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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), Mollie Steenson (Host), C.A. Murray (Host), Jay Christian, John Dinzey


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00:49 Hello and welcome to Friday evening.
00:52 Camp Meeting. Fall Camp Meeting. Homecoming Camp Meeting
00:55 2015. The Sabbath hours have finally come
00:59 and we finally get to say Happy Sabbath!
01:03 We've been trying to say that all day.
01:05 Someone almost said it last night because any time you get
01:07 a good-looking group of Adventists together
01:10 you want to say Happy Sabbath.
01:11 So now we actually can say Happy Sabbath.
01:14 And that's Happy Sabbath to our audience here in this house
01:17 and our audience around the world.
01:19 Whether you are beginning Sabbath,
01:21 you may be into your Sabbath,
01:23 you may be heading towards the new week depending on
01:25 where you are on planet earth
01:27 we wish you a happy Sabbath.
01:29 And if you're done with your Sabbath
01:31 and heading towards the new week we wish you a blessed week
01:33 in Jesus Christ. We are just beginning the Sabbath here
01:36 and we are so very very excited.
01:38 Danny, Yvonne, Mollie,
01:41 Pastor John: we've had a wonderful day thus far,
01:44 Danny, have we not? Oh, it's been incredible.
01:47 But it's better that Pastor John is back.
01:49 He's been in Washington, D.C. visiting with the Pope.
01:53 I don't know if you had a... Is that called "popery? "
01:55 I'm not sure what that is.
01:57 But he was there at the White House, so
02:00 we told him he had a shine about him, so
02:02 we didn't know if that was from the Pope or the Lord.
02:04 He said it was from the Lord, so... Yeah, it's from the Lord.
02:06 Plus I got here too late to put on make-up.
02:08 That's what's going on. Oh, that's what the shine is. Sorry!
02:12 Yeah... OK. It was interesting to be in Washington.
02:16 It is amazing how the Lord works things out.
02:18 I never asked to go, but the Lord saw fit that
02:21 Brad Walker and I went. Brad did the camera work
02:24 and we met a lot of very interesting people.
02:27 The general temperature of the crowd there...
02:30 and there was every denomination represented...
02:32 there were some people there that had no denomination at all.
02:35 But when asked: "What do you think about the Pope's visit
02:37 to America? " There was a guy that lived just
02:40 forty miles away. He said: "This is the most historical event
02:43 in U.S. history. " And someone else said that the security
02:47 was the highest level of security EVER
02:50 in any U.S. event... paramount to the security
02:54 of the presidential inauguration
02:57 but on a broader scale because it was not just in Washington
02:59 but in New York, in the air- ports, and then in Philadelphia
03:03 coming up. When we asked people what do they think about
03:07 the Pope's impact on politics and religion in America
03:10 many of them said: "This is the hour that we need
03:13 a real moral leader. "
03:16 And they said: "He is the most powerful, moral, and spiritual
03:21 leader in the world. " And whatever he decides
03:24 they are fine with it.
03:26 That was people from different denominations.
03:28 There was a lady that held up a banner about...
03:29 and we were sure she was Catholic...
03:31 And I said: "Well, you really must be excited! " Because
03:35 everything on that banner indicated that she was Catholic.
03:38 And she said: "No, I'm not Catholic... I'm Lutheran.
03:39 However, he's my Pope, too. "
03:42 And we thought that the general temperature is...
03:44 and as I asked them I asked some very challenging questions.
03:47 We'll get a chance to reveal that on the footage that
03:50 Brad Walker is editing. It's going to be a dynamic program.
03:52 But the nutshell was: it was interesting to see
03:56 the impact when Pope Francis stepped out on the balcony
04:00 of the capitol building it was like being at a church service.
04:04 And there were thousands of people gathered on the
04:07 White House lawn... I mean on the capitol lawn,
04:09 and you could hear a pin drop.
04:11 It was almost as if you can breathe...
04:14 Someone's phone rang and you almost heard it echo
04:16 through the crowds. That's how silent it was.
04:19 And when he said: "buenos dias"
04:23 the crowd interrupted. There was nothing that he could have said
04:26 that did not get an overwhelming reaction.
04:29 But I believe that where we're headed is going to be quite
04:32 interesting. The high point for me was when I had a chance
04:34 to meet with other... Catholic priests... and we had a meet
04:37 and greet with congressmen and getting to just touch bases
04:41 with people. And you know, the Lord has given me something
04:44 that I call... well let me just say it this way:
04:47 I don't believe that we have time to... and I've said this
04:50 before, my church members have heard me say this...
04:52 we don't have time to meander in the maze of mediocrity
04:55 or ponder at the pool of popularity
04:57 or negotiate at the table of the enemy.
