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00:34 John 1, and I'll be reading verses 1-5, and 14.
00:44 John 1-5, and 14.
00:48 The Bible reads, "In the beginning was the Word,
00:53 and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
00:58 The same was in the beginning with God.
01:01 All things were made by Him,
01:03 and without Him was not anything made that was made.
01:07 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.
01:12 And the light shineth in darkness,
01:14 and the darkness comprehended it not."
01:17 And verse 14.
01:18 "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us,
01:22 and we beheld the glory,
01:24 the glory of the only begotten of the Father,
01:27 full of grace and truth."
01:30 Amen.
01:31 Our speaker this morning,
01:32 I had the privilege to meet about 14 years ago,
01:35 I decided to go
01:37 to the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism in 2004.
01:40 I met a young man there,
01:42 we sat next to each other in class,
01:43 we became friends, and we also became outreach partners,
01:47 his name was Wes Peppers.
01:50 While we were outreach partners,
01:52 we had some very interesting conversations,
01:54 myself as someone born and raised in England
01:56 and him as a good old southern boy from Alabama.
02:00 And I remember one conversation in particular,
02:04 he told me that he really wanted to get married.
02:07 He was dating his current wife at the time,
02:09 and he gave a number of reasons.
02:11 Now one of the reasons
02:12 he really wanted to get married
02:14 was because he was so old.
02:17 He was 23 at the time.
02:20 And I thought, I guess they do things different.
02:24 After graduation, he became a Bible worker in Tennessee
02:27 and six months later
02:28 due to his impending complications
02:30 from old age, he got married.
02:33 A year after that he became a Bible worker in Kansas,
02:36 then a year after that he went
02:37 to the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism
02:39 to be the outreach coordinator
02:41 and serve there for five years.
02:43 In 2012, he took a call to Michigan
02:45 where he served the Traverse City,
02:46 and the Lansing district of churches,
02:49 until three months ago
02:50 when he became the Personal Ministries
02:51 and Evangelism Coordinator for the Conference.
02:53 Amen.
02:54 Experienced in ministry and in frontline evangelism,
02:58 he is a committed husband,
03:01 a loving father of two children.
03:04 This week he hasn't been feeling well,
03:07 but I was never in any doubt
03:08 that he would stand before you today
03:10 to deliver the message on Sabbath morning.
03:12 He's a soldier, he's a warrior, he's a trooper,
03:16 he's not the type that calls in sick.
03:18 And I believe today,
03:20 he's going to deliver a message from God.
03:22 And I'd like to invite to bow your heads
03:23 as we pray for Wes that God would bless Pastor Peppers.
03:29 Father in Heaven Lord,
03:31 I pray today that You would bless us at this time.
03:35 I pray, Lord, that You will be with Pastor Wes Peppers,
03:38 may You give him physical strength.
03:41 I pray that You will give him
03:43 the discernment of Your Holy Spirit,
03:45 and I pray, Lord, that You would give him
03:47 holy boldness as he preaches.
03:51 This we pray in Christ name. Amen.
04:13 Arise, my soul, arise
04:22 Shake off thy guilty fears
04:31 The bleeding
04:32 Sacrifice in my behalf appears
04:43 Before the throne my surety stands
04:47 Before the throne my surety stands
04:53 My name is written
04:56 On His hands
05:01 My name is written on His hands
05:20 Five bleeding wounds
05:23 He bears, received on Calvary
05:28 They pour effectual prayers
05:31 They strongly plead for me
05:37 "Forgive him, oh, forgive," they cry
05:41 "Forgive him, oh, forgive," they cry
05:47 "Nor let that ransomed
05:49 Sinner die!"
05:55 "Nor let that ransomed sinner die!"
06:13 My God is reconciled His pardoning voice
06:19 I hear He owns me for His child
06:23 I can no longer fear
06:31 With confidence I now draw nigh
06:34 With confidence I now draw nigh
06:40 And "Father,
06:43 Abba, Father," cry
06:50 Arise, my soul, arise
07:02 And "Father, Abba, Father," cry
07:16 Arise, my soul, arise
07:35 Amen.
07:42 Good morning, GYC. Good morning.
07:45 Happy Sabbath. Happy Sabbath.
07:47 It is a blessed opportunity to join you today
07:52 for worshipping our Lord and Savior.
07:54 Amen? Amen.
07:55 The only place greater we could imagine
07:58 being than here right now
07:59 would be to be face to face before His throne and heaven.
08:05 It's my prayer today that this will be the last GYC
08:09 that we have to celebrate here on earth.
08:12 Amen? Amen.
08:13 But that the next GYC might be before His throne
08:18 on the pearly sea of glass.
08:19 Amen?
08:21 How many of you have that prayer as well this morning?
08:24 I want to thank you for being here,
08:25 thank those that are watching online around the world,
08:29 and I want to give a special greeting to my family
08:33 who are watching, my children, and my father, and mother,
08:37 and others that are watching as well.
08:40 I appreciate that.
08:41 And this week, I have not been feeling very well.
08:45 In fact, just Monday night,
08:47 I was in the emergency room with vomiting, and fever,
08:52 and flu, and all kinds of things,
08:54 and throughout this week, it's been up and down.
08:57 I gave five seminars just yesterday and Friday,
09:01 and I'll tell you, friends,
09:03 that the power of God was present.
09:07 When I needed His strength the most, it was there.
09:10 And I heard this morning
09:11 that more than a 1,000 people gathered into the prayer room
09:16 and were asking God's blessing to be poured out.
09:19 So I praise God today that all of you are here,
09:22 and I hope that you're prayed up
09:24 because we're going to be studying
09:26 the power of God's Word this morning.
09:28 Amen?
09:29 Are you ready for a Sabbath blessing today?
09:31 Amen. Amen.
