Generation of Youth for Christ 2017

Welcoming The Sabbath / Evening Plenary

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Program Code: 17GYC000005A

00:32 Let's all join together and sing our theme song,
00:35 "Let His glory be seen".
00:45 Please stand.
00:53 Oh I saw a distant land
00:56 And its glory was so grand
00:59 I cried oh Lord how I long to be there
01:04 Then I heard His gentle voice
01:07 "come my child it is your choice"
01:10 Oh such hope that I'd never heard before
01:15 Oh arise, let us run for the morning light has come
01:21 And the darkness of the night flies away!
01:27 He has risen, He has come and our home He has won
01:32 Let His glory be seen on you today
01:38 Then the way grew dark with care
01:40 My heart trembled in despair
01:43 I turned my eyes to my Lord with a prayer
01:49 Through the dimness of the dawn
01:51 Deeper truth then I was drawn
01:54 Oh such hope, even brighter than before!
01:59 Oh arise, let us run for the morning light has come
02:05 And the darkness of the night flies away
02:11 He has risen, He has come and our home He has won
02:16 Let His glory be seen on you today
02:21 There a lonely soul I saw
02:24 Standing near but yet withdrawn
02:27 I bade him come to the land bright and fair
02:32 With hope's glimmer in his eye
02:35 To the darkness said goodbye
02:38 Then we sang a note higher than before!
02:43 Oh arise, let us run for the morning light has come
02:49 And the darkness of the night flies away!
02:54 He has risen, He has come and our home He has won
03:00 Let His glory be seen on you today
03:07 Thank you so much for singing.
03:08 You may be seated.
03:12 Good morning.
03:15 How many of you guys had hot water today?
03:17 Let me see your hands.
03:19 How many of you had cold?
03:22 Early bird gets the warmth.
03:25 You must know.
03:27 Good morning, GYC.
03:29 I have the privilege, the very distinct honor
03:32 to introduce my friend Jonathan Walter
03:35 but before I do would you take out your Bibles
03:38 and turn with me to the Book of 2 Corinthians 3.
03:44 2 Corinthians 3, we are going to be getting in verse 18
03:50 for our scripture reading this morning.
03:52 When you are there, you can say amen.
03:55 If you are not there just say, have mercy.
03:57 Have mercy.
04:01 2 Corinthians 3:18.
04:06 Are we there?
04:07 Amen.
04:08 All right, the Bible says, "But we all, with open face,
04:14 beholding as in a glass, the glory of the Lord,
04:19 are changed into the same image
04:23 from glory to glory,
04:26 even as by the Spirit of the Lord."
04:30 Now turn with me to chapter 4
04:34 verses 5, verses 6 and 7.
04:39 The Bible says, "For God who commanded the light
04:43 to shine out of darkness, has shined in our hearts
04:49 to give the light of the knowledge
04:50 of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
04:55 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels
05:00 that the Excellency of the power
05:03 may be of God and not of us."
05:08 Jonathan Walter,
05:10 even though some people believe that he is German,
05:13 he would be offended
05:14 because he is Austrian and Norwegian,
05:18 more Austrian than Norwegian.
05:21 I asked Jonathan some questions
05:24 before I inserted my own personal input.
05:27 Jonathan is the vice president for programming here at GYC,
05:31 and so you've been blessed by the program
05:33 and by the preaching of the Word of God,
05:36 then God has used Jonathan
05:37 to organize a godly experience for you.
05:42 I asked Jonathan first, what was his favorite quote?
05:46 He said, "Christ in the heart,
05:49 Christ in the life, this is our safety."
05:53 Ministry of Healing, page 511.
05:56 I said, "Jonathan, how did you know
05:58 Amanda, your wife, was the one?"
06:02 Jonathan said, "Well, her love for God and others."
06:05 That sounds cliche.
06:07 "Her willingness to go to the ends of the earth
06:10 if that is where the Lord would call."
06:12 Okay, cliche.
06:13 And then he told us the real reason,
06:15 "And her incredible pad time."
06:20 I said, "Okay, now we are getting to the real meat."
06:24 And then I asked Jonathan,
06:27 "What is your biggest dream?"
06:30 Because you can't call yourself young and not dream.
06:35 And Jonathan said, "His biggest dream is to be used by Jesus
06:40 to win souls for His kingdom in spite of myself
06:45 and to see His return in my lifetime."
06:50 You know, I got to know Jonathan
06:52 extremely well in a hotel in Hungary.
06:58 He came over and we had a conversation
07:01 till almost 2 o'clock in the morning
07:03 despite the fact that we had to preach the next day
07:06 simply because
07:08 we were two brothers in Christ dreaming for God,
07:12 complaining about things in the church
07:13 and thinking about ways that could be better
07:16 and what we could do and we weren't just talking
07:17 about complaints and concerns, we were talking about action.
07:23 And if anybody wants to see action, it's Jonathan.
07:29 And so this morning, we are privileged
07:32 to have God choose a vessel for us
07:35 who is not just about talking about the things of God
07:38 but living the things of God,
07:40 and to be willing to stand and to be counted.
07:44 And so what is my request of you that as Jonathan
07:47 stands at this pulpit to bring the Word of God
07:50 that you would keep him in your prayers,
07:52 that God would channel all the passion,
07:55 all the pathos that is in Jonathan
08:01 directly into the message to reach your heart for Christ.
08:06 Can you do that?
08:08 Well, if you would,
08:10 kneel with me as we pray together.
