3ABN Homecoming 2015

Going Home

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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), John Carter, Yvonne Lewis


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00:51 Hello friends and welcome to 3ABN's 2015 Fall Camp Meeting.
00:55 This is somewhat of a bittersweet welcome
00:58 because this is our final meeting.
01:00 And this weekend we believe has been Spirit filled.
01:04 Can you all say "Amen" to that? Amen!
01:06 The Lord has come into this house, more specifically into
01:10 the hearts and lives of those who have come
01:12 to be at the feet of Jesus.
01:14 And the music, the messages, the seminars,
01:16 the fellowship, have all been blessed by the presence
01:19 of the Lord. And what a way to wind down Camp Meeting
01:23 other than having Pastor, Elder, World Evangelist,
01:27 a man who is unashamed of the gospel
01:30 John Carter is going to be coming in a moment
01:32 to bring our final message.
01:34 When I was in the Heritage Singers and we had gone to
01:37 Australia a number of years ago
01:38 I heard about this man that was packing out
01:41 the Sydney Opera House
01:44 night after night after night.
01:47 And if you have ever been to Australia,
01:49 and the Sydney Opera House is the prime spot in the city
01:52 of Sydney, and I thought: "Who could do that? "
01:55 And they said: "It's a man by the name of John Carter. "
02:00 John... and I have never forgotten him.
02:02 And through the years he has committed himself
02:06 to being unashamed of the gospel preaching the Word of God.
02:09 Uplifting Jesus, letting us know that
02:12 the Lord wants to save us
02:15 more than the devil wants to destroy us.
02:18 And tonight we're going to be tremendously blessed
02:20 as we close out this Camp Meeting
02:21 with what I know is going to be a very Spirit-filled
02:25 message tonight. We also have been blessed by the music.
02:29 God has gifted those who have come here.
02:32 Even you know Reggie and Ladye are not here tonight,
02:35 but we are going to be blessed.
02:36 A good friend of ours and personal friend Yvonne Lewis.
02:41 Many call her Dr. Yvonne Lewis but I just call her Yvonne
02:44 because we have that kind of personal relationship.
02:48 Yvonne, my wife, and I... we're like 3 peas in a pod.
02:51 We walk together. We love the Lord.
02:54 We worship, and we know that God is truly going to bless
02:58 through her life tonight. Yvonne, what's the song
03:00 you're going to sing for us?
03:01 My Help Cometh From the Lord.
03:03 Let's welcome her with a hearty amen. Amen!
03:28 I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
03:34 from whence cometh my help.
03:38 My help cometh from the Lord.
03:43 The Lord which made heaven and earth.
03:49 He said He will not suffer thy foot...
03:55 thy foot to be moved.
03:59 The Lord which keepeth thee
04:04 He will not slumber nor sleep.
04:10 For the Lord is thy keeper
04:15 the Lord is thy shade
04:20 upon thy right hand...
04:25 upon thy right hand.
04:31 And the sun shall not smite thee by day
04:37 nor the moon by night.
04:41 He shall preserve thy soul
04:46 even forever more.
04:51 Oh,
04:54 my help...
04:58 oh my help...
05:02 oh, my help...
05:08 all of my help cometh from
05:13 the Lord.
05:19 Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo
05:23 I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
05:29 from whence cometh my help.
05:32 My help cometh from the Lord.
05:38 The Lord which made heaven and earth.
05:43 He said He will not suffer thy foot...
05:49 thy foot to be moved.
05:53 The Lord which keepeth thee
05:58 He will not slumber nor sleep.
06:04 For the Lord is thy keeper
06:09 the Lord is thy shade
06:14 upon thy right hand...
06:19 upon thy right hand.
06:25 And the sun shall not smite thee by day
06:31 nor the moon by night
06:35 He shall preserve thy soul
06:41 even forever more.
06:48 My help...
06:53 my help...
06:58 my help...
07:02 all of my help cometh from
07:08 the Lord.
07:13 Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
07:17 For the Lord is thy keeper
07:22 the Lord is thy shade
07:26 upon thy right hand...
07:32 upon thy right hand.
07:38 And the sun shall not smite thee by day
07:44 nor the moon by night
07:47 for He shall preserve thy soul
07:53 even forever more.
07:58 Oh, oh
08:01 my help...
08:06 my help...
08:11 my help...
08:15 all of my help cometh from
08:20 the Lord.
08:23 My help...
08:26 oh, my help...
08:32 my help...
