3ABN Homecoming 2015

Not Ashamed

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Participants: C.A. Murray (Host), John Carter


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00:51 Hello and welcome once again to 3ABN Fall Camp Meeting
00:55 2015. It is Sabbath afternoon
00:59 and we have just returned from lunch.
01:03 And lunch has not left some of us, but
01:06 praise the Lord we are still here and we are expecting
01:10 a powerful message from our pastor and friend John Carter
01:13 who is going to be preaching on the subject Not Ashamed.
01:16 I like that. This is no time to be ashamed.
01:18 No one is ashamed of anything
01:20 and Adventists have nothing to be ashamed of. Praise God!
01:24 Because we love the Lord.
01:25 It's been a beautiful Sabbath day outside and in.
01:28 Not too hot, not too cool; not too sunny, not too shady.
01:31 The Lord has provided us a very beautiful Sabbath day.
01:33 And, though we are halfway through the day, I must say
01:36 you look as beautiful and radiant as you did this morning
01:39 when ere we first saw you.
01:41 So we praise the Lord for that.
01:43 And we hope that you who are watching us at home,
01:46 listening to us on the radio, or however you are receiving us -
01:49 perhaps the app on your computer of iPhone -
01:51 are being blessed also. Because we've had a wonderful day
01:54 in the Lord. And didn't you like that worship service?
01:57 It wasn't the classic sermon. Of course, Danny never gives you
02:00 the classic sermon. Never gives the classic anything.
02:02 But to see how the Lord is blessing and what the Lord
02:06 is doing and the confidence that he and this ministry
02:09 places in God's ability to finish what He has started.
02:13 And so we love the Lord, and we love to see what He's doing
02:17 throughout the world because God is so desperate
02:21 to save men and women. As we said this morning,
02:23 if you just out of the way and just surrender,
02:26 He'll get you home. If you don't fight Him,
02:28 He will save you because that's what Christ came precisely
02:31 to do. This afternoon we've got a couple of special things
02:36 we are going to do just in advance of the sermon.
02:40 First of all I think we're going to have prayer
02:41 and then we'll go through this song.
02:44 The song is written from...
02:48 oh, it's second volume of the Testimonies page 319.
02:51 Ellen White was writing to a woman who was sick
02:54 for a long time. And you know when you're in pain for a long
02:56 time it does things to your head.
02:58 And she was beginning to believe and her friends were telling her
03:01 that the Lord didn't love her anymore.
03:03 And Ellen White was telling her that when you think that way
03:06 you're allowing them to put you in prison.
03:08 You need to come to the Lord and go free.
03:12 Then she tells one of the most powerful statements
03:14 in all of the Spirit of Prophecy.
03:15 She says: "If you can't believe God for yourself
03:18 we will believe God for you.
03:20 God accepts our faith in your behalf. "
03:26 Powerful powerful statement.
03:27 Right there: 319 second vol. of the Testimonies.
03:30 Don't let the devil whisper lies in your ear.
03:33 You keep trusting God.
03:35 So the song is Go Free. Let's pray. Father God,
03:37 we just praise You and thank you so very much
03:39 for Your Word and for the power of Your Word.
03:42 We thank you for Elder Carter who has been such a stalwart
03:45 in preaching Your Word for so many years.
03:47 We ask from You for him heaven's very best
03:50 as he lifts up again the mighty and matchless name
03:54 of Jesus. Please, dear Lord,
03:56 feed him so that he may feed us
03:59 and then water our thirsty souls.
04:01 And we thank you, dear Father, in Jesus' name. Amen. Go Free.
04:18 Troubled soul,
04:22 why are you sad and downhearted?
04:27 Don't you know
04:31 He doesn't care where you started?
04:36 Yesterday can't change tomorrow...
04:42 so leave behind all your sorrow.
04:48 Go free, go free
04:53 in the name of Jesus go free.
04:59 Child of God, child adored:
05:05 come to the Lord and go free.
05:19 Trembling soul,
05:23 I know you're so tired of aching.
05:28 Don't you know
05:32 Jesus has cures for the taking?
05:38 The battle that's raging is so strong...
05:43 you've been a captive for so long.
05:49 Go free, go free
05:54 in the name of Jesus go free.
06:00 Child of God, child adored:
06:06 come to the Lord and go free.
06:20 Trembling soul,
06:24 by now you're so tired of fighting.
06:29 Don't you know
06:32 that He sees the wound you've been hiding?
06:38 The battle still rages and it's so strong...
06:44 you've been a captive far too long.
06:51 Go free, ah, you've gotta go free
06:56 in the name of Jesus go free.
07:02 Child of God,
07:05 child adored:
07:09 come to the Lord
07:14 and go free
07:17 in the name of Jesus go free.
07:23 Child of God,
07:25 child adored:
07:29 come to the Lord
07:34 and go free...
07:37 go free...
07:40 go free...
07:44 now go free.
07:54 Amen!
08:04 Pastor Murray: thank you.
08:05 Wasn't that good, folks? Amen!
08:13 Don't know about you folks, but I'm ashamed about some things.
08:20 I'm ashamed of some things.
08:23 Can I whisper this to you?
08:27 I find it hard to whisper anyhow.
08:30 But I'm ashamed of what the Supreme Court did.
08:34 Amen.
