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Participants: C.A. Murray (Host), Danny Shelton (Host), John Lomacang (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Darla Price, Moses Primo, NAPS, Tammy Chance


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00:49 Good evening and welcome to the... Now we've been
00:52 segmenting our day. We've had Happy Sabbath
00:55 good morning, Happy Sabbath worship,
00:58 Happy Sabbath after lunch,
01:00 now it's Happy Sabbath after dinner.
01:03 OK, Amen, Praise the Lord!
01:05 So we welcome you to the second to the final program.
01:08 This is the... the word is the "penultimate. "
01:10 It's the penulitmate program.
01:12 Second to the last it simply means. I never heard that
01:14 word before. The penultimate. Has a nice ring to it...
01:18 the penultimate program. Is that a black word?
01:20 Or is that? 'Cause I didn't...
01:22 No, that's in Webster's dictionary.
01:24 He wasn't black. Was he black? No. Oh I don't know.
01:27 All right. Forget I said anything. All right.
01:32 As you can see, once the sun goes down
01:35 we get a little silly around here.
01:37 I don't know if it's the food. And I think it's because
01:39 there are two things. One is when you love the people
01:42 that you work with - um-hmm - and two, when you love Jesus.
01:45 All right. So it makes coming to work a pleasure
01:50 and a joy. Yes. One, you know you're involved in
01:52 something that's bigger than you.
01:54 Two, you know you're involved in something with people
01:57 who understand that the work of God is THE most important work
02:01 in the world. Yes. Television is stressful
02:04 because it's deadline driven,
02:06 it's a lot of work, and it comes every day at you
02:09 something brand new. You can't put it on autopilot.
02:12 Each day is new. So when you're working with people
02:15 who love the Lord AND who are quick to say
02:17 "I'm sorry" when they make a mistake. Amen?
02:19 Amen! Then it makes the work so much pleasure.
02:23 And then on top of that the cherry on the sundae
02:25 is you see the blessing of God.
02:27 Because the blessings are? On the "GO! "
02:30 On the "GO! " and we praise the Lord for it.
02:32 You know what somebody told me this afternoon?
02:34 I hope it's true. Somebody out here.
02:36 There, he's raising his hand. Said he preached a sermon
02:39 on the "GO! " and he looked up where the word go came from
02:43 and it was general's orders.
02:45 Um-hmm. That's pretty good. I hope that's true now.
02:49 If it's not, you'll get the blame.
02:50 But doesn't that sound good?
02:51 It does sound good! The General's orders:
02:53 "Go ye into all the world. "
02:54 All right. And Jesus is our General, Danny.
02:57 Absolutely. And we are blessed when we go.
03:01 Pastor John Lomacang, C.A. Murray, Yvonne Lewis,
03:05 Danny Shelton, and Sr. Darla from NAPS.
03:08 Darla, you guys... Tell us just a quick minute,
03:12 I know you talked earlier today,
03:14 but NAPS, you know, unashamedly is my favorite group
03:18 of young people in the world because of what they do
03:21 for Jesus around the world. Amen!
03:23 And you start with nothing and create something beautiful
03:26 because you come in the name of the Lord.
03:27 So thank all of you for what you do
03:29 and what you've been doing for so many years
03:31 for the cause of God. Usually there's something
03:34 we can help you with. What are your needs right now?
03:38 I know you talked a little bit about it.
03:39 But I want our folk around the world to listen closely
03:43 and see if the Holy Spirit kind of whispers in your ear
03:46 to help the NAPS group financially.
03:49 Not just prayerfully, financially.
03:50 What have you got going? Umm. Danny, God is so good.
03:55 The wonderful thing about our Father
03:58 is He knows how to supply our needs.
04:02 And I want to say right now as we've been working
04:06 the work is only expanding.
04:09 So NAPS started with just a few students
04:12 wanting to feed some homeless people under a bridge
04:15 and it has grown to where we do international missions.
04:18 But recently God showed us that there was an area
04:22 in Alabama where there were people
04:25 living in what is called the worst area for raising a child.
04:32 It's a black area in terms of Adventism.
04:35 People do not... They do not know the truth
04:38 that is found in the Word of God.
04:40 And not only that, education is suffering.
04:44 Spiritual is suffering. But the people are even dying
04:49 physically. And so we started up a wellness center.
04:53 But this wellness center, it's not... NAPS has changed.
04:56 We're growing up... getting a little older.
04:59 We have a board certified doctor that is there.
05:02 We have two nurses that are there
05:05 and so they are able to help run the wellness center.
05:08 But then as we were working with the people there
05:11 we started to hear the cries of the children.
05:14 Children graduating from 12th grade and cannot read.
05:20 They're doomed for failure.
05:23 Children going home to families who maybe are alcoholics
05:28 and just drunk at all times... even mid-day.
05:32 They don't know math; they don't know science.
05:36 We said: "We have to do something. "
05:38 So we started up the NAPS Abundant Life Academy:
05:43 NALA. And this morning you were blessed. One of the
05:47 little girls from the school, she led the song...
05:50 one of the songs that we sang.
05:52 And right now, the little academy is functioning
05:57 in our wellness center. It has a little room. OK.
06:00 But God has already opened up some land
06:04 right next to where the wellness center is.
06:06 But it's just asking for some of us to go and claim
06:10 some of the funds that He has waiting for us.
06:12 We said: "NAPS is rich. We just have to go and get it.
06:16 It's in other people's pockets. " That's right. So, um,
06:19 right here with me I have the Year of Dedication team.