08:36 all of my help cometh from
08:41 the Lord.
08:47 From the Lord.
08:57 Amen!
09:12 You can have all the silver,
09:16 you can have all the gold,
09:20 just give me Jesus.
09:26 You can have all the wisdom
09:31 this earth can hold...
09:34 just give me Jesus.
09:37 Give me Jesus when I'm lonely
09:40 and I've nowhere to go.
09:44 Give me Jesus...
09:46 He's the only one who loves me so.
09:51 Give me Jesus because
09:55 Jesus is all I need.
10:06 You can have all the spotlight,
10:09 you can have all the fame...
10:13 just give me Jesus.
10:19 You can have all the success,
10:23 have your well-known name...
10:27 just give me Jesus.
10:30 Give me Jesus when I'm lonely
10:33 and I've nowhere to go.
10:37 Give me Jesus... He's the only
10:41 one who loves me so.
10:44 Give me Jesus for
10:48 Jesus is all I need.
10:53 In the moments when no one seems to care...
11:03 Good evening my friends.
11:05 Good evening. How are you this evening?
11:07 Good. Great!
11:11 Lady, tell me how. Are you?
11:13 The lady who just said...
11:18 I said how are you? Oh... I'm great.
11:20 Hallelujah! What about the rest of you folks?
11:24 We'll I'm just glad to be here with you folks.
11:29 We've had a wonderful time at 3ABN.
11:32 Amen! Let me say this before I get into the subject:
11:36 I feel privileged to know the folks at 3ABN.
11:41 I've known Danny Shelton, my old friend, oh, how long?
11:47 About thirty years.
11:49 And we sort of hit it off when we first met, you know.
11:52 We sort of don't like committees a lot
11:58 and we like getting into it and doing the work.
12:01 But it's a privilege to know Danny,
12:03 a privilege to know the team at 3ABN.
12:06 I look upon them as my friends.
12:09 When I was a young man in the ministry
12:14 in Australia... Oh tonight I'd better tell you the topic.
12:18 I'm going to talk about the glories of heaven.
12:20 That suit you? The glories of heaven: going home.
12:23 I worked with a famous Australian evangelist.
12:27 His name was Pastor George Burnside.
12:31 He was such a great preacher
12:34 that he could preach for an hour
12:37 and hold the attention of the people
12:39 and then after that he'd show pictures.
12:42 What I saw in Rome... what I saw in Egypt.
12:44 He'd go for another hour.
12:46 And after two hours a young man who was sitting
12:50 next to me in the audience said:
12:52 "Why does he have to stop? "
12:53 Hmm. So that's preaching when young people say
12:58 "Why does he have to stop? "
13:00 Well, he was preaching down in a town by the...
13:05 I'm afraid... I'm almost embarrassed to tell you the name
13:07 of this Australian town 'cause you're going to laugh at me.
13:11 But the name of the town is Wagga Wagga.
13:17 So that's in New South Wales.
13:21 New South Wales but it's in South New South Wales.
13:25 It's a farming community
13:27 and he spoke on What and Where Is Heaven?
13:32 And he told this story.
13:35 He said: Many years ago
13:38 a delegation from a certain country in the world
13:41 that was sort of backward... I won't tell you where it is...
13:44 they sent a delegation to the General Conference
13:47 in America. And when they got back...
13:50 You know, their eyes almost popped out. They saw
13:53 the wonders of America.
13:55 They saw elevators and they call them in Australia
14:00 lifts and escalators and all of those wonderful things.
14:04 And when they got back the elders called together
14:09 a meeting of all the local Christians... all the Adventists
14:13 and they said: "We want you to tell us what it's like
14:16 at this General Conference, what it's like in America. "
14:20 Well one of the delegates got up and he said:
14:22 "Brothers and sisters,
14:25 it's not like anything that you've seen. "
14:29 He said: "When they build huts over there
14:34 they put one hut up against another hut
14:38 up against another hut
14:40 and another hut. " What was this?
14:44 The rooms of the house. But one of the elders got up
14:48 and said: "Well that couldn't be so because
14:51 the Americans are not that dumb.
14:53 Because if one hut caught on fire
14:57 then all the huts would catch on fire.