09:34 The title of our message this morning
09:36 is remnant surrender.
09:40 And that's what we need to experience in our lives
09:44 as God's people living in the last days.
09:47 And before we go any farther,
09:48 we're just going to ask
09:49 the Lord's presence to be with us.
09:52 So I would like to invite you to bow your heads,
09:55 and I'm going to kneel this morning
09:56 as we seek His blessing.
10:00 Father in heaven, today we are so grateful
10:04 to be in Your presence.
10:06 Today, Lord, we would hide behind the cross,
10:11 we would not yet though stand at its shadow,
10:14 but we would stand in its glorious light and truth.
10:18 And we pray today, Father,
10:20 that the Spirit of God would touch our hearts
10:23 that He would move upon us and that Jesus would be seen
10:28 and known that we would experience
10:31 the power of Your Spirit
10:32 changing our hearts, bringing conviction,
10:36 bringing a change,
10:39 a transformation that we so desperately need.
10:42 And we pray, Father, today
10:44 that we would not be the same people
10:45 when we leave as when we came.
10:48 Lord, I am not worthy
10:51 to stand on this platform today
10:53 but by the power of Your grace, it shall be so.
10:56 And I pray, Lord, that You would hide this man
11:00 behind Your grace, and Your Son Lord Jesus.
11:04 That the people would see Him today
11:06 and not me that all the heaven would shine down,
11:10 all heaven would look upon us this hour,
11:13 and heaven would be gathered together in this place,
11:17 but not just in the room, Lord, but in our hearts.
11:21 And we ask Your Spirit now to come and speak to us
11:25 through the Word of God which is the Lord Jesus.
11:30 And we ask it in His name, let all God's people say amen.
11:39 As Seventh-day Adventists, we have a rich heritage.
11:42 Amen? Amen.
11:44 As Seventh-day Adventists,
11:46 we have held to the great Protestant Reformation,
11:50 the theme of Sola Scriptura,
11:53 we have built upon the great faith of men and women
11:55 who have given their lives, who have given their hearts,
11:59 who have given their wealth,
12:00 who have given everything
12:02 that they had to stand firm on a faith
12:05 that we have cherished for centuries
12:07 and the ages of darkness.
12:11 This very year we celebrated
12:13 the 500th year of the Protestant Reformation.
12:16 And there was a call given for many world leaders
12:19 to actually put an end to that reformation.
12:22 But as Seventh-day Adventists,
12:24 we believe that the reformation will not come into an end
12:28 until the Lord Jesus comes in the clouds of heaven
12:31 to take His people home.
12:33 Amen.
12:34 As an Adventist people, we have a specific biblical identity.
12:40 We are not just another Protestant denomination
12:43 within that Protestant Reformation,
12:45 but we believe that
12:47 we are the prophetic movement of Bible prophecy
12:50 that would bring a climax to that great reformation.
12:55 We believe as Seventh-day Adventists
12:56 that we are just not another prophetic movement,
13:00 but we are the remnant church of Bible prophecy.
13:04 We are the final piece to the long puzzle
13:07 of the Great Controversy
13:08 that God is seeking to put in place
13:11 to make the picture complete.
13:15 We believe in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.
13:19 We believe and have a strong understanding
13:22 that the roots of our very existence
13:25 are contained in Bible prophecy.
13:28 In fact, in the Book of Revelation 10,
13:31 we find the origin of this movement.
13:35 Brothers and sisters, friends, today,
13:37 the rise of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
13:40 and the course of human history is not a mere coincidence,
13:46 but it was predicted and revealed in prophecy
13:49 thousands of years before it began.
13:52 We can be sure as Seventh-day Adventists today
13:56 that we are God's movement for the last days,
13:59 for the Bible says so.
14:01 Amen!
14:04 And the prophecies that we have preached as Adventists
14:09 for the last 150 years
14:11 are coming true before our very eyes.
14:15 They are coming to pass
14:17 like never before in earth's history.
14:20 And the last five years, but especially in the last year
14:23 more prophetic events have taken place in our time
14:26 than in any other course in history.
14:31 We can be confident that what we have believed,
14:34 what we have preached,
14:36 and what we have proclaimed is the truth
14:39 because we see the Bible coming alive before our eyes.
14:43 Every day in the newspapers, we see it.
14:46 Our prophetic message in many ways
14:49 is no longer prophetic truth but present truth.
14:52 Amen!
14:53 What we have preached just 10 years ago,
14:55 we see happening now.
14:58 I say all these things not boastfully but humbly
15:02 because to put it plainly even though
15:05 we've had these gifts of prophecy,
15:08 and truth, and His church
15:11 without any credit to ourselves.
15:14 No man can boast in it,
15:17 but I fear that we've fallen short in appreciating it
15:20 in the way that we should.
15:22 I fear that we've not been broken in humility
15:25 at the great weight of responsibility
15:28 that God has laid upon us to warn the world.
15:31 I fear like that we are overindulged children,
15:35 we have been selfish and arrogance,
15:38 and the way that we have dealt with the blessings
15:40 that God has given His remnant church.
15:44 We have had a mission as a people of destiny.
15:48 Specifically, in Revelation 10:11,
15:51 the Bible tells us
15:53 that we are to rise and prophesy again.
15:56 After the great disappointment,
15:58 which is speaking to our generation today,
16:01 the Bible calls us to prophesy again
16:05 to many people, nations, and tongues.
16:09 We are called to carry a message to the whole world
16:12 that will give the last great appeal
16:14 for a broken world to receive Christ
16:17 and prepare them for the second coming of Jesus.
16:21 This is the three angels' message.
16:23 And we are commissioned to carry Christ to those
16:27 who know Him not
16:28 and to carry the truth to others who know Him well.
16:32 Amen.
16:35 We are called to call the world out of Babylon,
16:40 both in its pagan
16:41 and its apostate Christian forms.
