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00:33 Have you ever come to GYC?
00:35 And on Wednesday night,
00:36 it just feels like Friday night.
00:39 It's such a feast here every day.
00:41 And I so appreciated last night how we welcomed the Sabbath.
00:45 Didn't you?
00:46 Because it set
00:48 this special 24-hour period of time
00:50 apart as extra special which they in fact are.
00:56 And it leads me to the question,
00:58 "Does how we keep the Sabbath really matter?"
01:02 Some people might call paying attention
01:04 to the details legalistic or works-oriented,
01:09 but it doesn't have to be, friends.
01:12 If you were here last night, you heard...
01:15 and if you weren't here,
01:17 I'd invite you to go to YouTube or go back on Facebook
01:19 and listen to that wonderful program.
01:21 You heard that the Sabbath was so beautifully
01:24 and clearly explained
01:25 as not a symbol of legalistic human-oriented works
01:30 but as the icon of God's grace,
01:32 as the pinnacle of rest in His salvation,
01:36 the sign between God and His people
01:39 that He makes it His responsibility
01:42 to do the work of sanctification in our lives
01:45 when we only allow Him.
01:47 Tonight, I'm going to talk
01:48 about the blessing of the Sabbath
01:50 and how we can prepare for it
01:52 throughout the week to get the most benefit
01:55 from it as possible.
01:57 We have, as remnants of the Garden of Eden,
02:01 two blessings, two gifts from God,
02:04 marriage and the Sabbath.
02:06 And I know this is GYC.
02:08 So I presume that many of you probably have never been
02:10 through a marriage seminar to find out
02:13 how you can get the most blessings
02:15 out of your marriage.
02:17 But tonight, we're going to think
02:19 about how we can get
02:20 the most blessings out of the Sabbath,
02:23 old or young, new in the faith or pioneers,
02:27 we can all benefit from studying this together.
02:30 First of all, let's go back to the beginning.
02:31 I invite you to take your Bibles
02:32 and let's turn to Genesis 2.
02:36 Genesis 2, and we're going to read beginning in verse 1.
02:41 And when you're there, if you could just say amen.
02:44 Genesis 2:1, it says,
02:46 "Thus the heavens and the earth were finished
02:49 and all the host of them and on the seventh day,
02:52 God ended His work which He had made
02:55 and He rested on the seventh day
02:57 from all His work which He had made," verse 3,
03:00 "God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it
03:04 because that in it He had rested from all His work
03:08 which God created and made."
03:10 Now the first thing that we want to understand
03:13 about the Sabbath
03:14 is that the hours of the Sabbath are blessed.
03:16 They're what? They're blessed.
03:19 And it's not possible with empirical instruments
03:23 to somehow measure
03:25 any differences between an hour on Sunday,
03:28 or Tuesday, or Thursday, or on Sabbath.
03:31 But spiritually speaking,
03:33 if we believe the Bible to be true
03:35 and what we just read in Genesis 2,
03:38 there must be a qualitative difference between
03:41 the hours of the Sabbath
03:43 and the other 144 hours of the week.
03:46 Listen to how this blessing
03:47 is described in Gospel Workers page 209,
03:52 "They should devote their time
03:53 and energies to spiritual exercises
03:57 that the divine influence resting
03:59 upon the Sabbath may attend them
04:02 throughout the week.
04:03 Of all the days of the week,
04:06 none are so favorable for devotional thoughts
04:10 and feelings as the Sabbath."
04:12 Did you catch that?
04:14 There is actually a blessing on the Sabbath hours.
04:17 That is to say that you will get
04:20 more out of devotional exercises
04:23 and feelings on Sabbath
04:25 than you will on any other day of the week.
04:27 That's the blessing.
04:29 God blessed them, He set them apart.
04:31 And this blessing that we get out of the Sabbath
04:33 is not because we're Adventists,
04:35 it's not because
04:36 it's the day we go to church on.
04:37 The Sabbath is the most profitable time
04:40 for these activities
04:42 because God in His infinite wisdom blessed these hours
04:45 for these purposes,
04:47 not just for any purposes but for these purposes.
04:50 If you want to grow spiritually,
04:52 if you want the greatest return
04:54 on your investment of time in Bible study and prayer,
04:58 in building relationship with God and family,
05:01 in communing with God and nature
05:03 and receiving blessings from serving others,
05:05 pour as many of these things as possible into the 24 hours,
05:12 blessed hours of the Sabbath.
05:14 That's why we as Adventists have been told to prepare
05:18 for the Sabbath.
05:19 It's not a new idea for us.
05:21 You remember the account
05:22 of the crucifixion according to Luke.
05:25 Jesus was crucified on which day?
05:27 The preparation day, right?
05:29 The Jews prepared for the Sabbath.
05:32 Ideally...
05:33 And I realized that I'm talking about ideals here.
05:36 Ideally, we want to arrive at these blessed hours rested
05:42 rather than needing more sleep than usual during this day.
05:46 As far as I can find,
05:47 there's no special blessing on the Sabbath for sleep.
05:53 Ideally, we want to have taken care ahead of time
05:57 as many secular duties
06:00 and responsibilities as possible
06:01 so that we can fill the minutes and seconds of the Sabbath
06:05 with those things that God blessed them for.
06:07 As far as I can find the Sabbath hours
06:09 are not blessed for cooking,
06:11 or cleaning, or shopping, or homework,
06:12 or secular employment,
06:14 it's not because
06:16 we're legalistic about these things,
06:17 it's because we want as many blessings
06:19 out of the Sabbath hours as possible.
06:22 It's the motive that makes it legalistic drudgery
06:25 or pure relational joy.
06:27 Are we keeping the Sabbath out of guilt or love?
06:30 Now let me be clear here,
06:31 the cessation of all non-Sabbath activities
06:35 does not constitute Sabbath-keeping.
06:37 Just because I don't work on Sabbath
06:39 doesn't make me a Sabbath-keeper,
06:40 just because I don't do unnecessary cooking
06:42 or cleaning doesn't make me a Sabbath-keeper,
06:44 just because I avoid secular conversations
06:46 on the Sabbath
06:48 doesn't make me a Sabbath-keeper.
06:50 In fact, dead people don't do any of those things
06:53 on the Sabbath,
06:54 but they aren't Sabbath-keepers.
