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Participants: Ted Wilson


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00:22 Before we start this little singing here,
00:25 let me do what they tell me I forgot to do.
00:29 It's my privilege to introduce the speaker,
00:32 and I don't know how easy that is,
00:36 seeing I think there isn't anyone here
00:38 that does not know who Elder Wilson is.
00:42 And in case you don't, and that would be rare,
00:45 Elder Wilson is the President of the General Conference
00:48 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
00:51 Now I can't say a lot,
00:54 because we haven't spent a lot of time together,
00:57 but we did take a little trip to Brazil.
01:00 At least in Brazil, we spent some time together
01:03 and I can tell you something.
01:04 He is one of the most gracious individual
01:07 that I've ever met.
01:08 And I was studying him at the general conference
01:11 just a couple of weeks ago,
01:13 because I had the privilege of being one of the delegates
01:18 and on the nominating committee in watching him as he moved.
01:22 And his leadership is wonderful,
01:25 it's strong, it's steady.
01:28 He stands for his convictions,
01:30 he loves the Lord, he is spiritual,
01:33 and I love this man.
01:36 His name has been in my prayer list
01:39 since the first time he was elected as president,
01:42 and he will remain there until the Lord decides
01:45 someone else is to take his place.
01:47 But I'm extremely grateful
01:50 that he is president of the General Conference
01:52 and that we get to listen to him today.
01:54 I would like to invite you to open your ears
01:57 to hear what he has to say, open your hearts
01:59 because the Lord will be speaking this morning.
02:02 God bless you.
02:30 Lift Him up, 'tis He that bids you
02:38 Let the dying look and live
02:45 To all weary, thirsting sinners
02:51 Living waters will He give
02:56 And though once so meek and lowly
03:02 Yet the Prince of Heaven was He
03:07 And the blind, who grope in darkness,
03:12 Through the blood
03:15 Of Christ shall see
03:21 Lift Him up, this precious Savior
03:26 Let the multitude behold
03:32 They with willing hearts shall seek Him
03:37 He will draw them to His fold
03:43 They shall gather from the wayside
03:48 Hastening on with joyous feet
03:53 They shall bear the cross of Jesus
03:57 And shall find salvation sweet
04:02 Lift Him up, the risen Savior
04:07 High amid the waiting throng
04:12 Lift Him up, 'tis He that speaketh
04:17 Now He bids you flee from wrong
04:32 Lift Him up in all His glory
04:37 'Tis the Savior God above
04:42 Lift Him up, His love shall draw them
04:48 Even the careless shall draw nigh
04:53 Let them hear again the story
04:58 Of the cross, the death of shame
05:04 And from tongue to tongue repeat it
05:09 Mighty throngs shall bless His name
05:17 O then lift Him up in singing
05:22 Lift the Savior up in prayer
05:27 He, the glorious Redeemer
05:32 All the sins of men did bear
05:36 Yes, the young shall bow before Him
05:41 And the old their voices raise
05:46 All the deaf shall hear hosannah
05:50 And the dumb shall shout His praise
05:55 Lift Him up, the risen Savior
06:00 High amid the waiting throng
06:04 Lift Him up, 'tis He that speaketh
06:09 Now He bids you flee from wrong
06:13 Lift Him up, the risen Savior
06:20 High amid the waiting throng
06:26 Lift Him up, 'tis He that speaketh,
06:33 Now He bids you flee from wrong
06:48 Now He bids
06:53 You flee
06:57 From wrong.
07:25 Good morning, ASI.
07:27 And what a blessing these young people have been.
07:32 We praise God for our young people.
07:35 What a privilege it is
07:36 to be here in Spokane, Washington,
07:40 in a very beautiful, beautiful city,
07:43 it's always a lovely thing to come to an ASI Convention.
07:50 A thrilling experience to see how God is moving daily
07:54 in the lives of young people and older ones,
07:58 and how God is using ASI to build God's church.
08:05 And now this is a wonderful ASi convention
08:08 here in a beautiful city called Spokane.
08:14 We have an unusual connection, our family does, with Spokane,
08:19 and that is that our third daughter Catherine
08:23 married Bob Rink, who comes from Spokane.
08:27 And we're privileged to have Bob's mother with us today,
08:32 Janice,
08:33 who is a regular member here in Spokane.
08:37 You know, what a privilege it is
08:39 to be part of God's great world family,
08:42 a family that focuses on things
08:45 that helps to build up his precious church.
08:49 What a thrilling thing it was
08:50 to hear about Pathways to Health,
08:54 which preceded the ASi convention.
08:58 What an incredible report to hear that over 3,000 people
09:03 attended this very special outreach for Spokane.
09:08 Thank you to Pathways to Health,
09:10 thank you to ASi for what you have done
09:14 to build God's church here in Spokane.
09:19 I want to tell you, my dear friends, here at ASI,
09:23 I believe with all my heart that we are now living
09:27 in the very tips of the toes
09:30 of the statue of Daniel Chapter 2.
