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00:19 Sometimes things happen in your life
00:23 that make you doing a bout face.
00:24 You think everything is going well for you.
00:26 It's like the rich young ruler who approached Jesus
00:29 and Jesus had one phrase for him,
00:31 "One thing thou lackest."
00:34 Jesus has a way of letting us know
00:36 that something needs to turn around in our lives.
00:38 He can take your life,
00:39 even if you think it's going well,
00:41 and help you realize your deep need for him,
00:44 that there is something missing in your life.
00:46 This afternoon, you are going to listen to Dr. Dosung Kim.
00:50 He is a dentist who is trained at Loma Linda,
00:53 but now he's living in South America.
00:55 You are about to find out
00:56 why he's living in South America.
00:58 Because at one point in his life, Jesus reached out,
01:01 touched him and said "One thing thou lackest."
01:10 Greetings from Bolivia.
01:14 Glad to be here with you this evening.
01:19 It was a day I will never forget,
01:21 October 29, 1995.
01:25 We were visiting our family in Loma Linda
01:28 with my airplane, with my two young boys.
01:32 We took off after visiting the weekend from Riverside,
01:38 from Redlands, I'm sorry, airport,
01:41 to head back to Oakdale, California, where we lived.
01:46 It was nearing dark and we took off
01:48 and through the passes,
01:50 through the deserts and on to Highway 5,
01:53 we were headed up toward home.
01:57 By this time, it had already, the sun had already set.
02:03 And it was just my family and I in this little airplane,
02:06 humming along.
02:08 Within 30 minutes of our home,
02:10 the plane starts to have problems,
02:15 like engine problems.
02:19 And the engine is losing power
02:23 and the plane is starting to descend,
02:26 and I do not want to descend.
02:28 I call for emergency, declared emergency,
02:32 asked for my options.
02:35 They told me where the nearest airport was,
02:37 I started heading that way.
02:42 You know, at this moment, what did not go through my mind
02:46 was how much money I had in the bank,
02:48 what kind of house I owned, what kind of car I drove.
02:55 Nothing mattered except one thing,
02:59 how am I going to survive with this crash.
03:03 It was imminent and I had no choice.
03:09 My friends!
03:12 We are on an imminent course today.
03:17 This world is an imminent course
03:19 toward destruction.
03:23 And we have a choice today. What choice we make?
03:28 God has already told us how to prepare for this crash.
03:34 And our work today is to tell others
03:38 about the imminent crash.
03:43 Well, we crashed, obviously, we survived,
03:47 the whole family, with hardly a scratch.
03:52 When I went back to the airport the next day,
03:55 the NTSP was already swarming the area,
03:59 reporters, pilots.
04:03 And they told us,
04:04 "We can't believe you guys lived through that.
04:08 You guys should have died."
04:11 Yes, I know.
04:12 We should have died that day, that night.
04:16 But God saved us and I was thinking,
04:19 why did God save us.
04:22 Why did God save me specifically,
04:26 from this imminent physical death?
04:30 And I began to search my heart.
04:32 I began to search for the meaning of life,
04:35 why do I exist?
04:39 Do I exist to go to work, make money,
04:42 bring home a paycheck, feed my family, go to sleep,
04:48 repeat the cycle, day after day?
04:51 Is this what life is about?
04:54 We had a dog at the time
04:56 and I realize if that's what life was about,
04:59 my life was no different than my dog.
05:04 But God created us with a different dimension
05:07 than dogs have.
05:08 And that's the ability to acknowledge God.
05:11 To study what the Bible says about God.
05:14 And to understand his love for us
05:17 and respond to that love, and this is why God made us.
05:22 And I begin to realize as I spend time with God,
05:25 I wasn't used to this.
05:26 And so, I mean,
05:28 I grew up in the Seventh-day Advent church.
05:31 But when I had success, I began to feel like
05:33 "God, thank you, but I'm okay for now."
05:37 So this is the life that I was living at this moment,
05:40 and so...
05:42 But when I began to really search my heart,
05:45 what is the meaning of life?
05:46 I began to study the Bible, spend time with God.
05:51 And five minutes turned into ten minutes,
05:53 and then twenty minutes, day after day.
05:56 And then it became thirty minutes
05:57 and then it was forty five minutes
05:58 and then hour, I couldn't have enough of God,
06:02 because I was falling in love with God,
06:05 a God that I could not see with my physical eyes
06:08 but I could sense him in my life.
06:12 I could sense that he was real and he was a personal God,
06:16 and he was reaching down, deep into my heart.
06:21 Not only to save me physically,
06:25 but to save me spiritually.
06:29 I praise God for that experience,
06:31 because if that wasn't for that experience,
06:33 I don't know where I would be today.
06:36 Amen. Thank you.
06:41 So the during the following months, my life,
06:45 I felt like I was born again,
06:52 a new life.
06:54 Do you think that I could possibly relive the same way
06:57 I had been living in the past?
06:59 No! I couldn't go back.
07:02 Something had to change in my life.
07:05 So I decided, okay.
07:08 After months of God working in my heart,
07:11 I finally came to point where I said
07:13 "God, you have been so good to me,
07:17 you saved me physically, you saved me spiritually,
07:19 now I have eternal life,
07:21 now I'm ready to consecrate everything I have to you,
07:25 all the money I had, which wasn't very much.
07:28 Even though I made a lot of money,
07:30 I spent it all, usually more than I had.
07:36 My house, that the bank owned.
07:41 But everything I have is yours.
07:45 My life is completely yours,
07:47 do whatever you want with my life.
