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00:49 Good morning - good morning - and happy Preparation Day.
00:54 You almost want to say "Happy Sabbath" when you see
00:57 an audience of well-dressed good looking people.
00:59 But it's Preparation Day: it is Friday morning
01:02 and we trust that you had a good night.
01:04 I must admit something to you: I had planned on doing this
01:07 presentation on roller skates.
01:10 No... I'm serious. I've done it before.
01:12 Those of you who have been here several years have seen me
01:14 on roller skates. And I'm... I'm not bad.
01:18 But when I got up this morning I was sort of arguing with
01:21 the Lord whether I should do it on roller skates or not.
01:25 I said: "Yeah, but I have a similar presentation
01:28 where the roller skates are very, very important. "
01:30 On this presentation they're not AS important
01:33 but I just wanted to be on roller skates.
01:37 But I chose... Well, I was sort of arguing with the Lord.
01:40 You know, some times you get in these little discussions
01:42 with the Lord and you've got to determine whether
01:44 it's yourself, it's you or if it's something the Lord is
01:49 calling you to do. And then I put them by the door,
01:52 stepped over them and walked out without them.
01:56 So they are home, so that says to me the Lord just
01:58 didn't want me on roller skates today.
02:01 But I left them home. And I was going to call my wife
02:02 and say: "Bring the skates. " But I said: "No, we're not
02:04 going to go through all of that. " So we'll do this
02:05 on the ground. This is not a sermon per say.
02:08 It's a presentation of some things that I want to sort of
02:12 sense you into that the Lord and I have been sort of working
02:17 on the last little bit. So welcome and good morning
02:20 to our in-house audience and to those of you who are
02:23 watching from around the world. I apologize: no roller skates.
02:27 I told Danny the other day: "I've got my skates ready. "
02:29 And he gave me that look
02:31 like: "Old men shouldn't be on roller skates. "
02:34 But if you're going to do a sermon on roller skates
02:37 you either have to be very good or crazy!
02:42 And I am not crazy.
02:45 But the Lord is good and maybe next year
02:49 if we get permission from the Lord we'll get back up
02:51 on our roller skates. Let's have a word of prayer
02:54 and then we'll launch out. Father God, we just
02:55 praise you and thank you so very much
02:58 for Your Word which is a lamp unto our feet
03:00 and a light that shines on the path before us.
03:05 Father God, we ask You to be the teacher this morning
03:09 because there is much that we know that You have
03:12 for us. And we ask for receptive hearts and ears
03:18 and hands that we may do
03:20 because we need to hear a word from the Lord.
03:24 And we thank you, dear Father, in Jesus' name, Amen.
03:28 I want to do a song very quickly.
03:31 When I was diagnosed with cancer some years ago
03:35 I think the Lord gave me a project to sort of keep my mind
03:38 off of it. And one of the songs that...
03:41 actually one of the first ones that I had the chance to
03:43 actually arrange was an arrangement of I'll Tell The
03:48 World That I'm A Christian. And it tends to be a favorite of
03:52 mine because it walked me through a pretty dark time
03:55 in my life. And by the way, we're cancer free
03:59 so everything is well. Amen!
04:01 But the Lord's had me sort of concentrate on this
04:04 and I sing it kind of a lot.
04:06 When my wife knows I'm going to she says: "You gonna sing that
04:09 song again? " I said: "Yeah, I'm singing it again"
04:12 because it's just something that sort of calms me
04:17 and, well, God is good. So we'll do that and then
04:22 we'll launch out into our message.
04:40 I'll tell the world
04:44 that I'm a Christian;
04:47 I'm not ashamed
04:51 His name to bear.
04:55 I'll tell the world
04:58 that I'm a Christian.
05:02 I'll take Him with me
05:05 everywhere.
05:09 I'll tell the world
05:13 how Jesus saved me
05:16 and how He gave me
05:20 a life brand new.
05:24 And I know
05:27 that if you trust Him
05:30 that all He gave me
05:34 He'll give to you.
05:41 I'll tell the world
05:45 that He's my Savior.
05:48 No other one
05:52 could love me so.
05:55 My life, my all
05:59 is His forever
06:03 and where He leads me
06:06 I will go.
06:14 I'll tell the world
06:17 Jesus is coming
06:20 and it may be near
06:24 or far, far away.
06:28 But we've got to live
06:31 as if that coming
06:35 could be tomorrow
06:39 or today.
06:42 For when He comes
06:45 and life is over
06:49 for those who love Him
06:52 there's more to be.
06:57 Eyes have never seen
07:01 the wonders that He's preparing
07:07 for you and me.
07:14 Go tell the world
07:18 that you're a Christian.
07:21 Don't be ashamed
07:25 His name to bear.
07:28 Just tell the world
07:32 that you are a Christian
07:36 and take Him with you
07:39 everywhere.
07:45 I'll tell the world
07:50 how Jesus saved me
07:54 and how He gave me
07:57 a life brand new.
08:02 And I know
08:04 that if you trust Him
08:08 that all He gave to me
08:11 He'll give to you.
08:19 I'll tell the world
08:22 that I'm a Christian
08:26 and I'm not ashamed
08:29 His name to bear.
08:33 I'll tell the world
08:36 that I'm a Christian.
08:40 I'll take Him with me
08:43 anywhere...
08:48 I'll take Him with me
08:50 anywhere.
09:06 Amen!
