our local church
15:04 and now they're Leaders in the church,
15:05 they're committed to our message... completely...
15:08 and, in fact, I would say they're probably more advanced
15:11 than a lot of Adventists
15:12 that have been there for a while already.
15:14 Amen, I wish we had more time
15:15 but a great thank you to our ASI family
15:17 for your support and your prayers
15:20 and to 3ABN for your inspiration
15:22 and commitment to help us.
15:23 Wayne: Thank you... Claus: Thank you.
15:24 I'm here to tell you about some bad news and some good news.
15:28 The bad news is...
15:30 is that our Speaker that's on your program today,
15:34 Endo Condra is not going to be able to be with us,
15:37 he had a sudden... some sickness...
15:41 but we praise the Lord
15:42 that we just got a report that he's doing better
15:45 and he's on the road to recovery
15:46 but we have really good news for you today,
15:49 because we have the privilege of having Homer Trecartin here
15:53 the President of our
15:55 North Africa and Middle East Union.
15:57 Now, it's interesting,
15:59 I had the privilege of being in Dubai last November
16:03 and I was with Elder Finley and Larry Romwell,
16:06 we were walking through the bazaar
16:08 and as you know... I like to take pictures
16:11 and I was looking for the Spice Market...
16:13 while I was looking for the Spice Market,
16:15 we got lost... and all of a sudden this gentleman yells out
16:19 there's this... "Pastor Finley, Pastor Finley"
16:21 and we look around because
16:23 we don't think we know anybody there
16:24 and this man walks up in a uniform and he says,
16:26 "I just want you to know that I listen to you all the time...
16:30 see... I'm able to get Audioverse
16:33 and I download sermons every week
16:35 because there's no church around
16:36 and so I get my spiritual fulfillment
16:39 from listening to you through Audioverse,
16:41 I own a business... "
16:43 so he would be a real ASI member and... there in Dubai...
16:48 and he says, "But I had the privilege...
16:50 every Sabbath, me and a team...
16:52 have a privilege... " he pulled out a card...
16:53 "we're able to pray with patients at the hospitals
16:57 and that's my ministry. "
16:59 and so... I was just really gratified to hear that
17:03 we have business people and lay people
17:05 that are involved all over the world
17:07 and Homer... you went... because I know...
17:11 Homer, we've known each other for... we tried to remember...
17:14 we couldn't remember how long we've known each other
17:17 but you... had a nice... lived in Washington, D.C.
17:21 and had a job there,
17:24 what made you decide to go to the Middle East?
17:28 Well, Denzil...
17:29 it's more dangerous in Washington, D.C.
17:32 than it is in the Middle East...
17:34 but that wasn't the reason,
17:37 we... you know... we have grandkids here...
17:40 our parents are getting older,
17:41 I hugged my folks goodbye a couple of days ago
17:45 and I always know that could be the last time I see them
17:48 but we felt God was calling us, there are so few people
17:51 in the Middle East and North Africa...
17:53 to share the gospel
17:55 and so when they asked me to go, we said, "Yes... "
17:58 Amen, Homer thank you for sharing and please...
18:02 tell us what's on your heart.
18:03 Thank you Denzil... we could repeat that story
18:07 you shared with us many times, Denzil,
18:10 there are many people that are watching and listening
18:13 even that we don't know about,
18:14 you know I'm... I'm going to tell some stories
18:19 I'm not going to show any pictures for security reasons
18:22 I'm going to change the names
18:24 on any of the people that I talk about
18:26 and a lot of times I won't tell you what Country it's from
18:28 but... but you can know... I want you to get a sense
18:32 for what's happening
18:33 in the Middle East and North Africa Union.
18:35 A few years ago,
18:38 a teenager that I'm going to call, "Walid"
18:40 he's from one of our North African countries,
18:43 a few years ago he was a teenager
18:45 and he was watching curiously but suspiciously
18:49 as a group of Christian young people came to his village.
18:53 "What in the world would they want to do
18:55 coming to his village?" he wondered
18:58 but after a few minutes they organized a football game...
19:01 soccer game and they began to play
19:03 and Walid loved football and so soon he was joining with them
19:07 and it wasn't long... and he became
19:09 fast friends with three of the young men.
19:11 They spent all their time together each day
19:15 during the week or two that the young people were there,
19:17 one of the young men was asking Walid
19:21 lots of deep, serious questions about Islam
19:25 and one night as Walid went back to his room, he was thinking,
19:28 "You know if I could convince that young man
19:32 to become a Muslim,
19:33 I would assure myself a place in paradise,
19:36 so for the next three days, Walid worked intently
19:40 on that young man, he used every argument,
19:44 everything that he had ever heard or had been taught
19:47 and by the end of the third day,
19:49 that young Christian man said the Shahada and became a Muslim.
19:52 Walid went back to his room that night
19:56 thinking he would be thrilled and excited,
19:59 I mean, "I just assured myself a place in paradise"
20:03 but he wasn't... he lay on his bed tossing and turning,
20:06 "What was wrong,
20:08 why didn't he feel better about what was happening?"
