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Great Is Thy Faithfulness: My Journey Into Medicine

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Participants: John Shin


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04:57 Hello, ASI.
05:01 Are you encouraged?
05:03 Are you inspired?
05:06 Okay, we are... Oh, yes, I'm supposed to be here.
05:11 Okay, I don't play the violin so that's the wrong place.
05:13 Okay, so I have with me
05:15 Pastor Sam and Pastor Scott Griswold,
05:19 and they have a ministry that I think is amazing
05:22 and that everyone in this auditorium
05:25 can be a part of.
05:26 And so, Pastor Sam, you are from where?
05:29 I am from Burma.
05:31 Okay, Myanmar now, right? Now Myanmar.
05:33 Okay, yeah, now Myanmar.
05:35 Now you came to America to be...
05:37 to go to the seminary.
05:39 Yes, at Andrews University. Okay.
05:40 So you wanted to be a pastor,
05:42 but before that what were you doing?
05:43 I was a missionary before that. And before that?
05:46 Before that, I was in the business study field, yes.
05:50 So you were an ASI member? I wish I was.
05:53 Yes, okay, but you could have been an ASI member,
05:56 and like many of these people, you had your own business
05:59 and then you decided to go into God's work.
06:01 Now at the seminary,
06:04 as you were studying to be a minister
06:06 you saw a great need, what was that?
06:08 I saw multitudes of refugees coming from all over the world,
06:11 especially from countries
06:13 like Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Somalia,
06:15 countries where it's very difficult or impossible
06:18 to share the gospel.
06:19 Yes, and we want to send missionaries
06:22 to those countries to reach them
06:24 and here the people are coming right into our backyards.
06:28 And I felt strong impression inside of me
06:31 that there needs to be someone.
06:33 Maybe I'm the one that should be.
06:35 So finally, I saw the need
06:37 and I felt the Holy Spirit working inside of me
06:39 to work with them.
06:41 You know, lot of people see the needs.
06:43 Yes.
06:44 But sometimes or many times that need goes unfulfilled
06:48 because we don't know what to do, okay,
06:51 but you knew what to do and what was that?
06:53 To surrender everything to God.
06:56 Okay, and how did you fill this need?
06:59 I spent time in fasting and prayer
07:02 and God impressed upon my heart
07:05 which group of people to work with.
07:07 Okay, now fasting and prayer
07:10 is what we all need to do to begin our ministry,
07:13 but sometimes when we start our ministry,
07:15 we want to be a big grand ministry.
07:18 But how did you start? I started from scratch.
07:21 I did not have a car and the refugees,
07:24 if I want to reach out to,
07:25 like two hours or three hours drive away from where I was.
07:28 So many times, I had to leave on Friday afternoon
07:31 to Indianapolis or to Chicago,
07:33 and on Tuesday I would be praying for a vehicle,
07:37 for God to provide me someone to give me a ride.
07:41 And if there would be no transportation or vehicle
07:43 that would be provided to me by Wednesday,
07:45 on Thursday I would fast and pray.
07:47 And then what would happen? Okay.
07:50 Almost all the time by Thursday afternoon as I end my fast,
07:56 God would impress upon my heart very strongly and said,
07:59 "My son, your logistic is taken care of."
08:00 And he would give me that peace of mind
08:02 that no human being can take away from me.
08:04 And so you would have a car
08:06 and you would go to these people
08:07 and what would you do once you reach them?
08:10 Once I reach them, I help them apply for jobs.
08:13 These are refugees that like to work,
08:15 they enjoy working hard, and they are good workers.
08:18 So I help them with job applications,
08:20 I help them with job interviews,
08:22 I even help them at job orientation.
08:24 Okay, so, now these people when they come,
08:27 they get government assistance but for how long?
08:29 Most of the time it's three months and...
08:31 Three months.
08:32 And the government expect them to find jobs
08:34 and be able to stand on their own feet
08:36 in three months time as possible.
08:37 So after that they're on their own.
08:38 They're on their own.
08:40 But they don't know the language.
08:41 They don't know the language. Yes.
08:42 Okay, and they don't know
08:44 how the American workplace works.
08:45 That's right.
08:46 And also how the government works.
08:48 Yes, and that's the result they're very stressful.
08:51 And they're always looking for genuine friends
08:53 that would love them, that would support them,
08:55 that would encourage them,
08:56 that would let them feel that
08:58 this is a country that welcomed them.
08:59 Okay, so you fill that need
09:02 and then how does that translate
09:04 into sharing your gospel?
09:07 When I helped them with their needs,
09:10 you know, whether it'd be going to the doctor appointments,
09:12 whether it'd be going to help them get driver license.
09:16 By showing them Christ's love, and grace, and compassion,
09:20 and helping them with their
09:21 day-to-day challenges and needs,
09:23 we begin to bond together.
09:24 There's this deep level of friendship and trust
09:26 that they have,
09:28 and as a result they begin to ask me
09:30 who I am?
09:31 And what I believe? And why?
09:33 Is it that I am as a full time student
09:35 would be helping them.
