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00:33 Good afternoon GYC.
00:34 It's me again, and it's time for our I Believe section.
00:41 Our special guest is Justin Terosian.
00:47 After resurrendering his life to the Lord at the age of 17,
00:53 Justin accepted God's call to ministry.
00:58 While a Sophomore in theology, and a theology student at the
01:02 Pacific Union College, the ministry of Share Him,
01:06 and GYC changed his life.
01:09 The year following his graduation in 2008, he worked
01:14 on a Central California Youth Evangelism Team before working
01:20 for four years on the pastoral staff of the
01:23 Fresno Central Church.
01:25 Upon completing his MD at Andrews this coming May,
01:30 he'll be returning to Pastoral Ministry at the
01:34 Central California Conference.
01:36 As the descendent of James White, and Ellen G. White,...
01:40 He's a descendent of James White and Ellen G. White.
01:43 ...he's passionate about Seventh-day Adventist history...
01:48 You could figure!... and helping it come to life
01:52 in our present generation.
01:54 On a more personal note though, Justin loves being out in
02:01 nature, and doing anything that will connect
02:04 him with his Creator.
02:06 He especially enjoys the mountains: hiking, backpacking,
02:10 snow boarding, and mountain biking.
02:12 He also enjoys spending time with family, good food,
02:17 and meeting people of different cultures and languages,
02:21 and he loves to work with young people.
02:25 But Justin really loves Christ, and he loves Jesus.
02:32 And you'll see that as he speaks to us.
02:35 And Justin, GYC wants to know, Why do you love your church
02:40 so much, and your Savior?
02:44 Happy Sabbath GYC.
02:46 Happy Sabbath GYC.
02:48 Have you been blessed this Sabbath?
02:50 Amen. I have as well.
02:53 I'm grateful to be able to share with you this afternoon why I
02:56 love being a Seventh-day Adventist,
02:58 and why I love this church.
03:00 When I was asked to share, I began thinking and praying
03:03 about it, and I realized that there are many things that I
03:06 love about being a Seventh-day Adventist.
03:08 But this afternoon I just want to share two of them with you.
03:12 The first is that because as a Seventh-day Adventist I'm a part
03:16 of a worldwide family; part of a family that spans the globe.
03:22 I had the privilege of being born into an Adventist family.
03:26 I wasn't born an Adventist, because we can't be born
03:29 Adventist; we have to be born again to be Adventist, Amen?
03:33 Now I was born into a Seventh-day Adventist home with
03:37 two very loving parents, and my parents both had many siblings,
03:41 which means, of course, that I have many cousins, and Aunties,
03:45 and Uncles, and have loving grandparents as well.
03:48 In fact I believe one of my cousins is here this afternoon
03:51 with his family who lives here in Louisville.
03:53 But our family is an incredible one,
03:59 and I love my family dearly.
04:01 But like all families, we're not perfect.
04:03 We have our different personalities,
04:07 we have our different quirks, especially me,
04:09 but we stick together, and we love each other no matter what
04:14 comes our way, because we're family.
04:17 We're bonded together, and we share the bond of love that God
04:20 has placed in our hearts for each other.
04:23 Friends I know, and actually, let me ask you if you know,
04:28 what is the one thing that every biological
04:31 family has in common? DNA.
04:35 They're connected by blood. Isn't that right?
04:37 Now, friends, I realize that not everyone here this afternoon
04:42 has a close relationship with their family.
04:45 Many here, or listening, may not have even ever met
04:48 their biological family.
04:50 But friends, the good news of the gospel is that
04:53 the biological connection we share is nothing compared to the
04:57 spiritual connection we share as believers in Christ.
05:00 Christ said in John 1:12, But as many as believe on His name
05:05 to them He gave the right to be called the children of God.
05:09 And, friends, if you have given your life to Christ,
05:11 then we are connected by blood; by the blood of Jesus, Amen?
05:15 Now while we're on the topic of being a worldwide family, I know
05:21 that there are still barriers to overcome in this area.
05:24 But I love being a Seventh-day Adventist because it means that
05:27 I'm a part of the most ethnically diverse
05:29 church in North America.
05:31 I don't know if you read the article in the Adventist Review
05:34 this last summer, but according to the Pew Research Center,
05:38 that's actually a fact.
05:40 After a statistical analysis was done they concluded that the
05:43 Seventh-day Adventist Church is, to put it in their own words,
05:46 the most racially diverse religious group
05:49 in the United States.
05:50 And, friends, don't get me wrong, I understand that we
05:55 still have some barriers to overcome as a church.
05:57 But we can praise God that this statistic is because
06:01 of the Biblical message and mission of our church.
06:05 The message is the everlasting gospel.
06:08 The mission is to take it to every person on planet Earth.
06:12 Amen? And, that of course has fueled the sharing of the gospel
06:20 with every people group on the planet.
06:22 I love being a part of this worldwide family.
06:26 While I love being a Seventh-day Adventist, because it means
06:29 that I'm a part of a worldwide family,
06:31 that, in and of itself, is not enough of a reason to be a
06:35 Seventh-day Adventist.
06:37 You don't have to be a Seventh-day Adventist to have a
06:40 connection with people, because you share a common faith,
06:43 because you share hobbies, or interests.
06:47 But friends, the question must come,
06:50 there are plenty of other groups across the world that are caring
06:54 communities that share a common faith.
06:57 What is the difference?
06:58 Is there a difference?
07:01 And this brings me to the next point of why I love being a
07:04 Seventh-day Adventist.
07:05 Not only does it mean that I'm a part of a family that is
07:08 worldwide, but I'm a part of a faith that is Bible based.
07:13 And I want to begin by clarifying.
