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00:21 It is a marvelous afternoon to be in Spokane, Washington.
00:25 And one of the reasons that I love Spokane so much
00:28 is because it's almost Canada,
00:30 where you can almost see Canada from Spokane,
00:34 and the look and feel of this town
00:35 reminds me of home.
00:38 We've come to an hour
00:40 where we're going to talk about the most important thing
00:42 that you can do as a believer.
00:44 I mean apart from giving your heart to Christ,
00:47 repenting, confessing your sins, apart from that,
00:50 the most important thing that you can do
00:52 is share your faith in Jesus Christ with someone
00:55 who has not yet discovered what He can do for them.
00:58 That's the most important thing we can do.
01:00 I'm convinced that God gives us that task for our own good.
01:04 He could send angel bands like He did to the shepherds
01:07 to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ,
01:09 but what God in His infinite wisdom has chosen to do
01:13 is to have sinful human lips tell the story of redemption.
01:17 So that it gets handed on from sinner to sinner
01:20 and we all find our way home,
01:23 and that does some things for us.
01:25 I mean, it accomplishes the work of God,
01:27 but it also does something for us.
01:28 I've noticed something.
01:30 When you're busy sharing your faith with others,
01:32 your focus comes back off of yourself
01:36 because you're so engrossed
01:38 in the salvation of somebody else.
01:39 God plants the mind of Christ in you
01:42 so that you're no longer self-absorbed.
01:44 It gets self out of the way so that God can work with you
01:48 and your engage bringing someone else to Christ,
01:50 and the end result of that
01:52 is that we're all happier Christians.
01:55 It brings joy.
01:56 I don't know if you've noticed,
01:58 but there is less and less joy in this world that we live in.
02:01 I make a habit of walking the city streets
02:03 of every city that I go to.
02:04 I go early in the morning
02:06 and I just look at the faces of people
02:07 on the sidewalk and I've got to tell you,
02:09 there is not a lot of joy left in this world.
02:13 And if I'm really honest as a gospel preacher,
02:15 sometimes I stand in the pulpit
02:17 and I look at the faces in the congregation.
02:21 And sometimes there's not a lot of joy
02:22 in some congregations.
02:24 Some of the saints look like
02:25 they were baptized in lemon juice.
02:30 But that's because we're not doing the one thing
02:32 that God asked us to do,
02:33 and there is only thing that God asked us to do.
02:34 Jesus said in Luke 11:28, "Yea, blessed are they
02:38 that hear the word of God and keep it."
02:40 If you do the thing that God asked you to do,
02:42 blessed are you.
02:44 The original word is "makarios," it's happy.
02:47 That's how you bring joy back
02:49 because you're no longer engaged with your own problems
02:51 and your own self.
02:52 You're engaged in the kingdom of God,
02:54 and how can you not be happy
02:55 when you're engaged with the kingdom of God.
02:58 This afternoon you're going to hear stories from people
03:01 who have found that joy.
03:02 And at this moment,
03:04 you're going to meet a cardiologist,
03:05 his name is Brian Schwartz, he works at Kettering
03:09 and he works on actual physical hearts,
03:12 but he's found the joy of working on the heart
03:15 that's longing for Christ as well.
03:20 Thank you very much, Shawn. I appreciate that.
03:25 And I'm a cardiologist,
03:27 the heart doctor who works out of Kettering Hospital
03:31 in Dayton, Ohio area.
03:33 And I'm just going to share a little bit
03:34 about my experience with sharing with patients.
03:38 Up until just about ten years ago,
03:41 I as a specialist in the cardiology
03:45 practiced my trade and it was really a job.
03:50 I went to work, I saw my patients,
03:53 I did that very well, but it was just simply a job.
03:57 About ten years ago,
03:58 I became challenged after becoming a member of ASI
04:02 and also joining an organization called AMEN,
04:04 the Adventist Medical Evangelism Network
04:07 to think differently about my practice,
04:09 and to think about how I could turn that into a ministry.
04:13 And I was challenged early on over ten years ago
04:15 by Pastor Mark Finley to begin praying with my patients.
04:19 And since then I've learned to also share Bible verses.
04:23 We started praying with our staff
04:25 and also even started the Bible study group with our patients
04:28 but the thing I want to focus on today
04:30 is just the simple power of praying with patients.
04:33 That revolutionized my practice.