09:13 We've entitled our little talk this morning, our discussion
09:16 Come, Let Us Go. If you have pen,
09:20 paper, and Bible in hand,
09:22 we trust that you employ them all
09:24 because there is much we want to talk about.
09:26 This is not a sermon... which is why I considered doing it
09:30 on roller skates. One does not do sermons on roller skates
09:33 but one CAN DO a workshop on roller skates.
09:39 We want to go to a reading in Acts of the Apostles.
09:42 It should appear on the screen before you.
09:45 Acts of the Apostles page 515.
09:48 This is Ellen White's digest of
09:53 an interlude between Christ and Peter.
09:56 And Acts of the Apostles page 515 Ellen White says
10:00 in that book:
10:45 Now when she talks about ministers there she's not just
10:48 talking about pastors. Anyone who is called to
10:51 minister for the Lord the first prerequisite
10:55 before you go out to minister
10:57 you need to assess for yourself
11:00 do I love Jesus supremely?
11:06 How strong is my love for Christ?
11:08 Because your love for Christ will be tested
11:14 when you go to serve Christ. How many know that is true?
11:17 Yeah. Whenever you step out for Jesus
11:19 you pick up at least one enemy.
11:22 Amen? And he is a relentless foe.
11:25 Now we know that the Lord never sleeps
11:28 and never slumbers. Amen?
11:31 Now who else never sleeps and never slumbers?
11:33 Um-hmm... Satan.
11:36 Never sleeps... never slumbers.
11:38 So the first thing you need to assess
11:41 is how much I love Jesus
11:44 because you're going to meet some people
11:45 who don't love Jesus.
11:48 Yeah. And you're going to meet some people may not
11:50 particularly love you. Yeah.
11:54 Some of 'em may be sitting next to you right now.
11:58 So you've got to determine: how much do I love the Lord?
12:01 Do I love the Lord enough to love those who don't love me?
12:06 And do I love the Lord enough to love those
12:09 who don't love Him? All right!
12:12 Because sometimes when you go to share the Lord
12:16 the people that you think need the Lord the most
12:19 love Him the least
12:22 and don't love you at all.
12:27 So you've got to ask yourself:
12:28 "How much do I love the Lord? "
12:30 You may be an eloquent speaker; you may be intelligent;
12:33 you may be articulate... you may have all of those gifts
12:36 which are necessary for the upbuilding of the kingdom of God
12:39 but if you don't love Jesus supremely
12:44 you've failed before you have even begun.
12:47 Now this is a book that I found last night.
12:49 And we don't have a graphic for this because I just
12:51 picked this up last night. It's out of print. It's called
12:53 Living God's Love. When I used to pastor
12:55 we did this. In prayer meeting we read this.
12:57 I want to read something to you. Written by Douglas Cooper:
12:59 you can perhaps find one. This is old and dog-eared.
13:03 I bought this in 1991. I date my books.
13:07 I date everything. I date my suits when I buy them.
13:10 I date... I put dates on everything.
13:13 Every suit I have there's a date right here.
13:15 I just date things, and I date every book from the
13:17 time I get it and start reading it.
13:19 So this I bought in 1991.
13:23 And this is the second one I bought. The first one I bought
13:24 in the 80's. "According... " Let's see... yeah...
13:28 "According to the Master Himself
13:30 God's way - the heart of Christianity -
13:34 is loving the Father and loving people
13:38 with all our heart, soul, and body. "
13:40 So it's loving the Father and loving... people!
13:46 "It can only follow that the opposite of Christianity
13:50 and therefore the essence of sin
13:53 is failing to love.
13:57 In plainest terms... in plainest human terms
14:00 sin is failing to love by being primarily interested
14:04 in meeting one's own needs
14:06 while ignoring the needs of other human beings. "
14:09 Pretty strong stuff!
14:12 "This is turning to our own way.
14:15 This is precisely what the clergyman did when he refused
14:18 to go to the hospital. " He tells the story about a
14:19 clergyman who was tired, he had a long day,
14:22 but he had a member who wanted him to come
14:24 and pray with her in the hospital. And he said:
14:25 "I'm just too tired. I can't come right now. "
14:28 "The world and the church are full... "
14:31 The world and the? The world and the?
14:35 Um-hmm.
14:37 "are full of those who are failing God and people this way.
14:43 Most do not even realize their utter sinfulness...
14:47 the utter sinfulness of their self-centered lifestyle.
14:52 A vast majority of even professedly Christian people
14:56 today are so fervently bound up, so passionately conditioned
15:02 to meet their own needs only,
15:05 so totally enveloped in the confining cocoon
15:08 of their own selfishness
15:10 that no one else's needs really matter.
15:14 THIS is the essence of the sin problem. "
15:19 So before you begin to serve the Lord
15:21 the question you have to ask the Lord and ask yourself
15:25 in the light of the presence of the Holy Spirit
15:27 is: "How much do I love Jesus? "
15:31 "Do I love Jesus more than I love myself? "
15:37 It's a very important question
15:39 because heaven is all from in out
15:42 and we are all from out in. You gotta ask Christ
15:46 "Do I love You supremely? Do I love you more
15:49 than I love me? " Amen? Amen!
15:53 And for some of us that is a difficult question to answer.
15:56 That's Living God's Love page 15.
15:59 Great little book. If you can find it,
16:01 it is really something to read.
