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Morning Devotion

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00:52 Sweet Jesus, my Savior
00:58 You are my faithful friend
01:03 You made me, You know me
01:08 You've seen my every sin
01:13 And my soul is amazed
01:16 By this gift of Your grace
01:19 And these arms that take me in
01:23 Sweet Jesus, my Savior
01:29 You are my faithful friend
01:41 Sweet Jesus, my shelter
01:46 You are my faithful friend
01:51 The refuge that I run to
01:56 When my world comes closing in
02:02 Why should I be afraid
02:04 When I know I am saved
02:07 By the arms that take me in
02:12 Sweet Jesus, my shelter
02:17 You are my faithful friend
02:45 Sweet Jesus, my shepherd
02:51 You are my faithful friend
02:56 You hold me
02:58 You lead me
03:01 I'll follow till the end
03:06 And once more I will say
03:08 On that beautiful day
03:11 When Your arms take me in
03:16 Sweet Jesus, my shepherd
03:21 You are my faithful friend
03:26 Sweet Jesus, my Savior
03:31 You are my faithful friend
03:41 Amen.
03:45 I invite you to bow your heads with me.
03:48 Our creator God, we are so grateful
03:53 for the gift of Your Sabbath.
03:56 We're grateful for the opportunity
03:58 to be here together as Your church,
04:01 as Your children celebrating this special day.
04:08 Lord we pray that as You created the earth
04:15 and everything that is in it, that You would create
04:20 the character of Your Son in our lives.
04:25 May it be real,
04:29 may we accept it fully,
04:34 and may we experience true Sabbath rest
04:38 together as your children.
04:41 Thank you so much for the gifts
04:45 and may we live to share that gift of rest,
04:47 the gift of Your creation
04:49 and Your recreation in us with others,
04:52 in Jesus' name, amen.
04:57 Tonight we have the privilege of hearing firsthand
05:01 what God is doing through six different ministries.
05:05 Our first ministry is the Adventist Christian Fellowship,
05:08 which is the North American's divisions outreach
05:12 to non-Adventist universities and the colleges.
05:15 I have here Alex Delaola and Michel Lee,
05:18 and they are here to tell us
05:20 what is going on, on campuses across the US.
05:23 Thank you, Glesni.
05:25 Raise your hand if you attend
05:28 a non-Adventist university or college.
05:33 Now keep those hands raised, but raise your hand
05:36 if you have attended a public university
05:38 or non-Adventist university or college.
05:41 Now keeping your hands raised, raise your hand
05:44 if you are planning to attend
05:46 a non-Adventist university or college.
05:50 And once more raise your hand if you know someone who has,
05:55 is, or will be attending a public university or college.
06:02 I want you to look around you, see the amount of hands raised,
06:05 and realize that all of us have been influenced,
06:08 and touched by the non-Adventist institutions
06:13 of education in this world.
06:17 So we're two students at public universities in the NAD.
06:21 My name is Michel and I'm a PhD Student
06:23 at the University of Texas at Austin.
06:27 And I'm Alex, a business and economic student
06:29 at a non-Adventist college in Michigan.
06:32 We're both leaders with Adventist Christian Fellowship
06:34 which is the North American division student led
06:37 public campus ministries outreach.
06:39 And we believe that our own colleges,
06:41 our public universities, our non-Adventist institutions
06:45 are a gigantic mission field.
06:49 In North America alone we have 2,703
06:54 non-Adventist universities or colleges.
06:57 And of those only 200, less than 10%
07:01 actually have an active
07:02 Adventist campus ministry presence.
07:04 But we believe that things are changing
07:06 and we know that things are happening.
07:08 We know this because at the local church
07:11 in Michigan State University in four months alone
07:14 we've had eight student influence baptisms
07:17 working with the local church
07:19 and the local Adventist student group.
07:22 And when I was a freshman at Stanford University,
07:24 I got involved in public campus ministries.
07:26 There was no active Adventist ministry
07:28 on my campus.
07:30 And I got involved
07:31 and we started a group on campus.
07:32 And I was converted and re-baptized
07:34 at the end of that year as a result.
07:36 And so we know that God is calling you
07:38 to be involved in public campus ministries.
07:40 And we literally believe that we can reach the world
07:43 by reaching our professors, our fellow students,
07:45 and the faculty,
07:47 and other staff on our campuses.
07:49 Did you know that Ellen White herself
07:51 mentions public campus ministry.
07:54 In Manuscript 22b, 1895, she says that
07:57 "Public campus ministry is a work that must be done
08:00 and will be done
08:02 by those who are led and taught of God."
08:04 We know that in these last days we are called
08:08 to be reaching out to every individual
08:09 wherever we are,
08:11 even on our public universities.
08:13 And did you know that actually 70% of Adventist young people
08:16 just like us go to non-Adventist schools.
08:19 So we can be a huge force on our campuses.
08:23 And if you'd like to know more, we don't have much time now,
08:25 but we'd love to share stories,
08:26 we'd love to plug into resources.
08:28 And if you'd like to get connected with the ACF Network,
08:30 please stop by our booth in the 800 row
08:32 in the exhibit hall.
08:34 Thank you so much.
08:35 Thank you so much, Alex and Michel.
08:37 Isn't it exciting to hear what's going on
08:39 on the campuses across the US?
08:42 And like many of us we have been there
08:44 or we will be going there.
08:45 So let's remember to reach out.
08:47 Our next ministry
08:49 is the Middle East North Africa Union.
08:51 And tonight, I am privileged to have
08:53 their president Rick McEdward with me.
08:56 So tell us what's happening in MENA, Elder Rick McEdward.
08:59 Well, there's probably to much to tell you about
09:01 in two or three minutes,
09:02 but I want to just highlight a couple areas.
09:04 Wonderful.
09:06 First of all, God is moving
09:08 and establishing new congregations
09:11 around the Middle East in unreached areas.
09:14 Three years ago, there was a large
09:17 unreached city of 4.5 million people
09:20 that did not have one Seventh-day Adventist.
09:22 And a few months ago,
09:23 we were able to go to that place,
09:25 city unnamed, and organize a Seventh-day Adventist church
09:30 with about 60 people in it.
09:33 And we praise God for His leading.
09:39 We also have very special stories
09:43 that are going on in the lives of people.
09:45 And I have one story, I'll share real quickly.
