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00:19 Good evening, everyone.
00:22 Did you have a blessed Sabbath? Yes.
00:24 How many of you had a very blessed ASI?
00:26 Raise your hand.
00:28 How many of you are sad
00:29 that ASI is gonna be over in like, two hours?
00:32 Well, it is been a wonderful time together
00:34 Wayne, Steve,
00:36 we've had a great time here this week.
00:37 And I know that the Lord has much in store for ASI
00:40 in the years ahead, in this coming year.
00:42 How can we, Wayne, stay connected to ASI
00:45 throughout the year?
00:47 Well, there's all kinds of ways that we can stay connected
00:49 and probably the best place to start
00:51 is to go to our website.
00:53 We're going to have a graphic up here on the screen
00:55 where you can see all different ways
00:56 that you can stay connected with us.
00:58 But, if you go to our website,
01:00 you will see right there that you can connect on Facebook,
01:03 you can connect on Twitter,
01:04 you can send us a message directly as well
01:06 if you would like.
01:08 And we look forward to staying in touch with you
01:10 throughout the year.
01:11 All right.
01:13 And, we'll get that slide up there
01:15 but, Wayne, we were going to ask them to,
01:17 while you are here, before ASI is over,
01:20 if you could, if your on social media,
01:22 to take your phone,
01:23 maybe snap a picture tonight even during the meeting
01:26 or when you go to the exhibit hall,
01:27 find your favorite exhibit.
01:28 I think we did this last year, Wayne.
01:30 That's right. Yes.
01:31 And if you can snap a picture,
01:33 post it on social media and put our hash tag.
01:34 That's right.
01:35 So you see it up here on the screen there.
01:37 So you can see the hash tag
01:38 that we've been using throughout the convention.
01:40 So we invite you to use that hash tag,
01:42 #ASIConvention2015.
01:45 Take a picture of your friends
01:47 and post it on any of your choice of social media,
01:51 and so we can let the world know
01:53 what we've experienced here.
01:55 And we also have our website listed there as well.
01:57 Absolutely.
01:59 So you can see here,
02:02 In fact, that particular link
02:03 is if you want to find more information about joining,
02:06 but you can easily find
02:07 all of the other information as well.
02:09 You can send us a text message if you wish,
02:12 you can even send it to us right now at the number
02:14 on the screen there, 301-844-6035.
02:19 And we also want to bring to your attention that we have,
02:22 on your seats, we have a brochure that talks more
02:26 about ASI as well and it's different departments,
02:28 it's different dimensions, and evangelism tools
02:31 that are available free of charge.
02:33 A lot of tools that it would be very useful
02:35 and interesting for you along with QR codes for you
02:38 to scan if you want more information.
02:40 Amen. Thank you Wayne.
02:41 He's our communications director,
02:43 has done outstanding job this last year
02:45 with moving us forward.
02:46 Brother Steve Dyckman, is in a couple of...
02:49 well, probably less than two hours, Steve,
02:51 you're going to the president of this organization.
02:53 And he's been serving as our Vice President
02:56 for membership though
02:57 and he has a passion for ASI membership.
02:59 Steve, I know we've got a lot of potential members out here.
03:02 Tell us about that.
03:04 We have given you the opportunity this evening
03:07 by placing some of our ASI membership applications
03:11 on about every third or so chair there in the audience.
03:14 So if you're not an ASI member
03:16 and you want to consider becoming an ASI member,
03:20 after being here with us this weekend,
03:22 experiencing the joys and blessings of ASI,
03:25 we invite you to pick up this application
03:28 and take a look inside.
03:29 Just going to briefly describe.
03:31 Actually, it's better if you go online
03:33 and fill out the application,
03:35 but this paper gives you something
03:36 to take home to help you connect
03:39 with the proper website et cetera.
03:41 And so, I want to just mention
03:44 here's those who qualify for ASI membership.
03:48 If you own a business.
03:49 So if you're a business owner you qualify,
03:52 that business qualifies as what we call
03:54 an organizational member of ASI.
03:58 Or if you're a 501-C3 nonprofit ministry,
04:02 your ministry probably qualifies
04:05 to become a member of ASI.
04:08 Our third category is Associate Membership.
04:11 If you are a professional person,
04:13 a doctor, lawyer, dentist or some other profession
04:16 and you do not own your own practice
04:19 but you work for someone else,
04:21 you qualify for a category of membership called,
04:24 Associate Membership.
04:26 We invite you to consider joining ASI,
04:28 becoming part of the family
04:30 and helping us to move God's work forward
04:32 around the world.
04:34 As you've been here this week and you've seen
04:35 that it's a worldwide event as we get together.
04:38 Amen.
04:39 And, Steve, just real quick,
04:41 if I'm sitting out there and I'm thinking,
04:42 "Oh, I don't know about going to member of ASI."
04:44 What would you say to that person?
04:45 Why should they become a member of ASI?
04:49 What I would say to you is, it's a powerful,
04:51 spiritual experience for one thing.
04:54 You've been here this weekend, you have been blessed.
04:57 If you've been listening to the meetings, the seminars,
04:59 the speakers, it would be very, very difficult to go away
05:03 and not have a personal blessing.
05:05 And to me, the power for me personally
05:09 is that I go home energized and encouraged to do more
05:12 in sharing the gospel with other people,
05:14 and realize that my participation
05:17 in ASI helps me do something that I could never do alone.
05:21 ASI members engaging together today
05:23 have supported projects all around this world,
05:26 doing amazing things to help advance God's kingdom.
05:30 I can't do that by myself,
05:31 but when we as a group come together
05:33 we can do things like that.
05:35 It's a powerful experience for me,
05:37 I invite you to join us and let it change your life.
05:39 Amen. Thank you so much, Steve. Thank you, Wayne.
05:42 And may God bless you, Steve,
05:44 as you lead us in this next two year.
05:46 Amen. Amen.
05:47 At this time, we are going to invite some,
05:51 well, there are some good looking gentlemen
05:53 that are come out here.
05:54 And this first one, Taylor.
05:56 Hinkle is, you're with an organization called GYC.
06:01 Is that right, Taylor? That's right, Kyle.
06:03 And you know, I understand that you have something
06:06 to tell us about that involves everyone here,
06:10 tell us about that tonight.
06:12 Absolutely, this last year at Phoenix, GYC,
06:15 we launched an very fascinating program
06:17 which I think is one of the most impactful things
06:20 that GYC has done in quite a while
06:22 and it's the one million GLOW challenge.
06:24 One million GLOW? One million GLOW.
06:26 In one year? In one year.
06:28 The goal is to get every attendee in GYC
06:30 to be sharing GLOW tracts with the friends,
06:32 their neighbors, putting on gas pumps,
06:34 all sorts of different things,
06:36 getting them involved in the mission of GLOW.
06:37 Okay, so that's great.
