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00:32 It's such a blessing to see all of your faces smiling
00:36 and praising the Lord for outreach, amen.
00:40 It is our "I Believe" section, and our special speaker,
00:46 our special person so to speak is Josephine Elia Loi.
00:52 Josephine grew up in an Adventist family
00:56 in Indonesia.
00:58 She came to the US for college,
01:00 where her life was changed by the ministry
01:04 of an Adventist student group in Boston.
01:07 Since then she had the privilege of serving
01:10 in the Adventist campus ministries
01:12 on secular universities.
01:15 She holds a Chemical Engineering degree
01:17 from MIT and a PhD from Princeton.
01:22 And currently works in the engineering industry.
01:26 But above all, Josephine loves the Lord.
01:32 And Josephine today, she had to tell us
01:34 why she loves being a Seventh-day Adventist.
01:38 And GYC wants to know, Josephine,
01:41 why do you love your church so much?
01:46 Thank you.
01:52 I love being a Seventh-day Adventist.
01:56 Like many of you, I grew up in an Adventist family,
02:00 which meant that I had to learn the discipline
02:02 of being an Adventist.
02:04 Doesn't it take discipline to be an Adventist?
02:07 But as I grew up to be use and at young adult,
02:10 I've come to embrace and realize the grandeur
02:13 of being a part of God's last day movement.
02:16 It is bigger than anything like I could ever imagine.
02:19 And tonight I want to share with you,
02:21 three reasons why I love being a Seventh-day Adventist.
02:24 Number one, I love being a Seventh-day Adventist,
02:27 because we believe and practice the Sabbath.
02:31 I cannot tell you all the benefits
02:32 that I experience from keeping the Sabbath
02:35 in my spiritual, personal, and professional life.
02:39 When the sun sets in the horizon today
02:41 in a few minutes,
02:43 we enter into a sanctuary in time,
02:45 where God needs mankind in a special way.
02:49 And the relevance of this time cannot be overstated
02:52 in a busy 21st century life.
02:55 When I was a graduate student a couple of years ago,
02:57 I went to an event that talked about
02:59 "How to be a Christian in the academic world,
03:03 in academia?"
03:04 It's an environment with a lot of pressure
03:07 where you're constantly evaluated
03:09 by the number of papers you published,
03:11 the research, and the books you write.
03:14 And it's a very hard environment
03:16 to be a Christian sometimes.
03:18 So the speaker at that time was a faculty member
03:20 from Harvard University.
03:22 And she had a joint appointment in the department of sociology.
03:26 So as an Adventist,
03:27 when I hear Harvard and sociology,
03:30 I can think of a name, Dr. David Williams.
03:34 Maybe some of you're familiar.
03:35 He is a Seventh-day Adventist faculty member at Harvard.
03:39 He has spoken at GYC before.
03:42 And he's a practicing Seventh-day Adventists
03:44 and he's also affiliated
03:45 with the department of sociology.
03:48 Interestingly, when she was speaking,
03:51 she mentioned the importance of Sabbath,
03:53 not necessarily the seventh day Sabbath,
03:56 but the concept of rest from the never-ending toil
03:59 and work and research.
04:01 So I spoke to her afterwards.
04:03 And I asked her, "Do you keep the Sabbath,"
04:06 and she said to me, "I wish I could.
04:09 I would love to be able to do that."
04:12 I asked her "If you know Dr. David Williams,"
04:16 also shared with her, I'm a Seventh-day Adventist.
04:18 And I felt the joy of keeping the Sabbath in my life,
04:21 in academia.
04:23 She said that she knows Dr. Williams,
04:26 and she admires his commitment
04:28 to keep the Sabbath every week to stop from working,
04:31 and yet accomplish so much in his career.
04:35 Do you know that the world needs the Sabbath, friends?
04:38 Some of the world's most brilliant minds,
04:41 the world's highest achievers, the most ambitious,
04:44 they're craving for a certain kind of rest.
04:47 Not the rest that comes from just a vacation,
04:49 it's a rest from this continual chase
04:52 to achieve and to succeed.
04:55 For many of them,
04:56 their identity is tied with their achievements.
04:59 So it becomes very hard to stop working,
05:01 'cause they have to have the discipline and the courage
05:04 to stop and also to not cave into the pressure
05:08 while their colleagues are getting an extra day of work.
05:11 As Adventist, we know that our lives are in His hand,
05:15 when we surrender in obedience.
05:17 We know that our identity rests in Christ,
05:19 the fact that God created us and He redeemed us.
05:23 Each week we have a tangible reminder
05:26 that Christ is Lord
05:27 and that our identity is not resting on what we do,
05:30 but who we are.
05:33 Because of the Sabbath,
05:34 I have liberty from the tyranny of work,
05:37 and this becomes a source of joy
05:40 and a source of comfort in my life as a professional.
05:45 Do you know that we have a treasure
05:46 that the world needs in the Sabbath.
05:49 There is nothing to be ashamed of.
05:51 Number two, I love being an Adventist,
05:54 because it gives me a sense of identity
05:56 that infuses all aspects of my life.
05:59 Every time I sit down at a restaurant,
06:01 there are sections I skip,
06:03 because I'm a Seventh-day Adventist.
06:05 There are things I drink,
06:06 and there are things I do not drink,
06:08 because I'm a Seventh-day Adventist.
06:10 There are tests I do not take, because they're on the Sabbath.
06:13 There are opportunities I skip, because they're on the Sabbath.
06:17 Being an Adventist is the guiding principle
06:19 on what I study, where I work, what books I read,
06:23 what I write and whom I marry.
06:26 It's a day to day reality, not just a mental assent.
06:29 But it also gives me not just a personal identity,
06:32 but also a communal identity.
06:35 I am part of a people who worship God,
06:37 who made heaven and earth.
06:39 I am part of a people from all nations of tongues
06:42 who have received the Gospel
06:44 that supersedes all of our cultures.