09:34 Events all around us
09:36 are pointing to the final proclamation
09:40 of the three angel's messages,
09:41 of sharing Christ's righteousness,
09:45 His warnings and His soon second-coming.
09:50 It is imperative that we lift Him up.
09:58 You've heard already the great emphasis
10:00 that our church is been placing upon revival and reformation.
10:07 This is not something we dreamed up
10:08 in some small corner of the General Conference,
10:11 this comes directly from the Word of God
10:14 and the sprit of prophecy,
10:16 that each of us need to be revived
10:18 and reformed through the power of the Holy Spirit
10:21 in preparation for Christ's soon coming.
10:24 In this quinquennium
10:25 we're hoping that revival and reformation
10:28 will take even a more personal approach to each of us.
10:33 Revival and reformation, you, your family, your church,
10:39 your community, building on the wonderful things
10:43 that God has provided in this scripture
10:46 and the spirit of prophecy in terms of outreach,
10:49 mission to the cities, comprehensive health ministry.
10:54 We are building upon additional three areas of focus.
11:00 I won't have time today
11:01 to work out all of the details of that with you,
11:06 but you will be hearing much more about those.
11:09 First and foremost, Christ and His righteousness.
11:16 There is no other righteousness,
11:18 it is Christ and Him alone.
11:20 Lifting Him up, not only before people,
11:23 but in our own lives.
11:25 Secondly, faithfulness, faithfulness to God,
11:29 to His holy word, to His understanding
11:33 of the instructions
11:34 that He has provided to us through the spirit of prophecy,
11:37 faithfulness to the Christian lifestyle,
11:41 faithfulness to proclaiming His word,
11:44 faithfulness to God.
11:46 But the third thing is something
11:48 you've already heard a little bit about, in fact,
11:50 during our interview and special connection
11:54 with Elder Falkenberg,
11:57 we emphasized total member involvement.
12:03 You know, in Testimonies volume 9,
12:05 page 117, it indicates, and I paraphrase it,
12:09 "that the work will not be finished
12:11 until church members unite with pastors
12:15 and church officers to accomplish the work of God."
12:19 Total member involvement, building God's church
12:25 towards His soon second-coming.
12:29 You see, God is calling on us
12:31 to lift Him up like never before,
12:34 and to build His church
12:36 in preparation for Christ's soon return.
12:39 He asks us to tell somebody else
12:42 about our relationship with Him.
12:44 This is what ASi is all about,
12:47 sharing Jesus in the marketplace.
12:49 It's the key stone of your existence.
12:53 It was established
12:54 from the very beginning of ASi in 1947,
12:59 when Seventh-day Adventist's self supporting institutions
13:03 combine to form the association
13:06 of self supporting institutions, ASI.
13:09 And it continues as the bedrock of today's ASI,
13:14 Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries,
13:18 established to build God's church.
13:23 Earlier this year, I had the great opportunity
13:26 to visit a place that has been in the news
13:29 for a number of years, a rather challenging place.
13:33 I wanted to visit it to give our church members
13:36 a very strong impression and understanding
13:39 that they are part of God's family.
13:42 I visited Juba, South Sudan to encourage our church members
13:47 in that war-torn part of the globe.
13:51 God is enormously blessing his church in South Sudan.
13:56 The East Central Africa division
13:59 of which South Sudan is a part, is doing a marvelous job
14:04 in helping integrate our members
14:07 into the evangelistic activities
14:09 of that dynamic division.
14:13 God's spirit is moving in a marvelous way
14:16 and our work is developing so quickly in South Sudan.
14:20 Pray for our brothers and sisters there.
14:23 While we were there, we had the opportunity
14:25 to dedicate a lovely new guest house facility,
14:29 one of the best in the city of Juba,
14:33 and also some new offices for local
14:35 and a future union headquarters.
14:39 We participated in the groundbreaking also,
14:42 of a new media centre,
14:44 and a large 4,000 seat church and auditorium.
14:49 In fact, it may be
14:50 that Maranatha Volunteers International
14:52 may help them with some of those projects.
14:56 However, the church is growing and developing
15:00 so fast that you actually now have an ASi chapter
15:05 in Juba, South Sudan whether you knew it or not.
15:09 Yeah.
15:11 We had the opportunity to meet with many of them
15:13 one evening in the hotel,
15:15 for a meal and to review some of the special projects
15:19 that they had in mind for building God's church.
15:24 ASi is everywhere,
15:27 and it is building God's church.
15:31 In my remarks to the Juba ASi group,
15:34 I mentioned some other meanings of the ASi acronym.
15:40 And I want to present them to you today
15:43 since your job is building God's church,
15:47 lifting Him up.
15:51 ASI, always stay involved,
15:57 stay involved with your local church,
15:59 your pastor, stay involved with a local conference
16:02 and its evangelistic plans.
16:04 Stay involved with the national
16:06 and international evangelistic outreach, always stay involved.
16:13 Don't be tempted to drift into your own world,
16:18 stay involved in the church and its mission.
16:23 ASI, a spiritual identity.
