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00:32 We're gonna start a special section
00:34 called "I Believe."
00:38 And our speaker for this section,
00:40 her name is Lisa Manzanares.
00:44 Lisa used to be a florist.
00:49 She was a wedding coordinator I believe,
00:52 and she was a florist, and then she started to sell
00:57 or to open chains of In & Out.
00:59 Apparently, that is a chain of food,
01:02 famous in California.
01:04 I'm from Michigan, I don't know that much about In & Out,
01:07 but I believe that it is a big chain.
01:11 And she used to open those chains
01:13 for In & Out, that is what she used to do.
01:16 And then, she will tell you something happened in her life,
01:21 and now Lisa is a church planter.
01:24 She's an Adventist, she loves the Lord,
01:27 she works with Anil Kanda
01:29 from the Central California Church or conference.
01:34 And she's here to share with us
01:35 why she loves being a Seventh-day Adventist.
01:41 Why she loves Christ, and Lisa,
01:46 GYC wants to know why do you love Jesus so much.
01:53 Without further adieu,
01:54 I'd like to introduce you to Lisa Manzanares.
01:58 Thank you. Thank you, Moise.
02:01 It's an honor to be here,
02:04 and answering the question why do I love this church
02:07 and why do I love Jesus.
02:09 I'll start by reading a quote by C.S. Lewis,
02:11 he said, "What you say about Seventh-day Adventist
02:15 interests me extremely.
02:18 If they have so much charity,
02:20 there must be something very right about them."
02:24 Newly released data shows Seventh-day Adventism
02:27 growing by 2.5 percent in North America.
02:30 A rapid clip for this part of the world,
02:31 where mainline denominations
02:33 as well as other groups are declining.
02:36 This was written in Forbes Magazine
02:37 as well as USA Today.
02:39 Adventists are even growing faster,
02:41 75 percent faster than the Mormon denomination
02:44 who prioritize numeric growth.
02:47 For observers
02:48 outside the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
02:50 the growth rate in North America is perplexing,
02:53 although we're not content.
02:54 Amen.
02:56 Many in the general public have noticed
02:58 Adventists tend to be superstars
02:59 of good health and longevity.
03:01 Research has shown
03:04 that they tend to live 10 years longer
03:05 than the average American with a strong record
03:08 for success, and health, and education.
03:11 Adventists find, they get a hearing among skeptics
03:14 who share these priorities.
03:16 The Adventist church runs
03:18 one of the largest educational systems in the world.
03:20 They operate 5,700 preschools, primary, and secondary schools
03:24 as well as colleges, universities,
03:26 seminaries, and medical schools
03:28 in about 145 countries worldwide.
03:32 This educational system involves some 66,000 teachers
03:36 and 1,257,000 students.
03:40 Amen.
03:42 Did you know that Seventh-day Adventist Church
03:44 has been active for over 100 years
03:46 in advocating for religious freedom?
03:49 They also have been formally, mind you,
03:52 just formally active in humanitarian aid
03:55 for over 50 years.
03:56 This is with ADRA.
03:57 How many of you have heard of them?
03:59 Amen.
04:00 Did you know there is someone
04:02 that the Seventh-day Adventist Church
04:04 and the world recognizes,
04:06 not just the church but also the world recognizes
04:09 and commends for the writings and contributions to the world
04:12 in Seventh-day Adventist Church.
04:14 This person wrote more than 5,000 periodical articles
04:17 in 40 books, but today including compilation
04:20 from her 50,000 pages of manuscripts,
04:23 more than 100 titles are now available in English.
04:26 This person was the most translated writer
04:29 of their gender in the entire history of literature,
04:32 and the most translated American author
04:34 of either gender.
04:36 The life changing masterpiece on successful Christian Living
04:39 by this author is called "Steps to Christ,"
04:41 how many of you have read it?
04:43 And has been published in more than 140 languages,
04:47 and is used not just
04:48 in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination,
04:50 but in almost every single other Christian denomination.
04:53 Amen.
04:55 On September 25, 1997, Paul Harvey,
04:58 the popular radio personality
05:00 announced on his nationally syndicated program.
05:03 Women have been honored on American postage stamps
05:06 for more than 100 years,
05:08 starting with one woman who was not an American.
05:10 Queen Isabella in 1893,
05:13 since then 86 women have been honored
05:15 ranging from Martha Washington to Marilyn Monroe.
05:18 Also many women authors like Louisa May Alcott,
05:21 Emily Dickens, and Rachel Carson.
05:24 But I can name an American author
05:26 who has never been honored thus,
05:28 though her writings have been translated into 148 languages,
05:32 more than Marks or Tolstoy, more than Agatha Christie,
05:36 and more than William Shakespeare.
05:38 Only now is the world coming to appreciate
05:40 her recommended prescription
05:42 for optimum spiritual and physical health.
05:46 During these few minutes,
05:47 millions of Americans had never before
05:50 heard of this historic author and speaker.
05:54 GYC, have you heard of her, because the world has.
05:58 Paul Harvey concluded by saying,
06:00 "Ellen Whites, you don't know her?
06:03 Get to know her."
06:04 This woman Ellen White was a Seventh-day Adventist,
06:07 the world knows her, do you?
06:10 I know you do,
06:12 because we know her as more than just an author.
06:14 I love my church,
06:15 because they're not afraid to call an atheist an atheist,
06:17 a prophet a prophet.
06:19 And the church loves that I love,
06:21 believes that this is the truth.
06:23 But it's more than that.
06:25 This church is a part of so much.
06:28 All those statistics I just read.
06:30 It's something, if you're not a part of it now,
06:33 you can find your place in Him.
06:35 Amen.
06:36 You will hear negative things,
06:38 in fact, there are problems in the church,
06:40 but friends there are always flowers
06:43 for those who want to see them.
06:45 You see the facts speak for themselves,
06:47 and the fruits are undeniable.
06:50 Gandhi said this,
06:51 "You Christians look after a document
06:53 containing enough dynamite
06:55 to blow all civilization to pieces,
06:58 turn the world upside down,
07:00 and bring peace to a battle torn planet.
