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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), Mollie Steenson (Host), C.A. Murray (Host), Shelley Quinn, Brian Hamilton, Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley


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00:49 Hello and welcome to 3ABN Fall Camp Meeting.
00:53 We're so glad that that you're all here.
00:54 And those of you watching from around the world:
00:57 thank you for your love and your prayers and financial support
01:00 of 3ABN as we endeavor to take this great gospel
01:03 of the kingdom into all the world.
01:06 C.A. and Mollie: you all happy tonight?
01:08 I am elated... I love Camp Meeting!
01:11 How many of you enjoy coming to Camp Meeting?
01:13 We always have so much fun around here.
01:16 And you know we have already been praying
01:18 that the Father by the power of His Holy Spirit
01:21 will change every one of us.
01:23 How many of you came wanting to have your heart changed?
01:26 The scripture tells us: "Be not conformed to this world
01:29 but be transformed. " I'm praying for transformation.
01:32 How about you, C.A.? Amen! I think we ought to take up
01:34 an offering. I think we just heard a sermon.
01:36 OK. Amen... all right.
01:39 We are beyond excited.
01:42 Excited doesn't begin to tap into what God has infused
01:45 with this ministry over the last several weeks.
01:48 And our prayer is... our aim is during the next few days
01:52 is to infect you - yes! - with the virus that has infected us.
01:57 We want you to go home sick and infected
01:59 and then we want you to infect others
02:01 because God has given us something.
02:03 We're going to talk about it tonight. We're going to share it
02:04 with you. Christ is coming soon, and we have been possessed
02:08 dare we say - all right - of the spirit and understanding
02:11 and before this weekend is out we want to know precisely where
02:14 God is taking us because He's coming soon
02:16 and we want you all to join us as we go home together.
02:19 Amen! Mollie Sue, step up here a little...
02:21 I like you to be right up front. Now you're on television some,
02:26 but rarely do you speak here at Camp Meeting.
02:28 Are you? I'm not sure... I got in a little late.
02:30 Are you preaching tonight? I might!
02:34 I love... See why you love Mollie Sue?
02:36 'Cause she's ready in a minute here.
02:38 If we sat down, she would preach.
02:40 Absolutely. Tell us what you're thinking today.
02:43 You know, we had a board meeting this morning...
02:46 3ABN's Fall board meeting.
02:50 And I just want you all to know there is a word that keeps
02:55 coming to me, and it's just expectant.
02:57 There is just expectation - all right - and it's just been
03:00 infused in every one of us.
03:02 I've been here now over 20 years.
03:05 I was just a baby when I came.
03:08 And... You have to tell the truth now, OK?
03:11 No matter how old he gets I'm always older,
03:15 and I just think that's a shame and a disgrace.
03:17 There is so much... She looks younger, though.
03:21 I acknowledge that. OK... I'll settle for that.
03:24 But there is just an expectancy around here.
03:26 We know that God is moving in these end times.
03:30 And the exiting part is we're a part of it.
03:33 You know, I don't want to be back here on the back row,
03:36 and I have never been one in church to want to sit on the
03:39 front row, but in the end-time move of God I want to be
03:42 right up front. How 'bout you all?
03:44 Don't want to be back there somewhere. I want to be on the
03:46 tip of the arrow that's piercing the forces of darkness
03:50 and the power of the enemy and bringing the gospel of the Lord
03:53 Jesus Christ into this earth. That's what we want to do.
03:57 Preach it; preach it. You know what we're all excited about:
04:00 Jesus is coming soon. That's true. Amen!
04:02 Now we've heard that for a lot of years.
04:03 People say: "Well how do you know it's not going to be
04:05 another hundred years? " As an evangelist once said:
04:08 "If it is, God will have to apologize to Sodom and
04:12 Gomorrah. " That's right. I mean, think about living...
04:14 We've heard about prophecies all of our life.
04:17 We're living in them. I mean, can you imagine
04:19 the Supreme Court decision to re-define?
04:22 Who is man? The Lord is saying: "Where were you when
04:26 I formed the worlds? "
04:28 Who are we to change and try to re-define marriage?
04:32 Of course we can't do it.
04:33 But in the "humanness" we do. Then on the White House
04:36 showing all the homosexual colors.
04:38 I mean, that is something. Now we're not saying we're down
04:42 on gay and lesbian people.
04:44 But we don't believe it's Biblical so we also should have
04:47 a right. They have a right to say what they want to say,
04:49 right? They're out. And so we should have a...
04:51 we should have the opportunity to say: "You know what?
04:55 We believe the Bible and the Bible only. " Amen!
04:59 Now God's your... anybody that's in that movement
05:01 God's their judge. We're not judging people.
05:03 God does that. But it's our responsibility
05:07 to tell people the truth.
05:08 So we can't be quiet when these things are happening.
05:11 What this is is a wake-up call to all of us.
05:16 And I've said this before, Mollie, but I see no difference.
05:19 Some theologian can maybe give it to me...
05:22 I see no difference between what's happening
05:25 with the Supreme Court decision here in the United States of
05:27 America than I see with the national Sunday law.
05:30 And we've heard about that all of our life.
05:32 But God sanctified two things at creation,
05:35 didn't He? What'd He sanctify?
05:38 The Sabbath and marriage. Sabbath and marriage.
05:40 And any time you trample any of God's laws
05:43 judgments gonna fall - that's true - because
05:45 what you've said is: "God, we don't need You any more.
05:47 We're going to just rule ourselves. "
05:49 Now all we've got to do is look at the Bible and see
05:50 that doesn't happen. We've got a long, several thousand
05:53 years of history. When you push God out
05:56 what happens? Without God there is no life.
05:58 So what an opportunity that we don't have to talk about it
06:02 any more "Well some years down the road eventually
06:04 this is going to happen and that's going to happen. "
06:06 It's happening right now.