16:29 ASi is first and foremost a spiritual organization
16:33 that allows the Holy Spirit
16:35 to guide and direct activities and decisions.
16:40 ASi is a soul-winning organization.
16:43 We saw that throughout this ASi convention,
16:47 young people and older ones,
16:49 presenting their talents to the Lord.
16:52 It is sharing the central focus of Jesus
16:56 and its spiritual mission to others,
16:58 a spiritual identity.
17:01 ASI, aggressive scriptural interest.
17:07 One of the greatest attacks
17:09 against God's prophetic truth today
17:13 and His advent movement,
17:16 and I want to tell you I believe this very strongly.
17:21 One of the greatest attacks is the devil's attack
17:23 against the precious Word of God.
17:28 He is attempting to neutralize the plainest words
17:32 of the scripture.
17:34 The simplest wording of scripture
17:36 is twisted and turned by many
17:39 to say the opposite of what it actually says.
17:44 At ASI, always have
17:46 an aggressive scriptural interest,
17:50 as you lift up Christ and His holy word.
17:56 You see this is all part of ASI,
17:59 building God's church and lifting up Jesus Christ.
18:04 Your very ethos of Jesus in the market place
18:08 challenges all of us to explain to our loved ones,
18:12 to our neighbors, to our friends,
18:14 what Jesus has done in our own lives
18:17 and what he can do in their lives
18:20 to become changed people
18:22 through His blood and His power,
18:26 through the Holy Spirit.
18:28 Build God's church, lift Him up.
18:35 Tell the marketplace of Christ's righteousness,
18:40 His justifying power to cover our sins
18:43 with His robe of righteousness and His sanctifying power
18:48 to help us to grow on a daily basis
18:51 to become more and more like Him
18:55 through the Holy Spirit's power.
18:57 By our personal commitment to Christ,
19:00 we have accepted
19:02 the fulfillment of God's promise
19:04 in John Chapter 1:12,
19:08 which says "But as many as received Him,
19:11 to them He gave the right to become children of God,
19:17 to those who believe in His name."
19:21 What a wonderful promise, build God's church.
19:27 He's called ASi and all church members
19:30 to help our growing global family
19:33 of almost 19 million brothers and sisters
19:37 to lift Him up and to build God's church
19:41 in anticipation of His glorious return.
19:46 At this critical stage in earth's history,
19:49 in the overall biblical and prophetic timetable,
19:53 listen to God's instruction about building His work
19:58 in Ephesians Chapter 2:19-22
20:04 "Now, therefore,
20:06 you are no longer strangers and foreigners,
20:08 but fellow citizens with the saints
20:10 and members of the household of God,
20:14 having been built on the foundation
20:18 of the apostles and prophets,
20:20 Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone,
20:25 in whom the whole building, being fitted together,
20:29 grows into a holy temple in the Lord,
20:33 in whom you also are being built together
20:37 for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit."
20:42 How exciting it is that none of us
20:45 need to be strangers any longer,
20:48 but they were part of God's household,
20:51 His beautiful church
20:52 that He is constructing and building.
20:56 We're part of a worldwide heaven born movement
21:00 that is building up God's church.
21:03 Never forget that you are building on the foundations
21:07 of those laid before in the past,
21:12 and that the cornerstone of God's great church
21:15 is Jesus Christ Himself.
21:18 In response to Christ's question
21:20 to the disciples, "Who do you think I am?"
21:25 Well, Peter's response was
21:27 that He was the son of the living God,
21:29 and Jesus replied in Mathew Chapter 16:18,
21:35 "And I also say to you that you are Peter,
21:39 and on this rock I will build My church,
21:43 and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it."
21:48 Now, unfortunately, some have mistaken this text
21:52 to mean that Peter was the rock
21:55 on which the church would be built,
21:59 that is not a correct scriptural understanding.
22:03 Jesus was simply addressing Peter as a small stone
22:09 and telling him that the rock that would be the foundation
22:13 or the cornerstone of the church
22:16 was none other then Jesus Christ Himself.
22:20 Christ is the rock
22:24 and you are asked to build God's church on the rock,
22:28 Jesus Christ, lift Him up.
22:34 He is the cornerstone, He is the true foundation,
22:38 lift Him up.
22:41 In 1 Peter Chapter 2:4, Peter himself,
22:47 to whom Jesus addressed the previous citation
22:52 in the scripture explains that Christ is the, "Living stone,
22:57 rejected indeed by men,
22:59 but chosen by God and precious."
23:03 In verse 5 of that chapter, Peter includes you and me
23:08 in this wonderful building up of God's church by saying,
23:13 and I quote
23:14 "You also, as living stones,
23:18 are being built up a spiritual house,
23:22 a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices
23:27 acceptable to God through Jesus Christ."
23:33 My dear ASi friends, you and I,
23:37 we are the living stones in Jesus Christ.
23:42 Let's build God's church
23:45 and His wonderful advent movement.
23:50 We praise God
23:51 for His precious biblical message of truth
23:54 for this end time setting.
