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00:34 Amen. Good morning, everyone.
00:36 Good morning.
00:37 I nearly said happy Sabbath, it's not a happy Sabbath,
00:40 it's a good Sunday morning.
00:42 And I'm very happy to be here with you
00:43 and haven't we've been blessed at GYC this year?
00:47 I come from a land far, far away.
00:50 I come from Australia
00:51 and I can't wait to go back home
00:53 and take back a good report of all that
00:55 we have been blessed with
00:57 and that we've been fed with here
00:59 at this conference session.
01:00 And it's my just great privilege now
01:03 to be able to share with you a message
01:05 that the Lord has placed on my heart.
01:08 And I pray that as you hear this message
01:10 that it will not make you feel comfortable
01:13 but that you'll leave this place discontent.
01:16 Would you bow your heads with me
01:17 as we open with the word of prayer?
01:20 Loving Father in heaven,
01:22 we thank You Lord for bringing us to this moment.
01:25 We thank You Lord for the many blessings
01:27 that You have given to us here this weekend.
01:30 And Lord as we study the Bible again together
01:33 for the last time here,
01:35 we invite Your Holy Spirit to be present in our midst.
01:39 I pray Lord that You would speak through me
01:41 that You would speak through me to Your people
01:43 and You would give to us a message
01:46 that we need to hear this morning.
01:48 May Jesus be uplifted
01:50 and may we be inspired to service is my prayer
01:53 in Jesus' name, amen.
01:55 Amen.
01:56 It was a Sunday morning back home in Australia
02:00 and I was upstairs in my bedroom
02:02 when I heard a scream come from downstairs
02:05 in our house and it was my mom.
02:07 So I rush downstairs,
02:08 there was my mom and my dad
02:10 and they were trying to get the dishwasher out
02:13 from inside our kitchen,
02:15 they were trying to pull the dishwasher out and I said,
02:17 "What's the matter?"
02:19 And my mom said,
02:20 "There is a snake in the house."
02:21 I said, "Really, how big is it?
02:23 Well, it sounded pretty big from all the descriptions
02:25 that I heard,
02:26 and so dad got the dishwasher out
02:29 and then we were all
02:30 just trying to poke things underneath
02:32 the cavity there in the kitchen.
02:34 And we couldn't seem to find
02:35 the snake beneath the cupboards.
02:38 And as the longer and longer time went on,
02:40 I began to wonder if there really was a snake
02:43 in the house after all because I thought,
02:45 maybe my parents were making it up.
02:47 My sister had an ingenious idea.
02:50 She decided to get a stick
02:52 and she taped her iPhone to it with the camera
02:56 and she stuck it in the hole with the torch
02:58 just to see,
02:59 if we could see if the snake was there
03:00 and there was nothing that we could see there.
03:03 And so that night we sat around in the kitchen
03:06 and we were watching that cavity there
03:08 as we were eating our dinner that night
03:11 and then when we decided to go to sleep,
03:13 I recognized that the next day
03:16 everybody else in my house was going to be going to work
03:20 and I was going to be the only one home the next day.
03:23 Well, the next day comes and everybody goes
03:26 and they apologize to me
03:27 that they had to leave me at home with the snake.
03:30 And I'm wondering, you know, maybe there isn't even a snake,
03:33 maybe it was just a big lizard or something like that.
03:35 Well, the phone rings and I answered the phone
03:38 and it was somebody from church
03:40 and they wanted to know something
03:41 so I answered their question.
03:43 And I said, "Well, it's about lunch time here,
03:44 I'm going to go downstairs and have lunch with the snake."
03:48 They said, "Really?"
03:49 And I explained the story how I'd come downstairs
03:52 when I heard my mom scream.
03:54 And he started to tell me how in South America
03:57 they have snakes so large, they could eat people.
04:00 And I don't know if that's true
04:02 but I was having all these mental pictures in my mind
04:05 of these giant snakes and I'm thinking,
04:06 oh, great, now I'm going to go downstairs
04:08 and have lunch with one.
04:10 So I come down the stairs and I opened the doors
04:14 because I closed everything
04:15 because I didn't want the snake coming upstairs.
04:17 I'm looking around,
04:19 I thought I can't see anything
04:20 everything looked the way I left it.
04:22 I thought I'm just gonna go check the family room,
04:25 the rumpus room.
04:26 So I went into the rumpus room and I did something,
04:29 I don't usually do
04:31 and I don't recommend you do this,
04:32 but I jumped onto the lounge.
04:35 And when I jumped into the lounge,
04:36 I looked on the other side of the lounge
04:38 and there was a snake looking at me,
04:41 I screamed, it screamed,
04:42 I ran, it ran
04:44 and I went straight back upstairs
04:47 shut my bedroom door and I sat there,
04:49 and I realized that there was a snake in my house
04:52 and I'm in my room
04:53 and it could go anywhere now in my house
04:56 and I wouldn't know where it went.
04:57 So I came back downstairs
04:59 and instead of going to the rumpus room,
05:01 I ran outside
05:02 and I'm looking at the snake
05:04 inside my house from the outside.
05:07 And I took my phone out and the first person
05:10 that I thought of calling was my dad
05:12 because my dad has always been my protector,
05:14 he's always been there to keep me safe.
05:16 My dad that works in the city maybe an hour away,
05:19 but I called him anyway and I said,
05:21 "Dad, I found the snake."
05:23 He says, "Oh, good.
05:24 I said, "It's inside the house, it's here in the house."
05:26 And he says, "Great, let it out."
05:30 I said, "Dad, I can't just go and let snake out."
05:33 And so he says, "Well,
05:34 that's the only way you're gonna get it out."
05:36 So I thought well, if dad can't help me,
05:38 I'll call my mom.
05:40 My mom is a Bible worker for our church back home.
05:42 And she was in the middle of the Bible study
05:44 when she took my call.
05:46 I said, "Mom, I found the snake."
05:48 She said, "Praise the Lord,
05:49 she said, let me pray with you."
05:52 I said, No, I need you here, I need help."
05:55 My sister was working
05:57 and so it was just me and the snake
05:58 and I figured all right, I'm all alone here,
06:01 it's just me, the snake and the Lord,
06:02 so I took our phone,
06:04 our home phone and I clipped it to my waist,
06:07 I put gloves on and I put,
06:09 took a broom in my hand and a good can of Mortein.
06:12 Do you know what Mortein is?