06:23 These are all students who for this year have
06:26 decided that they are dedicating a full year to ministry.
06:30 And one of their goals is raising funds to pay for
06:33 not just the land which is about $25,000
06:38 but to also pay for the buildings... which because we'll
06:41 OUR hands to help build it will be about $35,000.
06:46 There is nothing too hard for God.
06:48 These guys have been working non-stop.
06:51 They drove all the way from Rhode Island to get here
06:54 and tomorrow they're going to be driving all the way to
06:56 New Jersey and back to Boston.
06:58 So it's just encouraging knowing that this work
07:01 will be finished but we DO need help.
07:03 We can take up the offering easy or the hard way.
07:14 You all decide.
07:17 That's all I've got right now.
07:19 I'll give you more later so... All right? All right.
07:24 Thank you. All right. He's the leader of the team.
07:27 So it's up to you. My dad said: "Son, we can do this
07:30 easy or hard now. " He said: "I'm a lover not a fighter
07:33 but if I have to I'm going to win. "
07:35 So there's the man. What's your first name?
07:37 Adrian. All right. When Adrian walks by
07:41 let's see those check books going. All right? There you go.
07:44 Hey listen. Though we're having fun, the presence of the Lord
07:47 is in this place, right? Yes!
07:49 We have Lisa Leanne over here. Lisa, would you give us
07:51 a little chorus of, and we want you all to sing with us,
07:53 right? Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this Place.
07:57 Is it OK to have a little bit of fun?
08:00 We're all happy, aren't we?
08:03 Here we go now:
08:05 Surely the presence
08:10 of the Lord is in this place.
08:15 I can feel His mighty power
08:21 and His grace.
08:26 I can hear the brush of angel's wings,
08:31 I see glory on each face.
08:37 Surely the presence
08:41 of the Lord
08:44 is in this place.
08:48 I've been working with NAPS... I don't know, it's been
08:51 15 years or longer maybe? Twenty years?
08:54 A long time. And these young folk
08:56 do more for the cause of God. I'm always amazed
09:01 and God has supplied every need.
09:03 But He does it through His people.
09:04 And so I'm asking you to really pray and ask the Holy Spirit
09:08 what He would have you to do.
09:09 You can contact us here at 3ABN. If we had an address...
09:12 Is there a website maybe they could go to?
09:14 Yes, we do have a website. It is:
09:18 www.napsoc.org
09:24 www.napsoc.org
09:28 And so you can go to the website.
09:30 If you want to donate by mail,
09:33 it's P.O. Box 11970,
09:37 Huntsville, AL 35814
09:42 And for all the older folk like myself
09:44 you didn't get all of that. You can always contact us
09:47 here at 3ABN. We promise you if you
09:49 send us a check for NAPS we will see that they get it.
09:52 We've been able to work with them for many years.
09:54 And some of you here... maybe you want to come up and hand
09:57 them a check. And as the Holy Spirit impresses you
10:00 what to do. But we just want to encourage you.
10:02 Thank you all so much for what you do
10:05 for the cause of God on this earth. Amen. All right.
10:09 Darla, you have something you want to say now?
10:14 OK. Now Danny Shelton said we have been working together
10:19 for years, and I think it was maybe 12 years ago...
10:25 He's a hard worker, guys, and we decided... Well,
10:30 Dr. Paul, the president of NAPS,
10:33 decided to honor him with a plaque.
10:35 Not just for all the work that he's done for people
10:39 of color all around the world but because he has a nice jump
10:43 when it comes to basketball.
10:48 If you've every played basketball with him...
10:51 I'm actually one who plays basketball.
10:53 He can do a nice shot, you know. Even half court.
10:57 He's got some fancy shots. For a white guy I do pretty good.
11:00 And so we decided to give him a plaque.
11:04 However, recently we were informed
11:08 that times have changed,
11:10 titles have changed, and so an upgrade was due.
11:14 And so on behalf of NAPS...
11:17 May I explain why I got the other one?
11:20 OK. Or why I went to you all last time I saw you?
11:23 They gave me several years ago
11:26 this plaque. And it says: "Because of your hard work
11:30 and dedication and your unusual athletic ability
11:33 we name you an honorary Negro man. "
11:35 All right? So now
11:39 I'm bragging about it to C.A. 12 years later
11:42 and he says: "We're not Negros any more. "
11:44 I said: "Wait a minute.
11:46 What do you mean? "Yeah, I'm a Negro.
11:48 It says right here I'm an honorary Negro. "
11:50 He said: "No, no, no, no.
11:52 We're African-American. " I think it was a few years ago,
11:54 right? Yeah. So tell me what you've done now.
11:56 So I have the wonderful honor
12:00 of presenting this plaque
12:03 on behalf of the National Association for the Prevention
12:06 of Starvation. It says:
12:09 To the honorary African-American man
12:12 Danny Shelton. Because of the change in time
12:17 we are upgrading you from honorary Negro man.
12:20 They upgraded me!
12:22 Now, while I love it... There you go.
12:29 While I love this and appreciate it
12:31 a lot cause now I'll have two on the wall,
12:33 I've been hearing a lot of rumors lately
12:35 that they'd rather be called black.
12:38 So just for the future if things really...
12:41 things really lean just to black...
12:44 then I'll get another one. I'll have three of them!
12:45 So I've gone through all the changes ya'll have.
12:49 That's pretty good really.
12:50 So I'm lovin' it. All right.
12:52 NAPS, thank you so much. God bless you. I love all of you.
12:54 God bless you. Thank you.
12:57 I'm gonna put this on my wall, right?
