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Love's Justice

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Participants: John Lomacang (Host), Shelley Quinn


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00:52 Hello and welcome. It is so good to see your smiling faces
00:56 here today. And we want to welcome those of you who are
00:59 watching by television or Internet or who are listening
01:03 on the radio as well. We're so glad that you could
01:05 join us today. I have the privilege of speaking with you
01:09 this hour and I have two purposes.
01:11 Number one: we are going to focus
01:14 on a lie. We're going to focus on a lie
01:18 that entered the church around 200 AD
01:22 and has become a tradition - not only in the Catholic church
01:26 but it has become a tradition in the Protestant church.
01:31 Most Protestants believe this lie.
01:34 And it is a lie that assassinates the character
01:38 of God. So today we're going to defend God's character
01:42 as we discuss this.
01:45 I was telling the group here earlier
01:47 that at 3ABN we have to have
01:51 our program titles - our presentation titles -
01:55 in a little ahead of time so they can publish
01:57 these on the Internet and put it in print.
02:00 And so usually you end up - for me, anyway -
02:03 I'm giving a title before I have a presentation.
02:06 And I had prayed and the Lord gave me
02:09 the title Love's Justice.
02:13 So that's the title that I gave them.
02:16 Well, we've been so busy and as I said, I've been
02:19 operating like a hummingbird on steroids lately,
02:22 that it wasn't until last Friday that the Lord gave me
02:25 the message to go with that title.
02:28 So that's what we'll be discussing today
02:30 is Love's Justice.
02:32 But first before we do that I want to invite out my pastor
02:36 John Lomacang. And you know, John is a magnificent speaker.
02:41 He's a manservant of God
02:43 but he also has a beautiful beautiful music ministry.
02:48 And you're going to be singing a Steven Green song
02:51 I Will Go. Thank you, John.
03:22 Give me ears to hear Your Spirit;
03:28 give me feet to follow through.
03:33 Give me hands to touch the hurting
03:39 and the faith to follow You.
03:49 Give me grace to be a servant;
03:55 give me mercy for the lost.
04:01 Give me passion for Your glory;
04:07 give me passion for the cross.
04:13 I will go where there are no easy roads;
04:19 leave the comfort that I know.
04:24 I will go
04:27 and let this journey be my guide.
04:31 I will go...
04:36 I will go.
04:53 I'll let go of my ambition;
04:59 cut the roots that run too deep.
05:05 I will learn to give away
05:10 what I cannot really keep...
05:16 what I cannot
05:19 really keep.
05:23 Help me see
05:27 with eyes of faith;
05:32 give me strength
05:35 to run this race.
05:38 And I will go
05:41 where there are no easy roads;
05:45 leave the comfort that I know.
05:51 I will go
05:53 and let this journey be my guide.
05:57 I will go...
06:00 yes, I will go.
06:04 I will go, Lord, where
06:07 Your glory is unknown;
06:10 I will live for You alone.
06:16 I will go because
06:20 my life is not my own.
06:23 I will go...
06:28 I will go...
06:36 I will
06:39 go.
06:50 Amen! Thank you, John, for that beautiful song
06:54 and that beautiful message.
06:55 And that's what we are talking about today
06:59 is going and sharing your faith.
07:02 You know, as we've been... How many of you enjoyed
07:05 last night that "barn burner" that Pastor Carter preached!
07:09 Amen! There've been some wonderful messages here
07:12 at Camp Meeting and we've got more wonderful messages
07:15 coming. But what I would like you to do right now
07:18 is to open your Bibles to John chapter 3.
07:22 John chapter 3.
07:24 Because what we are going to look at today
07:27 is not necessarily new to you in many aspects
07:32 but I want to place the focus on it today
07:35 so that you can share with others this wonderful wonderful
07:41 Biblical truth. And if you'll just keep your finger there
07:45 in John chapter 3 I would like to set up
07:49 the context of this message before we begin there.
07:52 But let's pray first.
07:54 Heavenly Father, once again we come before You in the name
07:57 of Jesus. And oh, Father, how we thank you
08:01 for the gift of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
08:04 the gift of Your Holy Spirit,
08:05 and the gift of Your Word.
08:07 Oh Lord, we know we are saved by grace and we could never
08:10 save ourselves. But we are so grateful to You
08:14 for Your plan and for who You are.
08:16 And we praise You because You are worthy of praise.
08:19 Father, now our prayer is You will send Your Holy Spirit
08:23 to be our teacher. Give us ears to hear what the Spirit
08:26 has to say and give us a heart
08:30 that is willing to do what You ask us to do.
08:33 In Jesus' name, Amen.
08:36 You know, we all are aware that the Bible says in
08:40 I John 4:8 and 4:16 that God is love.
08:45 What does that mean?
