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00:20 Our precious Father in heaven, Lord we thank you so much
00:24 for giving us this gift of Sabbath rest,
00:28 we thank you for the encouragement
00:30 that we have had these last few days
00:32 as we have been here listening to the stories
00:35 listening to how your work is progressing
00:38 in so many different areas.
00:40 Lord, as we look out
00:42 we see a world that needs you
00:45 and we're filled with a sense of our own inefficiency
00:47 and inadequacy and Father, I just...
00:50 I just want to come tonight, Father,
00:53 like the early disciples
00:55 and bring our inefficiency to you...
00:59 to bring our ignorance to your wisdom,
01:03 our weakness, Father, to your strength
01:06 our unworthiness, Father, to your righteousness,
01:09 our poverty to your exhaustless wealth
01:12 and Father tonight we just claim these things
01:15 and we ask Lord that you would be here in our midst
01:18 and that you would guide us with your presence
01:21 in your precious name, amen.
01:23 Leaving the stage...
01:30 new participants coming on to the stage...
01:39 Good evening ASI...
01:41 my name is Claire Luz Diaz-Henderson
01:44 and I am here as the Youth Coordinator
01:47 with my two assistants,
01:49 these two ladies have worked diligently with me
01:52 all year long to prepare a program for your children
01:56 and it's my honor tonight to introduce these teachers
02:00 and let you see a little bit
02:02 of what they learned during this ASI.
02:05 Briana Ford came to us from Cashmere, Washington,
02:15 and Sherry Gaurnier came from Oklahoma,
02:18 one of my colleagues at Oklahoma Academy
02:21 Janet Bradauer and her daughter, Sarah...
02:24 Janet, come on up, she's our Kindergarten Leader
02:29 and Janet... this year was a little bit miraculous for you.
02:34 Where did you come from?
02:37 Ruth, California.
02:39 Ruth, California... and why is that significant this year?
02:43 Because of all the fires.
02:44 So when the fires broke out in North California,
02:48 what happened to your house?
02:49 Well, our fire was actually the largest in our area
02:53 and it started right behind our house
02:56 up in the... up in the mountains,
02:58 we live in the mountains and it's quite woodsy...
03:00 and the fire came right down... and very, very fast
03:03 and very, very hot, and we were told to get out
03:05 and so, I had very limited time
03:09 so, ASI was all we were working on
03:12 so my mind was on ASI and so... I scooped up...
03:15 we have a ministry as well throughout the world,
03:18 so we scooped up all our ministry materials
03:20 and all of ASI and I had a friend over
03:23 and we shoved it into her car
03:24 and I was madly trying to get all of ASI in
03:27 and by that time... our animals...
03:30 we got most of our animals out
03:31 and then they came and they said,
03:32 "You have to get out now,"
03:34 so we got out with the clothes on our back.
03:36 And then some of the ASI things were still there,
03:39 and she was camping on the front yard of some neighbors
03:44 and kept saying, "I don't know if I can come
03:47 the fire is between me and ASI materials,"
03:50 but she's here...
03:52 so tell us a little bit about this theme
03:57 that you've had for the Kindergartners this year
03:59 it seems very appropriate.
04:01 Yes, this year our theme has been
04:07 "Survival of the Unfit... Christ Bridged the Gap"
04:12 so I'm going to ask the children to present this to you.
04:18 Children, when God made the world,
04:22 was it perfect?
04:23 Children: Yes.
04:25 And did everything fit? Children: Yes...
04:27 And was it good? Children: Yes...
04:29 And did it stay that way? Children: No.
04:33 Why? Children: Sin...
04:36 Because of sin, is the world getting better
04:39 or is it getting worse?
04:41 Children: Worse...
04:42 Worse... oh...
04:43 now, should we be afraid of all the bad things
04:47 that are happening in the world?
04:48 Children: No...
04:50 What does God tell us in His Word?
04:52 Fear not... right?
04:56 Fear not...
05:02 for I have redeemed you...
05:09 I have called thee by thy name;
05:15 Thou art mine, Thou art mine...
05:20 I have called thee by thy name.
05:27 Now, since everything is getting really bad in our world,
05:32 is there a way to survive and help others to survive?
05:36 Children: Yes...
05:38 Let's see...
05:39 Since I hold all the outfits
05:44 it's down in my backpack
05:48 it's down in my soul,
05:51 it's not in my first-aid kit but makes me feel whole,
05:56 I'm growing every day
06:01 As I follow in God's way
06:04 I wash and comb my hair
06:08 then breathe the rushing air
06:11 walk in the hot sunshine eat veggies all the time...
06:17 it's simple, can't you see?
06:20 What I cannot do... God does in me...
06:25 Since I hold all the outfits
06:29 Christ bridged the gap
06:30 so I can face...
06:35 But we all
06:38 with open face...
06:42 You hold us in your hands
06:47 And all the other world can change
06:53 into the spitting image...
06:58 from glory to glory...
07:02 and that's why the spirit of the Lord.
07:11 Children leaving the stage...
07:19 Audience clapping.
07:26 Our very active Primary Department
07:28 has Janean from Idaho
07:31 and her Assistant is Evette Egan from Michigan
07:35 and these volunteers had a very joyous time together,
07:40 what was your theme and what did you do?
07:42 Well, along with the others, we have been studying survival,
07:46 the physical and spiritual aspects
07:48 but we've done it kind of in a campsite setting this week
07:52 and the kids have been adding to backpacks everyday
07:56 they've had so much fun putting First Aid kits,
07:58 and whistles and compasses and rope and knots and Paracord
08:03 and water bottles... all the things that we think of
08:06 for physical survival
08:07 which we have been able to springboard
08:09 spiritual ideas from but our Scripture songs,
08:12 our memory verses and stories have all focused
08:16 on the fact that God's promises are real and certain,
08:19 and we find that in the end
08:21 the best tool for survival is the Bible
08:24 and we have two songs to share with you
08:27 the first one will be, "The Steps of a Good Man"
08:30 from Psalm 37,
08:31 the second one is our theme song,
08:33 "The Bible for survival. "
08:35 Music...
