3ABN Homecoming 2015

Music Concert

Three Angels Broadcasting Network

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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), Reggie & Ladye Love Smith


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Program Code: 15HC000003A

00:49 Hello and welcome back to 3ABN Fall Camp Meeting.
00:53 Ya'll are still being blessed, right?
00:55 Amen! And what a tremendous sermon by Elder Carter.
00:59 And now we're going to do some music. Oh yeah!
01:01 I brought Yvonne out here for a reason.
01:03 These are great... Our singers are great friends of yours.
01:07 Tell me a little about 'em. You know, I met them about...
01:09 I guess it was about five years ago
01:11 and I had come to do a session for Pastor C.A. Murray.
01:16 And long story short I was thinking to myself
01:19 "Who are these people that I'm going to be singing with? "
01:22 And I found out they were thinking the same thing.
01:25 And then we met and I've just loved... they're family.
01:29 They're just my family. I love them dearly.
01:31 And they were thinking: "Who is this lady that we're
01:33 supposed to sing with? " They got together; they hit it off
01:36 right away. All of them, of course, are professionals.
01:39 Yvonne used to sing jingles for a living for many years.
01:42 You know, commercials. We say "jingles. "
01:44 Sang with Whitney Houston and Roberta Flack and
01:47 Luther Vandross and a number of those folk.
01:49 So when Reggie and Ladye Love...
01:51 Come out Reggie and Ladye Love.
01:53 When we could be in Nashville somewhere... we could be in
01:56 a shopping mall and I don't care where they see Yvonne
01:59 what do you guys do? "How well I know. "
02:04 You guys listened to too much that kind of music
02:08 growin' up it sounds like.
02:09 Sounds like. Well we're glad... We text her or call her
02:12 every time we hear it. And now our little son goes:
02:14 "Mama, there's Miss Yvonne. She's singing! "
02:16 Danny, you know just recently she had an Apple commercial.
02:22 That's right. The iPhone 6... she did that.
02:24 That's right. Talk about jingles, did you hear
02:26 jingle in your mailbox? Yes, praise the Lord!
02:29 Hallelujah! I don't know about you
02:31 but she took us to dinner one night. You know what
02:34 she did with it? It's good. She became the
02:36 first Blessing on the "GO! " team member... 3ABN team member.
02:40 Praise the Lord. That's right. So we hope she gets more jingles
02:43 now so she can share. You guys have been traveling
02:47 all around the world for 20-some years, right?
02:50 That's right. Been married about 20 years.
02:52 We have been married 20 years and to each other!
02:55 Oh, that's good... that's great.
02:57 And you've been traveling recently around the world.
03:00 I follow them. You guys can follow them on Facebook.
03:03 Ladye Love and my daughter Melody: they are Facebook
03:06 queens. I mean if it starts to cloud up outside
03:09 this thing on Facebook will say: "It's cloudy outside. "
03:12 It's like what? You know so anyway, they keep us...
03:15 You guys were in where? Norway and...
03:17 Norway for a couple of weeks was just fantastic.
03:20 And the weather was just fan- tastic. It was in the mid 60's.
03:24 It rained every day. But it rained every day.
03:26 No, it was beautiful. But it was cool and nice.
03:28 Really. And you were traveling recently. Where did you go?
03:31 Last weekend you were somewhere else?
03:33 Well you can see the dust on my shoes.
03:35 I didn't get it all off. This is Texas dust.
03:37 We were in Burlington, Texas last week -
03:39 Burlington, Texas - at Cowboy Camp Meeting. All right.
03:42 Then you were a few days before that or you're going to
03:45 a Gather thing here? Weekend before we were in
03:47 Missouri and Oklahoma with the Gaither Homecoming Tour.
03:50 OK. You were there? Oh yes, that's right.
03:52 All right. Well tonight we're just going to turn the rest of
03:56 the time over to you guys and you bless us.
03:58 When that clock says zero... You just sing till it says "0".
04:02 All right. All right... it's all yours.
04:04 God bless you. Thank you so much for coming.
04:05 Love you guys... love you guys.
04:10 You know, we're talking about Texas.
04:13 And right just above Texas is Oklahoma.
04:16 And I know we have an Okie here, right? Yeah.
