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00:33 If you have your Bibles, please turn to Psalms 43.
00:38 I mean, turn them open or turn them on,
00:39 whatever you have to do.
00:41 Psalms 43,
00:42 43 is after 42 in most translations
00:45 I'm aware of.
00:47 If there, please say amen.
00:51 We're reading the entire psalm of Psalm 43.
00:56 It's only five verses so stop freaking out.
00:57 Verse 1.
01:00 The Bible says, "Vindicate me, O, God,
01:03 and plead my cause against an ungodly nation
01:06 and deliver me from the deceitful
01:08 and unjust man!
01:10 For You are the God of my strength.
01:13 Why do you cast me off?
01:14 Why do I go mourning
01:16 because of the oppression of the enemy?
01:18 O, send out your light and your truth,
01:22 let them lead me,
01:23 let them bring me to your holy hill
01:25 and to your tabernacle.
01:27 And then I will go to the altar of God,
01:29 to God my exceeding joy, and on the heart,
01:32 on the harp I will praise you.
01:35 O, God, my God.
01:37 Why are you cast down, O my soul?
01:40 Who are you disquieted within me?
01:43 Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him,
01:47 the help of my countenance and my God."
01:50 Speaker tonight is Chris Holland.
01:53 He is the speaker, director of It is Written, Canada.
01:58 What does that mean?
02:00 It means he has a weekly television broadcast,
02:03 he writes his own scripts,
02:05 he does major evangelistic campaigns
02:07 throughout Canada.
02:09 For those of you
02:10 who are geographically challenged,
02:11 that is the large country north of here,
02:15 not north of Arizona, north of America.
02:18 He trains pastors and lay people
02:20 in effective outreach,
02:22 and he writes books and articles.
02:25 Chris is a pastor.
02:28 You may be wondering where.
02:30 He's been in Illinois for about 10 years,
02:32 the Chesapeake Conference, that's like Maryland,
02:34 Delawareish area,
02:35 and he's worked for the NED at ASI.
02:39 He has a DMin in church growth and evangelism,
02:42 and MDiv and BA for Andrews.
02:44 And what does that mean?
02:45 That means, he is very smart.
02:49 Chris and his wife, Debbie, had been married for 21 years.
02:54 What does that mean?
02:56 That means his wife is very patient.
03:01 Chris is a friend of GYC.
03:05 He started his GYC career early
03:08 as a part of their affiliate program
03:10 at Great Lakes.
03:11 He was the vice president of evangelism.
03:14 And back then, he is part of a powerhouse team
03:18 with people like Amy Ratsara, Sebastien Braxton,
03:23 and Kyle Allen.
03:25 Tonight, Chris is our evening speaker.
03:30 What does that mean?
03:33 That means, listen up.
03:36 That mean, turn your cell phones
03:40 to airplane mode.
03:42 That means, end all personal conversations.
03:46 That means, plead for the Holy Spirit
03:50 to speak through this man.
03:52 That means, pray for him tonight.
03:55 And if you don't receive a blessing,
03:57 pray for him tomorrow night.
03:59 And if you don't receive a blessing,
04:01 pray for him Saturday night.
04:03 And if you don't receive a blessing,
04:04 pray for your own soul.
04:08 Chris is a first class gentleman,
04:12 he's a scholar,
04:13 a wise pastor, and someone passionate about evangelism.
04:17 But he is someone who reminds me of Jesus.
04:22 I know we prayed a lot.
04:24 But would you join with me for one short prayer
04:27 for our evening speaker.
04:29 Please bow your heads.
04:34 Gracious Father,
04:38 for some reason, You speak through human beings.
04:43 Father, may the blood of Jesus, Your Son,
04:45 be attributed upon him.
04:48 And may he speak to us without filter,
04:52 without ambition, without self.
04:56 Father, if there are people in this room
04:59 who have been hurt by close minded,
05:02 close hearted people,
05:05 we ask that Your Holy Spirit may heal
05:08 and cause hearts and minds to open,
05:12 and to listen to tonight's message.
05:15 This is our prayer in Jesus' name, amen.
05:39 Beautiful Savior
05:45 King of creation
05:50 Son of God
05:56 And Son of Man
06:02 Truly I'd love Thee
06:08 Truly I'd serve thee
06:14 Light of my soul
06:19 My Joy
06:21 My Crown
06:29 Fair is the sunshine
06:34 Fairest is the moonlight
06:39 And all the twinkling
06:44 Starry host
06:49 Jesus shines brighter
06:54 Jesus shines purer
06:59 Than all the angels heav'n can boast.
