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00:33 This afternoon, the scripture reading will be
00:35 from Proverbs 3:5-7.
00:38 So if you have your Bibles,
00:40 Proverbs 3:5-7 is where the scripture
00:45 will be taken from.
00:48 I'm reading in the New King James Version.
00:51 The Bible says,
00:52 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart,
00:54 and lean not in thine own understanding.
00:57 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
00:58 and He shall direct your paths.
01:01 Be not wise in your own eyes.
01:04 Fear the Lord, and depart from evil."
01:08 I met Daniel Fukuda in the summer of 2012
01:12 when he first canvassed in our literature
01:15 evangelism programs.
01:17 This is when he made the decision to transfer
01:19 from the current college
01:21 of where he was studying theology
01:22 to come to Souls West so he can be trained.
01:25 Some little known facts about Daniel
01:28 is that he was training to be a world-class magician,
01:32 even shadowing a professional magician
01:34 for an entire summer.
01:36 Another little known fact about Daniel,
01:39 you'll see him in just a moment,
01:41 he is one of the nicest guys
01:42 you'll see with a pretty boy smile,
01:44 but behind that smile is also a fully-trained black belt.
01:50 What Daniel doesn't know is
01:52 I decided to dig up
01:54 some of the archives as he applied at Souls West,
01:56 and it's real fascinating
01:58 what he put down on his application.
02:02 The question is, "Describe your Christian experience
02:04 telling of your background,
02:06 your conversion, your growth in Christ,
02:08 and your present relationship with God."
02:10 And Daniel said he was blessed with good parents
02:12 and a good family,
02:14 but it wasn't until the summer of 2010
02:17 when he started doing his devotions
02:20 during a summer of canvassing.
02:23 Since then, he was motivated to start Bible study groups
02:25 and ministries and preach at churches.
02:28 Most of his motivation and ideas came
02:30 from having his morning devotions,
02:33 and I'm quoting, he says,
02:35 "Without devotions, I would not be where I am at."
02:39 "Please state your life's personal mission statement,"
02:41 is what is says on the application.
02:43 Daniel says, "I have a deep burden."
02:45 Now this is 2012
02:48 when he wrote this at 19 years old,
02:50 5 years ago.
02:52 Daniel put, "I have a deep burden
02:54 and desire to do evangelism in Asia,
02:56 specifically in Japan.
02:58 I want to do everything and anything
03:00 that God calls me to do
03:01 to further the Gospel to the world
03:03 so that Christ will come in our generation."
03:07 The last question
03:09 we have on application is we asked,
03:11 "Do you believe that ministry will be
03:13 part of your life's calling?"
03:16 Daniel said,
03:17 "I think God is calling to me for me to be a preacher
03:20 or an evangelist in Asia, specifically in Japan.
03:24 In the process of preaching and evangelizing,
03:26 I want to establish Bible centers
03:29 where I could teach people literature evangelism
03:32 and the Bible."
03:33 You wouldn't believe it, but three years ago,
03:35 I had the privilege of going with Daniel to Japan
03:39 and we did presentations for the Japanese Union,
03:42 and at that moment, they decided to hire him
03:45 as the youngest department director.
03:48 He is now working in the Japanese Union
03:51 as a Literature Ministry Director
03:53 for the entire union overseeing GLOW,
03:55 what they call Souls West over there
03:58 and also literature evangelism.
04:00 The next voice that you'll be hearing
04:02 is Daniel Fukuda.
04:03 Let's bow our heads as we begin with prayer.
04:08 Father in heaven, we come before You,
04:10 thanking You so much
04:12 that you choose the foolish things of the world
04:15 to confound the wise.
04:18 We thank You, You choose those who may be untrained
04:21 or those who don't have an idea of what they want to do,
04:27 but You still use us, God,
04:31 and we are thankful that You use us,
04:33 and I'm thankful that You've used Daniel.
04:37 This afternoon, we ask that Your spirit would be here,
04:41 that You will please help him to convict our hearts,
04:47 to convert us to Jesus,
04:49 and we pray to You, God,
04:51 that our hearts would be softened
04:52 and we would answer the call to do missions
04:56 and ministry for You.
04:58 We pray this in Jesus' name, amen.
05:33 And can it be
05:36 And can it be
05:40 Amazing love
05:43 How can it be
05:49 And can it be
05:50 That I should gain
05:56 An interest in the Savior's blood?
06:02 Died He for me, who caused His pain
06:09 For me, who Him to death pursued?
06:15 Amazing love
06:22 How can it be
06:28 That Thou, my God,
06:35 Shouldst die
06:40 For me?
06:56 He left His Father's throne above
07:02 So free, so infinite His grace
07:09 Emptied Himself of all but love
07:16 And bled for Adam's helpless race
07:22 'Tis mercy all
07:28 Immense
07:32 And free
07:37 For, O my God
07:42 It found out me
07:47 And can it be
07:50 And can it be
07:54 Amazing love
07:57 How can it be
08:01 No condemnation now
08:05 I dread Jesus, and all in Him
08:11 Is mine
08:14 Alive in Him, my living Head
08:21 And clothed in
08:22 Righteousness divine
08:29 Bold
08:31 I approach
08:36 The eternal throne
08:43 And claim the crown
08:50 Through Christ my own
08:56 Amazing love
09:03 How can it be
09:09 That thou
09:12 My God
09:22 Shouldst die
09:27 For me?
09:31 Amazing love
09:34 How can it be
09:41 Amazing
09:47 Love
10:06 What time is it?
10:08 It's 10 to 5.
10:56 Greetings!
10:57 Oh.
11:03 Sorry.
11:05 Excuse me, let me drink water first.
11:09 All right, so my name is Daniel Sachio Fukuda.
11:15 I actually have a middle name.
11:17 Daniel means God is my judge,
11:19 Sachio means center of happiness,
11:21 Fukuda means happy rice field.
11:24 So as long as I keep God as my judge,
11:27 and as long as I keep God as a center of happiness,
11:30 I'll be like a happy prosperous rice field.
11:37 Well, I came to Japan a few days ago,
11:41 and this afternoon,
11:43 I would like to share a testimony
11:46 and a special message to each one of you.
11:48 So I just ask that you prayerfully listen
11:51 for your next 40 minutes and then,
11:53 just pray, pray as you listen.
11:55 And let me just have
11:57 a short word of prayer once again.
12:01 Dear Heavenly Father,
12:03 I just pray
12:05 that You give me words to speak.
