Generation of Youth for Christ 2015

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02:27 Amen! Let us join, and stand, as we sing our theme song,
02:32 Once To Every Man A Nation.
06:39 Thank you for singing.
06:50 Good morning everyone! Good morning!
06:52 It's the brave and the faithful here this morning.
06:56 No, there's a lot of people that have already had to leave
06:59 this morning, but we're thankful for the ones that are able to
07:01 stay for our final charge.
07:02 It's going to be powerful.
07:04 At the beginning of our meeting today, we always do something
07:10 that's kind of enjoyable Sunday morning, and that is we have an
07:14 E- Com panel, in that as Executive Committee we meet
07:18 together, we talk about GYC constantly.
07:23 We have a group text that we're constantly communicating about
07:26 GYC group e-mail, and we talk about it all the time.
07:30 And we share our ideas, and we pray together, but at the same
07:33 time we recognize that other people have fantastic ideas
07:36 as well, and also that other people have questions
07:40 that may be or not apparently evident, or maybe something that
07:45 you're wondering, but you're wondering about with GYC,
07:48 and you want to be able to ask the Executive Committee,
07:50 so now is the time.
07:52 We don't have a ton of time, we only have 20 minutes,
07:55 and that goes by very quickly.
07:56 So anyone that has a question; it doesn't have to be,
08:01 it can be about the organization, it can be about
08:03 the Executive Committee, it can be a suggestion;
08:06 anything of that nature.
08:07 We have two microphones? two?
08:10 Yeah, one in this isle right, this center isle here,
08:15 another one here, and Michelle standing on this side,
08:19 and Nichole on that side.
08:21 And you can come up to them and share with them either your
08:25 question, or what not, and then you can share it with,
08:28 and then you can step up to the microphone and speak to us.
08:32 So, I need questions for the Executive Committee;
08:36 any suggestions, any reflections on the conference,
08:39 anything you want to contribute.
08:42 We don't have a ton of time, and so we're going to limit to
08:45 one question each, questions/ suggestion, which ever you want
08:49 to give, but one each so that we can move through as many
08:52 people as possible.
08:54 So we'll start at this microphone right here.
08:56 My name is Shawn Brisendine, and I had a question in regard
09:00 to the structuring of the small groups.
09:03 I noticed that some of the small group attendees seemed a little
09:08 bit unwilling, maybe, to try to write a sermon in a small group,
09:12 because it would kind of draw them more like to writing
09:15 rather than interacting.
09:16 And I was wondering if the E-Com had considered implementing
09:21 Johnny Wong's, Christ's Attitude Reflected In Everyone,
09:25 model care group, kind of in a smaller format,
09:29 because that could be reduplicated, maybe even in
09:31 churches, or in homes, and it seems to be interactive with
09:35 a passage of Scripture, maybe even a passage relevant to what
09:39 GYC is about, that theme that year.
09:41 It was just a thought. Huh, good!
09:44 I think that's a great idea.
09:46 We're always looking for new ideas.
09:48 There's a lot of challenges doing small groups at a large
09:52 conference, but we'll put that into our idea book,
09:56 and so I appreciate that.
09:59 Perfect. Before we continue on, I failed to do
10:02 this at the beginning.
10:03 Why don't we just go down the line, and each person share
10:05 their name, and what department you work with.
10:08 So why don't we start at the end over there?
10:11 Hi. I'm Shantelle, and I work with the Service Department,
10:15 so we plan the missions and the service opportunities
10:18 throughout the year.
10:19 Cool! I'm Esar Wendia.
10:23 I'm the Vice President of Networking.
10:25 And what we do is we try to connect people at the
10:27 conference, and outside of the conference, so we try to work
10:30 with their friend in departments for that.
10:33 Some things we do are the small groups, the networking session,
10:36 the 5-K, and we also help with following up with appeals.
10:40 It's like baptisms, or admission commitments.
10:44 My name is Taylor Hinkle, and I'm Vice President of
10:48 Evangelism, and we deal with the Evangels surrounding the
10:51 conference, which historically has been the pre-conference
10:54 outreach, and the Friday outreach.
10:56 I'm Michelle Lee, and I'm the Vice President of Resources,
11:00 and my department takes care of audio and written materials
11:03 throughout the year, and at the conference,
11:05 and we also take care of interpretation.
11:07 My name is Mark Pitten.
11:09 I'm the Vice President of Communications.
11:11 And my department is basically all the things that you see
11:14 throughout the year, whether it's social media, Facebook,
11:17 website, all our advertising, and that type of stuff.
11:22 My name is Glesni Mason.
11:23 I'm the Vice President for Logistics.
11:25 And so pretty much everything on the ground here falls under me.
11:30 Amen! I am Louise Retar, and I am the Vice President
11:35 for Programming, so all the seminars, all the program that
11:40 you experience at GYC, that is my privilege to serve under.
11:44 My name is Jeff Harper, and I am the Secretary, and I'm involved
11:49 with Internal Communication.
