3ABN Homecoming 2015

The Hour of His Praise

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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), John Carter


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00:51 Welcome back to 3ABN Fall Camp Meeting.
00:54 We're glad that you all are here. Our crowd is growing.
00:57 Have you noticed that?
00:58 And I see they know Elder John Carter is our speaker
01:02 for the hour. I'll talk just a moment about him
01:05 but we have some music in just a moment.
01:07 Any of you ever hear of Reggie and Ladye Love Smith?
01:10 You ever hear? Oh look at all the hands going up.
01:12 Wow! What a ministry they have.
01:14 But I want to talk first a moment about Elder John Carter.
01:17 I've known John... He was one of the first people
01:20 ever to go on 3ABN. When he came to America from Australia -
01:24 I think he says Ameriker or something like that -
01:26 but he's been... even though he's been here a long time...
01:28 but I accept it. It's all right.
01:30 So Americans... You know what's good about us?
01:32 We can teach the rest of the world how to speak English,
01:34 can't we? 'Cause you know how we are.
01:37 I tell people: "Don't worry about how your accent is.
01:39 When you get to heaven you'll get to talk just like me. "
01:42 Right? And they usually do what you do: they laugh!
01:45 All right. Well, Elder John Carter is an incredible man.
01:48 He asked us in '92 to go to Russia.
01:52 It's life changing. Had no idea what would happen
01:56 in Russia. We saw thousands coming to Jesus.
01:59 2,532 Russians baptized in a city where no one had
02:04 been able to go to - no one from the free world -
02:07 in seventy-some years. And God opened up Nizhny Novgorod.
02:12 Julia Outkina and some of our 3ABN Russian crew
02:14 is here, and Sabbath we'll be sharing with Julia and
02:18 Pastor John Carter and reminiscing a little bit.
02:21 But John has a gift, and he literally has been evangelizing
02:25 around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people
02:28 have come to know Jesus Christ through the ministry and joined
02:31 this church through the ministry of Elder John Carter.
02:34 I don't know anyone I respect any more
02:37 as a speaker and as an individual.
02:39 One of my best friends. And if I ever need anything -
02:43 whether I need counsel, I need advice,
02:46 whatever it is - I can call Pastor Carter.
02:48 He'll take the time and pray for me;
02:51 walk me through whatever it is.
02:53 Incredible man of God. I want you all to know that.
02:56 I'm not up here just saying that.
02:58 I'm not as they say "tooting his horn"
03:00 but I'm uplifting the Jesus in him.
03:02 That's why crowds... I've seen thousands -
03:05 sometimes a hundred thousand people or more
03:08 like in New Guinea - a night were attending his services.
03:11 It's amazing. God has given him an anointing
03:14 that's absolutely amazing.
03:16 Speaking of anointing, right after our music:
03:20 Reggie and Ladye Love Smith. We did a project recently
03:24 Hallelujah! We're Home At Last.
03:26 I want Reggie and Ladye to come on out.
03:28 And are you guys gonna do We Shall Behold Him?
03:31 Oh, all right. Praise the Lord!
03:33 For those of you that have heard this it's incredible.
03:36 Dottie Rambo song is it? Hey, how ya'll doing?
03:38 You just rushed in here while ago. We didn't get
03:40 to hug. We're "huggy" people. We're huggers.
03:43 And Reggie and Ladye Love are the "funnest" people on earth.
03:46 I've traveled with them around the world.
03:48 I'm going to tell the honest truth:
03:51 they're not on anything they shouldn't be. But you
03:53 will think they are 'cause they have more energy
03:57 and they have more sunshine coming out of them
03:59 than anybody I've ever seen. They'll talk to anybody
04:02 anywhere, minister to people anywhere.
04:05 And I tell you what: you cannot be a discouraged Christian
04:09 when you're around Reggie and Ladye Love. Thank you so much
04:11 for what you do. And also some of the most incredible singers
04:15 I believe on planet earth. I'm not just telling you that
04:18 either. No, you really are.
04:19 And again, we're not uplifting them.
04:21 But I'm glad God has people - right? - that love Him enough
04:24 to use these talents. You think they couldn't be
04:26 in the world if they wanted to?
04:28 They're not looking to the world; they're looking to Jesus.
04:30 They're looking... They know that they're strangers here
04:33 and that they're looking for a better place.
04:36 So I'm so thankful that you all are here tonight.
04:38 And right after you sing we're going to be blessed by
04:42 Pastor... He's actually an author. John has so many
04:47 I guess if I start puttin' all the... what do they call that
04:50 behind their names? The doctors and the PhDs and all of that.
04:53 I'd be here too long to list them all, but we are blessed.