06:57 Keeping the Sabbath is about doing on Sabbath
07:00 the things the Sabbath hours are blessed for.
07:03 We remove those other activities
07:05 so that we can spend as much time as possible
07:09 with our Savior and Friend.
07:11 Now let me ask you a question,
07:12 is the Sabbath at the end of the week
07:14 or at the beginning?
07:16 How do you know?
07:19 We often think about the fact
07:21 that there are seven days in a week
07:22 in nearly every culture around the world
07:24 because God created,
07:26 He created time by spending time.
07:28 But have you ever thought about why He rested at the end
07:30 instead of the beginning?
07:32 It wasn't because He was tired at the end.
07:35 His rest was not because He was worn out
07:38 from the work of creation.
07:39 I would propose to you that all of creation
07:41 including the hand forming of man
07:43 on the sixth day was a purposeful intentional
07:47 creatorial crescendo culminating
07:50 in the act of making the Sabbath.
07:54 The Sabbath is not a rest
07:56 in preparation for the week to come,
07:59 rather the week
08:00 before the Sabbath is given us
08:03 as preparation for the coming Sabbath.
08:06 All week, 144 hours, 6 days, God's given to us to prepare,
08:11 to be ready for the special blessing
08:13 that He wants to have.
08:16 They're ours to manage wisely, prudently, efficiently
08:19 so that when those blessed hours arrive,
08:21 we can receive all the blessings God wants
08:24 to pour into them.
08:26 You know, six months were put into planning the one day
08:33 that was to be Jane and my wedding day.
08:37 Six months, every detail was arranged,
08:40 as much of work of the work as possible
08:41 was done ahead of time.
08:43 We wanted to be able to spend time
08:44 with our family who had gathered.
08:46 We didn't want to be stressed when the day came.
08:49 We didn't want to be doing unnecessary tasks.
08:52 We wanted that one irreplaceable day
08:55 to be able to focus on the things
08:57 that mattered most.
08:58 The Sabbath is the special time
09:00 God wants to spend with you and me.
09:03 Sunday through Friday are the days
09:05 He's given you to be ready.
09:07 I'm looking forward to 2018
09:10 and the Sabbaths God's going to spend with me.
09:12 How about you?
09:36 Come to Me
09:41 You who are weary
09:48 I'll give you rest
09:54 I'll give
09:57 You rest
10:02 Come to Me
10:07 I'll take your burden
10:16 Come to me
10:21 You'll give me
10:23 Rest
10:29 Come to Me
10:34 You who are weary
10:40 I'll give you rest
10:47 I'll give you rest
10:54 Come to Me
10:59 I'll take your
11:01 Burden
11:07 Come to me
11:12 You'll give me rest
11:18 For I am gentle
11:25 And humble of heart
11:32 Learn of Me
11:37 And you shall find peace
11:42 Unto
11:45 Your soul
11:54 Come to Me
11:59 You who are weary
12:06 I'll give you rest
12:12 I'll give you rest
12:20 Come to Me
12:24 I'll take your burden
12:33 Come to me
12:38 You'll give me rest
12:52 Come
12:54 To Me
13:01 Amen.
13:05 Good evening.
13:07 So this is my favorite part of GYC.
13:12 Can anyone guess why?
13:14 Oh, I'm about to share with you
13:16 what happened on yesterday's outreach.
13:18 Amen? Amen.
13:20 I'm going to share with you some statistics,
13:22 and then we are going to jump into an amazing way
13:24 that we have seen God working in the City of Phoenix.
13:28 We knocked on over 28,456 doors
13:33 in just 2.5 hours, my friends.
13:36 We prayed with over 1,500 people,
13:39 over 31,000 pieces of literature were passed out.
13:42 We collected over 2 tons,
13:45 3,729 pounds of canned food
13:49 for the Phoenix Rescue Mission.
13:51 We distributed 200 refugee relief kits.
13:54 When we went to the refugee center,
13:57 we were told that it was so amazing
13:59 that we completely restocked their shelves
14:02 for a really, really, really long time.
14:04 Amen? Amen.
14:05 And lastly, we had over 760 Bible studies come in.
14:10 More than that though, friends,
14:12 we were heard of people crying when they went to the doors.
14:14 People were saying, "You've made my day."
14:17 There was a lady at the hotel who, believe it,
14:19 outside of outreach, one of the ladies
14:21 who has been lovingly cleaning our rooms,
14:23 somebody, some brave soul offered her Bible studies
14:25 and she signed up for them.
14:27 Amen? Amen.
14:28 We also had a bus driver who the participants,
14:32 the attendees, were singing hymns
14:34 and the bus driver loved it so much,
14:36 she wanted to take an extra lap around the convention center
14:39 so she could hear some more songs.
14:41 Amen?
14:42 All of these things we know that God is incredibly at work.
14:47 But, friends, I want to share with you
14:49 some experiences that are hot off the press
14:52 that we see the Lord is working on the hearts of people today.
14:55 I have many special friends with me here,
14:58 but we're going to start with Philip and Jessica.
15:00 Philip you had a pretty cool outreach experience.
15:02 Please share with us.
15:04 Great. Yeah.
15:05 So I'm actually a youth pastor in Pennsylvania,
15:08 Philadelphia to be exact,
15:10 and I'm actually a chaperone with a group of people.
15:13 And my group actually volunteered
15:16 at Pathways to Health.
15:17 And being a chaperone
15:20 by the time outreach day rolled around, I was exhausted.
15:24 I did not want to go to an outreach day.
15:28 And, you know, I was planning on stealing away
15:31 and taking a nap once everyone was on the bus.
15:34 All my spiritual children were on the bus.
15:36 And until I ran into my friend Tara,
15:40 and while I was talking to her, bus leader...
15:44 What Marie? What was it? Lisa Marie.
15:47 No, Rose Marie, Rose Marie on bus number 27,
15:49 and actually bus leader Rose Marie
15:52 and also Linnell, they were awesome.
15:53 They were wonderful bus leaders.
15:54 So you were about to get on the bus
15:56 and what did they say?
15:57 And bus leader Rose Marie storms out and basically says,
16:02 "I need one more person."
16:03 And I'm praying to the Lord, "No, Lord.