08:51 The steps of a good man, Are ordered by the Lord,
08:56 And he delighteth in his ways.
09:01 Tho' he fall... tho' he fall... he shall not be cast down
09:06 For the Lord upholdeth him with His hands.
09:10 With His hands, with His hand,
09:15 For the Lord upholdeth him with His hands.
09:20 Tho' he fall, tho' he fall...
09:22 he shall not be cast out
09:24 For the Lord upholdeth him with His hands.
09:29 New song... new music...
09:35 Whenever I walk outside I pat my little bag
09:43 With all the necessary things that I need to survive,
09:48 and I walk down the Christian path
09:50 I always tell the truth...
09:53 The Lord he sees when I go there the very thing I do...
09:59 The Bible for survival...
10:04 it's the one thing that I need,
10:08 He shares it in all our Bibles...
10:13 because the Bible is for me...
10:18 Many times I try to survive it on my own
10:23 but even if there are troubles, I know I'm not alone,
10:28 God gave us His promises
10:30 in His own precious Word,
10:33 and when I kneel and pray to Him,
10:36 my prayers are always heard...
10:39 The Bible for survival...
10:43 it's the one thing that I need...
10:48 It's there in all our Bibles...
10:53 because the Bible is for me...
10:58 Yes the Bible is for me.
11:06 Audience clapping...
11:14 Primary class leaving the stage...
11:20 Our Junior Department this year
11:26 brought Kimi Cruz from Berrien Springs, Michigan
11:30 and Rachel Sumongpong from Spokane,
11:36 we are very thankful for these two ladies who worked very hard
11:41 at bringing another theme
11:43 with the same idea, what was it?
11:45 Our theme for the Juniors this year is
11:47 CSI which stands for Christians Survival Inc.
11:50 with this... children this age need heroes to emulate
11:55 and so we've been studying Esther, Joseph, Jesus and Daniel
11:59 Jesus and Joseph will be tomorrow for the Sabbath
12:02 but we wanted to give these kids strong role models
12:05 to understand what it takes to survive when we're tempted,
12:08 when we have to make a choice
12:10 between peer pressure or obeying God
12:13 and what He has asked us to do.
12:15 One of the things that we've done is
12:17 we've put together a survival kit...
12:20 but each piece in the survival kit
12:22 has a Biblical meaning, for example, the Post-it Note
12:24 to remind you to list your blessings everyday,
12:28 a Band-Aid for healing hurt feelings,
12:30 an eraser to remind you that everyday you can start fresh,
12:33 string to remind you that
12:36 a strand of three cords cannot be broken,
12:38 the importance of having a relationship with Jesus,
12:40 a rubber band to help you be flexible
12:43 and not break during trials,
12:44 a cotton ball to cushion the rough times,
12:47 lifesaver to keep you from drowning
12:49 in everyday struggles and challenges,
12:51 a penny to give you the extra sense that everybody needs,
12:54 mouth to remind you to speak
12:58 kindness, truth, honesty and love at all times,
13:00 a compass to help you find your way when you feel lost,
13:04 stars to remind you to shine your light for Jesus
13:07 and hearts to remind you not only that you are loved
13:10 but also to share the love of God with others.
13:12 Amen... amen...
13:14 Our theme song is, "We are soldiers"
13:17 because it has to do with survival
13:20 and they're very enthusiastic
13:22 about singing it for you tonight.
13:23 Introductory music...
13:30 We are soldiers in the army,
13:34 We have to fight, we have to die... we have to
13:39 hold up the bloodstained banner,
13:42 We have to hold it up until we die.
13:45 Well my mother was a soldier
13:48 She had her hand on the gospel plow, oh yes,
13:51 But one day she got old she couldn't fight anymore,
13:55 She said, "I'll stand up, and fight anyhow. "
13:58 Woe oe oe oe!
14:00 We are soldiers
14:02 In the army,
14:03 We have to fight... although we have to die
14:07 We have to... hold up the bloodstained banner,
14:10 We have to hold it up
14:12 Until we die!
14:14 Well my father was a soldier,
14:17 He had his hand on the gospel plow
14:20 But one day he got old,
14:22 He couldn't fight anymore,
14:24 He said, "I'll stand here and fight anyhow"
14:27 Woe oe oe oe!
14:29 We are soldiers
14:30 In the army,
14:32 We have to fight...
14:34 Although we have to die
14:35 We have to... hold up the bloodstained banner
14:39 We have to hold it up Until we die!
14:42 I am a soldier,
14:45 I have my hand on the gospel plow
14:48 One day, I'll get old, And can't fight anymore,
14:53 saying, "Stand up and fight anyhow"
14:55 Woe oe oe oe!
14:57 We are soldiers in the army,
15:01 We have to fight, Although we have to die...
15:04 We have to... hold up the bloodstained banner,
15:08 We have to hold it up until we die.
15:14 Audience clapping... Amen...
15:21 Our Earliteen Class this year
15:29 has been directed by Beaver Eller from Coeur d'Alene
15:32 and his sister, Phoebe Eller,
15:35 who is a missionary in Belize, Central America
15:38 and they have had a very interesting theme
15:42 and very active things they've done with their class,
15:46 Beaver tell us a little bit about it.
15:47 Well, I have to say that of all the groups here,
15:51 I think that our group was the best one and had the most fun.
15:56 We've been able to learn a lot of great things,
16:00 our theme is "Survive and thrive"
16:03 so in the world, we have to learn how to survive
16:06 sometimes in difficult situations,
16:08 we've also been studying about different Bible characters
16:10 and how they survived,
16:11 Bible characters like Joseph, Moses, Daniel...