14:59 That's why we build our huts separate. "
15:02 Another one got up and he said: "Well not only do they
15:05 put one hut up against another hut
15:08 they put one hut on top of a hut
15:11 and then another hut on top of that hut
15:14 And then they put another hut on top of that hut. "
15:17 Another elder got up and this just about reduced him
15:22 to disbelief. He said: "I can't believe the Americans
15:28 would ever do that because how would you get
15:31 from the bottom hut into the top hut? "
15:34 One of the delegates got up and he said:
15:36 "They're really smart. They've got another little hut
15:38 that runs up and down and takes you there. "
15:47 It is true! Well that assembly of Christians
15:53 passed a resolution that night
15:55 that the next time they sent people to America
15:58 they would choose delegates who didn't tell lies.
16:04 Now folks, I want to tell you something.
16:07 There are many things we don't understand.
16:10 Um-hmm. Many people say: "I couldn't believe in
16:14 this because how would you get from the bottom hut
16:17 into the top hut? " You see?
16:21 But God is going to do some things that will baffle
16:27 the human imagination.
16:30 And I'm going to talk tonight on the wonders of that place.
16:33 The wonders of the gloryland and going home.
16:38 Would you please take your Bibles
16:40 and turn with me over here to II Corinthians chapter 2.
16:46 II Corinthians chapter 2.
16:50 You folks ready to go?
16:51 Amen! Chapter 2.
16:54 II Corinthians chapter 2.
17:03 No... it's I Corinthians.
17:06 Ahh... just checking if you're still awake there.
17:09 Uh-huh. I Corinthians chapter 2.
17:13 You know one of the worst things that can happen to a preacher?
17:17 He gives out the text and finds it's the wrong text.
17:20 And then he's searching and he can't find the text.
17:23 I Corinthians chapter 2 and... no... we're just going to go
17:29 to verse 8. "None of the rulers of this age
17:33 understood it, for if they had
17:37 they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.
17:41 However, as it is written
17:44 'no eye has seen, no mind has conceived
17:48 what God has prepared for those who love Him. ' "
17:52 But we'd better read the next verse.
17:54 And it says: "But God has revealed it to us
17:58 by His Spirit. " The most wonderful things God has
18:04 revealed to us by the Holy Spirit.
18:07 And even though we're like those people who say: "You know,
18:10 the Americans wouldn't do it this way.
18:12 They wouldn't put one hut upon another hut
18:14 and all that sort of stuff. "
18:17 Even though we may be like little children
18:20 in His Word God has told us enough
18:24 so we'll want to go home and take our families
18:27 to that wonderful place. Amen!
18:29 And you know, my friend, the older I get
18:34 the more I yearn to go home. Amen!
18:39 I don't know about you folks,
18:40 but God has been so good to me.
18:44 God has blessed me more than I certainly deserve.
18:51 But I want to tell you folks: sometimes I've got a yearning
18:57 for a better world. Amen! I've got a yearning
19:01 to go home to the Promised Land.
19:06 Would you come over here? I guess this could be one of my
19:09 favorite texts. John chapter 14 verses 1 down to 3
19:14 dear hearts and gentle people.
19:16 John 14 verses 1 down to 3.
19:20 John 14 verses 1 down to 3.
19:25 Jesus said: "Do not let your hearts be troubled.
19:29 Trust in God... trust also in Me.
19:34 In My Father's house are many rooms.
19:38 If it were not so I would have told you.
19:41 I am going there to prepare a place for you
19:45 and if I go and prepare a place for you
19:48 I will come back and take you to be with Me
19:51 that you also may be where I am. "
19:55 Amen! Did you notice it's not talking there
20:00 about a rosy-tinted cloud.
20:03 It's talking about a place:
20:07 the Father's house.
20:09 And it's going to be a real place
20:13 and a marvelous place
20:15 and enough rooms for you and for me.
20:23 Julia may know this story.
20:25 I'm so glad to see her in the audience tonight.
20:29 I think she's one of the most beautiful people I've ever met.
20:33 Dr. Julia Outkina.
20:39 But after the first campaign in Nizhny Novgorod
20:42 I went back as I always do six months later
20:46 to see how the people are.
20:51 And I was in the hotel Rosia.
20:55 There came a knocking on the door
20:58 on a Friday and it was snowing outside.
21:01 It was somewhat cold.
21:04 And two men came in. One could speak English,
21:08 one couldn't. One was a doctor.
21:11 Well, in fact three came. One was a translator.
21:14 One was a young doctor
21:19 and the other was the husband of Anna
21:24 who was bleeding to death in the hospital
21:28 after giving birth to a little girl.
21:31 I told you a bit of this the other night.
21:34 They took us to the hospital and I went in.