11:51 And I just want to let you know that I'm not texting right now,
11:53 but I'm taking notes.
11:58 My name is Amy Rotsara.
12:00 I'm the General Vice President, and that's an Administrative
12:03 role on the Executive Committee.
12:04 And I'm Illana Smith, and I serve as the Treasurer.
12:09 So that gives you an idea of what each member of the team
12:12 does, so depending on what your question is, various members of
12:16 the team will respond, depending on their departments.
12:18 Alright, so let's come over to this microphone over here.
12:22 My name is Ricardo.
12:24 This is my second time at GYC, and it's a tremendous blessing.
12:28 Welcome, glad you're here.
12:29 But I have one big concern.
12:30 I see five thousand people here, and I go to the prayer room
12:34 and I see five people.
12:36 I realize we spend 90% of the time in sermonizing,
12:40 but very little prayer.
12:41 And there is no revival without prayer.
12:43 The Devil, he's not afraid of preaching,
12:45 but he trembles when we pray.
12:46 So I would like to see more intentional efforts
12:49 for us praying together.
12:51 You know, sometimes rather than having a sermon
12:54 have a time of prayer.
12:55 You know, I would definitely like to see that. Thank you.
12:58 Appreciate that. Appreciate that recommendation.
13:01 We always need more prayer.
13:02 Alright, anyone want to comment on that?
13:04 I fully agree with my brother that we need more prayer.
13:10 We also need more people that are willing
13:15 to go to the prayer room.
13:17 It's our appeal, but you know, we could promote it,
13:21 we could talk about the prayer room,
13:22 but really it's your decision, and our decision to do that,
13:26 so let us pray that people will pray more together,
13:30 and we could do that together.
13:32 Alright, back to this microphone.
13:33 My question is, If you group register, can a website be
13:36 structured so people in that group can be able to register
13:40 for meals individually?
13:41 Yes, we just had a transition in our registration system
13:46 this last year, and we are still absolutely open to suggestions.
13:50 We're working on making things a lot more smooth for everyone,
13:54 so I just appreciate your suggestion.
13:56 And we are working on the group registration process.
14:00 Appreciate that suggestion.
14:01 Alright, back to this microphone.
14:03 Hi, this is a question and a concern that
14:07 our group, that we had.
14:11 We saw that a lot of the material that was being given
14:14 to us was put on the seats, and we collected what was
14:19 given to us, and we figured whatever extra we could take
14:22 it to our churches.
14:24 But then we heard that a lot of that material got taken,
14:27 and put into garbage cans, and into like big dumpsters,
14:30 or something of that so, it was just a large amount of material
14:33 that was thrown away.
14:34 Is there a way that some how it can be collected,
14:37 and put on tables so that those who want to take it back home
14:40 to those who were not able to receive the blessing that we
14:44 receive, that we could take it back home to our churches,
14:47 our conferences, so it doesn't get wasted, and God's money
14:51 doesn't seem to be like it's being thrown away?
14:53 Because that was a lot of good material that was given to us,
14:56 so if there could be a way that we can just get that collected
15:00 so those who want to take it back home can do so?
15:03 It's a fabulous suggestion.
15:05 Does anyone want to comment on that?
15:06 Maybe we just take that as a suggestion.
15:08 Appreciate that. And it is something that we do continually
15:11 discuss as an Executive Committee.
15:13 You know, how do we get out resources to people,
15:17 so that people can get it, but that it's not wasted?
15:20 So we appreciate that suggestion.
15:21 Hello, my name is Andre.
15:24 I just had a suggestion.
15:26 During our group sessions we were getting together,
15:29 and we realized we hadn't had any formal Bible studies
15:33 together with the young people.
15:35 I know that it's on the schedule to have a devotional together,
15:40 but we thought that it would be really cool if there was some
15:41 type of formal way, or formal program to actually
15:44 study the Bible together.
15:46 And we realize maybe there needs to be a program to teach people
15:49 how to study the Bible, young people particularly,
15:51 because I think a lot of young people don't really know how
15:53 to actually study the Bible.
15:54 They may open it up, but they don't really know what to do,
15:56 so maybe there can be some type of program integrated in GYC
16:00 where you teach young people how to actually study the Bible.
16:05 Anyone want to comment on that?
16:07 I want to say, my brother, that is a really good suggestion.
16:12 And we have a really good Programming Vice President that
16:15 is incoming, and I have full confidence that he has
16:18 taken note of that, and will...
16:20 I got notes man. And we got notes as well.
16:22 Praise the Lord. Thank you so much for that suggestion.
16:25 And I just want to say a quick word that, please if you have an
16:28 idea for seminars, and so forth, you could e-mail
16:31 programming@gyc. org, and we seriously look at them,
16:35 and we'll love to consider those great ideas that you guys have.
16:40 Thank you.
16:41 Alright, back to this one.
16:43 Hi, my name is Esther Morris, and I've been
16:46 blessed here at GYC.
