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00:19 Let's pray as we open this evening.
00:23 Father in heaven, this weekend has come to a whirling end,
00:28 and, Lord, we are inspired.
00:30 But we also recognize the reality that as we return
00:34 to our places of work, our schools, our communities
00:37 everything will grab our attention as it has before.
00:40 So, Lord, unless You make the difference in our hearts
00:44 and fill us with such love for the unreached
00:47 we will go back to life as normal.
00:50 Please let it not be so.
00:51 Please change us more deeply so that when we return
00:55 we will be determined to seek for Your love
00:57 for our neighbors every morning
00:59 and to ask You to put on our hearts Your priorities.
01:02 Lord, as this last evening's meeting is about to begin
01:06 please bless Elder Dan Jackson as he preaches, as he pours
01:10 out his heart. May each of us hear that which You are wanting
01:13 to say and may we walk away with a solid commitment
01:16 of what You want us to do because Your Spirit has spoken
01:20 to us and we have responded.
01:22 Thank you, Father. Finish Your work in us
01:24 and finish it in the world.
01:25 We thank you in Jesus' name, Amen.
01:32 Good evening. I trust that you have been blessed today.
01:37 It's always a blessing to come to ASI
01:40 and hear the wonderful things that God is doing
01:42 all over the world. Kyle and I are happy
01:45 to be here to share some exciting things with you.
01:48 And I'd like to start by sharing
01:50 that you'll be able to take the blessing home with you
01:53 that you got at ASI
01:55 because over the next few days
01:56 all of the meetings that have been...
01:58 that have taken place here including the seminars
02:01 as well as the main sessions
02:02 will all be up on our website at
02:06 So we invite you to invite your friends to watch that.
02:09 Maybe there was a seminar that you really wanted to attend
02:12 and weren't able to because you need to go to another seminar
02:14 or another place. And so all of those which aired will be
02:17 available to you. I also wanted to share
02:21 something that is the first time that we've done.
02:23 I'm kind of an open-source person.
02:25 I don't know... some of you might not understand what that
02:27 means, but I believe in all of us working together.
02:29 I don't understand what that means. You're a tricky guy.
02:31 OK. Well, basically what it means is that as a community
02:35 we can accomplish a lot more than any one of us
02:37 can by ourselves. Amen! Right? Isn't that the ASI spirit?
02:40 Yes it is, yes. And so this year we want to
02:43 give you an invitation. I saw a lot of people
02:46 taking pictures, a lot of people taking video...
02:49 and we want to invite you to share that with us.
02:52 We, of course, had our own official photographer as well
02:55 but we know that we can have a lot more pictures
02:59 by inviting all of you to share yours with us.
03:02 So the best way to do that is to contact me on the website.
03:07 And if you go to the contact page and send
03:10 a message to the communications department
03:11 I will get that. And so if you have video, if you have pictures
03:14 we'd love to be able to collaborate.
03:16 We will give you credit for that. We're happy for
03:18 the opportunity to be able to work together in that.
03:21 And Kyle, I think you have some things to tell us
03:23 about membership. Well but first I have a question.
03:26 One more question for you, Wayne. Sure! OK.
03:28 Because we talked a lot about social media.
03:30 I don't know... how many of you remember Jamie came up
03:32 on the first night and she talked about posting
03:34 and hashtags and all those kinds of things.
03:37 We want you to use our hashtag
03:40 and I'm not talking about... You know what I'm talking about,
03:41 right? Those of you that are... OK: pound sign.
03:44 OK. asiministries, Wayne. That's right.
03:47 We want people to use that not only here at convention
03:49 but all throughout the year because we want people to know
03:51 what ASI members are up to. That's right.
03:53 And in fact, what I'm really excited about
03:55 is that this year we kind of started social media
03:58 fairly close to convention, but we're already thinking about
04:01 what we want to do throughout the whole year
04:02 to prepare for next year's convention.
04:04 So please do use the hashtag asiministries
04:07 whenever you post anything about this event
04:10 so that we can all share it together.
04:11 Wayne, I was looking for my phone but I think I dropped it
04:13 back there. But if you have your phone
04:15 I'd encourage you to take it out and like our Facebook page.
04:18 Like the ASI Facebook page. That's right.
04:19 That way you can get updates as we post them
04:21 and you can stay in touch with us throughout the year.
04:23 And you can follow us on Twitter if you'd like as well.
04:25 All right... that's great.
04:27 So: Sound good?
04:29 Amen. OK. I would even encourage you tonight when you go
04:32 to the exhibit hall take some selfies and say
04:34 "I'm here at the exhibit hall at ASI. "
04:36 Actually you and I did one last year. We did!
04:39 I can't remember when that was. Anyway...
04:40 Encourage you to go and take... Here's what: take a picture
04:43 by your favorite booth. How's that sound?
04:46 OK. So tonight, before it's all done,
04:48 go and take a picture. Post it up and say
04:50 "I'm at ASI. I hope you can be here next year. "
04:53 Now at the end of tonight Steve and I are going to talk about
04:56 next year but first I want to just make an invitation.
04:59 I know we mentioned this, Wayne, briefly
05:02 this morning at the beginning of church.