16:07 Not me, please."
16:08 But she keeps saying it
16:10 and so I find myself on that bus number 27
16:14 and I'm cranky because I'm sitting next to...
16:17 What's your name? Jessica.
16:19 He's sitting next to...
16:21 Who could be cranky sitting next to Jessica?
16:23 But I was a chaperone again, I was a chaperone again.
16:26 So what ended up happening though,
16:27 we had a great time.
16:29 We had a great time, and we had Bible studies,
16:30 and it was a blessing,
16:31 but what ended up happening was the last door
16:33 that I was on, the last door that I was on,
16:36 this grandma comes out and she's hesitant.
16:40 She's not really into it.
16:42 But I tell her, you know, we have these health,
16:44 you know, these...
16:46 I went through the survey and the first question
16:47 was spiritual health and all that stuff,
16:49 and I literally told her, you know, because
16:52 she was interested in the physical.
16:53 And so I was like,
16:55 you know, we had a Pathways to Health event.
16:56 And so I was telling her about the cooking classes
16:57 and all that stuff, she was very interested.
17:00 So thank you, Pathways to Health.
17:03 But what ended up happening though was when it came time
17:06 to the Bible study point, she was not interested.
17:09 And I told her, I was like,
17:12 "I came all the way from Philadelphia to talk
17:14 to you about this."
17:16 And her eyes got really big, and she was like,
17:18 "I'm from Philadelphia."
17:21 And it was the Holy Spirit, and she literally was like,
17:26 "I need your number.
17:29 I need your number,
17:30 and this is a divine appointment."
17:33 That came out of her mouth. Amen.
17:35 And so what ended up happening after that,
17:37 you know, so basically she signed up
17:39 for Bible studies.
17:41 Amen.
17:43 This has been
17:44 one of the most amazing stories.
17:46 We know that that lady,
17:47 actually her granddaughter's classmate
17:49 had a tragedy happen
17:51 where the granddaughter's classmate,
17:53 who was Jessica's age, right, she had lost her friend.
17:58 They had been shot by the dad,
18:01 the mother and the baby, on Christmas Day.
18:02 Friends, that's a tragedy,
18:04 but God is there with a solution
18:06 when we're willing to go.
18:08 Amen? Amen.
18:09 So Phillip, the Lord used you.
18:10 We thank you so much, Jessica,
18:12 for being willing to go on outreach.
18:13 Our final testimony,
18:15 I have two good friends here with me,
18:17 Anthony and Michelle.
18:19 Anthony, though, tell me about your outreach experience
18:21 and who you met while you were there.
18:24 So I had my heart set
18:29 on door-to-door outreach
18:31 'cause I'd been baptized two years ago.
18:34 I had glow tracks in my pockets,
18:37 and I was so at it.
18:38 I'm like, "Lord, let's go win souls for the kingdom.
18:40 I'm ready to go. Let's go door to door."
18:43 But God said, "No." And I said, "Really, Lord?"
18:46 He said, "Yeah, no."
18:47 So I ended up going to the refugee relief outreach,
18:52 and I met this young lady here, Michelle,
18:57 and come to find out I was talking with her.
19:02 And she was from the Phoenix community.
19:06 And the Holy Spirit compelled me to talk to her
19:08 'cause she looked like she was alone, and yeah...
19:11 We're glad you did.
19:13 So if we can switch sides here and I can talk with Michelle.
19:16 You know, one thing that's interesting
19:17 about what Anthony shared
19:19 was that he had his pockets of glow ready to go
19:20 to the door-to-door,
19:22 but the Lord sent him to the refugee outreach.
19:24 And I know many of you who wanted to go on
19:26 the refugee outreach went door to door.
19:29 So Lord knows exactly what we need
19:31 and, you know, while there, he ran into Michelle.
19:34 And, Michelle, we're really blessed
19:36 that you're here with us.
19:38 And I want to know how on earth did you end up here at GYC.
19:42 I actually came here
19:44 without even knowing about the place.
19:46 I was here to go to Pathway actually with my sister,
19:49 she needed dental work.
19:51 And they asked me what I needed.
19:53 And I told this lady, she was really nice,
19:57 that I was really stressed and I needed,
20:00 I guess, answers, I needed hope.
20:02 She took me to the health booth
20:04 because everything was already closed
20:05 and the guy there told me
20:07 I could take anything from there,
20:09 and he asked me if I knew about this event,
20:13 and I told him no, and he said I should come.
20:15 I didn't know we had to pay for it though.
20:17 So I said I was very interested and I would go.
20:22 I wanted to find answers.
20:23 You can say that. I wanted to find answers.
20:26 So our friend, Michelle, here is actually from Phoenix
20:29 and she ended up going to the Pathways event
20:31 'cause her and her sister, her sister needed dental work.
20:34 And you get to the place
20:37 where you're talking with this man,
20:38 and this man finds out that you would be interested
20:41 in attending GYC, and what did he do from there?
20:45 He offered to pay for it. Amen.
20:48 And, you know, we're so blessed to have you here, Michelle.
20:50 One of our only questions and the one thing Michelle
20:53 had shared with me was that what is it
20:56 that inspired you to want to come to GYC
20:58 or even attend it.
20:59 And what has been your favorite part?
21:02 I think it's crazy
21:03 because when I first went to the Pathway,
21:06 I didn't know it was Christian,
21:07 and I had actually given up on God.
21:10 But I needed answers and what I got out of here
21:13 was prayer and the sermons, I got hope again.
21:17 Amen.
21:18 You guys, ministry, serving the Lord works.
21:21 Amen. Amen. God is in control.
21:25 And, you know, one thing
21:26 we do as a family is we love meeting new people,
21:30 Michelle, and we believe
21:32 that God has a plan for your life.
21:33 So we're just going to say a short prayer for you.
21:36 So if all of you could say a prayer in your heart
21:37 as we bow our heads and close our eyes.
21:40 Lord, we thank You so much
21:41 for bringing Michelle here this year,
21:43 not just Michelle but every other person,
21:45 Lord, who we have met on outreach.
21:48 And, God, if there is someone here
21:51 who maybe didn't have hope like Michelle,
21:52 we pray that You'll give it to them today.
21:54 Thank you for using her and her story.
21:57 We know the future is bright.