08:36 I'm ashamed about that.
08:38 But I want you to know one thing:
08:41 I'm not ashamed of Jesus Christ.
08:44 I want you to take your Bibles please and come with me
08:47 to the book of Romans.
08:52 So glad to see you dear folks today.
08:55 I just... Hey, I've got that lady back here.
09:01 I figured she wasn't... Now the people who are watching at home
09:04 don't know what we're talking about.
09:06 But we've got a lady in this audience
09:08 who is mightily anointed.
09:10 In fact, she is so good I think I'll give...
09:13 If it wasn't the Sabbath, I'd give her a job offer
09:16 just to come with me on my campaigns
09:19 and to say all those hallelujahs.
09:21 Because you know what it does? It makes you...
09:25 She's ready to go. OK.
09:27 Goodness me. I just hope my heart is good enough
09:30 to take the stimulation she's starting to give now.
09:34 Romans... laughter...
09:40 Folks, I want to tell you all something.
09:42 You know what? Can I tell you all something?
09:46 Just wondering what you had for dinner... lunch?
09:50 But can I tell you something?
09:52 It's all right to laugh in church. That's right!
09:55 Umm. We're all happy. Didn't you hear what Danny said?
09:58 We're all happy.
10:00 OK... look at this text.
10:02 And I don't call him Donny at all.
10:05 You know, he was talking this morning saying I call him Donny.
10:08 I call him Danny.
10:11 So you know what the problem is: it's not my accent at all.
10:14 It's his ears.
10:16 He doesn't hear it properly.
10:18 All right. Let's get to the text, folks, or else we're never
10:21 gonna get out of here. Romans 1 and verse 16.
10:26 Now I'm ashamed of many things but here it is, though.
10:31 Romans 1:16-17. "I am not ashamed of the gospel
10:36 because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone
10:40 who believes, first for the Jew
10:44 then for the Gentile.
10:46 For in the gospel a righteousness from God
10:51 is revealed... a righteousness that is by faith
10:55 from first to last. Just as it is written:
11:00 'the righteous will live by faith. ' "
11:05 Folks, I just say amen to that
11:10 because of what my eyes have seen.
11:14 I want you to know mine eyes have seen
11:18 the glory of the coming of the Lord.
11:23 And I'm not ashamed of the gospel
11:27 of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
11:30 I have a conviction, and I mentioned this I think
11:34 it was on Thursday night when I spoke about
11:37 the hour of His power.
11:40 I believe... I've got a burning conviction
11:44 in my soul that the hour is right for the preaching
11:50 of the gospel to the world.
11:53 I want you to turn over here to one of our great texts.
11:56 Revelation chapter 14 and verses 6 and 7.
12:00 Revelation chapter 14
12:04 and verses 6 and 7.
12:07 This chapter talks about the times
12:11 and it talks about the power.
12:14 Revelation chapter 14 and verses 6 and 7:
12:19 "Then I saw another angel flying in mid air
12:26 and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those
12:31 who live on the earth:
12:33 to every nation, tribe, language and people.
12:38 He said in a loud voice:
12:41 'Fear God and give Him glory
12:43 because the hour of His judgment has come.
12:47 Worship Him who made the heavens, the earth,
12:50 the sea, and the springs of water. ' "
12:54 The Bible says in this text...
12:57 it says: "the hour of His judgment is come. "
13:02 Is come... it is here now.
13:06 This is really a prophecy.
13:09 But the Bible tells us that the time would come
13:13 in the history of the human race
13:15 when a message would go out around the world:
13:19 "the hour of His judgment is come. It is now. "
13:23 Let me simply go through
13:29 a little of some of the great signs.
13:33 I mentioned these on Thursday night.
13:36 Let me say it again.
13:38 Number one: the coming financial earthquake.
13:43 We know that this great country that was raised up
13:48 by God to be a bastion of freedom for the world...
13:53 we know this great country
13:55 through gross irresponsibility...
14:00 Hear what I said? Gross irresponsibility
14:04 has a debt now approaching
14:07 nineteen trillion dollars.
14:13 Other economists say: "No, it is not true.
14:17 If the people were told the truth
14:21 by their leaders they would know that the debt
14:25 of the United States is more like 180 trillion dollars.
14:34 Can you not understand now why commentators are coming on
14:38 television and they're doing ads and they're saying
14:41 "Buy silver;
14:44 buy gold; buy property. "
14:48 Because they say we are "coming to the end of civilization
14:54 as we understand it. "
14:57 Sign number two: the destruction of the earth.
15:03 The Bible says Jesus will come at that period in earth's
15:07 history and will destroy those who are destroying the earth.
15:12 Even now as I speak
15:15 planet earth is so sick that planet earth is running a fever.
15:23 It is a sign that we've come to the hour of God's judgment.
15:28 Number three: the rise of these
15:34 ungodly evil terrorists
15:39 such as ISIS.
15:42 Did you know in scripture? I'm going to show it to you.
15:46 And this could take, you know, a complete exposition.
15:49 But let me show it to you very fast.
15:51 Come over here to Revelation chapter 8
15:55 shall we say. Revelation chapter 9.
15:58 Revelation chapter 9, and you can read these conclusions
16:03 in that great book called Revelation that comes out of
16:07 Andrews University. It's an outstanding book.