06:39 So you cha, I was actually there, Taylor,
06:40 I remember being challenge to do that.
06:43 And thank you for that.
06:44 But what does that have to do with me ASI,
06:46 I mean that's GYC, right?
06:48 Well, I know that GYC
06:50 is really kind of a relationed organization to ASI, right,
06:54 almost a little child of ASI.
06:56 And we don't want to be let astray.
06:59 We know that we should be partnering up together, amen.
07:01 And so what we're looking to do is as GYC and ASI,
07:05 we would like to partner together
07:07 for this next year
07:08 to pass out one million GLOW tracts.
07:10 Now, Kyle, there's something that's amazed me about ASI,
07:12 this is my first one.
07:14 I didn't realize that you guys are into big numbers.
07:17 By God's grace you're able to raise
07:18 lots of money for missions
07:20 and we praise the Lord for that.
07:22 But I think, by God's grace we can pass out
07:24 over a million GLOW tracts as well.
07:25 Amen.
07:26 So you're saying that if we can raise up $1.7 million,
07:30 oh, maybe we can pass out at least one million GLOW.
07:33 Absolutely. All right, that's awesome.
07:35 So, Taylor, next to you is Nelson Ernst.
07:39 Nelson, you are the GLOW director
07:41 for the Pacific Union Conference.
07:43 And, Nelson, by the way, what are some ways...
07:48 Tell us first of all, why we should share GLOW
07:50 and what are some ways that we can do that?
07:52 Yeah, good question.
07:53 Well, as your first question,
07:55 why should we pass out GLOW tracts,
07:56 I think that's a very appropriate question.
07:58 I like that, Taylor.
08:01 I'll share a story to illustrate.
08:02 Recently we got a phone call from this lady
08:05 who had her husband passed away and she was poor,
08:08 she didn't have money for a regular burial,
08:10 so she cremated him.
08:12 When she went and told her priest
08:13 that she had cremated him,
08:15 the priest told her, all aghast that,
08:17 "Oh, you cremated him that means that you made it
08:20 so they can't go to heaven."
08:22 And this woman was just under this terrible burden
08:25 that you know, she barred husband from going to heaven,
08:27 when all of a sudden she got one of our GLOW tracts
08:29 on the topic of guess what?
08:31 State of the Dead.
08:33 And so much to her relief,
08:34 she found out what the truth was
08:35 about what happens when you die.
08:37 And it was an incredible experience for her.
08:39 So why do we do literature? Why do we do GLOW?
08:41 Because it helps people. Okay.
08:42 So that's powerful, Nelsen.
08:44 But here's the question, how can we do this?
08:47 What are some ways that we can involved,
08:49 get involved in passing out GLOW?
08:51 Sure.
08:52 There's a lot of different ways.
08:53 I'm going to share a method, I think Bobby will too.
08:55 But basically,
08:56 one of the basic ways is just carrying literature with you
08:58 in your pockets wherever you go in your purses
09:01 and giving it to people as you find opportunity.
09:04 One of my favorite ways
09:05 and probably the most efficient way
09:07 of getting out large numbers of literature in everyday life
09:09 is believe it or not in parking lots.
09:11 Every time you go to a store park far away
09:13 from the entrance of the store
09:15 and weave in and out of a few cars.
09:17 And while you're doing that
09:18 you can take your little GLOW tracts,
09:20 and I don't like to put them on the windshield wipers,
09:22 but what I like to do is I take them
09:23 and I bend them a little bit
09:25 and I pop them right inside of that car door.
09:26 Nobody sees you.
09:28 Nobody rejects you. Oh, it's perfect.
09:30 And my wife, she loves it too, it's a perfect method.
09:31 So that's method number one that I would recommend.
09:33 Method number two, is utilizing gas stations.
09:36 You know, Jehovah's Witnesses have the market on Laundromats,
09:39 and I think as Adventists
09:40 we should take over the gas stations.
09:42 So, one way that we can do this is every time you know,
09:45 the receipt prints out, stick a GLOW track there,
09:46 put it inside, your GLOW track
09:48 instead of where the pump handle
09:49 goes into the little,
09:51 you know thing that it goes into.
09:53 And, yeah, you can leave it right there on the gas pump
09:55 and amazing things happen.
09:57 We have lots of stories to share about people
09:59 who had divine appointments when they pass out you know,
10:01 GLOW at gas stations.
10:03 So those are two methods.
10:04 And last, last, I just heard a story today
10:08 about 100 year old grandma from this area
10:11 who went to a mall, Macy's,
10:13 she asked the people who work there,
10:14 "Hey, can I put these GLOW tracts
10:15 in the pockets of all the jeans?"
10:17 And they said, "Yes."
10:18 So there's an opportunity as well.
10:20 So if someone that's 100 can do it...
10:22 That's right. Everybody here can do it.
10:24 Amen. All right. That's right.
10:25 So, Nelson, and now that's the way
10:27 that so many of us have heard about passing out GLOW.
10:29 But next to you is an another good man here,
10:33 Robert Carani, my friend.
10:34 And, Bobby, you have a specific way
10:38 that ASI members,
10:39 specifically people who own businesses
10:41 where they have offices
10:42 that they can get involved in an ASI GLOW challenge.
10:46 Tell us about that. Yeah.
10:47 If you take the cards
10:48 that you will found on your seats,
10:50 as you came in.
10:51 On the back of that there's two things.
10:53 Nelson just talked about
10:54 wherever you go passing out tracts,
10:57 I want to talk for just a minute
10:58 about the business challenge.
11:00 Since ASI kind of has its motto
11:02 sharing Christ in the marketplace.
11:04 Many people owned businesses and I'm guessing
11:07 that if you don't own a business,
11:08 you've probably been into a business.
11:10 How many have been into a business before?
11:13 All right, well then this is, this challenges for you,
11:16 especially if you own a business.
11:17 And with this business challenge
11:21 is you sign up for this, you get a rack,
11:24 and you get trucks sent to you every month
11:27 that you can use to fill that rack
11:28 and put in your business.
11:30 Even if you don't own a business,
11:32 we've had people,
11:33 different churches that have made goals
11:35 to sponsor putting literature racks in the communities,
11:38 at Laundromats, at hospitals, doctor's offices,
11:42 wherever they can find a good spot.
11:44 We've even had them put in a gas station,
11:47 little mini marts.
11:49 Wherever you can think of that has space
11:51 for a literature rack, you can sponsor a rack,
11:52 you can sign up for this business challenge,
11:55 and go and just fill that rack.
11:57 It's the perfect way for the Laodicean church
12:01 to pass out literature because it passes out itself,
12:03 you don't have to do anything.
12:05 All you do is put the literature in the rack
12:08 and it distributes itself.
12:09 And the rack does the work.
12:10 It does the work for you. That's great.
12:12 And now, Bobby,
12:13 how are we going to keep track of this challenge?