21:42 And then a little while later
21:48 I think it was around sunset Sabbath
21:52 she died.
21:54 We buried her. Now my friend
22:03 when you come face to face with death
22:07 with all its grim realities
22:10 you realize the only thing that really counts
22:15 is faith in Christ
22:18 and the hope of the resurrection.
22:21 Now I'm absolutely convinced that we will see our loved ones
22:26 in Christ again. And it's going to be in a better time
22:31 and a better place. My father and mother passed away
22:37 many years ago. My mother lived until she was 97,
22:41 and she only died at that early age because she had
22:45 a bad accident.
22:48 She would have lived on till well after 100.
22:55 And I talked to my mother just a little bit before she died.
22:59 What would you talk to your mother about?
23:03 Because my mother had prayed for me as a boy.
23:07 My mother had encouraged me to go to Avondale College.
23:12 And every time I left the house my mother would pull me
23:15 to the front door and put her arm around me
23:18 and say: "Now come on John. " And then she would pray for me.
23:23 That's when I was going through a rough stage
23:25 and I was rebelling. Thank God for our mothers.
23:31 But she died with her hope in Christ. I will see her again.
23:34 My father for most of his life was basically an unbeliever.
23:40 He'd been brought up in the the great Roman Catholic church.
23:44 But in his heart there was a lot of fear.
23:48 He'd served as a little boy as an altar boy
23:51 under Archbishop Jueykin In Australia,
23:57 but in his heart... I'm not suggesting that
24:01 this is typical of all Catholics
24:03 but in his heart he had no hope.
24:07 But something that moved me tremendously...
24:10 I was running a series of meetings and quite unexpectedly
24:15 my father came.
24:17 Umm. My father sat down in the meeting
24:21 and I preached with all my heart.
24:23 I preached with all my heart and I made an appeal
24:28 and my father raised his hand. Amen! And my father stood up.
24:32 And a little while later my father was baptized.
24:35 Some time after this Beverley, my wife, and I
24:40 went to the little town of Esk
24:43 in southeast Queensland
24:48 because that is where I was born.
24:51 This little tiny town.
24:54 It's smaller than Benton.
24:58 With all respects to the Bentonites.
25:01 It's a tiny little town.
25:03 But that is where my father's father, my grandfather,
25:08 was buried. And we took my father
25:12 to see his father's grave.
25:17 And my dear old dad stood there.
25:19 He didn't say much... and he said
25:23 to Beverley and me he said: "Well I guess we all
25:25 have to come to this place. We all have to go down there. "
25:29 And Beverley said: "Dad,
25:33 we may all have to go down there
25:36 but we all don't have to stay down there. "
25:39 Amen! And she said:
25:41 "There's something far more important than
25:46 going down... it's how we come up. "
25:50 And I am absolutely convinced with all my soul
25:55 that God's people are going to live again.
26:00 I believe this. I have so much evidence
26:04 I could give to you in these meetings
26:06 which we don't have time.
26:08 I could tell you why I believe in the Bible.
26:12 I don't have faith in faith.
26:15 No... the Bible doesn't tell us to have blind faith.
26:21 I believe in the Bible because of the overwhelming
26:25 evidence that I have discovered.
26:28 I believe in the Bible because of prophecy.
26:31 I shared this with millions of people in Russia.
26:35 I believe in the Bible because of the person of Christ.
26:40 Nobody could have invented Him, you see.
26:43 I believe in the Bible... Now this is something new
26:47 to some of you and you may find this strange
26:50 why I should say this: I believe in the Bible
26:53 because of some of the amazing discoveries of science.
27:00 Did you know we are part of a universe
27:04 of 200 billion galaxies like the Milky Way?
27:12 Each one of those galaxies has around 200 billion suns.
27:18 You don't have to believe what I'm going to tell you now.
27:24 I was interviewing a famous, world-famous astronomer
27:28 who is a Christian. He took out of his pocket
27:32 a dime. You know how tiny that is?
27:35 Took out of his pocket a dime.
27:38 He held it up and he said: "Pastor Carter... "
27:42 listen to this... "if the universe
27:46 of 200 billion galaxies
27:49 of 200 billion suns
27:53 was greater or lesser by the mass of this dime
28:00 there would be no life on the planet. "
28:06 I said: "I don't believe that. "
28:08 I said: "Who else believes this? "
28:11 He said: "Every educated person. "
28:17 He said: "Every astronomer. "
28:19 I said: "What about the atheists like Richard Dawkins? "
28:22 He said: "Of course. It is It is called the anthropic
28:25 principle that everything in the universe has been made
28:30 so that human beings can live on the planet. "
28:36 You know about a human cell, don't you?
