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Participants: C.A. Murray (Host), Danny Shelton (Host), Jim Gilley (Host), John Lomacang (Host), John Carter, Julia Outkina, Yvonne Lewis


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Program Code: 15HC000011A

00:50 Again we bid you good morning and Happy Sabbath!
00:53 We want to transition into our worship experience
00:58 for this 2015 Fall Camp Meeting
01:01 by singing one of the old hymns of the church.
01:05 You know it well. My hope is built on nothing less
01:09 than? Jesus' blood and righteousness.
01:12 Jesus' blood and righteousness.
01:14 We want to sing it with "vivor, " with "verve, "
01:17 with gusto, with an experience with Jesus Christ.
01:21 My Hope is Built on Nothing Less. Lisa, if you will.
01:27 Words are on the screen. Let's sing together.
04:12 Amen! Gracious Father, how true it is
04:15 that Christ is the solid rock. Amen!
04:19 Help us, Lord, to build on that solid rock
04:23 for all other ground is sinking sand.
04:28 Father, we want to stand for You.
04:30 We want to stand on You. We want to stand on Your Word.
04:33 We want to be strong for You.
04:35 We want to be solid rocks for Jesus in a world
04:39 where everything is tossed to and fro.
04:42 Make us strong for You. Bless this worship service.
04:46 Be the honored guest; accept our prayers and our praise.
04:51 And in exchange for these, be pleased, dear Lord,
04:55 to give us Your presence and Your power.
04:59 And we thank you, dear Father, in Jesus' name,
05:03 Amen. Amen! Amen and amen.
05:05 Amen. Praise the Lord. You all happy today?
05:07 Amen. You know, Dr. Gilley... I was going to tell you...
05:11 Aren't you glad to see Dr. Gilley here? Yes! All right.
05:14 Thank you. It was supposed to... For our audience it was supposed
05:19 to have been a surprise, and he came walking out
05:22 to say something to C.A. while ago so our audience here
05:25 already knew he was here. We were going to surprise you.
05:28 This was our big surprise. But you acted surprised again.
05:30 Thank you. Don't we have a great crowd here today?
05:34 We do. But if I'm the great surprise
05:35 this is a real bad deal, you know.
05:38 No it's not. We love it; we love it.
05:41 They all said they're happy in the Lord today.
05:44 It reminded me of something that just happened
05:46 and I haven't gotten to tell most of you about it.
05:48 And I won't tell you all the details.
05:50 But I think I'm just going to start saying "We're all happy.
05:53 We're all happy" 'cause I'll tell you why.
05:56 We found out this week - and we can't go into detail -
05:59 C.A., you know - but somewhere in the world
06:01 we have a television station. I won't tell you which country
06:04 it is, but we found out that someone broke into it,
06:09 went through our security. Said they had a right to.
06:12 Went into security, put in a new transmitter,
06:14 put their own programs up in the air.
06:17 And we found out about it. They're running their programs
06:20 so Moses called them and we talked to them
06:23 and said: "What are you doing? You can't do this...
06:25 this is illegal. " And they said: "Oh, no.
06:27 We're all happy because we put you on, too. "
06:31 Well, we already were on, right?
06:34 So they said: "No... it's no problem. "
06:36 We said: "No, it's a problem. You don't break into somewhere
06:39 and put in your own transmitters and start shooting signals. "
06:42 But they said: "No, no. You misunderstand.
06:44 We're all happy. " Yeah.
06:49 So you know what? I think we'll all just be happy. Amen!
06:53 So you husband and wife... somebody gettin' on to you?
06:56 "Why did you go buy those three dresses this week?
06:59 You shouldn't. " "It's all right... we're all happy. "
07:01 Amen. "We're all happy, honey. It's OK.
07:03 We're fine... we're happy. " That'll work, won't it?
07:06 Ladies? That'll work; that'll work.
07:08 Gentlemen: that'll work. "Why were you out so late?
07:10 You were supposed... " "Honey, we're all happy.
07:13 Don't worry about it; it's good. "
07:15 All right... we're happy in the Lord.
07:17 Praise the Lord. Speaking of being happy in the Lord,
07:19 you happily for about 30 years have made a trip.
07:24 At least once or twice a year. Tell us about it.
07:26 Well, we go to Israel each year, and some people have asked
07:29 if we're going this year. And "Oh yeah. "
07:31 You know, we'll be leaving here on the 15th. It'll be the
07:33 option 1. Leaving from 4 or 5 different places
07:39 in the country. People can go from just about anywhere.
07:41 And this is our Bible Enrichment Tour.
07:43 It'll be my 29th tour.
07:45 And so we're looking forward to it.
07:48 We hope a lot will go. You got room for any more folk? We do.
07:50 We've got about ten seats on option 1
07:52 or more and about twenty seats on option 2.
07:56 So we have plenty of room.
07:57 Yeah. Incredible trip. I think most of us here
08:00 have been there and it's... When you walk
08:03 where Jesus walked then to hear Reggie Smith sing that
08:06 was pretty amazing, too. Oh wow! You walk down the street
08:09 and in the area. Yeah. But what a trip. And it's life changing
08:13 for a lot of people. It really is.
08:15 It has been for me and for my family.
08:17 My young people, my kids in our family
08:19 have been with us several times and it gives them the assurance
08:24 that what they're talking about is something that's really real.
08:27 When you've been right there where Jesus healed people
08:30 it does... it adds to your faith. Yeah.
08:33 Now you don't have to go there to believe in Jesus.
08:35 But if you ever wanted to go then this is a very good time.
08:40 What's the dates? We have... the first departure
08:43 will be the 15th of November
08:45 and the second departure is three days later on the 18th
08:48 of November. And the trips coincide while
08:52 we're in Jerusalem. But the first week goes
08:55 and they get back in time for Thanksgiving.
08:57 The second group stays through Thanksgiving.
09:00 And so we overlap those two groups. We have a wonderful
09:03 time. J.D. and Shelley are going and some of the other folks here
09:07 have told me they're going too. All right. So if anybody wants
09:10 to go, later in the week they can call 3ABN or you
09:13 or somebody, right? Call 3ABN and Jill can give them
09:16 that information or call the tour company. All right.
09:19 John, it's good to see you here today, too.
09:21 You were hangin' around with the Pope on the last couple of days.
09:25 Yeah, yeah. I said last night: "Look at
09:28 that holy glow on him. " He's over there. And then he's...
09:31 then you know what he said? He said: "I ran out here
09:33 so quick I didn't get make-up, any powder on.
09:36 That's why I'm shining. " Yeah.
09:37 But I give all the glory to the Lord
09:40 because it is so exciting to me to know that what we've been
09:44 preaching for years - for decades - is coming to pass
09:47 right before our eyes. Yes. And not in a general way
09:51 but in a specific way. I mean, Protestantism is
09:54 building a bridge with open arms to Rome.
09:56 And we've known for a long time this is going to occur.
10:00 But what's exciting about this: everything is in place,
10:03 Danny, for the final movements to be rapid ones.
10:06 America is pulling itself to the stage. I was just
10:09 moved yesterday... I did as much recording as I could at home...
10:12 but to see at the World Trade Center Memorial
10:16 Museum... to see all these faiths, they would clasp hands.
10:21 And I think the Jew and the Muslim greet together.
10:25 The Hindu and the Sikh greet together
10:27 and the list goes on and on. And they all stand there
10:30 giving their full support to Pope Francis.
10:34 And as we talked about plura- lism? Pluralism, universalism,
10:38 and ecumenism are all alive and well in that room.
10:41 And I thought: the day is coming when God is going to bring
10:45 His truth to the forefront.
10:47 And I'm not concerned about how many people stand with
10:50 Pope Francis. Who is on the Lord's side?
10:53 Amen! That's right. That's the question, and I know
10:56 there are many sincere Catholics and Sikhs and Buddhists and
10:59 Methodists and Presbyterians and all alike.
11:01 The Lord says: "Other sheep I have
11:03 that are not of this fold. "
11:04 But in order for the drawing to occur,
11:07 in order for God's people to come to where God wants them
11:09 to be, we've got to be faithful.
11:11 That's why I'm excited that 3ABN is not just a religious
11:14 network but we have gotten ourselves calibrated
11:17 to evangelism to let people know we are not playing.
11:20 We are living in the last days. Um-hmm.
11:22 If we believe that Jesus is coming, everything that happens
11:25 in Washington is secondary to what's happening here at 3ABN.
11:29 Come on somebody, say Amen. All right; all right!
11:31 It's not the White House, it's the right house that I'm
11:33 focusing on. Oh no, he's getting on a roll. I might as well
11:37 sit down. We'd better go and sit down. Move away everybody.
11:40 John's on a roll.
11:41 Preach it, John. Preach it. The Lord is still God of all.
11:46 He's still the Lord of all. All right.
11:48 When they called him "his holiness" I said: "uh-uh. "
11:50 I don't want to say that's arrogant but that's arrogant.
11:52 His holiness? Holiness is the Lord's. Yep.
11:55 "The Lord our righteousness. " There you go!
11:57 And so this man has really... I tried to be kind
12:00 but I asked people. I said: "What difference would this make
12:03 in what the Pope is saying to the public? "
12:06 They said: "It really doesn't matter what he says.
12:08 He's speaking to all of us and we all embrace him.
12:10 We all love him. " I saw the video footage that
12:13 Brad was editing last night.
12:14 I cannot wait till we get a chance to show that
12:16 and show that as a program and see that everything
12:19 that the Bible forecasts... As a matter of fact,
12:21 to show you how bold I was
12:23 when the Congressman that invited us there asked me
12:25 "What do you think about the Pope and his visit in America? "
12:28 I gave him a Daniel 2, Daniel 7, and Revelation 13.
12:32 Not a synopsis but a detailed study.
12:36 Then I was on the plane going, and Brad Walker and I were
12:39 studying that together. Then on the way back
12:41 I sat next to a guy. He's a Baptist in Murphysboro.
12:45 He asked me the same question.
12:47 He got a study on Daniel 2,
12:49 Daniel 7, and Revelation chapter 13.