16:48 My suggestion is just regarding registration.
16:51 We come from a community where there's not a lot
16:54 of text savvy people.
16:56 And some of our friends who tried to register could not
16:59 figure out the website.
17:00 And there was no phone number that they could call.
17:03 And so I tried to help them as much as I could,
17:06 but it was hard, you know, because I wasn't there.
17:09 And I just, my suggestion is that maybe there be a phone
17:13 option for registering for those who don't understand
17:16 how to use the Internet.
17:17 Okay. That's definitely an excellent suggestion.
17:21 We do have our Administrative Assistant who does run our
17:24 phone for our organization, and she is very capable of answering
17:29 questions, but also in, as we discussed before,
17:32 the registration system we're working out kinks.
17:35 And we appreciate that, yeah.
17:40 Okay, very good. Thank you for that.
17:43 I think we're back to this microphone over here.
17:46 Yes, my question is kind of in regards to
17:50 having an exhibit booth.
17:51 I had filled out the registration form,
17:56 and the application for that, but I never heard back as to
17:59 whether I could have a booth or not.
18:02 And I was just wondering if I was doing something incorrectly,
18:04 or if there's something else that needed to be done.
18:11 We did have a transition where you applied for the exhibits
18:15 on, through your registration profile.
18:18 And I know at the beginning of the year we had a mistake where
18:21 the application was still up on our website as well.
18:24 And so I'm not sure which channel you tried to go through,
18:26 but my apologies that that slipped through the cracks.
18:28 And we hope to avoid that next year. Okay.
18:30 And here's just a suggestion.
18:32 If anyone has a comment or a suggestion that's more,
18:37 maybe focused on just one department, and maybe not
18:40 so much on the... Ah, it doesn't have to be... You can still just
18:44 ask a question based on one department.
18:46 But if you have a question, or suggestion that is more focused
18:48 on one individual, as soon as the charge is over,
18:51 the Executive Committee, both the outgoing and the incoming
18:54 are going to stand here in front of the stage, and we welcome
18:57 as many suggestions, as many questions as you want
18:59 to give then as well.
19:00 So lets go back to this microphone.
19:03 Excuse me, my name is Martha, and I love GYC, and I know GYC
19:10 has been in existence for ten plus years.
19:13 But my question is, How do we move to the next level,
19:16 like the 2.0 GYC, where we can utilize all these thousands of
19:21 people to really be out in the mission field?
19:23 I know we have a pre-conference, and a four hour sort of window
19:28 of while we're here at GYC we can go out.
19:30 But I just think that after my experience of doing a missionary
19:35 trip, I feel I like instead of sitting down for sermons
19:39 for so many hours and days, can we use this precious time
19:43 and all the number of people we have to go out and do the work?
19:49 Because that's where the real power is; where they will meet
19:52 Jesus, and that's truly where they will go back and use it
19:57 in their home when they have those personal experiences.
20:01 Appreciate that! Evangelism, do you want to comment, any of you?
20:05 Yeah, I think there's always a balance.
20:09 You know, how can we be trained, but also then
20:12 go for God as well?
20:13 And that's something that we're really looking at to provide the
20:16 best opportunity for spiritual growth and development,
20:18 and also growth in mission and service.
20:20 What's interesting to me is even during the pre-conference
20:23 portion, you know, which we hold where 120 people go out
20:26 door to door, 8 hours a day, we still have a large portion that's
20:30 training, probably at least 4 to 5 hours a day, and some of the
20:33 newer people maybe up to 6 hours.
20:34 And so I think the goal of GYC is to not only provide
20:37 opportunities for mission, which we want to do.
20:40 We want to do that on Friday.
20:41 We want to do that before, and there's talk about even doing
20:43 that after the conference, and more during it.
20:45 But also providing resources that people can learn new ideas
20:49 in evangelism, and take it back home to their local church.
20:51 So that's something we're constantly playing with.
20:53 I know with the programming department, they may have more
20:55 to say, but it's always the balance of, you know,
20:58 where do we give and take to make sure that the mission of
21:00 God is still completed?
21:02 Thank you. That's well put Taylor.
21:07 Okay. But I would say, as well, that we need to have a vision
21:12 for our local churches.
21:14 You know, in the book, Education, it says that the
21:16 local church is built for service.
21:18 And GYC serves a purpose, but the local church is there
21:26 for you year round.
21:27 And if we're not a missionary in our local churches then we
21:31 should think again because that is a mission field.
21:34 Amen, Amen. Alright we'll come back to
21:37 this microphone, I think.
21:42 I have a concern/suggestion.
21:47 I see a lot of both unhealthful and immodest dress
21:51 here at this convention.
21:53 And I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so please
21:56 understand, but I believe God is calling us higher.
22:01 And I'm praying that you would consider next year to have
22:07 a seminar on modest dress.
22:10 What does God expect?
22:12 You know, and the dress reform is not just a moral issue,
22:16 it's also a health issue.
