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00:22 Music...
00:23 It touches my heart to see so many people,
00:25 praise God, I'm glad you're here
00:27 and I'm here to welcome you to Spokane,
00:31 welcome to National ASI Convention for this year.
00:35 It's a blessing and I hope that you realize
00:39 that we're here to join hands together,
00:42 walk shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm,
00:44 we're marching to Zion, that's what we're doing
00:47 and we're congregating together as much as we can
00:50 to encourage ourselves
00:51 and I hope you're finding encouragement here,
00:53 I don't know about you but I got a tremendous blessing
00:56 this morning and if you want to know
00:59 what righteousness by faith is, we heard it... this morning
01:03 and if you weren't here,
01:05 I urge you to get that message from John Bradshaw,
01:08 it was amazing... amazing to me...
01:10 God bless you, thank you for coming
01:12 and I hope that you continue to enjoy the whole day,
01:16 I hope you stay all day, God bless you.
01:19 Frank Fournier, President of ASI, is leaving the stage.
01:24 I would like to invite you,
01:26 wherever possible,
01:28 if you would kneel with me in prayer.
01:30 Kneeling...
01:33 Loving heavenly Father, what a wonderful God you are,
01:41 what a wonderful dad you are to us
01:43 that you invite us to this annual feast
01:47 where we can come together as a family,
01:50 a global family and meet and rejoice and share
01:55 and participate in this great work that you have for us,
02:00 but Lord, we can't fully enjoy
02:05 all of the things that you have prepared for us here
02:08 because while we are feasting, there are many who are fasting
02:13 and there are many who are in famine,
02:15 so we pray that you will give us everything that we need
02:19 which you have already done through your Son, Jesus Christ,
02:23 so that we might be agents of yours,
02:27 agents of peace in this world and soon... you will return...
02:32 where we can really enjoy that feast around that big table.
02:37 We pray that today will be a foretaste
02:41 and as our Speakers and our participants
02:46 present and show us what you have in store for us,
02:51 we pray that we might take it in
02:54 and not be the same afterwards, in Jesus' name I pray, amen.
02:59 Piano playing...
03:08 Let us now stand together as we sing our opening song,
03:13 "Watch Ye Saints. "
03:16 Piano playing introductory
03:25 music...
03:32 Let us sing together...
05:41 Sinners, come, while Christ is pleading;
05:46 Now for you He's interceding;
05:51 Haste, ere grace and time diminished
05:55 Shall proclaim the mystery finished.
05:59 Lo! He comes,
06:03 Lo! Jesus comes,
06:07 Lo! He comes He comes all glorious!
06:11 Jesus comes to reign victorious,
06:16 Lo! He comes,
06:21 Yes, Jesus comes.
06:29 Audience: Amen... Leaving the stage...
06:37 Good morning and Happy Sabbath, please be seated.
06:39 Now I know those of you who have been here
06:47 at the Convention,
06:49 know that when you see me, I have a project to share.
06:51 Well, I do, I have five that I want to highlight
06:55 for you today, this morning,
06:57 you know there are many ways at our disposal
06:59 to share Christ in our Marketplace,
07:02 and what I want to do is introduce to you
07:04 Kyle Allen who's going to help us understand
07:07 SOULS Northwest and the kind of ministry that they have
07:12 and what they're doing to reach Christ in their marketplace.
07:14 All right thank you Debbie, happy Sabbath everyone
07:17 and with me...
07:18 next to me is Jason Worf
07:21 who is the Director of SOULS Northwest
07:22 and so Jason I'm going to start out by asking you
07:24 what is SOULS Northwest?
07:26 It's the North Pacific Union's two-year training school
07:30 for Outreach Evangelism, we do Literature Ministry,
07:33 Bible Work and Health Ministry
07:35 and we've got a special relationship
07:37 with the local church and Conference
07:39 so our students get a lot of practical experience
07:42 in real-life situations
07:43 and we like that because it gives us a good balance
07:45 between on-the-job training
07:47 and the religious instruction we'd like to do.
07:49 Absolutely and how long is your Program?
07:50 It's a two-year Program.
07:52 Okay, so... and I noticed that you're not alone, Jason,
07:55 tell us who's next to you?
07:56 so this is Ethan and then Faatasiga and Ruejeina,
08:00 they're students at SOULS Northwest.
08:02 All right, very good, now Ethan, let's start with you,
08:04 tell us... why are you at SOULS Northwest?
08:08 Well, in short, because God has led me here,
08:11 I felt His call in my life to Pastoral Ministry
08:14 and I had everything ready to go to Walla Walla University
08:17 to study Theology there
08:18 but yet, God intervened and He said,
08:20 "No, I want you to go to SOULS Northwest first"
08:22 and then continue with that and I was challenged with this...
08:26 with making this decision but God has shown me
08:28 that He wants me here to prepare me for my upcoming ministry
08:31 and so God is changing me
08:33 from a life of self to life of service
08:35 and meeting people where they are
08:37 in going door-to-door with literature and Bible Studies.
08:40 Amen, now Ethan I understand
08:42 that recently you had an experience at a door
08:44 where you met a man that didn't seem quite open at first,
08:47 tell us what happened.
08:48 Yes, he was closed off at first because of his past experience
08:52 of meeting people at doors and he had been burned by them
08:55 and so the books weren't going anywhere
08:57 and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said,
08:58 "You know, just...
09:00 just get to know him as a person"
09:01 so asked him about himself and shared with me
09:03 personal pain that he had been through
09:06 and I gave him a copy of Steps to Christ
09:08 and said, "This is for free, I believe that it will help you
09:10 with what you're going through"
09:12 and I left shortly after that.
09:13 Then three months later,
09:15 he calls me up on the phone
09:17 and he says, "You'll never believe what happened,
09:20 thank you so much for coming to my door,
09:22 this past weekend,
09:23 I went to the local Adventist Church,
09:25 I loved the people there, I loved this potluck
09:28 and I enjoyed the outreach afterwards so much
09:31 thank you and I will definitely be back. "
09:34 Amen, so Literature and Potlucks
09:36 bring people to our churches, amen.
09:38 Faatasiga, you're also a student at SOULS
09:41 and I understand that you actually experienced
09:43 the great controversy firsthand recently
09:46 when you went to a door.
09:47 Yes, I asked this young lady if I can speak to her mom
09:51 so I can share some literature with her
09:53 and she says, "My mom is not home"
09:56 and I said, "Well, I can see her sitting in the house"
09:58 and she was like, "Well, you know,
10:02 the past few months
10:03 there has been some paranormal activity in our home"
10:07 And I said, "Lord, I'm going to the next house... "
10:10 but the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said,
10:14 "May I come into your house?"
10:16 So as I came into the house,
10:18 I had eye contact with the mother
10:20 and she started biting herself and stated sweating,
10:24 the young lady comes to me and she gives me holy water
10:27 and a rosary...