16:45 We are challenged to call His remnant people
16:48 out of false movements into His remnant church.
16:52 God has remnant people in every church.
16:54 Amen? Amen.
16:56 But He only has one remnant church.
17:02 And yet somehow we have failed in our mission,
17:06 somehow currently we are failing in it.
17:09 This somehow is not a mystery today,
17:12 we are going to put our finger directly on it this morning.
17:16 Part of it is that though
17:17 we are called to call others out of Babylon,
17:20 Babylon is alive and well in our own hearts.
17:26 Before we can call our people out of Babylon,
17:29 we have to allow God to remove Babylon out of our own lives.
17:36 And it is sad, brothers and sisters,
17:38 very sad that the state of affairs in Babylon
17:43 and the unity that they are experiencing
17:46 is greater than that of God's remnant church.
17:50 In fact, they are also...
17:51 Babylon is also a prophetic movement,
17:56 and it is fulfilling its prophetic destiny currently
18:01 much better than God's own people.
18:04 Mercy.
18:07 And it is rapidly fulfilling its destiny.
18:11 We are the remnant movements, why are they fulfilling it?
18:17 Because that we are the remnant church,
18:20 the remnant movement,
18:22 we are not living remnant lives.
18:25 We are not fulfilling
18:27 the fullness of our prophetic destiny.
18:29 They understand their destiny,
18:31 and they are moving in orchestrated unity
18:33 to accomplish it.
18:35 In fact, I believe that in many ways,
18:37 God has restrained them
18:39 because His people are not ready.
18:43 God is calling today
18:45 His remnant church to arise and shine.
18:47 Babylon may arise, it may unite,
18:51 but it does not shine.
18:54 It does not shine with the light of heaven
18:57 or the beauty of its truth.
18:58 But God's people are called to rise and shine
19:02 by possessing His character,
19:05 His righteousness, and His truth.
19:08 But God's people have one thing
19:11 that we have in common with Babylon
19:13 is that we are not shining either.
19:17 Mercy.
19:19 At least to the fullness of our potential.
19:23 This morning, we're going to discover the one thing
19:25 that we're doing poorly.
19:27 We're going to discover the one thing
19:28 that is the answer to all other things.
19:31 We're going to discover what it is that continues
19:34 to plague God's people,
19:36 and we're going to find a solution
19:38 that will allow us to rise and shine like never before.
19:42 In the Book of 2 Corinthians 11:2, 3,
19:47 the Bible says, "For I am jealous for you
19:50 with a godly jealousy.
19:52 For I have betrothed you to one husband,
19:55 that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.
20:02 But I fear, lest somehow,
20:04 as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness,
20:07 so your minds may be corrupted
20:15 from a simplicity that is in Christ."
20:21 Friends, today, the answer to our troubles,
20:27 the challenge to our weakness
20:30 as that we have forgotten the simplicity
20:35 that is in the Lord Jesus.
20:39 It seems that as a church
20:42 though we have had a clear truth,
20:44 a clear mission, a clear purpose,
20:47 we have somehow missed the simplicity
20:50 of the righteousness of Christ
20:52 to transform and empower our daily lives
20:56 because although we've known the truth as a people,
20:59 although we've had the doctrines of the last days,
21:03 we have not been transformed,
21:05 our hearts have not been changed by the power
21:09 and the simplicity of the Word of God
21:12 that reveals Christ as a person to us.
21:18 We have been a scripture-based people since our existence.
21:21 Say amen. Amen.
21:25 We have been a Sabbath keeping people.
21:29 We have been a Second Coming proclaiming people.
21:32 But, brothers and sisters,
21:34 today, we have not been a surrendered living people.
21:41 We have not been called to simply preach the character
21:45 and righteousness of Christ,
21:47 but we have been called as a people to possess it.
21:50 Amen.
21:52 We have failed in our mission because we have not been just
21:56 called to carry Christ to the world
21:58 but to actually reveal Christ to the world
22:02 through our lives, through our characters,
22:06 through our persons.
22:09 We have not yet seen God's glory arise and shine in us
22:14 because we have not fully surrendered our hearts
22:17 to receive His righteousness and character.
22:20 And yet God, it is mercy
22:23 and the theme text of our conference,
22:27 Isaiah 60:1 says, "Arise and shine,
22:31 for your light has come,
22:33 and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you."
22:38 Before this can happen though,
22:40 we must have an experience with the Spirit of God
22:44 that transforms our lives.
22:47 Go with me please to the Book of 2 Timothy 3.
22:52 2 Timothy 3.
22:55 I'm going to take a look at a passage
22:57 that I believe directly correlates
23:00 with our theme this morning.
23:01 2 Timothy 3.
23:04 And it's a passage
23:05 that I believe that most of you
23:07 are probably very familiar with,
23:09 it's a letter from the Apostle Paul
23:12 to a young person named Timothy.
23:14 Now Timothy, many of you can identify with
23:17 because Timothy was a young man growing up in the church.
23:21 We know that he was at least a third generation Christian
23:25 because Paul speaks about his mother and his grandmother
23:30 who taught him the scriptures.
23:32 Timothy was a faithful young man,
23:34 most of you in this room can identify with Timothy.
23:38 He was a young person.
23:40 He was raised in the church,
23:41 and he strove to be faithful and true.
23:44 He would have loved GYC.
23:46 Amen? Amen.
23:48 He would have loved to have been here.
23:49 In fact, if he was here today,
23:51 I would sit down and let him preach.
23:56 Timothy was a wonderful young man,
23:58 and God spoke to him through the Apostle Paul.
24:02 Paul tells Timothy in verse 10, he says of 2 Timothy 3:10,
24:08 "But you have carefully followed by doctrine,
24:11 my manner of life, my purpose, my faith, my longsuffering,
24:16 my love, perseverance, persecutions,
24:20 afflictions which happened to me at Antioch, at Iconium,
24:23 at Lystra, what persecutions I endured.
