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00:33 Welcome to Sabbath School.
00:35 Please stand with us as we sing hymn 152,
00:38 "Tell Me the Story of Jesus."
00:59 Tell me the story of Jesus
01:04 Write on my heart every word
01:09 Tell me the story most precious
01:14 Sweetest that ever was heard
01:19 Tell how the angels, in chorus
01:25 Sang as they welcomed His birth
01:30 Glory to God in the highest
01:35 Peace and good tidings to earth
01:40 Tell me the story of Jesus
01:45 Write on my heart every word
01:50 Tell me the story most precious
01:55 Sweetest that ever was heard
02:01 Fasting alone in the desert
02:06 Tell of the days that He passed
02:11 How for our sins He was tempted
02:16 Yet was triumphant at last
02:21 Tell of the years of His labor
02:27 Tell of the sorrow He bore
02:31 He was despised and afflicted
02:37 Homeless, rejected, and poor
02:42 Tell me the story of Jesus
02:47 Write on my heart every word
02:52 Tell me the story most precious
02:57 Sweetest that ever was heard
03:03 Tell of the cross where they nailed Him
03:08 Writhing in anguish and pain
03:12 Tell of the grave where they laid Him
03:18 Tell how He liveth again
03:22 Love in that story so tender
03:28 Clearer than ever I see
03:33 Stay, let me weep while you whisper
03:38 Love paid the ransom for me
03:43 Tell me the story of Jesus
03:48 Write on my heart every word
03:53 Tell me the story most precious
03:58 Sweetest that ever was heard
04:05 Amen. You may be seated.
04:10 Happy Sabbath, brothers and sisters.
04:12 Have you been blessed?
04:15 Today, I just want to welcome you to our Sabbath School.
04:19 And if you have your Bibles, please open your Bibles
04:23 to Matthew 9:35-38.
04:30 Can I get an amen when I know you're there?
04:32 Matthew 9:35-38.
04:41 The Word reads, "And Jesus went about all the cities
04:46 and villages, teaching in their synagogues,
04:49 and preaching the gospel of the kingdom,
04:52 and healing every sickness
04:54 and every disease among the people.
04:57 But when He saw the multitudes,
05:00 He was moved with compassion on them
05:03 because they fainted and were scattered abroad
05:07 as sheep having no shepherd.
05:11 Then saith he unto the disciples,
05:14 the harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.
05:20 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest
05:23 that he will send forth laborers into his harvest."
05:28 May the Lord bless the reading of the scriptures.
05:34 At this time, I'd like to pray,
05:36 you may bow your heads as I kneel.
05:42 Dear Heavenly Father,
05:44 we are so thankful that we could come together
05:47 to worship You on this special Sabbath day.
05:51 Lord, as 2017 comes to a close, we just pray that
05:56 this worship service would be pleasing to your eyes.
06:00 I pray that your Holy Spirit
06:02 would come and be poured upon us.
06:06 I pray that you would abide with us today.
06:10 Please be with our Sabbath School service
06:13 and be with our speakers and anoint their lips.
06:17 I pray all these things in Jesus' name, amen.
06:32 The Lord is my strength and my song
06:35 He has become my salvation
06:39 The Lord is my strength and my light
06:42 I will rejoice and be glad
06:46 The Lord is my strength and my song
06:50 He has become my salvation
06:53 The Lord is my strength and my light
06:57 I will rejoice and be glad
07:01 He is my joy, my peace, my shepherd
07:06 Who keeps me in His care
07:10 The One who knows my heart And hears my every prayer
07:17 My Rock, my Shield, my Fortress Shelter in the storm
07:25 Deliverer, Redeemer
07:29 And Savior My Savior
07:36 The Lord is my strength and my song
07:40 He has become my salvation
07:43 The Lord is my strength and my light
07:47 I will rejoice and be glad
07:56 I need not fear for
08:00 He is with me Lord of mercy
08:08 God of might
08:12 Precious Lamb of Sacrifice
08:18 He is the way, the truth,
08:22 The life
08:29 The Lord is my strength and my song
08:34 He has become my salvation
08:37 The Lord is my strength and my light
08:41 I will rejoice and be glad
08:45 I will rejoice, rejoice, rejoice.
08:49 I will rejoice and be glad
08:55 Rejoice!
09:04 Amen. And hallelujah.
09:07 That was beautiful. Thank you so much.
09:10 Good morning and happy Sabbath to you.
09:12 I see, how are you this morning?
09:14 How are you this morning? Are you blessed?
09:16 Yeah. Hallelujah.
09:18 I have with me here this morning
09:20 a wonderful person, his name is Doug Venn,
09:23 and he is the director of Global Mission Urban Center,
09:27 Mission to the Cities of the General Conference.
09:30 And as you know, GYC is a mission movement.
09:35 We want to finish the work in this generation by God's grace
09:38 and by making ourselves available to the Holy Spirit
09:41 to shine the glory of God through us with everybody.
09:44 What do you say? Amen. Amen.
09:46 Pastor Doug, tell us about missionary work in the world
09:49 and what we can do to hasten the coming of the Lord.
09:51 Well, Pastor Jonathan, it's awesome to be here at GYC
09:54 and to see not only in your sermon and Pastor Moise
09:59 at the start of GYC to actually kick that direction
10:03 and that focus on going to the unreached
10:06 people groups of the planet,
10:07 whether they're in the cities or here at home and abroad.
10:12 So it's so exciting to see
10:15 how God is igniting the young people of today
10:19 to actually answer the call for mission.
10:22 Praise God.
10:23 We're so excited to co-labor with the Lord
10:26 'cause God has a ministry for each and every one of us.
10:29 For how many? Each and every one of us.
10:31 Everyone is a missionary.
10:33 If you love Jesus, you're a missionary.
10:36 And if you don't love Jesus,
10:37 I hope you fall in love with Him today
10:38 as you hear wonderful testimonies.
10:40 Pastor Doug, what are we going to be hearing today
10:42 about in Sabbath School?
10:43 Well, I'd love how Jesus gives us the example
10:47 there in Matthew 9, we read that Jesus...
10:51 Where did He go?
10:52 He went both to the villages and to the cities.