16:14 things that they did in very difficult times
16:17 to be able to survive and then how God used them
16:21 to not only thrive but to bless whole nations
16:24 and we've got young people
16:26 that are going to do the same thing in the future,
16:29 we have been learning about things like swift-water rescue,
16:33 different survival skills,
16:35 how to splint injuries and treat burns
16:38 and we've had a wonderful experience
16:41 with the Earliteens this year,
16:43 thank you for sharing them with us.
16:45 My sister, Phoebe, has been helping...
16:47 she's been
16:49 in charge of the music
16:51 and working with different things
16:52 and what's your favorite thing
16:54 about working with the Earliteens?
16:55 Man, they have so much energy, there's... once...
17:00 well at first they were a little bit shy,
17:02 but we did some ice-breakers
17:05 and you know, worked with them a little bit
17:07 now it's even hard to get a word in edgewise.
17:09 We've also had a great survival instructor, Ross Mason,
17:14 who has come and has been instrumental
17:17 in helping our young people learn
17:19 about different aspects of survival
17:21 and I've got a couple of students
17:24 that I'm going to ask a question of...
17:26 one is Cory... Cory would you come on up?
17:28 what was the favorite thing that you learned at ASI this year?
17:32 It was that we got to... that when the kid...
17:36 when babies are dead... when they're dying...
17:40 we can help them again and then do
17:42 and make them back to life
17:44 it was cool what we learned about it.
17:46 So they learned about infant choking and infant CPR
17:50 and they did a really great job with that.
17:52 What was your
17:54 most interesting experience in ASI this year, this is Sophia.
17:59 I learnt how to splint an arm.
18:02 So she was generous enough
18:04 to wear a splint for us this evening
18:06 so that she could demonstrate
18:09 some of the stuff that we've been practicing.
18:11 You should have seen the ones yesterday when we were outside
18:14 we had cervical fractures with C-Collars
18:18 and some splinting that would impress
18:21 even the best paramedic or doctor.
18:24 Ross, what was one of the most important things
18:28 that you felt that we've been able to
18:30 teach our young people here?
18:31 Well, I think that it was really cool
18:34 that we were able to teach technical skills
18:36 like survival skills, safari skills, things like that,
18:39 but underlying all of those we were able to incorporate
18:41 Biblical values and principles,
18:44 core concepts that speak to what is important to us
18:48 as... as Christians,
18:50 that is... following Christ and reflecting Him in our lives,
18:53 probably the single, coolest principle
18:56 that we got to share was the idea that
18:59 we're here not just to survive,
19:00 to maintain our health in this world but to thrive,
19:04 to increase our health and give that to someone else,
19:07 Amen... so we've had a great experience
19:11 but specifically one quote that we've been learning
19:14 is one that most of you probably know
19:17 and it's in the book Education page 57
19:21 and we're going to actually quote that for you this evening.
19:24 "The greatest want of the world is the want of men,
19:30 men who will not be bought or sold,
19:33 men who in their inmost souls are true and honest,
19:38 men who do not fear to call sin by its right name,
19:42 men whose conscience is as true to duty
19:46 as the needle to the pole,
19:48 men who will stand for right though the heaven's fall"
19:53 and one of our skills has been
19:55 learning about how to use a compass
19:57 and a lot of you don't think of compasses
20:00 it's all GPSes now-a-days right?
20:02 but you find out in disasters
20:04 that things electronic don't always work
20:06 and you have to go back to the basics
20:08 and to survive in this world spiritually
20:11 and to thrive, we have to be...
20:13 back to the basics of using God's Word
20:15 and the most important thing is putting God's Word in our heart
20:18 that we have that compass that keep us through to duty
20:22 as the needle is to the pole.
20:27 Children to leave the stage
20:31 Audience clapping...
20:38 Last but definitely not least, we have our Youth Department
20:43 with Sean Nebblett from New Mexico
20:46 and Paul Dysinger from Tennessee
20:48 and they have volunteered their time
20:51 to come and spend with about 80 youth
20:53 and have been teaching them about survival as well
20:57 if you look to the front right, left quadrant or my right...
21:02 you see a section partialed off
21:05 because the youth would want to come and join you
21:08 tonight and tomorrow morning for the sermon,
21:11 they're going to be part of ASI one day soon right?
21:14 so Sean... what was your program,
21:18 what was your emphasis, what did you do this time?
21:21 Claire, our theme in the Youth Department was
21:23 "Ransomed to Rescue"
21:25 and it's built off of the idea that we are made strong by God
21:30 not just to be strong but to do something to save,
21:33 strong to be put to work for a purpose
21:36 and so, we have been exploring strength
21:39 over the last couple of days
21:41 from kind of a unique perspective
21:43 we've identified three principles
21:45 that when they work together...
21:47 form this upward spiral of experience,
21:53 upward spiral of spiritual strength,
21:56 those three principles are,
21:57 Excellence, Service and Restoration
22:01 and so we pursue excellence,
22:05 we've been pursuing excellence as a group of young people
22:07 for the purpose of being in power to serve
22:10 and then when we are empowered to serve,
22:13 we get to take part in this beautiful process of restoration
22:17 and when you add those two things together,
22:20 this excellence, service, restoration,
22:22 when we're restored, of course, excellence goes up, right?
22:26 And then service goes up and then restoration goes up
22:29 and... and away we go...
22:30 so, Paul, tell us about some of the specific ways
22:34 in which we have explored this concept,
22:36 the first concept which will be: Excellence
22:38 over the last couple of days.
22:39 So excellence... really... excellence is so important
22:42 and we explored it in various different ways,
22:45 one of them was that part of our day... each day
22:48 was devoted to mental excellence
22:49 through various methods of memorization
22:52 and the memorization of the Scriptures,
22:55 we also focused on social excellence
22:58 through team-building activities that were so much fun
23:01 to do with... to do with each other
23:03 inspiring us to greater cooperation with each other
23:06 and learning practical lessons of leadership skills.
23:09 And then, of course, we switched into service,
23:13 we spent much of Thursday exploring
23:17 how each young person can expand and...
