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02:32 Amen! You sound wonderful this morning
02:34 and we want to make a special welcome to all those
02:36 who have come to worship with us this morning
02:39 from the Phoenix area.
02:40 Our next song this morning is number 619,
02:44 Lead On, O King Eternal.
02:47 We are leading... we're marching forward.
02:49 Can you say "Amen" to that? Amen!
02:51 Let us sing this beautiful hymn:
02:52 Lead On, O King Eternal.
05:17 Amen! You may be seated; thank you very much.
05:26 Welcome, everyone, to ASI at worship.
05:30 That's a welcome to the 3ABN audience;
05:32 that's a welcome to our live audience here in Phoenix.
05:37 You know, at our convention we hear a lot of wonderful
05:40 testimonies. We hear heavenly music.
05:45 We meet and make friends.
05:48 We learn about ideas for ministry.
05:51 But the high point of ASI is worship.
05:57 And just as we gather here today to worship together
06:01 our Redeemer and our Creator
06:04 one day we will stand on the sea of glass
06:09 before the throne of God.
06:11 And we will not be alone because with us before God then
06:17 will be the seraphim, the cherubim,
06:22 and ten thousand times ten thousand angels
06:25 praising and adoring God.
06:29 These angels are in a holy alliance with us here
06:34 in this world to work unitedly for the salvation of souls.
06:40 And they, like us, will rejoice for all eternity
06:45 for every decision that is ever made for Christ
06:50 through our witnessing in the marketplace.
06:53 That's right, Brother Norm. Happy Sabbath everyone!
06:57 How many of you believe that Jesus is coming soon?
06:59 Amen! And that we are all called and chosen
07:02 and committed to taking this gospel to the world?
07:05 You know, there is nothing more special, Norm, than to be
07:08 at an ASI Convention. Amen! To be with people who are all
07:11 committed to that task of helping save souls
07:13 so that they will be with us on that sea of glass.
07:16 You know, sometimes people ask: "What is the benefit of being
07:19 a part of ASI? What is the benefit of joining ASI? "
07:23 Well brothers and sisters, this morning the benefit
07:26 is being able to be equipped to share the gospel with the world.
07:30 That's right. To be a part of a like-minded body of believers
07:32 that are totally sold out to take the three angels' messages
07:36 in this generation to every nation, tribe, tongue,
07:38 and people. So we want to invite you this morning...
07:41 There are some here... Some of you would qualify
07:43 to be ASI members. Business owners, professionals,
07:46 or ministry leaders. We want to invite you to find out more
07:49 about becoming a member of ASI.
07:51 We have a slide we're going to show on the screen at this time
07:53 and you can find it in your program guide as well.
07:56 We want you to text this number
07:58 to find out more information
07:59 about being a part of ASI.
08:01 You can text JOIN; you can text ASI;
08:03 you can text Happy Sabbath. Just text something
08:05 to 301-844-6035
08:08 and we will get you information
08:10 about becoming a member of ASI.
08:11 But, Norm, whether you're a member of ASI or not
08:15 all of us are one family.
08:18 We are all united in our calling, united in the fact
08:22 that God has chosen us and given us the strength
08:24 to commit to taking the three angels' messages
08:27 to the world in this generation.
08:31 One of the ways that we do it, especially in worship,
08:34 is through the foolishness of preaching.
08:38 Who would want to sit and listen to someone talk
08:40 for a half hour or an hour?
08:42 Except when the Holy Spirit is present, wonderful changes occur
08:46 in our hearts and in our minds.
08:48 And the chosen speaker of this hour
08:50 is John Bradshaw. John is the speaker/director
08:54 of It Is Written television.
08:56 And we pray that the Spirit of the Most High God
09:01 will use him today to be a channel of blessing for us.
09:06 Amen.
09:11 Our choral call to worship this morning invites
09:14 everyone to participate in singing.
09:17 I invite you to stand. Everyone: please stand and join us
09:20 as we sing our choral call to worship: We Will Glorify.
09:38 All the ladies. We will glorify the King of kings,
09:44 we will glorify the Lamb.
09:49 We will glorify the Lord of lords
09:53 who is the Great I AM.
10:01 Lord Jehovah reigns in majesty,
10:06 we will bow before His throne.
10:10 We will worship Him in righteousness,
10:15 we will worship Him alone.
10:24 He is Lord of heaven, Lord of earth...
10:28 He is Lord of all who live.
10:33 He is Lord above the universe:
10:37 all praise to Him we give.
10:50 Hallelujah to the King of kings,
10:55 Hallelujah to the Lamb!
10:59 Hallelujah to the Lord of lords
11:04 who is the Great I AM.
11:11 Hallelujah to the King of kings,
11:15 Hallelujah to the Lamb!
11:20 Hallelujah to the Lord of lords
11:24 who is the Great I AM.
11:36 We will glorify the King of kings,
11:41 we will glorify the Lamb.