07:07 O Beautiful Savior
07:13 Lord of the nations
07:18 Son of God
07:23 And Son of Man
07:28 Glory and honor
07:34 Praise, adoration
07:39 Now and forever
07:44 Forevermore more be Thine
07:50 Now and forever
07:56 Glory and honor
08:00 And glory
08:04 Praise, adoration
08:09 Now and forever
08:13 More
08:14 be Thine
08:22 Amen.
08:30 Well, good evening, GYC.
08:33 That was rather uninspiring.
08:35 Let me try again, good evening, GYC.
08:37 Good evening.
08:39 Now I feel like I'm home.
08:41 Bring you greetings from Canada,
08:44 the largest geographical territory
08:46 of the North American division,
08:48 six time zones from East Coast to West Coast.
08:52 When you're in St John's Newfoundland
08:53 closer to London England than you are to Vancouver,
08:57 British Columbia.
09:02 And now I feel very much at home.
09:07 I'm looking forward to sharing with you
09:09 over the next three nights.
09:11 And I asked that you would pray
09:14 that God would pour out His Spirit.
09:18 The year was 1986
09:22 Cape Canaveral, Florida.
09:25 The date was January 22nd,
09:28 STS- 51-L was scheduled for launch
09:34 at 2:42 Eastern time.
09:38 But there was a delay
09:39 and rescheduled to January 23rd
09:41 and then a rescheduled to January the 24th,
09:46 then it was rescheduled to January the 25th
09:48 because there was bad weather in Dakar, Senegal,
09:52 the abort landing field.
09:56 And then January the 26th,
09:57 bad weather at Kennedy Space Center
09:59 caused yet another delay.
10:04 And now the Space Shuttle Challenger
10:07 was scheduled for launch on January the 27th 1986
10:13 at 9:37 am Eastern Time.
10:18 Mechanical errors and high winds
10:19 caused yet another scrub of the launch
10:22 and the new date was January the 28th.
10:26 However, a new problem arose.
10:32 That evening prior to launch
10:34 temperatures fell there
10:36 in Florida to negative 8 Celsius,
10:41 18 degrees Fahrenheit.
10:43 The problem was simple,
10:44 the space shuttle was blasted into space primarily
10:47 by two solid rocket boosters and these solid rocket boosters
10:52 had never been launched
10:56 at a temperature under 12 degrees Celsius.
11:02 The solid rubber o rings were believed
11:05 to harden in such temperatures
11:08 and the engineers of those solid rocket boosters
11:12 at Morton Thiokol were concerned
11:15 over any such launch.
11:19 The evening before the scheduled launch
11:21 engineers from Morton Thiokol along with engineers from NASA
11:26 had a conference call to discuss the launch.
11:29 The Thiokol engineers continued to express
11:34 major concern over the safety of launching the space shuttle.
11:39 They urged
11:42 that they would wait.
11:46 The morning of January 28th was so cold,
11:50 ice covered most of the launch pad
11:53 and several parts of the space shuttle.
11:59 The temperature was negative 2 Celsius,
12:01 28 degrees Fahrenheit.
12:04 Once again a conference call was made.
12:08 They discussed the launch.
12:11 The engineers at Morton Thiokol along with Rockwell,
12:16 the group that oversaw the totality of the shuttle
12:18 experience extreme cautioned
12:21 however under the pressure of finances,
12:24 under the pressure to stay on schedule,
12:28 under the pressure of yet another delay...
12:34 they decided to go forward.
12:38 There was the right, and prudent,
12:39 and safe thing to do.
12:42 And then there was that which pressure
12:44 dictated they would do.
12:48 Roger Boisjoly one of the main engineers
12:50 had studied and he knew
12:52 that there would be certain disaster.
12:54 He was so certain that there would be disaster,
12:56 he would not even watch the launch.
13:00 He believed that the space shuttle
13:02 would explode right on the launch pad.
13:05 At 11:38 am Eastern Time on January the 28th, 1986,
13:11 the Space Shuttle Challenger fired its three main engines,
13:15 the solid rocket boosters fired,
13:17 the hydrogen vent arm retracted,
13:20 but did not latched,
13:21 however it did not strike the vehicle.
13:25 To the shock of Roger Boisjoly,
13:28 the shuttle actually lifted off.
13:32 However, he nor anyone else noticed
13:35 the small black plume of smoke,
13:38 it was only after in slow motion replay
13:42 that they were able to see it,
13:44 the shuttle after it lifted from the launch pad
13:47 climbed higher and still higher.
13:51 But unbeknownst to the ground crew
13:53 or the crew on board at 37seconds into the flight,
13:57 gases began to escape
13:59 the solid rocket boosters.
14:04 A stronger than normal wind shifted the vehicle,
14:07 the gap between the joints
14:12 widened and more gas leaked.