08:20 Our Father, we are so grateful
08:26 that we have the gift and the privilege of life.
08:31 Lord, the Bible says
08:33 that your mercies are new every morning
08:36 and great is your faithfulness.
08:40 Lord, we pause here a moment
08:42 in Your presence, thankful for Your audience
08:46 and we come on behalf of our brother Jonathan
08:50 asking Lord that as You promised to Moses,
08:52 You would put Your words in this young man's mouth.
08:57 Asking Lord that
08:58 You would be His shield and His buckler
09:01 that You would lift up His head as Isaiah
09:04 to see the glory of the Lord.
09:07 And that you would take that call off the altar
09:09 and put it upon his lips
09:11 that he may not be a man of unclean lips
09:14 but of lips that preach
09:16 the eternal truth of this gospel.
09:19 Father, we pray that You would speak through him
09:22 and You would speak to him.
09:24 May Jesus be lifted up, may He be seen
09:27 so that when we leave this place,
09:29 we will be revived again
09:31 with a flame of passion for our God and His Christ
09:36 and for the message that He has entrusted to us
09:39 to move this work forward for Your name.
09:44 Father, we love You and thank You
09:46 for hearing and answering this request
09:48 and we offer this prayer from our hearts,
09:51 in Jesus' name,
09:53 let all of God's people say amen.
10:25 You hear me when I call
10:29 You are my morning song
10:33 Though darkness fills the night
10:37 It cannot hide the light
10:42 Whom shall I fear?
10:48 I know who goes before me
10:51 I know who stands behind
10:55 The God of angel armies
10:58 Is always by my side
11:02 The one who reigns forever
11:05 He is a friend of mine
11:09 The God of angel armies
11:12 Is always by my side
11:22 You crush the enemy
11:26 Underneath my feet
11:30 You are my sword and shield
11:33 Though troubles linger still
11:39 My strength is in your name
11:43 For you alone can save
11:46 You will deliver me
11:50 Yours is the victory
11:56 Whom shall I fear?
12:03 Whom shall I fear?
12:09 I know who goes before me
12:12 I know who stands behind
12:16 The God of angel armies
12:19 Is always by my side
12:23 The one who reigns forever
12:26 He is a friend of mine
12:29 The God of angel armies
12:33 Is always by my side
12:38 Nothing formed against me
12:41 Shall stand
12:45 You hold the whole world in your hands
12:52 I'm holding on to your promises
12:57 You are faithful
13:01 Faithful
13:07 I know who goes before me
13:10 I know who stands behind
13:14 The God of angel armies
13:17 Is always by my side
13:20 The one who reigns forever
13:24 He is a friend of mine
13:27 The God of angel armies
13:30 Is always by my side
13:40 He is always by my side
13:47 Amen.
13:52 Good morning, friends.
13:56 Have you spent time
13:57 in the presence of the Lord this morning?
13:59 Amen.
14:00 I want to tell you I had a wonderful experience
14:02 this morning in the prayer room.
14:04 Amen.
14:05 It was as if you were in heaven.
14:07 Amen.
14:08 One thousand young people coming together to pray
14:12 and to just seek God.
14:15 It was wonderful and I want to thank you
14:16 for your prayers this morning.
14:18 I know the Lord has something for us in His Word,
14:23 and it is my prayer that He will speak this morning
14:26 that He will be seen and His glory will be revealed.
14:32 It was nine years ago that one morning I woke up
14:36 and overnight God had something incredible.
14:39 He had put into my heart a desire
14:43 to leave my home country of Austria.
14:46 Previously I had no intentions to leave,
14:48 but I woke up that morning and I knew I had to go.
14:52 Where? I didn't know.
14:53 Couple of days later, it was a Sabbath day,
14:55 I bumped into a missionary at church.
14:58 I knew he was a missionary in Papua New Guinea
15:00 and I asked him what could I do,
15:03 are there opportunities to serve?
15:06 And he directed me in the right direction.
15:08 Long story short, eight months later,
15:10 I was, found myself in a small boat
15:12 filled to the max with supplies and boxes
15:17 on my way to a tiny island called Wotje,
15:20 in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,
15:22 part of the Marshall Islands.
15:24 I was on my way to this missionary post.
15:26 I was surrounded by a glorious, beautiful place.
15:30 It was a glimpse of the Garden of Eden.
15:33 I remember well when we were driving,
15:35 or riding in the boats,
15:36 we were on our way there and I was looking in the water
15:38 and it was crystal clear, I thought I was in heaven.
15:41 And so I was so drawn into that glorious beauty,
15:44 I just had to jump in and as soon as I could,
15:46 I did and just immersed myself
15:49 in the beauty of God's creation.
15:52 It was overwhelming.
15:54 I will never forget that first night
15:55 on that island.
15:57 At the end of the earth,
15:59 surrounded by thousands of miles of nothing but ocean,
16:02 looking up into a sky with zero light pollution.
16:06 You have not seen that many stars,
16:08 I can guarantee you.
16:09 When you see the Milky Way clearly,
16:11 my eyes filled with tears and in my heart,
16:14 I confirmed the words of David in Psalm 19 where he says,
16:18 "The heavens declare the glory of God."
16:25 Through creation, God showed me a glimpse of His glory,
16:30 a reflection of His character that evening.
16:33 And He revealed to me through this experience His goodness
16:37 and it had a very certain sense of His peace in my heart
16:41 and I knew His presence was with me there, even there,
16:45 so far away from civilization.
16:47 God is glorious and, friends, it is my prayer
16:50 that through this GYC and this morning
16:52 that you will experience the glory of God.
