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00:20 Welcome to another Offering in Action Segment
00:23 where we highlight for you one of the projects
00:26 that is in your program...
00:28 that will be a recipient of the offering this year.
00:31 With me is Jason Fournier
00:33 and he's the Director of Kibidula Farms.
00:35 Jason, tell us... where is Kibidula Farms?
00:38 Well, Kibidula is in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania,
00:41 the Eastern side of Africa.
00:43 And tell us what are some of the programs
00:45 that flow out of the ministry of Kibidula.
00:48 At Kibidula we have an Elementary School
00:51 of about 130 students.
00:53 We not only teach them ABCs and how to read and write
00:57 but we're... our goal is to teach them about Jesus
01:01 and that they become missionaries.
01:03 Now, I know that all of the children that come to the school
01:07 not all of them are able to kind of complete the grades
01:11 and the information that is given to them
01:14 what do you do with them?
01:16 Well, actually in our school, they all do pass
01:19 but we find in many schools around...
01:21 we get a lot of children who fail Primary School
01:24 and once they fail... there's no opportunity to continue
01:27 in the normal school system
01:29 so we have a School of Agriculture
01:31 where we take in these Primary or Elementary School dropouts
01:35 and we teach them agriculture and life skills such as
01:41 Carpentry, Sewing, Nutrition, Bible, English, Accounting
01:47 and we have them in our school for two years,
01:51 it gives them time to mature
01:53 before they go back to the village
01:54 and become more successful subsistence farmers.
01:57 So you actually give them some tools to work with
02:00 so that they... they haven't failed...
02:02 they can actually live a life.
02:04 Right... and what we actually find is many of them...
02:06 once they've been through our school,
02:07 they realize they can pass...
02:09 they go on to private secondary schools
02:14 and finish their education.
02:16 Wonderful, wonderful, share with us...
02:18 there's actually something there...
02:19 so even though it's called Kibidula Farms
02:22 or Kibi... as we affectionately call it,
02:24 you do... there's schooling
02:27 and obviously there's some farming
02:28 that occurs there as well... agriculture?
02:31 In the past... ASI has sponsored an Avocado Farm
02:37 which... the goal is to continue to support the mission
02:42 going on... we've planted about 10,000 trees
02:45 and they're in the process...
02:46 some are actually being harvested this year
02:49 and over the next few years,
02:50 that plantation will reach maturity.
02:53 Debbie: 10,000 trees? Jason: Yes.
02:55 That's a lot of trees,
02:56 so how many workers do you have... staff...
03:01 at Kibidula Farms to accomplish that?
03:03 Between staff and workers
03:05 we have about 60 on-campus workers.
03:09 Now I understand that you also have family recently...
03:13 involved yourself in some printing work,
03:16 tell us how that has come about and why.
03:19 Well, Kibidula has been involved
03:21 for many years in the publishing work,
03:23 we have been translating books, preparing them for printing
03:27 and arranging printing in either Korea or America and now Poland
03:31 but...
03:33 more recently... we've realized
03:36 that there is more need for tools for evangelism
03:40 that church members can have in their hands
03:41 to give out to the public and so we recently acquired
03:47 not only a printing press and its associated equipment
03:53 but a Printer from here in the United States
03:57 and he is running this press in his garage.
04:01 Oh, in his garage... okay... so I've seen...
04:05 I'm a daughter of a Printer and so I've seen it,
04:09 it's massive and you need a lot of space
04:12 so he must have a huge garage.
04:15 Actually it's not,
04:17 it's smaller than a standard garage,
04:18 and when you go in there, it's very crowded,
04:21 you've got three printers
04:23 and the machine for cutting the paper
04:28 and then in his kitchen, he's got the Plate Makers
04:31 and in his living room, he's got... Bindery Equipment
04:35 and when you're producing a small book,
04:39 you've got 1,000s of pages in little stacks
04:43 all over his dining room and kitchen counters and bedrooms
04:47 so it's quite complicated, actually.
04:50 Okay, so they might have him on "Hoarders"
04:54 hoarders of printing materials and everything,
04:56 so this is a... this presents the need
04:59 that's reflected in the project for this year.
05:03 Right, church members are craving these tools
05:06 and as we've been sending out these booklets,
05:09 pamphlets and Bibles Studies,
05:12 the orders are just coming in, people want more and more
05:16 and the space is way too small
05:17 and so the idea is to build a building
05:21 that will house the equipment
05:23 with enough space to work comfortably and efficiently.
05:26 Now you said that there was a lot of need
05:28 and requests for these materials,
05:31 you shared with me the experience of
05:34 having gone out and... someone...
05:37 that I think that's even gone through the school
05:40 that you saw and how they were using the materials.
05:43 We have a School of Evangelism on our place
05:47 and so we have about 50 people per year graduating
05:51 it's a five-month course, we do it twice a year
05:54 and as they go out... I don't remember them all
05:57 but we build one-day churches and many times
06:00 when I'm in distant areas building these churches,
06:04 I meet the person who is in charge of that group
06:07 where we're building the church
06:08 and they'll say, "Do you remember me?"
06:10 and I'm like... "The face is familiar... "
06:11 they attended our school and now they've gone out...
06:15 they've started a church
06:17 and they've been ordering Bible Studies,
06:20 they've been spreading them out
06:21 and here are the fruits... we see them
06:23 and this is all over Tanzania... this is happening
06:26 and it's such a blessing to be a part of this
06:30 and to now witness first hand time after time...
06:34 these churches are the result
06:35 of the work that's been going on at Kibidula.
06:38 So just a sidebar question, so you're involved in building
06:42 one-day churches all throughout Tanzania
06:44 to meet those needs?
06:45 Right... over the past several years
06:47 we've built several hundred churches
06:49 this year alone,
06:50 we are putting up about a 100 churches
06:52 and it's a huge blessing,
06:56 I can't say how much blessing this is,
06:58 it's not just housing members that are already there
07:02 once you build a church in the area,
07:05 the church grows rapidly because
07:07 it's one of the ways that attracts people
07:11 that there is a church here, what's it all about?
07:15 They start to attend and then they...
07:16 they fill it up... and it's such a blessing.
07:19 So the one-day church of some sorts
07:23 is a tool for evangelism as it attracts people to come.
07:26 It's a huge tool for evangelism.
07:28 And so the printing press,
07:30 the building that will house the printing press
07:32 will allow you to meet the needs of the requests
07:34 for literature that you receive.
07:36 That's right.
07:37 Thank you so much Jason,
07:39 we will continue to pray for Kibidula Farms,
07:41 it's way more than a farm but it's meeting God's bidding.