08:47 The very essence of God's divine being
08:51 is self-sacrificing love.
08:56 As I was studying a couple of weeks ago
09:00 and focusing on one of my favorite scriptures
09:03 something suddenly occurred to me.
09:06 It is God's nature of self-sacrificing love
09:12 that establishes His holiness.
09:16 Don't let this go over your head. Let me repeat it.
09:20 It is God's nature of self-sacrificing love
09:25 that establishes His holiness.
09:28 His complete separation from sin.
09:33 Now did you know it is also His love
09:36 that will establish our holiness?
09:39 Our separation from the malice of sin?
09:42 I would like to show you - and the truck will bring this up -
09:46 that I Thessalonians 3...
09:49 chapter 3 and verses 12 and 13...
09:53 We won't take time to turn to every scripture today,
09:55 but I Thessalonians chapter 3 verses 12 and 13.
10:02 God's divine love establishes our hearts
10:06 blameless in holiness.
10:08 Paul writes to the Thessalonians and says:
10:19 Who's doing the work here?
10:21 The Lord. "May the Lord make you... "
10:24 may He cause you... "to increase and abound in love
10:29 just as we do to you and to others. "
10:50 How does God establish our hearts blameless in holiness?
10:55 Romans 5:5 says that He pours out His love
10:59 into our hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit.
11:02 And as we open our hearts to Him
11:04 and say: "Lord pour out Your Holy Spirit into me"
11:08 the Spirit's not just the Spirit of holiness.
11:10 He is the Spirit of love... He is God; God is love.
11:14 So as this Holy Spirit... as He indwells us
11:20 this very nature of self-sacrificing love
11:24 enters into our heart and that is how God enables us.
11:28 He empowers us to love Him with all of our heart,
11:31 soul, mind, and strength and to love one another
11:35 as we love ourselves.
11:37 It is God's love - His self-sacrificing love -
11:41 that establishes His holiness.
11:45 And it is God's self-sacrificing love
11:48 that will establish our holiness.
11:52 Did you know that God's divine love
11:57 is a fire that consumes sin?
12:02 When the Israelites in Exodus chapter 4
12:06 when they witnessed the glory of the Lord on the mountain
12:10 it was like a consuming fire.
12:14 And in Hebrews 12:29 it says
12:18 "For indeed our God is a consuming fire. "
12:25 J.D. - my husband... we had a burn pit built.
12:31 When he mows the lawn... Sometimes we travel so much
12:34 that the lawn will get up quite a ways. He'll mow the lawn.
12:38 If he just allows it to lay on the ground,
12:40 the grass underneath it gets brown.
12:43 So he rakes it up and he puts this dry grass
12:46 into the burn pit.
12:48 He tosses in a match and suddenly the fire just goes
12:54 froom... the grass is consumed.
12:58 That's the way God's love is. All right!
13:01 The nature of God's love - His self-sacrificing love -
13:06 consumes sin. And this is why people cannot stand
13:10 in the presence of a holy God.
13:13 Why God said: "They can't see Me face to face...
13:15 not till you're covered with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. "
13:20 Divine love makes God good, virtuous, incorruptible,
13:23 righteous, trustworthy, patient,
13:27 kind, filled with tender mercies and humble.
13:31 You know, I marvel at the humility of the trinity.
13:36 When Jesus Christ was on earth
13:39 He walked in absolute surrender to the Father.
13:43 He did all things to bring glory to the Father.
13:46 He only spoke what the Father said to speak;
13:48 He only did what the Father said to do.
13:52 He worked in perfect cooperation with the Father
13:55 never competing with Him.
13:57 Then when He sent the Holy Spirit the Bible tells us
14:00 that the Holy Spirit does not compete for glory with Jesus.
14:05 He brings all glory to Jesus
14:08 and the Father gives glory to the Son.
14:11 The self-sacrificing love of God
14:15 is the foundation of His character,
14:20 His creation, and His sovereignty.
14:23 God is sovereign because
14:28 He is our Creator who inhabits eternity.
14:33 He is self-existing; He is eternal;
14:36 He is omnipotent... all powerful.
14:39 He is omniscient... all knowing.
14:41 And He is omnipresent... He is everywhere.
14:46 So God - to insure the honor and stability of His righteous
14:52 government - He legislated righteous moral laws
14:57 because He intends for His people to live
15:01 in a loving and harmonious community.
15:05 And these laws that He legisla- ted are for our own protection.
15:09 And they're actually promises of something that God will do
15:12 in us and for us if we are in covenant relationship with Him.
15:16 Therefore conformity to those laws
15:20 is required and justice is required.
15:25 We often say that the great controversy is the battle
15:28 between good and evil. I want to expand our thinking
15:32 today. The great controversy
15:34 is the battle between self-sacrificing love
15:40 and love of self.