07:15 God has many people in different faiths across the world who are
07:19 following Him up to the best light and truth that they have.
07:23 That's why in Revelation 18:4 the loud cry doesn't just say,
07:27 Babylon is fallen, it says, Come out of her My what? My people.
07:32 God has His faithful people in every walk of faith.
07:36 But, friends, He's not leaving them there.
07:38 He wants to bring them into His last day fold.
07:41 What I'm about to say, I say humbly, and that is that there
07:47 is one church in the world that has no teachings that contradict
07:52 each other, and whose doctrines are completely and exclusively
07:55 based upon the Bible.
07:57 And that is the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
08:00 Friends, it's a faith that is Bible based.
08:04 Our Bible based faith is logical.
08:07 You know, there are some churches that tell their members
08:10 not to read anything that is published by any person
08:14 that is not a part of their own church.
08:16 But friends, as Seventh-day Adventists, we don't discourage
08:19 people from reading outside sources.
08:21 We encourage people to study history. Isn't that right?
08:24 We encourage people to go to the library to research
08:28 and check the things that we are saying
08:30 about what the Bible says.
08:31 Friends, our prophetic message is historically verifiable.
08:36 You can check it out.
08:37 You can see that it's true.
08:40 Our Bible based faith is logical, Amen?
08:43 Not only is our Bible based faith logical,
08:46 our Bible based faith is relevant.
08:49 Did you know that early Adventists were some of the
08:52 foremost activists in the antislavery movement?
08:55 Not only with speaking against slavery, but writing against
08:59 slavery, in a time when people in the United States,
09:02 in some places were trying to support it with Scripture.
09:04 Friends, also Seventh-day Adventists were active in the
09:09 temperance movement.
09:10 They were active in social causes that mattered to God.
09:15 Because if it matters to God, it should matter to us, Amen?
09:18 Not only is our faith logical, our faith is relevant.
09:23 Not only is it logical and relevant, but friends our faith,
09:27 our Bible based faith is balanced.
09:30 I'm not saying that every Seventh-day Adventist person
09:34 is balanced, but what I am saying, because we're all on a
09:38 journey, myself included, Amen?
09:40 But what I am saying is that if you correctly understand
09:43 Seventh-day Adventist belief, along with Spirit led surrender
09:47 and study, you will inevitably become more loving, considerate,
09:51 practical, and balanced.
09:53 The reason for this is because Christ is at the
09:55 center of every doctrine.
09:57 Every true Bible teaching has Christ at the center.
10:01 And Jesus was balanced, Amen?
10:04 When we correctly understand the twenty-eight fundamental
10:08 beliefs and teachings of the Bible, when we correctly
10:12 understand these, with Jesus at the center, we will be balanced
10:16 as Christ was balanced.
10:18 We'll be on fire for God.
10:20 We'll be committed to serve Him.
10:22 And we will be balanced, practical,
10:25 and loving Christians.
10:26 I love being a Seventh-day Adventist because our
10:29 prophetic message and mission are rooted in Scripture.
10:32 I love being a Seventh-day Adventist because we are a part
10:34 of a family that is worldwide, a part of a faith
10:37 that is Bible based, because God blessed this movement with the
10:41 gift of prophecy in the life and ministry of Ellen G. White.
10:45 I love being a Seventh-day Adventist because it is not just
10:48 a religious organization, but a movement that God has raised
10:52 up to prepare the world for Jesus' return.
10:54 Friends I love being a Seventh-day Adventist because
10:58 I can see Jesus at the center of every doctrine.
11:03 If you are happy to be a Seventh-day Adventist today,
11:07 I want to invite you to raise your hands. Amen, Amen!
11:11 And if you are watching, or you are here, and you are not yet,
11:15 I want to invite you today to ask someone about how to become
11:19 a part of this Bible based faith,
11:22 and this worldwide family. God bless.
11:40 A man stood by the gate of heaven waiting to go in.
11:47 And he wondered how this Holy place could take a man like him.
11:55 With shouts of great rejoicing, and with music in they came.
12:02 Of the angels standing by him he asked what could be their name.
12:11 These are the company of prophets.
12:17 The lonely fellowship of souls who spake God's Word
12:27 with faith and boldness, who blessed the poor,
12:32 and made the wounded whole.
12:37 Oh, he fell upon his knees and cried,
12:46 I cannot go in with these.
13:00 He waited till another band of shining ones drew nigh.
13:07 They entered in to heaven with a Halleluiah cry.
13:13 He asked again, Who are these?
13:17 Can you tell me whence they came?
13:20 He seemed to see the answer in a burning tongue of flame.
13:30 These are the company of martyrs;
13:37 the mighty fellowship of saints who knew our Lord,
13:46 and walked beside Him.
13:50 Who read the Holy erased it in our fate.
13:56 Oh, he fell upon his knees and cried,
14:05 I cannot go in with these.
14:13 And silently a multitude was led from far away.
14:19 Their voices rang like sounds of joy,
14:23 like children at their play.
14:27 They saw Rahab, David, and Magdalene, and Paul,
14:34 and the thief who died by Jesus was the one who led them all.
14:42 Who like easy almost shouted at the angel.
14:49 These are the sinners saved by grace, saved by grace.
14:54 The host of them who've called upon the Savior,
15:00 washed in blood and justified by faith.
15:06 And all we lift up from the seas; I can go in with these.
15:19 I can go in for my heart is freed from sin.
15:24 I've been washed in the blood; everlasting life to win.
15:30 I can rejoice. I can lift up my voice.
15:36 I can sing, and I can go in.
15:41 For we thought that there could be no Halleluiah's and no cries.
15:48 For the stormy band of people find the world despised.