16:02 Now I want you to go with me in your Bibles to II Kings
16:05 chapter 7 verses 3 through 9.
16:09 II Kings 7:3-9.
16:20 I went out at the ASI meeting just a little ago and I bought
16:23 a nice big-print Bible.
16:25 This is a super giant print New King James Bible.
16:31 Really, really big and really, really heavy.
16:36 I'm in II Kings chapter 7 beginning at verse 3.
16:39 The Bible says:
17:20 This is part of a series of stories
17:24 of a siege of the Syrians against God's people.
17:27 And there are some wonderful miracle stories
17:29 in I and II Kings that are really, really powerful.
17:32 So the get there and no one was there. Then verse 6:
17:57 So God caused them to hear a noise of an army
18:00 that was not there.
18:09 Now it occurs to me that if you're trying to get away
18:12 as fast as you can you'd get on your horse.
18:15 Wouldn't you? Doesn't that make sense?
18:17 But the Bible says they left their horses,
18:19 left their donkeys, left their food,
18:22 left their tents intact and simply ran on foot
18:26 for their lives. That shows you this is a "God thing. "
19:27 You've got a very interesting situation.
19:29 We'll just go through it quickly.
19:30 You've got... you've got four lepers.
19:33 Now the fact that they were leper meant in those days
19:36 that they were going to die.
19:37 If they did nothing and just sat there,
19:39 the default setting on doing nothing was? Death.
19:43 They were going to die.
19:45 If they went back into the city, there was a famine in the city.
19:50 The city was being starved.
19:52 So there was nothing to eat there, so if they went back
19:56 to the city they were going to die.
19:59 So if you do nothing you're going to die;
20:01 if you go back you're going to die;
20:03 you've really kind of gotta go forward.
20:05 And I've told people that.
20:07 I told a first day minister - we talked the other day -
20:11 and this was back in New York so several years ago -
20:14 "Have you ever thought about that if you sit and do nothing
20:16 you're going to die? "
20:18 "If you do nothing... you're going to die. "
20:20 "If you go back, you're going to die. "
20:23 "You gotta go forward with Jesus. "
20:26 So they're saying: "If we go to the Syrian army
20:28 they might kill us. That's a chance we take.
20:32 But we are going to die anyway
20:36 so let's trust God and take the only option
20:41 that is open to us. "
20:43 Now here's what's interesting: had they not exercised
20:47 faith and trusted God they would have not known
20:52 that God had already worked.
20:55 You follow me?
20:57 Sometimes we're sitting waiting for God to do something
20:59 and God is saying: "I'm waiting on you! "
21:03 "I can't show you My goodness until you exercise enough faith
21:08 to get on your feet and get moving. "
21:10 "I've got some "stuff" for you that I want to do with you,
21:14 to you, and through you
21:16 but you've got to exercise enough faith
21:19 to get moving. " Amen? And when you get moving
21:23 many times you find that God has already worked.
21:28 So when they got to the Syrian camp, lo and behold
21:31 no one was there
21:34 because God had caused that army - that besieging army -
21:38 to hear the noise of a larger army
21:40 and they fled for their lives and left everything intact.
21:45 Tents, money, clothes, cars...
21:49 everything, intact.
21:52 Now you know that's a God thing when people get so
21:55 out of their minds that they leave their cash around
22:01 and their car... keys still in the ignition...
22:04 and their food and their clothes.
22:08 So these lepers come in and what do they do? They do
22:11 pretty much the same thing many of us would have done:
22:16 they went and they began to grab stuff.
22:20 "Praise the Lord! "
22:25 They began to grab stuff and hide it.
22:28 Couple of new suits.
22:30 $100,000... vegetarian meat.
22:39 And it was there for the taking.
22:42 God had had them to leave it there.
22:44 The problem was they hid it.
22:46 Then they went back and got some more
22:50 and did the same thing: hid it.
22:57 And then the Holy Spirit came into the room
23:00 and somebody said: "You know, this is not right.
23:04 You've got a whole city back there of people that are dying
23:08 and starving
23:11 and if we just keep this way
23:16 something bad is going to happen
23:17 'cause this is not a God thing. We've got good news
23:24 and why are we keeping it to ourselves?
23:28 Come, let us go
23:31 and tell somebody. "
23:36 How many know that Jesus is coming soon?
23:40 Is that good news or bad news?
23:42 Good news! Good news or bad news?
23:45 Good news. Very good news!
23:48 What are you doin' with it?
23:53 A lot of us are hiding it.
23:57 Yeah... we're hiding it.
23:59 And if you hide it, something bad is going to happen.
24:04 Amen. Yeah.
24:07 You know why Christians end up fighting Christians?
24:13 'Cause they've got good news that they're sitting on.
24:19 Come... let us go.
24:23 We have to go and tell.
24:25 It's a Christian mandate.
24:28 There's no way in the world that you can call yourself a
24:32 Christian and be ashamed - Hallelujah! -
24:37 of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Amen!
24:41 It occurs to me: everybody is out of a closet.
24:49 Is anybody hiding anything any more?
24:51 Nobody. Nobody is ashamed of anything any more.
24:55 Amen! You know, they have this website
24:58 where husbands or wives can go and have secret affairs
25:02 with other people. And just what? About a month ago
25:08 somebody decided to just hack that website and put
25:10 everybody's name... every- body's name out in the public.
25:16 Well praise the Lord.
25:20 And do you know that a number of ministers
25:28 had to leave their pulpits?
