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Participants: C.A. Murray (Host), John Lomacang


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00:51 We are back and we wish you a happy middle of the afternoon.
00:55 We have to segment our days.
00:56 Happy morning; happy worship service; happy right after lunch
01:00 and now happy a little later after lunch.
01:05 And Happy Sabbath, indeed.
01:07 This couldn't happen if it was not for the Sabbath.
01:10 And we praise the Lord for the Sabbath Day.
01:12 When I was pastoring, my largest church was 2,142 members.
01:17 And we would leave the house in the morning about 6 AM
01:21 and not get back home till about 11 PM.
01:23 We spent the whole day
01:25 either in meetings or praising the Lord or worshiping.
01:28 But I love listening to sermons on Sabbath.
01:31 It is almost the best thing to do on Sabbath.
01:34 Perhaps better would be visiting the sick
01:36 and giving somebody some cheer.
01:37 But other than that, listening to the Word of God
01:39 is a wonderful thing to do.
01:41 And the preacher of the Word of God is one who
01:44 is the pastor of this church.
01:46 He is the general of this particular pulpit
01:48 and we are just borrowing it from him.
01:51 Our pastor, our friend John Lomacang, who I have known
01:53 41 years. Yeah, we were little children together.
02:01 But when I was pastoring the Bethel church
02:04 in Brooklyn he and Angie were dating.
02:07 And Angie kept him on the straight and narrow then
02:10 as she does now. And I tease him 'cause
02:13 he said: "I used to sleep on your sermons. "
02:15 I said: "Well I've got news for you: I sleep on yours now. "
02:18 But not really. We have great respect for each other
02:21 and great love for each other.
02:22 And he is a preacher of the Word and a fine singer.
02:26 And he told me not to take too much time
02:27 in introduction which he does not need
02:29 because he needs the time for his message.
02:31 So I want to do that. Safe to say that he is a man of God,
02:33 a preacher of righteousness, a good and dear friend,
02:37 and one who takes every opportunity to lift up the name
02:41 of Jesus. His sermon today is entitled
02:44 Termites. Yeah... so do with that what you will.
02:49 But it is Termites.
02:50 And the song he's going to be singing is Had It Not Been
02:54 For... Had It Not Been. It's just Had It Not Been.
02:57 And I said: "John, you want me to sing for you? "
02:59 He said: "No. "
03:03 So we're going to pray and then we'll turn the rest of the time
03:05 over to our pastor and our friend, Pastor John Lomacang.
03:08 Shall we pray. Father God,
03:10 we just praise you and thank you so very much
03:12 for the privilege we have of serving You.
03:14 We thank you for the power of the Word.
03:17 And we thank you for the various talents that You have
03:19 given Your servant. We ask from You for Pastor John
03:23 heaven's very best so that he can be not only a shepherd
03:26 of the flock but a feeder of the sheep.
03:30 And we pray, dear God, heaven's very best for him.
03:33 Bless us just now as we wait upon You.
03:35 In Jesus' name, Amen.
03:57 Just suppose God searched through heaven
04:03 and He couldn't find
04:07 one willing to be
04:15 the supreme
04:18 sacrifice that was needed
04:27 that would buy
04:30 eternal life
04:33 for you and me.
04:38 Had it not been
04:42 for a place
04:45 called Mount Calvary.
04:50 Had it not been
04:54 for the old rugged cross.
05:02 Had it not been
05:06 for a man
05:08 called Jesus...
05:14 then forever
05:18 my soul would be lost.
05:26 I'm so glad
05:30 He was willing
05:33 to drink that bitter cup.
05:38 Although He prayed
05:42 "Father, let it
05:45 pass from Me. "
05:49 And I'm so glad
05:53 He didn't call
05:56 heaven's angels:
06:02 "from these hands
06:05 pull the nails that torment me. "
06:14 Had it not been
06:17 for a place
06:20 called Mount Calvary.
06:26 Had it not been
06:29 for that old rugged cross.
06:37 And had it not been
06:41 for a man
06:44 called Jesus...
06:49 then forever
06:53 my soul would be lost...
07:04 then forever
07:08 my soul
07:11 would be
07:14 lost.
07:31 Amen!
07:38 Let us pray.
07:41 Our heavenly Father, we begin
07:44 by thanking you
07:48 for not only the hill called Mount Calvary
07:51 but for the empty tomb.
07:53 And Lord, now as we open Your Word
07:55 we pray that You will open our hearts
07:57 to hear what the Spirit is going to say to the church.
08:03 In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.
08:10 If you have your Bible, the scripture reading...
08:15 I'm saying that like I'm in church on Sabbath morning.
08:19 'Cause we always say "the scripture reading. "
08:23 And then I often say: "If you don't have your Bible,
08:25 it's on the screen. " But it's not on the screen today
08:27 so I hope you have your Bible.
08:31 What scripture reading can you use for a sermon
08:35 entitled Termites?
08:37 I've done my best to find one that I think is appropriate
08:40 for the subject of consideration.
08:43 Very short: Psalm 11 and verse 3.
08:48 Psalm 11 and verse 3.
09:01 Very short scripture. "If the foundations
09:04 be destroyed, what can the righteous do? "
09:10 "If the foundations be destroyed,
09:14 what can the righteous do? "
09:18 It is quite out of the ordinary for me to preach
09:21 on a subject that I know little to nothing about:
09:24 termites.
09:27 Prior to studying about termites
09:31 my knowledge about termites can be summarized
09:35 in one simple statement:
09:37 don't ignore termites.
09:42 I had no idea that there was so much
09:45 information about termites, David, until I began
09:49 to research. And what I'm going to share with you today
09:53 are the 8 most important things that I believe
09:56 that I have learned about termites.
09:57 And I hope that you can learn the very same lesson.
10:02 Now it is not my intention to give you
10:06 logistical information about termites,
10:09 although that will happen.
10:12 But as a preacher, we can find spiritual parallels
10:15 from almost anything.
10:20 The scientists say - fact #1 about termites.
10:25 Termites are not all the same the scientists say.
10:28 And I quote: "Thus far scientists have been able
10:34 to describe more than 3,000 different
10:39 species of termites with hundreds more waiting
10:44 to be researched. " That's just termites.
10:47 They say... the scientists say...
10:50 "to mistake a termite for an ant
10:53 will result in total loss of property. "
10:56 Summarizing, they say: "Make sure that you know
11:00 what you are dealing with. "
11:03 Make sure that you can tell the difference
11:05 between a termite and an ant.