14:17 Now there was a flame coming from the solid rocket booster,
14:21 hydrogen was now leaking from the external tank,
14:24 no one knew that there was a problem.
14:27 At 68 seconds into the launch, Commander Dick Scobee
14:31 answers Roger at throttle up.
14:34 At 72.5 seconds into the flight
14:37 the space shuttle suddenly jerks
14:40 in an acceleration.
14:43 At 73 seconds, just under 73 seconds
14:46 pilot Mike Smith says
14:49 uh-oh.
14:52 And at 73.142 seconds into the flight,
14:56 the dome of the external tank failed
14:58 as one of the solid rocket boosters
15:00 broke forth and struck it,
15:02 the external tank released its hydrogen and oxygen
15:05 all at once and instantly ignited the shuttle
15:09 and disintegrated it in the sky.
15:11 At 73.12...
15:13 excuse me 162 seconds the entire vehicle
15:18 was in pieces,
15:21 except for the ominous two solid rocket boosters
15:27 as they strayed
15:28 from the disintegrating shuttle.
15:31 On that day,
15:34 Francis Scobee, Michael Smith,
15:39 Ellison Onizuka,
15:42 Judith Resnik,
15:44 Ronald McNair,
15:46 Gregory Jarvis
15:49 and the teacher Christa McAuliffe,
15:52 all of them died
15:57 because of the decision of leaders to go,
16:02 instead of waiting.
16:05 They placed money, efficiency,
16:08 and busy schedules above the safety
16:12 and the very lives
16:14 of seven astronauts.
16:19 Just two days later,
16:21 the temperature returned to normal.
16:26 And they would have been able to launch in safety
16:29 if they would have simply followed that one word,
16:34 "Wait."
16:36 Dear friends, could it be that this tragic story
16:41 contains a vital lesson to us here
16:44 at GYC 2017.
16:47 Could it be that while the call
16:50 is to arise and shine,
16:55 there is a certain key element that must come first?
17:01 Could it be that the rising
17:02 to action must be preceded by something?
17:09 Today, we will open the scriptures
17:12 and seek an answer to this all important question.
17:17 Let's pray together.
17:26 Heavenly Father,
17:27 we have gathered here this evening.
17:29 We come as a generation longing for Your work
17:32 on this earth to be finished.
17:35 We have come here to Phoenix
17:37 longing for You to answer the most fundamental questions
17:40 in each of our lives.
17:42 We have come here yearning for the ultimate answer,
17:46 how will You use each of us in finishing Your work
17:50 in us and through us.
17:53 Please dear God, answer that prayer today,
17:57 in Jesus' name,
18:00 amen.
18:03 If you have your Bibles with you,
18:04 I'd invite you to open to the Isaiah 60.
18:09 Isaiah 60:1 and 2.
18:13 It is the theme of this very conference
18:17 you are attending.
18:19 Reading from the New King James Version,
18:21 "Arise, shine, for your light has come,
18:25 and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.
18:29 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,
18:32 and deep darkness the people:
18:34 but the Lord will arise over you,
18:36 and His glory will be seen upon you."
18:45 Rise and shine.
18:50 It is the gospel commission, the commission to go,
18:55 the word arise appears
18:56 in the New King James Version 143 times.
19:00 And of those 143 times the word arise
19:03 is accompanied by the word go, 99 of them.
19:07 You see, it's natural to arise and go,
19:11 to arise and take action.
19:16 However, before we grab our Bibles and dash off,
19:21 there's an all important word
19:23 that comes after the word shine.
19:27 Arise and shine and what's the next word,
19:32 for, for your light has come.
19:36 That is the Hebrew word key.
19:39 It is a word that has assertive value.
19:41 It introduces something that is the result
19:44 of some other fact or action.
19:50 The word here says
19:52 before you arise and shine,
19:55 something needs to happen.
19:58 And it is here, in fact, that Isaiah
20:01 is presenting a universal ever present,
20:04 everlasting principle of the kingdom of God,
20:08 and that is this.
20:10 Before you arise,
20:13 He must arise.
20:16 It is that phrase, for your light has come
20:19 we cannot ignore it.
20:21 And I will tell you,
20:23 this is a reality that I struggle with.
20:26 I'm a person of action.
20:28 Before the word go is said, I'm up on my feet and moving.
20:33 But the principle here
20:36 that God is trying to teach us
20:37 is that before we go, we must wait,
20:41 we must wait upon Jesus Christ, we must wait upon the Father,
20:45 we must wait upon the Holy Spirit.
20:48 In fact, in every great moment of salvation history,
20:52 you have this very time of waiting.