25:30 I didn't hear about any Adventist ministers,
25:32 praise the Lord. Amen!
25:35 But a large number of ministers
25:37 were on that... their names were on that website.
25:41 Nobody's ashamed of anything any more.
25:45 So what do you have to be ashamed of?
25:51 Everybody's out of the closet.
25:55 So it's time for Adventists
26:00 to come out of the closet.
26:02 Amen! Now... our closets are nice.
26:05 It ain't a bad closet.
26:09 But it's time for us to get out of the closet -
26:12 Amen? Amen! - and let the world know.
26:14 And if you hold on, something bad is going to happen.
26:20 That's why even the Adventist church is going through all of
26:23 these little exercises and folks gettin' on each other's
26:26 case and things are popping up: because we're spending too much
26:29 time in the closet. Amen!
26:32 Get out of the closet
26:34 and get in the street and let people know the good news
26:38 that Christ is coming.
26:40 And when you go out there you will find
26:42 that God is already working. There are people out there
26:44 who need Jesus - Amen! - who want Jesus,
26:48 who are literally dying for Jesus.
26:57 So the lepers did that.
27:00 And they went and told and they found out that God
27:05 had already worked.
27:07 You know one of the most humbling things
27:09 for me? Not in my notes but I'll say this.
27:12 I baptized a woman in the baptismal tank just sitting
27:17 right here just a couple years ago
27:19 who actually heard me laugh
27:23 on... on the radio.
27:26 I never thought of my laugh as evangelistic.
27:32 But a little lady was in a nursing home
27:34 flipping stations
27:36 and she heard this preacher laugh.
27:40 And she said: "Anybody laughs like that
27:42 has gotta love the Lord.
27:44 I've got to find out what that's all about. "
27:46 I never... I don't particularly like my laugh.
27:49 But she heard the Lord in my laugh.
27:52 And so she called here and spoke with somebody
27:56 and they got to me. And my wife Irma and I went
27:59 and visited her. And she said: "Laugh for me. "
28:05 So we stayed there about an hour and we laughed.
28:09 And then, oh, about two Sabbaths later I went and got her
28:12 and I brought her to church. Amen!
28:14 And I brought her to church every Sabbath until I had to go
28:16 away and some other people picked her up for me.
28:18 And that was... I think that was in May
28:22 and in November of that year we baptized her.
28:25 Amen! And then one year ago she died.
28:30 She spent her last year and a half
28:35 in the Adventist church. Amen!
28:39 And she came because of a laugh.
28:43 See, God will use anybody any time anywhere any place.
28:47 Sometimes you'll get used and you don't even know
28:50 you're getting used.
28:52 Amen? Amen!
28:54 Tell you a quick story: I had an elder
28:55 who saw a woman - Adventist lady -
28:58 with two bags of groceries.
29:00 And he hooked a quick U-turn
29:03 against a bunch of cars 'cause it was raining
29:06 and took her home one time.
29:09 He gave her a ride one time.
29:11 You know, when she died she put him in her will
29:13 and left him $19,000.
29:17 Now I said: "That was an expensive cab ride. "
29:22 $19,000 for one ride.
29:24 Now you don't do good 'cause you're hoping to get $19,000.
29:28 You do good because doing good is what good people do.
29:31 That's right. Amen? Amen!
29:33 You do it because you're called to serve the Lord
29:37 and you use every opportunity to serve the Lord.
29:39 And every now and again God gives you a little hug.
29:43 Amen? Amen! Or 19,000 hugs.
29:48 So nobody's ashamed of anything
29:50 and God's people ought not to be ashamed because praise God
29:53 we have nothing to be ashamed of.
30:00 I... Years ago when I went into the conference -
30:04 the northeastern conference and... Let me change this.
30:07 Let me give you a story. Let's do a little test.
30:10 I've got a lot of stuff here. I'm trying to decide what to
30:11 leave out and which not to. I see my time is getting away.
30:13 Do a little test. I was pastoring a very large church
30:17 and a fellow by the name of Michael Jazz came to talk
30:22 with me as the pastor of the church.
30:24 He was the production coordinator
30:29 for a director by the name of Spike Lee.
30:31 He said: "Spike Lee wants to meet you and he'll be here
30:35 tomorrow at a certain time. " So we made this arrangement.
30:37 He came to the church and he said: "I like this church.
30:41 I'm getting ready to shoot a movie called Malcolm X. "
30:44 He said: "We would like to use this church
30:47 as commissary for our actors. We'll have Denzel Washington
30:52 and all of these actors and we'd like to have them
30:55 have their lunch and everything in this church building because
30:58 it's right in the middle of where we want to do
31:00 our shooting. " Now, lights went off in my mind.
31:04 He said: "I've studied Adventist doctrine. I know
31:07 you guys don't eat pork. We wouldn't bring in pork.
31:10 We wouldn't bring in coffee.
31:13 But we'd like to give you a budget of $10,000
31:18 and all the money you need for food and everything else. "
31:22 And so lights went off in my mind and I began to sketch up
31:24 and I said: "You know what? These actors we would never
31:27 have in our church. They would never just walk into our church.
31:30 So we can get them for 6 weeks. We can do cooking classes,
31:34 we can do health things, we can do... " See, my mind
31:36 is working. "We can leave literature around.
31:38 We can do massages. We can do a whole thing.
