3ABN Homecoming 2015

A Special Movement

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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton


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00:51 Hello! and welcome to 3ABN to our Fall Camp Meeting.
00:54 We've been having a wonderful time.
00:56 And some of you had a good time so far at Camp Meeting? Yes!
01:00 And we went last night pretty late, didn't we?
01:02 We had some music; we had Elder John Carter;
01:04 we had Reggie and Ladye Love Smith.
01:06 We had testimony time, and I felt the presence of the Lord
01:10 and I feel it here today.
01:12 And we're just thankful for all of you watching from around
01:15 the world. Thank you for your love and your prayers
01:17 and financial support of 3ABN
01:21 as we endeavor to take this great gospel of the kingdom
01:24 into all the world. What an exciting time to be alive
01:27 in earth's history, isn't it? Yes! I thank the Lord every day.
01:29 I can't say I've always done that, but I do now.
01:32 Every day is a gift. Every day is something new coming out.
01:36 Hey, the Pope's in D.C., right?
01:39 Isn't that exciting news?
01:41 The Pope is there... "all the world wondered... "
01:43 But you know what? We're watch- ing prophecy being fulfilled.
01:47 That's right! All around our eyes things are happening.
01:50 I said the other day: "We have a Seventh-day Adventist
01:53 running for president. We have the Pope in the country.
01:55 We've changed the laws in this country to re-define marriage.
01:58 This is an interesting time to see what God's going to do
02:02 next. " And He does a lot of it based on our decisions,
02:06 doesn't He? When we make bad decisions -
02:09 and we're doing that - hang on... get ready.
02:12 Jesus is coming soon. I don't know about you, but
02:15 I'm looking forward to it. Today it's a special program
02:19 for us. My brother Kenny Shelton is going to be preaching here
02:24 today bringing our sermon to us.
02:26 I praise the Lord for Kenny and Chris and his gift for
02:29 ministry, his love for people.
02:32 And Kenny is a little older. There's 4 boys and a girl
02:34 in my family so there's... Ronnie's above me and then
02:38 Kenny. I'm the baby boy and then came along the little girl Tammy
02:41 about 8 years later. So there's several of us
02:44 little Shelton gang running around.
02:46 And so I'm thankful for my sister Tammy and for her
02:49 musical abilities, her love for Jesus.
02:51 And she works here in the donations department
02:54 at 3ABN. But I wanted to give you a little bit of background
02:56 about Kenny. My brother Kenny...
02:59 You're coming out. You'll make sure my story's true?
03:02 OK. I'll correct you if it's not.
03:04 I wasn't going to talk about you.
03:06 That's right. Not while you're here, anyway.
03:10 My brother Kenny... Tammy can... Well, you were so much
03:13 younger than Kenny. He's about 12 years older than you.
03:15 But Kenny did not like to get up in public.
03:18 My mom and dad sang so all the boys were going to sing.
03:22 So at church: "OK boys, get up and sing. "
03:25 The rest of us get up. Kenny's like: "I don't want to sing.
03:27 I don't want to get up front. "
03:29 So he did not want to get up front.
03:31 All of his life growing up: "OK, will the Shelton's come up
03:35 and sing for us? " And "Mom, I don't want to sing. "
03:37 His voice was high. "Well we like your high tenor voice,
03:41 Kenny. " His voice changed, got lower. "We like your
03:43 lower voice, Kenny" my mom would say.
03:45 "We need it in here. "
03:46 Kenny didn't want to sing; he didn't want to be up front.
03:49 When he got out of high school ended up getting married
03:52 then he says: "I'm never gettin' up front again.
03:56 That is not my forte. I'm not a singer;
03:59 I'm not... " He'd say: "Now the rest of you play
04:01 and you sing, but that's just not my gift.
04:03 I don't have any gifts. "
04:04 So he's happy being a carpenter.
04:06 But the Lord changed all that many years ago,
04:09 so never say never, right? It seems like you get yourself
04:13 in trouble. In this case it all happened for the good
04:15 that Kenny was called many many years ago
04:19 into ministry. We together worked with 3ABN
04:23 in the very beginning days and literally on the building.
04:27 To begin with it was just he and I and sometimes
04:30 my brother Ronnie. But we got the property that was donated
04:33 to us. We didn't have a dozer but traded a guy some labor.
04:37 He let us use the dozer. Kenny knew how to run it
04:39 and I knew how to go to the gas station and fill up
04:42 the diesel can. So we'd do 5 gallons of diesel at a time
04:46 till that ran out, and somebody else would give a little money
04:48 to build the footings and the foundation. And so
04:51 we literally physically built the uplink. And my brother
04:54 Ronnie helped. And so for many many years
04:58 God has blessed Kenny in his efforts and now Kenny is
05:02 one of those that I think you couldn't keep him down
05:04 because he's excited about Jesus.
05:07 He loves to tell the world what Jesus has done for him
05:09 in his life and most of all what He wants to do for each
05:12 and every one of us... for the rest of us.
05:15 Our own... Our greatest asset, Ellen White says, is
05:18 our own personal testimony of what God has done for us.
05:22 Well, 8 years after me came my sister Tammy.
05:25 Tammy grew up, and from the time she was little we knew
05:28 she had a gift for singing.
05:30 And my family was really... My mom and dad, they were
05:33 thrilled to have a little girl. They had four boys.
05:35 Stair steps, right?
05:36 So we always say... I won't have time to get into this today,
05:39 Tammy, but we thought she was spoiled.
05:40 She saw it another direction.
05:43 But we all agreed on this one thing: that Tammy had a gift
05:46 for music. And I remember my dad always loved to hear her.
05:50 He would make little tapes of Tammy at home
05:52 and bring it to us... we were carpentering, Kenny and I,
05:55 and he'd say: "Boy, this girl's got it. "
05:57 He'd say "this girl" as if he wasn't prejudiced, right?
05:59 You know, your own dad. "Boy, I'm telling you
06:02 this girl has got it. " But you know what?
06:03 When we got a little older I had to say that, too:
06:05 "This girl's got it. She's got a gift for music. "
06:08 So thank you, Tammy, for singing today.
06:10 And right after Tammy the next voice you will hear
06:12 is Pastor Kenny Shelton.
06:14 Amen!
06:17 While we're being nice today I'll have to give my brother
06:20 some credit. He's been unfailing in his faith
06:25 beginning 3ABN and all through these years.
06:28 He has just put it in the Lord's hands and he's stepped
06:32 forward in faith... which is rare now.
06:35 I know sometimes I don't want to step forward...
06:38 especially if it's something financial.
06:40 You know, you're scared. You don't want to step forward
06:42 when you don't have the money. He always stepped forward.
06:45 He always put it in God's hands.
06:48 And God has blessed and here we are now
06:50 with 3ABN around the world.
06:52 And he's been a great leader... I want to say that.
06:56 I'm going to sing a happy song today.
07:00 Sometimes a lot of the songs we sing are slower songs,
07:04 and that's fine... there's a lot of pretty songs.
07:06 But sometimes we like something with just a little bit of kick
07:09 to it just to make us happy.
07:11 So this one's called Springs of Living Water.
07:25 I thirsted in the barren land of sin and shame;
07:29 nothing satisfying there I found;
07:33 But to the blessed cross of Christ one day I came,
07:38 Where springs of living water did abound.
07:42 Drinkin' at the springs of living water,
07:46 Happy now am I,
07:48 My soul they satisfy;
07:50 I'm drinkin' at the springs of living water,
07:55 What a wonderful and bountiful supply!
08:01 O, sinner, won't you come today to Calvary?
08:05 A fountain there is flowing deep and wide;
08:09 The Savior now invites you to the water free,
08:14 Where thirsty spirits can be satisfied.