06:46 I am part of a people
06:48 who keeps the faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
06:51 that has been passed down through the ages
06:53 by the faithfulness through the word of God.
06:55 I am a recipient of a legacy of truth
06:58 that I too need to pass on.
07:01 We understand
07:02 that human history has a direction,
07:04 which is towards the second coming
07:05 of Jesus Christ.
07:07 Adventism is philosophically sound,
07:10 harmonious, and practically applicable.
07:13 Do you know that the Adventist Church
07:15 has something to contribute to the world
07:17 that nobody else can?
07:20 If someone asks, if someone wants to know
07:22 how to keep the Sabbath, who can they go to?
07:26 If someone discovers the sanctuary
07:28 and want to learn what the sacrifice meant,
07:31 the most holy place, the holy place,
07:33 which church can they go to?
07:36 If someone's reading Revelation 14,
07:38 who can say to them
07:39 like what Philip said to the Ethiopian?
07:42 Do you understand what you are reading?
07:44 And if they say, "How can I unless someone guides me?
07:48 Who is left on this earth
07:50 who can give a coherent explanation of Bible?
07:55 Which brings to me to my last reason,
07:57 I love being an Adventist,
07:58 because it gives me a distinct commission in life.
08:01 As a people who have been given a mandate
08:04 to declare to the world, a loud cry.
08:06 The everlasting Gospel to prepare the world
08:09 to meet its savior.
08:10 It is a time sensitive mission with a global scope,
08:13 and it requires every one of us to be involved.
08:17 I found this mission to be the engine
08:19 that gives me a vigor and excitement in my life.
08:21 God has something for me to do.
08:24 It's a humbling thought, but also exciting.
08:26 It means that when I go to school.
08:28 I'm not just a regular student, I'm a missionary.
08:31 It means that when I work, I'm not just a regular worker,
08:35 I'm an ambassador for heaven.
08:37 When I write, I think about how to engage the secular minds
08:40 to think about spiritual things.
08:42 In my corner as an engineer,
08:44 I think about how to engage the technical minds
08:47 to think about God.
08:49 But there's more to this, for Adventists,
08:52 we need to think in a global scope
08:54 for our mission to be accomplished.
08:56 We need to think how to appeal to the eastern minds.
09:00 We need to think how do we reach our Muslim,
09:02 our Buddhist, and Hindu brothers and sisters,
09:05 those who make up the world, most of the world's population.
09:08 Who will think about how to reach the Arabian minds,
09:11 the Iraqi minds, the Pakistani minds,
09:13 the Moroccan, the Cambodian minds?
09:16 Closer to home,
09:17 who will think about who are incarcerated and condemned.
09:23 What about those in the highest levels of society?
09:26 It's going to take every single one of us
09:28 for this to be accomplished.
09:30 And, friends, this is what we're born for.
09:34 This is why we exist as a church and individually.
09:38 In beholding the grand mission that God has given to us.
09:42 I find a reason why I live right now
09:45 in this earth's history.
09:47 Why I am a Seventh-day Adventist
09:49 at this present world.
09:50 It is to be part of God's movement
09:52 that will herald Jesus coming.
09:55 Being an Adventist is a high calling.
09:58 It demands something of you.
10:00 But what is the point of having a faith
10:02 that is not worth giving all to.
10:05 It comes with many privileges,
10:07 but also responsibilities to God and to our fellow men.
10:11 Adventism is a bold call for an unconventional life,
10:14 a holy life in this present world.
10:17 So why not embrace the entirety
10:20 of what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist.
10:23 So tonight on the first day of 2016,
10:26 I would like to extend an invitation to all of you
10:29 to respond yes to the audacious call
10:33 to be a Seventh-day Adventist.
10:50 Be still
10:54 My soul
10:57 The Lord is on your side
11:05 Bear patiently
11:12 The cross of grief or pain
11:19 Leave to thy God
11:26 To order and provide
11:34 In every change
11:41 He faithful will remain
11:48 Be still
11:52 My soul
11:55 Thy best Your heavenly Friend
12:03 Through thorny ways
12:07 Leads to a joyful end
12:25 Be still
12:28 My soul
12:32 Thy God doth undertake
12:38 To guide the future
12:46 As He has a past
12:52 Your hope
12:55 Your confidence
13:01 Let nothing shake
13:06 All now mysterious
13:14 Shall be bright at last
13:20 Be still
13:24 My soul
13:27 The waves
13:29 And winds still know
13:35 His voice who ruled them
13:40 While He lived below
13:51 Be still
13:55 My soul
13:59 Be still
14:03 My soul
14:08 Be still.
14:18 Oh, GYC, do you love Jesus?
14:21 Oh yes, we love Jesus
14:24 Are you sure you love Jesus?
14:26 Yes, we're sure we love Jesus
14:29 And why do you love Jesus?
14:31 He's my, I love Jesus
14:33 Because He first loved me
14:37 That's the reason we all are to--
14:40 All together.
14:41 Oh, how I love Jesus, singing
14:46 Oh, how I love Jesus
14:52 So how I love Jesus
14:57 Because He first loved me.
15:02 How many of you guys that's why you here tonight
15:04 'cause you love Jesus?
15:05 Amen. Amen.
15:07 I know that's why I'm here tonight.
15:09 The devil trying to give me a little cold.
15:12 So that means it's got to get a little hotter in the sermon.
15:15 Amen.
15:17 Don't want me to preach, that's all right,
15:19 I'm going to preach anyway.
15:23 Well, this evening as I am--
15:27 I want you to take your Bibles
15:28 and go with me to Revelation 12.
15:38 Revelation 12.
15:42 And we're going to have a word of prayer together.
15:47 When you're there, you can say amen.
15:53 All right, let's pray together.
15:57 Father in heaven, just want to thank You Lord
16:01 that we have come safely through another week.
16:05 Here we are on the very edges of this holy day.
16:12 Father we just pray
16:14 that this would afford sweet hours of communion.
16:19 We just pray that as we bring in the New Year,
16:25 almost upon a Sabbath.