15:54 But as the scenes of heaven opened up before his eyes,
16:00 he saw the martyr's, and the prophets,
16:03 and the hosts of heaven rise.
16:08 And they sang, I can go in!
16:12 Yes, I can go in! I've been washed in the blood;
16:18 everlasting life to live.
16:22 I can rejoice. I can lift up my voice.
16:27 I can sing, and I can go in.
16:33 I can rejoice. I am redeemed.
16:36 I can lift up my voice; I can sing.
16:44 I can go in! I can go in! Amen!
17:02 Good evening GYC. Good evening.
17:04 Good evening GYC. Good evening!
17:07 Is this a youth conference? Amen.
17:10 One more time. Sit up straight, air in your lungs.
17:15 Oh, GYC do you love Jesus?
17:21 Oh, yes, we love Jesus.
17:24 Are you sure you love Jesus?
17:26 We're sure we love Jesus.
17:28 I can't hear you. And why do you love Jesus?
17:32 Here's why I love Jesus.
17:34 Because He first loved me.
17:37 That's the reason we all ought to...
17:40 All together! Oh, how I love Jesus.
17:46 Singing, Oh, how I love Jesus.
17:52 Oh, how I love Jesus, because He first loved me.
18:02 How many of you, that's why you're here tonight,
18:05 because you love Jesus? Amen! Amen?
18:07 Have you had a high Sabbath? Amen.
18:11 Are you full, or do you have room for one
18:14 more spiritual meal?
18:15 God is good, Amen? Amen!
18:19 My nose is clean. Halleluiah!
18:22 I told someone I don't need any onions, or garlic, or honey.
18:27 I need to pray this stuff out of my nose.
18:30 And that's exactly what I did.
18:33 I said, Who made man's nose?
18:35 The Lord did. Can you say Amen? Amen!
18:40 So it's nice to be able to breathe fresh air while you
18:43 preach God's Word. Amen.
18:45 God is Good. I know many of you were praying for me,
18:48 and I am eternally grateful.
18:49 What a privilege it has been to study the Word of God
18:54 together with you.
18:55 So for this final message, I just invite your prayers
19:00 one more time throughout this entire sermon.
19:04 If you would kneel with me, as far as you're able,
19:07 as we have prayer this night.
19:18 Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Lord what a privilege it is
19:28 to be kneeling in Your presence.
19:34 Lord, Your prophet said that it is when every other voice is
19:39 hushed, and in quietness we wait before God, it makes more
19:46 distinct the voice of God.
19:49 Lord, we just pray that one more time that You would use this
19:55 man, who is but dust in Your sight.
19:58 That You would speak through me, and You would speak to me.
20:02 Father, that Jesus would be lifted up.
20:06 Lord, that He would be seen, and that we would leave this
20:10 place with more ardent desire to love,
20:12 and to serve Him, our King.
20:15 Lord help us to not just be called.
20:20 Help us to not just be chosen.
20:22 But help us to be faithful.
20:26 This is our prayer, and we trust that You will help this to be
20:31 our experience, for we ask in the mighty name of Jesus.
20:36 Let all of God's people say, Amen.
20:43 Sam Walter Foss, he wrote a poem that I love called,
20:50 The Calf Path, and the poem goes something like this:
20:55 One day through the primeval wood a calf walked home,
21:01 as good calves should.
21:02 But made a trail all bent askew; a crooked
21:06 trail as all calves do.
21:08 Since then 300 years have fled, and I infer the calf is dead.
21:14 But still he left behind his trail,
21:18 and thereby hangs my morale tale.
21:20 The trail was taken up the next day by a lone dog
21:25 that passed that way.
21:26 And then a wise bellwether sheep pursued the trail
21:30 o'er vale and steep, and drew the flock behind him, too,
21:34 as good bellwether's always do.
21:37 And from that day, o'er hill and glade,
21:41 through those old woods a path was made.
21:44 And many men wound in and out, and dodged and turned,
21:49 and bent about, and uttered words of righteous wrath,
21:53 because 'twas such a crooked path.
21:56 But still they followed...
21:58 Do not laugh!... the first migrations of that calf.
22:02 And through this winding wood way stalked,
22:05 because he wobbled when he walked.
22:08 This forest path became a lane that bent and turned,
22:12 and turned again. This crooked lane became a road where many
22:17 a poor horse with his load toiled on beneath the burning
22:22 sun, and traveled some three miles in one.
22:26 And thus a century and a half, they trolled the
22:30 footsteps of that calf.
22:33 The years passed on in swiftness fleet.
22:37 The road became a village street.
22:39 And this before men were aware, a city's crowded thoroughfare.
22:45 And soon the central street was this, of a renowned metropolis.
22:51 And men two centuries and a half trod in the
22:55 footsteps of that calf.
22:57 Each day a hundred thousand route followed
23:01 the zig zag calf about.
23:03 And o'er his crooked journey went the traffic of a continent.
23:09 A hundred thousand men were led by one calf,
23:14 near three centuries dead.
23:16 They followed still his crookered way,
23:19 and lost one hundred years a day.
23:22 For thus such reverence is lent to well established precedent.
23:27 A moral lesson this might teach, were I ordained
23:31 and called to preach.
23:33 For men are prone to go it blind along the
23:37 calf paths of the mind.
23:39 And work away from sun to sun to do what other men have done.
23:44 They follow in the beaten track, and out and in,
23:48 and forth and back, and still their devious course pursue,
23:53 to keep the path that others do.
23:56 They keep the path a sacred groove,
23:59 along which all their lives they move, who saw the first.
24:04 But how the wise, old, would God's laugh,
24:07 who saw that first primeval calf.