23:57 From a prophetic prospective,
24:01 the world will get worse before it gets better.
24:07 But when it does get better, it will be the best
24:11 since we recognize that the soon advent of Christ
24:16 is approaching, Jesus is coming soon,
24:20 lift Him up.
24:22 Observing world events, we immediately recognize
24:26 that Mathew Chapter 24, Revelation 13
24:30 are being fulfilled before our eyes.
24:34 So many things that are happening
24:36 point to a rapid fulfillment of prophetic messages,
24:41 indicating the final days of this earth's history.
24:47 Debbie made an appeal about the offering.
24:53 We are sitting here in a comfortable auditorium,
24:56 life, more or less,
24:57 is rather comfortable in the United States
25:00 and in many parts of the world.
25:01 Don't be fooled and lulled into a false expectation.
25:07 We are living at the very end of time.
25:12 Signs of uncertainty all around us are being seen.
25:16 The end of time is upon us, the world is in disarray,
25:20 no one can solve
25:21 the insurmountable political problems
25:24 facing the world today.
25:27 Every day, we see the horrible,
25:29 terrible results of unrest, of killing, of butchery,
25:36 and treachery.
25:37 We better understand that very interesting text
25:42 in Luke Chapter 21:26,
25:45 when it recounts, "Men's hearts failing them from fear
25:50 and the expectation of those things
25:53 which are coming on the earth."
25:56 You see signs of uncertainty are all around us,
25:58 social trends in this country and elsewhere,
26:03 continue to defy biblical truth.
26:08 Economic instability is everywhere.
26:11 Ecumenical trends are pointing to the fulfillment
26:15 of Revelation 13:3,
26:19 which says "All the world wondered after the beast."
26:26 ASI, God calls you to build his church.
26:31 Be in connection
26:32 and in communion with Him every day,
26:35 being revived and reformed in Him,
26:37 lifting Him up, not only before people
26:40 but in your own life,
26:41 build up God's church as we point people to Christ,
26:45 to His holy word, to His church,
26:49 His prophetic movement,
26:50 His biblical plan for the family,
26:54 to His sanctuary message,
26:56 to public and personal witnessing
26:59 and evangelism, to believe in
27:01 and use of the spirit of prophecy,
27:05 to the proclamation of His three angels' messages,
27:09 to Christian stewardship, to living the Christian life,
27:12 to Christian humanitarian service,
27:15 and to sharing the promise of Christ's soon-coming,
27:19 build God's church.
27:22 One of the most important biblical examples
27:25 of faithful building,
27:30 we just heard of a wonderful school
27:32 that is being built with a one day church template.
27:38 Lot of building going on,
27:40 lot of people here in this room have participated
27:43 in many different kinds of building projects.
27:47 We have professional people
27:48 who are involved in contracting and building.
27:52 One of the most incredible biblical examples
27:55 of construction is the story of Nehemiah,
28:00 who served in the Persian palace.
28:03 In your Bibles, turn to Nehemiah Chapter 1:4,
28:07 it records that when Nehemiah heard
28:10 about the broken down wall of Jerusalem,
28:13 he sat down and wept,
28:17 he then turned his pleading heart
28:19 to the Lord in prayer.
28:20 You see, when you see something wrong,
28:22 when you see something needing to be fixed,
28:25 don't just complain, don't just sit and weep,
28:31 do something, build God's church.
28:36 As he prayed to the Lord
28:38 and as you faced challenges each day,
28:40 be constant in prayer just as Nehemiah was,
28:44 asking the Lord to give guidance
28:47 and to give success in our own personal lives.
28:53 Let us pray earnestly
28:55 for the falling of the latter reign
28:57 of the Holy Spirit.
28:58 It will come and I believe very, very soon.
29:03 In Nehemiah Chapter 1:11, Nehemiah prays "O Lord, I pray,
29:08 please let Your ear be attentive
29:11 to the prayer of Your servant--"
29:12 As you build God's church,
29:14 brothers and sisters here at ASi
29:16 and wherever you might be watching this telecast,
29:21 understand that we must pray
29:23 like we have never prayed before.
29:27 Pray to receive power from on high
29:29 for the mission entrusted to us.
29:32 Pray for the latter reign of the Holy Spirit.
29:36 Nehemiah received permission from the king of Persia
29:40 to return to Jerusalem and to rebuild the wall.
29:44 Three days after arriving in Jerusalem,
29:47 after assessing the needs of that wall
29:50 and the city itself,
29:51 Nehemiah challenged the Jewish nations
29:54 saying in chapter 2:17
29:57 "Come and let us build the wall of Jerusalem,
30:01 that we may no longer be a reproach."
30:06 My dear friends,
30:08 members of the Seventh-day Adventist church,
30:11 don't ever let your work
30:14 or your attitude be a reproach to God.
30:19 Don't let your church be a reproach to God.
30:22 Don't ever be ashamed of your church
30:24 or of who you are.