20:11 And then a thought came to Walid,
20:14 it was so strong a thought
20:15 that it was almost as if a voice had spoken to him,
20:19 "Walid, you've been criticizing the Bible a lot
20:23 but you've never read a word of it. "
20:26 "Well," Walid thought,
20:28 the next day he went to see the three young men
20:31 and it was their last day in the village and he said to them,
20:34 "Could you write down some passages from the Bible
20:37 on a piece of paper that I could read later?"
20:40 He didn't know what a hard assignment he was giving them
20:43 he knew that Muslim young people
20:46 learned large passages of the Quran by memory,
20:49 he didn't know that most Christian young people don't...
20:52 and those three young men thought and thought and thought
20:54 and they finally came up with two or three things
20:57 and put them on some scraps of paper
20:59 and Walid stuck them in his pocket,
21:01 he went back to his room that night
21:03 and he took out the first one,
21:04 it was going to be the first passage of Scripture
21:07 he had ever read,
21:08 it was a passage about Mary being the mother of God,
21:14 Walid crumpled it up and threw it across the room in disgust,
21:18 "What a perverted book those Christians have," he said,
21:23 everybody knows God didn't have a mother,
21:26 well, Walid didn't know that that wasn't from the Bible
21:29 it was from their Catechism
21:31 and they didn't know it wasn't from the Bible...
21:33 it was just the only thing they could think of
21:35 and they had put it down,
21:36 so he pulled the next piece out it was also from their Catechism
21:40 but at least it was quoting from the Bible
21:44 at the top it said, "Thee our Father,"
21:47 and as Walid read through those phrases
21:50 of the Lord's Prayer,
21:52 "Our Father, which art in heaven
21:54 hallowed be Thy name... "
21:56 and emotion swept over him
21:58 like nothing he had ever experienced before,
22:01 Walid's father had died when he was a little boy
22:04 and Walid had longed all his young life
22:06 for a daddy that he could talk to like the other boys had.
22:10 He knew God, he prayed to God, he went to the mosque,
22:15 he knew that God was the Creator He was the Almighty...
22:20 He was the merciful... he was the beneficent...
22:22 he could name the 99 names of God
22:24 that Muslims look at especially,
22:26 but he had never heard anybody refer to God as a Father...
22:31 that night as Walid finished his regular Muslim prayers,
22:36 he looked up and talked to God
22:38 like he might have talked to his father
22:41 if he were still alive,
22:42 it was a powerful experience, he was moved by it
22:45 and so the next day after all five times of prayer,
22:49 he talked to God in his heart
22:51 like he would have talked to his father,
22:52 day after day he did that, even in the mosque
22:56 he would have his regular prayers
22:58 and then talk to God like a father,
23:00 you know, we're finding throughout the Muslim world...
23:03 that that concept of God as the father is something
23:06 that is powerful to Muslims,
23:09 there's actually a book called, "I Dared to Call Him Father,"
23:13 if you ever get a chance to read it,
23:15 that will give you little bit of a picture of the thinking there,
23:18 but Walid was going... for about a year and a half then
23:21 talking with God as a father every day,
23:23 toward the end of that time,
23:26 another thought came into his mind,
23:28 we know that there's a battle going on
23:30 and there are different forces giving us thoughts,
23:32 this thought was coming from the other side,
23:35 the thought was, "Walid, you know you learned
23:38 to pray like that... from Christians
23:41 and if you keep doing it,
23:43 you're probably going to become a Christian"
23:45 and Walid thought, "No, no, I don't want to be a Christian,
23:48 Christians are heathens
23:49 they drink alcohol,
23:51 they eat pork, they pray to saints,
23:53 I don't want to be a heathen Christian,"
23:55 so Walid tried to stop,
23:58 that night when he said his regular Muslim prayers,
24:01 he just stopped... he didn't talk to God like a father
24:05 but something was empty, he couldn't sleep,
24:08 he was tossing and turning,
24:09 he missed that close time with God, his father,
24:14 and finally he broke down and did it again
24:16 and for the next week or two Walid was wrestling with God.
24:21 He was wrestling with himself,
24:23 he wanted to keep talking to God like a father
24:26 but he felt he should quit,
24:27 and then in the midst of that wrestling,
24:29 Walid had a dream,
24:30 in his dream, he saw that he had died
24:33 and his body was laid out on the ground
24:35 in the normal fashion, everything was normal,
24:38 there was nothing fearful about the dream
24:40 the family gathered around in a circle in the normal way,
24:44 some of the family members dug the grave,
24:46 when it was ready,
24:47 one uncle came over and
24:49 picked Walid's body up by the head
24:51 and the other uncle came and picked him up by the feet
24:53 and began to carry his body toward the grave,
24:56 it was just the way he had seen it happen many times
25:00 but suddenly in his dream,
25:02 he saw something that nobody else seemed to be seeing,
25:05 he saw flames leaping up out of the grave
25:08 and the uncles were moving step by step toward that grave
25:12 to drop his body in that burning grave
25:16 and he was terrified
25:17 but just before they dropped the body in,
25:20 a voice called out, "Stop... "
25:22 everybody turned to look
25:25 and there stood Jesus at the end of the grave,
25:27 Jesus had His hand up and he said,
25:30 "Don't put him in there, this one belongs to me"
25:34 and then Walid woke up, sweat pouring off his body,
25:38 "What did the Prophet Isa mean, 'this one belongs to me?'"