23:20 and maximize their efficiency, their service in the world
23:25 by a number of exercises
23:27 one was a Personality kind of assessment,
23:29 another... Spiritual Gifts Assessment
23:31 so that each young person could have a better idea
23:34 of where they fit in the work of God
23:36 then we actually started an activity
23:39 which will obviously continue
23:40 of actually taking time to prayerfully consider
23:44 coming up with a motto as a young person
23:47 based upon our gifts, based upon our talents
23:50 more or less a tagline for living
23:53 something by which we can
23:54 define all of our choices going forth,
23:57 a very enriching experience.
23:58 And then today was an absolute blast,
24:01 I mean, you just heard the
24:02 Earliteens talking about what they did,
24:05 we all joined together with them
24:07 digging down into the nitty gritty...
24:09 the practical forms of service
24:11 specifically when it comes to dealing with
24:12 emergency situations, you know, like water rescue,
24:15 fire, scene safety, choking,
24:19 splinting, burns, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera,
24:22 more and more actually talking about
24:24 how we can practically be of service
24:26 and put our excellence to use
24:28 when it comes to other people... specifically in situations...
24:32 emergency situations like that.
24:34 And then finally, of course, restoration.
24:37 The Word of God has been before, behind, below,
24:40 all through the process...
24:42 one of my favorite parts...
24:43 last night at the close of the day,
24:45 we enjoyed what we called, "Boot Camp in a Box"
24:49 it was kind of the big questions in Christianity,
24:52 all packed into a small amount of time,
24:53 dealt with the issue of faith,
24:55 dealt with the issue of the Word of God,
24:57 the authority of the Word of God,
24:59 we dealt with the issue of humility,
25:00 some of the big things, had a blessed time together
25:03 and just as we close here...
25:04 we would like to share with you a small part
25:07 of our memory passage for this week,
25:10 we kind of split up Philippines chapter 2
25:12 and different ones of us attacked different parts
25:15 but we'd like to share with you
25:17 Philippines 2 verses 5 through 8,
25:19 as we close.
25:21 Ready?
25:26 "Let this mind be in you,
25:29 which was also in Christ Jesus:
25:31 Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery
25:36 to be equal with God:
25:38 But made himself of no reputation,
25:41 and took upon him the form of a servant,
25:44 and was made in the likeness of men:
25:47 And being found in fashion as a man,
25:50 he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death,
25:55 even the death of the cross. " Amen.
25:58 Amen...
26:00 Audience clapping...
26:08 Good evening, happy Sabbath.
26:11 Audience: Happy Sabbath.
26:13 Well, we have spent a wonderful month together here in Spokane
26:20 this is your "Youth for Jesus...
26:22 this ASI Youth for Jesus Program"
26:25 and these young people behind me have been here for one month
26:29 doing evangelism on the frontlines,
26:33 they have been...
26:35 they've preached, they've sang,
26:38 they've led out in the Children's Department,
26:41 they have visited homes,
26:42 they have given Bible Studies in the homes,
26:45 they have done everything
26:48 that an adult evangelist does
26:51 and so these are actually not your "Youth for Jesus" kids,
26:54 these are your Youth Evangelists.
26:56 Just a quick history of Youth for Jesus,
26:59 this was started in 1999,
27:02 this is the 16th year of Youth for Jesus
27:05 and some of our 15-year olds here... were not born
27:08 when the very first Youth for Jesus started
27:10 and so we are coming up...
27:13 a whole new generation of Youth Evangelists,
27:16 this year we participated in evangelistic programs
27:21 in six Spokane-area churches, three English-speaking churches,
27:25 one multi-cultural church which represented 18 countries
27:31 and a Spanish church and a Russian-speaking church
27:34 and so we've had a wonderful summer together,
27:37 we also have had Bible Workers in this... in those six churches
27:42 working since March,
27:44 all the Bible Workers... where are you?
27:46 Can you raise your hands?
27:48 Okay, there you are...
27:49 these are Bible Workers...
27:51 Audience clapping...
27:55 these are Bible Workers that came here... starting in March
27:59 and they worked with Church members...
28:01 training church members, going out with church members
28:04 and going door-to-door in the Community
28:07 and following up on interest leads
28:09 and with that pre-work done
28:11 when our young people came in July,
28:13 they had contacts already in the community
28:16 that they could take them to,
28:19 that they could teach them
28:21 how to give Bible Studies in their homes
28:23 and it's been a wonderful, wonderful experience.
28:26 Now, today I have with me Frank Fournier...
28:29 he is the outgoing ASI President,
28:31 you have one more day... Frank: Yes.
28:35 Okay, but I really have appreciated
28:38 the ASI support of Youth for Jesus Program
28:42 and as the ASI President,
28:44 you have come and helped in the Program
28:47 because what happens with our young people
28:49 is that... in the morning they have classes
28:52 and these classes include not only
28:55 classes in public and personal evangelism,
28:58 but also... Teen Life Issues...
29:00 like what's God's will for my life,
29:02 why are you an Adventist,
29:04 music and media, dating,
29:05 all these issues that our young people face,
29:08 and so, Frank came and taught a class
29:11 and... for the last two years...
29:13 but you've also had some grandchildren come
29:16 Frank: Yes Ma'am. Leasa: How many?
29:18 Well as far as I can count, there's been four
29:21 and I assume there'll be quite a few more.
29:23 So... so... what has... what have you witnessed
29:29 in your grandchildren's lives that has made a difference?
29:31 Well, you know, it's been amazing...
29:34 amazing... my grandchildren...
29:36 the ones that I have seen go through Youth for Jesus
29:38 have been impacted tremendously
29:40 and I have some that are a little bit older now,
29:43 they're 21 and 20 and whatever they are
29:46 and they're all involved in the Church,
29:49 they're all involved in evangelism,
29:51 they've all preached evangelistic series
29:53 and I assume
29:55 that Youth for Jesus had that impact on their lives.
29:58 Well, as an ASI President coming to observe
30:01 and joining the Program, what did you witness?