04:36 It invigorated my life, it gave me a new energy
04:39 and it just help me realize that I wasn't just doing a job,
04:43 I was doing a ministry.
04:45 And so, I've had the opportunity as a physician
04:49 to interact with people from all classes of life.
04:54 Fortune 500 CEOs that fly in their own private jets,
04:58 I would never have the opportunity
04:59 to have contact with such people.
05:02 The chief of the fire department,
05:05 and so I got in the habit.
05:07 Chief of the fire department for one of our communities
05:09 needed a heart valve replacement.
05:11 And I got him to see the surgeon
05:13 and got him through that surgery
05:15 and while we were working come up,
05:16 I've grown accustomed to just saying to all my patients
05:19 that by the way,
05:21 one of the things I offered to do with my patients
05:23 is to have a prayer with them,
05:24 is that something that you'd appreciate.
05:26 He got tears in his eyes.
05:29 When he actually had a surgery, I prayed with him again
05:32 and then just before he went back--
05:34 When I left him, for him to go back to surgery, he said,
05:36 "Could you just pray one more time?"
05:38 He really appreciated that.
05:41 Later I found out he wasn't a believer,
05:44 he didn't attend church,
05:45 he may have been raised a Christian
05:47 but that hadn't become important to him,
05:49 but it was planting seeds.
05:53 Later on, I also prayed with a guy named Billy.
05:57 You can picture a guy like this.
05:59 He is wearing a mullhawk,
06:00 he is in his 60s, little bit rough.
06:04 He probably has no friends.
06:07 He is just a really rough guy
06:09 who sits at home playing computer games all day
06:12 and was very antisocial.
06:14 Billy, one of the things I offered to do
06:16 with all my patients is to have a prayer,
06:18 would that be okay.
06:20 He got tears in his eyes.
06:22 Billy considers himself an atheist.
06:25 You know, right away not much happened.
06:28 But two years down the road,
06:31 when the fire department chief was in for just a visit
06:33 to check on his valve.
06:34 At the end of the conversation he is like,
06:36 "Doc, you're a spiritual guy, can you just tell me
06:41 why do you believe the Bible is true?"
06:44 And all of a sudden that turned into a 45 minute conversation
06:47 until my nurse had to knock on the door
06:48 and say, "Oh, there's other patients waiting."
06:52 Billy, who I met, I saw him once at Walmart
06:56 and the temptation is, "Oh, no, there is Billy,
06:58 I'm going to go the other way."
07:00 But because my practice has turned into a ministry,
07:03 I actually went up to him and said,
07:04 "Hey, Billy, how are you doing? It's good to see you here."
07:07 And his wife later came and thanked me
07:09 for just being nice to Billy 'cause nobody is.
07:13 And a year or two down the road,
07:15 Billy is like "Doc, how can somebody
07:17 as smart as you believe that God created all this.
07:20 Do you really believe that?"
07:21 And there was another 30 minute conversation
07:23 about creation with the guy
07:25 who considers himself to be an atheist.
07:29 I have, I would challenge all of you now
07:32 to think of yourselves as missionaries,
07:35 you're either in mission field or a missionary.
07:38 And I think differently about what I do now.
07:41 You know I'm not big in the sports
07:43 but I can imagine from being in Ohio
07:45 if I went to Cincinnati Reds game,
07:47 I would go back to work the next day
07:49 and talk about, hey, what did you do this weekend?
07:51 Well, I went to a game
07:53 and that would be no big deal to talk about that.
07:55 I've gotten in the habit now of talking in the cath lab
07:59 to the staff that's there about what I've been doing
08:01 and I'll do at this weekend after ASI.
08:04 Been to the General Conference, I came back and shared
08:07 what I heard at the General Conference.
08:09 In 1888 Conference I came back and shared just how great
08:12 the righteousness of Christ was.
08:14 And there's always somebody in my cath lab who will say,
08:17 "Hey doc, what did you do this weekend?"
08:19 And that's just an opening to say, hey,
08:21 I went to this conference.
08:22 It was really cool.
08:23 And they go really, "what did you learn?"
08:25 And I'll just start sharing it.
08:26 Some people are starting to roll their eyes,
08:28 but they're listening to this conversation,
08:30 and so, it's important to do that.
08:33 One more story.
08:35 I train cardiology fellows that come from all over the world.
08:39 One of my fellows is a--
08:40 He is from Pakistan, he is Muslim.