20:56 Before the children of Israel made
20:58 their Exodus out of Egypt,
21:00 there came the Passover table.
21:03 Before Israel made their conquest
21:07 into the Promised Land, there was a time of dedication
21:11 in which they all committed themselves to God.
21:14 And before the disciples left on their commission
21:17 to go ye into all the world,
21:21 there was the upper room.
21:24 And I wonder tonight out loud, could it be
21:27 that the great challenge we face,
21:29 the great challenge we face
21:30 in God finishing the work on this earth
21:33 in our generation begins with us.
21:38 Could it be that many of us want to experience
21:41 the power of Latter Rain Pentecost
21:43 outpouring without first
21:46 spending time in the upper room,
21:50 without first laying ourselves before God?
21:54 The passage says, arise and shine
21:57 because it is absolutely essential
22:02 that the light of God has come
22:04 and the glory of the Lord is risen upon us.
22:08 We in and of ourselves have no light to share.
22:12 We can only reflect the glory of the Lord's light
22:17 coming upon us.
22:19 This word light is the same Hebrew word
22:22 used in Genesis 1 at the creation of the world
22:26 when God creates light.
22:30 Light is the opposite of darkness.
22:34 Which is why verse 2 goes on to say,
22:35 "For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth
22:38 and deep darkness the people,
22:39 but the Lord will arise over you."
22:43 The only hope of the dark world that we live in today
22:46 is that the Lord would arise on each and every one of us.
22:51 God solution to the darkness of this world to the darkness
22:55 that may exist in your life
22:58 is that He must arise.
23:03 This light of God is critical.
23:06 In the ancient world,
23:08 many cultures worshiped the sun.
23:13 But Genesis 1 makes it clear that God is not the sun, S-U-N,
23:19 He is separate from the sun, He created the sun,
23:22 He created the light.
23:25 This is why, in fact,
23:27 that light was created separately
23:31 from the sun.
23:33 The light generated by the sun is, in fact,
23:36 a creation of God Himself.
23:41 The light generated by the sun
23:45 is only able to happen
23:50 by God's creating that light.
23:53 Light points directly to the reality
23:55 that God is the creator of all things,
23:58 He is the author.
24:01 You see in order for us to arise and shine,
24:03 He must arise upon each of us.
24:06 Our shining has nothing to do with self produced light.
24:10 The only way we can shine is to reflect the glory of God.
24:14 The reason we reflect that light
24:16 is because the light of the glory of God
24:18 has risen upon us.
24:20 He must arise.
24:23 The Israelites depended upon the light of God
24:26 as the pillar of fire that gave them guidance
24:30 through the darkness.
24:32 Throughout the Bible God's light
24:34 arising in our lives
24:36 is actually the very key to our survival.
24:42 But what is God's light?
24:44 What does it mean for His glory
24:48 to be upon us?
24:49 What does it mean for His light to arise over us?
24:54 There are several passages of scripture
24:57 that will help us understand what this really means.
25:01 In Numbers 6:25,
25:06 the priestly blessing.
25:11 You know it well,
25:12 "The Lord make his face to shine upon you
25:17 and be gracious to you."
25:20 That phrase actually occurs five times in addition
25:23 to Numbers 6:25 throughout the Book of Psalms.
25:30 It is that word, that phrase,
25:32 the Lord make His face to shine upon you,
25:35 is the asking for God's saving
25:37 and restoring presence to be with His people
25:41 because God's presence dispels
25:44 and destroys darkness,
25:48 so the light of God is salvation and restoration.
25:53 He must arise.
25:57 In Psalm 4:6.
26:02 Psalm 4:6,
26:05 there are many who say,
26:08 "Who will show us any good?
26:10 Lord, lift up the light of your countenance upon us."
26:14 God's light is His goodness.
26:19 He must arise.
26:22 Psalm 27:1,
26:26 "The Lord is my light and my salvation,
26:28 whom shall I fear?
26:29 The Lord is the strength of my life
26:31 of whom shall I be afraid?"
26:34 God's light is salvation and strength.
26:38 He must arise.
26:43 In Psalm 36:7,
26:45 "How precious is your lovingkindness, O, God!
26:48 Therefore, the children of men put their trust
26:50 under the shadow of your wings, they are abundantly satisfied
26:55 with the fullness of your house and you give them drink
26:58 from the river of your pleasures,
26:59 for with you is the fountain of light in...
27:02 excuse me, the fountain of life
27:05 in Your light
27:07 we see light."
27:09 You see, God's light is the fountain of life.
27:14 He must arise.
27:17 Psalm 89:15.