07:45 Thank you very much and thank you ASI
07:47 for supporting these projects.
07:48 Now coming to the podium is a team of four,
07:53 Henry and Arleen Stubbs, they lead out World Youth Group
07:58 and with them is Luis Armador and Yanet Carballo
08:02 who are coming, so come right on...
08:05 okay, you guys come on this way, you know,
08:08 when you get a whole lot of people,
08:09 we got to get close together, all right...
08:10 very good, all right,
08:12 so, Henry, first of all I'd like you to share with us
08:15 a little bit about World Youth Group,
08:18 give us an overview of what this is and what they do.
08:21 World Youth Group was a Sabbath School class
08:24 in a little church plant
08:26 my parents started in South Carolina,
08:28 it was a little group of youth
08:30 that wanted to do something for Jesus,
08:32 it was originally in Westminster
08:36 the WYG is what the youth started calling themselves
08:39 when we started getting involved in missions
08:41 first in Chile and later in Cuba
08:43 and as it outgrew and became a 501c3
08:47 the youth kind of renamed it and they said,
08:49 it's not just Westminister Youth Group anymore,
08:51 it's World Youth Group,
08:53 and we do four things in Cuba by God's grace,
08:56 and we're so grateful for what the Lord has done,
09:00 we do nothing but He does everything
09:03 and we are just grateful.
09:04 Those four things are: Train, Send, Harvest and Establish.
09:12 You got it?
09:14 Train, Send, Harvest and Establish.
09:17 We train young people, we train youth in Cuba
09:21 to dedicate a year or more of their life,
09:23 many of them are just staying with it now
09:26 because they're just excited about evangelism
09:29 but they go out and learn how to help people
09:32 in areas where we have no Adventist presence.
09:35 That's our burden... Debbie...
09:38 it is areas where... in Cuba...
09:40 where we've never been before as an Adventist Church
09:42 no Sabbath Keepers, very little Protestantism
09:45 and God has blessed.
09:46 Secondly, we support them to go out,
09:49 we have to buy a house in that town
09:51 and give them some money to live on
09:54 you can live on 25 dollars a month in Cuba
09:57 and we have 40 full-time workers now,
10:00 we're going to 60 and hope to go to a 100 soon.
10:03 And the third thing that we do is harvest.
10:07 We come down with North American young people...
10:10 North American youth and join the Cuban youth
10:12 in this new Unentered area after they've been there a year
10:15 and have a harvest and lastly... we establish.
10:19 We buy a house, we build a church,
10:22 we're building a school in Cuba,
10:24 we're building a Medical Missionary School
10:28 and a Bible Worker School to have a permanent presence
10:32 right now they've let us use the SDA Seminary
10:35 that's where we've been working
10:36 in harmony with them, it's been a blessing.
10:38 And so that's actually the project,
10:40 that we want to be able to support World Youth Group
10:44 so that they can build or purchase
10:46 and make provision for seven more house churches.
10:50 Let me ask Arlene a question,
10:51 Arleen, share with me...
10:53 you've been working with these youth from the beginning
10:55 what kind of impact is this having on their lives?
10:58 Well, it's been exciting for us and for them,
11:03 we started with just one youth and before we knew it
11:07 we had almost as many youth as we did adults
11:12 attending the whole church but they went around the world.
11:17 At one time we had youth working
11:20 I think, in about six different places as missionaries
11:24 and several have gone to Southern to study Theology,
11:29 some are pastors and pastors' wives
11:32 and we still stay in contact with many of them
11:36 and we love them and we're like family
11:38 and just like all of us here
11:41 and we just praise the Lord for the opportunity
11:44 to work with youth and...
11:45 God has really blessed in their lives and in ours.
11:48 Amen. Amen...
11:49 Now I'd like to actually shift it over to the Cuban...
11:53 the Cuban side, okay, with Brother Luis and Yanet.
11:57 All right, Yanet tell me what is your role...
12:00 you lived there in Cuba...
12:02 Yes... yes, we did...
12:03 And so, this is actually your first visit
12:05 to the States... to America?
12:06 Yes, it is.
12:07 Okay, tell me what your role is with World Youth Group.
12:10 Well, I first started as a translator,
12:13 then I turned into a teacher and then I turned into a mother
12:19 so everybody knows that that being a mother
12:22 is a very demanding task
12:24 so that's mostly what I do,
12:26 I take a little time to go and translate
12:29 and then I take a little time to go and teach
12:31 so this is how we got involved.
12:33 Okay and this is a husband and wife team
12:35 so your husband... Luis... what is your role
12:38 at the Cuban Union and tell me how
12:41 World Youth Group Harvest Ministry
12:45 has impacted the evangelism efforts for the Union.
12:49 Well, I'm working there as the Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator
12:53 for the Cuban Union and it's been a blessing
12:56 working with this ministry.
12:59 We met them in 2006, we started working with them
13:02 as a helper and translator as well,
13:05 in 2010, I was called to serve
13:08 in this position in the Cuban Union
13:10 and then the experience
13:12 we had had in the past with World Youth Group
13:15 we tried to implement that in the whole island
13:17 that means that now the three Conferences are in the mission
13:22 the Bible Workers there have been trained
13:25 and those Conferences have been equipped
13:28 with all the devices they need for Health Expos.
13:31 Today, I can say... I can tell you that
13:35 this is the most effective missionary tool
13:39 in the Cuban Union a lot of youth are on fire
13:44 they want to be a student of the LIGHT School,
13:47 every year, we receive a lot of phone calls,
13:50 they want to be a part of this dream as well.
13:53 And what kind of impact has it had in terms of response,
13:58 have you had baptisms,
14:00 you've got churches that are growing...
14:02 Wonderful question, we have 40 Bible Workers,
14:08 they are working full time
14:10 over 240 graduates from the LIGHT School,
14:17 we have had five one-month LIGHT Schools there
14:22 now we're planning to start a six-month LIGHT School,
14:27 lot of Leaders and Laymen... they are really desiring
14:31 a Bible Worker...
14:33 Medical Missionary in their communities.
14:35 So you mentioned... I want to bring this back
14:37 so that we don't miss it, you said, "A LIGHT School?"
14:41 So is this LIGHT that comes to provide the training?
14:44 The curriculum... yes... provided by LIGHT...
14:46 they really help us.
14:48 Okay so here again we see the connection... that's right...
14:52 and the collaboration of our ministries together for service.
14:55 Wonderful... wonderful.