16:57 Not just through pristine nature
16:59 but through His Word,
17:01 through a manifestation of Jesus in your life,
17:04 through prayer,
17:05 through an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
17:08 I pray that God will reveal Himself to you and me
17:12 this morning.
17:14 Let us pray.
17:15 Bow your heads with me.
17:18 Father, please use this man of dust.
17:24 Please glorify Yourself this morning
17:26 through Your Word, may only You be seen,
17:29 we desire a revelation of who You are,
17:32 shine upon us, Father, we pray in Your name.
17:36 Amen. Amen.
17:39 Open your Bibles to Isaiah 60.
17:41 As you know our theme is found in Isaiah 60:1-3.
17:46 We are going to be reading verses 1 and 2 this morning.
17:49 My brother Chris already expounded
17:52 on some of these thoughts yesterday
17:53 and we want to go deeper this morning in Isaiah 60
17:57 as we ponder upon what it means
18:00 to be in the glory of God.
18:01 Isaiah 60:1-2, the Bible says this,
18:06 "Arise and shine, for your light has come!
18:09 And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
18:13 For behold, darkness shall cover the earth,
18:17 and thick darkness the peoples,
18:19 but the Lord will arise upon you," hallelujah,
18:22 "And His glory will be seen upon you."
18:26 Praise God for this wonderful promise.
18:28 As with large parts
18:30 of the Old Testament prophetic literature,
18:32 this prophecy was given by Isaiah
18:34 to the people of Israel to show them
18:38 what could become their experience.
18:42 Sadly, they did not remain
18:44 in the covenant relationship with God.
18:48 God had wonderful plans for them.
18:49 but they rejected this plan
18:52 and with this plan they rejected
18:55 the direct fulfillment of these prophecies.
18:58 But however, God's desire to glorify Himself
19:02 through frail human beings,
19:05 this plan never got cancelled.
19:08 Praise God, He wants to fulfill this promise again
19:12 in an adopted way through spiritual Israel today.
19:15 If you want to go to chapter 59 verse 20,
19:17 you will find the group of people
19:19 who this call to arise is addressed to.
19:22 Isaiah 59:20, it says,
19:25 "And the Redeemer will come to Zion,
19:28 to those in Jacob who turn from transgression,"
19:33 declares the Lord.
19:36 To whom is this command given to arise and shine?
19:39 To those in Jacob who turn from transgression.
19:43 What does it mean to turn from transgression?
19:47 It means to choose God
19:49 to be the supreme ruler in life.
19:51 It means to choose Him as the sustainer of life
19:54 and to choose to live in harmony with His will.
19:58 The promise of a redeemer here is given to those in Jacob,
20:02 a faithful remnant.
20:04 This doesn't have so much to do with denominational membership,
20:06 but it has to do everything with your heart before God.
20:11 Where is your heart this morning, GYC?
20:15 Is your heart right with the Lord
20:17 or do you recognize a need deep inside of you
20:20 to turn away from sin and transgression,
20:24 and surrender your sins and life to Jesus?
20:27 Do not wait to turn away.
20:31 Do not wait to choose God.
20:33 Today is the day of your salvation.
20:37 You don't want to miss out
20:38 on the promise of the glory of God.
20:41 Isaiah 60:1-2, let's read it again.
20:44 "Arise and shine, for your light has come!
20:47 And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you."
20:51 What a sunrise that must be?
20:53 "For behold, darkness shall cover the earth,
20:55 thick darkness the peoples,
20:57 but the Lord will arise upon you,
21:00 and His glory will be seen upon you."
21:05 What is the light and the glory of the Lord
21:09 and what does it mean that He will shine?
21:11 What does it mean that God's glory will arise upon us
21:15 and will be seen upon us?
21:19 This morning, I want to study review the deeper meaning
21:21 of the term, "The glory of the Lord."
21:25 Have you ever longed to see God?
21:28 Have you ever wondered what does He look like?
21:31 I want to see Him.
21:32 I want to see His glory.
21:34 Sometimes when I read the Bible,
21:35 I'm a bit envious of the prophets
21:37 and those individuals who had the privilege
21:40 to see God or at least some kind of...
21:42 They've been in His presence,
21:43 they've seen Him from behind or some parts of Him.
21:47 I want to see God.
21:48 And this morning, I want to invite you to join me
21:50 in an overwhelming experience that one of these prophets had.
21:55 Go to Exodus 24.
21:57 Exodus 24:15, as we join Moses
22:03 as he enters into the glory of God.
22:07 Exodus 24:15.
22:14 Exodus 24:15,
22:17 "Then Moses went up on the mountain,
22:20 and a cloud covered the mountain."
22:23 The glory of the Lord dwelt on Mount Sinai
22:29 and the cloud covered it six days
22:30 and on the seventh day, he called Moses
22:32 out of the midst of the cloud.
22:34 Now the appearance of the glory of the Lord
22:38 was like a devouring fire on the top of the mountain
22:40 in the side of the people of Israel.
22:42 Moses entered the cloud and went up on the mountain
22:47 and Moses was on the mountain 40 days and 40 nights.
22:52 Here Moses is called up on the mountain.
22:54 First, he has to wait but then he is asked to join God
22:58 in the glorious presence of His light.
23:03 God and the people of Israel
23:04 are establishing their first covenant
23:07 and He calls Moses up to Himself.
23:09 As Moses enters the cloud, he is surrounded
23:11 by the purifying glory of the Lord.