09:37 Okay, so, Pastor Scott, you are the part of ASAP,
09:41 and what does that stand for?
09:42 ASAP ministry stands for
09:44 Advocates for Southeast Asians and the Persecuted,
09:47 and we are simply trying to encourage and support
09:50 work among Southeast Asians overseas
09:52 but also here and also for those
09:55 who have come from countries
09:56 where there is war or persecution.
09:57 So Pastor Sam is a part of your ministry.
10:00 Amen. Okay.
10:02 Now you shared
10:03 a very interesting testimony with me.
10:06 Yes.
10:08 And I would like you to share them with them.
10:12 At the end of my studies at the seminary,
10:14 I asked God to show me where He wants me to work.
10:17 And as I was fasting and praying on a Sunday,
10:20 God impressed upon me very strongly
10:21 that I need to work with the refugees
10:23 and I asked Him, "Lord, which refugees' group?
10:25 The one in Chicago, in Lansing, in Battle Creek,
10:27 in Grand Rapids, or in Indianapolis."
10:29 And God said, "Indianapolis."
10:31 So my next question is,
10:32 "Okay, I need to go and work in Indianapolis
10:33 but I don't have a car.
10:35 And I need gas money, and I need to rent an apartment
10:39 and I don't have money for apartment, there's no one.
10:41 No organization that would be supporting me
10:43 but how will I go and reach out to them?"
10:46 And as I was fasting and praying,
10:48 as the sun was setting down,
10:50 God impressed upon my heart and said,
10:51 "My son, how many years were you at the seminary?"
10:54 I said, "Four years."
10:55 "Do you owe any money?
10:57 A single cent to Andrews University
10:59 or any one organization?"
11:01 I said, "Lord, no one."
11:03 And the Lord impressed upon my heart and said,
11:05 "As I have taken care of your needs for four years
11:08 without anyone sponsoring you, I will take care of your needs.
11:11 Go to Indianapolis."
11:13 Okay, so now God did send you to Indianapolis
11:16 and you had amazing experiences there
11:20 and what is the result?
11:22 What was the end result?
11:23 I understand you planted a church.
11:25 Yes, the end result is that
11:27 at the beginning we started about
11:28 seven or eight people,
11:30 with that, with God's blessing
11:32 we have about 65 baptized members
11:34 in the church plant.
11:36 Amen.
11:37 Now ASI members, you can reach
11:40 the refugee community in your city,
11:43 and in your community and how do they do that,
11:46 Pastor Scott?
11:47 There are a whole lot of ways he shared with you,
11:49 many other ways that you can just care for people
11:51 as they first arrived
11:53 as they're trying to get used to the things here.
11:55 But to just summarize in the time we have,
11:58 I would encourage people to go to the website
12:02 or stop by and pick up a kit
12:04 that we have prepared at ASAP ministries booth there.
12:07 And what number is your booth? It's number 408.
12:10 Okay, 408.
12:12 You know, we're looking to go into mission field,
12:14 sometimes we can't go to lot of these countries
12:16 but you have these people right in your backyards
12:19 that you can work with.
12:20 So thank you so much. Thank you.
12:22 Okay, next we have our gentleman
12:25 that has a amazing ministry.
12:29 And his name is Shawn D'Abreu.
12:32 Now, Shawn, I met him last year, last year,
12:38 and as soon as I met him,
12:39 I knew he needed to be involved in the ASI officer core.
12:43 And so we twisted his arm and everything else
12:47 and he is our Mid-America ASI
12:51 Vice President for Membership and Recruitment.
12:53 So, now I would like you to share
12:56 just a very short testimony.
12:59 God has been so good to me.
13:01 My very short testimony in this context.
13:04 When I was 17 years old,
13:06 I suffered a spinal cord injury.
13:08 Seventh-day Adventist going to and not in our mission school.
13:11 And there was a school shooting where I was,
13:14 and I was paralyzed,
13:16 but God is so good as a Seventh-day Adventist.
13:20 And so I understood the great controversy.
13:23 I understood that God although He is ultimately in control,
13:27 He is loving and kind,
13:29 He protected me from further injury.
13:31 And He gives me opportunity to witness and to serve Him,
13:34 so that's a brief touch on my testimony.
13:36 So as a result of this shooting,
13:38 you became a paraplegic,
13:40 but you didn't let that slow you down.
13:42 No, God is too good for that,
13:45 and so He allow me to go on and graduate from high school,
13:48 graduate from college, go to graduate school
13:51 and then to begin a professional life from there.
13:53 Yes, and your profession is a lobbyist
13:56 and I've never actually met a real lobbyist before.
13:59 So tell us what you're lobbying for?
14:03 I've lobbied for a few different community groups,
14:09 and nonprofits,
14:11 and centering around the issues of health care,
14:13 community based services, civil liberties,
14:17 variety of different other subjects as well.
14:23 Okay, so in addition to your lobbying activity
14:26 as part of your living,
14:28 you have a ministry and what is that ministry?
14:31 It's the Midwest Center for Civil and Religious Liberty.