24:11 Ah, many things this tale might teach,
24:13 but I am not ordained to preach.
24:18 Many of us are walking the calf path when we get up each year
24:25 with the same slides, and the same sermons handed down from
24:30 previous generations, wondering why our hundred thousand dollar
24:34 budget only brought in one soul.
24:37 We are walking the calf path when we continue to adopt
24:41 and promote methods of evangelism, and youth ministry
24:46 that have already been proven not to work, we are walking
24:49 in the crooked calf's path.
24:52 When we simply attend church just in time for the sermon,
24:56 and go home only to sleep, we are only walking in the path
25:00 of the crooked calf.
25:01 You see, when we continue to pursue relationships with
25:06 unbelievers despite the painful examples of Solomon,
25:11 and the antediluvian's, we are walking in the
25:14 crooked path of that calf.
25:16 We need to pause a moment tonight GYC,
25:19 and think about why we do what we do.
25:23 Who is the calf that we are following?
25:26 Is it your favorite pastor?
25:28 Is that your calf?
25:30 Is it your favorite professor?
25:32 Is that your calf?
25:33 Is your best friend your calf?
25:35 Is your boyfriend, or your girlfriend your calf?
25:37 Is it someone you just feel is more intelligent than you?
25:41 That you are just walking in the beaten path?
25:44 But, you see, I believe tonight that we continue to follow
25:49 others because we are afraid to fail on our own.
25:52 But according to Regina Dugan, the former director of the
25:57 Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, she says,
26:01 The path to truly new, never been done before things is paved
26:07 with failure along the way.
26:10 She went on to ask a probing question.
26:13 She says, What would you attempt to do if you
26:18 knew you couldn't fail?
26:19 Too many times in our church board meetings we are not
26:23 attempting to do what we would do if we knew we would fail.
26:26 We wonder why we get meager results because
26:30 we had meager plans.
26:31 The prophet of the Lord says, You do not accomplish much
26:36 because you do not attempt much.
26:38 We need to learn to recognize that young people
26:41 want to be challenged.
26:43 They want to bring all of their being into the work of God.
26:47 God has called a remnant for such a time as this,
26:50 not to come to church to be average.
26:53 I don't want to be more of the same.
26:55 I don't want to be like anyone else.
26:57 I want to be what God made me to be.
27:00 I want to be what God said in His mind when He said,
27:03 I'm going to make a Sebastian Braxton.
27:05 And I live a life that God looks at the picture in His mind,
27:09 and the picture of my life, and He says, Yes, that's what I was
27:13 thinking when I made you.
27:14 I don't want to walk in any more paths of crooked calf's.
27:20 I have my favorite preachers.
27:23 I have my favorite writers.
27:26 I have my favorite sports players.
27:27 I have my favorite people in the world.
27:29 But I've already come to acknowledge and accept that God
27:33 did not make me to be a C. D. Brooks, 2.0.
27:36 God did not say, Okay, you're going to be
27:39 David Asscherick light.
27:41 God did not call us to just be after another man.
27:45 He made you a unique human being.
27:47 The prophet says to us, it says, To every individual who is made
27:54 in the image of God, they have a power akin
27:58 to that of the Creator; the power to think and to act.
28:04 And wherever this power is developed, this is what it means
28:08 to have true education.
28:10 I don't want to train people to be mere reflectors
28:13 of other men's thoughts.
28:14 I want them to know that God can lead them.
28:17 And please believe, brothers and sisters,
28:19 we can easily create spiritual hazing.
28:22 You gotta go through what I went through
28:25 before you become a leader.
28:27 You gotta go through what I went through
28:29 before you become an elder.
28:31 You gotta go through these hazing rituals of the church
28:35 before you can serve.
28:36 Ellen White says that in the last days...
28:40 What days did I say? last days.
28:42 In the last days men and women will come into this church,
28:47 and they will learn in months what took others
28:50 years to understand.
28:51 God doesn't need to take them through your crooked calf path.
28:55 God has His own direct way to lead His people.
28:59 God is calling us to do more than just attempt
29:03 what we think we can do.
29:05 We need to stop being afraid of failure.
29:09 I ask myself this question: Sebastian, what would you do
29:12 if you knew you couldn't fail?
29:14 I said, Lord, if I knew I couldn't fail
29:17 I would play the piano.
29:20 I said, Lord if I knew I couldn't fail, I would memorize
29:25 whole books of the Bible.
29:26 If I knew I couldn't fail, I'd sing a duet with my wife.
29:30 Lord knows that would be a miracle!
29:32 If I knew I couldn't fail, I'd see Jesus come in my lifetime.
29:39 I would see His work finished.
29:42 I would see Revelation 18 end before my very eyes; en vivo.
29:47 What would you do GYC if you knew you couldn't fail?
29:52 We don't need to leave this conference to go home
29:55 to do more of the same.
29:57 What ever programs are on your church books, what ever things
30:01 you have on your academic, or evangelism calendar,
30:04 that's not finishing the work.
30:06 We cannot leave this conference to go home and continue walking
30:11 the crooked calf's path; just following precedent.
30:16 We should be challenging ourselves to say, Lord,
30:20 take us to the next level.
30:24 If I knew I couldn't fail.
30:26 You see, I believe I can think of at least one thing tonight
30:30 that each and every one of us would do, and should do,
30:35 if we know we cannot fail, and that is to
30:39 gain victory over sin.
30:42 You see, throughout Revelation we are reminded that somebody
30:46 is going to overcome.
30:47 I want you to take your Bibles and go to Revelation 2,
30:51 beginning in verse 7, Revelation 2:7.
30:57 And when you're there you can say Amen.
31:03 Are you there? Amen!
31:05 If you're not there you can just say, Have mercy! Have mercy!