31:41 We can minister to a group of people
31:44 that ordinarily we wouldn't get in an Adventist church. "
31:49 So I took it to my board.
31:52 'Cause I said: "This is it! This is a God thing.
31:56 This is wonderful! "
31:57 I took it to my board.
31:59 Now before I take it to my board as I presented it to you
32:03 if you're a church board member would you go for that
32:06 or not? Just raise your hand.
32:09 This is a progressive group.
32:12 I took it to my board and my board said: "No! "
32:17 Well, I shouldn't put it that way.
32:18 The board said... half said "yes"
32:22 half said "no. " And I said:
32:25 "We may be missing an opportunity here
32:28 to minister to a group of people that will never
32:32 set foot, I don't think, in an Adventist church en masse
32:34 like this. Think of the kinds of things we could do. "
32:38 So everybody 35 and under
32:42 said" Yes! Let's do it! "
32:44 And everybody 40 and over said:
32:47 "Nah, we're not going to do that. "
32:51 So I didn't think it was important enough to tear
32:54 the church apart over. Some things you plant your feet
32:57 and draw a line... other things you don't.
32:58 And I wasn't going to draw a line for that.
33:01 I said: "I think we're missing an opportunity
33:03 but if the church does not wish to do it
33:05 then we won't do it. "
33:08 So we took a vote. The church was split down the
33:11 middle and I said: "OK, we're not going to do it. "
33:14 So I went back and I told Spike Lee
33:15 "I don't think we can do it at this time. "
33:18 He said: "Well, can you find me a church? "
33:21 So I went right across the street to the Methodist church.
33:23 I knew the pastor; we were friends.
33:25 And before I could finish the presentation he said:
33:27 "Bring 'em! " So they got the $10,000
33:31 and they got the money. But then I found out that
33:34 in getting that church there was a finder's fee.
33:37 So Spike Lee gave me $750 just for walking across the street.
33:46 But Ellen White is saying that in these last days
33:50 sometimes we're going to have to do different things
33:52 to spread the gospel.
33:54 Now that's where the roller skates came in.
33:55 Because when I became a con- ference communication director
33:58 I was working with a local radio station.
34:01 And the local radio station had a Christian skate night.
34:04 And I had a program on there called "This Moment in Time. "
34:06 That's where the C.A. comes from. My name is Clement
34:08 Augustus King Murray.
34:10 That's why it's C.A.
34:11 So we had a call-in radio show, and my producer said
34:17 "Clement Murray... Clement is just... American's don't like...
34:20 It's complicated; it's hard to pronounce. "
34:22 I would say: "This is Clement Murray. "
34:24 He said: "We've got to find something else. Clement's not
34:25 going to fly. " So he said: "What's your middle name? "
34:27 I said: "Augustus. " He said: "No, that's not going to work. "
34:32 So I said: "King. "
34:34 He said: "Clement Augustus King? A little pretentious. "
34:37 So, the default setting was C.A.
34:39 So it's been C.A. ever since then.
34:40 But they were doing Christian skate night
34:43 and they wanted someone to DJ Christian music
34:48 and teach roller skating.
34:51 So I said: "I will do it
34:53 on one condition: that if you allow us for 30 minutes
34:58 to turn off the music and have a little Bible study
35:01 in the roller skating night. " And they said:
35:04 "That sounds pretty good. "
35:06 I said: "Yes! "
35:08 So right in the middle of roller skating we had a Bible study.
35:12 You know, I led more people to the Lord
35:14 and to the Adventist church in the roller skating rink
35:17 than I did in my pulpit. Amen!
35:21 Yeah. See, God is going to use different methodologies
35:25 in these last days to win people to Christ.
35:28 And as long as you carry Christ with you
35:32 that's what evangelism is all about:
35:34 taking Christ to different places and using those kinds of
35:37 methodologies that God gives us to evangelize the world.
35:42 Now here's some quotes from Ellen White
35:43 that I want to go to. Let's put up that Christless Graves,
35:46 guys. Do that for me if you will.
35:47 Ellen White uses this term quite a lot.
35:50 She says: "Thousands go down to Christless graves... "
35:54 I'm going to paraphrase...
35:55 while Adventists sit in the church and sing
35:57 "Oh, How I Love Jesus. "
35:59 Something wrong with that.
36:01 Amen? Yeah. If you just come and sit
36:04 and sing and pray and go home
36:06 you are doing yourself and your God an egregious disservice.
36:11 There's much more to serving the Lord.
36:14 And so people are going down to Christless graves
36:16 while we do it. OK, The Blessing Is on the "GO! "
36:18 Here we go.
36:21 Let me pop this up: "The Blessing Is on the "GO! "
36:23 All right, let's go to We Need Workers.
36:42 That's why we started this whole "Blessing's on the "GO!" thing.
36:46 It's not brand new.
36:48 It's God's movement for the end time.
36:54 All right... let's go to our next one.
37:11 Sometimes God gives a person a new idea.
37:14 You need to test it by the brethren
37:17 and the Word of God because if it's a good thing
37:21 then others will realize that it's a good thing.
37:24 If you think it's a good thing and you're the only one in the
37:26 world that thinks it's a good thing
37:28 then it may not be a good thing.
37:30 Amen? When Danny brought to us The Blessing Is on the "GO! "
37:34 he didn't have to do a heavy sales job.
37:37 We saw it right away.
37:40 He didn't have to push it; he didn't have to arm twist.