07:03 But you treat it
07:04 as though it was nothing more than a piece of literature."
07:08 These are all beautiful facts
07:09 about the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
07:11 and reason to feel humbly privileged
07:14 to be a part of this great movement.
07:17 They are certainly nothing to be ashamed of.
07:20 Amen.
07:21 But the thing is this,
07:24 and the real reason that I love my church,
07:30 is that we as a church have the biblical,
07:34 and the most beautiful picture of Jesus.
07:39 In fact, this church is the vehicle,
07:41 the chosen vehicle in which God has entrusted
07:45 to present to a dying world,
07:47 the clearest picture of a Savior.
07:51 You see I was raised in a Pentecostal home.
07:53 And at the age of 19,
07:55 I went through a time of searching.
07:57 I visited many churches, I started studying out,
07:59 what do Jehovah's Witnesses believe, what do Mormons,
08:01 Baptists, Catholics anything.
08:02 I even went to the Buddhist temple.
08:04 I wanted to know and begin to learn truth.
08:07 I understood in some sense who God was?
08:12 That He was a loving God sometimes,
08:15 but never truly got it.
08:18 It was later that I read the book
08:20 called The Desire of Ages by Ellen White.
08:23 The Spirit of Prophecy is a blessing, not a curse.
08:27 And I also read An Endless Falling in Love
08:29 by Ty Gibson, and my world was rocked.
08:34 I was skeptical,
08:36 but then presented solid Bible prophecy
08:38 with Christ at its core.
08:40 And the reality of the times
08:42 that you and I are living in as young people,
08:44 and that we have an everlasting Gospel
08:46 sitting in our laps found in Revelation Chapter 14,
08:49 and there are dying people that need to know about it.
08:52 Amen.
08:54 I was broken, completely broken,
08:57 and was presented that I was fully known
09:00 and still fully loved by the God of the Bible.
09:04 This church is God's chosen vehicle.
09:08 I remember so clearly
09:09 the day I decided to join wholeheartedly
09:12 the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
09:15 It was in my car, as I was driving,
09:18 the Lord spoke so clearly to me.
09:21 I was at a point of decision in my life,
09:25 wholehearted commitment to Christ
09:29 or my desired level of commitment to Christ.
09:34 So completely giving myself to Him
09:37 even if I didn't feel like it
09:40 or the desired level of commitment to Christ.
09:44 It was at this point of decision.
09:47 And when I realized the reason I love my church
09:50 is that I was shown a God of love
09:52 that told me no matter what I picked,
09:55 He would love me the same.
09:59 We have something to offer the world
10:01 in this church.
10:02 You as an individual,
10:04 me have something to offer the world
10:06 far beyond the scope of mainstream Christianity.
10:09 I know it because I was raised in it.
10:12 To be a part of God's remnant, now that is purpose,
10:15 that is worth, that is identity.
10:17 Amen. We each have to decide.
10:22 I have decided, I am God's and He is mine.
10:27 You are God's and He can be yours.
10:30 We've been called, we've been chosen.
10:33 How can we be anything but faithful?
10:36 Have you called Him, have you chosen Him,
10:39 because he will definitely be faithful to you.
10:43 You see prior to learning about the God of the Bible
10:48 that the Seventh-day Adventist Church presented to me.
10:52 The best fantasy I could come up within my mind for my life
10:56 is nothing,
10:58 nothing compared to the reality that I am living right now
11:01 as a Seventh-day Adventist church member.
11:04 I love my church,
11:05 because they introduced me to the love of my life.
11:08 They introduced me
11:10 to who the God of the Bible truly is
11:13 that He is love and He is nothing else.
11:16 Amen.
11:18 And because of this, I am passionate, proud,
11:21 and also privileged to call myself
11:24 a Seventh-day Adventist Christian.
11:27 That is the reason why I love my church.
11:30 God bless you all.
11:34 What an amazing day.
11:38 I cannot tell you how excited I am right now.
11:43 I'm about to jump out of my shoes.
11:46 I'm so excited.
11:48 We have the privilege of coming together
11:53 from several countries,
11:55 from several states, from several towns,
11:58 from several spiritual experiences
12:01 to seek Jesus at one time, in one place through His word.
12:08 I want you to know that before we begin tonight.
12:11 I must ask for a few favors, is that okay?
12:17 My first favor is,
12:19 we must be praying through the entire sermon.
12:23 Can you say amen? Can you do that for me?
12:27 I want you to be praying through the entire sermon.
12:30 Lord, speak to me, that's the first prayer.
12:35 And the second prayer is,
12:37 Lord give me courage to do what you want me to do.
12:42 Are you with me?
12:44 Lord speak to me,
12:45 and Lord give me courage to do what you are calling me to do.
12:51 My second favor is,
12:54 is that if God speaks to you throughout the message
12:58 or something resonates with your heart.
13:01 We don't need to applause, we don't need to clap,
13:03 we can just say amen.
13:06 Can you say amen? Now amen is not a black word.
13:11 It is not just for black churches,
13:12 can you say amen?
13:14 Amen.
13:15 And for some reason, people think,
13:17 if you say amen, "Oh, that's the black church."
13:21 No, the Bible says
13:23 that's going to be the last word
13:24 when all is said and done, everyone will say amen.
13:28 No was going to say amen. Amen.
13:34 And so those are my only two requests,
13:39 pray, pray and pray.
13:42 But before we officially begin,
13:45 I want you to bow your heads with me,
13:46 and you can kneel as much as possible.
13:56 Mighty God, everlasting Father,
14:02 we are here before you in Louisville.
14:07 We have not come to this place for more of the same.
14:12 We have not come to this place just to check off our list
14:16 another GYC that we have attended.
14:19 We have come to experience something
14:22 that will move the kingdom of God on earth forward.
14:26 And so we pray, Lord,
14:28 that don't just speak to us in an average way.
14:32 Lord, just don't give us the same old sermons.