10:55 So that's what we're going to hear about today.
10:57 So we have four teams
10:59 who are on the front line of mission,
11:01 and we're going to be excited to hear
11:03 their stories of how God has been working in their life,
11:05 the challenges, the prayer opportunities,
11:08 as well as the ways that young adults
11:11 and young at heart can actually engage
11:13 in that frontline mission.
11:15 You know, if you have some extra time
11:17 and you don't want to watch something stupid on YouTube,
11:20 you want to see something really good,
11:21 you want to watch...
11:23 Or on 3ABN, there's a wonderful opportunity
11:25 to watch a show called "I Want This City"
11:27 and it's featuring none other than Doug Venn
11:30 who has been a frontline missionary
11:32 for many, many years,
11:33 and you're going to be inspired for missionary service.
11:36 Pastor Doug, who is going to be leading out
11:38 in the first presentation this morning?
11:41 Well, I'm so happy that
11:43 GYC flew from the jungles of Indonesia Captain Gary Roberts
11:48 who is a mission pilot with Adventist Aviation Indonesia,
11:51 and we look forward to hearing the call as well as the stories
11:56 of the frontline there in the foreign mission field.
11:59 Wonderful.
12:00 Please keep this program in your prayer
12:02 and pray that the Holy Spirit will touch your heart
12:05 to see maybe you are called
12:07 to do some kind of urban or jungle mission today.
12:10 God bless you.
12:15 Welcome aboard Adventist Aviation-Indonesia.
12:18 It's my pleasure to welcome you this morning,
12:21 and I hope that you'll enjoy our flight
12:23 to the jungles of New Guinea.
12:27 I say that I have the best job in the world
12:30 because I get to see
12:32 what God is doing on the frontlines in this planet.
12:36 Unfortunately, there's also many challenges
12:39 that we get to experience, and I want to share
12:41 some of those with you this morning.
12:44 As we go to New Guinea,
12:45 the second largest island in this world,
12:49 we're going to go to the western half
12:50 which belongs to the country of Indonesia.
12:53 I'm going to take you to a new village.
12:54 An airplane has never landed there before.
12:56 As we circle overhead and look at the jungle
12:59 and look at the small clearing that's been cleared for us,
13:02 finally, I determined that it's safe to land.
13:04 We land and as we roll out and shut down the engine,
13:07 the entire village swarms around the airplane.
13:10 They're excited to see that after five years
13:13 of work in their village that finally the airplane has come.
13:19 They almost drag me out of my seat from the plane.
13:21 They're so excited to see me there.
13:25 And they're dancing, and singing,
13:27 and jumping around the airplane
13:29 with their bows and arrows drawn at me,
13:33 in excitement, of course.
13:35 But I hope they don't release.
13:39 And then it all gets deathly quiet.
13:42 They turn and they look at me,
13:45 and finally an older gentleman steps forward and he says,
13:48 "Are you a Seventh-day Adventist?"
13:51 And I said, "Yes, I am."
13:53 And they said, "We are too."
13:55 An airplane has never been to their village,
13:57 but they're Seventh-day Adventists.
13:59 And I said, "How did that happen, brother?"
14:02 And he said, "Well, about two years ago,
14:04 a missionary pastor from Papua New Guinea
14:07 hiked over here and he tried to tell us about the gospel,
14:11 but we wouldn't listen to him.
14:13 He was sick with malaria, he left discouraged
14:17 because he could not convince them.
14:19 But after he left,
14:21 the best hunting dog in their village,
14:23 every Sabbath morning,
14:25 would come and run through the village
14:26 and the people would follow him thinking that
14:27 he was going to hunt.
14:30 But no, he was leading people to the place
14:32 where the pastor had been meeting with them.
14:34 After a few times like this,
14:36 the people finally realized
14:38 this dog is keeping the Sabbath.
14:40 Amen.
14:42 And the best hunting dog in the village
14:44 is no longer eating pork.
14:47 So if this dog can keep the Sabbath
14:49 and stop eating pork, so can we.
14:51 Amen.
14:54 As I take off from this village and go to visit
14:57 some missionaries that are next destination,
14:59 I get a call to pick up a nine-year-old girl
15:02 who's very sick up in the mountains.
15:05 As we go to land on the side of the mountain
15:06 that's about 23% slope touchdown area.
15:10 I go up to the turnaround and stop the plane.
15:12 And look, there's a crowd off to the left side
15:14 and I walk over there.
15:15 And as I come, the crowd parts
15:17 and I go into where the mother is with the young daughter.
15:21 And as I come close, I realize it's too late.
15:26 The girl has just died beside the runway waiting for help.
15:31 It's too late, friends.
15:33 We don't have all the time in the world.
15:36 People are dying while they're waiting for help.
15:40 This village had been calling me,
15:41 asking me to come for about two months to their village
15:44 but with more than 3,000 villages to serve,
15:47 we just don't have all the help that we need.
15:51 We could use 1,000 teachers tomorrow,
15:53 1,000 nurses tomorrow,
15:55 could go to each of these villages.
15:57 But we don't have the help yet.
15:59 It's the truth. It's the reality.
16:02 As I leave that village,
16:03 I pause before I take off just thinking,
16:05 "God, what is the devil doing here?
16:08 You've called us, but we haven't responded.
16:12 We're too late."
16:14 As I go to the next village to
16:17 visit some of our missionaries that we placed there,
16:21 I called for two strong men to come and work
16:23 in one of the most remote villages,
16:26 but they sent me two young ladies.
16:29 And I thought "God, how can I take these ladies
16:32 to one of the most remote villages on this island?"
16:37 But that's who God sent, and that's who we took.
16:41 I tried to visit them as often as I could because I thought,
16:43 you know, I have to help them, I have to keep track of them,
16:46 but, you know, these two girls, not a single complaint,
16:52 through hardship, lack of food,
16:55 stings from various insects,
17:00 they were serving God.
17:02 And you know what,
17:04 one of them had just been baptized
17:05 into the Christian faith,
17:07 and she was out there serving God,
17:09 even her parents didn't know that
17:10 she was a missionary.
17:13 As a result of their work, of course,
17:16 there's always challenges in a village like that
17:18 that's been surrounded by the devil himself.