16:11 Revelation chapter 9: "The fifth angel sounded his trumpet
16:15 and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth.
16:19 The star was given... " Who is this? This is Lucifer.
16:22 "The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss.
16:25 When he opened the Abyss smoke rose from it like
16:28 the smoke from a gigantic furnace.
16:31 The sun and the sky were darkened by the smoke from
16:34 the Abyss, and out of the smoke locusts came down upon the earth
16:38 and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth. "
16:43 You know who these scorpions are?
16:45 This is a picture of the last days. And here is this
16:51 mighty fallen angel and he's got permission
16:55 to bring forth the demons of the bottomless pit.
17:01 The demons of hell.
17:03 When I turn on television and I see these people
17:08 in the name of their god murdering Christians,
17:12 chopping off their heads, murdering their fellow Muslims,
17:17 it is a time... It is a time mentioned in the scriptures
17:21 that the hour of His judgment is come.
17:24 And then I could talk at length, and I'm going to do so
17:27 a little bit today, about the gospel explosion.
17:33 I am not a pessimist because my eyes have seen.
17:38 Jesus said: "This gospel of the kingdom
17:42 is going to be preached in the whole wide world. "
17:44 Nothing can stop it, my friend.
17:47 You can't stop the tide from coming in.
17:50 You can have evil people and even so called good people
17:54 who try to stop this gospel explosion.
17:57 And you can have all the politics in the world
18:00 and in the church that try to stop the tide of God's grace
18:04 coming in, but you can't stop it.
18:08 I've seen the flooding tide of God's power.
18:12 I've seen it in China.
18:15 I've seen it there with the pastors - young women.
18:19 One young woman pastoring a church of 20,000.
18:23 That's more than any one of our churches here in the U.S.
18:29 I've seen young men in Russia.
18:32 I've seen them in Africa.
18:35 I've seen the Spirit of God coming down upon the people
18:41 of God. I have seen the Latter Rain.
18:44 And therefore I say to you we are living in the time
18:49 of the judgment hour. The hour of His judgment IS come.
18:54 And a message goes forth to the world.
18:57 Would you come back now please to the book of Romans?
19:00 As you know, I'm just an old-fashioned Bible preacher
19:04 and I use the Bible lots because the power is not
19:09 in the preacher... the power is in the Word.
19:13 Romans chapter 1 and verse 14 and onwards
19:17 my dear friends.
19:19 Paul said: "I am obligated... " The King James version says...
19:24 What does it say in the KJV?
19:25 "I am a debtor. " It sounds even better in the KJV.
19:28 King James version: "I am a debtor
19:32 both to Greeks and non-Greeks,
19:35 both to the wise and the foolish. "
19:37 That's the first phrase: "I am a debtor... "
19:41 Because Christ has died for me I have an obligation.
19:45 I am a debtor to every person.
19:48 I can't stay home; I can't retire.
19:51 I can't go and sit on the beach in Australia
19:54 because I am a debtor.
19:57 I am a debtor to the Russians.
19:59 I am a debtor to Julia.
20:01 I am a debtor... and so are you, my friend.
20:04 We have an eternal debt.
20:06 I am a debtor. That is why, verse 15:
20:12 That is why I am so eager. "I am a debtor
20:17 and I am ready. I am so eager to preach the gospel
20:21 also to you who are at Rome. "
20:24 And the third point is: "I am not ashamed
20:28 of the gospel because it is the power of God
20:31 for the salvation of everyone who believes.
20:34 First for the Jew then for the Gentile
20:37 for in the gospel a righteous- ness from God is revealed,
20:40 a righteousness that is by faith from first to last.
20:44 Just as it is written: 'The righteous will live
20:47 by faith. ' "
20:50 Will you think for a moment of the gospel?
20:54 What is the gospel?
20:58 The gospel is not about you.
21:02 It's about Christ. Mmm. It's the good news of Christ.
21:06 Ellen White made a great statement. She said:
21:09 "Hanging on the cross was the gospel. "
21:16 "Hanging on the cross... " Jesus said this,
21:22 you can read about it in the gospels.
21:24 You know the text: "For God so loved the world. "
21:26 But He also said in the same passage
21:31 that contains the world's most famous text "For God
21:34 so loved the world... " He said: "As Moses lifted up
21:39 the serpent in the wilderness. " What a strange figure of speech!
21:44 Why would God say this? "As Moses lifted up
21:48 the snake in the wilderness. "
21:51 Why didn't He say: "As Moses lifted up the lamb? "
21:58 We can sort of relate to that, can't we?
22:00 "As Moses lifted up the lamb. " But He doesn't say that.
22:03 He says: "As Moses lifted up the snake. "
22:07 The serpent. What does it mean?
22:14 The snake... the symbol of sin.
22:21 The symbol of the curse of God.
22:24 The symbol of "lostness. "
22:29 When Christ was lifted up between heaven and earth
22:32 He became in the sight of God
22:35 the greatest sinner who'd ever lived even though He was
22:38 the most sinless.
22:41 And the sin of the world... my sin. What is God like?
22:46 What is this God like? What is the Creator like?
22:52 He said, Jesus:
22:56 "If you've seen Me, you've seen the Father. "
22:59 What is He like? Hanging on the cross
23:03 was God. You say: "God doesn't understand my pain. "
23:09 Yes He does.