30:26 You know, I've mentioned this before,
30:28 some of you may have heard it,
30:30 but supposing someone comes up to you,
30:32 right here in Spokane and says "Well, you know,
30:35 I notice you've got quite a group of people here,
30:38 who are you people?"
30:40 "Well, you know, we're just a little church
30:42 you have never heard about it, it's just a little group.
30:45 You may have heard of Pathways to Health,
30:48 but you really don't know anything about the church."
30:49 "But who are you, what do you represent?
30:53 I've noticed you're doing something different,
30:55 you look a little different."
30:56 "Well, you know I belong
30:58 to the Seventh-day Adventist church."
31:00 "What was that?"
31:02 You know, my friends, as ASi members,
31:04 as members of the church,
31:06 when someone asks you what you believe
31:09 and who you are, look them straight in the face,
31:11 straighten up, put a smile on your face and say
31:14 "I am a Seventh-day Adventist, and let me tell you about it."
31:19 Lift up Jesus first,
31:24 and then share the beautiful relationship
31:26 you have with Him.
31:28 Don't be a reproach to God or your church.
31:34 Well, the positive response of those in Jerusalem
31:37 is found in verse 18, and they said,
31:41 "Let us rise up and build,
31:44 but beware of those who want to tear down the wall,
31:50 those who might have a negative affect
31:53 on you and your project,"
31:57 and those are represented in this story by Sanballat,
32:01 Tobiah, and Geshem.
32:04 They laughed and they despised Nehemiah.
32:08 I want to tell you, take courage from God,
32:12 the God of Nehemiah,
32:14 in the challenges that each of you face
32:17 and join with Nehemiah in saying in verse 20,
32:22 "The God of heaven Himself will prosper us,
32:27 therefore we His servants will arise and build."
32:32 Lean on Jesus,
32:36 lift Him up.
32:40 I might just share that, you know, personally,
32:44 I face number of challenges from time to time,
32:49 people trying to tear down God's church
32:52 or things that we try to do.
32:55 I want to tell you I would have no success
32:58 whatsoever in what I do
33:01 if I didn't fully turn everything over to Jesus
33:05 and lean on Him.
33:07 Amen.
33:08 I ask you to do the same in your own lives.
33:12 Well, the construction began and came up
33:14 to half of the height of the intended wall,
33:18 because as verse 6 in chapter 4 says,
33:23 "The people had a mind to work."
33:27 You know, when you build God's church,
33:29 have a vision, have a direction,
33:31 have enthusiasm, an objective, they had a mind to work.
33:37 However, when Sanballat and Tobiah
33:40 and the enemies of God heard of the progress,
33:43 they made a plan to attack.
33:47 Nehemiah pled with the Lord through prayer
33:50 and then positioned the people saying,
33:52 in that same chapter, Chapter 4 verse 14,
33:56 "Remember the Lord, great and awesome,
33:59 and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters,
34:02 your wives, and your houses."
34:05 He divided the task of defense and construction,
34:09 so that all participated in building and defending.
34:16 In fact, in verse 17, it says "Those who built on the wall,
34:20 and those who carried burdens, loaded themselves
34:24 so that with one hand they worked at construction,
34:29 and with the other held a weapon."
34:34 As you build God's church,
34:37 with one hand do the work of God
34:40 and in the other, hold the Word of God.
34:44 This is your heavenly weapon against all that will attack.
34:50 Lean completely on the Lord, in your faithful service,
34:54 saying along with those who worked
34:56 on the wall of Jerusalem recorded in verse 20,
35:00 our God will fight for us.
35:05 What an assurance we have, as Seventh-day Adventists
35:08 marched into the very near future
35:11 and what we know will happen prophetically,
35:15 our God will fight for us.
35:19 Nehemiah and his colleagues were so persistent
35:22 and faithful in building God's wall
35:26 that they did not even take off their clothes
35:30 except to wash them.
35:32 Work with that same type of dedication
35:37 to build God's church and proclaim
35:39 the three angels' messages with Holy Spirit power.
35:43 In the book Testimonies volume 9, page 19,
35:48 we are told the focus that we are to have.
35:51 It's one of my favorite quotations.
35:54 It says "In a special sense Seventh-say Adventists
35:57 have been set in the world as watchmen and light bearers."
36:01 Imagine yourself walking along the top of the wall
36:05 of the wall of Jerusalem symbolically.
36:08 You are set as a watchman,
36:10 someone who is to look out for God's great church.
36:13 "They have been given a work of the most solemn import-
36:16 the proclamation of the first, second,
36:18 and third angels' messages.
36:20 There is no other work of so great importance.
36:24 They are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention."
36:31 What absorbs your attention?
36:34 I have to confess that day in, day out,
36:38 email absorbs a lot of my attention.
36:42 Challenges and problems and talking with people,
36:45 well, it's all part of the process,
36:47 but let me tell you, if I spend too much time
36:49 doing God's business
36:51 but don't attend to my own relationship,
36:55 I want to tell you I will not find salvation.
37:00 Even the General Conference President
37:03 is not immune to being distracted
37:08 by even good things.
37:09 Yes. What absorbs your attention?