11:45 We will glorify the Lord of lords
11:50 who is the Great
11:53 I AM.
11:59 Amen!
12:09 We're thankful to be here today.
12:11 Let's bow our heads and thank our Heavenly Father
12:14 for His blessings.
12:16 Dear Father, as we're coming to worship You this morning
12:19 we want to thank you especially for all this time together.
12:23 It's been a wonderful week,
12:25 and as we wrap up our networking together
12:28 and learning of other ways to work with sharing Jesus
12:32 in the marketplace I pray that You'll guide us
12:34 to those special appointments that we need:
12:37 someone who will encourage us; someone who we can encourage;
12:41 someone we can mentor; someone who will mentor us.
12:46 I pray that we go away from this special service
12:49 with a blessing in our hearts.
12:51 We want to share Jesus everywhere.
12:54 And if every SDA business and professional person
12:59 were sharing Jesus how soon You could come.
13:02 Thank you, Father. In Jesus' precious name we pray,
13:06 Amen. Be seated.
13:18 We have the privilege to sing one more time.
13:20 I invite you to sing with us number 21:
13:23 Immortal, Invisible... God Only Wise. Please stand.
16:21 Amen. You may be seated.
16:31 In the very heart of Africa
16:34 lies the nation of Rwanda.
16:38 Despite a darkened past
16:41 a new light is beginning to dawn over this land of a thousand
16:44 hills as a bold new initiative of the SDA church
16:48 is being implemented in unprecedented ways.
16:53 This is the story of TOTAL MEMBER INVOLVEMENT.
17:13 In a country ravaged by pain a few years ago
17:15 the SDA church is bringing hope.
17:18 This is one of the most exciting events that I've attended.
17:22 East Africa is excited about TMI.
17:26 Here in Rwanda what we're witnessing is something
17:28 that is unprecedented in the Adventist church.
17:31 In this whole country people feel that God is out
17:34 for something huge. This is TOTAL MEMBER INVOLVEMENT.
17:59 Two thousand years ago Jesus launched a program...
18:03 actually it's the Great Commission and we all know it.
18:05 Matthew 28: Go and preach and teach and baptize
18:08 and disciple. And because of that Great Commission
18:11 we're all excited and interested here in Rwanda
18:15 We have seen church members take off
18:18 with this incredible idea of TOTAL MEMBER INVOLVEMENT.
18:21 They have gotten so involved themselves.
18:23 They have given cows away; they've given goats away;
18:26 they've given sheep away. Literature distribution,
18:28 Bible studies... health outreach,
18:31 community services. They made banners, scarves,
18:35 T- shirts... all kinds of things to promote TMI.
18:39 The people who are members here take the time to invite their
18:43 friends. The church leaders follow up with the people
18:47 to make sure they're ready to be baptized.
18:50 So it's really a team effort.
18:54 Not only are the Rwandans involved in doing TMI
18:57 but the General Conference staff is excited and interested
19:00 to be involved here and model what we are talking about
19:03 back in Silver Springs, Maryland.
19:06 The Lord wants to use everyone. Pastors, lay people,
19:10 EVERYONE in this great effort.
19:18 Church members have been energized that they are taking
19:21 ASI New Beginnings sermons and preaching
19:24 and are excited about reaching friends and neighbors for Jesus
19:27 and bringing them to some of the TMI meetings.
19:30 For a long time the work has been in the hands of the pastors
19:33 and the lay people have been "spectating" by and large.
19:37 But now everybody has a role to play.
19:41 Everybody has somebody they can reach.
19:44 Every church member now has understood that
19:47 wherever he is he will be trying to reach one
19:50 and bring one.
19:55 There are over 2,200 evangelistic sites
19:59 here in this beautiful but small country of Rwanda
20:03 and we are only two of those 2000+ sites.
20:09 A few of those sites have young people
20:12 from the United States, people from Europe.
20:17 I am 12 years old and I preached here in Rwanda.
20:20 I was so excited when I made my first call
20:23 and hundreds of people came forward.
20:25 It was very exciting!
20:28 This is my first time preaching
20:31 doing anything like this.
20:33 It is the most fulfilling experience that I have ever had.
20:38 I rely on God but here you really like rely on God
20:41 to speak through you, to use you in any way possible.
20:45 And it's limitless what He can do with a willing soul.
20:51 Before I came on this mission trip
20:53 I was feeling very cold spiritually.
20:56 Like: "OK, is this all to Christianity? "
21:00 But the first night I saw that God had a purpose
21:03 on why I was there. God has really shown His love
21:07 to me. I have seen that He is real
21:10 because you see Him moving in the hearts of other people.
21:13 And when you see the changes that are happening in their life
21:17 you can't doubt that He can do the same for you.
21:21 Every night thousands of people are making decisions for Christ.
21:25 These wonderful people are ready to be baptized
21:29 and to join this great Advent movement.