15:43 You are familiar with Ezekiel 28 where the Bible is
15:49 speaking of Lucifer and how he was created perfect
15:53 in wisdom, perfect in beauty.
15:55 He was an anointed cherub.
15:58 But then Isaiah 14 shows that Lucifer
16:04 started... with all of this beauty and his majesty...
16:07 began to be lifted up in his heart and he said:
16:11 "I will ascend... " "I will exalt my throne... "
16:16 "I will be like the Most High God. "
16:19 Do you realize that the power -
16:24 the hellish power of pride -
16:27 has a Satanic origin?
16:29 The hellish power of pride is the working of self love.
16:36 It is absolutely opposite
16:40 to divine, self-sacrificing love and the humility of God.
16:44 It is something that... This pride will cause
16:50 people to have self-exaltation and rebel against God.
16:55 And that is exactly what Lucifer did.
16:57 So the great controversy is between self-sacrificing love
17:02 of God and self love.
17:05 It is between humility and pride.
17:09 It is between good and evil.
17:12 Satan, being the father of all lies as Jesus called him,
17:16 maligned God's character.
17:19 He distorted the truth saying that God was unfair,
17:23 unjust... that God was selfish.
17:26 And he deceived other created beings
17:28 and we know 1/3 of the angels followed him, didn't they?
17:33 But did you know
17:34 that he came to earth to start a rebellion here?
17:40 And what did he do? In the Garden of Eden
17:44 he perpetrated a lie against God
17:46 indicating that God was selfish, unfair, unjust.
17:52 And he said to the woman: "Did God really say
17:56 you cannot eat of the trees of the garden? "
17:58 And she says: "Oh, no... just this one tree.
18:01 And if we do we'll die. "
18:04 But the lie that Satan perpetrated was:
18:07 "You will be like God and you shall not surely die. "
18:13 This is a lie that he is per- petrating in the church today.
18:19 You know, sin is habit forming
18:22 and it is a contagious condition.
18:24 In the fallen nature of man after that first sin we find
18:29 that everyone has become a sinner and fallen short
18:32 of the glory of God's self-sacrificing love.
18:38 The God of divine love and love's justice
18:41 suddenly faced this dilemma of sin and salvation.
18:46 Created beings... He had weighed them in the balance
18:49 of His divine justice. He found them wanting.
18:54 God hates sin. He cannot bear what sin does... the pain
19:00 and the suffering that it brings to the citizens of His kingdom
19:04 who are victimized by sin.
19:07 He declares that sin is deserving of punishment
19:10 and justice demands judgment and punishment
19:15 of those who are guilty of breaking His law.
19:18 God is just and He executes justice in righteousness.
19:23 Love's justice is totally fair.
19:26 It is perfect in every respect.
19:28 So let me ask you this question:
19:30 how does the Lord of justice -
19:34 the ultimate Judge of all of the earth
19:37 who always makes righteous judgments without partiality
19:41 judging each person according to their own actions -
19:45 how does this Creator -
19:47 our Creator of infinite benevolence
19:51 whose loving hearts wants all men to be saved -
19:55 how does He reconcile His justice and His mercy?
20:01 How does this just God satisfy justice
20:05 and pardon man's sin at the same time
20:09 so that He can remain consistent with His perfect nature?
20:13 How fortunate we are that love's justice is two-sided.
20:19 On the one side you have paternal, fatherly justice
20:24 that provides grace, mercy, and pardon.
20:28 On the other side we have avenging justice
20:32 and this metes out merited punishment.
20:36 So we're going to look at paternal justice first
20:39 and then we're going to get to John chapter 3, I promise.
20:42 In His holiness and righteous- ness God cannot overlook sin.
20:46 Justice does not demand grace.
20:51 Ah, but we have a heavenly Father
20:54 whose heart overflows with love for us.
20:58 And because of His love He offers us this grace.
21:04 He offers us every good and perfect gift. Amen!
21:08 He sent His Son!
21:12 Roman 5:8 says that God demonstrated His love for us
21:16 by this: that He sent His Son to die for us
21:19 while we were yet sinners so that we could be given
21:24 the unearned, undeserved gift of grace called salvation.
21:29 Hallelujah! That is exciting.
21:32 Christ bore our sins in His body on the cross.
21:36 God caused the iniquity of us all
21:40 to fall on Him and He made Christ - who knew no sin -
21:45 to become sin for us
21:48 that we might become
21:51 the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
21:54 So love's justice on the one side... this paternal
21:59 Fatherly justice... offered Christ's righteousness
22:03 to sinners to deliver us from sin and save us by grace
22:07 as our substitute... your substitute... my substitute.
22:13 Christ bore our penalty of death. Yes He did!
22:17 Oh praise the Lord!