12:07 May You be the one who speaks,
12:09 speak to each one of our hearts, O Lord.
12:12 May You send Your Holy Spirit,
12:14 touch each and every person's hearts.
12:17 May decisions be made
12:19 in Jesus' name we pray, amen.
12:23 When I say Maranatha, please say Jesus is coming.
12:28 Maranatha! Jesus is coming!
12:31 Maranatha! Jesus is coming!
12:33 When I say dream, say big. Dream!
12:36 Big! Dream!
12:38 Big!
12:39 Maranatha, Jesus is coming, dream...
12:41 Big!
12:43 Dream big, those two concepts are very important concepts.
12:47 And I am thankful for my parents,
12:50 my family that helped me really treasure,
12:53 cherish those two concepts.
12:54 And I believe those two concepts
12:56 should be cherished by every single Christian,
12:58 Seventh-day Adventist Bible believing Jesus followers.
13:03 Dream big, Maranatha.
13:06 Well, in the Bible, Psalms 117,
13:10 are these words the shortest Bible verse,
13:13 "Oh, Praise the Lord, all ye nations,
13:15 praise Him, all ye people,
13:17 for His merciful kindness is great toward us,
13:20 and the truth of the Lord endureth forever.
13:23 Praise ye the Lord."
13:25 Hallelujah, let's say it in Japanese.
13:43 That was in Japanese,
13:45 but who's going to preach in Chinese,
13:47 who's going to preach in Korean,
13:48 who's going to preach in India,
13:50 who's going to preach in Africa,
13:51 who's going to preach in all over the world?
13:53 We need people to preach the message to every nation,
13:57 kindred, tongue, and people.
13:59 Amen.
14:01 You see, to God be the glory,
14:05 great things He has done,
14:07 and He is doing, and He will do.
14:12 Do you believe that? Yes.
14:14 I stand here, this day,
14:17 able to testify because of family,
14:20 because of friends,
14:22 because of teachers, of pastors, of classmates,
14:24 of church members,
14:26 because of many people's prayers and support
14:28 all around the world.
14:29 Ministry is a team effort.
14:32 You see, I stand this day,
14:34 December 30, 2017, GYC Meeting
14:38 before you all, boldly, humbly,
14:40 but boldly to testify
14:43 about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
14:46 and His mission for all of us.
14:49 Amen.
14:50 The fact that I stand here this day is a living testimony,
14:53 a living evidence, a living proof
14:56 that God can and will use anybody
15:00 for His mission under one condition.
15:03 Do you want to know that one condition?
15:05 What's that one condition?
15:07 He can use anybody under one condition.
15:11 You know, I have been...
15:12 As introduction, I have been working...
15:15 I started working in the Union,
15:17 and ever since I started working
15:19 in the Japan Union,
15:20 I have been really thinking, "How did I end up here?
15:22 What's going on?
15:24 Why am I here?"
15:25 You see, I have been thinking of more about soul-winning,
15:28 about evangelism, about leadership,
15:31 you know, I've been thinking and I realized,
15:34 "Maybe it's this.
15:36 God can use under maybe just one condition."
15:39 And I believe this one condition perhaps is
15:41 if we boil it down to one word, it is Trust.
15:45 Amen. Trust. Trust.
15:48 And God...
15:49 Proverbs 3:5-7,
15:51 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart,"
15:54 King James Version,
15:55 "lean not unto thine own understanding.
15:58 In all thy ways acknowledge Him,
16:00 and He shall direct thy paths.
16:02 Be not wise unto thine own eyes.
16:07 Fear the Lord, and depart from evil."
16:10 Amen.
16:11 That's important principle I believe.
16:13 Trust in God.
16:14 Another passage,
16:17 you know, the Book of Daniel happens
16:19 to be one of my favorite books,
16:21 Daniel 3:13-18.
16:24 Daniel 3:13-18 reads, "Then Nebuchadnezzar,
16:29 in his rage and fury,
16:30 commanded to bring Shadrach, Meshach,
16:33 and Abednego.
16:34 Then they brought these men before the king.
16:37 Nebuchadnezzar spake and said unto them,
16:39 'Is it true, O Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego,
16:42 do not ye serve my gods,
16:44 nor worship the golden image which I have set up?'"
16:47 Verse 15, "'Now if ye be ready
16:49 that at what time ye hear the sound of the cornet, flute,
16:52 harp, sackbut, psaltery, and dulcimer,
16:54 and all kinds of musick,
16:56 ye fall down and worship the image
16:59 which I have made.
17:00 Well, but if ye worship not,
17:02 ye shall be cast the same hour
17:04 into the midst of a burning fiery furnace,
17:07 and who is that God
17:08 that shall deliver you out of my hands?'
17:11 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, answered
17:13 and said to the king, 'O Nebuchadnezzar,
17:16 we are not careful to answer thee
17:19 in this matter.
17:20 If it be so, our God
17:23 whom we serve is able to deliver us
17:26 from the fiery furnace,
17:27 and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.
17:31 But if not, be it known unto thee, O king,
17:37 that we will not serve thy Gods,
17:39 nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up."
17:41 But if not,
17:42 regardless of our circumstance,
17:45 whatever, regardless, we trust and follow God,
17:49 no matter what, that kind of trust.
17:52 Trust and obey God's way.
17:55 You may be under financial problems,
17:58 just trust and obey God.
18:00 You may be under relationship problems
18:02 or family problems or work problems,
18:04 just trust and obey God's way.
18:07 Whatever problems you are going through,
18:09 just trust and obey God's way.
18:13 Amen.
18:14 We will come back to this later.
18:15 But this afternoon,
18:19 I like to share some testimony from the work in Japan.
18:24 Let's just say I don't know the exact numbers
18:26 but perhaps, there's about 5,000 people
18:30 or so here, and in Japan,
18:34 less than 1% of the population is Christians.
18:38 Less than 1% are Christians.
18:41 So if there's...
18:42 well, let's just say 5,000 people,
18:44 let's just say for now,
18:46 you guys are all Japanese for a moment, okay?
18:49 All of you, look to your left, look to your right,
18:52 you are all Japanese.
18:53 You are all Japanese.
18:55 If you are all Japanese...
18:56 well, 5000 people, 1% of that,
18:59 50 people are Christians in this room,
19:01 50, just 50 people.
19:03 At Adventist, the Seventh-day Adventist population
19:06 of Japan is 1% of the 1%.