25:43 Remember, he didn't know of Jesus
25:45 as anything except a Prophet...
25:47 what did the Prophet mean? "This one belongs to me... "
25:51 for the next week or two, Walid could hardly sleep or eat,
25:54 he was just constantly thinking,
25:56 "What did Isa mean... 'this one belongs to me?'"
26:00 Then one day, Walid found himself in a bookstore
26:03 and the bookstores in our part of the world
26:06 can be just like the bookstores you're used to here,
26:09 or they can be really fascinating places,
26:12 you know, you'll go into one part of a building
26:15 and find that there would be many, many, many little cubicles
26:18 each one with an old man sitting in the back
26:21 looking over his glasses and stacks of books and magazines
26:25 from floor to ceiling,
26:27 if you find what you want,
26:29 you have to pull it out carefully
26:30 and make sure the whole stack doesn't fall over
26:32 and Walid was standing in one of those
26:34 absentmindedly... vacantly staring
26:37 at the stack of books in front of him,
26:40 he wasn't thinking about anything there,
26:42 he was thinking about, "What did the Prophet Isa mean,
26:46 I belong to him?"
26:47 And then his eyes focused and right in front of him
26:51 were two Bibles...
26:52 the first two he had ever seen in his life,
26:55 excitedly, Walid pulled them out of the stack
26:58 and rushed to the little old man who quickly grabbed the Bibles
27:02 with terror on his face and stuffed them under the counter
27:06 and said, "Absolutely not...
27:07 do you know what would happen to me
27:09 if I sold those Bibles to you... a Muslim?
27:12 Those are there for tourists... not for Muslims. "
27:15 Well, Walid came back every day begging for those Bibles.
27:20 Finally, one day, nobody else was in the area
27:23 and the old man looked cautiously both directions
27:26 to make sure no one was around
27:27 and then he said, "Okay, I'll sell you the little one"
27:31 he took it out, wrapped it in a trash bag,
27:34 and Walid put it inside his coat and went back to his room
27:37 and that night he read the little one, the gospel of Luke,
27:40 over and over and over again and it changed his life
27:45 a few more weeks and months and years went by
27:49 in that time, Walid met some other Christians,
27:52 he studied with them a little bit,
27:54 he was baptized into their church
27:56 but what they were teaching and what he was reading
27:59 in the Bible wasn't matching up
28:00 so he was frustrated
28:02 and then one day a lady came into his shop
28:05 where Walid was working,
28:07 she was from West Africa,
28:08 she was a Banker who had moved to his country,
28:12 she was an Adventist, they started a friendship
28:15 she began to talk,
28:17 they started praying together once in a while,
28:19 she began to invite him to their Bible Study Group
28:21 that a group of the Adventist business people
28:24 who were there working... had going on...
28:26 and after another year or two
28:29 of wrestling with smoking and studying,
28:31 finally, Walid was baptized
28:33 and joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
28:35 today, Walid is one of our very few national pastors
28:41 in the Middle East and North Africa,
28:45 Walid and we thank God for a lay person,
28:48 a banker, who moved to a strange country to work
28:53 and wondered what they could possibly accomplish there
28:56 but God used their faithful work to bring Walid to Him.
29:00 We need hundreds more like that Banker lady
29:05 to come and help us in the Middle East and North Africa
29:07 but when you think of MENA,
29:09 the Middle East and North Africa,
29:11 I can almost guarantee, you think of wars, terrorism,
29:15 maybe deserts, oil, maybe a few camels and pyramids
29:20 and yes, we have all of that,
29:22 we also, as Denzil was mentioning,
29:24 have some of the most fantastic architecture in the world
29:27 in Dubai... in Qatar... in some of the other places,
29:31 we have so much,
29:32 we have mountains with snow in them,
29:34 in fact, we have snow skiing in Lebanon every winter,
29:36 a year or two ago,
29:38 we had 21 feet of snow in the mountains
29:40 and... it's not what you picture in your minds from the news,
29:44 but what I really wish is if you could see the people,
29:47 real people... like you and I...
29:50 people who love their families and who worry about the future
29:54 and there are lots of people in MENA,
29:58 there are 500 million of them,
30:02 that's way more people than live in the entire
30:06 North American Division,
30:07 we have 500 million people,
30:10 in fact there are only three divisions of the world church
30:14 that have as many people as MENA has,
30:17 MENA is a huge territory
30:19 with almost no Seventh-day Adventists.