06:08 I mean, who would have ever thought we would live in a time?
06:11 The Pope's here right now, right?
06:13 Thank you for coming here in- stead of going to see the Pope.
06:16 We're glad that you came here.
06:18 He's got enough people following him!
06:20 I think the Bible says: "All the world wondered after... "
06:24 But Pastor John Lomacang is there. I think he's maybe
06:26 on his way back. He's getting some video
06:28 and some footage to keep us updated
06:31 on what's happening around the world.
06:33 And one of the new energies we're putting into 3ABN...
06:36 We want to do some town-hall-type meetings
06:39 so that every week or so we give updates on what's
06:42 happening. Things are happening so fast we have to
06:44 do it every week! So we're going to have these meetings
06:47 where we literally can talk and discuss about present truth
06:50 and events that are happening around the world that affect
06:54 you and me. That's right. Satan is out to steal, kill,
06:57 and to destroy. Jesus said: "I am come to
06:59 give you life and give it more abundantly. "
07:02 And right now the devil is out doing all he can do
07:05 so it's time... There's a war raging!
07:07 There's a... Somebody say amen? I heard somebody.
07:10 There's a war raging right now.
07:12 There's a great controversy between good and evil.
07:14 Am I telling the truth? Yes! And we're on one side or
07:17 the other whether we like it or not.
07:19 You don't have a choice.
07:20 Somebody said: "Nobody tells me what to do. "
07:22 Well no, but whatever... You are already...
07:25 Your decisions; we're either on God's side or we're on the
07:28 side of the devil. There isn't a purgatory
07:30 if anybody's thinkin' there is. I don't think that's Biblical,
07:33 is it C.A.? You're the theologian.
07:35 So we are excited to be alive in the closing moments
07:38 of earth's history and have a tool that literally
07:41 is reaching around the world.
07:43 And we're excited that these events are happening
07:46 and it gives us hope that Jesus could even come...
07:49 As old as M... I mean as old as I am, Jesus could
07:52 come in... What?
07:57 I'm sorry. Anyway, you get the point. I wasn't
08:00 sure if I said something bad about her or not.
08:03 But anyway, you get the point.
08:04 As old as we are, we might get to live to see Jesus come.
08:07 Isn't that exciting? That is exciting.
08:09 You know, in thinking about this, we've read the end of the
08:13 book. Do we know how this is going to end?
08:16 We've read the end of the book.
08:18 However... how many of you want the Lord to return?
08:21 We say this so often and we do. We want the Lord to return.
08:25 But you know, there's a whole lot gonna happen between now
08:28 and then, and it's not going to be pleasant.
08:31 BUT God has called an end-time people
08:34 and we are that end-time people. Amen!
08:36 You know, those that will give their life and their hearts
08:39 to this end-time move of God because it's
08:42 an end-time move of God, Danny.
08:44 It's not just an end-time move of the enemy.
08:46 Yeah, he's raring his ugly head, but the kingdom of God
08:50 suffereth violence but what? The violent take it by force.
08:54 How do we take it? By prayer and intercession
08:57 on our knees. Every battle that's won
08:59 you know where it's won first?
09:01 It's won on your knees in your prayer closet.
09:04 So we've read the end of the book; we know how it's
09:07 gonna end BUT it's up to us
09:10 to be obedient to what God tells us to do. I think it's time to
09:12 lift another offering; I think she's done it again!
09:14 You notice the difference in the black and the white churches?
09:18 We take up offerings... they LIFT offerings.
09:20 You hear that? They all say "We lift offerings. "
09:23 Now I'm not going to say any more to that.
09:24 You think about it. "We lift an offering. " We just say
09:27 "It's time to take up an offering. "
09:29 They're like: "Let's lift our offering right now. " Indeed!
09:31 I don't know what all that means but I notice that difference,
09:33 C.A. Praise the Lord!
09:35 And I like the way you do it better.
09:39 The greatest thing in the world is being where God wants you
09:43 to be doing what God wants you to do.
09:47 And that's why you see this "quiescent giddiness"
09:51 around 3ABN. It starts with Shelley Quinn
09:54 and goes right down. Even Brian. And treasurers are notably
09:58 dour, sour, sober individuals.
10:01 More like undertakers. Yeah, yeah.
10:02 Sometimes they're more like undertakers.
10:04 But even Brian giggled his way through board meeting
10:08 this morning. It was a pleasure to see
10:11 that face doing what he's doing right now.
10:14 Because God has litten? lighted? That's right.
10:19 Yeah... struck a match and we are all on fire
10:24 for the Lord. Yes! And like I said, we want to...
10:26 we want that fire to hit critical mass and just go and go
10:29 and go because God has given us something that we believe -
10:32 and I think Shelley was the first person to say it -
10:34 that it's going to usher in the Latter Rain of God.
10:38 And when God does this He does it in different areas.
10:40 And so we want you to keep your eyes open because God is
10:42 starting something here that's going to crescendo.
10:45 This is not the latest plan; this is not the latest scheme.
10:48 This is not the latest mechanism of 3ABN.
10:51 This is a move of God in the body of Christ - all right -
10:54 which is going to help finish the work.
10:56 And Danny said this morning: "When you're broke and you
10:58 don't have any money and everything is going bad
11:01 that's the time to go evangelize. "
11:03 And that's why Brian was smiling this morning
11:05 'cause the coffers didn't look too good.
11:07 And I said: "He's got the vision because a treasurer
11:10 doesn't smile when there's not any money in the bank. "
11:12 But he's smiling because he's read the back of the book.
11:15 Right? Yeah. We say this so many times:
11:19 it looks like we like each other.
11:27 And we do! OK. The rumors are true.
11:31 We love each other and we love God.