14:57 For me this is a perfect example
14:58 of how the formal structure of the church
15:01 can be blended with the self-supporting ministries,
15:04 they are working in coordination
15:06 with the Leaders of the Conferences
15:08 and the Union... going forward to win souls for Christ.
15:13 Well, praise God, thank you very much,
15:15 Henry and Arleen... Luis and Yanet...
15:17 God bless you as you continue to serve Him in Cuba
15:19 with World Youth Group. Luis: God bless you too.
15:21 Greg... welcome... you're from?
15:27 Originally, I'm from around Grand Rapids, Michigan.
15:30 And, tell us a little bit about your upbringing as a young adult
15:36 or adolescent there.
15:37 I was raised a Seventh-day Adventist,
15:39 I'd... I had a really...
15:42 I had a really average Seventh-day Adventist upbringing
15:46 I was a Pathfinder,
15:48 a member of the lonia Seventh-day Adventist Church
15:50 so... an awesome childhood.
15:52 And so then, things changed a little bit with your family
15:55 and you went to a public school, then what happened?
15:59 Well, my parents divorced and ultimately I was led into
16:03 a public school system where I made the wrong friends,
16:06 started making the wrong choices... wrong decisions
16:09 which ultimately led me into a juvenile life of crime.
16:13 And what did that include?
16:15 It started with smoking cigarettes,
16:17 sneaking out of the house,
16:18 ultimately it led to smoking Marijuana
16:21 and ultimately... beyond that... to selling Marijuana.
16:24 And so, you actually became a dealer
16:27 and this became your profession, give us some idea
16:30 as to how much business you were doing in drug pushing.
16:33 By the age of 18,
16:34 I had made the acquaintance of an individual
16:37 who was in the Mexican Mafia,
16:39 he was not your average supplier
16:42 and by the age of... about nineteen and a half,
16:45 I was selling on average... about 40 pounds a week.
16:48 And so, in dollars that's...
16:50 you were selling about 8,000 dollars worth of drugs a day?
16:55 Yes.
16:56 And that profited you...?
16:58 About 2,000 dollars a day would be the average,
17:00 and some days I'd have some sales of over 32,000,
17:03 I'd make eight grand a sale...
17:05 Eight thousand dollars a day that you were making
17:09 and this lasted for a number of years
17:11 but then in 2002 what happened?
17:13 Hmmm... ultimately, I was arrested,
17:17 the DEA along with Central Michigan Enforcement Team
17:20 and lonia County Sheriff's office,
17:22 and State Police, arrested me.
17:25 And you were not only dealing... you started...
17:29 you were addicted and even doing some other crime,
17:34 robbery and...
17:35 Yes, absolutely,
17:37 it never stopped with the Marijuana,
17:39 Marijuana graduated into Ecstasy,
17:41 from Ecstasy... Cocaine...
17:42 from Cocaine came Shrooms and pharmaceuticals
17:44 and by the time that I was arrested,
17:47 I was an extremely bad addict.
17:49 And so, when you were arrested,
17:51 you were first in jail and then prison,
17:53 there's a difference... and what happened to you in there
17:58 when you saw what you saw in the prison?
18:00 Well, I'll back up a little bit, I...
18:03 for years I had been using drugs,
18:05 and in using drugs, I'd done a lot of bad things
18:09 including robbing my own parents
18:11 and by 2005, my addiction was so bad
18:13 that I was shooting up Panthenol Patches
18:16 mixed with Crack Cocaine
18:18 and my doctor's office cut me off with my pain patches
18:21 which then led me to breaking into homes
18:24 which then led to a seven-year prison term.
18:27 And so, what happened in prison?
18:29 It was when I got to prison, I started looking around me
18:33 then I realized who I had become.
18:35 I could look around and I could see these individuals
18:38 that had been in prison for ten, twenty years...
18:40 some were doing life on the installment plan,
18:43 coming back and forth every couple of years
18:45 and I could see that if something didn't change...
18:48 and change drastically, that was going to be me.
18:50 And so, did people visit you
18:53 and bring you Bibles and material
18:55 to support you... what happened?
18:57 No... ha... ha... ha... ha... no they did not
19:01 and for the first few months, it was just myself,
19:05 my parents used tough love,
19:06 they knew that if they didn't create an absence of...
19:11 of attention, I was just going to continue
19:15 down the path that I had been
19:16 so, by the time that I got to prison,
19:18 I had not had the family relationship that I was used to,
19:21 I had nobody to rely on and I was left with the fact
19:25 that if something didn't change,
19:27 my life was going to be totaled...
19:29 it was going to be drastic so...
19:31 So, when you experienced this, you saw that God was able to
19:38 reach you and that you did have value,
19:41 that He was still...
19:43 even though your family had lost connection with you
19:46 and even pastors who you wrote to... didn't respond...
19:50 but you still felt connected with God.
19:53 Well, that's true, as I looked around I realized
20:00 that my only option was God,
20:03 I'd been raised a Seventh-day Adventist,
20:06 I knew that Jesus Christ was my only option
20:08 and so the day came...
20:09 after 16 days of silence in myself,
20:12 that I finally gave up
20:13 and I didn't really know how to pray anymore,
20:15 it had been so long since I talked to God
20:17 but that night I got on my knees and I...
20:19 and I started asking God for forgiveness
20:21 for everything that I had ever done
20:23 and I was very specific and so as I'm confessing my sins,
20:27 tears started falling down my face
20:28 and I cried and I poured my heart out to God
20:31 and after a couple of hours of praying
20:33 and crying my heart out to God,
20:34 I got up and I laid on my bunk
20:36 and as I laid on my bunk,
20:37 and I've told this story before,
20:39 I swear I felt the weight of my sin rise off of my body
20:42 and it was then that I knew that I'd been forgiven
20:45 and it was that sense of hope...
20:48 of knowing that God loved me that I was cared for,
20:51 then I knew that no matter what happened beyond that point,
20:54 God was going to take care of me... that He loved me.
20:58 And so your past doesn't dictate...
21:01 you have a saying,
21:03 "Your past doesn't dictate your future... "
21:06 and so you felt free at that time
21:08 and that without Christ, there is certain destruction.
21:13 Oh, absolutely... so, once I was forgiven,
21:16 I didn't know what was in store
21:17 but I knew that my life was going to be different
21:20 so as the devil tempted and as these choices came,
21:23 I decided to turn my life over to God
21:25 and it happened one decision at a time
21:27 and over the next couple of years
21:29 and as I grew into God, my father had sent me a Bible
21:32 and the "Conflict of Ages Set"
21:33 and I began studying and the next thing you know...