11:08 What kind of spiritual parallel can you get from that?
11:10 Here's what the Lord gave to me.
11:13 Because it looks like a termite does not necessarily
11:16 mean it is a termite. Come on, say amen to that. Amen.
11:21 Everything that looks like
11:23 and everyone that looks like a creature of righteousness
11:27 is not necessarily a creature of righteousness.
11:32 As we get closer to the end we've gotta keep in mind that
11:36 Satan has been preparing for his final push
11:40 against the kingdom of light. He has been working and
11:43 experimenting for 6,000 years.
11:47 And if ever there was a time that he can duplicate and
11:50 create somebody to look just like a creature of righteousness
11:54 I would suggest to you today that Satan is at the height
11:58 of his game. Ellen White says in the book Darkness Before Dawn
12:03 page 36 paragraph 1... she says:
12:06 "Antichrist is to perform his marvelous works
12:10 in our sight. So closely will the counterfeit resemble
12:16 the true that it will almost be impossible to distinguish
12:21 between them except by the holy scriptures. "
12:28 In other words, if you have not discovered
12:30 or determined that that's a termite and that's an ant
12:34 and you go based on the way you feel
12:36 you can easily be deceived
12:38 in this day and in this generation.
12:40 We just came back from Washington, D.C.
12:44 and we saw clergy of every hue, of every
12:48 conviction, of every walk of life.
12:50 And I want to say to you: Satan has, and I'm not
12:53 saying that any particular preacher there was a deceptive
12:56 one, but I can almost guarantee you
12:58 when the Bible says "many false Christ's and many
13:01 false prophets will arise"
13:02 this is the day and age where many false prophets
13:05 and many false Christ's have arisen.
13:10 The scientists say that they could not conclude
13:13 that it is or isn't a termite until they took the time
13:18 to do the research. One of the dangers we face
13:21 in drawing conclusions today about things that we haven't
13:24 taken the time to do the research on
13:26 is that we are easily deceived when we are taking the opinion
13:30 of somebody else...
13:33 especially when it comes to the truth of God's Word.
13:37 If ever there was a time that the people of God
13:40 need to be people that are in their Bibles researching
13:43 the Word of God for themselves,
13:45 2015 is the hour. What do you say? Amen!
13:49 This is the day and age where deception
13:50 is at an all-time high.
13:52 And it amazes me that we have so many Bible translations.
13:56 You can have a Bible on the iPad, the android,
14:00 the Samsung, the laptop.
14:02 You can have many translations that at the click of one button
14:06 you can do 40 hours of research.
14:08 How can there be so much knowledge
14:10 and so much ignorance at the same time?
14:14 Because a lot of people are taking the word of somebody
14:16 that said they did the research.
14:17 We live in an ignorant society because most people come to
14:21 the conclusion about what they believe
14:23 based on someone else's research and not their own.
14:27 This is the hour to get into the Bible for yourself.
14:29 Do your own research. Know what the Bible says
14:32 for yourself. Be like those in the New Testament church.
14:36 They searched the scriptures daily to see for themselves
14:40 whether these things were so.
14:42 This is the hour to get into the Bible ourselves.
14:45 We live in an ignorant society...
14:47 not because the knowledge is not there
14:50 but because people don't want the knowledge that IS there.
14:54 You do that exam. When I was on the plane...
14:58 I just was on fire this weekend.
15:00 You know, I always say either you are on fire
15:03 for the Lord or you will be on fire by the Lord.
15:06 I choose to be on fire FOR the Lord.
15:09 And so when I get on the plane my wife says:
15:12 "Well, who you sittin' next to? "
15:14 She always asks me when she's not going with me
15:16 "Who are you sitting next to? "
15:17 And I always tell her that I witnessed to somebody
15:19 that I sat next to. Because I believe that if God
15:22 allows somebody to sit next to me
15:24 they ought to know that I work for somebody that's mightily
15:27 important. Amen? Amen!
15:31 My God does not have an economic problem.
15:34 My God is not concerned about the Pope's next move.
15:37 Not concerned about the Pope's next visit.
15:40 My God declares the end from the beginning
15:42 and from ancient times things that are not yet done.
15:45 Come on, say amen somebody. Amen!
15:47 So when I sit down next to... I sat down next to a Baptist man
15:50 just on this last trip, and he said: "What do you do? "
15:54 Lord... don't ask me that question.
15:57 "What do I do? " Let me tell you what I did.
15:59 So it's not what do I do but what am I about to do
16:04 is the real question.
16:05 So I took him through... I took him through Daniel 2,
16:10 Daniel 7. I took him through America's history
16:14 from 1776 Declaration of Independence,
16:18 1781 Bill of Rights,
16:19 the fall of the Roman Empire 1798,
16:22 the rise of America during the roaring 20's,
16:24 the return of Vatican City to Rome,
16:28 not the return but the giving or the gifting of Vatican City
16:31 to Rome. And when I was all done he began to ask
16:34 questions. He said: "Now I'm a Baptist, but I want to say
16:37 you gave me a whole lot to think about. "
16:40 Amen? Amen. One plants, another waters, but
16:45 God gives the increase.
16:47 God will never bless a Bible study you never gave.
16:52 We've got to get to the place where we test everything
16:55 that we accept for ourselves.
16:58 When King Saul tried to get David to accept his research
17:02 about good armor David's response was:
17:04 "I cannot walk with these
17:06 for I have not tested them. " So David took them off.
17:10 Anything that we have not tested we've got to take it off!
17:14 Any truth... We have a lady in our Sabbath School
17:16 and her husband. I don't want to point out them by
17:19 giving you their names, but I'm always amazed
17:21 at the end of our Sabbath School class... and right now we're
17:23 studying the United States in prophecy...
17:26 Some folk go to church they don't hear about that stuff.
17:29 You come here you're going to hear about it.
17:31 The United States in Bible prophecy,
17:33 Rome in its final movements, the antichrist.
17:36 I said the antichrist.
17:38 That subject is being voted out even in some of our own pulpits
17:42 but not in this one. Amen!
17:46 And every time we get into our Bible study
17:48 you know what she says at the end of the class?
17:49 She says: "Pastor, every time I open my Bible
17:54 I'm always erasing what I used to believe
17:57 and putting in what I now believe. "
18:01 The entrance of God's Word brings light. What do you say?