11:35 All right. Amen? Amen. And when you've got a love for Jesus
11:38 and a love for your fellows you cannot help but shine
11:42 for Christ. All right. You cannot help but shine
11:44 and you cannot help but share what God has given you.
11:47 We're a little selfish because in Ezekiel...
11:50 Cancel. In Ecclesiastes it says it twice - OK -
11:55 that if you see your brother going down
11:58 and you see your brother in error
12:00 and you say nothing God says "I'm holding you accountable
12:05 for them. " So our enthusiasm is just a little bit selfish.
12:08 We've got enough sin in our own lives as it was.
12:11 We don't want to be guilty of yours.
12:13 So we're telling you like God said tell you
12:15 so that we can free ourselves of that little burden
12:17 and we can help you on the way to the kingdom too.
12:19 It's a good thing to share Jesus Christ.
12:22 And when you help others, guess what?
12:24 You help yourself.
12:25 You know, C.A. said we were infected? We're contagious!
12:29 Oh! All right. You hang out with us long enough
12:31 you're gonna get what we've got.
12:34 All right; I love it.
12:35 One other thing that just occurred to me:
12:38 here we are, living in the closing moments of earth's
12:40 history. So many things happened around our capital.
12:43 I already told you about the colors over it.
12:45 This week the Pope is there.
12:47 I was there Monday and C.A. and Greg.
12:50 And when would you think while the Pope is visiting
12:54 all of these things, redefinition of marriage
12:57 and a SDA running for president of the United States.
13:01 Now that's something we wouldn't have thought about
13:03 in our wildest dreams, right?
13:05 And so we are on the brink of eternity.
13:08 But you know what? It's a beautiful world.
13:10 Amen! It's a beautiful world. Yes it is!
13:12 And I'm telling everybody we ought to be able to say
13:14 as Christians: "It is a beautiful world. "
13:17 Right here in Benton, IL, just 8 miles down the road,
13:19 if you go around the little town square
13:22 some of you goin' out to Wal-Mart look to your right
13:24 you see the old courthouse and you see a hangman's platform
13:28 and a hangman's noose coming down
13:31 where I think - I'm not sure when it was -
13:33 1929 or whenever the last person that was hung
13:37 around here that I know of anyway
13:38 was a guy named Charlie Burger.
13:40 And he was a gangster. He and the Shelton gang...
13:43 Sorry but he and the Shelton... Sorry to inform some of you
13:46 of that now, but the Shelton gang. There's numbers
13:48 of books written about the southern Illinois Shelton gang.
13:50 Brothers that did a lot of armed. They fought against
13:53 each other, and it was all over... during prohibition days.
13:57 And so all this fighting. But Charlie Burger got hung
13:59 on the Benton square. As he went up, and this is
14:02 what the people and all the accounts say:
14:04 a guy's going to his death. He's a young man...
14:07 I don't know, 30 or whatever...
14:08 he climbs up the stairs. They're putting the noose
14:11 around his neck. They say a lot of tough guys go to pieces
14:16 then, right? Tough guys go to pieces...
14:19 especially if you've not given your life to Jesus.
14:22 But they say to him: "Do you have any last words? "
14:25 You know what he said? "It's a beautiful world. "
14:29 And I said: "Now if a guy that's gettin' ready to be hung
14:32 and in 5 seconds or 10 is going to be dead
14:34 can say "It's a beautiful world, "
14:36 shame on us if we can't say that, right?
14:38 Amen! Why is it beautiful? Because God created it.
14:40 That's right. It's not every- thing that's in it goin' on.
14:43 It's ugly... there's sin goin' on.
14:45 But it's a beautiful world because we're only here for
14:47 a fleeting moment and then it's eternity.
14:49 Well I had some kids join me... This past year or so
14:53 I wrote a number of songs and we did a brand-new project.
14:56 We had the CD out a few months ago, but just
15:00 I think we just finished it this last week.
15:02 I brought some of the young folk here, and these songs -
15:05 there's a CD and DVD for kids -
15:07 all of them talk about the cross of Calvary.
15:10 They give certain Biblical beliefs that we embrace
15:13 as Christians and Seventh-day Adventist
15:15 Christians. And so we're actually going to show
15:17 one of the videos that we have right now
15:19 that the kids did just a few weeks ago here.
15:22 And the title song is "It's a Beautiful World. "
15:36 It's a beautiful world that God made
15:41 just for you and for me.
15:45 He created it all in six days
15:50 I have faith to believe.
15:54 The Bible tells the story
15:58 of God's great power and glory.
16:03 He made the light, the earth and sea;
16:07 He made the flowers and the buzzing bumble bees.
16:13 It's a beautiful world that God made
16:18 just for you and for me.
16:23 God created everything in just six days.
16:26 On the first day God created light
16:28 and on the second day He made the heavenly skies.
16:32 On the third day He created the grass,
16:34 the trees, and the plants.
16:36 On the fourth day He created the sun, the moon, and the stars.
16:41 And on the fifth day God created the fish
16:43 and all the wonderful sea creatures in the water
16:46 and He created all the birds in the air.
16:51 It's a beautiful world that God made
16:56 just for you and for me.
17:00 He created it all in six days
17:05 I have faith to believe.
17:09 The Bible tells the story - story -
17:13 of God's great power and glory - glory.
17:18 He made the light, the earth and sea;
17:22 He made the flowers and the buzzing bumble bee.
17:29 It's a beautiful world that God made
17:34 just for you and for me.
17:38 And on the sixth day He created all the beautiful
17:40 animal life on the earth but He also created
17:44 something very special that sixth day.
17:47 Yes, special and dear to the heart of God.
17:50 You guessed it. He created you and me.
17:56 The Bible tells the story - story -
18:00 of God's great power and glory - glory.
18:05 He made the light, the earth and sea;
18:09 He made the flowers and the buzzing bumble bee.
18:15 It's a beautiful world that God made
18:20 just for you and for me.