14:37 We are praying
14:38 that at this moment God would be in this place,
14:42 and because we sense that God is here,
14:45 let every voice be hushed.
14:49 And that the world, when it has come to an end,
14:52 and you take over the affairs of this planet.
14:56 May the universe look back in Louisville,
15:00 and say that "Out of this little city,
15:04 God had begun something
15:06 that has started the domino effect
15:09 of the final events of earth's history."
15:12 Father we are ready to go home.
15:15 Revive us again,
15:17 and help us above all else to see, to know,
15:22 and to love Jesus.
15:25 This is our prayer.
15:27 And we trust that you will help this
15:29 to be our experience,
15:31 for we ask in the mighty name of Jesus.
15:35 Let all of God's people say. Amen.
15:43 The title of my message is Come Back,
15:50 Come Back.
15:55 I want you to know tonight
15:57 that as we begin this presentation
16:00 that beliefs lead to behaviors.
16:04 You see, there is a story about a young man.
16:08 Today was the day that this young man
16:10 was going to finally approach the prettiest girl
16:14 in his high school history class.
16:16 Sandra.
16:18 And invite her out in his new Honda Accord
16:21 for some food and fun.
16:24 Beliefs lead to behaviors.
16:27 He believed that she was single,
16:29 and clearly waiting for the right guy
16:31 to come along,
16:33 and treat her as she deserved like a respectful intelligent
16:36 young Seventh-day Adventist young woman.
16:39 And he believed that he was the man for the job,
16:42 because beliefs lead to behaviors.
16:45 As the class bell rang,
16:47 he hunted her down amidst the passing students
16:51 as they left their classrooms for the last time that week.
16:55 As she turned around, startled by his hand,
16:58 he politely apologized
17:00 and began to start the small talk,
17:03 beliefs lead to behaviors.
17:07 As he finally came
17:08 to his well-crafted appeal for dinner
17:11 and a movie, she smiled and said,
17:13 "Well, my boyfriend has a football game this weekend,
17:18 and I'll probably be spending it with him.
17:20 He plays for the rival school's football team,
17:23 but you're so cute for asking."
17:28 And I walked away devastated,
17:32 because beliefs lead to behaviors.
17:36 You see, since the dawn of time,
17:39 this has always been true.
17:41 Eve believed that the tree was desirable to make one wise,
17:46 her belief didn't make it true,
17:48 and it didn't make it any less impactful on human history.
17:53 And so she ate of the fruit
17:54 of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
17:57 Beliefs lead to behaviors.
18:01 Cain believed that he could be accepted by God
18:05 through the sacrifice of his best fruits
18:08 without blood.
18:10 And so he came boldly before the Lord
18:13 without that which God had requested
18:16 and expected to be accepted by God,
18:19 because beliefs lead to behaviors.
18:22 Even in the dark ages,
18:24 Luther believed
18:26 that painful penance was required for forgiveness.
18:30 So he crawled up the steps
18:33 of an enormous cathedral upon his knees
18:36 begging for God's mercy on every single step,
18:39 because beliefs lead to behaviors.
18:42 There was a man inside the KKK
18:45 that believed he was superior to a black man
18:48 simply because of the color of his own skin.
18:51 So we hung the man and his family
18:53 from the highest tree in town,
18:54 because beliefs lead to behaviors.
18:58 There was a man that believed
19:00 that he was more worthy of voting
19:02 because of his gender.
19:04 So we instituted laws preventing women from voting,
19:08 because beliefs lead to behaviors.
19:12 Hitler believed
19:13 in the superiority of his people.
19:16 So he systematically executed millions that were different,
19:21 because beliefs lead to behaviors.
19:24 Hutus believe
19:26 that Tutsis were a scourge to be removed from the earth.
19:30 So they hunted them down with machetes
19:33 and killed them a million in three months,
19:37 because beliefs lead to behaviors.
19:42 The Japanese at one point
19:44 believed that Koreans were beneath them.
19:48 So they turned their women into comfort women,
19:52 because beliefs lead to behaviors.
19:58 There was a young woman, last year, sat on the phone,
20:05 and she could not pray, she could not study her Bible,
20:12 she could not attend church.
20:15 Why is it that these behaviors were so difficult?
20:18 Well, as the conversation went on,
20:20 it also became clear
20:22 that she believed that God hated her,
20:24 and she said, Sebastian,
20:26 all I'm praying is that God doesn't hate me,
20:31 that God has not cast me off,
20:33 that God is no longer interested
20:35 in my eternal wellbeing.
20:37 It makes perfect sense
20:39 why you don't want to come to His house.
20:42 It makes perfect sense
20:43 why you don't want to read His word,
20:46 it makes perfect sense
20:48 why you don't want to fellowship
20:49 with His people in His church, makes perfect sense,
20:54 you don't want to do things on His time.
20:57 And you definitely are not pursuing His will,
21:01 because beliefs lead to behaviors.
21:05 But you see among the most important beliefs in life
21:10 is who you believe who you are.
21:13 It is what you believe about identity,
21:17 but unfortunately for many of us,
21:19 we are going through an identity crisis,
21:21 and in many ways
21:23 our church is going through the same thing.
21:27 Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov,
21:30 he gives an account to what happens.
21:32 To the human soul when it dealts its own purpose.
21:38 He says, "For the secret of man's being
21:41 is not only to live,
21:44 but to live for something definite.
21:46 Without a firm notion of what he is living for,
21:50 man will not accept life
21:53 and will rather destroy himself than remain on earth."
21:57 You see some people believe
21:59 that we are constrained to be who we are by the categories,
22:03 by which they separate us.
22:06 So Marxists believe
22:07 that we are interpreted by categories of class,
22:11 Floridians believe
22:12 that we are separated by childhood neurosis,
22:16 feminists by gender,
22:18 pop commentators by your generation.
22:20 Oh, you are the silent generation.
22:22 These are the baby boomers, these are the Gen Xers,
22:27 these are the Millennials,
22:28 this is the helicopter generation.