21:59 We love you so much. In Jesus' name.
22:01 Amen.
22:06 Over the last several years,
22:08 GYC has been tremendously blessed
22:10 by a partnership with ASI.
22:13 And tonight, I have Kyle Allen, the secretary treasurer of ASI.
22:16 Kyle, can you tell us
22:17 what is ASI and why is it important?
22:19 Well, Taylor, I have a question for you first, actually.
22:22 Okay.
22:23 What would happen
22:24 if every Seventh-day Adventist business person
22:26 and lay professional person
22:28 were fully engaged in the mission of taking
22:31 the Gospel to the world in this generation?
22:33 I think we would be in heaven.
22:35 Amazing things would happen, right,
22:37 if every lay person was fully engaged?
22:40 Do you know that Ellen White says that
22:41 "The work of God on this earth..."
22:43 Actually I think you mentioned it last night
22:44 in your talk.
22:46 "The work of God on this earth will never be finished
22:48 until the men and women comprising
22:50 our church membership unite with church officers
22:53 and pastors to finish the work."
22:55 So the mission of ASI
22:56 is to engage all of our laypeople,
22:58 business professionals,
23:00 and lay professionals in every line
23:01 to take the Gospel
23:03 to the world in this generation.
23:04 So how does that relate to the people here though
23:07 because not everybody is old and business owners and...
23:10 Okay, good question.
23:11 So some people think ASI is only for old people
23:13 but guess what guys,
23:14 we've opened up a new category of membership
23:16 for young professionals.
23:17 Amen? Amen.
23:19 So young professionals can now be members of ASI.
23:21 We want to encourage you guys to find out about this.
23:23 This is a special partnership with GYC.
23:25 We want you guys to come in.
23:27 We want to provide mentorship, training,
23:29 and resources for how you can learn
23:31 to share Christ in your workplace
23:33 and be a light for Him.
23:34 So what does that partnership look like?
23:36 What does ASI do more in general?
23:38 How can these people be benefited?
23:39 Okay, so first of all,
23:41 how many of you have heard of the ASI Convention?
23:44 Okay, some of you saw
23:45 the flyer on your chairs this morning.
23:46 We want to invite you to come to Orlando,
23:48 August 1 to 4.
23:50 I know it's going to be hot, Taylor,
23:51 but there's air conditioning, okay?
23:53 Very good.
23:54 August 1 to 4, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.
23:56 And as young professionals and GYC attendees,
23:58 you can come for a very, very reduced rate
24:00 of just 70 bucks.
24:01 So we want you to come to ASI in Orlando and get engaged.
24:05 Secondly, ASI, we invest in key mission
24:08 and ministry projects like Pathway.
24:10 Pathway is a project that came out of ASI.
24:12 Or GYC. Or GYC.
24:14 So the bottom line is, guys,
24:16 we want to engage you in the ministry of ASI
24:19 and we believe that as we all join together,
24:22 laypeople and church leaders unite,
24:25 the work will be finished in this generation.
24:26 Amen. Amen.
24:27 We want to encourage you,
24:29 those of you who have never been
24:30 to ASI, please come.
24:31 I've been blessed every time I've been there.
24:33 And for those of you who are business owners,
24:35 please make sure to get plugged into this exciting new program.
24:37 I believe God's going to do great things.
24:39 That's right.
24:40 Come by our booth tonight or visit us on our website
24:42 at
24:44 Amen.
24:50 How many of you, this evening,
24:53 are medical students or dental students
24:57 or you are physicians or dentists?
24:59 Can I see your hands?
25:01 Medical students, dental students,
25:03 or physicians, or dentists?
25:06 The Adventist Medical Evangelism Network
25:10 is a group of consecrated
25:12 godly dental and medical personnel
25:17 that meet once a year in a convention
25:20 to inspire these godly physicians
25:25 and dentists to use their offices
25:28 as centers of evangelism and influence,
25:32 shares with them how to help their patients know Christ.
25:36 I have with me Dr. Carlos, Dr. Stephen.
25:39 What else does AMEN do beside the convention?
25:44 Good question, Pastor Mark.
25:47 So how many of you were at Pathways this week?
25:49 Raise your hand, a lot of hands going up.
25:52 It was fantastic.
25:53 It was a wonderful way to connect
25:55 with the community here in Phoenix.
25:58 What if I told you there was an organization
26:00 that could bring a smaller scale Pathways
26:02 to your church so that you could connect
26:05 with your community
26:07 and impact your community for Christ?
26:10 AMEN does exactly that.
26:11 If you go to,
26:14 you can plug in and ask AMEN to send a group of volunteers,
26:19 well, yeah, volunteers to come to your church
26:23 and set up a clinic
26:24 much like Pathways did here in Phoenix
26:27 but to a smaller scale.
26:29 You can rally your professionals there
26:31 in your church, volunteers there
26:33 in your church, announce it, promo it in the community,
26:37 and bring people in and get serviced,
26:40 just like we did here at Pathways.
26:42 And this year alone, they did 30 clinics nationwide.
26:46 They're doubling their efforts in 2018 with 60,
26:50 more than 60 clinics.
26:51 Look it up on the website.
26:52 One is coming near you, get plugged in.
26:54 Dr. Stephen,
26:56 I am a medical student, suppose.
26:57 I'm not, I'm too old.
26:59 But, Dr. Stephen, let's suppose I'm a medical student,
27:01 I don't have much money, a dental student,
27:04 how can I ever afford the convention?
27:08 You can come for free.
27:10 So if you are a health professional,
27:12 if you're a physician or a dentist,
27:14 we appeal to you to come to our conference
27:17 in the last weekend of October.
27:19 But especially, if you are a medical student,
27:22 if you're a dental student, or if you're a resident,
27:26 you are either heavily subsidized
27:27 or it will be free for you to come to our conference
27:31 the last weekend of October.
27:33 It will be in Indian Wells which if you don't know,
27:36 that's near the Palm Springs area.
27:37 About an hour, just over an hour east of Loma Linda.
27:41 So it's very close for students whether you're at Loma Linda
27:46 or especially if you're at a secular university
27:50 and you're studying medicine or dentistry,
27:51 we really want to encourage you to come to learn the skills.
27:55 You know, you went into medicine
27:57 and dentistry to kind of help people.