18:24 After He created everything in just six days
18:28 the Bible says that God rested.
18:30 Let's read about it in Genesis 2:1-3.
18:57 It's a beautiful world that God made
19:02 just for you and for me.
19:06 He created it all in six days
19:11 I have faith to believe.
19:15 It's a beautiful world - it's a beautiful world.
19:20 It's a beautiful world - it's a beautiful world.
19:24 It's a beautiful world - it's a beautiful world.
19:29 It's a beautiful world - it's a beautiful world.
19:33 It's a beautiful world - it's a beautiful world.
19:37 Indeed it is a beautiful world!
19:39 And I'll tell you: this is a wonderful music project.
19:43 It's available now in both CD and DVD.
19:45 And it is not only for the youth. We're finding that...
19:50 You know, there's only one thing wrong with that song
19:52 and most of the songs that are on this
19:54 is that once you hear them you find yourself running around
19:57 the house... It stays in your mind.
19:59 And I think that's how Danny knew he had some great songs
20:02 that the Lord gave him is because he'd play them for his
20:04 grandkids and he'd hear them running around singing.
20:07 So it is a beautiful world.
20:09 And as C.A. said, we love the Lord... we love each other.
20:12 But I want you to know that we love you, too.
20:14 And we pray about that. We ask God... You know,
20:17 Romans 5:5 says He will "pour His love into our hearts. "
20:21 And that's how we are enabled to love Him with all of our
20:24 heart, soul, mind, and strength
20:26 and love each other as ourself.
20:29 But I want you to know that if you are not
20:33 concerned about the salvation of others
20:36 you need to have a heart check.
20:40 Because if the love of God is in you
20:44 you are going to be concerned about others.
20:47 And when Danny came and told me the very first time
20:50 he said - he's always saying - "The blessing is on the GO. "
20:54 But he said: "We are going to start
20:56 the Blessing Is on the "GO!" evangelistic team. "
21:00 And he said: "This is how we're going to do it. "
21:01 And he started talking. I have not, and everybody
21:04 can testify to this, my feet have not touched the ground
21:09 since. This is to me... I feel like everything that God has
21:14 done in the past 31 years here at 3ABN
21:18 was just to get the network in place
21:21 so that this program could be launched.
21:25 And I don't want to call it a program because it isn't
21:27 a program or a project. This is a MOVEMENT.
21:31 And what we... the way we look at it is
21:34 it's just like we've got this fabric that's woven
21:37 and now God is going to come along and He's weaving you in.
21:42 You can become part of the "GO" evangelistic team.
21:47 The way in which it works is that if you give a monthly
21:51 donation of any amount you can become a "GO" evangelistic team
21:55 member and we will send you a resource each month:
22:00 a book or a CD or a Bible study,
22:03 something that you can go share with your family
22:07 and your friends and your neighbors.
22:09 You will be supporting not only your local evangelism
22:13 but evangelism around the world!
22:15 That's what 3ABN's all about.
22:17 Our mission is to give present-truth messages
22:22 to proclaim the three angels' messages.
22:25 And not only that, but we need to be proclaiming
22:28 the message of Revelation 18:
22:31 "Come out of her Babylon... Babylon is fallen. "
22:34 And Danny, when you were talking about end times
22:38 there's no doubt in my mind that Jesus is returning soon.
22:41 Did you know this week they raised the flag
22:46 of the Holy See at the United Nations?
22:50 First time ever.
22:53 What does that say?
22:55 The Holy See is a political power.
22:59 Revelation talks about this political power
23:04 that is also a religious power.
23:06 We're close... we're close.
23:09 So I don't know how many of you are members of the
23:12 Blessing Is on the "GO!" team yet.
23:14 When you sign up we will send you a certificate
23:17 and it is signed by Danny.
23:20 He's getting a little bit of writer's cramp
23:22 because he's been signing these certificates.
23:25 You also get a Blessing Is on the "GO!" book
23:27 and then you are officially part of our team.
23:31 What I want to do... I'd like to call
23:34 Jacki and Bruce Fjarli up.
23:37 Mollie, would you like to come up here for a moment?
23:40 Because we have Jacki and Bruce Fjarli...
23:45 They're like "Whoa! " Yes, come on up.
23:50 You know, we were honored earlier, just a few weeks ago,
23:55 to have a new chairman of the board elected here at 3ABN,
23:59 and Bruce Fjarli is the new chairman of the board of
24:02 directors at 3ABN. And he and his family
24:05 have been so supportive of 3ABN for many, many years.
24:09 Merlin was on the board before.
24:11 That's his father. And we have something
24:15 now that we would like to present to Jacki and to Bruce
24:24 and that would be their Blessing Is on the "GO!"
24:27 evangelistic team certificate.
24:30 And Jacki's sitting here saying: "If I'd know you were
24:33 going to do this I could have gotten dressed up. "
24:35 That's not the way we work at 3ABN!
24:38 And what you receive when you first become a member
24:41 of the Blessing Is on the "GO!" evangelistic team
24:45 is... Shelley, would you like to give them their book.
24:47 Now the reason I have two plaques here
24:52 is because Bruce, your mother Jo Ann has been a member
24:57 of this team now for quite some time
24:59 and she hasn't received her certificate yet. So Jo Ann,
25:03 if you are watching, thank you so much for being
25:05 a member of the team. And I'm going to give it to Jacki
25:08 and I'm sure she'll take good care of it
25:10 and give it to you. Thank you.
25:13 Thank you. Thank you so much.
25:14 And I just want to say one more thing.
25:16 As C.A. said, the reason I am so excited
25:20 is I believe with all of my heart
25:23 this is how the Lord is going to begin the Latter Rain...
25:29 pouring out the Latter Rain.