08:18 Drinkin' at the springs of living water,
08:23 Happy now am I,
08:24 My soul they satisfy;
08:27 I'm drinkin' at the springs of living water,
08:31 What a wonderful and bountiful supply!
08:35 Drinkin' at the springs of living water,
08:40 Happy now am I,
08:41 My soul they satisfy;
08:44 I'm drinkin' at the springs of living water,
08:48 What a wonderful and bountiful supply!
08:52 Drinkin' at the springs of living water,
08:56 What a wonderful and bountiful supply...
09:01 What a wonderful and bountiful supply...
09:05 What a wonderful and bountiful supply!
09:14 Amen! Thank you. Amen!
09:17 Thank you, Tammy. Praise the Lord! Good to see everybody.
09:20 Praise the Lord! Are we happy in the Lord, are we? Yes!
09:23 Amen! Praise the Lord! Oh, it's good to be with you.
09:25 Want to just quickly say that it's good to be here.
09:28 Bro. Danny mentioned... Wow! It's been kind of a...
09:31 fast meetings and then trying to get here
09:34 and going to have to try to get back.
09:35 But we didn't want to miss, you know, the Camp Meeting.
09:39 We wanted to be here and to fellowship with you
09:41 and so it's quite a blessing.
09:43 We want to say certainly back in Cleveland, Ohio,
09:46 to where we're having... Present Truth SDA Church
09:49 having a whole month of meetings there. They're going well;
09:52 God is blessing and we're just thrilled at what's taking place.
09:56 So we want to send our greetings back there.
09:58 Pastor Eugene Anthony... and be praying. Would you pray?
10:02 Continue to pray. We have to go back and we've got
10:04 one more week and people being prepared to accept this message
10:07 and we praise God for that.
10:09 But we're glad we are here. We want to talk to you about...
10:11 I'm going to have prayer here first. I'm going to kneel.
10:13 And I know we've had it once but I feel like I need to pray
10:16 again if that's all right with you.
10:17 If it's possible for you, please kneel. If not, just pray along
10:20 with me. I'm going to kneel here.
10:23 Loving Father in heaven, we thank you for the privilege
10:25 of prayer. Now we ask that the windows of heaven
10:28 would be opened up. Pour out blessings there's not
10:31 room enough to receive. Lord, may every heart
10:33 here today... may we all be open. May we hear Your voice.
10:37 May we respond to that precious voice of Jesus.
10:40 May we know the difference of that of the enemy and the voice
10:43 of the great Shepherd. Bless us now we pray.
10:46 I ask that You forgive me of any sin and any thing in my heart
10:48 and life that needs not be there. Lord,
10:50 I need to hear Your voice.
10:51 Your children need to hear Your voice.
10:53 Bless us now we pray and may the Holy Spirit now
10:57 just take possession of everything that's said and done.
11:00 And we thank you in Jesus' name, Amen.
11:02 Amen!
11:03 How wonderful it is that we have the Word of God
11:05 that we can go to. We need the Word of God;
11:08 we need to be studying like never before.
11:11 If you have your Bibles you want to turn with me.
11:13 We're going to be talking about... You know, there's
11:15 a special group of people that's going to finish this work.
11:17 You can be among those, but they're going to have clear
11:20 discernment. God's going to give His last-day children
11:24 clear discernment. It's not going to be "I don't know;
11:27 I'm not sure. " He's going to give direction.
11:29 You're going to hear it and you're going to be able by His
11:31 grace and strength to follow that.
11:33 Turn with me if you will to Jeremiah. The book
11:36 of Jeremiah chapter 6. I'm going to go as quickly
11:38 as we can. Jeremiah chapter 6.
11:40 A lot of things to cover.
11:42 Remember, if there's anyone here that you think you know,
11:44 "Boy, we live in an hour... We've got to be careful
11:47 and get along with everybody else" this is not
11:49 the message you want to stay. You may want to go somewhere
11:51 else. God's given a message that will not be popular.
11:55 Most people don't want to hear it.
11:57 But you know what? God's given it to us and we need to be
12:00 faithful to the calling. I'm thankful 3ABN is faithful
12:03 to the calling and let messages go out that's the truth.
12:07 And Jeremiah chapter 6. I'm going to read verses...
12:09 start with verse 16 and we'll do through 19.
12:12 The Bible says: "Thus saith the Lord: 'Stand ye in the ways
12:16 and see and ask for... ' What? 'the old paths where is the
12:20 good way and walk therein
12:23 and ye shall find rest for your souls. '
12:26 But they said: 'We will not walk therein. '
12:29 Also I set watchmen over you saying: 'Hearken to the sound
12:32 of... ' What? 'the trumpet. ' But they said:
12:35 'We will not hearken. '
12:37 Therefore, hear ye, O nations and know, O congregation
12:40 what is among them. Hear O earth: behold I will
12:44 bring evil upon this people... even the fruit... "
12:49 notice... "of their thoughts because they have not hearkened
12:52 unto My words nor My law but rejected it. "
12:56 Simple words but powerful
12:59 that God's people need to look at and say:
13:01 "That DOES pertain to us. "
13:02 That does pertain to us!
13:05 Thus saith the Lord, says: "STAND in the ways... "
13:08 "Stand in the ways of life... " the course of life is what that
13:11 means... the road that has been trodden before.
13:14 The path that leads to eternal life.
13:17 The mode of action is what the Bible is talking about here.
13:20 And then it says to ask for what?
13:23 "The old paths... " because we have forgotten where the
13:25 old paths are at. It's been buried underneath tradition.
13:29 See, the world has tried to bury it. The man of sin's tried to
13:32 bury it, but God said in the last days there'll be
13:34 people who will know their mission, they'll know the Word.
13:37 They know prophecy and they will proclaim it
13:40 in the midst of a crisis.
13:42 And I believe we're in the very midst of a crisis.
13:45 Amen! The old path... Remember, the old path
13:48 means the beaten path.
13:50 Have you ever noticed that? You have any animals around
13:53 or cows or dogs - whatever they are -
13:55 they seem to go from their... Somebody's not with me.
13:58 the dog pen or the barn... they go in the same, come on,
14:02 same what? The same path. It's a habit. They go in that
14:05 same path all the time and they just wear the grass out
14:08 or whatever, you know, is there.
14:10 God said He's looking for a people that will find those
14:12 old paths again. We need to do that.
14:15 They said... But notice the people said: "We won't do it. "
14:17 He said: "I set watchmen over you saying
14:20 'Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. ' " What'd they say?
14:23 "We're not gonna listen... we're not gonna listen. "
14:25 Notice: "Hear O earth, behold I will bring evil
14:29 upon the people. " Notice this: Great Controversy
14:32 page 478 says this pertaining to these passages of scripture:
14:35 "It is only as the law of God is restored
14:39 to its rightful position that there can be a revival
14:43 of primitive faith and godliness among the professed people of
14:48 God. " What needs to be elevated?
14:51 Somebody say the law of God.
14:52 I'm going to have you jump up and down and do some jumping
14:54 jacks here in a minute. Come on...
14:56 Dinner may have been too much. "It's only as the law of God is
14:58 restored to its rightful position. "
15:02 It's not been restored to its rightful position because
15:04 the man of sin is constantly beating it down
15:07 and the world is listening
15:09 to him rather than what the Word of God says.
15:12 "A revival of primitive godliness... " And we need it!
15:14 And you know that we need it here
15:17 among the professed people of God.
15:19 I believe we live in a crisis hour.
15:22 I believe that God wants to give His last-day people
15:25 clear what? Discernment.
15:27 Clear discernment is essential
15:29 both in the world and in the church.
15:33 Events have taken place in the last couple of months,
15:35 in the last couple of days, today if you will...
15:38 that are of a historic nature.
