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00:34 Good evening.
00:36 Please join us as we sing our theme song
00:38 for the very first time, "Let His Glory Be Seen."
00:44 Please stand.
00:55 Oh I saw a distant land and its glory was so grand
01:02 I cried oh Lord how I long to be there
01:09 Then I heard His gentle voice
01:13 "Come, my child, it is your choice"
01:16 Oh such hope that I'd never heard before
01:23 Oh arise, let us run, for the morning light has come
01:30 And the darkness of the night flies away
01:37 He has risen, He has come, and our home He has won
01:44 Let His glory be seen on you today
01:54 Then the way grew dark with care
01:58 My heart trembled in despair
02:01 I turned my eyes to my Lord with a prayer
02:08 Through the dimness of the dawn
02:12 Deeper truth then I was drawn
02:15 Oh such hope even brighter than before
02:22 Oh arise, let us run, for the morning light has come
02:30 And the darkness of the night flies away
02:37 He has risen, He has come, and our home He has won
02:44 Let His glory be seen on you today
02:54 There a lonely soul I saw
02:58 Standing near but yet withdrawn
03:01 I bade him come to the land bright and fair
03:09 With hope's glimmer in his eye, to the darkness said goodbye
03:16 Then we sang a note higher than before
03:23 Oh arise, let us run, for the morning light has come
03:30 And the darkness of the night flies away
03:37 He has risen, He has come, and our home He has won
03:44 Let His glory be seen on you today
03:51 Let His glory
03:54 Be seen on you today
04:16 I'd like to send my warmest greetings to each one of you
04:19 at the GYC conference in Phoenix, Arizona.
04:23 I'm really glad that you've decided
04:25 to attend this year's GYC,
04:26 and I'm certain that you will receive a tremendous blessing
04:30 as you listen to inspiring sermons,
04:32 take time for Bible study and prayer,
04:35 attend biblically based practical seminars,
04:38 participate in the witnessing and outreach opportunities,
04:42 and fellowship together.
04:45 You know, GYC is a great place to grow your faith,
04:48 and your theme for this year, Arise, based on Isaiah 60:1-3,
04:55 couldn't be more timely.
04:57 Let's take a moment
04:58 and just read the text together.
05:00 Isaiah 60:1-3, "Arise, shine, for your light has come.
05:07 And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.
05:10 For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,
05:12 and deep darkness the people.
05:14 But the Lord will arise over you,
05:16 and His glory will be seen upon you.
05:19 The Gentiles shall come to your light,
05:21 and kings to the brightness of your rising."
05:25 If ever there was a time
05:27 when the earth was covered with darkness, it is now.
05:30 If ever there was a time
05:31 when deep darkness enveloped people, it is now.
05:35 If ever there was a time when people need the hope
05:39 and salvation that only Jesus can bring, it is now.
05:43 And praise God, He calls us, indeed He commands us
05:47 to arise, shine for your light has come.
05:52 But notice that the very next sentence reminds us
05:55 that we cannot do this of ourselves.
05:58 It says, "And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you."
06:03 It's because of the glory of the Lord,
06:05 because of His light that shines in and through us,
06:08 that we can be a light to others.
06:11 This can happen as you are part of total member involvement,
06:15 but this can only happen
06:17 when you are daily and fully surrendered to Him.
06:21 In that marvelous book Christ's Object Lessons,
06:24 I hope you're familiar with that book, page 159,
06:27 we read the following and I'm going to quote.
06:30 "No man can empty himself of self.
06:34 We can only consent for Christ to accomplish the work.
06:38 Then the language of the soul will be,
06:40 Lord, take my heart, for I cannot give it.
06:45 It is Thy property.
06:46 Keep it pure, for I cannot keep it for Thee.
06:50 Save me in spite of myself, my weak, unchristlike self.
06:55 Mold me, fashion me,
06:57 raise me into a pure and holy atmosphere,
07:01 where the rich current of Thy love
07:03 can flow through my soul."
07:06 What a marvelous quotation.
07:08 I'm wondering do you want this to be your prayer.
07:13 Do you long for Jesus to shine through you
07:16 as you participate in GYC activities,
07:20 both at the convention and at home?
07:25 The Lord has invited us to be His messengers,
07:27 proclaiming to the world that He is coming soon,
07:31 that He is the Creator God
07:33 and that He is the only one we should worship.
07:36 He bids us to invite others
07:38 to come into His precious remnant church.
07:42 My dear GYC friends,
07:44 we are truly on the very edge of eternity.
07:48 I believe with all my heart that Jesus is coming very soon.
07:52 Now is truly the time to arise and shine.