23:14 Imagine what an incredible experience
23:16 that must have been
23:18 walking into the glorious presence of God.
23:21 I don't know, that must have been amazing.
23:24 You just walk into this fire
23:25 and you are in the presence of the Almighty.
23:28 And he spent 40 days with God.
23:31 What I would give for just one minute of that?
23:35 I believe the prayer room here at GYC is a glimpse of that.
23:38 Amen.
23:40 Shortly afterwards, in Exodus 33,
23:42 turn there with me.
23:44 Exodus 33, God calls Moses once more
23:48 into this glorious experience.
23:54 And Moses makes a daring request.
23:57 Exodus 33, we're going to be start reading
24:00 here in verse 13 and 14.
24:05 Moses is speaking, "Now therefore,
24:07 if I have found favor in Your sight
24:10 please show me now Your ways,
24:12 that I may know You in order to find favor in Your sight,
24:15 consider too that this nation is Your people."
24:18 And He said, "God, my presence will go with you,
24:22 and I will give you rest."
24:25 What a beautiful promise.
24:29 Continue here down to verse 18.
24:32 Moses said, "Please, show me Your glory."
24:37 God answers him in verse 19.
24:39 And He said, "I will make all My goodness pass before you,
24:43 and will proclaim before you My name."
24:46 The Lord, Yahweh.
24:50 Moses is looking for reassurance from God,
24:53 God's guidance, he wants to know His will.
24:55 And God promises him,
24:56 "My presence will go with you."
25:01 But this assurance is not enough for Moses.
25:04 He longs for more.
25:06 And he makes this daring request and says,
25:09 "Lord, show me Your glory."
25:13 He wants more of God's presence in his life.
25:16 He wants to experience
25:17 the glory again that he had previously.
25:20 When you look at God who is eternal,
25:23 you will have an eternal craving for more of Him.
25:26 And this is what Moses was experiencing here.
25:28 You know, when my wife and I were dating,
25:30 she is Canadian, I am from Austria,
25:32 so we were in a long distance relationship for three years.
25:36 Amen?
25:38 We were separated by the Atlantic Ocean,
25:41 by empty bank accounts,
25:43 and six to eight time zones.
25:46 It was a commitment, friends.
25:49 But God is good.
25:50 When you are in a relationship like this,
25:52 you just long to be in the presence
25:54 of that individual.
25:56 You want to be with them,
25:57 Skype and FaceTime and Whatsapp,
25:59 that's all great, but you want to be
26:01 in the visible physical presence
26:04 of that person that you love.
26:05 Amen?
26:07 Moses wanted to get more of God.
26:09 He wanted to be embraced in His glory.
26:11 He wanted to just be in the presence of God.
26:15 'Cause he knew Him,
26:16 and he saw Him, and he loved Him.
26:18 Brothers and sisters,
26:19 have you tasted the glory of God?
26:22 Do you long like Moses for a deeper experience with him?
26:27 Is it your desire to be fully immersed
26:29 in His presence today and every day?
26:33 God grants the request of Moses
26:37 even though it was a daring one
26:39 and He calls him up on the mountain once more.
26:42 Jump down to chapter 34 verse 5,
26:47 "The Lord descended in the cloud
26:49 and stood with him there,
26:51 and proclaimed the name of the Lord.
26:53 The Lord passed before him and proclaimed,
26:56 'The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious,
26:59 slow to anger and abounding
27:02 and steadfast love and faithfulness.
27:04 Keeping steadfast love for thousands,
27:07 forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin,
27:11 but who will by no means clear the guilty,
27:13 visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children
27:15 and the children's children
27:17 to the third and fourth generation.'"
27:20 Friends, this is a remarkable situation.
27:24 This time God is not showing primarily
27:27 His visible glory,
27:29 but He is proclaiming to Moses
27:31 the content of His glorious character.
27:35 His grace, His patience,
27:38 His love, His faithfulness,
27:39 His forgiveness, and His justice.
27:43 This is according to God Himself the definition
27:46 of the glory of God, His character.
27:50 The glory of God is much more
27:52 than just the magnificent visible light of His presence.
27:55 It is primarily the content of His character.
27:58 God is glorious outwardly
28:01 but most importantly, inwardly.
28:04 Don't miss this point.
28:05 The glory of God is found in a symmetric completeness
28:08 of His presence and activity.
28:10 The glory of God is the perfect visible outward manifestation
28:15 of his perfect inward character.
28:19 Life, light, truth, love,
28:21 holiness, purity, righteousness,
28:23 it all springs forth from God in endless glory.
28:26 He is the fountain of eternity.
28:29 He is the light of life,
28:31 the never ending spring of selflessness
28:33 and self sacrificial love.
28:35 Who God is inside
28:39 is perfectly manifested outwardly
28:41 in all His words and actions.
28:44 God's glory consists both of character
28:47 and character actualization, character manifestation.
28:51 His glory consists of who He is and what He does.
28:55 Who He is is what He does
28:57 and what He does is who He is.
29:01 God's glory is not like the glory
29:02 of this world, friends.
29:04 A shiny fa├žade but empty inside
29:06 with no lasting effects on your life,
29:09 no lasting positive effects that is.
29:11 No.
29:12 His visible glory that is the brightness
29:15 of His presence and all His works
29:18 and actions and words, this is the direct revelation
29:21 of His invisible glory, of His beautiful, loving,
29:23 and righteous character.