12:52 You know, you've got to be unashamed of this gospel!
12:55 All right. If you believe that this is the light
12:59 amidst all this darkness - Amen! -
13:01 we will be held accountable for the way we proliferate
13:04 and uphold Jesus in all of it.
13:06 And when I was done... 'cause he started asking all
13:08 these questions and I said: "Now here it is:
13:10 America is the last stronghold for Protestantism
13:14 and Republicanism. We're the last place where religious
13:17 freedom is still offered, but the Roman agenda
13:21 based on the Bible is that they're going to trample
13:24 down the world... break it in pieces
13:26 and cause as many as would not worship the beast to be killed.
13:28 I said: "It's coming so let me make a prediction. "
13:31 And I made the prediction. He said: "You know what?
13:32 You've given me a whole lot to think about. "
13:34 All right. And so let's not be ashamed of the gospel.
13:36 Let's tell people because these individuals
13:39 the Lord said He could not ever nurture a seed
13:44 that has not been planted. That's right. So let's
13:46 pray about what's happening in Rome,
13:48 in the United States, in our White House
13:50 but let's not lose sight of the "right house. "
13:53 All right. Thank you, John.
13:54 Speaking... That was a great segway to somebody who's not
13:58 ashamed of the gospel. I'm going to bring out Julia Outkina
14:02 and Pastor John Carter. Thank you all.
14:07 I'm all fired up already. Aren't you?
14:10 That's good. Hey Sister Julia.
14:13 Hi Danny. You know I love you?
14:15 Yes. I love you in the Lord.
14:17 Julia's my little sister now for 23 years.
14:20 Yes. Right. I call Danny "big brother. "
14:23 Yeah... big brother. I'm not too big but I'm older than her
14:26 so that works. Pastor Carter.
14:28 Because of you... because of you Julia is standing here today
14:33 and thousands and hundreds of thousands
14:37 around the world... maybe millions...
14:40 are taking their stand for Jesus
14:43 because of the work God has called you to do.
14:45 You're a pastor from Australia.
14:47 You came about 29 years ago or so.
14:49 You called me at least on the phone.
14:51 He called me. 3ABN was just starting.
14:53 We hardly had... We didn't have 2 or 3 hours of programming.
14:56 And Pastor Carter... I heard this accent
14:59 and I said: "Where is this guy from? "
15:00 Now I'm from southern Illinois. I hadn't traveled anywhere.
15:03 So who has the accent? Hadn't been here... Well you do!
15:06 Of course you have the accent.
15:09 I tell everybody: "Don't be jealous. When you get to heaven
15:11 you can speak just like me. "
15:13 So... So I hear this guy on the phone with an accent.
15:17 We're literally... The studio is not even finished.
15:20 We're inside Kenny and I, building,
15:22 and they say: "There's a phone call...
15:24 a Pastor John Carter. " Well I heard this
15:26 Australian accent and he said: "Donny... "
15:29 He still calls me Donny. I've got a cousin Donny
15:31 but I answer anyway. "Donny... " instead of Danny...
15:34 He told me who he was. "I have some programs
15:37 I've already taped. I'd like to put them on 3ABN.
15:40 I've heard about 3ABN. " And I thought: "Man!
15:43 I don't know if people understand him or not. "
15:46 Then I said: "But we don't have any programming
15:48 so yes, I'll take your programming"
15:51 I told him. He's an Adventist pastor giving the message.
15:54 But honestly, we've become great friends through the years.
15:56 I have a tremendous amount of respect for Pastor John Carter.
16:00 He is one of the... I want to lift up Jesus, not you, John...
16:04 but one of the great all- time evangelists and revivalists
16:08 in Adventist history. I don't know anybody
16:11 who has traveled more, spoken to bigger crowds.
16:13 Sometimes 100,000... 150,000 people a night
16:17 around the world. God has anointed him.
16:20 He has given him a special gift.
16:21 And we became partners a long time ago.
16:24 We're still partners... still brothers in the Lord.
16:27 Can I say something? Sure.
16:30 No... not now. No you can't.
16:36 3ABN had a tremendous part in the campaigns we ran in Russia,
16:41 especially in 1992...
16:46 beginning of the year.
16:49 We, as usual, had no money.
16:52 You know? I know. We had no money. I know that.
16:56 And I talked to you, and you invited me up to 3ABN
17:01 and we raised some money for the campaign
17:04 originally in the Kremlin.
17:06 But then we switched it to Nizhny Novgorod.
17:09 One night with a small audience we raised the money we needed -
17:12 yes we did - for the Kremlin because you told me that
17:14 we're gonna be in Moscow - yes - at the Kremlin.
17:17 We raised the money and then what happened?
17:19 But then we were moved. OK... easy now.
17:24 We were moved to the city of the dissidents.
17:28 That's where Sakharov went. OK.
17:30 But when we talk about our part in this
17:35 and my part in this, I was just blessed
17:41 enough to be in the right time at the right place.
17:45 God has got a time and a place for everything.
17:48 And when we went there and you came with us, Danny,
17:53 I'd already been in Moscow running a campaign in 1991.
17:57 But when we came to Nizhny Novgorod in 1992
18:01 we saw the glory of God.
18:03 And it wasn't that we were extraordinary people
18:08 but we were being used by an extraordinary God. Amen!
18:14 Amen! And that's what happened.
18:17 And with all the work and all the meetings
18:22 and all the stuff we had to carry to Russia
18:26 if there had been no other person who had accepted Christ
18:30 and the message of God than this beautiful lady
18:33 it would have been worth it all. Amen! Amen! Praise the Lord!
18:37 Well, last Monday I was at the General Conference
18:41 and I said: "Wow! How the Lord has moved and how things
18:44 have changed. " Because when Elder Carter called
18:47 back then he said: "I want 3ABN to go with me. "
18:50 I said: "Absolutely. " He said: "We're going to the
18:52 Kremlin in Moscow. " I got a call back from him later
18:56 and he said: "Well the church is putting someone else there.
18:59 They said we can't go there, even though we had raised
19:02 the money. We're going to move... You can go to a place
19:05 called Nizhny Novgorod - formerly Gorky -
19:07 3-1/2 million people. " What I didn't know at the time
19:11 it had been closed to Westerners for 73 years.
19:13 There was one church in this huge city of about 250 people
19:18 and no work there. And so Elder Carter called me
19:22 and he said: "They want to move us. We should go. "
19:25 I said: "Wherever you go, I'm going with you. "
19:27 Right? Wherever he goes I'm going with you.
19:29 We committed to evangelism. So we said: "All right,
19:32 we'll let the Lord do it. " So then he gives me a call back
19:36 and he says: "I'm sorry to tell you
19:38 but the church leaders won't let 3ABN go over there
19:42 'cause they want somebody else to go...
19:45 but not to our meetings. They won't give you a VISA to go. "
19:49 I said: "OK... the Lord's will be done. "
19:51 He said: "But I happen to know people in California that can
19:54 get Visas' for you... 3ABN to go. "
19:57 Am I telling too much?
20:00 Oh-oh.
20:04 No... what's your saying is just true and right.
20:07 It's not what you're telling, it's what we're not telling
20:10 them. Yeah, OK... Yeah, I know.
20:12 We're trying to keep this where it is, but we're going to
20:14 give God honor and glory and praise.
20:16 I've thought about that, and over the years
20:18 problems we've had. Last Monday I sat in the General Conference
20:22 with C.A. Murray and Greg Morikone
20:25 with Mark Finley and a number of other people from Hope Channel
20:27 and Mark Finley said: "3ABN is of the Lord
20:30 and we're going to work together. "
20:32 Amen! And you know, "3ABN is of the Lord;
20:34 we're going to work together. "
20:36 So we were literally working with church leaders.
20:38 "How can we work together? " And I thought about
20:42 for how many years that 3ABN... we couldn't get that
20:44 from anybody because we were young. They didn't know
20:47 what we were going to do... what kind of programming.
20:49 But the end is near and Jesus is coming.
20:53 Everybody senses it.
20:54 We all know that we have a message to give to a lost
20:58 and dying world, and we want to work together with anybody
21:01 who is willing to give the three angels' messages
21:04 to the world. Let's work together.
21:06 So we went to Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
21:10 And tell us what... did you expect or what did you expect
21:15 about the audiences there?
21:18 In 1992 in the middle of winter in January,
21:22 Julia and Danny, I was there with two other people
21:28 and we went down to the Palace of Sport with some of
21:31 the church survivors. Alexander and Vasily
21:35 and Vitaly. You know them? Yes.
21:38 And we went to this place and we met the old Communist
21:42 in charge of the Palace of Sport.
21:44 He was sitting under a picture of Lenin.
21:48 He said to me through our translator
21:51 "Nobody will come. "
21:54 Then he said the words: "in this place we've taught the people
21:59 not even to think of Him. "
22:01 Wow! He said: "We don't think of Him any more. "
22:05 So we went and saw the television people to do our
22:09 television ads, and they said: "Do you pay for these? "
22:14 We were the first people to use commercial television
22:18 with ads. And we said: "We should pay. "
22:22 They said: "How much? "
22:24 So we told them what we thought was a fair price.
22:27 I wish they'd do that here. So do I.
22:29 And when we came back - I think it was in June,
22:35 end of May - the advertising had worked marvelously.
22:41 But it was the right time and the right place.
22:44 And when I got down... tried to get down to the auditorium
22:48 I couldn't get near it.
22:50 And so the church leaders contacted the military
22:54 and they gave us a big Army vehicle.
22:58 And we went to the meetings in the Army vehicle.
23:02 And the people were literally breaking down the doors,
23:06 breaking down the windows,
23:08 storming this great auditorium.
23:11 I had never seen anything like it.
23:14 An old man stood outside and raised his hands
23:17 and he cried out and said: "I have waited 70 years
23:21 for Jesus. In the name of God let me in. "
23:24 Amen! And as the meeting started
23:28 that first night, Dr. Julia and Danny,
23:32 the opposition came to the meetings and threw fire bombs
23:37 on the stage. Were you there for this?