07:57 Now as I close this brief video message to you,
08:01 I just would like to have
08:03 a very special word of prayer for you
08:06 asking that God will bless every one of you
08:09 during this GYC convention and beyond.
08:14 I know that God will help you
08:17 to proclaim the powerful good news
08:20 that Jesus is coming very soon
08:22 and that the three angels' messages of Revelation 14
08:25 will ring in clarity from your lips and your actions.
08:30 As you put into practice the practical steps
08:35 that Jesus has given to us in reaching people,
08:40 His method of bringing people to the foot of the cross.
08:45 And remember, you can only do that
08:48 as you arise and shine through His power.
08:53 Let's pray.
08:54 Father in heaven,
08:56 be with a special group of young people
08:59 meeting in Phoenix,
09:01 You know each name, You know each person,
09:04 You don't even have to look at their name badges,
09:06 You know them since they were young people,
09:10 You knew them even before they were born.
09:12 Lord, You know the potential of every single one
09:16 to be part of arising
09:19 and shining with the glory of God
09:23 as their power to share with others
09:27 the powerful message
09:29 that Jesus has made a way of escape for each of us,
09:32 and that He's coming very soon,
09:35 and that He has given us wonderful blessings
09:38 and instructions from the Bible
09:41 in order to understand Him better
09:43 and to be equipped to share the precious advent message
09:49 at home, at school, in the community,
09:53 and yes, around the world.
09:55 So, Lord, empower every one of these young people
09:59 and help them to arise through Your power.
10:02 I commit them into your care,
10:04 help them to have a wonderful GYC convention.
10:08 And, Lord, help them to be on fire
10:11 for the new year of 2018
10:15 as you use them in a powerful way
10:18 pointing to Your soon coming.
10:20 In Jesus' name we ask it, amen.
10:25 Our scripture reading tonight
10:26 is found in the book of John 3:30.
10:31 That's John 3:30.
10:37 And it says, "He must increase,
10:41 but I must decrease."
10:46 How many of you sit next to the same person or people
10:49 every Sabbath at church?
10:52 And how many of you have started to notice
10:54 consistent quirks with these people?
10:58 I sit next to the same guy every Sabbath,
11:02 and every week, he falls asleep
11:04 during the pastor sermon.
11:07 Now I have to warn you that pastor is the speaker tonight.
11:12 But the guy is our five-month old son.
11:17 And sermon time, kind of,
11:19 is at the same time as his nap time.
11:22 Moise Ratsara, in addition to being a loving father,
11:25 and husband, son, and brother, he's also a devoted
11:30 and faithful ordained Seventh-day Adventist minister,
11:33 and he's the president of GYC.
11:36 He leads the executive committee
11:38 that plans the annual conference you are attending,
11:41 as well as inspiring young people all over the world
11:45 in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
11:47 He has a burden and a passion for young adult ministry
11:51 and a deep desire to see all young people
11:55 actively participating
11:57 in the movement to end all movements.
11:59 The spreading of the three angels' message
12:02 to the whole world
12:03 in anticipation of Jesus is soon coming.
12:08 By their very nature, movements move.
12:12 Moise tonight will be telling us where GYC is going.
12:17 And he will be telling us how to avoid certain pitfalls
12:20 that could derail us along the way.
12:23 I'll be praying for him now,
12:25 and then I ask that you pray for him in your hearts
12:28 during the special music and that you listen
12:30 to what he has to say when he follows.
12:33 Let's pray.
12:35 Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You so much
12:38 for bringing us all here to Phoenix.
12:41 We thank You for the promise
12:42 that wherever two or three of us
12:44 are gathered in Your name
12:46 that You were there with us also.
12:48 We pray that You would send the Holy Spirit to be with us,
12:51 that You would open our hearts and minds
12:53 to receive the message prepared for tonight.
12:56 We pray that you would be with Moise
12:57 and give him the words to say.
12:59 And we thank You again for the love
13:01 that you have shown us through Jesus.
13:03 We ask all of these things
13:04 in His wonderful and mighty name, amen.
13:22 For God
13:26 So loved the world
13:31 God so loved the world
13:37 That He gave His only
13:44 Begotten Son
13:53 That whosoever believes
14:00 Whoever believes
14:07 Shall not perish
14:14 But have everlasting life
14:21 For God so loved
14:26 This fallen world
14:30 He left His glory above
14:37 To carry my cross
14:44 For God so loved
14:51 Our world
15:17 For He came
15:21 Not to condemn
15:25 He came not to condemn
15:31 But that the world through Him
15:37 Might have everlasting life
15:45 For God so loved
15:49 This fallen world
15:52 He left His glory above
15:59 To carry my cross
16:06 For God so loved
16:12 For God so loved
16:19 For God so loved
16:29 Our world
16:44 Amen.