16:28 We pray that we would learn to rest in You, Lord.
16:32 We ask tonight that as we look at Your word
16:36 that You would speak through this man
16:38 who is but dust in Your sight.
16:41 We pray Lord that You would not only speak through me
16:44 that You would speak to me.
16:46 And we are praying that Jesus would be seen,
16:48 and He would be high and lifted up.
16:50 And we pray that in His name
16:51 that you would banish all things
16:53 that are not of His kingdom from this place.
16:56 And Lord that You would allow us
16:59 to be revived by that spirit that is coming in the name
17:02 that is above every name.
17:04 That is coming in a name
17:06 that is the only name given among men
17:08 whereby we must be saved.
17:10 And that is the same name we offer this prayer
17:15 in Jesus' name.
17:17 Amen.
17:23 Brothers and sisters, I think,
17:28 I found the devil's least favorite chapter
17:30 in the Bible.
17:33 In Revelation 12, the Bible says,
17:36 beginning in verse 3.
17:39 "And another sign appeared in heaven.
17:41 Behold a great fiery red dragon having seven heads,
17:45 and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads.
17:48 And his tail drew a third of the stars of heaven,
17:51 and threw them to the earth.
17:53 And the dragon stood before the woman
17:55 who was ready to give birth to devour her child
17:58 as soon as it was born.
18:00 She bore a male child who was to rule all nations
18:04 with a rod of iron.
18:05 And her child was not consumed by the dragon,
18:09 but the child was caught up to God into his throne."
18:12 I think, I found the devil's least favorite chapter.
18:17 You see, the Bible says in verse 6,
18:19 "Then the woman fled into the wilderness,
18:21 where she has a place prepared by who,
18:24 by God that they should feed her there 1,260 days."
18:30 I think I found the devil's least favorite chapter,
18:34 in verse 7 the Bible says, "And war broke out in heaven.
18:38 Michael and his angels fought with the dragon.
18:40 And the dragon and his angels fought.
18:43 But the Bible says, "But they did not prevail."
18:45 Can you say amen?
18:47 Nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer.
18:50 I think, I found the devil's least favorite chapter.
18:54 But it goes on to tell us, it says,
18:57 "Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven,
19:00 "Now salvation and strengthen the kingdom of our God,
19:04 and the power of his Christ have come
19:06 for the accuser of our brethren who accuse them before our God
19:10 day and night has been cast down."
19:13 I think I found the devil's least favorite chapter.
19:17 And the Bible says, in the next verse
19:19 and they overcame him singular,
19:23 the devil, the dragon, that old serpent,
19:26 Satan, they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb
19:31 and by the word of their testimony.
19:33 And they did not love their lives onto death."
19:36 I think I found the devil's least favorite chapter
19:38 in the Bible.
19:40 It goes on to say, "Therefore rejoice, Oh heavens."
19:43 It's not only that the brother is defeated,
19:46 people are rejoicing in your defeat.
19:50 And you who dwell in them.
19:51 Woe into the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea,
19:55 for the devil has come down to you,
19:57 having great wrath.
19:58 Because He knows that He has a short time.
20:02 The Bible says in verse 13 that "When the dragon saw
20:04 that he had been cast to the earth,
20:07 he persecuted the woman
20:09 who gave birth to the male child.
20:12 But the woman was given two wings of a great eagle
20:16 that she might fly into the wilderness to her place,
20:19 where she is nourished for a time and times,
20:22 and half a time
20:23 from the presence of the serpent."
20:25 I think, I found the devil's least favorite chapter.
20:31 But as if that wasn't enough verse 15 says so,
20:35 "The serpent spewed water out of his mouth
20:38 like a flood after the woman
20:40 that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood."
20:44 But the Bible says, "The earth helped the woman,
20:48 and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood
20:51 which the dragon had spewed out of his mouth."
20:54 I think, I found the devil's least favorite chapter.
20:59 Time and time again, the devil has been getting it,
21:03 whether it be on heaven or whether it be on earth.
21:06 Every single time the devil has a plan,
21:08 Revelation 12 reminds us
21:10 the devil's plans have always failed.
21:14 Time and time again,
21:15 the devil doesn't want you reading this chapter
21:18 to remind you how many times Christ has sent him away
21:21 with his tail between his legs.
21:24 This is the devil's least favorite chapter,
21:27 but there is one last verse,
21:31 because the devil is a knucklehead.
21:35 You know, when I was growing up,
21:36 I recently went to my uncle's funeral.
21:39 And one of my youngest uncles,
21:42 he used to baby-sit me as a kid.
21:44 And he said, "Sebastian, you know, of course you know,
21:47 your family always wants to bring up
21:49 the embarrassing stories at these gatherings,
21:52 that's all they remember
21:53 are the things that make you look bad."
21:56 So my uncle looked at my family,
21:58 we're all sitting there talking at the table,
22:00 at the repast.
22:02 And he said, "You know,
22:03 what I used to call you when you were younger?"
22:05 I said, "Of course, I remember what you used to call me.
22:07 Let's not talk it."
22:08 No, no, I have to, I have to remind people.
22:10 I used to call you "Will not,"
22:12 because no matter what you told Sebastian,
22:15 he will not do it."
22:17 Sebastian go brush your hair, I will not do it.
22:20 He said, "Sebastian sit down," he will not sit down.
22:22 You know, I learn from the fact
22:24 that that nickname doesn't really belong to me.
22:27 Amen.
22:28 It really belongs to the devil himself,
22:30 because it doesn't matter how many times he loses,
22:33 he still wants to keep making war and fighting.
22:36 How many times do you have to be defeated
22:38 before you get the picture?
22:42 But you see, I think the devil keeps going,
22:44 because he realizes
22:46 that he is not always losing in our lives.
22:51 The devil keeps going, because at some point in time,
22:54 he's realizing on winning a couple victories
22:57 on this side of eternity.