23:40 There were fire bombs. And Alexander and the brethren
23:43 were running around with buckets and putting out the fire
23:47 as I was preaching the Word.
23:50 Yeah. Cloven tongues of fire! That sounds good.
23:53 So great preaching or great work always goes
23:59 with great opposition.
24:01 If you're doing something for God,
24:03 you're going to get great opposition. Yes.
24:06 And the devil has got plenty of assistants.
24:08 And so the meetings became so huge
24:12 that the government said to us: "Unless you go to three
24:15 identical sessions a day... " And we had at least 6,000 people
24:19 in each session. Maybe 7,000; maybe 8,000... I don't know.
24:23 And so we went to three sessions
24:26 and the crowds were so great and we didn't have the staff.
24:30 And the local KGB supplied their young men
24:35 who served as our deacons. Glory be to God!
24:38 All right! So we saw... we saw
24:44 thousands come to Christ. Amen!
24:47 Folks, I want to say this to you:
24:50 you heard my sermon last night. Some people say
24:52 "We're not going to get the Holy Spirit until we're sinless. "
24:55 Well I can testify that's not true 'cause I'm not sinless
24:59 and I received the Holy Spirit. All right! Praise the Lord!
25:02 And so can you. As we saw in those meetings -
25:05 I know this may seem too hard to believe -
25:08 we saw the Latter Rain.
25:11 Um-hmm. We saw the mighty movings.
25:15 What do you say about a crowd of 7,000?
25:17 They won't even look you in the eye
25:20 they're so glum and they're so depressed.
25:23 And you know, the Russians are some of the greatest people
25:27 in the world. I love the Russian people. Amen!
25:31 Hear what I'm saying? I love the Russian people.
25:34 And they'd have their eyes down at 6 o'clock, and by 7:30
25:39 when I would make an appeal for Christ
25:41 because of the blood of Christ...
25:45 I would describe the cross and I'd say
25:48 and I'd put up a great painting which we'd had commissioned
25:53 showing Christ on the cross and I'd say:
25:56 "Behold your God oh Russia.
25:59 You are not an animal; you are not a machine
26:02 as the Communists told you.
26:03 You are a child of God! "
26:06 And I would ask them to come forward.
26:08 Do you think they walked?
26:11 They ran, and they would come with their arms raised
26:17 and crying and fall down on their knees.
26:25 The right time, the right place with the message of God.
26:31 Amen! And so we saw the glory of God.
26:34 And if the Carter Report
26:38 had not had a partnership
26:41 with 3ABN, I say this in the fear of God,
26:48 I can't see how it could have happened.
26:51 3ABN came to our assistance,
26:55 helped us raise the money.
26:58 You folks think, you know, you've got tons of money
27:00 for this stuff. We don't get a dime from the church.
27:04 Not a dime... and we don't want it
27:06 because as Danny said, when people say there's only one pie
27:11 I heard Danny say this 28 years ago
27:14 Danny says when church leaders say: "There's only one pie
27:17 and you're stealing from our pie, "
27:19 Danny says: "Why don't they open the refrigerator?
27:22 It's full of pies. "
27:25 So... so... so... Because of this partnership
27:31 we were able to open the refrigerator
27:34 and there were lots of pies.
27:36 And you folks can send me a few, too, if you want.
27:39 But because of the preaching... And support 3ABN.
27:43 I'm telling you: souls should not be dying
27:49 because the saints are sitting on the Lord's money.
27:53 That's right. Because it's the Lord's money.
27:55 Amen! And we run campaigns
27:59 with the smallest budget that you can imagine.
28:03 I mean, we're talking about hundreds of thousands.
28:06 We're talking about millions now.
28:08 But I want to tell you folks something: because we had a
28:12 unique relationship with Danny Shelton
28:15 whom God raised up
28:18 and 3ABN whom God raised up
28:23 we were able to do something that individually
28:26 we could not have done. Absolutely!
28:29 And when I go to Russia by the grace of God
28:33 I'm going in January when the weather warms up over there
28:40 and when I go to 3ABN I stand amazed.
28:46 I stand amazed at what Julia has done.
28:50 I see the quality of the television programs.
28:53 I see the musical DVDs.
28:56 I hear the Russian singers.
28:59 I see the preaching and the teaching of the Russians
29:02 and I say: "I am thankful to God
29:07 that I was permitted to be a part
29:11 of what I consider to be the greatest work in all the world:
29:16 the preaching of the gospel of the blood
29:21 of the Son of God. Hallelujah and praise the Lord!
29:24 Amen! Julia, come up here a little bit.
29:27 I'd like to... You heard our version of it
29:30 and what we saw, I'd like to hear your version.
29:33 Julia has a doctor's degree in linguistics
29:38 in her specialty: English.
29:39 But she had never been anywhere and foreigners weren't allowed
29:42 in Nizhny Novgorod, so you really hadn't heard
29:45 people speaking. Now I understand Elder Carter...
29:48 English as it should be spoken. Well, but...
29:53 but let me ask you... let me just ask you this.
29:56 I won't get in a dog fight with you here.
29:58 But did they ask you to go to the university
30:01 and speak so they could record you?
30:03 See, they asked me but here's why. It's not really that good.
30:08 It's not really good. They didn't ask him
30:10 to go to the university.
30:11 They literally came, the school of language, and said:
30:14 "Could you come to the school of language?
30:16 We want to record you. " And I said: "Why? "
30:19 I know I didn't have a Wintley Phipps voice.
30:21 I said: "Why is that? "
30:23 They said: "We study American dialects and English dialects.
30:28 Yours doesn't fit into any. "
30:31 They said: "You've got a little southern stuff in there;
30:34 you've got some midwestern. " You're sorry for me? I know.
30:39 I'm just affirming you.
30:41 Thank you... thank you.
30:43 So they said: "Really, we want to study this 'cause
30:46 it's very... " So I did... I went and read
30:48 Uncle Tom's Log Cabin or something like that.
30:50 In Russia they had that book. They didn't have Bibles
30:53 but they had Uncle Tom's Cabin. But anyway, Julia.
30:56 So Julia was a professor of English so she should know.
30:59 Let's see how she sounds. Whatever she sounds
31:01 that's the correct way Pastor Carter.
31:03 That's how we settled this. Um-hmm.
31:06 She's got a doctorate in language. From your perspective,
31:09 give us a little version of what was going on
31:12 in this huge city when you heard about an evangelist coming
31:16 from America. OK. I didn't see those fire things
31:20 thrown on the stage because the first one to come there
31:24 was my mother. And then she told me
31:27 "Come. They give free Bibles there.
31:30 You are supposed to attend so many meetings
31:34 and then you will be given a Bible. "
31:37 And it was close to where I lived and I kind of got
31:41 interested to come. I thought, it will be a good
31:45 opportunity to listen to English spoken.
31:47 Because the city was closed for foreigners.
31:51 I was a teacher of English. I had never heard a single person
31:54 whose mother tongue would be English.
31:56 So I came. I always sat in the back.
32:00 I would never raise my hand when Pastor John would
32:03 say: "Do you have some needs that you want for us to
32:06 pray about? "
32:08 I never stood up when he encouraged people to stand up
32:12 for prayer or something.
32:14 And then since his message is solidly based on the Bible
32:20 and the Bible does its work... the Word of God does its work.
32:23 And it did its work in my heart.
32:27 So those things that you spoke about and I am hearing this
32:33 with Pastor John the first time. I never told him that
32:35 I have never been interested in prophecy or in history
32:38 or in archaeology or any of that.
32:41 But when he read about the personality... how did you
32:44 describe apostle Paul's writings where he described
32:50 our characters so well when we are in a fallen condition
32:54 and then how God changes us when we accept Him
32:58 I was just so much moved.
33:01 And on the night before the last baptism...
33:07 No, it was Thursday before the last baptism
33:10 that was to take place on Sabbath
33:11 when he read from the Bible: "Don't you know that your bodies
33:15 are a temple of the Holy Spirit? "
33:17 I didn't regard it in the context of the health message
33:19 but I was awed to hear that God wants to
33:23 regards me His holy temple in which the Holy Spirit
33:29 dwells it was not like a promise that He will dwell if...
33:34 but it was: "You are a temple of the Holy Spirit.
33:38 It dwells in you. " This was when God's love touched
33:41 my heart. I was the only sister of the governor
33:46 of Nizhny Novgorod and I thought: "No matter
33:50 what my brother is going to say I want to be baptized
33:55 at this meeting. "
33:56 And it was the time when I wrote Pastor Carter a letter
34:01 because I wanted to be as beneficial to the cause of God
34:07 and to church as I could.
34:09 And I thought: probably the only available thing that I have
34:13 is being the sister of my brother.
34:17 So I thought I should mention this to Pastor John
34:22 and let him use this for a witness
34:26 that the governor's sister -
34:28 and I was Ph.D. which means a good education and a good job -
34:34 so I wanted that to be a witness of the greatness
34:37 of the message. So, you know, later
34:42 when I talked to my brother about that I was baptized
34:45 it was one on one, and he could say whatever he wanted
34:51 this was when I knew that my brother is really a very
34:54 very progressively-minded person because with all the strong
34:57 Communist opposition which was there he told me: "If this is
35:00 yours, if this is where you find your comfort,
35:05 if this is where you find the meaning of your life,
35:08 go ahead with it. " And yeah... so...
35:11 We found him to be a wonderful person...
35:14 not necessarily on the first visit. Elder Carter knocked on
35:17 my door, Rosia Hotel, and said: "Donny, the governor wants
35:22 to see us. " And I said: "What? " He goes
35:25 "I don't think he's too happy with us but we've got to go
35:28 see him. " And I said: "You really need me to go
35:30 or can you? " I mean, we're in a foreign country,
35:33 right? Everybody's carrying AK-47's around.
35:37 And they look like they're really serious about when they
35:40 tell you. So, he said: "No. We're in this together so let's
35:43 go. " So we did. We went; we met the governor.
35:46 The security. We went in and sat down at a table.
35:50 And the governor was a really good looking guy.
35:52 Very young. I think 34 years old at the time.