12:16 Yeah, if you see the website that's on your card there
12:19, and I think they have that link
12:23 if you're watching on 3ABN,,
12:28 you will be able to sign up for that
12:30 from wherever you are around the world.
12:32 You can sign up for that.
12:33 There you can sign up for the business challenge
12:35 or you can just get GLOW tracts
12:37 and you can keep track
12:38 of all the literature that you distribute,
12:40 you can either call us or do it online there
12:44 and tell us how many tracks you've been distributing.
12:46 All right.
12:48 And, Nelson, where can we get the literature
12:50 after tonight's meeting?
12:52 Yeah, good question. We actually moved our booth.
12:54 It's not in the booth area,
12:56 it's right out of the exit doors.
12:57 So as you come out of the exit doors,
12:58 if you need literature,
13:00 we're going to be right there for you.
13:01 All right.
13:03 So, Taylor, and I'll finish with you,
13:04 we are going to join with GYC.
13:06 Here's what we're going to do. Are you ready ASI?
13:08 Are you ready for this challenge?
13:09 We are going to join GYC
13:11 in meeting your one million goal
13:12 before December.
13:14 Amen. Amen?
13:15 Can we do that ASI? What do you say?
13:17 And then at GYC you're going to challenge us
13:21 to do something.
13:22 Absolutely, at GYC, this next year
13:24 we're going to challenge all of the attendees
13:26 that come to join ASI
13:29 and meeting their goal for the next year.
13:30 Okay, so we're going to help each other reach our goals,
13:32 what do you say? Amen.
13:34 And by God's grace more and more people will hear
13:37 the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ.
13:39 Amen.
13:41 So thank you, and, Nelson,
13:42 anything you'd like to close with?
13:44 A quick story, a quick testimony?
13:46 Oh, boy, quick stories.
13:49 Yeah, actually, I'll share one with you
13:51 just to illustrate the impact of a tract.
13:53 Recently a young woman,
13:55 her little brother went out collecting hollowing Candy,
13:58 he came back, she sorted through his candy,
14:01 her little brother's candy, found a GLOW tract
14:04 that had been given to her little brother.
14:05 She read it, she called in for Bible studies,
14:08 ended up going Colportering for the next 10 weeks
14:11 after she met that Bible worker and he recruited her,
14:13 got baptized at the end of the Colportering and summer,
14:16 and then went to a two year Bible College
14:17 called Souls West, where she's currently a student.
14:19 Amen.
14:21 Because she found a tract
14:22 in her little brother's candy bag,
14:23 because some Adventist passed it out to hollowing.
14:25 Amen.
14:26 I can testify, I'm the pastor of the baptizer.
14:28 That's right, that's right. That is a powerful story.
14:31 May God be praised.
14:32 Thank you guys, for what you do
14:33 and may the work of GLOW continue to expand.
14:38 Praise the Lord, isn't that wonderful?
14:41 Aren't you glad to be a part of ASI?
14:43 Doesn't it really inspire you?
14:46 Well, here we are at the end of our wonderful session
14:50 here in Spokane.
14:52 And it has been such a blessing.
14:53 And what a wonderful Sabbath day.
14:56 Amen. Amen.
14:57 It has been from morning till now
14:59 it has been a wonderful experience.
15:02 It's my privilege tonight to introduce a friend,
15:05 Frank Fournier,
15:07 who is the current ASI president.
15:11 Now you've already met the new one,
15:14 Steve Dyckman,
15:15 but Frank still has a couple hours of glory,
15:17 so let's encourage him.
15:20 I'm sure after serving two terms faithfully,
15:23 four years,
15:25 he's looking forward to a little break as well.
15:28 But he's saved the best to the last.
15:32 So tonight, you get to hear from Frank Fournier.
15:36 Now, for our 3ABN audience and some from Spokane
15:40 that may not really know Frank very well,
15:43 it's interesting to see
15:44 how the Lord has led in his life.
15:47 So I'll take just a moment
15:48 to go back and tell you a little bit about it.
15:51 Frank was born and raised a Roman Catholic
15:55 in a French-Canadian home.
15:58 When he was 16-years old he had a bright idea,
16:02 I've had enough school
16:03 and he went off into the logging industry
16:06 for a couple of years.
16:08 From there, he graduated to the coal mines,
16:11 not the coal mines actually, it was nickel and copper.
16:15 And he spent almost the next 10 years in the mines.
16:20 While he was there,
16:22 in the latter part of that time period
16:25 the spirit of the Lord began to work on him,
16:27 he had been reading different things
16:29 and not finding satisfaction,
16:31 and eventually he turned to the Bible.
16:33 And you can almost put the rest together.
16:36 There is power in the word. Amen.
16:40 And so he began to read the Bible
16:41 and his life was transformed and he became,
16:45 through a province of the Lord,
16:47 he learned of Seventh-Day Adventists
16:48 and eventually was baptized.
16:51 It started a career in his life in what we call
16:55 self-supporting ministries or supporting ministries,
16:57 we use the term today.
16:59 And he started in Woodland Park, Canada,
17:02 were he served first,
17:04 and for the last 40 years he has continued to work
17:07 in various institutions such as Fountain View Academy,
17:11 which we have heard from today.
17:14 Riverside Farm Institute in Zambia,
17:18 Eden Valley in Colorado, and currently,
17:21 he is the executive vice president
17:23 for Outpost Centers International
17:26 an umbrella organization
17:28 that helps to network with multiple ministries,
17:32 100 different ministries in more than 30 some countries.
17:37 He's happily married for 47 years,
17:40 and he has three children, and 12 grandchildren.
17:45 So he's a happy camper.
17:48 Frank's a student of the word.
17:52 He's knowledgeable in the Spirit of Prophecy
17:55 and with the blessing of the Holy Spirit,
17:58 he will share tonight a powerful message
18:01 called 'Go, ye out to meet Him.'
18:05 Please pray for Frank in our open hearts
18:07 as we hear him tonight.
18:14 Good evening, everyone.
18:17 I was going to say, it's a blessing to be here.
18:20 It's been a blessing to be here all along.
18:23 And I found myself facing you more often
18:28 than makes me comfortable.
18:32 Jesus is coming. Amen.
18:36 And in Matthew 25:6 it says, "Go ye out to meet Him."
18:43 Now if we know the parable
18:44 this is the parable of the wise and foolish virgins.
18:49 We know that this 'going out to meet him',
18:51 is not the condition for being ready to meet him,
18:54 because half of these young virgins
18:58 were not ready to meet him,
18:59 they were not prepared to meet him.
19:02 And this is what I want to talk with you tonight.
19:05 How is it that they were not prepared,
19:08 yet, they were going out to meet him?
19:10 Is it possible that you and I are not prepared
19:14 for Jesus to come?
19:15 As a matter of fact in Amos 4:12, it says,
19:19 "Prepare to meet thy God."
19:23 This is not an option.