13:02 It's a blessing to have my daughter Melody.
13:05 You know, Melody wasn't able to make it the first part of
13:07 Camp Meeting. She gave me the option
13:09 but Lanny Wolfe is going to be here. The song we just sang
13:13 was written by Lanny Wolfe. Surely The Presence Of
13:16 The Lord Is In This Place.
13:17 And so I wanted her to be... She was on a program
13:20 a few weeks ago, but you know, with all the kids
13:23 and the work and Greg's schedule and all of them, she said:
13:26 "I either can make Camp Meeting or I can make the Lanny Wolfe. "
13:29 I said: "Let's do some of both.
13:30 If you'll show up and sing for us on Sabbath
13:33 then they're going to stay over. Tomorrow maybe I get to go
13:36 fourwheeling, spend some time with the grandkids
13:38 or something... walk in the woods. "
13:40 But then you're gonna stay Monday and we're gonna be doin'
13:42 some new programs. I don't know if you saw the ones
13:44 we did with Lanny Wolfe. We're trying to do
13:46 new music programs. But Melody, thank you for what you
13:50 do, honey, for the cause of God.
13:51 Thank you for eight beautiful grandkids
13:52 that I love with all my heart.
13:54 And Melody, ever since she was a young girl,
13:58 she didn't want to talk very much. She said she never had
14:01 a chance to learn how. I don't know why.
14:03 But she was able to sing from a little girl
14:08 and she was... They know why. Yes?
14:13 They know why.
14:15 OK. I think they do, too.
14:17 But she always was willing to sing.
14:19 But sometimes she would want to turn her back to the audience
14:22 to sing, but she's gotten over that over the years.
14:25 So Melody, I love you with all my heart.
14:27 Appreciate you, and thankful that God has given you a gift
14:30 of music. And what are you going to bless us with tonight?
14:33 Forever He's Alive. You wrote it.
14:36 Oh, from our new project: Hallelujah! We're Home At Last.
14:40 I wrote a song called Just In Time, and Melody said...
14:43 Oh, one other thing: she says to me:
14:46 "Dad, I really like that song.
14:48 That's a good song. It doesn't sound like the rest of yours. "
14:53 And I scratched my head a minute and I said: "Now was that
14:55 a compliment or an insult? " Then I said: "I really don't
14:58 care. " No, but she said: "No, I didn't mean it that way. "
15:00 I love pushin' buttons so... She goes: "No, I didn't
15:03 mean it that way. I mean it's just a little different style. "
15:05 So she said: "If you'd write me a song like that
15:08 I'd love to sing it. " So I prayed about it
15:11 and the Lord gave us this song. And any song when we talk about
15:14 songs or music, we give God the honor and the glory
15:17 and the praise because we can do nothing without Him.
15:20 We can accomplish all things through Christ Jesus.
15:23 So it was an honor for me to be a part of that
15:25 and to get to hear you sing Forever He's Alive.
15:54 Her heart was broken...
15:59 she could not sleep.
16:05 All through the night
16:08 she could only weep.
16:14 She made her way to the tomb
16:19 bringing oil, spices, and perfume.
16:26 With all hope gone
16:30 how could she carry on?
16:37 Mary had been bound
16:40 by a life of sin.
16:47 Only Jesus could bring her peace
16:52 within.
16:56 He really knew her
17:01 and still He loved her.
17:08 That's the way
17:11 it had always been.
17:19 Mary believed Jesus was the Son of God
17:22 but now He was dead.
17:24 She'd never see Him again.
17:26 It was love that carried her on through the darkness
17:29 that Sunday morning to prepare His body for the grave.
17:32 But as she neared the tomb an angel suddenly appeared
17:36 and said: "Why seek ye the living among the dead?
17:38 Your Lord has risen! He's alive!
17:41 Forever He's alive! "
17:44 He is risen
17:50 from the grave!
17:55 He conquered death forever
17:59 on that day.
18:05 No sad goodbyes,
18:08 no falling tears,
18:11 no broken hearts,
18:13 no need to fear
18:17 for He's alive...
18:21 forever
18:24 He's alive!
18:32 He is risen
18:38 from the grave!
18:43 He conquered death
18:45 forever on that day.
18:53 No sad goodbyes,
18:56 no falling tears,
18:58 no broken hearts,
19:01 no need to fear
19:04 for He's alive...
19:08 forever
19:12 He's
19:14 alive!
19:19 Forever and ever
19:26 He is
19:29 alive!
19:38 Forever
19:40 He's
19:41 alive!
19:51 Amen!
19:53 Thank you, Melody. Thank you honey.
19:58 I have with me Dr. Moses Primo.
20:00 I always call him Dr. Mo
20:02 'cause anybody that's as good at doing what he does
20:05 must be a doctor in my mind.
20:07 And he was a doctor of engineering.
20:10 But Mo, what a blessing you and your family have been
20:13 to 3ABN for 24 years.
20:15 It's a blessing to be here and to be part of this
20:19 last movement of reaching the whole world
20:22 with the three angels' messages. It is really a blessing for us.
20:26 Yeah. Not that long ago the big 12', 14' dishes.
20:30 And give us a quick overview of where technology
20:35 not only where we've been but especially where we're going
20:38 here. Well, I want to show all the viewers
20:41 that are behind... they couldn't come to this meeting
20:44 to visit 3ABN and you are all in your homes.
20:48 Some of you I want to also invite after the program
20:52 if you want to swing by and see our control room
20:56 it's a brand new control room.