21:33 What we're witnessing right here on the shores of
21:35 Lake Kivu is representative of what is happening all across
21:40 this country. A hundred thousand baptisms,
21:45 the most that's ever happened in the history of the Adventist
21:47 church. And the exciting thing is
21:49 this is only the beginning.
21:52 This program is going to continue
21:56 until Jesus will come again.
21:59 This is so exciting what has happened here in Rwanda.
22:02 But this is a model for the world church.
22:04 We don't want it to end here. It's up to you
22:05 to make it happen in your local church, your local community,
22:08 your local conference.
22:10 You don't have to do some grand thing to be involved in TMI.
22:14 It should be part of your everyday life.
22:18 All of us have been given opportunities
22:21 and we need to do what God has called us to do
22:25 to fulfill the mission that He has given to each one of us.
22:30 What a time to be alive!
22:33 What a time to be part of TOTAL MEMBER INVOLVEMENT.
22:37 God bless each one of you as you engage with heaven
22:41 and the power that the Lord will give you
22:43 to carry this message to the very ends of this earth.
22:57 Good morning and Happy Sabbath.
23:02 It's so nice to be here on this beautiful Sabbath morning
23:06 and we want to talk a little bit more about
23:08 Offerings in Action.
23:10 With me is our world president, Elder Ted Wilson,
23:14 world president for the Seventh-day Adventist church.
23:16 And Duane McKey, who is assistant to the president
23:22 Let me ask you first, Elder McKey,
23:24 what just happened here with this video?
23:27 Unbelievable.
23:28 I've been a missionary, worked in Africa since 1975.
23:31 Done lots of mission trips, lots of evangelism all across Africa.
23:35 I've never seen anything like this!
23:37 The Holy Spirit was poured out.
23:39 700,000 people were praying that God would bless
23:43 and God blessed beyond belief.
23:44 And all because of using a tool like New Beginnings...
23:48 New Beginnings sermons. Using New Beginnings.
23:50 1,850 lay people preaching New Beginnings sermons. Praise God!
23:55 Praise God... it's wonderful.
23:56 And then where are all of these new members
24:00 gonna go to church? Well, that's a problem.
24:03 We need a thousand brand new churches there.
24:05 Pray with us that that will happen soon.
24:07 OK... we are looking forward to that. We want to make sure
24:10 that they have a church home. Thank you very much Elder McKey.
24:13 Elder Wilson, tell us... what does this mean?
24:16 A tool like New Beginnings and an initiative like the One Day
24:19 Church: what does that mean for the world church?
24:22 Debbie, before I share that in a moment I just want to say
24:27 that what happened in Rwanda was nothing short of the power
24:32 of the Holy Spirit. Amen! And we are so grateful
24:35 and give all the glory to the Lord.
24:38 We do also give great credit to what God did
24:41 through our lay members... Amen!
24:47 Somehow, the church members just caught fire
24:51 when they realized that this was something they were very much
24:55 a part of. And that's what we're seeing now all across
24:58 this globe. ASI is helping us to do that.
25:02 In Rwanda specifically the New Beginnings
25:06 evangelistic series was provided
25:10 to many of those sites
25:14 and in fact I have to tell you that 2,227 evangelistic sites
25:19 at least 3/4 of them
25:22 were organized and presented by lay people.
25:27 It was absolutely phenomenal!
25:29 And what did they use? New Beginnings. Amen!
25:32 New Beginnings has become a standard, a wonderful
25:36 opportunity for people to preach the full message.
25:40 I just want to give you a personal testimony.
25:43 For the last number of years I have been preaching evangelistic
25:46 meetings, and we have them planned every year.
25:49 Every time I preach these messages
25:51 I become re-converted all over again.
25:55 Everything fits together. God's Word is so powerful!
25:59 And our lay people preaching that sense that
26:02 marvelous aspect that they're part of this great Advent
26:06 movement. Now, when it comes to all the people who have come in
26:11 because of this effort -
26:13 100,135 people so far...
26:18 and we praise God - they have to be housed.
26:21 The One Day Church has been a phenomenal success
26:25 in the areas where it can be constructed
26:28 and placed in a very appropriate way.
26:31 The One Day Church now is positioned to help
26:35 those 100,000 people... many of whom
26:39 are going to find homes in that wonderful opportunity
26:43 of a One Day Church. Amen! I just want to express
26:47 enormous appreciation to ASI
26:51 for what they have done not only in presenting the Word
26:55 but helping to house and preserve those who are
26:59 the result of the Word.
27:01 Actually, those people are not just going to be preserved...
27:06 they are on fire for the Lord. Amen!
27:09 The Rwanda Union has intended now for the next year
27:12 to do the same thing again.
27:14 Can you imagine?
27:16 Probably another 100,000 if not more!