09:48 There was a young man
09:50 from one of our countries living in London
09:53 and one day he felt a very strong impression by God
09:56 that he needed to go back to his home country,
09:59 he said, "Why God, I don't really want to go.
10:02 It's raining, it's wintertime."
10:04 It's about a year ago now.
10:06 And God gave him an impression again, "Go back."
10:10 And so as he was back in his home city
10:12 of about 15 million people
10:15 walking from a ferry terminal to university,
10:18 he happened to pass by a special literature rack
10:23 of Seventh-day Adventist literature.
10:26 And at that rack, he felt magnetically drawn,
10:29 and he came and he picked up a book off of that rack,
10:33 and as he opened it up,
10:35 he couldn't keep his eyes off of it.
10:37 And he started reading and he sat down,
10:39 and in two days he read from cover to cover,
10:44 The Great Controversy in his own language.
10:46 Amen.
10:47 And when he read that book, his life was changed.
10:53 And he came back and he said, "I want another book."
10:56 And he went back to look at the number
10:58 and he asked the office,
10:59 "Give me whatever you have in English
11:01 or in his own language."
11:02 And he kept reading,
11:03 he consumed everything he could.
11:05 And finally he said,
11:07 "I've fallen in love with the author,
11:09 but even more with the Jesus that she presents."
11:13 Amen.
11:14 Today that young man has moved back to his home city
11:18 and is manning the literature rack
11:21 in his home city at that church
11:24 and he is sharing the panorama of salvation
11:28 with every person who comes by.
11:29 And we're handing out 200 Bibles a week
11:33 and 70 books from the Spirit of Prophecy
11:36 every single week in that location.
11:38 Amen. Amen.
11:39 One other thing that we are being blessed by
11:42 is we are receiving volunteers
11:45 and frontline workers from around the world.
11:47 And I just have to say thank you to all of you
11:49 for your support
11:51 of Middle East North Africa Union,
11:52 pray for us.
11:54 May God provide more laborers for the harvest.
11:57 Amen. Wasn't that story inspiring?
12:01 There is so much happening in the Middle East
12:03 and we need to give them our prayers,
12:05 and our support, and our time, and our resources.
12:09 Our next ministry tonight that we'd like to highlight
12:11 is Little Light Studios.
12:13 How many of you are familiar with Little Light Studios?
12:17 Wonderful.
12:18 Well, their director Scotty Mayer is here with us
12:21 this evening to share what is happening.
12:23 I have to tell you, it's been an absolute honor
12:26 to have worked in the media ministry
12:28 in our church for nearly 10 years now.
12:30 I'm reminded by that
12:32 when some young people come up and go,
12:34 "I used to watch you when I was like five."
12:39 Yes, but thank you for all your support
12:41 that you guys have done, it's been an absolute honor.
12:43 We have a passion for young people
12:45 and it breaks my heart
12:47 when our young people are leaving our churches.
12:50 But, brothers and sisters, Little Light Studios
12:52 is going to go after our young people.
12:55 And I'll tell you how we're choosing to go after them,
12:58 most young people are on this little website
13:01 called YouTube, anybody heard of this.
13:04 No. No one's heard of it?
13:05 Have you seen YouTube? I'll tell you what.
13:07 We've been creating some resources
13:09 for YouTube video Bible studies.
13:11 We've got a new talk show called Small Talk
13:14 where we get a chance to discuss some topics
13:17 that young people are dealing with.
13:19 We need to talk about some of these things
13:21 and grounded on the Word of God.
13:24 And I know I got one more thing that I want to share with you,
13:27 we have a very exciting project that we also have
13:30 just launched here at the GYC.
13:33 We have a passion for creativity.
13:36 There are so many young people
13:37 that are so creative in our church
13:39 and we have such a beautiful message,
13:41 we have such a mission to go and tell the world,
13:44 but maybe preaching is not your mission,
13:47 maybe photography is your mission,
13:49 maybe video is your mission, maybe editing is your mission.
13:52 We need to blend those people with the preachers
13:55 and have the creators create content,
13:58 so that the preachers
13:59 can effectively preach our messages.
14:02 This thing is called video mission,
14:04 you guys should check it out.
14:05 We are excited to go out
14:07 and let's take this world by storm.
14:09 Amen. Wonderful.
14:11 Thank you, Scotty. Welcome.
14:13 It is always exciting to hear what God's doing
14:16 in so many different ministries.
14:18 And now tonight we have another privileged guest from the GYC.
14:25 There is a new Sabbath School program
14:29 called My Bible Guides that GYC is working on.
14:31 And tonight I have Sean Nebblett with me,
14:34 who is the My Bible Guide scripture song coordinator.
14:37 And he's here to tell you about an exciting opportunity
14:40 for creative young people that you can participate in
14:43 from wherever you're located.
14:45 Amen. Thank you, Glesni.
14:47 I have a question for you tonight young people,
14:49 "Are you excited to be a Seventh-day Adventist?"
14:52 Amen.
14:53 I am excited to be a Seventh-day Adventist
14:55 and there are many reasons why,
14:57 but one of the reasons in particular is that
14:59 I am convinced there has never been a time
15:04 when there were more opportunities
15:06 and more...
15:07 When we as young people had more ability
15:09 to get involved in the exciting undertakings
15:14 that our church is involved in across the globe.
15:17 One of the very exciting things that is happening
15:19 at the General Conference right now
15:20 is that the General Conference department of Sabbath School
15:23 and Personal Ministries
15:24 is developing new Sabbath School curriculum
15:27 just from the ground up.
15:29 And the...
15:30 My Bible Guides as Glesni mentioned
15:32 is the name of the project, the curriculum,
15:36 particularly for the younger divisions
15:37 kind of primary age and down.
15:40 And this is where the exciting opportunity comes in.
15:42 I'm privileged to work with a team
15:44 that's producing this new curriculum.
15:48 And one of the things that we really want to emphasize
15:51 and prioritize is the power of scripture in the experience.
15:57 So you know any,
15:58 if you've ever been to Sabbath school before,
16:01 you know, you have a memory verse
16:02 and you also know that if you've ever been
16:04 to Sabbath school before 90% of people show up
16:07 and they don't know their memory verse.
16:08 Well, we want to try to fix that problem.
16:10 And so one of the ways we're going to do that
16:11 is by sending every single memory verse to music.