35:55 Youngest governor in the ex-Soviet Union.
36:00 Ph.D. in Radio Physics at the age of 25.
36:03 Wow... wow! Amazing. Brilliant brilliant man.
36:08 We come in there, and so he's not very happy.
36:12 Hey, we're all happy, right?
36:13 He's not very happy that we're there.
36:18 Elder Carter had just baptized 2,532 souls
36:22 for the Lord. Literally the city had been turned upside down
36:27 for God. And so 6,000 letters had been written to him...
36:32 some in English. He took one that was written
36:35 in English... beautiful English.
36:37 But as we were speaking to the governor
36:39 the governor told him: "Look, you Adventists need to leave.
36:42 You don't need to be here, and why are you baptizing
36:46 all these people? We baptize... everybody just joins the...
36:49 the Russian Orthodox church when they're born. You don't
36:53 have anything for them; you don't need to be here. "
36:55 And I'm like: "OK, I guess. The meetings are over,
36:58 it's time to leave, right? " I'm like... I'm sitting there
37:01 and Elder Carter takes his... You ever see him do this
37:04 when he's preaching? He's like: "Governor,
37:07 you don't know anything about democracy. "
37:09 And I'm looking for doors how to get out.
37:12 I said: "There's not a door... " There wasn't any behind me.
37:16 I thought: "Reckon where they want one?
37:18 We're gonna get out of this. "
37:20 It's probably the only time in my adult life I sat for
37:23 nearly an hour while this man boldly spoke
37:26 to the government and the governor. And I could not
37:29 believe the things that he said.
37:31 I didn't like the thought of Russian prisons...
37:34 especially when they would throw the key in the Volga River.
37:37 But he spoke, a holy man... Literally God blessed him.
37:42 You read in the Bible where these things happen
37:44 and I saw it happening. We're on literally the stage,
37:48 earth's final stage of history,
37:51 and you see things that's nothing that I could read in the
37:54 Bible could hit home any more.
37:56 Here's a man standing before the governor, the princes
37:59 and all the leaders, 52 million people in that constituency,
38:03 and he told them about democracy and told them about
38:06 fairness. And he says: "If you're going to be a democratic
38:09 governor then you have to let us have our rights.
38:12 We have Russian Orthodox church in America and we allow
38:15 them though they're a minority.
38:16 We don't run them out. " He explained to this man
38:19 democracy. And the governor finally said: "Well you
38:22 still don't need to baptize people. What can you give them
38:25 that the Russian Orthodox church couldn't? "
38:28 The Russian Orthodox leader... one of the leaders was there.
38:31 I don't know his name. I won't tell you about his hat
38:33 'cause it's something... I'm old enough... I won't go
38:36 into any detail, but when some of you are old enough
38:38 you kids in school and you acted up
38:40 and they stood you in a corner and put a "hat" on you
38:43 and it was kind of like that kind of hat.
38:46 And so he seemed to be in charge.
38:49 And the governor... he's sitting, working together.
38:53 Then Elder Carter said: "Well you know
38:57 I have thousands of letters written me but one's in
39:00 beautiful English. I'll read it to you. "
39:02 It started out: "You have brought me out of darkness
39:04 into marvelous light. " Began to read, and as he did
39:07 the governor and the Orthodox priest - bishop,
39:12 archbishop - they were just there, kind of motionless
39:15 listening. So finally he read the end of the letter
39:19 and he said: "This was signed by Julia Outkina. "
39:22 And the governor said: "Let me see that paper. "
39:25 Who? Who is that? He said: "Julia Outkina. "
39:27 He goes: "That's my sister. "
39:30 His only sister... his big sister.
39:32 Then he said to the Orthodox bishop/archbishop:
39:37 "Come over here. The media's out here.
39:39 Mr. Carter, Mr. Shelton, the bishop. He told him:
39:43 "You stand here. Shake hands when the media comes in.
39:46 We are going to work together. " He says: "We have a bigger enemy
39:49 than each other. It's Communism. We don't want Communism
39:51 to come back. " And so that was our meeting.
39:55 And from there... 3ABN... we built the largest
39:58 Protestant facility in the ex-Soviet Union
40:01 and we hired Julia as a translator. So I asked
40:05 John Kantor, my cousin, "Would you go over? "
40:07 He's a construction man and he said: "Well, how long? "
40:09 And I said: "Three months. " Well, it was several years
40:12 it ended up being... but I meant well.
40:14 Three months... So we needed a translator.
40:17 Julia is a professor of English so I asked her.
40:20 I met with her in the conference office and said:
40:22 "We'd like to hire you, and how much would it take to pay you? "
40:25 And you were making how much at the time? $15.00 a month.
40:28 $15.00 a month. Has her doctorate's degree... professor
40:32 of English, right? And $15.00 a month.
40:36 And I said: "Well we want you; we'll give you $25.00. "
40:39 Now that doesn't sound... No, no... hang on.
40:43 Hear me out. Oh, they're not going to let me do this.
40:49 If you're making $15.00 a month and you get $25.00, that's
40:53 a big raise, isn't it? So... And people told us there
40:56 "Don't overthrow money around because these Russians don't
40:59 understand it. They think all Americans are rich. "
41:01 But I said: "We really need her.
41:03 We'll up your salary for $25.00 a month. "
41:06 Now anyone would grab at that.
41:09 She didn't. You know what she said?
41:11 "Oh, I could never take that. "
41:13 She said: "I worked for the Communist government during
41:17 Communism for $15.00 a month. I surely wouldn't charge God
41:21 any more than that to work for Him. "
41:23 So then when... I only found out this past year
41:29 or so and I shouldn't have found out. I wasn't supposed to.
41:31 She and Mollie had a pact together.
41:33 But I found out for the last several years...
41:35 We pay her, and of course their wages have gone up to a few
41:38 hundred dollars a month for all the workers.
41:40 She hasn't been taking a salary for years.
41:44 She takes her salary and divides it up among the other
41:47 workers so their standard of living can be a little better.
41:50 I don't say that to uplift Julia
41:52 but the Jesus, John, in her.
41:54 What she has done... She was translator till the whole
41:58 building was built. I'd go out there... brutally cold weather.
42:01 And when I say that I am not exaggerating
42:04 I can tell you in Russia in the winter time.
42:06 She would be dressed up and she had a little sack with her.
42:08 Remind me of a little squirrel. She'd be translating
42:12 and reaching in here getting something.
42:14 John never took breaks. He started early in the morning
42:16 and worked all night. So her eating was like
42:18 eating something as she was on the go.
42:20 climbing up these ladders into the second story, third story
42:24 of the building... Working so hard and happy
42:27 to do it when she could have been this professor
42:30 teaching in the warmth... but she chose to do it.
42:33 Then later when we were ready we said: "Julia, will you be
42:36 the director of 3ABN Russia? "
42:39 As John said, incredible amount of work they're doing.
42:42 And I'm so thrilled, Julia, as John said. All of that
42:46 would be worth it if it were just you.
42:48 The good news is it wasn't. There's been thousands
42:51 and thousands of people. But the devil's been on the attack
42:55 with you, and recently in this past year -
42:57 in fact, April... we were doing Spring Camp Meeting...
43:00 and right... literally minutes before we went on in February
43:03 Spring Camp Meeting somebody said, one of our crew said,
43:06 I forget which one it was, they said: "Did you hear
43:09 that Boris Nemtsov, her brother... " Was on CNN.
43:13 "just got assassinated in Moscow? "
43:16 And I said: "No, I didn't hear that. Are you sure? "
43:19 "Yes, we're sure. " So all the TV channels
43:22 Boris Nemtsov got assassinated.
43:24 He was on kind of an opposition party? Yes.
43:27 Opposition party of the govern- ment. He was actually the leader
43:30 of the opposition uniting all the opposition forces
43:34 against the government. He was literally assassinated
43:38 in Moscow around midnight, something like that.
43:40 So I said: "Oh, I've got to... quickly let's call Julia. "
43:43 So I called Julia to give her condolences
43:46 and I said: "Julia. " She said: "Hello Danny. "
43:49 And I thought that's strange: "Hello Danny. "
43:51 And I said: "Julia... how're you doing? "
43:52 She said: "Oh, do you need some- thing? It must be important. "
43:55 I realized she hadn't heard.
43:57 She hadn't heard. It was 2 o'clock in the morning.
44:01 Two o'clock in the morning your time.
44:04 But you hadn't heard. No, I hadn't heard.
44:06 No one had called her; she hadn't heard.
44:10 So I had one of the toughest jobs of my life
44:14 in letting her know that her brother had been assassinated.
44:17 And she couldn't... She says: "Are you sure? "
44:19 I said: "Well maybe you should turn on Russian television
44:22 and make sure yourself because there can be mistakes. "
44:25 I just... you know... So she did.
44:28 Your response? Danny wanted to make sure that it was
44:32 my brother. He asked for his name, for his age and so on.
44:37 And you know what my first response was?
44:39 It was night from Friday to Saturday.
44:43 The Sabbath already started.
44:45 And my response was: "Praise the Lord that it is Sabbath. "
44:50 Of course, I started crying immediately.
44:53 I couldn't... Well, you can understand how it feels.
44:57 But it was the first thing that I told Danny. "Praise the Lord
45:00 that it is Sabbath. " Because... and you know
45:06 my husband also died on July the 10th
45:09 and it also happened on Sabbath.
45:13 It didn't happen on Sabbath but this was when I learned
45:16 the news about that. And I just thought: "The Lord is in
45:20 control. He wouldn't allow for something like this to happen...
45:23 Thank you. You know, it means that
45:27 in the overwhelming plan of salvation
45:31 for the humankind, for my brother, for my husband,
45:35 for someone else from the family or something
45:38 this was the best thing that could have happened.
45:41 So I just... I don't remember
45:44 what you remember as my first phrase, but I remember
45:47 my first phrase was: "Praise the Lord that it is Sabbath. "
45:52 So several months... Last year Fall Camp Meeting
45:56 many of you met her husband, and her son
45:58 was here with her. You remember?
46:00 A lot of you remember. I remember taking them over
46:02 to the house and putting them on a horse.