04:56 Right now we're going to be blessed by Reggie and Ladye
04:59 Love and then Elder John Carter.
05:35 The sky shall
05:38 unfold
05:44 preparing
05:46 His entrance.
05:52 The stars shall
05:55 applaud Him
06:01 with thunders
06:04 of praise.
06:10 The sweet light in His eyes
06:17 shall...
06:19 shall enhance those
06:22 awaiting
06:28 and we shall
06:31 behold Him
06:37 then face to face.
06:43 Oh, we shall
06:48 behold Him - we shall behold Him.
06:55 Yes, we shall
06:57 behold Him
07:04 face to face
07:08 in all of His glory.
07:17 Oh, we shall
07:20 behold Him - we shall behold Him.
07:26 Yes, we shall
07:29 behold Him
07:35 face to face
07:43 our Savior
07:47 and Lord.
07:58 The angels
08:01 shall sound
08:06 the shout of His coming.
08:15 And the sleeping
08:17 shall rise from
08:24 their slumbering place.
08:33 And those who
08:36 remain... they shall...
08:41 shall be changed in
08:44 a moment
08:50 and we shall
08:54 behold Him
09:00 then face to face.
09:09 We shall behold
09:14 Him - we shall behold Him.
09:18 Yes, we shall behold
09:24 Him
09:27 face to face
09:31 in all of His
09:34 glory - in all of His glory.
09:40 We shall behold
09:45 Him!
09:48 Oh yes,
09:49 we shall
09:51 behold Him
09:58 face to face
10:06 our Savior
10:09 and Lord - our Savior
10:14 and Lord...
10:16 We shall
10:18 behold Him
10:24 our Savior
10:28 and Lord -
10:31 our Savior and Lord...
10:38 Savior and
10:41 Lord!
10:49 Amen!
10:59 Reggie and Ladye Love: you blessed us tonight!
11:02 Amen! What a tremendous song
11:06 and sung so marvelously!
11:09 I'm so glad to see you folks here tonight.
11:11 Are you glad to be here tonight?
11:12 Amen! I'm glad to be here tonight.
11:14 I tell my folks: "At my stage of life
11:18 I'm glad to be anywhere. "
11:20 But I'm glad to be especially at 3ABN.
11:23 And I want to thank my old friend and colleague
11:27 and buddy and partner Danny Shelton
11:31 for the privilege of being here tonight
11:33 at 3ABN... that I love with all my heart and soul.
11:37 The topic... there's a little correction, folks.
11:40 Here it is: are you ready for the topic?
11:42 The topic is:
11:44 The Hour of His Power.
11:51 Because tonight, we are living, dear friend,
11:56 in the hour of God's power.
12:01 Amen!
12:03 Let me tell you an amazing story.
12:05 I've told this to some folks.
12:08 They find it almost too hard to believe.
12:11 But my team and I were visiting London some time back.
12:14 Just 2 or 3 years ago.
12:17 We'd been running a campaign in Russia.
12:19 We came through London because the folks had asked us
12:23 to go to London. But you folks didn't know
12:26 that we were in London.
12:28 Nobody in Australia knew we were in London.
12:31 Nobody in America knew we were visiting London.
12:35 They were having the anniversary of Princess Di.
12:41 Gotta think about the details.
12:43 My wife just loved Princess Di
12:47 and she said to me: "They have a celebration
12:50 or a memorial going down at Kensington Palace. "
12:56 I've seen enough palaces to last a lifetime.
13:01 So as an obedient and dutiful husband
13:07 I went down to Kensington Palace.
13:13 Susie and Javier - who are here tonight -
13:15 they were with us. And so the three of them
13:19 went into the palace because I said: "I don't want to
13:22 go into the palace. I've been preaching and it's been hard
13:28 and I don't want to talk to anybody.
13:30 I don't want to see anybody. "
13:32 So I went around the back of Kensington Palace.
13:35 Not in a sulk...
13:39 but in that sort of mood. And I found a seat
13:44 under a tree at the back of Kensington Palace.
13:48 Bless you.
13:52 Bless you forever.
13:55 Have you got any more in there? No. All right.
13:58 Somebody said if you've got a Hallelujah! inside you
14:02 you'd better let it out because if you keep it in
14:04 it's going to hurt you.
14:06 If she'd kept that it it would have hurt her.
14:09 So I was around the back of Kensington Palace
14:12 by myself... meditating.
14:16 My family - my wife and the Piraino's - inside the palace.
14:21 And then I heard a voice:
14:23 "Pastor Carter. "
14:28 And so I looked up and there was a man and his wife.
14:33 And they said: "It was revealed... "
14:36 This is God's truth.