08:43 He has been watching me this whole last year
08:46 just praying with patients, to ministering to their needs,
08:49 and just watching my life,
08:51 and he's been asking questions here and there.
08:54 One of the things we do is have a Bible study with patients.
08:56 And one time he saw us carrying the video projector
09:00 and a computer and he says, "Oh, I'll carry that for you.
09:02 Where are you going?"
09:03 I said, "Oh, we're going downstairs,
09:04 we have a Bible study.
09:06 And he came, helped set up the equipment.
09:08 I said, "Well, you're welcome to stay."
09:10 I didn't think he'd be the least bit interested,
09:13 but he stayed.
09:15 He stayed through a series of eight of these Bible studies
09:18 that we've been doing just with the video projector,
09:20 not hard to do, but he stayed.
09:23 For the last, about 12 weeks before he left,
09:27 he came to each of these Bible studies
09:28 and we would talk.
09:30 "Do you believe in Jesus?"
09:32 Well, yeah, he believed he was one of the five great prophets.
09:34 I said, "Do you believe the Bible?"
09:36 He said, "Well, yeah, the Prophet Muhammad said
09:38 the Bible was a good book."
09:39 And I said, "Well, but the Bible says
09:41 that Jesus is the Son of God."
09:43 And we could confront these things back and forth.
09:46 In the very last Bible study that we were at together
09:48 before he is moving on to another hospital,
09:51 he came up to me and said,
09:52 "Just thank you for inviting me to these studies."
09:55 I didn't really invite him, he practically invited himself.
09:59 He said, "You know, I just want you to know
10:00 that I believe that Jesus is coming again soon,
10:04 and when He comes, I want to be ready to meet Him.
10:07 There is nothing like that to really see
10:09 how you can touch and transform somebody that you believe in.
10:12 One last story.
10:14 There is a patient I didn't do anything with.
10:16 I just offered to have a prayer.
10:19 Here name is Evangeline.
10:21 After I prayed with her, I said, look,
10:23 you need to make some lifestyle changes
10:24 and I referred her to the CHIP program
10:26 that my church does and just encouraged her to go.
10:29 And because I prayed with her,
10:31 because I took those few extra moments
10:33 just to minister to her needs,
10:35 she was willing to go to the church
10:37 to sign up for the CHIP program.
10:39 She just stopped me in the church
10:41 about four or five weeks ago and just said,
10:43 "Dr. Schwartz, I just want to know
10:44 what weekend you're actually gonna be in church
10:46 this summer."
10:47 Been there twice this whole summer.
10:49 We've been traveling to so many things.
10:51 And I said, "Well, Evangeline, why?"
10:52 And she said, "Well, I'm gonna baptized."
10:54 And next weekend she is gonna be baptized.
10:58 And it's just a powerful experience
10:59 to see nothing that hard,
11:02 just taking a few minutes to live a spiritual life,
11:06 and people will really come out of the woodwork
11:08 to ask you, "Why you believe what you believe,"
11:10 and it changes lives.
11:12 Thank you.
11:22 Our next testimony really doesn't need much introduction.
11:25 She is a former first lady of ASI
11:28 and the author of five books.
11:30 Madlyn Hamblin is going to share with you this afternoon
11:33 how God is using their personal influence
11:36 to lead people to Jesus Christ through Bible studies
11:38 and through business.
11:39 So, Madlyn, share what Jesus is doing through you?
11:42 Hey, everyone, I bring you greetings
11:44 from my home church in Jackson, Michigan,
11:47 and we have the oldest continuous
11:49 Seventh-day Adventist congregation in the world.
11:52 It was established in 1849. And you know what?
11:56 We are so blessed because our pastor is a GYC president,
12:00 Moise Ratsara.
12:02 My story is pretty simple.
12:04 It's not anything great,
12:06 just things that anyone of you could do.
12:09 Back in 1979,
12:11 my husband and I attended our first ASI Convention,
12:15 and you know, it changed the direction of our lives.
12:18 We began to make witnessing a priority.
12:22 For many years I entertained people in my home
12:26 with veggie meal, and we would have a Bible study.
12:30 And I also did health events for our church.
12:33 During this time, my husband Ray,
12:36 held Daniel and Revelation seminars
12:39 and more than 25 people were baptized.
12:42 When we were younger, our witness consisted
12:44 mainly of individual things that we did,
12:48 and we made it a point to have training as much as we could.