14:34 We are a nonprofit organization that's dedicated to protecting
14:40 and advancing the issues of religious liberty
14:43 and civil liberties within our society
14:46 at the local, and state level, and regional level.
14:49 So as part of your ministry,
14:51 you monitor legislative activities in some states,
14:56 Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas right now, right?
14:58 Yes.
15:00 But you would like to expand to where?
15:02 Other areas within the Mid-America Union,
15:04 and also the Midwest if possible.
15:07 We are headquartered in Missouri,
15:10 so that's where the majority
15:12 of our legislative advocacy takes place.
15:14 Okay, now you also train members and churches,
15:18 and how they can get involved and how do you do that?
15:21 That's really the thrust of our concern
15:24 because there's a lot of information out there
15:27 and, so we don't suffer from a lack of information.
15:31 But we do need to be able to follow
15:34 through on the knowledge that we've been blessed
15:36 for as Seventh-day Adventist,
15:38 and so our real burden is to help lay people
15:42 and others who may not be involved in religious liberty.
15:47 You know, there may be policy makers
15:49 or attorneys to get involved,
15:51 to understand what the issues are to be able to communicate
15:54 with legislatives and policy makers
15:56 and to form relationships really for the primary basis
16:00 of trying to help people to understand
16:02 the Three Angels' message but also to influence policy.
16:05 Right.
16:06 Now, we want to influence policy
16:07 because we know the great controversy,
16:09 and we know the Bible prophecy,
16:11 and we know what's coming down the road.
16:13 Yes. And so why do you do this work?
16:17 There is a moral purpose to prophecy,
16:20 and so it's not just for us to know what's going to happen.
16:23 I mean, just kind of sit back passively
16:25 and allow things to happen is for us
16:28 to be able to get involved as the Lord leads us,
16:32 to perhaps help to hold back the winds a little longer
16:34 so the gospel can be preached and lived in relative peace.
16:38 And so that's kind of our burden
16:40 at the local and state level
16:42 because many of the various things
16:44 that threaten us,
16:45 civil liberties or religious liberties.
16:47 They happen more at the state level
16:49 more than at the federal level.
16:51 At the federal level there is a lot of wheel lock
16:52 at this point of time as you all may be well aware.
16:55 So there are a lot of things that pass
16:57 through state legislatures
16:59 that, you know, they sound good
17:00 but, you know, they may not be very good.
17:03 There's a very good example
17:04 that you told me about that just passed through
17:07 or almost passed through the Missouri state legislature.
17:10 Can you share with us what that was?
17:11 Sure.
17:12 It was called Senate Joint Resolution 39
17:16 and it was an amendment to the Missouri Constitution,
17:20 which would have essentially established religion.
17:22 Now, it sounded good, it was marketed very well
17:26 in a manner that many conservative Christians
17:28 would have agree with.
17:30 Oftentimes we hear things like religious liberty,
17:33 we often times,
17:34 you know, say, yeah, I'm for that.
17:35 However, when you look at the proposal
17:37 and look at the bill itself,
17:39 it actually established
17:41 a particular religious point of view
17:43 within the Missouri Constitution.
17:45 Now whether or not we agree with a particular policy,
17:48 or particular piece of theology is really not the point.
17:53 The point is we really believe
17:54 in separation of church and state.
17:55 Amen.
17:57 And therefore we want to avoid the situation
18:00 where there is within constitutions,
18:02 within statutes
18:03 particular theological viewpoints
18:05 even if we agree with them
18:07 that would then be enforced by law
18:10 because even on this one hand is maybe something
18:12 that some people would agree with.
18:14 What happens next
18:15 when there's something that we don't agree
18:17 with whether it's a Sunday Law or some of the aspect
18:19 that would affect our religious liberty.
18:22 And so SJR 39 was, looked like it was a freight train,
18:26 it went straight through the senate,
18:28 it was like who's not going to be stopped
18:30 but God is good, we talk with legislators,
18:33 we did some public affairs work
18:36 we did some other things in coordination
18:38 with other partners
18:40 and it failed in committee by one vote.
18:43 Just one vote.
18:45 And so, the way this is applicable to you,
18:48 you may not live in Missouri,
18:50 but as I say proposals like this go
18:52 through state legislatures all the time
18:55 and so we have to be vigilant.
18:56 Yes.
18:58 Thank you so much
18:59 and, you know, we're going to be praying for you,
19:01 and I think this is something
19:02 that we all should be interested in.
19:04 So thank you so much for sharing.
19:07 Okay, next we have someone that many of you already know,
19:10 Moses Primo.
19:12 He is the...
19:16 Moses, where are you?
19:17 I'm director of broadcasting and engineering for 3ABN.
19:21 Yes, he is the director for broadcasting for 3ABN.
19:24 So we have...
19:27 How long have you been there?
19:29 Almost 25 years.
19:31 Twenty-five years, okay,
19:33 and so you're very involved with that and very busy,
19:38 but now you started another ministry?
19:40 Yes.