22:19 When He did this He reconciled us to God, making us
22:23 friends with God. Yes! And God's pardon to unholy sinners...
22:29 How many of you are unholy sinners?
22:31 God's pardon to unholy sinners - glory to God -
22:35 everybody's hand should have gone up -
22:38 is only because He secures our acquittal
22:44 from guilt by Christ's death. Yes!
22:50 By His divine grace He offers us the gift of
22:54 repentance, forgiveness, and salvation... all sealed
22:58 by the blood of Jesus.
23:00 Forgiving sinners by His grace does not
23:03 compromise His holy justice.
23:07 Christ's substitutionary death satisfied the demands
23:12 of the law and of justice
23:15 and it makes it consistent. By His death
23:19 when God came down to die for us
23:21 it makes it consistent for Him to remain a just God
23:26 and the justifier. So now with that background
23:31 let's look at John chapter 3.
23:33 This is a passage of Christ's words that are very familiar
23:37 to you. Most of you even at home will recognize
23:40 these scriptures. But what I want to show you
23:45 in this passage is that it begins with a parallel,
23:49 a parallelism - a corresponding truth -
23:52 and then Jesus speaks
23:55 a series of five juxtaposed statements.
24:00 Do you know what it means to juxtapose?
24:02 If I say "a juxtaposition? " Many of you do.
24:06 A juxtaposition is when you are putting up
24:10 one thing side by side with another thing
24:14 to show their contrast.
24:18 So for an example... I can't think of an example.
24:21 Let's say that I am... I'm
24:25 applying for a job at NASA.
24:29 And I go to NASA and I have my interview
24:32 and this guy really likes me and he says: "Hey,
24:35 I think she'd be a good fit around here. "
24:37 But then the director of human resources comes in
24:42 and he says: "Now wait a minute.
24:44 You know we had that other candidate earlier... "
24:47 And the big boss says: "Yeah, but I didn't like him.
24:51 He just wasn't very nice. She's nice. "
24:53 And he'll say: "Yes, but, his resume says
24:58 that he has a Ph. D. in applied mathematics.
25:03 Her resume says she doesn't even know her
25:07 multiplication tables. " Do you see the juxtaposition?
25:10 It's like here's one thing but the total contrast
25:14 is something else. Well we're going to look at some of those
25:16 in just a second. Let's start with John chapter 3
25:19 and verse 14. This is the parallel comparison
25:24 where there are corresponding truths.
25:26 John chapter 3 and verse 14. Jesus said:
25:48 So the snake and the pole were a
25:55 type of Christ's death on the cross.
25:58 It was a pre-figuring of Christ's death on the cross.
26:02 So we see those two statements are parallel.
26:05 Jesus said: "Just as this so is this. "
26:09 The snake on the pole... the Son of Man will be lifted up.
26:11 So those are parallel. But now He's going to give us
26:15 five juxtapositions. Let's look at verse 16.
26:20 Excuse me... I skipped verse 15.
26:24 Verse 15:
26:32 In the Greek that is appolumi
26:35 and it means to be utterly blotted out.
26:38 To vanish into nothingness; to be destroyed completely.
26:43 And so He says:
26:55 Do you see the juxtaposition there?
26:57 On the one side people are perishing;
27:01 on the other side they have eternal life.
27:04 These are strikingly different thoughts
27:06 of utter and permanent destruction
27:09 versus the unending future reality of eternal life.
27:12 It's either the way of death or the way of life.
27:16 And then in verse 16 He continues...
27:19 John 3 and verse 16.
27:22 This is His second juxtaposition.
27:40 Do you see again the marked contrast?
27:43 It's either utter and permanent destruction...
27:47 you're going to perish - appolumi...
27:49 or have eternal life.
27:52 You know, many Christian denominations...
27:54 and I was brought up in one...
27:56 teach that man has an immortal soul
28:03 and at death this soul goes either to heaven or to hell.
28:07 And they also teach that hell is an eternal torment.
28:11 One of conscious and constant torment.
28:17 This false teaching assassinates the character -
28:23 Amen! - of God - that's right.
28:25 How can heaven's God -
28:29 the God whose very essence is self-sacrificing love -
28:33 even be connected to that thought?
28:37 This lie alone has kept more people
28:42 at arm's length or even made them walk away from God.
28:47 Because to say that there is an eternal torment -
28:53 a conscious torment -
28:55 this makes heaven's God of infinite love
29:01 more sadistic, more...
29:07 it makes Him a sadistic dictator and tormentor.
29:10 Worse that Germany's Hitler,
29:15 Russia's Stalin, or Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge combined!
29:21 To think that God... I mean I grew up thinking...