15:40 Amen! Historic nature!
15:42 And God's people will be awake and their ears will be open,
15:45 their minds will be open... not so much to concentrate
15:48 and go on and on about what the man of sin is doing
15:51 but what we need to be doing in this hour that we live in.
15:54 Praise God! You see, we have an opportunity
15:56 to reach the world with this gospel. This is the only gospel.
15:59 This is the last-day message going to the world.
16:01 Everyone is going to be tested and tried
16:04 with this message, so should we want to get it out?
16:07 Absolutely! Amen! There's open rebellion, bold rebellion
16:13 against God. And I tell you this: He's not going to let it
16:15 go unpunished. God's going to punish this world.
16:18 The United States of America is soon to suffer
16:21 like they've never seen it before because we're rebelling
16:24 against God's Word... we're rebelling against God's law.
16:27 We're allowing the Ten Commandment law to be
16:30 thrown down and people stamping on it and stomping on it
16:32 and saying it doesn't exist.
16:34 By the grace of God you know what? We need to look at it
16:36 carefully and say: "You know what? We'll never let
16:38 somebody say the law of God's done away with"
16:40 without us giving some kind of rebuttal based on the Word
16:42 of God. This is essential that we live in.
16:45 People say: "Well, I don't understand it. "
16:47 I'll tell you why you don't understand it
16:48 if you'll just allow me to go. I'm not a mind reader.
16:50 But I do believe this: the Bible says in I Corinthians
16:53 2:14... "Spiritual things are... " What?
16:57 "spiritually discerned. "
17:00 We lack spiritual power because we've not been seeking it.
17:04 We lack spiritual power because we've not been following
17:07 what we know is truth. That's right!
17:10 We've been going around the edges of it but God wants us
17:12 to get in deep right now. We need to get in deep
17:14 in the Word of God. What kind of people will God use
17:18 here in these last days? Again, we're talking clear
17:20 discernment. We're talking about special people in the last days.
17:23 Who are they? And what will they do?
17:25 We're going to just sit in the pews and do nothing?
17:27 THIS IS THE HOUR I am convinced as well as many many others.
17:31 What kind of people will God use to finish the work?
17:35 Number one I believe this: He's going to use those who will
17:39 cooperate with Him. Amen! Remember: not somebody that's
17:42 going to use the Holy Spirit but the Holy Spirit will use them
17:46 to do a work that God says to do.
17:48 And you'll know exactly when that takes place
17:51 in your own life. Those He will use to finish
17:54 are those who are active in the cause of Christ.
17:57 If you're not active in the cause of Christ,
17:59 I encourage you to get active.
18:01 Do something for the cause of Christ right now
18:03 while it's still day. Night's coming when no man can work.
18:07 We know these things but we still sit idly by
18:09 for years now, and we're not really getting off our backside
18:13 because we think we have more time left.
18:15 Things are happening today... yesterday... so
18:19 it tells you that it's not.
18:21 God's going to use in the last days those who are
18:23 quick to discern opportunities.
18:27 See, we have to have our mind singled to the glory of God
18:29 and when opportunity prevails itself He wants us to act
18:32 on it, claim it. Go ahead and get out there and get it
18:35 or the enemy's going to take it.
18:37 God's going to use here in the last days -
18:39 there's no doubt about it, there's no doubt about it -
18:41 those who can discern the signs of the times.
18:45 We need to discern what? The signs of the times.
18:48 We need to find a people who match this. We need to find
18:51 a people who are going to carry this work to completion
18:54 by the grace of God.
18:55 And then you know what? Then join them!
18:58 There's too many who sit and watch for years 3ABN
19:01 and they say: "Well this is truth! "
19:03 If you believe it's truth, then how about just gettin'
19:05 with the program and go find you a church?
19:07 How about becoming a part of that then? If it is the truth,
19:10 then you're required to follow what is truth.
19:12 Does that make sense? You're required; it's action!
19:15 It's not sitting by doing nothing saying:
19:17 "Well I believe. " The devil says "I believe"
19:19 as he trembles. He does nothing about it.
19:21 Turn with me in your Bibles to the book of Isaiah quickly.
19:24 Isaiah. You know this well; you have it committed to heart.
19:26 But you know what? It's good that we go over it again
19:29 'cause I'm looking and you're looking and I... Listen: I
19:32 want to be part of that people who are a restorer.
19:35 I want to be a part of that people who're building on that
19:38 foundation, you know that? A foundation.
19:41 I want to be part of that people that gives this last-day
19:44 message and I know you do too.
19:46 Isaiah chapter 58 verse 12. It says:
19:49 "And they that shall be of thee shall do... " What?
19:52 Shall build what? Isaiah 58.
19:55 If you don't have your Bible you still should know this
19:57 anyway. Are you with me?
19:59 They're going to build the old waste places
20:01 "Thou shalt raise up the foundation of... " What?
20:04 "many generations. Thou shalt be called the repairer... "
20:07 Notice: "of the breach,
20:08 the restorer of the paths to dwell in. "
20:11 I want to by the grace of God to be called what? A repairer
20:14 of the breach. By the grace of God a restorer
20:18 of the paths to dwell in. You remember what we just read
20:21 in Jeremiah? It said: "Ask for the old paths. "
20:24 Get back to the way it used to be
20:27 not the way somebody says: "Oh it is today. "
20:29 The Bible tells us exactly the way that it should be.
20:32 And then it says what? Our work: "As if thou turn... "
20:35 verse 13 Isaiah 58: "Thou turn away thy foot from... " What.
20:39 "the Sabbath, from doing thy pleasure on My holy day
20:42 and call the Sabbath a delight. " Notice this: "HOLY
20:45 of the Lord, honorable. Shall honor Him not doing thine own
20:49 ways nor finding thine own pleasure
20:51 not speaking thine own words.
20:53 Then... " verse 14... "shalt thou delight thyself
20:56 in the Lord. " And what is He going to do?
20:58 He's going to cause thee to do what?
21:00 "ride on the high places of the earth,
21:02 feed thee with the heritage of Jacob... "
21:04 Why? "thy Father for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. "
21:07 God said: "You'll ride on the high places. "
21:10 We've often said here: "We don't need to be the tail
21:12 when we can be the head. "
21:13 God... As His last-day people you can be the head.
21:16 He can give you power that we've never even dreamed of
21:19 or even thought of if we just come to Him and humble our
21:21 hearts, forsake our sins, turn our hearts and minds
21:24 toward Him. Watch what He can do
21:26 in your life and in my life and the church, the organization,
21:30 if we just simply read the Word and say: "This is what God has
21:33 said. " And not "we won't do it" but "we WILL do it
21:35 by the grace of God. " Amen!
21:37 There's too much of "Well I think" or "times have changed. "
21:39 Nothing has changed in the Word of God.
21:41 It's still God means what He says.
21:43 Amen! Yes! If we look at the words...
21:45 I'm excited about that because it says there's people,
21:48 people here in these last days that says they're going to bring
21:51 back the Sabbath truth. Interesting!
21:54 When we are guided by God, we are guided by the Holy Spirit
21:59 we will have clear discernment.
22:01 Did you get it? Too many cloudy minds!
22:04 The devil's out to cloud your mind by things you take into
22:06 your body and all these other things that are going on in the
22:08 world. We can't discern why we're even here
22:11 or what we should be doing and it should be so clear!
22:14 And we should never get sidetracked from it
22:15 but somehow we do by side issues and all the other stuff
22:19 rather than warning the world what the beast power is doing
22:22 and how the world is wandering after.
22:24 You see, we know those things are going to take place.
22:28 We know what's been taking place here.
22:29 Of what's Just around the corner...
22:31 just around the corner, dear friends. We need to be
22:34 relying upon the Holy Spirit.