04:20 So a good friend of mine was in the country music business
04:24 years past, and he wrote a lot of great songs, country songs.
04:30 But he wrote this one song... he was in a tough time
04:33 in his life. He was very depressed.
04:35 It was just a very hard time in his life
04:42 and he was reaching out, looking for something to fulfill
04:45 his emptiness.
04:53 And here's what he wrote: I search...
04:57 I cry.
05:03 I hurt
05:07 inside.
05:12 I feel
05:15 alone
05:21 so far from home.
05:29 But when I close
05:33 my eyes
05:38 and look to You
05:41 I find
05:45 my sanctuary,
05:49 my quiet shelter,
05:52 my lighted fortress
05:57 from the dark,
06:01 my peaceful garden,
06:05 my place of refuge
06:11 is in Your Word.
06:19 Sometimes - sometimes -
06:22 my path - my path
06:26 can get off track
06:34 and I - and I...
06:37 I let You down - I let You down
06:41 but yet I found
06:50 no matter how
06:52 I stray
06:57 so faithful You remain
07:04 my sanctuary,
07:07 my quiet shelter,
07:11 my lighted fortress
07:15 from the dark,
07:19 my peaceful garden,
07:22 my place of refuge
07:27 is in Your arms.
07:33 My sanctuary,
07:37 my quiet shelter,
07:41 my lighted fortress
07:46 from the dark.
08:16 Suspended above
08:21 the world that He made
08:24 and below
08:26 His home in the sky
08:32 God in flesh
08:35 came down to man
08:40 and man raised Him up to die.
08:47 And there on a tree
08:51 the destiny
08:55 of every fallen man
09:02 was held by the nails
09:06 driven through
09:10 His sinless feet
09:14 and hands.
09:18 Somewhere between
09:21 heaven and earth
09:24 stood a symbol of grace
09:28 not based on our worth.
09:32 It was there He endured
09:36 what we deserve
09:40 for a cross held the hope of the world
09:46 somewhere between
09:49 heaven and earth.
09:55 Somewhere between time
09:59 and space...
10:02 somewhere between judgment
10:06 and grace.
10:08 He became the sin
10:12 He'd never known.
10:17 And as skies turned black
10:21 His Father turned His back
10:25 and for that moment
10:27 He was left alone...
10:31 He was left alone.
10:37 Somewhere between
10:40 heaven and earth
10:44 stood a symbol of grace
10:47 not based on our worth.
10:51 It was there He endured
10:55 what we deserve.
11:00 For a cross held the hope of the world
11:05 somewhere between
11:08 heaven and earth.
11:17 Stood a symbol of grace
11:21 not based on our worth.
11:25 It was there He endured
11:29 what we deserve.
11:33 For a cross held the hope of the world...
11:40 Yes, the cross held the hope
11:44 of the world...
11:47 Yes, the cross held the hope
11:50 of the world
11:56 somewhere - somewhere -
11:59 between
12:01 heaven
12:07 and earth.
12:13 Suspended above
12:16 the world that He made
12:20 and below His home
12:24 in the sky...
12:36 Amen!
12:41 Let me hear you say Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
12:44 Come on... help us out on this one.
12:55 Can He? Could He?
12:58 Would He? Did He?
13:01 He can, He could, He would, yes He can, He could, He would
13:03 and He did!
13:06 I said: "Can He? " Could He?
13:09 Would He? Did He?
13:12 He can, He could, He would, yes He can, He could, He would
13:15 and He did. I know that He did.
13:17 From the moment I heard about the Lord and His Word
13:20 well it seemed too good to be true.
13:23 There were questions and doubts, I tried to figure it out
13:26 but the best that I could do was to stumble around
13:30 in this love that I found till the questions started
13:33 answering themselves and singing: Can He? Could He?
13:35 Would He? Yes, He can, He could, He would and He did!
13:40 Can He? Could He?
13:43 Would He? Did He?
13:46 He can, He could, He would. Yes He can, He could, He would
13:48 and He did.
13:51 I said: "Can He? " Could He?
13:54 Would He? Did He?
13:57 He can, He could, He would. Yes, He can, He could, He would
14:00 and He did.
14:23 I know that He did!
14:25 Well, can He? Could He?