28:39 You can't see it, can you?
28:42 You can see it under a microscope. You're correct.
28:46 Listen to this: we now know...
28:49 I interviewed a famous scientist the other day
28:52 who was a specialist in this area.
28:56 The information that is contained in a cell
29:04 is the equivalent of 100,000 books
29:09 each of 1,000 pages.
29:14 I said: "How is the information written down? "
29:18 He said: "It is written in digital code. "
29:24 I told this to my Jewish doctor and he said:
29:27 "I was at the University of Texas and one professor said
29:31 to me: 'Dr. Jack, you are no more significant
29:34 than an ant. ' " I said: "Dr. Jack,
29:38 you are a child of God"
29:41 and I told him about this. He said: "I know. "
29:44 He said: "It's too hard to believe. "
29:46 He said: "I believe that each human being
29:48 has so many cells. " I think he said 3 trillion cells.
29:55 I went home and looked it up with Dr. Johnson.
29:58 Every person has 300 trillion cells in the body.
30:06 I could not be an atheist because I don't have enough
30:10 faith to be an atheist! Amen!
30:14 You see, I am forced to believe in the Bible,
30:18 in God, in Christ, and in heaven.
30:23 And so the Bible teaches that God is going to give us
30:26 a brand new wonderful world.
30:29 Would you come over here to II Peter chapter 3
30:31 and verses 10 to 13.
30:34 II Peter 3:10-13.
30:40 The writings of Saint Peter
30:43 found here in our blessed Bible.
30:46 II Peter chapter 3, and here he talks about
30:51 something that thrills my soul through and through.
30:55 II Peter chapter 3 because he talks there
30:59 about a new heaven and a new earth.
31:03 Look at it: II Peter 3 verse 10 and onwards.
31:07 "But the day of the Lord will come like a thief.
31:09 The heavens will disappear with a roar;
31:11 the elements will be destroyed by fire
31:14 and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.
31:17 Since everything will be destroyed in this way
31:20 what kind of people ought you to be?
31:21 You ought to live holy and godly lives
31:24 as you look forward to the day of God and speed His coming.
31:27 That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens
31:29 by fire and the elements will melt in the heat.
31:32 But in keeping with His promise we are looking for... "
31:35 tell it to me... "we are looking forward to
31:38 a new heaven and a new earth,
31:41 the home of righteousness. "
31:44 Now the Bible tells me that this old world
31:49 is wearing out. I believe it.
31:53 This old world is wearing out.
31:56 You notice my Bible that I've got here tonight.
32:00 My old Bible is starting to wear out.
32:05 And this old world is wearing out.
32:08 The Bible tells me that the Almighty God
32:12 who made the universe is going to
32:15 re-create His creation.
32:18 And it's going to be a new heaven and a new earth,
32:23 the home of righteousness. And Jesus said:
32:26 "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. "
32:34 You know after Jesus was resurrected
32:37 you know when He met His disciples?
32:41 You know the story. When Jesus came in and they were surprised.
32:48 And Jesus sat down and He ate with them... had some fish.
32:51 You know that story?
32:53 What did Jesus say?
32:56 Jesus said to them: "Handle Me and see
32:59 for a spirit doesn't have flesh and bones
33:02 as you see that I have. "
33:05 So was Jesus a spirit?
33:08 No. Jesus was the Son of God,
33:12 the Son of Man, the glorified Son of God,
33:16 the glorified Son of Man, and He had an immortal body
33:21 with properties at present we don't understand. That's right.
33:25 But the Bible tells me that in the earth made new
33:28 we are going to get bodies like our Lord.
33:32 Would you come over here to Philippians chapter 3
33:35 and verses 18 to 21 dear friends.
33:38 Philippians chapter 3 and verse 18 and onwards
33:42 to the words of the great Paul. Philippians chapter 3
33:46 and verse 18 and onwards.
33:52 Here it goes: "For as I have often told you before
33:58 and now say again even with tears:
34:00 many live as enemies of the cross of Christ.
34:03 Their destiny is destruction. Their god is their stomach
34:07 and their glory is their shame.
34:09 Their mind is on earthly things.
