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Participants: Taj Pacleb


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00:32 Once to every man and nation
00:39 Comes the moment to decide
00:45 In the strife of truth with falsehood
00:52 For the good or evil side
00:58 Some great cause, God's new Messiah
01:04 Offering each the bloom or blight
01:11 And the choice goes by forever
01:18 'Twixt that darkness and that light
01:25 Then to side with truth is noble
01:32 When we share her wretched crust
01:38 Ere her cause bring fame and profit
01:45 And 'tis prosperous to be just
01:52 Then it is the brave man chooses
01:58 While the coward stands aside
02:05 Till the multitude make virtue
02:12 Of the faith they had denied
02:20 By the light of burning martyrs
02:27 Christ, Thy bleeding feet we track
02:34 Toiling up new Calvaries ever
02:41 With the cross that turns not back
02:48 New occasions teach new duties
02:55 Time makes ancient good uncouth
03:02 They must upward still and onward
03:10 Who would keep abreast of truth
03:21 Though the cause of evil prosper
03:27 Yet 'tis truth alone is strong
03:34 Though her portion be the scaffold
03:41 And upon the throne be wrong
03:48 Yet that scaffold sways the future
03:54 And, behind the dim unknown
04:01 Standeth God within the shadow
04:08 Keeping watch above His own.
04:22 Good morning.
04:23 Good morning, can you hear me?
04:25 Good morning, faithful early morning risers.
04:30 Every day that I'm here, I grow more and more excited
04:33 and thankful for the opportunity to be here
04:35 and I hope you all are too.
04:38 Our speaker this morning is evangelist Taj Pacleb.
04:42 He is the speaker and director
04:44 of Revelation of Hope Ministries.
04:48 At the age of 16,
04:50 he had a very powerful conversion experience.
04:52 Yes, you all may sit down.
04:56 At the age of 16,
04:58 he had a very, very powerful conversion experience
05:00 and he has been committed to ministry ever since.
05:03 Born and raised in the islands of Hawaii.
05:06 He ministered to us yesterday
05:08 about the fruit from the island,
05:10 the mango or man go from Jonah 1
05:15 he challenged us to arise and go
05:19 to taste and see that the Lord is good,
05:21 and it is my prayer for each one of you today
05:24 that we continue to internalize this message
05:27 and we continue to listen with receptive hearts.
05:30 If you all can bow your heads with me for prayer.
05:37 Dear Heavenly Father,
05:38 thank you so much for being a God
05:41 that is so great, so strong and so mighty.
05:45 Thank you that there is nothing that you cannot do.
05:48 Thank you for seeing the insignificance of us
05:52 and loving us anyway.
05:55 I pray that you be with each one of us today
05:58 especially as the New Year is here.
06:02 I pray that you continue
06:03 to soften our hearts to the call.
06:07 Forgive us for resisting the call,
06:09 forgive us for forgetting that we are in fact chosen
06:12 and forgive us for being so often unfaithful.
06:16 I pray that you bless each one of us today
06:18 to continuously remind us of our unworthiness
06:21 in our need for you.
06:23 I pray that you be with the speaker this morning.
06:26 Please fill him with your Holy Spirit
06:29 and please fill each one of us as well,
06:30 in Jesus name I pray.
06:32 Amen.
06:50 Write thy name upon my heart
06:57 Jesus, Savior of mankind
07:05 Teach me charity unfailing
07:12 Teach me compassion, Lord, like thine
07:19 Endow my soul with loving kindness
07:26 Make me even as thou art
07:33 Engrave thine image in my countenance
07:41 Write thy name upon my heart
07:56 Grant me strength to serve thee well
08:04 Light my spirit with thy grace
08:11 Teach me tolerance and meekness
08:17 And faith to bid the tempest cease
08:24 Endow my soul with loving kindness
08:32 Make me even as thou art
08:39 Engrave thine image in my countenance
08:46 Write thy name upon my heart
09:09 Grant me strength to serve thee well
09:16 Light my spirit with thy grace
09:22 'Til all my works reflect thy goodness
09:30 'Til all my labors sing thy praise
09:37 Endow my soul with loving kindness
09:44 Make me even as thou art
09:51 Engrave thine image in my countenance
10:04 Write thy name
10:07 Upon my heart.
10:34 Good morning family, Happy New Year.
10:38 What a better place to begin a brand new year
10:40 than in God's presence, amen.
10:44 It's wonderful thing that GYC is doing this time of year
10:46 we're ending the year
10:48 and beginning a new year in this time
10:51 and it's a wonderful, wonderful blessing.
10:53 This morning we're going to continue our study
10:55 from yesterday.
10:57 Yesterday we began with that passage
11:00 which is the foundation of our theme in Revelation 17,
11:03 where the Bible talks about the war between good and evil
11:06 and how Satan is going to unite the world together
11:10 to fight against the lamb.
11:13 And the truth of God and the people of God
11:14 but we learn that in this controversy
11:16 Jesus is the victory.
11:18 Love wins because Jesus wins, amen.
11:21 And because he wins, we win too.
11:25 They that are with them are called and chosen
11:28 and faithful.
11:29 And then we looked at an example
11:31 of one in the Bible who was truly called,
11:34 surely chosen but was unfaithful.
11:38 And who was that individual?
11:40 That was Jonah, that was Chapter 1.
11:42 It showed that Jonah was called and chosen.
11:45 In Chapter 2, we're going to see
11:47 how Jonah was made faithful by God.
11:50 And so I hope you brought your Bible
11:52 and I hope you brought a spiritual appetite.
11:53 Let us pray as we study the Word of God this morning.
11:56 Thank you so much dear Lord, for giving us a brand new year.
12:00 A brand new day, a year with new experiences,
12:06 new challenges, new struggles,
12:08 new victories and we pray Lord that in this New Year,
12:13 you give us a new experience, a new heart, a new mind,
12:18 and a fresh revelation of Jesus.