05:00 And so I was able to sit down with congressmen.
05:02 One said to me: "What is your general tenure about
05:06 the Pope's visit to America? " in his private chambers
05:08 with his advisor there and communication director.
05:11 And I said: "Well... since you've asked...
05:14 and I gave him a study on Daniel 7,
05:20 Daniel 2, Amen! and Revelation 13... both beasts.
05:24 In a nutshell was, I said:
05:26 "When Rome received its deadly wound in 1798... "
05:28 This was 15 minutes later... "America was coming up.
05:32 1776 Declaration of Inde- pendence; 1781 Bill of Rights.
05:36 And by 1929 when Musollini gave the Vatican City to Rome
05:39 it was the roaring 20's in America...
05:43 the industrial revolution.
05:44 So this Protestant and Republican government was
05:46 firmly established. And 32 years after 1929 when
05:50 Kennedy became the first president that was Catholic
05:53 this nation was terrified about Catholicism.
05:56 That was just 1961-1963.
06:00 So Rome's impact from 1929 to now has been nothing short of
06:04 tremendous. But why?
06:06 This is the only... this is the last battalion on earth
06:10 where Protestantism and Republicanism exist.
06:14 And so when they announced him they said:
06:17 "Ladies and gentlemen: the holy See. "
06:21 And I went back to that statement
06:23 "He had eyes like the eyes of a man... "
06:25 I'm not going to say anything more tonight.
06:27 But it's amazing: everywhere he went
06:29 people couldn't breathe. They were filled with anxiety.
06:33 Everything he said was like... like God himself spoke.
06:38 That tells you that people around the world are
06:41 looking for something - yes - and that's why we have to be
06:44 a beacon of light when we're here to show them truth.
06:46 Mollie Sue, isn't this an exciting time? Step up here
06:48 a little closer. Is this an exciting time to be alive?
06:51 Yes it is. I was shopping today
06:53 and in the store a lady...
06:57 a very wealth... she looked like she was very wealthy,
07:01 dressed very well... she was on the cell phone
07:04 to her friend and she was talking about the Pope...
07:07 how wonderful it was to have him in the United States,
07:10 how wonderful it was that he was speaking to the leaders
07:13 of the nation. And I was just amazed
07:16 at someone just randomly in a store
07:20 just lauding the Pope. And I wanted to stop and ask her
07:24 if she was Catholic, but I didn't have that opportunity.
07:27 But it's true that his visit here, Danny, has made
07:32 an incredible impact. And we KNOW that this is...
07:36 it's signs. And again, I asked you this last night:
07:39 how many of you want the Lord to return?
07:41 Amen! Don't we know that all this is, Danny,
07:45 it's just signs of the fact that we really are in the
07:49 closing moments of earth's history.
07:51 What an incredible time to be alive! Amen!
07:54 And even people who aren't Christians know it.
07:58 You know, people who aren't even Christians know that there's
08:00 something different going on... there's something stirring.
08:04 And to me it's like when I was listening to
08:07 some of the newscasters and they were saying
08:11 how some of the Senators were tearing up
08:14 with what the Pope was saying and they're just so emotional
08:17 about the Pope and what he's saying.
08:20 And so many references and comparisons
08:23 between the Pope and Jesus Christ.
08:25 And I'm thinking: "Wow! This is... We... If we
08:30 didn't think that we're at the end of time
08:34 we'd better check our pulse if we don't think we are
08:37 because this is... we are truly, truly in the end.
08:41 All these prophecies are coming to pass now
08:44 and we don't have time to waste. Amen!
08:47 We just don't have time. Absolutely.
08:49 You're going to be singing a song in just a moment.
08:51 Yes. And tell us about the song.
08:53 Oh, this song is my testimony song.
08:58 I sang it years ago on... actually on the only other
09:02 project that I've recorded. I'm still working on one here -
09:05 praise the Lord - and hope to get it finished within the next
09:08 year or so. But this song for me has so much significance
09:14 because it kind of signifies our walk with Christ.
09:17 And as you listen to the words
09:19 hopefully you will be able to identify with it, too,
09:23 because it just talks about - it speaks of - the love of God
09:27 and how we are just... we can be amazed
09:30 at what He's done for us. Amen!
09:32 OK. For those of you at home, we've got more music.
09:35 I think Reggie and Ladye Love are here.
09:37 I think Tammy is here, and who else? We may have
09:40 some other singers. Pastor John, you're back.
09:42 You're going to sing. Then we've got some testimonies
09:44 and it's going to be great. We've got Jay Christian,
09:47 Johnny Dinzey, and it's just an hour to praise the Lord
09:50 and give Him honor and glory for all the great things
09:53 He has done. Amen. Then after that we're going to
09:56 be blessed by Elder John Carter
09:58 as he brings us literally the word of life this evening.