22:31 So therefore, we believe that,
22:32 "Oh, I'm constrained to be this way,"
22:34 so we explain our behaviors,
22:36 we explain what we like and what we don't like,
22:38 because I'm a Millennial.
22:41 Because I'm a Gen Xer, I'm all about family life.
22:44 When the Bible is all about family life,
22:47 it doesn't matter your generation.
22:50 But you see other people believe
22:52 that we must have the courage to be.
22:55 In other words, we must decide who we want to be.
23:00 I remember growing up, my father used to tell me
23:02 that one of his favorite poems was, the poem about Invictus,
23:07 captain of my own soul.
23:12 I'm the one that determines my fate.
23:14 My father used to tell me, "Sebastian,
23:18 when people hear the name, Sebastian Braxton,
23:22 you determine what comes to their minds."
23:25 You see it was already the seed planted in the soul to say,
23:29 you decide who you want to be.
23:31 You must have the courage to be who you want.
23:34 Take control of your life.
23:36 Carve out your place out of the mountain of time,
23:41 and choose your position.
23:43 And as this view sees it, we all have the freedom.
23:46 Yes,
23:47 the terrible responsibility to be whatever we want to be.
23:52 All it takes is courage and willpower,
23:56 and we can actually we are told invent ourselves.
24:03 Other people believe that we are constituted to be.
24:09 This is the oak is in the acorn theory,
24:12 a new age mindsets,
24:15 this view that sees each of us is not only having a soul,
24:19 but also a soul companion that called it,
24:22 this guardian spirit called a demon,
24:25 directs us even in the choice of our bodies and parents.
24:29 So the secret of life
24:30 according to these new age gurus
24:32 is to read our life stories
24:35 and glimpse the guardian spirit in action
24:38 and give it free reign in our lives.
24:41 Only so will the acorn become the oak.
24:44 And each of us grow to be the people
24:47 we were destined to become.
24:53 You see, each of these three positions,
24:56 they contain a grain of truth.
25:00 To some extent,
25:01 we are constrained by our circumstances
25:04 to become the people we are today.
25:06 I didn't decide to be born in a Jamaican family,
25:09 God decided that.
25:11 To some degree,
25:13 we are constrained by our circumstances.
25:16 I didn't decide to be male, God decided that.
25:19 He decided what generation I was to be born.
25:22 He decided what generation we were to be born.
25:26 You see GYC, and I are the same age.
25:30 I was baptized the year that GYC started.
25:34 So I tell people, "I don't know
25:35 what the Seventh-day Adventist Church is without GYC."
25:40 In my mind, it is always been in my spiritual experience,
25:45 but the reality is there are people
25:47 who know what the church was like before GYC.
25:51 They remembered the burdens and the fire
25:53 that led to its birth and its creation,
25:56 because they were young people
25:57 who were tired of being entertained.
26:00 They were young people
26:01 who wanted the Bible and the Bible only.
26:04 They were young people who were sick and tired of the fact
26:07 that why is it I can't invite my friend to church,
26:10 because I'm not sure
26:11 what my pastor is going to preach.
26:14 Young people who recognize
26:16 that why is it you got to pull teeth
26:18 just to get your church to do what it was created to do.
26:23 Somebody doesn't know what I'm talking about.
26:27 That is why GYC was started.
26:30 We don't have to wait on others.
26:33 We don't have to wait on some adult
26:35 or deep pockets in order to do God's work,
26:37 and to move the kingdom of God forward.
26:39 We already have a father who has deep pockets.
26:42 Amen.
26:45 And so we recognize
26:47 that we don't believe just being constrained to be,
26:50 but we also have to recognize that to some extent,
26:53 it does take courage to be a Christian.
26:57 Courage to be our true selves, to be authentic,
27:00 and to live an authentic life.
27:04 You see we live in a time where people are afraid
27:07 to tell people they're Adventists.
27:09 Mercy.
27:11 I was sitting by the elevator just a couple days ago.
27:15 And as I came around, I saw a young lady,
27:18 and I began to make conversation.
27:20 She had a very interesting thing
27:22 on her back.
27:23 And I said, "Oh, what's that?"
27:25 She said, "Oh, well, you know,
27:26 I'm just here for a conference."
27:28 So clearly she didn't know I was Adventist.
27:30 So I'm like, I know what conference
27:32 you're here for,
27:33 I can see it on the nametag, but I didn't say anything.
27:35 I just wanted to see
27:37 if she would tell me that she was Adventist.
27:39 If this was GYC,
27:42 because we all know the conversation,
27:45 we start talking to someone and we beat around the bush.
27:49 We're ashamed to tell people why we're here.
27:51 We're ashamed to tell people on the bus, on the train,
27:55 up in the gas station.
27:56 Oh, well, why are you doing this?
27:57 Why are we ashamed? Mercy.
28:01 It takes courage to be. There is no question.
28:06 Someone has to decide in their mind tonight
28:09 that I'm tired of being a coward,
28:11 because a Christian and a coward
28:12 are not synonymous.
28:14 You cannot be both.
28:16 If you are a Christian by definition,
28:19 you are not a coward.
28:20 And if you are a coward by definition,
28:22 you are not a Christian.
28:25 Amen. Amen.
28:28 This church was not born by people
28:31 who were cowards.
28:33 This church was not born by people
28:35 who were afraid to be different.
28:39 It was born by people who were doubted and laughed at
28:42 when they sold their fields waiting for Jesus to come.
28:46 Went through the disappointment and still stayed with the Lord.
28:49 Amen.
28:52 These are the people
28:55 that taught us it takes courage to be.
28:59 And to some extent,
29:02 we are constituted to be something.
29:06 The Bible says that we were predestined to be conformed
29:09 to the image of God's Son.
29:14 But the biblical position is not being constrained to be,
29:19 it is not the courage to be,
29:21 it is not the constitution to be, it is called to be.
29:27 I want you to take your Bibles
29:28 and go with me to the Book of Genesis Chapter 1.
29:32 Genesis Chapter 1,
29:36 we believe that we were called to be
29:40 what we were created to be.