14:28 Would He? Did He?
14:31 He can, He could, He would. Yes, He can, He could, He would
14:34 and He did. I know... Yes, He did.
14:36 I said: "Can He? " Could He?
14:40 Would He? Did He?
14:43 He can, He could, He would. Yes, He can, He could, He would
14:45 and He did. I know... Yes, He did.
14:48 Can He? Could He?
14:51 Would He? Did He?
14:54 He can, He could, He would. Yes, He can, He could, He would
14:56 and He did. And I know He can.
14:59 I know He can and I know He will
15:02 and He did!
15:07 He did!
15:18 Good evening everybody!
15:21 Well we're from Nashville, TN, and we say "How ya'll doing? "
15:26 Do ya'll say that in southern Illinois?
15:28 Well this is all over the world, too.
15:30 Oh, this IS all over the world... so, sorry.
15:33 Well I bet you in southern Australia say:
15:36 too. Don't they, Pastor?
15:39 Probably not... I don't know.
15:41 But anyway... yes, Ladye Love and I are married and to each
15:44 other for 20 years. Amen!
15:48 So there was a story. We were traveling overseas
15:52 a few years back and we get the chance to, the wonderful chance
15:56 to be on the Gaither videos. Some of you may have seen
15:58 those videos and Homecoming videos
16:00 and just a wonderful group. And we were traveling and
16:03 doing some videos over in England and Scotland
16:06 and a lady came up to us after the concert and she said:
16:09 "Now you know what? I've been watching you two.
16:12 I didn't know you were married but I knew you had something
16:15 goin' on. " And I said: "We did now for 20 years! "
16:20 Yes we have, and we have a 13-year-old son.
16:23 And we're just so honored to be here at Camp Meeting - yes -
16:26 2015. This is a wonderful wonderful time to be together
16:30 with our friends, our loved ones and hear incredible
16:32 preaching, you know, and music of all sorts
16:37 throughout the weekend. So you know I know we have a
16:40 wonderful team behind the scenes. Would you guys
16:42 give them all a hand? I mean, they don't...
16:48 OK, we're going to do lots of different styles,
16:50 genres... Excuse me, Ladye says I never say that correctly.
16:54 genres of music tonight. And you have wonderful smiles.
16:58 I've seen you do it... I've seen you crack those.
17:01 So if you don't like some particular something,
17:02 keep smiling and we'll never know the difference.
17:05 It'll be great... it'll be great.
17:07 This is a song that I want to do, and we did this
17:11 November last year in Israel.
17:14 And we did actually a 3ABN Live there in Israel
17:18 and it was just a wonderful, incredible, emotional time.
17:22 I want to share this song with you.
17:32 I walked today where Jesus walked
17:41 in days of long ago.
17:50 I wandered down each path that He knew
17:58 with reverent step
18:02 and slow.
18:06 Those little lanes...
18:09 they haven't changed.
18:14 A sweet peace fills the air.
18:22 I walked today where Jesus walked
18:31 and I felt His
18:33 presence there.
18:41 My pathway led through Bethlehem...
18:48 ah, memories ever sweet.
18:54 The little hills of Galilee
19:00 that knew those childish
19:06 feet.
19:11 The Mount of Olives hallowed scenes
19:17 that Jesus knew
19:20 before.
19:25 I saw the mighty Jordan roll
19:32 as in the days
19:36 of
19:39 yore.
19:55 I knelt today
19:59 where my Jesus knelt...
20:05 where all alone He prayed.
20:13 The Garden of Gethsemane...
20:20 my heart felt unafraid.
20:26 I picked my heavy
20:32 burden up
20:36 and with Him by my side
20:43 I climbed the hill
20:47 of Calvary,
20:51 I climbed the hill of Calvary,
20:58 I climbed the hill
21:01 of Calvary
21:04 where on the cross
21:09 He died!
21:20 I knelt today where Jesus knelt
21:29 and felt Him close
21:34 to
21:39 me.
21:54 Amen!
22:14 I would love to tell you
22:17 what I think of Jesus
22:23 since I've found in Him a friend
22:26 so kind and true;
22:30 I would tell you
22:33 how He changed my life
22:35 completely,
22:39 He did something
22:41 that no other friend
22:44 could do.