06:13 No, in Australia it's a bug spray.
06:16 So I had a bug spray, a broom, gloves and my phone.
06:19 And I took the highest chair from our kitchen
06:22 and I planted it there and I watched the snake.
06:25 It had gone beyond the piano
06:27 and it stuck its head up on the other side
06:29 and it would come out like this, look at me,
06:31 I would look at it and it would stand up,
06:33 it get scared, go back behind the piano
06:35 and I just sit down again waiting.
06:38 That siege went on for two whole hours.
06:44 I sat there watching it, it sat there watching me
06:46 until finally it went behind the piano
06:49 and I thought all right,
06:50 I've got gloves on, this should be okay,
06:51 so I ran over open the doors,
06:54 ran back sat there and finally he slithered outside.
06:57 And you know what?
06:59 It was just a little green tree snake
07:00 so it wasn't even poisonous or anything like that.
07:03 But still in my mind
07:05 it was a very courageous moment.
07:07 And as I think of this incident,
07:11 it reminds me, you know,
07:13 it wasn't fun being in that siege moment,
07:16 but I can tell you what,
07:17 there was a much more serious siege
07:20 that the Israelites had to endure.
07:21 You see, for the Israelites there was no way of escape,
07:25 there was no glass door for them
07:27 to let the enemy out of.
07:29 Israel was outnumbered
07:31 by one of the most powerful armies in the world.
07:34 Flight was impossible,
07:37 fight was out of the question
07:38 and fright seem to be the only option.
07:42 The Syrian army had surrounded the city of Samaria
07:47 and they were going to stay there,
07:48 they were prepared to continue their patient siege
07:52 until either the Israelites surrendered
07:54 or starved to death.
07:56 And things were so bad, I want you to see it with me.
07:59 Come back in time with me in your Bibles
08:02 to the Book of 2 Kings, 2 Kings 6,
08:07 and we will begin our reading in verse 25.
08:11 2 Kings 6:25,
08:17 we'll read through to 29.
08:19 2 Kings 6 and the Bible reads in verse 25.
08:25 "And there was a great famine in Samaria,
08:28 and indeed they besieged it,
08:30 until a donkey's head was sold for eighty shekels of silver,
08:34 and one fourth of a kab of dove's droppings
08:38 for five shekels of silver.
08:41 Then as the king of Israel was passing by on the wall,
08:44 a woman cried out to him, saying,
08:46 "Help my Lord, Oh king!"
08:49 And he said, "If the Lord does not help you,
08:51 where can I find help for you?
08:53 From the threshing floor or from the winepress?"
08:56 Then the king said to her, "What is troubling you?
08:59 And she answered,
09:00 "This woman said to me, 'Give your son,
09:03 that we may eat him today,
09:05 and we will eat my son tomorrow.'
09:07 So we boiled my son and ate him.
09:10 And I said to her on the next day,
09:12 'Give your son, that we may eat him.'
09:14 But she has hidden her son."
09:17 So, friends, the insanity and the horror of this famine
09:21 under this siege was so great,
09:24 that mothers were boiling and eating their own children.
09:28 Now whenever I travel and I call home,
09:31 my parents, my mom always asks me
09:33 how things going and all of that, my dad,
09:35 the first question he asks me is always the same,
09:39 he wants to know what I'm eating.
09:40 Says, what you're eating.
09:41 My dad is from Samoa
09:43 and it's an island in the South Pacific
09:45 and my mom is from Australia.
09:47 So if I look mixed up that's the reason why,
09:49 and so food is very important to Samoans,
09:52 so that's why dad just wants to know what the food is,
09:55 and so I have now taken into everywhere I go,
09:58 I make it a habit to photograph my food
10:00 so that I can show him.
10:01 But I tell you what,
10:03 the food was not worth photographing back in Samaria.
10:06 Things were so bad
10:07 and all the king could do about it
10:09 as you continue to read the passage was that
10:11 he would tear his clothes
10:13 and weep as he walked along the walls of his doomed city.
10:17 In Patriarch, Prophets and Kings it says, page 258,
10:22 "Never had Israel been brought into
10:24 so great a strait as during this siege.
10:28 The sins of the fathers were indeed
10:30 being visited upon the children and the children's children."
10:35 Friends, Israel had forgotten two things.
10:38 Number one, that she served a powerful God,
10:41 and number two that she needed to trust Him.
10:44 And don't ever think that
10:45 the devil isn't trying to convince you
10:48 to forget those two things
10:49 as well that you cannot trust God
10:52 and that He is not powerful enough to help you.
10:55 He knows that if he can succeed in starving us
10:58 from the bread of life
11:00 and from drinking from the fountain of living waters
11:02 that we too will turn to biting and,
11:06 and to treating one another with contempt
11:08 through gossip and criticism,
11:10 selfishness and hate.
11:13 If he can convince us
11:14 to live off other people's sermons
11:16 whether they are on YouTube or AudioVerse.
11:19 If he can convince us to live of the spiritual food
11:22 we might find and spiritual names
11:24 on Facebook or Instagram.
11:26 He knows that we are on the sure word
11:29 to eventually being starved to death
11:31 because we are learning to lean on others
11:34 instead of learning to lean on Jesus and His word.
11:38 But, friends, when hope seemed hopeless,
11:42 God had a message of hope for His people
11:45 and announcement of hope for them.
11:48 That even though they had turned their bags on Him,
11:51 the Holy Spirit,
11:53 he comes upon the Prophet Elisha.
11:55 And Elisha gives a message to Joharam the King
11:59 and the message is this that within 24 hours
12:03 the famine would be over
12:05 and there would be enough food for everyone.
12:08 Let's read what happens in 2 Kings 7:1-2,
12:14 "Then Elisha said, Hear the word of the Lord,
12:17 thus says the Lord,
12:19 tomorrow about this time a seah of fine wheat
12:23 shall be sold for a shekel,
12:25 and two seahs of barley for a shekel
12:28 at the gate of Samaria.
12:29 So an officer on whose hand
12:31 the king leaned answered the man of God,
12:34 and said, look if the Lord would make windows in heaven,
12:37 could this thing be?
12:39 And he said, in fact you shall see it with your eyes,
12:42 but you shall not eat of it."
12:45 You know what?
12:47 They might get the announcement
12:48 for the winner of Miss Universe from,
12:51 but the God of the universe never makes mistakes
12:54 when He makes announcements.
12:55 Amen. Amen.