23:11 "God doesn't know what it is to suffer.
23:14 He's sitting up there on His throne.
23:15 What does God know about it? "
23:17 As I said to the Russians: you think God doesn't care.
23:21 God cares because on the cross
23:26 He tasted all the pain, all the sorrow.
23:30 He tasted the anguish of the atheist when he's dying.
23:36 He tasted the "lostness" of the soul
23:42 who has turned away from God.
23:43 He tasted the pain of cancer
23:50 and heart disease. He tasted what it was
23:55 to be rejected by a bigoted racist.
24:01 He tasted all of this.
24:07 And because He was bearing it
24:12 He tasted the vengeance of a holy God
24:17 as the serpent.
24:19 Can you see that?
24:24 He tasted it.
24:26 He tasted it.
24:28 On the cross He was like the serpent.
24:31 That's what it says... Jesus said.
24:33 "As the serpent was lifted up in the wilderness... "
24:36 He became sin for us
24:41 even though He knew no sin.
24:44 That is why I was able to turn to vast audiences in Russia
24:51 where I had the privilege over the period of time I was there
24:55 to preach to more than 3 million Russians.
24:59 And I could say to them - atheists,
25:02 Communists and Marxists and members of the KGB -
25:08 I say this humbly... please understand...
25:12 I say this to the glory of God:
25:15 I was twice invited by the KGB to preach to them.
25:21 The KGB chief came to me - General Vadimer -
25:24 and he put his hand on his heart and he said: "Pastor Carter,
25:27 don't forget us. We, too, have souls. "
25:31 You would say: "You can't reach those people, they're too bad. "
25:36 No... they're sinners the same as us
25:39 and a lot easier to reach on many occasions
25:43 than the people who go to church
25:45 because they feel their need. "Don't forget us. "
25:50 "Don't forget us. "
25:53 When I preached to the Russians I said:
25:57 "Marxism said you are an animal. That's all you are. "
26:02 "Because of the doctrine of evolution you are simply
26:05 an animal. Most likely you're not even an animal.
26:09 You're only a machine... you're only a thing. "
26:13 As Darwin taught, you're only the product - wait for this -
26:16 you're only the product of time
26:19 plus matter plus chance.
26:22 That's all you are.
26:24 You're the product of time plus matter plus chance.
26:27 That's what the Communists taught them.
26:28 I stood before them and because of Calvary
26:32 I was able to say to them: "You are NOT an animal.
26:35 You are NOT a machine.
26:38 You are a child of God. "
26:42 Do you want to know how important you are?
26:45 The God who made the stars...
26:48 We now know how many galaxies there are.
26:52 Two hundred billion galaxies.
26:57 Two hundred billion. Each galaxy is composed
27:01 of about two hundred billion blazing suns.
27:06 And the God who made this, the God who flung the stars
27:11 in space... Can we ever ever ever get this
27:15 into our tiny little minds
27:19 that the God who made this almost infinite universe
27:25 was nailed to a cross?
27:29 So I said to them: "What is God like? "
27:33 "You feel that you're not loved?
27:36 He would have done this for one person. "
27:40 I made an appeal to the KGB, 1,000 officers standing there.
27:46 Quite amazing.
27:49 You've seen in the movies those big black cars that they drive?
27:53 Then sent some cars around to pick up my team and pick up me.
27:59 I say this to the glory of God.
28:01 Let it be to the glory of God.
28:04 We've got nothing to boast about.
28:06 Without the grace of God you know what we are?
28:09 We are animated mud on the way to dust.
28:12 You hear this? We are animated mud on the way to dust
28:17 except for Calvary.
28:22 And I spoke about these things to the KGB.
28:26 And I made an appeal... I made an appeal for Christ.
28:31 And the first person on his feet was the KGB general.
28:36 Got up; clicked his heels.
28:39 The colonels got up and stood beside him.
28:43 Stood up there. Then I appealed to the KGB officers.
28:48 As I was preaching - I say this to the glory of God
28:52 because, you see, I have seen the glory of God -
28:56 I've seen the power of God.
28:58 I'm not a college professor, God bless them.
29:02 I am not an arm chair theologian.
29:05 I am not a church administrator, God bless them too.
29:13 But I've seen the glory of God.
29:16 And as I was preaching on what God is like:
29:20 "here He is, God... He's hanging on the cross, "
29:25 you know what they did? You know what they did?
29:29 They wept... they wept!
29:33 Ever wept in church? They wept!
29:37 When I held the altar call the flood of humanity was
29:41 so great from the KGB that they thought I'd be killed, crushed.
29:48 It is the power of God unto salvation
29:51 to everyone who believes.
29:55 And let us never take glory to ourselves.
29:59 We are nothing without God.
30:01 How? What audacity for any one of us
30:05 to become puffed up with our little bit of pride.
30:09 "Look at me. " Uh-hmm.
30:15 Without the grace of God we are animated mud
30:20 on the way to dust.
30:24 But by the grace of God because of Calvary
30:27 you are not an animal. You are not a machine.
30:31 You are a child of God and God loves you.
30:38 Let me tell you about something that happened after we went
30:41 to Russia. I was invited to go to Ukraine
30:45 to the great city of Kiev. This is an amazing story.
30:48 People say: "You making up these stories? "
30:52 No. There's lots of stuff I can't tell you
30:55 because it is too sensitive.