19:42 The Lord has impressed me that,
19:44 you know, I was really privileged to be
19:46 in the generation like this
19:49 that goes from a six to eight foot satellite dishes
19:54 to a small internet connection with set top boxes.
19:58 And I saw other companies like they're Roku,
20:02 and there are some other companies.
20:04 The Sky Angel.
20:05 The Sky Angel doing a lot of channels
20:08 that are not good for your family.
20:11 So the Lord impressed me to create something
20:14 that would be Seventh-day Adventist content.
20:17 Not only for the Seventh-day,
20:19 but the content would be only Seventh-day Adventist.
20:23 Okay, so because you weren't busy enough,
20:25 you decided to start another ministry.
20:27 Okay, and what's the name of that ministry?
20:30 It's mySDAtv.
20:33 The reason is I want everybody to have,
20:36 this is my SDA content.
20:39 Okay, so this network is strictly Adventist programming.
20:44 Yes, it is strictly Adventist programming
20:47 but not only for Adventists.
20:49 Right, and who provides this programming?
20:52 They are all the channels,
20:54 the Seventh-day Adventist channels like 3ABN,
20:57 and we have eight channels for 3ABN,
20:59 and they're all high definition in the box.
21:03 There is Amazing Discoveries, Amazing Facts, LLBN,
21:07 and one other factor
21:08 that I wanted to emphasize in this box is
21:11 we have a lot of different languages.
21:14 It is my goal to be a... the center of
21:18 all the Seventh-day Adventist portal
21:21 for many different languages
21:23 to be able to connected to that
21:25 and be blessed with the material that we have.
21:28 Amen.
21:29 Now this is your wife Adima, and she is on your staff?
21:33 Yes.
21:35 So this is your ministry but she does all the work.
21:38 Always. And what do you do?
21:41 I'm the treasurer, and I do the shipping,
21:44 and I help answer the phone.
21:46 Okay, very good.
21:48 Yeah, she prays with some people,
21:49 especially elderly people that call and tell
21:52 that their lives have been changed
21:55 and then there is a hope
21:56 because now they have the content available on the TV
21:59 with all the message that gives them a hope of living.
22:03 Now, how do you accept content from media, people, sources?
22:09 As long as with the 28
22:11 fundamental beliefs of this SDA church,
22:15 we just provided that ability, it's free for the networks,
22:21 all the channels and not only TV
22:22 but the radio also.
22:24 And we wanna invite, you know, all the ASI lay organizations
22:28 that have media content to be on the box.
22:32 We have three different boxes.
22:34 Okay, let's see that. We want to show them.
22:36 This is the smallest one.
22:39 I was telling you,
22:40 we went from a 10 foot satellite dishes
22:44 to smaller than the business card.
22:48 You just connect this little one into the internet
22:51 and you connect it to your TV set,
22:53 and you can get a high definition quality,
22:56 and not only that you put on your pocket,
22:58 you can travel with it or you can...
23:01 We have a lot of people that are using as a ministry tool,
23:05 and they buy in quantities to give out
23:08 and to ministry to other people.
23:10 Okay, so you have three different sizes
23:13 that people can use to play the content
23:17 for any kind of venues like public evangelistic meetings,
23:22 for home meetings, for all that.
23:24 And then you also have the part
23:26 where people can send in content?
23:29 Right, we have also one very important factor
23:32 that we made sure to have is the video on demand.
23:35 Today, nobody has time to watch
23:37 what they want at the time that the networks want,
23:41 so we keep in the memory of the box
23:44 30 days of 24 hours of programming.
23:47 So if you are coming to ASI,
23:49 you see something you like here,
23:50 you go back home, you can watch it again
23:52 or share with your friends or families.
23:56 The box has a USB on the back that you can put a USB stick
24:02 and you can download and share with the friends.
24:06 Okay. Now how do people send in their contents?
24:09 We received a URL from the ministries
24:14 and we just propagated that distribution through the box.
24:18 Okay, we just have a few seconds left.
24:19 Do you have a testimony
24:21 that you can share with us of somebody
24:23 that used the box and changed their lives?
24:25 Well, thank you for asking that
24:27 because we don't have a lot of time
24:28 and I was worried about it.
24:30 But I will make a quick testimony of one lady
24:34 that called us, actually Adima talked to her.
24:37 She purchased the box, and she was watching
24:41 because she was enjoying, she was Seventh-day Adventist,
24:44 but she was worried about her son,
24:46 her teenager son that was out of the church.
24:49 And every night she turned off the box and went to bed
24:53 and the next morning the box was on.
24:55 So she was wondering,
24:58 but one night that she got up
25:00 and she saw her son watching 3ABN
25:03 and they were watching Doug Batchelor.
25:05 After a series of weeks and days,
25:09 she came to talk to the son and the son said,
25:11 "Mom, I surrender my life to Jesus,
25:15 and I wanted to go to Andrews to do a theology program,
25:19 and I want to become a pastor."
25:21 Amen. So how can they contact you?
25:24 We're gonna put up the website, it's very easy.
25:27 It's,
25:31 and also we have in that website
25:34 we have the three models and how you can acquire.