12:20 Please speak to us Lord as we open your holy word.
12:23 We thank you for your love and your mercy,
12:25 in Christ name we pray.
12:27 Amen.
12:28 Please take your Bible and open with me
12:30 to the Book of Jonah.
12:33 Jonah, we're going to the first chapter.
12:37 The Bible tells us in Jonah 1:1-3
12:43 that Jonah was called, chosen but he was unfaithful.
12:49 The Bible tells us that God called Jonah to arise,
12:53 to go up, but instead Jonah went down, down, down.
12:59 In fact, notice what happens,
13:01 he is now in the bottom of a ship
13:04 that's heading to Tarshish, a place of ease,
13:07 a place of luxury,
13:08 he is running away from his mission.
13:11 He is ignoring the calling that had God placed upon his life.
13:15 He's neglecting the great work that God called him to do.
13:18 Instead of going to Nineveh,
13:20 he is heading to Tarshish a place of ease and luxury.
13:23 Instead of going up, he goes down.
13:25 Instead of going forward, he is going backward.
13:28 Jonah forgot his name and you remember yesterday,
13:31 we talked about the name of Jonah,
13:32 which means dove, a symbol of the Spirit.
13:34 He is the son of Amittai, which means, my truth.
13:37 Jonah is a true worshipper that has the spirit and truth
13:41 and God called him to give a loud cry message
13:44 against Nineveh,
13:46 which we learned yesterday was a type of Babylon.
13:50 And we also learned that Jonah,
13:52 the specific distinctive message he gave
13:54 was a message calling people to fear God.
13:57 The hour of his judgment is come
13:59 and to worship Him that made, to worship the true Creator.
14:03 The point that we made is that Jonah's message
14:05 and mission is the same as that of ours.
14:08 He is an example of what God is calling us
14:10 and choosing us to be.
14:13 And unfortunately
14:15 he is also an example of the unfaithfulness
14:18 that we have committed against the Lord
14:21 and so he's running from his duty.
14:22 Now the story finds Jonah on the bottom of the boat
14:26 falling asleep in the midst of a storm.
14:31 He is sleeping in the midst of a stupendous crisis.
14:34 You know the story,
14:35 the mariners come to try to wake him up
14:37 and what a tragedy friends,
14:38 that God's messenger is sleeping
14:41 in the midst of the storm
14:43 while those who are in the world
14:45 are on panic mode.
14:47 The world is trying to wake up the messengers.
14:50 They see that there's a crisis taking place
14:52 and indeed, friends,
14:53 we're living in a time of a stupendous crisis.
14:56 All the prophecies of the Revelation
14:58 are being fulfilled before our very eyes
15:01 and it's pointing to the fact that time is almost finished
15:03 that Jesus indeed is coming.
15:05 And, my brothers and my sisters,
15:06 now is not the time for us to sleep
15:08 but to arise and to wake up and to go
15:12 and give that loud cry of message to the world.
15:16 So God sent the storm to wake up his messenger.
15:22 I like what it says in the book Testimony to the Church,
15:24 Volume 5, page 463, it says,
15:27 "The work which the church has failed to do
15:30 in a time of peace and prosperity,
15:32 she will have to do in a terrible crisis,
15:36 under most discouraging, forbidding, circumstances."
15:41 And that's a tragedy.
15:43 Jonah, if you would have listened the first time
15:45 he would have spared himself
15:46 a lot of headache and heartache,
15:48 but thank God that He is a patient God
15:50 and He does not give up on us so easily, amen.
15:54 And so what does Jonah need right now.
15:57 He needs an awakening.
15:58 He needs the same thing that we need today,
16:01 he needs a revival, a spiritual awakening.
16:04 And so God sent the storm to wake him up
16:06 but the storm did not work.
16:08 Jonah even though he is waken up by the mariners,
16:11 in the midst of the storm
16:13 he is still unwilling to go to Nineveh,
16:15 he would rather die than do his duty.
16:18 You see, friends, the storm wasn't enough
16:20 to cause Jonah to be faithful, and in the same way
16:23 the storms and trials and tribulations
16:26 and signs of the last days
16:28 are not a strong enough motivator
16:30 to cause us to be faithful to our mission.
16:33 The fear of hell nor the reward of heaven is strong enough
16:38 to make us faithful to God, and let me tell you, friends,
16:40 if your work for God, if your faithfulness to God
16:44 is because you are afraid of the last days.
16:46 If it's because you're afraid of being lost,
16:48 you're going to turn your back on Jesus eventually.
16:52 Because there's nothing
16:53 that is powerful enough to keep us faithful
16:56 except the love of Christ for us.
17:01 The storm didn't wake up the messenger.
17:05 It wasn't strong enough. What does Jonah need, friends?
17:09 He needs not only to recognize the storm
17:13 but what he really needs is to spend a few days
17:16 and a few nights in the belly of the beast.
17:21 And that's the title of our study this morning,
17:24 "In the Belly of the Beast."
17:27 And so Chapter 1 ends in verse 17,
17:29 notice what it says Jonah 1:17.
17:33 It says, "Now the Lord had prepared a great fish
17:37 to swallow Jonah.
17:39 And Jonah was in the belly of the fish
17:41 three days and three nights."
17:44 So here we find that God prepared a fish
17:48 not for Jonah to eat but rather to eat Jonah.
17:51 God prepared a fish in order to prepare a man,
17:55 Jonah Chapter 1 ends there.
17:57 Jonah was caught and chosen but he was not faithful.
18:01 And now we pick up the narrative in Chapter 2
18:05 to find that what Jonah experience
18:07 in the belly of the fish is what we need to experience
18:12 in order for us to be faithful in the last days.
18:15 And I want us to remember what we said yesterday,
18:18 and that is that Jesus told us clearly
18:20 that whatever Jonah experience three days and three nights
18:23 in the belly of the fish was what he would experience.