31:00 So I'm leaving out a lot.
31:05 A quarter has only ever been told.
31:08 But when we were planning to go to Kiev -
31:11 this big city, the capitol of Ukraine -
31:13 the archbishop of the great Orthodox church
31:18 said this because we put out our advertising...
31:22 Now I say this humbly.
31:24 Guess I'd better talk softly.
31:27 He said: "John Carter
31:31 will come and preach in this city
31:34 over my dead body. "
31:39 I wouldn't want to say anything like that.
31:44 We had hired a great theater that would seat
31:48 with people standing at least 12,000.
31:54 And he said... he said it publicly.
31:58 He said it in the cathedral.
32:00 He said it on television:
32:02 "John Carter will preach here only over my dead body. "
32:11 A few days before we arrived in the city
32:15 and got off the plane
32:20 he was struck down... a young man in the prime of life.
32:28 His followers said: "We're going to bury him in the
32:32 national cathedral. " The Ukrainian government said:
32:35 "No... not after what he said. "
32:39 They said: "Bury him on the sidewalk. "
32:45 The priests took up the crosses
32:48 and they went out and they battled with the militia
32:52 in the streets of Kiev and turned the streets red
32:56 with blood. That's when we arrived.
33:04 I go there, you know, once a year. Sometimes every 2 years.
33:10 And I go to the cathedral, and outside the cathedral
33:15 is a coffin on the sidewalk.
33:19 Um-hmm. He is the man who said
33:23 "No, he's not going to preach in this city.
33:26 And if he does, it'll be over my dead body. "
33:33 Now let me tell you folks something.
33:36 I'm going to say this to you 'cause I've told lots of people
33:39 this. I won't tell you to whom I've told this.
33:43 Never try to stop the work of God.
33:48 Don't say: "This is not going to happen
33:53 because it's going to interfere with our little program. "
33:58 Let God be God.
34:05 We opened there on a Saturday... Saturday afternoon.
34:11 Saturday morning I thought: "I'll just go down to the
34:14 auditorium. I've got a great team
34:16 from America and Australia. "
34:19 Got one of the best men for sound you'll find anywhere
34:23 in the world: Bob Ludwig,
34:25 who has done the sound for four U.S. presidents.
34:29 He does the sound for the Carter Report.
34:34 And so I went down to the auditorium
34:37 about 9 in the morning.
34:40 Six thousand people there... outside.
34:43 So it was looking good. We opened in 6 hours time.
34:47 When I went down at 3 o'clock
34:52 inside the building you would have had 12,000 to 15,000
34:56 people standing shoulder to shoulder.
35:00 You couldn't move.
35:03 No noise... but people standing shoulder to shoulder
35:07 and outside a hundred thousand people who couldn't get in.
35:12 A hundred thousand!
35:14 Every day the government sent out a decree
35:17 and they said: "We're going to close you down. "
35:20 I was called to the city hall in Kiev
35:25 and the minister of religion said to me:
35:28 "We issue you, John Carter, an edict. You are to close down
35:34 the meetings today. "
35:38 So I said: "No. "
35:41 They said: "No, we're not joking with you.
35:44 We'll put you in prison. "
35:45 Now I say this to the glory of God.
35:47 I said: "Go ahead. "
35:49 Uh-huh. "Did you see what happened to this bishop? "
35:55 Uh-huh.
35:56 I said: "Did you see what happened to the bishop?
35:59 Go ahead. "
36:00 They said: "We will put you in prison. "
36:02 I said: "Go ahead. "
36:04 Then they had a committee meeting.
36:06 I was the first minister they'd ever met who said "No"
36:09 to them. This is true.
36:11 Most ministers cower.
36:13 Got all these government officials.
36:16 I said: "No. "
36:18 Every night we had these vast crowds of people.
36:23 Then the government said: "We're going to close you down.
36:26 You can't have any police come,
36:28 and if there are no police there to protect the people
36:31 you're illegal. So we're going to close you down. "
36:34 And so the police stopped coming... but a major in the
36:39 police force heard about it.
36:42 He heard what was going on.
36:44 And he got on the phone and he called to the police
36:48 from another city. Every night, every day
36:52 there was a battle. And then in the end
36:56 I said: "We're going to have a baptism. "
36:58 They said: "Well you can only baptize 100 people. "
37:01 I said: "Remember the bishop. "
37:05 They said: "100 people! "
37:08 They said: "You can't get busses. " So they told all
37:11 of the bus companies in Kiev: "You cannot rent busses
37:16 to these... these Adventist Christians. "
37:20 So people heard about it
37:22 and bus companies from all over Ukraine sent their busses.
37:27 And we had a baptism in the Dnepr River:
37:30 the largest baptism in a thousand years glory be to God.
37:36 3,500 souls baptized
37:40 in the waters of the Dnepr River.
37:43 Can't you see I'm full of courage?
37:46 Can't you see why I believe?
37:49 Can't you see why I believe that the gospel
37:52 is the power of God unto salvation?
37:57 Now... Yes, hallelujah, sister. Praise God!
38:02 Um-hmm. Now there's a person...
38:05 I have a wonderful team of people. I've got volunteers
38:09 and people who are on the staff.
38:12 And a number of years ago this lady joined our team.