29:25 God's glory has been revealed to us in Jesus Christ,
29:30 in His incarnation,
29:31 in His life of absolute surrender,
29:34 in His death on the cross,
29:35 His resurrection, and His ministry for you and me
29:38 in the holy place and the most holy place
29:40 of the heavenly sanctuary.
29:42 What a God we have?
29:44 He is beautiful.
29:47 I hope that God is beautiful to you.
29:51 Have you beheld Him?
29:53 Have you comprehended His glory?
29:55 I pray that you have.
29:57 And if you haven't, let today be the day
30:00 of your encounter with the glory of God.
30:04 Pray with Moses this morning.
30:05 Lord, show me Your glory.
30:10 "Arise and shine, for your light has come!
30:13 And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
30:17 For behold, darkness shall cover the earth,
30:19 and thick darkness the peoples,
30:21 but the Lord will arise upon you,
30:24 and His glory will be seen upon you."
30:26 Isaiah is describing the people here
30:28 who have turned away from sin, who have chosen God
30:32 and who have beheld the glory of God.
30:37 And this glory has transformed their lives
30:40 so that they have become a channel
30:42 of God's character being manifested in this world.
30:45 Friends, this morning,
30:46 I want to look at three stories,
30:48 three men in the Bible who represent,
30:51 I believe, three groups of people and experiences
30:55 here and with people who are watching at home.
30:58 I want to quickly go through these stories.
31:00 Are you ready for this?
31:02 Amen.
31:03 First story is found in Genesis 28.
31:06 Genesis 28.
31:09 I hope you are awake this morning.
31:13 Genesis 28.
31:16 Here we meet a man named Jacob.
31:18 I know many of you know his story.
31:20 A man who fled his home in shame,
31:23 downtrodden by guilt,
31:25 and on the run from his brother Esau's deadly wrath.
31:29 Rejected, haunted by guilt, and overwhelmed
31:32 by the darkness of this world, the world around him
31:35 and the thick darkness in his heart.
31:38 We are told he broke down somewhere in the wilderness
31:40 and cried for Lord for help and then he fell asleep.
31:44 Here's a man at the darkest moment of his life.
31:49 This morning you might be feeling like Jacob.
31:55 You are trapped in cycles of sin
31:58 unable to escape from your guilt,
32:00 you are downtrodden by shame
32:02 and you have distanced yourself
32:03 from your families and your friends.
32:06 You feel alone and rejected with little hope
32:09 that anything could ever change for your life.
32:13 To you I say this morning, take heart.
32:15 Turn to God in simple humility in the wilderness,
32:19 in the darkness that surrounds you,
32:21 turn to Jesus, surrender to Him and I promise you,
32:24 the experience of Jacob will be yours.
32:26 What was his experience?
32:28 Jacob went into prayer,
32:30 turned to his last option God
32:32 and, boy, was his prayer heard.
32:35 Jacob surrounded by darkness outside
32:37 and within was about to have his world lit up
32:40 with the glory of the Lord.
32:41 Genesis 28:12, "And he dreamed, and behold,
32:47 there was a ladder set up on the earth,
32:49 and the top of it reached to heaven,
32:51 and behold the angels of God were ascending
32:53 and descending on it.
32:55 And behold, the Lord stood above it
32:58 and said: 'I am the Lord,
33:00 the God of Abraham your father and the God of Isaac,
33:03 the land on which you lie I will give to you
33:06 and to your offspring.'"
33:08 Jump down to verse 15,
33:10 "Behold, I am with you
33:11 and will keep you wherever you go,
33:13 and will bring you back to this land,
33:15 for I will not leave you until I have done
33:18 what I have promised you."
33:19 Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and says,
33:21 "Surely the Lord is in this place,
33:24 and I didn't know it."
33:26 And he was afraid and said, "How awesome is this place!
33:30 This is none other than the house of God,
33:32 and this is the gate of heaven!"
33:35 Wow!
33:36 What an incredible experience Jacob had.
33:41 This desperate man's prayer was heard
33:42 and revelation of God's love was given to him,
33:45 an assurance of forgiveness,
33:47 the promise of continual guidance,
33:49 and not one word of condemnation.
33:53 At bethel, the house of God,
33:55 Jacob had an unexpected encounter
33:59 with the glory of God.
34:01 How awesome is this place?
34:03 The Lord is here and I didn't know it.
34:07 Friend, God is nearer than you think.
34:10 An encounter with Him can happen at any moment.
34:14 When you don't expect it,
34:15 it can happen right here at GYC.
34:18 GYC could become your bethel experience.
34:21 Amen.
34:25 What was Jacob's reaction
34:27 to his encounter with the glory of God?
34:29 What will happen when you see God's glory?
34:32 Genesis 28:20,
34:34 "Then Jacob made a vow, saying, 'If God will be with me,
34:37 and will keep me in this way that I go,
34:41 and will give me bread to eat and clothing to wear,
34:44 so that I come again to my father's house in peace,
34:48 then the Lord shall be my God.
34:51 And this stone which I have set up for a pillar
34:54 shall be God's house,
34:57 and all that You give me I will give a full-tenth to You."
35:02 Jacob made a decision right there
35:04 and then to make this God of glory, His God.
35:08 And he vowed to remain faithful to Him from that day on.
35:12 This is what a real experience with God will do for you.
35:16 It will change your life,
35:18 it will radically transform you.
35:20 It changed Jacob's life from being a lying,
35:23 stealing man of guilt, worry and shame
35:25 to become a humble loyal hero of faith.
35:29 The second he looked at Christ,
35:32 his worry was turned into God's glory.