19:08 In other words, maybe a half a person,
19:10 or maybe at most one person
19:12 is Seventh Day Adventist in this room.
19:16 That's Japan for you, very few Christians,
19:20 very few Christians.
19:21 But it's not a small country.
19:22 It's a big country, 130 million people,
19:27 and the Tokyo area which I happen to live in,
19:29 in the Tokyo area,
19:31 there's about 40 million people.
19:33 That's one of the biggest metropolitan area,
19:35 the richest, the most populated area,
19:38 and less than 1% Christians.
19:41 Something needs to happen.
19:43 You know, this morning, Pastor Doug mentioned
19:46 about the city evangelism, you know, "I want this city."
19:51 Well, you know, I really want this city, Tokyo.
19:54 I want this city Tokyo, Japan.
19:57 I think many people want this city Tokyo,
19:59 and it needs to be one to the kingdom of God.
20:01 Amen.
20:03 This afternoon, I like to cover five points.
20:06 Who am I? What am I doing?
20:09 What's going on with what I'm doing?
20:11 What have I learned in the past two years?
20:13 And why need you guys to listen?
20:17 So we had an introduction earlier,
20:21 so I don't need to introduce myself again.
20:26 I just want to say,
20:28 for maybe there's few people coming in,
20:29 so I am a third generation Japanese American,
20:32 I'm the youngest of four siblings.
20:35 And a lot of things happened,
20:37 and I started working in the Union
20:40 about two and a half years ago.
20:42 And I am no different than any other young people,
20:47 God uses anybody, anybody, as long as we just trust Him,
20:50 step at a time.
20:52 So what am I doing exactly?
20:55 I am involved in four major projects
20:57 in Japan currently.
20:59 I work under the youth ministries department
21:01 and literature ministries department.
21:03 And four major projects are Youth Rush,
21:06 All Rush, GIFTS,
21:08 and Setagaya Tokyo Youth Church.
21:12 Let me explain each one of them really quickly.
21:14 Youth rush, you've probably all heard about it.
21:16 How many of you heard about Youth Rush?
21:18 Yes, and it's originated in North America.
21:22 Youth Rush is a 10-week
21:24 student literature canvassing program,
21:26 where young people stay
21:27 and sleep in bags, in the church,
21:29 worship together, eat together, knock on doors together,
21:31 have a great time,
21:32 and get to know Jesus Christ on a personal level.
21:35 It's a wonderful program.
21:36 I was involved in that,
21:38 specifically in South Eastern California Conference
21:40 my first summer,
21:41 and it's been a great experience.
21:43 Well, what happened was, couple of years ago,
21:47 the Japan Union decided
21:49 they would like to start something like this.
21:52 They would like to start something like this,
21:54 and that's why I went over to Japan,
21:57 and we adapted Youth Rush and created Youth Rush Japan.
22:00 And what's different is over Japan,
22:03 we have three week programs, like a blitz,
22:06 five times a year, February, March,
22:08 July, August, September.
22:09 The reason we do it that way is a lot of the students,
22:12 they study, study, study all the time,
22:13 and oftentimes,
22:15 they don't have 10 weeks to spare.
22:17 So we want to get them
22:19 at least three weeks here and there.
22:20 But a lot of students, they come three weeks,
22:23 come again three weeks, there's a lot of repeaters.
22:25 They just love it.
22:26 And some of the differences between Youth Rush over here
22:30 and Youth Rush in Japan,
22:33 if you noticed the video earlier,
22:35 there is a clicker right?
22:36 That was a clicker.
22:38 We keep track of how many doors we knock,
22:39 how many people we meet,
22:40 because we are gathering data
22:42 'cause we don't know anything about you.
22:43 If I don't know anything about you, I can't...
22:44 so we are gathering a lot of data
22:46 as much as possible and we realized
22:49 that each student on average knocks
22:51 about 200 to 400 doors a day,
22:53 200 to 400 doors a day, that's a lot more than US,
22:56 and the reason is houses
22:59 are close together.
23:02 So you don't need to walk too much, you just...
23:06 oh, next door,
23:07 oh, next door, literally, almost.
23:09 There is a door
23:11 and there is literally a door here sometimes.
23:12 It's like you don't need
23:14 to walk too much, you can just...
23:16 you know, it's easy.
23:18 And then, but one of the challenges
23:21 are that we also knock...
23:23 Every time they get to see someone,
23:26 we click the pink one and the blue one,
23:27 and we have different color systems,
23:29 but anyways, in Tokyo area they meet about 5% to 10%
23:33 of the doors then knock on.
23:34 But the other doors, we leave tracks,
23:37 we always leave tracks.
23:38 We always leave tracks like
23:40 we scatter them like leaves of autumn, you see.
23:43 And also, we don't really drive vans.
23:47 There's like one van for the whole team
23:49 of 20 young people.
23:50 We just use trains, we run...
23:53 that's it. What do the leaders do?
23:56 What do the leaders do?
23:57 Well, we just carry our bags
23:59 and run to the students to deliver the books
24:00 and run again, so it was good exercise for me,
24:04 and then another one is for lunch,
24:09 we eat rice bowls.
24:10 We eat rice bowls and Japanese pickles.
24:13 We make them together
24:15 and then we just eat it in the field and that's it.
24:17 And then in the evening,
24:18 in the morning, we have, like this...
24:22 How many of you heard of a TMI?
24:23 I'm not talking about Too Much Information,
24:25 I am talking about Total Membership Involvement.
24:27 TMI, Total Membership Involvement.
24:30 You see, at the churches,
24:31 we stay at, it's church members,
24:34 volunteered church members
24:35 that make the meals for us, and then we eat together,
24:38 and we have worship together with the church members
24:40 and through the interaction with church members,
24:42 they see the young people and then just a few days
24:45 or sometimes just a week or so, they see the transformation
24:48 in the young people and they are inspired, like,
24:50 "Wow, I want to go knock on doors too,"
24:52 and you know what happens?
24:54 Some of them they come and knock on doors with us.
24:57 And then we realized there is a huge potential here,
25:00 that's why created All Rush Japan.
25:02 It's not Old Rush,
25:03 it's All Rush, you see, All Rush Japan.
25:07 Regardless of age or gender,
25:11 everybody rushes together to win some souls
25:14 because Jesus is coming soon.
25:15 You know, so All Rush Japan,
25:17 what it is is after the Youth Rush,
25:20 there is a lot of interest amongst other people
25:23 that are not students.