22:48 No one
22:52 ever cared for me
22:57 like Jesus,
23:02 There's no other friend
23:07 so kind as He;
23:14 No one else could take the sin
23:20 and darkness from me,
23:28 O how much
23:31 He cares for me.
23:39 All my life was full of sin
23:44 when Jesus found me,
23:50 and all my heart was full
23:56 of misery and woe;
24:03 But Jesus placed
24:06 His strong and loving arms
24:10 around me,
24:15 And He led me in
24:20 the way I ought to go.
24:27 And every day
24:30 He comes to me
24:33 with a new assurance,
24:39 And more and more
24:42 I understand
24:45 His words of love;
24:52 But I'll never know just why
24:58 He came to save me,
25:03 Till that day
25:07 I see His blessed face
25:11 above,
25:14 No one
25:17 ever cared for me
25:23 like Jesus,
25:28 There's no other friend
25:33 so kind as He;
25:40 No one else
25:44 could take the sin
25:46 and darkness from me,
25:54 O how much
25:57 He cared
25:59 for me...
26:06 O how much
26:09 He cares
26:12 for me...
26:18 for me.
26:29 Amen! I love that song. Don't you love that message?
26:32 No one ever cared for me like Jesus.
26:35 The next song we want to do is a song that we recorded
26:37 several years back on a Gaither video -
26:41 a Homecoming video - and we were in Toronto, Canada.
26:43 Were you there? Well, you missed it...
26:46 but you can see the video.
26:48 Anyway, we were there, and this song was written by
26:51 Rolf Loveland. He's from southern Norway.
26:54 And he wrote this song and it has touched a lot of people
26:59 worldwide. Several artists have recorded this worldwide.
27:02 Josh Groban and Selah and many groups have done this
27:05 but we recorded that. And I hope in some way,
27:10 you know, that the Lord touches you tonight and encourages you
27:13 because we all need encouragement. Amen?
27:16 We all need the Lord... the healing touch of the Lord.
27:20 Every day. We wake up in this old skin every day,
27:24 don't we? And we need the Lord every day.
27:26 So I hope you enjoy this song.
27:49 When I am down
27:52 and oh, my soul, so weary,
27:58 When troubles come
28:01 and my heart burdened be...
28:06 And I am still
28:10 and wait here in the silence
28:14 until You come
28:17 and sit awhile with me.
28:24 You raise me up
28:27 so I can stand on mountains;
28:32 You raise me up to walk
28:37 on stormy seas.
28:41 And I am strong
28:46 when I am on Your shoulders.
28:51 You raise me up
28:54 to more than I
28:58 can be.
29:33 You raise me up
29:37 so I can stand on mountains;
29:41 You raise me up
29:45 to walk on stormy seas.
29:50 And I am strong
29:54 when I am on Your shoulders.
30:00 You raise me up
30:02 to more than I
30:07 can be.
30:11 There is no life...
30:15 no life without its hunger;
30:19 Each restless heart
30:22 beats so imperfectly;
30:27 But then You come
30:30 and I am filled with wonder;
30:35 Sometimes I think
30:38 I glimpse eternity.
30:43 You raise me up
30:47 so I can stand on mountains;
30:52 You raise me up
30:55 to walk on stormy seas.
30:59 And I am strong
31:03 when I am on Your shoulders.
31:09 You raise me up
31:13 to more than I can be.
31:21 Oh, You raise
31:24 me up
31:27 to more than I can
31:36 be.
31:51 Amen!
31:55 You know, I was thinking about...
31:57 I don't know what I was thinking about,
31:59 but I was thinking about a hymn
32:02 toward the end of that song.
32:04 And I knew the writer of this hymn. He was from
32:07 southern Florida. His name was Richard Blanchard.
32:12 And he was a Methodist pastor
32:15 at a United Methodist church there in southern Florida.
32:18 And he was very prompt... always on time.
32:22 Took great pride in being on time all of the time.
32:25 I wish Ladye and I had a little bit more of that great pride
32:27 in being on time... but we're working on it.
32:31 But he took great pride in just bein' on time.
32:34 And he was there that day - that afternoon.
32:36 At 3 o'clock he was supposed to meet a young couple
32:38 who were about to get married and he wanted to speak with them
32:41 about their upcoming marriage and counsel with them.