27:59 That's what we all wanted to do.
28:01 But what if you could learn the skills to addressing
28:04 the spiritual health of your patients?
28:07 And that's what AMEN is all about.
28:10 So you can come and learn those skills and seminars
28:12 and in the plenary sessions,
28:14 we really encourage especially the students to come.
28:16 It will be free, your registration will be free,
28:19 and even the housing is subsidized.
28:21 So we really encourage you to come.
28:22 You can look at the website
28:26 We are looking forward to a whole generation
28:29 of medical missionaries for Jesus.
28:32 Come by the AMEN booth.
28:34 Number 310. Number 310. God bless you.
28:42 I want to read a quote for you.
28:45 And it's found in Christian Service page 170.
28:48 It says, "The home missionary work
28:50 will be further advanced in every way
28:54 when a more liberal self-denying,
28:57 self-sacrificing spirit is manifested
29:00 for the prosperity of foreign missions."
29:03 Do you understand what she's saying?
29:05 She's saying that you can bless your local field
29:08 by supporting foreign missions.
29:12 And that's why they designed the GYC sacrifice offering
29:18 because through
29:19 this we're blessing other places,
29:21 and I want to talk to you about the specific country
29:23 and how this offering
29:25 has been impacting a whole country.
29:27 Venezuela's going through rough times right now.
29:30 I don't know if there's any Venezuelans here,
29:32 but we know they're going through a rough time.
29:35 There's a lot of political instability
29:37 over there.
29:39 They have no food.
29:40 Millions of people are not eating
29:42 no more than two meals a day,
29:44 and those meals are not nutritious.
29:47 You can find people digging in trash.
29:51 But in the middle of that, there's a lot of young people
29:53 that are rising up in the time of crisis,
29:56 trying to spread the gospel.
29:57 In June, I was there, and I was...
30:01 I was able to see the reality of that country.
30:04 What you see in the news is not enough.
30:07 And this group of young people approached to me
30:09 and I realized that they were doctors,
30:11 and they worked in a hospital.
30:13 And they told me their necessities
30:14 and the reality of those hospitals over there.
30:17 First of all, they had no supplies,
30:19 they had no gloves, no masks, and many of them,
30:21 they're performing surgeries without those things.
30:25 One of them, they told me,
30:26 "My only protection right now is just God.
30:29 I have to pray."
30:31 They have no medicine. People are just simply dying.
30:36 One of the doctors told me,
30:37 "A week ago, I was just going to quit.
30:39 What's the point of going to the hospitals
30:41 and just letting people die because we cannot help them?"
30:45 They have no food in those hospitals.
30:48 One doctor told me that a year old,
30:50 one-year-old baby weighs as much as a two-month-old
30:55 because moms cannot produce milk
30:58 because they have no food.
31:00 And the worst of all, they cannot preach the gospel.
31:04 They were not trained how to do it.
31:07 And it's a sad situation, and they were desperate,
31:11 and they told me, "Please, we need help."
31:13 And they told me
31:15 that many doctors are leaving the country.
31:17 Many of them, they're just leaving the country
31:19 to other places and the hospitals
31:21 are with less doctors every time.
31:24 And they told me,
31:25 "We want to stay, but we need help.
31:29 We need resources. We need training.
31:31 We want to teach people about Jesus.
31:33 Even if they die, they will live again."
31:37 And this is where GYC has responded.
31:42 Your offerings were the means
31:45 to respond for these doctors.
31:49 iShare donated some,
31:51 but GYC took over and a training weekend
31:57 was designed for these doctors.
32:00 And by God's grace, 45 of them,
32:02 they came and they were trained.
32:04 You will see in a little bit the video
32:07 of what just happened over there.
32:10 But I'll tell you this, these doctors,
32:11 they want to stay
32:13 and they're sacrificing themselves for the people.
32:16 And we're asking to you, if these people are working,
32:20 sacrificing, and they're saying,
32:22 "This is my hands,
32:24 I just need tools," what will you do?
32:29 What will you sacrifice for them?
32:34 And this is just one country out of many that are in need.
32:39 That's why we need this type of offerings
32:42 because whenever there's a need,
32:44 GYC needs to respond.
32:46 And we will respond if you help us to.
32:50 I'll tell this before we start the video,
32:54 you will see the information on the screens
32:56 about how can you donate online.
32:58 You can do it monthly, but at the same time,
33:02 whoever wants an envelope and wants to donate for this,
33:06 you can just raise your hand during the video,
33:08 and the ushers will come
33:10 and they will give you an envelope and you can leave
33:13 the envelopes at the end with the leaders.
33:16 May God bless you,
33:18 and may you also sacrifice something for God.
33:23 Unrest in Venezuela seems to be worsening
33:25 after an attack on a military base
33:27 over the weekend.
33:29 Spiritualism, killings, mass economic crisis,
33:34 and emotional instability
33:35 within Venezuela cannot put out the flame of the faith
33:39 in the heart of young people
33:41 who want to see their Savior come
33:43 in their lifetime.
33:44 Despite the obstacles being many and the risk high,
33:48 this training was made a reality in August 2017
33:51 where Mission Gilead took place.
33:57 GYC along with the affiliates in Colombia heard
34:00 and responded to the cry of the Venezuelan youth.
34:03 The project was a three-day
34:05 medical missionary training program
34:08 in which young professionals came
34:10 and received specialized training
34:12 on how to be a medical missionary
34:14 within their own community.
34:16 The lack of medicine calls for natural alternatives
34:19 which are accessible in their communities.
34:22 They were taught geotherapy,
34:24 hydrotherapy, natural remedies,
34:28 and how to make charcoal.
34:30 Teaching them how to alleviate physical needs was not enough.
34:34 They were also trained to fill spiritual needs.
34:37 They would receive training on how to give Bible studies,
34:40 share the Gospel in a medical setting,
34:43 and learning the true meaning of being a medical missionary.
34:47 They left with more than training.
34:49 They took rice, lentils, and beans back to their homes,
34:53 food that is not easily accessible in Venezuela.
34:56 Tears were shed and hope was regained.
35:00 God has opened their eyes to new horizons.
36:32 All of this has been made possible thanks
36:35 to your contributions.