21:35 I'm sharing in prison
21:36 and the next thing after that is...
21:38 I'm having Bible Studies in prison, from prison to prison,
21:41 I transferred 13 times over seven years,
21:43 but I watched as God took my heart and changed it
21:46 from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh
21:48 and I began looking at my fellow prisoners
21:50 not as convicts but as people
21:52 that needed the same freedom that I had.
21:54 So when you got out of prison,
21:57 you started a ministry, what's that called?
21:58 The Ministry is called, "Conviction Ministries. "
22:01 We have to move right along... and so the...
22:03 it's basically based on freedom from sin,
22:06 it's not just prison...
22:08 going and ministering to prisoners,
22:10 it's freeing them from sin.
22:12 Correct, my ministry is dedicated
22:14 to offering individuals the same hope that God gave me.
22:18 And so, when you got out of prison,
22:20 you connected with your community,
22:22 and who were some of the people you went in... connected with?
22:25 Well, most recently the Chief of Police in the town,
22:28 the very Officer who used to pursue me
22:29 and did his best to arrest me
22:32 is now the one handing out my book.
22:33 He's actually sharing my testimony
22:35 and helping others in my community
22:37 understand that with Jesus Christ,
22:39 freedom from sin is a reality.
22:41 And what's the name of your book?
22:42 It's called, "Where Darkness Reigned. "
22:44 And you feel that you can restore
22:47 and you were able to heal things
22:50 and correct things that you had broken.
22:52 Absolutely.
22:54 And so, tell us a little bit about
22:56 how people can become involved
22:58 and to avoid that 90 percent return to prison
23:04 and you can help them avoid that.
23:07 One of the biggest problems that I faced
23:09 upon getting out of prison was...
23:10 finding individuals that understood
23:12 that just because you were a prisoner,
23:14 you were a drug addict or you were addicted to something
23:16 doesn't mean that you don't have value,
23:18 with Christ Jesus, we are reborn,
23:20 we become new creations, we are a new creature
23:23 and I... Conviction Ministries is dedicated
23:26 to making that a reality in other people's lives
23:29 and so if individuals want to become part of that experience,
23:32 give me a phone call.
23:33 If you have a son or daughter that's addicted
23:35 or you know somebody that's struggling,
23:37 give me a phone call, I'd be more than happy to help.
23:39 So oftentimes in church we sit there
23:41 and act like everything's okay but there may be someone here,
23:45 there may be someone in your church,
23:47 who is suffering or has somebody who's at risk,
23:51 addicted to drugs... other things...
23:54 committing crime, they may be in prison
23:56 but the church pretends that there's really not a problem
24:01 so if you know of somebody like that or someone in your family,
24:05 contact Greg at his ministry, Conviction Ministries
24:12 and he will help reach out to these people
24:14 and give them the hope that they need.
24:17 Greg: Amen... thank you.
24:20 My name is Floyd Courtney and I have the privilege
24:25 of interviewing two very interesting ministries
24:29 the first one is... Dale Mole,
24:32 he's a Physician and Dale,
24:34 you told me a little bit about your beginning of your career
24:38 and it was an interesting way, it seemed like to me
24:41 that the Lord was preparing you for this part of your career,
24:44 tell me a little bit about it.
24:45 Yes, well I was a Physician in the United States Navy
24:49 for over 33 years and served part of that time
24:55 aboard submarines
24:56 and have been stationed around the world in many countries
24:59 including spending time in Iraq and Afghanistan
25:03 so... and the South Pole and so
25:08 I had a pretty good idea of what it was like
25:11 to try and provide good medical care in bad places
25:15 and when the opportunity came up to go to Nepal,
25:19 I thought this might be an opportunity to apply the skills
25:23 that I had acquired over the course of a lifetime
25:27 to do the Lord's work.
25:28 All right, so, what was the transition...
25:31 how did you segue over from being a Physician in the Navy
25:35 to getting to Nepal you said was... is where you have
25:39 done your ministry lately.
25:41 Right, well, when I retired from the Navy,
25:44 I served in the South Pole for a year
25:46 at Amunden-Scott South Pole Station,
25:49 I was... for that year...
25:51 I was the Southern-most Adventist in the world
25:55 but when I came back, I was in church one day
26:00 and Lowell Cooper, who many in the audience know I'm sure,
26:05 came up to me in church and said,
26:07 "Dale, I know you retired from the Navy, what are you doing?"
26:09 I said, "Well, I don't have to rent my time anymore,
26:13 I've reached that stage in my life
26:15 and I'm looking around for something interesting to do"
26:18 and several months later,
26:21 my wife, Susan, and I... find ourselves in Nepal.
26:24 Okay, tell us about that,
26:26 something interesting that you found to do for the Lord now.
26:28 Yeah, well, I tell you,
26:30 when we first stepped off the plane,
26:32 we actually... I don't know what my wife's reaction was
26:35 but I almost felt like getting back on the plane
26:37 and heading home, but I got to tell you
26:39 the first week I was there, I probably saw more miracles
26:43 performed than in the previous decade in the United States,
26:47 the... just... one quick story if I could,
26:53 there was a little ten-year old boy
26:57 who had untreated Typhoid fever
26:59 and he came into our Emergency Department
27:02 on the verge of death,
27:03 he was in what we call, "Septic Shock"
27:06 and we took him to the operating room
27:08 and performed surgery,
27:11 he had a hole in his bowel that we closed
27:14 and then he went to our Intensive Care Unit
27:16 which is where I first saw him,
27:17 he... he was on the verge of death...
27:23 he was just...
27:25 his Septic Shock state has an 80 percent mortality rate,
27:29 he then developed a condition that we call "Adult... "
27:32 not adult but "Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome"
27:36 which also has a very high mortality rate,
27:38 so this ten-year old Nepali boy,
27:41 I thought was not going to survive the night
27:44 and we prayed... the family was there crying...
27:47 you know, we told them it was in the Lord's hands,
27:51 I came in the next morning
27:54 and not only was he still alive but he was doing better,
27:57 that afternoon he was off the ventilator,
28:00 two days later, he was sitting up smiling
28:03 in our Pediatric Ward.
28:05 Interviewer: Wow! praise the Lord.
28:06 That is why, I went to Nepal and that's why I'm staying in Nepal.
28:10 Tell us a little bit about... on the news we heard about
28:13 earthquakes in Nepal,
28:15 how has that impacted the hospital and your work there?
28:19 Well, initially, we had nine patients that arrived...
28:23 they were dead on arrival...