30:22 It takes me longer to fly across the Union
30:25 than it does to fly from Lebanon to the United States,
30:28 in fact, if I took our Union and I put a pin in Morocco
30:32 on one edge and flipped the whole union over,
30:35 Iran comes to somewhere over by San Antonio, Texas...
30:40 it's a huge, huge Union.
30:43 If you divided up every Seventh-day Adventist
30:47 in the North American Division
30:48 so that we all lived in a different community
30:51 and if we had each Adventist member
30:54 contact one person a day,
30:56 it would take us about a year to make the first contact
31:00 with everyone living in North America,
31:02 if we did the same thing in India, it would take two years
31:05 in South America... five months,
31:08 in Peru... about a month,
31:10 if we went to the Philippines, it takes four months,
31:14 in Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division,
31:16 it would take 58 days,
31:17 but if we divided up every Adventist
31:20 in the Middle East and North Africa...
31:22 so that even my wife and I lived in different cities,
31:25 and if each of us contacted one person a day,
31:29 it would take us 450 years
31:33 to contact everybody that's currently living there
31:36 with the first contact,
31:37 you see, we have very few Seventh-day Adventists
31:42 living in the Middle East and North Africa,
31:44 to look at it another way...
31:47 around the world... we have an average
31:49 of one Seventh-day Adventist Church or Company
31:53 for every 50,000 people, that's average around the world,
31:57 one for every 50,000 people,
32:00 if we had that average in MENA,
32:02 we should have 10,000 churches and Companies
32:06 but we have about 40,
32:09 not 10,000 like the world average...
32:12 we have about 40,
32:14 if a wealthy donor came along
32:17 and gave us money to buy or build or rent 10,000 churches...
32:21 so that we could have the same average as the world,
32:25 we couldn't even put one member in each of those churches,
32:29 in fact, every Sabbath morning, each of our 3,000 members
32:32 would have to run around and quickly turn the lights on
32:36 and open the doors of three churches.
32:38 We can't even... we don't have a Company or a Church
32:43 for every 50,000...
32:44 we don't even have one member for every 50,000 people,
32:48 we have so few Adventists to be lights in our communities
32:53 and yet the work in our area goes forward only
32:57 when we have people on the ground
32:59 beginning to make friends like the man that Denzil met
33:03 working there... praying with people in the hospital...
33:06 that's when the work goes forward.
33:08 Mrs. White described well the work in our part of the world
33:12 in Ministry of Healing page 143 and I know you know this quote,
33:17 she said, "Christ's method alone
33:19 will give true success in reaching the people,
33:22 the Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good,
33:26 he showed His sympathy to them, ministered to their needs
33:30 and won their confidence,
33:31 then He bade them, 'Follow me. '"
33:34 Our problem is... around the world, including MENA,
33:38 we often want to skip over those first steps
33:41 and go right to the last one
33:43 to inviting people to follow Jesus
33:46 that's definitely our longing in the Middle East and North Africa
33:49 we want to invite people to follow Jesus,
33:52 but it's the last step in the process... not the first step
33:57 and it's usually ineffective
33:59 unless we have carefully followed the first steps.
34:02 Mrs. White goes on in that same passage
34:06 in Ministry of Healing, page 143,
34:08 she said, "There's need of coming close to the people
34:11 by personal effort...
34:12 if less time were given to sermonizing. "
34:15 Okay, that's hard for Pastors and Evangelists
34:18 she says, if less time... not more...
34:21 if less time were given to sermonizing,
34:24 and more time was spent in personal ministry...
34:27 greater results would be seen,
34:30 "the poor are to be relieved, the sick cared for,
34:34 the sorrowing and the bereaved comforted...
34:36 the ignorant instructed, the inexperienced counseled,
34:40 we are to weep with those that weep
34:42 and rejoice with those that rejoice,
34:45 accompanied by the power of persuasion,
34:48 the power of prayer, the power of the love of God,
34:52 this work will not... cannot be... without fruit. "
34:57 That holds true in MENA today, that's a wonderful promise
35:02 regardless of what you see in the news
35:05 and what your mind tells you about our part of the world,
35:07 hearts are opened in the Middle East and North Africa
35:10 like never before in history,
35:13 we have tremendous opportunities today as a church,
35:17 the problem is... we don't have anyone on the ground
35:20 in most of the cities in MENA who can mingle, meet needs,
35:25 make friends and then invite people to follow Jesus.
35:29 Not long ago, a Muslim man in Iran
35:33 had a dream,
35:34 man! we can tell you many stories about dreams,
35:37 but in his dream...
35:38 he heard that guests were coming to visit him
35:42 and he was really, really frustrated...