35:36 Have you beheld God's glory today?
35:41 Our second example is found in Psalm 27.
35:46 Pastor Chris last night already
35:48 talked about King David experience.
35:50 Psalm 27, the shepherd king and artist
35:55 and Prophet David had a remarkable life as you know.
36:01 A man after God's own heart we are told,
36:04 he had his downfalls, but he returned to the Lord.
36:10 David had many experiences with the Lord,
36:14 but one look into his personal writings
36:16 will reveal to us
36:19 that this was not enough for him.
36:21 Experiences with God, incredible victories,
36:25 it's one thing but David wanted more.
36:28 Psalm 27:1.
36:31 Psalm 27:1, David says, "The Lord is my" what?
36:38 "Light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?
36:43 The Lord is the stronghold of my life,
36:45 of whom shall I be afraid?
36:47 When evil doers assail me to eat up my flesh,
36:50 my adversaries and foes,
36:51 it is they who stumble and fall,
36:54 though an army encamp against me,
36:56 my heart shall not fear,
36:58 though war arise against me, yet, I will be confident."
37:05 David's life was plastered with miraculous adventures
37:09 and victories in worse.
37:11 A thousand fell at his right side,
37:12 ten thousand at his left
37:15 and God kept him safe through it all.
37:17 Here's a man who has experienced God
37:18 in a personal marvelous way and yet,
37:23 what is his outermost desire?
37:24 Go to verse 4,
37:27 "One thing have I asked of the Lord
37:32 that I will seek after,
37:35 that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
37:39 all the days of my life
37:41 to gaze on the beauty of the Lord
37:45 and to inquire in His temple."
37:51 Primarily, David isn't seeking for more victories in battle,
37:55 more miracles, more intervention
37:58 in his fight for Israel in the kingdom of God,
38:00 but what is his outermost desire?
38:02 What trumps every good endeavor?
38:05 To dwell in the house of God, the sanctuary,
38:08 to gaze in the beauty and the glory of the Lord,
38:12 not just on the Sabbath day, but all the days of his life.
38:19 To dwell in the house of God, to have a deeper walk,
38:22 a deeper revelation, more of you Jesus.
38:25 David is craving for the presence
38:28 of the glory of God forever.
38:31 You might be a faithful Seventh-day Adventist believer,
38:35 actively engaged in outreach and missionary work.
38:39 You might be running evangelistic campaigns,
38:41 you might be preaching, and teaching, and volunteering,
38:44 running your own ministry and don't get me wrong,
38:47 all these things are wonderful, and very important,
38:49 and part of a prophetic calling,
38:52 but how easy it is to get so busy doing ministry
38:56 that the focus shifts primarily to what I am doing
38:59 and all the tasks that I need to accomplish
39:01 instead of taking time to gaze in the beauty
39:04 of the Lord
39:07 and to let that shape your ministry.
39:11 When was the last time you spent time
39:13 beholding the glory of Jesus, His Word, His sacrifice,
39:17 His character,
39:19 and letting His glory penetrate your entire being in existence
39:22 and your entire ministry.
39:26 When was the last time you let Jesus,
39:27 the Son of righteousness rise upon you
39:32 not superficially but in full exposure
39:35 and to let that transform your life.
39:37 David was a busy leader.
39:39 He had a lot on his plate, but he realized
39:42 what he needed first and foremost
39:45 was the continual presence of the glory of God
39:48 in his life
39:50 through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
39:52 He realized that it's only in the presence of the Lord God
39:56 that any success will happen in ministry.
40:00 For when you dive into God's glory
40:04 and you take it to lighten His character,
40:06 you'll realize His will
40:08 and He will teach you that you can rely on Him
40:12 for true success in your ministry.
40:14 Is gazing upon God's glory more important to you
40:18 than striving to make your ministry successful?
40:24 Our third and last example this morning is Brother Saul.
40:30 Acts 9.
40:31 Go to Acts 9 with me.
40:35 Saul, an educated man...
40:41 Acts 9.
40:43 Saul, an educated man rich in knowledge,
40:47 fervent in devotion...
40:54 and zealous in defending what he thinks is the truth.
41:00 A rising star amongst Jewish scholars and leaders
41:04 but in one of his trips
41:06 to crush the latest liberal apostate group of Jews
41:10 called "followers of the way",
41:12 he had the encounter of a lifetime.
41:15 Acts 9:1,
41:20 "But Saul, still breathing threats and murder
41:24 against the disciples of the Lord
41:26 went to the High Priest and asked him for letters
41:29 to the synagogues at Damascus,
41:31 so that if he found any belonging to the Way,
41:35 men or women,
41:37 he might bring them bound to Jerusalem.
41:40 Now as he went on his way, he approached Damascus
41:43 and suddenly" a what?
41:45 "A light from heaven shone around him
41:48 and falling to the ground, he heard a voice saying to him
41:51 'Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me?'
41:57 And he said, 'Who are You, Lord?'
42:00 And he said, 'I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting
42:05 but arise and entered a city
42:08 and you will be told what you are to do.'"
42:12 Down to verse 8,
42:14 "Saul arose from the ground
42:16 and although his eyes were opened,
42:17 he saw nothing."
42:23 Here is a man, a defender of ultra conservative
42:27 traditional beliefs and customs,
42:31 ready at any given moment to fight perceive apostasy,
42:35 ready to openly criticize and persecute.