22:18 Because there are people here around us that are suffering
22:23 physically because of dress that is
22:26 physiologically damaging to them.
22:29 So it's a real concern I have on my heart.
22:31 I have Amish friends that I would love to invite to GYC,
22:36 because the messages here, that I'm hearing are from God.
22:41 So I have friends I want to invite.
22:44 But friends, we must be obedient to God.
22:48 And when He explains to us how we should dress, we need to be
22:54 willing to obey Him.
22:55 We need to be willing to take God's standard
22:59 rather than the world's standard. Amen!
23:01 I appreciate that comment, and I think programming will take
23:05 note of the recommendation.
23:07 Thank you. Alright, to this one.
23:11 Hi, my name's Angel.
23:13 I come... I went to a school called, named Ouachita Hills
23:17 Academy, and when I was there I had this group of friends.
23:22 It was like six of us in total.
23:24 And we came together to kind of form something
23:30 like what GYC was about, just in a separate term.
23:34 But there was a lot of times when we didn't know what
23:38 we were doing, or how we were going to do it.
23:41 So I was just wondering how GYC came about in general.
23:46 Like almost, also like logistics, because you guys
23:50 were all a really good inspiration to us.
23:53 Hum, praise God! Amy do you want to give us a recap of that?
23:58 That's a good question.
24:00 It was before my time, but not too much, I guess.
24:03 Really GYC came together with a group of young people who were
24:08 having a practical experience in Godliness.
24:11 They wanted to follow through with the things that they were
24:13 learning in the Bible, and as a result of that they wanted to
24:16 bring their friends along.
24:18 As time went on, of course, the organization
24:20 grew more formal. They did start to develop logistics,
24:23 and programming, and it became a more formal
24:26 conference like we see now.
24:28 That said, really I think the help came from older people
24:33 who knew how to do those things.
24:35 And so they had mentors who came in who taught them.
24:38 This is how you can run a conference.
24:39 This is how you can do things like that.
24:41 In terms of how can you get that kind of experience
24:44 I would say two things: 1. Our goal from people coming to GYC
24:48 is not necessarily to go back and start another conference,
24:51 it's like when we earlier, to get involved with your local
24:53 church, and the local church is already built with a structure
24:56 that you can work within, so you don't have to figure out,
24:58 How do I build this thing from scratch?
25:00 But 2. If as things grow in your local church, and local churches
25:04 in your community, you do see something like a conference
25:07 necessary, then you can contact GYC and we do try to provide
25:11 resources to people in order to know how they
25:14 can support community.
25:15 Those resources come from the Networking Department.
25:17 They also come from what will now be called the General Vice
25:20 President for External Affairs.
25:21 So those are both ways that you can connect with us.
25:23 So you can find that on the website,
25:25 or e-mail info@gycweb. org, and that information
25:28 would get passed on.
25:29 Perfect. Thank you, Amy.
25:30 Alright, we have three minutes left.
25:33 Lets see if we can get two more questions in. Yes.
25:35 Hi, my name's Shawn Worgs, and I have kind of like a slush
25:40 question/concern for programming.
25:42 Yesterday, Sabbath, after the I believe portion, after he gave
25:47 that powerful testimony, and he was very eloquently versed about
25:50 what Adventists believe.
25:51 And he sent out the invite, you know, If you're looking for
25:54 a church, you want to join the church.
25:55 And then we had the song that followed, and the opening stanza
25:58 to the song was the guy standing outside the pearly gates,
26:00 wondering who was in heaven, and who wasn't.
26:02 And I go to a big university, and I have opportunity to study
26:08 with a lot of different people in different religions,
26:09 and I know that creates a huge clash for what our statement of
26:13 belief is about death, and hell fire, and heaven,
26:15 and eternal life versus what the world believes.
26:19 And, I guess, it would be my suggestion to be very careful
26:23 about what we allow to be presented on the stage,
26:27 especially on the high Sabbath with lots of viewers,
26:29 because that could be very conflicting.
26:32 Alright, appreciate that, appreciate that.
26:35 Comment? Alright!
26:37 Just a quick question.
26:39 The last GYC and this GYC, several seminars that I went to
26:47 they ran out of handouts.
26:49 And when we asked could they get handouts to bring them in,
26:53 we were told they wouldn't print anymore.
26:55 And I just wondered what their rationale was behind that.
26:58 Because I'm sure there's no way to know how many people are
27:01 going to show up at any given seminar, but wondered what the
27:06 plans are if you do run out of handouts at a given seminar
27:10 to actually provide fot those who didn't get them?
27:16 Um, yes, like you said, it is hard to kind of know how many
27:19 people are going to show up.
27:20 And we apologize that we did run out.
27:22 We are hoping to move to have more electronic handouts in the
27:25 future so that even if you didn't get it, you will be able
27:27 to download it later, or at the time on your Smartphone.
27:31 But, yes, those are logistics that we are still trying to
27:34 finesse, and figure out how to make it work out
27:36 out best for everyone. Thanks though.