28:24 but we treated over a 1,000 earthquake victims
28:27 and all the patients that arrived there remained alive,
28:31 and if I had more time I could tell you,
28:34 a number of stories about true miracles
28:38 that occurred during that time period
28:40 but the earthquake itself
28:41 was a real tragedy for the Country of Nepal,
28:45 it set it back probably about a decade,
28:46 but it has also provided a real opportunity for the Lord's work
28:51 many medical facilities were destroyed
28:54 so I think it is an opportunity to expand Adventist Healthcare
28:58 in Nepal... many schools were destroyed
29:00 I think it's an opportunity to expand Adventist education
29:04 in Nepal and we have had some great partners here
29:10 in the world church, especially Asian Aid USA,
29:15 Three Angels Broadcasting has really helped us raise money
29:20 that is badly needed for the hospital
29:22 not only just from an earthquake standpoint but also
29:26 just in the replacing of aging equipment and facilities.
29:28 Okay Brother, in the last little bit of time we have
29:31 tell us what is witnessing like,
29:33 I understand that there are laws
29:34 that are making it more difficult there
29:36 versus the United States and other places.
29:38 Yeah it is, you can be put in prison
29:41 for proselytization
29:43 so ours is certainly a work of ministry
29:46 not a work... a... oh... I'm sorry...
29:49 it's a ministry of work, of service
29:51 and not a ministry of Word but what we try and do is
29:56 have our patients see the compassion and love of Christ
30:01 reflected in the care that we provide to them
30:04 and by that method, we help to win souls in Nepal.
30:07 All right... have you seen any...
30:09 what response have you seen to the work
30:12 as far as spiritually,
30:14 are you seeing some changes in people's lives
30:16 and things like that or...?
30:19 Yes, I think very much so,
30:22 Susan and I have only been there eight months
30:25 but there are a lot of really talented Nepali people,
30:28 a lot of people who are really on fire for Christ, if you will,
30:34 so I am very optimistic about the work in Nepal.
30:37 Wonderful.
30:39 And especially with the help of people in the audience as well,
30:42 we certainly need your prayers.
30:43 Right... well thank you so much
30:45 for sharing with us about your work in Nepal, God bless...
30:46 Thank you.
30:48 And next we have Tim Rasmussen,
30:54 Tim is the President of Waters for Life,
31:00 it's an Organization that provides
31:03 the true physical water and the water of Life,
31:05 and he has his crew with him here,
31:08 and I'll let him introduce them...
31:11 Some time ago, I was wondering
31:14 how can I tell you about Water for Life in seven minutes.
31:18 Through the modern digital age I've discovered a way,
31:21 this is not a telephone, it's a reality recorder
31:25 and I'm going to push playback
31:27 and take you back to a conversation
31:29 that occurred some time ago
31:31 between Gary Bartholomew and his son, Rod.
31:34 Well, now that we got this drill rig set up here
31:41 and I'm a new volunteer,
31:44 I'd like to ask you some questions,
31:45 how did Water for Life get started anyway?
31:50 Rod, it's a "beauty from ashes story,"
31:54 the ashes was 20,000 dollars spent
31:58 for a contractor on a failed attempt in Guatemala
32:02 the beauty was... when the Lord called and said,
32:06 "You grew up... a well driller, let's go for it. "
32:10 There seems to be a lot of people around here
32:14 helping... do you pay them a lot of money to come down and help?
32:18 Everyone involved in Water for Life is a volunteer,
32:21 we have about 40 each year
32:24 that go down to help in the well drilling
32:27 and the other efforts we do...
32:30 and many from different faiths.
32:33 How many wells have you drilled so far in Guatemala?
32:38 We've drilled 79...
32:39 Wow! how many people are drinking from those wells?
32:45 We figure, maybe 25,000 now,
32:47 most villages we drill in are remote
32:50 and there might be 200 to 600 people in each village.
32:54 Wow! that sounds like a lot,
32:56 does that really help the people though just a well...
33:00 just clean water?
33:01 Well, in the words of the health ministry there,
33:04 they say, mortality dropped
33:06 where Water for Life drills wells,
33:09 in the words of the villagers, they say,
33:13 "Thank you for that well last year,
33:15 we've lost none of our babies since you drilled last year. "
33:19 Amen.
33:21 Is there still a need for more wells,
33:24 I mean, 79 wells, we've already drilled...
33:27 is there a need for anymore?
33:28 In the radius that we work
33:30 there's need for hundreds and hundreds more wells.
33:34 And I've also seen Dentists and Nurses
33:38 working out in the different villages, tell me about those.
33:42 Yes, we provide medical and dental care as we can
33:45 in the villages where we drill,
33:47 we also ship a lot of medical equipment
33:50 in the yearly container that we ship down
33:53 with the drilling supplies and equipment.
33:55 And on my way here, I noticed,
33:58 we drove right past an Adventist Church,
34:01 are we involved with that at all?
34:04 We've drilled wells, bought property,
34:07 built a church and seen it fill up,
34:10 what a thrill,
34:11 we've partnered with Upper Columbia Conference
34:13 in this very Conference right here
34:15 in our Youth Department in building churches,
34:18 we've partnered with other ministries also
34:20 such as Amazing Facts.
34:21 Probably oh... 12 or 14 churches now, I believe.
34:28 Wow! do you think that...
34:30 that the wells really help with the Evangelism?
34:34 Rod, when we provide a well,
34:38 spend that few days drilling in a village,
34:41 we gain a relationship... we never lose,
34:45 we never lose that relationship.
34:47 How do we develop people for these churches?
34:54 How did we develop members to fill these churches?
34:57 We hire Bible Workers, we do VBS,
34:59 we have people come down from the United States
35:02 and do Evangelistic Meetings,
35:03 Light Bearers sends millions of pieces of literature
35:09 in Spanish, we ship pallets of Bibles,
35:13 we ship cases of Bible Studies to help build those churches.
35:18 Well, what do you... do you have to be a driller
35:23 to come and help out Water for Life down in Guatemala
35:27 I think there are several people out here
35:29 that probably aren't drillers.
35:31 No Rod, we need motel maids too,
35:33 we build a shop and several rooms
35:36 and so, we need motel maids
35:39 and we need helpers for the drillers,
35:43 we need painters, construction personnel,
35:46 we need translators, we need more medical people,
35:49 dental people.
35:51 That's a little bit about the Water for Life.
35:59 I have some friends from Guatemala here,
36:03 Mr. Leonardo and his wife, Dixel,
36:07 Mr. Berny, what does Water for Life mean
36:11 for the people of Guatemala?