38:18 She is the Communications Director
38:21 for the Carter Report. And those of you who get our
38:24 newsletters - and everybody ought to get our newsletters -
38:27 will often see there that it's signed by Susan...
38:31 because she's the person who with my wife and my son
38:36 and others help us to preach the gospel.
38:39 Now Susan, would you like to come out?
38:41 Would you please welcome Susan Piraino?
38:47 Howdy. Well good afternoon. It's been an honor and a
38:51 privilege to be here with you all and to just be part of this
38:54 wonderful Camp Meeting that's taking place.
38:57 And I just want to share a few things.
38:59 I've been working with Pastor Carter in the ministry
39:01 for 22 years now. And it's been the biggest blessing
39:05 of my life. And the longest 22 years.
39:11 No. And I've had the privilege of experiencing
39:14 so many wonderful things and seeing how God has worked
39:16 every single year when we've gone out on different campaigns
39:20 all over the world. But a little selfishly
39:23 I will say the best experience that I've had
39:26 is when I came to know the Lord.
39:28 And that was through this ministry as well.
39:31 Pastor Carter had a campaign which he held in Los Angeles
39:35 back in 1990. And I had grown up in the church.
39:39 And unfortunately, around the age of 17 or 18,
39:43 I decided that I didn't need to be in the church any more.
39:46 And I stopped attending church for many many years.
39:48 And I met my husband; I got married
39:52 and I had a couple of children.
39:55 And when the children came into the picture
39:58 I knew that I needed to bring my children into church
40:01 as well. Because I had a mother who was always praying for me.
40:05 And you know, in Proverbs it says "Train up your child
40:08 in the way they should go because when they grow up
40:11 they will not depart. "
40:12 So mothers and fathers: keep praying for your kids.
40:15 Because even though I had left the church
40:17 my mother was always praying and always inviting me
40:20 to come back to church. But now with 2 little children
40:23 that were my responsibility I knew that I needed to
40:27 have them know the Lord. So my mother invited me
40:30 to the Shrine Auditorium where this gentleman from Australia
40:34 was holding some meetings.
40:36 And my husband and I decided we would come
40:39 because it wasn't held in a church.
40:41 Had the meetings been in a church we wouldn't have gone.
40:44 But it was in a public place, and so I thought: "OK,
40:48 this will be great. " So we ended up coming to the Shrine
40:50 Auditorium and I heard the gospel for the very first time
40:55 in my life. And it drew at my heart
40:59 and my husband's as well.
41:00 And I remember thinking: "I know that one of these evenings
41:04 Pastor Carter's going to make an appeal. "
41:05 'Cause I grew up in church and I know how it works.
41:08 And so when he finally made that appeal
41:12 I had the biggest struggle of my life
41:14 because I thought: "The Lord is giving me my opportunity
41:17 now with my husband here beside me. "
41:20 And my heart was racing 100 miles an hour
41:23 when I heard him say: "Stand up if you would like to
41:26 give your life to Jesus. "
41:28 And it was a struggle, let me tell you,
41:31 'cause I knew that once I made that decision to stand up
41:34 that I wouldn't be going back.
41:36 And the Lord gave me the strength to stand up
41:39 and my husband stood up with me.
41:41 And we decided to give our lives to Jesus Christ.
41:44 And we were shortly baptized after that
41:46 and we've been with Pastor Carter ever since.
41:48 And that's been over 25 years now.
41:50 And it's just been the best experience of our lives
41:53 traveling with him all over the world and seeing
41:55 so many wonderful people come to know Jesus Christ
41:58 and to hear that our salvation is ONLY through Jesus Christ.
42:03 And to preach the gospel in Africa and India,
42:07 in Russia, Ukraine, and last year in El Salvador
42:12 where we finally went to a country where we were able
42:16 to speak the language as well.
42:17 'Cause my family's from Chile
42:20 and so we were able to communicate with all those
42:23 wonderful people attending.
42:24 We had 55,000 people come to the stadium.
42:28 And we had a baptism at the end of the meetings
42:30 and 4,500 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ.
42:34 So we live and we work for a powerful living God.
42:38 And He is in control.
42:40 And I just want to say thank you for being with us.
42:43 Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for standing with us
42:45 and supporting us because we have a great work to do.
42:48 And time is coming to a quick end.
42:51 And so God is giving us this last opportunity
42:53 to keep proclaiming the gospel
42:55 and to keep allowing people to come and know Him
42:58 and to have a place in the kingdom with us all.
43:01 So God bless you all, and thank you so much
43:02 for the opportunity to be here and to share our wonderful
43:05 stories with you and together as we continue doing this work.
43:09 God bless, and thank you for the privilege, Pastor Carter,
43:12 of being part of your team.
43:13 Susie, thank you; thank you.
43:22 God bless Susie and God bless Javier and their children.
43:27 What should I tell you? I've got so much that I could tell you.
43:29 Want to hear the story about the dove?
43:34 Well this man obviously does.
43:37 We went to Papua, New Guinea. Port Moresby, the most dangerous
43:41 city in the world. You can easily be killed
43:44 in Port Moresby. We hired the biggest stadium.
43:48 An outdoor stadium... football place.
43:53 Just our little team. Our son David was in charge
43:57 of setting up, and Pastor Harold Harker from Australia.
44:02 We had a great team.