31:10 The Bible says in Revelation 2: 7, He who has an ear,
31:15 let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches;
31:18 To him who overcomes...
31:21 To him who what? overcomes.
31:23 ...I will give to eat from the tree of life,
31:26 which is in the midst of the paradise of God.
31:29 Brothers and sisters, someone is going to overcome.
31:32 The Bible goes on to say, in Revelation 2:11. Are you there?
31:37 It says, He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit
31:41 saith unto the churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt
31:45 of the second death.
31:47 Someone is going to overcome.
31:49 Revelation 2:17, the Bible says, He that hath an ear,
31:54 let him hear what the Spirit said unto the churches;
31:57 To him that overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna,
32:02 and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name
32:07 written, which no man knows saving he that receives it.
32:12 God's going to give you a name between you and Him alone.
32:15 God's going to give you a name that when He says it
32:18 only you and Jesus know about that name.
32:21 Can you say Amen? Amen!
32:23 I'm excited about what my new name is going to be,
32:26 although I do like the name Sebastian.
32:29 But someone is going to overcome.
32:31 The Bible goes on to say in Revelation 3:21; it says:
32:39 To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with me on My
32:44 throne, as I also overcame, and sat down with My
32:53 Father on His throne.
32:55 Someone is going to overcome. Halleluiah!
33:02 You see, how do I know that someone is going to overcome?
33:06 How can I be certain that someone is going to overcome?
33:10 You see, I've got two reasons why.
33:12 You see, GYC, I know that someone's going to overcome
33:16 because God wouldn't make these promises to a person
33:20 that has never, and will never exist.
33:23 God's not going to make these promises that He doesn't have...
33:26 Oh, someone's going to eat from the tree of life,
33:28 and going to get a new name, knowing full well that no one is
33:32 going to overcome. Are you with me? Yes!
33:34 God doesn't go up and say, I'm going to have a tree of life
33:36 for no one to eat from.
33:38 He's not going to have a white stone with someone's new name,
33:42 and no one's going to get a new name. Are you with me?
33:44 But number 2, the other reason I know is because the Bible says
33:48 that John saw them.
33:50 Whew! Go to Revelation 15, Revelation 15.
34:01 We're going to begin in verse 2.
34:02 Are you there? Yes!
34:04 I want you to say Amen if you're there. Amen.
34:07 The Bible says in verse 2, it says, And I saw something
34:11 like a sea of glass mingled with fire: and those who have the
34:17 victory... It's the same word in the Greek.
34:20 ...those who have overcome the beast, over his image,
34:24 and over his mark, and over the number of his name,
34:27 standing on the sea of glass, having harps of God.
34:31 Can you say Amen? Amen!
34:33 John has already saw them in prophecy.
34:36 And I'm wondering, Lord, did John see me
34:39 on that sea of glass?
34:40 Maybe you're wondering tonight, Did John see me
34:43 on the sea of glass?
34:45 Well, I believe that your decision tonight,
34:47 and each and every day until the end of time will determine
34:51 whether John saw you or not.
34:52 I want you to know that you don't have to be discouraged.
34:56 You don't have to feel overwhelmed.
34:59 In counseling, and in preaching, to young people all over
35:03 the world, people are getting tired of sin.
35:06 People are getting discouraged.
35:08 Some young people are coming to a place where they say, Lord,
35:11 I don't know if I'm going to make it.
35:13 They get tired of the same old sins over, and over,
35:18 and over, and over again.
35:20 But I want you to notice the song of these people
35:26 who got the victory.
35:27 Revelation 15, beginning in verse 3, the Bible says,
35:32 And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God,
35:38 and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvelous
35:42 are Your works, Lord God Almighty;
35:45 just and true are Your ways, O King of saints.
35:50 Who shall not fear You, O Lord, and glorify Your name?
35:55 for You alone are holy: for all nations shall come and worship
36:01 before You; for Your judgments have been manifested.
36:04 I want you to notice in their song there is no,
36:08 just and true are my ways.
36:09 These who have gotten the victory over the beast,
36:13 over his mark, over his image, over the number of his name,
36:17 they're not up in heaven saying, O, yes, worthy, worthy am I.
36:21 They're not up in heaven singing the song and saying, O great and
36:25 marvelous are my works.
36:26 No, no, no, no, no.
36:28 When they get to heaven, the Bible says they're saying,
36:30 Great and marvelous are Your works, O Lord.
36:33 These are the ones who got the victory.
36:36 How can your victory song be about anything
36:39 else but your victory?
36:40 Are you with me? Amen.
36:41 And if this song is about their victory, then the question is,
36:45 What is it teaching us about how they got their victory?
36:49 They didn't get their victory because of
36:53 anything inside themselves.
36:55 They didn't get the victory because of what they knew.
36:59 They didn't get the victory because of some inner
37:03 power inside their soul.
37:06 The Bible says they looked down and they said, Lord,
37:10 just and true are Your ways.
37:12 They came to a place where they said, You know what?
37:16 Jesus, the only reason we're here is because
37:19 You have been faithful.
37:20 GYC I've got a message for you tonight, and that message is
37:24 very, very, very simple.
37:26 When you and I get to heaven, we're not going to be standing
37:29 before God talking about, I'm here because I was faithful.
37:32 Because you and I both know we haven't been faithful.
37:36 We've denied Him. We've failed.
37:40 We've been cowards when we should have had courage.
37:43 We compromised when we should have been committed.
37:46 We waivered when we should have been walking the path by faith.
37:50 We strayed away. We got discouraged.
37:53 We were overcome with grief when we should have been
37:56 faithful and rejoicing, with joy in the Lord.