22:36 Remember: if you are in tune, if I am in tune
22:39 with the Spirit of the living God,
22:41 if I have clear discernment...
22:42 Notice: I think it's something we need to re-think about
22:45 here. I'm not going to call righteousness unrighteousness.
22:48 If I have clear discernment, I'm not going to say...
22:50 What God has said is "Don't do this! "
22:52 I'm not going to be doing it.
22:55 We're in tune with the Spirit of God.
22:58 We're going to understand where the Lord is
23:00 and what He wants us to do.
23:02 Many of us can't figure out what we're even doing here.
23:05 We need to be praying because the time is short.
23:08 We need to be seeking the Lord.
23:10 A reformation: Isaiah chapter 58
23:13 gives the characteristics of those who will be a reformer.
23:17 Why not pray? Why not pray
23:18 "God, help me to be a reformer. I want to be a reformer. "
23:22 "I want to be a restorer. "
23:24 "I want to see those foundations of many generations raised up
23:27 again. " But they can't be until God's people are challenged
23:30 to say: "Now is the hour to do it. "
23:33 "Now is the time to do it. "
23:34 He's given us the tools of 3ABN to reach the world
23:37 with this message and somehow we're just kind of "Well,
23:40 well well well... "
23:42 Think about it!
23:44 Given the tools like no other tool to reach people
23:47 in the confines of their home to bring conviction on their heart
23:51 and then to step out in faith to join this movement.
23:54 We have to love our brothers and sisters.
23:56 Do we realize the time that we're talking about here
23:59 Isaiah talked about it in Isaiah. Just jot it down
24:02 because for time we're moving quickly.
24:03 Isaiah 13:9 the Bible says...
24:06 I believe Isaiah was a prophet of God, don't you?
24:08 And I believe when he spoke that we need to listen.
24:10 It's more for our day than maybe it was even for his day.
24:13 He says to us in verse 9:
24:15 "Behold, the day of the Lord cometh. " Notice:
24:17 "and to lay the land desolate.
24:21 He shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it. "
24:24 There's that sin issue... it's all over the place.
24:27 It's in every place. Every thing you see, everything you do.
24:29 But God says there's going to be a time of purification.
24:32 And it's for His church, too.
24:34 This church needs to be purified.
24:36 This church needs to follow what God says in His Word.
24:38 Amen! If we are His people,
24:41 we will follow what He says.
24:43 It will not be based upon a group of individuals.
24:45 It will not be based upon a board.
24:46 It will be based upon a "thus saith the Lord. "
24:50 That's God's people... That's His voice,
24:52 and the voice of God speaks as God would speak.
24:55 Isaiah says in chapter 13 verse 11
24:58 "I will punish the world... " Notice this...
25:00 Isaiah 13:11: "I will punish the world
25:03 for their evil and for the wickedness of their iniquity.
25:07 I will cause the arrogance of the proud to cease
25:10 and lay low the haughtiness of the terrible. "
25:14 See, in view of these things that we're looking at right now
25:17 today we need to be looking at... Talk about Joel chapter 2.
25:21 It's very interesting. Might just turn there
25:23 and kind of keep... we'll go through it just a little bit.
25:25 In view of the fact of what day that we're living in,
25:28 what has transpired, what's taking place right now
25:30 we need to say... we need to blow a trumpet in Zion.
25:34 We need to do what?
25:36 Yeah, some of you are not going to do it.
25:38 Somebody needs to blow a trumpet.
25:40 When you blow a trumpet you're going to get somebody's
25:42 attention to do what needs to be done.
25:44 You're going to wake somebody up.
25:45 You're going to agitate some. I understand.
25:47 Some people are going to be agitated when you give them
25:49 the truth, but that's still your job... whether they hear
25:52 or whether they forbear.
25:54 This... this station here... your life, my life is
25:57 to give the message whether people will accept it
26:00 or whether they will not.
26:01 It's not: "Well, they're going to be mad at me"
26:03 or "this church, I want to get along with this group;
26:04 I want to get along with that group. "
26:06 I just want to get along with God... how about you?
26:09 I want to follow the Word as the Word tells us to do.
26:12 Don't always be looking around saying: "Well we need to be
26:14 like this group, we need to be like... "
26:16 He says: "Come apart and be separate, " doesn't He?
26:18 "And touch not the unclean thing. "
26:20 Be different! Get a different people.
26:22 Most of the time you can't tell an Adventist from somebody else
26:25 walking down the street.
26:27 You can't tell by their conversation.
26:28 You can't tell by the dress; you can't tell by what we eat.
26:31 The way that we conduct ourselves.
26:33 We can't tell the difference, but God's last-day people..
26:35 you will be able to tell a difference in them
26:37 because Christ will be showing through.
26:39 No longer I. Willing to step behind the cross of Calvary
26:42 and let Him... let Jesus be seen. Amen!
26:45 This is the message God has given. It's an urgent message!
26:47 I feel it in my bones. I'm tell- ing you: I feel it in my bones.
26:50 And I know you do, too. The prophet of God says
26:53 we need to call a fast. Notice that in Joel 2:15-16.
26:58 Notice what it says quickly. It says we are to "sanctify
27:02 a fast. " Huh! "Call a solemn... " What?
27:05 "assembly. " First of all you blow the trumpet
27:08 in Zion. You know what that word blow is?
27:11 It says a blast. Somebody needs to be blasting on the trumpet!
27:14 I don't like somebody blasting on a trumpet
27:16 if they're not in tune. Somebody's not with me.
27:19 There's nothing worse than somebody making a big old noise
27:21 when it's just way out of sync with everything else.
27:23 If you're out of sync with the Word of God,
27:25 you're blowing the wrong note.
27:27 Somebody needs to sound the right note.
27:28 That's what the Bible says here.
27:30 Blast. Call. It says blast. Blow that trumpet there!
27:34 Now notice what it says. We are to "sanctify a fast. "
27:38 You know what that is? That's to keep holy.
27:41 That's to dedicate. That's talking about overcoming.
27:44 That's talking about consecration.
27:47 Dedication. Proclamation of this gospel.
27:52 All in those words "sanctify a fast;
27:55 call a solemn assembly. "
27:57 Call a meeting, somebody! Call a meeting!
27:59 And know what the Bible says here? "Call a meeting;
28:01 bring them together. Gather the people;
28:03 sanctify the congregation. "
28:05 You can't be sanctified while there's still sin in the life.
28:08 Sanctified congregation is what? Confessing our sin before God,
28:12 standing righteous before Him because of who He is,
28:15 not because of who you are or who I am.
28:17 It's because of the blood of what? Of Jesus Christ.
28:20 Does anybody believe that He's able to do that?
28:22 Is He able to take sin out of your life?
28:24 Are you able to live the victorious life?
28:26 Absolutely! It's because of who He is.
28:28 When you look at yourself, you are a failure. I am a failure.
28:31 But He doesn't see failures; He doesn't accept failures.
28:34 He only accepts those who will gain the victory through Him
28:37 to live His life. Let Him live through you.
28:40 What about it? Let people see that change will come.
28:43 "Gather the children. Let the priests and the ministers
28:45 weep. " How long has it been since the preachers have been
28:49 down on their knees weeping and crying?
28:50 You know what that weeping means? It means moaning
28:52 and groaning because of the hurt.
28:55 Some of the things I've heard and seen in the last few days
28:57 it's made me sick at my stomach.
28:59 It's absolutely made me sick!
29:01 I've had a hard time. I've been a little bit grouchy.
29:04 Somebody's not praying for me.
29:06 My wife said I'm a little bit grouchy. I'm a little bit on
29:08 edge because I'm saying: "Oh Lord, have mercy.