32:45 3:15 came... no young couple.
32:48 Well... he's not liking it too much.
32:51 3:25 comes... 3:30 comes. He calls his secretary,
32:55 says: "Sarah... " I don't really know if that's her name
32:57 but we'll just say Sarah...
32:59 He said: "Sarah, if that young couple comes here for me to...
33:03 me speak to... you tell them I'm in the music room
33:06 and I'm not waiting in my office any longer. I'll
33:08 be in the music room. " He walks to the music room.
33:11 Very put out... angry, upset.
33:14 Sits down at the piano. The Lord begins to do something.
33:20 In his anger now he begins to write.
33:27 "Like the woman at the well
33:31 I was seeking
33:35 for things that could not satisfy.
33:41 Oh-oh... he's sitting there in his wrath
33:46 and anger and he's thinking before he writes these words
33:49 "Wait a minute. My time is worth more than this.
33:53 This moment kind of is about me because I need to
33:56 give the counsel to this young couple.
33:58 They need to hear what I have to say! "
34:01 "But then, I heard my Savior speaking:
34:06 'Draw from My well... that never shall run dry. ' "
34:12 Now me... I'm thinkin' when he wrote this song
34:15 he has a big Bible. Not just a regular Bible like
34:17 we carry around but the big one.
34:19 Big one. It won't even fit on this lectern.
34:23 I'm going to get out from behind this thing.
34:25 It won't fit on this thing it's so big.
34:27 I'm thinking that everything is just right.
34:29 The moment is just right.
34:31 He's got his favorite juice sitting beside him.
34:35 Everything is right in the world to write a song like this.
34:38 But no! He's very angry and just put out.
34:42 The Lord says: "Fill my cup, Lord,
34:48 I lift it up, Lord.
34:53 Come and quench this thirsting of my soul.
34:59 Bread of heaven,
35:01 feed me till I want no more.
35:07 Fill my cup...
35:09 fill it up and make me whole. "
35:15 "Fill my cup, Lord... "
35:17 Lord, I get it. "I lift it up, Lord.
35:23 Come and quench this thirsting of my soul.
35:28 Bread of heaven,
35:32 feed me
35:35 till I want no more.
35:41 Fill my cup...
35:44 fill it up
35:47 and make me whole. "
35:53 There's a song that Ladye's going to tell us about.
35:59 The Lord, though, does things...
36:02 The Lord does stuff in spite of ourselves -
36:06 in spite of this old skin -
36:08 does He not just do His work anyway? Amen!
36:11 Even the best that we can bring to God
36:14 are just filthy rags. Pastor, right?
36:17 Even our best. So just... just as soon...
36:24 just as soon as we think we have it all together...
36:27 just as soon as I think I've got a new suit on and a nice tie
36:29 and I'm put together pretty nice
36:31 umm... I need the Lord.
36:34 And really, I needed Him before then.
36:36 I was gonna say!
36:38 She knows how much I need the Lord very much.
36:40 I know how much I need the Lord. You know, it's amazing to me
36:43 right now we're in our country - in our country, in America -
36:46 we are getting ready to have our presidential election
36:49 and you know, all of the people are speaking and they're telling
36:53 us what we want to hear and what we need to hear
36:56 and hopefully what they're going to do.
36:58 And those things are very important.
37:00 But I was thinking the other day when I was trying to listen
37:02 to everyone and what they had to say
37:04 "You know, while this is very important
37:06 above all... God said: 'Above all powers,
37:09 above all kings...
37:11 above all nature and all created things'
37:14 He is still Lord of lords and King of kings. "
37:18 Above All.
37:39 Above all powers,
37:44 above all kings,
37:48 above all nature
37:51 and all created things.
37:56 Above all wisdom
37:59 and all the ways of man...
38:06 You were here before the world began.
38:13 Above all kingdoms,
38:17 above all thrones,
38:21 above all wonders
38:24 the world has ever known.
38:29 Above all wealth
38:32 and treasure of the earth...
38:39 there's no way
38:41 to measure what You're worth.
38:47 Crucified,
38:51 laid behind a stone.
38:55 You lived to die
38:59 rejected and alone
39:03 like a rose
39:06 trampled on the ground
39:11 You took the fall
39:15 and thought of me
39:19 above all.