25:31 Because we can talk about evangelism;
25:34 we can talk about revival;
25:36 we can study and be among ourselves
25:40 till the cows come home, and if we are not out sharing
25:46 we're dead! And I use this analogy:
25:50 When we were in Israel... the Jordan river at the source
25:54 of the Jordan is amazing. It's just... you can feel
25:58 the ions in the air as the river is rushing down.
26:01 This living water. And it empties into the Sea of Galilee.
26:06 Well, the Sea of Galilee is teeming with life.
26:09 There's life and irrigation and farming
26:12 and there's just all this life around the Sea of Galilee.
26:15 Why? Because the Sea of Galilee has an outlet.
26:18 And the Jordan river then goes on from the Sea of Galilee
26:22 to the Dead Sea.
26:25 Why is the Dead Sea dead?
26:28 Because there's no outlet.
26:30 And if you simply receive the messages
26:35 but you don't share the messages
26:38 you're going to be like the Dead Sea.
26:40 So what this program will enable you to do...
26:44 If you're 9 to 90 years old you can participate
26:48 because you can share each month this evangelistic tool
26:51 with... If you're a stay-at-home person, if you have to have a
26:56 caregiver, you can share it with your caregiver
26:58 or with the mailman. Or you can invite people over
27:01 to watch it or to discuss it.
27:04 This is a program that anyone can do.
27:07 And not only will you be supporting... be growing
27:11 yourself but you're also helping 3ABN. We've got big plans
27:15 for evangelistic series around the world
27:17 and it is going to be exciting.
27:20 But the way I feel is we evangelize every day.
27:23 So... here's the deal:
27:25 I'm going to be "dogging" you
27:27 through the rest of the Camp Meeting.
27:30 We've got a sign-up booth out here
27:32 and if you haven't signed up by the end, come see me.
27:35 I'll talk you into it.
27:40 You can tell that she is so very, very excited.
27:43 You know, when your spiritual batteries are running low
27:48 the way to recharge them is to work at helping someone else
27:52 come to Jesus. It works on a personal level
27:54 and it also works on a corporate level.
27:56 It works on a church level.
27:58 I have found that in all of my churches when people begin to
28:01 pick at each other a little bit and get on each other's nerves
28:04 and get cabin fever the antidote for that
28:06 is training your spiritual guns on the enemy
28:09 and going out and stealing souls from his kingdom.
28:11 Hal is saying "Amen" because you know that is true.
28:13 When you want a spiritual boost in your own life
28:17 work for the salvation of somebody else.
28:20 Lift up the name of Jesus
28:21 and in helping them I guarantee you you will be
28:23 lifting up yourself. We have targeted a number of areas
28:26 that the Lord has impressed Danny to look at
28:29 around the world. There was a time
28:32 when 3ABN was very steeped in world evangelism.
28:36 We've got Julia Outkina sitting there.
28:37 That was a consequence of a meeting done in 1992
28:42 in the former Soviet Union.
28:45 We've gone to Papua, New Guinea. Very large meetings.
28:47 Well God is impressing us to do that again.
28:50 Do we have the wherewithall? No we don't... but God does.
28:55 And when God... What do you say, Mollie? When God
28:57 guides He provides;
28:59 when God leads He gives you what you need.
29:01 So we're not worried about that. We're just answering the call
29:03 of God. On next month we will be traveling over to London
29:07 to just look at the possi- bilities of doing a big meeting
29:11 there. I want you to make that a matter of prayer.
29:13 There is resistance there.
29:15 Not so much from the church... but England is a tough place.
29:20 Europe is a tough place.
29:21 The work is not growing like it could or perhaps should
29:24 there, but we believe that God wants to do a mighty work
29:27 in Europe like He wants to do it in Africa, like He
29:31 wants to do it in North and South America,
29:34 like He wants to do it all around the world.
29:36 Our job is not to make souls or create Adventists.
29:41 Our job is to lift up the name of Jesus
29:44 and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.
29:47 Because Christ has guaranteed "If I be lifted up... "
29:51 who will draw? "I will draw... "
29:53 So our job is just to get going because the blessing
29:56 is on the? Is on the GO. And you will hear that
29:59 over and over and over again this weekend
30:02 because we believe it in our heart.
30:03 It's not just something that comes out of our mouths.
30:05 It is something that eminates from our hearts.
30:07 We believe that when you go for God
30:09 #1 God goes with you
30:11 Actually, He goes ahead of you
30:14 and prepares the way and then He goes behind you
30:17 to get your back to keep the devil off.
30:19 And He walks beside you to give power to your words
30:21 so victory is guaranteed.
30:24 So we want to remember these initiatives in prayer.
30:28 This "GO" evangelism is not just something we say.
30:32 It is something we are going to do by the grace and power
30:35 of Jesus Christ. Let me ask you a question quickly:
30:37 how many have ever had an experience in your life
30:39 that you know came from the Lord?
30:42 No doubt in your mind. You went through something
30:45 and you know that was God's deliverance.
30:47 And God gives you that to let you know that He's by your side.
30:50 That's why we love Him:
30:51 because of all of the things He's done for us.
31:12 When I think how Jesus loved me,
31:18 how He waited patiently
31:22 even when I turned my back and walked away.
31:29 When He knew I wanted everything
31:33 this world could offer me
31:38 well I guess He knew the price I'd have to pay.
31:43 So He watched me stumble downward,
31:48 saw each compromise I made,
31:52 heard each lie I whispered just to get my way.
31:58 Still He waited there to hear me
32:03 when I cried to Him and prayed
32:08 then He saved my soul
32:10 and that is why I say:
32:14 "Tell me, is it any wonder
32:21 that I love Him
32:25 when you consider all He's done for me?
32:33 And is it any wonder
32:37 that I long to do His will
32:41 and let His light shine out
32:44 for all to see?
32:48 And is it any wonder
32:53 that I praise Him
32:58 each time I think of how
33:01 He's made me free?