05:04 ASI is a family.
05:06 ASI is a family of supporting ministries,
05:10 of businesses, of professionals who long to see
05:13 the soon return of Jesus.
05:15 And we want you to know that we believe there are many of you
05:18 out here today that would qualify to be members of ASI.
05:21 And we want you to be members!
05:23 And so if you have been... your heart has been touched
05:26 as you've been here this week
05:27 and you'd like to find out more about becoming a member
05:30 of ASI, we want to invite you -
05:32 that graphic will go up right now -
05:34 we want to invite you to send a text message
05:37 to that number that we showed earlier today at church.
05:41 There we go... there it is. They finally got it up there.
05:43 OK! It's 301-844-6035
05:48 Wayne, why is it important to become a member of ASI?
05:50 Well, being a member of ASI just allows us to be able
05:53 to share in the ASI family and allows us to be able to
05:57 exchange ideas with each other.
05:58 It allows us to be able to really offer even services
06:02 between ministries. That's one thing that I've been so blessed
06:05 by is just to see how excited ministries are when we can
06:08 offer something to them and they can offer something to us
06:10 in return. And being part of the ASI family
06:13 is a wonderful way to do that.
06:15 And you know what? People often ask me:
06:16 "What do I get out of being a member? "
06:17 Well there's a lot of things you get out of being a member
06:19 and we could list them in terms of being networked with a family
06:22 of like-minded believers that long to see Jesus come.
06:24 About coming to convention... all the things that are part
06:26 of ASI. But the best thing...
06:29 Honestly, the best thing about being a member of ASI
06:32 is that the spirit of ASI - for all of us that are a part
06:35 of this ministry - is that we want to give.
06:37 We want to give all that we have to see the work of God finished
06:40 in our generation. If that's you, if that resonates
06:44 in your heart, I encourage you to think about becoming a member
06:46 of ASI. And you know what? Whether or not you're a member
06:49 if you are a Seventh-day Adventist we are all part
06:51 of the family and we are all on a mission
06:53 to take this message to the world in our generation.
06:56 And so all of you: consider yourselves part of the family!
06:58 Right, Wayne? That's right. And we encourage you
07:01 to check out ASI membership.
07:04 And we would encourage you to send us that text message
07:08 if you can. God bless you,
07:09 and may the Lord continue to bless us here tonight.
07:19 The more and more I work with teams
07:21 the more I realize that truly together
07:23 everyone does achieve more.
07:25 I've thought about this a lot. I thought about the question
07:28 Why a team? Why doing something bigger than myself?
07:33 Something that I couldn't do on my own.
07:36 And the more I thought about it the more I realized
07:39 that as I join things that are bigger than myself
07:43 I start realizing that I can't do it myself
07:45 and I have to depend on people around me
07:48 to get larger jobs done...
07:50 which really ends up feeding the humility in me
07:54 and killing the selfishness and killing the pride
07:57 which is what Jesus' mission is all about:
08:00 to get rid of me and to fill me up with Him.
08:03 So I think it's awesome to work on a team
08:06 'cause I truly believe that when we work together
08:08 we achieve more and our hearts are made more like Jesus.
08:22 Good evening.
08:24 This evening it's my privilege to introduce
08:27 and also to pay tribute to a very special lady.
08:30 Some of you may not know Helen Eagar.
08:34 But Helen was the co-founder of the ministry Asian Aid.
08:38 And about 47 years ago in Australia
08:41 Helen started shipping clothing to Asia.
08:46 Helen then gave momentum to the growth of an amazing
08:49 ministry that in that period of time
08:53 has grown significantly
08:55 in placing children in need in Adventist schools,
08:59 giving them an education and introducing them to Jesus.
09:03 She's a very modest lady and may I also say
09:06 a stubborn and humble lady.
09:09 Right now there are about 10,000 children
09:13 in Adventist schools in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,
09:17 and Myanmar. We also fund four orphanages
09:22 with a church and a school for the blind and deaf.
09:26 Today I did some calculations
09:28 and it is my estimate that in the 50 years from the momentum
09:33 that Helen gave over 50 to 60 thousand children
09:38 have been given an education in Adventist schools,
09:42 which is a huge figure.
09:44 And today if you travel in those divisions
09:47 those children are playing key roles in the schools,
09:50 in the church, and in business.
09:53 I also estimate that somewhere between 60 and 90 million
09:58 dollars have been given to church mission schools.
10:01 Helen also has been very active in Nepal.
10:04 And early in her day she took a huge care
10:09 and concern for the women of Nepal with prolapse operations.
10:14 And right now we know that over 11,000 women
10:19 have had a prolapse operation because of the vision
10:23 and the need that Helen saw.
10:27 Helen is a special lady. If you've traveled with her,
10:30 she travels on motorcycles, bullock carts,
10:34 fourth-class on the trains in India.
10:37 And if you travel around Indian schools,
10:39 it's not: "How are you? " It's "Where is Mama Eagar? "
10:44 So in the six years that I've been CEO of Asian Aid USA
10:48 I have seen it. And so tonight Helen
10:51 on behalf of Asian Aid USA I just want to pay tribute
10:55 to the momentum that you gave in being a part of starting
10:59 this special organization. It's a real privilege for me...