30:04 Well, this week was amazing, just amazing,
30:07 I don't know, I've repeated it several times already
30:09 but if I could just take these forty kids
30:12 and start an academy,
30:14 we would turn the world upside down.
30:16 This is... this is how spiritual I found these young people to be
30:20 just amazing... really.
30:22 So, these ASI members,
30:24 who have children ages 15 and older,
30:27 what would you tell them?
30:28 Well, it's obvious,
30:30 there was a time when this program was questioned
30:35 as to whether it should go on or not go on
30:37 and we fought for it to keep on going,
30:39 and today it has proven to be an amazing, amazing blessing
30:43 and if I had anything to say to you,
30:46 get your kids ready for next year...
30:48 to come to this program and for the years to come,
30:50 if anyone ever thinks of closing this thing again,
30:53 they'll have to think twice
30:55 because we're going to deal with it.
30:59 Amen... next we have Mr. Job Winslow
31:03 and he is the Principal of Upper Columbia Academy
31:07 which is located about 20 miles right?
31:10 And they were so gracious,
31:12 they have a beautiful facility there,
31:14 and this is where we were housed... for the month,
31:18 all of our young people, we got our very own Dorm rooms,
31:21 sometimes we go to church schools
31:24 and we carry our bunk beds
31:26 and our kitchen and everything with us,
31:28 and sometimes we have 20 kids in one classroom
31:32 and that kind of cuts down on
31:36 the amount of rest and sleep that you can get
31:38 but this year, we were privileged to
31:42 have our home at the Upper Columbia Academy
31:45 and they were just so gracious and it was just a...
31:49 a beautiful housing experience,
31:52 in fact, we felt like we were at a hotel
31:54 and so Mr. Winslow,
31:57 we are so thankful for your hospitality
32:00 and I know that you
32:02 came and visited our Program a couple of times,
32:04 what were your impressions?
32:06 You know, Leasa, it was amazing to have
32:09 Youth for Jesus on our campus
32:11 and I'm looking at them because I had a lot of fun with them
32:13 and just real quick,
32:17 the thing that was amazing to me
32:19 when I got to go and give them a worship...
32:21 I got to go and worship with them one time
32:23 and share a little bit of what Jesus has done in my life,
32:25 and the enthusiasm that they had was infectious,
32:28 it was just amazing, starting with the Song Service,
32:31 writing to the testimonies that they had
32:33 and even while they listened to this old guy talk,
32:36 it was just a blast,
32:38 but the thing that really, really made a difference for me
32:41 that was amazing was...
32:43 when I got to talk to one of the students
32:46 when I was driving the bus... Leasa: Okay...
32:48 and I said, "What was the best thing
32:50 that happened over this entire time that you were here?
32:53 And this young lady, unquestionably looked at me
32:56 with this amazing sparkle in her eye and said,
32:58 "I got to lead somebody to Jesus"
33:01 That was so awesome and she was so excited
33:05 she said, "I'm going to see her get baptized,"
33:07 that was just incredible.
33:09 Yes, now I know that you and I have had conversations...
33:12 you're the Principal of a High School... Academy...
33:15 and you have a vision, you have a passion
33:18 for these young people to have
33:21 some of the similar experiences so what are your plans?
33:23 Well, Leasa, we... we're doing a lot of things
33:27 in the Upper Columbia Academy
33:29 and I have amazing staff that I am excited to be a part of
33:32 but we're specifically thinking about evangelism and outreach
33:36 and discipleship... Leasa: Amen.
33:38 And in that outreach and discipleship,
33:39 we've actually been able to hire somebody
33:41 just to take care of that
33:43 and they are putting programs in place
33:45 and looking at how they can actually do
33:46 both traditional evangelism and things like we just did
33:50 or things like this group just was a part of
33:53 in the Pathways to Health
33:55 and I am so excited about
33:56 things like that that we're getting going,
33:58 we're also getting agriculture things going
34:00 but specifically, I love to think about outreach
34:04 and just tonight even...
34:06 I was able to spend a little bit of time
34:08 talking with Chris Luis and to say,
34:12 "What do you think about us coming to LA
34:15 and helping you out in the spring?"
34:16 And he said, "Let's talk"
34:18 so I don't know what's going to happen
34:20 but God is good and He has bigger plans
34:22 than I can ever imagine for His school.
34:24 Yes, I know about your Farm Program,
34:26 our kids spent many an hour weeding your potato patch
34:29 so... and we still had quite a few rows left
34:33 before we were going to leave
34:35 and so we really, really wanted to finish
34:37 and so one day, every single one of our kids
34:40 went out there and we finished the potato patch.
34:42 Amen...
34:44 It looks beautiful.
34:45 Yes, thank you so much. Thank you...
34:46 Leasa: And thank you again.
34:48 It's fun to have you guys here.
34:49 Amen... okay, next, representing the pastors of the churches
34:54 that participated in the Youth for Jesus,
34:56 this is Pastor Valodi and can you say your last name?
35:00 Nesteruk...
35:01 Okay and... and...
35:03 I know how to mispronounce it
35:07 but anyway, as a Pastor of the church,
35:09 what was your experience with Youth Evangelism?
35:13 I'm very grateful for Bible Workers
35:16 and Youth for Jesus Team that came to work with us
35:18 at Linwood Church, it was amazing,
35:21 it was the highlight of our summer,
35:23 they did a wonderful job
35:25 presenting the Word of God
35:28 proclaiming the messages from Daniel and Revelation
35:30 with energy, passion and love... the most amazing thing was
35:35 to see... how they developed relationships with people
35:38 and became very close friends with them,
35:39 great music, great energy,
35:41 just a fun, fun team to work with.
35:44 So, you know, young people are always told
35:47 that they are the church of tomorrow,
35:48 how many of you have said it?
35:51 Oh, come on, you can be honest,
35:53 okay, but you know,
35:56 they are the church of today is that what you found?
36:00 Amen... amen... that's what I found,
36:01 they're very capable of presenting the message
36:03 that we have to the world around us
36:06 they have connected with the Community...