29:43 All of a sudden, this call comes,
29:46 but it's not coming out of nowhere.
29:48 It goes all the way back to the beginning of time.
29:52 When you're there, you can say amen.
29:53 Amen.
29:55 The Bible says in Genesis 1:26,
29:59 a verse so familiar to us.
30:02 It says, "Then God said, "Let us make man in our image,
30:06 according to our likeness,
30:08 and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea,
30:11 over the birds of the air, and over the cattle,
30:13 and over all the earth,
30:14 and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth."
30:17 I want to make some observations
30:19 about this text.
30:21 The Bible says, that God,
30:23 when He was looking at making men,
30:26 He did not look at something else.
30:28 This was not completely a unique creature.
30:32 The Bible says, "Let us make man in our image."
30:36 In other words, man cannot understand himself
30:40 if he does not know God.
30:43 We must recognize that being made in the image of God
30:48 must determine the fact that to understand who I am,
30:52 and who I'm called to be requires me to understand God.
30:58 The least amount of knowledge of God
31:01 will move us one step forward towards our own identity.
31:05 Who we were created and called to be,
31:08 but you see, the text doesn't stop there.
31:11 It says, "According to our likeness
31:15 and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea."
31:20 Now the important point here is twofold.
31:22 Number one,
31:24 the Bible doesn't say that they were born rulers.
31:28 No, the Bible says, let them have dominion.
31:32 You cannot give dominion if you don't have dominion.
31:36 So in other words, God had dominion
31:39 over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air,
31:41 over the creeping things and the cattle upon the earth,
31:46 and he gave it over to Adam.
31:49 But before He gave Adam dominion,
31:52 He made sure that Adam was like Him.
31:55 God is not willing to give dominion over to someone
31:58 that is not like Him.
32:00 Before I give you dominion over this, you must be like me.
32:05 So in other words,
32:07 if God is giving dominion over to Adam and to Eve,
32:10 He must conclude in His mind
32:14 that because they are in the image of God,
32:17 they will rule,
32:18 they will exercise their dominion
32:21 no different than I would.
32:23 They are fit representatives.
32:25 If that is clear, let's say amen.
32:26 Amen.
32:28 In other words,
32:30 in order for Adam and Eve to truly be who they are,
32:36 their focus must be
32:37 to be 100 percent representatives of Jesus,
32:41 100 percent representatives of God.
32:44 There must be no deviation.
32:46 They should be able to say if you see me,
32:49 you have seen the Father, because I am in His image.
32:55 That's what they were created to say,
32:57 that's what they were made to be,
32:59 but of course something went wrong.
33:05 And I have to make this point
33:07 before we go any further forward.
33:12 To represent God, to be God like,
33:17 to be His representative
33:19 is what it means to be a human being.
33:22 This is not just a church thing, this is not just,
33:26 oh, we need to be restored into the image of God,
33:28 we've fallen, no, the fall of humanity.
33:33 So therefore to represent God
33:35 is what it means to be a human being,
33:37 and the least,
33:38 the less and less that we represent Christ,
33:40 the less and less human we are.
33:44 But in case we didn't accept that point,
33:49 God had people throughout every single generation,
33:53 every single generation that He was calling to say,
33:57 this is my representative, this is my representative,
34:00 this is my representative.
34:01 But every single time, even when He had a nation,
34:06 they failed, they came up short.
34:10 And so just then when all hope was lost,
34:14 there were God's people.
34:16 The Jews, supposedly his representatives on earth,
34:20 deep in darkness, but the Bible says,
34:23 "When the fullness of time was come,
34:27 God sent forth His Son."
34:33 Who could be a better representative
34:35 than His own Son?
34:38 I want you to go with me to the Book of John 1.
34:42 John 1:18.
34:59 John 1:18.
35:01 Are you there, can you say amen?
35:03 The Bible says, "No one has seen God when,
35:08 at any time.
35:11 The only begotten son
35:14 who is in the bosom of the father,
35:17 he has what,
35:19 declared him, he has revealed him,
35:23 he has made the invisible God visible."
35:27 In other words when the Bible is talking here about Christ
35:30 and saying, "No one has seen God in any time,
35:32 but up until this point, Jesus saw God all the time."
35:38 So when Jesus comes down and He says,
35:40 "No man has seen God in any time,
35:42 but Jesus has seen God."
35:46 And He comes down and He says, "But this Man, this Son,
35:50 who is in the bosom of the Father,
35:53 He is in close communion,
35:54 He is in close relationship with the Father,
35:57 He has declared Him, He has revealed Him,
36:00 He's made Him known."
36:02 But you see, Christ recognized
36:07 that as He came down to fulfill humanity's purpose,
36:13 to eventually take us back and show us
36:16 what is possible for a human being to become.
36:20 What exactly is God's ideal for His children?
36:24 What did He have in mind when He made mankind?
36:28 Christ says, "I've come to present this idea."
36:33 But Jesus recognized
36:35 that He was not just coming down to brag
36:37 and say, no one can represent God
36:39 better than me.
36:40 Jesus wasn't just coming down to say, "Oh, I've revealed God.
36:44 Good luck, I hope you get your act together."
36:47 No, the Bible says that Christ was not content
36:51 just living to represent God Himself,
36:54 but He issued a call.
36:57 I want you to go with me
36:58 to the Book of Matthew Chapter 4.
37:03 Matthew Chapter 4, beginning in verse 19.
37:07 When you're there, you can say amen.
37:17 The Bible says, beginning in verse 18,
37:20 "And Jesus walking by the Sea of Galilee,
37:24 saw two brothers,
37:25 Simon called Peter and Andrew, his brother
37:27 casting a net into the sea, because they were what,
37:31 they were fishermen."
37:33 Then Jesus said to them, what two words, follow me,
37:39 with those two words
37:41 Jesus has changed the course of human history.
37:45 You see we don't recognize that
37:47 when Jesus spoke to Peter and to Andrew
37:50 and eventually to James and John.