35:45 because he had nothing to offer them,
35:48 now, one of the most humiliating things that can happen to you
35:52 if you are a Middle Easterner,
35:53 is for guests to come... and you have nothing to share with them,
35:56 sometimes, Barbara and I have visited in... even a poor home
36:00 and if we got there by surprise
36:03 and they didn't have anything to share with us,
36:06 we would notice one of the little kids
36:07 slip out the back door and in a few minutes
36:10 come back in carrying a bag
36:12 with a bottle of soda and some cookies,
36:14 they have to have something to share with their guests,
36:17 this man... he was concerned because guests were coming
36:21 and he had nothing to share with them,
36:22 what was he going to do?
36:23 And then suddenly, a picture on the wall
36:26 started talking to him,
36:28 he looked at it in surprise and it was a picture of Jesus,
36:32 and the picture said to him,
36:34 "Don't worry about what you're going to give your guests,
36:37 I am here, I will give them living water"
36:40 and then the man woke up,
36:42 he didn't know what it meant,
36:44 you remember, he had never read the Bible...
36:46 and he had absolutely no idea
36:48 what Jesus might be talking about with "living water,"
36:51 he didn't know who he could go to... to ask,
36:54 he assumed that a Christian might know the answer to that...
36:58 a follower of Jesus,
36:59 but if there were any followers of Jesus in his Iranian village,
37:03 he didn't know who they were,
37:05 they would have been secret and he didn't know who to go to
37:08 but he knew he had a nephew
37:10 that had recently become a Christian,
37:13 in fact, he had really mistreated that nephew
37:16 after he became a Christian, he had turned him away
37:19 and said, "You are no longer a part of the family... "
37:22 he wouldn't let him come visit his cousins,
37:24 he had totally shut him off,
37:26 he wondered if the nephew would even be willing to help him
37:29 but finally... secretly... he went and found the nephew
37:32 and told him the dream
37:34 and said, "Can you tell me what it means?"
37:36 And lovingly, with great rejoicing...
37:39 his nephew got out his Bible and read to him the passage
37:42 about Jesus and the woman at the well and the living water
37:46 read to him... several other passages
37:48 about the water of life and today... that uncle...
37:51 and his whole family... and almost half of the village
37:55 in Iran are secret believers in Jesus
37:58 and the nephew...
38:00 more recently the nephew took a trip out of Iran
38:03 and while he was outside in a neighboring country,
38:06 he "accidently" bumped into some Seventh-day Adventists,
38:10 and after a period of deep study and searching,
38:13 he has joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church
38:16 and today he's looking for ways to share what he has learned
38:20 with his uncle and others.
38:22 Those stories are being repeated over and over throughout MENA
38:28 wherever we're able to plant a dedicated Adventist
38:31 in an unentered community.
38:33 But what about the 100s and 100s of cities in MENA
38:37 where we don't have a single
38:39 remnant end-time believer in Jesus... living?
38:42 Who is going to tell them?
38:44 Who's there to live and mingle and meet their needs
38:48 and win their confidence
38:49 and then invite them to follow Jesus?
38:51 Did you know that Jesus... while He was here on earth,
38:55 never told His followers to pray for money?
38:59 But over and over again,
39:02 He told them to pray for laborers...
39:05 to go into the harvest... we understand why.
39:09 We always could use more money
39:11 and we are thankful for you members
39:14 who are faithful in your tithes and mission offerings,
39:17 those provide the bulk of our support for the work in MENA,
39:21 we're also thankful for donors
39:23 who go above and beyond
39:24 their regular tithes and mission offerings
39:27 and make special donations to our work,
39:29 those donations are a tremendous blessing
39:32 but our greatest need is not money,
39:34 it's people... dedicated Seventh-day Adventists
39:38 who are willing to come in and work
39:40 in our countries in MENA,
39:42 so today... I want to share with...
39:45 a few of our needs with you, I could give you a huge list,
39:48 I shared a few at the GC Session,
39:49 I'm going to give you a few different ones here
39:51 and repeat one or two... but we could give you many,
39:54 I just want to share a few with you
39:57 especially, I want to plead with you
40:00 to be praying that God will send tentmakers to MENA.
40:04 Tentmakers... you know... it's kind of a loose term
40:08 that we use to refer to anyone who is working at a job
40:13 to earn their support,
40:14 not getting their support from the church
40:17 but who is there as a missionary like Paul,
40:19 like Priscilla and Aquila, tentmakers...
40:22 we need people who are willing to come and work in our area
40:26 not just to make money,
40:28 we need dedicated Adventists that are willing to come
40:31 who know that their reason for being there... is mission.
40:35 You know what a difference that attitude makes?
40:38 I want to illustrate it with another category of worker,
40:41 I was surprised to find that
40:44 in the Middle East and North Africa,
40:46 we have 100s of "Adventist Students"
40:49 who have come from around the world on scholarships
40:51 to study in many of the universities...
40:54 hundreds of them but their goal in coming
40:57 has been the degree, so when that's their goal,
41:01 then... everything else becomes secondary
41:05 and if the pressure builds up, they compromise,
41:09 they begin to take their tests on Sabbath,
41:11 they begin to do things that they know they shouldn't do,
41:15 they're compromising because their goal
41:18 is the degree... not mission...