10:01 I look forward to it, don't you?
10:03 All right. Miss Yvonne, would you sing for us please?
10:06 To us. Amen.
10:09 I'm amazed
10:12 each time I think
10:18 that You would love me
10:25 and You made Yourself
10:30 a willing...
10:33 such a willing sacrifice.
10:37 Yes.
10:41 'Cause all I've ever done
10:47 is cause You pain
10:51 and so much sorrow.
10:58 When I think of what You've done
11:03 well I'm amazed.
11:14 I'm amazed to know
11:17 that soon
11:21 my Jesus is coming back for me
11:28 with a robe of light -
11:33 oh, yes - and a life that
11:37 never, never, never, never, never ends.
11:42 It never ends.
11:46 'Cause all I've ever done
11:52 is go astray
11:56 when You said: "Follow. "
12:02 When I think of what's to come
12:08 yes, yes, yes
12:13 I'm amazed.
12:17 Now I've often asked
12:20 "What kind of love is this? "
12:25 'cause I just...
12:27 I just don't understand
12:32 why my Savior left
12:37 His glory
12:42 to die
12:45 for sinful man
12:50 when all
12:53 I've ever done
12:57 is go astray. Oh Lord,
13:01 when You said: "Follow. "
13:07 When I think of what You've done
13:13 well I'm amazed...
13:23 when I think of what
13:26 You've done
13:29 yes, I'm amazed.
13:33 I'm so amazed.
13:39 How could You? How could You show
13:43 such love?
13:58 Well
14:01 I'm amazed.
14:04 I'm so amazed.
14:18 I'm so... so
14:23 amazed.
14:28 Amen!
14:34 Amen! There's a spirit at this Camp Meeting,
14:40 isn't there? Can you feel it?
14:42 Amen! I can sure feel it... I'll tell you that!
14:46 For those of you who don't know me,
14:49 my name is Jay Christian.
14:51 I'm the general manager of the 3ABN Radio Network
14:56 and I've been here for 16 years.
15:02 And I have to tell you that I am more excited today
15:06 than I have been at any time prior to this
15:11 and the reason is: so much is happening.
15:14 We here can feel it
15:17 and I know you can feel it as well.
15:19 And those people watching on TV and listening on radio
15:22 I pray that you can feel it as well
15:25 because it's an incredible time.
15:28 I'm happy to tell you some of the things that are going on
15:31 at the 3ABN Radio Network and I will pass those along to you.
15:36 But I just want to make sure that you know
15:38 our hearts... and our hearts are in this 100%.
15:43 We're ready to give that certain sound
15:47 and we ask that you work along with us.
15:51 A couple of things... First, we sometimes
15:57 count up our affiliates, and the latest count has us
16:01 in the neighborhood of 260 affiliates.
16:04 Amen! Praise God? Amen!
16:06 And that's worldwide.
16:08 We have just signed recently about 15 affiliates
16:13 and I would like to say hello
16:15 and let the people who are listening and watching know
16:18 in case there's one close to them they can listen to that.
16:23 But there is a full power station in Wisconsin Rapids, WI,
16:29 and they have just... I understand they have just
16:33 gone on the air or are getting ready to go on the air.
16:36 We're not sure exactly where they are in the process
16:37 but they are very close if they are not on.
16:40 Now listen to this: in Wisconsin
16:43 there has not been a construction permit awarded
16:46 for 25 years for a full power station
16:50 in all of Wisconsin.
16:53 There were 38 people trying for this frequency.
16:59 Guess who got it? Amen! Amen.
17:04 And so... That's right: Jesus. That is right. So they've been
17:08 working on this since the year 2007
17:11 and they're about ready to go on the air.
17:14 And if you get the World magazine, they're featured in
17:16 the December issue. It is quite a story
17:21 and I encourage you to read it.
17:23 Other stations? In Coudersport, Pennsylvania;
17:27 Billings, Montana; Hobbs, New Mexico;
17:30 Jellico, Tennessee.
17:32 Now if you live in this town
17:37 that I'm going to mention you call it one name.
17:41 If you don't live in this town - say you live someplace outside
17:44 of Tennessee - you'll call it another name.
17:47 Some of you are smiling. I think you know which one
17:49 I'm going to talk about.
17:51 There's a town that those of us outside Tennessee
17:54 would call Ooltewah
17:57 but people inside call it "Ootilwah. "
18:02 So welcome to "Ootilwah" as well.