17:22 And so there's opposition.
17:25 But as these girls worked,
17:27 God sent His angel to come and confirm their work,
17:34 the ladies had given to one of the ladies in the church
17:37 or in the village there, they'd given her a book.
17:41 She had taken it to her small hut,
17:43 of course, most people there can't really read
17:45 but it's kind of a token gift.
17:48 And in the night,
17:49 this lady woke up with the book glowing.
17:53 She couldn't understand why she was sitting there,
17:55 looking at the glowing book, the bright light,
17:57 and then suddenly an angel appears
17:59 in front of her and says,
18:01 "These missionaries that are here in your village
18:03 are here to teach you that Jesus is coming soon.
18:07 And you can trust them, you can listen to them."
18:12 See, friends,
18:13 we're living in a time
18:15 when God is just waiting for us to work.
18:19 He's waiting for us to go to the ends of the Earth,
18:21 places in the big cities,
18:24 we need to go places where roads don't exist,
18:27 where the only way to get around is by airplane.
18:30 We still need to go.
18:32 And God has called you and He's called me.
18:34 As a result of these young ladies
18:36 working in this village,
18:37 after a few months, 23 souls were baptized
18:40 and a church is being built there
18:44 as a result of people following
18:46 the call of God in their lives.
18:50 Angels are standing on the precipice in heaven
18:54 waiting to come and help us,
18:56 says the Spirit of Prophecy.
18:59 All of heaven is ready to come to your help and my help
19:04 to spread the news that Jesus is coming soon.
19:07 Amen.
19:09 But angels are waiting for you and for me.
19:16 Are you going to answer that call?
19:18 Thank you. Amen.
19:23 Isn't that exciting to see what God is doing in Indonesia?
19:27 The Holy Spirit is working, angels are working,
19:31 God is doing amazing things.
19:33 He's also working in Pennsylvania Conference,
19:35 I'm Gary Gibbs, the president the conference.
19:37 I'm Andrew Carroll.
19:38 I'm a small business owner and a church planner
19:41 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
19:43 Andrew, what got you into church planting?
19:46 Well, I heard about a program
19:48 that my church conference was starting,
19:50 and I had just come off
19:52 of a summer canvassing program
19:55 called Pennsylvania Youth Challenge.
19:57 And I was so excited to do more work for the Lord
20:00 that I heard about this project and I said,
20:02 "Wow, this is something I have to get involved with."
20:04 So what's the name of the church plant you're doing?
20:07 It's called Simplicity.
20:08 And what are you doing,
20:10 you have a unique approach to church planting?
20:12 That's right.
20:13 We have a community center in Allentown, Pennsylvania,
20:15 where we are directly serving the community.
20:18 They can walk into our building and see what we're doing.
20:22 We can serve them, we have programs, classes,
20:24 and especially children's programming.
20:26 And it's all based off of something called
20:29 the Ephesus Model.
20:30 Now this is something that was taught by Jesus.
20:35 Paul did it.
20:36 Mrs. White talked about it extensively in her years
20:40 about city ministry,
20:41 and it was something that the early church
20:43 was heavily involved with.
20:45 We've heard of things like the beehive in San Francisco,
20:48 and this is all part of a unified special model
20:51 for urban ministry that we can all be a part of.
20:54 So you're working in a team with a couple dentists
20:57 and other business people?
20:59 We have a community nurse,
21:00 those dentists, I myself,
21:02 I'm a freelance graphic designer
21:03 and I work with the program.
21:05 And you have Bible workers.
21:07 There's Bible workers.
21:09 And so tell us, you have this book,
21:10 it says, The Ephesus Model.
21:11 Tell us about the book.
21:13 Well, this book is about how we can all come together
21:16 and go through a systematic,
21:18 unified holistic plan for City Ministry,
21:22 all of our ministries can come together
21:24 and be involved.
21:25 So there's a vast mission field right here in America.
21:28 In Pennsylvania, three out of four persons
21:31 live in a metro area.
21:33 We have 13 million population,
21:34 so about 9 million of them live in metro areas,
21:37 and you're in one of the...
21:39 I think the third largest metro area
21:41 in the State of Pennsylvania.
21:43 Tell us about somebody whose life has been impacted
21:45 that illustrates this Ephesus Model.
21:48 Well, even before we had a community center,
21:50 we were out in the community surveying
21:52 and assessing the needs of people,
21:54 and it was a divine appointment.
21:56 We came across somebody who gave us a call and said,
21:59 "Hey, I found one of your cards on our doorstep,
22:04 and we've just been through a house fire
22:06 and we need clothing,
22:07 we need items, so what can you do for us?"
22:08 So we said, "Yes. We'll be glad to help you out."
22:11 We got to know them, we started building
22:13 a long-lasting relationship with them,
22:15 turns out they needed an air-conditioner,
22:17 we had an air-conditioner ministry at the time.
22:19 And eventually, when we opened up
22:21 our physical community center,
22:22 we were able to invite their children to programming
22:26 and just to be a part of what we had started.
22:29 And so eventually, we came to open up our very own
22:33 mission-style school
22:35 where children can come to for free
22:37 and receive an Adventist education for free.
22:39 We have 12 students right now from grades 5 through 8,
22:42 and it's just a blessing
22:44 to see these young children growing through that.
22:47 And so the story is that one of these children
22:52 has come into this program through this family
22:55 and she receives an education that is unlike anything else.
23:00 I've seen her grown,
23:02 being personally involved with the school,
23:04 and to see her have opportunities
23:07 otherwise would not have because of the low income area
23:10 and the school system there, it's not great quality.
23:13 So to see her receive a quality of education
23:15 that's unlike anything else, she's just grown in many ways.
23:19 And coming to Christ,
23:21 the family is now taking Bible studies.
23:22 Can you say amen? That's right.
23:24 So it's coming alongside people developing relationships
23:26 with them and being able, through multiple avenues,
23:30 to lead them to Christ.
23:32 But not only is this impacting the community,
23:35 the area, the cities where there wouldn't be
23:37 a church otherwise,
23:39 this type of ministry impacts us
23:41 as we're getting involved.