16:46 Hello, GYC.
16:49 Good evening.
16:51 Amen. Amen.
16:53 Thank you so much for that beautiful song.
16:55 What a privilege it is to be here with you
16:59 and to have the keynote address.
17:02 I feel very humbled.
17:04 I have a few things before I begin,
17:06 but I got to tell you that I am blessed
17:10 to have a beautiful wife Amy
17:12 and thank you for that introduction.
17:14 I believe that my little boy
17:15 as well is sleeping at this time.
17:19 So the little man hopefully will be blessed somehow.
17:25 I want to thank the GYC volunteers
17:28 for all of the dedication and the labor of love
17:31 that you have given for the movement.
17:34 A lot of the things that you see
17:37 are done out of sacrifice and love for you.
17:41 I want to thank them.
17:44 Also, I would like to thank my family,
17:47 especially my wife and my parents for their love,
17:51 for their prayers, and for their great sacrifice.
17:55 If it were not for them, I would not be here today,
17:58 and I want to thank them.
18:00 Also, I want to thank Pathways, and especially Lela Lewis,
18:05 I know she's here, for showing the heart of Christ in Phoenix,
18:11 helping people receive free healthcare
18:15 but also blessing them spiritually
18:17 that they might be a blessing to the world.
18:20 Thank you so much,
18:22 Pathways and every volunteer of Pathway that is here.
18:24 Thank you so much for your service.
18:27 On behalf of GYC, we just want to thank you
18:30 for giving your time to do the best work,
18:32 and that is sharing the love of Christ.
18:36 I also would like to thank
18:37 the Jackson and Bunker Hill Church.
18:40 You are watching right now,
18:42 and I just want to thank you for all the things
18:44 that you have done for bearing with me
18:46 as I travel across the world
18:49 to help this generation get a picture of Christ.
18:53 I just want to thank my local churches,
18:56 and I also would like to thank above everything else
19:00 God for His loving kindness
19:02 and for being so patient with us.
19:09 Let us have a word of prayer together.
19:14 Dear Heavenly Father,
19:16 what a privilege it is to be here.
19:19 As we have gathered
19:20 from all four corners of the world in the thousands,
19:24 we have come because we believe,
19:26 Father, that You want to come soon,
19:29 that You want to come even more
19:31 than we want to see You come.
19:33 And, Father, this is Your time I am but a man.
19:37 Hide me behind Your cross, and may You speak.
19:41 In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.
19:46 There were two Moravian in missionaries
19:48 by the name of Johann and David,
19:52 two young men, Moravian brethrens
19:55 in Herrnhut, Germany, in the 1700s.
19:59 These two men received the call to mission work,
20:03 and they were dedicated to go to the end of the earth
20:06 to share the love of God.
20:09 They got a call to go to an island
20:11 in the West Indies, Saint Croix,
20:15 but the only way
20:16 that they could go to that island
20:18 was that either they were a slave owner
20:22 or they were slaves.
20:25 These two men were middle class young men
20:28 in the prime of their life.
20:30 But they received the call to missions.
20:34 So they decided to sell themselves as slaves
20:39 and go to the end of the earth.
20:44 As they went into the boat, they looked at their families
20:47 and they said, "May the lamb that was slain
20:51 receive the reward of His suffering."
20:55 And there they went as slaves
20:58 to share the love of Jesus Christ
21:02 to the people somewhere in the world.
21:07 These men knew where they were going.
21:11 But I want to ask you the question today,
21:14 GYC, do you know where you're going.
21:17 We know that our destination is for heaven,
21:21 everything that we do, every ounce of GYC,
21:26 and so that each and every one of us
21:28 can be in the kingdom of God together.
21:33 We know where we want to go, but how do we get there?
21:37 And today, by the grace of God,
21:39 I want to give a clear vision and a mission
21:41 for where GYC is going and where we must go.
21:47 Number one, where do we go?
21:49 We need to go back to God.
21:52 To the Bible and to the Spirit of Prophecy,
21:56 reading the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.
21:59 Turn your Bibles with me to John 5:39
22:04 and we will see why.
22:08 John 5:39.
22:15 In John 5:39, this is what the Bible says.
22:21 It says, "You search the Scriptures,
22:23 for in them you think you have,"
22:25 what, my friends?
22:26 "You have eternal life.
22:29 And these are they which," do what?
22:32 "Testify of Me."
22:35 Who is speaking?
22:37 It is Jesus Christ.
22:39 You see, the Bible is not just another good book,
22:42 it is an encounter with God,
22:45 it is the mind and the heart of God made audible for men.
22:51 The Word of God is our only rule of faith
22:54 and practice as a people.