12:57 By the way when I do this that means amen.
12:59 So, friends, the officer of the king though
13:02 when he hears this announcement from the prophet's lips,
13:05 he finds it too hard to believe in the promise of God.
13:09 He rejects the promise and so the prophet says,
13:12 that because he rejects the promise
13:15 he would miss out on the promised blessing.
13:18 Do not reject the promises of God,
13:21 trust in the promises of God because watch this,
13:24 while this is happening, just outside the city
13:28 there is an incredible story unfolding.
13:30 And we continue to read in verse 3,
13:33 "Now there were four leprous men
13:36 at the entrance of the gate
13:39 and they said to one another,
13:41 'Why are we sitting here until we die?"
13:45 Outside the city that is starving to death,
13:49 outside those walls sits four men.
13:53 And these men are not just miserable,
13:56 they're not just wretched,
13:57 they are hungry and not only that,
14:00 but they are diseased.
14:02 The Bible tells us they are lepers.
14:04 As my sister said to me,
14:05 at least nobody wanted to eat them,
14:07 that's probably the only good thing
14:09 about their predicament right now.
14:11 And they were so cut off from society,
14:14 they've been removed from society,
14:15 they're outside the walls, and you know what,
14:18 sometimes in these cultures if a family member had leprosy,
14:22 not only would they banish them from the city,
14:24 but the families back home
14:26 would even hold the funeral service for them.
14:29 They were dead to them
14:30 as far as their families were concerned,
14:32 that's how cut off they were.
14:35 These men were living off the garbage
14:37 that was let down over the wall to them
14:40 but because there was no food in the city,
14:42 you can imagine there hasn't been a lot of garbage
14:45 that has been let down over the wall to them.
14:48 And by the way as a little side note,
14:50 I used to think that leprosy was a disease that
14:52 ate away at your limps.
14:54 Actually what it does is it numbs your nerves
14:57 so that you feel no pain at all,
14:59 which is why you damage your extremities to the point
15:03 where you can lose them
15:04 or they get infected without notice
15:06 because nothing hurts.
15:09 So they have nothing, they're lepers,
15:12 they're outside the city,
15:13 they're dying not only of the corruption
15:16 of their diseased flesh but they're dying
15:19 because they've eaten nothing for days.
15:21 And it's within this context
15:24 that one of them turns to the others
15:27 and he says with bloodshot eyes,
15:30 "Why are we sitting here until we die."
15:34 It's one of the most profound questions in all the Bible.
15:38 Why are we sitting here until we die?
15:41 He was discontent to continue with the way things were
15:46 and so he goes on to suggest in verse 4, If we say,
15:50 "We will enter the city the famine is in the city,
15:54 and we shall die there:
15:56 if we sit still here, we die also.
15:58 Now therefore come,
16:00 and let us surrendered to the army of the Syrians,
16:03 if they keep us alive we shall live
16:05 and if they kill us, we shall only die."
16:08 They were in a catch-22 situation.
16:10 If leprosy didn't get them, starvation surely would,
16:14 and so they figured
16:15 they take a chance on the Syrians.
16:17 Maybe the Syrians would have compassion on them.
16:20 But think about this for just a moment.
16:23 If their own countrymen have banished them
16:25 from the city,
16:27 what on earth makes them think
16:29 that the Syrians will have compassion on them?
16:32 What would the Syrians do with four lepers?
16:35 I don't know,
16:37 but God has not forgotten about them.
16:40 Keep reading verse 5,
16:42 "And they rose at twilight
16:44 to go into the camp of the Syrians,
16:46 and when they had come to the outskirts
16:48 of the Syrian camp,
16:50 to their surprise no one was there.
16:53 For the Lord had cause the army of the Syrians
16:57 to hear the noise of chariots, and the noise of horses,
17:00 the noise of a great army, so they said to one another,
17:04 look, the king of Israel has hired against us
17:07 the kings of the Hittites,
17:09 and the kings of the Egyptians to attack us.
17:12 Therefore they arose and fled at twilight,
17:15 and left the camp intact, their tents, their horses,
17:19 and their donkeys, and they fled for their lives.
17:23 My sister, I mean, she text me on her phone,
17:27 sometimes she's so excited about something
17:29 or she is so busy trying to text me
17:31 as quickly as she can.
17:33 She forgets to correct the spelling
17:35 on the autocorrect that comes through.
17:38 And so my nickname, so my name is Charissa.
17:40 My nick name is Reece,
17:42 but I get texts from her that say,
17:44 hey, Ross where are we going tonight,
17:47 or I get things from her that says,
17:49 "Hey, Russ, I'm catching the bus
17:50 or something like this."
17:52 One morning I got a text from her that said,
17:54 "Hey, Russ, I have something amazon to tell you."
17:58 I want to tell you
17:59 we are at an amazon moment here in scripture.
18:03 Friends, nothing is too hard for God.
18:06 No situation is too hard for God.
18:09 Can God help you? Yes, He can.
18:11 No matter what you face, can God help you?
18:14 Yes, He can.
18:15 I work in the Adventist Media Center
18:17 back home in Sydney.
18:19 And some of our,
18:21 some of my colleagues they went overseas,
18:23 they went to Novo Tempo in Brazil.
18:25 And they came back with an amazing testimony
18:27 that they heard there.
18:29 They were told the story of a student there
18:32 who was attending a university
18:34 and one of their exams fell on a Sabbath.
18:37 So they had a choice,
18:38 do they sit the exam on Sabbath
18:39 or do they honor God.
18:41 They chose to honor God
18:42 and the university would not let this student
18:45 change the day of their exam.
18:47 Well, the student prays, guess what, word gets out,
18:51 a wealthy Adventist man
18:53 buys the university
18:54 and the student is able to sit their exam.
18:57 So listen, it has to be a true story
19:01 because it was told at the Adventist Media Center.
19:03 Now listen, if there is a seed, God can split it.
19:08 If there is a furnace, God can cool it.
19:11 And if there is a siege,
19:12 God can break it with the soundtrack,
19:15 a good one,
19:16 that's what he did right here to an absolute miracle.
19:19 There was now an abandoned abundance of food
19:23 and things for an army of at least 100,000 men
19:28 right outside the gates of a city
19:30 that was starving to death
19:32 and going to bed afraid every night.
19:35 They had no idea
19:37 what was just outside the walls.