10:29 and I said, "No, we need to pray"
10:31 so we got around in a circle and we started to pray
10:34 and at the end of the prayer,
10:35 I felt like... as heaven was in the home
10:38 and I left that home with "The Great Controversy"
10:40 and a "Bible Answers For The Home"
10:42 with that experience, I realized
10:44 how there was a great controversy in my heart
10:46 and I need to be in it to win the soul
10:48 and also at each door... there truly is a great controversy.
10:52 Amen, praise the Lord...
10:53 Faatasiga, what has this done for you as a young adult?
10:55 Going out, doing this ministry,
10:57 experiencing that great controversy in this work?
10:59 Truthfully, it has deepened my desire
11:03 to see what God can do...
11:04 what I cannot do for myself or for anyone else,
11:07 and it has been a blessing to see God work.
11:09 Amen, amen, thank you, and Ruejeina,
11:12 I understand that you took the training
11:14 at SOULS Northwest and you had a passion
11:17 for taking that back to your local church in Hawaii,
11:19 tell us what happened.
11:20 Yes, so I went back home to Hawaii on break
11:24 and I wanted to canvas to earn a little bit of money
11:26 but I told God... I didn't want it to be just about that,
11:29 I told him, "I wanted to win a soul for you"
11:31 and that's when I met Glenda,
11:32 she only got a cookbook and a kid's book
11:35 but as we talked about spiritual matters,
11:37 she said that she didn't find a church that she felt at home at
11:40 so I told her to come to mine
11:42 and she said that she would love to attend,
11:44 at the end, she even signed up for personal Bible Studies,
11:47 two weeks after I left, my Bible Worker met with them
11:51 and they started Bible Studies and he says that
11:53 they are ripe and ready for the truth...
11:54 these people are searching,
11:55 three days later she calls me and asks me for directions
11:59 because her and her family
12:01 were on the way to my church that Sabbath morning
12:02 and they are still... they love the church...
12:05 the kids enjoyed Sabbath School so much,
12:06 they loved the service and they want to come back
12:08 and they've been back
12:10 and they are still continuing to study the Bible.
12:11 Amen... amen... praise God Ruejeina for that testimony,
12:14 now Jason, I understand that there's one other family
12:17 that we wanted to share about
12:18 that is impacted by the ministry of your students.
12:21 You know, some people ask about evangelism,
12:23 does it make an impact... do people get baptized?
12:25 Well, Literature Evangelism and Bible Work... sometimes...
12:28 is the front-end... you're not seeing all the results
12:31 but Kenny and Tina were watching 3ABN
12:34 and they didn't know what they were watching
12:35 but they started going back to the Lutheran Church
12:37 and then they get a knock on the door
12:39 and one of our students leaves them with
12:41 "The Great Controversy" and "Peace Above the Storm"
12:43 a few weeks later, they're watching this guy
12:45 running back and forth on stage
12:46 and David Asscherick holds up, "Peace Above the Storm"
12:49 and they say, "Wait, I've got that book"
12:53 and they go back...
12:54 they read the "Peace Above the Storm"
12:56 that week, they go to the Fairview Church
12:57 right here in Upper Columbia Conference in Yakima
13:00 and they said that they just felt
13:02 like they were home right then
13:04 and they... Kenny got baptized this past summer
13:07 and just... amazing experience.
13:10 Amen, amen... praise God... amen...
13:12 now Jason, I know that you and your students here
13:15 believe that Jesus is coming soon,
13:16 why is this work... of training young adults
13:18 for evangelism and service so important?
13:20 Well besides the fact that we're told that it's...
13:23 to a great extent, the literature
13:25 that will bring in thousands upon thousands at the very end
13:28 we know Jesus is coming soon and the most effective way
13:31 to share the gospel with the world
13:33 is one-on-one... person-to-person...
13:34 and we're training our young people
13:36 to be leaders, to raise up our church members
13:38 to do that very work, to organize and to train members
13:42 to actually do the personal ministry.
13:44 Amen... and your... your... the offering today...
13:46 part of it will go to help SOULS Northwest
13:48 helping students attend there,
13:50 what difference does it make for those students Jason?
13:52 It makes all the difference,
13:53 it's going to be the difference between somebody going to
13:56 coming to SOULS and getting Gospel-Worker training
13:58 or going to a Community College
13:59 and it's literally going to be the difference between
14:01 somebody hearing about Jesus' love for them
14:04 in the next few weeks or not at all.
14:06 I think that it's going to mean the world of difference
14:08 for a bunch of young adults...
14:10 young Adventists who want to share their faith
14:12 and a bunch of people that are yet to be Adventists.
14:14 Amen... amen... praise God, thank you guys for your ministry
14:17 and thank you for supporting SOULS Northwest.
14:20 Thank you very much, Kyle and the Team... the...
14:23 the SOULS Northwest Team,
14:25 there is no greater investment
14:27 that we can put into our young people...
14:29 isn't that exciting? Amen...
14:30 Now the New Beginnings DVD Project
14:33 is probably one of the most successful that ASI has done
14:38 and Norman Reitz, our VP for Evangelism
14:41 and Ruben Diaz, a Businessman from British Columbia
14:43 are going to share with us an update on that.
14:46 In Eternity... we are going to meet people
14:49 whose language we never spoke,
14:51 whom we never met in person
14:52 and whose lives were radically different from our own
14:55 they didn't have the privilege
14:57 of living in beautiful British Columbia,
14:59 technology-driven Silicon Valley
15:02 mostly their lives were dreary and difficult,
15:05 but somewhere in their lives
15:06 they came to know about Jesus Christ,
15:08 they came to know about the God of heaven,
15:11 they came to know that they were invited to the Kingdom
15:13 and the New Beginnings materials
15:16 have been extremely impactful in the world.
15:19 We want to give an update today
15:21 on a few aspects of the ministry,
15:23 there was a major DVD Training program
15:28 in Cuba a few years ago
15:30 and we couldn't tell you the whole story
15:32 so Ruben Diaz who was instrumental
15:34 in making that Program happen,
15:36 can update us with some things that are now able to be told
15:40 that we have diplomatic relations with Cuba
15:42 and it's not such a sensitive subject... Ruben...
15:45 That's right Norm, it was really, really a blessing
15:48 to be personally involved with New Beginnings,
15:51 let me tell you it changed our lives...
15:54 our family's life... totally...
15:56 and I'd like to share some details...
15:58 you know, back in 2008, it was not possible to send
16:03 money to Cuba through the US
16:05 and Denzel, one day, told me there was this big challenge
16:10 and we know that as business people...
16:12 challenges are what? Great opportunities... right?
16:17 So, this was a project that you... ASI America...