33:05 And is it any wonder
33:09 that I've given Him my heart
33:13 when Jesus freely gave His life for me? "
33:32 When I think how Jesus loves me,
33:37 how He watches patiently,
33:42 how His arms outstretch to meet me when I run.
33:48 When I'm feeling down and lonely
33:53 how He's there to comfort me.
33:57 In the darkness He becomes my morning sun.
34:03 When I think of how He healed me,
34:07 how He touched me in my pain,
34:11 how His gentle hands have wiped my tears away.
34:18 Now He's taken every heartache
34:22 and brought happiness again...
34:26 Oh I want the world to hear me
34:30 when I say:
34:33 "Tell me, is it any wonder
34:39 that I love Him
34:44 when you consider all He's done for me?
34:51 And is it any wonder
34:54 that I long to do His will
34:59 and let His light shine out for all to see?
35:05 And is it any wonder
35:10 that I praise Him
35:15 each time I think of how
35:18 He's made me free?
35:22 And is it any wonder
35:26 that I've given Him my heart
35:30 when Jesus freely
35:35 gave His life
35:38 for me? "
35:55 Amen!
36:00 Do you sense things are popping at 3ABN?
36:04 It's kind of like the popcorn popper you know you use
36:07 at home and accidently flip the lid off, you know?
36:10 That popcorn just goes everywhere.
36:12 That's kind of what's happening here!
36:16 One of the fun things about being at 3ABN
36:19 and also one of the challenging things about being at 3ABN
36:23 is when we get a vision, when God inspires us to do something
36:29 we don't think about the logis- tics. We just start doing it
36:32 and then work out the logistics afterwards! Amen!
36:35 And that's been happening with the "Blessing on the "GO!"
36:37 So if some of you out there have not got your "Blessing
36:41 on the "GO!" certificate and you know you've signed up
36:44 and have given for that, send us an e-mail, call us.
36:48 We're still working out all the bugs on the thing
36:51 and we'll be happy to get you your certificate
36:54 and your first gift that you can use as a tool for witnessing.
37:00 You know, in life we're not always given
37:05 joy and happiness. Sometimes sorrow and sadness
37:09 come our way. Sometimes we're given a sack of lemons.
37:15 But you know, God's in the business of taking a sack of
37:19 lemons that life might have given to you or I
37:21 and turning that into lemonade.
37:23 And that happened to us about five years ago.
37:26 Something happened in our family that brought tragedy
37:29 and sorrow to our life. But God took that thing
37:32 and He brought a ministry out of it that's been one of
37:35 most... one of the greatest blessings Diane and I have ever
37:38 participated in, and I'm talking about prison ministry.
37:41 And Danny has let me loose
37:45 from being a bean counter at 3ABN.
37:48 You know? The kind with a green eye shade sitting in a corner
37:51 mumbling, you know? He's let me loose from that.
37:54 He's given me a great assistant who is a young man named
37:57 Davy Rodriguez. Davy is taking over
38:01 the day-to-day accounting aspect, and Danny has let me
38:05 loose to be involved, or more involved in prison ministry.
38:08 And I am so excited about it.
38:11 We just have started the logistics of my move.
38:14 I've got into my new office but not settled.
38:17 But I'm in there. I got my computer, and we're getting
38:20 ready to launch out in some new areas in prison ministry.
38:25 One of the things that prisoners have is something called time.
38:31 They have a lot of time often.
38:34 And they do have televisions in prisons.
38:38 And there's a certain number of channels they get to watch.
38:41 It's chosen for them.
38:44 And we think 3ABN and its network of channels
38:48 would be ideal for those guys to see.
38:51 Don't you think so? Yes!
38:52 And so we're working to do that.
38:54 Just a few weeks ago I was teaming up with Lemuel,
38:58 Christmas Behind Bars, and we went to Arkansas...
39:01 to two prisons in Arkansas giving gift bags.
39:05 And one of them was a maximum security prison.
39:08 And we went from dorm unit to dorm unit
39:11 sharing testimony, singing, and giving each of the guys
39:16 a gift bag. They saved till last
39:21 two of the units that they call "segregation units"
39:26 and they warned us: "These are the worst of the worst.
39:30 I mean, we won't let you up to the doors of these guys'
39:34 cells because you don't know what they might throw out
39:38 at you. So just be prepared.
39:41 They'll yell at you; they'll scream at you. "
39:43 And so we were prepared for the worst.
39:46 But you know, as we went in there... They had already
39:49 given the gift bag through the slot into each of the cells.
39:53 When we got in there and started sharing our testimony
39:55 you could hear a pin drop. Amen! They would clap for us
39:59 and they would shout words of encouragement.
40:02 The guards were absolutely blown away at the reaction
40:07 of what they considered the worst of the worst.
40:10 Both of those prisons are interested in having 3ABN
40:15 in those facilities as a result of that.
40:19 God is opening doors. We look forward to your support.
40:22 If you want to be involved in it... You can send donations
40:26 but we'd also be happy to net- work with you and your churches
40:29 to try to get something going in your area
40:32 if you have a prison or help you get started in a county jail
40:36 ministry. Anyway, God is doing great things.
40:38 There is a blessing on the GO, friends,
40:41 and we're about going. Thank you. Amen!
40:48 Good evening. Good evening!
40:51 We are so excited to have you here to join us
40:54 here for our Camp Meeting session.
40:56 I always look forward to Camp Meeting because
40:59 it's a time when our spirits also get watered.
41:02 We are... We're in ministry and we're always giving out
41:08 and it's so great at Camp Meeting time we can have
41:10 our spirits watered as well.
41:12 So it is a blessing to be here with you tonight.
41:17 And I have here with me my son/assistant
41:22 Jason Bradley. And I am, of course... I'm Yvonne Lewis.