29:10 Can we see the world wondering after the beast? "
29:12 There are those whose names are not written in the Lamb's
29:14 Book of Life. The devil uses representatives.
29:18 You know, he's using a repre- sentative all of the time while
29:20 he's setting the stage for where he comes.
29:24 Somebody's not with me. The next thing we're going to know
29:27 he's going to be here. He uses representatives.
29:29 He's setting the stage up. This is our time to do it.
29:32 It's going to be cut short one of these days.
29:34 This is not always going to be like it is today.
29:37 That's why it's urgent - URGENT - that we do what God
29:39 asks us to do today.
29:42 "Weep between the ports at the vestibule. "
29:44 As soon as you start walking in the church doors
29:46 we should start weeping praying: "Oh God! "
29:48 You know what? People come through the doors they think
29:50 they're holy and they're righteous and they're good.
29:52 They don't really have a need of a change.
29:53 Oh, we need to re-think that.
29:55 We need to re-think that. You look at the life of Jesus
29:58 Christ you'll see yourself for what you are...
30:00 the way I see myself.
30:01 The more I behold Him the more filthy and dirty
30:03 I am, the more I have the need of a Savior.
30:05 Great Controversy says "the great work of reform was and is
30:09 to be accomplished. " A great work of what?
30:13 If we didn't need it, why was it printed?
30:15 If everything's A- OK the way it is?
30:18 How wonderful it is that God sees His professed people...
30:22 He sees we have great need of Him.
30:25 And sometimes we don't feel it. We have that lukewarm,
30:27 we have that "We're OK" business.
30:30 But God in His mercy and His grace sends us a message
30:33 to prepare us for His coming.
30:35 Isn't that wonderful? Great Controversy 609 says:
30:37 "The Lord gives a special truth
30:39 for the people in an emergency. " Friend, we're in
30:42 an emergency! I really feel like it's an emergency!
30:48 The Holy Spirit has to talk to you. I can't get to you.
30:51 But I know the Holy Spirit can.
30:53 I feel it in my own soul. I felt an uneasiness, an unrest,
31:00 of what's soon to take place.
31:01 And it's not going to continue on just "easy come, easy go"
31:04 like it is right now as a Christian.
31:05 You're going to be put on trial.
31:07 The hammer's going to be put down on you, and you know
31:10 what? The REAL Christian will stand.
31:12 The real cream will come to the top.
31:14 The real special people... the real movement will come
31:17 because the majority will leave.
31:19 We might as well get that through our heads.
31:20 That's why I want you to fasten to Jesus Christ right now.
31:23 Revelation 14- the three angels' message.
31:25 Praise God! This station talks about the three angels' message,
31:28 taking it to the world. Nothing is to occupy the mind
31:30 but the giving of the three angels' message.
31:32 Don't get sidetracked my brothers and sisters.
31:34 Please don't get sidetracked.
31:36 This is what it's all about today.
31:38 Think about what it says. First angel's message...
31:41 All the world, after these messages are presented,
31:44 immediately after that it says Jesus will come.
31:47 Jesus will... In Revelation 14:15 it says what?
31:50 "The harvest is ready. " Puts in a sickle, right?
31:53 And reaps. "The harvest is ready. "
31:55 Friend, we have to be ready.
31:57 We have to be ready.
31:59 God's first warning message. I want you to think and you've
32:02 thought about it many times, I'm sure.
32:03 The hour of God's judgment is here.
32:06 171 years.
32:10 171 years we've been in the last days.
32:13 We're talking about the judgment hour of 1844.
32:16 Think about it: where Jesus is at, what He's doing,
32:18 what He's pleading in our behalf. He's pleading His blood.
32:22 The judgment goes from the righteous dead unto what?
32:25 The living. When your name comes up
32:28 what's going to be pronounced? When it does come up
32:29 that's it. It's final... there'll be no more.
32:32 Brings tears to your eyes:
32:33 those who know the truth and they won't follow it.
32:35 That's heartbreaking. That's more heartbreaking for me
32:37 at this point than those who don't know because God
32:39 is just and He's good.
32:41 He's going to take care of those who understand what they
32:43 understand. But those of you who know what truth is,
32:46 bless your heart, you need to get back in and right now
32:48 while there's still time.
32:50 We need to get back.
32:52 That first angel's message gives the call to come back
32:55 and to worship the One who made heaven and earth
32:57 and the sea. We know that. And when you read that
32:59 you can't help but say: "Oh, He wants to bring us back
33:02 to creation. He wants to bring us back
33:03 to the seventh-day Sabbath. I don't accept any other
33:06 day of worship than the seventh day.
33:08 I'm not trying to be difficult about it, but you know what?
33:11 You have to do it because of what? The apostasy
33:13 and the power of darkness - the devil himself - is
33:15 saying: "The first day of the week. "
33:16 They're BOLD with the first day of the week. They're talking
33:19 about there's no other day; this is the way it has to be.
33:21 You're going to be fined; you're going to be imprisoned.
33:22 There'll end up being a death decree
33:24 because we didn't say anything.
33:25 Now we need to say the seventh day is the Sabbath
33:28 of the Lord thy God! That's what the Bible says.
33:30 That's what the three angels' messages are about:
33:32 to proclaim! Don't be ashamed of it.
33:35 I'm a Sabbath keeper. I keep the 7th-day Sabbath.
33:38 Amen! That's what the Bible says.
33:40 That's why this station is here: to give this message
33:42 to the world, bring us back.
33:45 Holy angels are directing the work.
33:50 Think about it! But the work of preaching this gospel
33:53 has been what? Been given to mankind to do.
33:56 God's going to work with us.
33:58 4 Testimonies 485, notice this:
34:01 "God will not make men and women channels of light
34:03 while they are in darkness, while they are content
34:06 to remain so making no special efforts
34:09 to connect with the Source of light. "
34:11 Says here... isn't it time that we got rid of the old
34:14 habits and customs? Lay them aside?
34:16 "The errors... let them be corrected.
34:19 Then we can receive the truth, " listen carefully, "and carry out
34:22 its principles by the grace of God.
34:24 This is the only way victory can be gained. "
34:27 Lay aside all those pre-conceived, right?
34:29 Look what the Word of God says and say: "By God's grace
34:32 I'm going to do it. "
34:34 Second angel's message simply... You know, we're
34:35 talking about Babylon is fallen. You understand it.
34:37 The world - religious world - is drunk with false doctrine
34:41 and teaching in the world today.
34:43 People say: "There's not... " Listen, when they say that
34:45 I'm going to rise up I'm telling you right now.
34:48 Somebody pray for me.
34:49 Somebody says: "Why you're no different than all these other
34:51 churches. Your message is about the same.
34:52 We go to this church over here... we go to this church.
34:54 Sounds like the same... just sounds like the same. "
34:56 You're not doing your job, pastor,
34:58 teachers, elders. You can't be doing your job.
35:00 It can't be the same! Can it? No! No.
35:03 The world... Most of the world you talk about here
35:06 is concerned. They don't know the difference in law and grace.
35:09 They don't know anything about the Sabbath,
35:10 the second coming, death, hell, the sanctuary message,
35:13 judgment. They don't know these beautiful truths.
35:16 They don't even know what the United States in Bible prophecy.
35:18 They don't know what the beast is; they don't know
35:20 what the image to the beast...
35:22 They don't know about Daniel 2; they don't know about Daniel 7
35:25 and Revelation 13 and 17 and 18.
35:28 They don't know Revelation 14. They JUST DON'T KNOW these
35:31 truths. They think that it ended when Christ died on Calvary.
35:35 Some of you think that today. You need to re-think the issue.
35:39 He must apply His blood in the Most Holy Place.
35:41 That's just as essential as His death upon the cross.
35:44 We need to be reading and studying
35:46 what all other people are thinking and believe is truth.