46:04 They never get to ride a horse, so we put them in the round pen
46:07 and led them around. And they were hanging on to that
46:09 horn like not knowing what to expect
46:12 and had a great time.
46:14 Talked to them both a little bit about the Lord,
46:16 and her son and her husband... great changes in their lives.
46:21 That's the beauty of it.
46:23 Her son, who used to not believe in God,
46:25 said - he's a scientist also - he said: "I actually know
46:29 that this is by design. This couldn't just be happening.
46:31 There is a Supreme Being some- where that designs all of
46:35 these things. " I mean, huge strides from where they
46:37 used to be. Um-hmm. And so her husband was here
46:40 then... Danny, may I interrupt about my husband's visit? "
46:45 It was... We didn't plan
46:50 what people would talk about with my husband
46:54 or with my son. But it felt to me like
46:58 God was putting together a picture - a small puzzle -
47:02 which fit in so well. For example, someone would share.
47:06 They all knew that they don't go to church.
47:09 And someone would share something and then the next one
47:14 just very close to that would add something
47:17 that would make the picture broad. So I am so thankful.
47:21 Danny invited my husband and my son to come
47:24 at the very first years of 3ABN Russia
47:28 and somehow it didn't happen.
47:30 And I am so thankful that it happened now
47:32 and I know that it was God's plan also.
47:35 Amen. Julia, shortly after...
47:38 That's only... When was that that your husband died?
47:40 What date? July the 10th.
47:42 So you can see it's only been a couple months.
47:44 And 40 years been married. He drowned.
47:47 And so he wasn't sick. She had no idea. So her brother
47:51 in February then her husband. I mean, how devastating.
47:57 She wrote me an e-mail and she said:
48:00 "I cannot breathe a breath or take a step
48:04 without Him now. " Without God.
48:08 We did a little program with Lanny Wolfe
48:10 and sang Whatever It Takes.
48:14 Julia was listening at the other end. You said that
48:16 drew you closer to the Lord. Oh yeah.
48:19 You know, I haven't... In all my life, I know and I think
48:23 it's with everyone that would go from one level of
48:27 relations with God to higher and higher and higher
48:30 through different things. And now it's the best possible
48:35 relationship between me and God that I have ever had.
48:39 And yes, during that program
48:42 they were laughing and crying on this end
48:44 and I was laughing and crying with them on that end
48:47 there in Russia. Yes. Says: Take my houses
48:53 and lands. Change my dreams and my plans.
48:58 For I'm placing my whole life
49:02 in Your hands. And if You call me today
49:07 to a land far away
49:10 Lord I'll go and Your will obey.
49:16 Next verse says:
49:18 Take the dearest things to me
49:22 if that's how it must be
49:27 to draw... draw me closer to You.
49:33 Let the disappointments come
49:40 lonely days without the sun
49:44 if through sorrow
49:47 more like You I become.
49:51 Sing it with me if you know it.
49:52 For whatever it takes
49:56 to draw closer to You, Lord,
50:01 that's what I'll be willing to do.
50:07 For whatever it takes to be more like You...
50:09 For whatever it takes
50:14 to be more like You
50:18 that's what I'll be willing to do.
50:24 Amen! Says: I'll trade sunshine for rain,
50:30 comfort for pain,
50:32 that's what I'll be willing to do.
50:34 Whatever it takes for my will to break...
50:37 And that's the question for all of us today:
50:41 Are we willing? Can we sing these verses
50:45 to this song? And can we live them?
50:47 Julia is living it. Pastor Carter, I want you to
50:49 say a special prayer for Julia,
50:51 the Russian brothers and sisters, and for all of us
50:56 that right now are in need of a Savior
50:58 that have not fully surrendered to Him.
51:04 Our Father in heaven, we thank you for the great grace of God.
51:09 We thank you that the will of God will never take us
51:13 where the grace of God cannot keep us.
51:16 We thank you, our Father, for what our eyes saw in Russia.
51:21 We thank you that the Russian people are very precious
51:25 to the heart of God. And dear Father,
51:30 we just want to pray earnestly today for our sister Julia
51:35 and for her family.
51:38 We thank you for her brother Boris
51:41 and that he was a light standing for freedom.
51:46 We thank you that he is safe in the hands of God.
51:50 We thank you for Julia's husband, too.
51:54 A good man whose life was touched by Your grace
51:59 through the influence of his wife.
52:02 And we thank you that Julia has been in this city which is
52:07 almost given over to unbelief in Russia:
52:11 the great city of Gorky...
52:13 as they call it today Nizhny Novgorod.
52:15 We thank you that in this city Julia and her team
52:20 are a light shining for God. A light shining in the darkness.
52:24 We pray that You will bless dear Julia, dear Father.
52:29 We thank you for her. We thank you that You saw her
52:33 in Your plan.
52:35 We thank you that when Christ was on the cross
52:41 she was on His mind - Amen - and He thought of her.
52:47 And when they said: "Come down from the cross"
52:49 He could have come down but He thought of Julia
52:53 and He thought of the rest of the world and He thought of
52:56 our Russian brothers and sisters.
52:59 And so He stayed on the cross and took hold of the Roman nails
53:03 until His heart was broken
53:06 to save us and to redeem us.
53:08 We thank you that there's a better day coming.
53:12 A better day, a better time, a better place
53:14 when there's going to be no more sin and no more sorrow
53:18 and no more death. Yes! We pray that you will keep us
53:21 faithful in Christ until that day.
53:23 And so dear Father, we pray that you will take our beloved
53:26 sister Julia into Your gracious hands now. Yes!
53:30 Watch over her, Lord.
53:32 Bless her; comfort her;
53:36 and save her with us with an everlasting salvation.
53:39 And we worship You and we bless You
53:42 and we praise You and we give you glory
53:45 and we give You thanks in Jesus' name,
53:50 Amen and amen. Pastor Carter,
53:53 I want you to do in just a minute before you go
53:55 what you did one time. And I don't even know if you know
53:58 about this. But one time several years ago pastoral told us
54:02 they got a call from a man.
54:04 He said it was late at night. He had no reason to live.
54:09 Everything of earth meant nothing to him.
54:12 He chose to kill himself.
54:15 He said: "I'm going to kill myself. " He had a gun
54:17 and he lived in a duplex or apartment area.
54:21 For whatever reason he said: "I don't want
54:24 people knowing about it tonight.
54:26 I'm just gonna take my life. "
54:28 So he went and got his gun
54:30 and said: "I'll just turn up the television
54:35 as loud as I can. Maybe people won't hear the gunshot. "
54:40 He said: "When I turned the television on... "
54:43 he knew nothing about 3ABN...
54:47 "John Carter was on. "
54:50 3ABN. He said: "Friend, Jesus loves you.
54:55 He died for you. He made a plan of salvation for you.
54:58 He's coming back for you soon in the clouds of glory. "
55:02 The guy said: "He was looking right at me. "
55:04 "He was looking right at me. " Amazing!
55:07 He called to surrender his life to Jesus.
55:12 Do you high-five in Australia? I don't know.
55:15 OK... you do.
55:17 Do you high-five in Russia, Julia? You do now, right?
55:19 All right. I want you to take just a moment to look into
55:24 that camera because there may be someone right now
55:27 who's in that same position:
55:31 down and out, discouraged. They think there's no reason
55:34 to live. Just take a minute or two - couple minutes -
55:37 and talk to that viewer today.
55:39 Point him which... Right over there. That camera's on
55:41 right now. The greatest truth in the Bible is
55:46 this truth: that there's a God in heaven
55:49 and He gave His Son and His Son died for you.
55:53 And you may feel a million miles from God today
55:57 but He's not a million miles from you.
56:00 He's with you now.
56:03 And the Bible tells me "For God so loved the world
56:06 that He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him
56:10 shall not perish but have everlasting life. "
56:14 You may have come to the end as far as you're concerned
56:19 but as far as God is concerned for you
56:22 this is only the beginning.
56:24 He has a great plan for you my brother, my sister,
56:28 and He wants to touch you tonight.
56:31 Don't give up, because God hasn't given up on you.
56:34 I say to you tonight... or today...
56:37 believe in the God who believes in you
56:42 because He loves you and He cares for you
56:46 and He's preparing a place for you in glory.
56:50 And I want to say to you today
56:53 if you'll just open up your heart now to Christ
56:57 Christ will come into your heart.
57:00 And when He comes into your heart He'll forgive your sins
57:06 and He'll wash you clean
57:08 and He'll give you peace
57:11 and He'll save you because He'll give you everlasting life.
57:16 And I want to say to the person sitting there right now...
57:20 I don't know your name; I don't know who you are.
57:22 You may not know who I am.
57:24 It doesn't really matter. But the truth is God knows you
57:29 and God knows your name
57:31 and He knows what the problem is
57:33 and He knows everything about you
57:36 and He loves you and He cares for you.
57:40 And I want to pray for you now.
57:42 Dear Father, here is this person watching this telecast
57:46 today, and this person has come to the end
57:50 of his or her tether.
57:54 The bottom has fallen out.
57:56 That person's got nowhere to go.
58:01 But help that person to know today
58:03 that God is the place to go
58:08 and that Jesus knows about us.
58:11 And Jesus knows about this person
58:14 and Jesus died for that person.
58:17 And therefore as we're praying here today,
58:22 people are watching this telecast we're saying this:
58:26 dear Lord, we are weak.
58:29 We don't know what to do.
58:31 We've made a mess of things.
58:34 And so we're asking You, the great God of the universe
58:37 who made the stars, who died for our sins on the cross,
58:42 we're asking You "Come into our hearts.
58:45 Wash us clean. Take the hate out of our hearts.
58:51 Take the fear out of our hearts.
58:55 Take this awful depression off our souls
59:01 and grant us peace and everlasting life. "
59:06 So bless my brother, my sister,
59:10 who is watching right now.
59:12 Put Your hand upon him, Lord.
59:15 Put Your hand upon her as You did upon Julia.
59:20 And bless him and bless her.