18:05 Waterloo, Wisconsin; Roundup, Montana;
18:07 Lewistown, Montana; Clovis, New Mexico;
18:10 Lexington, Kentucky; and Dixfield, Maine.
18:14 Glad to have you with us. As well, there are 3 stations,
18:17 low-power stations, in Australia.
18:20 Narembeen - Andrews Hill, and all of these are in
18:23 West Australia, Narembeen - Cheatam Way
18:27 and Narembeen - Hyden. And again all in Western Australia.
18:31 We are also waiting - and pray with us if you would...
18:35 There are about 15 affiliates - potential affiliates,
18:38 I'll use that word. We've been talking with them
18:41 and they have not committed yet.
18:45 We pray that they will
18:47 because, again, we want to be able to
18:51 give that certain sound to the world at this time
18:55 right now that it so necessary.
18:58 And as always we're focusing on programming.
19:01 We had recently started a program, and if you've listened
19:05 you probably have heard it. It's called Critically Speaking.
19:08 Now I know this doesn't apply to your church
19:13 but there are many churches that have people that have
19:18 a critical spirit. And so a gentleman by the name of
19:22 Jim Hammer, and he's at our affiliate in Arcade, New York,
19:26 wrote a couple of books about his experiences with
19:30 a critical spirit. And it starts with his critical spirit
19:34 and then it goes on and talks about how he got out
19:38 of it and stories that other people were helped and so forth.
19:42 The critical spirit is a killer.
19:44 It really is. It kills churches; it kills people.
19:47 And it's a tremendous series that we're airing on 3ABN Radio
19:51 now. People have bought the book and now we have people
19:54 contacting us actually asking for copies - CD copies - of
19:59 the program as well. And of course, it's not for them.
20:03 They know somebody... right?
20:06 "I have a friend that really needs this...
20:09 would you send me two? "
20:12 But it has been well received by listeners, and we praise God
20:15 for that. We are in the planning stage of a new health program.
20:20 Natural remedies are very important.
20:23 Now there are some people that don't like to go to doctors.
20:28 Other people don't mind going to doctors.
20:30 I'm sort of in the middle.
20:32 I would rather start with a natural remedy first,
20:37 and if that's not working then I will take the next step.
20:41 Well, there are a lot of people like that
20:44 and there's a need for natural remedies
20:47 so we'll put them on.
20:48 We are in the planning process of this now, so
20:52 we are talking with someone about hosting it
20:54 and hopefully before too long next year we'll be on the air.
20:58 We also from time to time review some of the TV programs
21:01 that we want to put on radio.
21:04 We are always looking for great programs that translate into
21:08 the listening audience. And we all know that the listening
21:11 audience is different than the TV audience.
21:13 And so we're looking at those as well.
21:16 And so hopefully we'll have some more new programs on for you
21:19 in the near future.
21:21 It's always wonderful hearing from people who listen to us.
21:27 We got an e-mail from someone who says: "I listen to
21:30 3ABN Radio and watch TV on my phone
21:34 from Brazil. "
21:37 Praise God! She says: "I love it, guys.
21:41 Thanks for the great things you bring to my life
21:43 by the Holy Spirit. "
21:46 And you know, it's incredible when we hear things like this!
21:50 I get e-mails... I do a one-hour music program daily...
21:54 Musical Meditations. I hear from listeners.
21:58 We hear from people who have been blessed by programs
22:01 that we carry. And we can't do this without you.
22:05 We desperately need you... we need your help, especially
22:08 at this time. We are giving a certain sound.
22:13 And I'm leaning on that phrase a lot.
22:15 You understand what I'm saying. We're telling the world
22:17 the truth. People driving down the road turning on their radios
22:22 have truth told to them.
22:25 And so we ask for your prayers and we ask for your financial
22:29 support as well. We thank you so much
22:31 for all that you do for us, and please, continue to join us
22:35 and be with us. Amen!
22:43 Thank you, Jay, You know, today on the radio I was listening
22:46 as I was in the car. And a thought came to me
22:50 that helped me decide what song to sing tonight.
22:55 The gentleman said: "What would you do for your neighbor
23:00 if his son had to die to save your life?
23:04 What would you do for your neighbor?
23:08 Would it be too much for him to ask you to tell other people
23:13 that his son died so that you might live
23:16 if your neighbor's son had to die to save your life? "
23:21 And he said: "If it's not too much for your neighbor to ask,
23:27 why does it seem so much for the Lord to ask us to tell
23:30 the world that His Son died for us? "
23:33 And so as you listen to the words of this song -
23:35 it's called Much Too High A Price -
23:38 think of the price that Jesus paid to save our lives
23:42 and ask yourself the question: "What's stopping me
23:46 from telling other people about the price that Jesus paid
23:50 to save us? "
24:24 Your love endured the cross...