27:20 In fact, the East Central Africa Division
27:23 is now planning next year for five of their Unions
27:27 to do the same approach where lay people are involved
27:32 And in 15 seconds let me tell you
27:35 TMI - TOTAL MEMBER INVOLVEMENT - is not just public evangelism.
27:40 It is everything that people do to prepare:
27:43 community services, literature distribution,
27:46 youth, health outreach... all kinds of activities.
27:50 We saw prayer efforts. Janet and Jerry Page
27:54 helped to organize that initially.
27:56 We had community services and ADRA working together.
28:00 Everybody working together doing something for Jesus.
28:04 The Lord is blessing in a miraculous way!
28:07 Thank you very much Elder Wilson and Elder McKey - Amen! -
28:10 for sharing with us today. Amen!
28:11 And our offering is going to keep this going.
28:14 The New Beginnings and the One Day Church projects
28:17 are overflow recipients for our offering.
28:20 So as we exceed the target that we've established
28:23 God can bless even more.
28:25 With me now is Judith Mackie.
28:28 Judith is the director for Binding Broken Hearts.
28:32 Judy, tell us a little bit of what Binding Broken Hearts
28:36 is all about. We are a correspondence ministry
28:41 to inmates. We send them monthly Bible studies
28:44 and monthly customized letters
28:47 and Bibles when we have them.
28:50 And understanding that... you're from Wyoming - yes -
28:53 you live in Wyoming... and so the ministry is centered there.
28:55 You've been in existence since 2009.
28:58 So... is it just in Wyoming that this exists?
29:02 No. That's how God surprised us.
29:05 We are now writing monthly letters to 5,000 inmates
29:10 in 398 facilities in 34 states.
29:13 Amen! That's remarkable!
29:16 You must have a HUGE paid staff
29:18 in order to accomplish all of this.
29:20 No.
29:22 We have 3 or 4 volunteers
29:24 that do this 2 or 3 times a week
29:27 or full time during the week.
29:29 And our whole church gets involved once a month
29:33 stuffing envelopes, stuffing letters
29:35 and getting the letters prepared for the inmates
29:37 but no one gets paid except by the Lord.
29:39 Amen! Wow! That's really something.
29:42 So... you have a Bible in your hand. I do!
29:45 Could that possibly be one that gets sent to inmates?
29:48 We do... we have this Andrews created...
29:51 an Andrews University Study Bible was created especially
29:54 for inmates. It's only available for those who do work with
29:58 inmates. And so we do send this Bible to inmates
30:02 when we have them when they ask for one.
30:05 That's a beautiful Bible! That's a... yeah...
30:08 high-quality leather. This is gorgeous!
30:12 Maybe I'll just keep this for me...
30:15 Well if you go into the prisons, Debbie, you're certainly welcome
30:18 to have one. OK... all right.
30:21 All right... Well praise the Lord. Hopefully I won't have to
30:23 get one that way. All right!
30:25 So tell us about how do you fill this need.
30:28 Are there a lot of requests for Bibles?
30:30 Right now we have 2,800 people who are on the list
30:33 waiting for a Bible. Some of them have been waiting
30:35 since last November.
30:36 We've sent out over 8,000 Bibles now
30:40 to inmates all over.
30:42 And so as we get funds we send Bibles.
30:46 So the project for Binding Broken Hearts this year is to
30:49 fund 1,000 Bibles. So that will take care of your list?
30:53 Oh no. It will barely scratch the surface.
30:56 We asked ASI for 1,000 Bibles because when we put in our
30:59 application we only had 1,000 people on the waiting list.
31:02 Now we have 2,800. As soon as these Bibles hit the jail -
31:06 we're getting our next order the end of September - we'll
31:09 start mailing in October - as soon as these Bibles hit the
31:13 prison we will have 5 requests for every single Bible that
31:17 goes in. Now how do you get all of those requests?
31:19 Do you advertise in the prisons? How do people know
31:22 that you exist? Word of mouth.
31:24 We have never advertised. We offered one Bible
31:27 to one lady in Missouri.
31:28 She showed her cellmate, her podmate.
31:31 They move from prison to prison. They see somebody having
31:34 a Bible. They want one. They ask where they got them.
31:36 The inmates have to ask for one themselves.
31:39 Now you have a couple of stories
31:41 so let's listen for one about Dedrian? Is that his name?
31:46 Detrian. I wrote to Detrian when he was in our county jail.
31:49 He was not from Wyoming.
31:51 He was passing through; committed some kind of a felony
31:54 and got put in jail.
31:56 So I wrote to him for about six months.
31:58 And one Sabbath I was downstairs...
32:01 And you have to understand, in- mates don't usually write back
32:04 'cause many of them have no money...
32:07 It's very expensive to write.
32:09 And I was downstairs in Sabbath School one day
32:11 and this little - we have a very old church also -
32:15 tiny little 4' tall lady - white from the top of her head
32:20 to the bottom of her feet - came in, follow by this
32:23 linebacker black man in his 20's.