59:26 And so we thank you today and we worship You
59:31 and we bless You and we give You glory
59:36 and we put these souls right now into the hand
59:41 that was nailed to the cross.
59:44 And we do so with thankfulness and joy
59:47 in Jesus' name. Amen and amen.
59:52 Amen. Amen.
59:54 Thank you Julia; thank you Pastor Carter.
59:57 God bless.
01:00:04 Ya'll been blessed? Amen!
01:00:07 Isn't it great for hope?
01:00:10 To have hope in Jesus Christ?
01:00:13 In what time we've got left I want to talk to you
01:00:16 for a little bit. I'm not good at notes.
01:00:18 Usually I just talk. I have so many stories
01:00:20 about what God is doing. This morning I made a few notes
01:00:23 and... because it occurred to me: I had no idea
01:00:28 why I wanted to talk about what I wanted to talk to.
01:00:31 It couldn't have been a better segway had you planned it
01:00:35 because the very first thing I have written down
01:00:39 was... I'm going to talk to you about this.
01:00:42 Has anybody ever watched the movie It's a Wonderful Life?
01:00:47 Let me see how many have watched it.
01:00:49 All right. The rest of you probably should.
01:00:51 All right? Nothing wrong with it.
01:00:53 1938 or whatever... 1935.
01:00:56 Who was in it? Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.
01:01:00 Yeah... a lot of you watched it. All right?
01:01:02 It's a Wonderful Life. It happens around Christmastime.
01:01:05 A young man... What was his name?
01:01:07 George. Name is George, right?
01:01:11 George ended up - it was around Christmas - getting ready
01:01:14 to celebrate Christmas, but things didn't go right
01:01:18 and somehow some money was lost at the bank
01:01:22 and he ended up... decided that he wanted to,
01:01:25 to end his life. He couldn't face anybody
01:01:28 and was going to end his life. So he goes to a Christmas...
01:01:32 It's snowing. He goes to a bridge
01:01:34 and he says: "I'm just going to jump in and kill myself. "
01:01:38 But there happens to be - now take this with a grain of salt -
01:01:41 It's just a movie, right? -
01:01:43 but a grain of salt. There happened to be an angel there
01:01:45 whose name was? Clarence.
01:01:48 All right. So did George jump in the water?
01:01:52 He jumped in the water, right?
01:01:54 And Clarence pulled him out.
01:01:57 'Cause what he said was... he said: "What's wrong? "
01:02:00 He made this statement: "I wish I had never been born. "
01:02:04 Now that's the key to it: "I wish I had never been born. "
01:02:08 So when he gets out of the water he goes to get dried off
01:02:12 and he goes into a place where people are partying
01:02:14 and they're laughing. And he talks to: "Hey,
01:02:17 so and so. " And they look at him: "I don't know this guy. "
01:02:18 Everywhere he goes it suddenly occurs to him
01:02:22 he had never been born.
01:02:24 And the whole city was changed.
01:02:27 'Cause there was a guy... What was his name? The greedy guy?
01:02:32 Yeah. Potiphar? No... Potter.
01:02:37 Potter. So the city had a name of - the town -
01:02:42 but when he went in it had a different name.
01:02:46 Potters? Pottersville. Thank you. Somebody's
01:02:50 watched every bit of this.
01:02:52 So... Pottersville.
01:02:55 And so the point of it is
01:02:58 he saw over a period of time
01:03:01 what the world would have been like if he hadn't of been born.
01:03:04 That he DID make a difference.
01:03:07 And that's what I wanted to ask you today.
01:03:09 What if you had never been born?
01:03:14 Would the world be different today?
01:03:17 Think about it.
01:03:19 If you hadn't been born, would the world be different today?
01:03:24 Would there be a big hole all around you?
01:03:30 I want to use that as Elder Carter.
01:03:33 And I had written this about Elder Carter.
01:03:36 What? Let's take for granted or take as illustration:
01:03:40 what if Elder John Carter had not been born?
01:03:45 What if Elder John Carter had not been born?
01:03:49 Julia's here. Thousands of people there.
01:03:53 El Salvador I think it was, San Salvador. 150,000
01:03:57 a night, thousands being baptized.
01:03:59 Africa... thousands being baptized.
01:04:02 All across New Guinea... thousands being baptized.
01:04:05 What if he hadn't been born?
01:04:07 What if Julia had not been born?
01:04:12 Thousands of people are hearing about the gospel.
01:04:14 Millions of people, yea, being born into Jesus
01:04:20 through the ministries of these people.
01:04:23 So I want you to think about it for just a few moments
01:04:26 that what are you doing in this world
01:04:32 that makes it worth you being born in these closing moments
01:04:37 of earth's history.
01:04:39 It's no accident that each and every one of us are here.
01:04:43 Now here's the trouble:
01:04:45 facts prove to us that all of us were born.
01:04:48 The only guy who could argue that is probably my uncle
01:04:51 Clinton 'cause he could argue anything you say.
01:04:53 Doesn't make any difference.
01:04:55 He'll find an answer and almost convince you.
01:04:56 But the facts are everyone here has been born.
01:05:01 But how many have showed up?
01:05:04 That's shown or showed?
01:05:06 Shown, right? How many of us have shown up?
01:05:08 Right? How many showed up?
01:05:10 Are you with me now?
01:05:13 We know we've all been born; here we are.
01:05:15 But how many showed up to do something for God?
01:05:20 How many of us said: "Lord, I accept You as
01:05:26 Lord and Savior of my life
01:05:28 and I want to make a difference in the world around me today? "
01:05:32 You see, when we realize we're not here by happenstance,
01:05:36 we're not here by accident,
01:05:38 when that hits home to us it also hits home that God has
01:05:42 a plan for us. Somebody say amen? Amen!
01:05:46 God has a plan for us. Each and every one of you here
01:05:49 and watching around the world God has a plan for you.
01:05:53 As Pastor John said: when Jesus was hanging on the cross
01:05:56 you and I were on His mind. That's right!
01:05:59 Think about that. Jesus Christ on the cross
01:06:03 carrying the sins of the world thought about you and me.
01:06:07 He could look down the stream of time and see a people that
01:06:10 would be willing to give their lives unto death if necessary
01:06:14 for the cause of God. Well mostly in my lifetime -
01:06:17 and I'm sure with some people it has -
01:06:20 we've not seen world events
01:06:22 where all the things that we've been told are going to happen...
01:06:26 All of these things: National Sunday law,
01:06:29 all of these closing events where Christians are going to be
01:06:33 persecuted. Things have changed... things have changed.
01:06:37 Right now we have turned a corner
01:06:39 and it happened... As far as I'm concerned, it's been turning
01:06:42 for a long time. But a 90 degree or maybe a turn around backwards
01:06:45 however you want to do it: 180.
01:06:47 But when the Supreme Court re-defined marriage
01:06:50 here in the United States of America.
01:06:52 Now that's huge. If somebody doesn't know that's huge,
01:06:55 we need to wake up. That is huge!
01:06:59 Why is that huge? Because the government of the United States
01:07:02 of America just trampled on God's law.
01:07:07 We thumbed our nose at God.
01:07:11 Am I telling the truth?
01:07:13 Amen. Other countries will follow, I'm sure, and have.
01:07:18 But this is absolutely incredible. I never thought
01:07:22 I'd live to see this. Did you?
01:07:26 Or do you even care?
01:07:28 Do I care? Do we care?
01:07:30 Yes! All right... we care.
01:07:32 If we care we've gotta...
01:07:34 Somebody said about... At church one day he said:
01:07:36 "Are you happy? " I heard a preacher...
01:07:38 And everybody said: "Yes. " He said: "Then
01:07:39 notify your face... I can't tell. "
01:07:41 So that's the way maybe the Lord is saying.
01:07:44 We're saying: "We're happy, Lord. " He says: "Well notify
01:07:46 Me. Let Me see that by your actions
01:07:49 that you're happy in the Lord. "
01:07:51 There's so many events happening, but the movement
01:07:54 that anything that you do towards God or for God
01:07:58 or proclaim God is being downtrodden right here
01:08:01 in the United States of America.
01:08:03 Did you know there's more religious freedom
01:08:05 in Russia... There was 23 years ago when we went
01:08:09 to Russia... than there was here in the United States?
01:08:11 In Russia they brought in... All the young people that we
01:08:15 could bring from America, they brought them in to
01:08:18 the schools to teach them English
01:08:20 and allowed them to teach the Bible to them. Amen!
01:08:23 They were saying: "Teach us about the Bible. "
01:08:25 Our schools said do what?
01:08:28 "We don't want to hear anything about God. "
01:08:32 These schools were saying: "Teach us to pray. "
01:08:35 Government, formerly Communist government, saying
01:08:39 "You can pray in our schools. "
01:08:41 The schools in the United States of America
01:08:43 were doing what with prayer? Throwing it out!
01:08:47 Now here you are seventy-three years without God
01:08:51 and here we are all of these years
01:08:54 with America we're supposed to be the "Christian" nation
01:08:58 if I can use that term
01:08:59 and yet while we're throwing God out
01:09:02 these people had sense enough, spiritual sense enough,
01:09:06 to know seventy-three years without God
01:09:09 was too long and it wasn't going anywhere except to death.
01:09:13 And they were open to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
01:09:16 of their lives. Julia Outkina said: "I wasn't
01:09:19 an atheist. I just didn't know about God.
01:09:22 Didn't know about Him; hadn't thought much about Him. "
01:09:24 That's hard for my mind to understand. How about you?
01:09:27 To not even think about whether there's a God or not.
01:09:31 I mean that's just hard to comprehend.
01:09:33 But when she heard it... She didn't go there to hear
01:09:35 about God. She went there to hear English.
01:09:38 She wanted to hear it, then she got to hear me speak
01:09:40 which didn't help her any... much.
01:09:44 But here we are... She got to hear Elder Carter speak,
01:09:46 of course. But as he was reading, the words
01:09:49 jumped off of that Bible right into her heart.
01:09:51 Amen! You know why? Because she knew there must be
01:09:54 something better. She knew there must be some hope
01:09:58 for this world. And when she heard about it
01:10:02 the Holy Spirit pricked her heart and she accepted Jesus
01:10:05 Christ as Lord and Savior of her life.