36:39 Over the years of GYC's overlooking
36:45 and what God has been doing through this movement,
36:48 we have realized
36:49 that more and more God is calling us
36:52 to revival and to mission.
36:55 We are here today to introduce the theme for next year,
36:59 but I want to tell you
37:00 that God is wanting to come in our generation.
37:03 Amen? Amen.
37:05 This is why we have chosen
37:06 to focus on revival and mission.
37:09 And, Jonathan, why don't you tell us
37:12 the text for next year's theme?
37:15 Next year's theme will be based on Acts 1:8.
37:20 Acts 1:8, it says,
37:21 "But you shall receive power
37:24 when the Holy Spirit has come upon you
37:26 and you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem,
37:31 in all of Judea, and Samaria,
37:33 and to the end of the earth."
37:36 In it we find a powerful promise,
37:40 we find power,
37:41 and we find a commission from Jesus,
37:44 some of His last words to us before He ascended to heaven.
37:48 I believe God has a special plan for us
37:51 in this generation,
37:52 and I don't just say this because we are at GYC.
37:54 We really believe this. Amen.
37:57 And we are hoping that revival
37:58 and mission will bring about the end.
38:02 Amen.
38:04 So, Moise, tell us what will be next year's theme.
38:08 Next year's theme will be based on the text Acts 1:8.
38:13 It will be named To The End.
38:18 I pray, and I pray
38:21 that Jesus will come before GYC,
38:26 and this is the location, remember, GYC, Houston,
38:30 like Gary Blanchard says, in the country of Texas,
38:34 we're going to meet in Houston again.
38:37 But I pray that Jesus is going to come
38:39 before GYC begins in Houston.
38:41 Amen? Amen.
38:43 But if He does not, we're going to be there.
38:46 Now is a time
38:47 and we are praying for the latter rain.
38:50 We want nothing else but the latter rain.
38:53 We want Jesus to do something. We don't want the glory.
38:57 We want God to get the glory.
38:59 And that is what we're praying for.
39:01 Amen.
39:02 To The End, and we don't want this
39:04 just to be another GYC with a nice theme.
39:07 We want this to be our marching orders.
39:10 And, friends, we cannot share too much right now,
39:12 but I can promise you
39:13 that God right now is preparing something very special
39:17 for next year's theme
39:19 and the upcoming time to make this theme of next year
39:23 a living reality in all of our lives.
39:25 We believe that God will do an incredible thing,
39:27 and we're excited to share more next year.
39:30 So be there in Houston, 2018, To The End.
39:34 Amen.
39:39 Good evening, GYC.
39:41 Tonight in our this I Believe section,
39:44 it will be presented by a Casey Vaughn.
39:46 She currently is
39:49 a graduate student at Andrews and she serves on the EECOM
39:52 as one of the general vice presidents.
39:55 And tonight, she will be presenting for us.
39:58 So we'd like to invite her. Thank you.
40:01 Good evening.
40:03 It's been a wonderful time here at GYC.
40:05 Amen? Amen.
40:08 So there's been a couple questions
40:10 I've been asking myself lately.
40:13 Who am I? Where do I fit into society?
40:17 Where do I fit into my generation as a whole?
40:21 How much of my personal religion
40:22 is actually based in the Bible and how much is merely
40:25 my personal religious philosophy or worldview?
40:29 What do I believe?
40:33 No, I'm not going to presume
40:34 to speak for every millennial in my generation
40:36 because after all
40:38 we're the most diverse generation in history,
40:40 and coincidentally,
40:42 the one that cares the most about it.
40:44 But I can tell you what I have seen.
40:47 I have seen this generation create,
40:50 harness, and improve whole new ways to communicate.
40:53 I sat in my classes in my undergrad and watched
40:56 as my generation shaped politics
40:59 and entire nations.
41:01 We are the generation brimming with potential and passion.
41:04 I see a generation who is passionate
41:06 about authenticity and vulnerability.
41:11 Voices from every side pressure us
41:13 to fit into societal, cultural, and religious molds
41:18 all while we fight for that authenticity.
41:21 We are the generation passionate
41:23 about ending sexism, racism, slavery,
41:27 and the stigma surrounding mental health,
41:29 and I believe that we can do those things.
41:32 I believe that we have
41:33 the ability to end societal strongholds
41:37 that have held on us for generations.
41:40 And I believe
41:42 that God believes in this generation.
41:46 I believe that God believes in you,
41:48 God is passionate about your passions.
41:52 In Amos, He tells us,
41:54 "But let justice run down like water
41:57 and righteousness like a mighty stream."
41:59 The passions of you, my generation,
42:02 are not an appendix in the body of Christ,
42:04 they are not some organ
42:06 that we merely haven't found the usefulness of yet,
42:09 but they're a vital,
42:11 vital part of the body of Christ.
42:13 Whatever passions God has given you,
42:16 take them and run with them.
42:18 Run with them towards Him.
42:21 I believe that we truly can change
42:23 the world in this generation,
42:25 even if that is just for one person.
42:29 I believe, in this generation, we can see our Savior come
42:33 and that we can see our Savior face to face.
42:35 I believe in this generation
42:37 because we have the ability to create new platforms
42:40 and harness new avenues
42:41 for the spreading of the gospel.
42:43 I believe in this generation
42:46 because we care about each other.
42:49 I believe in this generation
42:50 because we care about community.
42:52 I believe in this generation
42:53 because God believes in this generation,
42:55 and I believe in this generation
42:59 because we are so utterly helpless.
43:04 Without Jesus,
43:06 no amount of efforts at GYC, at home,
43:10 anywhere will accomplish anything.
43:14 Without Jesus, working in and through us,
43:17 all the messages and sermons in the world
43:19 won't make a difference.
43:21 Without Jesus in our lives, millions upon millions will die
43:24 without hope and without salvation.
43:27 Without Jesus, no amount of influence, money,
43:31 time in the world is going to impact a single soul
43:35 for eternity.
43:38 Without Jesus in our personal lives,
43:41 no amount of GYCs will change us.
43:44 Without Jesus in the hearts of this generation,
43:48 every single one of us will be lost.
43:53 Without Him,
43:55 we will be the generation that could have ended slavery.
44:00 Without Him, we will be the generation
44:01 that could have ended sexism and racism.