24:26 And out of them, the Lord delivered me."
24:29 The Bible tells us, dear friends,
24:31 that as Christians we are going to suffer persecution.
24:35 Amen.
24:36 In the book Great Controversy, we're told that the reason
24:40 God's church today does not experience persecution
24:44 is because it is not living the lives
24:46 that God has called us to live.
24:50 And if we were to live that kind of a life,
24:52 like the early church lived
24:55 that the pursuit of persecution would rise again.
24:59 The reason today that the unbelieving world
25:02 will mock God's church and mock God's people
25:06 is because there is no power of God in our lives
25:09 because we are living a form of godliness
25:13 but denying its power.
25:15 But Paul tells Timothy, he goes on,
25:19 and he says in verse 14.
25:22 Verse 13, "But evil men and impostors will grow
25:25 worse and worse,
25:26 deceiving and being deceived."
25:28 Friends, are we not seeing that in today's world?
25:32 Are we not seeing that even in the church today?
25:36 He goes on and says,
25:38 that despite all of these things,
25:41 despite the difficulties that God's Church may face,
25:46 despite the persecution that God's Church may face,
25:50 despite the deception
25:51 and the apostasy that might creep in through individuals
25:56 who are led astray, he says this one thing,
25:59 and this must be the theme of our hearts today
26:02 if God is going to call us to arise.
26:07 Verse 14, he says, "But you must continue,"
26:10 you must do what everyone?
26:12 "You must continue in the things
26:16 which you have learned and been assured of,
26:18 knowing from whom you have learned them,
26:21 and that from childhood
26:22 you have known the Holy Scriptures,
26:24 which are able to make you wise for salvation
26:28 through faith which is in Christ Jesus."
26:32 Paul urges Timothy, in the early days,
26:35 when he was about himself to depart from the earth,
26:39 when he understood through visions
26:41 that the Lord had given him that things would creep in,
26:45 apostasy would come in after he was gone.
26:49 He urges Timothy to continue in the word
26:53 which first set him free.
26:56 And as a movement of people today,
26:58 as God's final people on whom He's going to arise and shine.
27:04 I'm appealing to you today that we also must continue in that
27:09 which He has given us at the beginning.
27:11 Amen.
27:13 The Word of God which reveals the truth
27:16 and the person of Christ must be
27:19 our anchor in these last days.
27:22 Amen.
27:24 Verse 15, he speaks and says
27:28 that the Holy Scriptures are able to make you wise.
27:32 By the way, he's speaking of which texts...
27:34 Which scriptures is he speaking about?
27:37 He's speaking about the Old Testament.
27:39 Of course, it applies to the New Testament as well.
27:41 But the beauty of the Old Testament
27:43 is that if that's all we had,
27:45 you could find faith, you could find wisdom,
27:49 you can find salvation, and you can find Jesus
27:52 in the Old Testament scriptures.
27:54 Amen? Amen.
27:55 We're not a New Testament church,
27:57 we're not an Old Testament church,
27:59 we're a Bible church.
28:01 Amen? Amen.
28:02 We believe in the truth of God's Word.
28:06 He continues on and says,
28:08 "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God,
28:12 and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,
28:15 for correction, and instruction in righteousness."
28:22 We know that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God.
28:27 And I'm going to say this because of the dangers
28:31 better creeping in to our church today.
28:34 If all Scripture is given by inspiration of God,
28:40 and the Holy Spirit is not a person,
28:44 the third person of the Godhead,
28:47 then the Bible cannot be a living documents,
28:51 they cannot be truly the revelation of Christ
28:54 but it's just a book of an impersonal force
28:58 that has no relevance for us today.
29:01 We believe in the three person Godhead as a church.
29:05 Amen? Amen.
29:06 We believe in the truth of the Holy Spirit
29:09 to reveal Christ to us and change our lives.
29:11 We believe that He's a real person.
29:14 We believe that He is the revealer of truth
29:17 and that He convicts our hearts.
29:19 No force can bring the personal conviction and comfort
29:24 to our hearts unless He's truly a person of the Godhead.
29:28 Amen? Amen.
29:31 Verse 17.
29:32 I'm sorry, he says, verse 16.
29:34 "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God,
29:37 and profitable for doctrine."
29:39 You see, friends, the Word of God
29:40 has the power to transform our lives.
29:43 Yes or no? Yes.
29:45 It has the power to allow
29:46 the righteousness of Christ to cover us.
29:49 I remember there was this man named John number of years ago,
29:53 I was doing a meeting in Alabama
29:56 for my father-in-law's church.
29:58 And this man came to the meetings,
30:01 and he didn't know how to read, but he knew what the Bible said
30:05 because every night his wife
30:06 would read to him the Scripture.
30:09 She would speak to him,
30:10 and she would read chapters at a time,
30:13 and he came in to me, and he said,
30:15 the very first night of the meetings.
30:17 He said, "Listen, Preacher,
30:19 I'm here to tell you something."
30:20 And I said, "I'm listening."
30:22 And he said, "If I hear one thing
30:25 come out of your mouth
30:27 that is not in harmony with the Bible,"
30:30 he says, "I'm telling you now
30:31 that me and my family will get up and leave."
30:34 And I said, "Brother, I hope you do,
30:36 and I hope you tell everyone else
30:38 that they should leave too."
30:40 That brother came the next night,
30:42 he came the next night, and the next night,
30:45 and he came every night throughout the series.
30:48 At the end of the meetings, he and his wife were baptized,
30:52 later his son was baptized,
30:55 a little later his other son was baptized, a little...