18:05 And Satan likes ignorance? Do you know why?
18:07 Many are going to be lost not because the information
18:11 is not available, but people don't want the information.
18:14 And there's a text in Acts chapter 17 verse 30
18:16 that says it this way: "The times of ignorance God winked at
18:20 but now commands all men everywhere to repent. "
18:24 These are not ignorant times
18:26 and I must say: "God is no longer winking. "
18:29 What do you say? Amen.
18:30 Information also, though, does not necessarily mean
18:34 that it translates to salvation.
18:37 Because Paul says in the book of Timothy, II Timothy 3 he said:
18:40 "We live in a generation that will ever be learning
18:43 but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. "
18:46 Ever learning! You can learn a lot
18:49 but never be able to come to the conclusion about truth.
18:53 Brad Walker that I was traveling with told me something
18:56 very interesting about the Smithsonian Institute.
18:59 The Smithsonian Museum.
19:01 And he said he found out that you can go to the Smithsonian
19:05 Museum and if you spend one second on each exhibit
19:09 it'll take you 18 years
19:11 to see everything in just that one museum.
19:14 That's not counting the Aerospace Museum.
19:17 That's not counting the Library of Congress.
19:20 We are inundated with information
19:22 but the information that we need is from God's Word.
19:24 What do you say? Amen! This is the only information
19:27 that is going to take us from where we are to where
19:30 God wants us to be.
19:31 Listen to some statistics.
19:33 Every day 500 years worth of videos are watched on YouTube.
19:37 And I can almost guarantee you most of them are not religious.
19:41 More than 7 million songs are downloaded every day
19:45 on iTunes. I can almost guarantee you most of them
19:49 are not religious. When I was growing up
19:52 television used to go off at midnight.
19:54 Come on... anybody remember that?
19:56 You young folk relax.
19:59 Television used to go off with the National Anthem.
20:01 Remember that?
20:04 Not any more... the devil got wise.
20:06 Now it's 24/7 and then add to that Twitter,
20:09 Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, on demand...
20:13 See we no longer use technology. Technology uses us.
20:19 For that was Satan's plan. Darkness Before Dawn page 36
20:25 paragraph 2 Ellen White says:
20:27 "Satan employs every possible device
20:31 to prevent men from obtaining a knowledge of the Bible
20:35 for its plain utterances reveal his deceptions. "
20:40 That's why it always amazes me when I see young folk
20:42 in church on their phones. They leave here just as
20:45 ignorant as they came.
20:47 And they're not looking up Bible texts in most cases.
20:51 But that's what the devil's plan is.
20:53 Get them into the mode where their devices
20:56 control them and not they control their devices.
20:59 And if you don't know who's in control of these devices
21:02 let me give you an example: iTunes.
21:05 iPad, iMac, i... i... i.
21:13 Somebody's in charge of what's going on behind the scenes.
21:17 Listen further: we complain when our cable box and our satellite
21:21 and our Internet stops working.
21:23 Don't you think God complains when the church is not working?
21:26 Amen? What we have forgotten is
21:29 the Bible always works.
21:32 If you get connected to the Bible, there'll never be
21:35 a power outage in your life.
21:37 That's right. Hallelujah!
21:39 We are so content with our cell towers
21:43 we have forgotten about our Strong Tower.
21:46 You ought to say amen to that one. That's deep.
21:50 Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T will break you financially
21:54 but we won't ever get a bill from God for the minutes
21:58 we spend in our Bible. Praise the Lord!
22:03 Isn't that nice? Young people, it's time to stop sending texts
22:07 and start reading texts. Amen!
22:13 Do like the Thessalonians!
22:15 The Bible says the Word of God effectively works
22:19 in you who believe. The reason why you don't see
22:22 the Word of God transforming lives
22:23 is because it's on the shelf.
22:25 It's not in the hearts and lives of young people today.
22:28 Now some older people fall in the same category
22:31 but I want to tell you: the devil is not upset about
22:33 how many Bibles you have.
22:34 He's upset about how many Bibles you READ!
22:38 I said this years ago but it fits right here:
22:40 the devil... If your Bible is falling apart,
22:43 chances are your life isn't.
22:45 But if you're walking around with a brand new shiny Bible
22:48 the devil's not upset with you at all.
22:51 Right? He doesn't care about how many translations you have.
22:53 He's concerned about YOUR translation.
22:58 People talk about all the translations they have.
23:00 Well what difference is it making to you?
23:02 Once person once said... He said: "It used to take me
23:05 two years to wear out a Bible. "
23:07 Somebody said: "Well that's good, but how long does it take
23:10 for you to wear out a Bible now? "
23:11 Some people have never worn out their Bibles
23:13 'cause their pages are still stuck together.
23:17 That's why scientists say... Well, not the scientists but
23:21 until you get connected to your Bible
23:24 you'll never know the power that is in your Bible.
23:27 This is the hour to unplug your devices
23:29 and plug in your Bible.
23:31 Found a very interesting fact about termites.
23:33 Scientists say that termites are the most successful group
23:37 of insects on earth... termites.
23:39 Listen to why they say that.
23:42 Termites operate in unity.
23:44 You think we could learn something from termites?
23:47 The scientists say termites don't work alone.
23:50 Although each has the same ability,
23:53 they work most effectively when they work in groups.
23:56 Do you wonder why the devil likes to keep us
23:58 from being unified?
24:00 We are most effective if we can work in unity.
24:04 They go on to say: "Their colonies range in size
24:08 from a couple of hundred in- dividuals to enormous societies
24:12 with several million individuals. "
24:14 And this blew my mind. They said: "The queen termite
24:19 has a lifespan as long as 50 years. "
24:27 Don't worry about it... you'll recover on Monday.
24:31 But here's my point: if termites could operate in unity
24:34 why can't the people of God operate in unity?
24:36 Do you know why? You know why termites operate in unity?
24:38 Because they have a common goal.
24:40 They focus on something other than themselves.
24:43 They don't eat each other up! They focus on something else
24:45 to eat. If we can chew more freshly on the Word of God,
24:51 we, too, will be a more unified people.
24:54 That's why David the Psalmist says: "How good and how pleasant
24:57 it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. "
25:02 I want to say this: sometimes I travel and people give me
25:04 pamphlets. And just this weekend
25:07 I saw somebody was giving out a yellow booklet there in
25:10 Washington, D.C. and on the front it had the title
25:13 Present Truth. Now let me make a point.