37:53 The movement that Christ began by saying,
37:55 "I am living the life
37:57 that God has called humanity to live,
38:00 and I want to invite you into this experience.
38:04 I want you to become my disciple.
38:06 I'm not just going to teach you how to be a good Christian.
38:09 I'm not just going to teach you how to be a good men.
38:12 I'm not just going to teach you how to be a good believer.
38:14 This is about what it means to be a human being.
38:18 I'm going to show you
38:19 how to live according to God's idea.
38:23 And so He says, follow me, Jesus said.
38:28 And when Jesus said that he was saying,
38:30 stop living for your parents, stop living for your country,
38:35 stop living for your culture, stop living for prestige,
38:40 for power, and for pleasure.
38:42 I need you to live for the audience of one man
38:45 and that person is Jesus Christ.
38:48 You see, right here in this room,
38:50 we may be at GYC,
38:52 but it doesn't mean that we haven't lost our focus.
38:56 People come to conferences all the time and miss Christ.
38:59 Mercy.
39:01 But I got to sit and listen to Mark Finley,
39:04 but I got to sit and listen to this favorite speaker,
39:07 but I got to get my questions answered on relationships,
39:10 but did you get Christ.
39:13 There are people in this room
39:15 that are going to leave GYC delivered.
39:17 People are going to leave this conference going on
39:20 to do amazing things for the kingdom of God,
39:22 because God was speaking for them,
39:24 because they were seeking Christ,
39:27 and Christ found them.
39:32 And Christ says, "The call is to follow Me."
39:36 But when Jesus said, "Follow me,"
39:38 He was saying it's not about being original.
39:40 It's about following the original.
39:43 Too many times we're dyeing our hair,
39:46 we're getting weird haircuts,
39:47 we're buying the latest shoes here,
39:49 and the latest that there to make ourselves unique.
39:52 You are never more unique
39:53 than when you are following Christ.
39:56 You want to be your true self,
39:58 stop following fashion, follow Christ.
40:01 He says, follow me, and Jesus was saying,
40:04 "Stop all the diversion
40:06 and the distractions of life and living.
40:09 Come to a place of singleness of mind."
40:14 We must come back to that place where we say,
40:16 "Look, the very first thing we do in the morning
40:19 is go to Christ."
40:21 I watched a presentation, and a man said,
40:24 "If you are between the ages of 15 and 35 years old,
40:29 the very first thing you do in the morning
40:32 is grab your phone."
40:35 Somebody in this room knows what I'm talking about.
40:39 Yeah, you may be at GYC, you may be,
40:42 "Oh, yeah, we had a prayer session,"
40:43 but as soon as you wake up in that hotel,
40:45 "Where's my phone?"
40:47 Nobody is saying, "Where's my Lord?"
40:52 Where's the audience chamber?
40:54 Where can I go to get my blessing,
40:56 I need to connect with Christ first
40:58 before you check your phone.
41:01 Soon as people arrive at GYC in a hotel,
41:03 "How do you get on the WiFi?"
41:06 How do you get connected to Christ?
41:09 Somebody better say amen. You know I'm telling the truth.
41:15 "Hey, do you have the passcode? Do you have the password?"
41:19 "Oh, you've got an account, can I use your account."
41:21 Why?
41:22 So you can get on Instagram, so you can Snapchat,
41:25 this is what I'm doing at GYC.
41:29 While we're out sending messages to others,
41:31 Christ is sending messages to us, not getting through.
41:36 Jesus says, follow me,
41:39 noticed that for Peter and Andrew.
41:41 I want you to look at the text again.
41:43 The Bible says that Jesus called them,
41:46 and in verse 20,
41:47 they immediately left their nets
41:49 and they followed Him.
41:51 This is so important.
41:52 It was assumed
41:55 that to follow Christ meant forsaking their nets.
41:59 Jesus didn't say, "Forsake your nets."
42:01 He just said, "Follow me."
42:02 But they assume, because Christ called me
42:05 to follow Him, I must leave these nets.
42:08 I cannot be a fisherman and a follower.
42:12 But you see, too many of us are trying to follow Jesus
42:14 without forsaking.
42:18 We want to be Seventh-day Adventists,
42:20 we want to worship on the correct day,
42:23 we want to be at church, we want to be blessed,
42:25 we want to be in Sabbath school,
42:26 but we also want our worldly stuff too.
42:30 We still want to go back to our worldly music.
42:34 We still want to go back to our worldly dress.
42:37 Why, but you know we're so smart
42:38 and we're so politically correct,
42:40 because we only wear those skirts
42:42 when we're with our non-Adventist friends.
42:48 We only watch those movies
42:49 when we're with our non-Adventist friends,
42:51 because they won't judge us.
42:53 No, because you won't be convicted,
42:56 'cause you know how to behave inside the church,
42:59 but then you get unbelieving friend,
43:01 so you can do the evil in your own heart.
43:05 Jesus says follow me.
43:07 Dietrich Bonhoeffer said,
43:09 "When Jesus calls a man, He beats him come and die."
43:16 This is why we are resisting the call that Christ is giving.
43:21 We don't really want to follow Jesus.
43:23 We want to do what the Book of Isaiah says,
43:26 when seven women take hold of one man,
43:29 say let us wear our own clothes,
43:31 eat our own food,
43:32 but let us be called by your name.
43:38 Jesus says follow Me.
43:42 But you see,
43:44 there are some of us who are forsaking,
43:47 but we are not following.
43:50 You see, we may leave worldly things behind,
43:53 we may change our diets,
43:55 we may give up Christless communities
43:58 and painful habits,
43:59 but a Christ like life is not, is more than denial,
44:04 it is decisive, it is devotional.
44:07 We do not just shun evil, we pursue good.
44:11 You know some of us live in here
44:12 as if we're going to--
44:14 as if sin is a physical disease,
44:17 as if it's something you can't--
44:18 oh, I can't hang around with those people,
44:20 because you see how they dress.
44:22 Because they dress that way,
44:24 that's the people you need to be hanging out with,
44:27 not because you're trying to become like them,
44:29 but because you're trying to win them.