23:42 As a young adult,
23:44 how has this impacted you
23:45 being involved in a church plan?
23:47 Well, like I said,
23:49 I got started kind of not knowing
23:51 what exactly to do but then I heard about this project.
23:54 And for me, I've grown personally
23:56 because I've gotten to
23:57 form these relationships with people.
23:59 It's not something short-term,
24:00 it's something that God wants us to do
24:02 for the long-term,
24:03 just like Paul was in Ephesus for three years
24:05 and built those relationships.
24:07 I personally have grown spiritually
24:09 to the point that I said, "Hey, wow, this is how
24:11 the Holy Spiritis working in my life.
24:13 I know that I need to be re-baptized,"
24:15 so I was re-baptized in this program.
24:17 And I came to an understanding of the Holy Spirit
24:19 and God's work
24:21 and, especially the gospel work for this time,
24:23 and it's just blessed me tremendously.
24:25 Can you say amen to that? Amen.
24:27 You know, sometimes our spiritual life
24:29 is just really ho-hum, it's very mediocre.
24:32 And the missing ingredient
24:34 is being involved in the work of God.
24:38 And while God may call some people to go overseas,
24:41 He's calling many of us to bloom
24:44 right where we're planted to make a difference
24:46 in these urban areas.
24:48 Folks, I believe Jesus is coming soon, don't you?
24:51 I mean you just look at what's happening
24:53 in our world right now,
24:54 and people are looking for hope,
24:56 they're looking for purpose and meaning,
24:58 and we've got to reach them.
25:00 When you go in the malls
25:01 and you see thousands of people walk by you
25:03 or you drive through a city and you see
25:05 tens and hundreds of thousands of people,
25:07 they are either heaven-bound or hell-bound.
25:11 Everybody's going to go one of those two places.
25:14 We can help them find paradise. Amen.
25:18 We can help them find Jesus Christ.
25:20 It's a daunting challenge.
25:21 At times, we wonder how can we do it,
25:23 will I say the right thing, will I do the right thing,
25:26 all we need to do is make the first decision and say,
25:29 "Lord, send me.
25:31 I want to be used by You."
25:32 And then God will put into motion experiences
25:35 like what Andrew has had
25:37 where he comes into community with a team
25:40 that's passionate about reaching the lost.
25:42 And then He'll grow you,
25:44 He'll bless you like Andrew has been blessed.
25:46 And this is what we're doing in Pennsylvania conferences,
25:49 not only Allentown, Andrew.
25:51 There's Pittsburgh, there's Philadelphia,
25:53 three out of four people
25:55 in the state of Pennsylvania
25:56 live in one of these huge metro areas.
25:59 And when we look at the ratio of Adventist to non-Adventists,
26:03 there's a huge work to be done.
26:06 So we're calling for an army of young people
26:08 to come to Pennsylvania to work with us,
26:11 we'll train you how to get Bible studies,
26:13 we're looking for medical professionals.
26:15 We've got a wonderful medical organization
26:17 called Adventist WholeHealth Network
26:20 that is working in concert with medical professionals
26:24 and others to advance the work of God.
26:27 If you want to do something
26:28 more than jab people with needles,
26:30 you want to inject them with the gospel,
26:32 Pennsylvania is your place for that.
26:34 Come to Pennsylvania,
26:36 work with us if you're an entrepreneur
26:37 or you want to start a business,
26:39 you want to do maybe a health outreach,
26:41 a health food store, a restaurant,
26:43 that's the place to come.
26:45 We'll work with you in team.
26:46 We're looking to put together the type of teams,
26:48 Andrew, you mentioned, the Ephesus Model illustrates.
26:51 That's right.
26:52 We want to start an ecosystem of contact points
26:55 so that people can see this is who God's people are.
26:59 We are people who love people
27:01 and want to form long-lasting relationships
27:03 so they can see the love of God through us.
27:05 In Pittsburgh, John Kent is working
27:08 in an amazing way.
27:10 He's in the city of Carnegie.
27:13 You'd know it as Carnegie, and he's there,
27:16 he's working with the population base there
27:19 is a high opioid epidemic right there,
27:23 and he's working with that group,
27:25 he's connected with the mayor, and the police chief,
27:28 and leading people in the community.
27:31 And he's planted a church there.
27:33 People are finding freedom from the addictions they have,
27:37 they're being baptized, they're leading out.
27:38 And now that's spawning,
27:40 and John's vision there is to plant
27:42 50 of these churches in the metro area
27:45 so it's within walking distance of people coming to it.
27:49 Is that too big of a vision? No.
27:51 God can do it, can't He?
27:52 Yes. God can do it.
27:54 And so we need an army,
27:56 we need thousands of people
27:57 to come to Pennsylvania and help us reach that place.
28:01 Thank you for your prayers.
28:02 And may God bless you as you're used by Him.
28:04 Amen.
28:08 Good morning.
28:10 My name is Ted Huskins,
28:11 and I'm a missionary to New England.
28:15 I've come here this morning
28:16 to tell you that the cradle of Adventism
28:18 is nearly empty.
28:21 You folks know
28:22 where the Adventist church started, correct?
28:25 Started in New England.
28:27 In the 1830s, 1840s,
28:29 the Adventist movement began to sweep through the Northeast.
28:33 By the 1870s,
28:35 our best and our brightest had left New England
28:40 to start the Seventh-day Adventist church
28:41 all around the world.
28:43 People like James and Ellen White left Maine.
28:47 JN Andrews left Maine,
28:50 the Bourdeau brothers left Vermont,
28:51 many of the Farnsworths left
28:53 New Hampshire to go as missionaries
28:56 so that the Adventist movement
28:58 and the Adventist message could be shared
29:01 and heard all around the world.
29:04 But today, the cradle of Adventism is nearly empty.
29:09 According to George Barna,
29:12 Northern New England
29:13 is the most post-Christian place
29:16 in the entire United States.
29:19 We have a slide on the screen for you.
29:20 I'm going to tell you what that means.
29:23 In the little town where I live,
29:25 Kennebunkport, Maine,
29:27 maybe you've heard of it,
29:28 George and Barbara Bush spend their summers there.
29:31 The little town I live in there are a number of churches.