16:16 That's a lot of scripture songs.
16:18 Here's where you come in,
16:19 if you are a creative young person
16:21 and you have a guitar, or you have a piano,
16:24 and you have tunes rattling around in your mouth,
16:27 you could actually participate in the work
16:30 of your global church
16:32 by submitting your scripture song compositions
16:35 to be included in the collection
16:37 that helps the next generation of little children
16:42 store scripture in their hearts.
16:43 Is that or is that not exciting?
16:45 Amen. So how can you...
16:47 How can you get involved?
16:49 Well, we have a booth here at GYC, number 102.
16:54 Keep your eyes out for a little card, flyer,
16:57 you can go get one at the booth.
16:59 There's also a website I'll just give you the website,
17:02 but my suggestion is go by the booth 102
17:05 and pick yourself up one of these flyers.
17:08 So that you can get involved,
17:16 There's also a number there that you can call
17:18 that has the whole list of the actual verses
17:22 that we're seeking to set to music.
17:24 And why is this important?
17:25 People think, "Oh man, well, I can't,
17:26 you know, I can't change the world
17:28 by writing a scripture song."
17:29 Actually, take a step back,
17:31 if you look at the way society
17:33 has just changed at an accelerated rate
17:35 and ask yourself the question who did this.
17:39 The answer is media.
17:44 Culture follows media...
17:45 I mean media is an expression of culture,
17:47 but culture follows media, you know.
17:49 So you might have an impact on not just this generation,
17:52 but generations forever by the simple act
17:56 of picking one of these up, contacting us,
17:58 writing a song that is sung by little children
18:01 across the division in world.
18:03 My suggestion is,
18:05 if you're a creative young person
18:06 and you're excited about scripture and music,
18:08 get involved in your local church.
18:09 Wonderful. Thank you, Sean.
18:11 It's so exciting that we can be involved
18:13 as young people in something as exciting as this.
18:18 Our next ministry I like to highlight
18:20 is Child Impact International.
18:22 And some of you might still remember them
18:24 as Asian Aid.
18:26 And I have with me here Jim Rennie, the CEO,
18:29 who is going to share with you
18:31 what's happening with Child Impact International.
18:33 Thank you.
18:34 Child Impact is a fully supportive ministry
18:37 of the church.
18:38 Our main activity is child sponsorship.
18:41 And we have over 3,500 children in Adventist mission schools
18:45 in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar,
18:50 and now Papua New Guinea.
18:52 We also support a blind school, a deaf school
18:56 and four real orphanages run by the church in India.
18:59 At GYC we're excited to share with you a project
19:02 that we are doing called Operation Child Rescue
19:06 where we're involved in the rescue
19:08 of girls and trafficking,
19:10 orphans who are homeless
19:12 and helping find slum children real hope.
19:17 The problem with trafficking is
19:19 that it's simply beyond our comprehension.
19:22 And we are just doing our small part
19:25 to rescue girls trapped in trafficking in India.
19:30 Mani lived in a rural village,
19:32 most girls struggle to get an education.
19:35 Her father had a little work and her mother was very sick,
19:39 they struggled to give their daughter
19:42 the basic needs.
19:44 One day a well-dressed man
19:46 with the local police superintendent
19:48 walking beside him, walked in the village
19:50 with some great news.
19:52 A retired businessman who was running a girl's home
19:56 in the nearby city of Hyderabad
19:58 wanted to give all the young girls
20:00 in that village a scholarship
20:02 to go to a special boarding school.
20:04 Everyone was so excited.
20:06 Two days later, she received in a box her school uniform,
20:11 she put it on, she felt so proud,
20:13 her parents was so excited.
20:17 Three days later a bus pulled up
20:19 with the school name on.
20:21 There was a ceremony and they boarded the bus
20:24 with great excitement,
20:26 and the bus went to another village
20:27 and picked up another nine girls.
20:30 They hopped on the bus,
20:32 and the bus headed off for two hours,
20:34 but Mani just seen something wasn't right.
20:38 They stopped at a house
20:41 and three men with sticks told them
20:42 to go into the house, and take the uniform off,
20:45 and then they were thrown in the back of a small van,
20:48 and suddenly in a flash their lives had changed.
20:53 What was to be a dream in a flash
20:56 just totally changed.
20:58 They were taken to a large city to a brothel.
21:03 They were chained into small rooms.
21:06 And what happened next is very difficult to tell you.
21:10 But they were trained for the industry by men.
21:14 Their lives were lost, they were despairing,
21:17 they were trapped.
21:18 If they walked out they were beaten,
21:21 they had no hope.
21:24 After nine months...
21:25 Sorry, Mani who was 16,
21:28 was seeing at least 11 clients a day
21:31 within three weeks.
21:35 Nine months later
21:37 in the early hours of the morning,
21:39 a group of woman accompanied by a police special squad
21:43 raided the establishment
21:45 and took them to a government rescue centre.
21:48 And then Mani was taken
21:50 to a rescue building in Bangalore,
21:52 India an unmarked three story building
21:55 that sponsored by Child Impact and Voice of Prophecy
21:59 and there she was given hope.
22:01 She didn't speak for three weeks,
22:03 she couldn't speak.
22:05 How do you explain to someone what has happened to you,
22:08 it's beyond comprehension.
22:11 It's believed that 44,000 girls and women
22:14 that's what happens in every year in India.
22:18 Can you imagine it? Can you comprehend it?
22:22 She was shown love and care
22:24 and these people prayed to a strange God.
22:28 Slowly she tells her story
22:30 and right now is still at the home,
22:32 too scared to return home.
22:34 She has hope.
22:36 She has been introduced to Jesus,
22:38 but she still trusts no one.
22:41 Please pray for the girls that are in our home,
22:45 please pray for Child Impact International
22:48 and its project Operation Child Rescue,
22:51 rescuing girls from brothel,
22:53 we rescue orphans from the streets,
22:56 and we educate slum children.
22:58 And the 3,500 children we have in Adventist mission schools
23:03 need your support and prayers.
23:05 Please come and visit us at booth 107.
23:09 And if you'd like to watch a little video
23:12 by Jean Boonstra on the rescue,
23:15 just takes the word impact to 71777,
23:19 just make a note of that
23:20 and look at it after the meeting,
23:22 the word impact to 71777.