25:15 Now matter how present your truth is
25:18 a lack of unity will always undermine your present truth.
25:23 'Cause people want to see what the truth has done for you.
25:26 Not just what the truth says
25:27 but what the truth has done for you.
25:30 If the truth has done nothing for you, it's going to do
25:32 nothing for me. And the only way I can know
25:34 how the truth has impacted your life
25:36 if I see the difference in your life.
25:40 Anybody can preach a sermon.
25:42 One old African American lady told me... she said: "the devil
25:45 can preach a good message. He just can't live it. "
25:48 And I said to her: "Man! That's common sense. "
25:51 She said: "No, it's not common sense. If it was common
25:53 everybody would have it. "
25:56 So it's not what we say that's a threat to the devil
26:00 but it's how we live.
26:02 And some people say: "Now what is the General Conference
26:05 going to do about the lack of unity in the church? "
26:07 Well the Bible says unity is not the concern of those
26:10 who are at the top. Unity should be YOUR concern.
26:13 As far as it is possible with YOU, be at peace with all men.
26:18 I don't need somebody to tell me from the GC that I need to be
26:21 unified. If I get on my knees every day -
26:24 Amen somebody - and study God's Word every day
26:26 and put my pride aside and work on settling my difference
26:30 between... like they did on the Day of Pentecost...
26:32 I believe in preparation for the Latter Rain.
26:35 We've got to do what they did for the Early Rain.
26:37 We've got to get together and stop striving about who's
26:39 going to be in what position.
26:41 And the only position we all need to be in is on our knees
26:43 saying: "Lord, if You're going to get me in, do WHATEVER
26:47 You need to do to make sure I get in. "
26:50 There's so much struggle nowadays I don't even want to
26:54 mention it. Women's ordination: I don't even want to mention it.
27:00 There's so much political maneuvering post General
27:04 Conference to almost guarantee that it gets
27:06 passed the next time.
27:07 God is going to indict some of our brethren
27:10 for the hours they waste and the monies that they put.
27:13 Instead of saving souls and giving evangelistic series
27:17 we invest money to fight against each other.
27:20 Lord have mercy!
27:23 Doesn't make any sense.
27:25 And I'm not throwing stones.
27:26 I'm a part of the organized church.
27:29 I'm an ordained pastor
27:30 but I don't always like what I see.
27:32 And I've been raised by a mother that's very vocal
27:36 and a dad that's very vocal.
27:38 I was not raised in a quiet family,
27:39 but I've taken that for the Lord. I'm going to speak out
27:42 on behalf of those things that are right
27:44 and those things that are true. And we are not in a position
27:47 where we can close our mouths when we see the sword coming.
27:50 As I said many years ago and I say it again:
27:53 "Your blood is not going to be on my hand. "
27:54 I'm going to tell you what you need to hear
27:56 so when the time comes the Lord said: "Did you say? "
27:58 And I said: "I DID say. "
28:02 But all the time we waste... all the time we waste...
28:05 If termites can be together, why can't the people of God
28:08 remain united? You know what I've discovered?
28:11 When you look in the animal kingdom... I've discovered this
28:14 about animals... animals and insects
28:19 they get together in their groups
28:22 and they all have a common goal.
28:23 They work together... and they look alike.
28:27 All termites look alike except for when the
28:30 scientists discover that there are 3,000 different species.
28:33 They all look the same to me, right?
28:35 A termite is a termite.
28:36 But I've discovered humans are the only part of God's creation
28:40 that look alike but are vastly different on the inside.
28:49 That's why being a Christian is not a design, it's a choice.
28:55 We've got to choose... we've got to choose
28:57 to be what God wants us to be.
29:00 The most miserable person in the end
29:03 is going to be that person that never really enjoyed
29:05 Christianity and never really got to enjoy the world.
29:09 I want to enjoy this thing called Christianity,
29:11 what do you say? Can I talk to this group over here?
29:13 They think I'm ignoring them.
29:15 I want to enjoy this thing called Christianity.
29:17 Can you say "Amen" over here? Amen!
29:19 God wants us to enjoy. If He came to give us abundant life,
29:25 why am I trying to find abundant life outside of Christ?
29:30 You can't find it.
29:31 You're not going to find outside of marriage
29:34 what God intends to be only IN marriage.
29:40 And just in case you don't think it's joyful to be a Christian
29:43 the Lord says: "At My right hand are joys forever more. "
29:47 Amen! The third thing I learned about termites is
29:49 termites attack living things.
29:52 Termites like to attack living things.
29:54 The scientists say: "Termites like healthy things.
29:59 If there's no life present in it,
30:02 termites are not interested. "
30:04 Termites don't eat dead things.
30:07 Termites don't like rotten things.
30:09 One of the reasons why Jesus was attacked:
30:12 because Jesus is the Living Word.
30:15 And here's my point: if you have a living Christian experience,
30:19 you can guarantee that you're going to be attacked
30:21 by Satan's evil angels.
30:25 Let me qualify that.
30:27 I'm concerned about Christians that have never been attacked.
30:33 If you live in a world where termites are and you're a piece
30:36 of wood, and you walk around saying:
30:40 "I have never been attacked by termites"
30:42 they don't think much of you!
30:45 Am I telling the truth?
30:46 You see, if you are no threat to the devil's
30:48 kingdom he's not going to attack you.
30:51 He's going to walk right by you.
30:53 That's why the devil... That's why termites...
30:55 And the other thing about termites: termites don't like
30:57 plastic. If you're plastic, you'll never have to worry about
31:00 the devil ever attacking you.
31:02 People say: "I never had a conflict. "
31:04 "I don't have any problems at all. "
31:06 Well, my Bible says all those that live godly in Christ Jesus
31:09 shall suffer persecution.
31:14 Jesus IS the Light of the World.
31:17 There are no "was statements" about Jesus
31:19 except He was on earth at one time and He will be
31:23 coming back to get us. What do you say?
31:25 But everything about Jesus is an IS.
31:27 He IS the Way, He IS the Truth, He IS the Life.
31:30 He IS the Living Word.
31:32 Anything based on the light of God's Word will be attacked.
31:37 Don't be surprised if you believe the truth
31:41 and you get attacked.