23:00 The devil keeps making war
23:02 even though Christ has ultimately defeated him,
23:05 because he's getting some minor victories
23:07 in your heart and in my heart,
23:09 and because of this he continues to make war.
23:12 So the Bible says that the dragon in verse 17
23:15 was enraged with the woman.
23:18 And he went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
23:24 who keep the commandments of God
23:27 and have the testimony of Jesus.
23:31 You see,
23:32 the devil has come down to a point unto our day
23:36 where the Bible says,
23:38 "The dragon is in rage with the woman."
23:39 You see, the word wrath and enrage
23:41 doesn't really capture it.
23:43 You see, in the original language,
23:45 it's the idea of being exasperated.
23:48 It's the idea of being frustrated.
23:50 It's the idea of saying, I've tried this time and time
23:52 and time and time and time again
23:54 and I keep failing.
23:55 Every time he tries to get the woman, all the sudden,
23:58 some miraculous happening comes in to deliver her.
24:01 Can you say amen?
24:03 You see, we don't have to worry about the fact
24:05 that this woman who symbolizes the church in all ages.
24:09 She never stands up to fight the dragon.
24:11 Did you notice that in the chapter?
24:14 You see, when you look in this corner,
24:17 we have Lucifer, the highest created being.
24:21 And in this corner, this little feeble woman,
24:24 you can't get weaker than this in prophecy to say,
24:26 who is going to win, the woman or the dragon?
24:29 And guess what?
24:31 Every single time,
24:32 the woman four, the dragon zero.
24:36 It should have been a bigger amen than that.
24:42 It doesn't make sense that she is four, four, four.
24:47 Five, four, five, and still going,
24:50 because she has learned a principle of her success
24:53 that her success does not rest in her strength,
24:56 her success does not rest in her intellect,
24:59 her success does not rest in her ability to do this
25:03 or her numbers, or her prestige,
25:05 or her money, or her power,
25:07 that's not where her success rests in.
25:09 She knows that her success rests
25:12 in 100 percent dependence upon Christ.
25:17 She has come to realize
25:18 that the devil is going to be angry
25:20 and he's not just angry with everybody.
25:24 The Bible says the devil is frustrated.
25:27 He is exasperated.
25:29 I'm so tired of chasing this woman
25:31 and never catching her.
25:32 So you know, what he decided to do.
25:33 The Bible says, "He went to make war."
25:37 You see that word went doesn't just mean he left,
25:40 that means the Bible is trying to say the devil came aside
25:43 and he had a group meeting with his minions.
25:47 They had a board meeting,
25:49 and the chairman walked in looking a little beat up,
25:51 dusty, like he just came from a spiritual Vietnam.
25:55 What's going on with you man?
25:57 We need a better plan, 'cause this is not working.
26:02 So as he sits down in his board meeting,
26:04 and he's saying, "How we're going to make war
26:06 against the remnant of her seed?"
26:08 Do you know that the word remnant,
26:12 it simply means that which is remaining,
26:15 that which is left.
26:17 But you see the remnant are not just people
26:19 who are the leftovers,
26:20 that's not what the remnant means.
26:22 The remnant means that this particular thing
26:25 is just like the original, but it has survived a crisis.
26:31 It has gone through something
26:33 that the rest of them didn't go through.
26:36 You see, when we talk about the remnant concept,
26:39 yes, it is all about we believe what Jesus believes.
26:43 But as I said, the devil keeps making war,
26:46 because he has been gaining some victories in our lives.
26:51 You see, some days I wake up
26:52 and I think there is something wrong with my church.
26:55 When I come down into the sanctuary,
26:58 and I sit down on the day of my baptism,
27:00 and the pastor who baptizes me begins to preach
27:04 that you can never get victory over sin.
27:07 Sometimes I think,
27:08 there's something wrong with my church.
27:10 When you go to church
27:11 and the pastor can stand up there,
27:13 and talk for 60 minutes and never crack the Bible.
27:16 Sometimes I think
27:18 there's something wrong with my church.
27:20 When you go down, you find out
27:21 that an elder is having an affair
27:23 with another member in the church.
27:27 And everybody knows except his wife.
27:30 Sometimes I think
27:31 there's something wrong with my church.
27:35 When all the sunning as a young person,
27:37 you come home, you get fired up,
27:39 you want to do a Bible study,
27:40 and the board is putting more money into new carpets
27:43 and banisters than they are into evangelism.
27:46 Sometimes I think,
27:47 there's something wrong with my church.
27:52 Because the devil is gaining victories over them.
27:55 But brothers and sisters,
27:56 I'm here to talk to you tonight about the remnant.
28:00 I want you to notice
28:02 that the devil is not enraged with the woman
28:04 and going to make war with the remnant of her seed,
28:07 because they are perfect.
28:10 It doesn't say he is going to make war
28:11 with the remnant of her seed, because they're so holy.
28:15 It doesn't say he is going to make war
28:17 with the remnant of her seed, because they're so faithful,
28:21 because they are 100 percent dependent upon Jesus.
28:24 No, no, no, it says,
28:26 because they keep the commandments of God
28:28 and have the testimony of Jesus.
28:30 You and I must realize something
28:32 I learned a long time ago,
28:34 when I decided to join God's remnant church.
28:37 My favorite preacher used to say,
28:39 some people think when they come into the church,
28:41 the devil is going to pat you on the back and wish you well.
28:44 Oh, good job, you chose the right side,
28:47 Jesus is going to win in the end.
28:48 No, no, no, no, no.
28:50 As soon as you cross the line,
28:52 the devil is waiting for you on the other side.
28:56 So as soon as we made a decision to follow Jesus.
28:59 Let's not get it twisted in this place
29:03 that we are all the sudden going to follow Christ,
29:05 we don't believe in prosperity gospel.
29:08 We believe in a gospel that perfects us,
29:11 that is purifying us.
29:13 And guess what,
29:14 that means you're going to have some trials.
29:16 Brothers and sisters, we need to know tonight,
29:18 the message that we have to preach.