25:37 There is a lot of instructions
25:39 that we're upgrading the website.
25:41 We wanted that website to be a portal
25:43 for all the media content that is Seventh-day Adventist.
25:47 Amen.
25:48 ASI, I hope that you've heard something tonight
25:50 that you can take home and get involved in
25:53 because that's why you're here, right?
25:56 Amen. So let's get to work. Thank you.
26:01 Good evening, ASI.
26:04 And we end our evening
26:05 with our exciting offering in action.
26:09 So I'm real happy to bring three projects to you tonight.
26:13 The first of which is GYC,
26:16 and standing with me is Moise Ratsara.
26:18 He's the president of GYC currently
26:20 and, Taylor Hinkle, who is the general vice president.
26:23 And, Moise, tell us what does GYC stand for,
26:25 and tell us a little about the organization?
26:28 Okay, very good question, Debbie.
26:30 So GYC stands for Generation Youth Christ.
26:34 And we're a moment that seeks to have Bible based revival
26:40 where every attendee is a missionary.
26:44 The one thing that we desire is
26:47 to finish the work in this generation.
26:49 That is our biggest desire
26:52 and that is what we seek to do by God's grace.
26:54 Now your target is young people.
26:57 So what ages are we talking about when we talk young folk?
27:00 Okay, we talk from the age of about 17 to 35.
27:04 So millennials and the new generation
27:07 that is rising up,
27:08 we don't have a name for them yet,
27:10 but millennials and the new generation.
27:13 Now the project that we're looking at
27:15 for the offering this year
27:17 has to do with what's coming up.
27:19 One of the events that you typically plan every year.
27:22 Tell us a little bit about the focus of that project?
27:24 Okay, so in December 28, in Houston, Texas,
27:29 so this year we're planning to pass out
27:32 about a million glow tracks throughout the city of Houston.
27:36 We're also planning to generate Bible studies last year
27:39 when were in Beeville,
27:41 we had about 2000 plus Bible study interests
27:44 through our Friday outreach.
27:46 So we're trying to saturate the town of Houston
27:49 with the gospel and to prepare them
27:51 for what's about to happen.
27:53 And this is a typical methodology
27:56 if you will that GYC follows when you have your convention,
27:59 it's not coming and sitting, it's coming and working.
28:03 Yes, we believe in service.
28:05 We believe in service
28:07 and doing something about the gospel.
28:10 And so, now that we understand,
28:14 we're reminded what GYC is all about.
28:16 I'm interested to know
28:17 what some of the challenges are
28:19 that you might face as leadership,
28:22 leaders in this organization
28:23 to engage young people in this kind of activity.
28:27 Does everybody come with a burning desire and fire
28:31 to serve Jesus?
28:32 I'll let my good friend Taylor talk about that.
28:35 Well, I can definitely say not everyone comes
28:37 with a great burning desire to share Jesus.
28:40 I remember the first time I went to GYC, it was in 2007,
28:43 and I walked into GYC
28:45 and thought everyone else is a little bit odd
28:47 because of their zeal to share the gospel.
28:49 And I remember I was raised in Adventist home,
28:51 gone through Adventist education,
28:52 and all these things.
28:53 But these people were so excited about
28:55 what they believed
28:56 and it seemed a little bit weird to me,
28:57 but I remember going home and thinking,
28:59 "Man, they had something that
29:00 they were actually living for and they had a purpose."
29:03 And at that time I realized all my friends
29:04 were leaving the church
29:06 and most of them except for three
29:07 are either dead, in prison, or still on drugs.
29:10 And I wondered what is it
29:12 that's gonna give me a burden for the church,
29:13 and I realized that it's understanding
29:14 the true Seventh-day Adventist message
29:16 and what the Bible really teaches.
29:18 So I remember going back in 2008,
29:20 going to GYC still not fully on board
29:22 with what they were talking about.
29:24 But I was excited about what I was hearing.
29:26 You know, for the very first time
29:27 I heard preachers
29:28 who were really calling us to a higher standard.
29:30 Sure, we heard that in our churches,
29:31 and we heard that in the academy,
29:32 and all these different things.
29:34 But here it was a high pressure time,
29:35 all these young people of my age around
29:38 there wanting to do the same thing,
29:40 and for the first time I didn't feel like
29:41 I was out of place for wanting to serve the Lord,
29:44 but I felt like I was out of place
29:45 not wanting to do God's will.
29:47 And so at those appeals, I remember going forward
29:49 and surrendering my life to Jesus Christ
29:51 and making a decided effort
29:53 that I was going to serve the Lord.
29:54 And I think it's because of GYC's call
29:57 and appeal to fully surrender the lives,
29:59 radical submission,
30:01 being embracing the Seventh-day Adventist message,
30:03 supporting the church in their work.
30:05 It helped me to realize that the church
30:06 is not something I wanted to leave
30:07 but really to be engaged in.