37:15 Well, Sanballat and Tobiah and Geshem didn't give up.
37:19 Beware of those who will dissuade you
37:22 of your great task as Seventh-day Adventists
37:25 on the wall just before Christ's soon-coming
37:30 as you build God's church.
37:33 The enemies of Nehemiah sent a message to him,
37:36 to meet them in order to distract him
37:40 from his work of building.
37:42 Now this is where the story really gets interesting.
37:46 There are gonna be people, there are gonna be projects,
37:50 there are gonna be things
37:51 which may be even good in themselves,
37:54 may be used to distract you from building God's church.
38:01 Well, Nehemiah sent back a very powerful message
38:04 in chapter 6 verse 3,
38:06 one of the most powerful messages in that book.
38:10 Let this be your message as well as mine,
38:13 through the grace of Jesus Christ,
38:16 "I am doing a great work,
38:20 so that I cannot come down."
38:25 When the Sanballats and the Tobiahs
38:27 and the Geshems of this world tempt you to distraction,
38:31 tell them "We are building God's church
38:34 and we will not come down."
38:37 Nehemiah prayed in Verse 9, "O God, strengthen my hands."
38:44 Ask God to strengthen your hands
38:48 as you build God's church.
38:52 God will reward your faithfulness
38:54 as He did Nehemiah's,
38:57 verses 15 and 16 of Chapter 6 record.
39:02 "So the wall was finished...
39:04 And it happened,
39:06 when all our enemies heard of it,
39:08 and all the nations around us saw these things,
39:12 that they were very disheartened
39:14 in their own eyes;
39:16 for they perceived that this work was done
39:22 by our God."
39:24 Amen.
39:26 When God shows His mighty hand in your work,
39:28 wherever you happened to be, in the local church,
39:31 in a large setting, in a small setting,
39:34 whatever it is, give Him all the glory.
39:40 And people will see that He is working through you
39:44 to lift Him up.
39:47 Prophets and Kings, page 645,
39:53 "Like Nehemiah, God's people are neither to fear
39:56 nor to despise their enemies."
39:59 Now that's an interesting directive,
40:04 do not fear or despise your enemies.
40:08 "Putting their trust in God,
40:09 they are to go steadily forward,
40:11 doing His work with unselfishness,
40:15 and committing to His providence
40:17 the cause for which they stand."
40:20 Lean on Jesus.
40:24 ASi members, I challenge you
40:26 as you face the last days of earth's history,
40:29 to build the God's church
40:31 through the power of the Holy Spirit
40:33 and your daily walk with Jesus in Bible study,
40:37 in study of the spirit of prophecy,
40:39 in prayer and in witnessing,
40:42 lift Him up in all that you do, accept God's plea.
40:47 In Revelation Chapter 2:10, "Be faithful until death,
40:53 and I will give you the crown of life."
40:57 Take Christ's words seriously,
40:58 found in Revelation 3:11, "Behold, I am coming quickly!
41:04 Hold fast what you have,
41:07 that no one may take your crown."
41:11 Realize that you are the inheritors
41:13 of God's great commission,
41:15 to proclaim the truth to the final generation
41:19 and build God's church.
41:23 Revelation 17:14 says, "The Lamb will overcome them,
41:28 for He is the Lord of lords and the King of kings;
41:31 and those who are with Him
41:33 are called, chosen, and faithful."
41:39 You are chosen to build up God's church,
41:43 and by God's grace,
41:45 to testify of His wonderful goodness
41:48 in your own personal experience.
41:50 Stand firm for God's truth, lift Him up,
41:54 proclaim His word,
41:55 and build God's church wherever you live.
42:00 Last January of this year,
42:04 it was a privilege for the leadership
42:06 of the Seventh-day Adventist church of the world church
42:10 to be in La Romana, Dominican Republic.
42:14 We were conducting administrative meetings
42:16 and planning for the future building of God's church.
42:21 We took time to study God's word
42:23 in the morning with Pastor Finley,
42:26 and then to focus on the Holy Spirit
42:28 in the latter reign,
42:30 engaging in the worldwide 10 days of prayer
42:33 that took place in January.
42:36 We had morning and evening prayer sessions
42:40 as senior leadership of the entire world field.
42:45 It was a great blessing to pray together,
42:47 we had division presidents
42:48 from almost every corner of this globe,
42:51 as well as senior leadership
42:53 from the General Conference itself.
42:55 However, on Wednesday of that particular week,
42:59 together, we took time out from our administrative duties
43:03 and discussions for almost the entire day
43:07 to literally build God's church.
43:11 It was a wonderful experience
43:13 as we worked with Maranatha Volunteers International.
43:17 Maranatha, as you well know, is lead by Don Noble,
43:21 Kenneth Weise and others, and is an ASi member,
43:26 a dynamic supporting ministry of the church
43:30 that works all over the world using volunteers,
43:33 and has built many churches
43:35 in that particular country of Dominican Republic.