11:10 It's a real privilege for me to be associated
11:13 with Asian Aid. As I used to travel
11:16 in Bangladesh, India, Nepal
11:19 every place I'd go it's Mama Eagar, Mama Eagar.
11:23 And Helen, it's just a privilege to give you this service
11:26 recognition award. And you know, in heaven
11:30 you're going to have a big reunion with all those children
11:34 that are now in the kingdom as a result of your ministries.
11:38 And we thank you very much.
11:40 Thank you. It's been a privilege to serve.
11:44 And those of you that have supported Asian Aid in any way
11:47 I just want to thank you sincerely.
11:50 And if you've been sponsoring a child, I just wish that
11:52 you could see as I have the difference it makes
11:54 in their lives. So God bless you for caring.
11:58 Thank you.
12:07 Good evening! Happy week!
12:12 Or as they used to say at home when I was growing up
12:16 after vespers: Feliz Amanha!
12:19 All right. I bring you greetings this evening
12:23 from the president of the Pacific Union
12:25 Elder Ricardo Graham.
12:26 And on behalf of Elder Graham and my fellow officers
12:29 we hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed
12:32 visiting beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.
12:35 We even had showers of blessings for you this week.
12:39 I have the privilege tonight of introducing the speaker
12:42 for the final session of the 2016 ASI Internat'l Convention.
12:47 He is Elder Daniel R. Jackson, the president of the North
12:51 American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.
12:53 Having been elected to that position in Atlanta, Georgia,
12:57 in 2010 during a General Conference session
13:00 and re-elected last year in San Antonio, Texas.
13:03 Originally from Canada
13:05 Elder Jackson has served the Seventh-day Adventist church
13:08 as a pastor, educator, author, and administrator.
13:13 He and his lovely wife Donna have three children
13:16 and two grandchildren.
13:18 Now in just a moment Elder Jackson will tell you
13:21 that he is a sinner saved by grace.
13:24 So he has a passion to preach the message of a crucified,
13:28 risen, and soon-coming Savior every time he speaks.
13:32 And he does so with great enthusiasm and conviction.
13:37 You know, as a former youth director and lifetime Pathfinder
13:41 I learned the law and pledge a long time ago
13:44 and I have repeated it hundreds of times.
13:47 The final two statements of the Pathfinder law say
13:51 "Keep a song in my heart; go on God's errands. "
13:55 If you know anything about Elder Jackson, you know that he
13:58 always has a song in his heart.
14:01 In fact, it's not uncommon while he's chairing committees,
14:04 boards, and meetings for him to start singing a hymn
14:07 to call us to order.
14:09 Eventually we all join him
14:11 and the loud chatter becomes a beautiful choir
14:13 as we get ready for the meeting.
14:15 And he has made it his mission to go on God's errands
14:20 as he boldly leads this great North American Division
14:23 in these last days of earth's history.
14:26 So please pray that tonight as Elder Jackson speaks to us
14:30 the Lord will empower him in a mighty way
14:33 as He has done so many times before.
15:28 That glorious day is coming;
15:33 the hour is hastening on.
15:37 It's radiant light is nearing,
15:41 far brighter than the sun!
15:47 In yonder clouds of heaven
15:52 the Savior will appear
15:56 and gather all His chosen
16:00 to meet Him in the air.
16:13 The saints, then all victorious
16:18 will go to meet their Lord.
16:22 And earth both bright and glorious
16:26 will then be their reward;
16:31 And God Himself there reigning,
16:35 will wipe all tears away;
16:39 Nor clouds nor night remaining,
16:43 but one eternal day!
17:08 Oh Christian, keep from sleeping,
17:13 and let your love abound.
17:18 Be watchful, prayerful, faithful
17:22 the trumpet soon will sound.
17:28 O sinner, hear the warning!
17:33 To Jesus quickly fly!
17:37 Then you, in that blest morning,
17:42 May meet Him in the sky!
17:48 Then you, in that blest morning,
17:53 May meet Him in
17:57 the sky!
18:08 Amen!
18:19 Was it something I said?
18:27 Is it not true?
18:31 "With such an army as our youth rightly trained... "
18:37 And praise God for the young people!
18:39 Amen! I was watching on the monitor
18:43 and I actually started to laugh. I said:
18:47 "That young lady shouldn't have all that talent! "
18:51 God has given special gifts to our young people!
18:56 And praise God! We must do all that we can
19:01 to help them dream, to let them dream
19:06 and then to empower them
19:09 and then get out of the way.
19:14 I tell people I am never concerned about the church
19:20 when I am around groups of our dedicated young people.
19:24 I am never concerned about the future of the church.
19:26 Praise God for that.
19:29 I never start a message any more
19:33 without doing two things,
19:35 but I'm adding one thing tonight.
19:38 I always do a confession
19:41 and then a profession
19:44 and tonight an affirmation.
19:47 The confession is simple: my name is Dan Jackson.
19:53 I am a broken human being.
19:55 I am not saying this to you to demonstrate any kind of
19:59 humility. I am telling you what is the truth.
20:04 I am a broken human being.
