Generation of Youth for Christ 2015

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
15GYC000001A Video Transcript 0:57:19 Opening Session Greg & Jill Morikone (Host), Natasha Nebblett
15GYC000002A Video Transcript 0:56:00 Called Chosen But Unfaithful Taj Pacleb
15GYC000003A Video Transcript 0:59:45 Plenary Maria Kennedy
15GYC000004A Video Transcript 0:59:30 Come Back Lisa Manzanares, Sebastian Braxton
15GYC000005A Video Transcript 0:59:30 Called Chosen But Unfaithful Part 2 Taj Pacleb
15GYC000006A Video Transcript 0:59:00 I Believe, Part 2 Friday Evening Josephine Elia Loi, Sabastien Braxton
15GYC000007A Video Transcript 0:59:00 Great in the Sight of the Lord Taj Pacleb
15GYC000008A Video Transcript 0:58:00 Devotional Homer Trecartin
15GYC000009A Video Transcript 0:59:45 Plenary Mark Finley
15GYC000010A Video Transcript 0:57:15 Plenary Vera Onkoba
15GYC000011A Video Transcript 0:59:45 I Believe, Part 3 Sabbath Evening Justin Terosian, Sebastien Braxton
15GYC000012A Video Transcript 0:57:45 Called, Chosen, But Unfaithful Part 3 Taj Pacleb
15GYC000013A Video Transcript
15GYC000013B Video Transcript
NA No Information Available NA


Updated 2019-06-25