30:09 So and that's the culture
30:11 that you're trying to change this idea
30:13 that where you were coming from
30:15 to where you were wanting to go to,
30:17 and not even realizing that's where you wanted to go,
30:19 but witnessing that all around,
30:20 you're trying to change a culture
30:22 that you've experienced?
30:24 Amen.
30:25 Yeah, we're tired of just being consumers.
30:28 And by God's grace we want to see producers.
30:30 We want to be part of heralding in
30:32 and ushering the coming of Jesus
30:34 instead of sit back and watching everyone else
30:36 and just being spectators.
30:37 But now it's what can we do to see
30:39 Jesus come back in our generation.
30:41 I think it's possible for Jesus to come back very soon.
30:44 I think it's possible for the gospel
30:46 to go to the whole world.
30:47 But it's going to come with the radical desire
30:49 to do whatever it takes for it to happen.
30:51 Amen.
30:52 Thank you very much, Moise and Taylor,
30:54 for sharing with us.
30:57 Isn't that wonderful to have our young people
30:59 so on fire for the Lord.
31:00 We need to hold up their hands
31:02 through our gifts and offerings.
31:04 Coming to the podium now is Jeremiah Weeks,
31:07 he is the director of Share Him and Luis Leonor,
31:12 good long term friend of mine
31:14 and who is the trip manager for Share Him.
31:16 Jeremiah, I want you to share with us.
31:19 When I think about Share Him,
31:20 I know that it was the brainchild
31:22 of Elder Robert Folkenberg Sr.
31:25 And remind us of the mission
31:26 that he so passionately believed in
31:29 through this ministry.
31:30 Yeah. That's right, Debbie.
31:31 Some of you may remember last year in fact
31:33 when we had Bob up on the big screen.
31:36 And he was able to be with us.
31:38 As most of you probably know,
31:39 we were very sad to lose Bob to the sleep of death
31:43 here in December.
31:45 But we are seeking to move forward in our mission,
31:48 our focus is the same
31:50 as what was Bob's desire and passion.
31:52 And that is to encourage everybody, members, pastors,
31:56 young people, old people
31:58 to be more involved each and every day
32:00 in sharing the hope they have in Jesus Christ.
32:04 That's what we're about.
32:05 So we have those pictures that are kind of showing
32:08 a little about the young people
32:09 that are involved with Share Him.
32:11 Right, and there are few things that we do providing materials,
32:15 resources, mentoring.
32:17 But one of the things we do is Share Him trips.
32:19 These aren't so much mission trips.
32:21 The places we go are being very gracious
32:24 to allow us to come.
32:26 What we do is we bring lay people,
32:28 often young people teens,
32:30 young adults to be involved as evangelistic speakers
32:34 for a 9-day or 16-day evangelistic series.
32:38 And as those young people study the message,
32:41 prepare and present, visit,
32:46 not only is there an impact in the place where they go,
32:49 but there's certainly an impact on them.
32:53 And we've seen it time and time again by God's grace.
32:56 So, Luis, as the trip manager,
32:58 I know that recently you organized
33:01 and helped to manage the trip
33:03 for young people from New York State
33:05 and from North Carolina from the States
33:08 and it's previously been a lot of young people
33:10 maybe from other countries.
33:12 Tell us what kind of impact
33:14 those trips had on those young people?
33:16 Yes.
33:17 Well, seeing all Share Him trips,
33:21 we have seen lives transformed and both on the host country
33:28 and also on the group of teenagers
33:31 that were visiting and preaching in that place.
33:36 Today, since 2000 years,
33:39 we have already trained about 13,000 people
33:45 that have been traveling in Share Him trips.
33:51 There are thousands of stories that can be, you know,
33:58 it's amazing to see of the lives
34:01 that has been transformed.
34:04 And let me share with you the story of Emily.
34:10 Emily went with us from New York
34:15 to preach in Philippines.
34:18 On the day before the campaign start,
34:24 we appealed to what we call the orientation day.
34:27 We appeal to the students to preach with enthusiasm,
34:31 not just to go and read the sermon.
34:34 And we told them to preach with enthusiasm.
34:39 You have first to be in good connection
34:42 with the Lord.
34:43 Second, you have to understand what you are preaching.
34:48 And third, you have to believe what you're preaching.
34:52 So they started, Emily preached her 19 sermons,
34:58 doctrinal sermons.
35:00 At the end of the campaign, Emily asked to be baptized.
35:05 Amen.
35:06 For my surprise I said, Emily,
35:08 I thought you were a church member.
35:10 And she said, well, pastor, I come from an Adventist family
35:14 but I never accepted to be baptized
35:17 because I did not believe in the Spirit of Prophecy.
35:21 But now like I preach it,
35:23 I understood it and now I believe it,
35:26 I'm ready to be baptized.
35:28 And she was baptized on that Sabbath
35:31 with 150 more people.
35:33 Amen. Very good. Very good.
35:36 Jeremiah, just finish off for us
35:38 and tell us what is the plan
35:39 with regard to this project for this year.
35:42 What your plans are for Share Him?
35:44 Well, we are just very thankful to ASI members and friends
35:48 for your ongoing prayers and support.