20:07 Without the grace of a gracious God
20:11 I would be on a never-ending spiral downward spiritually.
20:17 But because of His grace I have hope.
20:21 But I am a broken human being
20:23 and guess what, folks? He's not finished with me yet.
20:27 And just in case you hadn't noticed
20:31 you're just like me.
20:37 The profession. In the Seventh-day Adventist church
20:42 there is only one true north
20:46 and His name is Jesus. Amen!
20:50 Let Jesus be the center of all that we preach,
20:56 of all that we teach. If we teach the Sabbath
21:00 and Jesus is not in the center of the Sabbath,
21:04 we ought to quit preaching the Sabbath
21:07 until we can put Jesus in the center. Amen!
21:11 If we are preaching the three angels' messages,
21:16 we must put Jesus in the center.
21:19 If we can't see that Jesus...
21:24 "These things I have written to you... " He said...
21:28 It was Jesus... IS Jesus... who is the center of the book.
21:33 If you can't preach the three angels' messages
21:36 without Jesus being in the center, quit preaching the three
21:40 angels' messages until Jesus can be put in the center.
21:45 If you are teaching the health message, then please...
21:51 You know, He is the Water of Life.
21:55 He is the Bread of Life.
21:58 He is the center and the substance of our hope.
22:01 That's the confession. Thirdly, the affirmation.
22:05 I want to praise God for our lay people.
22:09 And I thank ASI for what they have done this week.
22:15 I have great appreciation for Steve Dickman
22:19 and of course for Kyle who works around our office.
22:23 And he came to me and said
22:27 "I hope you don't mind that I called you my boss today. "
22:31 And Elder Bryant was standing with us. He said:
22:34 "What's wrong with that? He is! "
22:38 Kyle is an Israelite in whom there is no guile.
22:43 And praise God that we have young people
22:47 who can assume responsibility.
22:50 I want to go back to a sentence that I quoted this afternoon
22:56 but that Elder Bradshaw quoted this morning.
22:59 Because I believe for Christians
23:02 living in the last gasp of time
23:06 that it is important that you and I
23:09 glean a fundamental under- standing from the Bible and the
23:13 Spirit of Prophecy as to how we ought to be.
23:18 How we ought to witness.
23:20 How we ought to have every member involved.
23:25 You see, if every member is involved
23:27 and we don't have the ingredient that I want to share with you
23:31 tonight, we could have every member involved for the next
23:34 300 years.
23:40 "The church is the repository... "
23:46 and I'm going to botch this up a little bit.
23:48 I've got it written down but I'll just do it by...
23:50 "The church is the repository of the riches of the grace
23:55 of Christ. And through the church
24:01 will eventually be made manifest even to principalities
24:06 and powers in the heavenly places
24:11 the final and the full display
24:16 of the love of God. "
24:19 I want to tell you, friends,
24:21 if you want to talk standards THIS is the standard.
24:26 Jesus said: "By this will all men know
24:30 that you are My disciples in that you have love
24:33 one for the other. "
24:36 The final and the full display
24:39 of the love of God. What IS the Loud Cry?
24:46 It is a demonstration not just in the words but in the lives.
24:52 Now I want to ask you a question
24:57 and I want you to respond.
25:00 For those of you that understand the question.
25:03 You know, I want to do this for you just before you fall
25:06 asleep. Would all the ministers
25:12 in this room please stand up.
25:25 All the ministers in this room please stand up.
25:30 I didn't say all the pastors.
25:34 Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
25:36 You may be seated.
25:41 And for those of you who have accepted Jesus Christ
25:43 as your personal Savior and you didn't stand up
25:47 you need to go back and read the Bible I Peter 2:4-9
25:52 and recognize the reality that the superficial distinction
25:57 that has been imposed on the scripture
26:00 that is identifying clergy
26:02 and laity does not exist in the Bible.
26:07 Pastors have a specific role.
26:09 I'm not demeaning pastors.
26:11 I was a pastor for 25 years
26:15 before I apostasized and became an administrator.
26:22 The role of the pastor... Remind me, folks, from
26:26 Paul's letter to the Ephesians, the role of the pastor
26:30 is to train who? The saints.
26:33 For the work of what? Ministry!
26:38 When you accept Jesus as your personal Savior
26:42 you just signed on to be a minister of the Most High God.
26:46 Paul says: "Don't you know that you yourselves
26:49 are living stones being built together into a spiritual house
26:55 to offer sacrifices acceptable unto God. "
26:59 There is no such thing as a Christian
27:04 who does not serve.
27:09 I did something unique one time as a pastor.
27:15 I was having a baptism.
27:19 And I went to my head deacon
27:21 and he had two beautiful wing chairs in his living room.
27:26 And I said to him: "Hey!
27:28 Would you bring your wing chairs to church on Sabbath with you? "
27:33 And he looked at me and said: "Why? " I said:
27:36 "Because I want to interview the candidates for baptism.
27:40 And I want to sit in one chair and I want them to sit in
27:44 the other chair. And I want to ask them in front of the church
27:48 'Why are you going to be baptized today?
27:51 "What made you make a life commitment to the church? ' "
27:57 I will never forget one young woman.