32:27 The contrast was just so amazing!
32:30 And he had just gotten out of the county jail.
32:33 He put himself in a situation where he was totally different
32:36 from anybody in the congregation.
32:38 And he came down there and he gave me a big hug
32:41 and he was so excited. And he said:
32:44 "I want to keep in contact" and gave me his address.
32:48 Stayed for lunch and church.
32:51 Didn't hear from him again. I wrote to him every month.
32:55 Three years later I got a letter and he said:
32:58 "Miss Judy, I fell away. "
33:01 "I got in a bad crowd again.
33:04 But my Mama, two weeks ago, came in, brought the stack of
33:08 letters that you have written and said: 'This woman
33:10 cares enough about you to write to you every month
33:13 so you need to get your life together. ' "
33:15 So he said: "I am going to move away
33:17 and I'm going to get better friends and get my life
33:19 back together. " Amen! Amen!
33:20 Tell us quickly about something that happened actually at
33:23 this convention. I went to a lunch meeting
33:26 which I was not expecting to go to.
33:28 I had five minutes notice.
33:30 For prison ministries? For prison ministries.
33:33 I went to the lunch meeting. Sat down at a table with
33:35 a couple of people were there and they got up and left.
33:38 They said not because we have bad breath or anything
33:41 but who knows.
33:42 And somebody else sat down there
33:44 and as we were introducing ourselves
33:47 she was so excited. She said:
33:49 "My husband told me you were going to be here.
33:51 He is in prison. " She told me his name.
33:54 "You have been writing to him for several years. "
33:56 He said: "Be sure you find Judy and tell her what a blessing
33:59 her letters have been to me. "
34:00 Oh... what a... Now listen to this.
34:02 "Be sure you find Judy. " She doesn't know who Judy is.
34:04 How to get in contact with her. But she sits at the same table
34:07 with Judy so that she can deliver this message from the
34:10 person you've been writing in jail. Yes.
34:12 Praise God for what you're doing through Binding Broken Hearts.
34:15 Thank you very much Judy. Thank you.
34:19 Now coming to the podium is Chester Clark.
34:23 And Chester is bringing a couple of students with him.
34:25 They attend Ouachita Hills College.
34:30 And we're going to hear a little bit about this ministry.
34:33 Chester is a pastor in Dalton, Georgia,
34:36 and sits on the board for Ouachita Hills College.
34:39 And Chester, I want to ask you first so why don't you...
34:41 Let's have you come close. Perfect... OK.
34:45 And tell us a little bit about Ouachita Hills
34:48 and give us some background and some context for the
34:51 project that we're going to be talking about.
34:53 Sure Debbie. Well, Ouachita Hills College exists to train
34:55 young people as soul winners.
34:57 And it's located in Amity, Arkansas.
35:00 It offers bachelor's degrees in secondary and elementary ed.,
35:04 in religion, theology, and Christian business management.
35:07 And also two-year degrees in canvassing leadership
35:11 and Bible work. And you know, since 2003
35:16 Ouachita Hills has been graduating young people
35:19 and they are today working for God's church around...
35:23 literally around the world.
35:24 And like Ouachita Hills Academy which came before
35:28 Ouachita Hills College is a work-study program.
35:31 It's modeled after Madison College which was founded
35:34 under the direction of Ellen White near Nashville, TN,
35:36 in the early 20th century.
35:38 And the major work program for Ouachita Hills College is
35:43 actually literature evangelism.
35:45 Now I don't know. I'm sure there's probably quite a few
35:48 people here... I'd like to see just a show of hands.
35:51 Has anyone here worked as a literature evangelist
35:54 going door to door?
35:55 Look at all those hands. Wow! Praise the Lord!
35:58 Anyone here know a family member or their family who came into
36:02 a knowledge of the three angels' messages
36:03 through a colporteur? Through literature evangelism?
36:06 Once again, what an impact the publishing work has had
36:10 on the Seventh-day Adventist church!
36:12 And at Ouachita Hills the students go door to door.
36:16 It's really... I'm just going to cut to the chase here
36:19 since so many of you understand the publishing work.
36:21 It's not a win/win situation.
36:24 It's actually a win/win/win situation.
36:27 And that's because the pub- lishing work at Ouachita Hills
36:30 College allows the school to operate.
36:32 That's the major industry that brings in revenue
36:35 for the school. It also gives the students
36:38 an income-earning skill.
36:41 And they earn income which they then use to
36:45 pay towards their tuition.
36:47 And finally, it is also taking the three angels' messages
36:52 to the world while the students are in school...
36:55 which is a tremendous opportunity.
36:57 I can't think of very many places that a young person
36:59 can go and receive an Adventist education
37:01 and earn their way through school
37:04 while working to finish God's work.
37:07 And that's why we're excited about the publishing work
37:09 at Ouachita Hills.