12:52 And we noticed that some of the people
12:55 that were baptized from seminars
12:57 did not stay long term in the church.
13:00 Subsequently we moved and changed churches.
13:03 And now I was living in a strange community
13:06 and I didn't know my neighbors.
13:08 I felt like God was calling me
13:10 to reach my neighborhood for Christ,
13:14 but the neighbors were very intimidating to me.
13:17 So at first, I just shared my homemade bread
13:20 and vegetables from the garden.
13:22 And as our friendships grew,
13:25 we became more aware of the needs of our--
13:29 the families in our neighborhoods.
13:31 And when our church asked members
13:33 to start holding small groups in their home,
13:36 we wanted to support this idea
13:38 but we felt we were really too busy to do that.
13:41 So to take, make a long story short,
13:45 we took the plunge and with trepidation
13:47 we invited four neighborhood families
13:49 to our home for our weekly Tuesday evening Bible study.
13:54 And we also included a newly baptized couple
13:57 from our church, plus a friend of ours
13:59 whose husband was not a church member.
14:03 We would have the study on Tuesday night,
14:06 then we would share a small snack
14:08 or a drink in conversation,
14:11 and our friends seem to just love this.
14:14 This group has continued now for about four years.
14:18 We started out by showing the Lee Venden videos
14:21 on how to have a relationship with Jesus.
14:24 Next we picked the book of the Bible
14:26 and we read though it verse by verse,
14:29 because this was really non-threatening
14:31 to people who were not of our church.
14:34 They were very adamant
14:36 that their doctrines were what was right.
14:40 And then last winter
14:41 we began showing the Thunder in the Holy Land DVDs
14:45 with great success.
14:47 Our doctrines are just beautifully presented
14:50 and we're in the process of learning patience
14:53 and dependence on the Holy Spirit
14:55 to lead souls to His church.
14:58 We also host social events in our home,
15:02 and one neighborhood couple
15:03 has started bringing their friends
15:05 who now attend our Bible study on a semi-regular basis.
15:10 Several of our neighbors have attended church
15:14 for special events such as concerts
15:16 and cooking schools, and one couple even attended
15:20 a complete evangelistic series last year.
15:23 And although we're not studying with all of our neighbors,
15:27 the thought has come to me that if we reach one family,
15:31 they in turn will reach others who will reach others
15:34 and our efforts are really multiplied
15:37 and to a great degree, this is Christ method,
15:40 His work was largely personal, and through that one soul
15:44 sometimes thousands were brought to Christ.
15:47 We're also learning that witnessing for Christ
15:50 is not about numbers, it is a process.
15:55 It's about diligence and patience
15:58 and reaching those in our own circle of influence.
16:01 It is steadily and consistently sharing God's Word
16:05 with those who are interested and want to listen.
16:09 God is showing us to that
16:11 we really need to have a holy boldness,
16:13 and when He lays a name on your heart,
16:16 you really need to make sure
16:18 that you're inviting that person
16:19 to do something with you
16:21 so that he will learn about Christ.
16:23 And we're not discouraged
16:25 because all of our Bible study interests
16:26 have not accepted everything that we teach.
16:30 We only sowed the seed and pray for God's Holy Spirit
16:34 to nourish and grow, and bring to harvest.
16:37 Right now we're working with seven people
16:39 in our Bible study group, and Ray has a personal study
16:44 with someone outside of our home,
16:45 and I have a young lady that I'm studying with.
16:49 You know, in one of Ellen White's vision,
16:51 she was pointed down to the last days
16:54 and those are the days that we're living in.
16:56 And she saw hundreds and thousands
17:00 visiting families in their home opening the Word of God.
17:04 And Ray and I want to be two of those people
17:07 that she saw in that vision
17:09 having a personal mission to those around us,
17:12 doing what lies closest in our neighborhood,
17:15 but you know, with prayer and patience,
17:17 we're just gonna leave the baptisms to God.
17:25 Thanks you so, Madlyn.
17:29 Thank you, Madlyn, that was beautiful.
17:33 Our next guest, you may know from Living Waters,
17:36 Daryl and Mary Jo Oft from Payson, Arizona.
17:40 Today, you're gonna hear about
17:42 something other than Living Waters.
17:43 You're gonna hear about how their business
17:45 is now able to support multiples ministries,
17:48 and so, they are able to forward the work of God
17:51 in a number of exciting ways.