01:10:09 We have to show up. Today if we're a Christian,
01:10:13 Seventh-day Adventist Christians in particular,
01:10:15 we have to show up.
01:10:18 We're here, and what are we going to do about it?
01:10:21 We're making a decision whether we think we are or not.
01:10:25 Everybody's making a decision. You don't have a choice.
01:10:27 Say: "Oh, I don't want to be bothered with this.
01:10:29 I really don't... I'm not that concerned about it. "
01:10:32 You just made a choice... you just made a choice.
01:10:36 Today is the day of salvation.
01:10:39 Now all of us: "Oh, I'm a Christian. I've been an
01:10:41 Adventist. I've been raised all these years. "
01:10:43 I talk to people. I say: "How long you been a Christian? "
01:10:45 "Oh, I'm a fourth- generation Adventist. "
01:10:47 And I say: "How long you been a Christian? "
01:10:49 "Well I'm a fourth generation. My mom; my grandpa;
01:10:53 You know, great... " "No, no. How about you? "
01:10:56 "Well, I was raised in the church. "
01:10:58 I said: "Did you ever stray away? "
01:11:01 I've done over 10,000 interviews.
01:11:02 "Do you ever stray away? You were raised in an Adventist
01:11:05 church. Did you ever stray away from the Lord? "
01:11:08 "No... I always just served the Lord. "
01:11:11 "Did you ever? You didn't have any problems as a teenager?
01:11:13 You didn't go any? You wanted to? " "No, I've just always
01:11:16 been good. " No... I'm serious.
01:11:20 That's what some people tell me: "No, I've just always
01:11:22 been good. I never never really strayed away from the Lord. "
01:11:26 Everybody strays away from the Lord. That's right!
01:11:29 Everybody. Because we're born with a separation.
01:11:32 You don't see Jesus standing here right now.
01:11:35 Why not? We're separated by sin.
01:11:38 In a sinful world, if He showed up right now
01:11:40 what would happen to us? We would die, right?
01:11:43 Because we're not ready for it. People say: "Oh you know, I'm...
01:11:46 I'm just born this way. I've been good all my life. "
01:11:48 No, we haven't been good all of our life.
01:11:50 Now is the time we're going to have to understand
01:11:52 that we have to submit and commit our lives to Jesus
01:11:55 and be willing to go and tell what He's done for us
01:11:58 no matter how popular it is or how unpopular that it is.
01:12:02 We have to stand up. It's such a political climate
01:12:05 in this country you can't say anything
01:12:08 about anybody or about sin
01:12:11 because they say you're - I'm going to use the term -
01:12:15 doggin'. Can't think of something else.
01:12:17 Doggin' people. But it's got where you cannot
01:12:20 say anything. And television stations and radio stations...
01:12:23 It's already happened in Canada and some other places.
01:12:25 You can't say anything about sin because if you do then
01:12:30 you've got to go off the air 'cause you're a people hater.
01:12:33 So now how do you preach the gospel?
01:12:35 See, it's not our job to judge people.
01:12:38 Right? We don't know. Man looks on the outward appearance;
01:12:41 God looks on the heart. We can pretend...
01:12:42 "Oh, I can tell by looking at him he's not a Christian. "
01:12:45 "I can tell by looking at him. " But we really can't.
01:12:48 If we think we can, we don't believe the Bible.
01:12:50 Right? You don't believe the Bible if we really think we can
01:12:53 do that. But it's not our job to judge.
01:12:56 It's our job to take the message to a lost and dying world.
01:13:00 It happened - not by coincidence but by divine providence -
01:13:04 most of those within my hearing have been able to receive
01:13:09 not only Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our life
01:13:13 but we received information that's found in the back of the
01:13:18 book in Revelation that tells us Jesus is coming very soon.
01:13:22 He's coming for a purified bride; He's coming for
01:13:25 a purified church. He's coming for a victorious church.
01:13:28 People say: "Why we've been hearing that Jesus is coming
01:13:32 for years. Why isn't He here? "
01:13:33 Well, I don't see a victorious church. Do you?
01:13:35 We have all the same problems that the world has.
01:13:38 I know 'cause I'm dealing with them, too.
01:13:40 I've had the problems and I've been part of the problems.
01:13:45 And If you're honest with your- self you'll admit you are, too.
01:13:49 Amen! You're all there.
01:13:50 God is not seeing, He's not saying... coming back
01:13:53 for a purified bride and a purified church.
01:13:55 That's why He says: "I... if I be lifted up
01:13:57 will draw all men unto Me. "
01:13:58 But if we don't, as Wintley Phipps was speaking last week,
01:14:01 and I've been studying on this a long time myself,
01:14:04 the character of God. You see, people don't care.
01:14:07 They don't want to see us. I don't blame them.
01:14:09 But if they see Jesus they'll be drawn.
01:14:12 Now not everybody will accept it. When Jesus
01:14:14 was on earth Himself most people rejected Him.
01:14:18 But at least they made a decision.
01:14:20 They saw the truth; they had an opportunity.
01:14:23 It's their problem if they turn away from it.
01:14:25 But you and I are living in such a day
01:14:27 that we don't want to say anything because we might
01:14:30 offend somebody. That's right! I mean, it's amazing to me.
01:14:34 Again, God loves everybody. Has people in all churches.
01:14:38 And I can't judge people, but homosexuality
01:14:41 is a sin according to the Bible.
01:14:43 Just as stealing is a sin and just as adultery is a sin
01:14:47 and just as you can go down the list of those
01:14:49 but I said to somebody the other day: "Isn't it amazing
01:14:52 how things have changed? " I talked to a guy yesterday.
01:14:55 He's a Baptist friend of mine.
01:14:57 Came out here yesterday and we went in the office and talked.
01:15:00 I said: "Now think about it. If I went to your church
01:15:03 and I said: 'You know what? I'd like to be your choir
01:15:08 director. ' I've got a little musical background.
01:15:11 You know, not the greatest. But hey, it's a small area.
01:15:13 You probably don't have a lot of great musical directors
01:15:16 around here but I could probably fill in one of those
01:15:18 churches. I'd like to be your music director. "
01:15:22 "Oh really? " I said: "Yeah, but I've got a little problem.
01:15:25 You know, I have a little drinking problem. You know,
01:15:29 I drink and my dad drank and my grandfather drank.
01:15:33 But you know, it's no big deal. I'll try to keep it under wraps.
01:15:36 But I guess you could say I'm an alcoholic.
01:15:38 Would you let me be your choir director? "
01:15:40 He said: "No. " I said: "OK. "
01:15:43 So I go in and I say: "Hey look. I really want to be your
01:15:46 choir director. " Well, we need a choir director. "
01:15:48 "Now I need to tell you that I like women
01:15:53 and, you know, my dad was a run around,
01:15:57 my grandpa. I mean, it's just kind of in the family.
01:16:00 No harm done, but I'm just maybe an adulterer you could say.
01:16:03 Can I be your choir director?"
01:16:05 "No, you cannot be the choir director at our church. "
01:16:08 No? So I go in and I say: "You know I really want to be
01:16:12 the choir director of your church. " I can go down the list
01:16:14 on and on. "But I do a few little drugs. I smoke a little
01:16:17 pot. Nothing big... just a little here and there.
01:16:19 And can I be your choir director? "
01:16:22 What are they going to tell you? No!
01:16:24 Can't be any choir director of our church.
01:16:27 So I say: "Look, let me try one more time.
01:16:30 I really want to be the choir director of your church. "
01:16:33 So I go to the next guy and I say: "Now I have a little
01:16:36 problem but it kind of runs in the family.
01:16:39 But all of us sin. Hey, nobody's perfect.
01:16:42 I steal a little bit.
01:16:44 I mean I don't know why I do it. I just see something that I like
01:16:47 and I take it. And I'll try not to take any offering
01:16:50 or anything. Don't put that around me. But I still want to
01:16:53 be your choir director, and we've all got a few problems,
01:16:56 you know, so... I mean, we're all sinners.
01:16:59 Can I be your choir director? " "No you can't. "
01:17:02 OK. So finally I come up and I say: "You know what?
01:17:05 I'd like to be the choir director of your church.
01:17:08 I've got a musical background; I can do a decent job.
01:17:10 But I need to tell you that I'm homosexual.
01:17:17 Can I be your choir director? "
01:17:20 "Well, let me talk to the board and we'll see. "
01:17:23 "Well, OK. You can be our choir director. " I know that
01:17:27 for a fact. I'm not just giving you illustrations.
01:17:29 I know where it's happened. I don't know what churches
01:17:31 and I don't even want to say what the name of the churches
01:17:34 are, but that is OK. Now why is that OK?
01:17:38 Why is it OK that a church...
01:17:41 Is the Bible clear about homosexuality as it is stealing?
01:17:46 Yes! Is it as clear as it is about... Hey,
01:17:48 what if I go out and say: "Hey look, I've got this little
01:17:51 problem. If I get mad I kill people sometimes.
01:17:53 But honestly, if no one makes me mad I won't do any harm
01:17:58 to anybody and I'm a good choir director. "
01:18:00 You won't hire me as a church. "Out! "
01:18:03 Why? Because they know the difference in sin.
01:18:06 They know that is sin when I say that, right?
01:18:09 All of these other things. And I said to my friend,
01:18:11 I said: "They know that is sin. "
01:18:13 Now a lot of churches say "Oh, the old commandments were
01:18:16 thrown out. " But if I want to be the choir director
01:18:19 in any church they know what sin is.
01:18:21 They... All of a sudden they believe the Ten Commandments
01:18:24 are still valid. I was at a big church in Tennessee...
01:18:29 east Tennessee. Baptist church. They asked me and Melody
01:18:32 to sing years ago.
01:18:34 And so I didn't ask any questions.