35:50 We are planning for 2017, our largest young adult project
35:55 so far.
35:57 We are particularly focusing on Atlantic Canada and Quebec
36:00 as well as the Atlantic Union and involving young people
36:02 from those areas
36:03 but also from the rest of North America.
36:06 And we're working on that now.
36:09 And just again thankful that you all help make it possible.
36:12 Thank you very much
36:14 for what you're doing for our young people to expose them,
36:16 and give them an experience of sharing Christ
36:18 that is really needed for this time.
36:20 Thank you. Thank you.
36:23 So now I'd like to have James Hartley
36:28 and Vaughan Sparrow come out.
36:30 James Hartley is the director for LIGHT.
36:34 I'm going to let him tell... Where did you go?
36:36 Okay. All right.
36:37 Okay. That's all right.
36:39 So LIGHT and then Vaughan Sparrow,
36:40 who is the president for Wildwood.
36:42 Now, they didn't get mixed up,
36:44 I mean, these are their respective shirts
36:49 with their logos on them
36:51 and there's a reason so stick with us on this one.
36:53 But, James, tell us first.
36:55 Give us a little recap of LIGHT and sort of things.
36:58 So let's walk through some of those pictures pretty quickly
37:00 that you have for us.
37:01 Sure.
37:02 And for those that are not aware,
37:04 LIGHT stands for Lay Institute for Global Health Training.
37:06 And we provide health evangelism training
37:08 around the world.
37:10 We want to see every Seventh-day Adventist
37:11 have access to some,
37:13 to training because we want TMI,
37:15 Total Member Involvement and we're teaching churches
37:17 how to get active in the health message.
37:19 With ASI support we're sponsoring
37:21 over 50 missionaries that are full time.
37:23 We work with another 100 volunteer missionaries
37:26 that are conducting courses.
37:27 We've trained over 17,000 lay members and pastors
37:30 in 85 different countries.
37:32 And we've just seen especially of recent,
37:34 the last few years a great increase of a need
37:37 and interest in the health message.
37:39 And so we're getting invitations
37:41 from around the world
37:42 and just we could report on a lot.
37:44 But let me just share really quickly,
37:46 we're increasing some work
37:48 in the North Africa Middle East Union, MENA.
37:52 And I've got a two pictures here
37:53 from a country in North Africa
37:55 where just a couple months ago, three months ago,
37:57 we accomplished a health expo,
38:00 and the following picture shows a stop smoking seminar.
38:03 We had tremendous interest there,
38:05 meeting some great Muslim folks.
38:06 And they were interested,
38:08 there was five particular individuals
38:09 very interested in our message.
38:11 I also wanted to share.
38:13 We really believe it's important
38:15 that lay members of our church unite work together
38:17 with church leaders.
38:18 I've got a testimony here,
38:20 you just saw a picture from Rio de Janeiro,
38:22 and this was a union that had some difficulty
38:25 working with lay ministries just of recent.
38:28 But Dr. Peter Landless from the General Conference
38:31 recommended to the health director
38:33 in that union to work with laity.
38:35 He called us and I went down, we met with him at the office.
38:38 And recently we had a meeting
38:39 and I've got one more picture here.
38:41 That union has nine conferences and every health director
38:45 from that conference
38:46 met at our new lifestyle center and mission training school
38:49 there in the Rio de Janeiro Union,
38:51 and we made a strategy and a plan
38:53 for doing lay courses
38:54 in every conference of that union.
38:57 And since we first visited
38:58 they've already accomplished 300 health expos,
39:01 and the whole union is just really on fire
39:03 with this health message.
39:04 So we're excited about it,
39:06 and the Lord is just doing a lot and, you know,
39:09 we believe this is all preparation
39:10 for the Lord's second coming.
39:12 Very good. Very good.
39:13 So tell me, so does LIGHT
39:14 just focus their attention on adults?
39:16 No, in fact, we also,
39:18 we believe that we need to start young
39:20 and so very soon we'll be releasing
39:22 a LIGHT course for kids.
39:23 We're going to begin with 9 to 12 year olds.
39:26 We'll highlight the eight laws of health for fun activities
39:29 and fun like cooking school things for kids
39:31 and so, see that will be coming soon,
39:33 we'll have that in multiple languages as well.
39:35 And that's the focus for this year's project
39:36 for the offering them.
39:38 Yes, that and also the support of the missions overseas.
39:40 Wonderful. Wonderful.
39:41 Now tell us,
39:43 what is your relationship to Wildwood?
39:44 Well, it's very close.
39:46 We are on the campus of Wildwood.
39:47 I've worked at Wildwood for 17 years now.
39:50 And I was really birth out of the education department
39:53 from Wildwood, this is where...
39:55 I was, it started there anyway and...
39:58 So, yeah, it's a good relationship.
40:00 We're like the launching pad
40:02 for the college of health at Wildwood,
40:03 it's called health evangelism.
40:05 We have the opportunities
40:06 for the students right when they graduate.
40:08 There's lots of opportunities
40:09 and they hear about it all the time.