27:38 Alright, thank you.
27:41 Hope that answered your question.
27:43 Think we have time for one more quick one.
27:49 Did you decide? Alright.
27:51 Yeah, I was just wanting to hear from each one of you in your
27:55 area of planning for this GYC, what motivated you?
28:00 And in thinking about it, and planning it, and how was it
28:04 played out in your vision, and how has God blessed?
28:08 Alright, since we are very short on time, why don't we have two
28:12 people share concise answers.
28:15 Were you able to hear the question?
28:16 Sorry, there's a lot of echo, so it's a little bit difficult
28:18 to hear you. Were you able to hear what he... Pardon?
28:23 Okay, what I understood you to ask was basically,
28:27 Can some E-con members share what was the motivation behind
28:32 their work? and how God has blessed.
28:35 Can you just share? Mark.
28:37 Um, so the motivation behind my department,
28:41 which is Communications, so basically the online stuff,
28:44 the theme graphic, that type of stuff.
28:47 A verse that God brought to me a while back was in Psalm 50:2,
28:55 saying that out of Zion, meaning Jerusalem, the perfection of
28:59 beauty, the Lord hath shined.
29:00 So basically out of a human city God shined from its beauty.
29:05 And I think that that's a powerful point for us to
29:07 remember that when we are doing things God wants us
29:11 to make them beautiful.
29:12 Look at Solomon's temple.
29:13 It was beautiful, right?
29:15 And I think the more we can strive for beauty in what we do,
29:17 I think it honors God.
29:19 And that's, I also really believe that there's a powerful
29:22 use for media and evangelism.
29:24 And so those two things have been strongly motivating for me
29:28 in the communications department.
29:29 Does that kind of, kind of what you are saying? Yep.
29:31 I think ultimately all of us are strongly motivated by our own
29:36 walks with God, because we want to share that with others.
29:40 And it just, it comes down fundamentally to how connected
29:45 we are with Him, and how much we love our church.
29:48 And those two things are very highly motivating in each of our
29:50 experiences, although of course, we all individually have one
29:54 thing or another that motivates us perhaps, but fundamentally
29:58 we want to serve God.
30:00 Unfortunately, we are out of time now
30:03 for any other questions.
30:04 Anybody else that has a question or a suggestion,
30:06 once again at the end of the charge, the E-com, both outgoing
30:11 and incoming will be down in front of this stage,
30:13 and we welcome anything you have to share or say.
30:17 We thank you so much for your participation
30:20 in this conference.
30:21 It has been a tremendous blessing to all of us.
30:23 And we have been blessed.
30:24 And we certainly hope that you have been as well.
30:29 So I think the next thing, I think this current E-com is
30:35 going to stay on, and we are going to be joined by some
30:40 board members for a special time.
30:46 Good morning GYC. Good morning!
30:49 It's a new day, it's a new year, and I hope that as you've been
30:54 here at GYC you've been blessed and inspired to begin anew.
30:58 The team that you have standing before you has done an
31:03 incredible job over the last two years.
31:05 And this is a transition year, so over the next few minutes
31:10 you're going to be, we're going to be expressing our gratitude
31:14 for the work that's been done, and introducing the new E-com
31:18 members who are coming.
31:19 But I just want to say on behalf of the board, and Justin and I
31:23 are here to represent the board this morning how grateful we are
31:27 for each one of you, and the work that you have done.
31:30 You know, you've all, we who attend the conference probably
31:36 can't, probably is not the right word.
31:39 We definitely can't comprehend the amount of work, energy,
31:43 and effort that goes into planning a conference like this.
31:46 And the GYC team has not just been satisfied with status quo.
31:53 They're constantly pushing the envelope, and becoming more
31:57 efficient cutting edge ways of dealing with the problems
32:01 that we face in a conference like this.
32:03 Most importantly though, these are young
32:05 people who love the Lord.
32:07 And they have given their heart and soul into the work
32:13 that they have done.
32:15 You know, there's a text in the Bible, it's Luke 14:14.
32:20 And Jesus is talking about when we do work for those who
32:23 can't really repay us.
32:25 And what He says is you will be repaid, but you're going to be
32:30 repaid in the resurrection of the just.
32:31 And today we really can't fully express our gratitude to you
32:37 for what you have done.
32:38 But we do know that a day is coming when the skies are going
32:46 to open, and that little black cloud half the size of a man's
32:50 hand is going to appear, and Jesus is going to come.
32:54 And I believe that there are going to be young men,
32:58 and young women, and even older men, and older women
33:01 who are there on that day because of your sleepless
33:06 nights, and long days, and extra heartfelt prayers.
33:13 And so we just want to thank you for what you have done.
33:16 And we want to have a special prayer as they transition
33:20 that God is going to continue to use them, and continue to bless
33:23 them wherever they go. Justin.
33:26 I'm going to invite you to bow your heads, and close your eyes.
33:29 I ask the E-com to kneel at this time.