30:59 Sometime after that he began to learn to read
31:02 by using the Bible,
31:04 it wasn't long before he was up on the platform
31:07 doing the scripture reading,
31:09 and then several months after that
31:11 he preached his first sermon.
31:13 The Bible taught the man how to read,
31:17 and now he reads fluently,
31:18 and he's a deacon in the church.
31:20 A faithful man of God.
31:23 This is what the power of God's Word
31:25 will do for our lives today.
31:26 Amen? Amen.
31:29 I want to read a quote for you
31:30 from the book Christian Education, page 118.
31:33 "The Bible is the only rule of faith and doctrine.
31:37 There is nothing more calculated
31:39 to energize the mind,
31:41 and strengthen the intellect
31:43 than the study of the Word of God.
31:45 No other book is so potent to elevate the thoughts,
31:49 to give vigor to the faculties, as the broad,
31:52 ennobling truths of the Bible.
31:54 If God's Word were studied as it should be,
31:57 men would have a breadth of mind,
31:59 a nobility of character,
32:01 and a stability of purpose
32:03 that is rarely seen in these times."
32:05 Amen.
32:06 If you want those qualities today, friends,
32:09 you need to spend time studying God's Word.
32:12 Amen? Amen.
32:13 Too often, we are taking these little one page devotionals
32:19 or watching these little two or three-minute
32:22 devotional videos,
32:24 and we are lacking a true experience in the Word of God.
32:27 We are lacking deep Bible study in our lives.
32:31 We are lacked that leads us
32:32 to repentance and confession of our sin.
32:35 And our hearts are paying the price because of it
32:39 because we go further and further away
32:41 from God's idea in our lives.
32:43 But if we will make it our work to draw near to Him
32:47 in the Word, He will transform us.
32:51 He goes on in verse 16,
32:53 He says that the Word of God is profitable for what?
32:57 For doctrine.
32:58 As Seventh-day Adventists,
32:59 we have one creed, and what is it, friends?
33:03 We have the Bible as our creed.
33:05 We believe that the whole Bible is inspired.
33:08 We believe that our doctrine is true.
33:11 In fact, Jesus gives rebuke to the churches
33:15 and Revelation 2, 3 many of them
33:18 because of their doctrine but to the Last Church,
33:21 the Church of Laodicea, He gives no doctrinal rebuke
33:26 because our doctrines are true, they are the remnant doctrines.
33:31 We have never had a problem with our doctrines.
33:35 Recently, we have many people have problems with them,
33:39 but in of themselves they are pure and true.
33:42 Amen? Amen.
33:43 But the doctrine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
33:46 has not been the problem.
33:49 The rebuke to the Laodicean Church is not for doctrine
33:53 but because of the condition of their hearts.
33:57 In our preaching and teaching
33:59 if the power of Christ
34:00 is not revealed through the doctrine,
34:02 it becomes dry as a bone.
34:06 The work of God's Spirit must transform us
34:09 through the messages we preach.
34:11 You see, friends, it's possible to be a strict vegan
34:15 and act like an animal.
34:21 It's possible to eat very clean and act like a pig.
34:27 Mercy.
34:33 Amen.
34:35 And you can preach the Sabbath.
34:39 You can preach the Second Coming.
34:42 You can preach the sanctuary.
34:45 But if your heart is not connected to the Christ
34:49 that gave the doctrine,
34:53 but your life will be as filthy as a pig
34:55 that you refrain from eating.
34:59 It's possible to be on the righteous side of hell
35:03 but on the wrong side of heaven.
35:07 If the Christ who gave the doctrine isn't changing
35:09 the heart to live above the carnal flesh
35:13 of our natural nature,
35:15 then we have made the great sin
35:17 of separating Christ from His truth.
35:24 We must defend the truth from apostasy,
35:28 but we must also be transformed by apostolic love
35:32 for those who disagree with us, those who slander us,
35:35 or those who openly attack us.
35:38 Whether you view yourself
35:40 on the conservative side of Adventism
35:43 or on the liberal side of Adventism,
35:47 it doesn't really matter,
35:49 if we do not love as Christ's love
35:52 while maintaining the truth, it's all in vain.
35:59 You see the world church still has authority
36:05 because of the pureness of our doctrine.
36:08 The world church still has authority.
36:10 Satan lost his authority in heaven
36:13 because he went contrary to God's Word.
36:15 Adam and Eve lost Eden for the same reason.
36:19 The world was lost to the flood
36:21 because it went contrary to the Word of God.
36:25 Saul lost his kingdom today that because of the same.
36:28 The reason in the Book of Acts
36:31 that the church had authority and powers
36:33 because it remained faithful to God's Word,
36:35 and its voted actions.
36:38 The world church today, the General Conference
36:41 and Session has not taken a vote
36:44 that has gone directly contrary to the Word of God.
36:48 Therefore, it still has spiritual
36:51 and ecclesiastical authority
36:53 as a body that God's people should submit to
36:57 as long as it remains faithful to the Word.
36:59 Amen.
37:01 We need to support our world church
37:03 because of the doctrine
37:05 that unites us is pure and true.
37:11 He goes on, and he says,
37:12 "It is profitable for doctrine and for rebuke."
37:17 If you turn with me to the Book of Hebrews 4.
37:22 Hebrews 4.
37:26 And the Bible speaks to us very loud and clear,
37:28 he says, "For the Word of God..."
37:31 In verse 12.
37:32 "For the Word of God is living, and powerful,
37:34 and sharper than any two-edged sword,
37:36 piercing even to the division of soul and spirit,
37:40 and the joints and marrow,
37:41 and is a discerner of the thoughts
37:43 and the intents of the heart."
37:46 When you open the Word of God,
37:48 and you read and understand the truth there.
37:51 When you open the Word of God,
37:53 you come face to face with the living Christ,
37:56 who begins to speak to your soul.