29:25 I had a relative that I wasn't sure was going to make it
29:27 to heaven... And I grew up thinking
29:29 all my life that that relative was burning in hell
29:33 because as soon as you died you either went to heaven
29:36 or to hell. And I was troubled by that all my life
29:40 and I served the Lord out of fear.
29:43 I've been baptized four times.
29:45 Twice because I was just scared to death
29:48 I hadn't been baptized right.
29:50 I grew up in a church that taught... a different church...
29:53 I did not grow up an Adventist.
29:55 But a Sunday-keeping church that taught if you weren't
29:58 baptized just right you weren't going to make it.
30:01 So I got baptized a couple of times then.
30:04 Once because I joined a church that was a non-denominational
30:07 church that... They had been Baptist so when they switched to
30:11 non-denominational they still kept some practices.
30:14 So I just went down front to join the church and they
30:16 dunked me before I knew what happened.
30:19 But the last time that I was baptized - all right! -
30:22 I knew what it meant.
30:23 I knew that I was being buried with Christ.
30:26 It was symbolic that I was being buried with Christ
30:29 to raise up... as Romans 6 says... to walk in newness of
30:33 life. But before I served God out of fear.
30:39 Even then I was serving God out of fear.
30:42 You know, John wrote in I John chapter 4 and verse 18
30:45 "There's no fear in love
30:47 but perfect love casts out fear. "
30:52 Because fear involves torment.
30:55 This false teaching on hell
30:58 has caused many to become atheists because
31:01 they cannot reconcile the idea of "God is love"
31:06 and yet that God is a God of torment.
31:10 But as you have heard
31:13 Pastor Carter use several times in his presentations -
31:18 I already had it in my notes -
31:20 my cry is "sola scriptura. "
31:23 The Bible and the Bible only.
31:26 Let us go to the Bible to find out what the Bible has to say
31:30 about death, what the Bible has to say about hell,
31:34 what the Bible has to say about God's character.
31:38 We hold a precious truth... a Biblical truth.
31:42 The truth about the mortal soul.
31:46 The truth about hell.
31:48 And when I first found out... I wasn't even an Adventist
31:52 when I first found this out.
31:54 I was praying to God. He had already called me into
31:56 full-time ministry, and as I was praying to God one day
31:59 He impressed this thought upon me.
32:01 "Ask Me what you will.
32:04 Whatever is confusing you ask Me. "
32:07 And when I study that's how I'm studying.
32:09 I'm saying: "Lord, show me" if I've got a question.
32:13 Well when He said that I said: "OK, I do not understand
32:16 how You can be a God of love and torment somebody
32:19 through conscious torment throughout eternity. "
32:25 In fact, I said: "Lord, You're the Ancient of Days.
32:28 That would make other people like the Ancient of Days
32:30 if they had no beginning and no end. "
32:32 All right. And you know what? The Lord sat me down
32:35 and taught me the truth.
32:37 And when I came into the Adventist church
32:40 and found out that the Adventist church believed that as well
32:43 I was so excited!
32:45 But you know what? We don't talk about it any more.
32:48 We take it for granted.
32:51 J.D. said he grew up Adventist.
32:54 He didn't know. He said: "No big deal to me...
32:57 I've always known the truth about hell. "
33:00 There are so many people out there who don't know the truth
33:02 about hell, who don't know what the Bible says about the
33:06 mortal soul. We need to get out and teach them - Yes! -
33:09 because they will get closer to God if we do.
33:12 To be immortal means that you are exempt from death
33:15 and the Bible says only one person is immortal.
33:20 I Timothy chapter 6 verses 15 and 16
33:25 says God alone is immortal.
33:28 Look at this:
33:44 Only God is immortal!
33:47 It is a lie that man has an immortal soul.
33:51 Now it is the truth that you have already been given
33:55 the gift of eternal life if you're in Christ.
34:00 It is in your account.
34:02 But when do you put on immortality?
34:04 Let's look at I Corinthians 15 verses 51 through 55
34:09 because believers who are saved the Bible says
34:12 put on immortality at the last trump,
34:15 at the close of earth's history.
34:17 I Corinthians 15:51:
34:50 When? At the last trump!
34:54 It is not until the close of earth's history.
35:22 Since only the saved are given eternal life
35:28 and since we do not put on this immortality
35:32 until the last trump, do you realize what this means?
35:37 There are no disembodied spirits
35:41 floating around the earth
35:43 or no disembodied spirits up in heaven.
35:46 Ha, I'll tell you a little more of how I was taught
35:49 in just a moment. But if we will get this truth out
35:53 people will be protected from the New Age mysticism
35:59 of channeling spirits or thinking someone is
36:02 coming to tell them something
36:04 which is a deception and a lie.
36:07 Let me ask you this: do you know how
36:10 the philosophy of the immortal soul entered the church?
36:14 It's an amazing amazing story.