19:39 Verse 8,
19:42 "And when these lepers came to the outskirts of the camp,
19:45 they went into one tent, and ate and drank,
19:48 and carried from it silver, and gold, and clothing,
19:51 and went and hid them,
19:53 then they came back and entered another tent,
19:55 and carried some from there also,
19:57 and went and hid it."
20:00 So, friends, the curtain rises on a new sin,
20:03 and in my mind's eye,
20:05 I can see all four of them
20:07 stealing softly into the Syrian camp at twilight.
20:12 Perhaps as they come in, they're trembling,
20:14 their hands are already raised in ready surrender,
20:18 shh, softly,
20:20 your tread is loud enough to wake the dead,
20:23 if they're sleeping, let's not wake them,
20:25 shh, come on, guys, keep it down.
20:28 And as they come into the camp,
20:30 one of them enters the first tent that they reach,
20:34 hands up, he looks in
20:36 and next thing the others hear is guys,
20:38 guys come and see this,
20:41 you've got to see this, nobody here.
20:43 Really, are you sure?
20:45 Yeah, come in, come and see.
20:48 I haven't seen a table like this
20:50 since Thanksgiving.
20:51 And so all four of them enter into the tent
20:55 and sure enough the tent is empty.
20:59 And there on the table
21:00 right in front of them is a warm meal,
21:03 it's freshly prepared
21:04 and so they come
21:06 and no one needed to suggest what needed to happen
21:08 next they could eat that food,
21:09 it is gone and as they're eating,
21:11 they look around the tent, and
21:12 they see gold and silver and oh,
21:15 designer Syrian clothes all around them.
21:18 And so they change their clothes
21:19 and decide to bank their bounty
21:22 beneath the nearest tree stump.
21:24 On and on throughout the night, these four ravenous lepers,
21:29 they go from tent to tent
21:31 hoarding and hiding all that they could carry.
21:34 You and I cannot even begin to imagine
21:38 the delirious joy that these lepers felt that night.
21:42 They had more food than they could have wanted
21:45 or eaten in a lifetime.
21:47 They had gone from rags to riches in a single day.
21:52 Truly, God had opened the windows of heaven for them.
21:56 And, friends, isn't this what it's like
21:58 when we find Jesus.
21:59 Come on now.
22:00 Isn't this what it's like,
22:02 do you remember what it feels like,
22:03 what it felt like when you first fell in love with Jesus
22:06 because, friends, these lepers I believe are a picture of us.
22:11 Sin, all sin is terminal but, friends,
22:15 as soon as there was sin, there was a savior.
22:18 And when we come to Jesus,
22:20 what do we find more than we could ever imagine?
22:23 We find amazing grace, blessed assurance,
22:27 showers of blessing and a love that will not let us go, amen.
22:31 We find that for God so loved the world
22:34 that He gave His only begotten Son
22:37 that whoever believes in Him
22:39 should not perish but have everlasting life.
22:42 That's what we find when we come to Jesus.
22:45 But notice what happens next.
22:47 Verse 9, "Then they said to one another,
22:50 we are not doing right,
22:53 this is a day of good news and we remain silent,
22:56 if we wait until morning light,
22:58 some punishment will come upon us,
23:01 now therefore come let us go
23:03 and tell the king's household."
23:06 How many tents they had been through
23:09 before this thought finally hits one of them?
23:13 The Bible doesn't say,
23:14 all we know is that
23:16 as they're feasting in one of those tents,
23:19 suddenly this new thought begins to dawn upon them.
23:23 What are we doing?
23:26 What we are doing right now is scarcely human?
23:30 How can we sit here feasting and hoarding this wealth
23:36 when the whole city filled
23:38 with our family and our friends,
23:40 and our loved ones is about a stones throw away
23:43 and they're dying of starvation just there.
23:47 Their laughter ceases
23:49 and silent descends on these four
23:52 as they now chew upon this new realization
23:57 as they do in silence
23:59 the horror film of the hollow eyes
24:02 and the hideous meals
24:03 back in Samaria replays over in their minds.
24:07 They remember how that very morning
24:09 they had seen the king walking along the walls
24:12 and weeping over their doomed city.
24:15 And suddenly as they remember these things,
24:19 they discovered contentment morphs
24:23 into a strong feeling of discontent
24:27 and they can eat no more.
24:29 Interestingly enough Josephus says that one,
24:32 one of these four was Gehazi,
24:35 the former servant of Prophet Elisha
24:38 who had received leprosy of Naaman,
24:41 the Syrian commander for being greedy.
24:44 You continue to read in Jewish writings
24:46 and they go on further to say that the other three
24:49 who were with him were most probably his three sons.
24:53 And if this is the case,
24:54 then Gehazi was probably the first one
24:57 who came to the realization that they now come to.
25:00 The Hebrew might be translated this way.
25:03 This is a day of good tidings, and we hold our peace,
25:07 that is a sin.
25:09 In the Middle East, they say if you know
25:12 where the water is
25:13 and you don't tell somebody about it,
25:15 you don't tell people where the water is,
25:18 they call that the sin of the desert.
25:21 And so we read verse 10 and 11,
25:23 "So they went and called to the gatekeepers of the city,
25:27 and told them saying,
25:28 we went to the Syrian camp
25:30 and surprisingly no one was there,
25:33 not a human sound, only horses and donkeys tied,
25:36 and the tents intact.
25:38 And the gatekeepers called out
25:39 and they told it to the king's household inside."
25:43 Friends, I think
25:45 this is the one of the finest illustrations
25:47 of what it means to share Jesus with others
25:51 that we find in all the Bible
25:52 because, friends,
25:54 true evangelism is just one beggar telling other beggars
25:57 about where they found bread.
25:59 These four lepers told the gatekeepers,
26:02 and the gatekeepers told the king's household
26:04 and before you know it,
26:06 the news of this good news has spread
26:09 right throughout the city of Samaria.
26:11 They were the most unlikely people to rescue a city
26:15 but God often uses the most unlikely people,
26:19 and that means that God can use and I as well.
26:23 Well, friends, I want you to know
26:26 that today is a day of good news.
26:29 I don't know if you watch much of the news
26:31 or read it in the newspapers, but I have watched some news,
26:34 and I had read some of the papers.
26:36 And every time I watch the news or see the papers,
26:39 I'm appalled at what I see there,
26:41 I think, oh,
26:42 I've seen the worst headline but no,
26:43 there is always one that's much worst than that.