18:27 In other words,
18:29 the singular sign of Jesus Messiahship
18:32 was the sign of Jonah
18:34 and that is the same sign of our discipleship to Jesus.
18:38 What Jonah experienced in the belly of the beasts
18:42 is what we need in order to be faithful
18:45 in the last days to be faithful to the Lamb.
18:48 And so now we find Jonah
18:50 in the stinky, smelly, slimy belly of the fish.
18:55 He's without any food or water or rest.
18:59 As this fish, this whale goes up and down,
19:02 it's like a roller coaster,
19:04 Jonah is going up and down and back and forth.
19:06 I can imagine the Jonah began to become nauseous.
19:10 I can imagine the stomach acid
19:12 beginning to eat away at his flesh,
19:14 his eyes are burning and his skin is itching.
19:17 He's surrounded by thick darkness,
19:19 barely any breath, companionless,
19:21 comfortless surrounded by darkness,
19:25 rejected by man and seemingly forgotten even by God
19:29 and there he remained for three days and three nights
19:34 72 hours.
19:37 What an uncomfortable situation.
19:39 And, friends, I can imagine in the belly of the fish,
19:44 Jonah had to be in thinking to himself,
19:46 "God where are you?
19:48 Why have you allowed this to happen to me?
19:52 Lord, why am I in this situation."
19:55 I can imagine the Jonah began to shrug and feel remorse
20:00 and regret over the foolish decisions
20:02 that he had made
20:03 in a running away from his calling and his mission.
20:07 And perhaps we can relate with that this morning.
20:11 Maybe this morning as you're sitting here
20:13 in this auditorium, you're asking God the same questions.
20:16 Maybe you like Jonah
20:17 are consumed by the difficulties of life
20:19 and you can't see your way out of the situation
20:22 you're in today.
20:24 Maybe you've experienced a terrible tragedy
20:26 in your life.
20:27 Maybe your parents are going through a divorce.
20:29 Maybe you've lost a loved one through by cancer
20:31 or maybe someone had in your family
20:34 had experienced a terrible accident
20:35 and your heart is broken.
20:37 Maybe you're overwhelmed by school loans and debt.
20:40 Maybe you have a physical illness,
20:42 cancer, diabetes, or some type of ailment
20:45 that is sucking the life out of you,
20:47 and you're wondering
20:48 why God are you allowing this to happen to me.
20:50 Perhaps you are in the belly of the beast,
20:53 the belly of the fish today
20:55 you're consumed by earthly cares.
20:57 And you can't see your way out and you're angry at God,
21:00 you're questioning God,
21:01 why God have you allowed this fish to swallow me up.
21:05 Friends I want you to know,
21:08 that the reason why God sent the fish
21:10 was not to punish Jonah, but it was to save Jonah.
21:16 The reason why God sent the fish
21:18 was to save Jonah from the fury of the storm
21:22 and that's the same thing for us, friends.
21:25 God sends tragedy in our lives.
21:28 He allows it to take place
21:30 to save us from greater tragedy.
21:32 Now we know that God does not cause suffering,
21:35 an enemy has done it Jesus said.
21:37 But God does allow it, and, friends,
21:38 the reason why He allows trials and difficulties and tragedy
21:42 is to save us from greater tragedy.
21:44 I want you to consider, friends,
21:46 that God is so desperate to save us
21:48 that He will allow us to suffer in order to bring us salvation.
21:53 God allows us to experience momentary pain
21:56 in order to give us permanent peace.
21:59 He will permit us to go through temporary suffering
22:02 if that will secure eternal salvation.
22:05 He will even tolerate physical death,
22:08 if he sees that that is what will awaken spiritual life
22:13 in this great controversy between good and evil.
22:15 God permitted evil to exist for a time,
22:19 a short time in order to destroy it for all eternity
22:23 because we serve a God that sees the big picture
22:26 and he has our best interest in mind
22:28 and so in every difficulty we can trust Him.
22:32 And that's the reason why the Bible says,
22:34 "That all things work together for good
22:37 for those who love God
22:38 and are called according to His purpose.
22:40 All things, the good and the bad
22:42 God brings it around for good."
22:44 God, friends, is a God that can be trusted.
22:47 Bible says, "We can give thanks to God in all things,
22:51 in sunshine and in the rain."
22:54 James says, "Count it all joy
22:55 when you fall into diverse trials
22:57 knowing that the trying of your faith produces patience
23:00 and a character that's fit for heaven."
23:01 And that's the reason why Joseph
23:03 could look into the face of his brothers
23:05 those who betrayed him
23:06 and rejected him and sold him out,
23:08 he could look into their face and say, "I forgive you,
23:11 what you have meant for evil, God has caused to forgive it."
23:16 That's why Job after losing everything could say,
23:20 "Naked I came from my mother's womb
23:23 and naked shall I return to.
23:25 The Lord has given and the Lord has taken away,
23:27 blessed be the name of the Lord."
23:30 You see God allows the fish to come
23:33 to save us from the fury of the storm,
23:35 and so in all things we can trust God.
23:37 Let me tell you, friends, we're in a new year
23:39 and there are new challenges
23:40 and trials and tests that are coming your way
23:43 but in the rain and the sunshine God is good.
23:47 In the darkness and the light, God is good.
23:50 In adversity and prosperity, God is always good.
23:54 In pain and in peace, in sickness and in health,
23:58 in life and in death, God is good all the time,
24:02 and all the time God is good.
24:04 Amen. God is too good to be unkind.
24:08 He's too wise to be mistaken
24:11 and He is too strong to be defeated in all situations.
24:16 We can trust Him and let's never forget
24:18 no matter how hard it gets for us,
24:22 the blessings will always outweigh
24:23 the difficulties of life.