17:52 Daryl and Mary Jo, come out and tell us
17:54 what God is doing through you.
17:57 Happy Sabbath, and we are so happy
17:58 to be here at ASI today.
18:00 As Shawn said, most of you know us
18:02 from our Living Waters ministry,
18:04 but today we're gonna focus on our business
18:07 that we have in Arizona,
18:09 and how that helps to support our ministry.
18:11 In the year 2000, we started Diversified Solutions
18:15 which provides occupational health services
18:18 to a variety of clients across the state of Arizona.
18:25 In 2004, we decided to expand to Globe, Arizona.
18:30 And just as we had opened our office there,
18:33 we had economic downturns of not of our own doing,
18:38 but we thought that we're gonna lose our business.
18:41 We spoke with financial counselors
18:44 and they said, "You probably will be going bankrupt,
18:46 and we would advise you
18:48 to start moving in that direction.
18:50 This was the first opportunity that we really had to learn
18:54 to trust in God fully with our business.
18:57 In 2005, we had an unexpected encounter
19:01 where we were asked to go on a mission trip to Kenya.
19:05 Now we were the most unlikely missionaries.
19:08 We were just ordinary business people,
19:11 and the long and the short is we went on the mission trip
19:14 and before we left, we realized how important it was to us
19:19 for the first time what it was really like to experience
19:23 trusting fully in God.
19:25 And so we got on our knees and we said,
19:27 "God, don't ever let us go back and be the same."
19:31 And He didn't do that.
19:34 You know, and 2006 was our first ASI experience.
19:40 That catapulted our ministry
19:43 and we learned the value of ASI.
19:47 We learned how important it was,
19:49 the encouragement that we had at ASI,
19:52 the love of the people
19:53 and the incredible networking opportunities
19:57 to see how other people do think so.
19:59 We're gonna share a little bit with you right now
20:01 about how we use our business
20:03 to share the good news of Jesus.
20:06 In our offices, ASI has taught us
20:09 how to use our business to witness for Christ.
20:14 And we just like to share a few ways
20:16 that we had done that.
20:18 First of all with our staff,
20:19 there is a marvelous opportunity
20:21 to witness to our staff,
20:22 both in the way that we handle things
20:25 as well as the way that we treat them,
20:28 the way that we can be sensitive to their needs
20:31 and pray with them, and we have actually found
20:35 changes happening in the lives of our staff
20:37 as a result of them being associated in our business.
20:41 With our clients, the people that they come in for services,
20:44 we often have opportunities to listen to their stories
20:47 and to share with them and to pray with them.
20:50 We've seen their lives changing too.
20:54 One of the big things we learned from coming to ASI
20:57 is the importance of literature,
20:59 so we have a lot of literature on both of our offices.
21:02 And it's really fun to watch
21:04 how interested people are in the literature
21:07 and how often they pick it up and read it.
21:10 And we've found that--
21:11 Quite a few people will come back to our office
21:14 just to get the next signs of the Times Magazine,
21:18 even though they didn't need to come in for anything else.
21:22 Our copy machine
21:24 is quite an interesting witnessing story.
21:27 Our supplier, our technician for our copy machine
21:30 told us one day
21:31 that we don't seem to ever be calling him for service
21:35 compared to all his other clients,
21:37 and he just wonders what's so different about us.
21:40 And that's another chance to give the glory to God.
21:44 In our office we have actually partnered with our local church
21:47 to have a radio station in the studio
21:50 located right in our office.
21:53 As well as the equipment for Good News TV
21:56 is now out of our office as well,
21:58 where they have 24/7 programming
22:01 for the community around us.
22:04 We really enjoyed also being able to participate in
22:08 and partner with the Bridges to Health program
22:12 that was done in San Francisco last year,
22:14 the medical mission events
22:16 as well as the Arizona Sunshine event in Arizona
22:21 just this past June.
22:25 Our business is also something that has allowed us
22:27 to have the resources
22:30 that we need to be able to do our ministry
22:32 with Living Waters as well.
22:36 Diversified Solutions,
22:39 our business for His purpose.
22:43 Our business still has challenges
22:45 like all of yours if you're business people.
22:47 We've had business challenges, we've had health challenges,
22:52 we have growth challenges, we have time challenges,
22:55 it's not without the challenges
22:57 but we have learned that we can trust God
23:00 who has put us in business.