24:32 despising all the shame.
24:38 That afternoon when midnight fell
24:44 Your suffering cleared my name.
24:51 And that sin-swept hill
24:54 became the open door
25:00 to paradise because
25:04 You paid
25:08 much too high a price.
25:17 You paid much
25:22 too high a price for me:
25:26 Your tears, Your blood, the pain
25:33 to have my soul get stirred at times
25:39 yet never truly changed.
25:45 You deserve a fiery love
25:51 that won't ignore Your sacrifice
25:57 because You paid
26:02 much too high a
26:06 price.
26:20 Your grace inspires my heart
26:27 to rise above the sin
26:33 and all the earthly vanities
26:39 that seek to draw me in.
26:45 I want to tell this
26:48 tainted world of a love
26:52 that truly saved my life:
27:00 a love that paid
27:05 so high a price.
27:14 You paid much
27:17 too high
27:20 a price for me
27:23 with Your tears, Your blood, all the pain
27:30 to have my soul
27:33 get stirred at times
27:36 yet never
27:38 truly changed.
27:44 You deserve a fiery love
27:49 that won't ignore Your
27:53 sacrifice
27:58 because You paid
28:04 much too high
28:07 a price...
28:12 because
28:16 You paid
28:19 much too high
28:25 a price.
28:41 Amen!
28:44 Amen! Praise the Lord!
28:48 I want to begin by saying that I am
28:52 very grateful to the Lord to be a part of this ministry -
28:55 3ABN - and for the privilege to work with 3ABN Latino.
29:01 And we do have a wonderful staff.
29:03 My lovely wife Idalia, administrative assistant
29:07 and producer for the 3ABN Hoy! program
29:12 and editor for our Hoy! magazine.
29:14 And we want to praise the Lord for Jorge Jaque, our
29:18 manager... production manager for 3ABN Latino.
29:21 And we thank Sr. Lynette for being so patient and kind
29:25 in letting him travel... along with the rest of his family.
29:29 We praise the Lord for Sr. Irma Murray, Pastor Murray's wife,
29:32 that also leads out in our marketing department.
29:38 And we also have Sr. Rocio Barrón that works
29:42 in our Call Center. We have... trying to remember everyone...
29:48 We have Luis Capote that recent- joined our editing staff.
29:52 John Ramirez, fresh off the oven, coming in to our editing
29:57 staff. And we want to thank our chief editor Alex Sanchez
30:02 that prepared a video that you're about to see
30:06 in a moment. And did I mention Sr. Rocio Barrón works in
30:11 our Call Center? And we just praise the Lord for each and
30:13 every one. But that's not the whole of our department because
30:16 all... I'm sorry. Did I call it a department?
30:19 It's a network. All of the other departments
30:23 all the departments help 3ABN Latino
30:26 march along and keep growing and we praise the Lord for it.
30:31 We'd like to share a video with you that shows you
30:32 a little bit of what God is doing through 3ABN Latino.
30:35 And this you will see right now.
30:52 In order to bring the everlasting gospel
30:55 to over 600 million people that speak Spanish and Portuguese
30:59 3ABN stepped out in faith
31:02 to launch 3ABN Latino.
31:06 Since its launch in August 2003
31:09 God has blessed in a mighty way.
31:11 Today 3ABN Latino can be viewed
31:14 on over 1,200 cable companies
31:17 in North, Central, and South America.
31:20 That's a gain of at least 100 cable affiliates per year!
31:25 3ABN Latino can be viewed on over 100 free to air channels
31:30 in the US and Puerto Rico. People from all over the world
31:34 are watching 3ABN Latino via the Internet, on android phones,
31:39 iPhones, tablets, Roku, and other streaming servers.
31:43 Here's a sample of what's been going on on 3ABN Latino.
33:16 So what happens when people watch 3ABN Latino?
33:19 Lives are transformed... and it happens every day.
33:24 Praise the Lord! God is doing great and mighty things.
33:28 In 2015 celebrating its 12th anniversary
33:32 3ABN Latino is
33:39 Praise the Lord! We also would like to mention that
33:43 we are blessed to have Sr. Sonia Rodriguez
33:45 along with her husband Dr. Senez Rodriguez.
33:48 He works in the pastoral department and Sr. Sonia works
33:52 in coordinating our production.
33:55 And God is doing great and mighty things.
33:57 You know, we are amazed at how sometimes cable companies
34:02 contact us to say: "We want to have your channel
34:05 on our cable network. What do we need to do? "
34:08 So we praise the Lord that God is doing these things.