16:21 worked very closely with ASI Europe
16:24 and since we were able to send funds to Cuba,
16:27 we started in 2008 and we met...
16:31 I remember a meeting that we had in Miami
16:33 with the Union Leaders of Cuba with Mark Finley and Denzel
16:39 and we planned it, you know, it was...
16:42 an incredible miracle, the whole thing
16:44 because we have to send funds to Cuba
16:47 because we couldn't
16:48 import DVD players in Cuba, it was impossible
16:51 and the Government had this monopoly,
16:54 so we had to buy them there locally,
16:56 so this money was sent to Europe, from Europe...
17:00 it actually took... the first wire...
17:02 took about 2 to 3 months to be credited
17:05 but it happened and then when it happened,
17:07 the other challenge was to buy them,
17:09 you know, there was a law that said
17:11 you could buy one DVD... one DVD each person...
17:15 so you could imagine, it was really hard
17:16 but praise the Lord that 2,000 DVDs were bought
17:21 by a team of four or five, so that's incredible
17:25 and, you know, I remember one story
17:27 that was told afterwards by the faithful Cuban members there,
17:31 that once... they were buying these DVDS from the stores
17:34 and they were running out of stock
17:36 so whole Cuba had no DVDs
17:38 and then they were going back again...
17:40 "No, we don't have them"
17:41 and then once they had 20 or 30,
17:44 then, they went there and got them,
17:46 one time they got...
17:48 I think a 100 or so... it was really incredible
17:50 it was an opportunity to buy a hundred,
17:51 and this took about 4 or 5 months
17:53 and when they bought the hundred,
17:54 they put inside the truck, they were leaving the place,
17:58 there was an arrangement with the place
18:01 and then, at the right moment, they turned the corner,
18:04 the police stopped them...
18:05 and, as you can imagine, everybody was extremely nervous
18:10 but they prayed right there in the moment
18:14 and you know what happened?
18:15 The policeman went back, opened up the trunk
18:19 it was full of DVDs, completely packed,
18:22 it was illegal to have one more...
18:24 more than one DVD... and it was opened,
18:28 he looked at it, he said, "It's fine... just go"
18:32 so, praise the Lord that today
18:36 we still can see miracles working.
18:39 If you haven't been involved in New Beginnings,
18:43 if you haven't personally been involved in Evangelism,
18:46 this is the time,
18:47 and Norm is going to share with you details...
18:49 do you have details about some new projects in China?
18:52 Well, I've been trying to do a full...
18:55 presentation here in a minute about China
18:57 but I would like to share my experience on China,
18:59 we went last year and when I went to Hong Kong,
19:02 it was about ten other ASI people,
19:04 they said, "Norman, you can't present
19:07 in Beijing, it's gong to be a problem,
19:08 give the material to the Pastor... "
19:10 so I was prepared to do that,
19:12 the second day, they said, "You can't present...
19:14 get your stuff ready...
19:15 give it to the local pastor... "
19:17 then they didn't say anything, then we went to Beijing,
19:20 then we presented in Beijing, Shenyang, Chanshung,
19:24 in Northern China
19:25 the DVD material is being used today
19:28 in remote parts of China, Outer Mongolia,
19:31 places where there never was a church,
19:33 there is no DVD Player, there are no tracts,
19:35 there's no market in hardware but the electronic version
19:40 gets out there in the field... and it can be used
19:42 and we were blessed last year
19:44 to do a very high quality Mandarin version
19:47 so along with the ShareHim materials,
19:49 the New Beginnings' Materials
19:51 it's a high-quality product,
19:53 Chinese are very careful craftsmen...
19:56 you can't give them junk,
19:57 you have to give them something high-quality...
20:00 our material is something
20:01 that you can send to an Art Exhibition
20:04 and you would get good reviews on the quality of the material
20:08 but it's saving souls today and you're generosity
20:11 in offerings... you may not know
20:13 but you're going to meet these people in heaven
20:15 and you can be credited with helping their salvation.
20:21 Audience: Amen...
20:22 Debbie: Amen... amen... New Beginnings DVD...
20:25 a set of sermons with the culturized graphics
20:29 that can be used around the world
20:31 in each respective culture so that you can preach the Word
20:34 by Lay people
20:36 to let them know that Jesus loves them
20:38 and that He is coming soon,
20:39 now, Norm and Ruben mentioned China
20:41 and China is a place that still has tremendous need
20:45 and we're going to have Pastor Finley share a little bit
20:47 about that with Audrey Folkenberg
20:50 who's from the China Union, and Chuck Cleveland,
20:54 the Director for Health Education Resources.
20:58 Thank you Debbie,
21:00 one of the most significant challenges
21:02 the most formidable challenges
21:03 that we face as Seventh-day Adventists,
21:05 is in the country of China
21:07 with its multiplied millions of people,
21:09 now, China has many challenges but one of those challenges
21:14 is that our Chinese brothers and sisters...
21:17 most of them have never been out of the country of China,
21:21 so they're not certain
21:23 about their connectedness to their World Church,
21:25 we don't have any Unions in China
21:28 as we would know them here today,
21:30 no Conferences in China so the church governance system
21:34 is largely a congregational governing system,
21:38 we began to wonder at the General Conference
21:42 what can we do to connect
21:45 our brothers and sisters in China with the world church,
21:48 it was last year at ASI that we made a presentation
21:53 to the ASI Leadership, Elder Bob Folkenberg,
21:57 Audrey's husband was with me
22:00 and we sat down and talked about the challenges of China,
22:03 the ASI Leadership committed a 120,000 dollars
22:08 to bring leading pastors from China
22:11 to the General Conference Session.
22:13 For the first time in history we had 65 delegates from China
22:20 at the General Conference Session...
22:22 Audience: Amen...
22:23 They were overwhelmed to see
22:25 the Adventist mission and ministry
22:27 in 216 different countries from around the world
22:32 just overwhelmed to know
22:34 that they were a part of an international family.
22:36 After that session was over, my wife and I,
22:39 Elder and Mrs. Folkenberg, Jim Nix and his wife,
22:44 took these 65 on a tour of Adventist History,
22:49 we took them to the General Conference,
22:51 we took them to Washington, New Hampshire
22:54 and studied the Bible Sabbath there in Joseph Bates' home,
22:57 we took them to the William Miller Farm
22:59 and studied the second coming of Christ,
23:01 took them to Hiram Edson Farm and studied the sanctuary,
23:05 took them to Battle Creek
23:07 and studied our Adventist Health Message,
23:08 showed them Andrews University,
23:10 the last night they gave a testimony service...
23:13 absolutely amazing... saying,
23:16 "We sense we're a part of the world church,
23:18 we sense we're a part of a much larger family... "
23:21 let me share with you one simple story
23:24 that illustrates their dedication,
23:27 on our tour, there was a woman probably...