14:38 "It was revealed to us that we would find you here. "
14:45 I said: "You live in London? "
14:46 They said: "We live outside London
14:48 but we came in today because we had an impression
14:53 from God that you would be in London at this time
14:57 of the year. " I hadn't told anybody.
15:01 I said: "Why are you here? "
15:03 "Because... " Now this is a story I've told my friend
15:05 Danny. He said: "We were praying that God... "
15:10 Well he said: "We weren't even praying but we were...
15:12 we searching for truth
15:14 and we turned on our television.
15:16 We live just outside the great city of London.
15:19 And we turned on our television
15:22 and the only channel that we could get
15:25 because it was broken down was... " Glory! "3ABN. "
15:30 Um-hmm. And they said: "We were searching for truth
15:34 but we were atheists.
15:37 We were unbelievers. "
15:40 And they said: "We caught 3ABN
15:43 and we caught you preaching the Word of God
15:47 and we wanted to meet you. "
15:50 And they said: "We've given our hearts to Christ
15:53 and we have been baptized into Christ
15:56 and we have become Adventist Christians. "
16:01 I said: "Why did you come to Kensington Palace?
16:04 London is a huge city. "
16:06 And they said: "We had an impression after praying
16:09 that we would find you here this morning at 11 o'clock
16:14 at Kensington Palace. "
16:16 In the whole of Europe how would this happen
16:19 my friend? I want to tell you folks something:
16:22 God has got a time and a place for everything. Amen!
16:27 I want you to know this.
16:29 God has got a time and a place for everything.
16:32 Nothing happens by chance.
16:34 God has an appointment with each one of us.
16:37 God has an appointment with the nations, with the world,
16:42 with the church.
16:43 And I want you to take your Bibles and turn to my theme
16:46 text which is Mark chapter 1 and verses 14 and 15.
16:50 And tonight I'm talking about The Hour of His Power.
16:56 Mark chapter 1
16:58 and verses 14 and 15.
17:03 "After John was put in prison Jesus went into Galilee
17:07 proclaiming the good news of God.
17:10 'The time has come, ' He said. 'The kingdom of God is near.
17:15 Repent and believe the good news. ' "
17:19 Listen: there was a time and Christ came on time.
17:27 Let us think for a moment
17:29 about this special, significant hour.
17:35 It is my conviction tonight
17:38 and I say this with all my soul:
17:41 we live in the hour when God is about to finish
17:47 His work. Hallelujah! Praise God! Amen!
17:50 I want to point out tonight that Jesus Christ is
17:55 the Sovereign Lord. Christ is in charge.
18:00 Not America... not Mr. Obama.
18:04 Not the Pope... not the White House.
18:08 Not the Russians and certainly not the Chinese.
18:15 We live in the hour of God's power.
18:18 Come over here with me to Romans chapter 9 and verse 28.
18:22 Romans chapter 9 and verse 28 dear hearts and gentle people.
18:28 Everybody turn to the texts.
18:30 I'm just an old-fashioned Christian, and I believe
18:33 that the Bible is the Word of God. Amen! Romans 9:28.
18:38 The Bible says: "For the Lord will carry out
18:42 His sentence on earth with speed and finality"
18:46 it says in the NIV.
18:49 In the King James version that I love so much it says
18:52 "He will finish His work
18:55 and cut it short in righteousness"
18:59 because God has an hour for His power.
19:03 I want you to know tonight
19:05 that Jesus Christ is the Lord of history.
19:10 He's the Lord of the nations.
19:12 He's the Lord of the church.
19:14 He is the Lord of the final consummation.
19:18 We are not in charge.
19:22 God had an hour when Christ came as a baby.
19:27 It was revealed to Israel
19:31 through the prophet Daniel
19:34 that Christ the Lord would come
19:38 483 years after the decree
19:42 of the Persian emperor.
19:45 And that brought you through as you to know to the year 27 AD.
19:51 And when the clock of heaven struck, Jesus
19:55 walked down the banks into the river Jordan
19:58 and said: "The time is fulfilled.
20:01 The kingdom of heaven is at hand. "
20:04 The Bible says in the book of Galatians
20:07 that Jesus Christ our Lord came in the fullness of time.
20:12 He was born on time.
20:15 He was baptized on time.
20:18 He preached on time
20:20 and - Hallelujah! - He died on time.
20:23 On occasions they tried to kill our blessed Lord
20:28 but they could not because the Bible says
20:31 "His hour had not yet come. "
20:35 Did you know that you are immortal
20:39 until your work for God is completed?
20:43 Did you know this? Nothing can touch you;
20:47 nothing can hurt you. I'm planning on going back
20:50 to Russia for my 43rd time. Amen!
20:54 And folks have told me it has become very, very dangerous.
20:58 I want you to know nothing can hurt me
21:01 while I'm in the will of God. Amen!