37:58 Not going to be sitting on that sea of glass talking about
38:03 this is what I have done.
38:08 You see, the Bible says we are to overcome
38:14 as Jesus also overcame.
38:19 As means in the same way.
38:21 And I love this quote from, Our Father, Kearse.
38:26 She says, we must overcome as Jesus overcame.
38:33 Her next sentence is, By trusting in God's promises.
38:40 By trusting in His what?
38:42 His promises, He received strength
38:46 to keep His commandments.
38:47 I'm going to say that again.
38:49 She says, Jesus overcame by trusting in God's promises.
38:54 He received strength to keep God's commandments.
38:57 The Bible says that the dragon is wroth with the woman,
39:02 and went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
39:05 who do what? keep the commandments of God.
39:08 How are we going to keep the commandments of God?
39:11 By trusting in His promises.
39:13 GYC I need you to know tonight that there's no reason to be
39:17 discouraged, because what the Bible is trying to teach us
39:20 is that when we look at the promises, we find out that
39:23 Jesus has always been faithful.
39:26 You see, when I was in the Marine Corp, the Marine Corp had
39:31 several different models over time.
39:33 It used to be to the shores of Tripoli.
39:36 It used to be First to Fight.
39:39 But then something happened in 1836, or 1835 when they decided,
39:46 we're gong to choose a different motto.
39:48 And they chose the motto, Semper Fidelis.
39:52 In Latin it means always faithful.
39:57 And they wanted to make sure that people understood what
40:01 the Marine Corp, even to this day, this still continues,
40:05 that the Marine Corp is all about this exact phrase:
40:09 Always Faithful. So they said, Look, in order for you to always
40:15 be faithful it takes three things: It takes honor,
40:18 it takes courage, and it takes commitment.
40:20 So I remember being in boot camp.
40:24 And I remember when we were practicing with the rifle
40:28 on the rifle range.
40:30 I'm not endorsing this.
40:31 I'm just telling you a story.
40:35 And I remember that you had to hit the target
40:38 8 times out of 10 times.
40:40 And if you didn't hit it 8 times out of 10 times from 500 yards,
40:44 that's 5 football fields away, then you failed.
40:47 But you see, boot camp was very interesting because in
40:51 Marine Corp boot camp when you come back to what they call the
40:54 squad bay, where you sleep, and do all your work,
40:57 and everything, and shower.
40:58 They tell you to get on line.
40:59 So they have this little line across, and you stand on line.
41:02 And the Drill instructor walks in, and instead of saying,
41:07 You failed, you failed, you failed, you failed, he stands in
41:13 front and he says, If you failed the rifle range, step out.
41:19 He already knows who failed.
41:22 But it is a test of honor.
41:25 Do you have the honor and the courage to step out
41:29 and own your mistake, knowing the consequences?
41:33 That man is going to make you do pushups until you die.
41:38 You already knew what was coming.
41:40 But even though you knew what was coming, you recognized that
41:44 all that difficulty of doing pushups, all that difficulty
41:48 of being punished would be compared as nothing
41:52 to me loosing my honor.
41:53 It would be compared as nothing to me loosing my courage.
41:58 I would rather do pushups for four hours, but at least I'm
42:04 still an honorable man.
42:05 You see, GYC, this is the place that you and I have to come to,
42:10 and to recognize that this is where Christ is,
42:15 this is where Christ was, and this is where He's always been.
42:18 I'm going to take you back to the book of 1 Samuel to show you
42:22 that Jesus has always been faithful.
42:24 1 Samuel 30. Turn there quickly: 1 Samuel 30.
42:36 The Bible says here, in the life of David, beginning in verse 1
42:41 the Bible says, Now it came to pass, when David and his men
42:44 came to Ziklag on the third day, that the Amalekites had invaded
42:49 the south, and Ziklag, and attacked Ziklag,
42:52 and burned it with fire; And had taken captive the women,
42:57 and those who were there from small to great.
43:00 They did not kill anyone, but carried them away,
43:03 and went their way.
43:04 So David and his men came to the city, and there it was,
43:09 burned with fire; and their wives, their sons,
43:12 and their daughters had been taken captive.
43:15 Then David and the people who were with him lifted up their
43:19 voices and wept, until they had no more power to weep.
43:24 And David's two wives, Ahinoam the Jezreelitess,
43:28 and Abigail the widow of Nabal the Carmelite
43:30 had been taken captive.
43:32 The Bible says in verse 6, Now David was greatly distressed.
43:36 Do you know why David was greatly distressed?
43:38 The Bible says, for the people spoke of stoning him.
43:42 These are the men who've been walking with him.
43:45 They spoke of stoning him, the Bible says, because the soul of
43:50 all the people was bitter.
43:52 It was discouraged, every man for his sons and his daughters.
43:56 But the Bible says, but David strengthened himself
43:59 in the Lord his God.
44:01 Listen, sometimes you come to a place as a leader,
44:05 sometimes you come to a place as a father, as a mother,
44:08 that you've tried to lead, and all of a sudden as you're trying
44:11 to lead your family, lead your church, lead your youth group,
44:15 lead your ministry, things get difficult, things go wrong
44:20 for the people that you are following,
44:21 and for your own life.
44:23 And you're saying, Lord, how can I bear this burden?
44:26 The people I'm leading are suffering as I'm trying to
44:31 follow You, and do the work you've called me to do.
44:33 And now, Lord, it's gotten to the point where the people are
44:37 thinking about stoning me.
44:40 The Bible says that David recognized
44:42 something in that moment.
44:44 He said, Wait a minute.
44:46 Before I get bogged down by what I see,
44:48 before I get discouraged by what's going on around me,
44:52 before I sit down and start meditating on all the gossip,
44:55 he says, Let me remember how God has led me in the past.