33:39 Father in Heaven, it was after the flood, after the building
33:44 of the ark when Noah was tempted and fell into drink.
33:50 It was after Mount Carmel that Elijah ran away from You.
33:56 And Father, we pray this morning that after these years of
34:01 service, after these multiple Mount Carmel experiences here
34:07 at GYC, as we see these young leaders pass on to the next
34:13 stage of their life, that it not be recorded that these were
34:19 to have fallen away.
34:20 Father, we pray that the faithfulness that they have
34:24 shown through these years continue on
34:27 after their GYC service.
34:29 And Father, if Thou should tarry further, we ask that You
34:34 bless them abundantly with their family members, their spouses,
34:40 and if it is according to Your will, their children.
34:43 But Father, may You grant them the gift of faithfulness.
34:47 This is not within our power.
34:50 This is not within us.
34:52 This is only a gift that you give, so Father, we know that
34:56 You are good enough, and You are loving
34:59 enough to give this gift.
35:00 We ask that You bless each of these leaders going forth,
35:05 and that You continue to do big and wonderful things of which
35:10 we cannot imagine, of which we cannot speak of.
35:13 And at the end we may have nothing but praise from our lips
35:17 for how great You are.
35:19 We ask this blessing in Jesus' name, Amen.
35:28 Over the last two years, as Natasha has served as president
35:33 and leader of this team of young people, and I know that is a
35:37 special burden, and a special responsibility.
35:40 We appreciate so much, Natasha, the spirit and the vision that
35:43 you've brought to GYC.
35:45 And at this time we have a gift that we'd like to
35:48 present to you from GYC.
35:54 Oh, I love it! It's amazing!
35:57 And this marble globe is just a symbol of the worldwide mission
36:03 of the GYC movement, and the young people who are called to
36:08 take the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.
36:14 Amen. Well, it has been an incredible honor and privilege
36:19 to serve as president of this movement.
36:22 It has been one that I have...
36:25 It wasn't a position that I originally wanted,
36:27 but I knew it was a position that God was asking me to take.
36:31 And yet it was my conviction that He would not ask,
36:34 that I would not hold this position any longer than I
36:37 needed to, until a Godly young man could take the position
36:41 and lead this organization.
36:42 And I really believe that today God has answered those prayers.
36:45 And there is a Godly young man to take this organization
36:48 definitely to the next level, and to lead this movement.
36:52 And I am thankful to God that He has smiled upon His people,
36:57 and that He will lead Moice and his team, and will definitely...
37:02 Great things are in store.
37:03 Great things are ahead.
37:05 Keep your eyes on GYC because God is going to work.
37:10 And, furthermore, this Bible that I'm holding in my hand,
37:15 some of you who were at Phoenix GYC last year,
37:19 and heard Justin's introduction to me, he gave me this Bible.
37:23 This Bible is the GYC president Bible, and it goes to who ever
37:26 is the current president of GYC.
37:29 And so I have had it, and it's been a privilege.
37:31 Its gone to many different countries,
37:33 and different continents traveling with the presidents,
37:35 and I have been blessed to have it.
37:37 And now its time to pass it on to Moice, and Moice, I just want
37:41 to say that book is your qualification.
37:45 And the more you read it, and the more you wear out the pages,
37:48 the better of a president you will be.
37:49 So its my challenge to you to devour that book in the next,
37:56 in your term, and may God watch over you,
37:59 and may His Spirit guide you.
38:01 Amen! Thank you, Natasha.
38:03 At this time I'm going to ask the new incoming GYC team
38:07 to come on stage, and the incoming team, can you guys
38:11 get reassembled with your team and come to our right over here?
38:14 Come to this side over here.
38:16 And we are very excited for those of you who are GYC nerds,
38:21 we want to do, we've got some statistics.
38:24 The outgoing GYC team, the average age was 25.
38:30 The incoming team the average age is the young age of 23.
38:35 So we have decreased our age by two years of experience.
38:39 I'd like to introduce this team to you.
38:42 Four of the members of the old team are staying on.
38:45 Our president is Moice Rosara.
38:49 You can see him on the screen there,
38:51 his mug shot, beautiful face.
38:55 Our treasurer is Joshua Neblett.
38:59 Standing next to him is Taylor Hinkle, general vice president.
39:02 This year we have expanded the team to another general vice
39:06 president with Casey Vaughn.
39:08 Our executive secretary is Shawna Chung.
39:13 Vice president of programming is Jonathan Walter.
39:18 Leslie Mason will be staying on as our
39:20 vice president of logistics.
39:22 Eric Lowe is our vice president of communications.
39:28 Vice president of resources is Esther Nanasee.
39:31 VP of evangelism is Lisa Monsonatis.
39:35 Networking will be taken over by Mackenzie Gallant.
39:39 And VP of service is Shantel Kiumba staying on our team.
39:45 I'd like to charge this new team with some words.
39:51 This is a very weird GYC for me personally.