23:31 oh, she was less than 5 feet tall,
23:34 probably 4' 9" or 4' 10" Audrey...
23:37 and she was less than a 100 pounds,
23:41 she was sent as a Mission Pioneer
23:44 and many of you are sponsoring Mission Pioneers
23:47 to China, it's making a difference,
23:49 she was sent as a Mission Pioneer
23:51 to a city of 13 million
23:53 where we have no Seventh-day Adventists,
23:55 it was a struggle for her, I said to her,
23:58 "What are your biggest challenges?"
23:59 She said, "The loneliness... "
24:01 she said, "Many times, I was thinking about giving up...
24:04 but it was as if somebody was praying for me. "
24:07 She said, "I lived in a dark, damp apartment
24:10 the first years I was there... "
24:11 she said that the most frightening thing
24:13 was at night in the darkness when the rats in that apartment
24:17 would come and bite my feet. "
24:19 She stayed there for ten years
24:21 and today we have a church of 200 in that city
24:24 because of that Godly woman,
24:26 but more challenges, Audrey, what are they?
24:28 Well, Mark, as you've already mentioned,
24:31 the challenge is huge, just the numbers alone,
24:34 China is the largest unreached group... the "people group,"
24:38 that have yet to hear about Jesus
24:39 and you may think
24:41 that the church is growing rapidly in China and say,
24:44 "Ah, what do I need to do from this side of the world?"
24:47 But the fact is, the growth rate in China
24:50 has slowed down to about 2.5 to 3 percent annually,
24:54 "Why is that?" You might ask,
24:56 well it's that combination of a Government
25:00 that is very much against religion,
25:01 especially Christianity combined with materialism
25:05 and secularism and we have cities
25:09 of millions without an Adventist presence,
25:11 we have provinces without an Adventist presence,
25:14 we have provinces that have just built their first church
25:18 so... in my mind... the largest challenge is,
25:21 the numbers combined with the obstacles...
25:23 and that is... the materialism and secularism
25:26 that is there, but I want to thank ASI,
25:28 you Mark and Elder Nix
25:30 for the difference you all have made
25:32 by bringing these members to the GC Session.
25:35 I know that they go back with a solidified desire
25:40 to be unified as a church and part of the world church
25:43 and then to go to these Adventist Heritage sites...
25:47 no question... they have...
25:48 identified, highlighted and underscored the importance
25:52 of being a part of a prophetic church
25:55 who is fulfilling a message to reach the world for God.
25:57 You know Audrey,
25:59 that was exciting to be on that trip together
26:02 and to see what God did in their lives
26:04 as we studied Scripture in the Adventist History sites,
26:07 the health message is making an impact in China.
26:11 Well, it is absolutely making an impact,
26:14 God's method, Christ's method alone
26:16 was to go in and identify the needs,
26:19 to meet them... to win their hearts
26:21 and then bring them to Jesus
26:23 and I just heard a story... just yesterday
26:25 about a team that is in an unreached city of 3 million
26:29 with basically a handful of Adventists
26:32 and what they have done is they've worked
26:35 with what Elder Cleveland here is helping us bring into China
26:38 and that is... these Health Expo materials...
26:40 the banners... and I just heard
26:42 that because of these banners that were out on the streets,
26:45 people were walking by and saying, "What is this?"
26:48 They have come in to a "Center of Influence"
26:51 which we have now... 40 in China...
26:53 twenty of which have your Health Expo materials,
26:56 they came in and they learned about health,
26:59 they were invited to study the Bible,
27:01 they started coming to church and next Sabbath
27:04 because of entering unreached cities with the health message
27:08 we will be having... in that city of 3 million...
27:10 five baptisms... and that is... next Sabbath
27:13 so thank you for all that you are doing
27:15 for Kingdom Growth in China.
27:17 You know, Elder Cleveland, you have been working in China
27:19 for a number of years now, how long have you worked there?
27:21 Elder Cleveland: Just about three years.
27:22 Mark: And how many times have you been to China?
27:24 Elder Cleveland: Seven times. Mark: Seven times...
27:25 what are you...
27:27 what are you doing in China, what kind of health ministry?
27:29 Well, we have a goal
27:30 we're working with the Chinese Union Mission
27:32 to supply a 100 sets of banners
27:34 to reach out to the Centers of Influence...
27:36 all 40 of them... but we're equipping them one by one,
27:39 we're doing the Sanitariums that are in China,
27:41 we have a number of growing-little Sanitariums
27:43 and then our key churches and that is...
27:46 it's thrilling to hear these reports,
27:48 we're moving into a new phase now... with the offering today
27:52 to help equip a 100 sets of children's banners...
27:55 activities... what they can do with young people
27:59 to go to a new level to equip our people
28:02 not only to reach out to the adults in China,
28:04 through a method that the Government appreciates
28:07 helping people with their health,
28:09 now we want to help the children
28:10 and it will broaden the ministry that we can offer.
28:13 So you have about a 100 different sites
28:16 that you're working with in Health Ministry Outreach
28:19 and what about Sanitariums?
28:22 How many Sanitariums
28:24 are you connecting and working with today?
28:27 It's about 20 Sanitariums
28:28 on different levels throughout China,
28:30 I have the thrill of my life just recently
28:33 returning from there... 20 individuals...
28:36 Leaders of these Sanitariums...
28:37 ten of them came to one city,
28:39 and we had a whole week together
28:41 and, you know, I'm not very good with languages
28:43 but when you talk with
28:45 Medical Missionaries to Medical Missionaries,
28:46 you almost don't need a translator
28:48 and we just bonded
28:50 as we talked about the work of Lifestyle Centers
28:53 and how to use that as a ministry in China.
28:55 On our tour, I interviewed one pastor
28:59 who had a local congregation of about 3,000
29:05 he had a number of churches
29:08 that he had raised up in his city
29:10 and he told me about a vision, I don't mean a vision... vision
29:16 I mean a vision in your mind...
29:17 a dream in his mind he had
29:20 of building one of these health centers
29:22 and Evangelistic Outreach Centers
29:24 and they built that... a three-story beautiful building
29:29 in the center of the city in the last ten years
29:33 there have been four to five thousand patients
29:37 and they baptized 1,200 of them
29:40 as the result of the health ministry.
29:41 What ASI is doing for China in so many different ways
29:47 is making a difference.
29:48 Your offering today
29:50 and your commitment to Health Ministry in China
29:54 is going to make a difference
29:55 in one of the largest countries in the world
29:59 that has been somewhat isolated from the Adventist Church
30:03 but they sense... they're part of a family
30:07 praying for China, sharing Christ with China
30:10 through the Health Ministry
30:11 bringing our pastors from China here,
30:13 that is making a difference
30:15 and we will see mighty results for the kingdom of God,
30:19 thank you ASI.
30:20 Amen...