31:43 Don't be shocked. Sons and Daughters of God p. 280
31:46 paragraph 3 the servant of the Lord says:
31:51 "Those who will not accept the last solemn message of warning
31:55 sent to our world will pervert the scriptures.
32:00 Then they will attack the character and make false
32:05 statements in regard to the faith and doctrines
32:09 of those who advocate Bible truth. "
32:13 They're going to attack your character.
32:15 I meet a lot of Christians, but just bring up a topic
32:18 they don't agree on and see how long they remain Christians.
32:22 Like Danny was talking about: "You're under the law.
32:24 You're under that burdensome thing. "
32:26 You know, either we are law-abiding Christians
32:29 or we are breaking the law. We are law-breaking Christians.
32:32 I'd rather be a law-abiding citizen
32:34 than one that's violating the law of God.
32:36 But just bring up those topics and you will begin to see...
32:39 you'll begin to see how genuine people really are
32:42 until you touch the thing that seems to be darling to them.
32:48 And then you'll discover how deep their Christianity
32:50 really goes. Fourth thing I learned about termites:
32:54 termites look for the vulnerable.
32:57 Termites are subterranean. They start at the foundation
33:01 and work their way up.
33:03 Are you ready? They begin at the foundation
33:07 and work their way up.
33:09 And I would suggest to you that termites are running
33:12 loose in America.
33:13 They have been eating away for decades
33:16 at the foundation of our religion.
33:18 They have been eating away... chewing up the foundation
33:22 of marriage. They are digesting the foundation of our freedoms.
33:26 Termites never work to strengthen. They always
33:29 work to weaken. And by the way,
33:32 when you're in your home sleeping termites are busy
33:35 eating your house while you are asleep.
33:38 That's why Peter the apostle said:
33:40 "Now it is high time to awake out of sleep
33:43 for now is our salvation nearer than when we first believed. "
33:48 Termites are amazing creatures
33:52 and their chief purpose is to weaken the structure gradually.
33:56 Let me say that again.
33:57 They don't weaken a structure immediately.
33:59 On statistic says if a termite starts to eat
34:03 a 2x4 that's 9 feet long
34:07 it'll take 50,000 termites eight to nine weeks
34:10 to finish that piece of wood.
34:13 They weaken it gradually.
34:16 They weaken it how? Gradually.
34:18 And silently they work at the foundation.
34:21 In our church the devil has caused some people to be
34:25 off track and off of God's agenda and off of God's program.
34:30 And slowly but surely those things that are truth,
34:34 the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
34:37 Satan has been working to slowly but gradually weaken
34:41 the foundation. I got a letter from a young man.
34:44 I still have the envelope at home on my desk.
34:46 A young man sent me a letter. He said...
34:49 He said: "I used to be Adventist.
34:50 I no longer believe in inspiration. I don't believe
34:54 we need to have... I don't believe in the necessity of
34:56 the judgment. I don't believe in the 2300 days. "
35:01 And so he said: "Please send me your conclusions
35:06 about your position on the 2300 days - the judgment. "
35:09 And so I said to my wife:
35:11 "I am not putting anything in writing and send to anybody. "
35:15 So with all this technology I said: "Let's go on the
35:18 Internet and try to find his phone number. " Sure enough,
35:22 the Lord allowed me to find his name AND phone number.
35:25 And I called him and he said to me:
35:27 "You know you're the first pastor to respond.
35:29 I've sent letters to the BRI and the GC and that pastor
35:33 and this president, and nobody would talk to me. "
35:35 I said: "Well, tell me your position. "
35:37 I said: "Are you Adventist? " Said: "No, I used to be
35:39 deceived I'm no longer deceived. "
35:44 I said to my wife: "This is going to be a doozy! "
35:48 So I said: "Well tell me your position. Why don't you think
35:50 there's going to be the necessity of the judgment? "
35:52 He said: "Doesn't the Bible say that when we are in Christ
35:55 we pass from death to life? "
35:57 I said: "Of course it says that. "
35:58 "That means you get off of death row and you get on life row. "
36:02 That doesn't mean you're in heaven yet. Amen somebody.
36:05 You've got to start walking a new life.
36:08 That's why you've got to watch out for these translations
36:10 you read. In the NIV there's Romans chapter 12 I believe...
36:14 Romans chapter 8 it says: "There is therefore now
36:18 no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. "
36:20 You know what they took out? They took out the second part
36:23 "who walk not according to the flesh
36:25 but according to the Spirit. "
36:26 You've gotta walk differently when you are in Christ.
36:29 So he said: "Now what about? " He said... So he began.
36:32 I said: "Now OK, you don't believe in the judgment. "
36:33 I said: "What about the text: 'For the time has come
36:38 that judgment must begin at the house of God? '
36:40 I Peter 4:17. What about that one? "
36:42 "Well you know, that doesn't apply to us. "
36:44 What about "We must all appear before the judgment seat
36:47 of Christ? " "Well, that does... "
36:49 What about: "God shall bring every work into judgment
36:52 with every secret thing whether it be good or evil? "
36:54 Now you know, after about six texts he got angry.
36:58 I said: "No, the problem is not that the Bible doesn't
37:00 teach the judgment. The problem is you don't believe it.
37:02 And because you don't believe it does not negate the truth
37:06 of God's Word. " And you know what he said to me?
37:08 He said: "Do you know what SDA means? "
37:10 SDA means sad, deceived, and ar- rogant. That's what it means. "
37:13 I said: "No! That's what it means to YOU.
37:16 SDA means I'm getting ready for Jesus to come. "
37:19 And he got all arrogant and loud. And I said: "Honey,
37:22 the Bible says "Avoid foolish and unlearned questions
37:26 knowing that they do gender strife. "
37:28 And I hung up the phone really slowly so he wouldn't hear
37:32 the dial tone until eventually.
37:34 Sometimes you've gotta know when to hold them, when to fold them,
37:37 know when to... Am I telling the truth?
37:41 Don't argue with people that don't want the truth!
37:43 Because they want to argue... they don't want the truth.
37:49 My good pastor C.D. Brooks I always make reference to this.
37:52 Look at my sermons for that man. He's a man of wisdom.
37:55 He said: "Don't spend money chasing the devil's rabbits. "
38:01 God wants us to use our energies in these last days
38:04 to strengthen the foundation not to weaken the foundation.