24:25 We are blessed more than we deserve and surely,
24:28 we are blessed more than we recognize
24:30 and I love that verse in 2 Corinthians 4:16 to 18,
24:34 where the Bible says,
24:35 "Therefore we do not lose heart though our outward man perish,
24:39 yet the inward man is being renewed day by day."
24:43 For while we look at the things which are seen,
24:45 they're temporary,
24:47 but the things which are not seen are eternal.
24:50 And so let us pray that God will help us
24:51 to see things through His eyes, amen.
24:55 Oh, my brothers and my sisters,
24:57 I don't know what you're going through this morning.
25:00 But this we do know, God is good all the time, amen.
25:06 Keep trusting and stay with Jesus.
25:10 God sends the fish to save us from the fury of the storm.
25:15 And so as God reaches down to us,
25:18 let us reach up to Him and as we link hands
25:22 with the everlasting hands of Jesus.
25:25 It's only then that we can reach out to others.
25:28 God sent the fish to save Jonah from the storm
25:30 and to save Jonah from himself.
25:34 It is the experience in this fish
25:36 that actually caused Jonah to pray
25:39 and brought Jonah back to his senses.
25:41 I want you to notice Chapter 2:1,
25:43 the nature of Jonah's prayer
25:46 that reveals the experience of his heart.
25:48 Notice Jonah 2:1, the Bible says,
25:51 "Then Jonah prayed to the Lord, his God
25:56 from the fish's belly."
25:58 Now friends this is interesting,
25:59 because this is the first time Jonah prays in the book.
26:03 He should have prayed in Chapter 1, isn't that right?
26:07 If he would have prayed
26:08 when the word of the Lord first came to him,
26:10 he would have spared himself a lot of difficulty.
26:13 But for some reason
26:14 it was after three days and three nights
26:15 that Jonah began to pray,
26:17 and the reason why he did not pray before then
26:20 is because he felt secure.
26:22 You see in the ground that he walked upon
26:24 seem to be solid
26:26 but now in the belly of the beast,
26:28 he has nowhere to stand.
26:29 The rug of complacency has been pulled out
26:32 from under him
26:33 and in this impossible situation
26:36 Bible says, Jonah prayed,
26:38 but what caused Jonah to pray, that's my question.
26:41 What was it that he experienced in the belly of the fish
26:43 that, that compelled him to cry upon the Lord.
26:47 What brought him to repentance and faithfulness to God?
26:52 Well, as we examine the language of his prayer,
26:56 we see the experience of his heart.
26:58 Jonah was oppressed, he was afflicted,
27:02 and he opened his mouth in prayer.
27:03 Notice what his prayer is in verse 2 and he said,
27:07 "I cried out to the Lord because of my affliction,
27:11 And He answered me."
27:12 Out of the belly of what, hell or Sheol that means the grave
27:18 I cried and you heard my voice."
27:21 So notice, friends, in the belly of the beast,
27:25 Jonah says, "Out of the belly of a hell, Sheol,
27:28 I cried out of the belly of the grave."
27:31 In other words what Jonah experienced in that belly
27:35 was the type of death.
27:37 What kind of people go to the grave?
27:39 Dead people, is that right?
27:41 So whatever he experienced was a kind of death
27:44 but, friends, listen Jonah did not die physically.
27:47 The death that he experienced in the belly of the fish,
27:50 it was not so much physical
27:52 but rather it was death to self, death to self.
27:58 But notice what kind of death more specifically this was.
28:01 I want us to take note of the symbolic,
28:04 poetic and prophetic language of Jonah's prayer.
28:08 Verse 3, the Bible says,
28:11 "For thou has cast me into the deep,
28:14 into the heart of the seas,
28:18 and the floods surrounded me,
28:21 All your billows and Your waves passed over me.
28:25 Then I said, "I have been cast out of your sight,
28:28 Yet I will look again toward your holy temple."
28:30 verse 5, "The waters surrounded me,"
28:33 what surrounded him?
28:35 "The waters surrounding me, even to my,
28:38 what is the next word, my soul, The deep closed around me,
28:43 The weeds were wrapped around my head.
28:46 I went to the bottom of the mountains,
28:49 The earth with its bars about me
28:52 for how long did he say forever."
28:56 Friends, I want you notice the language of Jonah's prayer
29:00 is such of despair and utter hopelessness.
29:06 He is there in the belly of the fish
29:09 overwhelmed by water.
29:10 You notice the words the waves and the billows,
29:14 and the seas and the waters.
29:17 In other words Jonah is you can say drowning.
29:20 No breath, no light, no comfort, no hope,
29:23 the seaweeds wrapped around his head
29:25 in the belly of the fish.
29:27 The earth with their bars about him forever,
29:29 it seemed like the fish's belly was a prison
29:32 and Jonah would never escape from this prison.
29:36 What strange language. What does it mean?
29:40 Well, friends, do you realize
29:43 that Jonah's prayer is actually echoing someone else's prayer.
29:49 In other words his prayer is not so much his own.
29:53 He is actually praying someone else's prayer,
29:55 the psalmist's prayer in Psalms 69.
30:00 So hold your thumb here in the Book of Jonah
30:01 and turn quickly to the Book of Psalms 69,
30:05 Psalms 69 where we'll discover
30:07 that Jonah is actually praying someone else's prayer.
30:11 He's entering into the experience
30:13 of someone else, psalms.
30:15 What division did I say?
30:17 Psalms 69, and notice what it says here
30:22 beginning with verse 1,
30:24 Psalm 69:1 if you're there.
30:26 When you get there,
30:27 would you let me know by saying, amen.
30:29 Psalm 69:1 the Bible says, "Save me, O God,
30:34 for the waters have come into my soul.
30:40 I sink in deep mire, where there is no standing.
30:43 I am come into deep waters, where the floods overflow me.
30:48 I am weary of my crying, my throat is dried,
30:51 my eyes fail while I wait for my God."
30:54 Hear the psalmist is praying
30:56 and describing his circumstance,
30:58 his situation.