26:45 And I want to tell you that today,
26:47 the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ is still
26:50 the best news that there is.
26:53 And in Matthew 24:14, Jesus said,
26:56 "That before he could come back,
26:58 before he could come back
27:00 this gospel of the kingdom was to be preached in all the world
27:04 and then the end would come."
27:06 And there is one other place in the Bible
27:08 where we find a gospel
27:10 that must go to all the world before Jesus comes back,
27:13 it's in Revelation 14.
27:16 There we find three angel's messages
27:18 and the angels have,
27:20 the first angel, he has the everlasting gospel
27:22 which is to be preached in all the world.
27:24 And as we continue to read this message,
27:26 we discover that one of the reasons
27:29 why the spreading of this message is so urgent.
27:32 It's because there is another city at the end of time
27:35 in a very serious condition like Samaria of all
27:39 who had turned her back on God.
27:41 Babylon is fallen
27:42 and things are so bad that are going on inside of her
27:46 that they are abominations in the sight of God.
27:50 Let me read to you this quote,
27:52 Testimonies volume 9, page 19.
27:55 "In a special sense Seventh-day Adventists have been
27:59 set in the world as watchmen and light bearers.
28:03 To them has been entrusted
28:05 the last warning for a perishing world."
28:09 There is no other warning after this.
28:12 To them has been entrusted
28:14 the last warning for a perishing world.
28:18 On them it's shining wonderful light
28:21 from the word of God,
28:22 they have been given a work of the more solemn import,
28:26 the proclamation of the first,
28:28 second and third angels' messages.
28:31 There is no other work of so great importance,
28:35 they are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention.
28:40 Now let me ask you something.
28:42 If these lepers felt it to be their solemn sacred duty
28:48 to announce deliverance to a perishing city,
28:52 how much more should we feel it
28:54 our solemn sacred duty to share the everlasting gospel
28:58 with the perishing world.
29:01 I want you to imagine something,
29:03 this is a hypothetical or as my friend Sania says,
29:05 the hypothetical situation.
29:07 I want you to imagine that this country,
29:10 the United States of America was experiencing
29:13 a severe famine.
29:16 And we heard about it back in Australia
29:19 and we had compassion,
29:20 we had compassion so we put together
29:22 a fleet of ships
29:24 and we weighted them with life sustaining supplies
29:27 to send help to the United States of America,
29:30 to help the people here.
29:32 And so we sent that fleet off with praise and well wishes,
29:35 but along the way as our fleet is heading for your country,
29:39 they passed Hawaii and they decided to stop.
29:43 And they stopped in Hawaii
29:44 and they liked the beaches there.
29:46 In fact there was some good prospects for business there
29:49 and so they started to trade there,
29:51 and all the while the thought of the dying
29:55 and the perishing in this country
29:57 was pushed out of their minds.
29:59 You know what, if that happened today,
30:01 you and I would look at that
30:03 and we would say that such an action was inhuman.
30:08 I actually just paraphrased,
30:09 I put it in my own words
30:11 an illustration that Ellen White
30:12 uses in her writings,
30:14 and at the end of her illustration,
30:16 she says this,
30:18 Christians are daily repeating this sin.
30:24 Testimonies volume 8, page 25,
30:27 can I read to you another quote?
30:28 Christ Object Lessons, page 303,
30:31 multitudes of perishing,
30:34 "The destiny of a world hangs in the balance.
30:36 But this hardly moves the people,
30:38 hardly moves those who claim to believe
30:41 the most far reaching truth ever given to mortals.
30:44 There is a stupor,
30:46 a paralysis upon the people of God
30:48 which prevents them from
30:50 understanding the duty of the hour.
30:53 Again the Review and Herald, Review and Sabbath Herald,
30:55 "My brother my sister,
30:58 is it nothing to you to know that
31:00 every day souls are going down into the grave unwarned
31:04 and unsaved,
31:06 ignorant of their need of eternal life
31:08 and of the atonement made for them by the Savior.
31:11 These are very strong quotes.
31:14 Spurgeon, the great Baptist preacher,
31:17 one of the greatest preachers
31:19 I think the world has ever seen.
31:20 He loved Jesus so much,
31:23 I love that when I was reading a biography on his life.
31:25 The biographer wrote of how one night
31:28 while Spurgeon was asleep,
31:30 he broke out into a sermon about Jesus in his sleep.
31:34 His wife woke up, took notes,
31:37 handed them to him the next morning
31:38 and he went down to the tabernacle
31:40 and preached it.
31:41 That's how consumed Spurgeon's heart was with Jesus.
31:44 He loved the Lord, but you know what,
31:47 that love for the Lord
31:48 always causes us to love people as well.
31:53 And he loved people, listen to what he said.
31:57 This is, this is good Spurgeon English.
31:59 If sinners will be damped,
32:01 at least let them leap to hell over our bodies.
32:05 And if they will perish,
32:07 let them perish without arms about their knees,
32:10 imploring them to stay if hell must be filled,
32:13 at least let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions,
32:16 and let not one go there unwarned and unprayed for.
32:23 There was a family
32:25 and they were traveling home after a family holiday.
32:28 And as they were driving along the road,
32:30 they were enjoying,
32:32 you know, talking in the car
32:33 and they had a little eight year old boy
32:34 and he's sitting in the back seat
32:36 and he's talking away to his mom and dad in the front seat.
32:38 They came over a hill and as they came over a hill,
32:42 another car coming around the corner was flying
32:44 at top speed and it ended up veering into oncoming traffic,
32:48 and as that car comes around, it veers into oncoming traffic,
32:51 next thing you know, this is terrible accident
32:54 and cars and bodies are going places
32:57 and several cars stopped but this family they soared,
33:00 they were shocked and they just kept driving.
33:03 That night, as they are going to go to sleep,
33:07 the father puts his son into his bed
33:10 and the son had not spoken much
33:12 ever since he saw what he saw that afternoon.
33:15 And he says to his son,
33:17 he says, "Son, try to sleep."
33:19 And the little boy was silent,
33:21 and finally he broke out into tears
33:23 and he said daddy,
33:25 how can we sleep when people die.
33:30 My friends, every day thousands are dying
33:35 without any knowledge of Jesus Christ
33:37 or the salvation that he gave to purchase them.
33:41 The salvation he purchased for them by giving his life.