07:52 And I remember exactly this moment where I was,
07:55 I was kneeling
07:56 in the dining room of our house,
07:59 and this overwhelming sense of relief,
08:04 this peace came over me,
08:07 a peace that I have never felt before in my life.
08:11 It was an incredible experience and I said
08:13 "God, if this is what is like, why didn't I do this before?"
08:18 My only regret was I didn't do this when I was young,
08:21 but sometimes it takes a while to learn our lessons.
08:26 But praise the Lord, I finally learnt my lesson.
08:29 And from then on, every day I dedicated my life to God.
08:34 And you know what happens
08:35 when you dedicate your life to God?
08:37 God, have you ever seen the sign that says
08:40 "God is my copilot?"
08:42 Absolutely not.
08:44 God became my pilot, and I was in the copilot seat.
08:48 Wherever you want me to go, I will go.
08:50 Whatever you want me to do, I will do.
08:52 Whatever you want me to say, I will say.
08:54 God, I am yours.
08:57 And every day, I've been dedicating my life to God.
09:03 We moved to the Montana...
09:09 met Mark and Conna, others,
09:13 beautiful experience in the mountains of Montana,
09:17 living in the wilderness and the country,
09:20 had a close walk with God.
09:21 I used to get up 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock in the morning,
09:24 have my personal devotional time
09:25 and then I would spend time with my wife,
09:28 having worship with her, praying with her,
09:30 that God would bless her that day.
09:32 And then I would go to my older son's room,
09:35 wake him up, and have worship with him.
09:39 And even today, even to this day,
09:41 he tells me that was when he felt the closest to God.
09:45 Why? Because his daddy was home.
09:51 Daddy was spending time with him.
09:54 And he experienced God through his experience with his daddy.
09:58 And then I would go my second son's room,
10:00 wake him up and spend time with him,
10:02 praying with him,
10:04 praying for him that God would bless him.
10:06 And then my third son,
10:09 and then we would have worship time together as a family.
10:11 How many times I've had a worship so far?
10:16 Six, I count. Okay, before I go to work.
10:21 And then I go to work,
10:22 I have these two young ladies are whom Adventists,
10:27 home-schooled young kids,
10:30 training them to be dental assistant
10:32 and receptionist.
10:34 We would go to work
10:36 and we would pray over every single patient
10:39 that was on our list.
10:42 We would pray that God would use our office
10:47 to be a missionary center,
10:49 not to make money but to make...
10:54 reach souls for Jesus.
10:56 And we would have discussions with our patients
11:00 when they came in, we would pray
11:02 with every single one of our patients,
11:05 with permission, of course.
11:07 And we found just about every single one of them
11:10 just loved and appreciated the prayers that we prayed.
11:16 I learned this at AMEN by the way.
11:18 Well, wonderful, wonderful ministry AMEN is.
11:23 And so, we went through this,
11:25 and every day, we would pray for our patients.
11:28 And then we would speak to our patients
11:30 and some time, and we took away all the magazines,
11:33 the worldly magazines,
11:35 and we replaced them with Steps to Christ.
11:40 Great controversy,
11:42 Elder Mark Finley's books Superpower,
11:46 something like that, wonderful book.
11:49 Ministry of Healing.
11:50 And the patients would be sitting in the waiting room,
11:52 they start reading these books
11:54 and they would be so engrossed in these books
11:57 that even though we were ready to see them,
11:59 we would just sit back and watch them read.
12:04 And then when they start putting that book down
12:07 then we would call them into the office.
12:10 On the outside, it said dental office,
12:14 but the inside it was an undercover.
12:23 We were saving souls.
12:26 And you would think...
12:28 And then after an hour of discussion,
12:30 Bible study with these patients,
12:32 they had many, many problems,
12:34 health problems, mental problems,
12:36 family problems, marital problems,
12:39 all kinds of problems.
12:41 We would talk and pray.
12:43 And instead of having a dental office,
12:45 it was more of a counseling office.
12:48 And after it was time to finish,
12:51 I would tell the patient
12:52 "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mrs. Patient,
12:54 your time is already up
12:56 and our next patient is already here.
12:57 What are we gonna do?"
12:59 "Oh, it's okay, doc. Well, I'll come back next time.
13:02 How much do I owe you?"
13:04 I would tell them "You don't owe me anything,
13:06 I haven't done anything,"
13:08 and they would gladly reschedule.
13:12 And you are thinking, a practice like this,
13:14 "How could it make money?"
13:17 Well, I wasn't worried about money,
13:19 because God had promised when we are his,
13:22 what, he will provide for our needs.
13:26 And, yes, we made less money, but our net was higher.
13:32 So after we actually provided enough for our food
13:36 and living expenses and other needed items,
13:41 we had more than enough.
13:43 We started giving away to ministries.
13:47 What a wonderful experience that was,
13:50 to be able to support ministries.
13:55 And then in the middle of this,
13:58 God calls us to Bolivia.
14:02 I said "What? Bolivia?" I had to look it up in a map.
14:07 I didn't know where Bolivia was.
14:09 I knew it was in South America,
14:11 I knew they spoke Spanish.
14:13 I had two years of high school in Spanish.
14:17 Bolivia, to what?
14:20 To start a medical missionary training school.
14:24 I hadn't done anything like this before in my life.
14:26 I was, in the past,
14:28 I had dedicated my life to the profession of dentistry.
14:32 And so that was the only thing I knew,
14:35 but now to go to Bolivia
14:37 to start a medical ministry training school,
14:40 I didn't know how to do anything.
14:42 I spend many years in school.
14:43 I knew what I was like to be a student.
14:46 It wasn't very lovely, but to start to school.