21:04 Did you know that the will of God will never take you
21:07 where the grace of God cannot keep you? Amen!
21:10 Hallelujah and praise the Lord!
21:16 Later on Jesus said: "The hour has come. "
21:19 That's what He said.
21:21 The hour had come, and He went to the cross for our sins.
21:26 There is an hour appointed by Almighty God
21:32 through His sovereign grace when God in Christ
21:36 will finish His work.
21:38 Would you come over here to the Apocalypse:
21:40 Revelation 14 and verses 6 and 7.
21:44 Everybody turn in the Bible.
21:46 Revelation chapter 14 and verses 6 and 7.
21:53 And the Bible says: "Then I saw another angel
21:57 flying in mid air, and he had the eternal gospel
22:01 to proclaim to those who live on the earth,
22:04 to every nation, tribe, language, and people.
22:08 He said in a loud voice:
22:10 'Fear God and give Him glory
22:13 because... ' What does it say?
22:16 'the hour of His judgment has come. ' "
22:19 I believe tonight it is my contention,
22:24 it is my conviction,
22:27 it is my overwhelming...
22:33 overwhelming belief
22:37 that we are living in the hour of God's power
22:42 when Christ will finish His work
22:45 and cut it short in righteousness. Amen!
22:48 And tonight for a start... Now this sermon falls into
22:52 two clauses. Number one: the hour.
22:56 And number two: His power.
23:01 Now the first section - here it comes:
23:04 five great signs why we are living in the hour
23:10 of His power. Get ready for them
23:13 because they are strong.
23:15 Number one: the first great sign.
23:20 One of five... listen up.
23:24 The moral fall of the United States of America:
23:30 a nation raised up by God as a bastion of truth
23:36 and liberty. A nation raised up by God
23:42 to defend the Bible and the preaching of the gospel.
23:48 If you don't believe that, my friend, then you don't know
23:51 what America is all about.
23:53 I would remind you of the sacred calling
23:58 of the Pilgrim fathers.
24:01 The Supreme Court by five to four
24:07 overthrew thousands of years of God-ordained
24:12 custom and morality
24:20 and looking God in the face in disdain
24:24 endorsed same-sex relationships.
24:29 I did not say same-sex marriage
24:32 because that is an oxymoron.
24:35 It doesn't exist. That's right!
24:38 I don't care what the president says.
24:40 There is no such thing. Amen!
24:45 Tonight in this great land
24:49 that was based on the Protestant Bible
24:53 there is not one Protestant on the Supreme Court.
24:58 And after that historic and shameful decision
25:05 the president of the United States
25:10 lit the White House up in the colors of the gay activist
25:15 movement and by so doing
25:19 opened the floodgates of iniquity upon the nation
25:24 and upon the world. I say SHAME!
25:28 Amen!
25:30 But I want you to know something: it is a sign that we
25:34 have come to the hour of God's power, and the Bible says
25:38 "The hour of His judgment has come. "
25:41 So be wary, my friend.
25:47 God will not be mocked.
25:51 When you read in the book of Jude you read how the cities
25:55 of Sodom and Gomorrah giving themselves over to
25:59 sexual perversion suffered the judgment of eternal fire.
26:06 Who do we think we are?
26:11 Karl Barth, the greatest theologian of the 20th century
26:17 quoted these words: "When the holy day becomes
26:22 the day of man, society and humanity
26:26 wither away and the demons rule. "
26:29 I want to tell you something:
26:31 the demons are ruling tonight!
26:36 I heard a man whom we appreciate... I'm not talking
26:40 politics. This has got nothing to do with politics.
26:42 This has got to do with God and His Word.
26:45 It's got to do with the soul of America.
26:48 It's got to do with our children.
26:52 This man said... At a prayer breakfast
26:57 he said: "We are going the way of the Roman Empire. "
27:05 War after war after war.
27:08 We send our boys off to war.
27:13 And we are deeply in debt.
27:17 And this man said: "We are drowning in a sea
27:22 of immorality. " He said it to the face of the president.
27:27 And it is the truth of God.
27:31 Every blue-blooded American ought to stand up for America
27:37 and the flag and what America stands for.
27:44 Jesus said in Luke 22: "This is your hour
27:49 and the hour of darkness. "
27:51 But remember this: man may have his hour
27:54 but God will have His day.
27:56 Never forget it.
27:59 Sign number two... Is this too strong for you?
28:01 Because I'm only building up.
28:06 I'm taking it easy to carry you folks along with me.
28:10 Number two... number two:
28:12 the growing power of the papacy
28:15 and the apparent collapse of the Reformation.
28:21 Most folks
28:24 are in ignorance and darkness.