23:25 Please come and visit us and understand what we do.
23:28 And please pray for these girls and the children
23:31 whose lives we try to impact on.
23:33 Thank you. Wonderful. Thank you, Jim.
23:35 We appreciate you sharing those touching stories
23:38 from India and other areas that Child Impact is reaching.
23:42 Our final ministry tonight that we are highlighting
23:44 is the Adventist Review.
23:46 And I have Jared Thurmon with me
23:48 who is going to tell us what's happening
23:49 with Adventist Review.
23:51 Thank you, Glesni.
23:52 There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.
23:58 And I'm sure on many minds and hearts here tonight,
24:02 you've got an idea, a passion, or a talent
24:06 that you feel you want to exercise.
24:10 A hundred and sixty eight years ago,
24:12 a young man in his 20s by the name of James White
24:15 had a burden to share a message with the world.
24:20 I'd like to think of him as one of the original innovators
24:23 of the movement.
24:24 And he said we need a printing press
24:26 to get this message out to the world.
24:30 And as the years have passed we've seen the printing press,
24:33 we've seen the telegraph, we've seen vinyl 8-track,
24:37 radio, we've seen dial up internet.
24:43 And now we're in an age of Artificial Intelligence,
24:46 the Blockchain, Virtual Reality.
24:50 And we need people like you
24:54 to help make these things a reality
24:57 with a mission mind.
24:59 At the Adventist Review,
25:01 we are looking to do some exciting things
25:03 that we feel are impossible without you.
25:07 And I just want to share a testimony
25:09 that we are seeing young people come out of the woodwork
25:13 with talents and skills to create content.
25:17 And we'd like to say that, you know,
25:19 we overcome by the blood of the Lamb
25:21 and by the word of our testimony.
25:24 And I think the plural of testimony is data.
25:28 And now we live in a data driven world.
25:31 And so we're creating content based on data.
25:36 If we see a video that only gets five minutes,
25:39 and after five minutes, and after five minutes,
25:41 then we realize people have a five-minute attention span.
25:45 We need your help.
25:47 We've got so many ideas,
25:50 but good ideas are the enemy of great ideas.
25:55 And so we want to meet with you,
25:57 we want to find out
25:58 what the Lord has put on your heart.
26:00 And I want to invite you, come by our booth 325,
26:04 and share your talents with this movement
26:07 and with the world.
26:08 Thank you. Wonderful. Thank you, Jared.
26:10 Praise the Lord for all the exciting things
26:12 that are happening with these ministries.
26:13 Amen.
26:15 I just want to encourage each one of you
26:16 to surrender your lives to the Lord
26:18 and seek to get involved in the ministries
26:20 that He calls you to.
26:22 Have a good evening. Amen.
26:24 Thank you so much, Glesni.
26:26 Isn't it amazing, GYC, the types of ministries
26:29 that are happening all over the world.
26:31 God is moving in this generation, Dr. Lela.
26:34 And something incredible happened right here
26:37 in the Phoenix Convention Center
26:39 just a couple of days ago, right, a couple of floors below
26:41 where we are right now. Just downstairs.
26:43 It was unbelievable, Kyle, 6,770 people received...
26:47 Wait, how many?
26:48 Six thousand seven hundred and seventy people.
26:50 What do you say?
26:52 Unbelievable. Praise God.
26:53 But we haven't even told them what they've got yet, Kyle.
26:55 Okay. Okay. They got 12,000...
26:57 just under 12,000 services including medical,
27:00 dental, eye care, surgical services.
27:03 They even got haircuts and legal services.
27:06 You can see some of the pictures on the screen,
27:07 it was unbelievable,
27:09 $40.6 million in free health care.
27:14 Unbelievable. Praise God.
27:16 And not only that, but we had 3,300 volunteers
27:21 that gave up their Christmas break to come here
27:23 and serve the people of Phoenix.
27:26 And we want to say a huge thank you to GYC.
27:28 Absolutely, we could never have done this without GYC.
27:31 What a wonderful partnership, young people,
27:34 all of us working together for one common goal,
27:36 and that's to share Jesus with those in need.
27:39 That's right, now we could tell
27:40 so many miracle stories Dr. Lela.
27:42 But God provided in a particularly
27:44 miraculous way with our surgical department.
27:46 You know, it was only one day
27:49 before we were supposed to start, Kyle.
27:50 Unbelievable.
27:52 We had no truck to do the cataracts
27:53 and we wanted to do cataract surgery,
27:55 never done before.
27:57 We had the anesthesia machine, we had the anesthesiologists,
28:00 we had the surgeons, we didn't have a truck.
28:02 God didn't just give us one truck,
28:04 but one day before we got two trucks.
28:06 Amen, amen. It was unbelievable.
28:08 We were able to do cataracts, hernias,
28:11 all kinds of other surgical procedures.
28:13 It's really incredible what God did.
28:15 And, Dr. Lela, we actually have right next to me,
28:18 Tristen who was a patient for one of those procedures.
28:21 That's right.
28:22 And, Tristen, I want to thank you
28:23 for coming out tonight to GYC
28:25 and for being a patient at Pathway to Health.
28:27 Can you tell us just briefly
28:28 what happened in your experience at Pathway?
28:31 Yes, thank you.
28:32 I'm grateful for the opportunity.
28:35 I'm on Facebook one day, and I see this post
28:38 promoting Pathway to Health,
28:40 and I'm wondering is this for real,
28:43 it's like it's too good to be true.
28:45 So I click on it and yeah, it's for real.
28:47 So I imagine it's a great opportunity.
28:50 I've got some health issues to resolve
28:53 so I go for it, and I get there
28:56 and the organization run so smoothly,
28:59 and the experience is one of my
29:04 greatest health care experiences of all time.
29:07 And it's great to be on a Pathway to Health.
29:10 And Pathway to Health is a great organization
29:14 run by some special people
29:16 and volunteers providing a great service
29:19 to the community, service with a smile,
29:23 service with compassion, service with the care,
29:27 and even service with the prayer
29:29 as after I got through my treatment,
29:31 my doctor asked me,
29:34 if it's all right if we take a moment to pray.
29:37 And I'm like, of course.
29:39 So it was really great, it was like, it,
29:43 of course, it was a professional service.
29:45 But it's like it transcended the professional to the moral.