29:37 Of the churches in the little town
29:38 that I live in, one has become a museum,
29:42 one has been turned into condominiums,
29:45 a third is an art gallery,
29:49 a fourth is called Aquaholics,
29:52 and it's a surf shop.
29:56 Only one church in my town
30:00 actually serves as a church.
30:03 And you will see that all over New England,
30:05 the little churches like this one
30:07 that we have right here are empty.
30:10 They're empty.
30:12 Down the street from the conference office,
30:13 the two church buildings that were originally
30:16 church buildings, closest to our office,
30:19 one is now a youth center, the other is a Hindu temple.
30:23 That is Northern New England.
30:24 We are the most secular part of the United States.
30:29 Fifty-seven percent of the city of Portland is post-Christian.
30:34 Post-Christian, that means that they don't go to church,
30:37 they don't believe in the Bible,
30:39 they don't pray,
30:41 they may be atheist or agnostic,
30:44 they're far from God.
30:46 To help you understand what 57% of the population
30:50 being post-Christian means, the city of Chattanooga,
30:53 Tennessee is 18% post-Christian.
30:58 Over half of our population is very far from God,
31:02 and they have no interest in God, Christianity,
31:06 or the Bible.
31:07 So how do we reach those folks?
31:10 We're doing it through two different ways,
31:12 one is through starting centers of influence,
31:16 the second way that we're doing it is
31:18 by starting church plants
31:20 with young adults who we are training
31:23 in cross-cultural evangelism to enter in
31:27 and reach people right where
31:29 they're at to understand
31:30 the postmodern, post-Christian mind
31:32 and win people with the love of Jesus.
31:34 Amen.
31:36 Representing those efforts today
31:39 is Tony Cuffori.
31:41 Tony is one of our church planters,
31:43 and he is the director of our center of influence,
31:46 the Ark in Olive Branch Café.
31:48 Tony, tell us a little bit about what you're doing.
31:51 Well, first of all, I want to let everybody here know
31:54 that I am jacked up and so excited to share
31:57 how God is working
31:58 at the center of influence in Lewiston, Maine.
32:01 It is amazing to see what God's doing.
32:04 Not only are we a vegan cafe during the lunch hours
32:08 and, mind you, our task is to show the community
32:11 that you can actually eat healthy
32:13 and it doesn't taste like cardboard.
32:16 But the other thing too is we're known as the Ark Ministry
32:20 because in the evenings
32:21 we have all these different classes and programs
32:24 that are designed specifically
32:27 to meet the needs of the community.
32:29 And there are so many different needs that they have.
32:32 Now I could be here all day explaining
32:34 all the different classes
32:36 we've done the last three years.
32:37 Don't worry. I'm not going to bore you.
32:40 But I do want to share a couple
32:42 because it's just amazing what God has done.
32:45 Now this might be a stereo type.
32:47 People in Maine, we're a little different.
32:50 You know, we like to play in the woods,
32:52 which means a lot of people have Lyme's disease.
32:55 So we have a Lyme's disease support group.
32:58 We have many different types of food programs
33:01 where we teach people
33:02 how to cook healthy and they're free.
33:04 We have all these different types
33:06 of health seminars.
33:08 And again, the purpose of the seminars is to show that
33:10 you can actually heal the body
33:14 by following the principles of the Bible.
33:16 Praise the Lord for that, right?
33:18 We have Bible studies on a weekly basis.
33:20 We have seminars,
33:22 prophecy seminars that we've done.
33:24 God has blessed
33:26 the center of influence so much,
33:28 don't miss this point,
33:30 that just a little over a year ago,
33:32 we just planted a church in Lewiston, Maine.
33:35 Praise the Lord for that.
33:37 And I just want to share really quickly a story,
33:39 it's going to be real quick.
33:40 Tina came to a Lyme disease support group three years ago.
33:45 Long story short, she developed relationships with people,
33:50 she actually...
33:51 That trust factor happened, and people pointed her
33:53 and encouraged her to go to a prophecy seminar.
33:57 She went to that seminar,
33:59 she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior,
34:02 and she's part of the church plant
34:03 in Lewiston,
34:05 and it all stems from the center of influence,
34:07 so praise the Lord.
34:08 Amen.
34:10 Also with me on the stage is Natalia Olm.
34:13 Natalia, tell us about yourself.
34:15 I serve in the planter support group to assess, encourage,
34:20 and guide church planters in Northern New England.
34:22 Did you know that Ellen White said in Manuscript 29,
34:26 "There is earnest work to be done
34:28 in the eastern states.
34:30 Repeat the message,
34:31 repeat the message were the words spoken
34:33 to me over and over again.
34:35 Tell my people to repeat the message
34:38 in the places where it was first preached
34:40 and where church after church
34:42 took its position for the truth.
34:44 There are towns in Maine that must be worked faithfully.
34:47 All through the cities and towns of the east,
34:49 the truth this is to shine forth
34:51 as the lamp that burneth."
34:53 God has taken a hold of my life
34:55 and called me
34:56 from the corporate world to Maine,
34:58 and there's no greater gift
34:59 than to know where God would have you be
35:02 and what He would have you do.
35:03 And we're also told that, "Every truly converted soul
35:06 will be intensely desirous to bring others
35:09 from the darkness of error into the marvelous light
35:12 of the righteousness of Jesus Christ."
35:14 And I pray that all of us will be converted today.
35:18 Amen. Thank you.
35:19 Thank you, Natalia. Thank you so much.
35:21 I want to share with you this evening
35:23 or this morning, excuse me, that God is doing
35:25 something amazing in Northern New England.
35:28 We're the most secular part of America.
35:30 And yet God is working.
35:32 And I want to encourage you
35:33 to do something significant with your life.
35:36 Don't take the easy path.
35:39 Don't take the straight path.
35:40 Take the path where God is calling you
35:42 to really make a difference
35:44 to change the population of heaven for all eternity.
35:49 You can do that with your life and with your commitment.
35:51 The three of us have made that commitment
35:54 in our own lives to do it.
35:55 Won't you come to Northern New England and join us?
35:57 We're praying for you.
35:58 Thank you.
36:01 Praise God for the church planting project
36:04 in the New England northern states.