39:55 It has been my privilege to come to every GYC for the last
39:57 13, 14 billion years.
40:01 This is our first GYC for me where I brought my son,
40:07 newly born, not newly born, just born recently... son!
40:14 It was surreal. I did not think when we started the first GYC
40:21 I would ever be bringing my son to a GYC.
40:25 It has been a great privilege to do so.
40:29 In many ways GYC is the child of the board, and the founders.
40:36 We take great care.
40:37 We love this. In many ways my two children have met together.
40:41 It's a weird, surreal experience.
40:46 But we have not accomplished the goal that we set out to do.
40:51 We have a sacred trust placed upon our shoulders.
40:54 We need to revive young people, young adults
40:57 all around the world.
40:59 And praise the Lord that GYC has made an incredible impact.
41:03 We are on six continents.
41:05 We have thirteen affiliates in North America.
41:08 We have trained leaders across the globe.
41:10 But our work is far from done.
41:13 There is a sacred trust placed upon the GYC leaders.
41:18 And this, the sacred trust, causes some weird reactions
41:23 to certain individuals.
41:24 Responsibility placed on shoulders often elicits fear.
41:31 And fear causes people to do some crazy things,
41:34 say some crazy things.
41:35 And so this morning I leave you with three things
41:39 that you take seriously: 1. Please be yourself.
41:44 You're standing before here all these people,
41:46 and you've been given these great titles.
41:47 And ladies, you did your hair this morning to look good
41:50 in front of 3ABN and the whole world.
41:52 And it is easy to get into the rites, and the rituals,
41:56 and the pomp, and circumstance of things.
41:59 Do not take yourselves seriously,
42:03 but take the Lord seriously, and be yourselves.
42:08 The Lord has created you with a power of individuality.
42:14 Do not mold yourselves to the expectations of others around
42:19 you, but fulfill the task and responsibility, and the calling
42:24 that the Lord has given you individually.
42:26 We ask that you explode GYC, and you explode
42:31 the Seventh-day Adventist church, you explode the world
42:34 with the Lord's glory.
42:35 2. We ask that you lower self.
42:38 John 3:30, He must increase, but I must what? decrease.
42:43 You're going to be on a lot of teleconferences.
42:46 You're going to love each other.
42:48 You're going to hate each other's guts.
42:49 You're going to hate them.
42:51 They're going to hate you.
42:52 There's going to be a whole hate fest.
42:54 But in that hate is a lot of love, Amen? Amen!
42:57 And in that midst of it you have to learn to lower yourself.
43:01 That this work is beyond yourself,
43:04 beyond your girlfriend's, beyond your boyfriend's, your spouses,
43:08 your families, beyond your all, whatever, who we are.
43:11 This is the Lord's work.
43:12 Lower yourselves, humble yourselves.
43:16 And lastly, Luke 9:23, And He said to them all, If any man
43:21 will come after Me, let him deny what? himself, take up the cross
43:26 daily and follow Me.
43:27 Be yourself, lower yourself, and deny yourself.
43:32 May your carnal self die.
43:35 And I pray that through your GYC experience,
43:38 with all the contributions that you give to GYC, that these
43:41 years of experience may be something that really enliven
43:46 your experience with the Lord Jesus Christ.
43:50 My question to each one of you is this: Do you promise,
43:53 before all these people here this morning, before the world,
43:56 to take this responsibility seriously?
43:59 To not to look on it in indifference, or to forget this,
44:03 but take it in prayer every morning.
44:06 If that is your so desire, I ask that in front of all these
44:10 people please say Amen. Amen.
44:15 And all of you here this morning, you're not here
44:17 to listen to some show.
44:18 You were all witnesses, meaning when the Lord brings tasks
44:24 and responsibilities, and missions upon people,
44:26 He has people witness.
44:28 All of you are witnesses, Amen? Amen.
44:30 That means if these individuals should fail in their
44:34 responsibility, it is up to you to hold them accountable
44:38 to the Lord's call, to the Lord's standards.
44:42 So if you are willing to take this responsibility as being
44:45 witnesses to their promise this morning, I'm going to ask all
44:49 of you to say Amen at this time. Amen!
44:53 Chester, could you lead us out in prayer, please?
44:55 I want to invite the E-com, just move forward here a little bit.
45:01 Maybe make a little semi-circle.
45:04 And we're going to kneel together as we pray.
45:11 Our Father and our God, today we stand, or we kneel,
45:17 in the first few hours of 2016 realizing that You would have
45:23 loved to have come before now.
45:27 Realizing, Lord, that the limitation is not with Your
45:30 power, with Your love, with Your message.
45:32 The limitation is with us.
45:33 And today we want to just give ourselves once again
45:39 as Your humble servants.
45:42 Father, GYC was begun with a vision.
45:46 It was begun with a vision to take the Gospel to the world
45:49 in this generation.
45:51 Lord if we're honest with ourselves we realize that
45:55 generation is really, has passed the torch to a new generation.