28:00 She... I asked her the question: "Why in the world are you
28:04 becoming a Seventh-day Adventist? "
28:06 And she told this story. She had some background
28:10 but she told this story. She said:
28:12 "At first I would just bring my children to Sabbath School
28:17 then I'd get lost. And then at the end of Sabbath School
28:20 I would come pick them up and take them home.
28:23 But every single Sabbath
28:27 there was a man at the door who greeted me so warmly.
28:34 Who was so kind and gracious to me
28:39 that I decided that I needed what he had
28:44 and I joined the church. " Now let me tell you this:
28:47 this brother never ever spoke publicly.
28:53 Didn't give Bible studies.
28:55 Didn't preach.
28:58 But he had an attitude of gratitude
29:02 that just emanated from him.
29:05 He was the kind of deacon that would clean under the carpet
29:10 because there must not be dirt in the Lord's house.
29:14 You see, I believe that Jesus is coming soon.
29:18 So do you.
29:20 He's coming... I want to go home!
29:26 The time has come for us - for you and for me...
29:30 all Seventh-day Adventists - to intensify our beliefs
29:34 so that we can serve God and bring glory to Him
29:38 and to His name in all that we do.
29:41 Whether it is a family relationship,
29:43 a school matter, a hospital,
29:46 wherever we are in the workplace
29:49 we must consistently be bringing glory to God.
29:53 That has become your role.
29:57 I want to look at this with you, and I want to
30:00 reference a Bible passage tonight.
30:03 Philippians chapter 4 verses 6 and 7.
30:05 You might say: "Well this is a rather odd passage. "
30:08 But it reads like this: "Be anxious for nothing
30:12 but in everything by your prayer and supplication
30:16 with thanksgiving let your request be made known
30:20 to God, and the peace of God
30:22 which surpasses all understanding
30:25 will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. "
30:29 What do people see in you and me
30:33 as they watch us?
30:36 That's a telling question, friends.
30:38 What do they see in us?
30:40 Is our silent life testimony so powerful
30:45 and compelling that those watching us
30:48 would make a lifetime commitment to Jesus
30:51 because of what they saw?
30:53 You see, we are preoccupied in the North American Division
30:56 with the dream of reaching every community
31:00 in this land. Our homes, our schools,
31:04 our business places, our churches. Everything we have
31:09 must be dedicated to the furtherance of God's cause
31:13 on this planet. We have a dream
31:16 that every single member of the church in North America
31:20 will read the scriptures, will be impressed by the Holy Spirit,
31:24 and will become involved in God's great evangelistic
31:29 thrust on this earth before Jesus comes.
31:31 It is a splendid vision.
31:34 However, let me say that if we do not personally
31:38 demonstrate our connection with Jesus
31:41 then all other systems fail.
31:45 Allow me to share a very powerful statement
31:48 with you. As a matter of fact, for those of you who want to
31:51 engage in soul-winning activities
31:55 I have a key for you tonight.
31:58 A very powerful key, and it comes from the book
32:01 Christ Object Lessons pages 299 and 300.
32:05 And this is what it says: "We are to show the world
32:09 and all the heavenly intelligences
32:12 that we appreciate the wonderful love of God
32:15 for fallen humanity
32:17 and that we are expecting larger and yet larger
32:21 blessings from His infinite fullness... "
32:24 Then she goes on: "far more than we do
32:28 we need to speak of the precious chapters of our experience.
32:31 These exercises do three things... " she says.
32:35 Number one: "Drive back the power of Satan. "
32:38 Number two: "They expel the spirit of murmuring
32:44 and complaint and the Tempter loses ground. "
32:47 And number three: "They cultivate those attributes
32:52 of character which will fit the dwellers on earth
32:56 for the heavenly mansions. "
32:58 Whoa!
33:00 That's quite a statement.
33:02 She says that rehearsing in our own mind
33:09 the goodness and the grace of God
33:11 as it relates not only to the world but to me.
33:15 Listen to how she ends the statement.
33:18 She says: "Such a testimony will have an influence upon others.
33:24 No more effective means can be employed
33:30 for the winning of souls to Christ. "
33:34 "No more effective means
33:38 can be employed for winning souls to Christ. "
33:42 So here's a question tonight:
33:44 how do I become like that?
33:48 What Paul tells us in his powerful statement in
33:50 Philippians chapter 4 is that lasting peace
33:53 and happiness come to those who put their trust and faith
33:59 in God. That is, they allow their lives
34:02 to be preoccupied with God
34:06 and then things begin to happen.
34:09 Paul is attempting to tell the Philippians
34:13 that they needed to be ever concerned with this.
34:17 But what we're talking about here
34:20 is successful transcendent daily spiritual living.
34:26 That's where we need to be, friends.
34:29 The next time I am tempted to be angry
34:35 and... You know, I do have to tell you,
34:39 I've already told you I was broken, but I do
34:41 have to tell you I was a sinner.
34:43 I am a sinner.
34:45 I said this once at a Camp Meeting, and a lady came up
34:47 to me and said: "You are a president!
34:51 You must never tell people that you are a sinner. "
34:55 And I said to her: "Thank you so much.