20:58 We have just a few programs that were done from this
21:02 control room. Before we used to have
21:05 the truck parked outside
21:07 and do all the connections.
21:09 Maybe sometimes it would come even a few days
21:13 before the programs had to start here
21:15 and connect everything because the trucks were
21:19 either the uplink and the production truck were outside
21:23 traveling and we have to broadcast live from here.
21:27 But thank God and thank you for your donations
21:31 and thank ASI also that has helped us in this control room.
21:36 We have a brand new control room
21:39 that we don't have to use the truck.
21:41 Now the truck is the old truck
21:44 because the truck is still analog. This is all digital;
21:48 it is all high definition. You will see the big monitors.
21:51 It's all high definition.
21:53 And we can let the truck rest a little bit
21:57 to be able to work in the truck to convert to digital.
22:02 This is the control room as you can see there.
22:05 This is the equipment room.
22:07 There's not a lot of equipment because technology is so
22:11 advanced now that we can do with less equipment
22:14 and it's all digital.
22:16 That is the producer's desk where the producers can sit
22:19 there and oversee the pro- duction. The director is there.
22:23 This is the sound room. It's all digital sound also.
22:27 All was done with state-of-the-art technology
22:30 and it's able to broadcast from here in high definition.
22:36 This was just recorded this afternoon.
22:39 We have also awesome equipment that is able to
22:43 edit the programs. This is the video station,
22:48 the graphics station, and you see the director's station
22:53 on your left side. But this is the equipment that I was
22:58 mentioning to you. This equipment is able to edit
23:02 while you are still recording it.
23:05 So as soon as you finish if there are any fixes
23:09 or as soon as you finish the program - maybe 10 minutes
23:12 after that - that program can actually be saved in the...
23:19 in the file server and can be repeated again
23:23 because it's ready for broadcasting.
23:26 While you are recording they are editing, they are fixing,
23:29 they are making changes. And a few minutes after that
23:32 it's ready to be broadcast again.
23:35 Absolutely mindboggling the technology where the Bible
23:38 say the "last events will be rapid. "
23:40 You know, "knowledge shall be increased; men running
23:42 to and fro. " Just around 30 years ago
23:46 a little before 3ABN, I had a little recording studio
23:49 that I would bring people into my home. Built a little
23:52 studio. It was like 8 track and a 16 track, Moses.
23:56 And it was reel to reel, OK? We had the reel. Anybody old
23:58 enough to remember reel to reel?
24:00 OK. How did I edit that reel to reel?
24:03 So when you wanted to take out a breath noise
24:05 or there was a pause I literally would turn it
24:08 and you would hear it go "rurr, rurr. " And soon
24:11 as I did I had to physically take it off,
24:13 put it on a cutting block, take a razor blade and cut it.
24:16 If you messed up, that's it you know. You messed up.
24:20 So every edit every cut.
24:22 Now you can edit while you're actually recording.
24:24 I mean, that's just mindboggling to me... the technology.
24:27 But God has given us this for a reason, folks.
24:30 That's to take the gospel literally into all the world.
24:34 And so... technology... Think about it: 6,000 years
24:39 plus to get to just where we could just record.
24:42 And all of a sudden all of the things that we can do
24:44 sending signals around the world and thanks to you.
24:46 Moses Primo... I don't uplift him
24:49 but 24 years I uplift the Jesus in him.
24:52 Moses... Without Moses we'd just be talking to each other here
24:55 tonight. I have no idea how this stuff works
24:58 but he does, and that's all that matters, right?
25:00 I don't try to learn it. God has brought us the right people.
25:03 So when people brag about 3ABN: "Boy, you're doing... " I say:
25:06 "Actually Moses is the brains behind it because I wouldn't
25:09 know how to get off first base. " Well I can tell you that
25:13 I acknowledge that I don't know enough
25:16 even to start this. When Danny, 20-something years ago,
25:21 asked me to go all around the world
25:24 I did not know. I told you: "I just don't know. "
25:27 So God is good enough that once you put
25:31 your will in His will
25:34 He will bring the people who make the contacts.
25:37 And He brings the companies to me.
25:40 I tell you: I don't take any credit
25:43 because I know that He is the One that is doing.
25:46 We have... I do my part to study and keep up with
25:50 the technology in the news, and as I see things
25:56 He guides towards what He wants us to do.
26:01 I have a tremendous belief
26:05 that the Internet is something that is going to
26:10 help the preaching of the gospel
26:13 and it's going to speed up this process dramatically.
26:17 So I have spent time
26:20 and we already did the phones.
26:24 You know, you all can receive... watch 3ABN.
26:27 Everybody got 3ABN on your apps, right?
26:30 If you don't, you need to find out about it.
26:33 If you've got a smart phone, you can just go to the app store
26:36 and downlink 3ABN. Those of you saying: "I have no idea
26:39 what that means" that just tells me you don't have a smart phone.
26:42 But the rest of you that do, I don't have to explain that
26:45 to you. Just go to the app store. Downlink 3ABN.
26:48 The other day I met Dr. Ben Carson.
26:51 And he's a SDA running for the presidency
26:55 of the United States. So Wintley Phipps and I were there
26:58 and C.A. and Greg, and so we went in a little room,
27:00 was talking to him. And I said...
27:02 I said: "Do you watch 3ABN? "
27:04 And he said: "Sometimes. " Now he's a very busy man.
27:07 And I said: "OK, let me see your phone app. "
27:10 I'm just kidding him, right?
27:12 He reaches in his pocket, pulls out his phone,
27:14 and says: "Here's my 3ABN app. "
27:17 Watches 3ABN. I said: "All right! " This interview's
27:20 going to go well" I told him.