37:42 He just laid it out there and we caught the vision.
37:44 That's the way it is with the Spirit of God.
37:46 If something is of God, many people will see it
37:52 and understand it. Amen?
37:54 Rarely does God give one person something
37:58 nobody else can see it, nobody else can understand it...
38:01 you're the only one in the world that has it.
38:03 If it's of God, when you share it
38:07 others will know that it's from God.
38:10 Amen? And if they're not picking up on it
38:13 maybe you ought to question where is this coming from.
38:17 Because if it's of the Spirit of God
38:19 then those who also love the Lord will know
38:22 that it's of the Spirit of God. That's why
38:23 God puts us in a church community so that we can have
38:26 checks and balances on each other so that every little idea
38:29 that pops up and bubbles to the surface
38:31 doesn't become the church policy.
38:33 But a lot of people... Have to be confirmed in the mouth
38:35 and the mind of many people.
38:37 But if everybody's picking up on it, then you ought to look
38:39 at it very closely and see that it's from the Spirit of God.
38:42 Our next one here: "There are some minds... "
39:06 Just because we've never done it that way before
39:09 doesn't mean we shouldn't do it now.
39:12 Amen. And just because it's your idea
39:17 doesn't necessarily mean that it's God's idea.
39:21 I'm trying to give you some balance here because
39:24 sometimes people come up with things that are just nuts.
39:31 OR God may give you something that is just for you
39:38 and not necessarily for me. That's right.
39:41 Amen? Amen. So you need to pray
39:44 and ask God "Where is this coming from
39:47 and what do You want me to do with this? "
39:51 Now I think my next one is Do Not Depend on Miracles.
39:54 This is important. Let's put that up.
40:18 So you're sitting praying that your neighbor
40:23 finds Christ. Well, if you're praying and not going
40:29 you're only doing half of the work.
40:31 God's not going to work a miracle.
40:34 He's not going to do that for you.
40:37 He wants to do it through you.
40:41 Amen? Amen. God wants to use you
40:45 to save someone. Amen.
40:48 And God will use any method.
40:51 You know something? I've got to tell you a quick story.
40:53 Forgive me... lookin' at my time.
40:55 When I got to the Freeport SDA church
40:57 in Freeport, Long Island, Sr. Roberta Carter
41:00 was the head deaconess of the church.
41:01 Which is rather unusual because everybody knew that
41:03 Sr. Roberta Carter hated Seventh-day Adventists.
41:07 So how does a famous Seventh-day Adventist hater
41:09 become a Seventh-day Adventist?
41:12 The treasurer, a little lady from Panama by the name of
41:14 Josephina Ashers. Sr. Roberta Carter's
41:17 husband was a deacon in the church, and she never
41:20 attended church but he was there every Sabbath.
41:21 He got quick with cancer and died very quickly.
41:25 And, you know, our attention span is so short.
41:29 For the first week or so there were a lot of people around
41:31 comforting her, but Sr. Josephina Ashers realized
41:36 that Roberta Carter needed some long-term support.
41:39 So every Friday evening she made and brought to her
41:43 escovitch fish. Now if you're from the West Indies
41:46 or the Caribbean you know what escovitch fish is.
41:48 It's kind of long to explain. It's fish in this kind of sauce
41:50 and it's... it ain't bad.
41:53 In any event, not only did she bring fish. She brought
41:55 rice and she brought vegetables and she brought salad
41:58 and she brought cups and she brought plates
42:00 and she brought forks and she brought everything
42:02 every Friday and made for Roberta Carter
42:05 a fish dinner. No Spirit of Prophecy.
42:09 No 2,300 days.
42:12 No 144,000.
42:14 Just fish!
42:18 Every Friday.
42:20 Now you may say: "Well Adventists don't eat fish. "
42:26 And that doesn't matter.
42:28 Roberta Carter at that point did.
42:32 So she used a bait that... You follow me?
42:37 OK. Now Roberta Carter had two big sons.
42:40 Big strapping boys. The little one was 6'3"
42:44 about 200 pounds. The big one was 6'6"
42:46 about 240 pounds. Big boys.
42:48 Eat like locusts.
42:51 So she made this food. Six weeks just made the food,
42:55 prayed, and left.
42:57 On the 7th Friday, Roberta Carter said to Josephina Ashers
43:03 "Hey, tomorrow when you're going to church
43:06 pick me up.
43:10 Pick me up. "
43:12 So when I get there a year and a half later
43:14 she's the head deaconess in the church.
43:18 Because deeds of kindness tear down walls of separation
43:21 and build bridges to salvation.
43:23 Amen!
43:24 So you've got to use the methodology that
43:28 Christ puts before you.
43:29 You may go with the Bible or you may go with fish!
43:35 Or salad... or vegetarian meat.
43:41 Amen; amen. But whatever God puts before you
43:45 you've got to use that to the glory of God.
43:48 And the thing is ladies and gentlemen:
43:50 success is guaranteed.
43:51 You're not fishing in uncharted waters.
43:53 Christ has said: "If I be lifted up
43:56 I will draw all men unto... " "Unto Me. "
44:00 Ellen White said we would win 100 where now
44:05 we only win 1 if we would show love
44:08 and compassion and caring.
44:12 See, folk don't come to the church just because you
44:15 say: "We are the remnant. "
44:17 First of all, they don't know what that word means.
44:20 That's "Advent speak. "
44:22 Folk want to know this about your church...