22:56 By the Word of God, we are to be judged.
22:59 Without the Word of God, my friends, we are nothing,
23:03 and Moise is nothing without the Word of God.
23:09 Our vision and life must be driven by the Word of God
23:15 and by the Spirit of Prophecy.
23:18 Every ounce of GYC must exist to propel,
23:22 to inspire this generation
23:25 to have a deep abiding relationship with God.
23:30 If we are not leading people to Christ,
23:33 then we need to stop existing.
23:36 That is where we must go
23:39 to the Word of God.
23:44 But what about the Spirit of Prophecy you might ask.
23:47 Do we need to read the Spirit of Prophecy?
23:50 I want to tell you a story.
23:52 A couple weeks ago, I was on my tour
23:53 to the beautiful continent of Africa.
23:56 If you could tell that I have an accent,
23:58 that's because I am an African.
24:04 And I went to that beautiful continent
24:05 and I was coming back on a 28-hour journey.
24:11 I wanted to see my wife and my beautiful little man,
24:16 but what was before me was four inches of snow,
24:21 very cold, dark, and fog.
24:25 I had my trusted little car, my Honda Civic,
24:28 and if you have a Honda Civic, you know it is reliable.
24:31 But unfortunately, my Honda Civic
24:33 was not heavy enough to face the snow,
24:37 but I wanted to be home.
24:39 Though I had to travel for very far,
24:42 I wanted to be home.
24:45 My wife told me, "Sweetheart, Mo,
24:48 I know you're a dedicated guy, but you could rent a motel
24:52 or stay in a motel for the night
24:54 till things are more safe."
24:57 But I wanted to be home.
24:59 So I went through the snow through four inches of snow,
25:03 roads that were unplowed from Detroit to Lansing,
25:07 driving at about 35 miles an hour on the highway.
25:12 Left and right, there were cars on the ditches,
25:16 but I was heading home.
25:18 I knew the way home,
25:20 but it was so dark that I could not see properly
25:23 but I was thankful for those two red lights in front of me
25:28 that were leading me all the way home.
25:32 The Spirit of Prophecy is still light.
25:36 Though it is the lesser light, it is still a light.
25:40 And according to Revelation 19:10,
25:43 "It is the faith of Jesus Christ."
25:48 We're living in a very dark world today.
25:52 The year 2017 has been a year to be remembered.
25:59 As we're going through this life,
26:02 more than ever before,
26:04 young people just like you and I
26:06 need to be in the Word of God
26:09 reading as well the Spirit of Prophecy.
26:12 Read it for yourself.
26:14 Start with Great Controversy, read The Desire of Ages,
26:18 read Patriarchs and Prophets, read Ministry of Healing.
26:26 It talks about Jesus Christ.
26:29 It has the same author, the Holy Spirit.
26:32 Read it.
26:34 This is where we must go as a movement
26:39 to the Word of God.
26:43 Number two, where do we go?
26:46 We must go to our local churches.
26:50 You know, I like this visual aid,
26:55 to go to the local church.
26:57 You might say, "Well, Moise,
26:58 why do we have to go to the local church?"
27:02 The book Education, page 265 to 266 says this,
27:07 "The church is organized for service.
27:09 And in a life of service to Christ,
27:12 connection with the church is one of the first steps.
27:16 Loyalty to Christ demands
27:17 the faithful performance of church duties.
27:23 This is an important part of one's training,
27:25 and in a church imbued with the Master's life,
27:28 it will lead directly
27:30 to efforts to the world without."
27:34 The Seventh-day Adventist church, my friend,
27:37 and I'm saying this from love, is a grassroots movement
27:43 but it's the apple of God's eye.
27:51 More than ever before,
27:53 we need young people to be involved in their local church,
27:58 to be involved in their local church,
28:00 not only be on the sign lines and be attendees,
28:03 but you are, my friends, participant,
28:08 you are GYC, you are this generation.
28:14 And GYC must exist to equip,
28:18 to inspire this generation
28:21 to be actively engaged in their local church.
28:26 It is the apple of God's eye,
28:28 and this is where we must go
28:31 to our local church and be involved.
28:35 But someone might say,
28:36 "Well, Mo, my local church is not mission-minded,
28:40 you don't understand my situation."
28:43 I have news for you, my friend, you are the church.
28:47 Amen.
28:49 You be mission-minded, you be focus,
28:52 you give Bible studies,
28:54 you be involved, start a small group,
28:56 start a ministry that supports
28:59 the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
29:03 Daniel's church was in captivity
29:06 because it was not mission-minded,
29:09 but Daniel never used that as an excuse
29:12 not to be faithful to God.