27:23 Yes. So the phone was a good leap
27:27 I believe to reach more people.
27:30 But now we have also another opportunity.
27:34 We have been doing IPTV for many years,
27:39 and many of the people that we talk to...
27:42 My wife and I have talked to many people saying:
27:46 "We want just Seventh- day Adventist channels.
27:49 Maybe some news channels that we can keep up with
27:52 what's happening in the world, but we want just SDA channels.
27:57 We don't want all this other garbage
28:00 that is in this industry. "
28:04 And we have been listening to this for quite a while.
28:07 And finally I believe God impressed me to build
28:12 a small box that you can connect to the Internet
28:16 and you can watch all the SDA channels.
28:20 You also have the ability to go to the Internet
28:25 and if you to go to mysdatv... don't go yet!
28:29 But you will be able to go to mysdatv.com
28:33 and it will be a portal where you can reach any of
28:39 these other ministries... all the SDA ministries.
28:43 This now is a little box similar to a Roku box maybe?
28:46 Yes. Similar to the Roku. But it actually plugs in.
28:48 You can watch it on your TV not on computer?
28:51 That's right. You connect it to your TV
28:52 and it's... You can take it with you?
28:55 You can take it with you. Anywhere in the world?
28:57 Anywhere in the world, yes. Isn't that amazing?
29:00 The same way that today you can go anywhere in the
29:03 world and as long as you... This one you will have to pay
29:06 for the connection that you are in the country
29:11 which is very expensive. So I don't recommend using...
29:14 streaming your phone in other countries.
29:16 But the little box... It will be a free band width.
29:20 So 3ABN... Nothing is free, but 3ABN is streaming the channels
29:26 and when you will be watching in other countries
29:29 actually 3ABN is paying for that band width that you are
29:32 consuming. But to YOU it's free of charge.
29:35 So you just have to buy the box and you can take with you
29:38 or you can watch in your home. And you will be able to watch
29:41 not only 3ABN but all the SDA channels.
29:46 What about languages?
29:47 Have you? I'm sure you have, but...
29:50 thought about it, how would this work with
29:52 different languages? It will work with other languages
29:56 as much as we have content.
29:58 We are hoping that as... First we're going to launch
30:02 the English, and as the people see the possibility of reaching
30:07 many multitudes of people
30:09 we are hoping to get connected with Seventh-day Adventist
30:13 organizations and ministries,
30:16 lay organizations that already have the content.
30:19 mysdatv will have no... producing any of the programs.
30:25 It will be just a link... delivery system... a delivery
30:28 system to all the rich content that we already have in our
30:33 possession but sometimes we don't even know.
30:37 We have to go to maybe a Romanian website
30:40 or to a Portuguese website.
30:43 And you wouldn't know...
30:45 If you are in New York there are thousands of people that speak
30:48 different languages, and you have to search and Google
30:52 many different sites to be able to hear in your own language.
30:56 If you go to mysdatv.com
30:59 you have a direct connection to all these languages
31:03 that will have access to. Absolutely...
31:07 Probably most of you - at least if you're in computers -
31:10 you know what a USB like thumb drive is.
31:12 Little thing you just plug in your computer, right?
31:15 You can do programming with just that, right?
31:19 Yes. With today's technology
31:22 like I don't know, with Roku sometimes can you do
31:24 a thumb drive? They do have a HDMI port.
31:29 It's a process of developing but, yes, they have
31:33 one as small as that. But something as small as that,
31:36 you can put thousands of hours of programming -
31:39 from 3ABN or whatever - on something to plug into
31:41 your computer, get a great picture, I mean where we've come
31:44 from that big satellite dish just since 3ABN's inception.
31:48 In fact, it's no coincidence. We came on the scene
31:51 just as everything was exploding.
31:53 Technology. So this is divine origin is what it is.
31:57 But the reason is to get the gospel into all the world.
32:00 But today as I was talking to you, that's what occurred to me
32:03 Moses. This is not just... We're talking about well,
32:06 financially we're really dry.
32:08 I mean I can say that openly. Because there's so many
32:11 thing that we want to do and things that we have to do
32:14 to meet certain requirements.
32:16 But it also occurred to me we're spiritually dry.
32:18 So God is allowing this technology to get in the hands
32:22 of everybody. Anybody can give their neighbor a thumb drive
32:25 with programming. Anybody can give their neighbor a DVD
32:28 or CD or buy your neighbor a mysdatv box
32:33 or a Roku or whatever.
32:35 And they're $50... whatever.
32:38 We don't know the cost, but these Rokus... what they are.
32:40 It's not going to be expensive and there's no monthly fees.
32:43 So this can be watched anywhere in the world.
32:47 I'm amazed at people. Reggie and Ladye said they were somewhere
32:49 the other day and an attorney general of the USA -
32:54 not now but formerly - said: "Oh, man, I love you guys. "
32:58 A big Gaither concert, you know, they said with Reggie
33:01 and Ladye the other night, a Gaither concert, and he said:
33:05 "Oh we met the attorney general and he says: 'I watch you guys
33:09 all the time on 3ABN. ' "
33:11 You know, this technology makes this available to people
33:16 everywhere. Another thing I'm very excited about
33:21 the possibility that this box has
33:26 is to if you come to Camp Meeting...
33:29 I hope you didn't, but if you took a nap
33:31 and you missed some of the program this afternoon,
33:34 you go home, you connect your box and you can watch
33:37 all the programs in the last week that have been saved
33:42 in the memory. So it is just going to be a great thing
33:45 for you to be able to... Don't have to miss any programs.