44:24 here's what they want to know:
44:25 Do you love each other?
44:26 Do you have the truth?
44:29 Do you practice what you preach?
44:32 Amen. And: If I make a mistake,
44:36 do you practice healing ministry
44:39 or do you shoot your wounded?
44:43 That's what they want to know.
44:44 That's what brings people to the gospel.
44:47 First of all, you've gotta have the truth.
44:49 The whole truth... nothing but the truth.
44:51 Then you've got to practice what you preach.
44:53 Then you've got to do it in love
44:56 and then when people make mistakes
44:59 do you put your arms around them
45:02 or do you kick them out the door?
45:04 That's why people join the church.
45:06 And if you don't have all four of those facets
45:09 you may get some but you're going to lose as many
45:11 as you get. And even those who stay
45:14 are gonna be miserable!
45:18 So let's show them love and they will come.
45:23 Evangelism page 17.
45:26 Evangelism page 17.
45:29 Let's put that up.
45:30 Evangelism page 17.
45:38 Let's see... yeah... here's the one I want.
45:56 So in these last days we're not to do less of the work of God.
46:00 We've gotta do more.
46:02 You've gotta do more. And if you go
46:06 and you ask them if they want a Bible study
46:08 and they don't want a Bible study, find some other way
46:11 to minister to them. Find another way.
46:14 And they will show you how they want you to minister.
46:18 Find another way because there IS another way.
46:21 You can't always lead directly with the Bible.
46:23 You can get there, but some- times you can't start there.
46:26 But find a way to minister and they will love you for it.
46:31 Now I'm in Evangelism page 30.
46:33 Page 30 of the same book.
46:35 Evangelism page 30.
46:39 Here's what Ellen White says: "We have no time to lose. "
46:41 We have what? No time to lose.
47:11 It's getting tougher!
47:14 It's getting tougher to spread the gospel.
47:17 There are some people who will attack you for
47:20 spreading the gospel. There are some places where even 3ABN
47:23 is we've got to be very careful with the kinds of things you say
47:27 because if you mention a certain group
47:30 you can get in trouble and get your license pulled.
47:33 We were talking with some people just the other day
47:36 from another continent and they were saying that
47:39 the Adventist pastors there have to be very, very careful
47:43 and almost speak in the kind of cryptic parables
47:45 that Christ used because they are afraid of bringing
47:49 the wrath of the government down upon them.
47:52 The truth is it's getting tougher
47:55 to spread the gospel. But God has called us
48:00 to spread the gospel. And when God calls you to do something
48:04 He gives you the ability to do that
48:07 and the guarantee that you will have success. Amen?
48:10 You can't get away from it.
48:12 So we can do it. Now, I'm in Evangelism page 34.
48:15 And this one I wanted to get to really quickly
48:18 before our time gets away. Evangelism page 34.
48:31 That's what Ellen White says.
48:33 We need to make plans to support those. Even when
48:36 you can't go, you ought to support those who are going.
48:39 And if you can't go where they go,
48:41 you can go next door or go to your family
48:43 or go to your friends and lift up the name of Jesus.
49:04 God is saying: "When you see a plan
49:07 that is designed to lift up the name of Jesus
49:10 you need to assist those who are doing just that. "
49:13 Go where you can; do what you can;
49:15 but when you see others going and doing
49:17 you have to assist them in going and doing.
49:20 Amen? Because that's what God wants us particularly
49:23 to go and to do
49:26 because Christ, as I said, is coming so very, very soon.
49:31 And He's coming again. I want to read just a couple things
49:36 and then we'll be done.
49:41 Ellen White tells us... This is a sheet on public presence.
49:43 I just pulled this out last night.
49:46 She says: "Anywhere large groups of people are gathering
49:52 Adventists ought to be there. "
49:55 State fairs, large gatherings...
49:59 anywhere they are we ought to be.
50:02 In fact, she names specifically:
50:04 "At large gatherings like the St. Louis Fair... "
50:07 That's the one I think was in 1888 or so...
50:10 "I was given instruction that as we approach the end
50:13 there will be large gatherings in our cities
50:15 as there recently has been in St. Louis
50:19 and that preparation must be made to present the truth
50:22 at these gatherings. When Christ was upon the earth
50:26 He took advantage of such opportunities.
50:28 Whenever a large number of people were gathered
50:31 for any purpose His voice was heard
50:35 clear and distinct giving His message.
50:39 As a result, after His crucifixion and ascension
50:42 thousands were converted in a day.
50:45 The seed sown by Christ sank deep into hearts
50:50 and germinated, and when the disciples received the gift of
50:53 the Holy Spirit the harvest was gathered in. "
50:56 That's again from the book Evangelism.
50:59 "We should improve every such opportunity as that presented
51:04 by the St. Louis Fair and at all such gatherings
51:10 there should be present men whom God can use. "
51:13 That's men and women. "Leaflets containing the light
51:16 of present truth should be scattered among the people
51:18 like the leaves of autumn.
51:22 To many who attend these gatherings these leaflets
51:25 would be as the leaves of the Tree of Life
51:28 for the healing of the nations. "
51:30 So she's saying again our job as Christians is
51:32 to get out and go where the people are
51:35 and lift up the mighty and matchless name of Jesus.
51:37 And I want to say this is something that I had to learn.
51:40 It is not your job or mine to convert people.
51:44 Amen.