29:16 Though whatever was happening in his local church,
29:18 whatever it was, Daniel purposed in his heart
29:21 to be faithful, and you be faithful.
29:26 This is your church.
29:31 Somebody else might say,
29:32 "Well, Mo, you don't understand my situation.
29:35 In my local church, I'm the only young person.
29:39 I can't relate to anybody, I am there,
29:42 they are not youth-friendly,
29:43 a lot of their programs are not for young people."
29:48 My friend, don't ask what the church can do for you
29:52 but ask what you can do for your church.
29:54 Amen.
29:57 This is your church.
30:00 Or is there politics in the church?
30:03 Yes.
30:04 Is it right?
30:05 Never.
30:08 But you fill yourself with the Holy Spirit every day,
30:11 be the change that you seek to see in the world.
30:16 The church is not perfect, but God is,
30:20 and this is His church.
30:27 When people go alone, my friend, you arise.
30:31 Amen.
30:32 Go to your local church,
30:34 bring and win as soul to Christ,
30:36 do not be satisfied with anything else
30:39 but to expand the kingdom of God.
30:42 You might say, "Well, Mo,
30:44 I don't know much about the Bible,
30:45 I'm a young person, my life is messed up."
30:50 Go, talk to the woman at the well.
30:56 Don't make excuses when God has called you.
31:01 Go.
31:05 This leads me to my third point,
31:07 where are we going?
31:10 To the end of the earth.
31:14 Mission.
31:16 Mission.
31:17 Mission.
31:18 God gave us a great commission, not a great option.
31:24 And love for God and the love for His church
31:27 will lead us automatically to love His people.
31:33 I get very worried at times
31:35 when people have to be encouraged to go to missions,
31:38 and they say they are Christians.
31:42 If you love God, it will be automatic.
31:48 We need a love today
31:49 for the love of man has grown cold.
31:54 But we need a love today
31:56 that will lead us to go to the ends of the year
31:59 that is not ruled by sensationalism or feelings
32:04 but by choice, principle, and sacrifice.
32:08 Amen.
32:10 It is a love that does not flinch in the face of hardship
32:13 or worldly success or the pool of mediocrity,
32:16 fame, power, or money.
32:19 It is a love that calls a family
32:21 to live the comforts of their home.
32:24 And come to an event called Pathways on Christmas
32:29 and give up their resources
32:30 that they can help somebody else.
32:34 It is a love that not only seeks to feed the homeless
32:39 but to save as well that homeless man
32:41 or that homeless lady.
32:45 It is a love that drives a man or woman
32:48 in the cold of winter to knock on doors
32:51 for couple of hours.
32:53 It is a love that propels a man or a woman
32:57 making six digit figures to go to the ends of the earth
33:00 and be a volunteer and work on a stipend.
33:05 It is a love that is not ruled by social media,
33:09 the latest fads,
33:11 but drives a person as outreach is going
33:13 there making photocopies
33:15 while nobody is watching
33:16 so that people can have materials
33:18 to go knocking on doors.
33:24 It is a love that drives a person to their knees
33:28 when nobody's watching,
33:30 praying for their family member that has left the church.
33:36 It is a love that at times
33:37 might not be seen by the naked eye...
33:43 but that is their praying, praying, praying.
33:50 What the world needs today
33:52 is a love that will drive young people
33:54 to the end of the earth.
33:57 Such a love will drive you to sacrifice and pain
33:59 but also to joy and peace.
34:03 And to choose to have this love
34:05 is the only way I believe
34:07 to finish the work in this generation.
34:11 There should be no more loving person on this earth
34:16 than a Seventh-day Adventist,
34:20 especially a GYC-er.
34:23 The Bible says you need to be known for your gentleness,
34:26 even in your social media platforms.
34:32 We need love today, we need the Holy Spirit,
34:38 we need to have a vision of what God wants us to do,
34:44 we need a love that will drive young people
34:48 to be fully furnished,
34:50 to be willing to spend time in the Word of God,
34:54 and learning all things.
34:58 A love that will drive a person to have a biblical worldview
35:01 and GYC must exist,
35:05 directly trained an army of young people
35:08 who will be disciples of Jesus Christ,
35:11 who are willing to carry the message
35:13 of a crucified risen
35:15 and soon coming savior to the end of the earth.
35:20 Every ounce of GYC must exist
35:26 to further the mission
35:29 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
35:32 God's church.
35:40 Jesus says if we want to accomplish this mission,
35:42 however, we must deny ourselves,
35:45 take up our cross daily and follow Christ.
35:49 Not follow men, follow Christ.
35:53 Obedience is what God is calling us to.
35:59 Not because we have to,
36:00 and not because we're legalists,
36:03 but because we thirst for the glory of God
36:06 because we are loyalists.