37:59 And as you see that which is true
38:01 and ideal in God's Word,
38:02 it begins to reveal
38:04 what is untrue and unideal in your own life.
38:08 And that beauty of the Word of God is that
38:10 it knows every excuse and knows every motivation,
38:15 and knows every secret thing in your heart,
38:18 and it reveals it,
38:20 and it lays us bare before a living God who is holy,
38:24 just and righteous.
38:27 And we see ourselves as we really are,
38:30 and we see Him for who He really is,
38:32 and we realize the great depth of chasm
38:35 that is between us and Him
38:37 but oh, dear friends, the mercy of God to us today
38:43 to give us a rebuke.
38:47 You see, friends, we don't need cool catchy phrases
38:50 or entertaining preachers,
38:53 we just need the straight untainted naked truth
38:57 to speak to our minds,
38:58 and our hearts to call us to repentance,
39:01 and transform our lives.
39:03 Isaiah 60:2 says,
39:06 "For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,
39:08 and deep darkness the people."
39:10 There's been a lot of darkness in the journey of our church.
39:14 There's a lot of darkness today in the church.
39:17 I don't want to speak to some of that just now.
39:21 Many of us instead of allowing the Word of God
39:25 to cut our hearts,
39:27 we have relied ourselves upon Adventist culture.
39:33 For many of us like Esau in the house of Isaac,
39:36 we've been raised in the truth
39:38 but have not allowed the truth to transform us.
39:41 We have taken advantage
39:43 of the benefits of Adventist culture
39:45 that God has blessed with,
39:47 but we've used it for our own selfish gratification,
39:50 similar to the cup of soup that symbolize
39:53 the appetite and flesh of the world
39:55 that Esau sold his birthright for.
39:58 Some of us had sold our birthrights.
40:01 Some of us are sold our blessing
40:03 for much less than a cup of soup.
40:06 Some of you today are going to medical school,
40:10 or nursing school, or business school,
40:12 or some kind of professional
40:15 which you're going to be very influential in the world,
40:18 you're probably going to make a lot of money.
40:23 And start spoken to many young people and they said,
40:26 "I'm going into this business
40:28 because I want to make a lot of money.
40:31 I want to live that kind of a lifestyle."
40:34 But let me tell you, friends,
40:36 God has not called you to that kind of a lifestyle.
40:40 If He has placed you in such a position,
40:43 He expects that you be a servant to His cause.
40:48 He has not called you to live within your means.
40:51 He has not called you to live a worldly luxurious lifestyle,
40:57 but He has called you to live within your needs,
41:00 and then to use your means to further His cause.
41:08 At the end of the day,
41:10 we often make an idolatry out of academics.
41:14 We have to get our degrees and make our money.
41:17 Some of you, God has called into missionary service,
41:20 all of you, He's called into missionary service.
41:22 Some of you, He's called into fulltime service,
41:25 and you run away from it
41:26 because you're chasing the world,
41:29 and you're constantly looking over your shoulder
41:31 to see if He's following
41:33 and He is following
41:34 because He want you to turn your life around,
41:38 and He want you to give yourself wholeheartedly to Him.
41:42 Some of you have told your parents,
41:45 you want to go and serve in a missionary service
41:48 and when you told your parents that, they had a fit.
41:53 And they said, "What are you talking about?
41:54 You need to get your degree.
41:55 You need to get that job.
41:57 You need to make that money."
41:59 But God has called you to do something more than that today.
42:03 God has called you to do something greater than that.
42:06 We've adopted as we have progressed
42:10 and rely upon Adventist culture.
42:12 Now it seems that coming into the church
42:15 is the world's culture.
42:17 We relied upon our Adventist culture and our heritage
42:21 until now the world has crept in,
42:24 and as we've become weak in the Word,
42:26 we've been caught up in various social movements,
42:30 sort of cause strife and contentions.
42:33 Why?
42:34 Because no social justice movement
42:37 can change the human heart.
42:41 Social justice movements have their place,
42:44 but they're certainly not the gospel.
42:47 Only the gospel can change your heart.
42:49 If social justice alone could solve the world's problems,
42:53 then Jesus would have allowed
42:55 His disciples to crown Him King.
43:00 The gospel is the greatest solution, friends,
43:04 to social injustice.
43:07 A transformed heart, you will never solve racism,
43:12 social or economical injustice
43:15 without the purity of the gospel
43:18 changing the life.
43:26 We've often through our culture
43:29 become reliant upon the ever-changing
43:32 and degrading culture
43:33 vesture in society for our values and ideals.
43:37 We've rather than the timeless principles of God's Word,
43:40 we've leaned upon personal narratives
43:46 or momentary emotions about sensitive topics.
43:49 We think that if someone shares a story about their journey
43:53 or about their experience
43:55 that somehow becomes leveled
43:57 with the same authority as the Word of God.
44:00 This has caused a lot of confusion
44:02 among young people today.
44:05 But let me tell you what, friends, no biography,
44:09 personal journey, or experience should deviate our focus
44:13 from the truth of God's Word,
44:14 and change us no matter what journey we've had.
44:18 It doesn't matter how we were born.
44:22 We can be born again.
44:23 Amen.
44:27 I love that.
44:29 I want to be born again.
44:30 Amen? Amen.
44:32 We must love, we must be compassionate,
44:34 and we must sympathize,
44:36 but we must point people to the Savior
44:38 who is able to transform the depths of their souls.
44:43 It's not social culture that drives us
44:46 whether it be Western culture, American culture,
44:49 or Seventh-day Adventist culture,
44:51 but it must be Heaven's culture
44:53 and the pure ways of Heaven's culture
44:55 are contained in the Bible
44:57 and the Spirit of Prophecy today.
45:01 But cultural mindset has led to a big change
45:04 that's occurred in the church
45:06 where we went from serving the church
45:08 to wanting the church to serve us.