19:25 The Lord is giving us a command,
19:27 the Lord is telling us that we should be intentional
19:31 about the preparation that we need to make
19:34 in order to be ready for Jesus to come.
19:37 I'm going to ask you to bow with me,
19:40 we're going to ask the Lord to speak to us this evening.
19:45 Heavenly Father, thank you for being our God,
19:49 thank you for the time that we've had together
19:53 this past few days,
19:54 and for the Spirit of God as it has moved among us.
19:57 Thank you, for all the speakers,
19:59 and all the inspiration.
20:01 And this evening as we come together for the last time,
20:05 we're looking for thy Holy Spirit,
20:07 we're looking for freedom, and power, and understanding,
20:12 especially as we look at ourselves
20:15 in the terms of being prepared to meet you.
20:18 And we thank you. In Jesus name, Amen.
20:23 To interest you to come to the meeting tonight,
20:26 you may have read in the ministry
20:28 that I wrote this, "If as a church,
20:32 we only had six months to work,
20:35 would we spend our time arguing women's ordination,
20:38 new age mysticism, theistic evolution,
20:42 and internal politics or would we buckle down
20:45 to deal with the issue most important to God?"
20:49 Now obviously that begs the question,
20:51 what is the issue most important to God?
20:55 Now don't get me wrong, all these issues that I name
20:58 just a few minutes ago, are important to God,
21:01 and they are ought to be important to us also.
21:04 It's just that I have in my head the idea,
21:06 the notion that if every single Seventh-Day Adventists
21:10 in the world, 80 million of them
21:12 were focused on present truth.
21:17 If every Seventh-Day Adventists was focused on,
21:20 what it means that Jesus is working
21:22 in the most holy place of the sanctuary?
21:24 If we knew what it meant to be living
21:27 in the anti-typical day of atonement,
21:29 if we understood the three Angels' messages
21:31 and what it is that God expects of his people,
21:35 I believe that all the issues
21:37 that we think are issues today would be non-issues
21:40 because they would be eclipsed by the truth
21:42 that we ought to be focused on.
21:44 And the only reason that they are issues
21:47 is because they are controversial
21:50 and the only reason they are controversial
21:52 is because we are not united, and we are not united
21:55 because our experience is not what it ought to be.
21:59 We are not ready.
22:01 And we revealed that we're not ready.
22:03 And I don't have time to list all the adjectives
22:05 that Ellen White would use to say
22:07 why we're not ready,
22:09 and why it is that the Lord would have come along here
22:11 this except that we aren't insubordinate,
22:14 and because we're worldly, and because we're selfish,
22:17 and because we strive,
22:19 and we're fighting for supremacy,
22:21 and all those other things that she has to say about it.
22:24 But that's the truth, it's only proof
22:27 that as a people we are not ready.
22:31 In Daniel 8:14,
22:34 you all know it by heart, on to 2300 days,
22:38 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.
22:41 Do you know that this verse birth
22:43 the Seventh-Day Adventist church?
22:46 You know, we say that, and we've heard that,
22:49 and we know that, and then in our minds,
22:51 I don't know what happens in our minds.
22:55 But it had to be an awfully powerful verse
22:59 in order that there be 80 million people,
23:01 all denominated, organize together
23:04 to prepare a world for the second coming of Jesus.
23:07 There's power in that verse,
23:10 sometimes we don't understand it.
23:14 I think the power of it is because Jesus transferred
23:18 from the holy place of the sanctuary
23:20 to the most holy place of the sanctuary,
23:23 and he went there
23:24 because he intended to raise for himself
23:27 the Seventh-Day Adventist church
23:29 so that he could prepare them, so that he could grow them,
23:33 so that he get them into the place
23:34 where they would reflect the image of Jesus so perfectly
23:38 that the whole world would be lightened
23:40 with the glory of his character.
23:42 But, friends, we've lost sight of that,
23:45 we really have because
23:47 we have become more or less in our thinking nominal.
23:51 We see ourselves as just another denomination,
23:54 when we are not just another denomination.
23:57 We are indeed a movement of destiny.
24:00 I hope you know that.
24:02 So we've occupied our minds with minor matters.
24:06 In the Book, Acts of the Apostles,
24:07 page 50, paragraph 1,
24:10 "Whenever minor matters occupy the attention,
24:14 the divine power..."
24:15 and I stop right there, I just hesitate right there.
24:17 Do you know what the divine power is?
24:21 The apostle Paul says, in Romans 1:16,
24:24 "I am not ashamed of the gospel
24:26 because it is the power inherent in God
24:30 to save them that believe,"
24:33 the Jew first and also the Greek,
24:34 "For there in
24:36 is the righteousness of Christ revealed."
24:39 And when you analyze that long enough
24:40 you will see that there is some words here
24:43 that are synonymous,
24:44 the word power, the word gospel,
24:46 the word righteousness of Christ all mean one thing,
24:49 it is the power of God to save.
24:52 That's what it is.
24:53 In Faith and Works, page 27, paragraphs 0,
24:57 "Divine power and the human agency combined
25:01 will be a complete success.
25:03 Why?
25:04 For Christ's righteousness accomplishes everything."
25:08 What does Christ righteousness accomplish?
25:10 That's where the power is.
25:12 Christ's righteousness accomplishes everything.
25:15 So we'll go back to our quotation
25:17 "Whenever a minor matters occupy,
25:19 the attention, the divine power
25:21 which is necessary for the growth
25:23 and prosperity of the church,"
25:25 which is necessary for the growth
25:27 and prosperity of ASI,
25:29 which is necessary for the growth and prosperity
25:31 of the North American Division, GC, OCI, the local church,
25:34 I don't care what you want to say,
25:36 all the power that is necessary is in the Holy Spirit
25:41 and in God himself, in Jesus Christ.
25:44 So, "Whenever minor matters occupy the attention
25:47 the divine power which is necessary for the growth
25:50 and prosperity of the church,
25:52 which would bring all other blessings
25:54 in its train is lacking though offered in infinite plenitude."
26:00 What's the problem?
26:02 Minor matters occupy the attention.
26:07 And we know that we have delayed
26:10 the second coming of Jesus, don't we?
26:13 It's very biblical.
26:14 I'll have you turn with me to Revelation 7,
26:16 you can see it there.
26:18 I've preached this before,
26:19 maybe some of you have heard this just the same,
26:21 it's obvious that we have delayed
26:23 the second coming of Jesus.
26:24 And it isn't he who is delaying anything.
26:28 He would have come long here this,
26:29 we have the proof of it right here,
26:31 we're in Revelation 7.
26:34 Now in Revelation 7,
26:36 Jesus sends four angels what to do?
26:40 Do you remember?
26:42 Now, obviously, you can't talk to me,
26:43 I probably wouldn't hear you from where you are,
26:45 but usually people say, that he sent the four angels
26:49 for the purpose of holding back the winds of strife.
26:51 Friends, that isn't true.