36:20 The apostolic fathers during the first century
36:23 and 3/4 of the second century
36:26 they taught that there were only two options:
36:32 the way of death or the way of life.
36:35 You're either going to perish or you're going to have
36:37 eternal life. That lines up with the scriptures, doesn't it?
36:41 So throughout 3/4 of the second century
36:46 they were still teaching this.
36:48 Now that was in direct contradiction to what
36:52 pagan philosophers were teaching at the time.
36:56 Socrates and Plato -
36:59 two Greek pagan philosophers -
37:03 taught that the soul was immortal.
37:07 And there was a pagan philosopher who was a pupil
37:13 of Plato. He lived in Carthage, Tunisia.
37:18 His is thought to have been the son of a Roman centurion.
37:22 He is also thought to have been a trained lawyer.
37:27 In 197 AD he had a conversion to Christianity
37:33 and he became a prolific ecclesiastical writer.
37:39 He wrote great volumes - a massive body of works -
37:44 of Latin Christian literature.
37:48 But this man, whose name was Tertullian...
37:51 Have you heard of Tertullian? Tertullian
37:54 became a Christian 197 AD
37:58 and one of the things that he wrote... one of his works...
38:02 is called Resurrection of the Flesh.
38:07 And what he taught in this
38:10 and what he actually does: he quotes Plato
38:15 saying that man's soul is immortal.
38:21 And because we have an immortal soul
38:23 our soul doesn't need saving... only our body.
38:26 And actually that's kind of how I grew up thinking.
38:29 I believed that when I died I would go to heaven
38:32 and then Jesus would bring me back to resurrect my body
38:36 'cause I was taught this immor- tal soul, this pagan philosophy.
38:41 But what happened was Tertullian further reasoned
38:46 since souls are immortal and cannot be destroyed
38:51 impenitent sinners would suffer a conscious,
38:56 on-going, never-ending punishment in hell
39:01 in direct contradiction of scripture.
39:06 Satan got this lie in: "You shall not surely die. "
39:11 He got it into the church through Plato and Tertullian.
39:15 So now let's look at John 3:16 again.
39:19 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son
39:22 that whosoever believes in Him should not perish
39:25 but have everlasting life. "
39:28 Only the saved, those who are surrendered and led by
39:30 the Spirit, receive the gift of eternal life.
39:35 So what's the opposite of eternal life?
39:37 Eternal? Death!
39:40 The lost are destroyed utterly and permanently.
39:43 You know, Paul has a juxtaposition of his own.
39:47 He says it this way in Romans 6:23:
39:49 "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God
39:53 is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. "
39:57 It's either or. Amen!
40:00 You're not going to have an eternal life in hell.
40:04 All right; all right.
40:05 The choice is eternal life in Christ
40:08 or eternal second death referred to in Revelation.
40:13 And we'll get there in just a few minutes if we have time.
40:17 John 3:17 continuing. Here is the 3rd juxtaposition.
40:23 Jesus says in John 3:17:
40:34 He goes on with another juxtaposition in verse 18:
40:52 Now, if we go on through verses 19 and 21
40:56 and we will - we're going to see the juxtaposition -
40:59 comparison, the contrast -
41:01 of man's response. First let's look in verse 19
41:07 the response of the evil:
41:33 So that's the response of the evil.
41:35 Now the juxtaposition... the contrast. Verse 21:
41:55 What does it mean to be "done in God? "
41:58 That it's been done by God's divine help.
42:01 That you've done this with complete and total dependence
42:05 upon God... which is God's plan of salvation.
42:10 So He sets before each human being
42:14 the choice of the path of life
42:16 where we find joy in His presence forevermore
42:19 or the path of death
42:21 where you'll be totally destroyed.
42:23 Let me ask: on which path are you walking?
42:27 Let me... somebody... I heard a precious little voice say:
42:31 "Hopefully the path of life. "
42:35 Let me give you some assurance.
42:37 I John chapter 5 verses 10 through 12.
42:40 Listen to this juxtaposition:
42:43 "And this is the testimony: that God has given us eternal
42:47 life and this life is in His Son.
42:49 He who has the Son has life.
42:53 He who does not have the Son does not have life. "
42:59 Eternal life is available only through Christ.
43:02 And as I said it's already deposited.
43:05 If you're in Christ, you've got that deposited
43:07 into your account.
43:09 Immortality will be given you at the last trump.
43:13 So on one side of the scales we see that love's justice
43:17 is paternal. It is a fatherly
43:23 remunerative-type justice.
43:26 It's God's standard of love for His benefits and His grace.
43:32 I praise God for His paternal justice, don't you?
43:37 I am a debtor... I will be a debtor throughout
43:39 eternity to God's paternal justice.
43:42 But on the other side is God's avenging and punitive
43:47 judgment. And on that side, people are judged
43:52 by their conduct and their works.