44:59 Saul tried to kill me twenty something times.
45:03 I had Saul in my hands, and Saul had me in his hands.
45:07 Saul has an enormous army, I've only got 300 men.
45:10 But God has led me, and I survived.
45:12 And now that David has survived the Bible says, He strengthened
45:17 himself in the Lord his God.
45:18 GYC I need you to know that if you're discouraged about your
45:23 struggle with sin, and Satan, and self,
45:25 even though you're overwhelmed, just sit down and think about
45:28 how God has led you in the past.
45:30 And what you're going to find is that He's always been faithful.
45:35 And you strengthen yourself in the Lord your God.
45:39 But, you see, it's not enough.
45:42 Go to Psalm 3. I want to take you to Psalm 3, because David
45:47 has some of my favorite promises in the Bible.
45:51 Psalm 3. When you're there say Amen. Amen.
45:56 The Bible says, a psalm of David when he was running from
46:01 Absalom, his own son.
46:03 Lord, how they have increased who trouble me!
46:09 many are they who rise up against me.
46:12 Many are they who say of me, There is no help for him in God.
46:18 But You, O Lord, are a shield for me; my glory,
46:23 and the One who lifts up my head.
46:26 I cried unto the Lord with my voice, and He heard me
46:28 from His holy hill.
46:30 I laid down and slept; I awoke; for the Lord has sustained me.
46:34 Somebody better say Amen. Amen.
46:37 Sometimes you're not even sure you're going
46:38 to make it through the night.
46:40 David said, I laid down my head, and I woke up.
46:43 Because the Lord has sustained me.
46:45 Sometimes you're so sick, sometimes the cancer is so bad,
46:50 sometimes the disease is just so debilitating to your body.
46:54 Say, Lord, I don't think I'm going to make it.
46:57 But David said, Listen to me.
46:58 When everyone said there is no help for him in God,
47:02 when everyone was increased against him, he said,
47:06 But You, O Lord, are a shield for me.
47:08 You are my glory, and the lifter of my head.
47:12 And I laid down my head, and I slept, and I got up the next
47:17 morning, because the Lord has sustained me.
47:20 You see, Jesus has always been faithful.
47:26 I want you to go to Isaiah 59, Isaiah 59.
47:43 Isaiah, in the 59th chapter, the Bible says,
47:49 beginning in verse 19.
47:52 Are you there? Amen.
47:54 The Bible says, So shall they fear the name of the Lord
47:59 from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun.
48:04 When the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord
48:09 will lift up a standard against him.
48:12 Somebody had better say Amen. Amen!
48:14 You look at these promises and recognize that right here
48:17 he says, When the enemy comes in like a flood...
48:20 When the dragon sent that flood after the woman,
48:24 did not the Spirit raise up a standard against him? yes or no?
48:27 Yes, because He's always been faithful.
48:30 But here in Isaiah he says, Listen, Jesus received strength
48:36 through the promises of God, so that He could keep the
48:41 commandments of God.
48:43 We need to stop focusing on the commandments,
48:46 and start focusing on the promises.
48:49 Lets not sit here and get in the nitty gritty, Well, what is this
48:52 mean to keep the Sabbath?
48:54 We don't need to lower the standard; we need to increase
48:56 our strength and dependence on Christ.
48:59 Too many people want to sit here and say,
49:01 Well, this is too difficult.
49:03 Maybe it is for you, but there's nothing too difficult
49:07 for you and the Lord.
49:08 We don't need to preach easier standards.
49:13 We don't need to make it easier to be a Seventh-day Adventist.
49:16 Because I'm going to tell you right now, when I joined this
49:18 church people said, You know, Brother Sebastian,
49:21 I'm so excited, you know, as you joined our
49:23 church there in Georgia.
49:24 They said, You know, the one thing I love about new converts
49:28 is that they're always on fire.
49:30 They're always ready to go.
49:31 They're always ready to get into evangelism.
49:33 And I looked at the person and I said, You know what?
49:36 I'm going to explain that in my next sermon.
49:38 And I stood in that pulpit the next day and I said,
49:41 I need you to understand something church family.
49:45 That when people come into the church, the reason why we come
49:51 in hitting the ground running, the reason why we come in
49:55 willing to do all that Jesus says, the reason why we come in
49:59 saying, I'm ready to surrender, is because it cost us something
50:02 to be a Christian.
50:04 We had to give up things in order to follow Jesus.
50:08 We knew that, Look, I wasn't born into this.
50:11 I didn't inherit this.
50:12 I didn't grow up singing the songs of Zion.
50:15 I had to recognize that if I'm going to follow Jesus,
50:19 it's going to cost me something.
50:21 So you'd better believe if I'm going to lose my friends,
50:24 I believe 100% of this.
50:26 You'd better believe if I'm going to give up having all
50:30 of these relationships, and family gatherings,
50:32 you'd better believe I believe this 100%.
50:38 Because when it costs you something, that's all the sudden
50:41 when people are not too sure to join.
50:43 So let's not make it easy for people to join the church.
50:51 We need to recognize that when Jesus laid his ideal for us,
50:59 which Ellen White says is higher than the highest human thought
51:02 can reach, is God's ideal for His children.
51:06 Godliness, God likeness, is the goal to be reached.
51:10 How do you think you're going to become God-like
51:12 in your own strength?
51:14 How do you think you're going to become like Jesus
51:17 in your own strength?
51:19 You will never do it.
51:21 We don't even know what it's like to be holy.
51:24 Because everything in us, the Bible says,
51:26 all of our righteousness's are as filthy rags.
51:29 That means even the good things you do.