35:50 Babylon has disregarded the commandments of God.
35:53 There's no doubt about it.
35:54 The one that points to the true God.
35:57 We should rise up in opposition, don't you think,
35:59 when they try to bury the true God and put Him down.
36:02 Say: "NO! He's identified in that fourth commandment. "
36:05 That's why the devil's trying to pull it away.
36:07 That's why this station I know is dedicated to presenting
36:10 these truths, and it's not going to be easy.
36:14 The pressure's going to come... money situations.
36:16 People's going to be putting pressure on to not do it
36:18 but by God's grace I know it will go as long as God wants it
36:22 to go. God says: "Those who honor Me I will honor. "
36:27 And all you who present the truth: God will honor you.
36:29 It will last exactly as long as He wants it to.
36:31 It will accomplish the work that He wants it to do.
36:33 But you can't do it through compromise.
36:35 We've compromised enough; we've compromised the truth.
36:38 I don't want to compromise any more the truth of God's
36:40 Word. It means something to me;
36:42 I know it means something to you. Amen!
36:44 We have... This world, the Protestant world, has taken
36:47 the child of the papacy as the sacred day.
36:49 I'm not going to do that by the grace of God.
36:51 You know why? In the Word of God God says
36:54 that is fornication.
36:56 Are you? That's what the Bible says!
36:58 They say: "Oh well he's up there saying... " The Bible says
37:00 that's fornication. It's unpleasing to God.
37:04 God has a controversy with the churches of the world today
37:08 there's no doubt. They are fulfilling prophecy
37:10 just like John talked about. He said: "All nations have
37:13 drunk of the wine... the false doctrine. "
37:16 They've rejected a "thus saith the Lord. "
37:19 They've divorced themselves from God, and I tell you, many
37:22 of us are very close to that if we've not already done it.
37:25 Why? Because we refuse to have the seal.
37:28 Ezekiel 20:12. Sign and seal of His people in the
37:32 last days: seventh-day Sabbath.
37:34 People have trampled on it; we need to raise it back up.
37:36 Foundation of many generations. There'll be a group of people
37:39 that see that hole in the wall and they're going to restore it
37:41 by the grace of God. But it will cost you.
37:44 It will cost you. Not a day goes by in my life
37:47 I don't realize it's going to cost
37:48 and I'm sure in yours, too. I'm no different than anyone
37:51 else, but oh, it's going to cost one of the days.
37:52 Oh God, help me to be faithful.
37:54 Help me to be faithful. I can't do it on my own.
37:57 Oh God, help me to be faithful.
38:00 Seventh day... The prophet John... he saw the whole world.
38:05 The Bible says the whole world received the mark of the beast.
38:09 He says except for just a little small company
38:12 who refuse to worship the beast and his image.
38:16 But almost the whole world.
38:18 He identifies that little group in the book of Revelation
38:22 chapter 15 if you'll turn there quickly. Oh, time's going by.
38:25 Lord have mercy on us.
38:27 Revelation 15:2-3.
38:30 Let's just condense it down. Those of you who have it...
38:32 Here's what John said. He said he looked and I'm sure
38:35 it broke his heart. The whole world followed after
38:37 the beast. Their names are not written
38:38 in the Lamb's Book of Life. And then Revelation 15:2-3
38:41 he said: "I saw this group of people. I saw those who had
38:44 gotten the victory over the beast. I saw those who got
38:47 the victory over the image.
38:49 I saw those who had gotten the victory over the mark.
38:51 I saw those who had gotten the victory over the number
38:54 of his name and they stood on the sea of glass. "
38:57 Whoo! That's just exciting to say!
39:00 He saw the final race is run and it's finished. And he said:
39:05 "I saw that there was a small group of people. "
39:08 That was a remnant, right? But they had gotten the victory
39:10 over the image and the beast and the number of the beast.
39:12 Oh, will you be one of those?
39:15 Will I be one of those?
39:17 We have to realize what we're confronted with
39:19 right here. I thought about it as I was reading it today.
39:22 It brought tears to my eyes and I said: "Man, as I read
39:23 this right here I'm thinking about my church family.
39:26 I'm thinking about my children;
39:28 I'm thinking about my grandchildren.
39:29 I'm thinking about those in the world.
39:31 I'm thinking about myself. I say: "Oh God,
39:32 thank you that You have shown us that there will be
39:35 a people in the last days. "
39:36 There will be.
39:39 makes it very, very clear.
39:41 "Here's the patience of the saints. Here are they that
39:44 do... " what? "keep the commandments of God
39:47 and have the faith of Jesus. "
39:50 That's exciting to me to know that.
39:52 We have to realize... You're saying: "You know, this is
39:54 kind of like it's been goin' on, been goin' on, been goin'
39:57 on same old way, same old way. "
39:59 Can't you see it's changing?
40:02 It's been energized.
40:04 Let me tell you: the wrong has been energized.
40:07 The devil is energizing... making people think everything
40:10 is A-OK and it's going along good when you know better.
40:13 If you don't know the message, you don't know any better.
40:17 If you don't understand who God is, you don't know.
40:19 If you don't know there's s judgment going on you don't
40:21 realize what's goin' on.
40:22 That's why we have a job to do - each and every one of us -
40:24 wherever we're at.
40:26 We all have a work to do.
40:28 We're all valuable in the cause of Christ
40:29 because He said so. Yes!
40:31 Not because I do or somebody votes that you are.
40:34 Christ said that you are valuable
40:37 and He certainly proved that on Calvary, did He not?
40:39 Amen! We have to realize that the third angel's message...
40:42 Somebody listen. Third angel's message.
40:44 We say: "We've heard it so long. "
40:46 Remember, the importance of the third angel's message
40:49 increases as we near the end.
40:52 Did you get it? What?
40:54 Third angel's message: it increases in importance
40:56 as we near the end of time.
40:58 You say: "Why? " Listen: number one: this
41:01 message is of the utmost importance.
41:05 Absolutely. Think about it.
41:08 Inspiration says we need to search the scriptures;
41:12 learn how to guard against the mystery of iniquity.
41:17 How to guard against what? The mystery of iniquity.
41:19 The man of sin... the little horn power.
41:21 The one who thought to change times and law.
41:24 We know that's the papacy. We know that beyond
41:26 the shadow of a doubt. And some of you, you grimaced.
41:28 I think I saw a couple of you jump.
41:30 You know what? You need to jump.
41:33 This is the true message. You know what? Because that
41:35 power does not mind to get up and say:
41:37 "This is what you need to do. " Claiming to be God himself
41:40 and everything's changed and you need to follow what man says.
41:43 We need to follow what God has said in here.
41:45 We need to follow what God has said in HERE!
41:48 There is no compromise; there is no substitute.
41:51 He blessed, He sanctified the seventh day.
41:54 It's not the first, it's not the second, it's no other day.
41:56 God does not change... it will always be that way.
41:59 Remember, third angel's message begins to what?
42:01 Increase in importance as we near the end of time.
42:05 Why?
42:07 We're talking about a harvest time. Absolutely for sure!
42:11 But it plays such a large part in the closing scenes
42:16 of earth's history because of the man of sin.
42:21 Because we see him in activity
42:23 and then our message needs to speed up.
42:27 Our message needs to go. See, I'm not going to spend
42:31 any time in apologizing for those who don't understand
42:33 this. God knows what you do... what you do know and what
42:36 you don't. That's not my job. I don't convict;
42:38 I don't convert. The Holy Spirit does.
42:41 But we spend half the time apologizing "I'm a Sabbath
42:43 keeper. " I'm not going to apologize
42:44 to be a Sabbath keeper. I'm not going to apologize
42:47 because Daniel 7, Daniel 2, Revelation 13 say...