34:58 From now on I'll just lie. "
35:04 The next time we're tempted to be angry
35:07 we need to think about the goodness of God.
35:11 I want to suggest there are three things
35:14 that can turn us into dynamos for Jesus Christ.
35:20 Three ideas the emerge out of the scripture.
35:23 Number one: the recognition that the love of God
35:27 desires only good for us.
35:32 We've got to settle that in our mind.
35:35 He is not some kind of eternal ogre looking to pounce on us.
35:39 The love of God desires only good for us.
35:45 I walked into his office - and if you've heard me tell this
35:50 story before I'm tellin' it again.
35:54 I walked into his office.
35:57 This man: the president of the Rwandan Union.
36:03 He had left his home in the early 90's
36:07 to go out and do a weekend of preaching.
36:11 And when he returned home 120 days later
36:16 he discovered that his wife, three children,
36:20 and 9 grandchildren had been slaughtered in the genocide.
36:27 I walked into his office and I said to him:
36:29 "Brother Amon, I know
36:35 that a person's pain is something very personal
36:38 to them, and for somebody to come walking into your
36:41 life and say 'tell me about it'
36:43 can not only be rude by it's just inappropriate.
36:47 I know that is like holy ground but I want to ask you
36:52 'how did you survive that? ' "
36:55 This was his answer.
36:58 He said: "I want you to know
37:01 that God has been good to me from the very beginning. "
37:07 He went on to say: "I know the people who
37:10 killed my family. They live not too far from here.
37:16 I see them from time to time
37:20 but I pray for them every day. "
37:23 Let me tell you something, friends:
37:25 that is not natural!
37:29 That is supernatural!
37:32 That is a gift from God through Jesus Christ.
37:36 His life went on because he knew in his heart
37:40 that God was good... eternally good...
37:44 and that the love of God only desires that which is
37:48 best for us. David wrote it this way.
37:50 He said: "Shout to the Lord all the earth;
37:53 serve the Lord with joy; come before Him with singing.
37:56 Know that the Lord is God.
37:59 He made us and we belong to Him.
38:01 We are the people, the sheep He tends.
38:03 Come into His city with songs of thanksgiving
38:06 and into His courtyard with songs of praise.
38:09 Thank Him and praise His name. "
38:11 And why does David say all this?
38:13 He winds up in verse 5 of Psalm 100
38:17 by saying: "The Lord is good!
38:19 His love is forever
38:21 and His loyalty goes on and on! "
38:27 I walked into her hospital room
38:32 in a very awkward situation for a man with a woman.
38:39 This dear sister had had a radical mastectomy.
38:46 I do want to say just exactly how much does a man
38:49 have to say to a woman at that point.
38:52 If it's your wife, that's one thing
38:55 but in any other circumstance...
38:56 But you know, I had a philosophy as a pastor
38:58 and that is unless there was some very serious problem
39:03 when I went into a hospital room and they're sleeping
39:05 I'm going to put my hand on your shoulder.
39:08 And so I did. I gently touched her shoulder
39:10 with my hand, and this dear sister opened up her eyes
39:15 and looked into my face beaming and said:
39:19 "Pastor, God has been so good to me. "
39:24 The next part wasn't quite that good.
39:28 She said: "Do you want to see what they did to me? "
39:30 And she started to pull the sheets down.
39:32 I was halfway down the hall...
39:38 Christianity is demonstrated in the crucible of life.
39:45 If I want to be a part of the last-day movement,
39:50 then I must become a part of
39:55 the final and the full display of the love of God.
40:00 Need to recognize... need to recognize that God is good
40:05 and that His will for me is always good.
40:09 Point number two:
40:13 the wisdom of God always knows best.
40:20 Jeremiah wrote, quoting God: "For I know the
40:25 plans I have for you declares the Lord:
40:28 plans to prosper you and not to harm you;
40:31 plans to give you a hope and a future. "
40:34 You know, we so often question God.
40:40 I remember seeing a church member one time
40:44 I was sitting on the dock of the ocean
40:48 and he came into the dock with his boat
40:52 and he was angry at God because he hadn't caught any fish.
40:57 Sometimes we don't understand how things can happen.
41:03 But we do know that if we place our hand, or rather our life
41:07 in the hand of God, the wisdom of God always knows best
41:11 even when things look like they are ridiculous to us.
41:16 In 1980 I received a phone call late one night.
41:20 It says I have 5 minutes and 29 seconds left.
41:24 Good luck.
41:28 Every technician has said: "Well good for you, buddy.
41:32 We're just turning you off in 5 minutes and 16 seconds. "
41:35 Go for it.
41:40 Got a call from the General Conference.
41:43 They said: "We would like you and your family
41:45 to relocate to Sri Lanka. "
41:49 First question: "Where in the world is Sri Lanka? "
41:53 When I was a kit it was Ceylon.
41:55 The pearl of the Indian Ocean.
41:57 I didn't know. I said: "We'll pray about it. "
42:02 Had to do something in town. Went to town.
42:06 Came back; typed out a letter, you know.
42:09 Anybody under 45 know what a typewriter is?
42:12 Anyway... typed out a letter.