29:19 You can't preach that message with power,
29:22 when you haven't been through something.
29:25 A man came to me and said, "Brother Sebastian,
29:27 I want you to mentor me in preaching."
29:29 And I said "Brother, I can teach you in 10 minutes
29:31 everything I know about preaching.
29:32 But what I cannot teach you is the life experience
29:36 that goes behind the sermons."
29:37 I don't just preach stuff because it makes sense.
29:41 I preach it because I've experienced it.
29:44 I know what it's like to stand for Jesus
29:47 and be counted.
29:50 When I decided to follow Christ,
29:54 within a month time, my stepfather passed away,
29:59 within four months time I had six, seven family members die.
30:03 I never been to a funeral up until that point in my life.
30:07 I went to go meet my grandfather
30:09 for the very first time.
30:11 And as I was driving up to see my grandfather,
30:14 he passed away while I was in the car.
30:18 So instead of going to meet my grandfather
30:20 for the first time,
30:21 I ended up going to his funeral.
30:23 And as me and all my cousins were gathered in there.
30:26 They said, "Oh, Sebastian is a Christian now.
30:29 Oh, Sebastian's a disciple of Jesus now,
30:31 he is a Jesus freak."
30:33 They said, "You know, it's so interesting, Sebastian,
30:35 because nobody died in the family
30:37 until you decided to follow God."
30:40 I thought that when you make a decision to follow Jesus
30:43 that all of the sudden everything's going to go well.
30:45 I said, "What made you think that?"
30:48 I said, "You show me one believer in the Bible
30:51 that decided to follow Christ and things got smoother."
30:55 All of the sudden, the Bible says
30:57 that when God has called the remnant,
30:59 as soon as the remnant agrees to that covenant with God,
31:03 all of the sudden the devil is acting up in your life.
31:06 All of the sudden, he's pressing
31:07 every button of temptation he can find.
31:11 I want to take you back to the Book of Genesis.
31:13 Go to Genesis 6,
31:15 because the devil has always been trying to make a mess
31:19 out of the remnant.
31:21 The Bible says in Genesis 7,
31:26 when you're there you can say amen.
31:31 Genesis 7:23, the Bible says,
31:37 "So he God destroyed all living things
31:39 which were on the face of the ground.
31:41 Both man and cattle creeping thing,
31:44 and bird of the air,
31:45 they were destroyed from the earth.
31:47 Only Noah and those who were with him in the ark."
31:51 What's that next word?
31:53 Remained,
31:55 that is where we get the concept of the remnant.
31:58 They were the only ones that remained.
32:01 Now I want you to notice something.
32:03 How did God choose
32:04 when He was going to destroy the earth of all of humanity?
32:08 How did He choose who was going to be His remnant?
32:12 How did He decide on Noah?
32:15 I want you to go back to Noah, to Genesis 6.
32:20 Genesis 6:7, the Bible says, "So the Lord said,
32:25 I will destroy man whom I have created
32:28 from the face of the earth both man and beast.
32:31 Creeping thing in birds of the air,
32:33 for I am sorry that I have made them."
32:38 God had come to a point,
32:39 where He regretted the fact that He created a human being.
32:43 And I can understand why God would feel that way
32:46 just by watching the news.
32:48 When you see what humanity is capable of,
32:51 when you see the full expression of evil
32:54 come out of the fingertips of mankind and womankind.
32:57 You cannot believe what man is able to do.
33:00 But the Bible says,
33:01 "Even though God regretted that He made man."
33:04 It says in the next verse,
33:05 "But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord."
33:08 Amen.
33:10 The remnant are not a group of people
33:11 who are perfect.
33:13 The remnant are not a group of people
33:14 who have all of the sudden been ready for translation
33:17 on some platform of spirituality.
33:20 The remnant are a group of individuals
33:22 who have found grace in the eyes of the Lord.
33:25 These are individuals who know what it's like
33:28 that I do not deserve to be where I am right now.
33:31 I do not deserve to be alive. It's almost like Lazarus.
33:38 You can argue so many things in the story of Lazarus.
33:43 But when you really come down to it,
33:45 and Jesus said,
33:47 this sickness is not on to death,
33:48 but it is for the glory of God.
33:51 And you realize that
33:52 when Lazarus is resurrected from the grave,
33:55 no one is going to sit down and say
33:56 the miracle of the Lazarus is not what he's eating,
33:59 it's the fact that he can eat.
34:01 Amen.
34:02 The miracle of Lazarus has nothing to do with the fact
34:06 of, "Oh, where is Lazarus walking."
34:07 It's the fact that the brother is walking.
34:10 I remember when he was laid in the grave.
34:15 And so when you and I
34:17 have gone through these experiences of failure and sin,
34:21 and darkness in our lives,
34:23 and somehow in this crooked and perverse generation,
34:26 we have found grace in the eyes of the Lord.
34:30 C.S. Lewis used to tell it this way, he said,
34:31 "People walk around talking about
34:33 when they found the Lord."
34:36 He said this is so funny.
34:37 It's like the mouse saying, "When I found the cat."
34:41 No, the cat was looking for you the whole time.
34:43 Can you say amen?
34:46 Jesus was always looking for us.
34:49 He was always seeking us.
34:51 We didn't find the Lord, the Lord found us
34:54 and we finally stop resisting Him.
34:58 That's what happened at conversion.
35:02 But because we found grace in the eyes of the Lord.
35:04 And unfortunately, brothers and sisters, I have to say,
35:08 even though we find grace in the eyes of the Lord,
35:11 we don't always find grace in the eyes of each other.
35:16 There are times I remember,
35:17 when I was coming out of my legal situation.
35:21 And I called the man on the phone,
35:24 and the man told me, he said, "Sebastian,
35:25 I want you to know
35:27 that in my eyes you are as innocent
35:31 as if you never committed one thing."
35:34 And then all of the sudden, you come back to the church,
35:37 and all of a sudden, people are saying,
35:38 "Well, you know,
35:39 I don't know about this brother,
35:42 because he has a past."