37:11 So tell us how this particular project... It seems like this
37:14 project where we are providing for an expansion
37:18 of the literature program there at Ouachita Hills
37:21 is going to be really significant.
37:24 I mean, it supports the education,
37:26 the evangelism, and the colporteuring work.
37:28 It is significant and it's because, you know,
37:31 ASI has always... I think one of the strengths of ASI
37:35 is that it seeks to leverage opportunities.
37:38 And what ASI has seen is that
37:41 if we can strengthen the industry of the school,
37:43 if we can increase the margins, if we can make it more
37:47 cost effective to get more literature out
37:50 then the work can be finished faster. Amen!
37:52 And you know, last year... this was last school year
37:55 just to give you an idea... our students sold
37:56 about $700,000 worth of literature. And among those
38:01 what we call "message books. " Those are the Spirit of Prophecy
38:04 books, the books that contain the Bible teachings
38:07 for our time. Among those there weren't 10,000
38:11 or 20,000. There weren't even 50,000.
38:14 There were 82,855 message books
38:17 sold last year by students during the school year program.
38:22 And it's just that it's just an opportunity for us to expand
38:25 that program. And what we're doing is we're building
38:28 a warehouse. Uh-huh. And that warehouse will allow the books
38:31 to be bought at a larger and larger volume.
38:33 And we also want to help other organizations,
38:37 individuals, or institutions - schools, perhaps -
38:40 who would like to develop this same type of industry
38:44 'cause we think that... we're not territorial.
38:46 We want to see lots of people doing the work!
38:49 This warehouse will allow the purchase of large quantities
38:54 of books and then the shipping and receiving
38:56 to be able to distribute those to those who would like
38:58 to be doing this type of work as well.
39:00 Excellent, excellent. So let's hear from your students.
39:03 What kind of experiences might they be able to share with us?
39:06 Well I'm going to ask Sarah first to share a story
39:09 of a divine appointment that she had
39:13 while she was going door to door and canvassing.
39:16 Well not too long ago I was dropped off by my canvassing
39:19 leader to do a strip of businesses.
39:22 And I remember as I was walking to one of my first buildings
39:25 I was praying. I said: "Lord, send me to someone
39:27 who is searching for truth. "
39:29 And one of my first buildings was a large office building.
39:32 And as I walked in to my first business
39:34 I met a lady named Lynn.
39:36 And as I started canvassing her and showing her my books
39:39 I could tell that she was listening but not really paying
39:42 attention until she looked at my hand set and she saw like
39:45 The Great Controversy sitting at the top of it.
39:47 And when she saw The Great Controversy
39:49 her eyes got really big.
39:50 And she gasped and she said: "I can't believe you just
39:53 walked in with that book!
39:55 I have a picture of it on my iPad and I was just about to
39:57 order it and then you walked in with it! "
39:59 Amen! And I was really amazed and she said: "You know, I get
40:04 devotionals from my church but I get really bored with them.
40:06 I want something deeper. "
40:08 And as we started talking another lady walked in
40:11 and joined us, and she hadn't heard of The Great Controversy
40:13 and so I started to canvass her on it.
40:16 And as we started talking about Bible prophecy
40:18 and end-time events the two ladies looked at each other
40:21 again with amazement and they said: "You won't believe it
40:24 but just before you walked in we were talking about end
40:27 time events and Bible prophecy. "
40:29 And I went through all the rest of my prophecy set
40:33 and Lynn continued to tell me
40:35 "I've been studying my Bible trying to understand who
40:39 the antichrist is and I've been having a hard time
40:41 figuring it out and this is just what I need. "
40:44 And I continued pulling all the rest of the books out of my bag:
40:47 Steps to Christ, Christ Object Lessons.
40:50 The second lady tells me that she leads out in Bible study
40:53 group - a youth group - and they're almost done with
40:55 their series and she didn't know what to do next.
40:57 So I told her how Steps to Christ helped me
41:00 as a young person to develop my own relationship with God.
41:03 And to make a long story short,
41:06 a beautiful experience, they ended up writing out a check
41:08 for seven of our message books: Steps to Christ,
41:11 Great Controversy, Christ Object Lessons,
41:15 Ministry of Healing, two DVDs on the antichrist agenda.
41:19 And as she handed me the check the first lady, Lynn, looked at
41:22 me and she said: "Not only did you walk in with this book
41:25 after our conversation, but all the years that we've worked here
41:29 together this is only the second time
41:31 the two of us are here together.
41:32 And I never come in on Wednesday. I was just here
41:34 because my car had to be in the shop. "
41:36 And she said: "God is so big
41:38 and we minimize His power in our life so much. "
41:41 And we got to pray together, and it really touched me
41:45 because she prayed for me first.
41:47 And she prayed that God would bless my ministry.
41:50 She prayed that God would keep me from falling prey to doubt.
41:54 And during that time I had been struggling a lot with doubt.