27:21 "Blessed are the people
27:24 who know the joyful sound,
27:27 they walk a Lord in the light of Your countenance,
27:30 in Your name they rejoice all day long,
27:32 and in Your righteousness they are exulted,
27:35 God's light is His righteousness.
27:39 He must arise."
27:45 Psalm 119:105, you know it well,
27:49 let's say it together.
27:51 "Your word is a lamp
27:55 unto my feet and a light
27:58 to my path."
27:59 You see God's light is His Word.
28:04 He must arise.
28:07 Proverbs 6:23,
28:10 "For the commandment is a lamp,
28:11 and the law a light,
28:13 reproofs of instruction are the way of life."
28:16 God's light is His law.
28:20 He must arise.
28:24 In summary as we look at these texts
28:26 and the many others speaking of the light of God.
28:30 God's light, the light of God
28:32 that must arise over us is His very character.
28:37 His character,
28:38 His very presence
28:40 must arise over us.
28:45 But what is this practically mean?
28:49 What does the reality of God arising
28:52 in our life look like?
28:56 King David provides in part
28:59 an answer to that question.
29:02 King David's life is one of extremes.
29:08 His life gives us hope that in the midst of failure,
29:11 the Lord can still rise upon us
29:14 and redeem us from the ashes.
29:19 But the story of David
29:21 after his great fall with Bathsheba,
29:25 and then his restoration before God,
29:27 his life still demonstrates a struggle.
29:30 He struggled to live the life that God had in fact for him
29:35 and had in store for him
29:39 because of David's sin with Bathsheba.
29:42 And the fact that he struggled to be restored fully in God
29:45 and allow God to fully arise in his life.
29:48 He felt that he was not able to rule in the way
29:51 that he should.
29:53 He lost the confidence of the people,
29:55 he lost the confidence of his family
29:57 and most especially,
29:58 he lost the confidence and respect of his sons.
30:04 You see because when David saw others do things
30:10 for which he had set the example of in his sin,
30:15 it was difficult for him to reprove them.
30:19 His sense of shame constantly hung over him.
30:24 And he did not lead as he was called to lead.
30:29 You know the story well.
30:31 Later in the reign of King David,
30:33 a terrible thing happened.
30:36 David's son Amnon
30:39 forced himself on his own sister Tamar
30:42 and violated her.
30:46 The Bible says that David was angry.
30:50 But what is more chilling is what the Bible does not say.
30:55 There is the absence of David doing anything.
30:58 David did nothing.
31:04 And so Absalom as you well know killed Amnon.
31:10 An Absalom's act
31:14 also went unpunished.
31:18 And then Absalom began to formulate his plan.
31:22 How he would deceive the people
31:27 and become king.
31:30 Absalom rebelled against his father
31:32 and through various forms of deceit
31:34 and nefarious activities,
31:37 Absalom was named the King and David fled.
31:42 And it is here
31:44 where something interesting happens
31:47 and teaches us the importance of God
31:52 arising over us.
31:55 As David traveled out of the city.
32:00 2 Samuel 15
32:03 records
32:06 something fascinating.
32:10 2 Samuel 15:24.
32:14 The Bible says this, "There was Zadok also,
32:19 and all the Levites with him
32:20 bearing the Ark of the Covenant of God,
32:22 and they set down the ark of God,
32:24 and Abiathar went up unto, until all the people
32:28 had finished crossing over from the city.
32:31 Then the King speaking of David said to Zadok,
32:36 'Carry the ark of God back into the city.
32:39 If I find favor in the eyes of the Lord,
32:42 he will bring me back and show me both it
32:45 and his dwelling place.'"
32:49 What?
32:51 Why would David
32:53 send the Ark of the Covenant
32:56 back to Jerusalem?
32:59 And I don't want you to miss this.
33:02 Why would he not want with him the great article
33:06 that had led to so many victories?
33:11 Don't miss it.
33:14 You see David knew.
33:16 David knew in his heart
33:18 that the ark alone
33:21 would not ensure victory.
33:25 The ark was not some magic filled box
33:29 that guaranteed victory,
33:31 but the ark was about something vital,
33:34 the ark was about the very presence of God.
33:39 And David knew that in this quest
33:42 that he was about to be on
33:44 that as he was removed physically as king,
33:48 there was something far greater going on here.
33:51 There was a spiritual warfare going on.
33:55 There was a spiritual battle because David knew
33:59 that more than needing the ark, and article, and symbol
34:04 what he needed is a right heart before God.
34:10 And so David knew, he must lead his people
34:12 and himself to have a right heart
34:15 through the presence of God and him arising over them,
34:19 that is what would bring true victory.
34:22 And the Bible records where David went next.
34:26 David didn't go and sulk in the corner.