41:21 when we go around the world
41:23 and recruit students for our program
41:25 that we call "The Waldensian Student program"
41:28 where we handpick young people
41:30 and plant them in universities for mission...
41:32 their purpose is different,
41:34 we have about 50 of them in place right now
41:38 in various universities
41:40 and we're looking for many more than that,
41:41 their goal is the mission and so when the pressure comes,
41:45 they're willing to fail a class if necessary,
41:48 they're willing to get thrown out of school
41:50 if that's what happens and be sent home,
41:52 their goal is the mission.
41:55 When a person comes to a country
41:57 in the Middle East and North Africa,
41:59 just for a job and money, they're afraid to lose that job.
42:03 What will their family do for support back home?
42:06 What will happen to their investment in getting there?
42:09 What if their boss makes up a story about them
42:12 and they get thrown into jail?
42:14 If they've come for the money...
42:16 they are easily led to compromise what they stand for,
42:21 but if they come for mission,
42:23 they see their job as a way of being there
42:25 to become friends with people they could otherwise not touch,
42:28 they do excellent work
42:31 because they're there as a witness for Jesus,
42:33 they make friends and pray for their co-workers
42:36 and clients to have dreams.
42:37 You know, in the Middle East and North Africa Union,
42:40 there are millions... literally millions...
42:43 of people coming into our countries to work every year,
42:47 most of them are non-Christian
42:49 and most of them are coming in for the money,
42:51 they're coming in to take jobs in big companies and Governments
42:55 where they work as Professors, as Doctors, as Nurses,
42:59 as Engineers, Cell-phone Technologists,
43:02 Computer Programmers, Accountants, Bankers,
43:05 Taxi Drivers, Construction Personnel
43:08 and House Help... any type of work,
43:10 they're coming in by the thousands,
43:13 by the millions and we believe
43:15 that there should be hundreds or even thousands
43:18 of dedicated Seventh-day Adventists
43:20 coming in as part of that group to be there for a witness
43:24 not just for the job,
43:26 we don't need... just pastors...
43:29 in fact, we can't use very many pastors,
43:32 we will accept a pastor if he has another degree
43:37 but what we really need are people
43:40 with other specialties, other degrees,
43:43 other work experience that can come in,
43:45 we need professionals from every walk of life
43:48 and then... we have a goal... we haven't gotten there yet,
43:52 we need some money, we need some help
43:55 but we need to develop a database
43:57 for recruiting tentmakers.
43:59 We need to have the names and addresses and languages
44:03 and CVs and Skill Sets and Experience,
44:06 of 1,000s of Seventh-day Adventists
44:09 in that database,
44:10 so that when we see a job posted in Kuwait
44:14 or Yemen or Saudi Arabia or Morocco
44:17 or Libya or somewhere else,
44:19 we can quickly get on the phone
44:21 with somebody who has the right skills and say,
44:24 "Would you be willing to go to that city as a Tentmaker
44:28 and take that job with that big company
44:30 or that Government office?"
44:31 There's an Adventist Engineer
44:35 who has been working in Saudi Arabia for many years,
44:37 he and his wife worked very hard at their jobs
44:41 and at making friends with
44:44 the people in their community and their co-workers.
44:47 They regularly have people over to their house for meals
44:50 and often... in that quiet personal setting,
44:53 the discussions turned to spiritual matters,
44:55 one young man that comes to their house many times
44:59 through the last few years, works in a different city.
45:02 When he's off work for a weekend or a few days,
45:05 he comes to where this tentmaker couple live
45:08 and sometimes spends days at their house
45:11 just watching them, listening, talking, studying, sharing...
45:15 they've begun to share Bible principles with him
45:19 and he's using those in his issues of family and work
45:22 and he's seeing dramatic changes
45:25 as a result of listening to the Bible principles
45:28 and applying them to his life.
45:30 Do you know where that young man works?
45:32 He works in Mecca...
45:34 now Mecca is a city of more than a million people,
45:38 it's one of our big cities that we have absolutely no idea
45:43 how we're going to get somebody in there to work,
45:46 when I drive through Saudi Arabia and I go past Mecca
45:49 that's what I have to do, I have to go past Mecca
45:52 on the Interstate... there's a huge Interstate...
45:54 on the Interstate are these great big green signs...
45:58 one sign says, "Muslims only... left lanes"
46:02 the other sign says,
46:03 "Non-Muslims... right lanes only"
46:06 they have to go around the by-pass...
46:09 only Muslims can go into Mecca,
46:11 they have checkpoints and they...
46:12 they check to make sure,
46:14 "How are we going to get somebody into Mecca?"
46:17 We've been agonizing and praying over that,
46:19 but now we realize God already has a plan...
46:22 probably more than one that we aren't aware of...