14:52 Well, one of our church members told us,
14:56 you know, "God doesn't always call the equipped,
14:59 but equips the call."
15:02 And with that I didn't know where it came from,
15:03 I didn't know if it was from a Bible Verse read.
15:06 They didn't tell us, but I grabbed on to that,
15:08 "God, if You're calling us,
15:10 You have to provide for our needs,
15:11 you have to provide what we need to do this work.
15:16 Provide the finances, provide the people,
15:18 provide everything we need."
15:21 And it was kind of a covenant I made with God.
15:23 And what do you think he said?
15:25 Of course, he said "Of course,
15:29 why would I call you to something
15:30 that you cannot do?"
15:33 So we went down and started
15:37 a medical missionary training school.
15:41 And first year, we had 12 students.
15:43 No advertising, I don't know where they came from?
15:46 But they came, we didn't tell very many people
15:49 but they came.
15:51 And we started, and three of them graduated.
15:55 And then the next year, twelve more came,
15:59 six of them graduated.
16:01 And next year we had 28, next year we had 30 something,
16:05 and this year we have almost 40 students.
16:08 A nine month program
16:10 and second year advance course nine month program.
16:14 And we send these kids out,
16:15 first of all they don't, they've been,
16:17 many of them have been raised Seventh-day Adventists,
16:19 they don't know anything, about what Bible teaches.
16:22 They don't know how to give Bible study,
16:23 so that's the first thing we teach.
16:25 How to study the Bible for yourself?
16:27 How to have a relationship with God?
16:30 How to share your faith with others.
16:35 And then we send them out,
16:37 and some of them are reluctant to go out
16:39 but after the first time or second time,
16:42 they come back with smiles on their faces.
16:46 They are experiencing the love and the joy
16:50 of seeing souls accepting Jesus Christ.
16:55 And from then on, we tell them,
16:56 don't, "We can't go, oh, we want to go."
17:01 They'll walk through the rivers,
17:03 rain or shine to go out to give bible studies.
17:08 I have to tell you
17:10 about Joseline and her family.
17:16 We did a health fair
17:17 at the request of a mayor's office.
17:21 When we did the health fair, a family came,
17:23 Carlos and his family.
17:25 And after the health fair,
17:27 we signed them up for a health club, eight weeks.
17:33 Every week, health class, spiritual class,
17:39 and good cooking class every week.
17:41 Well, after they took, went through this class,
17:44 they say "We want more.
17:46 Can you teach us Bible?"
17:48 We started giving them Bible studies.
17:50 And then as the father wanted his daughter
17:54 who had finished high school to come to our school,
17:57 not our faith.
17:59 So we decided to make an exception, have her come.
18:04 At the end of the year, the whole family was baptized.
18:09 And today, he is one of the pillars of a church
18:13 that we helped to start.
18:16 And today, we have eight different places
18:18 that our students go,
18:21 working with an existing church,
18:23 working which places there are no church.
18:26 And they are working and they are learning
18:28 how to save souls,
18:30 how to hasten the coming of Jesus.
18:34 Now before I finish, I have to share a few...
18:41 God could have reached his object
18:43 in saving sinners without our aid,
18:46 but in order for us
18:47 to help develop a character like Christ,
18:51 we must share in his work.
18:54 In order to enter into His joy,
18:58 the joy of seeing souls redeemed by His sacrifice,
19:01 we must participate in His labors
19:04 for their redemption.
19:08 We must be laborers together with God.
19:12 For God will not complete His work
19:14 without human agencies.
19:17 A distinct work is assigned to every Christian.
19:22 God requires everyone to be a worker in His vineyard,
19:26 where every one of you a living missionary,
19:29 the message for this time would speedily proclaimed
19:33 in all countries to every people,
19:35 nation and tongue.
19:37 Every true disciple
19:39 is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary.
19:41 God expects personal service from every one
19:44 to whom He has entrusted a knowledge of the truth
19:48 for this time.
19:51 To save souls, should be the life work
19:54 of every one who profess Christ.
20:01 Did you get the message or do I need to keep going?
20:05 I teach my students, if God says something once,
20:07 it's very important.
20:09 If God says something twice, it's very, very important.
20:12 If God says something three times,
20:14 it's very, very...
20:16 you're getting your idea.
20:19 How many times does God have to repeat this,
20:22 that every Seventh-day Adventist
20:25 is born again to be a missionary for Jesus,
20:29 to do the work of saving souls?
20:36 I praise the Lord, I resisted when God called us to Bolivia,
20:40 but I praise the lord, we ended up there.
20:42 I praise the Lord
20:44 because every day we see Satan working
20:46 but we see God working mightily than,
20:49 more mightily than Satan.
20:52 I praise the Lord
20:54 for the experience that we have every day,
20:56 working with young people.
20:57 Some of them are very difficult,
20:59 but one thing we find out is our own characters.
21:02 We see our own characters
21:04 when we work in such close relationship with others.
21:08 I found out I was selfish. I was very selfish.
21:12 I found that I was very proudful.
21:15 I found out a lot of things about me.
21:17 But praise the Lord,
21:18 we are in his work and we are seeing things,
21:22 miracles happen before our eyes.
21:24 Praise the Lord, thank you.
22:37 Why should I feel
22:41 Discouraged
22:46 Why should the shadows come
22:53 Why should my heart feel lonely
23:00 and long for heav'n and home
23:06 When Jesus is my portion?