36:12 To the people of Guatemala, it means hope, love,
36:17 everlasting life in Jesus Christ our Lord,
36:20 gracias, agua para la vida...
36:22 thank you Water for Life.
36:24 That's what I can tell you about Water for Life
36:29 and show you about Water for Life,
36:30 what I invite you to do is come and join us.
36:34 Water for Life provides life and Life-giving water
36:38 and the everlasting gospel to people that are thirsty
36:43 and hungry for it, thank you very much.
36:45 Audience clapping...
36:55 Boy! you've been enjoying these stories?
36:58 It's amazing what God's doing around the world,
37:01 I'm excited to be here this evening with you
37:04 with Millie and John Youngberg,
37:06 tell me where you're from
37:08 and a little bit about your ministry and what you guys do.
37:10 Well, we live in Berrien Springs Michigan
37:13 and we're both retired from Andrews University
37:16 and our ministry is,
37:17 "WIN! Wellness, Homes of Hope and Health. "
37:20 Very good, so tell me a couple of things
37:22 that you guys are doing in your ministry.
37:24 Well, we are touching the world with our ministry,
37:29 we felt that God had called us to be a blessing to the nations
37:35 and that's what we're trying to do
37:36 and... you tell us about the Jabez Prayer.
37:40 Jabez prayed that God would bless him indeed...
37:45 and so that is what God did for him
37:48 and extended his territory and we pray the same prayer
37:52 and God has sent us to the world.
37:54 Amen... so tell me a little bit about
37:56 what's happening in Vietnam.
37:58 Oh, this is very exciting, we trained some people
38:02 in Singapore to do WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope and Health
38:07 a few years ago and now, these people have translated
38:11 all of our materials into the Vietnamese language
38:14 and it's so exciting to hear that they are in small groups
38:20 in Vietnam and Hanoi and are using our materials
38:24 and the lady who spoke to us about the translation, she said,
38:28 "Your material is all over Vietnam,"
38:31 I said, "All over?"
38:32 she said, "All over Vietnam and it's above ground"
38:37 and that's "Wow!"
38:38 Amen, it's really exciting, they were telling me
38:41 that these are small group materials
38:43 that have been put in
38:45 to public evangelism context and so they're using them
38:48 and getting baptisms through those materials.
38:50 Amen, so tell me about another project you guys are working on
38:54 in the Muslim territories of the world.
38:58 The Muslims of the world are a great privilege to reach
39:04 and the work isn't easy is it?
39:07 And we will not mention specific countries
39:12 because of political sensitivities
39:14 and religious sensitivities,
39:16 but one pastor... last year... he reported 5,000 baptisms
39:26 and over... about half of these
39:29 he attributed to the WIN! Wellness Program,
39:32 among these specifically, he stated that
39:37 20 Muslims were baptized and, you know,
39:41 we just have to praise God because... well the Bible says,
39:45 "He who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ,
39:48 he shall be saved," and many of these people
39:51 are believing and God is reaching them.
39:55 In another country, the work is going also
39:58 among these people and the lady who reported to us
40:02 just told us how these people are interested in health,
40:06 they say it agrees with their philosophy and religion of life
40:11 and they're just happy to see this work going on.
40:15 I'd just like to ask... add that...
40:18 they have a special program for the Muslims,
40:22 they feed them breakfast, they do exercise with them,
40:25 they do "Love in action" things,
40:27 they meet their physical needs, health needs,
40:29 and as a result, there are these Muslims
40:32 who feel their love...
40:34 love in action is a very important part of ministering
40:37 to our Muslim friends.
40:39 Amen, you know it's really a burden of mine
40:41 to see us working in those kinds of fields
40:44 I was reading recently a Spirit of Prophecy quote
40:47 where it was saying, "How can we be satisfied
40:50 and to have known these truths for all our lives
40:52 and not shared in places that have never heard"
40:54 and it's really exciting to see
40:56 you using your ministry to do exactly that,
40:58 tell me one more exciting thing that happened very recently
41:01 in your ministry just before the GC Session.
41:05 Well, we have started small groups in our own home
41:10 and if
41:12 small groups are good for the world then it will be good
41:14 to do it in your own home, don't you think so?
41:16 And we knocked on doors down the street
41:19 and up to four non-Adventists were attending,
41:22 one of them... his name was John Nit...
41:25 and John Nit... he... first of all he said,
41:28 "Well, this is interesting,
41:30 and I'm just going to take little mini-steps... "
41:32 he was a little bit afraid of the truths of the Bible,
41:35 I'll just take mini-steps and... but then... first of all...
41:39 he said, "I give up my beer... "
41:42 then he took another mini-step, "I give up my pork... "
41:45 and what was the next one Millie?
41:47 Well, the next one was he gave up...
41:50 being mean to his wife and children.
41:52 Amen...
41:54 And so, God was good and on December 20,
41:58 it was my joy to see that you baptized him
42:03 in the waters of baptism,
42:04 a man with a new life in Jesus Christ,
42:07 now there's another one in our group,
42:09 which... he's coming right along...
42:11 he wants to be baptized next month,
42:13 I tell you... it works.
42:14 Amen... so we have just a little bit of time left,
42:17 tell me about what you're holding in your hand.
42:20 This is the book, "JESUS WHO IS HE?
42:26 the most important book Millie and I have ever written,
42:30 the story of Jesus,
42:33 here are 20 episodes in the life of Jesus
42:37 and if it never helps anybody else,
42:41 it has transformed our lives
42:43 and we'd just like to show you some of the pictures
42:48 can you get that?
42:54 You've seen Nathan Greene's "Second Coming of Christ"
42:58 every chapter except one is illustrated by Nathan Greene
43:03 and so we thank God that we can exalt Jesus,
43:08 we'll do well to spend a thoughtful hour every day
43:11 in contemplation of the life of Christ
43:13 and that's what we want our ministry to be,
43:16 that's what we want you to do in your ministry.
43:19 I just must add... when we were in India
43:23 we were working with some Hindus
43:26 and we didn't know that they were Hindus,
43:27 after the meetings were over,
43:30 a Hindu came up to someone and said,
43:33 I would like that lady to pray for me
43:36 so I go to the man and discover that he was a Hindu
43:40 and I said, "What would you like for me to pray about for you?"
43:44 And what did he say, John?
43:45 He said just two words... "More Jesus... "
43:50 Wow! it's from a Hindu's lips... and we praise God
43:56 that we can present "More Jesus... "
43:58 now, you can visit us in our Booth
44:01 number 427... and that we've got lots of more stories
44:05 and we'll be happy to share with you
44:07 and we'd like you to see our Jesus book
44:09 Reaching Out at a very little cost to be a "share book"
44:15 among those who don't know your loving Savior.