40:10 So let's understand a little bit
40:12 more then about Wildwood
40:13 and how that spawns other ministries.
40:14 Vaughan, tell us a little bit about the lifestyle,
40:19 the community center,
40:21 that's the project for this time
40:22 and why that's a specific need for Wildwood?
40:26 Okay, as we do that, there's a picture
40:27 that we want to show you of our campus coming up
40:30 and where that is situated.
40:33 Since the closure of a hospital,
40:36 we've felt the need to try and meet people where they are
40:39 instead of trying to bring them on to our campus.
40:41 We have a church
40:43 right at the entrance of our campus
40:46 and for some people it's a little prohibitive,
40:48 it closes them off
40:49 where they wonder what's behind the church.
40:51 And so, we want to try and put them right on,
40:55 put ourselves where they are and draw them in.
40:59 And it started with a project that was student led.
41:04 Out of our ministry management course,
41:07 it was one of their project called Health Made Simple.
41:10 And that started growing
41:14 and we encouraged people to come on to our campus,
41:18 gain membership into this Health Made Simple organization
41:22 where we provided discount at our stores.
41:25 And then also gave them benefits,
41:29 spa treatments, massage, etcetera.
41:32 And that will be based in this community center.
41:36 Currently we have over a 160 members
41:39 in this Health Made Simple project.
41:43 And we continue to run cooking schools
41:47 that is actually drawing 30 people into our student cafe
41:53 for our cooking school once a month.
41:55 And we've also spawned
41:57 small group cooking schools that have,
42:01 meet every two weeks now
42:02 and are continuing to grow in that way.
42:07 So we're hoping that this center
42:09 is going to really meet people where they are,
42:12 have seminars there,
42:14 also have other meetings and events,
42:17 medical seminar, natural remedies,
42:20 and so it will be a blessing to the community at large.
42:23 So tell me, I'm curious,
42:24 how many ministries have been spawned
42:26 from the Wildwood experience in training?
42:30 Well, it's...
42:31 We can probably trace at least 50
42:35 from people that have been trained at Wildwood,
42:38 gone out, and Wildwood also actually being involved
42:41 in starting some of those ministries.
42:43 Amen.
42:44 And this year is our 75th anniversary
42:46 that we are celebrating
42:48 and I'm sure many will be joining us
42:52 and we invite everyone to...
42:54 can make it to come and join us this next weekend.
42:57 Next Sabbath, hope everybody can come, yeah.
42:59 Next Sabbath?
43:00 So also just want to say
43:01 that community center is right off a prominent exit,
43:04 you know, Wildwood is right
43:05 outside of Chattanooga eight miles.
43:07 And so I think there's a lot of traffic there
43:09 and the property that we own
43:10 is right next to the gas station
43:12 so it'll be...
43:13 That community center will be visible
43:15 right from the gas station, you get a lot of traffic.
43:17 It'll be a perfect laboratory
43:18 for our students to get experience,
43:19 to get them out in the community
43:21 and so, yeah,
43:22 because we're preparing them
43:23 to spread the same thing elsewhere.
43:25 Well, this is a perfect example of what collaborative ministry
43:29 can accomplish when you're working together.
43:31 So thank you very much for everything
43:33 that LIGHT is doing with Wildwood
43:34 and Wildwood with LIGHT,
43:36 and all the young ministries that are coming from within.
43:38 Thank you.
43:39 Thank you, Debbie. Thank you.
44:08 Lord whose love in humble service
44:13 Bore the weight of human need
44:17 Who upon the cross, forsaken
44:22 Worked Your mercy's perfect deed
44:27 We, Your servants, bring the worship
44:31 Not of voice alone, but heart
44:36 Consecrating to Your purpose
44:41 Every gift which You impart
44:59 Still Your children wander homeless
45:04 Still the hungry cry for bread
45:09 Still the captives long for freedom
45:14 Still in grief we mourn our dead
45:18 As you, Lord, in deep compassion
45:23 Healed the sick and freed the soul
45:27 By Your Spirit send Your power
45:32 To our world to make it whole
45:39 Lord, whose love in humble service
45:43 Bore the weight of human need
45:48 Who upon the cross, forsaken
45:52 Worked Your mercy's perfect deed
45:57 We, Your servants, bring the worship
46:01 Not of voice alone, but heart
46:06 Consecrating to Your purpose
46:10 Every gift which You impart
46:29 As we worship, grant us vision
46:34 Till your love's revealing light
46:38 In its height and depth and greatness
46:43 Dawns upon our quickened sight
46:47 Reaching Lord I need to know you
46:51 When our burdens are darkens
46:56 Stirring us to ardent service
47:01 Your abundant life to share
47:07 I'd invite you to stand
47:09 as we sing the last verse together.
47:16 Lord whose love in humble service
47:21 Bore the weight of human need
47:25 Who upon the cross, forsaken
47:30 Worked Your mercy's perfect deed
47:34 We, Your servants, bring the worship
47:38 Not of voice alone, but heart
47:43 Consecrating to Your purpose
47:47 Every gift which You impart


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