23:02 In 2005 when we made our commitment to go to Africa
23:07 even though our business was still growing
23:09 and we were struggling,
23:11 God stood behind our commitment.
23:15 And our revenue started increasing
23:18 by 35 percent per year for the next ten years.
23:23 Two years ago it plateaued out,
23:25 and the reason it plateaued out
23:27 is because we started talking to God
23:29 and we realized we could not continue to grow our business
23:33 and at the same time continue to grow our ministries
23:36 that we wanted to.
23:38 So now we're asking God to show us
23:40 how to decrease our responsibilities with business,
23:44 so that we can increase our opportunities with ministry.
23:49 You know, you often hear the phrase
23:51 that you can't run a ministry like a business,
23:54 that may be debatable, but what we have found
23:57 is that we need to run our business like a ministry.
24:01 Our business is a faith based ministry,
24:06 and we have thanked God over and over
24:08 for the opportunities that He gives us
24:11 to exercise that faith by trusting Him.
24:14 If you want to know any more about our ministry
24:17 in Kenya, Living Waters,
24:19 or about how we share Christ in the marketplace
24:21 in our business,
24:22 please stop by our booth this evening, space number 432.
24:27 Thank you.
26:20 A mighty fortress is our God
26:25 A bulwark never failing
26:30 Our helper He, amid the flood
26:35 Of mortal ills prevailing
26:41 For still our ancient foe
26:45 Doth seek to work us woe
26:49 His craft and power are great
26:53 And, armed with cruel hate
26:57 On earth is not his equal
27:04 Did we in our own strength confide
27:10 Our striving would be losing
27:15 Were not the right Man on our side
27:21 The Man of God's own choosing
27:27 Dost ask who that may be?
27:31 Christ Jesus, it is He
27:35 Lord Sabaoth, His Name
27:39 From age to age the same
27:43 And He must win the battle
27:51 And though this world, with devils filled
27:58 Should threaten to undo us
28:03 We will not fear, for God hath willed
28:09 His truth to triumph through us
28:15 The Prince of Darkness grim
28:20 We tremble not for him
28:24 His rage we can endure
28:29 For lo, his doom is sure
28:34 One little word shall fell him
29:00 That word
29:02 Above all earthly powers
29:10 No thanks to them
29:13 Abideth
29:19 The Spirit
29:22 And the gifts are ours
29:28 Through Him
29:30 Who with us sideth
29:37 Let goods and kindred go
29:42 This mortal life also
29:47 The body they may kill
29:52 God's truth abideth still
29:57 His kingdom
30:00 Is forever
30:10 Forever.
30:25 Amen!
31:09 Marvelous grace of our loving Lord
31:15 Grace that exceeds our sin and our guilt!
31:21 Yonder on Calvary's mount outpoured
31:27 There where the blood of the Lamb was spilt
31:32 Marvelous grace, God's grace
31:38 Grace that will pardon and cleanse within
31:43 Marvelous grace, God's grace
31:48 Grace that is greater than all our sin!
32:04 Sin and despair, like the sea waves cold
32:11 Threaten the soul with infinite loss
32:19 Grace that is greater
32:22 Yes, grace untold
32:27 Points to the refuge
32:30 The mighty cross
32:51 Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace
32:57 Freely bestowed on all who believe!
33:02 You that are longing to see his face
33:08 Will you this moment His grace receive?
33:13 Marvelous grace, God's grace
33:19 Grace that will pardon and cleanse within
33:24 Marvelous grace, God's grace
33:29 Grace that is greater than all our sin!
33:37 Grace that is greater
33:41 Than all our sin!
34:11 God is our mighty fortress.
34:15 It is as we memorize His word and hiding in our hearts,
34:20 that we have the assured defense,
34:22 and yet around this mighty fortress,
34:24 there is a battle raging.
34:26 This battle is raging between Christ and Satan.
34:30 And you want to know who is Satan's biggest ally is?
34:33 Ourselves, and yet we have this blessed assurance and grace
34:38 that God will carry us through.
34:40 Some of us may be called to be martyrs for Him
34:44 and others may be just intense struggles
34:47 but we can know and be assured
34:49 that Christ's strength is perfect in our weakness.