44:03 We build the biggest screens that they've ever seen
44:07 in these countries, and we use the most powerful
44:10 video projectors. And Bob comes along
44:13 with Don Beagle, another one of our sound engineers.
44:16 And we have sound such as you would have
44:20 in a great rock concert
44:22 so people can hear a mile away.
44:29 We started with a rather small crowd of 70,000.
44:34 The next night it was 80,000.
44:36 Then it was 100,000. Then the newspaper said
44:40 "These are the biggest crowds
44:41 in the history of the South Pacific. "
44:43 130,000.
44:45 As we came towards the end we had 150,000.
44:49 Let me tell you what happened, though.
44:51 We had to throw it into the hands of God
44:54 because over here to the left
44:57 there was a vast stadium... another one.
45:01 Like a big football field.
45:03 And so they said: "What are we going to do? "
45:05 I said: "Build another giant screen.
45:07 We've got another giant video projector. "
45:10 So we built a screen there.
45:12 I don't know how many people were down there...
45:14 maybe 30,000 or 40,000.
45:15 And then we discovered there was another football stadium
45:19 just 1/4 mile down the road
45:22 and it was packed also.
45:24 So possibly we had 200,000 people.
45:30 You think it's easy?
45:33 No. I was preaching to people
45:35 many of them who had hard hearts.
45:38 When I would make an appeal
45:40 I had to work. I had to work hard, pray hard.
45:43 "Lord, I'm not getting through to these people.
45:46 Help me, Jesus. "
45:48 And when I'm making an appeal I usually stop
45:52 and I say out loud: "Lord,
45:56 I can't do any more. I pass the meeting into Your hands.
46:00 Now Lord, I'm going to step back. "
46:03 And I'll just stop and I'll say:
46:05 "Now Lord, talk to their hearts. "
46:09 But as we came towards the end of the series
46:12 and the people were resisting...
46:15 After the meeting one night
46:18 my young pastors from Papua, New Guinea
46:24 they came to me and they said: "Pastor Carter,
46:26 the church members are astounded.
46:30 A great white dove flew over the audience. "
46:34 I said: "I never saw it. "
46:35 They said: "We didn't either, but our church members say
46:39 God is visiting His people. "
46:42 I never saw this.
46:44 But the next night with a vast audience...
46:48 Have you seen an audience as far as the eye can see?
46:52 It doesn't end.
46:54 And I was out the back behind... I have these giant blackboards.
47:00 And I write on these black- boards and I have these
47:02 giant screens. And I was out the back
47:06 and I was talking to some of the government ministers.
47:10 The campaign didn't move the city;
47:13 it moved the nation.
47:16 The ministers of the government, the parliamentarians, came
47:19 to the meeting one night. And I said: "What are you
47:21 doing here? " They said: "We've come to be blessed.
47:24 Would you put your hands upon us? "
47:26 So they came up the front
47:28 and we in the name of Jesus put our hands upon them
47:33 and called them to be good people.
47:36 To be honest and above corruption
47:39 and to uphold Christ in their work.
47:42 So I was talking to the minister of justice.
47:45 He said: "The prime minister is coming to see you.
47:48 He wants your prayers.
47:50 He knows what is happening here.
47:52 The prime minister wants your prayers and he wants you
47:56 to pray for the cabinet. " And this happened later.
47:58 So I was talking to him out the back
48:01 and then I heard, my brother, the sound of many waters
48:06 like the roar of many waters mentioned in the Bible.
48:10 I have a great singer whose name is Willie G.
48:14 Some of you folks will remember Little Willie
48:17 from the Midnighters.
48:20 Not in your church obviously.
48:22 The famous group used to sing around the world.
48:26 They were not a Christian group, but this man now
48:29 is a born-again Christian.
48:30 And he was standing out the front and only as Willie can
48:34 sing he was holding the audience in the hollow of his hands.
48:40 And then as I came out and looked
48:43 Willie was pointing up to the heavens.
48:45 And the people were standing to their feet.
48:51 Their hands up. All the people standing to their feet
48:56 pointing to the heavens.
48:58 What a sight! 150,000 people with their hands up.
49:02 And there she came... this great white dove
49:07 that had never been seen before in that part of the world.
49:11 It doesn't live there.
49:13 And it came over the audience, and as it came over the
49:17 audience I looked up, and the dove flashed over my head.
49:24 That night when I went out to make an appeal
49:26 let me tell you what happened.
49:29 Umm. I made an appeal in the name of Jesus
49:32 and I said: "God has visited us.
49:35 He's come here. God has visited His people
49:38 and He's come here tonight. Don't despise these things.
49:42 We don't go by signs and won- ders; we go by the Word of God
49:46 but sometimes God in His infinite mercy and power
49:49 sends us signs and wonders. "
49:53 As I made that appeal that night
49:56 I guess 50,000 or 60,000 people came forward in the altar call.
50:01 Just a flood of humanity.
50:04 People with their hands raised begging God for prayer.
50:08 They came from across this side here;
50:10 they came in a flood from that part of the stadium.
50:15 Outside the stadium.
50:17 Just the other day I got a letter
50:21 from one of the leaders of the gangs.
50:24 He told me: "You were not aware of this
50:27 but all of the gang leaders were in your meetings. "
50:32 Murderers and rapists.
50:36 Do you think I was scared?