34:12 And you know, it's interesting to know that sometimes these
34:15 cable executives are touched by the Holy Spirit
34:18 to watch the programming. And I have heard some of them say:
34:22 "You have very good quality programming. "
34:25 And one of them said to me: "I only watch two channels:
34:29 the news channel and your channel. "
34:32 And I say praise the Lord!
34:34 As a matter of fact, one of the cable executives was baptized
34:38 in Colombia. And we say: "Praise the Lord! "
34:41 Isn't that wonderful? As a matter of fact,
34:44 about a year after she was baptized
34:47 she sent a list of other cable networks
34:51 that are going to be joining 3ABN Latino.
34:53 And the Lord is using her in a mighty way.
34:56 We saw her become baptized so we KNOW it happened!
34:59 So we praise the Lord for that.
35:01 As a matter of fact, we are praising the Lord. We just came
35:04 from Guatemala - my wife and I - and we saw some people
35:07 that have been baptized as a result of watching 3ABN Latino.
35:12 Over 1,200 cable companies,
35:14 over 100 television stations broadcasting 3ABN Latino...
35:18 and the Lord is not done yet.
35:20 We need to reach more people for Jesus Christ
35:22 such as this man. His name is Jose... I'm sorry: Johnny.
35:26 And he... when he first wrote to us he said:
35:30 "For over 28 years
35:34 I preached against the Seventh-day Adventist church
35:38 and many times against Ellen G. White,
35:41 and this will be my fourth Sabbath that I am a SDA. "
35:47 So we praise the Lord for that.
35:49 As a matter of fact, he said that he first started watching
35:51 by accident. He found it and then he said that he was
35:55 upset when he found out it was a Seventh-day Adventist.
35:58 So he said: "I'm going to keep watching to see what else
36:00 I can learn about them so I can attack them. "
36:03 BUT the first speaker he saw was Pastor Steven Bohr.
36:06 He said: "Wow! That's an interesting topic
36:09 he was preaching. " He decided to start recording.
36:12 He recorded 67 DVDs six hours each, and he said:
36:17 "I diligently studied these things. "
36:19 And 67 CDs... 6 hours each.
36:23 Imagine all those CDs. Do the math.
36:26 And he said that after doing all of that
36:28 he decided "I had very little truth
36:31 and much error so I decided I should become a SDA. "
36:35 And we praise the Lord for that.
36:36 Thank you. Please continue to pray for us.
36:38 My time is up. Amen!
36:47 A song that we sang on the Pillars of Faith
36:50 was I Have Fixed My Mind. And you heard a little bit
36:52 of the Chilean group there that I was afforded the opportunity
36:56 at GC to meet. A wonderful wonderful group of kids,
37:00 and they did the Spanish version
37:02 that was absolutely just beautiful beautiful.
37:04 And we wanted to do this for you tonight... in English!
37:23 I have fixed my mind
37:27 on another time,
37:30 on another time.
37:37 And here I mean
37:41 to stand until God gives me
37:47 more light.
37:51 And that is today,
37:56 today,
37:58 today until He comes.
38:05 I have fixed my mind
38:08 on another time...
38:11 on another
38:16 time.
38:21 I have set my course
38:24 on the narrow way,
38:28 on the narrow way.
38:34 For I know the time
38:37 is close at hand
38:40 for which I watch and I pray.
38:48 And that is today, today,
38:55 today until He comes.
39:01 I have set my course
39:04 on the narrow way...
39:07 on the narrow
39:11 way.
39:15 Even so, Lord, come quickly,
39:20 this is my fervent prayer.
39:27 For I've caught a glimpse
39:31 of glory and I'm longing
39:36 to be there.
39:54 When shall the Son of Man
39:59 appear?
40:01 The trumpet sound its blast?
40:06 And Christ descend
40:11 in glorious fire
40:14 with all the saints amassed?
40:19 We'll rise with those
40:23 who sleep no more
40:27 to meet Him in the air.
40:33 When shall the Son
40:37 of Man appear...
40:44 the Son of Man appear?
40:51 Even so, Lord, come quickly,
40:57 this is my fervent prayer.
41:03 For I've caught a glimpse
41:07 of glory and I'm longing
41:13 to be there...
41:17 For I've caught a glimpse
41:21 of glory
41:28 and I'm longing
41:32 to
41:38 be there.
41:44 I have fixed my mind
41:48 on another time...
41:55 on another
42:05 time.
42:18 Amen!
42:24 Thank you, Reggie. Wasn't that beautiful?
42:27 Reggie's one of my favorite singers.
42:30 And John Lomacang, two of my favorite singers.
42:33 They're a hard act to follow so I don't even try.
42:37 I just come out and do the best I can
42:38 and that's it.
42:41 How many of you are ready to go to heaven and be
42:45 in Jesus' arms? I know I am.