29:50 Amen. Praise God, Tristen.
29:53 Thank you for being here and thank you for coming
29:54 to Pathway to Health.
29:56 Dr. Lela, to God be the glory. Absolutely.
29:59 And not only patients were impacted,
30:00 but the whole community, in fact,
30:02 we had partners that came, we didn't even expect.
30:04 Absolutely.
30:06 I mean partners came from all over.
30:07 Partners not of our faith necessarily,
30:09 but, you know, we've read in the Spirit of Prophecy
30:12 that when people see,
30:13 those with mean see us giving to those who are in need,
30:17 they themselves want to give and they give,
30:20 and that is what we saw happen.
30:21 And just as we were coming in the auditorium tonight,
30:23 you got a text message.
30:24 I got a text message that one of the individuals
30:26 who arranged for two of our leading departments
30:29 happened to be a former bishop of the Mormon Church.
30:33 And he indicated that because of the love
30:35 he saw in the volunteers
30:37 and the organization of the structure of Pathway,
30:40 he has decided he wants to study to learn
30:42 more about the Seventh-day Adventist church.
30:43 Praise God. Amen. Amen.
30:45 God is good.
30:47 So not only do we see impact in the patients,
30:49 impact in the community, we also see volunteers
30:53 whose lives are impacted. Absolutely.
30:55 Every time we've seen a Pathway event,
30:57 volunteers give up their time to come and serve others.
31:00 Well, how does it impact our volunteers?
31:02 Every volunteer that comes, I can't tell you, I mean,
31:05 tears streaming down their faces
31:06 over and over again this happens, Kyle.
31:09 "This has changed my life," they say that.
31:11 They say that over and over.
31:13 We had a lady just yesterday I talked to her
31:14 and she almost died two years ago.
31:17 And she said to me,
31:18 "Kyle, this is the most meaningful thing
31:20 I've ever done in my life was to volunteer
31:22 for Pathway to Health."
31:23 And it's just incredible the impact that Pathway has.
31:26 Now, Jonathan, you've volunteered
31:28 for Pathway a few times,
31:29 but you have something remarkable
31:31 that happened to you. Can you share that with us?
31:33 You know some people think that Pathway is a three-day event
31:36 and then the impact just disappears.
31:38 I want to tell you that's absolutely not true.
31:41 I was on an airplane flight
31:42 from LAX to Frankfort about a month ago,
31:44 and I can't sit in the seat forever
31:46 so I'm standing up, and I'm talking to this guy,
31:48 and we're talking and chatting,
31:50 and we just start to chat about different things,
31:52 and he's on his way to Frankfort as well.
31:54 I find out that the guy's a Persian.
31:56 And I'm talking to him
31:59 and we bring up Pathways to Health.
32:01 And he says, "I know all about it.
32:02 I saw the LAX event."
32:05 And he went on, and on, and on, and he told me everything about
32:08 Pathways to Health, 18 months later.
32:11 So don't think that this is some small thing.
32:13 This is an entering wedge that will continue to go forth
32:17 and we can use this to reach the community for a long term.
32:21 And this was even for a Persian that was going to be
32:24 with his other Persian friends,
32:25 we can reach into all kinds of different communities.
32:27 Praise God. Praise God.
32:29 All right, Dr. Lela, we're out of time.
32:30 But we have some special things that are coming up.
32:33 What's next for Pathway?
32:34 You know, there are three or four major cities
32:36 right here within North America that we are working on.
32:39 So you're going to want to stay tuned,
32:41 go to
32:43 and find out where the next event is going to be.
32:45 So finally, we know that Jesus is coming soon.
32:47 Amen?
32:49 Jesus is coming soon and He wants us
32:50 to take His gospel to the world.
32:52 How does something like Pathway to Health
32:54 help us take the gospel
32:56 to the world in this generation?
32:58 You know, it's so beautiful
32:59 to be able to be Jesus' hands and feet.
33:01 And just like Jonathan mentioned,
33:03 when the community sees this, when the patients see this,
33:06 when the volunteers feel it, it changes our life,
33:10 it changes, it's not just from the inside,
33:12 but we have a special smile on our face
33:14 and others can recognize that.
33:16 I think it's just an awesome blessing
33:18 to be able to work together to share Jesus
33:20 with those who're in need.
33:21 Amen. To God be the glory.
33:23 We'll see you at the next Pathway to Health.
33:47 You've written what You want from me in stone
33:55 A refection of Your character alone
34:03 So I try to keep Your laws without regret
34:11 But I'm easily distracted and forget
34:16 So write them on my heart
34:20 Seal them in my mind
34:25 The beauty of Your law and grace combined
34:33 Remind me just how lovely
34:36 Your commandments are
34:40 And write them on the tablet of my heart
34:59 There's only one desire inside of me
35:06 To be all that You created me to be
35:13 And I know the only way that I can grow
35:20 It's for You to come inside and take control
35:25 Write them on my heart
35:29 Seal them in my mind
35:34 The beauty of Your law and grace combined
35:41 Remind me just how lovely
35:44 Your commandments are
35:48 And write them on the tablets of my heart
35:55 Your law reflects Your goodness
35:58 And the cross reveals Your grace
36:02 Love is the motivation
36:05 Behind your perfect ways
36:12 So write them on my heart
36:16 Seal them in my mind
36:21 The beauty of Your law and grace combined
36:28 Remind me just how lovely
36:31 Your commandments are
36:35 And write them on the tablets of my heart
36:40 So write them on my heart
36:44 Seal them in my mind
36:48 The beauty of Your law and grace combined
36:55 Remind me just how lovely
36:59 Your commandments are
37:02 And write them on the tablets of my heart
37:10 Remind me just how lovely
37:14 Your commandments are
37:18 And write them on the tablets
37:25 Of my heart
37:50 Amen!
37:53 Amen. Good evening, GYC.
37:57 This evening for our This I Believe section,
38:00 Pastor Taylor Hinkel who is a dear friend of mine
38:02 will be presenting
38:04 on the prophetic mission of the church, excuse me.
38:09 As he presents tonight,
38:11 I hope that it will touch your heart.
38:12 Have a good evening.
38:16 Why are you a Seventh-day Adventist?
38:20 And what difference does it really make?
38:23 These are the questions that were going through my mind
38:25 in a high school as a young person
38:27 trying to understand why am I in this church
38:30 and not one of the other thousands
38:32 of other Christian denominations around the world.