42:50 all identify the man of sin as the papacy. We know that.
42:52 Not trying to hurt... not trying to do it. That's not the issue.
42:55 The issue is that's what we have to warn the world
42:57 because the world is digging up the ground that
42:59 the Pope walks on and saying it's holy ground.
43:01 It is NOT holy ground.
43:03 Holy is where God is at... where the Spirit of God is at
43:05 makes something holy, isn't it?
43:07 So how can you say it's holy
43:08 when it's going against the Word of God?
43:10 We have the Word of God - praise God! - for that.
43:13 Third angel's message has been sent to warn the world
43:16 against receiving what? The mark of the beast.
43:20 But notice: churches don't want to say too much about it.
43:24 They're afraid they're going to upset...
43:26 Oh be careful, myself, now. Let me calm down a minute.
43:28 Take a breath.
43:34 We're afraid that we're not going to get along with our
43:36 neighbor church over here or somebody.
43:38 I can name some names... I don't need to do it.
43:39 You know what I'm talking about.
43:41 We don't want to upset anybody.
43:43 You know what? It's not somebody... We're to
43:45 give the truth. It's not whether they get mad
43:47 or whether they accept. It's we're commissioned to
43:50 give it and give it plain.
43:53 Remember, our message... You realize our message
43:55 must be sharper than it's ever been before?
43:58 Have a little quote I want to share with you here:
44:00 Letter 1F, 1890, says:
44:04 "As the end approaches the testimony of God's servant
44:07 will become more decided and more powerful
44:10 flashing the light of truth upon the system of error
44:13 and oppression that so long has had supremacy.
44:17 All who believe present truth must stand. "
44:23 "All who believe... " You know what? We'll hear that
44:27 and we'll just say: "Well yeah. Hey, yeah I know. Hey... "
44:30 We're not talking about just stand and say: "Hey, yeah. "
44:33 Stand. "What do you want me to do? "
44:35 "Where do I need to go? What needs to take place here?
44:38 I want to be used! " Standing means action.
44:41 Something's getting ready to take place.
44:42 You can't run while you're sitting in a chair!
44:44 You've got to get up and get your tennis shoes on.
44:46 If you don't have tennis shoes, go barefooted.
44:48 God will protect your little feet.
44:49 "All who believe present truth must stand. " Notice that.
44:54 Revelation 13, I'm telling you: "keep the commandments of God. "
44:59 Let me read something here quickly the last few minutes
45:02 that we have. This is so important
45:03 because we're talking about the first, second, third.
45:05 Just quickly, I'm buzzing through these things.
45:08 But it goes through my mind I know as it does yours
45:10 day and night because of the warning.
45:12 And "Lord, how could I reach more people for You? "
45:16 I realize as we get older our time is running out...
45:18 not only in this world but in this life.
45:20 And I know how much He's done for me, and I'm very grateful
45:23 and thankful and I just want to do more for Him.
45:24 It's not a means of salvation. Not trying to work my way
45:26 anywhere. Not trying to be justified by men or action.
45:29 By the blood of the Lamb. Amen! Be justified by the blood of
45:33 the Lamb. He washes us clean and white as snow,
45:36 and I'm so thankful for that. Gives us an opportunity
45:38 to be able to share the Word. This means so much to me
45:41 and means so much to you.
45:43 Third angel's message: that warning against receiving
45:46 the mark or the image. If we receive the mark and the
45:50 image it simply means this: that we come to the same conclusions
45:54 of the beast power. And if we're quiet, that means we still
45:57 agree. That means you sided with. This is no time.
46:01 It says: "Blow the trumpet. " That means do some exposing.
46:07 Did anybody get that? Yes! We MUST EXPOSE!
46:10 Not talking about individual people. We're talking about the
46:13 movement, the audacity the devil has to show himself
46:18 as his representative.
46:21 As I mentioned a while ago in preparation for himself
46:23 showing up. And I guarantee you: that makes me... Ooh!
46:27 Pray for me!
46:31 As I hear the newspeople so biased toward it
46:34 to say "the most holy father. "
46:36 There's no holy man on this planet! That's right!
46:39 There's none! And they say: "the most holy father. "
46:42 My heart goes out... it bleeds for them to say...
46:44 They don't know or they couldn't say this.
46:46 "Oh we praise him... he's over here... "
46:50 A billion people will come. The Word says they will wonder.
46:53 But you know what? We have to make sure we do our part.
46:55 That's not backing down, backing up. That means
46:57 going forward by the grace of God and just doing what He's
47:00 asked us to do. And remember: it's because you care.
47:04 Amen! And if there's an urgency as the Spirit is telling you
47:06 then you need to be doing it.
47:08 Anything less is treason against God at this point in time
47:10 of emergency. Notice this with me.
47:14 This is interesting. Now the first time I read this here
47:17 somebody's going to... Talks about the light of truth.
47:22 "The light of truth has been presented to you revealing
47:24 the Sabbath of the fourth commandment
47:27 showing there is no foundation in the Word of God for Sunday
47:31 keeping, and yet you still cling to the false Sabbath
47:34 refusing to keep holy the Sabbath which God calls
47:37 My holy day. " Did you know it?
47:39 You receive the mark of the beast and you'll say: "Yeah but
47:42 no one has received... " We'll have to go back and say:
47:44 "I understand that" because after the law is passed, yes.
47:49 But many of you already know. So what else has to take place
47:52 for people to say: "I've studied it. I understand
47:54 it's binding. I'm not going to do it. "
47:55 You're already following after another power.
47:57 You've chosen another leader.
47:59 You've rejected the truth.
48:03 You stand underneath the leadership of someone else
48:05 that's the enemy... you know that.
48:07 It's not trying to be difficult. It's trying to get you to say
48:10 one way or the other. You can't have it both ways.
48:13 You can't just be in here and everything's going to be
48:14 hunky-dory and fluffy and wonderful and good.
48:16 It's not going to be that way.
48:18 Now notice the comment I made. Notice this:
48:21 when does this take place?
48:22 We're talking about the mark of the beast.
48:24 When the test comes.
48:26 And remember, when the test comes, the majority of us
48:28 will leave. Does that make me happy? No!
48:32 It makes me want to proclaim it more... get the attention
48:34 of people and say: "Look... please don't. "
48:36 "Please... you understand what it is. Please stand here;
48:37 get a hold of the hand of Jesus. " Let Him lead.
48:39 Let Him do what He needs to do in your life and my life
48:42 to make sure we're not shaken out.
48:45 "The decree that commands you to cease from labor on Sunday
48:48 and worship God... " That's talking about the Sunday law.
48:51 You know there is not a word in the Bible showing Sunday to be
48:54 other than a common working day.
48:56 See, when you know that... when you accept that
49:01 child of the papacy rather than a "thus saith the Lord, " the
49:04 seventh-day Sabbath, yeah, you receive the mark of the beast.
49:06 That's what it is.
49:08 Letter 12, 1900. Quickly... time's running out.
49:10 Says: "When the test comes... "
49:12 See... we get a little quiet. We get a little bit nervous
49:15 when we start talking about these. I don't know why.
49:20 It either is what He said it is or it's not.
49:23 We either present it or we don't present it.
49:26 And you can say: "Oh, we needed a little bit more love. "
49:28 "We need somebody up here that's going to sugar it
49:30 a little bit. " That's not me... I can't help it.
49:33 Doesn't make me any better than anybody else.
49:35 I don't feel the sugar.
49:37 All right! The sweetness of it. We're talking life and death.
49:42 We're talking about heaven or hell is what we're talking about
49:44 here.. and people need to understand it as such.
49:47 It's not like: "Well, you do the best you can
49:48 and you're going to make it in the kingdom. "
49:49 HERE'S the message of the hour!