34:30 Verse 30 says,
34:31 "So David went up by the ascent of the Mount of Olives,"
34:37 and listen, "and wept as he went up.
34:41 And he had his head covered and went barefoot.
34:46 And all the people who were with him
34:48 covered their heads
34:50 and went up weeping as they went up."
34:57 David in this act of humility before God,
35:01 lays it before God in verse 32 then records,
35:05 now it happened when David had come
35:09 to the top of the mountain.
35:11 What did he do?
35:13 He worshipped God.
35:18 Patriarchs and Prophets, page 735 says this,
35:21 "Upon reaching the top of the Mount,
35:23 the king bowed in prayer,
35:25 casting upon God the burden of his soul
35:28 and humbly supplicating divine mercy."
35:32 And it is there that it is believed
35:34 that David had the experience recorded
35:36 in Psalm 43 that Justin read earlier,
35:40 "Vindicate me, O, God and plead my cause
35:44 against an ungodly nation.
35:46 O, deliver me from the deceitful
35:48 and unjust man,
35:50 for you are the God of my strength.
35:52 Why do you cast me off?
35:54 Why do I go mourning
35:55 because of the oppression of the enemy?"
35:58 And here it is,
36:00 "O, send your light and your truth.
36:04 Let them lead me,
36:06 let them bring me to your Holy hill
36:09 and to your tabernacle,
36:11 then I will go to the altar of God
36:13 to God my exceeding joy
36:16 and on the harp I will praise you,
36:17 O, God, my God,"
36:20 the prayer of David in the midst of crisis.
36:24 "Lord, send Your light and send Your truth."
36:29 David knew before anything else
36:31 that the light of the glory of the Lord
36:34 must arise upon him, transform his life,
36:37 and make him new.
36:40 Because David knew that before he could arise,
36:44 God must arise.
36:46 The light illumines the darkness,
36:49 truth defines the way, God sends His light
36:52 in His truth to lead him to himself,
36:55 to lead us to the son who is light and truth.
37:00 Only God's light can dispel darkness,
37:04 only God's light can dispel the darkness of grief
37:07 and depression.
37:11 The light of God brings deliverance, healing,
37:15 and guidance back into His presence
37:21 where we can worship Him in spirit
37:25 and in truth.
37:28 You see God must be first.
37:30 He must be above everything else,
37:32 His character, His law, His word, His truth,
37:36 it all must be all in all.
37:38 You see, David desired more
37:41 than just a symbol of His presence with the ark.
37:45 David desired to be
37:47 in the very presence of God.
37:51 He desired that presence, that real presence
37:54 that comes through an encounter
37:57 with His Word.
38:01 How can we have such an encounter?
38:04 How can we have the Lord to rise over us?
38:07 How can we have the light of the Lord to arise over us?
38:12 1 John 1 describes that experience.
38:16 1 John 1:1-4,
38:21 the experience that John wrote about
38:25 that which was from the beginning.
38:28 Notice the sequence which we have heard
38:33 that which we have seen with our eyes
38:36 that which we have looked upon
38:37 and our hands have handled concerning the word of life.
38:41 The life was manifested,
38:42 and we have seen, and bear witness,
38:44 and declare to you that eternal life
38:47 which was with the father and was manifested to us,
38:50 that which we have, what does it say there?
38:52 Seeing and what?
38:54 Heard.
38:55 We declare to you
38:57 that you also may have fellowship with us.
38:59 And truly our fellowship is with the Father
39:01 and with His Son Jesus Christ.
39:03 And those things we write to you
39:05 that your joy may be full, you want your joy to be full,
39:09 then God needs to arise
39:12 that we would experience His very presence.
39:15 The experience of John
39:17 the Apostle is one where they saw,
39:20 where they heard, where they handled.
39:24 How can we have such an experience?
39:28 Some of us will say...
39:33 Jesus is no longer here.
39:35 I can't see Him, I can't hear Him,
39:39 I can't handle Jesus.
39:43 Jesus makes an interesting comment about
39:46 how you can experience His presence fully.
39:53 John 16:7.
39:58 Jesus speaking to His disciples
40:00 just before His crucifixion said these words...
40:10 "Nevertheless, I tell you the truth,
40:16 it is to your..."
40:18 What does it say there?
40:20 "It is to your advantage that I go away,
40:23 for if I do not go away,
40:26 the helper will not come to you.
40:27 But if I depart,
40:30 I will send him to you."
40:34 That word there advantage
40:38 is the word literally translated helpful,
40:41 better, more profitable, more expedient.
40:46 You see Jesus says that it is more profitable
40:49 that He departed this earth for you and for me
40:52 that we would have the experience
40:54 of His divine presence through the Holy Spirit.