26:54 This is what the angels end up doing
26:56 but that's not why they were sent.
26:58 They were sent to destroy the earth,
27:00 and every tree, and everything that's in the sea.
27:03 They were sent to destroy because Jesus was coming.
27:07 Look at verse 2, 3, this is Revelation 7,
27:12 "I saw another angel ascending from the east..."
27:15 Keep your eye on that angel, we'll come back to him.
27:18 "I saw another angel ascending from the East,
27:21 having the seal of the Living God
27:22 and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels
27:25 to whom it was given to hurt the earth and to sea."
27:29 To whom it was given to destroy this earth saying,
27:33 "Don't do it, don't do it, hurt not the earth,
27:35 neither the sea, nor the trees till you have sealed
27:38 the servants of our God in their foreheads."
27:41 And so you can see that things are on hold,
27:43 the Holy Spirit being poured out
27:45 and latter rain power is on hold.
27:49 The loud cry is on hold, the time of trouble is on hold,
27:52 the seven last place can't fall,
27:54 the battle of Armageddon can't be fought,
27:56 Jesus cannot come.
27:58 And why is it?
27:59 It's because the servants of our God
28:01 are not sealed in their foreheads,
28:03 we're not prepared, we're are not ready.
28:08 I don't know how I'm going to emphasize this tonight.
28:11 I really, really don't. You know we're in trouble.
28:16 If I ask you where in the Bible we should go to see
28:21 what is the problem with God's people?
28:23 Where would you look?
28:25 Well, it's very easy,
28:26 that's right, it's Revelation 3.
28:28 We know that for sure.
28:30 We are neither hot nor cold, we are lukewarm,
28:33 we are deceived thinking
28:34 that we're better than we are really, spiritually.
28:38 We feel no need of God because we are self righteous,
28:41 self sufficient, self satisfied,
28:43 we're spiritually poor, spiritually naked,
28:45 spiritually blind,
28:46 and the whole, the real problem,
28:48 the bottom line of this thing is that we don't know it.
28:52 Can you imagine we don't know it.
28:53 This chapter on Laodicea
28:56 is very, very clear and clarifying
28:59 what our spiritual condition is.
29:00 We read it all the time, we preach it all the time,
29:03 and in the end, God looking down
29:04 the annals of times can point to God's people
29:07 and say, "They don't know it."
29:09 Even though, I have told them in clear words right here
29:13 in the Bible, we have not believed...
29:19 but as he call himself, in the true witness
29:20 and what he has to say for us in his counsel.
29:23 And the proof of the fact is that we don't believe
29:27 is that we have not taken the counsel.
29:30 It's obvious, we have not taken the counsel.
29:33 "Buy of me gold tried in the fire,
29:37 and white raiment, and eyesalve.
29:41 You know, God even sent two young men in 1888,
29:45 in order to flesh this out for us
29:47 so that we could be better
29:49 or more easily understand this thing.
29:52 And friends, we've been like the 10 spies in Numbers 14,
29:57 haven't we?
29:59 God said to them "I'm going to give you the land,
30:02 go in there and possess the land."
30:04 And they said, "Well, couldn't we go in there
30:06 and spy the land," and the Lord says,
30:08 "Go on in there and tell me what you think about it.
30:10 It's a great land, it really is."
30:12 So they go in there and they come back
30:13 and they say, "It was great land, it really was.
30:15 But do you know that there are giants there?"
30:19 There were giants there. And God said, "So?"
30:25 "Yeah, yeah but you don't know the walls,
30:27 you know how high the walls are?"
30:29 And God said, "So?" "yeah.
30:32 But they have iron chariots and we are like grasshoppers
30:35 in our own site compared to these people over there."
30:39 And God said, "I didn't ask you to tackle these giants
30:42 or these walls.
30:43 I told you that I'm giving it to you."
30:47 And, friends, it's the same thing,
30:48 it's been the same thing for us.
30:50 When we studied this thing as a denomination
30:53 we've come to Revelation 14,
30:55 where the three Angles' messages are
30:57 and we begin to realize
30:59 that God is wanting us to be like the 144,000.
31:04 With God's character written in our frontal lobe,
31:07 not corrupted with false doctrine,
31:10 following Jesus whether so wherever he goes.
31:13 No guile in our mouth
31:15 and faultless before the throne of God,
31:17 we need to be perfect, we need to be ready.
31:19 God wants to make a special demonstration with us,
31:22 he wants this demonstration to cover the whole world,
31:25 and we look at it and say, "Oh, wait a minute,
31:27 it's a lot easier to be just like other churches around."
31:30 I mean, after all isn't that a high bar?
31:33 We can't be like that.
31:36 Well, friends I want to tell you something,
31:38 we are well able to do this.
31:41 Amen. Because it isn't us doing it.
31:45 It's the same thing
31:46 as for the children of Israel way back then.
31:49 It's the same thing, God has promised to work in us
31:53 if we will work it out just what he gives us.
31:57 In the book Early Writings,
32:00 were I usually get my impetus is in the chapter
32:03 called The Shaking, it's on page 269.
32:05 Ellen White is speaking about the future,
32:07 as future to our time today, it really is.
32:10 She's speaking of the future
32:13 and she see's two groups of people
32:15 in the Seventh-Day Adventist church
32:16 in the future from now.
32:18 And the one group is with strong faith,
32:20 in agonizing cries, pleading with God.
32:23 There pictured perspiring profusely and...
32:29 they have an internal struggle, an internal struggle.
32:34 Doesn't say what it is,
32:35 just that it's an internal struggle.
32:37 She pictures another group
32:38 and they're indifferent about the whole situation
32:41 and doesn't say what they're fighting about.
32:43 I mean, what the issue is,
32:45 it's just that it's just that way.
32:48 And for years, I've been studying this thing on my knees
32:51 and all the while I've been thinking
32:53 what is it that will get us to the place
32:56 where we're going to agonize with God
32:58 like Jacob agonized with God and said,
33:00 "We won't let you go except you bless me."
33:04 So something's got to bring us to that place as a church
33:07 and I always thought, well,
33:08 maybe the national Sunday law will do it.
33:10 I assume when the national Sunday law comes,
33:13 if it should hit us any day now,
33:15 I think it would bring us to our knees, don't you?
33:18 But I've come to realize, no, that's not going to be it.
33:21 I believe and I got this, conviction this week
33:24 sometime that the issue
33:26 is somehow the Lord's going to get through to my brain
33:29 that I am not as perfect as God wants me to be.
33:36 That I don't reflect the image of Jesus
33:38 like, he wants me to reflect the image of Jesus.
33:42 And that I cannot do it,
33:44 all my righteousness's are as filthy rags,
33:48 there is none righteous, no, not one.
33:54 But God has promised to do it, right?
33:56 Yeah.
33:58 What is justification by faith?
33:59 Ellen White says, "It is the work of God.