38:36 I believe there's other young people
38:37 looking for answers to these questions,
38:39 potentially some of them are here tonight.
38:41 And I want you, if you have your Bibles
38:43 to turn to the Book of Daniel
38:46 to see what the Lord has to share with us.
38:49 Now many of you're familiar with the Book of Daniel,
38:51 God gave many precious visions to the Prophet Daniel
38:55 to help him to understand
38:56 what would be coming in the latter days
38:58 in God's mission and purpose for His people.
39:03 You can look at the end of Daniel 8
39:05 and you understand that
39:06 after these visions Daniel was given,
39:08 oftentimes he never understood the message.
39:11 Daniel 8, "Daniel fall sick
39:13 and distressed at the end of a vision."
39:16 But I want you to turn with me to Daniel 12 tonight
39:19 and we see something very similar,
39:21 God's closing words to Daniel.
39:24 Daniel 12:4, it says, "But you Daniel,
39:29 shut up the words,
39:30 and seal the book, until," what?
39:34 "The time of the end.
39:35 Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.
39:38 Then I, Daniel looked, and there stood two others
39:41 on the riverbank, and others on that river bank.
39:43 And one said to the man clothed in linen,
39:45 who was above the waters of the river,
39:47 'How long shall the fulfillments
39:49 of these wonders be?'
39:51 Then I heard the man clothed in linen,
39:53 who was above the river,
39:54 when he held up his right hand and his left hand to heaven,
39:57 and swore by him who lives forever and ever,
40:01 that it shall be for time, times and half a times,
40:05 and when the power of the holy people
40:06 has been completely shattered,
40:08 all these things shall be finish.
40:11 Although, I heard I did not," what?
40:14 "Understand. Then I said, 'My Lord,
40:17 what shall be the end of these things?'"
40:21 God had entrusted many precious truths to Daniel,
40:24 but even the prophet himself didn't understand that.
40:27 But God told Daniel that these prophetic messages
40:30 would be sealed up until when?
40:33 Until the time of the end.
40:36 Then he goes on to explain that that time would be after times,
40:38 times, and half a time, and we understand
40:40 as good Bible students
40:42 that that time period would end in 1798.
40:47 And then the Book of Daniel would be what?
40:51 Opened.
40:54 God had a prophetic message to give to His people.
40:57 But it wasn't for the time of Daniel,
41:00 even though given to that prophet.
41:02 But Revelation 4 tells who these messages were for
41:07 and who the movement would be,
41:09 who would understand these precious truths
41:11 and bring them to us today.
41:13 Revelation 10 is the parallel of Daniel 12.
41:17 And turn with me there and notice the similar language
41:20 used here by the Prophet John.
41:24 Daniel 10:1, "I saw still another
41:30 mighty angel coming down from heaven
41:32 clothed with a cloud,
41:34 and a rainbow was on his head, and his face was like the sun,
41:37 and his feet were like pillars of fire.
41:40 He had in his hand open" what?
41:44 "He had in his hand a little book open.
41:49 And he set his right foot on the sea
41:51 and his left foot on the land,
41:52 and he cried with a loud voice as when a lion roars."
41:55 And skipping down to verse 5.
41:57 It says, "The angel who I saw standing on the sea
41:59 and the land raised up his" what?
42:02 "His hand to heaven and did" what?
42:04 "Swore by him who lives forever and ever."
42:06 Is this sounding familiar?
42:07 Is this sounding like Daniel 12?
42:10 "He swears by him who lives forever and ever
42:12 who created in heaven and earth
42:14 and the things that are in it.
42:17 And the sea and the things that are in it
42:18 that there should be" what?
42:22 "Time or delay no longer."
42:26 My friends, God told Daniel,
42:27 Daniel your book is not understood now,
42:30 there's a delay for its understanding,
42:32 but there is a time coming when there will be what?
42:36 Delay or time no longer.
42:37 There is a time with this book instead of being sealed up
42:40 will be open in the hand of God servants.
42:46 It's interesting that as we look through history,
42:48 once again prophecy was 100% correct.
42:52 Just as God said at the time of the end,
42:54 the books of Daniel and Revelation
42:56 would be understood.
42:57 That people would run to and fro
42:59 and that knowledge would be increased.
43:01 And as you search the history of the Christian church,
43:04 it's amazing to find that religious leaders
43:06 all around the world independent of one another,
43:09 began to have a renewed study of the prophecies of Daniel.
43:14 Among them were such people as Edward Irving in England,
43:17 Joseph Wolfe in India,
43:19 Manuel Lacunza in South America,
43:21 Johann Bengel in Germany, and one of our familiar ones,
43:24 William Miller in the United States.
43:26 And as these people began studying
43:29 the prophecies of Daniel, it renewed their hearts
43:33 with the hope of the Word of God.
43:35 And it was one of the sweetest experiences they ever had.
43:39 Notice how Revelation 12 goes on to describe this.
43:42 Revelation 12:8, "Then the voice
43:46 which I heard from heaven spoke to me again and said,
43:50 'Go take the little book
43:53 which is open in the angel's hand
43:55 who stands on the sea and on the earth.'"
43:57 So I went to the angel and said to him,
44:00 "Give me the little book."
44:02 And he said to me, "Take and eat it
44:04 and it will make your stomach bitter,
44:06 but it will be as sweet as honey in your mouth."
44:10 Then I took the little book out of the angel's hand and ate it
44:13 and it was as sweet as honey in my mouth,
44:15 but when I had eaten it, my stomach became" what?
44:18 "God tells him that when they take,
44:21 there's a movement that starts to understand
44:23 the prophecies of Daniel.
44:25 And as they are unfolded to their understanding,
44:27 they begin to see the beauty of this message.
44:30 And it's such a sweet experience
44:32 as you read about the early Advent movement
44:35 in the beginning of the 1800s.
44:37 You see the hope that flooded their soul
44:39 as they realize that Jesus was coming soon.
44:43 My friends, as these people began to see this message,
44:46 they were inspired with the truths of God
44:48 and they began to sacrifice
44:50 and lay off anything that encumbered them.
44:54 Many people sacrificed all that they had
44:56 to give to the cause of God.