34:56 I can do all things
35:01 Through Christ who gives me strength
35:06 But sometimes I wonder what He
35:10 Can do through me
35:17 No great success to show
35:22 No glory of my own
35:26 Yet in my weakness He is there
35:31 To let me know
35:37 His strength is perfect
35:41 When our strength is gone
35:48 He'll carry us
35:51 When we can't carry on
35:59 Raised in His power
36:04 The weak become strong
36:11 His strength is perfect
36:17 His strength is perfect
36:27 We can only know
36:32 The power that He holds
36:37 When we truly see how deep
36:41 Our weakness goes
36:48 His strength in us begins
36:53 Where ours comes to an end
36:58 He hears our humble cry
37:02 And proves again
37:12 His strength is perfect
37:18 When our strength is gone
37:25 He'll carry us
37:29 When we can't carry on
37:36 Raised in His power
37:41 The weak become strong
37:48 His strength is perfect
37:54 His strength is perfect
37:59 Raised in His power
38:05 The weak become strong
38:17 His strength is perfect
38:25 His strength
38:27 Is perfect.
38:48 Is there one more number?
39:28 Once to every man and nation
39:33 Comes the moment to decide
39:39 In the strife of truth and falsehood
39:44 For the good or evil side
39:50 Some great cause, some great decision
39:55 Off'ring each the bloom or blight
40:02 And the choice goes by forever
40:08 Twixt that darkness and that light
40:27 By the light of burning martyrs
40:33 Christ, Thy bleeding feet we track
40:39 Toiling up new Calv'ries ever
40:44 With the cross that turns not back
40:50 New occasions teach new duties
40:56 Time makes ancient good uncouth
41:02 They must upward still and onward
41:08 Who would keep abreast of truth
41:29 Tho' the cause of evil prosper
41:34 Yet the truth alone is strong
41:40 Tho' her portion be the scaffold
41:46 And upon the throne be wrong
41:51 Yet that scaffold sways the future
41:57 And, behind the dim unknown
42:04 Standeth God within the shadow
42:11 Keeping watch above His own
42:29 Above His own.
42:41 Amen!
42:45 Christ Object Lessons about page 69.
42:50 But that statement says when the character of Christ
42:52 shall be perfectly reproduced in His people,
42:54 then Christ will come to claim them as His own.
42:58 Some people have felt
42:59 that means if we just buckle down
43:01 and pray more and study more
43:03 and perfect ourselves more, Jesus will come.
43:05 Now, is prayer important? Yes.
43:08 Bible study, indispensable.
43:09 Those are important activities
43:11 but having the character of Christ reproduced in us
43:13 is so much broader than just those things.
43:17 If you have the character of Christ reproduced in you,
43:19 something else happens, there is a story in John 4,
43:24 where it says, Jesus on His way home
43:25 must need to go through Samaria.
43:28 We know that wasn't tactically true
43:29 because there was another route the Jews took to miss Samaria,
43:32 so they wouldn't become contaminated
43:34 by going through the territory, so what does it mean
43:37 that Jesus must needs go through Samaria.
43:39 It's simple, there's a woman sitting there at the well
43:43 in the heat of the day that needs a kingdom of Christ.
43:46 And when the character of Christ
43:48 is reproduced in His church,
43:50 we won't be able to help ourselves
43:52 but go through Samaria
43:54 and share what Jesus has done for us.
44:21 Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention?
44:25 I want to introduce to you
44:29 In this corner of the good and the right
44:33 Stands a champion robed in white
44:37 His height exceeds the heavens, His weight outweighs the world
44:41 His reach reaches everywhere, His age is evermore
44:46 He is higher than the highest Greater than the great
44:50 No one will ever take His crown away
44:54 He's mightier than the mightiest
44:57 He reigns from above
45:02 He's the all-time undisputed, undefeated champion of love
45:15 He left His hometown to enter this arena
45:19 To raise His hands in victory for me
45:23 An angry crowd crucified this king who wore their crown
45:27 As they gladly watched the champion going down
45:31 But I will never count Him out, for I'm a witness of
45:36 The day He rose to retain the title
45:38 "Champion of Love"
45:41 He is higher than the highest Greater than the great
45:45 No one will ever take His crown away
45:49 He's mightier than the mightiest
45:52 He reigns from above
45:57 He's the all-time undisputed, undefeated champion of love
46:03 He is higher than the highest Greater than the great
46:08 No one will ever take His crown away
46:12 He's mightier than the mightiest
46:15 He reigns from above
46:20 He's the all-time undisputed, undefeated champion
46:24 The all-time undisputed, undefeated champion
46:28 The champion of love.