30:22 Thank you very much,
30:25 it's thrilling to hear what's going on
30:26 around the world isn't it?
30:28 And Health truly is the entering wedge,
30:31 all right now...
30:32 I have a special place in my heart for the next project
30:35 because I happen to be intimately involved
30:37 with Dr. Lela Lewis here...
30:39 as the Board Chair, we have been working together
30:42 to plan events that will reach out to people
30:45 and provide primary care services, dental services,
30:48 eye-care services, primary care... specialties...
30:52 all kinds of things to reach people
30:55 and so what I want to know...
30:57 actually, I want to give some Stats first,
30:58 just to put some context to the impact of this Ministry...
31:02 over the last 15 months...
31:05 that's just a little over a year,
31:06 God has blessed us to touch 13,000 individuals
31:13 Dr. Lela: Amen...
31:15 13,000... to a tune of over 38 million dollars
31:19 in free healthcare.
31:21 Now if people could use that money to get healthcare,
31:25 it would evaporate into nothingness
31:28 long before we reach a 1,000 people
31:31 so we are blessed to have been able to use
31:34 all of these volunteers... have them come and support us
31:37 but you know, we want to kind of drill down
31:39 and focus in on a personal testimony,
31:41 and you've got a really exciting one
31:44 that you can share with our members here.
31:46 Well Debbie, you know, the story actually begins
31:48 before Pathway to Health, San Antonio
31:50 and the prelude... timing... when we were actually planning
31:53 and during that time,
31:55 one of the things that we always look for
31:57 is making sure we have a good follow-up
31:58 medical system in place,
32:00 we were blessed that the CEO
32:02 of one of the largest healthcare systems in all of San Antonio
32:05 agreed to provide all the Path and Pap smear follow-up
32:09 and also those Reads...
32:10 and he was very excited about that,
32:13 his Assistant, if you will, Sarah,
32:15 Head of the Pathology Lab wasn't quite so excited,
32:18 in fact, she gave me a call about two weeks
32:21 after he had talked to me and said,
32:22 "You know, I'm not sure this is going to work
32:25 and I'm actually a little afraid
32:26 some patients are going to fall through the follow-up.
32:28 I assured them that our System is in place
32:31 and I personally take a vested interested
32:34 and we make sure
32:35 that the patients get the care they need,
32:37 fortunately, praise the Lord,
32:39 she seemed to be encouraged by that
32:40 and we were able to proceed.
32:42 So, you actually discovered that she came, unannounced,
32:45 you weren't expecting her,
32:47 to come and kind of figure out what was going on
32:49 at the Pathway to Health Event, what happened?
32:52 So when she showed up, she looked around,
32:54 she was so excited about what she saw
32:56 she actually came up... she said, "You know what?
32:59 Dr Lela, is there any way... I have a special request,
33:01 is there any way I could get my family members to come in here?
33:04 I said, "Well okay, what's the situation, Sarah?"
33:06 She went on to say that her niece, her niece's husband,
33:09 their children... hadn't seen a doctor in over five years,
33:11 had no healthcare,
33:13 they had no access to get any healthcare,
33:15 we said, "No problem... "
33:17 she was really concerned we were going to make them wait outside,
33:19 and as you know that's terrible
33:21 because patients have to wait all night long sometimes,
33:23 no problem, we took care of the situation,
33:26 and she was able to get her family members cared for.
33:28 Wonderful, now when she came, she was seen
33:31 and then you were at your desk sometime after the event
33:34 going through some of these reports,
33:36 and what kinds of things did you discover,
33:37 and what transpired then?
33:38 Well, you know, we always follow up
33:40 making sure that all the patients
33:41 get appropriate follow up medical care
33:44 and we had several patients with actual cancer...
33:46 Melanoma, Cervical Cancer, lots of different things,
33:49 we had gone through the first batch
33:50 of these Path reports and we'd plugged those patients in
33:54 to the appropriate specialists,
33:55 two weeks after, I get a whole new stack
33:58 of Path reports and one in particular...
34:01 I was very concerned about,
34:03 immediately I picked up the phone and called the patient
34:05 and tried to explain to the patient what was going on,
34:08 and that she needed to get appropriate follow-up care,
34:11 I immediately then... after that...
34:13 called our local physician... our contact physician,
34:15 I was explaining to him,
34:17 "Dr. Urbee, we've got to get this patient in
34:19 right away to a specialist, she's got early form of cancer
34:22 and it needs to be treated right away. "
34:23 He said, "No problem... "
34:25 as I was talking to him,
34:26 my phone beeped, and lo and behold,
34:28 it was Sarah from the Cyto-Pathology Lab,
34:30 I said, "You know what? I've got to talk to Sarah,
34:33 I've got to tell her, we've got her patients covered,"
34:35 I clicked over... I was describing to Sarah
34:38 this particular patient's lab results
34:40 and we were following up...
34:41 in fact I was on the phone with the doctor when she called
34:43 and she said, "I already know... "
34:45 I said, "You know?
34:47 I mean, how do you know I'm on the phone
34:49 talking to the other doctor in San Antonio?"
34:51 She said, "Well, actually... "
34:52 she said, "Dr. Lela, do you remember my niece?"
34:55 I said, "Well, yes, I remember the one we pre-banded... "
34:57 she said, "My niece's name is Mirza Gutierrez"
35:00 and I looked at the sheet and lo and behold,
35:03 it said, "Mirza... "
35:04 I said, "You're kidding!"
35:06 She said, "I want to tell you something"
35:07 she said, "Had it not been for Pathway to Health,
35:10 my niece... " and she's right...
35:12 "my niece would have gone on to develop full-blown cancer
35:16 and probably would have died
35:17 and never have received the care that she needed,
35:19 not even knowing that she needed the care... "
35:21 she said, "I want to tell you something"
35:23 she said, "There is a God and your System works,
35:26 there is a God and your System works... "
35:29 three times she said it, Debbie,
35:30 and it was so powerful
35:32 because I knew she didn't believe in God
35:35 so God was making up great inroads...
35:37 Wow! that's exciting... let's just...
35:39 so these Path Reports... we know what that means...
35:42 so Pathology Reports are the results of certain procedures
35:45 that we were blessed to be able to do at Pathway to Health.
35:47 Exactly, surgical procedures, so biopsies, excisions, et cetera.
35:52 So then, what happened next, you actually discovered
35:54 that she... but talk about the follow-up
35:58 because this happens in a couple of different places.
36:00 Exactly, so I told her, we didn't leave there...