33:50 If you are at work or if you are at another appointment,
33:52 you can go back and watch whatever it is on the video
33:55 on demand. Since Moses has been here
33:57 we've built well over 100 television stations.
34:00 Very small literally number- wise engineering crew.
34:04 Over 100 television stations, folks.
34:06 'Cause this is yours... it's not ours. It's all of us.
34:09 We don't own it. We're a non-profit organization.
34:11 We couldn't do it without you.
34:12 We have television stations; we have radio stations
34:15 and affiliates. Jay said 260-some odd, right Jay?
34:19 Affiliate stations where people on air, driving down the road,
34:23 can listen to 3ABN. In our own local church
34:27 people have walking in here, been baptized ready for baptism,
34:30 because they've been listening to 3ABN Radio
34:34 and watching 3ABN television.
34:36 So to take the gospel into all the world
34:39 it's amazing the technology. And since you've been here
34:42 we've built numerous studios.
34:44 And a lot of folk don't know how big the ministry is
34:47 until they come here and visit.
34:49 But we have what? Four or five recording studios.
34:52 You saw a little sample of the equipment.
34:54 All of these have to have that equipment.
34:56 The lighting for all the equipment, the wiring
34:58 and all the technology is amazing.
35:01 And we couldn't do it without you. I'm saying all this
35:03 to say: "Please ask the Lord what He would have you to do
35:06 and please consider being a part of The Blessing Is on the GO! "
35:10 Praise the Lord that I've got a pocket full
35:12 of envelopes right here. People walked up with offerings
35:15 and said: "I want to be a part of The Blessing Is on the GO! "
35:18 And so some of them are pretty good sized.
35:21 Thank you for that... but ANY size.
35:23 So there are still I think on the seats somewhere...
35:25 If you don't have it, pray before this Camp Meeting
35:28 is over here tonight or in the morning
35:29 before you leave: "Lord, what would You have me to do
35:32 to be a part of the Blessing Is on the GO! team member
35:35 with 3ABN? " Closing thoughts, Mo?
35:38 Well, I believe that the time is short.
35:41 And sometimes I receive calls from other organizations
35:45 that heard about 3ABN and say:
35:48 "Hey, can we put you on our system
35:50 or on our website or even in our box? "
35:54 And I say: "Yeah, sure! "
35:56 I give them the links and they put it on
35:58 and people that we don't even know, they are watching
36:02 3ABN. So this is the time for us
36:08 to try in all different directions: on radio and TV
36:12 IPTV or the Internet.
36:15 So we can actually hasten the second coming of Jesus
36:20 by getting this message that we have...
36:22 We have such a rich message.
36:25 All this material that we have... it shouldn't be just
36:29 kept for one ministry or one website.
36:33 It should have a central portal
36:36 where a SDA can go
36:39 and from there they can just go anywhere they want
36:42 and watch anything they want.
36:44 So that is my call at the moment. That is my burden to do.
36:48 We want to thank you for partnering with us.
36:50 3ABN is the largest independent or supporting
36:54 ministry in the history of the Adventist church.
36:56 And that's amazing as we watch all of these things
36:59 unfold and watch current events unfolding
37:02 to say: "It's no coincidence; it's divine providence. "
37:04 So once again, thank you for your prayers
37:07 and your financial support of 3ABN. Thank you, Mo.
37:10 Love you like a brother. Mo and I are neighbors, too,
37:13 so we share lawnmowers if we need to or whatever.
37:16 We share things. All right.
37:19 Pastor John Lomacang. I love John. He's the pastor
37:23 of this church for those that don't know that.
37:25 This man's an incredible man. He's a mountain of information
37:29 and God has blessed him. He's anointed him not only
37:32 in ministry of preaching but in music.
37:36 He's got tremendous ability. We give God the credit for that.
37:38 John, I love you too with all my heart. You know that.
37:42 We're brothers in the Lord. And thank you for what you do
37:44 for the cause of God. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Danny.
37:59 I believe
38:03 in a hill called
38:06 Mount Calvary.
38:10 And I believe
38:14 whatever
38:17 the cost.
38:23 And when time has surrendered
38:28 and this old earth is no more
38:33 I'll still cling
38:37 to that old rugged cross.
38:46 I believe that this life
38:51 with its great mysteries
38:56 surely someday
39:00 will come to an end.
39:06 Oh but faith
39:12 will conquer
39:14 all the darkness and death
39:19 and will lead me
39:22 at last to my Friend.
39:31 I believe
39:34 that the Christ
39:36 who was slain on the cross
39:42 has the power
39:46 to change lives today. You know how I know?
39:52 For He changed
39:56 me completely
40:00 and a new life is mine,
40:05 That is why
40:07 by the cross
40:11 I will stay.
40:16 Yes, I believe
40:20 in a hill called
40:22 Mount Calvary.
40:27 And I believe
40:31 that whatever
40:34 the cost.
40:40 And when time has surrendered
40:45 and this old earth is no more
40:50 yes, I'll still cling
40:54 to that old rugged
40:58 cross.
41:07 Amen!
41:10 Thank you Pastor John.
41:13 Whoever does the scheduling I'm going to have to talk to them.
41:18 Every time I've got to follow something like that.
41:21 I don't get it. My brother must be doin' that
41:23 is all I can figure.
41:25 Pastor John is one of my favorite singers.
41:27 That was absolutely beautiful.
41:30 I'm going to do a song called Tell It Wherever I Go.