44:18 Thank you John and Millie for this great report,
44:20 you know they do all this from their home,
44:22 many of you may be wondering how you can get involved
44:25 to do something for the Lord Jesus,
44:27 start in your home and you can get going right away.
44:29 Thank you so much. Both: Our pleasure.
44:31 Isn't that great?
44:33 Next stop... we are going to be visiting
44:36 with Julia O'Carey and Kaila, her daughter,
44:38 who are from Michigan and are working with ASAP Ministries.
44:43 Julia, tell me a little bit about what ASAP stands for.
44:48 Well, ASAP used to stand for
44:51 Adventist Southeast Asia Projects
44:54 but God has expanded our territory
44:57 to other close countries outside of Southeast Asia
45:00 and so now it's
45:01 "Advocates for Southeast Asians and the Persecuted"
45:05 and our main focus is on training and empowering
45:09 over 400 national missionaries
45:12 to be Disciple Makers in their countries
45:16 and so, it's really exciting what the Lord is doing there.
45:19 Amen, now Kaila,
45:21 tell me a little bit about what you got to do
45:23 recently with ASAP on a Mission Trip.
45:26 Well...
45:30 What impressed you most?
45:34 Well, I really was impressed of how religious the people are
45:38 over there, they wake at 4:30 a. m.
45:42 they were lining the streets ready to give their offerings
45:46 to the Buddhist monks and I thought how big impact
45:51 they would be if they were serving in the Adventist Church.
45:54 Yeah, how many of us are lining up to give our offerings?
45:58 May something change.
45:59 You know, this area that we went to in Laos,
46:03 Satan really has a stronghold there.
46:06 They're very Buddhist, and even tourists would come in
46:09 and just go to worship Buddha there
46:14 and it was strange... I grew up in Asia and I go yearly for ASAP
46:21 but this night... the night we went to this
46:23 one town in Laos, a strange sensation came over,
46:27 I felt like my chest... I couldn't breathe
46:30 and my body was shaking and I was like,
46:33 "What happened, did I get food poisoned or... "
46:35 you know, it really scared me
46:37 and so I just prayed and I claimed Scripture
46:41 and I confessed any known and unknown sin,
46:43 I didn't want any stronghold in my life
46:45 and I said, "Lord, what is going on here?"
46:47 And this happened for hours and then I opened the Word
46:51 and I came to this story of a demon and I said,
46:54 "Oh, I know what... we're on Satan's territory
46:57 and we're wrestling against not flesh and blood
47:01 but against... yeah... the powers of darkness"
47:05 and so I woke my husband up and I said,
47:08 "AJ, we need to really pray...
47:10 God has something for us to do here...
47:12 tomorrow morning... and we need God's power"
47:16 so I prayed... and he prayed for me
47:19 and then I said, "Lord, I sense your presence...
47:21 but I know your Word says,
47:24 'He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world'
47:26 and I'm going to go to sleep in faith"
47:29 and praise God, I was finally able to sleep
47:33 and we woke up in the morning
47:34 and we were able to accomplish the mission
47:36 He sent us there for...
47:38 and this helped me realize that ASAP National Missionaries
47:42 go through this every day, they are battling
47:45 and they are winning thousands of souls for God
47:47 and we need many, many more of these laborers,
47:50 and it's not easy out there at all.
47:53 Amen... so Kaila, tell me a little bit about
47:56 what was one of your experiences while you were there.
47:59 Well, when we went to the villages,
48:02 I would smile at kids and I would
48:04 jump right in with them and play their games
48:08 and I learned that you don't need a language
48:11 in order to make friends for life.
48:13 Also, in one little village, I met this little boy
48:18 and he has Ptosis... which is an eye disease
48:25 that makes your eyelid droopy
48:27 and my heart went out to him because when I was his age,
48:31 I had the same disease,
48:33 so I told the parents that when he was old enough
48:37 I would get enough funds so that he would be able to have
48:42 the same surgery... and they were so happy
48:52 that it made me want to jump for joy.
48:54 You know, you have the opportunity
48:56 to help with that project,
48:57 they have a new ASAP Project called "Operation New Vision"
49:02 so if you want to help her with that goal
49:04 to help that young boy you can certainly do that.
49:07 Julia, tell me one more story
49:09 from your experience there this last trip.
49:12 I was so glad that I was able to go and worship
49:16 with the believers in this new little church
49:18 it's actually... they are worshipping in a house
49:21 and the next morning after that strange incident,
49:24 we went and they showed us land
49:27 and this house that they wanted to buy
49:31 and praise God... He worked a miracle
49:34 that was able to be purchased for them
49:37 and then... that same day
49:39 five Hmong men came from this village way up in the mountains
49:43 just to see us to thank us for how we were going to
49:47 help them with the water system
49:49 and toilets for their village, they had nothing
49:53 and also, a Church Planter
49:55 and I was able to share a testimony with them
49:58 and I said, "Listen, God knew your need
50:01 even before you asked ASAP"
50:03 and I hadn't even shared any communication
50:08 but an ASI member sent a 10,000 dollar check
50:14 for water systems in Laos
50:16 and it was the Holy Spirit that had impressed this person
50:20 and so we had that funding to do this,
50:23 now they have five wells in this village
50:25 and storage tank for the water, 50 toilets and a Church Planter
50:30 that's spreading the gospel there,
50:32 it's just such a blessing to see the way that the Lord works.
50:35 Amen, thank you so much for sharing
50:38 about what's going on there in your trips there
50:41 and thank you for doing the project
50:43 for the boy and his eyes.
50:44 We just want to invite you to come by the ASAP Booth
50:49 it's number... 604...
50:51 and we have a little mission project for your kids
50:55 and come by the Booth and we'll explain it to you,
50:59 I don't think we have too much time now
51:01 but a couple of other things I want to invite you to do,
51:05 ASAP Ministries now has a weekly mission video podcast,
51:09 it's only about 7 to 10 minutes and so if you subscribe to that,
51:14 you can share it with your churches
51:16 and get exciting stories of what God's doing
51:18 in other parts of the world
51:20 and God provided for us to have a new website
51:24 that was just launched today
51:26 so if you go to ASAPministries. org
51:29 you can check that out
51:30 and we're just so grateful to the Lord
51:33 in what He's doing in that part of the world
51:35 we'd love for you to be a part of that as well.
51:37 Amen, thank you so much,
51:39 you know, it's really exciting to see
51:41 how... when God impresses you to give to a project...