41:26 I'm the general manager of 3ABN's Dare to Dream
41:30 urban network. How many of you? How many of you
41:33 have watched Dare to Dream at least one time?
41:35 Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! That is great.
41:39 Well, if you only knew that basically we have two people
41:43 in that department it is really something.
41:48 And I have to tell you that the Lord is so faithful.
41:52 He is so faithful. He has brought us
41:55 programming and people to host the programs
42:00 and all that. And He brought my son as my assistant.
42:03 And I want to just ask him a couple of questions here.
42:06 Jason, introduce yourself.
42:08 Well I'm Jason Bradley. This is my mother/boss.
42:13 She's been my boss for twenty-nine years now.
42:16 Not too much has changed there.
42:19 But it's great to be a part of a network that is reaching out
42:25 and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.
42:28 You've been hearing about "The Blessing Is on the "GO!"
42:30 and now we are actually witnessing
42:35 prophecy being fulfilled.
42:36 You get... You can turn on the TV and see on the news
42:40 that all these things that you've been reading about
42:43 in the Bible are coming into fruition.
42:45 My mother... She also always says to me
42:49 "Jay, you've got to get out there and share Jesus with
42:53 everybody because you wouldn't let somebody run into a burning
42:57 building, would you? "
42:58 "Like no... " "So... you've got to share Christ.
43:01 You don't want anybody burning up! "
43:04 So we've got to get out there; "The Blessing Is on the "GO!"
43:08 And with Dare to Dream we've been accompanying Brian
43:12 Hamilton and Moses Primo, Jr.
43:15 going to American Corrections Assoc. convention
43:18 because those inmates need Jesus as well.
43:21 It's for every living soul... every creature.
43:23 We need to share the plan of salvation. And I'm so happy
43:27 that Dare to Dream is in- corporating all of those things.
43:30 We're so happy that you are with us at 3ABN.
43:34 You are a valuable employee; a valuable addition to our family
43:38 and it is truly a blessing to have him.
43:41 Speaking of family, yesterday in our office
43:46 Julia, Elena, and Vadim came in
43:49 and Julia was translating for us.
43:53 And one of the things that amazed me so much
43:57 is the fact that God has told Elena
44:01 to do the same programs - the same kinds of programs -
44:05 that He told me to do.
44:07 And so around the world God is telling us to give programs.
44:14 Programs for men; programs on money management;
44:18 a program on the sanctuary.
44:20 She was telling me that she is doing a program on
44:23 the sanctuary in 3ABN Russia
44:25 and I feel impressed to do the same thing:
44:27 to do a program on the sanctuary.
44:30 And so, Lord willing, we're going to do that
44:32 for Dare to Dream. And Elena and I, even though
44:34 we don't speak the same language so to speak,
44:37 we speak the same heavenly language because
44:41 we bonded. There was a bonding there.
44:45 And I'm so thankful that God is using you, Elena,
44:49 and that you are doing that work in Russia
44:53 and we are doing the same kinds of programs here.
44:56 We know that we serve a mighty, powerful, faithful God.
45:01 And so it is amazing. Next week...
45:05 Tell them what we're going to do next week, Jay.
45:07 We have some really exciting things in store.
45:10 That's another great thing about Dare to Dream is we offer
45:12 practical tools for living and the gospel of Jesus Christ.
45:16 Amen. Not only do you tell people about Jesus
45:19 but how can they live as a Christian. What type of things?
45:23 We are going to produce a pro- gram called Working the Dream:
45:29 how to bring Christ into the workplace.
45:32 How do you carry yourself? You have to operate with integrity.
45:36 All these things that the community needs to hear.
45:40 You'd be surprised at the people... I used to manage
45:42 a restaurant prior to working here.
45:44 And you'd be surprised at some of the people that you
45:48 interview. And it's probably because they didn't have anybody
45:52 teaching them. So it's important. We want to
45:54 teach them the right way and God's way.
45:58 Yes. And we have another program coming up
46:01 for men called "Cuttin' Loose. "
46:04 And that program is based in a barber shop.
46:08 And the barber shop in the black community is kind of where
46:10 the guys go and hang out and talk politics and religion
46:13 and relationships and all that.
46:15 So we're going to be taping that one, Lord willing,
46:18 at the end of October. And this conversation at this barber shop
46:23 will be from God's perspective not the world's perspective.
46:27 That's right; that's right. Amen; amen! That's a lot better.
46:31 To me, when you think about
46:35 how awesome God is
46:38 and how He loves us so much...
46:41 You know, Pastor C.A. talked about our love for God
46:46 in Is It Any Wonder, and this song that I'm going to do
46:51 really looks at God's love for each of us
46:55 for we are His one true love.
47:12 I am faithful
47:16 so I won't let you fall.
47:21 You are My all in all,
47:25 My everything,
47:27 you're My everything.
47:30 And you're special...
47:35 I shed My blood to show
47:40 that I won't let you go
47:43 for anything, not anything.
47:48 'Cause I reached down
47:53 into the pit of hell to save you.
47:59 I forgot
48:03 all of the sins that I forgave you
48:08 'cause you are
48:11 My one
48:16 true love.
48:23 Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh...
48:27 You're forgiven
48:30 and if you have faith you'll see
48:35 that you have been set free
48:39 from everything... yes, everything.
48:44 So you can fly again
48:49 for I have overcome.
48:54 All of the work's been done,
48:57 you're white as snow,
48:59 you're white as snow.
49:02 'Cause in My death
49:07 there is an absolute atonement.
49:12 Tell Me "yes, "
49:16 and you'll be clean this very moment
49:22 'cause you are
49:25 My... My one
49:29 true love.
49:37 Oh, oh, oh,
49:41 in My death
49:44 there is an absolute atonement.
49:51 Tell Me "yes, "
49:54 and you'll be clean this very moment
49:59 'cause you are
50:02 My one
50:06 true
50:09 love.