36:12 The Ten Commandments of God, my friend, are not a burden,
36:16 they're the best description of how to love God
36:19 and your neighbor,
36:21 the best description of how to love.
36:25 Love is not a burden.
36:29 The greatest man ever born of a woman according to Jesus,
36:33 John the Baptist
36:35 because he had the greatest task ever given to a man,
36:40 the task of preparing the people
36:42 for the first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
36:46 In the prime of his life, John the Baptist,
36:49 face one of the greatest crisis of his public ministry.
36:54 His disciples lost their focus, lost their mission,
36:58 and lost their vision.
37:02 Turn your Bibles with me
37:03 to John 3:22-26.
37:09 John 3:22-26.
37:15 In John 3:22-26,
37:18 John the Baptist is encountering something
37:21 he has never seen before.
37:24 In there, it reads, "After these things
37:26 Jesus and His disciples came into the land of Judea,
37:31 and there He remained with them,"
37:33 and did what, my friends?
37:35 "And baptized.
37:37 Now John also was baptizing in Aenon near Salim
37:40 because there was much water there.
37:42 And they came and were," what else, my friends?
37:45 "Were baptized.
37:47 For John had not yet been thrown into prison.
37:51 Then there arose a dispute
37:53 between some of John's disciples
37:56 and the Jews about purification.
37:59 And they came to John and said to him,
38:01 'Rabbi, He who was with you beyond the Jordan,
38:05 to whom you have testified,
38:06 behold, He is,'" doing what, my friends?
38:09 "'Baptizing, and some people are coming to Him!'"
38:15 Are you seeing from the Word, what did they say?
38:17 All people are going to Him.
38:20 Now who is telling this to John the Baptist?
38:22 Are these some strangers?
38:25 They are the disciples of John the Baptist.
38:29 They have been given a commission
38:31 to prepare the people
38:33 for what coming of the Lord Jesus Christ?
38:36 First coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
38:43 But five things got in their way
38:46 of accomplishing their mission.
38:50 Number one, the disciples of John the Baptist
38:56 became jealous of, who?
39:02 The ministry of Christ and Jesus Christ.
39:07 Can you imagine that?
39:09 Here there were, one group was baptizing,
39:11 the other group was baptizing, now we know John tells us
39:15 that Jesus Himself was not baptizing,
39:17 but his disciples were baptizing,
39:19 two groups of people baptizing, and there's a controversy.
39:23 They get involved in the controversy
39:25 about purification,
39:26 and here they are saying to John the Baptist
39:29 that everybody is going to Jesus,
39:32 and they are jealous of who, the Son of God.
39:36 But whose work are they thinking they're doing?
39:39 The work of God.
39:43 How did they get to that point?
39:47 Because they were majoring in minors.
39:51 Number one,
39:53 to them they were more worried about their numbers,
39:58 public perception of the effectiveness
40:00 of their ministry and purification
40:03 that they became jealous of the Son of God Himself.
40:09 Majoring in minors.
40:13 Number two, how did they lose their mission?
40:17 The disciples had false litmus tests
40:19 and silver bullets.
40:21 In their mind, only they could baptize
40:26 or probably have the true purification,
40:28 after all, John the Baptist was a voice in the wilderness,
40:33 revered and feared by the religious leaders
40:36 and the rulers of the time.
40:39 Jesus Christ?
40:41 He did not look like the Messiah.
40:45 He was a carpenter from Nazareth.
40:50 He did not look like the expectation of a King.
40:52 So since He did not look like a king,
40:55 He must be an impostor.
41:00 Number three, how did they lose their mission
41:02 and their vision?
41:04 They started to fall into the sin
41:07 of what I call institutional rivalry.
41:14 If they're not under our brand, under our control,
41:20 then they are our enemy.
41:24 Yes, they might be doing a good work
41:26 but they are not us.
41:29 They were so caught up in the waves
41:31 that they were creating that they could not see
41:33 that God was preparing a tsunami
41:35 in the Son of Jesus Christ.
41:43 They wanted to become the managers
41:45 of the Holy Spirit.
41:48 So as a result, they missed the Son of God.
41:54 They went to John the Baptist,
41:56 and they said, verse 26,
41:59 "And they came to John and said,
42:00 'Rabbi, He who was with you beyond the Jordan,
42:02 to whom you have testified, behold,
42:05 He is baptizing, and all are coming to Him!'"
42:10 Now is that true that everybody
42:11 was going to Jesus at this point in time?
42:14 Probably not, there were still some people
42:16 that were going probably to John the Baptist,
42:20 but they were jealous.
42:24 And when we have a spirit of institutional rivalry,
42:27 my friend, it leads to a spirit
42:32 of insubordination.