41:33 That's what we're here for, right?
41:35 We're here to tell the gospel wherever we go.
41:37 And that's what I want to try to do more so as I see
41:41 time is growing so short.
41:43 I want to be a witness. Some- times I'm not near the witness
41:46 I ought to be, but I want to pray towards that end
41:49 that I can be a witness and that I can tell the gospel
41:51 wherever I go. Amen!
42:09 I'll tell of
42:13 the Savior,
42:17 I'll tell of His favor.
42:23 I will tell it, Lord,
42:27 wherever I may go.
42:37 I'll count every
42:42 blessing,
42:45 I'll go on confessing.
42:51 I will tell it,
42:53 Lord, wherever
42:58 I may go.
43:05 What He is
43:09 to you
43:12 maybe you cannot see.
43:18 But this thing
43:22 I know:
43:26 He's everything to me.
43:32 Oh, He'll be there,
43:36 yes, meet me there
43:40 and then go where
43:43 He's prepared.
43:46 I will tell it,
43:49 Lord, wherever
43:53 I may go.
44:00 And if I
44:04 were dying
44:08 with just one word to say,
44:14 I'd speak it
44:18 for Jesus
44:21 then breathe
44:23 my life away.
44:27 Oh, He'll be there,
44:31 yes, meet me there
44:35 and then go where
44:39 He's prepared.
44:41 I will tell it, Lord,
44:46 wherever
44:50 I
44:55 may go.
45:07 Amen!
45:13 Amen and amen.
45:16 How many are having a good time in the Lord?
45:18 Amen! Can you imagine what it will be like
45:22 in heaven with all the saints of God?
45:26 No death; no sorrow.
45:30 No pain; unending prayer and praise.
45:36 No eyeglasses.
45:38 No contact lenses.
45:41 No canes; no wheelchairs.
45:45 No arthritis, rheumatism...
45:49 bad feet, bad breath, bad hair.
45:55 You know, we don't really know what heaven is going to be like
45:59 because eye hath seen... hath NOT seen, rather...
46:04 and earth hath not heard. I think we are much more
46:06 comfortable dealing with what won't be there.
46:11 Think of something bad.
46:13 That ain't gonna be there. Amen!
46:16 And we praise the Lord that Jesus will be there.
46:20 I want to just take a moment
46:22 because Pastor Carter's coming in the next little bit.
46:25 But I think there's a question that we all need to ask
46:30 ourselves when we go through experiences like this.
46:35 Because it occurs to me how sad it would be
46:40 to feel what we've felt today,
46:45 to experience what we've experienced today,
46:50 to make the kind of promises to ourselves that we always do
46:54 in occasions and situations like this
46:58 and then come down to Judgment Day
47:01 and have Christ say: "Depart from Me.
47:05 I just... I never knew you. "
47:09 And you want to ask yourself: "Lord, was I fooling myself? "
47:14 "Was I inventing a feeling that wasn't really there? "
47:18 "I was in church; I felt something...
47:21 I knew I was in the presence of something
47:23 so why is it that we never made a connection? "
47:27 "Where is the disconnect? "
47:29 "How could it be that You just don't know me
47:33 and You're saying that I never really knew You? "
47:37 How incredibly sad it would be
47:40 for that to be the reality of anybody here.
47:46 So there's a couple things we need to take care of,
47:49 and we need to take care of them every day.
47:52 Turn with me if you will to the gospel of Mark.
47:54 We're taking just a few moments.
47:59 I'm in Mark chapter 14.
48:10 I'll read just several verses and then we'll just try to
48:13 wade our way through some stuff and then
48:15 we'll prepare ourselves for the next little bit.
48:17 But Mark 14 beginning in verse 1.
48:21 Father God, we just open Your Word, and we ask as
48:24 we open Your Word that You'd open our hearts.
48:26 And we thank you in Jesus' name.
48:30 "After two days it was Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread
48:35 and the chief priests and scribes thought how they might
48:38 take Him by trickery and put Him to death.
48:41 But they said: 'No, not during the feast lest
48:44 there be an uproar of the people. '
48:46 Being in Bethany at the house of Simon the leper
48:50 as He sat at a table a woman came, having
48:53 an alabaster flask of very costly oil of spikenard.
48:59 Then she broke the flask and poured it on His head. "
49:02 And spikenard is a very very expensive oil.
49:04 I've got spikenard at home.
49:06 I've got frankincense and myrrh that I bought
49:09 in Israel in 1974.
49:12 Now you can do the math.
49:14 And it's still very strong, very potent, very fragrant.
49:18 And it was just poured on some leaves as a kind of
49:20 potpourri. This is very expensive stuff
49:22 and it stays potent for a long time.
49:26 "Then she broke the flask, poured it on His head.
49:30 But there were some who were indignant among themselves. "
49:33 Now of course, Mark is kind. He doesn't say, but later on
49:37 Luke tells us who it is.
49:40 And John does also.
49:43 "They were indignant among themselves and said: 'Why was
49:46 this fragrant oil wasted? For it might have been sold
49:49 for more than 300 denari
49:51 and given to the poor. ' And they criticized her sharply.
49:58 But Jesus said: 'Let her alone. ' "
50:01 That's a powerful line... there's a sermon right there:
50:05 that Christ was always there to get your back.
50:10 I think only in heaven will we look back over our
50:13 shoulders in glory and see how many times
50:17 Satan wanted to insinuate himself in our lives
50:20 and Christ said: "Leave him alone. "
50:24 "Leave her alone... that's My child. "
50:29 I'll tell you a secret about how to defeat the devil
50:31 before we're done. "For the poor you have always with you.