36:08 with people around us
36:09 and they have done a wonderful, wonderful job.
36:12 Amen, you know, if we can make our youth
36:15 involved in our churches, make them the church of today,
36:19 we will not see them go out the door,
36:21 isn't that true?
36:22 Amen, amen, that's very true
36:24 I'm very grateful for all of you
36:25 and those who worked at Linwood Church.
36:27 Amen, thank you so much Pastor.
36:30 Okay, next we have Cari and Bill
36:33 and their two daughters.
36:35 Now Cari and Bill, where do you live?
36:38 We live in Erway Heights.
36:40 Okay, so now, how did you find out about these meetings?
36:46 We received a flyer in the mail and it was about Bible Prophecy
36:52 and Bill and I have always been
36:54 interested in the prophecies of the Bible.
36:56 So what made you come?
36:58 Ah... just... well we'd been searching for a church
37:02 for many, many years and we kind of left a bad situation
37:08 with our last church and we just...
37:12 have been searching for the right church
37:15 and we started going to these... the Bible Prophecy meetings
37:22 and the Youth for Jesus people wow!
37:25 Now, what did you think when you first came...
37:28 and these 15- 16- 17-year-old kids were preaching?
37:31 We were blown away, literally blown away.
37:34 So did you learn something new from them?
37:37 Absolutely, yes... yes...
37:39 And all the things that you learned,
37:41 led you to make a decision, what was that?
37:44 Absolutely, Bill and I both were baptized on Tuesday.
37:48 Amen... amen...
37:50 Audience clapping...
37:53 And not only... not only you
37:56 and your husband but who else?
37:59 Who joined by Profession of Faith?
38:02 Bill's mom and dad,
38:05 yes, they also went to the meetings as well... with us.
38:08 Yes, amen, okay, and on Tuesday night,
38:10 Pastor Finley welcomed
38:12 all the newly-baptized members into the church
38:14 and he made an appeal and what happened at that appeal?
38:17 Mom is trying to figure out who is going to answer...
38:23 Who raised their hand?
38:24 Oh, my daughter, Grace, did.
38:27 Amen, amen...
38:28 Yes, she did...
38:30 Audience clapping...
38:32 And I was talking to her and she wants to be baptized
38:36 before her school starts this year
38:38 and so I told her,
38:41 "What are you going to do next summer?"
38:42 Join the ASI...
38:45 Amen... okay... thank you so much...
38:51 she will be up on the stage
38:53 as one of the young Youth for Jesus Evangelists.
38:58 Okay, thank you, the Bible work that goes here
39:02 is... starts in March and it goes all the way through
39:06 to the end of September to follow up
39:09 and this year I was very privileged
39:12 to work with Jack Phillips who was our Bible Work Coordinator
39:15 and he was absolutely invaluable
39:19 so I want to have him tell a short testimony
39:22 about his experience here
39:23 and then interview one of our Bible Workers.
39:27 My experience here was absolutely amazing
39:30 to come out here and lead a team of Bible Workers
39:33 that were passionate about sharing Jesus,
39:35 it's been a joy and while I was here
39:38 I went around and I shared a message
39:40 of just what someone is worth and what they're worth to Jesus
39:44 and while I was doing that, I met a young man
39:49 who was raised Adventist but was not Adventist,
39:54 he had left and he heard me preach
39:56 and we sat down and we ate together
39:58 and we talked and he signed up for studies
40:02 and me and him journeyed together
40:03 and he was baptized the other night as well.
40:06 It's a joy to do this work, I have a Bible Worker with me,
40:11 this is Laura and Laura works at the Linwood Church
40:16 with Pastor Volody and the rest of the team
40:19 and she has had a pretty awesome experience there
40:22 and I just want to ask her a few questions, now,
40:25 before you go out, what do you do?
40:28 I pray that God will lead me to somebody
40:31 who was searching for Him.
40:33 Okay, praying that God leads you
40:35 to someone who wants to know Him
40:38 and one of the times you prayed, what happened?
40:40 Five minutes later, God answered my prayer.
40:43 So... He answered your prayer,
40:45 how did He answer your prayer?
40:47 He led me to the store where I got to meet
40:50 a wonderful woman who was struggling with
40:53 life's struggles and health and she went on to explain
40:56 how she was searching for God.
40:57 All she was looking... was for answers from the Bible.
40:59 All right, so you met her,
41:02 now, before the conversation is over, what did she do?
41:06 She asks me for Bible Studies.
41:08 So she asked you for Bible Studies,
41:10 you're going over to her to ask her if she wants to study
41:12 and she ends up asking you, "please study with me"
41:15 and so you ended up studying,
41:17 you study for a while and...
41:19 then the Youth for Jesus Group shows up
41:22 and they go with you and what happens then?
41:25 We study with her more
41:27 and then we invite her to the Evangelistic Series
41:29 we were hosting at our Church.
41:31 Who did the studies? Did you keep studying with her.
41:33 Actually no... the Youth took over.
41:35 All right, so, these guys did it,
41:37 these young ladies and gentlemen took over
41:39 and how did they do?
41:41 They did great.
41:43 They did how?
41:44 They did great.
41:46 Great! All right, I love it,
41:47 all right so, you invited her to the meetings,
41:49 what was her reaction to coming to the meetings?
41:51 Before I actually was able to invite her,
41:54 she told me that she got the flyers in the mail
41:56 the previous week
41:58 but she couldn't go because she didn't have a ride.
42:00 All right,
42:01 now when she found out
42:03 you guys were doing the meetings,
42:05 what was... what did she say?
42:07 We ended up picking her up
42:09 every single day and taking her home
42:11 but she was excited to come to the meetings.
42:13 So she was going to the meetings
42:15 and then you get to the Sabbath topic...
42:17 presented it at the meetings and how did she react?