46:25 he's already at work even in Mecca
46:27 and He's doing it through the lives
46:29 of a faithful tentmaker couple who have gone from their homes
46:34 to live in a difficult country of Saudi Arabia
46:37 and make friends with the people around them.
46:40 Another thing we need is... we need business people
46:44 to come and set up branches to their companies
46:47 in our countries,
46:48 you could tell us your expertise,
46:51 we could talk with you and choose a city
46:53 where we don't have anything going on
46:55 and that would fit your needs and our strategic plans
46:59 and you could come and open a branch,
47:01 you would have to do the research and get the permits
47:04 and do the funding sources and everything
47:07 but you would be helping to open up work
47:09 in a city where we currently have no Seventh-day Adventists.
47:13 Another thing we need is a series of Nursing Homes
47:16 or Elderly Care Facilities,
47:18 we need those Facilities to be staffed by Adventists
47:22 who don't drink alcohol, don't eat pork,
47:24 don't pray to saints...
47:26 what a powerful witness those workers would have
47:29 on the families who need a place to bring their elderly member
47:34 who no longer can be cared for at home...
47:37 In many of our cities...
47:39 a series of vegetarian restaurants or cafes would be
47:42 a wonderful blessing...
47:43 a way to open up work and make friends
47:45 and begin to meet people.
47:47 Another item that's very dear to our heart
47:51 is the Literature Ministry,
47:53 now that one has been a little hard...
47:55 a little puzzling what to do for the last few years,
47:57 but the last two summers...
47:59 we've gathered a group of young people
48:02 from America, Australia, Germany, Mexico
48:04 and our Middle Eastern countries
48:06 and we have teamed them up to sell books
48:09 for two summers now in Lebanon.
48:11 They've gone from city to city making amazing connections
48:15 and distributing 1,000s and 1,000s of books,
48:18 many of them are health books
48:20 but quite a few of them are also full message books
48:23 like "The Great Hope,"
48:24 "The Great Controversy" and others...
48:26 We... we have a problem though, we need someone to come
48:32 and be a coordinator for follow up
48:34 for those Literature Evangelists' interests,
48:37 we have...
48:38 we have very few members and pastors
48:41 in most of the cities where they're selling books...
48:44 we don't have a single Seventh-day Adventist
48:47 and follow up... especially in our countries
48:49 is not a one-time visit.
48:51 Follow-up means somebody who will come back to the home
48:54 repeatedly... week after week... month after month...
48:57 maybe starting with answering their health questions
49:00 for the family and later... as they've won confidence...
49:04 the questions may turn to spiritual issues,
49:06 we need somebody
49:09 to come... an experienced Bible Worker
49:11 with training as a Health Educator... would be wonderful.
49:14 Right now... we don't have the person
49:16 or the budget for them but we believe God will supply,
49:19 we're just thrilled that at least we've been able to make
49:22 the first step and start selling books
49:24 but now we want to follow up on the selling of those books.
49:27 You see, the harvest is ripe
49:30 in the Middle East and North Africa.
49:32 Jesus didn't say, "Pray for the harvest" did he?
49:35 It's ripe... He... and we see that all the time,
49:38 He said, "Pray for laborers" that's what we're missing.
49:41 We need people on the ground, mingling, meeting needs,
49:45 winning confidence...
49:46 and then inviting their new friends to follow Jesus,
49:50 it's time for Jesus to come and we don't want to be here
49:54 another 450 years... I don't think we will be either.
49:58 We are seeing two parallel movements developing
50:02 The Holy Spirit is being poured out.
50:05 I believe the Latter Rain is falling today.
50:07 We are seeing... first of all...
50:10 doors to people's hearts being thrown open
50:12 across the Middle East and North Africa
50:15 like we've never seen before.
50:17 ISIS is helping with that a lot,
50:19 people are frustrated at what they're seeing
50:21 and they're saying, "There must be something different"
50:23 right now they don't want to talk to Christians...
50:26 they think Christians are pagans
50:28 and they don't want anything to do with them,
50:29 but they're also frustrated with their own religion
50:33 and when an Adventist moves into their community...
50:36 and they see someone who is a follower of Jesus
50:39 but doesn't wear a cross, doesn't drink alcohol,
50:42 doesn't eat pork, doesn't pray to saints,
50:44 doesn't live like the movies,
50:46 doesn't believe that the temple has to be re-built in Jerusalem,
50:49 when they see those things in an Adventist...
50:53 they say, "Wow!" and they begin to ask questions
50:56 every single time.
50:58 We are also seeing a movement
51:01 of God impressing the hearts of Adventists around the world,
51:05 we see it sweeping across our university campuses
51:08 and through gatherings of professionals,
51:10 dozens have been coming to us
51:14 and they're at various stages in making plans
51:16 to come and join us in the Middle East and North Africa.
51:19 They're making massive sacrifices,
51:22 giving up good-paying jobs to come to an unknown future...
51:26 in fact, we know and they know,
51:28 that some of them could well be called on
51:30 to make the ultimate sacrifice by coming.