33:45 According to the Adventist Frontier Missions website,
33:48 I got this, this is fresh,
33:50 there are 7, 000 unreached people groups
33:54 representing more than two billion people
33:57 in our world today,
33:58 86 percent of these unreached people groups
34:01 live in the 10/40 window
34:02 which stretches across northeastern Africa
34:05 and across southern Asia as well.
34:08 Not only that but even in our own backyard,
34:11 there are people here
34:12 who have never heard the gospel.
34:14 Most people never attend church
34:16 because no one has ever invited them.
34:19 But Jesus' instruction to you and I has been very clear.
34:23 If He Himself was here to give this charge this morning,
34:27 He would be telling us to go there for
34:30 into all the world and teach them,
34:32 baptizing them in the name of the Father,
34:34 the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
34:35 He would be charging us to go and share the gospel.
34:39 So my friends, how can we sit here?
34:42 How can we just come to conference after conference
34:44 and just sit here and be satisfied like this?
34:48 Paul could not be satisfied
34:50 with sitting around and doing nothing.
34:51 In 1 Corinthians 9:16, he says,
34:55 Woe is onto me if I preach not the gospel.
34:58 He was committed to the gospel of Christ.
35:01 Too many of us are like this man who went,
35:05 who professed conversion
35:06 and he was talking with his minister
35:08 and the minister said to him, have you joined the church,
35:11 have you joined the church and the man said, "No,
35:14 I'm a converted man
35:15 and I don't need to join the church
35:16 because the dying thief, he never joined the church.
35:20 Well, do you talk to your neighbors about Jesus?
35:23 No, the dying thief,
35:24 he never talked to his neighbors about Jesus.
35:27 I don't think I have to.
35:28 Well, do you support missions in any way?
35:31 Do you give to missions?
35:32 The man looked at his pastor, said pastor,
35:35 the dying thief never gave to missions
35:38 and he was promised eternal life.
35:40 Well, said the minister, my friend,
35:42 the difference between the two of you is that
35:45 he was a dying thief and you are living one.
35:49 Sometimes I wonder
35:51 if maybe God had told us the gospel was a secret,
35:55 maybe it would have spread more quickly
35:56 because we don't want to tell everybody about it.
35:59 Friends, the world needs to know
36:01 that there is a fountain filled with blood
36:04 and sin is plunged beneath
36:06 that flood lose all the guilty stains.
36:09 People need to know the gospel,
36:11 everybody deserves to know about Jesus.
36:15 How can we sit here and do nothing?
36:20 I don't know, oh,
36:22 probably that came from America, Popeye,
36:24 are you familiar with Popeye?
36:26 Okay.
36:27 We have that in Australia too.
36:30 Well, some of you might have grown up
36:31 watching a bit of Popeye, the sailorman.
36:34 And you will remember that Popeye,
36:35 he has a girl in his life it's Olive
36:38 and every time Olive is in trouble,
36:41 Popeye usually come the minute changes.
36:44 He gets so worked up and if,
36:47 if she is in danger
36:48 or if something could potentially harm Olive,
36:50 he explodes, and he shouts,
36:54 that's all I can stand, I can't stands it no more.
36:57 And he pops the can of spinach downs it
36:59 and off it goes and saves Olive
37:01 from whatever could happen to her.
37:02 You know what?
37:04 I think we need to have a Popeye moment as a church.
37:08 We cannot be contempt to let this go on like this.
37:12 Do you think that God is content
37:15 to let the world perish around us like this?
37:18 No.
37:20 How can we be content when God is not content?
37:24 The divine discontent,
37:25 oh, that is in the heart of God or to stir us,
37:29 in order to touch us, in order to move us as well.
37:33 Oh!
37:35 Amen.
37:36 Friends, Calvary happened
37:38 because the heart of God could not be content
37:42 until the way of salvation had been made for you and I.
37:46 The Godhead was rent asunder
37:48 because God could not bear
37:49 the thought of an eternity without you.
37:52 The Bible tells us in Romans 5:8,
37:54 but God demonstrates His own love toward us in that
37:58 while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
38:03 We have got to lay our lives down
38:06 for the purposes of God.
38:09 This is not a Sabbath picnic.
38:11 It's not an eternal potluck.
38:14 This is an invitation to challenges.
38:18 It's not an invitation
38:20 to continuously good and happy times.
38:22 Friends, we are at war.
38:24 Lives, eternal destinies are at stake.
38:27 After the terrible events of September 11,
38:30 a pastor in your country,
38:32 he said these words in a passionate sermon,
38:34 he said, "My mind is forever branded
38:38 with the story that I heard of police officers
38:40 from the city of New York.
38:43 As people were fleeing from a crumbling building,
38:46 there were police officers and firemen
38:49 and others running toward the building
38:52 saying run for your life at their own peril,
38:56 and in some cases he said,
38:58 I believe they knew they were going to die
39:01 but there was a sense of duty.
39:03 Oh, that our own sense of duty would not be less
39:08 for God's kingdom than that of the police officers
39:11 and firemen who had,
39:12 they had for those who are perishing
39:14 in a burning falling tower.
39:17 Amen.
39:19 Time I believe is running out.
39:22 The clock of prophecy is ticking.
39:25 I think we would be stunned speechless
39:28 if we knew how much time we really have left.
39:32 The situation is serious, it's the saints who are not.
39:37 Friends, Testimonies volume 8, page 28 says,
39:41 Christ gave himself for sinners.
39:45 When we truly know,
39:48 when we truly understand and meditate
39:51 on how God bankrupted heaven for you
39:54 and for me when we truly know the love of God for us,
39:58 then we two will get this,
40:00 we will have this burning divine
40:02 discontentment in our hearts
40:05 for the salvation of the world around us
40:07 and it will consume us.
40:09 We'll think about it all day,
40:11 we will toss and turn over it at night
40:13 because it grips us,
40:15 it will kick and scream inside of us
40:17 until we will say I can't stand this no more,
40:20 Lord, please send me,
40:22 show me how I can reach out
40:24 to the perishing world around me
40:26 and take the gospel to them.
40:29 Well, our theme verse
40:30 for this whole weekend has been
40:33 from Revelation 17:14,
40:36 if you want to read it with me,
40:37 please go there, Revelation 17:14.
40:48 Revelation 17:14,
40:50 we probably should have this memorized by now.
40:53 It says, "These will make war with the Lamb,
40:56 and the Lamb will overcome them,
40:58 for He is Lord of lords and King of kings,
41:01 and those who are with Him are called chosen
41:06 and faithful."