23:13 My constant Friend is He
23:20 His eye is on the sparrow
23:27 And I know He watches me
23:33 His eye is on the sparrow
23:40 And I know He watches me
23:47 I sing because I'm happy
23:51 And I sing because I'm free
23:56 For His eye is on the sparrow
24:01 and I know He watches me
24:13 Whenever I am tempted
24:21 Whenever clouds arise
24:28 When songs give place to sighing
24:35 When hope within me dies
24:42 I draw the closer to Him
24:48 From care He sets me free
24:55 His eye is on the sparrow
25:01 And I know He watches me
25:08 His eye is on the sparrow
25:14 And I know He watches me
25:24 I sing
25:28 Because I'm happy
25:32 And I sing because I'm free
25:36 For His eye is on the sparrow
25:42 And I know He watches me.
26:16 His Eye is on the sparrow, and I know He's watching me.
26:22 Paul and Silas knew this,
26:24 they found themselves in a dungeon
26:26 and the Bible says they sang songs
26:28 to praise to God.
26:30 How is this possible,
26:32 singing praises to God from a dungeon?
26:34 Well, they knew that God was watching over them.
26:37 Friends, next time you find yourself in a dungeon,
26:41 remember, that's the time the God wants to hear you sing.
26:53 Their chains were fastened tight
26:57 Down at the jail that night
27:01 Still Paul and Silas would not
27:05 Be dismayed
27:09 They said, It's time to lift our voice
27:13 And sing praises to the Lord
27:18 Let's prove that we can trust Him
27:22 Come what may
27:26 God wants to hear you sing
27:30 When the waves are crashing 'round you
27:34 When the fiery darts surround you
27:37 When despair is all you see
27:41 God wants to hear your voice
27:45 When the wisest man has spoken
27:49 And says, "Your circumstance is as hopeless as can be"
27:56 That's when God wants to hear you sing
28:12 He loves to hear our praise
28:16 On our cheerful days
28:19 When the pleasant times outweigh the bad
28:23 By far
28:25 But when suffering comes along
28:32 And we still sing Him the songs
28:37 That is when we bless the Father's heart
28:44 God wants to hear you sing
28:47 When the waves are crashing 'round you
28:51 When the fiery darts surround you
28:54 When despair is all you see
28:58 God wants to hear your voice
29:01 When the wisest man has spoken
29:05 And says, "Your circumstance is as hopeless as can be"
29:11 That's when God wants to hear you sing
29:19 God wants to hear you sing
29:26 When the waves are crashing 'round you
29:29 When the fiery darts surround you
29:32 When despair is all you see
29:37 God wants to hear your voice
29:41 When the wisest man has spoken
29:45 And says, "Your circumstance is as hopeless as can be"
29:51 That's when God wants to hear you sing
29:58 That's when God wants to hear
30:05 You sing
30:12 You sing.
31:05 We pray for blessings
31:09 We pray for peace
31:13 Comfort for family
31:16 Protection while we sleep
31:21 We pray for healing
31:25 For prosperity
31:28 We pray for Your mighty hand
31:33 To ease our suffering
31:37 And all the while, You hear each spoken need
31:45 Yet love is way too much to give us lesser things
31:52 'Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops
31:57 What if Your healing comes through tears
32:00 What if a thousand sleepless nights
32:04 Are what it takes to know You're near
32:10 And what if trials of this life
32:15 Are Your mercies in disguise
32:26 We pray for wisdom Your voice to hear
32:33 We cry out in anger
32:37 When we cannot feel You near
32:42 We doubt Your goodness
32:45 We doubt Your love
32:49 As if every promise from Your Word is not enough
32:57 And all the while, You hear each desperate plea
33:04 And long that we'd have faith to believe
33:12 'Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops
33:16 What if Your healing comes through tears
33:19 And what if a thousand sleepless nights
33:23 Are what it takes to know You're near
33:29 And what if trials of this life
33:34 Are Your mercies in disguise
33:40 When friends betray us
33:43 When darkness seems to win
33:45 We know that pain reminds this heart
33:49 That this is not, this is not our home
33:54 'Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops
33:58 What if Your healing comes through tears
34:01 And what if a thousand sleepless nights
34:04 Are what it takes to know You're near
34:10 What if my greatest disappointment
34:14 Or the aching of this life
34:18 Is a revealing of a greater thirst
34:22 This world can't satisfy?
34:27 And what if trials of this life
34:32 The rain, the storms, the hardest nights
34:37 Are Your mercies in disguise?
35:02 Mercies in
35:07 Disguise?
35:35 I have heard how Christians long ago
35:40 Were brought before a tyrant's throne
35:44 They were told that he would spare their lives
35:49 If they would renounce the name of Christ
35:53 But one by one they chose to die
35:58 For the Son of God they'd not deny
36:02 Like a great angelic choir sings
36:06 I can almost hear their voices ring
36:11 I pledge allegiance to the Lamb
36:16 With all my strength, with all I am
36:20 I will seek to honor His commands
36:25 I pledge allegiance to the Lamb
36:39 Now the years have come, and the years have gone
36:43 But the cause of Jesus still goes on
36:48 Now our time has come to count the cost
36:53 To reject this world, to embrace the cross
36:57 And one by one let us live our lives
37:02 For the one who died to give us life
37:06 Till the trumpet sounds on the final day
37:11 Let us proudly stand and boldly say
37:15 I pledge allegiance to the Lamb
37:20 With all my strength, with all I am
37:25 I will seek to honor His commands
37:29 I pledge allegiance to the Lamb
37:37 To the Lamb of God who bore my pain
37:42 Who took my place, who wore my shame
37:48 I will seek to honor His commands
37:53 I pledge allegiance
37:56 To the Lamb
38:04 I pledge allegiance to the Lamb
38:09 With all my strength, with all I am
38:13 I will seek to honor His commands
38:18 I pledge allegiance to the Lamb
38:22 I pledge allegiance to the Lamb
38:27 With all my strength, with all I am
38:31 I will seek to honor His commands
38:36 I pledge allegiance
38:39 To the Lamb
38:45 To the Lamb
38:51 To the Lamb.