36:07 I'm Dr. John Torquato,
36:08 and I'm with Pastor Wayne Kablanow.
36:10 We have two of our team.
36:12 This is Lisa Krum and Camilyn Clayville,
36:14 we're here to tell you a little bit about
36:15 Total Health Spokane today.
36:18 Lisa, can you tell us just a little bit
36:20 about the Total Health Spokane church planting project?
36:23 Essentially,
36:24 Total Health Spokane is an evangelistic campaign,
36:28 two years long,
36:30 following the model of company
36:31 evangelism outlined in the Spirit of Prophecy.
36:35 In our outreach, we generally,
36:36 too often focus on one or the other,
36:40 either sharing intellectual truth
36:43 or focusing on helping people physically,
36:46 but we rarely bring the two together.
36:48 And we're told in the Spirit of Prophecy
36:50 that the union of Christ-like work for the body
36:53 and Christ-like work for the soul
36:55 is the true interpretation of the gospel.
36:59 Pastor Wayne Kablanow and Dr. John Torquato
37:01 are a pastor-physician team who are committed
37:05 to this combined gospel-medical evangelism.
37:08 We will soon have a medical clinic
37:09 located inside our church,
37:12 and when a patient comes in
37:14 and sees Dr. Torquato
37:15 with a lifestyle condition,
37:17 we have a team of medical ministers
37:19 available to essentially run
37:21 a virtual sanitarium in their home.
37:25 Our medical ministers have daily contact with the patient.
37:28 We bring church members with us.
37:30 Since this is a two-year project,
37:31 we want to make the impact lasting
37:34 by actually bringing church members with us
37:37 to ensure that the impact is going to be lasting.
37:40 We're essentially catalysts
37:42 to help jumpstart church members
37:43 into building intentional
37:45 close relationships with the people.
37:48 As we build ongoing and supportive relationships,
37:51 their hearts open to the gospel
37:53 and to the special truth
37:54 that God has given us for these times.
37:58 This is a health ministry that is not bait and switch.
38:02 What we are winning them with is what we are winning them to.
38:07 We win them with the love of God
38:09 and we win them to the love of God.
38:12 As soon as they are one,
38:13 we engage them in our ministry,
38:15 and they grow in their knowledge
38:17 of the truth alongside with us
38:19 as they're working alongside with us.
38:21 Excellent. Thank you.
38:23 Can you expand a little more
38:24 about what we're trying to accomplish.
38:26 And is it really just all about Spokane, Washington?
38:29 Definitely not.
38:32 It's basically
38:35 an experiment in where we are, in Spokane, Washington,
38:40 we're wanting to finish the gospel commission,
38:42 we're wanting to make disciples as Christ has called.
38:46 We're seeking to establish a new body of believers
38:49 in our local church in Spokane
38:51 but also we're experimenting, putting into practice,
38:54 this council that we've been given
38:56 and creating a model
38:59 that can be reproduced
39:02 in other cities around the nation
39:03 and around the world.
39:04 Along with the personal ministry
39:06 in the patients' homes we have weekly health lectures
39:11 running parallel with evangelistic meetings.
39:13 We'll also be incorporating canvassing soon.
39:16 Our goal is to make this church culture a way of life,
39:20 not just an event.
39:22 So that's the model that we're trying to establish
39:25 where we are.
39:27 And we hope that
39:28 it can be spread around the world as well.
39:30 Excellent.
39:32 Now, Lisa, can you tell us how did you...
39:34 How did God lead you into this work yourself?
39:37 Well, growing up overseas in a missionary family,
39:42 my parents had a clinic overseas,
39:44 and that really inspired me
39:46 with the effectiveness of medical ministry.
39:49 I saw it firsthand.
39:50 And when I heard of Total Health Spokane
39:52 and learned that they were wanting to follow
39:54 the Spirit of Prophecy model for company evangelism,
39:57 I became really excited.
39:59 And after seeking God's direction,
40:00 I believed He was calling me to join the team.
40:03 This meant leaving my job which I really enjoyed
40:06 and committing two years of my life as a volunteer,
40:12 as a medical minister volunteer.
40:16 I had to fundraise as if I were going overseas
40:19 for two years for my basic necessities.
40:23 But praise God, just recently,
40:25 God has helped me meet my fundraising goal
40:28 through the donations and monthly pledges
40:30 of family and friends.
40:32 So it's been a very powerful experience for me so far.
40:36 I have never experienced so much prayer in my life.
40:39 As we've been working together as a team, it's been...
40:42 The devil has not been happy with the work,
40:44 we've come up the obstacles.
40:46 But as we have taken these obstacles to God
40:48 through fasting and prayer, oftentimes,
40:51 much prayer, we have seen God overcoming these obstacles
40:55 and changing lives.
40:56 It's been an amazing experience so far.
40:58 Excellent. Thank you.
41:00 Now, Camilyn,
41:01 you have been assigned a patient
41:02 in Total Health Spokane.
41:04 Can you tell us a story to illustrate
41:07 the work that you are doing?
41:09 When I started working with Mary,
41:10 she was struggling with her blood sugars.
41:12 Blood sugar should be about below 100,
41:15 hers was in the 400,
41:19 so she decided to be part
41:20 of our four-month intensive program.
41:23 I was in her house five days a week,
41:25 helping her with whatever needs she had,
41:28 be it cooking with her, exercising together,
41:30 or just talking about her struggles.
41:33 Each time I interacted with her,
41:35 I worked on pointing her to God's power to show
41:38 that she can overcome
41:40 any obstacles through His power.
41:42 When she started the program,
41:44 she considered herself a Christian,
41:46 but it had been an on and off relationship with God.
41:51 But as we started getting into God's Word,
41:54 she started realizing that she didn't have the cravings
41:57 that she used to have.
42:02 In the past few months,
42:03 there have been struggles,
42:05 but I can tell you today, last week,
42:08 her blood sugars were 98 and 94,
42:11 and she's off most of her medications.
42:15 When we asked her where she got her strength,
42:19 she said it was through the power of God
42:21 and the love she saw through me.