01:18:37 Said: "Sure, we'll go. " We were singing, so we went
01:18:39 to this big church. After the church service was over
01:18:42 the pastor came up and he said: "I just want to ask you
01:18:48 something. " He said: "Somebody said to me you're one of those
01:18:50 old Seventh-day Adventists. " I figured that wasn't very
01:18:54 positive in his mind because he said: "Old. "
01:18:56 And I was younger at the time. He says: "You're one of those
01:18:58 old Seventh-day Adventists but you're not a SDA, are you? "
01:19:01 And I said: "Yeah, I am. "
01:19:03 "What? You're a Seventh-day Adventist? "
01:19:05 I said: "Yeah, is that a problem? "
01:19:07 "Well, no, it's not a problem with me but man... " he said...
01:19:09 "you live under that old law. "
01:19:11 He said: "You live under that old law.
01:19:13 You need to be free. " He said: "You need to be free.
01:19:16 Why do you live under that old law? "
01:19:18 And so I said: "Oh really? "
01:19:20 Well, they had taken up an offering for Melody and me
01:19:25 and they also had taken up their morning tithes and offerings.
01:19:28 And of course that was a lot bigger than our offering, right?
01:19:31 So we were in the pastor's study so he said:
01:19:33 "No... " I said... "So you're not under the law?
01:19:36 You don't believe in the Ten Commandments? "
01:19:37 "Ten Commandments were nailed to the cross. "
01:19:39 I said: "You know what? You sold me! "
01:19:41 "You sold me; I'm with you... I'm with you. "
01:19:44 I said: Melody, honey, we need to go. "
01:19:45 So I walked over to where the deacons are and I took four
01:19:48 big plates of the offering.
01:19:51 I said: "Pastor, I'll see you all later. "
01:19:53 I said: "We're going to take off. " Started walking.
01:19:56 He came behind me: "Umph, umph. " Now it's Bro. Shelton.
01:19:59 "Bro. Shelton, " he says: "hang on just a second.
01:20:01 That's not your offering. "
01:20:03 He said: "This is our Sunday tithe... " It was big!
01:20:07 And he said: "But yours is over here. "
01:20:09 Well it was one plate, right? Why would I want to take
01:20:11 that little one? So I said:
01:20:14 I mean, there was a lot... enough.
01:20:16 We could have gone... We didn't have to stop at McDonalds
01:20:18 on that one. We could have gone to a really... O'Charleys
01:20:21 or something on that offering
01:20:23 and driven all the way home on a full tank of gas.
01:20:27 But I said to him... I said:
01:20:30 "Well, I know. " And he said: "No, really.
01:20:33 That's the wrong offering. "
01:20:36 And I walked through the doors, went up the hallway
01:20:39 going out to the outside. He's still following me.
01:20:42 "Bro. Shelton, I hate to say that but that's our offering. "
01:20:46 I said: "No, it's my offering. "
01:20:48 So he said: "How do you figure it's yours? "
01:20:51 I said: "Well... because I took it. "
01:20:53 "Well you can't take that. "
01:20:54 I said: "Why not?
01:20:57 Why can't I take that offering? I want it!
01:21:01 You just told me there's no stealing.
01:21:03 You told me the Ten Command- ments are done away with.
01:21:05 I haven't done anything wrong.
01:21:07 What are you going to do? Call the police and tell them
01:21:09 I stole? Why there's nothing wrong with stealing
01:21:11 'cause you just said it was done away with. "
01:21:14 He said: "OK, you made your point. Can I have my money
01:21:16 back? " I said: "OK, I'll give you your money back. "
01:21:21 But we live in a time where it's politically "uncorrect"
01:21:25 but we are being led around by the noses
01:21:28 by all sorts of powers, and they're antichrist powers.
01:21:33 Somebody says: "Oh well, you talk about the antichrist.
01:21:36 The church. But you know what? I think it's much
01:21:38 bigger than that. " Now I'm not the theologian.
01:21:40 Some of you can agree and disagree with me.
01:21:42 One morning a few years ago I woke up.
01:21:45 Had a pencil and paper beside my bed
01:21:47 and when I woke up like 6 in the morning the first thought
01:21:51 that hit me: "The antichrist is nothing more than the
01:21:55 spirit of the devil garbed in the clothes of Christianity. "
01:21:58 Wow! Do I need to say that again? Wow!
01:22:03 The antichrist is nothing more than the spirit of the devil
01:22:07 garbed in the cloak of Christianity.
01:22:11 So you see, we may want to look off over here
01:22:13 and say: "Well, that's the antichrist;
01:22:15 this is the antichrist. " May Chung told me one time.
01:22:18 She said: "Son, it's very simple.
01:22:19 We have two spirits within us.
01:22:21 We have a spiritual part
01:22:26 and we have an earthly part. "
01:22:28 She said: "You have a spiritual being
01:22:31 and you have a beastly being inside of you. "
01:22:35 Because the physical part is anti-Christ.
01:22:39 We can't be saved by our physical, right? Am I right?
01:22:42 So we can only be saved by the spiritual side
01:22:44 when we invite Jesus into our life.
01:22:46 So she said: "Whichever one you feed the most
01:22:50 grows the most. If you're feeding the physical,
01:22:55 then you don't need to be looking somewhere else for the
01:22:58 antichrist because it's within you. "
01:23:00 That's right. Antichrist spirit. Now am I too...
01:23:02 Is that too? Anybody upset?
01:23:05 All right. A couple of people are.
01:23:06 Well, we're over in about four minutes anyway.
01:23:09 So then you think about it and you take it home.
01:23:11 My point is this: that God has called us
01:23:14 to be movers and shakers
01:23:16 to do something for the cause of God.
01:23:19 And I was praying about it and I said: "Lord, what are we
01:23:22 going to do? " Financially... 3ABN financially
01:23:26 is the lowest situation we've been in ever.
01:23:30 In the last couple years we're spending sometimes
01:23:33 $200,000... $300,000 more a month
01:23:36 than we're bringing in. And I said: "This can't go on. "
01:23:40 We all know this can't go on. For the last several years
01:23:43 our donations remained the same but our spending goes up.
01:23:46 The government says: "You've got to make all your stations
01:23:49 digital... hi-def. " So that's a few million dollars.
01:23:52 Then they say: "All of your equipment in your studios,
01:23:55 your cameras, all have to be hi-def. "
01:23:57 That's several million dollars. You've got to stay on the air.
01:23:59 But for some reason... For some reason our giving is
01:24:02 the same but all of our expenses are going up
01:24:05 tremendously. And yet no business, religion,
01:24:09 a church, or a non-profit ministry...
01:24:11 none of them can continue to go forward
01:24:14 because they're still a business. You've got to have
01:24:16 more coming in than going out.
01:24:18 So I said about six weeks ago: "Lord... " Seven weeks ago...
01:24:22 "Lord, we have got to have some answers.
01:24:24 We have got to have help. What can we do?
01:24:27 I don't know what to do. You're going to have to help us. "
01:24:30 And the Lord impressed me about "The Blessing Is on the GO! "
01:24:35 And I said: "Wow! This is great. "The Blessing Is on the GO! "
01:24:38 That we have - get this - 18 million SDAs.
01:24:42 Only 7,000 to 10,000- tiny fraction of a percent -
01:24:47 ever give anything to 3ABN on a monthly basis
01:24:50 or a one-time gift. That's about how many offerings we get
01:24:54 a month. And only about 1,000 people out of 18 million give
01:24:57 even $5 a month to 3ABN. Did you know that?
01:25:01 I want you to think about those figures.
01:25:03 That is nothing really.
01:25:05 And I said: "Lord, we need this. And how we gonna do it?
01:25:08 We've got to do something to raise money. "
01:25:11 And I said: "How can we do it? " We've never gone on the air...
01:25:13 We've never done beg-a-thons; we've never done praise-a-thons
01:25:17 as they call them. What are we going to do? "
01:25:19 And the Lord impressed me of something significant.
01:25:22 Was we don't need... The money's not what the problem is.
01:25:28 I'm thinkin' it's the money that we're after.
01:25:31 And the Lord says: "No, this is a wake-up call
01:25:34 spiritually because the money will not help you
01:25:38 get the gospel to the world if the people in the church
01:25:41 don't reflect the character of God. "
01:25:43 The people... We have to have a Latter Rain experience
01:25:47 in order for Jesus to come back for a purified bride
01:25:50 and a purified church. So the idea came to me:
01:25:53 "Anybody who gives $5, $10, $100, or $1,000
01:25:57 a month, whatever the Lord impresses you to give,
01:25:59 every month we will send you an evangelism tool like
01:26:03 a CD of sermons or Elder Carter's, or Mark Finley's
01:26:07 or Brother Kenny's. Anybody who wants...
01:26:09 sometimes a music CD... because what that does
01:26:13 it puts you... it makes you an evangelist.
01:26:15 You can't do it by yourself.
01:26:17 In homes, you can't get the gospel to the world.
01:26:19 We've got all the equipment but we can't get it to the world
01:26:22 without you! So as we join hands together -
01:26:25 become evangelistic team members together -
01:26:28 we can go forward. But more importantly to God
01:26:31 than the money is revival and reformation. Amen!
01:26:34 So that's what I'm... I said: "Lord, I understand it now.
01:26:37 We're going down. Finally You woke me up. "
01:26:40 And I'm trying to do this to you. I want you all to think
01:26:42 about it. It's not just a money situation.
01:26:45 It's about Jesus wanting to come back
01:26:48 and He wants to see His people with revival and reformation.
01:26:51 We're not going to do it by just giving.
01:26:53 We have to "go ye into all the world. "
01:26:55 Jesus says: "All power is given Me in heaven and earth.
01:26:58 Go ye therefore. "
01:27:01 Imagine that. "All power is given Me.
01:27:04 Now I'm transferring that power to you
01:27:06 and you can do anything in My name when you come in My name. "
01:27:10 Amen! I mean what an incredible opportunity.
01:27:13 So we're asking you... all of you at home...
01:27:15 to join with us in "The Blessing Is on the GO! "
01:27:18 Because it's not just an awakening for finances.
01:27:21 It's an awakening to make evangelists out of all of us
01:27:24 so that we can get this gospel of the kingdom
01:27:27 into all the world and Jesus can come back quickly. Amen!


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