30:59 He is in the...
31:00 the waters are flooding his soul.
31:02 He is sinking, he is in the deep waters,
31:04 the flood is overflowing him.
31:06 Now, friends, notice whose prayer is this.
31:09 Jump down to verse 14, it says,
31:12 "Deliver me out of the mire, and let me not sink.
31:16 Let me be delivered from them that hate me,
31:18 And out of the deep waters,
31:20 let not the water flood overflow me,
31:22 Neither let the deep swallow me up,
31:25 And let not the pit shut her mouth upon me."
31:28 Friends, this prayer in Psalm 69
31:33 is actually a prophecy.
31:36 It is not only the experience of the psalmist,
31:39 but is actually a prophecy pointing to someone else
31:43 that was to come and experience the exact same thing,
31:47 whose prayer is this really.
31:49 The answer is found in verse 20.
31:52 Verse 20 says, "Reproach has broken my heart,
31:57 I'm full of heaviness,
31:59 I look for someone to take pity,
32:01 but there was none,
32:03 And for comforters, but I found none.
32:06 They gave me gall for my meat,
32:09 And in my thirst they gave me what?
32:12 Vinegar to drink."
32:15 Friends, who is this referring to?
32:17 Who is the one that looked for someone to comfort him
32:21 in the Garden of Gethsemane?
32:23 Look for someone to wipe the sweat off his brow.
32:25 Look for someone to, to comfort him
32:28 and to encourage him
32:29 but yet those were sleeping on him.
32:31 Who was that? He was Jesus.
32:35 That was given and offered vinegar
32:36 to drink in his thirst.
32:39 You see the prayer of Psalms 69,
32:41 of which Jonah's prayer is an echo of
32:45 is really, really a prophecy that is pointing
32:48 to the experience of Jesus Christ Himself,
32:50 as he would go to Gethsemane and Calvary for you and me.
32:54 In other words, friends, in the belly of the beast,
32:57 that experienced foreshadows the experience of the cross.
33:03 In other words, what Jonah, when Jonah said
33:07 what he said in the belly of the fish,
33:09 he was actually experiencing something similar
33:14 to what Jesus would experience
33:16 when Jesus would go to the cross.
33:18 As he described the floods overflowing him
33:20 and the waves beating up on him,
33:22 and him being in the deep tell me friends.
33:24 What does water represent in the Bible?
33:28 What is waters a symbol of?
33:31 It's a symbol of humanity.
33:36 And, friends, in the Garden of Gethsemane,
33:40 the floods overflowed the soul of Jesus.
33:45 When Jonah said, "The floods compass me about
33:47 it was similar to what Jesus was experiencing
33:50 as the floods of humanity,
33:52 as the sins of humanity was placed upon Jesus,
33:56 it was overwhelming."
33:58 And as we saw like what Jonah said,
34:00 Jesus felt I'm cast out of your sight
34:02 because as sin comes in, it separates us from God.
34:07 And so now the father has to withdraw his presence
34:11 from his beloved son,
34:13 and Jesus begins to feel this alienation
34:16 that He'd never experienced before.
34:18 Never in eternity past was He ever separated
34:21 from His Father until this moment
34:23 when the floods of humanity overwhelmed Him.
34:28 I'm cast out of your sight.
34:30 Thy billows and thy waves passed over me
34:33 as all of the sins of the world are placed upon Christ,
34:36 the weeds wrapped around my head.
34:37 Jonah said, a symbol of the crown of thorns
34:40 piercing the brow of Christ.
34:42 The earth with her bars about me forever.
34:45 Jesus in that moment, friends, could not see beyond the tomb.
34:52 He was dying a permanent death, a second death.
34:58 And that's why it says in the book,
34:59 Desire of Ages, page 753,
35:04 "The Savior could not see through the portals
35:06 of the tomb.
35:07 Hope did not present to Him
35:10 His coming forth from the grave as a conqueror,
35:12 or tell Him of the Father's acceptance of the sacrifice.
35:16 He feared that sin was so offensive to God
35:19 that Their separation was to be how long, eternal."
35:26 Jesus was paying the full wages of my sin,
35:31 the full wages of yours and then it says,
35:34 "The withdrawal of the divine countenance
35:37 from the Savior in his in this hour of supreme,
35:41 supreme anguish pierced His heart with a sorrow
35:46 that could never fully be understood by man.
35:49 So great was this agony
35:52 that His physical pain was hardly felt."
35:58 It wasn't the pain that caused Jesus to die,
36:02 but it was the pain of being rejected by His children
36:07 and seemingly forsaken by His Father
36:10 that broke the heart of God.
36:12 That's why He died, friends.
36:14 In that moment, He could not see beyond the tomb.
36:18 The earth with their bars was about Him forever,
36:22 it seemed he was drinking the cup in full.
36:26 He was paying our debt in full
36:29 and that's what Jonah is beginning to experience
36:32 in the belly of the beast,
36:33 experiencing what Jesus would go through for him
36:36 on the cross.
36:38 And, friends, it was that experience
36:39 that changed Jonah's attitude.
36:41 It was this experience
36:43 that caused Jonah to want to be faithful
36:45 in fulfilling his calling.
36:47 You see only as Jonah was immersed in water
36:51 was there a change.
36:53 Baptism, immersion is a symbol of the death,
36:59 burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, amen.
37:03 And it's this that Jonah is experiencing.
37:05 The storm wasn't strong enough to motivate him to faithfulness
37:09 but the cross was.
37:11 And that's what Jonah was experiencing.
37:13 The cross brought Jonah to repentance and enabled him
37:16 to fulfill his mission.
37:18 This, my friends, is the same experience
37:20 that we need in order for us to live up to our name,
37:25 our identity, our calling
37:28 and our mission to go to Nineveh.