35:45 I don't know about this man because he has a past.
35:49 I don't know about this man because of where he came from.
35:51 And I sat down with a church member,
35:53 and I said, "If a person cannot preach
35:56 because of their past, then who can preach?"
36:01 You tell me who can preach,
36:02 who doesn't have skeletons in the closet?
36:05 Who hasn't been through the muck of life?
36:08 Who hasn't known what it's like to be in the pit of temptation
36:11 and despair, knowing that there is no other reason
36:15 why I am standing on this platform
36:17 except because of the grace of God.
36:21 Because the remnant is not a generation of perfect people,
36:24 but people who found grace in the eyes of the Lord.
36:29 And brothers and sisters, we need to learn
36:31 how to find grace in the eyes of each other.
36:34 So many times, I remember being in a canvassing program.
36:38 And they were saying, "You know,
36:39 in order to go out canvassing, sister,
36:41 you got to have skirts, you can only wear dresses."
36:45 So she goes and she shows up to worship.
36:49 And all of the sudden, her dress is so short.
36:51 "You think, okay,
36:53 I got to give my Bible study sitting next to you."
36:56 So I sat next to her, I gave the worship,
36:58 and all of the sudden, the leaders came to me,
37:00 they said, "Oh, man, she can't go out canvassing today.
37:03 And so they pulled her aside and they said,
37:04 "Look sister, you know, because of your dress,
37:06 you know, you really can't go out door to door,
37:08 you can't go canvassing today."
37:10 She says, "Well, this is all I have right."
37:11 She starts crying, and I looked at them,
37:15 and I said, "Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, listen.
37:18 Why don't we go to the store
37:20 and buy her some other dresses."
37:23 We consider and talk about the skirt all we want.
37:26 Take off the skirt, put it in the trash,
37:28 let's go to the mall, get you a dress,
37:30 and let's get to spreading the word of the Kingdom of God.
37:35 We need to learn how to find grace
37:37 in the eyes of each other.
37:40 I remember preaching and a man told me
37:41 why his wife was no longer coming to the church.
37:44 I said, "Why is your wife not coming?"
37:46 He said, "Well, you know, brother before I met my wife,
37:50 she had gotten into a relationship
37:52 and gotten pregnant outside of marriage.
37:55 The church decided to disfellowship her
37:57 and not the guy.
37:59 The guy married her best friend in the same church.
38:03 So after she had the baby,
38:04 the church members used to shun her and avoid her
38:07 and she'd be walking in this African country
38:11 holding her baby tied to her back.
38:13 And as she was walking
38:14 church members would drive right past her.
38:18 Not even offer her a ride.
38:20 And then one day, a woman came up and said,
38:22 "Excuse me sister, are you going to the market?
38:26 She said, "Actually I am."
38:27 She says, "Why don't you hop in,
38:29 I'll take you to the market."
38:30 Then she got to the market.
38:32 She says, "Get whatever you need.
38:33 I'll happily drop you off at home."
38:36 So the woman put a whole cart of groceries
38:38 thinking this is a gift from God.
38:41 So she loaded up that cart.
38:43 When after they scanned all the items,
38:45 she put out her wallet and the cashier said,
38:49 "It's already been paid for.
38:52 The woman over there paid for your groceries."
38:55 She said, "What?"
38:56 So she walked out of the line,
38:58 and with the groceries started loading them in the car.
39:00 And the lady said, "Hey, don't worry about it.
39:02 God is good. God is good.
39:03 Don't worry about it."
39:05 So she put the groceries in the car.
39:06 The woman went to walk away with her baby,
39:08 and the woman came back with the keys.
39:11 And she said, "Here,
39:13 drive yourself and your baby home.
39:15 You can keep the car this week.
39:17 I'll call my husband to pick me up."
39:20 She says, "Just meet me back here in one week."
39:24 As she came back the next week with the car,
39:27 because there is no way
39:28 you're not going to show up with that car.
39:30 That person has been so grateful, gracious to you.
39:33 You don't want to burn the hand that's feeding you.
39:36 So she brought that car right back to the market.
39:39 The woman said, Well, why don't you get some groceries
39:41 before we separate and I take your car?
39:44 So she went ahead and got the groceries.
39:47 Again she got to the register,
39:48 the woman paid for the groceries.
39:51 Then she got back and she in the car
39:53 and the woman said, "Listen why don't you drive."
39:55 She says, "No, no, it's your car.
39:57 She says, "No, actually me and my husband prayed about it.
39:59 We said it's not right
40:01 for a young mother to be walking.
40:03 So we decided, we're going to give you our car,
40:06 because we have another car."
40:08 And she said, "I just want you to know
40:11 that you and your baby are accepted
40:13 at our local Pentecostal church."
40:16 Guess what church she was going to.
40:20 And I told them, I said, "Brothers and sisters."
40:23 I said, I told them, and I said,
40:25 "Can I talk to your wife,
40:28 because I wanted her to know that this is not
40:31 how all Seventh-day Adventists behave.
40:34 I wanted her to know that the devil was angry,
40:37 that the devil was wroth with the woman
40:39 he was trying to make a mess out of the remnant."
40:42 And even though she didn't find grace in the eyes
40:44 of those members, there are other people
40:47 who she will find grace in their eyes.
40:50 If I had known, you would have had my car in a second.
40:53 If I had known you would have had a place to stay,
40:56 your groceries would have been taken care of,
40:57 it has nothing to do with these.
40:59 Brothers and sisters,
41:00 I know there's people in this room
41:02 that have been burned by fellow believers.
41:09 And Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord,
41:14 but you know, after Noah had come out of the Ark,
41:18 the Bible says that, "God had brought Noah out of the ark.
41:24 And I want you to look in chapter 9.
41:28 After God has chosen his remnant and he said,
41:30 "Noah, you alone have I found righteous in this generation."
41:39 Genesis 9. Are you there?