40:59 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us
41:02 how we have that experience with Jesus.
41:07 All scripture, how much of scripture?
41:10 All scripture is what inspired by who?
41:15 The Holy Spirit.
41:17 You see the Holy Spirit inspired men and women
41:22 to write the words of this very book
41:25 that we would have an experience
41:26 that Jesus Himself describes as more advantageous
41:30 than the disciples who walked with Him.
41:33 Through His Word we can see Jesus,
41:35 and hear Jesus, and handle Jesus,
41:39 and that the light of God would arise over us.
41:45 We would experience the real presence of God
41:47 through His Word.
41:50 You see the most miserable Christians,
41:52 the most miserable Adventists on this planet
41:55 are those who know of Christ, but are not living in Him.
42:00 They have not had Jesus arisen over them.
42:04 They have the worst of both worlds,
42:07 they are no longer satisfied in their old life
42:09 yet neither are they satisfied in the Lord.
42:13 It is only in the presence of the God
42:16 where real joy comes
42:18 and the work of restoration leads
42:22 to that joy
42:23 that's inexpressible in Jesus Christ.
42:30 David understood.
42:33 In order that he would arise,
42:37 God must arise first.
42:41 Patriarchs and Prophets, page 738 says this,
42:44 "Had God permitted David to go on in unrebuke sin
42:50 and while transgressing the divine precepts
42:52 to remain in peace and prosperity upon his throne,
42:56 the skeptic and infidel might have had some excuse
42:59 for citing the history of David
43:01 as a reproach to the religion of the Bible.
43:04 But in the experience
43:05 through which he caused David to pass,
43:07 the Lord shows that He cannot tolerate or excuse sin.
43:12 And David's history enables us to see also the great ends
43:17 which God has in view in His dealings with sin.
43:21 It enables us to trace even through darkest judgments
43:25 the working out of his purposes of mercy and beneficent."
43:30 You see the promise of God's Word in Malachi 4:2,
43:34 "But to you who fear my name,
43:37 the son of righteousness will arise
43:43 with healing in his wings."
43:45 This word healing literally is translated restoration,
43:49 health, remedy, deliverance, and forgiveness.
43:53 You see when God is first when He arises,
43:56 He brings healing.
44:00 When God is first,
44:03 when His real presence exists in our life,
44:07 we know more than just about Jesus,
44:10 but we actually know Jesus.
44:14 John 3:17,
44:17 "For God did not send his Son into the world
44:19 to condemn the world, but that the world through Him
44:22 might be saved."
44:24 The Greek word Sozo translated salvation,
44:28 but also translated to be made well.
44:32 You see Jesus wants you to be well.
44:37 And as He arises over you
44:40 and restores you physically, mentally, spiritually
44:45 that then you would be able to arise and shine.
44:50 His real presence is in direct contrast
44:53 to the temporal satisfaction of human or earthly joy
44:57 that stands in the way
45:02 of God arising in our lives
45:04 and for us to experience the unchanging,
45:08 always dependable beauty of the light
45:11 of the glory of God.
45:14 Are you hurting today?
45:16 Invite Jesus to arise over your life.
45:19 Are you depressed today?
45:21 Invite God's light to come into your life.
45:27 Are you living a life that is dominated
45:29 by two masters?
45:30 Allow Christ to be first in your life.
45:36 His Word, His law, His joy, His character
45:39 to be first and foremost in your life.
45:44 Darkness is eradicated by the light.
45:50 Could it be that the great darkness
45:52 that exists on this planet is in direct correlation
45:56 to the lack of God's light in God's church?
46:00 Could it be that the darkness that exists on this planet
46:04 before we point fingers at church leaders
46:07 is in actual direct correlation
46:10 to a lack of God's light,
46:13 in my own life?
46:16 He must arise with healing in His wings,
46:21 through the light of His glory.
46:23 What will you do?
46:24 Will you allow Him to a rise in your life?
46:32 During the ministry of Jesus,
46:33 He and His disciples needed to return to Galilee.
46:38 But the Bible says that Jesus needed to go to Samaria.
46:44 You see, He needed to go through this land
46:46 that the Jews despised.
46:48 He needed to walk on this ground that
46:51 other Jews wouldn't step foot on
46:53 because their hated Samaritan cousins live there.
46:58 And there He met the woman at the well.
47:02 She drew water late in the day so she could avoid any stares
47:07 and smears, so she could avoid overhearing
47:10 the salacious gossip about her.
47:12 She was a woman who was hurting physically, emotionally,
47:17 mentally, and spiritually.
47:21 Society saw her as trash,
47:24 as an outcast.
47:27 Jesus saw her as a missionary.
47:31 He wanted to call her to arise and shine.