50:35 Whenever you wish you may do them good.
50:37 But Me you do not have always.
50:39 She hath done what she could. "
50:41 "She hath done what she could. "
50:47 The crux of this story...
50:51 There are many things but the crux of the story
50:55 is that she did what she could.
51:00 Ladies and gentlemen, it is my settled belief
51:04 that God is not going to judge you
51:07 for doing what you could not do.
51:09 All right; all right. For not accomplishing
51:11 what you were unable to do.
51:14 God just wants us to do what we can.
51:18 And think how effective the church would be,
51:22 how powerful the gospel witness would be,
51:26 if every child of God
51:29 simply did what they could.
51:35 The truth is in the church of God everybody's not
51:37 pulling their weight. All right... amen.
51:42 Any pastor who looks at his minutes knows
51:46 and his financial records knows...
51:48 And it's the same with the Thompsonville church.
51:50 We have about 1/3 of the church
51:52 that's consistently carrying the weight and the work
51:56 of the church. That's in ANY Adventist church.
52:00 Ellen White said years ago that if Christ would have come
52:03 less than one in twenty
52:06 ready for the Lord to come.
52:10 Christ is saying: "Just do what you can. "
52:14 We live in what I call "the age of do. "
52:19 Now the operative text for us has been
52:24 Matthew 28:19-20
52:26 which is also... it's a promise
52:29 and a prophecy.
52:32 The work of God will be done.
52:35 Amen? Amen. The work of Christ will be done.
52:38 Every man, woman, boy, or girl will have a chance
52:41 to make an intelligent decision.
52:43 That's going to happen.
52:46 Everyone is going to hear.
52:48 That's what 3ABN is about; that's what the other channels
52:51 are about; that's what the SDA church is about.
52:57 The question is:
53:00 once you know
53:05 what are you going to do?
53:11 It's always been about do.
53:15 It's not enough just to know...
53:18 you've gotta do.
53:20 When you read this story
53:23 Christ says wherever the gospel is preached
53:27 this story has to be told
53:30 because she did what she could.
53:35 So if your church considers itself a full gospel church,
53:38 it's gotta include this story
53:40 because she had an opportunity to do something for the Lord.
53:44 A lot of things she could not do,
53:47 but what she could do that she did do.
53:53 And I think the dividing line in judgment
53:56 will not be what you know,
53:58 not necessarily what you said.
54:02 "What did you do? "
54:05 "Once you knew, what did you do? "
54:12 And Christ doesn't ask us to climb the highest mountain,
54:18 swim the widest sea.
54:20 He says: "Just do what you can. "
54:22 "Just DO what you can. "
54:27 And He will encourage and enable us.
54:30 We were saying before in
54:31 Matthew chapter 28 verses 18, 19, and 20...
54:37 You will know that the words for power
54:42 in the New Testament are exousia which is authority
54:47 and dunamis which is dynamite power
54:51 to get things done.
54:53 It was interesting that Mollie used those two texts
54:56 that give both sides of that coin.
54:58 Matthew 28:19-20... authority.
55:02 That's Christ's guarantee that when you step out for Him
55:06 your job will be successful
55:09 if you do it in the power and strength of Jesus Christ.
55:13 Amen! That's a guarantee.
55:15 You have the power, the authority, the right
55:21 to live a victorious life. Hallelujah!
55:24 You have the power, the authority, the right
55:26 to tell Satan "take a hike. "
55:29 You have the power, the authority, the right
55:32 to live victoriously. Yes!
55:34 You have the power, the authority, the right
55:37 to speak in Christ's name.
55:39 You have the power, the authority, the right
55:41 to rebuke the devil.
55:46 Then in Acts 1:8 the word is used again.
55:50 This time it's dunamis... it's dynamite power.
55:52 It's mighty power.
55:54 When Christ went to Nazareth twice He was rejected.
55:57 Two times! And the Bible says He was able to do
56:00 "no mighty works. " When you look up that word
56:04 mighty works in the Greek
56:07 it's that same dunamis power.
56:09 So in Nazareth Christ couldn't do any
56:13 mighty miraculous works. Mark says He did little things.
56:16 He laid some hands on some people,
56:18 cured some little things, but He wasn't able to...
56:20 to do the kinds of things He wanted to do
56:23 because of unbelief.
56:27 Christ wants to do mighty works in our lives,
56:30 ladies and gentlemen.
56:32 He doesn't want you to just have crumbs from the table
56:35 of the Master. He wants to do mighty works.
56:39 So why aren't we getting mighty works?
56:42 Why aren't we seeing mountains moved?
56:44 Why aren't great things happening?
56:48 I think it's because of unbelief.
56:50 I don't think we're ready for it yet.
56:52 But ladies and gentlemen: mighty works are coming
56:58 and I want them to be worked through me.
57:02 Amen? Amen!
57:04 One quick story then I'm done.
57:05 Years ago I was pastoring the Ebenezer church
57:07 and a woman came... called me to her house
57:09 Sabbath afternoon and her daughter looked like
57:12 she was near death.
57:14 She said: "Pastor, pray for her and she'll be fine. "
57:17 I said: "You need to take that woman to the hospital...
57:19 this girl to the hospital. " Said: "No pastor, you pray
57:21 and she'll be fine. " That was a heavy weight to put on
57:24 a young preacher just out of school.
57:26 The girl's barely breathing.
57:28 Chest heaving, eyes rolled back, skin ashen.
57:31 "Just pray, pastor... she'll be fine. "


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