ASI Conventions, 2017

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
17ASIC000001A Video Transcript 0:54:00 ASI Video Promo / Pearl Health Center / United Prison Ministries Steve Dickman, Elton DeMoraes, Svitlana Alekseichuk, Richard Bland, Patti Guthrie
17ASIC000002A Video Transcript 0:50:00 The Curse of Meroz Steve Dickman (Host), Kyle Allen, Larry Moore
17ASIC000003A Video Transcript 0:59:30 3 TED Talks: One Hour to Live; Have You Prayed for the President? Window of Opportunity Todd Guthrie & Andi Hunsaker & James Rafferty (Host), Mark Finley
17ASIC000004A Video Transcript 0:59:30 Members in Action Brian Schwartz / Carlos & Kathy Irizarry / Mindy Thygeson (Host), Bill Knott & Jared Thurman, Michelle Doucoumes, Rick McEdward & Michael Eckert
17ASIC000005A Video Transcript 0:49:45 Members in Action 2 / Wildwood Lifestyle Center / Eden Valley / Adventist Help / CDI / UnScene Media / Passer Invest / United Art Video Vaughan Sparrow & John Davidson & John von Horsten (Host), Fred & Jill Cornforth / Dee Casper / Radim Passer / Richard Korbut Jr., Moise Ratsara
17ASIC000006A Video Transcript 0:44:30 AWR / Quiet Hour / Christian Vengeance Frank & Janet Fournier, James Hartley, Melody Mason, Duane McKey & Ranela Kaligithi, Chester Clark III, Michael Tuazon, Randy Bivens
17ASIC000007A Video Transcript 0:53:00 The Cross-Eyed Christian Julian Archer (Host), Sharon Robberson
17ASIC000008A Video 0:50:00 Youth in Action / Shine / Beaver Story / LightUnshackled / Fruition Esther Murray & Nicole Murray, Larren Cole, Andrew & Daniel Hosford, Jared Thurmon
17ASIC000009A Video Transcript 0:50:15 A God of Hope in Hopeless Times Alexis Abrahantes Carralero (Host), Debbie Young
17ASIC000010A Video Transcript 0:46:00 Caring Hands / Health Espo / AMEN Randy Meyer / Dawn Lewis & Floyd Courtney & Pay Humphrey / Vinh Trinh & Brian Schwartz (Host), Derek & Bodil Morris, Robert & Audrey Falkenberg, Moise Ratsara, Lela Lewis & Duane McKey
17ASIC000011A Video 0:47:45 Sabbath School Panel: The Priority of the Promise Lyndi Schwartz & Bob Hunsaker & James Rafferty & Justin Kim & Elias Baquero (Host), International Guests
17ASIC000012A Video 0:49:00 Video / Ethiopian Union Mission / Kibidula Girls / Picture Rolls Ted Wilson (Host), Antoinette Fournier, Debbie Young, Denzel & Donna McNeilus, Jay Gallimore, Norm Reitz
17ASIC000013A Video Transcript 0:52:00 No Information Available Shawn Boonstra (Host), Melissa Bradshaw, John Bradshaw
17ASIC000014A Video Transcript 0:53:15 ASI Marks 70th Anniversary: The History and Roots of ASI Charles Sarr, Mark & Teeney Finley, Ted Wilson, Steve Dickman
17ASIC000015A Video Transcript 0:57:15 History of ASI Continued / Madison / Harbert Hills / Romania / Wellness Secrets / Oon Jai / Farm Stew Charles Sarr, Gina Plata-Nino, Joy Kauffman, Mark Finley, Steve Dickman, Ted Wilson, Wes Stabel
17ASIC000016A Video Transcript 0:50:45 No Applications, Only Commitments Kyle Allen, Mark & Patricia LaVanture, Steve Dickman


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