51:31 We're not talking about your sins.
51:33 We're talking about the fact you got up this morning to have
51:35 devotion; righteousness filthy rags.
51:41 We are never going to do it in our own strength.
51:45 And so the Bible doesn't say, When the enemy comes in like
51:49 a flood, make sure you have your buckets ready.
51:51 The Bible doesn't say, When the enemy comes in like a flood,
51:55 make sure you dig a deep enough ditch to swallow up the flood.
51:58 No, the Bible says, When the enemy comes in like a flood,
52:02 the Spirit... The who?
52:03 The Spirit will raise up a standard for you. Amen.
52:08 We need to be less dependent upon men,
52:10 and more dependent upon Christ.
52:12 Christ's Object Lessons says, The success, our success in the
52:18 work, it is not the capabilities we now possess,
52:24 or ever will possess, that will give us success in the work.
52:28 It is only... It is what?
52:30 ...only that which the Lord can do for you.
52:35 We need to have less confidence in what men can do,
52:38 and more confidence in what God can do for every believing soul.
52:42 Oh, but the quote doesn't stop there.
52:45 She says, God longs to have us reach out after Him in faith.
52:51 God longs to have us expect great things from Him.
52:56 Whew! Do you understand the word longs?
53:02 You see, if somebody was at lunch this afternoon
53:05 and they said, Hey brother, are you going to finish that
53:07 sandwich over there?
53:09 Or, I'd really like your sandwich.
53:11 That's one thing, but if the brother looks at your food
53:13 and says, Hey brother, I'm longing for your sandwich.
53:16 That just feels like a deep soul desire.
53:19 Are you following me? Yes.
53:21 So when the Bible says that God says, I'm longing to have you
53:25 expect great things from Me.
53:27 That is a deep divine soul desire, that God says,
53:32 When are you going to come to Me, and ask Me for things
53:35 that only God can do?
53:38 When you say, Lord, they said there's a twelve step
53:41 Stop Smoking Program.
53:42 Lord, I want you to do it in one step.
53:44 Because only God can do that.
53:46 Lord, they said there's a process of healing from these
53:50 broken relationships, but Lord, I need you to do it today.
53:54 Because I need You to do something that only God can do.
53:58 Let's stop asking God to do things that man can do,
54:02 and then we will see God work.
54:04 Brothers and sisters, Jesus has always been faithful.
54:13 I want to go to my last verse, Hebrews 12.
54:21 Hebrews 12. Let's turn there quickly.
54:34 The Bible says, verse 1, Therefore we also,
54:40 since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses,
54:46 let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily
54:52 ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set
54:57 before us, looking unto Jesus, not the finish line.
55:04 Looking unto Jesus, not the finish line.
55:08 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.
55:14 You see, when Paul says, We are surrounded by such a great cloud
55:18 of witnesses, one commentator says that Paul
55:23 is using Olympic language.
55:27 When the runners would gather there in Greece,
55:30 as they're all lined up, as they walk onto the track to run
55:36 the race, along the halls they would see those who have
55:41 run the race before them.
55:43 They would see them wearing their crowns.
55:46 So that as they're coming to the starting line and they say,
55:51 Look, this is a marathon.
55:53 This is going to be a long race.
55:55 This is going to be a hard race.
55:57 But, you see, as you walk by these men sitting in the stands
56:01 with their garlands on, the runner remembers that when I'm
56:05 in the race, and I'm getting tired, when I'm in the race
56:08 and I'm getting discouraged, I remembered that I saw
56:11 Abraham in the stands.
56:12 I remembered that among that great cloud of witnesses,
56:15 I saw Daniel in the stands.
56:17 I remember, as I'm coming to run this race, that I saw Noah
56:22 in the stands, whose faith lasted 120 years.
56:25 I remember that I saw Jesus in the stands saying,
56:31 I've run this race, and we have won.
56:38 Because He's always been faithful.
56:41 Every head is bowed, every eye is closed.
56:53 Heavenly Father, is there someone in this room that is
57:01 discouraged, that is tired of living an average Christian
57:05 life, that is ready to come to Jesus tonight, up to this altar,
57:10 and say, Lord, I want to ask You for something
57:13 that only God can do.
57:16 I want to ask You for a victory that only Jesus can give.
57:19 So that when someone says, Where are the Daniel's today?
57:27 Where are the Esther's?
57:29 Where are the Joseph's?
57:31 Where are the Enoch's today?
57:32 And someone's going to look down at that little church,
57:36 wherever you are, and they'll say, These are they.
57:40 These are they. If that is your desire, as Nestor sings this
57:45 song, I want you to be an answer to the song.
57:49 When they say, Where are the Daniels, we're going to be able
57:53 to say, They're right here in Louisville.
57:55 If that is the call that God has placed upon your heart,
58:00 say, Lord, I'm coming here to ask You to do something
58:03 that only Jesus can do.
58:04 I want you to come to this altar as he sings this song.
58:12 Say Lord, I'm tired, I'm struggling, I'm coming,
58:15 and I'm asking You to do what only Jesus can do.
58:26 I have often heard the stories of great men.
58:31 There was one who gathered storms; layed beside them broke.
58:37 He placed one in a sling, and slung it around and round.
58:43 Before you count to ten, glides tumbling down.
58:49 Where are the David's today?
58:57 What about the man who was falsely accused,
59:03 with a tremor in his voice, as gold in the juice.
59:09 They were cut to the heart.
59:12 They stoned him to death.
59:15 But he prayed and asked the Lord,
59:19 Don't charge them with this sin.
59:21 Where are the Stephens today?
59:30 Where are the saints who keep the
59:35 commandments of our God?
59:43 Where are...


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