50:14 Oh you are - yes you are -
50:17 I said: "You are
50:20 My one
50:25 true
50:30 love. "
50:44 Amen! Beautiful, Yvonne. Beautiful!
50:49 Wow! Ya'll been blessed so far?
50:52 Hey, we're just gettin' started.
50:54 We've got a few more minutes, and I'll know as soon as they
50:56 put the clock back up so I'll know how many minutes we got.
50:59 But we're having a great time and we've got Elder John Carter
51:03 who's going to be here in a few minutes.
51:04 And I'm looking forward to that, so we've got a few more minutes
51:08 and what I wanted to do: I was thinking about Jason.
51:10 Jason was up here. Stand up a second, Jay.
51:12 Now he and his mother were visiting one of the jails right
51:17 here in Franklin County.
51:19 If some of you haven't noticed Franklin Co. is mostly a white
51:22 county, right? Jason goes into a jail and he says...
51:26 He said: "Wow! Almost everybody in there was white. "
51:29 Well there was a little boy that was in there
51:32 about 5, 6, 7 Jay?
51:34 Yeah, probably about 5, 6. And this little boy was looking
51:37 at you - a little white boy - and what'd he say:
51:39 "Are you the president? "
51:49 I was like: "No... no, no, no, no. "
51:52 Hey, he looks like presidential stuff to me,
51:54 doesn't he to you? All right!
51:57 That's a good one. He's up here and I'm trying to listen
51:59 and be spiritual and I'm thinking about what he told me
52:01 yesterday. I said: "Now that is funny! "
52:04 This little kid: he didn't know. He said: "Hey... "
52:06 He looked so good he thought you were the president.
52:08 How about that? We have just a few minutes left.
52:11 What we want to do... We're going to play one more song
52:13 from this kid's CD.
52:15 And I had never written a song...
52:18 We've done a CD called "Love Rules"
52:21 and so we've got about 20 songs. And I said: "There's very few
52:25 songs that I've heard anybody write
52:27 about lifestyle and diet and what you eat.
52:31 So we came up with this little song
52:33 that says "You are what you eat. "
52:35 And so we've got these kids that's gonna be singing it
52:38 for you right now. I think you'll enjoy their music.
52:49 "You are what you eat" I've been told.
52:53 If this is true, I plan to grow old.
52:59 Let's take a look at what the Bible has to say
53:03 about the foods we eat each day.
53:06 Genesis tells about fruits, nuts, and grains;
53:10 Leviticus tells us what else remains.
53:15 Let's read about it in Genesis 1:29:
53:29 The book of Leviticus describes the two categories
53:32 of animal food: clean and unclean.
53:35 God commanded that His people only eat clean meat
53:37 as described in Leviticus the 11th chapter.
53:41 No pig; no catfish; no mice; no rabbit.
53:45 No shrimp; no squirrel; no oysters; no dog or cat.
53:49 No snakes!
53:51 Let's take a look at what the Bible has to say
53:55 about God's plan for us each day.
53:58 To be healthy and happy in every way:
54:02 this is God's plan for us each day.
54:07 Boys and girls: we belong to Jesus.
54:10 And because He loves us He has given us great advice
54:13 on how to be healthy and happy.
54:15 Let's read I Corinthians 6:19-20.
54:36 Now I know... the truth's been told...
54:40 and with God's help I plan to grow old.
54:44 Aren't you glad that God has a plan for your life?
54:47 III John 2 tells us what that plan is.
54:58 Jeremiah confirms this plan in chapter 29 verse 11:
55:12 If you give your life to Jesus
55:14 and take care of your body by exercising
55:17 and eating the right kinds of food,
55:19 then you, too, can sing:
55:21 Now I know... the truth's been told...
55:25 and with God's help I plan to grow old.
55:32 And with God's help I plan to grow old.
55:35 I plan to grow old.
55:43 Amen! For those at home, they saw it.
55:46 These screens are a little bit delayed for those of you
55:49 in the audience. I noticed the lips weren't quite with the
55:51 but they actually are with that. For those at home they could see
55:54 that but for our audience I thought I should let them know.
55:57 Hey, we're having a great time here, aren't we?
55:59 Yes we are, and the fun has just begun!
56:02 Yeah. Pastor Carter will be up here in a just a few minutes.
56:05 How many of you are looking forward? I am.
56:08 'Cause he has an incredible message for us tonight.
56:11 And again, it's one of those messages that's going to change
56:14 us into His image and into His likeness.
56:17 Amen! The Word of God says that this gospel of the kingdom
56:20 shall be preached where?
56:22 In all the world for a witness unto every nation.
56:27 All nations, and then what's going to happen?
56:29 Then the end. Aren't you ready for the end to come?
56:31 Yes! Ready for the end to come?
56:33 Ellen White says we have a part to play in the hastening
56:37 of that end and the finishing of that work.
56:40 How many want to at the beginning of this Camp Meeting
56:42 'cause we're going to ask you again at the end
56:43 want to pledge to do all you can to hasten the coming of
56:46 Christ in all the world? Amen! Amen.
56:48 That means going to your next-door neighbor.
56:49 Going to that relative that you haven't talked to in a while.
56:53 Oh-oh... Um-hmm.
56:55 Going to that person that may not have done you right
56:57 and letting them know that you love them
57:00 but more than that Jesus loves them
57:04 and being an agent of change for them.
57:07 Let's close with just a short word of prayer.
57:09 Father God, how we love You and praise You!
57:12 And we call upon Your Spirit to bless us here at the beginning
57:15 of this Camp Meeting. We dedicate ourselves to You
57:18 so that every word that is spoken
57:22 will go into our hearts. Yes, oh God.
57:24 Every thought will be on Jesus; every song that is sung will
57:28 lift us up towards heaven so that when we leave this place
57:31 we will take the power and presence of Christ...


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