42:38 A man so consumed with his seal to uphold the ways
42:42 which he is convinced of are righteous
42:45 and crucial for salvation and the success of the church,
42:49 a man who thought himself to be so close to God
42:52 and then he encounters the light and glory of this God
42:57 he thought he served.
42:59 Unexpectedly, this God shows up
43:02 in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
43:05 And the glory of God blinds Saul physically
43:09 so that he can learn to see spiritually.
43:13 Friends, sometimes it seems to me
43:18 that we have more Sauls in our midst than Pauls.
43:23 Maybe you are one of them and let me be real.
43:26 I know I have been a Saul many times.
43:29 Proud of your conservative views,
43:32 zealous for right doctrine and behavior,
43:36 ready to cut off the sinner in his sin,
43:39 ready to flout the Facebook status
43:41 of that liberal church member or the comment section
43:44 under the latest church
43:46 criticizing online magazine article
43:47 with rebuke someone high,
43:51 ready to bring judgment down
43:54 on that inappropriately dressed teenage girl at church
43:57 and the cheese eater in your midst,
44:00 ready to defend your stance on every nuance in theology
44:04 to the bitter end so occupied with judgment,
44:08 rebuke, and correction that you've missed the obvious
44:12 Jesus Christ, whom you've been persecuting.
44:17 But praise God.
44:18 what happened next to Saul
44:20 is the miracle that will take place for all who encounter
44:24 and behold the glory of the living God.
44:25 Verse 17.
44:28 "So Ananias departed and entered the house
44:31 and laying his hands on him he said,
44:32 'Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus,
44:35 who appeared to you on the road by which you came,
44:38 has sent me so that you may regain your sight
44:41 and be filled with the Holy Spirit.'
44:43 And immediately something like scales fell from his eyes
44:46 and he regained his sight.
44:48 Then he arose and was baptized
44:51 and taking food he was strengthened.
44:53 For some days, he was with the disciples at Damascus.'"
44:57 I love this.
44:58 "And immediately he proclaimed Jesus in the synagogues."
45:04 Hallelujah.
45:05 Even for a misled zealot, there is hope.
45:08 Saul's encounter with God's glory
45:11 led to his repentance which led to the manifestation
45:14 of the glory of God in Paul's life,
45:17 from persecuting to loving,
45:19 from rebuking to helping, from judgment to grace.
45:23 How?
45:24 By beholding Jesus, by being filled with the Holy Spirit,
45:28 through letting Jesus Christ
45:30 bring His glorious presence into Paul's heart.
45:33 Then suddenly, the gospel was no longer
45:36 about righteousness by works,
45:38 but all about righteousness by faith in Jesus Christ.
45:43 Friends, in order to arise and shine,
45:46 you and I need an ongoing encounter
45:48 with the glory of the living God.
45:50 When we experience it, we will be changed.
45:55 As we continually behold our glorious and lovely Jesus,
45:58 Jesus the Word made flesh,
46:00 Jesus the living manifestation of God's glory,
46:02 Jesus the character of God revealed,
46:05 we are continually transformed into His likeness.
46:10 Listen to these powerful words from the Spirit of Prophecy,
46:13 Testimonies for Ministers, page 458.
46:16 "The world today is in crying
46:18 need of a revelation of Christ Jesus
46:20 in the person of His saints.
46:22 The message of truth that is to call men
46:24 out of darkness into God's marvelous light
46:27 is given by the church.
46:29 The lives of its members
46:31 sanctified by the Spirit of truth are to bear witness
46:35 to the verity of the messages proclaimed.
46:39 In other words, God's glory shining on
46:42 and through you and me is His character proclaimed
46:45 in words of truth and manifested
46:49 in works and actions of benevolence,
46:51 and love, and grace.
46:54 Our message of truth, salvation, and hope
46:56 must be confirmed by another centered life
46:59 full of these qualities.
47:01 Character content and character manifestation
47:04 go hand in hand.
47:06 For what we do reveals to the world
47:08 if we really believe in the message that we preach.
47:13 Praise God.
47:14 Christ in us will make this a reality.
47:18 Praise God.
47:19 He will live out His life within us.
47:22 We can't do it on ourselves.
47:24 Christ's Object Lessons, page 420.
47:27 Ellen White writes,
47:28 "The revelation of His own glory
47:30 in the form of humanity will bring heaven
47:33 so near to men that the beauty adorning the inner temple,
47:38 that's our transformed character,
47:40 Jesus in us will be seen in every soul
47:42 in whom the savior dwells."
47:45 What would be the result?
47:47 She says, "Men will be captivated
47:49 by the glory of an abiding Christ,
47:52 and in currents of praise and thanksgiving
47:54 from the many souls thus won to God,
47:57 glory will flow back to the great giver."
48:01 Christ looks upon His people as the supplement of His glory.
48:06 In other words, when you behold God
48:10 and let the Lord arise upon you,
48:12 you will yourself become part of the glory of God
48:16 and He will shine through you unto others.
48:19 Isn't it beautiful?
48:21 Isn't it glorious?
48:24 God wants to do this miracle for you.
48:28 God wants to shine in and through you.
48:31 Do you believe this, GYC?
48:34 Do you believe this?
48:37 When you behold Him in His glory
48:39 and receive Him through the Holy Spirit,
48:42 when you look at Jesus in the light of the world,
48:44 when you trust Him and study Him,
48:46 you'll learn from Him.
48:47 When you get to know Him and listen to Him,
48:49 your character will be transformed
48:51 to reflect His glorious character,
48:54 and your life work will be luminous with the love of God.
48:59 Christ will help you.