47:24 There's a line
47:27 that's been drawn through the ages
47:35 On that line
47:37 Stands the old rugged cross
47:45 On that cross
47:48 A battle is raging
47:55 For the gain of man's soul
48:01 Or it's loss
48:06 On one side
48:09 March the forces of evil
48:15 All the demons
48:18 And devils of hell
48:25 On the other
48:28 The angels of glory
48:35 And they meet
48:38 On Golgotha's hill
48:46 The earth shakes
48:48 With the force of the conflict
48:54 And the sun refuses
48:59 To shine
49:04 For there hangs God's son
49:08 In the balance
49:13 And then through the darkness
49:19 He cries
49:22 It is finished
49:25 The battle is over
49:32 It is finished
49:34 There'll be no more war
49:41 It is finished
49:44 The end of the conflict
49:50 It is finished
49:53 And Jesus is Lord
50:05 Yet in my heart
50:09 The battle was still raging
50:17 Not all prisoners
50:20 Of war had come home
50:28 These were battlefields
50:32 Of my own making
50:39 I didn't know
50:42 That the war had been won
50:49 But then I heard
50:52 That the king of the ages
50:59 He had fought all the battles
51:04 For me
51:08 And that victory was mine
51:12 For the claiming
51:18 And now praise his name
51:22 I am free
51:26 It is finished
51:30 The battle is over
51:36 It is finished
51:39 There'll be no more war
51:45 It is finished
51:48 The end of the conflict
51:54 It is finished
51:57 And Jesus is Lord
52:04 It is finished
52:06 And Jesus is Lord
52:13 Jesus is Lord.
52:22 Amen!
52:30 Jesus has forever won the great controversy.
52:36 By dying on the cross for our sins
52:39 and paying the ultimate price, He has forever disproved
52:43 all of Satan's lies about the character of God.
52:46 But there is one more event we've to look forward to
52:49 is Jesus' second coming.
52:52 Each one of us needs to lift up the trumpet
52:54 and let it ring throughout all the towns, villages,
52:59 and cites that haven't heard the good news.
53:02 The good news that Jesus has died on the cross
53:04 for our sins.
53:06 And number two, that He is coming again,
53:11 let's all be ready.
53:32 Lift up the trumpet, and loud let it ring
53:36 Jesus is coming again!
53:40 Cheer up, ye pilgrims, be joyful and sing
53:45 Jesus is coming again!
53:49 Coming again, coming again
53:54 Jesus is coming again!
54:08 Echo it, hilltops, proclaim it, ye plains
54:12 Jesus is coming again!
54:17 Coming in glory, the Lamb that was slain
54:21 Jesus is coming again!
54:26 Coming again, coming again
54:30 Jesus is coming again!
54:55 Jesus is coming again!
55:01 Tempests and whirlwinds, the anthem prolong
55:09 Jesus is coming again!
55:15 Coming again
55:21 Coming again
55:28 Jesus is coming
55:34 Again!
55:49 Nations are angry by this we do know
55:53 Jesus is coming again!
55:58 Knowledge increases, men run to and fro
56:03 Jesus is coming again!
56:07 Please stand and sing.
56:09 Coming again, coming again
56:14 Jesus is coming again!
56:16 The sky knows that
56:19 Coming again
56:22 Coming again
56:24 Jesus is coming again!
56:28 He is coming again
56:33 Coming again
56:35 Jesus is coming again!
56:40 Coming again
56:50 Amen!
56:56 Let us remain standing as we pray together.
57:00 Father in heaven,
57:01 we have been so inspired this afternoon, this evening
57:04 by the beautiful heavenly music.
57:06 Father, we believe that Jesus is coming again.
57:10 Father, we had been inspired by missionaries,
57:13 local missionaries, overseas missionaries
57:15 has inspired us to do be more zealous
57:19 in our local mission work.
57:21 Father, help us not only to be inspired
57:24 but to do the mission work You're calling us to do.
57:27 Father, we've also heard from the mayor of Spokane,
57:30 we pray Your blessing upon him as he leads a small city out.
57:35 And Father, we pray
57:36 that the presence and the influence
57:39 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
57:41 in this community will not be forgotten.
57:45 Father, now as we finished this part of our program,
57:49 as we finish this part,
57:51 we pray that Your Holy Spirit will go with us,
57:54 we ask for Your Spirit's presence
57:56 in Jesus' name, amen.


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