39:09 Absolutely amazing.
39:11 I love music so much that I listen to it on my way
39:14 to work each morning and I, I walk.
39:16 It's five miles from my house to the office.
39:18 And as I walk to the office,
39:21 I go past Lake Loveland in Loveland, Colorado,
39:24 which is the spot that H. M. S. Richards was baptized.
39:27 So I walk past that every morning
39:28 and I'm listening to music.
39:30 And I listen to the radio a lot as I walk
39:32 with a little headset in.
39:34 And one morning as I was listening to the radio,
39:36 I heard about this program, that was titled,
39:40 I thought it was titled Pathways to Hell.
39:45 And I thought this was going to be some fiery sermon.
39:47 And I turned it up
39:49 and it wasn't Pathways to Hell at all,
39:50 it was Pathways to Health.
39:52 I still think it would be a good sermon title
39:54 for an evangelistic campaign.
39:56 So I wondered what is Pathways to Health,
40:00 with the "th" on the end?
40:02 And I listen and it proved to be
40:04 one of the most impactful things
40:05 that God has led His people to do in recent history.
40:09 I want you to watch what God has been doing is,
40:12 we follow the council we've been giving
40:13 and ministering to people's needs
40:15 as we introduce them to Jesus Christ.
40:17 Watch this video
40:19 as to what took place in San Antonio, Texas.
40:24 The dream began in California's Bay Area
40:27 to serve, to heal, to love on a mass scale,
40:33 one person at a time.
40:35 Free medical care,
40:36 free dental care, free eye care,
40:39 absolutely free, no strings attached.
40:43 Soon, more and more were talking about
40:45 what they had seen, what they had heard,
40:48 what they had experienced.
40:50 Questions arose, how could we only do this once?
40:55 Where can we go next?
40:57 San Antonio, Texas was chosen as the next city
41:01 whose residents would receive the love of Christ
41:04 through the hands and feet of anyone willing to serve,
41:07 an event became a movement, 500 volunteers' became 1000,
41:11 then 1500, then 1700.
41:15 They came from all parts of North America and beyond,
41:19 and from all walks of life.
41:21 They came to register, to greet, to host, to organize,
41:26 to sing, to teach, and to heal.
41:29 And as they came,
41:31 so did the residents of San Antonio.
41:34 They came the day before the event.
41:36 They came in the sun. They came in the rain.
41:40 Services offered inside were more comprehensive than ever.
41:43 Eye care services included complete eye exams,
41:47 consultations, retinal scans for glaucoma
41:50 and retinal detachment, and fittings for glasses,
41:54 dental caring who did cleanings,
41:56 fillings, crowns, extractions, x-rays,
42:00 digital scans, and more.
42:02 Medical care included primary care visits,
42:05 women's health services,
42:07 consultation by medical specialists,
42:09 including heart evaluation as well as gastroenterology,
42:13 neurology, pulmonology, rheumatology,
42:17 infectious disease, podiatry services,
42:20 immunizations, pharmacy, medical massage,
42:23 physical therapy, x-rays, laboratory services and more.
42:29 And for the first time,
42:30 medical care included general surgery,
42:32 including hernia repair, hysterectomies,
42:35 vasectomies, mass and skin cancer removal,
42:38 and gallbladder removal.
42:41 Other first time services included haircuts and styling,
42:44 nutrition and healthy cooking demonstrations,
42:47 and men's suits offered free of charge.
42:50 And once again, while patients waited,
42:54 volunteers sang, played, taught,
42:57 and took the opportunity to meet those who had come.
43:01 Some told their stories, some gladly welcomed prayer,
43:06 others reflected on their newly found hope.
43:10 Those who came did not leave the same.
43:13 Smiles returned to faces, pain was left behind,
43:18 and perhaps, most importantly, hearts were touched,
43:22 and in some cases, healed.
43:26 The event was, without a doubt, a tremendous success.
43:30 1700 Seventh-day Adventist Christians
43:33 from around North America
43:35 saturated the city of San Antonio
43:37 with the tangible love of Christ
43:40 and brought hope
43:42 and healing to over 6000 of the city's residents.
43:46 That is mission.
43:48 That is mission accomplished.
43:51 That is mission accomplished together.
43:57 Matthew 4: 23 tells us that Jesus went about
44:00 all Galilee teaching in their synagogues,
44:03 preaching the gospel of the kingdom
44:05 and healing all manners of sickness
44:07 and all manners of disease.
44:10 You know what I love about Pathway to Health
44:11 is that we see Christ's method of ministry
44:13 being implemented in the lives of the people
44:15 in the cities that we go to.
44:17 And this afternoon,
44:18 we have the opportunity of talking with some volunteers
44:20 whose lives were drastically impacted by Pathway to Health.
44:24 Now the first two that we have is Paul Pitts and Karyl Pitts.
44:28 Now, they volunteered not only here in Spokane,
44:31 but also in San Antonio.
44:33 And they told me that the reason is,
44:34 is that they've seen God touch peoples lives
44:37 not only physically, not only spiritually,
44:39 but emotionally in all the different pieces
44:41 in the aspects of that who we are.
44:44 Now, Paul, can you share one story
44:45 of how you saw God use you and touching people's lives?