43:38 Well, we were assigned
43:40 to help construct the new one day church
43:43 and a one day Sabbath school building
43:46 in the town of Villa Hermosa,
43:49 in its smaller section called Villa Caoba.
43:54 Now our world church leaders came with their gloves,
43:59 their hats, and their work clothes,
44:04 they painted, they shoveled, they poured cement,
44:08 they erected a structure, they roofed two structures,
44:13 they built a wall.
44:15 Garwin, I don't know where you're sitting
44:17 but you would have been proud of us,
44:19 as we worked on a one day church.
44:23 In fact, the Lord protected us,
44:26 because we don't normally do that kind of work.
44:28 And we might run into some problems,
44:31 but the Lord protected and we had no accidents.
44:34 A new water well was also put in on the church property,
44:39 dedicated to providing abundant fresh water
44:43 to that community
44:44 which did not have running water.
44:47 And the church that was constructed
44:49 will provide that town and community
44:52 with the living water, Jesus Christ.
44:55 What a privilege and joy it was for the World Church Leadership
45:00 to build God's church in Villa Caoba.
45:04 And we know that this church will be the foundation
45:06 of many more churches
45:08 that will be built since the missionary zeal
45:11 of God's people in Dominican Republic
45:14 is contagious.
45:16 My friends, God is calling us to build God's church
45:20 in every possible way
45:23 as we come to the very end of time.
45:25 We see the results of faithful builders
45:28 of God's church all around us.
45:30 Right here, at this ASi convention,
45:33 you have seen multiple times
45:35 how people are building God's church.
45:37 This is the result of God's faithful people
45:41 witnessing in such a positive manner
45:44 to facilitate the building-up of God's church
45:48 and sharing biblical truth.
45:52 God is calling you to join in the final proclamation
45:56 of the wonderful news
45:58 that Jesus is offering his salvation
46:00 to all who will receive him, that he is coming soon,
46:04 and that they wants us to tell someone else
46:07 about this good news and help to build God's church.
46:12 Let's wake up, let's realize, Jesus is coming soon,
46:19 look at the signs around you,
46:22 listen to the alarm bells that are ringing.
46:28 Last night, well, I should say early this morning,
46:32 those of you who are staying in the Davenport Grand Hotel
46:38 received an alarm, a wake up call.
46:43 It wasn't a wake-up call that simply asked us
46:47 to designate a particular time
46:49 so that we would be ready to come to a meeting here,
46:53 it was a fire alarm.
46:57 Well, after trying to wake up
47:02 and talking to my wife a little bit,
47:05 that alarm didn't seize, it kept on repeating itself.
47:12 Finally, I pulled some clothes on
47:16 and so did Nancy,
47:18 I then went and grabbed a few important things,
47:21 put them into my brief case, put my laptop in,
47:24 and I put my Bible,
47:26 and I put my sermon in for today.
47:31 We wandered down the stairway
47:33 from the 11th floor where we are
47:36 along with many other people that had vacated that building.
47:42 We actually happened to run into some people
47:45 that we knew, Steven, Gayle, Hansen were there.
47:49 And Steve, finally,
47:50 when we were down on the sidewalk,
47:51 he said, "What illustration are you gonna draw
47:54 from this for the sermon?"
47:57 Well, I didn't quite know how to approach that,
48:00 but this morning, we received a text message
48:04 from Melody Mason, whom you've seen here,
48:07 one of our strong prayer coordinators.
48:10 And she said, "You know what?
48:12 That alarm was distinctly and specifically telling us
48:17 that all around us, we need to listen to the alarms
48:21 that are going off now.
48:22 We need to be ready to proclaim God's precious truth."
48:28 Interestingly, when we got down there,
48:30 Melody was with some other friends also,
48:32 and she said "Well, I took my laptop and my Bible.
48:37 Interestingly, that's what I had done."
48:39 What are the most precious things that you will take
48:42 when you have to escape somewhere?
48:46 Let's never forget God's word.
48:48 Amen.
48:49 Let's remember the alarms are going off,
48:52 that Jesus is coming soon, let's believe God's prophets.
48:57 I hope that each of you are gonna be participating
49:00 with believe his prophets, reading God's word every day,
49:05 reading from the spirit of prophecy.
49:08 Right now, we are reading in Steps to Christ,
49:10 a marvelous book, incredible 13 chapters,
49:15 reading from the scripture.
49:17 Let's believe in the prophetic books
49:19 of Daniel and Revelation.
49:21 Christ is coming soon, what a day that will be,
49:24 saved through the justifying
49:26 and sanctifying power of Jesus Christ
49:29 and Him alone, saved through His righteousness,
49:32 what a privilege to share this prophetic message
49:36 and humbly ask God for revival and reformation
49:40 in our own lives as we lift up Jesus.
49:43 Amen.
49:45 Are we were willing to renew our commitment
49:50 to the distinctive prophetic messages of Daniel
49:54 and Revelation,
49:55 following in Christ's steps of sharing his love,
49:59 warning the world and building His church.
50:04 ASI, are you willing to do your part
50:09 in building God's church
50:11 in these last days of earth's history?