51:46 When I was young in the ministry I thought I had to
51:48 fry, fillet, and fricassee them.
51:51 You know, wash them, clean them up,
51:53 baptize them, and put them in the kingdom.
51:55 That's not your job.
51:57 Our job is to lift up the name of Jesus...
52:00 period... and the Holy Spirit does the rest.
52:04 So if you don't get an immediate conversion
52:09 or an immediate "Yes, I'll follow You"
52:12 don't get discouraged because that's God's job.
52:16 You know, I've had Bible studies where you talk to somebody
52:19 and they say: "I just don't see it. "
52:21 "What? Are you blind? You don't see it?
52:23 Let's go over it again. "
52:25 "Well I just don't see it. "
52:28 That's not a slight against you.
52:32 That's a wrestling with the Holy Spirit.
52:35 So you leave them in the power and presence
52:38 of the Holy Spirit.
52:40 And you never know but when the time comes
52:44 God will bring it back and He'll ripen that seed.
52:47 I've seen it over and over and over and over
52:51 and over again. We had a neighbor...
52:54 We had a neighbor... Well, let me tell this last story
52:56 and I'll be done. Pastor William Scales... he was the
53:03 I think it was the Health Ministries Director of the
53:05 North American Division. He moved into a neighborhood
53:07 bless his heart. They were the first... How can I say this
53:11 diplomatically? They were the first family of
53:13 eurotrichus hair and austillic complexion.
53:18 Um, first black family in the neighborhood.
53:21 And the lady that lived next door to them was so incensed
53:26 that this black family had moved there that she actually tried to
53:28 run Elder Scales - General Conference worker -
53:31 over with her car.
53:32 But instead of returning evil for evil
53:36 they began to fast and pray for that lady and that family.
53:39 Amen. And they looked for an opportunity to serve.
53:42 True story.
53:43 And one day Sr. Scales was sitting in her kitchen
53:48 and she saw the neighbor. They had like adjoining driveways.
53:51 And she saw the lady get out of her car with a bag of groceries.
53:54 She reached into the back of the car and got a second bag
53:57 of groceries and tried to close the door with her hip.
54:00 You know you kind of just try to hit the car door closed.
54:02 Well when she did so, the top of the car door just
54:05 unzipped this bag of groceries
54:07 and of course all the groceries fell.
54:09 Now when you lose a bag of groceries with this arm
54:10 what do you instinctively try to do?
54:12 Yeah, you instinctively try to grab it.
54:14 And then what happens to this bag?
54:16 Yeah, you lose this bag too.
54:17 So both bags tumbled to the ground
54:20 and out popped a large jar of Maxwell House coffee.
54:25 Spilled it on the ground.
54:26 So Sr. Scales ran, got a broom and dustpan
54:31 and came out and began to sweep and help her clean up.
54:33 And she didn't even let the lady talk.
54:35 She just began to serve her.
54:36 And she could feel the vibes. You know, she knew that her
54:40 service wasn't being that well received.
54:43 But she didn't let that bother her because she was on a mission
54:45 for God. Amen. So she grabbed the woman.
54:47 She said: "You know, this coffee is not good for you. "
54:49 And she gave her a list of things that... "This is not
54:51 good for you. I've got something in my house that is better.
54:54 Tastes like this coffee and it's better for you...
54:57 it's healthy. " And I don't remember if it was Roma
54:59 or Breakfast Cup or Cafix. We've got a bunch of them.
55:01 You know... Postum, whatever. She grabbed the woman
55:03 and drug her into the kitchen.
55:06 She just drug her into the kitchen.
55:08 And she said: "Try this. " And she brought out some
55:11 cinnamon buns and they spent almost the whole afternoon
55:14 together. So by the time her husband, Elder Wm. Scales,
55:18 comes home from the General Conference
55:20 this woman is in the kitchen
55:22 laughing and talking with his wife.
55:26 Now shortly thereafter
55:29 Elder Scales died of cancer.
55:31 And within maybe 2 years or so
55:35 his wife also passed of cancer.
55:37 They did not live long enough
55:40 to know that that family is Seventh-day Adventist today.
55:44 Amen! They'll meet them in the kingdom.
55:47 What a grand and glorious reunion that will be!
55:51 Because deeds of kindness tear down walls of separation
55:55 and open up doors for salvation.
55:57 There is a way to touch every heart.
56:01 And if you love Jesus enough
56:04 you will love those for whom Christ died.
56:08 And it doesn't always mean leading with the 2,300 days
56:13 or even the Sabbath. That's right!
56:15 Sometimes it's just a cup of water. Amen!
56:18 Sometimes it's just a kind word.
56:21 Just a smile... just a tip for healthy living.
56:25 Just a "God bless you. "
56:27 Just a little card at Christmas time.
56:29 Now you may not keep Christmas.
56:31 You may not even like Christmas... but they do.
56:35 All right. So use something that will attract them.
56:40 Amen? Amen.
56:43 Amen; amen. And let Christ shine out through you.
56:49 Ellen White said: "if you love Jesus,
56:54 then you will love those for whom Christ died. "
56:58 And I say again: the very first question
57:03 that each of us must ask ourselves
57:06 and I dare say we need to ask it every single day
57:10 is: "How much do I love Jesus? "
57:16 And if you love Him enough
57:18 then no sacrifice is too great
57:22 to lift up the mighty and matchless name of the Lord.


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