49:01 Christ will empower you to love,
49:04 to help others to lift them up.
49:06 Your words and actions will be a glorious manifestation
49:10 of Christ in you, the hope of glory.
49:16 Every eye is closed and every head is bowed.
49:22 I believe God has spoken to you this morning
49:24 through His Word
49:27 and there might be some here this morning
49:29 who feel like Jacob, surrounded by darkness outside and within.
49:35 Your sins have ruined your life and your relationships.
49:40 Guilt and shame have crushed your soul.
49:42 You are right now in a very dark place.
49:46 But this morning, you've caught a glimpse of the glory of God
49:50 and you want that.
49:52 You want a new revelation of that gracious glory
49:55 in the light of God.
49:56 You want to behold Jesus.
49:57 You want to receive forgiveness and transformation
50:01 and a new beginning.
50:03 If that is you this morning, I want to invite you to come
50:05 to the front, just slip out to the side
50:07 and come to the front.
50:09 You want a fresh revelation of Jesus.
50:11 You want the darkness in your heart to be filled
50:13 with the glory of God.
50:15 Praise God, just come.
50:16 Don't be afraid. No one is judging.
50:18 No one's looking.
50:19 Like Jacob, you want today, this GYC to be
50:22 your bethel experience with Him.
50:25 God is calling you this morning to fill you with His light.
50:30 You want forgiveness.
50:32 Look at Jesus and you will have it.
50:34 Just come.
50:36 You can continue to come
50:38 as I go to my second appeal this morning
50:40 is for those of you who have been...
50:42 never, maybe never walked away from the Lord,
50:44 you feel like David.
50:45 You're busy in ministry.
50:47 You're actively engaged in your mission
50:50 in the work of the Lord in the church,
50:52 but you've neglected to gaze
50:53 upon the beauty of the Lord,
50:55 and this morning you want to say,
50:56 "Lord, I need a renewed baptism of the Holy Spirit right now.
51:01 I need my ministry to be converted to be so filled
51:04 with the glory and the character of God,
51:07 that it will be luminous with the love of God.
51:10 I want to stop looking at my perspective.
51:12 I want to stop trying to make this ministry work in my way.
51:15 I want it all to be your way."
51:16 If you want a converted ministry,
51:18 you want a converted life, just come to the front
51:20 and ask the Lord to give you
51:22 an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
51:24 Just come.
51:25 You feel like Jacob, you feel like David, just come.
51:29 My third appeal.
51:31 It's for you who realized this morning
51:34 that you need a Saul to Paul conversion.
51:38 You realize that you have focused so much on rebuke,
51:41 and judgment, and criticism,
51:44 and finding and pointing out the sin in others
51:46 instead of reaching out in grace, and love, and help.
51:49 Today, this Jesus whom you've been persecuting
51:52 has revealed Himself to you.
51:53 This Jesus appeared in His glory through His Word
51:56 and you desire more of Him.
51:58 You want Him to convert your heart,
52:00 to give your heart of love and grace for others.
52:03 You want His glory to be seen upon you.
52:05 You want your life to become
52:07 a channel of His goodness and love
52:09 and if necessary, you want God to blind you
52:11 so you can learn to see spiritually
52:13 and proclaim righteousness by faith throughout your life.
52:16 God is calling you.
52:17 Is there anyone else, you feel like Jacob,
52:19 darkness is inside and outside.
52:21 You want God to light up your world right now.
52:23 Come to the front.
52:25 You feel like David, you want more of the presence of God
52:28 and a converted ministry, just come.
52:31 You feel like Saul, you have been focusing too much
52:35 on rebuke and judgment and you want grace and love
52:38 to be the fulfillment in your life
52:40 and to be a channel of God's life.
52:42 God is waiting, GYC, for each and every one of us
52:45 to become channels of His glory.
52:47 Let's look at Jesus.
52:48 Let's behold Him in His Word, His righteousness.
52:51 Let us ask the Holy Spirit to fill us
52:54 with His presence to completely shut out any darkness,
52:57 to be so full of His light that only He is seen.
53:00 The one who spoke,
53:01 let there be light and so it was,
53:04 will speak that light and righteousness
53:06 into your life this morning if you let Him.
53:08 Just come.
53:11 Is there anyone else?
53:13 God is good.
53:16 He's beautiful.
53:18 He's glorious.
53:20 Let us pray.
53:22 Father, this morning we have seen
53:27 a glimpse of the glory of God in Your Word.
53:30 Oh, Lord, we thank you for Jesus.
53:33 We thank You for righteousness,
53:34 and purity, and love, and holiness.
53:36 We thank You that You are so wonderful.
53:38 All we desire is what Moses said,
53:40 "Show us Your glory."
53:42 Shine on us this morning.
53:44 Lord, I claim the promise
53:46 that You will give us the Holy Spirit
53:48 when we ask for it.
53:49 Right now, Lord, we pray for the Holy Spirit.
53:52 We pray for forgiveness of sin
53:54 and cleansing of all unrighteousness.
53:56 Lord, we'll pray that You will convert our lives,
53:59 You will convert our ministries.
54:01 We want to be channels of Your love and grace.
54:04 Lord, forgive us for judgment, forgive us for criticism.
54:08 Bring us together, Lord.
54:10 Help us to see and help each other.
54:13 Father, we desire Your glory to be seen upon us.
54:17 Rise upon us.
54:19 May the righteousness and love of Jesus
54:20 rise upon us this morning.
54:22 May we become a channel of Your love and truth.


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