42:16 It said: "Dear brethren,
42:19 thank you so much for considering my name
42:22 but I will not be able to go to Sri Lanka. "
42:25 And I began to list a number of reasons.
42:29 Then I again was interrupted. I had to go.
42:32 When I came back my dear wife
42:35 wrote a letter for me. It read like this:
42:38 "Dear brethren, I'm so sorry I can't go to Sri Lanka
42:43 because they don't have motels over there
42:46 or big green Glad garbage bags
42:49 etc., etc., etc. " And I went to her and I said:
42:52 "Are you mocking the servant of the Lord? "
42:57 I did not want to go.
43:00 I did NOT want to go to Sri Lanka.
43:03 I was happy in Canada.
43:05 But I made the mistake of praying.
43:08 It wasn't a mistake... but I began to pray.
43:13 And the more I prayed the more God worked in my mind
43:17 and He told me two things.
43:19 "You cannot draw a geographical circle
43:23 around where you will serve God. "
43:25 Secondly: "You cannot or ought not to draw
43:29 a circle of convenience around where you will serve God. "
43:34 I wrestled with that for two weeks
43:37 and finally in conclusion I phoned the brethren.
43:41 Now the voice who had called me initially
43:45 had been happy and cheery. But when I phoned them this time
43:47 I said: "Hi, this is Dan Jackson calling.
43:50 My family and I have prayed about this
43:53 and we've decided to accept the invitation. "
43:57 And the voice on the other end wasn't nearly so cheery.
44:00 The voice on the other end said: "We're sorry.
44:03 We've already filled that call. "
44:06 Now one would think one would be sad
44:08 but on my end of the phone I was doing this.
44:11 "Yes! Yes! Yes! "
44:14 And I went and found my wife.
44:16 I drove to the school that she was teaching at.
44:20 I found her, and when I saw her I said to her these words:
44:24 "It was a test... it was only a test
44:26 and we passed the test! "
44:29 Then I said these words that were almost fatal words.
44:33 I said to her: "Now I can finish the basement! "
44:37 Of course every pastor... that's the role, right?
44:40 Finishing the basement.
44:45 We had something to do that day. I actually had a funeral
44:47 to conduct. Went out and conducted the funeral.
44:49 Came home. Eating supper... the phone rang.
44:53 It was that crazy woman from the General Conference
44:56 and she had her cheery voice on again.
45:00 She said: "Are you still willing to go to Sri Lanka? "
45:07 And I said: "The conditions that led me to say yes
45:12 the first time are still there.
45:15 We will go to Sri Lanka. "
45:17 Let me tell you something, friends,
45:19 I did not want to go to Sri Lanka.
45:23 But what I have told people since
45:26 is that it was not always pleasurable
45:29 but it was always beneficial. "
45:31 The wisdom of God knows best.
45:36 If we put our lives into His hands,
45:40 He will bring us off more than conquerors.
45:45 Finally, the third point, and I'm skipping through this
45:49 quickly as I can,
45:51 the third element that can make your witness and mine
45:55 more effective for Jesus
45:58 is the power of God... the power of God
46:03 that can bring about our requests.
46:07 I... before I went overseas
46:12 I sold a house. We had just bought a house
46:15 and I had sold a house.
46:17 You know, this will sound like a dream
46:20 but the house was a brand-new home.
46:22 It was about 1,100 square feet.
46:24 Bought it for $50,000
46:28 and eleven months later I sold it for $80.000.
46:31 We paid our tithe,
46:33 we did a number of other things.
46:35 We had $20,000 and my wife and I agreed:
46:39 we'll take that money and we'll put it aside
46:42 for our children's education
46:44 because by the way, kids cost a lot of money.
46:52 And we went to Sri Lanka. I actually bought a 5-acre
46:55 piece of land. We took off, went to Sri Lanka.
46:58 From there we went to India.
46:59 About five years later, you know, we were not exactly
47:02 the long-term missionaries... we were more like tourists.
47:05 But had a wonderful time... it was a blessing from God.
47:11 When we came we couldn't sell the land.
47:14 Couldn't sell the land.
47:16 We prayed about it; we tried to sell it.
47:18 I'd put that little investment of $20,000- which then was a
47:22 pretty good chunk.
47:24 Couldn't sell the land... not at all.
47:27 But you know what happened?
47:30 Clock went to zero.
47:33 What happened was this: after the last one of our children
47:40 had finished we got a phone call.
47:46 "Someone wants to buy your land.
47:48 They've offered $7,000. "
47:50 I said: "Send the check immediately! "
47:54 We took it and we used it, but you see
47:58 all along God didn't need my money.
48:02 He didn't need my plan.
48:05 My children were provided for.
48:07 They got their education because of the power of God.
48:12 Listen friends, I'm going to close,
48:15 but I'm going to close by reading a statement
48:19 that is a wonderful statement from Desire of Ages page 331.
48:24 Reads like this:
48:25 "Those who take Christ at His word
48:28 and surrender their souls to His keeping,
48:32 their lives to His ordering,
48:35 will find peace and quietude. In perfect acquiescence
48:39 there is perfect rest.