49:51 The three angels' message. This is the testing truth.
49:53 That's why this station is so important that people
49:55 support it... that you give to the cause of Christ.
49:58 If you're going to give, give now!
49:59 Do NOW so the gospel can go be- fore these doors are closed up.
50:04 They're gonna be closed up... you can see it right now
50:07 the laws that are being passed. You have no freedom of speech.
50:10 You have no freedom of conscience any more.
50:13 Laws are there... they're in place.
50:16 And if you go against the law of the land you'll be arrested
50:18 and thrown in jail.
50:21 You're faced with that... I'm faced with that. That's why
50:23 I'm saying we need a Savior.
50:25 We need a relationship that not too many of us maybe have.
50:27 But by God's grace say: "God, give me that. "
50:30 Inspiration say, Letter 12, "When the test comes
50:34 it will be shown clearly
50:37 what the mark of the beast is: that's the keeping of Sunday.
50:40 Those who after they've heard the truth
50:44 continue to regard the first day as holy
50:48 bear the signature of the man of sin
50:51 that thought - Daniel 7:25- to change times and laws. "
50:56 If you're part of this movement that's part of the stuff you
50:58 have to look at. That's part of the stuff I have to deal with
51:02 and you, too. It either is or isn't.
51:04 If it's not the truth, somebody challenge me.
51:07 I'll put you back to the Word of God.
51:09 God challenges you today.
51:11 He said: "This is what I've asked My last-day people,
51:14 My special people, those who are going to be restorers... "
51:17 Right? "Restorers of the path to dwell in. "
51:19 Right? "The repairers of the breach, the hole in the wall.
51:22 Raising up the foundation of many generations. "
51:26 Papacy had a big start on us.
51:28 You realize the papacy was in existence a thousand years
51:30 before there ever was a Protestant.
51:32 So don't tell me they didn't have a thousand years
51:33 to cover up all this business. I'm laying it out there.
51:37 Why? Because we need to wake up if we're thinking otherwise.
51:40 That we're just gonna get along and compromise
51:42 and everything. This is NOT politics.
51:46 This is not just talkin' about things that we can all agree
51:49 with and that have a different agenda and we're all going to
51:51 shake hands and come out. It just either is or it isn't.
51:54 God's calling His last-day people.
51:57 That's just around the corner that we're talking about.
52:01 And I say to you: the least departure
52:05 from right breaks down that barrier
52:10 that prepares the heart for greater injustice.
52:13 The least what? Departure from right.
52:17 We cannot afford by the grace of God to just have a little
52:20 small departure. We can't say it's just a little thing.
52:23 We can't say it really doesn't matter.
52:27 Remember that this message here - unless you can prove it -
52:29 is distasteful. Why?
52:35 As we mentioned while ago "Well, we should give it
52:38 a little different... " Listen: Jesus Christ Himself
52:40 left glory. He came down here.
52:43 No one could have presented any better than He did.
52:46 No one will ever even come close to it.
52:49 But they nailed Him on the cross.
52:51 They rejected Him. So you can say all the sweet
52:54 sugar and however you present it and the love you have
52:57 for your fellow man, you want them to be saved in the kingdom
53:02 and let the Holy Spirit do the convicting of the heart and
53:05 the mind. Amen. The church needs to be converted.
53:08 We need a reformation... we need to reform.
53:11 We need to change. And we say: "Yes, yes. "
53:14 But when will it come?
53:16 See, when will the change really come?
53:17 What's it going to be? When you get enough money
53:20 you can retire? You get all of your bills paid for?
53:22 Your house paid? You see what I'm talking about here?
53:25 When will it really be? Or will it be now?
53:28 Where does a real reformation start?
53:32 Four minutes. Somebody help me. Whoo!
53:33 I want to go a couple more hours.
53:36 I told my brother that, I think.
53:37 Whatever they say. We just go down till it says "zero"
53:39 on there and I'll be doing like this...
53:43 Stretch it. Get more time.
53:48 Where does revival? Reformation. Where does it really begin?
53:51 It begins with us. True reformation begins
53:54 with soul cleansing... the church is ready to cleanse
53:58 the soul by the grace of God.
54:00 His blood, everything, and willing to follow Him.
54:03 It's going to happen!
54:05 It's going to happen.
54:06 I want it to happen. Amen!
54:09 Those of you who study prophecy you see what's to take place
54:12 and say: "Oh God, I need some help. "
54:14 I need some help. You need some help today?
54:18 You believe in a people? I'll ask my wife to come out
54:20 if she's here somewhere. We're going to have closing prayer.
54:22 I can't hardly do anything without my right hand.
54:25 I don't know about you. I hope it's OK.
54:28 Amen! She's with me all the time and helps to have
54:30 closing prayer. She understands the stuff that we study
54:32 and we go through in our meetings that we're having.
54:35 My heart just aches for what's happening. Amen!
54:38 And really, we need to take this so serious.
54:41 Amen! You know, I know we'll stay at every meeting
54:44 and everybody that brings it: "Oh, yes. "
54:45 But what will we do and when will we do it?
54:48 Now! Now is the day. Now is the appropriate time.
54:52 And that means conversion. That means right now.
54:54 I want you to lift your heart to God as you have prayer for us
54:57 honey. We'll kneel up here and they can kneel if they want
54:58 or just be seated, close your eyes.
55:01 Think about things the Holy Spirit is impressing you with.
55:04 How we need to get involved. Remember, some of you can't
55:06 do some of the things but you can always give to the cause.
55:09 You can always help others who are out there on the line.
55:11 Pray about that. Let's pray about those who have made
55:13 decisions. Those of you at home, please:
55:15 you've listened to the truth for a long time
55:18 but you've not responded. I'm encouraging you, please
55:20 respond right now. Um-hmm. Find you a church
55:24 that keeps the commandments of God and has the faith of Jesus.
55:27 Yes! Find that church
55:29 and do something and attend before it's too late.
55:32 Let's pray, shall we?
55:37 Most gracious heavenly Father, Wow! What a message we
55:41 have heard today. Lord help us.
55:43 This third angel's message needs to get stronger;
55:47 it needs the power of the fourth
55:49 to accompany it. Yes! We are living in historic times
55:53 they are telling us. It is times that You've told us
55:56 about for many many years.
55:58 And God, as these people - Your chosen people - have
56:01 gathered together here in this sanctuary
56:04 around the television set may they feel as never before
56:09 that they need to open up the Word of God,
56:12 they need to write it in their hearts and their minds
56:14 before it is ever too late. Yes, Lord.
56:16 We need to be loving our neighbors, loving our children,
56:20 asking and praying and pleading for open doors to share the
56:24 truth. We need the truth... the truth that will set us free...
56:28 set us free from sin. Oh God,
56:31 help each and every one of us. Forgive us of our sins
56:35 here today. And I pray as every head is bowed
56:38 and those who are on their knees that they are crying out
56:41 saying: "God, help me!
56:43 God, give me a new start today.
56:45 Help my children, my grandchildren, Lord. "
56:48 Prepare us because that door of probation
56:52 it is closing and it's closing fast.
56:55 In Christ's name we pray and we thank you, Lord.
56:59 Amen; amen; amen; amen.
57:02 We have about 27 seconds. We want to encourage
57:06 the folks to continue to be tuning in to the Camp Meeting.
57:09 A lot of good speakers; a lot of good messages.
57:12 You won't want to miss any of them. I know those at home
57:15 if you can't be there, set your DVR, right? That's right!
57:18 Record these things and play them back because I tell you
57:20 God has a word in due season, God has a word for His church.
57:23 Yes He does! He's coming soon... now is the hour.
57:26 Let's prepare, shall we? Yes!
57:28 Be prepared. Jesus is coming. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
57:30 Amen!


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