50:39 No... I wasn't scared.
50:42 Do you think my life was in danger?
50:44 My life was not in danger because God was there.
50:50 And God restrained those gang members
50:53 and those gang members... You know, I'd like to say
50:58 to the president of the United States
51:00 "There's an answer to violence in America.
51:03 There's an answer to all of these killings.
51:06 There's an answer to Ferguson.
51:09 There's an answer to all of these cities.
51:12 And I'm going to tell you what it is.
51:15 It's not more government, it's more Jesus Christ. "
51:21 What America needs, I'm telling you:
51:24 we don't need more politicians
51:27 and we don't need more legislation
51:30 and we don't need more lectures.
51:34 We need preachers filled with the Holy Spirit
51:39 preaching to our young white men
51:41 and our young black men.
51:44 That's what we need.
51:46 This gang leader wrote me this letter.
51:49 He said: "Pastor Carter, I was the leader of a gang.
51:53 We were murderers and rapists... " And he said:
51:57 "I am now a member of the church.
52:00 I was baptized after you left. "
52:03 Thousands have been baptized.
52:06 And he said: "I had my cell phone there that night. "
52:11 And he said: "I was recording the music. "
52:15 And he said: "I am sending you what the cell
52:19 phone recorded. " He said: "It comes on at such and such
52:23 a time. " So he sent it to me.
52:26 And I looked at it on my iPad from his cell phone.
52:29 And there she came... this great white dove.
52:35 We had a baptism down at the beach.
52:39 Thousands baptized in the ocean.
52:42 On that Sabbath morning it was our privilege to baptize
52:45 three thousand people out in the ocean.
52:48 But as we were having the baptism
52:51 people came to us later and they said:
52:53 "Did you see? Did you see? " I said: "What? "
52:57 "I saw the people. I was pretty busy. "
53:01 They said: "The white dove came in again
53:04 from the horizon, and it came in low over the ocean
53:09 and it came over the people. "
53:13 Now you can say to me: "You know, that's just a bird. "
53:18 But nobody else in PNG had seen such a bird.
53:23 It came at the right time.
53:26 There are people I cannot forget.
53:30 Dr. Julia Outkina. Support her... support 3ABN.
53:37 Julia. The Chernobyl pastor.
53:41 The young pastor who came from Chernobyl
53:46 with a bus load of people from Chernobyl.
53:50 The most dangerous place in the world.
53:52 I said: "Pastor, you're a young man.
53:54 If you stay there, the radi- ation is going to kill you. "
53:59 He said: "How can I leave them? "
54:03 "How can I leave them? "
54:05 He said: "These are my people. "
54:08 How can I forget him?
54:11 Paul the prisoner. Whenever I go to Moscow -
54:15 I expect to be there in a couple of months...
54:18 Paul the prisoner... betrayed by a church member.
54:24 In the days of the Communists... betrayed
54:27 by a church member. They put him in prison
54:30 because he was a preacher of the gospel.
54:33 And they put him in a refrigerated cell.
54:37 So they froze him, then they'd take him out
54:42 and warm him up. Put him back in.
54:45 His teeth fell out.
54:47 I said: "Did you betray your brethren? " He said: "No!
54:51 No... never. " He's tall... he's gaunt.
54:57 He's my friend. We call him Paul the prisoner.
55:02 Can you see why I go back?
55:06 The man with the gun in Irkutsk in Siberia.
55:09 Beverley was speaking. Want to say hi to Beverley.
55:13 Hello Beverley. She's watching this telecast
55:17 out of Thousand Oaks. She was speaking
55:20 when a young man came to get after me with a gun.
55:23 He worked in the Special Forces, the Russian Special Forces.
55:27 Don't mess with them.
55:30 Came with a gun, but he came drunk
55:33 and he came to do me in. But Beverley was talking.
55:37 Then as he came up on the stage,
55:39 I sat behind Beverley, the security people rushed
55:43 and they took him down. Then they got his revolver.
55:47 These are bullets.
55:51 The Russian officials came and said to me:
55:54 "We're going to put him in prison until he rots.
55:57 He'll never get out. " I said: "Forgive him. "
56:01 "What? " "Forgive him... "
56:04 I said: "because Christ forgave him
56:06 as He will forgive you. "
56:08 The KGB people said to me:
56:11 "We have never heard of a God like this.
56:14 We forgive him. " He came back to the meeting
56:20 as my bodyguard.
56:24 And as I made an appeal for Christ
56:27 the next night his hand was raised.
56:31 He came down the front.
56:34 I hugged him.
56:35 My friend, what a day it's going to be when we see
56:39 all these people in glory.
56:41 Oh, I am not ashamed of the gospel.
56:44 Mine eyes have seen the glory
56:47 of the coming of the Lord.
56:51 I thank you, Lord. I want to pray for you.
56:56 Would you close your eyes?
56:58 Dear Father, take these wonderful beautiful people
57:01 here at 3ABN. Thank you for Danny Shelton
57:04 and his team. Bless 3ABN.
57:09 Thank you for the miracles
57:12 and thank you for the power of the blood of Jesus.
57:16 Thank you that Jesus saves.
57:18 And thank you that soon and very soon
57:22 we're going to see the King.
57:24 Thank you, Lord. Thank you in Jesus' name,
57:30 Amen.


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