41:57 And I almost cried, and when I walked out of there
42:01 I randomly... I was so amazed by how God had answered my
42:05 prayer. And for some reason I picked up my phone
42:07 and looked at it, and I had a text message
42:09 from one of my teachers
42:11 telling me I had been on his mind those past few days.
42:14 And about the time I walked in he had been praying for me.
42:17 And you know, every time God does something like that
42:21 for me it just reminds me of how unworthy I am.
42:23 And I knew that God had done that not just for her
42:26 but for me. And I feel like that was God's way of saying
42:29 "You know I care about people out there
42:31 but I also love you. And even though you may be struggling
42:33 with doubt I am still going to use you. "
42:36 Amen. Amen... Amen!
42:37 What a testimony of not only the impact literature ministry
42:40 has on those we reach but on those who are doing
42:44 the reaching. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing that.
42:46 Raoul, share with us a brief story also
42:49 of a divine appointment you had.
42:50 OK. You know, something that invigorates me as I canvass is
42:54 Ellen White's statement when she says there are people
42:56 "wistfully looking to heaven. "
42:58 And I was on a very, very long street one day
43:04 and I canvassed this lady.
43:08 At first she was quiet. She was just attentive, listening.
43:11 And at the end of my canvass I showed her most of my books.
43:15 She... she just quietly said to me
43:18 "You know, I was on my computer
43:21 a few hours ago, and I was impressed to pray
43:26 and I asked God to lead me online to Bible books
43:30 that I needed for myself and my family
43:33 and three hours later you are here at my door! "
43:37 Amen! Amen!
43:38 So, wouldn't you call that a divine appointment?
43:40 And I have to just add this one thing: Raoul didn't canvass
43:43 this summer. He worked as a Bible worker
43:45 for actually ASI Youth For Jesus in Beckley, West Virginia.
43:50 And Raoul tells me that going door to door canvassing
43:54 helped prepare him to be an effective Bible worker.
43:57 And thank you for supporting the publishing work...
43:59 the literature ministry. Thank you very much Chester
44:02 and students.
44:07 Our last Offering In Action segment comes from far away.
44:13 And joining me here at the podium is David Caukill.
44:17 He's a development director for ICC Australia.
44:20 And tell us what the focus is of that ministry
44:23 and just give us some more information about it.
44:26 Before... welcome to ASI, Happy Sabbath.
44:28 Glad you could make it, spend a great day with us.
44:31 I've repeated that a thousand times at the door this morning.
44:34 It's really nice to be here from Australia.
44:37 But, forget that for a minute. The focus of our ministry
44:39 is like that: just making people feel welcome.
44:43 You know, we work with... if I can paint a little picture
44:45 for you... we work with some incredibly disadvantaged people:
44:48 children that have been abused, children that suffer.
44:52 We offer them not just hope but we offer them
44:55 something that is real... something that is tangible.
44:58 And working with survivors of human trafficking
45:02 is something that's incredibly rewarding.
45:04 And the scope of our programs run across a few countries
45:08 in Southeast Asia... which is in our neck of the woods
45:11 as we say in Australia. So it's exciting.
45:13 And how is it that these individuals come to you?
45:16 Or how do you find them? What happens?
45:19 Well, we don't use a GPS you know.
45:22 We get referrals from the different agencies:
45:25 government agencies, village chiefs, village elders.
45:28 And we work with some really credible partners. One of them
45:32 IJM - International Justice Mission -
45:34 is a great organization out of the US that is able to give us
45:39 children and young ladies who have been rescued in raids
45:42 that they have executed with local law enforcement.
45:45 But they don't provide any sort of care program for them
45:48 and so we do the after care.
45:51 So how? This particular project that we are supporting in this
45:54 year's offering is to expand this program that will reach out
45:59 and to assist individuals who are victims of sex trafficking.
46:04 Tell me: how do you measure your success?
46:07 Is it number of people you reach? How do you know
46:10 that you're making a difference?
46:12 Sure. Well, there's a number of ways that you can measure.
46:14 One is you can actually look back and do some auditing.
46:17 Look back and say: "Well is the business side of it working? "
46:20 "Are we turning over a profit
46:22 or are we just consuming donor income? "
46:24 And so we have to be able to make a profit.
46:26 We're a stand-alone business; it is a social enterprise.
46:29 So the metrics mean that we need to create an income stream
46:32 and we need to show a profit.
46:34 The other way is through the lives of the children
46:36 and the girls that are coming through themselves.
46:39 And I've had the fortune of meeting some of these kids.
46:43 They're wonderful, and a few months ago
46:45 I spent some time talking with one girl: Abby.
46:49 In fact, she featured in a small video that was done
46:52 in conjunction with the Adventist Review.
46:54 A wonderful girl... incredibly tenacious.
46:57 And she grasped this program like it was a lifeline.
47:01 And she's worked hard through it; she's getting educated.
47:05 She uses her fair-trade salary
47:08 to now live independently with her two little children.