25:24 So we have special training for them,
25:27 how to knock on doors.
25:28 And oftentimes, a group of them,
25:31 a few them, they decide,
25:32 "All right, as a church, we have like a literature club,
25:35 and we'll go knock on doors, once a month
25:36 or once every couple weeks on Sunday."
25:39 And so that's All Rush Japan
25:42 where we get everybody involved with something.
25:45 And All Rush Japan,
25:47 you know, general conference talks about TMI,
25:49 Total Membership Involvement.
25:51 I like to say TMLI,
25:53 Total Membership Literature Involvement.
25:56 TMLI is basically All Rush Japan.
26:00 But you see, we have Youth Rush and we have All Rush,
26:03 but those are just,
26:04 you know, like few weeks or some,
26:07 you know, it's not a full-time thing.
26:09 So what do we do before and after those times?
26:11 How can we take care of the young people,
26:13 how can we train them?
26:15 And that's one of our things
26:18 that we needed to consider and think about.
26:20 That's why we created GIFTS,
26:25 Gideon Family Training School.
26:27 It's an online Bible training program.
26:30 We uploaded videos
26:32 about Daniel, Revelation, Sanctuary,
26:33 28 Fundamentals, how to study Bible,
26:35 how to preach, different basic stuff,
26:37 and also how to lead small groups, everything.
26:39 It's about 100-hour program video,
26:41 YouTube videos.
26:42 All they have to do is click on it,
26:44 watch it, study it,
26:45 and in order to graduate from that course,
26:47 they have to start small groups and they have to turn
26:50 in reports of about 10 times at least,
26:53 and then we keep track of them.
26:54 And our goal
26:56 as a youth department over in Japan Union,
26:59 our goal is to train
27:01 at least 300 young people by 2020,
27:04 that finishes this course, that starts a small group,
27:06 that can preach, that can win some souls,
27:08 and that is arm fire for Jesus.
27:10 At least 300, just like Gideon,
27:13 and considering the number if Christians,
27:15 number of Adventist young people in the church,
27:17 it seems humanly, it seems, at first, an impossible goal,
27:21 but it's not impossible at all.
27:23 God, with God, all things are possible.
27:26 And because Jesus is coming soon,
27:28 we need, we desperately need to train young people
27:32 to get this work done.
27:33 We desperately need...
27:34 So that's why we set this goal by 2020 to equip
27:38 and train at least 300 young people
27:41 to become leaders.
27:43 Amen.
27:44 And fourth project, so Youth Rush, All Rush, GIFTS,
27:49 and Setagaya Youth Church, Setagaya is a part of Tokyo,
27:52 so it's a youth church over Tokyo.
27:56 Well, a little background of that church is...
28:00 So when I got to Japan,
28:04 the Union administration wanted to start a youth church.
28:09 It's the first youth church ever in Japan.
28:11 Youth church, this church our Setagaya Church,
28:15 is a church with a lot of history.
28:17 But two years ago, when we got there,
28:21 there's only less than ten church members,
28:24 perhaps, just about five or so church members
28:26 that are really active that comes every week
28:29 and all of them are females
28:30 and all of them are older ladies.
28:32 And then they were thinking about closing the church down
28:36 because, you know, they really didn't have
28:39 fulltime pastors or anything.
28:40 And they were thinking about closing it down,
28:42 but the administration said,
28:44 "Hold on, let's turn this into a youth church."
28:47 So I ended up...
28:48 I stayed in the parsonage there,
28:50 and we started a youth church about a year
28:52 and a half ago or so and,
28:56 you know, God blessed, God works,
28:58 it's a slow process,
29:00 but we reach out to the community,
29:02 we have different community concerts,
29:03 we knock on doors.
29:05 And right now, instead of 5,
29:07 there's 30 or so people coming every week.
29:10 And then one-third of the...
29:12 so about 10 or 12 of them are young people,
29:15 young adults, and then one-third of them
29:18 are actually not baptized Adventists
29:20 and then the rest of them are, you know, regular people.
29:24 Well, not regular, everybody is regular.
29:28 Anyways, so it's like a church plant in other words,
29:33 and it's also like a headquarters because...
29:37 Oh, there's pictures.
29:39 I just realized that.
29:40 That's a picture of Youth Rush,
29:44 those are the students over in Kagoshima.
29:47 Yeah, high school and college age students,
29:50 and yes, I guess
29:53 there will be pictures and...
29:57 So that's the four projects that I am involved with.
30:01 So let me just dig
30:03 a little deeper and share specific testimonies
30:07 about Youth Rush.
30:09 You know, how many of you heard about angel experiences?
30:13 Yes, we've heard those.
30:14 We've heard those all over the world,
30:16 and Japan is no exception,
30:18 there's angel experience in Japan too.
30:21 I'll just share one.
30:23 So this high school student, a 15-year old girl,
30:27 her first day canvassing, a leader went with her.
30:32 They were going, and they talked to somebody
30:34 in the street, a father and a son.
30:37 And as they were introducing books,
30:38 you know, the boy was like,
30:40 "Hey, where did you three come from?"
30:42 And the two,
30:43 they didn't really pay attention too much.
30:44 "Hey, where did you three come from?"
30:46 They talked, talked.
30:47 "Hey where did you three come from?"
30:49 They continued talking and they said,
30:50 "Okay, thank you, bye."
30:51 And there's like,
30:53 "Hey dad, where did those three come from?
30:54 Come on, where did those three come from?"
30:55 The little boy kept saying that and that's when it hits,
30:58 "Wait a second, three?
30:59 We are only two."
31:02 And then I don't know
31:03 why they didn't realize, they were like, "What?
31:05 Three?"
31:07 And they were so shocked,
31:08 you know, "Perhaps, there was an angel,
31:11 I believe it was an angel."
31:12 And they were so thankful at that,
31:13 and that was her first day,
31:15 the 15-year old high school girl's first day.
31:16 She was so inspired,
31:17 she became one of our top soul-winners
31:19 in that program.
31:20 She was like, "Oh, there's an angel with me."
31:22 She was fearless,
31:23 she talked to everybody, anybody, that moves,
31:26 anybody on the street, between doors, whatever.
31:28 We tell her to go to the shop.
31:30 "All right, I am going to the shop."
31:31 We go there, "Okay, I'll go there."
31:33 It's boom. Angels are with us. Amen.
31:37 It was so much exciting.