34:02 It's his work to lay the glory of man in the dust."
34:07 That's how he's going to do it.
34:09 One of these days we're going to wake up groveling
34:12 because we have not by faith,
34:14 follow Jesus where he wants us to go.
34:17 He's going to bring us there.
34:19 And I can't wait but at the same time
34:21 I wish I could bypass this thing.
34:23 It's going to be painful. Yeah.
34:27 And half the church will be wise in this matter,
34:30 half the church will be foolish.
34:33 I'm still in Early Writings, page 270,
34:36 want you to hear this.
34:38 "I saw that the testimony of the true witness
34:41 has not been half heeded."
34:43 Now what is the testimony of the true witness?
34:46 It's the Laodicean message. Watch, watch carefully now.
34:50 "The Solemn testimony,
34:52 upon which the destiny of the church hangs,
34:56 has been lightly esteemed if not entirely disregarded."
34:59 If our destiny hangs on the Laodicean message,
35:04 do you think we ought to take this thing seriously?
35:08 What do you think?
35:09 But you know, God in His graciousness,
35:11 in the paragraph above,
35:12 he narrows this thing even more.
35:15 The straight testimony called forth
35:16 by the counsel of the true witness.
35:18 What God has done here is taken all Bible,
35:21 and by the way, friends, we ought to live by every word
35:24 that proceeds out of the Bible, isn't that true?
35:26 Yes, it's true.
35:28 But God takes the whole Bible,
35:29 he concentrates it down to one verse, Revelation 3:18,
35:34 and he says, the destiny of the church,
35:36 the destiny of souls
35:38 hangs upon the reception of that verse.
35:43 "Buy of me gold tried in the fire,
35:46 and white raiment, and eyesalve."
35:49 It's amazing. That's what it says.
35:52 Now you're still in Revelation 7,
35:56 "And there we saw that God send an angel
36:00 with the seal of the living God."
36:01 Do you know who that Angel is? Do you?
36:06 Let me read it to you, Early Writings, 118,
36:10 paragraph 1, "I then saw the third angel,"
36:14 of Revelation 14, "said, my accompanying Angel,
36:18 fearful is his work, awful is his mission,
36:21 he is the angel that is to seal the wheat from the,
36:24 for the heavenly Garner.'"
36:26 Do you see which angel it is?
36:28 The ceiling angel of Revelation 7
36:31 is the angel of Revelation 14, the third Angel.
36:35 In Early Writings, 258, watch now,
36:38 "I was shown three steps,
36:40 the first second and third Angels' messages,
36:43 the destiny of souls hangs upon the manner
36:47 in which they are received."
36:50 The three Angles' messages.
36:52 Now watch what we just heard, and I don't know
36:54 if you put it together, but watch,
36:56 "The destiny of souls
36:58 hangs upon receiving the three Angels messages,
37:00 the destiny of the church hangs upon receiving the council,"
37:03 of Revelation 3:18.
37:05 So here's the question,
37:07 on how many things can our destiny hang?
37:10 And I'm here to tell you it's only one thing,
37:13 because it's one,
37:14 and the same thing the third Angles' message.
37:16 Have you ever wondered what the third Angles' message was?
37:19 Why is it that Elle White says,
37:21 "It's righteousness by faith in verity."
37:23 Well, we're just seeing it right now,
37:25 the third Angles' message is,
37:27 "Buy of me gold tried in the fire,
37:30 and white raiment, and Eyesalve."
37:33 And then I want you to repent and let me in already.
37:37 Five years ago,
37:40 my vice president At Eden Valley,
37:44 she was working in the kitchen
37:46 and I happened to be walking through the kitchen,
37:48 it was a time of convention.
37:50 I was just walking through
37:51 and she arrested me right there,
37:53 and she said, "Doesn't Ellen White say,
37:56 that the third Angels' message is righteousness
37:58 by faith in verity?"
38:00 Well, actually, it doesn't say that, it says,
38:01 "Justification by Faith is righteousness."
38:04 But its the same thing, it's the same thing.
38:06 And I said, "Yes, that's what it says."
38:09 So she go on to say,
38:10 "How is it then when our evangelists
38:13 are conducting an evangelistic series
38:15 and they speak on the third Angels' message,
38:18 they speak about the mark of the beast,
38:20 and the and the resulting wrath of God.
38:22 Where is righteousness by faith in that?"
38:27 Have you been able to answer that question?
38:29 You know, I didn't have much time
38:30 that day I was just passing through,
38:32 I wasn't thinking about anything like that.
38:34 But it's amazing
38:35 because I think today that the Holy Spirit
38:37 must have inspired me because, I said,
38:40 "It's in there not explicit in the text.
38:44 It's implied.
38:45 It's there, it's there by contrast."
38:48 And you know five years later,
38:49 after studying this thing as long as I have,
38:54 I still believe the same thing that that's where it is.
38:58 In the beast of Revelation 14,
39:01 you will not find righteousness by faith.
39:05 You're going to find righteousness by works,
39:07 you're going to find righteousness by force,
39:09 you're going to find righteousness by legislation,
39:12 by flattery, by bribery.
39:14 If nothing else works
39:15 you'll find righteousness by torture.
39:17 And when it's all said and done,
39:19 there's no righteousness there at all, none.
39:21 In essence, the beast does not care a hoot
39:24 about righteousness.
39:25 All he cares about is control. That's it.
39:29 Theologically, you cannot find righteousness by faith
39:33 with the beast because the faith
39:35 that you find in righteousness by faith implies self-distrust,
39:40 which necessitates putting our faith in God
39:42 for righteousness.
39:45 With the beast, we are expected to put our faith
39:49 in the traditions of men, in church decrees and creeds,
39:53 in ecclesiastical pronouncements.
39:56 We are expected to put the human
39:58 above the divine.
39:59 And, friends, that always leads
40:00 to the mark of the beast, that's what it is.
40:03 It's in forcing human dogma above the word of God.
40:07 That's all it is, that's what it is,
40:09 it is righteousness by faith in the message by contrast.
40:14 Now you and I have two problems, of course,
40:16 and we're already looking at them.
40:18 First of all, we've never felt our need of the counsel
40:21 of the true witness.
40:23 And the reason for that is we've been comparing ourselves
40:26 among ourselves.
40:27 We look at other denomination and it's obvious to see,
40:31 doctrinally they don't match up,
40:33 because we have based our doctrines on the word of God
40:37 and they have based their doctrines on traditions
40:39 and a mixture of the word of God.
40:41 And it hasn't worked for them,
40:42 and we could debate them any time and win.
40:45 And because we do,
40:46 we think we're doing really well
40:48 and we're ill focused, ill focused all together.
40:53 We have a form of godliness.
40:55 But we deny the power thereof,
40:58 because the righteousness of Christ
41:00 has not been internalized.