39:31 Above all power,
39:35 above all kings,
39:39 above all nature
39:42 and all created things.
39:48 Above all wisdom
39:50 and all the ways of man...
39:57 You were here
39:59 before the world began.
40:06 Crucified,
40:10 laid behind a stone.
40:14 You lived to die
40:18 rejected and alone
40:21 like a rose
40:24 trampled on the ground
40:29 You took the fall
40:33 and thought of me
40:37 above all.
40:43 Crucified,
40:47 laid behind a stone.
40:51 You lived to die
40:55 rejected and alone
40:58 like a rose
41:01 trampled on the ground
41:06 You took the fall
41:10 and thought of me
41:15 above all...
41:19 like a rose
41:22 that was trampled on the ground
41:27 Lord, You took the fall -
41:30 You took the fall -
41:33 and thought of me - and thought of me -
41:39 above
41:44 all.
42:12 It does not matter
42:16 where you started;
42:20 but friend it matters
42:24 where you end.
42:28 We're all walkin'
42:32 toward forever
42:36 and there's only one road
42:40 that leads to Him.
42:44 The way is straight,
42:48 the path is narrow.
42:52 And though sometimes
42:55 it seems we're all alone
42:59 but an unseen hand
43:04 is there to lead us.
43:08 Just follow Jesus...
43:11 He knows the way home.
43:24 He never said
43:27 we would not suffer.
43:32 And He never said
43:36 we'd never fail.
43:40 He never said
43:44 we're spared the battle...
43:48 but He said He's already
43:52 won the war.
43:56 The way is straight,
44:00 the path is narrow.
44:04 And though sometimes
44:07 it seems we're all alone
44:12 but an unseen hand
44:16 is there to lead us.
44:20 Just follow Jesus...
44:24 He knows the way home.
44:28 The way is straight,
44:32 the path is narrow.
44:36 And though sometimes
44:39 it seems we're all alone
44:44 but an unseen hand
44:47 is there to lead us.
44:52 Just follow Jesus...
44:56 He knows the way home...
45:00 Just follow Jesus...
45:06 He knows the way
45:09 home.
45:21 I love this song. I first sang it in church
45:24 in the fifth grade, and the words are still as powerful
45:28 today: I will serve Thee because I love Thee.
45:31 You have given life to me.
45:33 Ladye Love, I want to ask maybe Danny come join us on this one.
45:36 Yeah, here he is. Danny, come and sing with us.
45:38 Come on, baby.
45:41 He's gotta grab a mike.
45:46 So there's nothing like impromptu... and here we are.
45:49 Who would pass this up singing with these folks?
45:52 What are we singing, though?
45:54 I Will Serve Thee. Hey, we'll let you know when it comes.
45:56 Here's what I decided: you can't sound too bad with them, right?
45:59 Just act like you're singin'
46:01 and they'll think you're soundin' good, you know.
46:06 I Will Serve Thee? Yes, I Will Serve Thee.
46:08 I love it... it's a beautiful song.
46:10 Here we go. Hope my phone doesn't ring.
46:12 Here we go. Do you remember this one? OK.
46:25 I will serve Thee
46:31 because I love Thee.
46:36 You have
46:38 given life
46:44 to me.
46:48 I was nothing...
46:52 no nothing... before You found me.
46:58 Thank you, Jesus.
47:01 You have given life
47:06 to me.
47:13 Heartaches,
47:18 broken pieces,
47:24 ruined lives are why
47:29 You died on
47:34 Calvary.
47:37 Your touch
47:41 is what I longed for...
47:47 You have given life
47:54 to me.
47:59 I will serve Thee
48:05 because
48:07 I love Thee.
48:12 You have given life
48:18 to me.
48:25 I was nothing
48:30 before You found me...
48:37 You have
48:39 given life
48:45 to me.
48:53 Heartaches,
48:58 broken pieces,
49:04 ruined lives
49:09 are why
49:10 You died on
49:15 Calvary.
49:19 Your touch
49:22 was what
49:24 I longed for...
49:30 You have
49:32 given life
49:37 to me.
49:43 You have
49:45 given life
49:54 to me.
50:07 Amen! Thank you; thank you.