46:01 Today this new E-com represents still the only generation
46:09 that can reach their generation.
46:11 And we just want to pray, Lord, that as they take this charge,
46:15 as they have made this commitment, that they might
46:20 be a part of the final outcry of Your Spirit to this world.
46:27 That You might use them in a way that is heretofore unseen.
46:33 That we might see Your Holy Spirit being able to use them,
46:38 because they allow room for the Spirit to work in their hearts.
46:42 Lord we thank You that You've called us to
46:46 such an hour as this.
46:47 We thank you for each one of these young leaders.
46:50 Lord we don't know the challenges they
46:52 will face, but You do.
46:53 We don't know the roads they will walk, but You do.
46:55 We don't know the trials, and the struggles, and the pain,
47:01 and the sorrow that even their responsibilities at GYC
47:06 may bring, but Lord You have foreseen all.
47:09 And I just want to pray that you'll be preparing them
47:11 each day in their time with You to be ready for whatever this
47:15 responsibility will bring.
47:17 Lord we want You to come quickly.
47:21 These young people are here because they want
47:24 You to come quickly.
47:26 They're not taking of their free time, and sacrificing of their
47:29 energies, and of their families and relationships,
47:35 and everything else, because of any selfish reason, Lord,
47:38 but because they want to be a part of encouraging,
47:41 and equipping, and helping others to be ready
47:45 for Your soon return.
47:46 So today, Father, I just want to pray that You will pour
47:51 Your Spirit upon them in unmeasured quantities that they
47:56 might be able to do great things, not for their honor
48:01 and glory, but for Yours.
48:02 And that as a result of their service, their sacrifice,
48:08 that You might come quickly.
48:09 Keep them faithful, keep them strong,
48:12 keep them from temptation.
48:14 Make of them men and women with Your character,
48:19 in Your image, that will be a part of lightening
48:24 the earth with Your glory.
48:26 And we thank You for this in Jesus' name, Amen.
48:48 Good morning GYC!
48:51 You know they asked me to say an acceptance speech,
48:56 and I am actually quite shy.
48:58 I like to be in the background.
49:02 That's why I do programming.
49:06 But, you know, when God calls who are we to say no?
49:13 To thank God is not enough.
49:18 I want to say that I plan, as president of this movement,
49:24 to make God the forefront of everything we do.
49:27 Without Christ we are nothing.
49:30 Without Christ we have nothing.
49:34 Without Christ we can do nothing.
49:39 I want to say that we should lean harder on Christ
49:42 than we have before.
49:45 I want to thank Christ, because He took me out of deep darkness
49:49 into His marvelous light.
49:52 I also want to thank my family, and especially
49:55 my lovely wife Amy.
49:58 Amy has been to me like my best friend.
50:04 We are one, and I want to thank her so much for her support,
50:07 for her prayers, and I want to plead with you
50:11 to please pray for us.
50:13 Please pray for us, because without prayer
50:20 God will not move.
50:23 It is said that a man is not bigger than his prayer life,
50:28 so if we don't pray, who are we?
50:31 We need to become a prayer movement for we need to
50:35 finish the work in this generation,
50:38 for we're living in solemn times.
50:42 And God is looking for young people, and young at heart
50:46 people that want to finish the work,
50:49 because Jesus has to come back soon.
50:52 If I had my way, I wish we didn't plan for another GYC,
50:59 that when 2016 comes, Jesus would have
51:03 come before GYC comes.
51:05 But if GYC chooses, if Jesus chooses to wait,
51:12 we want to be faithful, and we want to found
51:16 called, chosen, and faithful.
51:18 For I want to tell you something that GYC is you.
51:24 GYC is not us. We're just here to plan.
51:27 All of us are volunteers.
51:30 We don't get paid to do this.
51:32 We have jobs, we have lives, but we have a burden to let
51:37 you know that you are GYC, and you are the generation
51:42 that can finish the work; that can finish the work
51:47 in your generation.
51:51 All I ask from you is let us be faithful
51:55 even in the little things.
51:58 For it is in the little things that our strength lies.
52:01 For the little things build up until they become
52:04 the big things of life.
52:06 So be faithful in your local church.
52:09 be faithful in your post of duty, for when Jesus comes
52:15 He won't ask us, What did you do?
52:17 He'll ask you, Were you faithful to Me?
52:21 Do I know you? Do I know you?
52:24 So GYC I plead with you, please pray for us.
52:29 We are praying for you.
52:30 Jesus is coming soon.
52:32 We're living in solemn times.
52:35 Let us be found faithful.
52:37 Thank you so much!
52:39 And as the president of this movement,
52:41 it is my prayer that I will serve you to my utmost,
52:46 an idea on another day I pray that I could answer Christ
52:50 and say, Lord I have done my best.
52:52 I have given everything, for You have given everything to me.
52:57 Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity,
53:00 and I look forward to seeing you, God willing, in Houston.
53:04 Thank you. Amen.


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