41:02 There isn't anything I want more
41:04 than to experience Christ as my righteousness,
41:07 to have them take possession of this individual
41:10 and to work through me
41:11 so that he can do whatever he wants.
41:15 What can God do if he gets hold of you and me?
41:18 He can do anything.
41:20 The second thing that is a problem
41:22 is that generally speaking,
41:24 we do not understand the three Angels' messages.
41:28 We don't.
41:31 In 1888, Materials, 165, paragraph 4.
41:36 There are few and Ellen White will saying in one place,
41:39 not 1 in 100, there are few
41:42 even of those who claim to believe it
41:45 that comprehend the three Angels' messages,
41:47 and yet, this is the message for this time.
41:52 How many of you are living in this time?
41:55 That's a stupid question. We're all living in this time.
41:59 I'm living in this time
42:01 and this message is for this time.
42:03 Don't tell me it's not applicable today.
42:06 Then she says, just five more little words,
42:09 "It is present truth."
42:14 Our ASI secretary treasurer in January made a trip
42:17 to another continent, and they had meetings on,
42:22 at ASI they had a big ASI meeting on another continent
42:26 and there were officials there.
42:27 And after the meetings,
42:29 a group of officials all got together
42:30 and eventually during that meeting one official,
42:33 I'm not going to tell you whether he is an ASI official
42:36 or non-church official or who he is.
42:38 But an official stood up and said,
42:40 "I don't see what the three Angels' messages have to do
42:44 with our identity."
42:47 And our secretary treasurer jaw dropped like...
42:52 How can that be?
42:54 That doesn't make any sense.
42:55 How is it then that we have three Angels' message,
42:59 three Angels' pictured on our marquees
43:01 before the churches,
43:02 and our walls outside the church,
43:04 and on our walls inside the church,
43:06 and on the pulpit,
43:07 three Angels' messages everywhere, 3ABN even.
43:11 Why do we go there
43:13 if we don't understand what it means,
43:14 if it has nothing to do with our identity.
43:17 Now you might say, poor people.
43:22 Well, don't say poor people.
43:25 If I was to call you up, could you explain to me,
43:30 to us what the three Angels' messages
43:34 have to do with our identity?
43:36 Could you?
43:42 I don't want to be too hard on anyone,
43:45 after all it took me 40 years to make a connection
43:48 between Revelation 14 to third Angle to Revelation 7,
43:55 to understand that the sealing Angel
43:59 is the Angle of Revelation 14.
44:02 It took me 40 years to realize that the message,
44:07 "Buy of me gold tried in the fire,"
44:08 is the three Angels' messages,
44:10 to us and to the world as it is.
44:14 Do you know that we call the Angels,
44:16 the fourth Angel in Revelation 18,
44:19 that he gives a loud cry of the third Angel?
44:23 Do you see that third angel is everywhere.
44:27 Because we're living at this time and God wants
44:30 and wants us to understand what this is all about
44:33 and how important it is for us.
44:37 You and I are in specials spiritual trouble.
44:44 Did you ever hear the phrase in the Old Testament,
44:48 'The God of our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?'
44:51 Did you ever hear that?
44:53 Why is it that God bunches up those three names like that
44:57 in the Old Testament so often?
44:59 Well, the reason is because it takes Abraham, Isaac,
45:03 and Jacob to produce Israel.
45:06 That's what it is.
45:08 These are simple symbols of course,
45:10 and Abraham is known for what?
45:14 Faith, right?
45:16 Sure, he believed God
45:17 and it was accounted to him for what?
45:19 Righteousness.
45:21 He believed God so much he was willing to sacrifice
45:23 that upon which he had bestowed the most affection ever.
45:28 That's how much he had faith,
45:29 when God asked him to do something,
45:31 he trusted God in the matter.
45:32 It's amazing.
45:34 Now Isaac, what is Isaac, known for?
45:37 He's a child of promise.
45:40 I don't know how long Abraham and Sarah were married,
45:43 50 years, 60 years, 70 years, 80 years.
45:47 Do you think that in this time
45:48 they did not try to have children?
45:51 My guess is they were always trying to have children.
45:54 How long would they have had to continue to try
45:57 in order to succeed to have children?
46:00 They could never have done it because she was barren,
46:02 could not have children.
46:04 The only reason they had children
46:06 is because God had promised to give it to them
46:08 and he worked an absolute miracle,
46:11 it was a creative act.
46:15 Do you know that we need to be born again?
46:18 Do you know that you can't...
46:21 how many people can make themselves,
46:24 can bring themselves into this world?
46:27 It doesn't work that way, we can't do it.
46:31 And it was especially hard for Abraham and for Sarah,
46:34 of course, it was a miracle.
46:37 The third one on our list of course, is Jacob.
46:40 Now Jacob is a special individual
46:41 and I'd like to focus on him because we are like Jacob,
46:45 we are spiritual, we are religious.
46:47 He wanted the birth right, he wanted the blessing,
46:49 he wanted the priesthood of the family
46:51 right from the beginning.
46:52 The angle had told his mother, didn't he?
46:56 That he would have the blessing,
46:58 he would have the birth right,
46:59 he would be the spiritual priest in the family.
47:02 He wanted it.
47:03 He didn't want anything bad, he wanted something good.
47:05 The only problem is he didn't have any tools
47:07 by which to bring this thing to happen,
47:10 so he worked with what he had.
47:13 And he had a collaring temperament.
47:17 And he got what he wanted,
47:19 but in the end he didn't get what he wanted.
47:22 No, no.
47:24 He had to cheat his brother, he had to lie to his father,
47:26 he had to connive with his mother,
47:28 he thought he got what he wanted,
47:30 and all he got is exiled from his mother
47:32 and from his family for 20 years.
47:35 He comes back 60 to 90 years later,
47:38 excuse me, he comes back
47:40 when he is 60 to 90 years of age.
47:42 I don't know exactly how old he was,
47:45 and different people you talk to tell you different things.
47:49 And then his brother comes with an army to meet him.
47:53 Jacob is scared to death because he knows it's his fault
47:56 and he deserves what he's going to get.
47:58 So he gets on his knees to pray with God,
48:00 he's going to claim two promises.
48:02 God said, "You go out there and I'll protect you."
48:04 That's one promise.
48:06 And while he's praying and pleading this promise,
48:08 somebody comes along, puts his hand on his shoulders,
48:10 he thinks it's an enemy,
48:12 and he wrestles from midnight to the breaking of the day.
48:15 That's a long time to wrestle, I'll tell you that.
48:19 Eventually he realizes
48:21 that who he is wrestling with is Jesus Christ,
48:23 and he lays hold on Jesus,
48:25 he lays hold on Jesus, and he agonizes.
48:28 With strong faith and agonizing cries
48:31 he pleads with God,
48:33 I will not let you go until you convert my soul,
48:38 until you give me a new heart, and a new spirit.
48:40 Has God promised to do that for us?
48:43 Is it true? Do you have it?