47:11 She'd had an incredibly miserable life and now she
47:14 feels like she's empowered. And I remember talking to her
47:18 and she had this big smile on her face about how wonderful
47:20 it was to now know God. And she's learning new things
47:23 from the Bible about how to care for her children,
47:25 herself. And so these are some of the measurements
47:28 that we will use as well. It's not just financial metrics
47:31 but they are important. It is a business we've got to run.
47:33 Um-hmm. So it's wonderful to know that you're actually
47:36 changing lives not just for now but you're teaching them about
47:38 Jesus. Absolutely! OK... wonderful.
47:41 Now, there's actually a testimony that we can hear
47:45 that gives us some insight on a personal level about
47:49 what's happening. Should we call Esther out? Yeah!
47:52 Just before we do it's probably appropriate that I
47:56 tell you and everybody else -
47:58 all right - that the value that this program is adding
48:00 means that we have to move through more of an international
48:03 flavor. So we're going to dump the Australia thing
48:06 and we are launching a new brand
48:08 which is Venture Global Fund.
48:10 And it adds the real inter- national dynamic to the program
48:14 that we are running. I see. So in the next day's look out
48:16 for us with a new name - OK - but I think we should hear from
48:19 Esther because she's got the real story.
48:21 OK. Come Esther.
48:23 My name is Esther. When I was 19
48:27 I was trafficked and forced into prostitution
48:32 from the Philippines to Japan by the Japanese Yakuza.
48:39 I was tricked; I was kicked;
48:45 I was raped. They did all sorts of things to me.
48:51 I grew up in a slum of Davao City, Philippines.
48:57 Every day we just... you know, struggled for food.
49:04 My parents are animistic... they worship the spirits.
49:08 And one day my dad was converted to Protestant
49:13 and since then my parents are fighting.
49:18 And it got so bad that they got separated.
49:22 So my siblings and I - I have five other siblings -
49:26 were put into a place away from our home
49:30 and just by ourselves without our mom
49:34 and I had to look after them.
49:38 And my dad just only came on the weekends
49:41 to give us some food and supplies.
49:44 And during this time my dad molested me
49:51 every time he came over.
49:54 I couldn't tell anyone.
49:56 I was so scared because he used to beat us up.
50:01 And it got so bad that my siblings and I
50:05 were put into different homes
50:08 so that we can just have food to eat
50:11 and shelter over our heads
50:13 and we were treated like slaves.
50:16 And we had no communication with each other.
50:20 At that time I was only 12
50:23 and our youngest was only 2.
50:28 So when I was 18 I got this opportunity to work
50:31 in Manila. That's three days by ship.
50:38 And I worked in return for my college.
50:44 But I was also exploited. They didn't pay me; they didn't
50:48 do what they promised so I left that workplace.
50:53 But then I became homeless,
50:56 and that was when I applied to work as a...
51:00 applied to work in Japan.
51:02 So I was held captive in Japan and for a few months
51:07 I managed to escape and I got deported back to
51:10 the Philippines.
51:17 A few years have passed; God has blessed me.
51:23 Because I was blessed I was...
51:31 I went to Australia to live and start a new life.
51:35 I studied hard
51:38 and I was able to finish my studies
51:44 in accounting and I have my own business.
51:48 And I have been so blessed.
51:53 Also I was successful because I now had my dream come true.
51:57 I had my own career.
51:59 But then there was something missing in my life.
52:03 One day one of my clients
52:08 I went to their home office and they shared Jesus with me
52:13 and I asked if I could do some Bible studies
52:15 because when I was a kid I heard about Jesus.
52:20 And so I became...
52:24 So after the studies I found that they were SDAs.
52:28 And I thought: "Oh, I'll just do Bible studies because
52:31 this is so weird to go to church on a Saturday. "
52:36 But then in 2010 I was baptized
52:40 in Salisbury church in Brisbane, Australia.
52:46 And that year we had a family reunion
52:52 and I talked to my dad and I said:
52:57 "Dad, I forgive you for what you did to me. "
53:03 It was difficult for me
53:06 but I asked God to help me
53:10 to say this thing to my dad because I hated him all my life.
53:14 I didn't feel the love of a father.
53:17 But I thank God that... I didn't realize that
53:21 He actually looked after me and He watched over me
53:27 all those times... all those things that had happened in my
53:29 life. And so after that time
53:36 I felt this inner peace and freedom.
53:41 At that time I though God had abandoned me.
53:48 But He is amazing with what He's done to my life.
53:56 So now I advocate
54:00 for helping the oppressed
54:05 people who are... the children and women
54:10 who have been trafficked.
54:13 Did you know that there are about over 3,500
54:19 people - mostly women and chil- dren - that have been trafficked
54:22 every day. So please help and pray.
54:26 As Christians we have to do something.
54:29 And thank you for the opportunity. Thank you.


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