36:02 I said, "Yes Sarah, we need your family member, for sure,
36:07 to follow up with the appropriate Specialist,
36:09 but in addition to that, I want to tell you, Sarah,
36:12 it's really important you follow up
36:14 at our Health Information Centers... "
36:15 now, our Health Information Centers
36:17 are our Seventh-day Adventist Churches
36:19 and I said, "You know,
36:20 at these Health Information Centers,
36:22 Mirza, her husband, you Sarah are going to learn
36:25 ways that you can prevent, treat and in some cases
36:29 even defeat disease using simple dietary,
36:31 lifestyle-changing principles. "
36:33 So was she excited, did she say,
36:34 "I'm going to tell them right away... "
36:36 Oh yes, she said, "I'm going to tell them... no problem,
36:37 we're going to go... we're going to go, no problem"
36:38 and I thought everything was taken care of,
36:41 a few weeks later,
36:42 actually it was eight weeks later,
36:44 I get a text on my phone and you know,
36:46 "Before they call, I will answer... " right Debbie
36:49 well, I was having this particular day
36:51 when I really needed some encouragement from God
36:53 and I get a text on my phone and it says,
36:56 "Dr. Lela, I'm sitting here in Alejandro Bullón's series
36:59 and a patient just stood up,
37:01 she and her husband, they're getting baptized
37:03 and she said she was diagnosed with cancer
37:06 at Pathway to Health... was treated...
37:08 and now she and her husband are getting baptized,
37:10 and I said, "Who's the patient?"
37:13 because I had followed through personally
37:15 all these Pathology results in these cancer patients,
37:18 she texted me back again, just at the right time
37:22 and she says, "the name of the patient is Mirza Gutierrez"
37:26 and I leapt up and I yelled for joy,
37:30 I said, "Praise God, hallelujah,"
37:32 I called the husband and I said,
37:35 "I'm coming to General Conference in two weeks... "
37:38 I had never had the opportunity of meeting the family,
37:40 who I had been praying for and working with all this time,
37:43 I said, "Is there any way
37:44 that you and I could meet together and we could talk. "
37:48 We had that opportunity, Debbie, at General Conference Session.
37:51 Wonderful, wonderful, now tell us just...
37:53 very quickly, we only have a few seconds left,
37:56 what was really significant about your interaction
37:58 with the husband now, that you discovered?
38:00 So, the husband indicated, and if we put on the screen,
38:03 we can see her family picture, the husband indicated that
38:06 he had actually never been told by the Aunt
38:10 about the Information Centers,
38:12 in fact, he had fallen back into alcohol
38:14 after ten years of giving his heart to Jesus...
38:17 ten years previously in giving up alcohol
38:19 he was feeling really discouraged,
38:20 when he had come to Pathway to Health
38:22 he had found himself so impressed
38:24 by the physical, mental and spiritual help,
38:27 he wanted to know more about this group...
38:29 the Seventh-day Adventists who did this,
38:31 but he didn't know where to go, so he's at work,
38:33 he's feeling depressed, he starts drinking again
38:35 and he cries out to God, he said,
38:37 "God, if you're the God of these people,
38:40 have somebody from this Church...
38:42 this Organization reach out to me... "
38:44 no sooner had he prayed that, the phone rings
38:46 and it's one of the pastors from San Antonio
38:49 inviting him... all the patients...
38:51 he was just going through the list of patients
38:53 that hadn't followed up with the Health Information Centers,
38:55 calls him and invites him to come
38:57 to the Health Information Centers,
38:59 he and his wife come to the Health Information Centers,
39:01 they then get invited to Alejandro Bullón's series
39:04 and by God's grace,
39:06 they were baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
39:08 Debbie: Amen... amen...
39:10 But Debbie, there's one last thing,
39:12 and I have to say this, he want on to say
39:15 "I have to tell you one more thing, Dr. Lela,"
39:18 he said, "My father and my family,
39:21 are from Puerto Rico... "
39:23 I said, "Praise the Lord,"
39:24 he said, "But there's more,"
39:26 he said, "they're all Seventh-day Adventists,
39:28 in fact, my father, has been praying for me
39:31 to give my heart and soul to Jesus for 30 years,
39:35 and by God's grace,
39:37 He answered the father's prayer. "
39:39 Amen... amen... so you see... the health message works.
39:41 Amen...
39:43 And we don't know at what point
39:45 we might be involved in bringing someone to Jesus.
39:47 Dr. Lela, thank you very much for what you do
39:50 with Pathway to Health and for that testimony.
39:52 Our last one has to do with another initiative of ASI
39:58 the One-Day Church and One-Day Schools
40:01 and I want to tell you... I don't have...
40:04 I left all my numbers backstage, but I will tell you,
40:07 well over 6,000 One-Day Church structures
40:12 have been erected thus far
40:14 and I believe, it's over 3,000 schools
40:17 that have been erected so far,
40:19 so, they are going up all over the place,
40:22 let me tell you that the need is still great
40:25 for the one-day structures to provide a home
40:28 for members and an opportunity
40:30 for children to learn about Jesus.
40:33 With me is Alex... Alexa Hernandez
40:36 and she is the Marketing and HR Director for Daystar Academy
40:40 so then you ask me, "What is Daystar Academy
40:44 here in the United States, have to do with One-Day Church
40:48 overseas...?"
40:49 Let me tell you, One-Day Church...
40:51 one-day structures are coming home
40:54 so we're looking at moving or having one-day structures
40:58 actually being built here in the United States
41:02 meeting the codes of North America
41:05 there have been requests often about,
41:08 "Can't we have a One-day School...
41:10 a One-day Church here?
41:11 Well, now it's going to happen.
41:13 Alex... Alexa... tell us how are one-day structures...
41:17 how is that going to be used in Daystar Academy?
41:19 Well Debbie, we're so excited to be the first One-Day Campus
41:24 in North America,
41:26 what an incredible opportunity
41:28 and what that means for our Academy is,
41:31 we are going to get new staff homes
41:34 which means we'll have single staff homes
41:38 as well as large as three-bedrooms staff homes
41:41 we'll have a new Administration Building,
41:43 a new Campus Church,
41:45 we will have a new Elementary School
41:48 we'll have new Industry and Agriculture buildings
41:52 this is going to be such a great transformation for our campus
41:56 and the other great aspect here is that our students
42:01 can become involved in the... putting up the structures
42:06 they can learn and improve their skills in construction
42:10 whether it be drywall or cabinetry or woodworking
42:17 it provides great opportunities for them.
42:20 The structures are easy to erect and they're also sturdy...
42:25 they're hurricane proof and they are built to meet
42:28 North America Building codes
42:29 so... a great, wonderful opportunity
42:33 and we're excited not only for our campus
42:35 but for the other campuses around North America
42:38 because they have the same opportunity
42:41 and this is going to meet so many needs,
42:43 I'm very excited...
42:45 so if anyone is interested in blueprints...
42:47 we have further detailed information,
42:49 please visit our booth, it's booth number 711
42:53 or you can visit the One-Day Church Booth
42:56 which is 816, I believe.