31:38 Another one, how many of you guys
31:41 have siblings, brothers and sisters?
31:43 Well, I have brothers and sisters as well.
31:47 It's good to do evangelism with your brothers and sisters,
31:50 it's good to do God's work.
31:52 Well, we had a brother and a sister, Hirata team,
31:56 you know, brother and a sister.
31:57 Brother was older, sister was younger,
32:00 18-year old, and 20-year old, 18 year-old nursing student,
32:04 the sister and the brother
32:05 was like 20-year old education major.
32:08 Anyways, the sister...
32:11 she comes to the program, her first week,
32:14 she was having a miserable time.
32:17 She was like so scared, so shy, and she was...
32:21 I later learned about this,
32:23 but she was thinking about
32:25 how to ask permission to quit the program.
32:29 That's what she was thinking about,
32:30 and so one day,
32:32 I gave a little worship on how if you are scared,
32:37 at doors, just do a little short prayer.
32:41 Lord Jesus, You canvas for me.
32:43 Every door, just ring the bell and say,
32:45 "Lord Jesus, You canvas for me."
32:47 That's it.
32:49 Oh, she took that to heart, and at every single door,
32:50 she did that and she said she felt better
32:52 as she sold a lot of books and she decided not to leave.
32:55 Well, anyways, few couple weeks later,
32:59 we decided to put the sister and the brother together
33:02 on the same street,
33:03 and at first, they're like, "What?
33:05 You are putting us together?"
33:07 They were a lot hesitant, but, you know, we said,
33:10 "Don't worry, don't worry.
33:11 It's going to work."
33:12 Well, sure enough, it worked.
33:14 Those two brother and sister,
33:15 they decided to pray together and set a goal.
33:17 Alright, today just us two,
33:19 we are going to sell 40 books there.
33:22 And you have to understand in Japan,
33:23 the average student sells
33:25 just about 10-12 books at most, that's the average.
33:28 So 40 books with just two people,
33:30 that's a lot.
33:31 Well, they prayed, exactly 40 books.
33:35 They were like, "Whoa!"
33:37 Well, the leaders were like,
33:39 "Whoa, so we decided to put them together again."
33:43 The next day they are like, "Again?
33:45 We are together again."
33:46 Well, they decided to say,
33:48 "We are going to pray for 50 books."
33:50 Amen.
33:52 Exactly 50 books, no less, no more.
33:54 Well, as leaders, we were like,
33:56 "All right, we are going
33:57 to put you guys together again," Third day,
33:59 "All right, we are going to try for 60 books."
34:03 What do you think happened?
34:05 Sixty books exactly, no less, no more,
34:07 and they were just celebrating.
34:09 That was their last day,
34:10 so we don't know what happened the fourth day
34:12 because that was our last day.
34:15 You see, God is good.
34:18 Amen. God is good.
34:20 All the time.
34:23 There's so many stories that I like to share,
34:26 but let's see here.
34:28 All right, one more story, one more story.
34:31 There is something I personally enjoy
34:34 about canvassing in Japan, and so I get asked a lot,
34:38 "What's the difference between canvassing work
34:39 in Japan and US?"
34:40 Honestly, they are both humans, so a lot of them are same.
34:43 But there's a major difference.
34:46 Remember less than 1% Christians,
34:48 in other words,
34:49 99% don't know too much about the Bible
34:51 or prayer or anything like that.
34:53 So I enjoy the most, angel experiences are nice,
34:55 divine appointments are nice,
34:57 but I enjoy praying at doors with people.
35:00 Because when we pray,
35:02 it's like, "What is prayer, huh?
35:04 Is it okay if we pray here?
35:05 Do we close our eyes?"
35:07 You know, they ask
35:08 and it's their first Christian prayer ever,
35:11 and they thank us like, "Wow, thank you so much."
35:13 One time, we prayed with a little old lady,
35:16 with a student and myself, and then we prayed,
35:18 and after the lady went,
35:20 "Hold on," and brought mochi,
35:22 rice cake, not one, not two, three, three mocha
35:27 and rice crackers and Japanese plum juice.
35:29 I was like, "Wow, we don't need three.
35:31 We just need one each."
35:33 "No, no, no, give this to your God,
35:34 your Christian God."
35:36 I was like, "Oh."
35:37 It's a Japanese concept, where they give food to gods.
35:41 But, you know,
35:42 the point is she appreciated the prayer.
35:46 Another one is...
35:48 All right, last story.
35:49 We need to move on, last story.
35:52 Which story should I share? There's two good stories.
35:55 Okay.
35:59 A girl or a boy?
36:01 Girl. Boy.
36:02 All right, boy. I heard boy, okay.
36:08 Okay. All right, quick, quick, okay.
36:13 It was in Okinawa, first store,
36:15 first day, high school student comes.
36:18 Now for those of you who know canvassing,
36:21 Japan we have canvas too, all right?
36:23 We make them memorize under a minute or so,
36:26 they memorize it.
36:27 But the first day, this high school student comes,
36:33 literally shaking, literally shaking.
36:34 I was like, "Whoa, I've never somebody
36:36 that literally shakes," because he is so nervous.
36:40 I was like, "Oh, no, what should I do?"
36:42 Literally shaking.
36:43 I decided that I'm just going to have to knock on doors
36:46 for him for a good number of times.
36:49 Well, first door, shaking, shaking,
36:50 doesn't know what to do.
36:52 So I was like, "All right, I will just jump in."
36:54 And the lady bought a book, and he is like,
36:57 "Oh, they actually buy books."
36:58 Of course, it's going forward,
37:00 you know, and then we go on the next door
37:05 shaking, shaking, shaking,
37:06 and then the door opens, still shaking, and like,
37:10 "Why he is shaking?
37:12 It's weird." Boom. Closed the door.
37:13 I was like, "Oh, no. I feel bad for him."
37:16 This is bad.
37:19 So we decided to pray, we decided to pray,
37:21 and he is such a good kid, we prayed.
37:24 Next door, we go, a lady comes out.
37:29 We introduced book so...
37:31 This time I just decided,
37:32 "Okay, I'm just going to do from the intro and everything.
37:34 Just watch and pray for me."
37:37 He was like, "Okay, I can do that, all right."
37:39 I knocked on doors, sold books, and whoa, this lady was like,
37:43 "Great Controversy!
37:44 What is this? Bible, wow.
37:46 Desire of Ages, wow! Steps to Christ, wow!