28:28 Sorry.
28:31 Do I like Pope Francis as a person?
28:34 I think he's charming. I love the little Fiat car he drives.
28:40 I do!
28:41 I like his smile; I even like his white coat.
28:45 Thought of getting one myself.
28:48 But listen: do you know what a Jesuit is?
28:52 The Jesuits... have you ever heard of Ignatius of Loyola?
28:58 That Spaniard who set out to destroy the preaching
29:03 of the Bible. Well now
29:07 the first Jesuit is a pope.
29:11 What has happened to America -
29:14 the land of freedom, the land of bravery -
29:18 where our legislators invite in the leader of Catholicism...
29:25 who lectures them.
29:28 Who lectures them
29:30 on morality and immigration.
29:35 Does anybody say the reason they are leaving those countries
29:39 down south is because what your church did to the nations?
29:45 Does nobody know this?
29:47 I am a student of history and a student of Bible prophecy.
29:53 And I believe that we should pray for the Pope and we should
29:57 love the Pope and we should love the great Roman Catholic
30:01 church. I say this... Amen!
30:07 But I'm also a student of the prophecies of the Bible.
30:12 I believe - listen to this...
30:16 then you'll think I'm a scholar:
30:19 the Profestant reformers went out with this battle cry.
30:24 Listen to it. Sola Christus.
30:26 What does that mean? Only Christ.
30:28 Only Christ.
30:31 This great nation was raised up because the people wanted
30:36 a state without a king and a church without a pope.
30:42 But we've got one now
30:44 and he lectures the leaders of America.
30:48 Have they ever heard of the Puritan fathers?
30:50 Have they ever read the Bible?
30:53 Do they know the Constitution?
30:56 So the Protestant reformers: Sola Christus, and then
31:00 sola scriptura.
31:03 You know what that means? Only scripture.
31:07 Only scripture.
31:09 Not the teachings of the church.
31:11 Only scripture.
31:13 Sola Christus. And I don't care about any committee that goes
31:18 against scripture. I go against that committee.
31:21 And I don't care where that committee is.
31:25 You hear me? You see, when people come to me
31:30 as they have on occasions and they say to me
31:34 "What is your religion? "
31:36 I say: "By the grace of God I'm a Christian. "
31:39 Number one I follow Christ.
31:43 Number two I say: "I'm a Protestant. "
31:48 I've got Protestantism in my bones.
31:53 I believe in freedom.
31:58 So, firstly I'm a Christian.
32:03 Secondly I'm a Protestant. Thirdly I'm glad to be
32:07 a Seventh-day Adventist.
32:10 And if you get it round the wrong way
32:13 you won't be a Christian and you won't be a Protestant
32:16 and you won't be a Seventh-day Adventist.
32:19 So number one: sola Christus.
32:23 Sola scriptura. Sola gratia... only grace.
32:28 Sola fide... only faith.
32:34 And this nation was founded by people who believed in
32:37 those things.
32:42 But we see today the growing power of the papacy
32:50 and the collapse - the apparent collapse -
32:55 of the Reformation.
32:59 Number three... and none of these points are meant to be
33:01 contentious. But my mother when I was a little boy
33:05 taught me me this. She said: "John, always tell the truth.
33:10 Tell the truth; never tell lies. "
33:15 I was sent to a school in Australia, and in those days
33:20 it was so good. I went to a state school
33:24 but you know how they started the day?
33:27 By a text of scripture... by reading the Bible.
33:32 Well today they read everything else, don't they?
33:37 It's OK if you read from the Hindus and the Buddhists.
33:41 So we started the day with a text and a prayer...
33:46 and often the Lord's Prayer.
33:49 And if any of us was caught lying we were taken down to
33:54 where the taps were, and they had these big water
33:59 containers where you could come and get a drink.
34:02 And if you were caught lying
34:04 the headmaster would take you there and open your mouth
34:07 and wash out your mouth with soap.
34:11 Now some of you are aghast and amazed.
34:16 We don't do it today because so many people today
34:21 are so politically correct
34:25 they don't know what they believe; they don't know
34:27 what's up and they don't know what's down.
34:31 But I want to tell you folks today: we need to stand up
34:34 for Jesus and we need to stand up for the Bible
34:38 and we need to stand up for America.
34:41 Hear what I'm saying?
34:43 Number three: the groanings of the earth.
34:48 Not only is the earth groaning under a pile and a sea
34:52 of stinking filthy moral garbage
34:59 but the earth is running a fever.
35:04 The earth in protest is running a fever
35:09 and it's going to get worse.
35:11 The Bible says the earth is waxing old like a garment.
35:16 Now sign number four that reinforces my contention
35:20 that we have come to the hour:
35:22 the coming financial collapse.