48:46 Do you have it to the extent that God can use you
48:50 to enlighten the whole world with his own character?
48:54 That's what it's all about. That's what we want.
48:58 That's what is righteous by faith.
49:01 In 7 BC...
49:02 Thank you.
49:04 In 7 BC, pages 980, paragraph 3, watch,
49:08 "Everything is now at stake."
49:12 How many things?
49:13 Everything is at stake, now, at this time.
49:17 "The third Angels' messages
49:20 is to be regarded as of the highest importance.
49:23 It is a life and death question."
49:26 That's what she writes.
49:27 Now let me tell you something, it is for me.
49:32 Everything that the Laodicean message has to say
49:35 about the Laodicean church applies to me.
49:38 I am neither hot nor cold, I am lukewarm,
49:40 I'm self-sufficient, I'm in self righteous,
49:43 I'm complacent, I'm indifferent,
49:45 and all the other adjectives that Ellen White could use.
49:48 Now would I be wrong to think for a moment
49:50 that I'm alone in this thing?
49:52 No.
49:53 Why are we here on 171 years later?
49:56 This is why.
49:58 Why haven't we taken this thing seriously?
50:00 Why are we running with it?
50:01 Do you see how important this is to God.
50:04 This is the only thing that's delaying his coming.
50:07 Volume 9, page 19, paragraph 1,
50:11 "Seventh-Day Adventists have been given a work
50:13 of the most solemn importance, the most solemn importance,
50:18 the proclamation
50:19 of the first, second and third Angels' messages.
50:21 They are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention."
50:25 How many other things? Nothing else.
50:27 Well, friends, we have allowed other things
50:30 to absorb attention.
50:32 From soup to nuts we have allowed it.
50:35 In Testimonies to Ministers, 331, paragraph 2,
50:38 "The third Angels' message is to be our burden of warning.
50:42 The side issues are not for us to meddle with."
50:46 So what are we doing
50:47 all tangled up in women's ordination,
50:50 in spiritual formation, in jazz with mysticism,
50:53 in reinstating dead feasts
50:55 and basing the Sabbath on the lunar calendar,
50:57 in denying the personhood of the spirit of Holy Spirit.
51:00 In promulgating conspiracy theories
51:03 that fly through our inboxes every day
51:06 should we leave all that confusion to Babylon?
51:10 Shouldn't we? That's why Babylon is confused.
51:13 Why do we go there?
51:16 Especially when God has given us a message
51:20 that we'll turn this world upside down,
51:23 we get all involved everywhere else.
51:24 Do you know why Babylon has fallen?
51:27 Go with me to Genesis 11, Genesis 11.
51:35 This of course is the story of the fall of Babylon.
51:39 There's a man there by the name of Nimrod.
51:41 He's a mighty hunter according to the Bible.
51:43 According to Google,
51:45 they say that his name is kind of a by-word.
51:47 You're just such an Nimrod. Like, you're so stupid.
51:51 Who in the world can think to get to heaven using brick
51:53 and mortar, that's pretty dumb really.
51:55 But you know that wasn't the issue,
51:57 that wasn't the issue.
51:59 We're in Genesis 11, the issues in verse 3, 4,
52:04 "And then they said to one another, go to,
52:07 let us make bricks and by implication
52:10 let us burn them thoroughly."
52:13 Verse 4, "And they said, go to, let us build us a city,
52:17 and by implication,
52:18 let us build us a tower whose top reach unto heavens,
52:20 and let us make a name, lest we be scattered abroad
52:24 over the face of the whole earth."
52:28 That's the issue friends.
52:29 Let us, five times in two verses.
52:32 Let us, we can't trust God, let us save ourselves.
52:36 Let us do religion our way.
52:39 Let us make a name for ourselves.
52:41 And Nebuchadnezzar had the very same issue.
52:43 You member in the Book of Daniel 4:30,
52:50 "Isn't this Babylon
52:51 that I have built for my glory?"
52:54 And on and on he went.
52:55 What happened to poor old King Nebuchadnezzar?
53:00 And what about his grandson?
53:03 When Daniel approach him, in Daniel 5
53:05 and I'm going to skip going over there,
53:07 you know the story.
53:09 He said, "Though you have known all these things,
53:13 yet, you took all the glory to yourself."
53:18 You turned your back on God, you did religion
53:22 the Babylonian way.
53:24 Well, friends, what about us?
53:29 Isn't that the whole issue?
53:34 We can't save ourselves. There isn't anything we can do.
53:40 You heard Pastor Bradshaw this morning,
53:45 amazing sermon on Righteousness by Faith.
53:47 How clearly he said it out there,
53:51 "Can an Ethiopian change his skin?
53:53 Can a leopard change his spot?
53:55 Neither are ye who are custom to do evil do good.
53:58 You can't, you can't. You can't.
54:01 And unless you get God to work a miracle on your behalf,
54:04 you're going to do religion human way."
54:07 You're going to do the best you can
54:08 with what you've got
54:09 and what you've got is not sufficient.
54:11 It's not going to work, there is none righteous,
54:13 no not one, all our righteousness is filthy rags,
54:17 God needs to work a miracle in us.
54:19 He needs to give us the gift of his own righteousness
54:22 so that he glorifies himself in this world through us.
54:28 That's what it is. Lord help us what he is saying.
54:38 I'm going to invite you to stand.
54:43 And we're going to pray together,
54:44 then you can sit down again,
54:45 because we're going to introduce our team.
54:48 Shall we stand?
54:54 Heavenly Father, Lord, we understand.
55:01 I don't know why it is that as a church
55:02 we've never fully bought into your plan.
55:06 Why the Three Angle's messages haven't made the impression
55:09 they should have made on our hearts.
55:12 Why it is that we do church like other people do church,
55:16 in our own strength with our own wisdom,
55:20 fighting among ourselves
55:22 while all the while all we would have to do
55:24 is get on our knees and ask you to show us
55:26 and we just have to follow.
55:28 Lord, forgive us, we failed you.
55:32 But thank you, thank you, thank you,
55:34 for the gift of your righteousness
55:36 and forgiveness, and for your love
55:39 and we know that it's not too late
55:42 and we're going to follow through.
55:44 Bless as we pray, and we thank you.
55:47 In Jesus' name, amen.
55:56 Though you are homeless
56:00 Though you're alone
56:04 I will be your home
56:12 Whatever's the matter
56:16 Whatever's been done
56:20 I will be your home
56:27 I will be your home
56:35 I will be your home
56:43 In this fearful fallen place
56:51 I will be your home
57:02 When time reaches fullness
57:06 When I move my hand
57:10 I will bring you home
57:17 Home to your own place
57:21 In a beautiful land
57:25 I will bring you home
57:33 I will bring you home
57:40 I will bring you home
57:48 From this fearful fallen place
57:56 I will bring you
58:00 Home
58:06 I will bring you
58:11 Home.


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