50:11 I can go home and sleep good tonight!
50:13 I got to sing with Reggie and Ladye Love. Wow!
50:16 Was that not an amazing rich voice right there?
50:19 No, wait a minute Danny. Come back here.
50:22 Come back here. Another time for that. You know, he kids
50:23 all the time and he has one of the most beautiful voices
50:26 that we have ever... and I'm serious. You have this beautiful
50:28 tone and he's multi-talented. God is using you in such
50:32 a mighty way, but everything he... I mean, really...
50:34 he's... Do you know he's like a big sports person, too?
50:38 Oh, no. My son thinks he's "the bomb. "
50:42 He thinks he's awesome. Easy to impress kids, you know.
50:45 You know, Danny is a great basketball player
50:48 and we've talked about this many, many times.
50:50 And great ping pong player. He's "ambidextrous. "
50:53 Is that such a word? Yes, that's a word.
50:55 I don't know if I am or not
50:56 but I just use both hands. Both hands, that's right!
50:59 I figure... and I smash everything.
51:01 And he said: "Why do you do that? " I said:
51:02 "If I'm going to lose I want to lose by myself.
51:05 I don't want somebody beatin' me
51:06 so I'd just as soon miss the table as not. "
51:08 You know? Reggie is a great athlete.
51:11 Hey Danny, we just want to tell you how much first of all
51:15 we love you. And we met many, many years ago
51:18 on a cruise - yes - playing ping pong. Yeah.
51:21 That's true. He's great. Oh, no.
51:24 Anyway, but you know what? Truly, and the 3ABN family
51:28 has meant a lot to us. Oh, praise the Lord!
51:30 We love you guys. And we so appreciate...
51:32 We love them, don't we? We're so honored to be a part.
51:34 Thank you. Thank you so much. thank you, Danny.
51:55 We just knew He was dead.
51:59 "It is finished! " He said.
52:02 And we watched as His life
52:06 ebbed away.
52:10 Then we all stood around
52:14 till the guards took Him down.
52:17 Joseph begged for His body
52:21 that day.
52:25 It was late afternoon
52:29 when we got to the tomb,
52:32 wrapped His body,
52:34 and sealed up the grave.
52:39 So I know how you feel...
52:44 His death was so real.
52:47 But please listen and hear
52:51 what I say:
52:56 "I've just seen
53:00 Jesus.
53:05 I tell you
53:07 He's alive!
53:11 I've just seen Jesus...
53:17 our precious Lord's
53:21 alive. "
53:25 And I knew - yes, I knew -
53:30 He really saw me, too -
53:35 He really saw me, too.
53:39 As if till now
53:43 I never
53:47 lived.
53:50 All that I've done before
53:56 won't matter
53:59 any more...
54:04 I've just seen
54:06 Jesus
54:10 and I'll never be
54:15 the same
54:18 again.
54:30 It was His voice she first heard...
54:35 those kind, gentle words...
54:38 asking what was her reason for those tears.
54:44 Then I sobbed in despair:
54:48 "My Lord is not there. "
54:52 He said: "Child, it is I...
54:55 I am here! "
55:00 I've just
55:04 seen Jesus.
55:11 I tell you:
55:13 He's alive!
55:18 I've just seen Jesus...
55:23 our precious Lord's
55:27 alive.
55:31 And I knew - yes, I knew -
55:37 He really saw me, too.
55:41 He really saw me, too.
55:45 As if till now
55:50 I never lived.
55:57 All that I've done before
56:03 won't matter
56:05 any more.
56:10 I've just seen
56:13 Jesus...
56:17 Well,
56:19 I've just seen Jesus...
56:24 I've just seen Jesus...
56:28 And all I've ever
56:32 done before
56:36 won't matter
56:39 any more.
56:43 I've just seen Jesus
56:48 and I'll never be
56:52 the same
56:54 again!
56:59 I've just seen
57:03 Jesus!
57:11 Amen! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
57:14 Thank you Reggie and Ladye Love Smith.
57:16 God bless you in all that you do...
57:18 in your travels around the world.
57:20 For folks at home, our time is all gone for tonight.
57:23 Till we see you next time may the Lord richly bless you
57:25 abundantly more than you could ever ask or think.


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