42:35 The Bible doesn't tell us for sure that
42:37 the disciples of John did not respect Christ,
42:41 but we know that some of John's disciples
42:44 would have been present at Christ's baptism
42:46 because in verse 26, what did they say?
42:50 "And they came to John and said to him,
42:51 'Rabbi,'" what?
42:52 "He who was with you," where?
42:55 "Beyond the Jordan."
42:58 That means that some of them were there
43:01 and they witnessed
43:02 what God was doing in acknowledging His son.
43:07 They also heard, by the way, before we get to this point
43:11 in John 3, more than seven times
43:14 John is telling them that he is not the Son of God,
43:18 he is not the Messiah.
43:21 But he acknowledged who was the one,
43:23 the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world
43:25 to take away the sins of the world.
43:27 Who was that? Jesus.
43:30 Were His disciples there?
43:32 Probably, yes, because they said
43:34 they knew he was with Jesus beyond the Jordan.
43:39 They knew that Christ was the Messiah
43:44 or that John the Baptist acknowledged
43:46 that he was the Messiah,
43:50 but because there were succumbed by public pressure
43:53 and cultural expectation by the Jews questioning
43:57 the effectiveness of their ministry of purification.
44:02 They challenged the calling of the public ministry of Christ
44:07 and indirectly the voice of God Himself.
44:16 Consequently, number five, therefore God who they were,
44:20 they were called to be ushers in the first coming of God,
44:24 but here they were fighting
44:27 the very Son of God.
44:34 Such an event is not new to mankind.
44:38 Heaven knows about such an event.
44:44 But John the Baptist was not caught
44:47 or swayed by this pressure,
44:50 though the Spirit of Prophecy tells us
44:52 that at this point in time,
44:53 John the Baptist had more influence than Christ,
45:01 but he was not swayed by fame, money, or power.
45:05 Amen.
45:07 He knew where he was going.
45:10 So whatever road block was in front of him,
45:13 it did not matter because he knew where he was going.
45:16 Do you know where you're going, GYC?
45:21 John the Baptist did not major in minors
45:23 because he has gone to the Word of God
45:26 and had read the prophecy about the Messiah
45:29 and understood the meaning behind a sanctuary service.
45:32 He knew He was the Lamb of God,
45:34 who takes us away the sins of the world,
45:38 so he did not major in minors.
45:42 John the Baptist did not fall
45:45 for false litmus tests of silver bullets,
45:48 again he knew what mattered
45:50 because he had studied the Word of God
45:52 and he knew that though men
45:54 may be baptized with water,
45:56 Jesus will baptize with fire.
46:00 The ultimate purification.
46:05 And so he was not swayed by institutional rivalry,
46:12 by self because he wanted the glory of God above his own.
46:18 Amen.
46:21 A couple of months later,
46:22 we know what happens to John the Baptist.
46:26 He is beheaded
46:28 alone in a dungeon.
46:33 But he knew where he was going.
46:39 Number four, John the Baptist knew where he was going,
46:41 even towards the end of his life
46:43 as he was about to face death
46:46 and was tempted to question God.
46:51 If God, if Jesus Christ was truly the Messiah
46:54 because the pressures were getting more,
46:57 he was experiencing more pressure
46:59 and more pressure and more pressure,
47:03 but he yielded to the voice of God
47:07 because God said,
47:08 Jesus Christ was the Messiah, he accepted.
47:13 Though his feelings maybe were not aligned,
47:16 but he chose obedience over feeling.
47:23 And lastly, John the Baptist did not forget who he was,
47:29 he did not forget who he was in the eyes of God,
47:31 and what God had called him to.
47:34 He knew that he was called to be a voice
47:37 in the wilderness preparing the way for,
47:40 what, my friend? The first coming of who?
47:43 Of Jesus Christ.
47:45 So when he heard the voice, go with me to verse 29,
47:48 this is what He says.
47:51 "He who has the bride is the bridegroom,
47:54 but the friend of the bridegroom,
47:56 who stands and hears his voice rejoices greatly
47:59 because of, "who, my friend?"
48:01 The bridegroom's voice.
48:04 Therefore this joy of mine is,
48:06 what, my friends? "Is fulfilled."
48:13 And the famous verse, "He must increase, but,"
48:19 what, my friends, "I must decrease."
48:31 GYC, is it your vision today
48:35 to go back to the Word of God,
48:39 to go back to the Bible to the Spirit of Prophecy,
48:44 to go back to the people of God
48:46 and be active in your local church,
48:50 to go to the ends of the earth
48:52 and proclaim the three angels' message?