34:11 BUT our citizenship is in heaven
34:14 and we eagerly await a Savior from there:
34:17 the Lord Jesus Christ, who by the power that enables Him
34:21 to bring everything under His control
34:24 will transform our lowly bodies
34:27 so that they will be like His glorious body. "
34:31 And so, friend, in this wonderful new world
34:35 we are going to be real people
34:40 and we're going to have real bodies
34:43 and we're going to live in a real place
34:47 that's called the Father's house.
34:49 And we will know our loved ones.
34:52 Um-hmm. You know the story of Mary
34:57 when she met Jesus on the Sunday morning.
35:02 She thought He was the gardener.
35:05 You know why she thought He was the gardener?
35:09 Because she was crying.
35:13 Her eyes were filled with hot salty tears.
35:16 And she saw this man, and filled with sorrow
35:19 because she believed that Christ was cold and dead
35:24 she thought He was the gardener and she said:
35:28 "If you've taken Him away, tell me where you've taken Him
35:31 and I will come and get Him. "
35:34 And Jesus said one word.
35:36 Um-hmm. He said: "Maria. "
35:42 "Mary. " And she turned and said:
35:47 "Master. " You know how she knew Him?
35:54 She knew Him by His voice... the same voice.
35:59 You're going to know your loved ones.
36:02 You'll recognize them. They will have new, glorified bodies
36:08 but you'll know them by their old familiar ways
36:14 and by their voices.
36:18 Listen: when Jesus came He did a lot of healing.
36:23 You know why Jesus did a lot of healing when He came?
36:26 He did, you know... He did a lot of healing.
36:29 He went around all of Galilee and around Jerusalem.
36:34 Wherever He went, he did a lot of healing.
36:36 He broke up every funeral that He went to.
36:39 Um-hmm.
36:41 Whenever He got to a funeral He broke up the funeral.
36:46 And he healed thousands of people.
36:49 You know why He did this?
36:52 To show that the kingdom of God had invaded time and space.
36:57 You know there's the lady with the bleeding cancer
37:01 that as Jesus went by thousands of people
37:05 it appeared that everybody was pushing and trying to touch
37:09 Christ. And she reached out a trembling finger
37:12 and she touched Him.
37:13 And He turned around and He said: "Who touched Me? "
37:16 And the disciples said: "Everybody. "
37:19 Umm. "Everybody is touching You. "
37:22 But Jesus said: "I perceive
37:24 that virtue has gone out from Me. "
37:28 And when she knew that she could not be hidden from Him
37:32 she came and she said: "I touched You. "
37:34 He said: "Go in peace; your faith saved you. "
37:39 He came to undo the work of the devil!
37:45 Amen! This world is filled with injustice.
37:50 You see some terrible thing happening in the world
37:54 and people say: "It is the will of God. "
37:59 It is not the will of God... it is the work of the devil!
38:03 Amen! That's right! Right!
38:05 And so you see some poor little child
38:08 and that little child is born deformed.
38:12 And people say to the mother: "Well, be comforted.
38:15 It is the will of God. "
38:18 Don't you know the story in the gospels
38:22 where the master sowed the good seed
38:26 and the enemy sowed the bad seed?
38:29 And they came along to the master and they said:
38:32 "Will we get rid of the bad seed?
38:34 Where did it come from? " You know what He said?
38:37 "An enemy has done this. "
38:39 Never confuse God with the enemy!
38:43 God is a God of love. "God IS love. "
38:46 The very essence of the character of God is love.
38:51 God never performed an abortion.
38:56 Um-hmm. That's right. God never gave a person cancer.
39:03 God never took a husband away from the wife.
39:09 Who did this? "An enemy has done this. "
39:12 And Jesus came to this world to overcome the work of the enemy.
39:18 Never attribute to the Lord
39:22 the work of the devil. Never never say
39:25 "The Lord did it. " "It is the will of God" they say.
39:30 "An act of God. " There is some great disaster.
39:34 What do they say? "An act of God. "
39:36 It is not an act of God.
39:38 An enemy has done this.
39:41 And when Jesus comes back, my friend,
39:44 He's coming back to do justice
39:47 and to bring about justice
39:50 because justice has been trampled underfoot.
39:54 He's coming back, my friend, to do justice
39:57 for His people and to raise His saints.
40:00 Amen. And when He comes back
40:04 He's going to heal everybody.
40:08 People say to me: "Do you believe in healing? "
40:10 Absolutely! I believe in healing.
40:14 But I believe in the ultimate healing when Jesus comes...
40:20 and when Jesus comes. Now let me read you another text.