45:14 You are of the church,
45:16 so if you're waiting for the church to serve you,
45:20 you have entered into idolatry
45:22 because you're worshipping yourself.
45:24 The popularity of American culture
45:26 does not trump the Word of God.
45:29 Colossians 2:8 says,
45:31 "Beware lest anyone cheat you
45:34 through philosophy and empty deceit,
45:36 according to the traditions of men,
45:39 according to the basic principles of the world,
45:41 and not according to Christ."
45:44 "When men choose to have their own way
45:46 without seeking counsel from God..."
45:48 This is from Patriarchs and Prophets, page 605,
45:51 "Or in opposition to His revealed will,
45:54 He often grants their desires, in order that,
45:57 through the bitter experience that follows,
46:01 they may be led to realize their folly
46:03 and repent of their sin.
46:05 Human pride and wisdom will prove a dangerous guide.
46:10 That which the heart desires contrary to the will of God
46:13 will in the end be found a curse
46:16 rather than a blessing."
46:19 And how often were too many of us when that happens,
46:22 we want to blame God Himself
46:24 for the problems we've gotten ourselves into.
46:27 If Jesus today is interceding 24/7 for you,
46:32 then He expects us to be receiving His power 24/7
46:36 and to be Christians 24/7.
46:39 How we respond to the trials of our faith,
46:42 say much more about our characters
46:45 than it does His.
46:48 We've loved comforts, we come to GYC
46:52 and we get addicted to the environments,
46:55 we like the nice hotels, we like the good meals,
46:59 but if we slept in barns
47:00 and had to have a bowl of rice per day
47:03 as some do around the world.
47:05 If we have such meetings,
47:07 how many of us would still come?
47:09 Compromise, to promote comfort, decline spirituality.
47:16 We cannot afford to live comfortably
47:18 at the expense of spirituality
47:20 because God's calling on our lives
47:22 cannot be compromised by our comfort or our pleasure.
47:30 We need to stop trying to feel good
47:35 and rather choose good
47:39 as it was said by the great CH Spurgeon,
47:42 "There are no crown wearers in heaven
47:45 who are not cross bearers on earth."
47:48 We live in a time when people want to take away
47:51 the cross that Christ has called us to bear
47:57 rather than challenging people
47:59 and encouraging them to carry it.
48:02 We often deal with de-sanctification,
48:05 I call it.
48:07 Where when we come into the church,
48:09 we saw the beauty in the spirit of grace
48:12 that transformed our lives,
48:14 and we were walking in the purity,
48:16 in the blessedness of fellowship with God.
48:19 But as we cease to watch and pray,
48:22 things began to shift in our lives
48:24 without us even realizing it,
48:26 and the things that were once precious to us,
48:28 the things that were once important to us,
48:31 the truths that we bore in our hearts
48:34 began to slowly erode away.
48:36 And before we know, we become indifferent
48:38 to this thing and that thing,
48:40 and we begin to compromise in our lives.
48:43 And the church becomes irrelevant to us,
48:46 and we think to ourselves, we need to leave it.
48:49 We've been enthralled,
48:51 we've been enamored with the peril of novelty.
48:56 We want what's new, but God says,
48:59 "You don't need what's new, you need what is needed."
49:04 And God is not going to give us anything new
49:07 until we've done what He's already said.
49:11 Hypocrisy, many people talk about hypocrisy.
49:15 You see, hypocrisy is not a problem in the church,
49:18 it's a problem in our hearts.
49:21 And many people say, "Well, you know, my parents,
49:23 they did this and they did that,
49:25 and they weren't faithful,
49:27 and they would act one way at church
49:30 and one way at home.
49:31 So, therefore, I'm going to leave the church.
49:33 I don't need the church."
49:34 Well, the reality is this,
49:36 if you understood enough truth
49:39 to recognize that they were hypocritical,
49:41 and you leave the church because they were hypocritical,
49:44 then that also makes you a hypocrite.
49:47 Why?
49:48 Because if you know the truth and reject it
49:50 because someone else is not following it,
49:53 then that doesn't allow you to escape.
49:55 You are also a hypocrite.
49:57 If you know the truth, live it.
49:59 Amen? Amen.
50:00 If you know the truth, surrender yourself to Christ.
50:06 And one other point of darkness is straight up worldliness
50:10 that we have engaged in.
50:13 Social media, some of us post Adventist lingo
50:17 or church politics on Facebook,
50:19 like we didn't have any non-Adventists
50:21 or non-Christian friends.
50:27 You think you're going to draw people
50:28 into the church that way, you're fooled.
50:33 Others post things on their,
50:35 like, they've never heard of Christ or Adventism
50:38 even though we're supposed
50:39 to have known him our whole lives.
50:42 Some of us are caught up in sports, or fashion,
50:47 or competition in various ways, or false relationships.
50:51 Relationships with a young man or young woman
50:54 that we shouldn't find ourselves in.
50:57 All kinds of worldliness
50:59 and Jesus rebukes us for it all.
51:03 But He rebukes us
51:05 because of His tender love for us
51:07 and His desire for us to be saved.
51:10 You see, there are two kinds of sin,
51:13 those that are acceptable
51:15 and those that are unacceptable.
51:17 How do we know the difference?
51:19 The acceptable ones are mine,
51:21 the unacceptable ones are yours.
51:28 But aren't you thankful that God doesn't leave us there?
51:32 Though He gives the rebuke, in the same verse He says,
51:36 "The Word of God is also profitable for correction."
51:39 For what, everyone?
51:41 For correction.
51:42 You see, God doesn't want to just rebuke us,
51:44 He wants to correct us.
51:48 How many of you are thankful for that?
51:50 Isaiah 60:2, he says,
51:53 "But the Lord will arise over you
51:55 and His glory will be seen upon you."