35:29 How can you believe
35:33 that this nation that has got leaders who've got heads
35:36 we would like to think with something inside
35:41 can allow this nation to get a debt of more than
35:46 18 thousand billion.
35:49 Not a billion... 18 trillion.
35:54 But did you know this? Some of the world's greatest
35:57 economists and Americans
36:00 who are consulted by the Senators
36:04 they say the debt is not 18 trillion
36:10 but most likely 170 trillion
36:15 which is more than all the money in the world.
36:22 The clock is ticking.
36:30 This is going to bring about a time of trouble
36:33 such as never was since there was a nation
36:38 I tell you my friends.
36:41 Did you know that the bankers have been told where to go?
36:48 Where to hide.
36:51 Did you know that the leaders of the country
36:54 have got places prepared?
36:57 I'm not a sensationalist.
37:00 Did you know they've got places
37:05 made for them with food and water
37:09 and lots of guns
37:12 where the elite of society will go
37:16 after they have destroyed America?
37:19 Did you know that?
37:22 It's true.
37:24 Go and "Google" it.
37:25 Notice what happened after 9/11.
37:28 The leaders - all of them - were taken off to these places
37:32 while you were left in your house.
37:36 The coming financial collapse. But number five:
37:41 the triumph of the gospel.
37:46 I'm going to tell you some stories tonight and
37:49 through the weekend and they're going to bless you.
37:55 Some time back we were asked to run a school of evangelism
38:00 in China, and the pastors who came
38:05 were the pastors from Mainland China.
38:11 Listen to me: there's love in this room here tonight.
38:14 I can sense it.
38:17 There's love with 3ABN... I can sense it.
38:20 When I went to Russia back in 1991 and 1992
38:26 I felt love there that I'd never felt in Australia.
38:31 That I'd never felt in America.
38:37 I felt the love of oppressed people
38:42 who were coming to the light.
38:46 When I went to China recently I felt that love again.
38:52 And did you know this, my friends?
38:55 The people who are holding the church together
38:59 in China are ladies.
39:04 Ladies! What's gone wrong?
39:11 The ladies. I spoke to one beautiful young Chinese woman.
39:17 I said: "How many in your church? "
39:20 "How many people are you looking after? "
39:23 She said: "Twenty thousand. "
39:26 "Twenty thousand. "
39:29 These women are ordained by the church in China
39:36 and it's recognized by the Chinese government
39:40 but more importantly it is recognized by God. Amen!
39:44 It is recognized by God!
39:49 They told me a story. When Mao Tse-Tung came
39:57 Communist soldiers came into the great city.
40:01 We as a church... now maybe you're not supposed to know
40:04 this. This may get you a little upset.
40:08 But as a church we sort of messed up in China.
40:12 You know why? We didn't do a lot of evangelism.
40:17 You know what we did? We built buildings
40:20 and we built hospitals and we built institutions.
40:25 "Look how strong we are; look at what we've got. "
40:30 And when the Communist soldiers came in the front door
40:33 of our hospitals our church members went out the back door
40:38 and most of them became Communists.
40:42 About 95% of our church members
40:46 gave up Christ and became unbelievers.
40:53 I spoke to one pastor. He was told: "You'll never
40:56 preach again. " He said:
40:58 "I'm going to preach next Sabbath. "
41:00 They put him in prison and tortured him for 10 years.
41:05 He slept not on a bed but he slept on a piece
41:09 of concrete. They would beat him every day.
41:13 You think it's hard? We really don't know what it's all about.
41:20 Ten years he was beaten into a pulp.
41:24 After ten years they let him out
41:27 and then they put him in an indoctrination center
41:31 for atheism. He said: "I thought I'd be free
41:35 but the beatings intensified. "
41:40 I said: "What happened? " He said: "I remained true to
41:42 Christ. " Amen! He said: "I'd memorized my Bible.
41:47 I read the Bible in my mind. "
41:55 When he got out we had no churches, no Adventist churches.
42:00 All gone.
42:03 Everybody from the West was kicked out.
42:07 All the Americans were kicked out.
42:10 The Australians were kicked out.
42:12 Everybody was kicked out!
42:17 Then he said to me: "We saw a little light.
42:21 It was over here. " People said: "What's that? "
42:23 "It's a little light. " A few people got together
42:27 and they were reading the Bible
42:30 and reading - Hallelujah! - Great Controversy.
42:35 And then they got another little light over here.
42:38 And then there was another little light over there.
42:41 And a light here, and the light started to become a fire!
42:46 Did you know there are more Christians in China
42:51 keeping the Sabbath because they love Jesus
42:55 than in the history of China?