40:23 Come over here to I Corinthians 15
40:26 and verse 50 and onwards. I Corinthians 15
40:30 and verse 50 and onwards.
40:32 I want these texts to just get down into the molecules
40:36 of your minds. I Corinthians chapter 15 verse 50:
40:41 "I declare to you brothers
40:44 that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God
40:49 nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable.
40:52 Listen: I tell you a mystery. We will not all sleep
40:56 but we will all be changed in a flash,
40:59 in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet.
41:03 For the trumpet will sound. The dead will be raised
41:07 imperishable and we will be changed.
41:10 For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable
41:13 and the mortal with immortality. " Hallelujah!
41:16 Can you say hallelujah? Hallelujah!
41:18 "When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable
41:21 and the mortal with immortality
41:23 then the saying that is written will come true:
41:26 'Death has been swallowed up in victory.
41:29 Where O death is your victory? Where O death is your sting? ' "
41:35 So listen: when Jesus came
41:40 it was a foretaste.
41:43 Theologians refer to this as realized eschatology.
41:49 That means when the kingdom of God came
41:53 God invaded time and space in the person of His Son.
41:58 "The kingdom of God is among you" He said.
42:03 But this kingdom is going to be consummated
42:07 when He comes in the clouds of heaven.
42:10 And the healing that started when Jesus came
42:14 is going to become a universal healing.
42:18 So... no cancer.
42:29 One of my dearest friends was Warren Judd.
42:36 I brought Warren to the United States.
42:43 We worked together in Texas.
42:45 Then he got a call to be the CEO
42:49 of the Adventist Media Center.
42:54 You know, the Media Center has been sold
42:57 or closed down in California.
43:01 Warren was in charge of that.
43:05 He did the greatest job a man could ever do.
43:08 He was the greatest boss a man could ever be.
43:10 They loved him.
43:16 And our studio wasn't finished so I contacted Warren
43:20 and said, or my son David did actually,
43:22 "Can we use the Media Center? " He said: "Yes...
43:24 for one last time. " So we went to the Media Center
43:28 where we've got so many friends
43:30 and we used the Adventist Media Center one last time.
43:34 Warren was traveling with his beautiful wife Jan.
43:37 He used to sing for me in all my campaigns.
43:43 These folks were like family.
43:47 And so we contacted Warren and said: "We'd like to take
43:51 you and Jan out to Martin's in Westlake Village.
43:54 It'd be like the old times. "
43:56 He said: "I can hardly wait. "
43:58 So we took them out. Warren has always been skinny
44:02 and he was pretty skinny... but that's nothing unusual.
44:06 And he said: "I'm going to retire
44:10 and we're going to have a wonderful time together.
44:13 I've traveled the world...
44:14 been in the back of planes for years.
44:19 Running the Media Center, doing great campaigns
44:21 around the world. " He said: "We're going to retire...
44:27 enjoy our grandchildren. "
44:29 Two weeks later he called me.
44:32 He said: "John, I've just had my medicals. "
44:36 I said: "Yes? " He said: "I've got cancer.
44:39 It's in my liver. It's spread. It's in my lungs. "
44:44 He said: "Would you come and anoint me? "
44:47 I said: "Of course, of course. "
44:49 So we went to his son's home, Dr. Marc.
44:53 We met with all the family members and we anointed him.
45:00 God didn't give him cancer.
45:07 And that enemy is going to burn!
45:11 Um-hmm. He's going to burn.
45:20 Warren lived out past Loma Linda
45:23 so we traveled out on a couple of occasions.
45:25 I called Warren every week and prayed with him.
45:31 I was going through my messages on my cell phone
45:36 and there's one that I can't erase.
45:39 It's from Warren.
45:42 And a little while ago in the presence of his family
45:46 Warren went to sleep.
45:51 I helped in his memorial at Loma Linda University church.
45:59 But I want to tell you folks something:
46:03 we're going to go to a better place than Martin's.
46:06 Amen! Uh-huh.
46:08 Warren's going to wake up. If you've lost a loved one,
46:13 whether it's your husband or your brother
46:17 an enemy has done this.
46:20 And it's not over.
46:24 No cancer; no heart disease.
46:28 No headaches; no diabetes.
46:32 No abortions. No poverty; no suffering.
46:37 No Alzheimer's; no deaths.
46:45 And it's coming. Amen!
46:48 It's coming, my friend:
46:50 all the glory of that place.
46:53 Come over here with me to the apocalypse.