41:08 Friends, those who are with him are called chosen and faithful.
41:14 Every heart with Jesus.
41:17 Every heart that has Jesus living
41:19 inside of it is a missionary.
41:22 And every heart without Jesus is a mission field.
41:26 When we have a relationship with Jesus,
41:29 when we have this relationship with the Lamb,
41:32 his mission becomes our mission.
41:35 We too will want to be about our Father's business as well.
41:39 Amen.
41:40 Dwight Moody, an amazing wonderful soul winner.
41:44 He once made a vow,
41:47 never to let a day go by
41:49 without witnessing to at least one person.
41:52 One night he was going to go to sleep,
41:55 it was 10 pm at night and then he realized something.
41:59 He hadn't shared Jesus with anybody that day,
42:02 so he put his coat on walked outside,
42:04 and the first man he found standing underneath a lamp post
42:08 or a light post,
42:09 he said, "Excuse me, friend,
42:10 do you know Jesus Christ?"
42:12 That man broke out into a rage.
42:15 Who do you think you are?
42:16 Where do you come from?"
42:18 He found himself that man went
42:19 and found the elder of the church
42:21 and he complained about what Moody was doing
42:23 and how he had accosted him on the street
42:25 and the elder pleaded with Moody,
42:27 please stop what you are doing.
42:29 Try and do things differently.
42:31 Moody didn't changed, he continued to do this
42:33 and you know what, three months passed
42:37 and the man eventually came to Moody's home and apologized.
42:41 And when he apologized, he told him,
42:44 how that question that Moody had asked him
42:46 that had set his mind thinking and asking questions.
42:49 God had let him on a journey
42:51 and Moody was able to lead that man
42:53 in a prayer of surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ.
42:56 Moody was an uncultured, untrained, shoes salesman.
43:01 He was not ordained.
43:02 And yet God used him to lead thousands of people
43:07 to faith in Jesus Christ.
43:10 Friends, estimates vary,
43:11 but it is taught that he has lead us,
43:15 he lead, sorry,
43:16 as many as a million people
43:18 to profess faith in Jesus Christ.
43:22 If God can use Moody, God can use us as well.
43:26 We should do that as well.
43:28 It takes courage to share Jesus today
43:32 and it took courage to share the good news with the city
43:36 that was already cutting them off for those lepers.
43:39 It was a brave thing to go back to the people
43:42 who had mistreated them,
43:43 who had ignored them and despised them.
43:46 But, friends, those lepers went back,
43:48 because they felt that upon them
43:50 rested the duty of saving Samaria
43:54 and to delay even till the sun again reddened
43:57 the morning sky would be to sacrifice life.
44:02 To keep their secret for just 24 hours
44:06 might mean that hundreds back home
44:08 might die of starvation within the walls of Samaria.
44:12 And this brings me to another point, my friends,
44:15 the divine discontentment of heaven,
44:17 when we catch it,
44:18 when we feel it,
44:20 it will stir us to action for the world around us.
44:24 Doing nothing is not an option for us.
44:28 We get one chance at life, this is it.
44:32 You and I were made for a mission.
44:35 Amen. Amen.
44:38 We have to do that again.
44:39 You and I were made for a mission.
44:43 The great commission,
44:44 and notice it's the great co-mission,
44:46 when we go, we do not go alone,
44:49 God is with us.
44:51 It's time you and I felt discontent,
44:53 the divine discontentment of heaven
44:56 burning in our hearts over our own spiritual refuge,
45:00 and over the salvation of the lost
45:02 and starving souls around us.
45:04 GYC, that's you.
45:06 I want to charge you this morning to be discontent.
45:11 Be discontent with your devotions
45:14 until your devotional life draws you
45:16 into great devotion to Jesus.
45:19 Be discontent with your prayer life
45:21 until your prayers are red hot with sincerity
45:24 and total surrender.
45:26 Let us be discontent until like Moody,
45:29 we have shared the everlasting gospel of Jesus,
45:32 either by word or deed with someone every day.
45:37 Let us be discontent
45:39 until our churches are active
45:41 centers of soul winning and evangelism.
45:44 And if you must gossip, gossip the gospel.
45:47 Let us be discontent
45:49 until our board meetings are busy
45:51 not with deciding the color of the carpet,
45:54 but with the prayerful development of a plans
45:57 for the urgent and strategic sharing of the gospel
46:00 with the perishing world around us.
46:03 Let us be discontent
46:05 until our oath on the altar of sacrifice is laid
46:09 and our hearts does the Holy Sprit
46:12 have full control over.
46:13 Amen.
46:15 Oskar Schindler was the member of the Nazi Party
46:19 and he is responsible for saving
46:22 over 1, 100 Jews in Poland
46:25 during the holocaust, amazing story.
46:28 More than 6,000 people are today alive in Europe,
46:32 The United States and Israel as a result of what he did.
46:37 When Germany finally surrendered,
46:40 Schindler knew that he was a wanted man
46:42 for using the Jews as slave laborers and so,
46:47 there is a film that portraits his story and his life,
46:50 and at the end of the film there is a powerful scene
46:53 and I want to relate it to you right now.
46:55 In the last scene of this film,
46:58 Schindler is surrounded by the 1,000, a 1,000 Jews,
47:02 whom he has saved by having them work for him
47:06 and his accountant turned friend Itzhak Stern,
47:10 I hope I said that right.
47:12 He gives Schindler a gold ring
47:14 and on that ring is an inscription
47:17 which Stern translates for him,
47:19 and he says this, its Hebrew from the Talmud, it says,
47:23 "Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire."
47:27 And Schindler is deeply moved by this gift
47:30 and by all those that surround him,
47:32 who are thanking him for what he has done for them.
47:36 He says, "I could have got more out,
47:38 I could have got more."
47:41 Stern reassures him, it's okay, Oskar,
47:43 there are 1, 100 people alive because of you.
47:48 He says, "If I had made more money,
47:50 I threw so much away,
47:52 if I had made more money, you have no idea.
47:54 I did, I just didn't do enough."
47:57 And he is weeping again, Stern says, "You did so much,
48:00 it's okay."
48:01 Schindler laments, this car, why did I keep this car.
48:05 There are ten people right here,
48:07 ten people right here,
48:09 he takes off his Nazi batch,
48:12 it's a lapel and it was made of gold,
48:13 he says, this is gold.