44:05 Without Him, we'll be the generation
44:07 that brings our children to GYC to plead with Him
44:09 to do the things we could not do ourselves.
44:13 Without Him, we will be the generation
44:16 that's looked back on with so much lost potential.
44:20 Without Him, no matter how hard we work,
44:22 no matter how many fundamentals
44:24 we teach or series we preach,
44:29 not a single soul will be brought
44:31 to repentance and new life.
44:35 But with Him,
44:38 but with Jesus, Jesus is the only thing,
44:41 the only person, the only catalyst,
44:44 the only justice pursuer
44:45 who can make a difference in this world today.
44:49 With Him...
44:50 No, He through us, through this generation,
44:56 Jesus will feed the hungry, through this generation,
44:59 Jesus will wipe away the tears
45:01 from the eyes of the brokenhearted.
45:02 Through this generation,
45:04 Jesus will welcome the downtrodden
45:06 into the church doors.
45:07 Through this generation,
45:08 Jesus will show the world His heart of love
45:11 and bring the gospel to the entire world.
45:13 Through this generation,
45:14 Jesus will be known not just through our preaching
45:18 but through our lives.
45:22 And I don't need to tell you that this only happens
45:25 when we're fully surrendered.
45:26 You are at GYC after all.
45:29 I don't need to tell you that unless our hearts
45:33 are wholly and totally and fully His,
45:36 this will not happen.
45:39 Jon Foreman summed up Amos 5 this way,
45:45 "Instead let there be a flood of justice,
45:50 an endless procession of righteous living.
45:54 Instead of the hypocrisy of our praise,
45:57 instead of the hypocrisy of our festivals.
46:01 Instead let there be a flood of justice
46:03 and endless expression of righteous living
46:08 instead of a show."
46:12 It is on His heart to change the world.
46:16 He believes in this generation.
46:19 Jesus believes in you.
46:24 I believe in this generation.
46:25 We can put an end to systemic hate, racism, sexism, slavery,
46:28 you name it but not alone.
46:32 I believe in this generation,
46:33 we can show the world this hope
46:35 that you and I hold in our hands but not alone.
46:40 I believe in this generation,
46:41 we can see our Jesus face
46:44 to face but not alone.
46:49 I believe in this generation
46:51 not because of who we are
46:54 but because of who He is.
46:57 This I believe.
47:01 Amen.
47:06 Wonderful.
47:08 And I can't believe it's almost over.
47:13 I'm going to miss all of you.
47:15 But I'm going to miss the prayer room even more.
47:18 Last chance to be in the prayer room.
47:21 Who among you here
47:23 has not visited the prayer room,
47:25 raise your hand?
47:27 You want to be there? Yes.
47:30 By God's grace.
47:31 So I don't want to delay any further,
47:33 I just want to introduce to you my friends
47:36 who have been in the prayer room.
47:37 Shiloh, tell us what happened in the prayer room
47:40 when you first went to the prayer room before.
47:43 Well, I was in a really dark place at the time.
47:47 I was discouraged.
47:48 And so I went to the prayer room
47:50 and everybody was telling me
47:53 how awesome it was and I didn't see it.
47:57 It wasn't working for me.
47:59 And so I went again and same thing,
48:01 went again, and finally had a breakthrough,
48:03 and I was like, "Yes, this is awesome."
48:05 And it didn't last.
48:07 And so I went again, it was the last time I went...
48:10 Well, not the last time I went, but I went again, and it was...
48:15 I decided I was going to not pray for myself,
48:19 I was just going to pray for others.
48:21 And while I was praying for others,
48:23 I just had a break through and just broke down crying.
48:26 And when I left, I couldn't stop smiling
48:29 and I haven't had those feelings again
48:32 for a little over two years now.
48:35 She's still smiling until now. You see that?
48:37 That has never been wiped out. And Shiloh did not stop there.
48:42 She could not let the prayer room
48:44 just be there in GYC.
48:46 What did you do?
48:47 I went home to my home church
48:49 and realized we didn't have a prayer room.
48:51 And so during a board meeting when I probably should have
48:55 been asking permission for a prayer room,
48:57 I was cleaning out a storage closet,
48:59 and so we have a prayer room now.
49:02 And my dear friends, I preached in that church.
49:04 I saw her prayer room.
49:06 It's an extreme makeover
49:08 from a storage to a prayer room.
49:11 Thank you, Shiloh.
49:13 My good friend Luke here has been to GYC.
49:16 This is his fourth time in GYC,
49:18 and he said that the first two
49:21 did not have that much impact on him.
49:24 What happened on the third time?
49:25 And that was last year, isn't it?
49:27 That's correct. I went to the prayer room.
49:29 You went to the prayer room,
49:30 and what happened in the prayer room?
49:32 When I went to the prayer room, it changed my spiritual life,
49:35 it changed my focus on prayer off of self
49:37 and on to about God.
49:39 And that's what my focus is
49:41 for mission work and everything.
49:42 And now it's not focused on self, it's focused on God.
49:45 Amen? Amen.
49:47 And I heard from some of my friends
49:49 that you were excited to go to GYC this year,
49:53 for what reason?
49:54 The prayer room. He is a man of few words.
49:58 But he knows what he wants and he goes for it.
50:01 Thank you, Luke. This is my friend Emely.
50:07 Emely, tell us about how you were brought
50:09 to the prayer room.
50:11 Well, actually, last year was our first time in GYC.
50:14 So I went to one of the seminars,
50:16 melody seminar.
50:18 And I knew she was giving one of the books.
50:20 So I went to the booth, and that's where,
50:24 yeah, I met Jim.
50:26 And he was telling me about the prayer room,
50:29 I didn't know anything about the prayer room.
50:31 And he said something,
50:33 I'm just going to paraphrase it,
50:35 and he said, "If you came to GYC
50:37 and you don't go to the prayer room,
50:39 then you came here to do nothing."
50:42 So yes, I came here to do something.
50:45 So we went to the prayer room.
50:47 And what happened in the prayer room?
50:49 Well, the prayer room was a life-changing experience.
50:53 I'm not the same person anymore,
50:55 like my focus is only God and Jesus Christ.
51:00 And I heard that you came up with something
51:03 that came out of the prayer, and what was that?
51:05 We came with something called "instant prayer."