44:32 Call them higher, but many of us live like,
44:36 "Oh, I need to shun the community of these people,
44:39 and I need to shun away from these things."
44:41 How are you going to reach the heathen,
44:42 you're not with the heathen.
44:45 How are you going to win souls, you're not with souls.
44:49 Everybody wants to be a missionary,
44:51 where they're not.
44:52 Oh, I can go and go to Africa and win this,
44:56 but back in LA, I got nothing to say.
45:03 Anybody can pretend to be spiritual for two weeks.
45:09 But Jesus says follow Me,
45:12 see as Lewis wrote in "The Weight of Glory."
45:14 If you asked 20 good men today
45:18 what they thought was the highest of virtues,
45:22 19 of them would reply unselfishness,
45:27 but if you asked almost any of the great Christians of old,
45:31 he would have replied love.
45:34 You see what has happened?
45:37 A negative term has been substituted for a positive one,
45:42 and this is more than just a play on words.
45:46 You see, the negative ideal of unselfishness
45:49 carries within the suggestion
45:52 not primarily of securing good for others
45:55 but of going without good things ourselves
45:59 as if our abstinence and their happiness
46:03 was not the important point.
46:06 C.S Lewis goes on to say, "I don't think
46:09 this is the Christian virtue of love."
46:12 It would seem that our Lord finds our desires
46:15 not too strong but too weak.
46:18 We are half hearted creatures,
46:21 fooling about with drink, and sex, and ambition
46:24 when infinite joy is offered us,
46:27 like an ignorant child
46:29 who wants to play within the mud in the slums
46:34 because he cannot imagine what it is like
46:38 when he's offered a holiday by the sea.
46:42 We are far too easily pleased.
46:48 I don't want this point to be lost.
46:52 You see, whatever we are struggling with here tonight,
46:57 it is easy for you and for me to say, oh, Lord,
47:00 this lust that I'm struggling with,
47:02 this jealousy that I'm struggling with,
47:04 this appetite that I'm struggling with,
47:06 the problem is my desire is too strong.
47:08 Just go without this, more fasting, more neglect,
47:12 more abstinence, no, no, no, no, no.
47:14 The question is not
47:16 why am I trying to eat this late at night?
47:18 Why am I trying to wear this?
47:20 Why am I trying to listen to this?
47:21 Why am I trying to have a relationship
47:22 with this person?
47:24 That is not the question.
47:27 The question is,
47:28 why are you so satisfied with something so cheap?
47:37 We are too easily pleased.
47:40 I sit down with a young girl one time
47:42 and she said, "You know, Sebastian,
47:44 I'm in this relationship with this unbeliever."
47:46 And I said, listen, "You know what you have to do.
47:51 You're not coming to me
47:53 thinking I'm gonna rubber stamp your relationship.
47:56 You and I both know
47:57 you don't have one biblical verse
47:59 to support what you're doing.
48:01 And if we want an example, let's go to Solomon,
48:03 and let's what had got him."
48:06 She looked at me and she said, "Yeah, but you know,
48:08 he's such a nice guy, and he's kind, and he's loving,
48:11 and he's giving, and he's faithful,
48:13 and all these different things."
48:14 And I said, "Sister, let me give you two options.
48:18 You can have a young man who is kind, and loving,
48:22 and faithful, and he cooks for you,
48:24 and rubs your feet, and all that stuff.
48:28 But when it comes time to go to church,
48:32 he is not interested.
48:34 He may even be pleasure.
48:35 Hey, that's your religion,
48:37 but eventually he's gonna get to you
48:38 when you realize that you're praying with your girlfriends,
48:40 and they're praying with their husbands,
48:42 but you can't pray with yours.
48:44 That's option A. Or you can have option B.
48:48 He is kind, he is loving, he is faithful,
48:51 he rubs your feet, he does all that
48:52 but the man is a man of God.
48:55 Those are your options.
48:57 So tell me which one would you prefer?"
49:00 "Well, I'd love to have a man of God."
49:02 "Then go after the man of God."
49:05 Do not allow yourself to settle for this.
49:09 God is able to give you much more than this.
49:14 Getting off my notes.
49:19 The Bible says "Follow me."
49:24 Jesus says, "Follow me
49:28 and I will make you fishers of men."
49:32 You see, discipleship to Jesus
49:36 is the practical outliving of the gospel.
49:39 It is the Christ focus life
49:42 that experiences the soul focus transformation.
49:47 We do the following, Jesus does the making.
49:50 I like that.
49:52 Since the first time I heard it,
49:54 I've always liked it.
49:56 You do the following, Jesus does the making.
49:59 Don't try to do Jesus' work.
50:03 You do the following, Jesus does the making.
50:06 In these two words,
50:08 we're being called back to what we were created to be.
50:15 But, brothers and sisters,
50:18 among the most important things to follow Jesus
50:23 is to follow Him in what He believed.
50:27 You see, I've come to a resolution
50:31 as we look at our identity as individuals
50:34 and as a church that I want to believe what Jesus believed
50:38 because, if beliefs lead to behaviors,
50:42 and I want to behave like Jesus.
50:44 Do you want to behave like Jesus?
50:46 Yes, amen.
50:47 So if beliefs lead to behaviors,
50:50 then I want to believe what Jesus believed.
50:53 Can you say amen? Amen.
50:55 And let me just take you on a journey.
50:58 Jesus believed that men shall not live by bread alone,
51:02 but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
51:06 Jesus believed that there was one God.
51:09 That there was a Father in heaven
51:11 and that there was the Holy Spirit
51:13 that proceeds from the Father that He could send,
51:16 and that Jesus also believed
51:18 that He had glory with the Father
51:20 before the world was.
51:23 Jesus believed according to Matthew 19:4,
51:28 that God who made the male and female in the beginning,
51:31 and instituted the institution of marriage,
51:35 and believed that God had made them male and female,
51:39 not only in the beginning
51:40 but He gave them the gift of marriage
51:42 and God says,
51:43 and what God has joined together
51:45 let not men put a sunder.