37:49 I was looking for Bible books." "Whoa, you were?"
37:52 And you know, "Bed time stories, wow!"
37:55 She ended up...
37:56 Also, one of the books is 28 Fundamental Beliefs,
37:58 it's a book written by Japanese pastor
38:01 describing 28 fundamentals of Japanese minds.
38:03 But anyways, this lady bought all five books.
38:07 And then, of course, she is not a Christian,
38:09 she was just interested in the Bible.
38:11 And then, we are...
38:12 I said, "Hold on. We want to pray.
38:15 It's his first day, he is a little nervous,
38:17 but it is his first day
38:19 and he wants to pray for people in the community.
38:21 Can we pray for you?" She's like, "Oh, yes."
38:25 And this high school student started praying,
38:28 and this lady started crying.
38:30 Crying a lot, crying, crying, and at the end of the prayer,
38:34 all she said was, "Arigato.
38:37 Thank you."
38:39 And closed the door,
38:40 and the boy was like, "Whoa, whoa!"
38:44 No more shaking, no more shaking.
38:46 He knows there's people waiting,
38:48 he knows that God can even use him
38:50 to touch people's lives.
38:52 He's like, "Wow."
38:53 Well, he stopped shaking, he started selling books.
38:56 It's good, praise the Lord. Amen.
38:59 Praise the Lord. You see, God works.
39:04 All right, so lessons I learned,
39:06 some of the lessons
39:08 I learned in the past two years.
39:10 I learned teamwork. Teamwork is really important.
39:14 Ministry is not about I, it's about we.
39:18 You see, sometimes we are like "Oh, I am not the smartest.
39:20 Oh, I am not the most talented. I'm not the best canvasser."
39:25 But it's not about I, it's about we.
39:29 It's about we working together.
39:30 One of the most encouraging advices
39:32 I have been given before I started working in Japan
39:35 was actually from Elder Larry Carter
39:38 who was the pioneer of the first Megabook
39:40 users programs in our Souls West Bible College.
39:43 "Elder Larry Carter,"
39:45 I asked for advices,
39:47 "Please teach me some advice, give me some advice."
39:51 Now he told me these words,
39:55 and these have been very helpful.
39:58 He basically says, "Ministry could be very lonely,
40:03 very lonely, especially
40:04 when you are doing pioneer work,
40:06 it could be very lonely.
40:08 So you will face oppositions,
40:10 you will face trials, you will have struggles.
40:13 You will need teammates, so I will pray for teammates."
40:16 I will pray for teammates as he started working in Japan,
40:19 and that really hit home.
40:20 I was like, "Oh, that's true. I need teammates."
40:23 You know, so ever since...
40:24 As soon as I got,
40:26 I prayed everyday for teammates.
40:28 "Lord, give me some teammates.
40:29 Give me teammates, teammates, teammates."
40:31 Well, God gave me teammates.
40:34 God gave teammates,
40:36 we have great teammates, you know.
40:40 Now we have three staff working fulltime
40:43 to help these four projects, and one of them was a nurse.
40:46 She decided to take some time off,
40:47 experience Youth Rush, as she was so,
40:50 so inspires like,
40:51 "Wow, this is the best thing I have ever done."
40:54 And well, now she is a fulltime staff
40:55 for this department.
40:57 And it's amazing
40:59 and we have the another guy Haruto,
41:01 he is good with internet and media
41:03 and he is the one that made the video
41:05 and he does all that.
41:06 That's everything
41:07 that I need help with a perfect team.
41:09 I was like, "Wow."
41:11 And then it's just amazing, there's another girl,
41:14 she went actually to Oklahoma Academy,
41:16 Yodiko and she actually did two summers of canvassing
41:20 over in the East Coast.
41:21 I was like, "Perfect."
41:22 You are one of the staff that we need.
41:25 Well, she is also one of the staff too,
41:26 so God is blessing of teammates.
41:30 And you see,
41:31 maybe some of you here may think, "Well, I am alone.
41:34 There's nobody around me."
41:36 You may feel like you are alone,
41:38 but there's angels working with you
41:40 and God is working with you.
41:41 So we are never alone.
41:42 So in other words, ministry is always about we.
41:47 Amen.
41:52 Let me briefly...
41:54 Since we are talking about Japan,
41:57 so going back to TMI,
41:59 not Too Much Information
42:00 but Total Membership Involvement,
42:03 in 2016,
42:04 they did an evangelistic campaign in Rwanda,
42:06 a general conference.
42:08 They choose a target country every year
42:10 and they try to get
42:11 the Total Membership Involvement in that country
42:14 and do simultaneous evangelistic campaign.
42:16 Well, Rwanda had huge success, lots of baptism,
42:20 lots of revival, 2017, they did it in Romania,
42:23 lots of baptism, lots of revival.
42:24 And 2018, guess where the location
42:26 of the general conference chose?
42:28 Japan. Japan, yes. They chose Japan as a target.
42:31 So in next year 2018 May, we are going to have
42:36 160 simultaneous evangelistic campaigns,
42:39 and you have to understand
42:40 we don't even have that many pastors.
42:43 So it's going to be really Total Membership Involvement.
42:45 And most of the churches,
42:47 in fact, I would even say I think almost all,
42:51 in fact, if not all churches in Japan haven't done
42:54 a full on evangelistic campaign for a last couple of decades
42:58 until this year, this pastor, they did one in Tokyo.
43:01 And then next year,
43:02 160 simultaneous evangelistic campaign,
43:05 and I believe God is going to bless,
43:07 God is going to work, and things are going to happen.
43:11 So if guys can keep that in prayer, for Japan...
43:16 See, I'm going to change up a little bit.
43:25 Let me share a story.
43:28 This one is a...
43:30 "This evening, I heard the cries of Macedonia.
43:34 I felt the responsibility to go back
43:36 to my country, Japan, to share the last day message.
43:41 However, I do not have any experience in evangelism.
43:45 Will somebody please come to Japan with me?
43:50 On June 1894,
43:54 at the evening worship at Healdsburg College"
43:57 That's the Pacific Union College today in California,
44:01 "In the United States,
44:03 young Teruhiko Okohira cried for help.
44:06 Seeing him appeal with earnest tears,
44:08 Elder William Grainger
44:09 and his wife answered the call with faith.
44:12 As a result, the General Conference
44:14 officially appointed them as missionaries to Japan."