42:58 Alexa, that sounds very exciting to know that
43:00 all of those different structures,
43:02 all of those different facilities
43:03 are actually going to be accomplished
43:05 through the One-Day Structure process.
43:07 Wonderful, thank you, let me talk to Duane Mckey
43:10 now here for a little bit, this is...
43:11 now this is a story, Duane, tell us a little bit
43:15 about what's happening with One-Day Church
43:18 and specifically... a story that you know about
43:20 that occurred in Africa.
43:22 Just about 11 months ago, Kathy and I were in Africa
43:25 preparing for meetings with Elder Wilson...
43:27 some others... to go to Harare
43:28 and I heard about this group of people
43:31 they call them "the lost village"
43:33 the Doma people... if you...
43:34 if you think of Zimbabwe...
43:36 at the center of that... Victoria Falls...
43:38 at the bottom of the Country of Zimbabwe...
43:41 you follow the Zambesi River up to the top,
43:44 and you're near Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia...
43:47 inside Zimbabwe... there's a group of people...
43:50 about 3,000 of them that have lived there for years...
43:52 they're called "the lost village"
43:54 or the Doma People,
43:55 the Government has had no contact with them...
43:57 they've tried to but they run into the hills
43:59 in the mountains and hide, they live...
44:02 they're like the Pygmies in the Congo,
44:04 very interesting people
44:06 and to make contact with them... about three years ago
44:09 Patrick Johnson Moboshe...
44:11 he's the President of the Conference there,
44:14 he said, "I've got to make contact with these people... "
44:16 the pastor had told him about them
44:17 and so at first they took a truck load...
44:20 ADRA truck load of food in and left it there.
44:22 The people are hungry and they don't have a lot of food
44:25 because they hunt and they dig for gourds and things
44:28 and roots and so they're... they are malnourished...
44:31 and they left a truck of food and the people came out
44:34 and helped themselves
44:36 and they came back a month later and left a truck of clothes,
44:39 Duane: They had no clothes... no clothes... no clothes...
44:43 and so, I heard about these people and Johnson said,
44:46 "We have got to do something and find a school for them
44:50 because there are 300 children
44:51 and they have never been to school... "
44:53 no school... no education...
44:56 Debbie: And I wonder why they haven't been to school
44:58 is there not anywhere for them to go?
45:00 Well, they're nomadic...
45:01 and so they hide in the hills and the mountains
45:03 so they finally have come down, they're near a village...
45:06 and about 12 miles away there is a school but it's not safe.
45:08 Debbie: Why isn't it safe?
45:10 Duane: Well, because there are wild animals around...
45:12 But wild animals... don't they usually maybe hunt at night
45:15 so the kids are going to school during the day...
45:18 That's normal... they do hunt at night...
45:19 we were just there in May
45:21 and talking about these One-Day Schools
45:23 structure that we could put up on the hill
45:25 overlooking the village...
45:26 the people... it's a different village...
45:29 they don't put their huts together...
45:31 their houses together like normal villages are...
45:34 but they scatter them out all across the valley
45:36 and there's high grass between the different villages,
45:39 the different huts... the different houses.
45:41 Oh, we have a couple of pictures,
45:43 let's have the first couple come up
45:45 so that we can take them along the way, what's this first one?
45:47 This first one is... is a road across the river...
45:51 you have to go there in the dry season
45:52 and so they cut trees... they lay them down...
45:55 and then they put dirt on top of the trees
45:57 and then we could drive across to get across.
45:59 Okay and then the next picture shows us something interesting.
46:01 Yeah, this is one of the... this is a village...
46:05 and you can see the... again they're scattered out...
46:07 this is one of the houses
46:08 that people live on top... this is another one...
46:10 and if you look up in the top of the picture,
46:12 you can see... kind of a hole in there...
46:13 it's dark... there it is...
46:15 and that's where the people live.
46:16 I've never seen a village like this
46:18 where the people live up off the ground...
46:19 they do so because they're afraid of lions... lions...
46:22 Debbie: Lions...
46:25 Duane: Lions... that's what they told me.
46:27 Okay, so why are they...
46:28 again... I felt lions do their hunting at night so this is...
46:33 Duane: Yeah, Jerriall thought so too,
46:34 she was ten-years old and mom and dad said,
46:38 "Jeriall, you can play around the hut in the day time
46:40 and it's safe but don't go into the tall grass"
46:42 but Jerriall said, "Oh, lions, they hunt at night,
46:44 it's all right... " so one day she was out there
46:47 just playing hide and seek with herself
46:49 in the tall grass and she heard a noise,
46:52 and she looked and her heart stopped.
46:54 A big male lion... and then some others...
46:57 and some others, and some others... ten lions...
47:00 a pride of lions
47:02 surrounded ten-year old Jerriall...
47:05 she started to run, she screamed for help,
47:08 the lions are fast...
47:10 and so that just happened three weeks ago...
47:14 and Jeriall... her parents are so sad...
47:18 and they pray and they thank us...
47:20 they know the One-Day School is coming...
47:22 it won't just be a One-Day School...
47:24 it'll also be a school with a game fence around it
47:28 to protect from the lions.
47:30 So it will be a Lion-proof One-Day School.
47:34 Lion-proof One-Day School, on the top of that escarpment...
47:36 looking over their village and they'll be safe...
47:39 the children will... 300 of them
47:41 to go to school every day and learn about Jesus.
47:44 Oh! praise God... so I understand this story,
47:48 they haven't been going to school,
47:49 number one, because they're nomads...
47:51 but secondarily and most important...
47:53 because of the fear of lions especially with this situation,
47:56 they're fearful to let their children go
47:59 because they're at risk for
48:01 being attacked by wild lions.
48:03 Now they'll have a school right there in the village
48:04 on the hill behind the school... the village.
48:06 Praise God, praise God for the One-Day structures.
48:09 Praise God and thank you... thank you ASI...
48:11 Thank you... thank you very much Duane and Alexa.
48:13 That's amazing...
48:17 it's amazing to know what can happen
48:22 when we put our minds and our hearts
48:26 and our hands together and give of our resources
48:32 so that ministries like the
48:35 One-Day School and One-Day Church...
48:37 ministries like "Your Best Pathway to Health,"
48:40 ministries like what's happening in China
48:44 with Health Education Resources,
48:46 ministries like the DVD empowering laypeople
48:51 to go out and to preach and to spread the gospel,
48:54 ministries like SOULS Northwest that are engaging young people
49:01 and giving them tools, equipping them for service,
49:05 it is amazing what these... just a few of these
49:08 and the others that we've shared with you can do
49:11 if they have the resources
49:13 necessary to accomplish that purpose.