42:25 She said we could share the story to you guys
42:29 because she wanted to see
42:31 if you guys would be encouraged
42:36 to be a part of God's work,
42:41 connecting sick and hurting people
42:43 with the power of God
42:44 and loving them unconditionally.
42:46 Amen.
42:47 These two things, the power of God,
42:50 and love and support from others
42:51 doesn't just affect the patient,
42:53 it has changed my life too.
42:55 Amen. Thank you so much, Camilyn.
42:57 Now, Wayne,
42:59 how does Total Health Spokane relate to GYC?
43:04 God has made a special promise
43:07 to us as the people
43:09 through His servant.
43:11 It goes like this,
43:14 "When the cities..."
43:15 When the what?
43:17 Cities. That's right.
43:18 When the what? Cities.
43:20 All right.
43:21 "When the cities are worked,"
43:23 and then there's a qualification,
43:25 "As God would have them."
43:27 How would God have the cities worked?
43:31 Christ's method.
43:33 What? Alone.
43:37 "When the cities are worked as God would have them,
43:38 the result would be setting
43:40 in the operation of a mighty..."
43:43 What?
43:44 "Mighty movement
43:46 such as we have not yet witnessed."
43:50 This mighty movement is none other than
43:52 the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
43:54 in the latter rain.
43:55 This must take place before Jesus comes.
43:58 Amen!
44:00 Let me ask you,
44:02 how many here want to be part
44:05 of that mighty movement today?
44:08 Let me see your hands.
44:10 Praise the Lord.
44:11 I'm convinced
44:13 that God has raised up GYC
44:18 to fulfill that mighty movement.
44:22 God can use anyone in this work,
44:23 you don't have to be a doctor, or nurse,
44:25 or a medical professional, anyone,
44:28 you don't have to be a pastor, or a teacher,
44:30 or a Bible worker.
44:32 The only qualification
44:35 is that your heart is full of the love of Jesus
44:39 and your life is surrendered fully to God.
44:44 We have five fulltime workers now.
44:47 But we're praying for 20.
44:55 You, you, you
45:01 are called to this moment.
45:12 At the age of 19,
45:15 I heard a call like this,
45:17 and I answered that call,
45:19 that took me to the South Pacific islands of Palau's,
45:23 and there I worked as a student missionary
45:26 through the Adventist volunteer services
45:29 that we have today.
45:30 And at that time,
45:32 my life was changed.
45:34 I was wanting to be a physician to make money.
45:39 So God had to align through that mission experience,
45:43 align my motives, align my heart for His mission.
45:46 And there God gave me a vision,
45:49 a vision of the world,
45:51 and I saw tears of God
45:54 falling on the world
45:55 and His call came to me personally,
45:57 saying, "Who will go?"
46:00 So at the age of 19,
46:03 God reoriented my trajectory of my life
46:07 and to help me to go into gospel ministry
46:10 and to have a heart for foreign mission
46:13 as well as to have a heart for the urban mission as well.
46:19 As we see how Christ worked here in this scripture,
46:22 Matthew 9:35-38.
46:27 How did Jesus work when He was on this planet?
46:30 And I love this.
46:31 Let's start with verse 38 first.
46:34 "Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth
46:37 laborers into His harvest."
46:40 This is where, GYC,
46:43 I want to remind you,
46:45 the power for mission comes from where?
46:49 From prayer.
46:50 For aligning like He did in my heart, in my life,
46:54 when I was a young adult,
46:56 university student coming from Walla Walla University.
46:59 He aligned me for His call, for His mission,
47:03 and that was through prayer.
47:05 So thus, I see as next week starts
47:08 and with this New Year,
47:10 all around the globe,
47:11 we're doing these 10 days of prayer initiative.
47:13 Wouldn't it be great to see the GYC leadership
47:16 and the 1,000 young people
47:18 who were a part of the prayer room this morning
47:20 give that same kind of leadership and passion
47:22 at their local churches
47:25 to ignite not only our hearts
47:28 but to realign for God's mission
47:31 to the nations, God's mission to the cities.
47:35 I'm so blessed, and Jesus gives us that call.
47:39 There's nothing wrong with the harvest.
47:41 You notice there
47:42 that the harvest is truly great and truly plentiful.
47:45 But how does Jesus describe it?
47:47 The workers are few.
47:49 So that's why I'm here to make this appeal.
47:53 Is God calling you to go to one of these four places?
47:58 Is God calling you to serve overseas?
48:02 We heard powerful stories from Captain Gary Roberts.
48:07 He's looking for 1,000 teachers,
48:09 1,000 nurses.
48:10 He also is looking for airplane pilots
48:13 and mechanics to join him there to serve,
48:16 to reach the unreached nations and languages
48:20 and the people groups of that part of the world.
48:23 Is God calling you today?
48:26 We also see here in this scripture
48:28 that in verse 35,
48:29 "Where did Jesus go?"
48:32 It's interesting what the Bible says there.
48:35 Jesus says in verse 35,
48:37 "He went about to all the cities and villages."
48:41 Unfortunately, as an Adventist family,
48:44 we have forgotten where Jesus has gone, instead,
48:47 we're like those disciples still looking up to heaven,
48:50 watching those clouds,
48:52 waiting for Jesus to come.
48:54 Instead Jesus is asking us to go where?
48:57 Where does the Bible say He went?
48:59 He went to the cities.
49:00 Unfortunately, as an Adventist family,
49:02 we are allergic to city work,
49:05 and unfortunately,
49:07 because of generations
49:09 of a biased compilation,
49:15 we as the people have forgotten Jesus' example,
49:18 we have also forgotten the beautiful plan
49:22 that God has given in the Spirit of Prophecy
49:24 for holistic on going beautiful work to cities.
49:30 So this afternoon, after church,
49:33 we will give to those here,
49:35 thanks to the partnership
49:36 with the White Estate and Pacific Press,
49:39 we will give this compilation to you,
49:43 Ministry to the Cities.
49:45 So in that way, you can explore for yourselves
49:48 on how is God calling,
49:49 what is the call to have this beautiful plan.
49:52 And today, you heard the stories
49:54 from the streets of North America,
49:57 you heard the stories working together in teams,
50:00 pastor-physician,
50:01 creativity unleashing the young people.