45:00 I can think of a man by the name of Charles Fitch
45:03 who was so inspired that Jesus was coming soon
45:05 when he met a group of believers
45:06 who wanted to be baptized in the fall of 1844,
45:10 he led them to Lake Erie and baptized them
45:12 in very cold water.
45:14 When he was done baptizing them he went back,
45:16 and as he was going back,
45:18 he found another group of these people,
45:19 believers who want to be baptized
45:21 before Jesus came.
45:22 So still wet and cold to the bone,
45:25 he goes back to Lake Erie to baptize this next group.
45:28 After finishing that, he was shivering
45:30 and his clothes are stuck to them,
45:32 he starts his wet walk home, and he meets yet a third group.
45:36 He goes back to the river and baptizes these people
45:39 because he believed that Jesus was coming soon,
45:42 that there was nothing more important
45:44 than finishing His work.
45:46 Charles Fitch soon caught pneumonia
45:48 and within a few days passed away.
45:51 Just a few short days
45:52 before Jesus was supposed to come.
45:55 But his wife wasn't worried,
45:57 she consoled her children by saying,
45:59 "We will see your father soon when Jesus comes."
46:03 They believed the sweet message of this book.
46:10 But it tells us that they would have a bitter disappointment.
46:13 October 22, 1844, the great disappointment
46:16 when they expected Jesus
46:18 to come the day came and it went.
46:25 And as a young Adventist, this used to embarrass me.
46:30 How did we get it wrong? Was that the end of our work?
46:34 If we were wrong in 1844, was that it?
46:38 Then I remember how the disciples
46:40 didn't get it all right either,
46:42 but yet the Lord still used them
46:44 to start His early New Testament church.
46:48 After going through this disappointment,
46:50 God was not done with the Advent movement.
46:53 Notice what He says in Revelation 10
46:57 in the closing verse, in verse 11.
47:01 "And he said to me after this great disappointment
47:06 'You must prophesy again
47:13 before many peoples, nations and tongues."
47:18 My friends, what is the mission
47:20 of the Seventh-day Adventist church?
47:22 It's the exact same mission that has always been
47:25 since the beginning of the movement.
47:28 Our job is not to just satisfy people
47:31 with smooth speeches.
47:35 But our job is to prepare a people
47:39 who will meet their loving Lord and Savior
47:41 when He comes again shortly.
47:44 My friends, I believe that God is calling us
47:46 as a prophetic movement to prophesy again.
47:50 We're told in Manuscript Release,
47:52 volume 19, page 41.
47:54 It says, "The usual subjects upon
47:56 which the ministers of nearly
47:58 all other denominations dwell will not move them.
48:02 We must proclaim our God given message to the world.
48:07 The world is to be warned
48:08 by the proclamation of this message.
48:10 If we blanket it,
48:12 if we hide our light under a bushel,
48:14 if we so circumscribe ourselves
48:17 that we cannot reach the people,
48:19 we are answerable to God for our failure
48:23 to warn the world.
48:26 What does this mean for you and I today?
48:30 My friends, you are not here by accident.
48:34 You didn't happen to end up
48:36 as a Seventh-day Adventist as a mistake.
48:39 But God foreknew, and He is calling you to a life
48:45 of joyful service to Him.
48:47 God is calling you to take this gospel of the kingdom
48:50 to all the world as a witness to all nations
48:53 so that the end can come.
48:55 Jesus is longing to come to redeem His people,
48:58 and He wants to use you and He wants to use me
49:02 to be able to accomplish it.
49:04 Gospel Workers, page 351.
49:08 "The work of God in this earth can never be finished
49:12 until the men and women
49:14 comprising our church membership,
49:17 rally to the work, and unite their efforts
49:20 with those of ministers and church officers."
49:24 My friends, if we want to see Jesus,
49:27 it's time for you and I to prophesy again.
49:32 This I believe.
49:39 I know that there are a lot of things
49:41 that really warms our hearts
49:43 and I'd like to tell you about GYC.
49:46 The way we give our appreciation here
49:49 is by saying amen.
49:51 Can you say amen? Amen.
49:53 Amen.
49:54 Because the moment you clap, there is a tendency for us
49:58 here on stage to bow down to take the glory.
50:01 Here in GYC, God takes the full glory.
50:04 Amen? Amen.
50:05 So let's practice that, whenever your heart
50:07 is overwhelmed say the word amen.
50:09 Amen! Amen.
50:11 And especially tonight I have three people here
50:14 who loves to brag about what God has done for them.
50:18 Oh, my dear friends, who among you here
50:20 has been to the prayer room, please raise your hand.
50:24 Oh, wow, there's a lot of people in the prayer room.
50:27 In this morning, we have experienced a foretaste
50:30 of what persecution would look like.
50:33 And it's so awesome.
50:36 It's so awesome to hear the prayers of this people,
50:41 I could not even put it into words,
50:42 I could not describe it, you just have to be there.
50:45 So this, my friend, here is Grant.
50:48 Grant, tell us about your experience
50:50 in a prayer room?
50:51 Okay, so last year, GYC, there were a group
50:55 of maybe like 10 or 12 people
50:56 from my home church in Fort Collins, Colorado
50:59 that we're going to GYC.
51:01 And I had planned to go home
51:02 for just to visit my family for a vacation.
51:05 And they're like, "No, you got to go to GYC."
51:07 And so I'm like, "All right, I'll give it a shot.
51:09 I'm unsure about all this."
51:10 And so I show up at GYC, we're going to the seminars
51:13 and then we see the prayer room at 6 a.m.
51:17 And so my friends were like, "We got to go,
51:19 we got to go to the prayer room."
51:20 And I'm sitting here like, "What?
51:22 6 a.m., no way."
51:24 So anyway the next day we just thought like,
51:29 we're at GYC, like I'm going to give this a shot,
51:31 let's get the full GYC experience.
51:34 And so the next morning we woke up at 6 a.m.,
51:36 and we went to the united prayer.
51:38 And let me tell you, it was life changing to show up
51:42 and you hear like I have never prayed
51:44 for longer than like 5-10 minutes.
51:46 And I go and we're praying for longer than an hour,
51:48 several hours at a time, and to go and see people
51:51 that are just so on fire for God,
51:54 and so filled with the Holy Spirit
51:55 that we as a young adult group are like,
51:57 "Man, we need to experience this.
52:01 We need to experience the Holy Spirit like this."