48:41 Our lives may seem to be a tangle
48:45 but as we commit ourselves to the wise Master Builder
48:49 He will bring out the pattern of life and character
48:52 that will be to His own glory. "
48:59 The love of God, the wisdom of God,
49:02 the power of God. Friends, we need to rehearse
49:06 those moments in time where those elements
49:10 have been experienced in our lives.
49:12 And then we'll become master soul winners
49:18 for Jesus.
49:20 We are living in the final gasp of earth's history.
49:25 We are! You know, you used to be able to say
49:29 "Well, yeah, but there's... " You can't say that "Yeah,
49:33 well" anymore, can you?
49:35 The events transpiring in our world
49:38 are so tragic and so breathtaking
49:42 that one says: "Oh dear Lord, not another one. "
49:46 "Not another shooting. "
49:48 "Not another terrorist attack. "
49:52 "Not another phoney-baloney politician... whatever. "
49:56 By the way, I'm not a Republican and I'm not a Democrat.
49:59 Amen! Amen... that's right, whoever said amen.
50:03 I'm a Canadian... I don't vote.
50:07 I do want to tell you that Canada, not too long ago,
50:11 elected a 16-year-old prime minister, but I'd better not
50:14 say that. For all you Canadians
50:18 you can take the word back.
50:20 Here's how I want to conclude.
50:23 Many years ago I built a house.
50:27 Actually had an arrangement with the conference
50:29 as I was transferring from one conference to another.
50:32 It was the only way I could get into housing...
50:34 I'd build a house. Smartest thing I did
50:38 was to hire a contractor
50:40 to put the foundation in under that house.
50:46 By the time I arrived on the site it was there, it was good.
50:50 It looked good. I put up sub floors and all the rest
50:53 and put up the walls. It wasn't that big a deal.
50:56 It was a pre-fab house.
50:58 The walls were sheeted and the windows were in the walls.
51:01 But nonetheless I put it up.
51:04 One day I was framing walls on the inside of the house
51:07 when the building inspector showed up.
51:10 And you have to know, friends, that when a building inspector
51:13 shows up at your building site and he gets out of his car
51:16 and his arms are like this
51:18 he is either a Pentecostal who just got ecstatic utterances
51:23 or something is really wrong.
51:26 And he did! He got out of his car; threw his arms up like this
51:29 and said: "You have built your house on the wrong lot! "
51:37 I knew it could happen because the man who lived just across
51:41 the street put himself in a swimming pool.
51:44 And when his new next-door neighbor arrived from the
51:48 Northwest Territories to occupy that lot
51:50 he went to the man who built the swimming pool
51:53 and he said: "I have never received such a gracious
51:56 welcoming gift as a swimming pool before.
51:58 You built your swimming pool right on my lot.
52:02 But I'm going to put a double fence around it...
52:04 and I mean, I'm going to put a fence around it and a double
52:07 gate on your side
52:09 so you can use my swimming pool any time you want to. "
52:13 So I knew it was possible, but I looked at that building
52:16 contractor... I mean, that inspector
52:20 and I did this. I said: "I have NOT
52:24 built my house on the wrong lot
52:28 because John Hanks put the foundation in
52:31 under this house. And if John Hanks
52:35 put it on this lot it's on the right lot! "
52:41 And he looked at me and he said: "Well if John Hanks
52:46 put the foundation in under your house
52:49 it's on the right lot. "
52:51 And then he tucked his pro- verbial tail between his legs,
52:55 got into his car and drove off into the sunset.
52:58 And then it was my turn.
53:02 Praise the Lord!
53:06 Here's the point:
53:09 we know who the Builder is.
53:14 We know who the Foundation is.
53:17 His name is Jesus.
53:21 Friends, we must become engaged.
53:26 We cannot live our lives believing that the pastor
53:32 or the star literature ministries person
53:38 or the person who does whatever they do
53:41 is going to finish the work.
53:43 God wants you and He wants me.
53:47 We build upon the foundation of Jesus
53:51 and then He will take care of the results.
53:56 And we will have not only joy
53:58 but we will have peace as we serve Him in gladness.
54:04 Amen.
54:22 Abide with me...
54:27 fast falls
54:30 the even tide.
54:36 The darkness deepens...
54:43 Lord, with me abide.
54:49 When other
54:53 helpers
54:56 fail and comforts flee...
55:03 help of the helpless
55:08 O abide
55:13 with me!
55:41 Swift to its close
55:46 ebbs out
55:49 life's little day.
55:54 Earth's joys grow dim...
56:00 it's glories
56:03 pass away.
56:08 Change and decay
56:13 in all around
56:17 I see...
56:21 O, Thou who changest not
56:27 abide with me!
56:46 I need Thy presence
56:52 ev'ry passing hour...
56:58 what but Thy grace
57:03 can foil the Tempter's pow'r?
57:10 Who like Thyself
57:15 my guide and stay can be?
57:22 Thru cloud and sunshine,
57:26 O abide
57:30 with me!
57:47 I fear no foe
57:52 with Thee at hand to bless,
57:58 Ills have no weight
58:03 and tears no bitterness;
58:10 Where is death's sting?
58:14 Where grave thy victory?
58:21 I triumph still
58:25 if Thou abide
58:29 with me!


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