51:58 Though we've been in sin, He's going to arise us.
52:01 He's going to call us out.
52:03 I want to share with you
52:05 Testimonies, volume 2, page 453,
52:08 "None are so low, so corrupt and vile,
52:11 that they cannot find in Jesus, who died for them,
52:14 strength, purity, and righteousness,
52:18 if they will put away their sins,
52:20 cease their course of iniquity,
52:22 and turn with full purpose of heart to the living God.
52:26 He is waiting to strip them of their garments,
52:29 stained and polluted by sin,
52:31 and to put on them the white robes of righteousness,
52:35 and He bids them live and not die.
52:40 In Him they may flourish.
52:44 Their branches will not wither nor be fruitless.
52:46 If they abide in Him,
52:47 they can draw sap and nourishment from Him,
52:50 be imbued with His Spirit, walk as He walked,
52:53 overcame as He overcame,
52:55 and be exalted to His own right hand.
52:58 I'll tell you a story today.
53:02 Two thousand nine, I had cancer, I almost died.
53:06 Some of you know that story.
53:09 God worked a miracle in my life,
53:10 I don't have time to tell that story today,
53:12 but He basically resurrected me from the dead.
53:16 I've had cancer twice, I've had a skin cancer,
53:18 I've had the other cancer, a terrible blood infection.
53:23 But when God miraculously saved me,
53:25 I was so grateful, I was so happy.
53:27 And I thought to myself,
53:29 surely, God has raised me up and saved me
53:32 because He wants me to preach His truth,
53:34 He wants me to preach His Word,
53:36 His message.
53:38 And then, one day, I was sitting at home
53:40 at my desk in my office,
53:42 and I came across this letter
53:43 that Ellen White had written to a man.
53:46 And she said to him, he had had a very similar experience as I.
53:52 He had laid on his death bed
53:54 and she says, "God was merciful to you
53:57 to raise you up from the dead."
54:00 She said, "God healed you."
54:02 She says, "But you have thought that God was merciful to you
54:07 because of some righteousness that was found in you."
54:10 And then, she told him that the true reason
54:14 God made you well
54:17 was because you were unprepared to die.
54:24 She said to the man, "Satan stood by your bedside
54:28 ready to take your life.
54:32 And God in His abundant mercy,
54:34 rescued you to give you another chance,
54:39 to cling to Him and Him alone,
54:42 to make the full surrender of your life."
54:45 She said, "Do not waste it, do not waste it."
54:50 And, friends, let me tell you when I read that letter,
54:53 I wept and was broken before the Lord
54:56 for more than two hours.
54:58 I cried at my desk
55:00 recognizing that there was no good thing in me
55:04 that I could recommend to Him.
55:07 But that I could only trust in His righteousness.
55:12 The 1893 General Conference Session
55:15 was one of the greatest sessions
55:17 in the history of Adventism.
55:19 Many appeals were made.
55:22 And this is the correction that as a church in our pride
55:27 and in our arrogance that we need.
55:30 AT Jones made the statements, "Our goodness, our wisdom,
55:35 our ability are nothing."
55:38 Ellen White says,
55:39 "That if we are to praise brilliance..."
55:43 To praise the celebrity speakers.
55:46 Of the brilliance of how someone delivers them as,
55:49 she says, "If we're to praise brilliance as a great virtue,
55:52 then we should give our armors to Satan
55:54 because he is the greatest brilliant mind
55:57 outside of God Himself."
56:00 Our goodness, wisdom, our ability are nothing.
56:03 But God can work and will work with a heart
56:06 that is emptied of self,
56:08 a heart that has made no reserve,
56:10 and one that is yielded all to God
56:13 and laid upon his altar.
56:15 We must repent of our works
56:19 that we have attempted in our own strength.
56:22 Brothers and sisters, not just our bad works,
56:25 not just the losing of our tempers,
56:27 not just the overindulgences, not just all the things,
56:30 the secret sins that we've done,
56:32 but we must also repent of our good works
56:36 that we have done in our own strength.
56:38 There are lots of people
56:39 doing great things in their own strength.
56:43 But they are at a loss
56:46 of laying the hold of divine strength.
56:49 And, friends, we must repent of even our good works
56:52 because if Jesus had it done them through us,
56:55 they would have been 1000 times better.
56:59 Infinitely better.
57:03 "A permanent sense of unworthiness
57:06 by looking to Christ,
57:07 recognizing His goodness to make us worthy.
57:11 Repentance and confession
57:13 are the only ways out of sin and darkness."
57:19 WW Prescott made this statement.
57:22 He said, "What can I say about this?
57:23 These things are as plain as A, B, C,
57:26 that righteousness is the gift of God
57:29 that all in the world He ask us to do
57:31 is submit to the receiving of it,
57:33 to open the door to confession, repentance,
57:36 and closing every door to Satan
57:40 by accepting Him in His simplicity."
57:44 I find this interesting
57:46 that at the greatest General Conference session
57:50 where the Latter Rain was almost beginning
57:52 to be poured out that AT Jones
57:55 in his final appeal made this statement.
57:59 He said, "The righteousness of God upon His people
58:03 is the one thing,
58:04 the only thing that can fit up God's people
58:06 for receiving the promise of the Holy Spirit
58:09 and the outpouring of it,
58:11 and when that message
58:12 is received and accepted gladly,
58:14 God tells you and me," guess what, friends?
58:18 "Arise, shine, for the light is come
58:22 and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee."
58:24 The same appeal that was made there
58:28 is made here today
58:30 that the righteousness of Christ
58:33 would be our only plea
58:36 that only as we become like little children
58:39 with genuine humility
58:40 and sincere honesty about ourselves
58:43 and our own failings individually and as a church,
58:46 can God truly bring healing to our lives.


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