44:49 Yes, Tuesday morning,
44:51 I happen to be serving as a chaplain
44:53 over in the surgical services area.
44:57 A nurse that was there by the surgery check-in
45:00 brought me over to a patient and said,
45:03 "Would you please pray with this lady?
45:06 She is asking for special prayer."
45:09 I knelt near her, I wished it with her,
45:11 I found out that the reason she was there,
45:15 was she was scheduled a week or two before
45:17 to have a small skin cancer removed from her face.
45:23 But her husband lost his job
45:26 a few days before she was supposed to go in.
45:30 She had to cancel that appointment,
45:32 they lost their insurance, they didn't have any money.
45:35 And so she found out about Pathway to health, came.
45:40 I prayed with her,
45:41 I prayed that the Lord would restore employment
45:44 for her husband.
45:45 I prayed that she would have comfort and peace,
45:48 while she was receiving her services,
45:50 the Lord would guide the doctors'
45:52 and nurses' hands.
45:53 And when I finished praying,
45:55 she was smiling big and crying at the same time.
45:59 And she told me, she says, "I cannot believe
46:02 that I am able to get the services I need,
46:05 I never thought I would, and then to have someone come
46:09 and lovingly pray with me,
46:10 you have really touched my life."
46:13 Folks, everyone can do this.
46:16 No matter who you are, no matter what you do,
46:19 come join us,
46:20 at Pathway to Health in Los Angeles.
46:22 It's amazing.
46:24 Maybe, you may not be a medical professional,
46:25 but you can still pray with someone.
46:28 And God can use you to restore hope
46:29 in that individual.
46:31 Now, Karyl, you have another interesting testimony
46:33 of how God used you to touch someone's life.
46:35 I do.
46:37 I was working in orthopedic area,
46:39 and this lady came in to the orthopedic surgeon
46:42 and said "I have pain in my right knee
46:45 and, you know, I'm hurting."
46:47 And so her friend said, "Well, you're gonna have
46:49 to have a total knee replacement."
46:51 So she came here to be checked
46:53 and the orthopedic surgeon and...
46:56 Oh, she was sad too, she was very sad,
46:58 because she had no money.
46:59 And she had no, you know, means of having surgery
47:03 and she had no insurance.
47:06 So, the orthopedic surgeon checked her knee,
47:10 and with a thorough examination,
47:12 realized that it was Bursitis,
47:15 and she did not need a total knee replacement.
47:17 She goes "Really, I don't need surgery?"
47:20 And the orthopedic surgeon said, "No."
47:23 So, but he said "I can help you.
47:25 I can give you an injection in your knee
47:27 to help your pain."
47:28 And so after the injection,
47:30 he had a beautiful prayer with this lady and her family.
47:33 And I helped her off the table.
47:35 As we were walking away, she turned around,
47:38 she goes "I'm not in pain at all,
47:40 I don't have any pain."
47:42 She gave me a great big hug and she goes
47:44 "What you folks are doing here is a blessing,
47:47 and it's marvelous,
47:49 and I'm just so happy to be here."
47:51 Amen.
47:52 Now, for me, personally, I'm on a roll.
47:56 I have that momentum
47:58 to continue working with Pathway to Health
48:01 and I'm looking forward to the next Pathway to Health
48:04 next year.
48:06 Amen, Amen. God is doing amazing things.
48:08 When you can look in the face of someone
48:10 who's been experiencing excruciating pain for years,
48:13 and now is finding relief,
48:15 and the seeing the joy of the Gospel
48:16 practiced in their lives,
48:18 there is nothing more rewarding than that.
48:20 Now the next person we have to chat with
48:22 is Dr. Chris Lewis.
48:24 And I was joking with Dr. Chris Lewis
48:26 that he is actually an evangelist
48:27 and he is a surgeon on the side.
48:29 And the reason why is I've never met someone
48:31 who's so interested in peoples soul's.
48:34 It's not just about medical care here,
48:36 but it's also how can you help the whole person.
48:38 Now you have some interesting stories
48:39 from these last few days,
48:41 how have you seen the Lord working?
48:42 I want to tell you, Taylor,
48:44 just briefly about three patients
48:45 that I had a privilege of seeing
48:46 at the Pathway, Spokane.
48:48 So the first one was a gentleman,
48:50 may be a few years older than myself.
48:52 And so, he came in with a number of tumors,
48:55 six separate tumors, all over his scalp.
48:59 Now if you can imagine, you know,
49:00 having these big growths on your head,
49:03 just think about going to the grocery store,
49:04 or you know, meeting a new person, you know,
49:06 eating out in a restaurant,
49:08 it impacted his life tremendously.
49:09 It's embarrassing. Oh, terribly, terribly.
49:11 And he grew his hair out long,
49:13 and I think our appearance affects
49:15 even our behavior and so.
49:18 First thing we did is we send him for a haircut,
49:19 because at Pathway to Health
49:21 we're here for haircut services.
49:22 And so he basically had a shave over all of his entire head
49:25 so we could see what we're dealing with,
49:27 were these six separate tumors.
49:28 And then, we talked about a plan
49:30 and went to work on this guy.
49:32 So takes a little while to take off six tumors off
49:34 of somebody's scalp.
49:36 It's an area with a rich blood supply.
49:37 But while we were doing it, you know,
49:39 I've got a captive audience.
49:41 So this is a good time
49:43 to have a Bible study with somebody,
49:45 when they are there and they can't go anywhere.
49:47 Amen.
49:48 So, and if they are asleep,
49:50 if any of you who take care of patients
49:53 who happen to be asleep,
49:54 you can work on the others in the room.