50:05 You also heard the beautiful plans there
50:08 and the fruits of making disciples
50:11 through church planting
50:13 and starting new groups of believers.
50:15 And that line of work, I'm so excited to,
50:18 you know, be a part
50:19 of that expansion of GYC's radar
50:22 for mission and church planting.
50:27 I know that we've been given council
50:29 in the Spirit of Prophecy
50:31 that there is a time to leave the cities.
50:34 But when is that?
50:36 What is the sign?
50:38 And that's where we as people of Bible prophecy,
50:41 we understand
50:42 it's when the laws of the land
50:46 restrict the religious freedom.
50:48 So has that day come yet?
50:51 So dear ones, let us then follow Christ's example,
50:55 the example of the apostles
50:56 and the example of our Adventist pioneers
50:59 to answer the call that you heard today
51:02 from these urban missions.
51:04 GYC didn't let me...
51:05 Although we only could invite three today
51:07 from the streets of North America,
51:10 otherwise we could have heard from New York City,
51:13 or from Florida, or from your city.
51:16 Amen, Mississippi.
51:18 Yeah, and Mississippi as well, doctor, thank you.
51:22 We look here,
51:24 another thing that was going on,
51:26 how did Jesus work when He went
51:27 both to the cities and to the villages.
51:31 We can't have binary thinking as a family.
51:34 It's not either-or it's both, and.
51:37 Notice how Jesus worked there.
51:40 He did preaching and healing,
51:43 He did teaching
51:45 and then ministering to the illnesses.
51:49 So today,
51:50 we must have a combined blended ministry.
51:54 And that's what...
51:55 I hope you saw that in the examples here today
51:59 that we must not separate what God has joined together.
52:03 Otherwise, we will face the worst evil.
52:05 And thank you, Dave Fiedler, for writing about that
52:07 in your book D'Sozo.
52:13 How is God calling you today?
52:15 We must follow Christ's example
52:18 to go where He goes,
52:19 to have His feet
52:21 and have our hands just like Jesus
52:23 to actually touch the lives of people.
52:26 But notice what else the Bible says there,
52:29 verse 36,
52:31 "When He saw the multitudes, He was moved with," what?
52:36 Do you have compassion
52:39 for those who are unlike you?
52:46 I remember there in Bangkok
52:50 when we were church planting there for the six years
52:52 that our family was there,
52:54 working on the streets.
52:55 We worked in the slums,
52:56 thanks to the sacrifice of the World
52:58 Church Family,
53:00 funding our 23 church plants
53:04 there across the city
53:06 that you can join me in that journey
53:09 through the TV show I Want This City.
53:13 I remember seeing people
53:16 who would have no hope
53:19 unless our missionaries were there.
53:22 And we had mission from all around the world.
53:24 New Zealand, the Island of Man in the UK,
53:28 we had Canadians even come join us,
53:31 and young adults, young people just like you here at GYC,
53:34 young professionals who took some time out of their career
53:38 or out of their studies.
53:40 Join us there
53:41 in the church planting initiative.
53:43 I remember one time when the young adults
53:45 came to one slum,
53:47 and we saw one lady,
53:51 and we went to visit her in this just shack.
53:54 And we saw rats,
53:57 huge rats crawling all over,
54:00 not only her back but all over in that area.
54:03 And this group of stockbrokers of insurance agents
54:09 and of accountants, they were moved to tears, why?
54:15 Because they have the heart of Jesus,
54:18 they had His heart for the lost,
54:20 and they had His heart of compassion.
54:24 Do you have that heart
54:26 for those who have never heard
54:28 for unreached language groups
54:30 that are filling our cities here
54:31 in North America?
54:33 This is a divine opportunity
54:36 for us to answer that call to go to the nations.
54:40 They are here.
54:41 But at the same time, we must be sending
54:44 and answering the call to go overseas
54:46 to those unreached cities,
54:48 those unreached jungles
54:49 just like you heard from Captain Gary Roberts.
54:51 Will you answer the call today?
54:55 Is there a group of entrepreneurs,
54:57 social workers, and medical professionals,
55:00 graphic designers, Bible workers, or teachers
55:03 who will answer the call to go to Pennsylvania
55:06 or to upper Columbia Conference and Spokane
55:09 or to go to Northern New England
55:11 to start our urban center of influence?
55:13 Where does that idea come from?
55:16 That comes from Jesus
55:17 and His model from the Apostle Paul
55:19 as well as from our Adventist history.
55:22 Read about that beautiful plan
55:24 to make disciples,
55:25 meeting the needs just like Jesus did,
55:27 following Christ's method alone here in this book
55:30 that you will be distributed after church today.
55:34 Maybe you will be like Natalia and leave the corporate world.
55:39 Is God calling you to be a minister,
55:43 to be a church planter, to make disciples,
55:48 to have the greatest joy
55:49 just like Jesus did, to sacrifice?
55:53 Yes, a little.
55:55 But in the kingdom's sake and in heaven,
55:57 and there on the sea of glass
55:58 to see those you have led for Christ,
56:00 those you have labored for
56:03 the ceaseless ages of eternity.
56:05 What kind of return on investment is that?
56:10 That is what I hope
56:12 that each one of you will keep your eye on.
56:16 Right now
56:17 if you are being prompted by the Spirit of God,
56:21 I invite you to take out your cell phones
56:24 and dial the instructions here,
56:26 text GYC Serve by dialing 313131.
56:31 You can do that now.
56:33 And let me just go to that.
56:36 Sorry, I'm a digital dinosaur,
56:38 at least that's what my young adult kids call me.
56:41 Okay, so thank you for those digital natives
56:45 who help us out.
56:46 Here, on your phone, you can see
56:50 if you're answering this call
56:52 to one of these four initiatives that you heard
56:55 about during our Sabbath School Program today,
56:57 give your name, your phone number, email,
57:00 and then you can click
57:02 which one of these
57:04 you would like more information about,
57:07 you'd like to pray for, you'd like to answer the call,
57:09 you'd like to go or you'd like to give.
57:12 You can do that right here.
57:14 Also, you can then find their links
57:16 and you can make that response here.
57:18 But in my remaining moments, let's pray.


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