46:56 Revelation 21 verses 1 to 5.
46:58 Revelation 21 and verses 1 down to 5.
47:03 "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth
47:06 for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.
47:09 And there was no longer any sea.
47:11 I saw the Holy City - the New Jerusalem -
47:13 coming down out of heaven from God
47:15 prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.
47:18 And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying:
47:20 'Now the dwelling of God is with men
47:22 and He will live with them.
47:24 They will be His people
47:25 and God Himself will be with them and be their God.
47:29 He will wipe every tear from their eyes.
47:32 There will be no more death or mourning or crying
47:36 or pain for the old order of things has passed away. '
47:39 He who is seated on the throne said:
47:42 'I am making everything new. '
47:45 Then he said: 'Write this down
47:48 for these words are trustworthy and true. ' "
47:57 Beverley and I just spent two months in Australia.
48:01 I took meetings at Avondale then in Sydney.
48:04 And we went on a journey of remembrance.
48:07 We drove up the New England highway.
48:10 The last time we drove it was 35 years ago.
48:13 I used to walk along that highway 600 miles
48:17 to go from Avondale to my home in Brisbane.
48:21 You know why I walked it?
48:23 I had no money so I walked it.
48:26 This poverty was a blessing.
48:29 And I would hitchhike. I did this for six years
48:33 while I was studying for the ministry.
48:36 But one day... one day
48:40 a lady came to me - I must have looked so skinny and so poor -
48:46 and she said: "John, here's five pounds... "
48:52 English pounds, 5 pounds.
48:55 In those days $10.
48:57 A lot more than that today...
48:59 and said: "This is to buy your ticket so you can go home. "
49:05 Now I want you to know something:
49:09 somebody has bought us our ticket home.
49:11 Amen! Um-hmm. Hallelujah!
49:17 And I'm not going home walking up the New England highway
49:21 in the sleet out in the cold with an empty stomach
49:26 taking sometimes 3 or 4 days to get home.
49:29 I'm going home first class
49:32 because somebody bought my ticket.
49:35 Amen. Oh precious Jesus... yes, Lord.
49:37 I just want you to think about this:
49:41 When the Lord Jesus Christ...
49:42 We talk about these things sometimes so glibly
49:45 but I want it to sink into your soul...
49:48 when the Lord Jesus Christ put out His hands on the cross
49:55 and tasted death for me
49:59 and bore the guilt and the sin of the world...
50:04 Bishop Fulton Sheen said: "For one brief moment in time
50:09 He was unfurled on the cross like a wounded eagle. "
50:16 When He was unfurled on the cross like a wounded eagle
50:20 He paid for my ticket home.
50:25 Amen! Um-hmm.
50:27 He paid for it with His own blood.
50:32 It tells me He loves me.
50:34 Um-hmm. He loves you.
50:37 You're never alone. He's preparing a place for you
50:43 and your loved ones.
50:47 Now I want to do something with you now.
50:50 I want to pray with you.
50:52 And I wonder tonight in the presence of God
50:56 as we bow our heads and close our eyes
50:59 how many will raise a hand with me and say
51:03 "Lord, like that thief on the cross I say to You
51:07 Lord remember me when You come into your kingdom. "
51:13 Could you raise your hand tonight if that's your prayer?
51:16 Can you say tonight? Can you say it with me:
51:19 Lord, remember me
51:22 when You come into Your kingdom.
51:25 Keep your hand up. And Jesus will say to you
51:30 "Truly truly I say to you
51:37 tonight at 3ABN
51:41 you will be with Me in paradise. "
51:45 Lord, we want You to know tonight we're grateful.
51:50 We worship You; we bless You.
51:53 We lift up our hands and we lift up our hearts
51:58 and we thank you that You have purchased our ticket home.
52:05 And we thank you it's going to be better than our minds
52:10 can comprehend. Dear dear Lord, tonight
52:15 bless these upraised hands
52:18 and bless these upraised hearts.
52:21 And we thank you for this great salvation
52:26 in Jesus' name. Amen and amen.
52:32 And thank you Jesus and praise the Lord.
52:36 Praise the Lord. Thank you brother John.
52:40 Stay right here for a moment if you would.
52:42 Don't leave us. Ya'll been blessed?
52:45 Amen! All right. We're going to ask you also
52:48 pray for Elder Carter in his travels and his ministry.
52:53 Bro. John Lomacang said while ago
52:56 back stage: "He is the Adventist Billy Graham. "


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