37:30 To turn away from the comforts
37:32 and luxury of the Tarshishes of the world
37:34 and go to Nineveh and give that loud cry message,
37:38 the call that says, "Fear God, give glory to Him,
37:41 the hour of His judgment is come
37:43 and worship Him that made all things."
37:48 This is the experience that we need
37:51 in order to be faithful.
37:53 We are called, chosen,
37:57 but what does it mean to be faithful.
37:58 You see, if you look at that word faithful.
38:01 It simply means to be full of faith.
38:05 It means that your faith is full.
38:08 Amen.
38:10 And, friends, only as we spend some time
38:13 in the belly of the beast.
38:15 As we enter into the experience of the cross
38:19 will our faith become so full
38:22 that we will overflow in blessings
38:26 to those around us.
38:28 And so Jonah as we go back to Chapter 2,
38:32 he is experiencing exactly that.
38:35 And then notice, he wraps up his prayer in the next verse,
38:39 verse 6 the Bible says in Jonah 2:6.
38:42 I went which direction, what does it say,
38:46 "I went down to the bottom of the mountains,
38:51 The earth with the bars about me forever,
38:55 Yet You have brought, which direction,
38:58 you have brought up my life from the pit, O Lord, my God."
39:03 You see that's when the direction changed.
39:06 Up to this point, Jonah was going down, down, down,
39:10 he, he rose up to go down, he went down to Tarshish,
39:13 he went down to the bottom of the ship.
39:15 And then he was cast off the ship
39:17 and he was swallowed by the fish
39:19 and went down to the bottom of the mountains.
39:21 The bottom of the sea and he went so far down
39:24 that he could not go any farther further down.
39:26 So now his direction, he's going up.
39:30 I went down but now I'm going up.
39:32 "You have brought up my life from the pit, O Lord, my God."
39:36 It was as if Jonah was saying, "My God, my God,
39:39 why have you forsaken me."
39:41 But then his, his prayer changes
39:43 into your hands I commit my spirit.
39:47 And what made the change
39:48 is because Jonah finally allowed self
39:54 to be consumed in the belly of the beast.
39:58 Self consumed
40:01 as he entered into the experience of the cross,
40:05 and so as a result what happens in verse 10.
40:08 "So the Lord spoke to the fish,
40:11 and it vomited Jonah on to dry land."
40:15 It's interesting God spoke to Jonah and Jonah disobeyed,
40:19 but when God spoke to the fish, the fish obeyed,
40:21 isn't that right?
40:23 Jonah now, because he experienced death to self,
40:28 he can now experience resurrection in life.
40:32 Jonah is resurrected from the belly of the fish,
40:36 the belly of the grave
40:37 and now God comes to him again in Chapter 3:1, it says,
40:41 "Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time,
40:44 saying, "Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city,
40:50 and preach to it the message that I shall tell you."
40:53 So Jonah arose and went to Nineveh,
40:56 according to the word of the Lord."
40:59 Here we find that God's word
41:02 and God's mission did not change.
41:05 Did you notice that?
41:06 The same word that spoke to Jonah in Chapter 1
41:10 is the same word that spoke to Jonah in Chapter 3.
41:13 The mission and the message did not change,
41:16 it remained the same.
41:18 What was it that changed?
41:20 Not the message, it was the messenger that changed.
41:25 Oh, my friends, we don't need to change our message.
41:29 We don't need to modify our mission.
41:34 We need to let God change and transform us.
41:39 There is not nothing wrong with our message, friends.
41:42 Our message is called the everlasting gospel.
41:46 It is not bad news, or scary news,
41:48 or doom and gloom, it is good news.
41:52 What needs to change, friends,
41:54 is not the message and the mission
41:55 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
41:57 it is the messengers,
41:59 and the storm is not going to do it.
42:02 The fear of the last days,
42:03 the fear of hell nor the reward of heaven
42:05 is going to truly transform us.
42:07 It is only as we enter into the belly of the beast.
42:10 It's only as we experience the cross that self will die
42:15 so that Jesus can live.
42:17 Oh, I want to experience this more in my life,
42:18 how about you?
42:21 It says, "The word came the second time."
42:23 Oh, my friends, we serve a God of second chances.
42:27 It came the second time.
42:29 You see the story of Jonah
42:31 points to the God of second chances,
42:33 a God that does not give up on us so easily.
42:36 A God that, that chases us when we run from Him,
42:39 a God that still watches over us
42:41 even when we're walking in known disobedience.
42:44 Oh, my brothers and my sisters,
42:47 have you fallen away after knowing truth?
42:53 Are you running from God's call upon your life?
42:58 Are you trying to drown out that convicting voice
43:01 in the pleasures of Tarshish?
43:06 Maybe you've been a pastor, an elder, a Bible worker,
43:10 a canvasser or some type of spiritual leader in school.
43:13 But your faith has grown dim and your love has grown cold,
43:17 you've lost your first love experience
43:19 and you have been weary in the wilderness of the world,
43:24 and from standing on the mountain of victory,
43:27 you have fallen into the valley of defeat
43:32 and immorality.
43:33 Maybe you're one that after knowing truth like Jonah,
43:36 you turn from your calling, you ashamed your family,
43:39 misrepresented your church, disappointed your friends,
43:42 disgrace that calling, you've hurt your Lord
43:45 and you've made a fool out of yourself in the process.
43:47 Well, I'm here to tell you, friends,
43:49 no matter who you are or what you've done,
43:51 we serve a God of second chances.
43:54 A God that gives us brand new beginnings.
43:58 It does not matter where we came from.
44:01 What matters is where we're going from this moment on.
44:04 You know when you jump in your vehicle.
44:06 You'll find that in your car,
44:08 there's a very large windshield in front of you,
44:11 isn't that right?
44:13 And then in comparison to that large windshield,
44:15 you have a very small rear view mirror.
44:19 You know why?
44:21 For the simple reason that what's behind you
44:24 is not as important
44:26 as what's in front of you, amen.