49:15 You know, I'm thinking about a text in 1st Peter 5
49:20 that says, essentially... our adversary... the devil
49:24 is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour,
49:28 you think about that little girl, Jerriall,
49:32 who was far away from the perimeter of safety
49:36 and the lions got her,
49:39 this reminds me of what's happening in our world today,
49:44 there are many people that are outside the perimeter of safety,
49:48 we are here, we are safe,
49:51 we know Jesus is coming, we have hope
49:55 but what about so many more that are outside
49:58 the perimeter of safety?
50:00 How will we reach them, will we reach them in time
50:05 before the devil snatches them up?
50:08 This is the time when we can make a difference.
50:12 I asked you last night to do something,
50:15 I asked that we would pray and really consider
50:20 how God can use us
50:22 even more than we think we can be used
50:26 by giving of our resources.
50:28 We are sitting here comfortably and in an air-conditioned place,
50:32 we have clothes and food and a place of residence,
50:36 there are so many... that not only don't have that
50:41 but they don't have the safety and security
50:44 and the hope of the knowledge of the gospel
50:48 and we may not be going to SOULS Northwest,
50:52 we may not be able to go and erect a One-Day Church,
50:56 we may not even be able to volunteer
50:59 for whatever reason with a Pathway to Health Event,
51:03 but what we can do, is we can give of our resources
51:07 so that those things can go forward
51:09 so that they can be successful
51:10 and so I'm asking that as I give some instructions
51:14 about what you can do with the envelope
51:17 that is in your booklet,
51:19 that you pray and send that prayer up
51:21 and say, "Okay, Lord, now is the time,
51:24 what can I do
51:25 so that there are no other Jerialls out there
51:28 that will be attacked by Satan,
51:31 what can I do so that I can bring more people
51:34 into... with me... into the perimeter
51:37 of the safety of the knowledge of Your will,
51:40 Your gospel and Your soon coming. "
51:42 In your booklet, you have an envelope...
51:45 and just now, we'd like you to pull that out
51:48 if you would please and it asks for some information
51:52 as the deacons are coming
51:53 and preparing to lift the offering,
51:55 it has places where you can put your name, your address,
51:59 credit card information, so you choose
52:01 and then on the left side, there's a place where
52:04 the Lord has told you, "This is what I want you to do"
52:08 now is the time,
52:09 remember I said, "Now is not the time to hasten the work,
52:12 now is the time to finish the work... "
52:16 the signs are telling...
52:18 what's going on in our Society
52:19 tell us that Jesus' coming is just at the door,
52:24 just at the door,
52:25 how can we think that we can just have and keep some aside
52:30 just in case,
52:31 "I'm making these plans,
52:33 I just want to have a little bit of control,
52:34 a little bit of help
52:36 and just make sure that I'm taken care of?"
52:39 Well, didn't Jesus say that He would take care of you?
52:43 If we give of ourselves completely,
52:47 He will honor that sacrifice
52:50 and make sure that our needs are met.
52:52 Let us pray... and then I'm going to ask
52:55 for the deacons to lift the offering.
52:58 "Father in heaven, I thank you
53:01 that there are so many that are willing to give
53:04 of themselves... to sacrifice
53:07 so that they can serve you and finish the work
53:12 by letting other people know
53:14 that you are Lord and you are coming again soon,
53:18 we want more than just this great audience here
53:22 at this congregation here to be in heaven,
53:23 there are so many more that we want to take with us
53:25 and so we thank you Lord in advance
53:28 for the miraculous and marvelous things
53:31 that you're going to do today as we give to you
53:36 of ourselves, in Jesus' name I pray, amen. "
53:39 As the deacons are taking up the offering,
53:43 I'm going to ask... if you would please move into the center,
53:46 there are many that have come to join us
53:49 and we want to give them opportunity to have a seat
53:52 and to enjoy the remainder of the Sabbath Service.
53:55 Thank you.
53:59 Music...
54:04 some more music...
54:10 more music
54:14 So Danny, I've got to ask you a question,
54:16 how many people out there watching 3ABN
54:19 do you think might have attended an ASI Convention
54:21 at some time or another?
54:23 Oh, many, many thousands.
54:24 I would get... I bet you're right...
54:26 and you know, one of the things I am thinking...
54:28 the feeling that we get here when the appeal is made,
54:30 people that are at home and have been here before...
54:32 they know what that is
54:34 and they maybe wanting to participate
54:35 in this offering as well, what do you think?
54:36 Absolutely and we're asking you to do that today,
54:39 you hear these stories
54:41 and what's happening around the world
54:42 and Debbie set it up so beautifully,
54:44 we're in the comfort that we're in
54:46 but look at the people around the world...
54:48 Brothers and Sisters that need the help,
54:50 these One-Day structures, for instance,
54:52 what an incredible ministry that is... Dan,
54:55 and so I know folks at 3ABN and Viewers around the world
54:58 will want to support this project.
55:00 Amen, and we're so grateful for your support,
55:01 I want to say, whether you've been to an
55:02 ASI Convention or not
55:04 or whether you're just sitting there
55:05 and just tuning into this for the very first time,
55:07 if you want to participate, there is an
55:09 address on your screen...
55:11 not only a web address but a physical address,
55:13 if you want to write a check and send a check in
55:15 to be a participant in this offering,
55:16 or if you want to go on our website
55:18 and learn a little bit more about ASI,
55:19 there's also a link there of how to donate,
55:21 we're very grateful,
55:22 we're delighted that 3ABN is going to be
55:24 one of the beneficiaries of this offering,
55:26 we just... what you have seen
55:28 is only five out of about 30 different offering recipients
55:31 that are going to be benefiting from this
55:33 and we just want to thank you as the Lord moves on your heart
55:36 and Danny, thank you for what 3ABN does for ASI,
55:38 you've been here every year for these Conventions...
55:41 Danny: You and I've attended our first one 30 years ago
55:44 and so it's been a blessing to work together
55:46 and work with ASI so we're going to ask you
55:48 to really pray and ask the Holy Spirit
55:50 what He would have you to do
55:51 in support of this great ministry of ASI
55:54 reaching people around the world.
55:57 I just want to comment... just while the music is still going,
56:00 this whole idea of a Lion-proof School...
56:02 and a Lion-proof Church, isn't that an awesome idea
56:05 to think, you know, here... in the text that Debbie shared,
56:09 "The devil as a roaring lion is walking around
56:12 seeking whom he may devour"
56:13 what! you know... we're going to put up a church
56:16 that has a Lion-proof slide,
56:18 isn't there some symbolism there?
56:20 Oh absolutely, and for those of us
56:22 in many parts of the world...
56:23 we would never even see that need
56:25 but thanks to all those who are out on the frontlines
56:28 that say, "These are the needs"
56:30 now they bring that back to us, we have an opportunity
56:33 to ask you to join us in this offering.
56:36 And thank you so very much,
56:37 we'll be praying for you as you give...
56:39 thank you.
56:40 ASI Spokane, Washington


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