50:14 Well, one of these days, very soon,
50:18 we will look up into the sky
50:21 and we will see a small cloud approaching from the east,
50:26 and out here in Spokane,
50:27 that will be easier to see that cloud than some places
50:30 where we have lots of trees and all of that.
50:33 But wherever it is, it doesn't matter,
50:35 the desert or the forest.
50:37 You will look up and you will see that cloud approaching.
50:40 It will be an unusual cloud.
50:42 One about half the size of a man's hand, dark in color,
50:47 but getting brighter and brighter
50:49 and filling the entire sky, and we will look up
50:52 and we will see the culmination of all of our hopes
50:55 as Seventh-day Adventist Christians,
50:58 the second-coming of Jesus Christ.
51:01 And we'll look up and say
51:02 "This is the God that we have waited for."
51:04 And the Lord will look down and say "Well done,
51:07 good and faithful servants in ASI,
51:10 enter into the joy of your Lord."
51:15 Oh, what a day that will be,
51:17 a day that God is preparing for you and for me
51:23 as we lift Him up.
51:27 I want to be there that day,
51:30 by the grace and righteousness of Christ.
51:35 If today, you want to humbly submit your life
51:42 to Christ and His robe of righteousness,
51:46 and you want to go home with the Lord to heaven,
51:50 asking Him while you are here just before His coming,
51:54 to use you in every way possible
51:57 to lift Him up and build His church.
52:02 If you want to make that commitment today,
52:06 would you quietly stand to your feet along with me?
52:11 Amen.
52:19 Now our Father in heaven, You have heard prayers
52:22 ascending all over this auditorium,
52:25 people who are pleading with You
52:27 to use them to help build God's church,
52:33 to lift Jesus up in their lives,
52:35 in their daily activities and in their service to others.
52:41 Lord, you have heard the prayers,
52:46 not only in this auditorium
52:47 but people who are watching through 3ABN broadcast
52:50 all over this globe.
52:52 Lord, guide in a very special way,
52:56 as people's hearts are turned towards You.
53:01 Lord, we long to see Jesus come.
53:06 Please use us
53:07 in these last days of earth's history,
53:10 to accomplish exactly what You have in mind
53:13 for the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
53:15 and all who believe in your soon-coming
53:19 and the proclamation of the three angels' messages
53:22 of Revelation 14.
53:25 Help us to be focused upon building up God's church.
53:32 Thank you for hearing us in this prayer,
53:35 we commit ourselves into your hands,
53:37 go with us and empower us,
53:40 and help us to know that our God will fight for us.
53:45 Amen.
53:46 In the precious and wonderful, powerful name,
53:50 a name full of righteousness for each of us,
53:54 we ask all of these things,
53:57 in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior.
54:00 Amen. Amen.
54:03 Please remain standing for our hymn of commitment.
54:12 I want to invite you to remain standing
54:14 as we sing our closing song, The Lord is coming.
54:34 The Lord is coming, let this be
54:39 The herald note of jubilee
54:43 And when we meet and when we part,
54:47 The salutation from the heart
54:52 The Lord is coming, let this be
54:56 The herald note of jubilee
55:00 The herald note of jubilee
55:06 The Lord is coming! Sound it forth
55:10 From east to west, from south to north
55:14 Speed on! Speed on the tidings glad
55:18 That none who love Him may be sad
55:24 The Lord is coming, let this be
55:28 The herald note of jubilee
55:32 The herald note of jubilee
55:38 The Lord is coming, swift and sure
55:42 And all His judgments shall endure
55:46 And none can hope to escape His wrath
55:50 Who walk not in the narrow path
55:55 The Lord is coming, let this be
55:59 The herald note of jubilee
56:03 The herald note of jubilee
56:10 This earth, with her ten thousand wrongs
56:14 Will soon be tuned in nobler songs
56:18 Our praise shall then, in realms of light
56:22 With all His universe unite
56:27 The Lord is coming, let this be
56:32 The herald note of jubilee
56:38 The herald note of jubilee.
57:00 Please stand as we have closing prayer.
57:06 Our Father in heaven,
57:09 we truly have been in your presence today.
57:13 Thank you, Father, for this privilege,
57:15 to gather together from all around the world
57:18 to worship and lift You up.
57:21 Lord, be especially close to our brothers and sisters
57:24 who only dream of the freedom to do the same.
57:28 May we never take our religious freedom for granted,
57:32 for we know it may not last much longer.
57:36 We praise you father
57:38 for speaking through our world leader, Elder Wilson,
57:42 who has just challenged us with many powerful ways
57:45 that we can stay involved in building up God's church
57:48 and preparation for His very soon-coming.
57:52 Now, as we return to our homes, businesses,
57:55 professions, and ministries in the next few hours,
57:59 we have been inspired
58:01 to commit our lives totally to You,
58:03 and we ask, Father, that you bless us
58:06 with an everlasting desire to keep You first in our lives,
58:10 regardless of the cost, in the precious name of Jesus.
58:15 Amen.


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