44:17 You see Elder Grainger chose
44:19 the path of Japan mission full of challenges
44:23 rather than a comfortable,
44:25 secure job as a college president.
44:28 On November 19, 1896,
44:30 Elder William Grainger accompanied
44:33 young Okohira Teruhiko,
44:35 and arrived at Yokohama harbor on a ship named Coptic
44:39 to mark the first step of mission in Japan.
44:41 Life as missionary was very challenging.
44:44 In 1899, they started
44:46 the first Seventh-day Adventist Japanese
44:48 language periodical entitled Owari No Fukuin,
44:51 in other words, Gospel for the Last Days,
44:53 later changed to Signs of the Times magazine
44:56 which to this day is continuing,
44:58 over a hundred years, it's still continuing.
45:00 Later in 1899, Elder Grainger passed away.
45:04 So just in three years, Elder Grainger passed away
45:06 at the age of 55.
45:07 Before he died, realizing his end was near,
45:10 he spoke his last words
45:12 to his beloved disciple Pastor Kuniya Shu,
45:15 who was taking care of him.
45:16 By the way, Pastor Kuniya Shu is the very first ordained
45:19 Seventh-day Adventist Japanese pastor,
45:21 and by the way, he is the one that led
45:24 the first Korean Seventh-day Adventist to Christ.
45:27 He is the one that took Adventism to Korea.
45:30 And by the way, Pastor Kuniya,
45:32 the first Seventh-day Adventist Japanese Pastor,
45:35 the very last church he established before he died
45:38 is the Setagaya Youth Church now.
45:40 That's the very church,
45:42 that's the very house that he lived in,
45:43 and that's now
45:45 the first youth church in Japan.
45:46 Anyways, hearing
45:47 his beloved disciple's faithful reply,
45:49 Elder Grainger smiled of relief
45:51 and spoke his last words to his beloved disciple,
45:54 "I came to Japan to fulfill the mission.
45:57 However, I was not able to complete it.
46:00 I am now about to leave this world.
46:03 I have walked the path of faith.
46:05 I want you to be faithful as well,
46:07 and let us reunite in Heaven."
46:10 Amen.
46:14 It's been over 120 years
46:16 since the beginning of missionary efforts in Japan.
46:19 Many fields, many faithful pioneers,
46:22 many faithful people
46:23 in the past have shared the gospel
46:25 but still the Gospel needs to be shared,
46:28 not just in Japan,
46:29 all over the word we have had faithful pioneers,
46:32 faithful men of God, and women of God in the past,
46:38 but the Gospel commission is not complete yet.
46:42 "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying,
46:44 'All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.
46:47 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,
46:49 baptizing them in the name of the Father,
46:51 and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
46:53 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever
46:55 I have commanded you, and, lo, I am with you always,
46:58 even unto the end of the world.'"
47:00 Amen. Amen.
47:02 What is your mission?
47:03 In the context of the great commission,
47:05 what is your mission?
47:09 Dream...
47:11 Big.
47:12 Dream...
47:14 Big.
47:15 We say dream big, but how do you dream big?
47:18 How do you practically dream big?
47:20 You see if you boil it down to one word, it's trust.
47:22 Trust that God is big,
47:24 well, we trust that God is big
47:26 and His promises are sure while we start dreaming big.
47:31 Let's make it more practical. How do you dream big?
47:33 I like the PCM,
47:35 Public Campus Ministry mission statement.
47:37 Who knows what that is?
47:39 That is, "Follow Jesus,
47:40 Embrace His mission, Change the world."
47:43 That's how you dream big.
47:44 You first have to follow Jesus, you don't follow your feelings,
47:47 you don't follow your circumstances,
47:49 you don't follow your peer pressure.
47:50 You follow Jesus.
47:52 You follow Jesus, you embrace his mission,
47:55 and you change the world.
47:57 That's how you dream big. You dream big.
48:02 Another one, what's the theme right here?
48:04 Arise. Arise, shine, Jesus is coming.
48:08 You see, we can't dream when we are asleep,
48:14 that's called just sleeping and dreaming.
48:16 Well, you have to arise that you want to really dream.
48:20 Arise out of your sleep and dream, dream big for Jesus.
48:25 Arise and shine, and Jesus is coming.
48:29 So why do we need you? I have a few minutes left.
48:35 So I'll give you a little preview.
48:39 No, for those of you
48:40 who want to know more about Youth Rush Japan,
48:44 I encourage you to stop
48:46 by at either at the Souls West booth,
48:49 or one of the Youth Rush booths,
48:50 the student literature program booths,
48:52 or be somewhere around there.
48:54 Now I have about a thousand of these business cards.
48:58 Yeah, at least a thousand of these,
48:59 and I don't want to take any of these home.
49:02 So please stop by and just grab these.
49:05 I don't want to take any of these home,
49:06 and there's this Facebook page, different information,
49:08 and this could be a reminder just to keep this in prayer.
49:11 And there's also a three-month Japan mission trip opportunity
49:17 that we are going to start this coming summer and go on.
49:23 What it is? One month.
49:26 Now who want to canvas in Japan?
49:28 Who wants to knock on doors in Japan?
49:29 You may think, "Oh, I don't know Japanese."
49:31 No problem, do you have the determination?
49:34 Do you have the "I want to do it" kind of...
49:38 Do you want to do it?
49:39 Are you ready to put hard work into it?
49:42 One month of intense Japanese language training.
49:46 We will give you about 30 to 40 pages
49:47 to memorize in one month,
49:49 word for word, I'm not kidding,
49:51 literally, probably about 30 to 40 pages.
49:53 But don't worry, it's not Japanese letters,
49:55 it's going to be in English letters
49:57 like K-O-N-I-C-H-I-W-A, konichiwa,
49:59 you know, it's like that.
50:03 Literally, that's going be continuing
50:04 for 30 to 40 pages.
50:05 Morning to evening,
50:07 you memorize, you are going to learn how to pray,
50:08 you are going to learn
50:10 how to sell Great Controversies,
50:11 you are going to learn how to sell Desire of Ages.
50:12 After one month, what we send out,
50:14 knock on doors for two months, and you go home, that's it.
50:18 Well, if you are interested,
50:20 it's definitely not an easy job.
50:22 And of course, there's an interview.
50:24 We need to interview you,
50:25 and one of the requirement is you have to have experience
50:29 in Youth Rush over here in US, that's a good trading.
50:32 And if you fulfill those requirements,
50:34 we interview you.
50:37 Yes.