38:08 Satan will work as gradually as he could
38:11 until the foundation is so weak that it just falls apart
38:15 all by itself. And so many that were among us
38:19 have gone out from us and are attacking the foundation
38:23 of the Sabbath, the Spirit of Prophecy,
38:25 the state of the dead, the 2300 days.
38:27 That's all right. If you want to be lost, that's fine.
38:29 I'm going to hold on to God's truth and I'm going to
38:31 make it by God's grace into that eternal kingdom.
38:34 What do you say? Amen!
38:35 I don't care about who "don't" want it. I WANT IT!
38:38 And truth is truth. Like my good friend Chris Hudson said:
38:41 "Truth is the truth whether you like it or not. "
38:46 Did you know that the Sabbath
38:50 has been under a weakening process for nearly 6,000 years?
38:55 I listened carefully to Pope Francis' heavy emphasis
38:58 on climate change and how important it is for us to be
39:00 stewards of this earth. And I heard something in that.
39:03 Let me tell you something: when you read the Bible
39:06 and when you read the writings of Ellen White -
39:09 Can I say that here? Yes!
39:11 When you read the Bible and when you study the writings
39:14 of Ellen White... My wife and I read every day
39:16 together Patriarchs and Prophets. We're going now
39:19 through the Exodus. When you read words of inspiration
39:25 your mind is so calibrated
39:29 that somebody may hear climate change
39:32 and you hear something altogether different.
39:34 When I heard climate change because of the knowledge that
39:37 I have by studying God's Word I said: "Uh-huh!
39:40 The impact on the climate is another phrase that is the
39:44 entering wedge into the intro- duction of Sunday legislation
39:48 in America. That may sound like a stretch, but let me
39:51 qualify what I said.
39:52 Are there fires in California?
39:55 Are there fires and floods all over the world?
39:57 Are there earthquakes? Are there storms and tempests?
40:00 Are the seas and the waves roaring?
40:04 Whether you believe there's climate change or not
40:06 something's melting in the north.
40:07 This entire world is falling apart.
40:10 All of creation is groaning. Even creation itself
40:14 needs to be rescued from the sinful climate of this earth.
40:18 So when he begins to call on the world saying that
40:21 we have a common goal, we have a common cause that
40:24 every one of us must do our part to preserve the earth...
40:28 Now I don't believe in messing up... I don't believe in
40:30 mowing down grass and burning up things.
40:32 I do believe that each one of us has a right of stewardship
40:36 to the things that God has gifted us with.
40:38 But the Lord is not coming back to live down here!
40:42 He wants us to go and live up there. Amen somebody.
40:45 Seems like we want to get some nice green grass
40:47 for the Lord when He comes back. He's not walkin' down here!
40:55 Almost made me talk like a New York guy:
40:56 "He ain't walkin' down here. "
40:58 We're walking up there. Amen somebody? Amen!
41:01 But I listened to what he said and when I came home I said:
41:03 "I knew there was a quote. " Listen to what Ellen White says.
41:06 Maranatha 176 paragraph 5. She says:
41:09 "THERE IS calamity by land and sea.
41:11 Property and life are destroyed by fire and flood. "
41:14 That's a fact. But she says: "Satan puts his interpretation
41:19 upon these events and they, leading men,
41:22 think as he would have them
41:25 that the calamities which fill the land
41:28 are a result of Sunday breaking.
41:31 Thinking to appease the wrath of God
41:33 these influential men make laws enforcing Sunday observance.
41:40 They think that by exalting this false rest day
41:43 higher and still higher compelling obedience to the
41:46 Sunday law - the spurious Sabbath - they believe that they
41:50 are doing God service. "
41:51 When in fact they are doing Satan's service.
41:56 Can I be clear? Yes!
41:59 Gotta keep in mind all this infatuation with Pope Francis...
42:03 God bless him. He's a nice gentleman...
42:05 I'm not attacking his "gentlemaness. "
42:07 I'm not attacking his kindhearted...
42:09 He's probably got family and people that love him.
42:11 I'm not attacking that at all.
42:13 But he represents an earthly representation of a Satanic
42:17 power from beneath. That's the system he stands upon.
42:20 That's a fact... that's not speculation.
42:23 "The dragon gave him his power,
42:26 his seat, and his great authority. " That's a fact.
42:28 We've got to let Babylon be clearly seen.
42:31 If Babylon is not clearly revealed, how can we call
42:34 people out of something that we have not said anything about?
42:37 That's right.
42:39 We don't even talk about that in the Adventist church
42:40 hardly any more. We have sermons on Sabbath that sound like
42:43 T.D. Jakes wrote it or Joel Osteen.
42:46 Sermons that massage the saints.
42:49 I don't want to massage anybody. I want to wake you up.
42:52 Amen? Amen! Jesus IS coming again.
42:55 We ought to preach the message that has been entrusted to us.
43:01 We have to keep in mind clearly that this very day that's being
43:03 pushed by Rome... they didn't just begin pushing this.
43:06 They began hundreds of years ago.
43:08 From pagan Rome to papal Rome the transition there... read it
43:11 in history. You know what I like?
43:13 I could get among men that are highly intellectual
43:16 in the halls of Congress. I was... God said: "John,
43:20 you belong here. " Now I don't want to be a Congressman.
43:23 That's not what I mean. But these men that are movers
43:26 and shakers and they are hired to develop laws that
43:30 govern and direct our nation
43:31 they need to know about what prophecy says.
43:35 So when I sat down in that cham- ber there with that Congressman
43:37 I was not flinching in the face of his authority.
43:41 As I said to the prime minister there in St. Lucia...
43:44 My wife and I were invited into his... He's the president
43:48 of the country of St. Lucia. When I walked in he said:
43:50 "How come you're not afraid? "
43:52 I said: "Sir, I must say with respect
43:55 I answer to an even higher authority. " Amen!
43:58 And he looked at me with a stern face
44:01 and then he broke out and he said: "I like that. "
44:04 But you know why he invited us there?
44:06 Because he said: "I travel all over the world... "
44:09 This is when we went down to St. Lucia...
44:11 He said: "I travel all over the world, and when I come home
44:14 I want to have peace and quiet. And when I turn on my television
44:18 I want to watch something that makes sense, and I watch 3ABN. "
44:22 Amen? Amen!
44:26 The network that is not just Christian programming
44:29 but we make sense. But a lot of people don't know.
44:33 A lot of Roman Catholics don't know.
44:34 And I talk about my family. 99% Catholic my family is.