47:35 But before she could arise and shine,
47:40 He needed to arise in her life.
47:45 And there next to that well,
47:47 Jesus offered to arise in her bruised, ruined,
47:52 and wasted life and said those words,
47:57 "Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again.
48:02 But whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him
48:06 will never thirst again.
48:09 But the water that I shall give him
48:12 will become in him a fountain of water springing up
48:15 into everlasting life."
48:19 It's the same principle,
48:20 but a different analogy.
48:24 You see before you can provide for the thirsty,
48:29 you must first drink
48:33 from the river flowing from Jesus Christ.
48:38 He must arise,
48:42 so only then that you can arise.
48:47 And then once you arise, you will shine.
48:52 We'll discuss those two things in the next two nights.
48:56 But tonight,
48:59 He must arise.
49:04 What holds you back?
49:06 Are you thirsty?
49:08 Come and drink.
49:11 Let Him arise.
49:13 Are you desperate for Him to arise?
49:17 What will you do?
49:20 Tonight if it's your desire
49:22 that the Lord would arise
49:25 in your life,
49:27 I'd invite you to stand.
49:30 Now as you stand,
49:34 I want to let you know that the next
49:37 three nights that we are together.
49:39 Going to make an appeal, every single night give you
49:41 an opportunity to respond.
49:45 Tonight the Advent Heralds are going to sing.
49:49 And I'm making three specific appeals.
49:53 Very specific.
49:56 Tonight, if you've not been baptized
49:58 and you sense your need for the Lord
49:59 to arise in your life, that His character
50:03 would arise over you and envelop you
50:05 that you would be His and He would be yours.
50:09 Tonight, if you want to commit yourself
50:10 to prepare to be baptized, I invite you to come forward.
50:15 Maybe you're here tonight,
50:18 you were baptized very young and you know that
50:20 you have strayed far from the Lord.
50:23 And you need to rededicate yourself in a special way,
50:27 I invite you to come forward.
50:29 Second appeal, if you've come to GYC,
50:33 looking for God to answer a specific prayer in your life,
50:37 I don't know what it is or what it is for,
50:40 it's not a general appear,
50:42 you've come here with a specific prayer
50:45 you want to answer.
50:47 Tonight I invite you to come forward,
50:48 I want to pray with you.
50:50 And third,
50:53 if you've heard God speak to you
50:54 tonight in a special way, that still small voice
50:58 saying to you
50:59 that there's something preventing Him
51:01 from arising in your life,
51:03 maybe it's a relationship, maybe it's a habit,
51:09 whatever it may be tonight, God's calling you
51:13 and convicting you to come forward and reprioritize.
51:17 He would be first
51:19 and He would arise in your life you come forward.
51:24 And continue coming forward as the Advent Herald sing,
51:28 "There is a fountain."
51:49 There is a river
51:56 And it flows
51:58 From deep within
52:05 There
52:08 Is a fountain
52:15 That frees the soul
52:19 From sin
52:24 Come to this
52:29 Water
52:32 There is a vast
52:37 Supply
52:42 There is a river
52:50 That never
52:53 Shall run dry
53:00 There was
53:02 A thirsty woman
53:10 She was drawing
53:13 From the well
53:19 See, Her life was ruined
53:24 And wasted
53:28 And her soul
53:31 Was bound for hell
53:37 But then
53:40 She met the master
53:47 And He told
53:49 Of her sin
53:56 He said, if you drink
54:01 This water
54:04 You'll never
54:08 Thirst again
54:15 There is
54:19 A river
54:23 And it flows
54:26 From deep within
54:33 There is
54:37 A fountain
54:42 That frees the soul
54:45 From sin
54:51 Come to
54:55 This water
54:59 There is a vast
55:04 Supply
55:09 There is
55:13 A river
55:17 That never shall
55:22 Run dry
55:35 Do you believe there's a river
55:38 and that it will never run dry.
55:42 He's called us to arise and shine.
55:45 Well, before we arise and shine,
55:47 He must arise in our lives.
55:50 Tonight, I'm going to pray for all of you
55:52 if you have come forward for baptism,
55:55 I want you to make sure
55:58 to come right over to this side of the platform.
56:02 There's someone there that wants to scan your tag
56:06 so we can follow up.
56:09 Is also a number that will appear on the screen
56:11 that you can text in so someone can follow up.
56:15 We cannot leave GYC with a half baked decision.
56:21 God's calling us to follow
56:25 all the way through.
56:28 He will arise.
56:30 We will arise.
56:32 And we will shine.
56:35 Let us pray.
56:38 Heavenly Father,
56:42 do You want to finish the work of the gospel
56:46 on this earth in this generation.


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