49:56 But, nonetheless, so this guy is there awake,
49:59 you know, he's numbed up, he's got lidocaine in place,
50:01 so I could share with him
50:02 and I got to know him a little bit,
50:04 ask him, you know, about his life.
50:05 Turns out that this gentleman
50:07 was raised a Seventh-day Adventist.
50:09 Went to, you know, one of our academies,
50:11 but he drifted away from the church.
50:13 Still has, you know,
50:15 family members that are Seventh-day Adventists.
50:18 And so I was able to share with him,
50:20 I felt like God impressed me to share with him,
50:22 some of the, kind of, signs at the times, you know,
50:24 things that are going on in the world that tell us
50:27 that we are right, you know,
50:29 down at the end of this world's history.
50:31 Amen? Amen.
50:33 This guy could see it.
50:35 And I said, you know, the things that you've heard,
50:36 you know, when you are growing up,
50:38 kind of shared some from Revelation 13,
50:40 you know, did you, right where we are just for,
50:42 you know, Christ second coming and so forth.
50:45 And he could see it
50:46 and you could see that he was interested.
50:48 And the other thing is he saw
50:49 that these are all Seventh-day Adventists
50:51 and he'd been away from Seventh-day Adventist
50:53 for some time, and he saw
50:54 that that this was the kind of church
50:56 that he wanted to be a part of.
50:57 And he said he wanted to come back.
50:59 Amen.
51:01 You would never imagine
51:02 the amount of disenfranchised Seventh-day Adventists
51:05 who are starting to come back to the church
51:06 as a result of Pathway to Health.
51:08 Not only here in Spokane, but also in San Antonio,
51:10 we've heard results of that too.
51:12 Now there's a few other stories you have,
51:14 so I don't want to take your time.
51:15 What, what else happened?
51:16 So the second patient I want to tell you about
51:18 was a young lady,
51:19 a young mother facing some very challenging circumstances
51:22 as far as, you know,
51:24 child-rearing as a single parent
51:26 and just some real challenges from, you know,
51:28 a pending divorce and so forth.
51:30 And she wanted three separate skin lesions taken off.
51:35 She has a familial condition
51:36 of a very malignant skin condition potentially.
51:39 So she wanted these three taken off.
51:41 And that gave me more time for...
51:45 Bible study. Bible study, Amen.
51:47 And so as we're working on this young lady,
51:49 she is a very, very, thinking person,
51:51 a very intelligent person.
51:53 She has a biochemistry degree,
51:54 going back to school from mathematics degree
51:56 and so forth.
51:57 And she began to share as we talked
52:00 about how she was raised a protestant she said,
52:04 as a teenager she became an atheist,
52:06 but being in a community with so many atheists
52:10 actually drove her back to Christianity.
52:12 And she became a Roman Catholic.
52:14 And then from there,
52:15 she became acquainted with the Mormon community
52:18 and calls her, considers herself to be a Mormon.
52:20 And so, you know, Protestant, Atheist, Catholic, Mormon,
52:24 what is this lady doing?
52:25 Searching. Searching, Amen.
52:27 So I said, I didn't, you know,
52:29 challenge any of her beliefs, I simply said, "Wow,
52:32 I can see that you are searching for the truth."
52:35 And so I was able to share with her,
52:37 that I said "There is an absolute truth
52:38 and you're gonna find it."
52:40 And this allowed us to talk about, you know,
52:41 the origin of evil, the origin of the universe,
52:44 you know, Lucifer turned Satan, the fall, and you know,
52:47 The Great Controversy theme, what does God allow, you know,
52:50 bad things to happen
52:52 if he's a good and caring God et cetera,
52:53 the kind of answers that only the Three Angels message,
52:56 only God's Seventh-day Adventist church
52:58 has the answers to these questions, Amen.
53:00 Amen.
53:02 She saw that we had the answers,
53:03 she could see it, she's, like I said,
53:05 intelligent person, she saw it.
53:07 She went home to read a book
53:08 called the Patriarchs and Prophets,
53:10 so praise God.
53:12 Amen, you know, Dr. Lewis,
53:13 you saw a God do a many amazing things.
53:15 And it's still unbelievable that God can reach people
53:17 who've may be left his church and bring them back
53:20 through the care of your best Pathway to Health.
53:22 But not only that, he can lead people
53:24 who are searching back to his church.
53:27 And now we have one last person
53:29 who's gonna be speaking with us.
53:30 And, Pamela, you have a very interesting perspective
53:32 of what happened at your best Pathway to Health?
53:34 Can you tell us about the conversation
53:37 that you had with one of our volunteers?
53:38 Oh, definitely.
53:39 Tuesday evening, when we were all done from volunteering,
53:42 I was just visiting with one older women.
53:44 And she asked me if I had a couple of minutes
53:46 to share something with me.
53:48 She told me that three weeks prior,
53:50 she had woken up and she was arguing with God,
53:53 "Why did you wake me up?
53:55 I'm dead weight. I'm not good for anything.
53:57 I can barely walk.
53:59 My cataracts are so bad I can't see.
54:00 I'm good for nothing."
54:02 But she had heard about Pathways to Health
54:04 and she has a daughter who is a dental hygienist.
54:06 And she wanted her daughter to know about it.
54:09 So she shared it with her daughter
54:10 and her daughter was excited
54:12 and said "Well, I'm gonna sign up, mom.
54:13 I want you to sign up." And she said, "No.
54:16 They won't want me, I can't do anything,
54:18 I'm just dead weight."
54:19 So, she was completely hopeless at this point?
54:21 She was completely, entirely hopeless.