52:03 And so, the next day we actually found a room
52:06 that was empty and we went together
52:08 as a group of young adults to pray together.
52:10 Just you? Yeah. Just us.
52:12 And so we prayed for, I don't know maybe like
52:16 over an hour and several hours,
52:19 and we asked for the Holy Spirit
52:21 to be there, and the Holy Spirit showed us,
52:22 you got to take this back to your home church,
52:25 you need this fire.
52:26 And it's real and it's an experience
52:28 that you can have.
52:29 And so, that's, I think that's the part
52:32 that we'll tell you about next, just the power,
52:33 the life changing power of going to the prayer room.
52:36 From somebody who does not want to get up.
52:38 Did not really want to get,
52:41 but did not regret the decision of getting up.
52:43 Now, Christine, tell me what happened after?
52:46 So we took this prayer back to Fort Collins.
52:50 We first thought like, oh, it's going to be the youth
52:51 that went to GYC liken a few of us.
52:53 And it'll probably gonna last maybe a couple months,
52:56 you know, because we can't possibly hold this on forever.
53:00 And so on our first week,
53:02 pretty much all of our young adults showed up.
53:03 And these are like graduate students,
53:05 young professionals.
53:06 And this is Sunday morning at 7 a.m.
53:08 We definitely had to be sleeping at that point.
53:10 And so apparently all of them showed up.
53:13 And they enjoyed the experience
53:15 and we kept on doing this for weeks,
53:17 pretty much until even now we've been meeting
53:20 Sunday morning at 7 a.m.
53:23 For the whole year? Pretty much the whole year.
53:25 Maybe a couple weeks we missed, but basically the whole year.
53:28 And prayers were getting answered left and right,
53:30 people were getting healed, people were getting jobs,
53:32 people getting blessed financially,
53:34 baptisms in our church, and it's amazing.
53:38 And not only this, but the transformation
53:41 in all of our lives have been so evident that the church
53:44 really wanted to be a part of it
53:45 'cause it was just a young adults
53:46 at the first part.
53:48 And so now we have three prayer sessions
53:49 going on at the church they're happening weekly.
53:51 Three prayer groups?
53:53 Three because not everybody can be at the first time,
53:56 at the times, at 7 a.m. on Sunday.
53:59 And so, now there are three and not only that
54:03 but a church down in Denver,
54:05 they're starting a prayer session as well
54:06 this coming New Year to have every week,
54:10 every Sabbath at their church to continue this.
54:13 And, man, it's amazing what God can do through prayer.
54:17 Amen. Praise God.
54:18 Amen? Amen.
54:20 That's why I'm so excited today.
54:22 Okay, Kevin, tell me what happened next?
54:24 Yeah, so prayer is cool because it changes you
54:26 and it changes your church
54:28 and it changes people outside your church.
54:30 And so our church is going to do
54:32 two evangelistic meetings this year.
54:34 And because of prayer we made that
54:36 a big part of our evangelistic efforts.
54:38 And we had many baptisms for a small church.
54:40 We had 11 people we baptized.
54:42 And not only that, they inspired us
54:44 to start small groups.
54:46 So we did Bible marking after each one,
54:48 and guess how many people have stopped attending
54:51 that were baptized.
54:53 Zero.
54:54 Yeah, so they all kept attending
54:57 and the cool thing is, one of them got baptized
54:59 there's this young lady, I think she's here,
55:01 she went to AFCOE actually.
55:03 And so, not only did she get on fire
55:05 but now our church we prayed about it
55:06 and our church is inspired to send her to AFCOE
55:08 to be a missionary and reach out.
55:11 So that's just something that's super, super cool,
55:13 it's like prayer changes us and our church
55:15 and those around as well.
55:16 And I heard, Kevin,
55:18 that you did not just stayed in Denver.
55:21 What did you do?
55:22 Yes, so the three of us and another young lady,
55:24 we went to a mission trip in Guyana with Maranatha.
55:28 And the cool thing about that was,
55:30 well, I guess not the cool thing,
55:32 but we're poor college students
55:34 that need a little bit of help
55:35 to get to our final destination,
55:38 and so we went
55:39 and took that to the Lord and we're like,
55:41 "God, please do You really want us to go on this?"
55:43 And we felt that God wanted us to go and serve,
55:45 you know, in another country and so we were praying
55:47 and we were praying about it.
55:49 And two weeks before we left, we still needed some money.
55:53 And so we prayed more.
55:56 And actually what happened, it was super cool
55:58 right before we left, we got enough money
56:00 that we could actually take Bibles
56:01 and donate it to the church there.
56:04 So that was something that was super cool
56:06 that God provided.
56:07 But then He provided more than we needed.
56:09 And that's the God that we serve.
56:11 Amen?
56:13 Amen! Amen.
56:15 My dear friends, isn't that exciting?
56:17 And who says that prayer is not exciting.
56:21 Oh, their church, their pastor could not believe like,
56:25 this is Grant, this is Christine.
56:27 And even their pastor now is waking up at 4 a.m.
56:31 to join the prayer
56:32 and to have a prayer life himself.
56:35 My dear friends, those of you
56:37 who have not visited the prayer room,
56:39 you still have two more mornings.
56:42 But don't miss tomorrow morning
56:43 because there's a special blessing
56:45 that is poured on Sabbath day.
56:48 Amen? Amen!
56:50 If you want to experience the experiences that they have,
56:53 that they have had, don't hold back.
56:56 The Lord is about to pour out His blessings.
56:58 When the Lord is about to pour out His blessings,
57:00 don't open your umbrellas, don't stay in your rooms,
57:06 get out of your rooms and partake of the blessing,
57:08 don't let the blessing pass you by,
57:10 my dear friends.
57:12 I'd like to leave you with this beautiful quote.
57:15 It says here from Manuscript Releases,
57:16 volume 4, "If you will give yourselves fully to Jesus,
57:21 He will create in you an intense desire,"
57:24 what type of desire?
57:27 "For the friendship of God
57:28 intensify for the friendship of God.
57:30 And you will have deep longings to reflect the goodness
57:33 and the love of Jesus in your life
57:35 and character to your family
57:37 and to those who know not the love of God."
57:41 Friends, let's not hold back any longer.
57:45 Let's kneel down for a word of prayer.


Revised 2018-05-30