42:58 Did you know that China is on track to become
43:03 the greatest Christian country in the world
43:07 and it's going to pass America for the number of Christians?
43:15 My friend, you can't kill it.
43:18 You can't kill the holy seed.
43:21 You can't get rid of the church.
43:24 You can't get rid of God's people!
43:30 Jesus said: "The gospel's going to be preached
43:34 and the end is going to come. "
43:36 Therefore... every good sermon should have a therefore...
43:41 here it comes:
43:44 THEREFORE in the light of all these things
43:49 the hour of our destiny is at hand.
43:53 When London was being bombed by the Nazis
43:57 Winston Churchill said:
44:00 "These are not dark days.
44:03 These are great days... the greatest days in the history
44:08 of our nation. " I want to say to you:
44:12 when you see the abominations that are going on in America
44:16 with the White House lit up with the colors of the gay activists;
44:21 when you see the Pope speaking to our leaders
44:25 who are bowing down I want to say to you
44:28 these are not dark days. These are great days...
44:34 the greatest days in the history of the church.
44:40 So... we've come to the day of proclamation,
44:44 the day of deliverance, the day of salvation.
44:50 And I would remind everybody here tonight
44:54 this great truth: the hour demands the power.
44:59 An extraordinary hour
45:02 demands an extraordinary response.
45:09 I want you to look at something
45:13 maybe perhaps in a little different way to how you've
45:15 looked at it before. I want you to take your dear old Bible
45:20 and turn with me to Revelation chapter 14 verses 6 and 7 again.
45:28 Want you to notice this text again.
45:32 Want you to think about it.
45:35 "Then I saw another angel flying in mid air.
45:40 He had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those
45:43 who live on the earth: to every nation, tribe,
45:46 language, and people. He said in a loud voice:
45:49 'Fear God and give Him glory
45:51 because the hour of His judgment has come.
45:55 Worship Him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea
45:58 and the springs of water. ' "
46:01 Look at me. It says this:
46:08 the angels that preach this great get-ready
46:13 message are not down with the cabbages.
46:19 They're not down with the turnips.
46:22 They're not even down with the kangaroos and the rabbits.
46:27 I say it reverently.
46:29 Some people think that's where they ought to be.
46:32 The angels are flying in the midst of heaven.
46:37 I'm going to say this to you slowly
46:41 by way of emphasis. Listen:
46:46 the picture of the angels flying in the midst of heaven
46:51 represents a world-wide
46:56 tremendous proclamation that will come to the attention
47:02 of every person on the planet.
47:07 This is not a thing of small significance.
47:12 This becomes, my friend, the biggest thing in the world.
47:21 The preaching of the message of God in the last days
47:27 becomes the biggest thing.
47:29 This has motivated me for more than 50 years.
47:33 I have been actively involved - I say glory be to Jesus
47:38 and thank you, Jesus -
47:40 I've been involved in preaching this message now
47:44 for 53 years. Amen! Um-hmm.
47:52 And I'm involved in this because I believe the Bible.
47:57 I believe that the proclamation of the gospel message
48:01 and the three angels' messages,
48:04 the proclamation... that great proclamation
48:08 is to be the most important thing and the biggest thing
48:13 in the world. Bigger than the US government!
48:22 Listen to this: it talks about the gospel...
48:29 the everlasting gospel.
48:31 What is the gospel? Look at me. I want to...
48:35 I want to open up my heart to you.
48:37 Listen to this: the word gospel
48:41 does not mean good advice.
48:44 In spite of a million sermons to the contrary
48:47 the gospel is not good advice.
48:51 Advice is about what you ought to do.
48:55 The gospel is not about you though it concerns you.
49:00 The gospel is not about you... the gospel is about God.
49:06 News is about what somebody has already done,
49:10 past tense. Are you listening to me?
49:14 News is about something that has already taken place
49:20 in time and in history.
49:24 What is the gospel?
49:26 The gospel is not what you ought to do
49:29 or what you ought to be.
49:32 The gospel is the good news that God Almighty -
49:37 the Creator of the universe - became a man.
49:43 Born as a baby.
49:47 That He was affected by our sins
49:51 but not infected with our sins.
49:56 And on the cross...
49:59 on the cross your sin and mine was placed upon Him.
50:06 And on the cross He made a perfect atoning sacrifice
50:12 for my sins. He did it!
50:17 I did not do it; I had no part in it.
50:22 It happened before I was born.
50:26 And the good news of the gospel is this:
50:30 that even though you are a sinner... And we are!
50:34 We are born in a state of sin.
50:40 Even though we are sinners
50:44 if we come to Christ
50:46 and believe in Him with all our hearts
50:52 He will accept us and forgive us
50:58 and declare that we are righteous in His sight.
51:02 Not because we are but because He is.