44:28 We may have a dark past,
44:30 we may have disgraced our calling
44:32 and run from our mission like Jonah,
44:34 but we serve a God of second chances.
44:36 But let me tell you, friends,
44:37 the second chance comes as a result of the second death
44:42 is because of what Jesus did at the cross.
44:46 A crucifixion must come before the resurrection.
44:51 Oh, yes, we all want the resurrection,
44:53 we all want to live
44:54 but we don't really want to die,
44:56 but let me tell you, friends,
44:57 the resurrection is only for those
44:58 who experience the crucifixion self
45:01 must die before Jesus can live.
45:04 This is the sign of Jonah.
45:06 It is the sign of Jesus' Messiahship.
45:08 It is also the same sign of our discipleship.
45:14 Because Jesus said, "Whoever will be my disciple
45:17 must take up the cross and follow me."
45:23 Allow me to summarize before we head to our last point.
45:28 God has given us a name that stands for something,
45:31 just like Jonah.
45:33 A name and identity that reflects our message
45:37 and our mission to a dying world,
45:41 but unfortunately like Jonah
45:43 even though we've been called and chosen,
45:44 many of us have been unfaithful.
45:46 Instead of going to Nineveh to give the loud cry message,
45:49 we have turned to Tarshish, seeking ease and luxury.
45:55 Convenience instead of conversion,
45:58 too much of us have been concerned
46:00 with our own comforts,
46:01 too zealous to guard our own reputations
46:04 and many messengers have been lowered to sleep
46:06 by the gentle rocking on the ship of pleasure.
46:09 We're sleeping in the midst of the storm
46:11 and we may be to be able to sleep for a little while,
46:14 but the storm is just going to increase in its intensity
46:17 and it will be relentless in its fury
46:19 and the storm is either going to shake us up
46:22 or it's going to shake us out.
46:25 I don't want to be shaken out.
46:28 I want to be shaken up. But the good news is this.
46:34 God has prepared a fish for each and every one of us,
46:38 amen.
46:40 God has prepared a fish
46:43 to prepare a man and a woman for the mission.
46:47 A test that soon will turn into a testimony,
46:51 a trial that will turn into triumph,
46:54 a mess that will turn into a message,
46:56 a crucifixion that prepares us for the resurrection,
46:59 but unfortunately, friends,
47:01 many will only learn that lesson
47:03 in the belly of the beast.
47:04 But here's the thing,
47:06 we like Jonah could easily avoid that trial.
47:09 We could get easily avoid the belly of the beast
47:12 by coming to the foot of the cross
47:17 and listening to God
47:19 when His word first comes to us.
47:22 By surrendering our will at the foot of the cross,
47:25 it is there that God makes us faithful,
47:28 faithful meaning full of faith.
47:33 And, friends, there is only one whose faith was full.
47:37 There is only one that had a faith
47:38 that endured to the very end, one who had a perfect faith,
47:42 a complete faith and that was Jesus.
47:45 A faith that trusted His Father,
47:49 even though He did not have the answer
47:52 to the question why, as Jesus said,
47:54 "My God, my God why?
47:59 Why?
48:01 Why have you forsaken Me?"
48:06 When He prayed that prayer, heaven was silent.
48:12 You may be asking God why and heaven is silent.
48:18 Heaven may be silent but heaven is not deaf.
48:23 And God is trying to build and place within us a faith
48:29 that is full of faith that endures.
48:33 And God's people in the last days
48:35 will have that faith, it's called the faith of Jesus.
48:39 How many want the faith of Jesus in your experience
48:42 or makes it possible?
48:44 Let's go back and close up with this point.
48:48 When Jesus said to the Pharisees,
48:54 as Jonah was in the belly of the fish
48:57 three days and three nights,
48:59 the Son of Man also will be in the heart of the earth.
49:04 What does that mean?
49:06 There are many people
49:07 who have ignored the context of that passage.
49:11 And have stubbornly insisted
49:13 that when Jesus said three days and three nights,
49:16 that means He had to be dead in the grave for 72 hours,
49:22 three literal days and three literal nights.
49:25 There are people who they make that
49:27 a point of controversy.
49:30 But, friends, it must be noted that of all the times
49:34 Jesus spoke about His, the timing of His resurrection.
49:37 He only said three days and three nights one time.
49:40 Matthew 12:40,
49:42 not only that but majority of the times
49:43 Jesus referred to the timing of his resurrection.
49:46 He referred to it as the third day,
49:49 the which day?
49:51 The third day, and Jesus Himself defined,
49:55 when the third day was
49:57 it simply the day after tomorrow.
49:59 You can find that in Luke 13:32.
50:02 The third day according to Jesus is simply the day
50:07 after tomorrow, so what is today?
50:09 We call today Friday, the day after tomorrow,
50:12 tomorrow is Saturday Sabbath, the day after tomorrow is what?
50:16 Sunday, friends the third day
50:18 is simply the day after tomorrow.
50:20 Not only that but Jewish inclusive reckoning
50:23 considers a part of one day as a full day
50:28 and so we can come to the conclusion by this verse
50:32 that Jesus was dead in the grave for 72 hours,
50:35 three literal days and three little nights
50:37 based upon comparing the Bible with himself.
50:40 Not only that, friends, but Jesus did not say
50:42 that He would be dead in the grave
50:44 for three days and three nights,
50:46 but rather he said,
50:47 "He would experience the heart of the earth."
50:50 His experience parallels Jonah's experience
50:54 but here's the thing.
50:55 Jonah did not physically die. He experienced death.
51:01 But it's far more profound than just physical.
51:03 So the question I want to ask is this.
51:05 What did Jesus mean
51:07 when He referred to three days and three nights?
51:08 Well, let me ask you the question.
51:10 When did Jesus resurrect from the grave?
51:12 When did He resurrect?