51:45 that you don't even really know about... God can use that
51:49 to answer people's prayers before they even happen,
51:51 thank you so much.
51:53 Next we're going to be visiting with a couple from New York,
51:58 Ivan and Heidi are going to be sharing with us
52:02 about their project in New York,
52:05 tell us what's the name of your project
52:07 and what do you do.
52:08 Sure, it's called Heidi's Health Kitchen
52:10 and God created Heidi's Health Kitchen
52:12 as a means to reach the people of New York City
52:15 through the health message, Medical Ministry work
52:18 and... which we all know is the right arm of the gospel
52:21 and so we offer free cooking classes,
52:24 health lectures and Bible Studies.
52:27 Amen, so it's a self-sustaining mission model
52:31 for both of you as Bible Workers.
52:32 Yes.
52:34 Excellent, now tell me a little bit about
52:36 an experience that you had in that program
52:39 that you're running recently.
52:40 Sure, well we've had several experiences,
52:42 we have some pictures to show as well
52:44 just of some of our cooking class attendees
52:48 we typically have between 35 and 70 people at a class
52:53 and... so this is just one picture
52:56 but the next picture actually shows...
52:58 demonstrating a natural remedy so we include all of that
53:03 within the cooking and the food demonstration
53:06 and this was a young girl who was experiencing some knee pain
53:10 and so I applied a poultice of turmeric and ginger
53:14 to relieve her knee pain. Interviewer: Excellent...
53:16 And so the next picture,
53:18 just shows a little bit of our team,
53:20 we are currently working with the Crossroads Church
53:23 in Times Square, New York City
53:25 and we're directly working with the
53:28 Personal Ministries Department
53:30 and it's been a real blessing to be working with the church,
53:33 Heidi's Health Kitchen is actually a part
53:36 of the long-term evangelistic plans
53:39 of the Crossroads Seventh-day Adventist Church
53:41 so these events are kind of like the bridge events
53:44 to prepare people and to build contacts and relationships
53:48 for our next Evangelistic Series.
53:51 So you're using your business with the exclusive purpose
53:56 of bringing souls to Jesus.
53:58 Heidi: Yes... Interviewer: So that's great.
53:59 And we do get Bible Study contacts
54:01 almost every cooking class which is a real blessing.
54:03 Amen.
54:04 And... and also, if we bring back the last picture
54:09 we can see that there's an Asian lady
54:13 standing at our Booth, this was at a Vegan Food event
54:17 and as we sell our products,
54:21 we also offer free Medical Missionary activities
54:23 like Blood Pressure screening, chair massage
54:28 and also some of the natural remedies as well,
54:32 and this was at Union Square,
54:34 we were invited by a National Animal Rights Day organizer
54:39 who was into New Age but he said he likes our kind
54:43 he said, "I want to help Heidi's Health Kitchen
54:45 so come and set up a Booth or a table
54:46 at Union Square for free"
54:49 and we were able to hand out health literature
54:51 which was run by Adventists like "Health and Wellness"
54:55 and "Take Charge of Health"
54:57 and "Amazing Facts Magazine on Health," so... yeah...
55:02 Amen, so tell me a little bit more about
55:04 this lady that was in the picture.
55:05 Sure, so Carol was introduced to me
55:08 at the end of the "Revelation of Hope"
55:11 with Mark Finley and Ted Wilson.
55:13 Carol had been reaching out to the Seventh-day Adventist Church
55:17 trying to find someone to teach her more about the Bible
55:21 and she had been a Buddhist for 38 years
55:24 and a chain smoker for 37 and when I met her
55:27 we met at the Library in Queens and her English was very limited
55:32 however, we were able to take out a Bible
55:35 that was parallel Mandarin and English
55:37 and we studied the Bible together
55:39 and it was just such a blessing to see the transformation
55:42 that God makes in a person who is searching
55:45 and wants God in their life
55:47 and so Carol quit smoking by God's power
55:51 amen... Interviewer: Amen...
55:53 and her life has been completely transformed,
55:56 she's on fire for the Lord, she is a supporter
55:59 and volunteer of Heidi's Health Kitchen,
56:02 she's on our Board and it's rewarding
56:05 to see someone become a disciple.
56:07 Recently before we went to the GC,
56:10 I had the joy... God gave me the joy
56:13 of seeing Carol involved in a Bible Study...
56:16 sharing her testimony with another Chinese woman
56:19 and it's just so amazing to be working for the Lord.
56:22 And that's really the goal of City Missions,
56:26 it's not only to see people won for Christ,
56:28 but to see the people you won for Christ
56:31 winning people for Christ. Heidi: Amen...
56:33 And so that's really exciting, now, tell me... Ivan...
56:35 a little bit about an experience you're having
56:37 right now that's from the City Mission.
56:40 Sure, absolutely, well, this is a little interesting,
56:42 there was somebody from India
56:44 who wanted to provide some services
56:46 for Heidi's Health Kitchen
56:47 and we said, "We're not at that moment yet"
56:51 and... but we told them
56:53 that we are basing our ministry and business
56:56 from a book written by a lady named Ellen White
56:59 and he asked about the name of the book,
57:02 I said, "there's a compilation called "The Restaurant Work"
57:05 and they're using that as a textbook for their whole venture
57:08 and then he started reading that book
57:09 and later on he read some other book which told him that
57:14 Ellen White was part of some kind of a secret society
57:17 and things like that
57:19 and then he thought I was also a part of secret societies
57:21 and he thought I was Jesuit... he said...
57:23 and then, anyway, so...
57:25 so later on as he did some more research,
57:28 he found out that Ellen White's writings were as per the Bible,
57:32 she had never deviated from the Bible,
57:33 so... and then he said that
57:35 "You know I did the research and I found out... "
57:37 and then so I took that as an opportunity
57:40 to pitch for some Bible Studies so I asked,
57:42 "Would you be interested to study the Bible with me?"
57:44 and then, since then we've been studying
57:46 using Mark Finley's Bible... "Search for Certainty" lessons
57:51 so I study with him on the phone every week.
57:55 So, did you hear that?
57:56 They're doing Bible Studies from their City Mission in New York
57:59 and India by the phone.
58:02 Can somebody say, "Amen. " Audience: Amen.
58:04 That's called global missions from your home.
58:07 Yeah. It's truly exciting,
58:09 well, thank you so much for sharing about that,
58:11 the Lord bless you in your work there
58:12 as you continue to work for the Lord in New York.
58:16 Thank you... Thank you.
58:18 ASI Spokane, Washington.


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