42:19 She was very enthusiastic,
42:23 that morning, she was studying in devotionals
42:25 about the Sabbath and she's like,
42:27 "Well no church teaches the Sabbath anymore
42:30 so I don't know where to search"
42:32 and on that night, in that Evangelistic Series,
42:34 she found out more about the Sabbath.
42:36 Amen... amen... okay now, you kept going to the meetings
42:40 and you get to baptism and what happens?
42:43 And you shared something that really touched my heart,
42:45 would you share what happened that night.
42:46 Okay, she was sitting there and she looked like
42:54 she was struggling about the baptism call,
42:56 she went up by herself, no one else followed her,
43:00 no one else was up there with her,
43:02 but she went up by herself
43:04 and she made the decision for God herself,
43:06 later on that night, she came back and she told me,
43:09 "Laura, I kept telling God, 'I am not going up there,
43:11 you will not let me go up there'"
43:13 she's like, "but I went up. "
43:15 Amen, amen, now, she made a decision,
43:20 has she been baptized yet?
43:22 No, she hasn't been baptized yet
43:24 but she's doing baptismal classes with Pastor Volody
43:27 and also, her boyfriend has joined her
43:29 in the baptismal studies
43:30 and he was formerly an Atheist before the Series.
43:33 Amen... amen... Audience: Amen...
43:36 Okay, our time is ticking down quick,
43:39 you know... one of the reasons...
43:42 the highlights of the program
43:44 is the impact that the program has
43:46 on the young people themselves.
43:47 You know, a lot of our young Adventist members
43:51 are just Adventists because somebody told them they were,
43:53 they don't know why they're Adventists for themselves
43:56 but through this program,
43:57 they have an experience with God,
43:59 they have an experience in winning souls
44:00 and they get a vision,
44:01 or they get a... a sense of mission
44:03 for why they are Seventh-day Adventists
44:05 and the mission of the church and their part in it
44:07 so Alessandra, you are 16-years old
44:10 and you have a ministry
44:12 and yet, you took time away from
44:15 basically, like a family business
44:17 and your ministry, to come to Youth for Jesus, why?
44:20 Well, I was really excited to come to YFJ...
44:24 or Youth for Jesus because
44:26 I had heard so much about it and everything that I heard,
44:29 turned out to be true and more,
44:31 because I was able to make friends with people that...
44:37 they were more like me, you know,
44:39 they had the same Christian standards,
44:41 they had the same kind of mindset
44:43 and it was just incredible to find youth
44:46 that were like that, youth that I could connect with
44:48 and my favorite part, I think was...
44:50 being able to give Bible Studies
44:53 to other people and just seeing God work through us
44:57 as broken vessels and still be able to use us
45:01 to be able to change the lives of other people
45:03 in the surrounding community and that to me
45:05 was incredibly special.
45:06 Amen... amen... thank you Alessandra,
45:09 this is Nelson, this is Nelson's second year
45:12 and you grew up in an Adventist home
45:14 but what was your spiritual experience like?
45:18 Um... for me... I would never really...
45:22 my parents were the people
45:23 that encouraged my spiritual walk,
45:25 I never really took an interest in that,
45:28 I didn't go to church to get closer to God,
45:30 I went to church to hang with friends and what not.
45:32 So you came to Youth for Jesus
45:34 and one thing you missed, I know, was your electronics
45:38 because you're really big into sports
45:40 and you needed to check on your sports teams every hour,
45:42 is that right?
45:43 Yes.
45:45 Okay but at Youth for Jesus, we don't have electronics
45:49 because we want to dedicate this month
45:51 to your relationship with God
45:53 and we want to leave all distractions aside,
45:55 so how was that experience for you?
45:56 Um, at first when I got here, I was like...
46:00 "What am I doing with my life, like, why am I here?"
46:03 But then as time progressed and I got to talking with
46:07 my Bible Worker, Eugene, he was a really powerful impact
46:11 on my life and he really made me think about
46:14 "Do I really want to go to heaven?
46:16 Do I really want to encourage my walk with God?
46:19 What do I want to get out of this program?"
46:21 And so at the end of the Program you shared a testimony
46:25 and you had made a decision and what was that?
46:28 So one night I was praying and I was like,
46:30 "If I don't get closer to God after YFJ and what not...
46:34 this is a waste... like, why did I come?"
46:36 So I prayed that if sports was what was keeping me
46:40 from getting closer to God, to take that away from me.
46:44 Amen and we're going to be praying for you,
46:47 thank you so much.
46:48 This is Kendall and Kendall, you had a plan for summer
46:54 that did not include YFJ, is that right?
46:56 Yes, I did.
46:57 Leasa: And where are you from?
46:58 Kendall: Originally? Leasa: No.
47:00 Right now, I'm from Wenatchee, Washington.
47:01 Okay, it's about three hours from here
47:03 and you had a plan and then you got a call
47:05 and we asked you to do something, what was that?
47:08 So, I was planning, this summer,
47:11 to be taking a CNA Class at our local Community College
47:15 and then I got a call
47:16 in January from someone I didn't expect to get a call from
47:19 it was from Ms. Vivian, she said,
47:21 "Kendall, what would you think about coming back to speak
47:24 at Youth for Jesus?"
47:25 and I was like, "Well, I'll pray about it"
47:28 and so I finished talking to her
47:30 and I started praying about it and I was like,
47:32 "No, I don't think it's going to work
47:33 because I have three things... "
47:34 I needed to be able to find
47:36 another way to take the CNA Class,
47:38 I needed to work or I needed to find
47:39 some way to pay for school,
47:41 and then I just had a lot on my plate with the other...
47:43 with the Nursing prerequisites and so I was like,
47:44 "I don't think this is going to work... God. "
47:46 Okay, but you obviously ended up here.
47:49 But I did, so then about a week later I went
47:52 and I talked to my Nursing Advisor
47:54 and she was like, "Not a problem,
47:56 we'll have you take the three-week accelerated course
47:58 at the end of the summer"
48:00 and then I was like, "Okay... " so that worked out,
48:02 and then I had forgotten that my grandparents had sent me an
48:04 application for a scholarship
48:05 and I didn't even know how much money it was for,
48:08 so the day before it was due,
48:10 I filled it out and applied for it
48:11 and I ended up receiving and it was for the exact amount
48:14 that I needed for Nursing School in the fall.