51:07 This is the gospel.
51:10 The gospel tells me that if I come to Christ
51:16 just as I am as a filthy leper
51:23 I do not stay just as I am
51:26 because coming to Christ... the very act of coming to Christ
51:31 changes me.
51:34 And that is, my friend, the fruitage of the gospel.
51:41 So you can see why it is called good news.
51:45 You and I would never have thought of it.
51:48 Many of us have an idea
51:51 because I was brought up with a lot of legalism
51:54 and given quite a few as we call them "beltings. "
52:01 You know what a belting is?
52:03 Yes, I think you folks would know what a belting is.
52:10 I was brought up to believe in a doctrine of do, do, do,
52:15 do, do... cock-a-doodle do!
52:18 Do, do, do! But the gospel tells me
52:22 He did it for me. Amen! Um-hmm; um-hmm.
52:27 The gospels tells me that I am saved by good works.
52:32 Hallelujah! His works... not mine.
52:37 "For the guilt of my sin the nails drew in
52:41 when Him they crucified. "
52:44 That is the gospel.
52:46 The gospel says: "This Man receives sinners. "
52:51 You know who said that? Jesus never said that.
52:53 The Pharisees said that.
52:55 That was a criticism of the Pharisees.
52:57 They said: "This Man receives sinners...
53:00 goes to eat with them. " Jesus said: "You're right...
53:03 I do. That's why I came. "
53:05 "This Man receives sinners. "
53:08 That is the gospel. Believe the gospel.
53:12 If you believe the gospel, you will be accepted by God,
53:18 you will be saved by Christ tonight... tonight.
53:23 You say: "I can't know that I'm saved. "
53:24 Don't you have faith?
53:27 What about the man who had leprosy?
53:29 Did he know that he'd been saved? Yes he did!
53:36 The hour of His power.
53:41 The power is not in the preacher.
53:44 The power is in the gospel because Paul said:
53:49 "I am not ashamed of the gospel.
53:52 It is the power of God for the salvation
53:57 of everyone who believes. "
54:00 Do you believe?
54:02 If you believe, then you are declared right with God
54:08 right now! Extraordinary, isn't it?
54:13 And it is the preaching of this gospel
54:17 that changes the world.
54:20 Now I know what I'm talking about.
54:21 I'm not an arm-chair theologian... thank God!
54:27 I've seen the power of God.
54:31 I've seen the hand of God; I've felt the hand of God.
54:38 Yes, even literally. When I was preaching in the
54:43 Solomon Islands to a crowd as far as the eye could see
54:47 very recently... Pastor Harold Harker
54:51 who used to be the Union president in Australia
54:54 was standing at the back there. And I thought he'd come out
54:58 to warn me about something.
54:59 But as I was preaching... I was preaching that night
55:03 on spiritism. That is a place where you have spiritism.
55:09 And as I was preaching sometimes there'd be lightning
55:12 all around the stage. Sometimes I'd be drenched
55:16 through. But as I went out to preach
55:20 there came a mighty burst of wind
55:23 that almost blew me off the stage.
55:26 And then I felt a strong hand on my shoulder.
55:31 I turned around. I thought: "It must be Harold. "
55:35 Well it wasn't Harold.
55:37 My friend, I have seen the power.
55:43 And the power is not in man; the power is in Christ!
55:48 It is not in committees; it is in Christ!
55:51 It is in the Living God. I have seen the power.
55:57 Just a few months ago I saw the power
56:00 in El Salvador. They said: "Don't go there...
56:03 you'll get killed. " I said: "I can't get killed
56:05 if I'm in God's hands. "
56:07 Um-hmm. The police didn't think this.
56:10 They took us to the meetings with armed guards
56:13 in front, armed guards behind. Machine guns.
56:17 They took us to the stadium. You know how the Latinos
56:20 are mad on football? Central America.
56:24 The biggest crowd, my friend, did not come to see their
56:27 great football matches. They came to hear the gospel.
56:31 The biggest crowd in the history of the nation.
56:34 I'll tell you more about it.
56:35 765 busses to bring the people.
56:40 Glory be to God!
56:43 Um-hmm. So there it is.
56:48 The hour of His power. More in the morning;
56:53 more during the meetings. I want to pray with you.
56:56 Bow your heads please.
56:58 Our Father, we thank you for the infallibility
57:02 of the Word of God.
57:03 We thank you that the Word of God describes
57:07 the hour, and we've come to the hour.
57:10 We pray earnestly tonight for President Obama,
57:14 all these people, and for America...
57:17 but we thank you for Christ.
57:19 And we accept Him tonight as our Lord and our Savior
57:24 and we say this in Jesus' name,
57:28 Amen and amen.


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