54:23 So her daughter said, "Well, okay,
54:25 I'm gonna sign myself and you."
54:28 So then she looked at me and she said, "You know,
54:31 I think God has a sense of humor,
54:33 because guess what I've been doing for the past two days,"
54:36 she says "I have cataract so bad I can't see,
54:38 but I've been working in vision."
54:40 Amen. Amen.
54:41 So God will use someone who can't necessarily see,
54:43 to help others see.
54:45 So what happened,
54:46 that's not the end of the story?
54:47 Not at all, so then I looked her in the eyes and I said,
54:49 "Now are you still gonna tell me you're dead weight?"
54:51 And she said "No, I'm not."
54:53 I said "Well, what are you gonna do?"
54:55 She says, "I'm gonna pray.
54:56 I'm gonna pray for everyone who came.
54:59 But not only that,
55:00 I'm gonna pray for those that couldn't come."
55:02 Amen.
55:03 You know, God is doing amazing things.
55:05 What I love about Your Best Pathway to Health
55:06 is it gives opportunities for everyone
55:08 to volunteer in Christ's service.
55:11 You may be not be a medical doctor,
55:12 you may not be a physician, but you can pray with people.
55:15 You might feel like you're just dead weight,
55:16 you might be in a wheel chair,
55:18 you might be handicapped in other ways,
55:19 but God can use you in his service
55:22 to do mighty things for his kingdom.
55:24 We just want to thank you guys so much
55:25 for the way that God worked through you
55:27 and in the lives of many other individuals
55:29 at Your Best Pathway to Health.
55:35 Thank you so much,
55:37 wonderful stories this afternoon,
55:38 as we're hearing about what happened
55:39 at Your Best Pathway to Health.
55:41 I have with me, this afternoon, Eric Louw.
55:44 Eric, you also were serving at Pathway to Health,
55:46 tell us about a life that was changed.
55:48 Yes, I was serving at registration
55:51 and an older woman and her mother came through
55:53 for their eyesight.
55:55 And so I was filling up the form for her,
55:57 going through the medical history,
55:58 and she had so many different problems,
56:00 it was just heartbreaking, quite honestly.
56:03 And so we went through the medications just,
56:05 it must taken me at least 10 minutes.
56:07 And finally, we get to the section
56:09 where we offer prayer, prayer needs.
56:12 And so she checked off the one
56:13 "Yes, I need prayer for my family."
56:15 "Of course, I need, I need prayer for my finances.
56:18 And, well, I need prayer for my health,
56:20 because that's why I'm here."
56:21 And then she got to the section just below that
56:24 "On friends"
56:25 and she paused there for a moment
56:27 and she looked up at me she was kind of quietly said,
56:30 "I don't have any friends, I wish I had friends."
56:34 And as I sat there, I was trying to hold back tearing up
56:38 just sitting there with her, and I got to pray with her,
56:41 I got to send her on into the rest of the sections.
56:45 But I just praise the Lord for the opportunity
56:47 that Pathway to Health provides to connect people
56:50 with a health information sent to church afterwards.
56:53 And I pray that she'll be able to connect with people
56:56 that can be her friends.
56:58 I think the answer to this next question
56:59 is kind of obvious, but, Eric, how has being a volunteer
57:03 at Your Best Pathway to Health impacted you personally?
57:07 You know as, as I passed in my community,
57:10 I see lot of needs but I don't see those rapidly.
57:12 What really hit me was going back,
57:15 looking for people who need friends.
57:18 And this afternoon,
57:20 Taylor, you also served in chaplaincy department,
57:23 tell us a story about someone's life
57:24 who you saw that was changed there?
57:26 Oh, we had a very interesting story.
57:28 Anthony came through and he was seen by the dentist,
57:30 and he had a wonderful experience there.
57:32 After being seen by the dentist,
57:34 he went over to Mr. Sam.
57:36 Mr. Sam was the man handing out the suits
57:38 and he gets fitted for the suit.
57:40 And he said something to Sam that caught his attention,
57:42 he said, "You know, I think God has sent me here."
57:44 Now, Sam turned a little bit evangelistic on him
57:46 and said "I definitely agree with you, brother,
57:48 I believe that the Lord has sent you here."
57:51 Anthony looked at him and said "You know, Sam,
57:53 the reason why I'm here is 'cause I believe
57:55 God is trying to bring a transformation in my life,
57:57 not only physically but also spiritually."
58:00 Well, Sam took the opportunity to bring it over to chaplaincy,
58:03 and when I when met Sam or when I...
58:05 Sorry, when I met Anthony,
58:06 the first words out of his mouth was
58:08 "I want to be baptized, what do I need to do?"
58:10 Well, that always a good sign.
58:12 And so we started talking to him,
58:14 and before I knew it,
58:15 he was talking with the chaplain
58:17 and was kind of ushered of.
58:18 And someone said, "Hey, have you heard about that guy
58:20 who wants to be baptized?"
58:22 And I said, "Well, which one?"
58:23 Because we had had multiple that day.
58:24 Well, they show me this picture of a guy
58:26 with short hair, wearing a suit,
58:27 looks totally different,
58:28 nothing like someone I had seen before,
58:30 but I found out that it was Anthony.
58:32 Anthony had gone, he had gotten a haircut.
58:34 He had come in with hair past his shoulders
58:36 and scraggly jeans and a torn up t-shirt.
58:38 But by the time he left, he had short hair, a new suit,
58:42 was walking around like a new man,
58:44 and he had a new side on the inside as well.
58:47 You know, the Lord had blessed
58:48 to bring a transformation in his life completely.
58:51 Amen.


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