51:10 Instant prayer, not Instagram but instant prayer.
51:13 Not Instagram, instant prayer.
51:16 Okay, what is Instagram...
51:17 Or instant prayer?
51:21 Well, instant prayer, whenever we prayed,
51:25 we got the answer right away.
51:28 We just close our eyes and whenever
51:31 we'd open them after the prayer,
51:33 the prayer was answered.
51:34 Amen. Wow, that's strange.
51:37 That's amazing. Thank you so much.
51:39 I guess Francis here has more things to say
51:42 about the instant prayer.
51:44 Let Francis explain.
51:47 Okay, so like Emely said,
51:49 it was the first time last year coming to GYC
51:51 and we did go to the prayer room.
51:52 And to just give you a little testimony
51:54 of what happened to us, when we got here,
51:57 she ended up having a really bad headache,
51:59 and throughout the whole weekend
52:01 or a couple days that we were here,
52:02 we had a lot of...
52:04 After coming to the prayer room,
52:05 we started praying more and would have these...
52:07 We started praying more often and we would have small prayers
52:10 and then we could start to see
52:11 that as soon as we finished praying,
52:13 our answers would be right there.
52:14 So like I said, she had a really bad headache
52:17 and she was here in the service,
52:19 and she's like, "I need to go back,
52:20 but I don't want to go back.
52:21 I don't want to miss the sermon."
52:23 So she put her head down,
52:24 I gave her like a little quick massage,
52:25 and I prayed in my head.
52:27 And then after I finished praying,
52:29 you know, she stood up and she grabs my hand,
52:32 she's like, "Wow, you have gifted hands."
52:34 And I'm like what?
52:36 And, you know, she's like,
52:37 "No, really, my headache is gone,
52:39 like, I'm done, I'm staying."
52:41 And I was like, "Really?
52:43 Because I literally just prayed for you,
52:44 like, a couple of seconds ago and your headache is gone.
52:47 So it's not my hands, that was God."
52:48 So it was like,
52:50 you know, it's something small but it just gave me the chills
52:52 because I was so blessed that week,
52:55 and it was just an amazing feeling, so...
52:57 Praise God. Amen? Amen.
52:59 And this is one amazing thing about our God.
53:01 He gives us little evidences that would build our faith.
53:04 And I know that it did not stop there.
53:07 What are the other things
53:08 that came out of that prayer room?
53:10 So after we did the prayer room,
53:13 that whole week we were so blessed
53:14 that I had been trying to read the Bible,
53:17 the whole entire Bible for the year,
53:19 and we made a commitment.
53:20 I was like, "You know what,
53:22 this year I'm going to do the Bible reading."
53:23 So we went home
53:25 and we started studying the Bible,
53:26 and every day we called each other to discuss it
53:28 to make sure we were accountable
53:30 and that we didn't quit and we were successful.
53:32 So we finished reading the Bible this year.
53:34 Can you say amen? Amen.
53:36 An excitement to read the Bible,
53:38 that is the Holy Spirit, my dear friends.
53:40 And you know what, these two girls here,
53:43 they could not keep it to themselves
53:44 and they have been inviting friends.
53:46 And now they invited two friends to come to GYC
53:50 and they have been pushing them,
53:51 "Let us go to the prayer room."
53:53 And the guy that I'm going to introduce to you came
53:56 from Dominican Republic.
53:58 Okay, Dr. Eric, tell us what happened
54:01 when you arrived in GYC.
54:03 Well, first time in GYC and my first day I got sick.
54:07 I thought it was like a simple cold
54:10 or probably I was tired from the trip.
54:12 But then I checked myself
54:13 and diagnosed myself and I had...
54:16 Since I'm a doctor.
54:18 And then I found out
54:20 that I had a bacterial infection
54:23 that I had in the past, which is really bad.
54:25 And the only way to treat it is using antibiotics.
54:30 So, you know, I'm not from here in the US,
54:32 it's kind of expensive
54:33 if you don't have a health insurance
54:35 to see a doctor or to go to an urgent care.
54:38 And then my friends, they were like,
54:40 "Oh, what do we do now?"
54:42 They were so worried about me.
54:43 Then I said to myself, "God, You brought me here.
54:46 You wanted me to be here. So what is this?
54:48 You have to do something."
54:50 So I heard the stories about the experience
54:53 they had in the prayer room.
54:55 So I decided I'm going to the prayer room,
54:57 but I was like burning up in fever, headache, pain,
55:01 I didn't want to walk or anything.
55:05 And then she was like too worried about me,
55:06 this lady right here.
55:08 She was like,
55:09 "Let's make a little prayer room here
55:11 in the room.
55:12 Let's pray."
55:13 So we prayed, but the next morning
55:15 I couldn't go
55:16 'cause I was feeling really bad.
55:17 But then the following morning, I was like God brought me here,
55:20 He has to do something.
55:22 So I decided to go with my headache,
55:24 my fever, like a zombie.
55:28 But then in the prayer room, as soon as I get into it,
55:31 like everybody praying, I started praying myself,
55:35 people praying for sick people we don't know.
55:37 I was sick right there. I'm like this is God's will.
55:41 So as soon as I walk out from the prayer room,
55:44 like no pain, no fever, nothing.
55:48 I could see the bacteria within me,
55:50 I checked myself again,
55:52 I'm like I still have the bacteria,
55:53 but I'm not feeling any pain or fever.
55:56 Later on, I had the antibiotics
55:58 but God had already made His part in the prayer room.
56:01 So I encourage you to go to the prayer room,
56:05 God is everywhere
56:06 but He's there like more than anywhere.
56:11 I don't know. Amen?
56:13 Isn't that an amazing testimony?
56:15 I'm thinking that the next time we had Pathways to Health,
56:19 we'll just have Pathways to Health with prayer room.
56:21 Amen. A whole prayer room, amen?
56:23 Amen.
56:25 My dear friends, you still have one more chance
56:28 to go and visit
56:30 the prayer room tomorrow at 6:00am.
56:33 Do not let GYC pass you
56:35 by without going to the prayer room.
56:37 My dear friends, don't let God wait for you.
56:43 Let's go, let's come running to Him.
56:45 Amen?
56:46 Let's kneel down for the prayer.


Revised 2018-06-28