50:40 Well, time is running out.
50:44 Yes, there's so much to testify,
50:47 we have only covered about 40%.
50:52 Don't worry, I will adapt.
50:57 If you want to hear more stories, more details,
51:01 anytime...
51:02 Any time, not this time.
51:08 Let's see here, where do we begin?
51:09 Okay, we need to get going soon.
51:14 Let me share an Ellen White quote,
51:15 there you go.
51:17 Colporteur Ministry's page 57,
51:20 "Those who give evidence that they are truly converted
51:24 and who take up the canvassing work will see
51:27 that it is the best preparation
51:29 for other lines of missionary labor."
51:32 Colporteur work is the best preparation
51:34 for missionary labors.
51:36 It's a good training school in other words.
51:38 Why?
51:39 Because you get to sweat,
51:41 you get to carry bags, you get to be rejected,
51:45 and sometimes books thrown at you.
51:48 Well, for the sake of the Gospel.
51:49 It's challenging,
51:52 and that's why it's a good training.
51:54 You see, as young people, ice breaking is important.
51:57 Ice breaking activities, that's wonderful.
51:59 But at one point or another, we just start breaking the ice.
52:02 We need to start doing ice melting activities.
52:05 What's that?
52:06 Ice melting activities,
52:07 when we have that burning passion
52:09 to win some souls,
52:11 when we have that fiery love of God
52:13 within us, the ice melts.
52:15 So the best way to get
52:16 the young people together is win some souls together.
52:20 Amen. You see.
52:24 Another one, Christian Service, page 145,
52:28 "Let every Seventh-day Adventist ask himself
52:31 what can I do to proclaim the Third Angel's Message?
52:34 Christ came to this world to give this message
52:37 to His servant, to give to the churches.
52:39 It is to be proclaimed
52:40 to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people."
52:43 How are we to give it?
52:47 The distribution of our literature
52:50 is one means by which the message
52:52 is to be proclaimed.
52:53 Let every, not some, not majority, every believer,
52:58 this is TMI once again, let every believer,
53:01 this is TMLI, Total Membership Literature Involvement,
53:04 let every believer scatter,
53:06 broadcast tracks, and leaflets, and books,
53:09 containing the message for this time.
53:11 Colporteurs are needed
53:12 who will go far to circulate our publications everywhere.
53:17 Amen. What's our message?
53:21 Revelations 14:6-12,
53:24 "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven,
53:26 having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them
53:29 that dwell on the earth, and to every nation,
53:31 and kindred, and tongue, and people,
53:33 saying with a loud voice,
53:34 'Fear God, and give glory to him,
53:36 for the hour of his judgment is come,
53:38 and worship him that made heaven, and earth,
53:40 and the sea, and the fountains of waters.'
53:41 And there followed another angel, saying,
53:43 'Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,
53:46 because she made all nations drink of the wine
53:48 of the wrath of her fornication.'
53:50 And the third angel followed them,
53:51 saying with a loud voice,
53:52 'If any man worship the beast and his image,
53:54 and receive his mark in his forehead,
53:55 or in his hand,
53:57 the same shall drink of the wine
53:58 of the wrath of God,
53:59 which is poured out without mixture
54:01 into the cup of his indignation,
54:02 and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
54:03 in the presence of the holy angels,
54:05 and in the presence of the Lamb,
54:07 and the smoke of their torment ascendeth up
54:09 forever and ever,
54:11 and they have no rest day nor night,
54:12 who worship the beast and his image,
54:14 and whosoever receive the mark of his name.'"
54:17 Here is the patience of the saints,
54:19 here are they that keep the commandments of God
54:22 and the faith of Jesus.
54:24 That's our message.
54:25 Regardless of culture, regardless of country,
54:27 regardless of circumstances,
54:29 regardless of whatever, this is our message.
54:32 Amen.
54:34 This is our message, but that's not it.
54:36 That's three angels message,
54:37 that's righteousness by faith message.
54:38 In other words,
54:40 just trust in God no matter what.
54:41 But we have the fourth angel's message,
54:43 what's that? Revelation 18:1-4, what's that?
54:47 "After these things,
54:48 I saw another angel come down from heaven,
54:51 having great power,
54:53 and the earth was lightened with his glory."
54:56 Verse 2, "He cried mightily with a strong voice, saying,
55:00 'Babylon the great is fallen,
55:02 is fallen and is become the habitation of devils,
55:05 and the hold of every foul spirit,
55:07 and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
55:11 For all nations have drunk of the wine
55:13 of the wrath of her fornication,
55:14 and the kings of the earth
55:16 have committed fornication with her,
55:18 and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich
55:20 through the abundance of her delicacies.
55:22 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying,"
55:25 what, "Come out of her, my people,
55:30 that ye be not partakers of her sins,
55:32 and that ye receive not of her plagues."
55:35 Amen.
55:36 You see, our Prophet Sister Ellen White says
55:40 these words regarding the fourth angel's message.
55:44 Colporteur Ministry's page 4, "And in a large degree,
55:47 through our publishing houses is to be accomplished
55:50 the work of that other angel
55:51 who comes down from heaven with great power,
55:53 who lightens the earth with His glory."
55:58 Not all the work, but in a large degree.
56:02 Every Seventh-day Adventist,
56:04 every followers of Jesus Christ,
56:07 literature work,
56:09 let's be involved with literature work.
56:11 You don't have to door to door and sell books,
56:13 that's not literature,
56:15 that's part of the literature work.
56:16 You can distribute books,
56:17 you can give tracks to your friends
56:19 and coworkers, that's literature work too,
56:20 like scattered like leaves of autumn.
56:22 Media and internet, those are a wonderful ministry,
56:25 wonderful ministry.
56:26 We even have YouTube channels over in Japan too,
56:28 sending forth Bible messages.
56:30 But sooner or later, according to prophecy,
56:32 I think those media will be censored at one point,
56:35 it will be limited at one point,
56:36 but when that happens, while we still have freedom,
56:39 if we scatter those literature, it will be like time bombs...
56:45 You know, it talks about Sunday law coming up,
56:46 it talks about
56:47 how this world will go like this and this...
56:50 And when those things happens...
56:53 Those time bombs will blow up and like,
56:55 "Wow, the Seventh-day Adventists,
56:56 they knew this all along like hundred years ago,
56:58 they knew it, wow, what's going on?
57:00 I want to get to know the Jesus that they are talking about."
57:04 Amen.


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