51:14 Early Sunday morning, the first day of the week,
51:16 so you count three days and three nights
51:19 before Sunday morning
51:21 and that will land you, do you when,
51:24 Thursday evening.
51:27 Thursday evening, friends,
51:29 is when the heart of the earth experience began for Christ.
51:32 But Jesus did not physically die
51:34 on Thursday evening, He died on Good Friday,
51:37 the day that was called the preparation
51:39 and so the question is what exactly happened
51:42 on Thursday evening?
51:44 What happened Thursday evening?
51:47 Gethsemane,
51:49 that's when Jesus experienced the heart of the earth.
51:53 It was when He went
51:55 to the Garden of the Gethsemane,
51:56 when Jesus began to die, the heart of the earth,
52:00 the heart of humanity.
52:01 The Bible says, "That our hearts
52:03 are desperately wicked and deceitful above all things
52:07 naturally our hearts are cold and callous corrupt and cruel."
52:11 And that's what Jesus began to experience
52:14 on Thursday evening
52:15 as He went in to Gethsemane the heart of humanity
52:19 as the sins of the world are placed upon Him.
52:23 And that's when He began to die.
52:25 And he said, "My soul is exceedingly sorrowful
52:28 even unto death."
52:32 But it was far more hurtful than physical.
52:38 It refers to the complete alienation from God and man,
52:42 because it was in that garden that man forsook Christ,
52:46 slapped on Him, betrayed Him with a kiss.
52:49 And it was in that garden
52:51 the Father would show His presence.
52:53 It was in that garden that the floods of humanity
52:56 came unto His soul.
52:57 It was there that the Father turned his face
53:01 and that's when the death began.
53:04 And it continued
53:06 for three whole days and three whole nights.
53:10 Jesus felt alienated eternally
53:14 until He came forth from the tomb
53:15 early Sunday morning.
53:17 And so, friends, here's the point.
53:18 The physical death Jesus experienced on Friday,
53:22 was simply the outward climax of the deeper inward anguish
53:27 of the death that began in Gethsemane,
53:29 the heart of the earth and Jesus did it, friends,
53:33 for you.
53:35 And He did it for me. He paid our debt in full.
53:41 He was cut off that we might be reconciled back to God.
53:44 He was forsaken that we might be forgiven.
53:48 He was bruised, beaten, battered
53:53 so that we could be blessed.
53:55 He walked the way of suffering
53:57 so that we could walk on streets of gold.
54:00 He wore our crown of thorns
54:02 that we might wear His crown of life.
54:05 The only way we can be faithful, friends,
54:07 we are called, yes, we are chosen, yes,
54:09 but the only way we can be faithful
54:11 is when we understand that He was faithful to us.
54:17 He would not stop loving us even though we spit in His face
54:22 and slapped Him and beat Him and forsake Him,
54:25 He was faithful husband, He wouldn't stop loving us.
54:32 Faithful unto death even the death of the cross.
54:39 How many are thankful for your wonderful Savior?
54:43 He is our sweet Savior, He a King of kindness,
54:47 God of grace, Man of mercy, Lord of love,
54:53 but not only He is our Savior, He is also our example.
54:57 You see Jesus in Gethsemane not only that tasted the death
55:00 that comes from sin,
55:02 but He also experienced the death
55:04 that comes from surrender.
55:06 You see in Gethsemane, He was praying,
55:08 "Lord, let this cup pass from me."
55:11 Lord, I don't feel like going to Nineveh.
55:13 Lord, if there is another way maybe if you Tarshish
55:16 that's what Jesus was experiencing.
55:18 He did not feel like dying for you and me
55:20 but yet He concluded that prayer
55:21 by saying, "Not my will, Thy will be done."
55:27 How many of you want to say that prayer with Jesus today,
55:32 Thy will be done.
55:35 Friends, let me tell you victory over the beast
55:40 is found in surrender to the Lamb.
55:45 Victory over the beast is found in surrender to the Lamb.
55:51 In order for us to wrestle with Satan and win,
55:55 we first must wrestle with God and lose
55:59 because victory is found in surrender.
56:04 Oh, my friends, what sin holds you in bondage today?
56:09 What is God calling you to surrender to Him
56:14 as you face your fish today?
56:18 Let it be our prayer
56:20 "Lord, not my will, Thy will be done."
56:24 We're called, we're chosen,
56:28 Lord, may the cross make us faithful unto death.
56:34 How many you want that desire in your life?
56:36 If so would you bow your heads with me
56:39 and let us thank God for His goodness.
56:44 Let us pray.
56:46 Oh, Lord,
56:50 there is so much more that needs to be said.
56:55 We thank you Lord that we have heard your voice.
56:59 You have given us a glimpse
57:01 into your infinite heart of love.
57:05 Lord, we confess and acknowledge
57:09 that we are not faithful.
57:12 We have not lived up to our God given name.
57:16 We have forgotten our identity.
57:18 We have ignored our mission, neglected our calling,
57:24 and we have sought ease and luxury
57:27 and comfort in Tarshish.
57:30 Forgive us Lord, for being more concerned with self
57:36 than the Savior,
57:37 more concerned with our glory than Yours.
57:43 Lord as we look around at our world
57:45 we see that the storm is raging,
57:48 the signs are being fulfilled and we pray Lord,
57:52 that this storm will not shake us out,
57:56 but shake us up.
57:58 Forgive us for sleeping, Lord.
58:02 Wake us up, and I pray dear Lord,
58:08 that we would experience death,
58:12 that we might experience life, that we would be crucified,
58:18 so that You could be resurrected in our lives.
58:23 Make us Your children, make us Your messengers,
58:28 make us full of faith, faithful to the end.
58:33 We thank you,
58:35 that He is faithful who has called us,
58:39 who also would do it.
58:43 We accept you again in our hearts,
58:45 and we thank you for your sacrifice.
58:47 In the wonderful name of Jesus, we pray this prayer
58:50 that all of God's messengers and children say, amen.


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