48:15 Two more people right here, at least two, may be one,
48:18 they would have given me at least one more person.
48:21 I could have saved one more person.
48:25 My friends, Jesus is coming soon
48:29 and when he comes,
48:30 he's goanna split open that eastern sky,
48:33 he's goanna come with all the holy angles of heaven,
48:36 and on that day when every eye will see him.
48:39 It won't matter how much money we have in the bank.
48:42 It won't matter what car we drove.
48:46 It won't matter even how many GYCs we went to.
48:50 The only thing that will matter is whether or not
48:52 we have been faithful to Jesus
48:54 and faithful to his course in sharing the gospel.
48:58 Because, friends, if we don't share who will?
49:01 We've got to tell others about Jesus.
49:04 I believe that God is going to move
49:07 in a mighty way through his church
49:10 in the very near future.
49:12 I believe that the greatest days of this
49:14 great advent movement are just in front of us.
49:17 God is going to pour out his spirit
49:20 with Pentecostal power, latter rain power and, friends,
49:24 God's people are going to rise up
49:25 and this world will be impacted with the love
49:28 and the light of God
49:29 with his truth and with his glory
49:31 and the work will be finished.
49:34 And in the same way that God took care of the enemy
49:37 that surrounded Samaria,
49:39 God will take care of the battle as well.
49:41 The battle is not ours, it is God's,
49:44 but we must take care of the good news.
49:47 We must take that good news to our king's household,
49:51 because the king's household is in every kindred,
49:54 nation, tribe, tongue and people.
49:56 They are in Australia.
49:58 They are in New Zealand.
49:59 They are in Mexico.
50:01 They are in Peru.
50:02 They are in the jungle villages of India.
50:04 They are in the teaming millions of China.
50:06 They are in the Middle-East as we've heard on Sabbath.
50:08 Friends, they are everywhere,
50:09 they are in the islands of the sea,
50:11 and they are waiting for someone
50:13 to come and share the gospel with them,
50:15 someone to come and bring the bread of life to them,
50:18 so that their heart hunger can be satisfied and,
50:21 friends, we haven't.
50:24 How can we sit here and do nothing.
50:27 This is the day of good news.
50:30 Amen.
50:31 This is the day of good news.
50:33 And God's heart is aching.
50:35 It is longing, it is yearning
50:37 to feed a hungry world through us
50:41 with the bread of life.
50:42 I want you to know that as I speak these words,
50:46 that I feel like I am preaching to myself.
50:49 So I look at my own life,
50:51 I am appalled at the indifference
50:53 that I showed to a perishing world around me.
50:56 And today I want to commit to change,
50:59 but I want to invite you to meditate,
51:01 we are going to sing a song right now.
51:03 My friend Sania and my sister Marleta
51:05 and I are going to sing a song,
51:07 it's called 'My house is full but my field is empty'.
51:11 As the song is sung,
51:13 I pray that you'll be blessed by the message
51:15 but at the end of it,
51:16 I'm going to ask you to make a commitment.
51:31 There is peace and contentment
51:37 In my Father's house today
51:42 Lots of food is on his table
51:48 And no one is turned away
51:52 There is singing and laughter
51:57 As the hours pass by
52:02 But a hush calms the singing
52:07 As the Father sadly cries
52:16 My house is full
52:21 But my field is empty
52:27 Who will go and work for me today
52:37 It seems my children all
52:41 Want to stay around my table
52:47 But no one wants to work in my field
52:57 Push away from the table
53:02 Look out through the windowpane
53:06 Just beyond this house of plenty
53:11 Lies a field of golden grain
53:16 And it's ripened unto harvest
53:21 But the reapers, where are they?
53:26 In the house Oh, count the children
53:30 Hear the Father sadly say
53:39 My house is full
53:44 But my field is empty
53:50 Who will go and work for me today
54:00 It seems my children all
54:04 Want to stay around my table
54:10 But no one wants to work in my field
54:20 My house is full
54:25 But my field is empty
54:30 Who will go and work for me today
54:40 It seems my children all
54:43 Want to stay around my table
54:49 But no one wants to work in my field
55:01 No one wants to work in my field
55:07 In the harvest field now ripened
55:13 There's a work for all to do
55:19 Hark! the Master's voice is calling
55:26 To the harvest calling you
55:40 Amen.
55:42 My, friends, that is the message
55:45 that I want to leave you with,
55:47 that his house is full but his field is empty.
55:51 Who will go?
55:52 Will you go?
55:53 If you are content with the way things are in your life
55:58 and in your church,
56:00 then don't respond to this appeal.
56:02 But if you sense the divine discontentment of heaven
56:06 for the way things are in this world
56:08 for the lost and perishing that are around us
56:10 and you are willing to say,
56:12 Lord, here I am, send me, I will go.
56:15 Then if that is the case would you stand to your feet
56:18 wherever you are,
56:19 because we want to be discontent with the same divine
56:22 discontentment of heaven today.
56:25 Let us pray together.
56:27 Our loving Father in heaven,
56:29 you see us standing before you now
56:31 because we get it, we feel it,
56:34 we feel the burden on your heart
56:37 for the lost and perishing that are around us.
56:39 We recognize that you have blessed us
56:42 and to whom much is given much is required.
56:45 Lord, I pray,
56:47 that this divine discontentment in our hearts,
56:50 it will grip us, it will stir us,
56:52 it will make us toss and turn at night until we say,
56:55 Lord, take us, use us, send us wherever you need us,
56:59 because we want to share
57:01 what you have given with us to others.
57:03 And so, Lord, we thank you,
57:05 we praise you for Jesus.
57:06 We thank you for the many blessings,
57:08 for the good spiritual fruit that we have had here.
57:11 But, Lord, as we go,
57:13 bless us as we go, go with us
57:15 and may we find many
57:17 whom we are able to share
57:19 the gospel of Jesus Christ with.
57:21 So that one day soon when Jesus comes,
57:23 we won't have to pray with eyes closed.
57:26 But we will look up,
57:27 we will see you face to face
57:29 and not only we, but our loved ones,
57:31 our friends and those whom
57:33 we have been able to labor for and work for
57:36 to bring the gospel to them as well.
57:38 And so, Lord, thank you for blessing us now,
57:41 our lives are in your hands as we leave this place,
57:44 in Jesus' name we pray.
57:45 Amen.
57:46 God bless you, you may be seated.


Revised 2017-01-30