41:43 Verse 20, the Bible says, and Noah began to be a farmer,
41:47 and he planted a vineyard.
41:50 Then he drank of the wine and was drunk
41:52 and became uncovered in his tent.
41:55 And Ham, the father of Canaan,
41:57 saw the nakedness of his father
41:59 and told his two brothers outside.
42:03 But Shem and Japheth took a garment
42:06 and laid it on both of their shoulders,
42:08 and went backward,
42:09 and covered the nakedness of their father.
42:11 Their faces were turned away,
42:13 and they did not see their father's nakedness.
42:18 How in the world is this a remnant.
42:22 After all of this, Noah,
42:25 120 years of fighting against persecution,
42:29 being misunderstood, being made fun of Noah.
42:32 "Really, you're building an ark,
42:33 where is the rain, where are the clouds?"
42:35 All of this Noah, a 120 years you preach.
42:39 And now that you've come off the ark,
42:41 the waters have receded.
42:43 You now worship God.
42:44 Now all of the sudden, you're getting drunk off of wine,
42:48 so drunk that you came up naked in your house.
42:52 This is the remnant of God, the remaining portion.
42:57 But you know what is happening brothers and sisters.
42:59 The reason why this happened
43:01 is because the dragon was wroth with the woman.
43:05 We don't need to beat a man when he's already down.
43:09 The Bible says, if a brother is overtaken in a fault,
43:11 restore such a one with meekness and gentleness,
43:17 considering yourself also let's you yourself be tempted.
43:22 Brothers and sisters, let the devil do the accusing.
43:25 Can you say amen?
43:26 I don't want to do the devil's work for him.
43:29 He's already busy enough
43:31 as it is accusing people in their conscience.
43:34 Accusing people in private,
43:36 accusing people behind their back,
43:38 the devil is already busy enough.
43:40 We don't need to help him.
43:45 Gandhi said it this way,
43:49 he said, "I like your Christ.
43:54 I do not like your Christians,
43:57 because your Christians are so unlike your Christ."
44:05 I believe, if people like Christ
44:08 and Christ was a Seventh-day Adventist,
44:12 then people like the remnant,
44:17 but they may not like its followers.
44:24 It brings us to a place to say, "Am I a part of the problem
44:30 or am I a part of the solution?"
44:34 In each of these experiences
44:38 from Noah to Abraham,
44:41 to Isaac, to Jacob, to Joseph,
44:45 to the nation of Israel in the wilderness,
44:47 you're saying constantly time and time again
44:49 here is the remnant of God attacked by the devil,
44:55 because he is enraged with the woman.
44:57 Do you think after the devil has failed for millennium
45:01 that he is not going to come down to us
45:03 with great wrath?
45:05 Because the Bible says he knows that he has
45:06 but a short time.
45:11 I'm going to say something that may be misunderstood,
45:13 but that's okay.
45:16 We have to realize, brothers and sisters,
45:18 that if the devil knows that he has a short time,
45:20 then how much time do we have.
45:24 And if we don't have a lot of time,
45:25 and the devil knows that he has a short time,
45:28 do you think, this is the time
45:30 to be dillydallying with this sin and that sin?
45:35 Do you think this is the time that you can sit down and say,
45:38 "Well, I don't know if I can forgive,
45:39 I don't know if I can reconcile."
45:41 Brothers and sisters, we don't have that much time.
45:45 You cannot be sitting on grudges.
45:47 You cannot be sitting on hating your parents.
45:50 Listen, I know as a preacher, one of the number one reasons
45:53 why young people are dead in the church
45:55 is because of the home life.
45:58 It's because the remnant is failing in the family.
46:03 I know, parents always come and say, "Brother Sebastian,
46:07 my son loves your sermons, can you talk to my son?"
46:10 I sit down with his son, I say, "Listen, what's your issue?
46:12 Why you're not coming to church?
46:14 Why did you not get up for the appeal?
46:15 He says, "It's because of my mom."
46:18 There was a man that came and said, "Brother Sebastian,
46:20 I don't know why my wife doesn't come to church anymore.
46:23 She just stopped coming.
46:24 She just decided, you know what,
46:26 I'm done with religion.
46:27 I'm done with this."
46:28 And I said, "Why do you think she said that?"
46:30 And he said, "You know, it just hit me last night,
46:33 my wife and I had an argument because I brought it up.
46:36 I said. "Honey why don't you just come to church,
46:38 why don't you just visit?"
46:40 And finally after a long pause and tears in her eyes,
46:43 she looked at her husband, and she said,
46:45 "It's because of you, why I don't come."
46:50 I don't have a problem with the church.
46:53 I have a problem with you,
46:55 and you are a Seventh-day Adventist
46:58 and if that's what it means,
46:59 I don't want to have anything to do with it.
47:03 When your wife tells you that,
47:07 I cannot tell you how broken this man was.
47:12 To know you were called to be a spiritual leader
47:14 and you were nothing but the devil's tool,
47:17 to destroy the faith of your wife.
47:23 Brothers and sisters,
47:25 I want to take you to one last passage.
47:27 I want you to go to Matthew 11,
47:30 as I bring this to a conclusion.
47:36 Matthew 11,
47:39 because I know somebody here is doubting this church
47:43 because of what they see in their home,
47:46 because of what they see in their church, they wonder,
47:49 can this really be God's remnant church.
47:53 The Bible says in Matthew 11,
47:56 are you there, can you say amen?
47:58 The Bible says in verse 2,
47:59 "And when John heard in prison about the works of Christ,
48:02 he sent two of his disciples."
48:06 And this is the message that John sent to Jesus.
48:12 And when John had heard in prison
48:14 about the works of Christ,
48:16 he sent two of his disciples and said to him,
48:18 "Are you the coming one or do we look for another?"
48:24 Are you the coming one or do we look for another?
48:29 John is the one that looked at the disciples and said,
48:34 "Behold the Lamp of God."
48:37 John is the one that prepared the way of the Lord,
48:42 to make straighter paths.