43:55 Do you realize you're not judged by your conduct and your works?
43:58 You're judged by the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
44:01 You will be rewarded according to your works
44:04 but you are not judged according to your works.
44:09 That makes my feet do a happy dance!
44:11 Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
44:16 So on this side of avenging justice
44:20 we've got God judging people by their conduct,
44:26 by their works. And He will inflict merited punishment
44:30 on transgressors who fail to heed His warnings
44:34 and deserve judgment.
44:36 You know, when we look at the world
44:39 and all the evil, the pain and the suffering,
44:42 sometimes we want to say: "Where is justice? "
44:45 It's on its way... it's on its way.
44:49 Justice demands punishment of the guilty.
44:55 He declares it to be deserving of punishment.
45:00 God will repay. He promises to execute
45:03 merited punishment upon the sinners for all the wrongs
45:07 that they perpetrated against mankind.
45:09 Love's final justice will condemn and snuff out sin,
45:13 bringing it to an end and bringing comfort to His people.
45:17 There is a kingdom principle... again, another juxtaposition...
45:21 that is written in Galatians chapter 6 verses 7 and 8.
45:24 "God will not be mocked. You reap what you sow. "
45:27 If you sow to the flesh, what are you going to reap?
45:30 Destruction.
45:32 If you sow to the Spirit, you will reap eternal life.
45:36 You know, sinners actually sometimes realize
45:40 that God is going to... they're aware of God's judgment
45:44 on sin. Romans 1:32. Paul says this
45:48 talking about these sinners it says:
45:51 "who... " these people... "knowing the righteous judgment
45:54 of God that those who practice such things are deserving
45:57 of death not only do the same
46:00 but also approve of those who practice them. "
46:04 Do you realize that makes sin suicidal?
46:08 Sinners will willingly sacrifice the gift of eternal life
46:13 to just enjoy the temporary pleasures of sin.
46:19 Sin is suicidal.
46:22 There will be a repayment for evil.
46:25 These sinners who disobey God's law and work contrary
46:29 to His righteous ways and His loving will
46:32 shall suffer the displeasure of God.
46:35 The gavel of divine justice will fall.
46:38 It will come down upon those who have refused God's love,
46:43 who've spurned His grace,
46:45 who've hated His truths and exploited His people.
46:49 By their own rebellion
46:52 sinners will forfeit God's favor.
46:56 They will cast themselves out of the court
47:00 of love's paternal justice
47:03 and into the fiery furnace of love's avenging justice.
47:09 And until the very end they will be gnashing their teeth
47:11 against Him. Did you know? How many of you have heard?
47:16 You know, Jesus seven times - mostly in parables -
47:19 talked about weeping and gnashing of teeth.
47:21 I grew up thinking people are grinding their teeth
47:26 in fear, in pain. But you know what that term actually
47:30 means? Gnashing your teeth?
47:32 That was an idiom... a figure of speech in the Bible...
47:36 used to talk about people who were furiously angry.
47:40 Let me give you a couple examples.
47:42 Psalm 35:16 says: "With ungodly mockers at feasts
47:47 they gnash their teeth against me. "
47:50 Lamentations 2:16 says: "All Your enemies have opened
47:52 their mouth against You.
47:54 They hiss and they gnash their teeth. "
47:56 And Acts 7:54 says
47:58 those that were present at Stephen's stoning
48:02 "gnashed their teeth against him. "
48:05 It is a figure of speech that Jesus was using
48:09 to say that the unrepentant sinner
48:13 at the very end is still furiously angry with God.
48:18 They're not remorseful to the very end.
48:21 But let's consider God's anguish.
48:24 Here we have a God of love who must execute judgment
48:30 to fulfill love's justice.
48:32 God cannot ignore the behavior of sin.
48:34 Justice demands that He act in judgment.
48:37 And Paul tells us that God desires that all men should
48:41 be saved. Peter tells us: "Hey! Don't be fooled.
48:45 He's patient; He's longsuffering.
48:47 Don't think He's waiting this long.
48:49 But He's not willing that any should perish
48:52 but they should come to repentance. "
48:55 And God Himself in Ezekiel 33:11... listen to the
49:00 heart of a loving Father.
49:02 He says: "Say to them: 'As I live says the Lord God
49:06 I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked' -
49:10 Amen! - 'but that the wicked would turn from his way
49:13 and live. ' Yes! 'Turn from your evil ways.
49:17 Why should you die O house of Israel? ' "
49:20 What is He talking about here? What death?
49:22 It has to be the second death.
49:24 Man is appointed to die once. All of us are going to die
49:28 the natural death unless we're alive when Jesus returns.
49:31 The second death is what He's referring to
49:34 that is mentioned four times in Revelation.