48:17 Amen... amen... amen... so...
48:19 preaching the gospel to the general public,
48:23 what was that experience like?
48:24 Well, I sometimes think,
48:26 we think that... us sharing the gospel...
48:28 that we're blessing other people but God is blessing us
48:32 and just to be able to...
48:33 to spend that time reading His Word
48:35 and then being able to teach it and share it with other people,
48:38 it's just... it takes on a whole new form
48:40 and it becomes living in a whole new way
48:42 and it was just an amazing experience
48:45 and I'm so glad God had a specific plan
48:47 for me to be here at Youth for Jesus this summer.
48:50 Amen... thank you so much for serving Kendall.
48:52 Okay, this is Michael Cuke.
48:54 Michael Cuke came from New York as one of the last replacements
48:59 for some people that couldn't come
49:00 now, what was your experience at Youth for Jesus like?
49:04 Okay, so, like Ms. Leasa said, I came from New York
49:08 and... I mean... it was a pretty big contrast,
49:11 coming from New York, to like, Farmville... basically
49:15 and kind of like other people I know down here,
49:21 when I first came here I was like,
49:22 "I can't do this, I have to go to bed at 9:30,
49:25 they have pizza with no cheese, they take away my phone,"
49:30 I'm like, "I can't do this"
49:32 but as the days progressed and just like Nelson was saying,
49:35 the way Youth for Jesus is...
49:37 it causes you not to feel... like... pressured
49:40 to be in the church or to serve God,
49:42 it causes you to make it like a desire...
49:44 and you want to serve God, you want to finally choose
49:47 because God and a relationship with him
49:49 and making it to heaven is bigger than the cell phone,
49:51 it's bigger than pizza with cheese,
49:53 it's bigger than anything you could ever imagine
49:55 and coming to Youth for Jesus
49:57 is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.
50:00 Thank you Michael. Audience: Amen...
50:02 Audience clapping...
50:06 So, this is Harold Lance,
50:08 he is a President of ASI Mission Inc.
50:10 which funds the Youth for Jesus Program,
50:13 and you've been funding it for 16 years
50:17 and you were a member of the Linwood Church
50:20 which is one of the Youth for Jesus churches
50:23 and so what was it like, as a church member
50:26 experiencing Youth for Jesus?
50:27 We've seen Youth for Jesus from the outside
50:30 but to experience it from the inside...
50:33 to see the faithful leadership of the people
50:37 who make this happen every day, the Bible Workers,
50:41 the bright and shining committed young people
50:44 there... every night...
50:46 what an inspiration it was to us personally
50:49 and to our church that rallied around
50:52 and saw to it that we were there every night
50:56 to make it a respectable and interesting place
51:00 and I can tell you ASI Family that the dollars that we invest
51:05 in these young people,
51:07 and the money that the Conference puts into it
51:10 is well-spent dollars and we got our money's worth
51:13 and I am proud to wear their shirt.
51:16 Amen, now for any of the church members
51:18 that are from the Phoenix, Arizona area,
51:21 Phoenix, Arizona is where we will have
51:23 Youth for Jesus next year, okay, we'll see you there.
51:27 Thank you so much.
51:35 Piano being played...
51:39 some more music...
51:43 I'm longing to be like Jesus
51:51 I'm following in
51:55 His way
51:59 I'm learning to love
52:04 as He did...
52:08 and know that I do inside...
52:15 At times I am tempted
52:19 to make a wrong choice
52:23 but I want to listen
52:28 as the still small voice whispers,
52:34 "Love one another as Jesus loves you
52:41 try to show kindness in all that you do
52:48 be gentle and loving"
52:53 indeed I did find...
52:57 for these are the things Jesus taught.
53:06 piano playing...
53:14 piano...
53:22 I'm learning to love my neighbor
53:29 I'm learning to serve my friends
53:37 I watch for the day of gladness...
53:45 when Jesus will come again
53:52 I long to remember
53:56 the lessons He taught
54:00 then the Holy Spirit
54:04 enters into my thoughts saying,
54:09 "Love one another as Jesus loves you
54:16 try to show kindness in all that you do
54:24 be gentle and loving" indeed I did find...
54:32 for these are the things Jesus taught.
54:40 Love one another as Jesus loves you
54:48 try to show kindness in all that you do
54:56 be gentle and loving" indeed I did find...
55:04 for these are the things
55:10 Jesus
55:16 taught.
55:21 closing music...
55:27 Will you please bow your heads with me for prayer?
55:29 "Father, God, tonight we lift our hearts in prayer to you Lord
55:34 you know the messages that we have heard today
55:38 and tonight in music and in word,
55:40 Lord, maybe you've touched our hearts
55:43 but Lord, we want you to more...
55:45 we want to be more than just hearers Lord,
55:47 Lord, we want to be doers
55:49 and we ask that we wouldn't leave here
55:51 the same as we have come in
55:53 but that we would do your will,
55:56 that our lives would be a witness for you
55:58 in everything that we do
56:00 that we wouldn't just go to church on Sabbath
56:03 but that we would in all of our lives
56:06 in our work... in our school,
56:08 Lord that we would be servants for you
56:11 and that people would see Jesus in us,
56:13 that we may bring your message to the world at this time
56:17 of the closing of earth's history, Lord,
56:19 and we just thank you so much that you have not left us
56:23 but that you've cared so much about us...
56:26 Lord, we are so unworthy
56:29 and yet you've come down to our sinful planet
56:32 and made a difference
56:34 and father we want to make a difference for you
56:36 and we just thank you that you have given us the power
56:39 and we claim that and we thank you Lord
56:41 in Jesus' name, amen...
56:45 ASI Spokane, Washington


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