42:49 The name of the song is Into His Arms of Love.
43:14 When my heart is full of doubt,
43:20 when I'm torn within, without.
43:25 When I've lost my closest friend
43:30 and I'm in the pain and fear.
43:35 When I've taken all I can
43:41 and I lack the strength to stand,
43:46 when it seems my closest friend
43:51 is the pain of lonely tears.
43:59 Into His arms of love
44:03 I just come runnin'
44:10 knowing that I'll be safe
44:14 from others' harm.
44:20 He lifts me up and swings me around,
44:26 holds me and says that I'm safe and sound.
44:31 I don't ever want to leave.
44:36 There'll always be room for me
44:42 in His arms.
44:51 Arms of love and protection;
44:57 arms of strength and direction,
45:02 arms of comfort, peace, and hope
45:07 when the winds of sorrow blow.
45:14 Into His arms of love...
45:19 Into His arms of love
45:22 I just come runnin'
45:29 knowing that I'll be safe
45:33 from others' harm.
45:40 He lifts me up and swings me around,
45:45 holds me and says that I'm safe and sound.
45:50 I don't ever want to leave.
45:56 There'll always be room for me.
46:01 He lifts me up and swings me around,
46:07 holds me and says that I'm safe and sound.
46:11 I don't ever want to leave.
46:19 I know there'll always be room for me
46:27 in His arms.
46:38 In His arms.
46:46 Amen!
46:48 Thank you, Tammy.
46:52 Dr. Murray? You know, what is interesting
46:56 just some weeks ago Danny was preaching on
47:00 a passage of scripture
47:02 and he happened to pick Matthew 28:19.
47:05 Anybody know what that says?
47:07 "Go ye therefore... " Yeah, but before it says that
47:09 it says: "All power is given to Me. "
47:13 And then some time after that, independently, I picked
47:16 a scripture... Matthew 28:19.
47:19 OK. "All power... " And then we were at the General Conference
47:22 just this week meeting with some General Conference officials
47:26 and Mark Finley picked a scripture. And what did he pick?
47:30 Same scripture. Yes. Matthew 28:18, 19, 20. And 20.
47:35 That... That's the word for this day, brothers and sisters.
47:38 That even in the face of all of the things that are happening
47:43 Christ said: "All power is given unto Me. "
47:48 And He said that before the Great Commission.
47:50 Now Mark said something that was very interesting
47:52 that I found out: that that word power there
47:55 is authority. Um-hmm. But it MEANS that victory
48:00 is guaranteed. That's right. Amen?
48:02 So that when you go, you go with the understanding,
48:05 Danny, that victory is already won.
48:07 So you don't have to go timid; you don't have to go afraid.
48:11 You don't have to worry about what's happening in the world
48:14 because victory is guaranteed.
48:16 That's all authority given to Jesus, and by implication
48:19 it's given to you when you go in His name.
48:22 That's why the blessing is on the "GO! "
48:26 Not only is the blessing on the "GO! " Danny,
48:29 the victory is on the "GO! "
48:31 Absolutely. So when you go, you don't have to be timid any more.
48:34 You don't have to be afraid. You don't have to worry about
48:37 losing. As Pastor John says: 'You don't have to meander
48:40 in a maze of mediocrity. "
48:42 You can be assertive for Jesus because victory is guaranteed.
48:46 And, my favorite text: no weapon.
48:50 No, it's formed against us. That's right. No weapon...
48:53 That's right. formed against you is going to prosper.
48:56 That's a good promise, isn't it?
48:58 That's the Word of God. "No weapon, " Isaiah says,
49:01 is going to prosper. " So victory is guaranteed.
49:03 Old Testament and New. So you can go boldly
49:06 because God is with you. Amen?
49:08 But you do lose something.
49:10 You lose fear. Yes! Right?
49:13 You lose fear. "All power is given Me... " All authority
49:17 in heaven and earth. There's a reason He said it.
49:20 Just like He said it and WHEN He said it.
49:22 Because if C.A. said to me or I said to C.A.
49:25 "C.A. go ye into all the world.
49:27 Preach the gospel. " He's going to say:
49:29 "And how am I going to do that? "
49:30 And I say: "Well I don't know. You gonna pay for my trip
49:33 to London? " He's going to tell me: "You gonna do this?
49:35 You gonna do that for me? "
49:37 Well, I don't have the resources.
49:38 So Jesus establishes who He is.
49:42 "All authority... all power is given Me in heaven and
49:45 earth. " Then the very next words: "Go ye therefore. "
49:48 So what He says is, as my board member Dr. Thompson
49:51 always says: "God has counted His resources in advance.