49:37 And let's look quickly at those.
49:39 In Revelation chapter 2 and verse 11 Jesus says:
50:03 And then let's look at Revelation chapter 20
50:06 and verse 4 is where we'll begin. John says:
50:30 "But the rest of the dead did not live again until the
50:32 thousand years were finished. "
50:34 He's talking about... he says: "This is the 1st resurrection. "
50:37 Those who are living and reigning
50:39 for a thousand years with Jesus.
50:58 I remember when I was writing a book
51:01 my sister who - bless her heart - went to sleep in Jesus
51:05 a little over a year ago -
51:07 she would... There were no boundaries
51:10 where she was concerned. So I could tell her I was on
51:13 a tight schedule... she'd continue calling.
51:15 So what I'd do is I would read to her
51:17 what I was writing and that gave her that time,
51:19 that talk time with me.
51:21 And I got to John 5:28 and 29
51:24 and I was reading Jesus' words...
51:26 He says: "Do not marvel at this. "
51:31 There's a screen for this.
51:51 Then I read to her Daniel 12:2
51:54 that was in my manuscript: "And many of those who sleep
51:56 in the dust of the earth shall awake: some to everlasting
52:00 life, some to shame and everlasting contempt. "
52:03 Then I continued on and she's going: "Whoa!
52:05 Hold the phone! " She says: "Come back.
52:08 What did you just say? " And I said: "Well,
52:10 there's two resurrections. Revelation... You know, Jesus
52:13 says there's two resurrections. Paul mentions it in Acts.
52:16 Daniel mentions. Jesus says in Revelation 20
52:20 that the first resurrection. They live a thousand years.
52:23 Then the evil are going to be resurrected. "
52:26 And she's saying: "Wait! You're telling me that my mother
52:30 is not in heaven right now? "
52:32 And I said: "Well actually she's not. "
52:34 She got so upset with me
52:36 she was screaming at me over the phone.
52:38 And she said: "I just hate you!
52:41 Every time I talk to you... " She said: "Everything I've been
52:43 brought up you're telling me is not the truth.
52:45 I just hate you! " And I said:
52:47 "Sunny, go get your Strong's Concordance out.
52:51 Look up death; look up sleep.
52:54 Look up rest; look up on the resurrection
52:57 and what happens when we die. " She hung up.
53:02 I mean, she slammed the phone down.
53:04 About six hours later she called me back
53:07 calm as a cucumber and she said: "Well you're right. "
53:12 She said: "We just sleep when we die. "
53:14 She said: "I can't believe... How could? "
53:17 She started naming off some other ministers and she said:
53:20 "I just love their ministry. How could they teach this? "
53:23 If we get into the sola scrip- tura we will find the answer.
53:27 Now I want to go real quickly; my time's almost out.
53:31 I've got a couple more. Revelation 20:11-15.
53:36 The great white throne judgment. Says:
54:46 The results of sin we don't have time to go to.
54:50 The final fourth scripture
54:54 was Revelation 21:8.
54:56 But... well, I'll read it real quickly.
54:59 Revelation 21:8:
55:16 The result of sin is that sinners will be judged.
55:19 Hell is the response of a just and holy God
55:23 who will destroy evil.
55:26 He will destroy sin, bringing it to an end.
55:31 The supreme holiness of God, founded and established on
55:35 infinite love, will judge the seriousness of spiritual
55:40 nature of sin, but His heart of infinite love will be broken.
55:46 It is against His nature to inflict pain, suffering,
55:51 and death... but He will.
55:53 Isaiah 28 verse 21 says that He's going to perform
55:58 "His strange act. "
56:01 What an assault it is against God's character
56:04 to think that He is going to torment
56:08 and torture people forever and ever.
56:11 We've got to get this truth out that that is
56:13 NOT what the Bible says. Amen! You know,
56:17 we think of Jesus. The first advent He came
56:20 as the Lamb of God but the second advent He's
56:22 coming as the Lion of Judah.
56:25 And He is coming to rescue His people.
56:28 He is coming to rescue us
56:30 who've been held as prisoners of war.
56:33 And He is going to subdue His enemies
56:36 who have rejected grace, continued in their evil ways,
56:39 and taken advantage of God's patience and mercy.
56:43 And He is going to consume them
56:48 in the flame - the fiery flame - of His divine love.
56:52 God's purpose is to restore His creation order
56:55 so that all who willingly acknowledge His love and
56:58 sovereignty may receive the benefits of eternal life
57:03 with him. Amen! And Nahum 1:9 says:
57:06 "God will make an utter end of sin
57:10 and affliction shall not rise a second time. "
57:14 In the end, love will prevail. Amen!
57:18 In the end, love's justice will prevail. Amen!
57:24 Praise the Lord for His paternal justice. Amen.


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