51:46 God didn't believe in divorce.
51:50 Jesus believed that man by nature is evil,
51:54 that he is defiled by the things
51:56 that proceed from his heart.
51:58 Jesus believed that when He was walking on the earth
52:01 He told the disciples,
52:03 "I saw Satan fall like lightning."
52:05 He told Peter Simon, "Simon, Satan has desired you."
52:10 He believed in a great controversy.
52:13 Jesus believed that His life, His death,
52:15 and His resurrection would provide atonement for humanity.
52:19 Jesus believed that no man could enter the kingdom of God
52:23 unless he was born of the water and of the spirit.
52:25 Jesus believed
52:27 that the growth of the Christian is a process,
52:30 first the blade, then the ear, then the full corn on the ear.
52:34 Jesus believed that upon this truth
52:39 that He is the Christ,
52:40 the Son of God that He would build His church.
52:45 Jesus has a church.
52:46 Can you say amen? Amen.
52:48 And upon this truth that He is the Christ,
52:50 the Son of the living God, He would build His church
52:53 and the gates of hell would not prevail against it.
52:57 He believed that in the time near His coming
53:00 that His disciples should be giving meat in due season.
53:05 That's called present truth.
53:08 And He believed
53:10 that He was the true shepherd of His fold,
53:13 and He would bring His other sheep
53:16 in other folds to His fold,
53:19 and bring them into complete unity.
53:22 Jesus believed that the Sabbath was made for men,
53:26 and He made it His custom
53:29 to go into the synagogue on the Sabbath day,
53:33 and He affirmed that the heavens and the earth
53:35 would pass away before the law would pass away.
53:39 Jesus believed in the gift of prophecy
53:42 'cause He looked at His disciples
53:45 on the Mount of Olives and He said,
53:48 "And if when you see the abomination
53:51 or desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet."
53:56 Jesus believed in prophets.
53:59 Jesus believed
54:01 in spiritual gifts in ministries.
54:03 Jesus believed
54:05 that He was going to go to His Father's house,
54:08 and that He was going to prepare a place for us,
54:11 and that He was coming back to receive us unto Himself,
54:15 that where He is there we may be also.
54:17 Jesus believed according to John 11,
54:21 that when His friend Lazarus was dead,
54:23 that Lazarus was asleep.
54:27 And Jesus believed according to John 5:28 and 29,
54:31 that there were two resurrections,
54:33 the resurrection unto condemnation
54:35 and the resurrection unto life.
54:37 Jesus believed that eventually all who cling to sin,
54:41 and sin itself would be destroyed.
54:45 Just to summarize,
54:48 the book "Medical Ministry" page 49 says,
54:52 "Christ was a Seventh-day Adventist
54:58 to all intents and purposes."
55:03 You see, what that means is if Jesus was alive today,
55:06 the question we should be asking ourselves is,
55:08 if He was walking around what church would He join?
55:14 But the prophet already told us.
55:17 He was a Seventh-day Adventist
55:19 so when you look at the gospels,
55:21 and you're looking at the life of Christ,
55:23 you're looking at the life
55:24 of what a Seventh-day Adventist should be living.
55:27 You're not just looking, "oh, that's just Christ.
55:29 He's just a general Christian." No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
55:35 We believe what Jesus believed.
55:38 But the problem is
55:40 even though we believe what He believed,
55:42 we don't live the way He lived, which tells me,
55:46 we don't believe what He believed.
55:49 We mentally agree, it makes sense,
55:55 but that's not faith,
56:00 because Jesus believed these things,
56:03 He lived a certain way.
56:08 And when you look at all the criticisms
56:10 of unbelievers,
56:11 you'll never find the criticism of Jesus Himself.
56:15 All people want to do in the world
56:16 is redefine Jesus.
56:18 Oh, here's the real Jesus on the History Channel.
56:21 He actually grew up in this village.
56:23 This was, He actually wasn't really that poor.
56:27 But they can't argue with the man's life and impact,
56:31 they can't argue with the fact that you can't find His body.
56:37 We want to believe what Jesus believed.
56:46 So I go into my closing, I want to read a quote,
56:50 I'm gonna ask my wife to come out
56:54 as we go into our appeal.
56:56 Dr. James Allan Francis, he wrote these words
57:01 to the first Baptist Union Youth in 1926
57:05 under the title The Real Jesus.
57:09 He said, "Let us now turn to the story.
57:13 A child is born in an obscure village,
57:16 he is brought up in another obscure village,
57:19 he works in a carpenter shop until he is 30,
57:21 and then for three brief years is an itinerary preacher.
57:25 Proclaiming a message and living a life,
57:27 he never writes a book, he never holds an office,
57:29 he never raises an army,
57:31 he never has a family of his own,
57:33 he never owns a home, he never goes to college,
57:36 he never travels 200 miles from the place he was born.
57:39 He gathers a little group of friends about him,
57:42 teaches them his way of life.
57:44 While still a young man,
57:46 the tide of popular feelings turned against him,
57:50 the band of followers forsakes him.
57:53 One denies him, another betrays him,
57:55 he is turned over to his enemies,
57:57 he goes through the mockery of a trial,
58:00 he is nailed on a cross between two thieves,
58:03 and when dead, he is laid in a borrowed grave
58:06 by the kindness of a friend.
58:08 Those are the facts of his human life.
58:13 He rises from the dead.
58:16 Today, we look back across 1900 years and ask,
58:22 "What kind of a trail has he left
58:24 across the centuries."
58:27 When we try to sum up his influence,
58:31 all the armies that ever marched,
58:34 all the parliaments that ever sat,
58:37 all the kings that ever reigned
58:38 are absolutely minuscule in their influence on mankind
58:43 compared to this one solitary life."
58:47 He concludes by saying, "I remind you,
58:50 I ask you to pause a moment
58:52 and think of this thing that Christians believe.
58:55 We are talking about great adventures.
58:57 I remind you that there must be a great adventure in faith
59:01 before there is a great adventure."


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