44:37 But many of them don't know that Rome openly admits
44:41 what Christian leaders refuse to admit. Here it is:
44:46 the Catholic church admits that Sunday is not based on
44:50 the Bible. Here's the fact, just one of the quotations.
44:54 Rev. Steven Keenan, The Doctrinal Catechism
44:57 page 174. Here's the quote:
44:58 "Have you any other way of proving that the church... "
45:01 that's the Roman church... "has power to institute festivals
45:05 of precepts? " And here's what the Roman church says:
45:08 "Had she not such power
45:11 she could not have done that which all modern religionists
45:16 agree with her. She could not have substituted
45:20 the observance of Sunday, the first day of the week,
45:23 for the observance of Saturday, the 7th day. "
45:27 And get this: "A change for which there is
45:30 no scriptural authority. "
45:32 Rome says that. But Pentecostals say:
45:35 "I can find a verse. "
45:38 Rome says: "Keep looking. It ain't in there. "
45:42 You want to hear the rest of the story?
45:43 Turn into A Sharper Focus on Wednesday night.
45:46 I'm dealing with that right now: the first day texts in the NT.
45:49 Only 12 of them. Eight have to do with the resurrection.
45:52 You only have 4 shots to find a new day of worship
45:54 and it ain't in there. It ain't in there. Amen?
45:57 "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
45:59 So now with all this bad news is there any good news?
46:01 Well, there are three good things about termites,
46:03 and here they are: motor homes don't have termites.
46:11 The scientists say that termites go after things
46:15 that remain still. Termites count on their targets
46:19 to remain unmoved.
46:22 Movement is the greatest weapon against termite infestation.
46:27 Come on Adventist movement, say Amen. Amen!
46:30 It's time for Seventh-day Adventists to get rid of this
46:32 idea that we are a church. We're not a church...
46:34 we are a movement. Amen?
46:36 Church: God never intended for this to be static.
46:39 He wants us to be alive... a living organism.
46:42 On earth this church ought to be moving and shaking
46:45 and reverberating with the truth of God's Word,
46:47 unashamedly echoing from north, south, east, and west
46:51 the best message to get the world ready
46:53 for the coming of the Lord: the three angels' messages.
46:56 What do you say? Amen!
46:58 This is a movement. Satan does not want us to move.
47:00 That's why he creates so much internal conflict.
47:03 You know, you can only move if you both agree in the same
47:06 direction. All these issues that we are fighting with
47:09 are hindering our direction.
47:13 And if you don't believe he's trying to do the same thing
47:15 to us that he did to the children of Israel.
47:18 They were in the wilderness forty unnecessary years.
47:26 But God's not going to let that same thing happen to us.
47:28 Come on somebody, say Amen.
47:29 "He that shall come will come and shall not tarry. "
47:32 That's why we have to get back to what Paul the apostle said
47:36 "Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended... "
47:38 Philippians 3:13-14...
47:40 "but one thing I do... " You can hang around on that
47:43 issue and argue all you want...
47:45 "but one thing I do: forgetting those things which are behind
47:48 reaching to those things that are ahead
47:51 I am going to press toward the goal for the prize of the
47:54 upward call of God in Christ Jesus. " What do you say?
47:56 Amen! And let me make it clear about the goal.
47:58 The goal is not to make it to heaven.
48:00 The goal is to be more like Jesus. Amen!
48:03 Some people just want to get to heaven.
48:04 "Lord, hurry up and come and take us to heaven. "
48:06 And they are as mean as a bulldog with five heads.
48:09 You ain't goin' nowhere.
48:13 You gotta learn to love each other down here.
48:14 Come on, say Amen. That's right.
48:16 God's not comin' back to take people up into heaven
48:18 that haven't settled their issues between themselves.
48:21 Some folk... some...
48:25 Some folks - I'm trying to narrow this down
48:28 by being kind. I'm just going to say it -
48:30 Some Adventist folk think that because we have a clean colon
48:35 that our hearts are clean.
48:46 Amen!
48:50 You better be careful. Vegetarians, I tell you...
48:52 when those vegetables dry they go up real fast.
48:56 You better have more than a diet, you better have
48:58 a clean heart. Come on, say Amen. Amen!
48:59 David didn't pray about a diet.
49:01 He had the right diet, but he asked the Lord. He said:
49:03 "Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean;
49:06 wash me and I shall be whiter than snow. "
49:09 He said: "Create in me a clean heart, O God,
49:12 and renew a right spirit... "
49:15 We need some folk with right attitudes.
49:17 Stop bein' police at potlucks.
49:26 Some people... Visitors come and they barely get to know
49:29 what the church teaches. You ask: "Is there any butter
49:31 in that? " Ain't nobody going to hell for butter.
49:37 Amen. Amen! But they're going to hell without Jesus.
49:42 You'd better be concerned about the Jesus in you
49:44 rather than the butter in that!
49:45 Amen! Get our calibrations right.
49:48 And some folk are so sour. Some Adventists need to go
49:52 some place where they can learn how to be joyful.
49:55 David knew it. He said: "Restore to me the joy
49:58 of Your salvation. " If you've got the truth,
50:01 you ought to notify your face.
50:04 Let your life... Don't be giddy, but you ought to be
50:07 excited about the message God has given to you.
50:10 When you become a sentinel... Ellen White uses that phrase
50:15 sentinel. She says the Adventist church has been
50:17 put in the world as a sentinel. You know what that means?
50:20 You guard the gates from any intrusion of darkness.
50:24 We forget what we've been called to do.
50:26 You guard the gate from any compromise of the doctrine
50:29 that stands on God's Word totally.
50:33 Watchmen. You've gotta be awake!
50:38 You can't come to church with an attitude.
50:39 You've gotta come to church with the right spirit.
50:41 PRAY for God to create in you the right spirit.
50:45 But until you realize and admit that you are defenseless
50:49 against Satan's termites you'll never pray the prayer
50:51 that David prayed about the need for a new heart
50:54 to be created. And by the way,
50:57 God does not want us to recite the verses.
51:00 God wants us to allow those verses to permeate
51:03 and find a living spark of life in our hearts
51:06 that we may experience really the transforming grace of God.
51:09 What do you say? Amen! Got one more.
51:12 Got two more actually.
51:13 Termites avoid trees that have been scorched by fire.
51:17 Whoo! You didn't get it.
51:21 Scientists say that even if a tree is slightly scorched
51:25 by fire the termites lose any interest in attacking that tree.