51:33 Today, I want to share with you four situations
51:40 that are... that are in need of earnest prayer right now...
51:44 there's a Dentist and a Nurse couple from Europe
51:48 who are working on plans
51:50 to go to Southern Libya as tentmakers,
51:52 and I think you know the situation in Libya,
51:56 you see it in the news often...
51:57 they are going to need our prayers,
52:00 our earnest prayers for protection and guidance
52:03 as they move into that country,
52:05 we have a couple from the United States
52:07 that have just given up their jobs
52:09 and are heading to one of our countries
52:11 that's been often in the news with attacks on tourists...
52:15 terrorist attacks on tourists,
52:17 they are going to find work in one of those cities
52:20 that we have arranged with them.
52:22 He is a Social Worker,
52:23 she's been a teacher at one of our Adventist Universities,
52:27 and they've left that all to come to an unknown future
52:31 in a difficult country.
52:32 A young physician from the country of Colombia,
52:35 has given up a high-paying job at a prestigious university
52:40 where he teaches Neuro Rehabilitation,
52:43 I don't even know what it is, but it sounds impressive.
52:46 He has left all that
52:48 and gone to one of our largest countries in MENA,
52:51 a country that's been through a very difficult political time
52:55 and is continuing unrest...
52:57 and he's gone to find a job
52:59 in one of the universities or hospitals there,
53:02 so that he can be a tentmaker
53:04 and a French-speaking young lady
53:06 with an amazing background and skill set
53:08 has just gone to one of our French-speaking countries,
53:11 she has gone to the city that we've worked out with her
53:13 she had to go in there cold turkey
53:16 and find a place to stay,
53:17 she found a place to stay with someone from that country
53:21 a national... a widow lady... not a widow...
53:24 a recently divorced lady
53:26 and she's been there about two weeks now, I believe,
53:30 after the first week of living with that lady,
53:33 they lady said...
53:34 has had a number of deep spiritual discussions with her
53:38 and the lady says to her,
53:39 "I'm not sure exactly what's happening,
53:42 but I believe God sent you here to this city
53:46 for a special purpose.
53:47 Audience: Amen.
53:49 You know, these and many others
53:50 have already made their decision to go,
53:52 they're not just thinking about it...
53:54 they have actually entered the enemy's territory
53:57 and that old roaring lion is not going to sit by idly
54:01 and let them have a peaceful time of it.
54:03 We've added a 135 missionaries to MENA in the last three years,
54:08 we need to add 100s more to even make a drop in the bucket,
54:13 to even be able to put one or two people in each city,
54:16 100s more... but these people...
54:20 these pioneer missionaries
54:22 are going to need prayer warriors... holding them up.
54:25 They're going to need people to come and join them
54:29 and form teams in each city
54:31 and now I want to make a very specific call...
54:35 I... this is not a general call...
54:38 I don't want very many people to stand,
54:40 you need to consider carefully before you answer this call
54:44 but if you are willing...
54:46 to join some of these four individuals or the many others
54:50 who have been making the decisions to come,
54:52 if you're willing to join them and become part of their team
54:56 or some other team and go wherever God might send you,
54:59 would you stand with me?
55:01 I'm going to ask you to be careful...
55:03 as you make that decision,
55:05 it's not an easy decision and should not be made lightly,
55:09 I often cry as I make these calls
55:11 because I know that some who respond will never return home.
55:15 Some will be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice,
55:19 so I'm asking you not to stand
55:22 unless you're willing to be a martyr for Jesus,
55:24 if that's what He should ask,
55:26 if you...
55:28 feel that burden on your heart
55:30 now or at some point in the future,
55:32 come by the Adventist Mission Booth later today or tomorrow
55:36 and talk with us, give us your contact information
55:38 so that we can be in touch,
55:40 you know, a few months ago,
55:43 I was at our Adventist University...
55:45 yes you can sit down... thank you...
55:47 a few months ago
55:48 I was at our Adventist University in Colombia
55:50 for Mission Weekend,
55:51 on Friday night, the President, Dr. Acosta,
55:55 made a call for those who were willing to be martyrs
55:58 to come up on the platform
55:59 and more than a 100 business people and young people
56:03 came up on the platform...
56:05 then he asked me to come up and pray for them
56:07 but I could hardly pray
56:09 because of the tears running down my cheeks
56:12 and choking my voice,
56:13 you see... Dr. Acosta hadn't just called
56:17 other people's children,
56:19 there on the platform was his youngest daughter,
56:23 a university student who had come forward
56:25 and said, "I'm willing to be a martyr for Jesus, daddy"
56:29 not only that... I knew that Dr. Acosta's other daughter,
56:33 and son-in-law and granddaughter...
56:35 little bitty granddaughter
56:37 were even then... in the final stages of their move
56:39 from Argentina to the Middle East
56:42 where they would be working as tentmakers...
56:45 ASI, Spokane, Washington.


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