48:57 Not for the glory of men but for the glory of God,
49:01 I believe that this generation can be the greatest generation
49:07 if they know where they are going.
49:11 Jesus has allowed us to be alive
49:13 for such a time as this.
49:18 I am a church pastor.
49:21 And as a pastor, some of you pastors
49:24 know that you bury people.
49:28 Most people call you either when they are getting married
49:33 or when they're burying a loved one.
49:39 On this day, I had to bury a man who was 95 years old.
49:45 This man was no ordinary man,
49:48 he had a living memory of John Harvey Kellog.
49:52 I have the privilege
49:54 of pastoring the oldest congregation in Adventism,
49:57 Jackson Michigan, where Ellen G White
50:00 had some of her Great Controversy visions
50:03 and where she was attacked by the devil.
50:07 My other church is called Bunker Hill.
50:11 And this is where this man was,
50:12 and he had actually as his record,
50:15 he had the record of some of the pioneers tithe paying,
50:19 how they pay tithe.
50:21 Hand written copies of that.
50:25 This 95-year-old man
50:27 longed to see Jesus come in his lifetime.
50:32 He had spent almost every ounce of his life
50:35 trying to hasten the Lord's coming, preaching,
50:39 being there almost at every board meeting,
50:43 he could recite Psalm 91
50:46 by heart at 95 years old.
50:50 He had trained his mind,
50:52 everything that he could do to hasten the Lord's coming,
50:57 but here I was burying him.
51:02 He had the chance, he longed for the moment.
51:07 And we today, my friends,
51:08 can see Jesus come in our lifetime.
51:10 Amen? Amen.
51:12 Are we going to arise to the occasion?
51:17 Are we going to play church?
51:21 Are we going to play a religion?
51:24 Are we going to be like John the Baptist's disciples
51:28 and fight against God?
51:34 More than any of us here today, Jesus wants to come back.
51:41 And what he's waiting for is for people
51:43 who are willing to see Him come back
51:47 more than anything else.
51:52 I want to make an appeal to you today,
51:54 my friend, three appeals.
51:58 The first appeal is
52:01 if you're willing to commit to read the Bible
52:05 and the Conflict of the Ages series in 2018,
52:11 all of it.
52:13 From Patriarchs, from Prophets and Kings...
52:17 From Patriarchs and Prophets, Prophets and Kings,
52:20 Desire of Ages, Acts of the Apostles,
52:23 and Great Controversy,
52:26 and the Word of God.
52:29 If you're willing to make that commitment,
52:31 I will invite you to stand
52:36 to read the Word of God in one year
52:40 and the Conflict of the Ages.
52:45 Appeal number two,
52:52 it is if you are willing to commit
52:56 to win one soul to Christ in 2018.
53:03 If you say, "Lord, I am committing to this,"
53:05 I will invite You to come to the front
53:09 and make a public stand to say,
53:11 "Lord, I am committing to leading one soul
53:14 to Christ in 2018."
53:19 Amen.
53:29 Amen.
53:31 Appeal number two...
53:34 Number three.
53:39 If you have sensed God's call to call you to be a missionary
53:44 to the end of the earth,
53:47 and you know that God is calling you,
53:49 you might be a CEO of a company,
53:53 you might be a lawyer,
53:55 you might be a doctor, you might be a pastor,
54:00 but you know that your call is to go overseas,
54:06 and you want to make that commitment today
54:10 to not harden your heart
54:11 and go where God is calling you to.
54:14 I invite you to come to the front.
54:17 Amen.
54:22 Lastly, at every meeting,
54:27 I always want to ask and give the opportunity,
54:31 if you have never accepted Jesus Christ
54:35 as your personal Savior,
54:39 please come to the front.
54:41 Now I'll be down here and I like to meet with you.
54:45 I like to pray with you
54:47 and I like to give you an opportunity
54:50 to give your life to Christ.
54:57 Let's pray together, my friend.
55:01 Dear Heavenly Father,
55:04 today thousands of people
55:09 have committed to read Your Word.
55:15 They have also committed, Father,
55:17 to win a soul for Christ.
55:23 Some have also committed to go to the ends of the earth,
55:28 to the end of the earth
55:31 and give their life to You all the way.
55:35 Others, as well, have committed to be baptized
55:40 or to accept Jesus Christ for the first time
55:42 as their personal Savior.
55:47 Lord, I pray for them,
55:51 I want each and every one of them to be in heaven,
55:57 including myself.
55:59 Save us, Lord. Save us, Lord.
56:02 And may we arise, arise,
56:05 and arise for light has come.
56:09 In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.
56:13 Amen.
56:15 May the Lord be with you, my friend,
56:17 and may He fill you with His Holy Spirit.
56:21 Amen.


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