51:29 A tree that has been touched by fire
51:32 is the best defense against a termite attack.
51:36 Do you think that's why the Lord says
51:38 to the church in the last days: "Buy of Me gold tried in the...
51:41 fire? " Do you think that's why the Lord allowed
51:43 the cloven tongues as a fire to fall on the church
51:47 in the early stage at the inauguration of the church?
51:51 Let me tell you something brethren: we are all...
51:53 we are all in need of the transforming touch
51:56 of heaven's fire. Amen. We need to pray for the Spirit
51:59 of God to come and burn out all the old stuff
52:02 and make room for the new stuff.
52:04 Termites will look at that scorched bark
52:09 on the base of a tree and instantly lose any desire
52:14 to even be near to it.
52:16 If our lives are filled by the Spirit of God,
52:18 there'll be transforming experiences in our lives
52:22 and people will know that we have been touched by the
52:24 consuming power and the presence of the indwelling Christ.
52:28 You know, I tell you what: a Christian that is on fire
52:32 for the Lord can't help but allow his/her light to shine.
52:36 Amen! In Selected Messages or Special Testimonies
52:40 book 3 page 265 paragraph 2 she says,
52:46 speaking about the Day of Pentecost: "The appearance of
52:49 fire... " What does that mean? "signifies the fervent zeal
52:52 with which they would labor
52:55 and the power which would attend their work. "
52:58 The fire doesn't just mean to get out the old. The fire means
53:02 God has not called us to be waiting for His coming.
53:06 God has called us to work for His coming.
53:10 He hasn't called us to wait. That's why I'm so glad about
53:12 what Pastor C.A. said. We are so giddy happy
53:15 at 3ABN about The Blessing IS on the "GO! "
53:18 We are LOOKING for things to do
53:20 about how to get this gospel out.
53:21 That's why when we appeal to you about supporting...
53:23 We're talking about investing in something that will not fail.
53:28 The gates of hell will not prevail against the gospel.
53:31 You want to invest? Invest where moth and rust
53:34 does not corrupt and thieves cannot break in to steal.
53:41 We need the cleansing fire of the Lord.
53:44 Can the church say Amen? Amen!
53:46 We need the sanctifying fire of the Lord.
53:48 We need the fire to proclaim the gospel
53:51 with such a conviction that somebody would hear what you're
53:53 saying and say: "I've got to have whatever you have. "
53:55 My wife and I went to a car rental place.
53:58 I forgot... I don't even know where it was a few months ago.
54:01 Wherever... You pick a place; that's maybe where we were.
54:04 And I walked up to the counter. The young lady said
54:07 "What brings you here? " And there was some big religious
54:10 convention that was going to happen in the town. She said:
54:13 "Oh, are you part of Pastor So-and-So's convention? "
54:15 I said: "No. " I said: "I'm here to preach at a different church.
54:18 I'm going to do a concert. I'm speaking in the morning
54:20 and doing a concert in the evening. I'd like to invite you
54:22 to come. " She said: "What do you do? " I said:
54:23 "I'm a pastor" and I gave her a Bible study.
54:25 And the young lady stood there. Forgot all about even checking
54:28 me and she said:
54:32 My wife said: "What's wrong? " She said: "I have not met
54:34 anybody in a long time that is so on fire for Jesus
54:38 like your husband is. "
54:40 She said: "I know I've gotta work but I just want to hear
54:42 MORE. I just want to hear more. " Amen somebody?
54:45 Amen! The reason why people don't want to talk to you
54:48 because you're not saying the right thing.
54:50 Don't talk about us... talk about Jesus.
54:51 If He is lifted up, He will draw all men unto Himself.
54:57 That's what He said.
54:59 That's what He told me.
55:01 Amen. Praise the Lord, sister.
55:03 And the last thing I learned about termites -
55:05 this is powerful... this is powerful -
55:07 this is called complete protection.
55:08 Say it together. It's called what? Complete protection.
55:11 The scientists say if a house has been infested
55:15 by termites the best remedy is to completely cover that house
55:21 and fumigate it to destroy every termite
55:24 on the inside. Now you might think: now where
55:26 is he going with this one? Yes, this is simple.
55:28 There's only one cover that we need to fumigate the sin
55:31 in our lives. We need to be covered
55:33 by the blood of the Lamb. Amen? Amen!
55:37 There's a whole lot of sin in your life
55:39 and in my life... in our lives and in God's house.
55:42 But we are saying: "Lord, we cannot do anything about
55:45 this sin infestation but to be covered by the blood
55:48 of the Lamb. " David the Psalmist says:
55:50 "Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven,
55:53 whose sin is covered. "
55:56 The church needs to be covered.
55:58 We don't talk about that. You hear some...
56:00 First thing people talk about: "Who's your covering? "
56:02 Study the Bible. If you're not covered by the Lord,
56:05 you're working for yourself.
56:07 Am I telling the truth? You've gotta have coverage.
56:10 You gotta have heaven's coverage.
56:11 Life insurance; fire insurance;
56:14 and Holy Ghost success insurance.
56:17 God will cover us. The song writer was well
56:20 when he said: "Covered with His life...
56:22 whiter than snow.
56:24 Fullness of His love then shall I know.
56:27 My life of scarlet,
56:28 my sin and woe...
56:30 covered with His life... " We are what?
56:33 "whiter than snow. "
56:34 Oh there are termites, brothers and sisters, in the world.
56:37 And it's going to get more rampant as we get closer
56:40 to the coming of the Lord.
56:41 But keep this in mind: with all the 3,000 species
56:44 of termites that there are we only have to remember
56:47 that there's only one Lord that we need.
56:49 One Lord, one faith, one baptism.
56:53 One God and one Father of all.
56:55 We don't need to worry about the 3,000 species.
56:57 Just keep your mind fixed on Jesus. What do you say?
56:59 Amen! Just in case you think I made a big deal about termites
57:03 remember this last fact:
57:08 termites are too small not to be taken seriously.
57:13 If you think the issues in the church are too small,
57:16 you need to wake up. If you think conflict is too small,
57:19 you need to wake up. If you think all the things
57:21 that keep you from being a faithful Christian
57:23 are too small, you need to wake up.
57:25 Jesus can get the termites out
57:28 and the Holy Spirit in if you simply allow Him to
57:30 come in. God bless you.


Revised 2019-09-16