49:55 He's found that He's not wanting. "
49:57 And so otherwise He wouldn't tell you go to do something
50:00 that's impossible. So now we can literally
50:04 go into all the world. And who would think we'd live
50:06 in such a time, such an age, that we can get 3ABN on our...
50:11 on our cell phone? Umm. I mean, to me that's amazing.
50:14 Anywhere in the world on an iPad,
50:16 on computers. When we started it was the big 12 ft. dish
50:19 and that was it here in America.
50:21 But look what God has wrought.
50:23 This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached into all the world
50:26 and THEN the end... or I like to say the beginning.
50:29 What about you? Amen! Amen!
50:31 We've got a couple minutes left. We've got another song, right?
50:35 Indeed we do. But you called them up
50:37 and they didn't have a chance to practice or get a sound check.
50:40 Do you feel bad about that? Not at all; not at all. Good!
50:42 All right. I don't either.
50:44 All right. We have Reggie and Ladye Love Smith.
50:46 You guys around here?
50:48 The joke may be on me here in a minute.
50:50 Oh here they come. All right.
50:51 Oh here they are. OK. I knew you guys... I trusted you.
50:56 C.A. doubted you but I was with you.
51:00 I had your back all the time.
51:01 Reggie is my best and dearest friend.
51:03 We love you guys, and we're so glad that you're here.
51:07 What are you going to sing for us? Well, there's a song
51:09 called Who At My Door? And Danny, this was a hymn
51:11 written in... Who at my door is standing? Yeah!
51:12 You know it? I know it! So if you hear harmony
51:15 you can stay here and sing it with us.
51:16 No, I won't mess it up.
51:18 God bless you. Thank you. God bless.
51:44 Who at my door
51:47 is standing?
51:53 Patiently drawing
51:58 near?
52:01 Entrance within
52:05 He is asking.
52:10 Who is the voice
52:14 I hear?
52:18 Sweetly the tones
52:22 are falling:
52:27 "Open the door
52:30 for Me.
52:36 If you will heed
52:39 My calling,
52:44 I will abide
52:48 with thee. "
52:57 Lonely without He is standing;
53:05 lonely within
53:08 am I.
53:13 While I am still
53:18 delaying
53:22 will He not
53:25 pass me by?
53:30 Sweetly the tones
53:34 are falling:
53:38 "Open the door
53:42 for Me.
53:47 If you will heed
53:51 My calling,
53:56 I will abide
54:00 with thee. "
54:02 "I will abide... "
54:05 "I will abide
54:10 with
54:13 thee. "
54:21 Who at my door
54:25 is standing?
54:34 Amen!
54:39 Thank you. Well done.
54:40 Praise the Lord! Well done! What a beautiful song.
54:44 Let me ask you a question in these last few moments of
54:47 this particular hour. How many love the Lord?
54:52 How many REALLY love the Lord?
54:56 How many love the Lord more than anything?
54:59 There's a song I used to sing: do you love God
55:02 more than anything? I want to read you something
55:05 just very quickly from the book Acts of the Apostles
55:07 page 515. Acts of the Apostles 515.
55:12 "Christ mentions to Peter
55:15 only one condition for service:
55:19 'lovest thou Me? ' "
55:23 That's important because no matter what
55:27 gifts you have if you don't love Jesus,
55:30 if you don't really care about Jesus,
55:33 your gifts will be of no avail.
55:35 This is what she says:
55:38 "This is the essential qualification.
55:40 Though Peter might possess every other gift
55:44 yet without the love of Christ
55:47 he could not be a faithful shepherd
55:49 over the flock of God.
55:51 Knowledge, benevolence, eloquence,
55:55 zeal are all essential in the good work
56:01 but without the love of Christ
56:05 in your heart the work of the Christian
56:10 minister is a total failure. "
56:15 So every morning we need to check our love compass,
56:19 ladies and gentlemen.
56:20 Every morning we need to ask the Lord
56:23 "Do I love You supremely? "
56:26 "Do I love You more than my husband,
56:29 my wife, my parents,
56:32 my children, or myself? "
56:37 You've gotta love God first and last and best.
56:44 Why? Because you're going to meet some people in this world
56:47 who don't love God and who don't love you.
56:51 And you've got to love them anyhow.
56:54 Amen? In fact, you've gotta love them
56:57 so well and so much they don't know if you like them
57:01 or not. And it doesn't matter because you love them.
57:06 And long after life stops, love presses on.
57:12 Amen? So today, tomorrow,
57:16 and every day till Jesus comes
57:19 start your day by asking the question:
57:22 "Lord Jesus, do I love You supremely? "
57:26 Because that's the only thing that counts in this world:
57:29 "lovest thou Me? "


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