48:44 John was the one that laid the groundwork
48:47 for the King of kings and the Lord of lords
48:49 to be born upon this earth,
48:51 and to prepare a people to meet their God.
48:54 John was the one that said Christ, him,
48:58 Jesus of Nazareth.
49:00 That is the Son of God, come down.
49:04 And now in this moment, in the prison,
49:07 because he is suffering, because he is alone,
49:11 because he is in a dark place, He is now questioning,
49:14 "Are you really the Christ?"
49:18 And a friend told me one time.
49:23 What my message
49:25 and what I believe Jesus' message was to John.
49:29 Never doubt in the darkness,
49:33 what God has told you in the light.
49:37 Never doubt in the darkness,
49:39 what God has told you in the light.
49:41 When you get discouraged at your church,
49:43 because your pastor is not preaching the word,
49:45 go back to how you came into the church.
49:49 Go back to what broke your heart
49:51 and brought you to the altar,
49:52 and said, "All to Jesus, I surrender."
49:55 Go back to that point
49:56 where you were crying on your knees in tears
49:59 and said, "I have decided to follow Jesus."
50:02 When you decided in your mind, though no one join me,
50:05 still I will follow.
50:08 When you came to that place and your experience
50:10 what you said, I will follow you my savior.
50:14 Where so ever my lot maybe.
50:18 Where thou goest,
50:19 I will follow by thy grace I'll follow that.
50:25 You go back to that moment
50:29 where you met your savior at that cross.
50:32 And you remember that Jesus looked beyond your faults,
50:35 and He saw your need.
50:38 You remember that Jesus looked beyond your sinful ways
50:41 and saw your need.
50:43 You remember that moment
50:45 when Jesus looked beyond your foolishness,
50:47 your brokenness, your selfishness,
50:49 your depression, and He saw your need.
50:52 And He said, "Even though
50:53 your life is beat up and broken down.
50:57 I'll still accept you. You can still come home.
50:59 And you're not going to be my servant,
51:01 you're not going to be my slave,
51:03 you're going to be my child."
51:08 And you're going to be joint heirs with Jesus.
51:12 Brothers and sisters,
51:14 if there's someone here that is hurting tonight.
51:16 If someone here that is doubting
51:18 that this is God's church,
51:19 because of what's happening inside the church.
51:21 I want to tell you, do not doubt in the darkness
51:24 what God told you in the light.
51:29 Just because it's dark, just because it hurts,
51:32 just because you're alone, don't doubt it.
51:36 John knew that Jesus was the Christ.
51:40 And there was a day
51:41 where every single one of us knew this was God's church.
51:48 But because things have gotten hard,
51:52 we start questioning.
51:55 And we do what John did.
51:58 "Lord, is this really your church?"
52:06 Is this really your church?
52:10 Every head is bowed, every eye is closed.
52:16 As my wife comes out to sing,
52:17 I want to make a very simple appeal.
52:24 And that appeal is this, if you are someone in this room
52:30 that says, "Lord, I have been hurt,
52:34 I have been discouraged, I've been broken down,
52:39 because of what I've seen inside Your church.
52:43 But tonight I'm coming up to this altar to tell you Lord,
52:46 I don't want to doubt in the darkness
52:48 what You told me in the light.
52:50 Lord, I want You to take me back to that moment
52:53 where I understood what it was to experience amazing grace.
52:58 Lord, I want you to remind me
53:00 how excited I was to come to Sabbath school.
53:04 I want You to take me back
53:05 to why I decided to go to a missionary school.
53:08 I want You to take me back to that moment when I said,
53:11 Lord, I would do whatever it takes
53:13 to finish this work in this generation.
53:17 But Lord, I see my heart is growing cold,
53:21 because of what I've seen inside your church."
53:26 And so as Candis sings,
53:29 you say, "Lord, you're speaking to me tonight,
53:32 and I need You to restore my faith in Your church."
53:38 If God is speaking to you to restore your faith tonight,
53:41 you say, "Lord, no longer will I doubt in the darkness
53:43 what You've told me in the light.
53:44 I want you to come up out of your seat to this altar
53:47 to pray with me that God would restore faith in His church."
53:56 Come.
53:59 Amazing grace
54:07 Where always be
54:11 My song of praise
54:18 For it was grace
54:24 That bought
54:26 My liberty
54:33 I do not know
54:40 Just how he came
54:44 To love me so--
54:49 Let this song be your prayer.
54:51 He looked
54:52 Beyond my faults
54:58 And saw my need
55:05 I shall forever lift
55:13 Mine eyes to Calvary
55:20 To view the cross
55:27 Where Jesus died
55:31 For me
55:36 How marvelous the grace
55:44 That caught my falling soul
55:51 He looked beyond my faults
55:59 And saw my need
56:05 I shall forever lift
56:13 Mine eyes to Calvary
56:20 To view the cross
56:26 Where Jesus died
56:30 For me
56:36 How marvelous the grace
56:44 That caught my falling soul
56:50 He looked beyond
56:58 He looked beyond
57:05 He looked beyond
57:11 My faults
57:15 And saw
57:19 My need.
57:27 Father in heaven, Lord, we are kneeling here,
57:32 because we've been in that place where John was,
57:36 where we were doubting in the darkness
57:38 what God told us in the light.
57:41 And so we are here Lord,
57:43 asking that she would give us the courage.
57:48 Lord, that she would give us the healing,
57:51 that she would give us the vision, and the joy,
57:54 and the excitement to be reminded
57:56 that even in these dark times,
57:58 the devil is still going to lose.
58:01 To know when these moments
58:03 that Jesus' church is going to go through,
58:07 that there is only one ark
58:09 that's going to navigate the stormy waves of a flood.
58:12 Help us to stay on board Lord,
58:15 and help us to go back to that moment,
58:18 where we met Jesus on that cross.
58:21 And may we for ever lift our eyes to Calvary.
58:27 This is our prayer and we offer it in Jesus' name.
58:32 Amen.


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