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00:33 Good morning, GYC. Good morning.
00:36 We're going to start off our song service
00:38 by singing He Leadeth Me.
00:52 He leadeth me!
00:56 O blessed thought!
00:59 O words with heavenly
01:02 Comfort fraught!
01:06 Whate'er I do, where'er I be
01:13 Still 'tis God's hand
01:16 That leadeth me
01:21 He leadeth me, He leadeth me
01:26 By His own hand He leadeth me
01:33 His faithful follower I would be
01:39 For by His hand
01:42 He leadeth me
01:47 Sometimes 'mid scenes of deepest gloom
01:53 Sometimes where Eden's bowers bloom
02:00 By waters still, o'er troubled sea
02:08 Still 'tis His hand that leadeth me!
02:16 He leadeth me, He leadeth me
02:22 By His own hand He leadeth me
02:29 His Faithful follower I would be
02:34 For by His hand He leadeth me
02:42 Lord, I would clasp my hand in Thine
02:48 Nor ever murmur nor repine
02:55 Content whatever lot I see
03:03 Since 'tis my God
03:06 That leadeth me
03:11 He leadeth me, He leadeth me
03:17 By His own hand He leadeth me
03:24 His faithful follower I would be
03:30 For by His hand
03:33 He leadeth me
03:38 And when my task on earth is done
03:44 When, by Thy grace
03:47 The victory's won
03:51 E'en death's cold wave I will no flee
03:59 Since God through Jordan leadeth me
04:07 He leadeth me, He leadeth me
04:12 By His own hand He leadeth me
04:20 His faithful follower I would be
04:26 For by His hand
04:29 He leadeth me
04:38 Amen.
04:40 Our next song will be
04:41 Come All Christians, Be Committed.
04:56 Come, all Christians, be committed
05:00 To the service of the Lord
05:05 Make your lives for Him more fitted
05:10 Tune your hearts with one accord
05:14 Come into His courts with gladness
05:19 Each His sacred vows renew
05:24 Turn away from sin and sadness
05:28 Be transformed with life a new
05:34 Of your time and talents give ye
05:38 They are gifts from God above
05:43 To be used by Christians freely
05:47 To proclaim His wondrous love
05:52 Come again to serve the Savior
05:56 Tithes and off'rings with you bring
06:01 In your work with Him find favor
06:06 And with joy His praises sing
06:11 God's command to love each other
06:17 Is required of every one
06:21 Showing mercy to another
06:26 Mirrors His redemptive plan
06:31 In compassion He has given
06:35 Of His love that is divine
06:40 On the cross sins were forgiven
06:45 Joy and peace are fully thine
06:50 Come in praise and adoration
06:55 All who on Christ's name believe
07:00 Worship Him with consecration
07:05 Grace and love you will receive
07:10 For His grace give Him the glory
07:15 For the Spirit and the Word
07:19 And repeat the gospel story
07:24 Till mankind His name has heard
07:34 Good morning, everyone.
07:37 Please turn in your Bibles with me to Genesis 3:15.
07:42 Genesis 3:15,
07:47 "And I will put enmity between you and the woman,
07:50 and between your seed and her seed.
07:53 He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel."
07:59 When I ask Chantal Kayumba, our speaker for this morning,
08:02 what she'd like you all to know about her, she replied,
08:06 "There's nothing to know about me."
08:09 After I adamantly rejected her response,
08:12 she reluctantly added, "I have a lot of siblings."
08:17 That's cool, but does anyone ever talk about
08:19 how many siblings they have?
08:20 I don't think so.
08:22 I haven't done anything cool.
08:24 Wait! What are you doing?
08:25 Are you writing all this down?"
08:26 Yes, yes, I did.
08:29 And while I appreciate her characteristic humility,
08:32 I must once again respectfully reject her statements
08:35 because there is, in fact, a lot to know about Chantal,
08:38 and she is, in fact, very, very cool.
08:42 She's currently a nursing student
08:44 at the University of Windsor,
08:45 and has developed a passion for mental health.
08:48 Additionally, for the past two years,
08:50 she's been serving as GYC's VP of service,
08:53 leading mission endeavors to places like Rwanda
08:56 and Manitoulin Island,
08:57 and has been involved behind the scenes with GYC conferences
09:00 for the past seven years.
09:03 Her speaking appointment this morning is not her first.
09:06 She gave her first sermon which was one minute
09:08 in length at age 12,
09:11 preached in evangelistic series at age 16,
09:14 and has continued to share her speaking talents
09:16 at GYC and beyond.
09:18 You see there is a lot to know, and at a surface level,
09:21 these biographical details are pretty cool.
09:24 But none define Chantal.
09:28 Getting to know her on the executive committee
09:30 and as a personal friend, I've come to realize
09:32 that Chantal is much more
09:34 than a collection of cool titles.
09:36 She's genuinely kind and thoughtful.
09:39 I've seen her stay up to sweep floors, wash dishes,
09:42 or throw away other people's trash
09:44 during GYC leadership retreats.
09:47 I've witnessed her reach out to people who are hurting
09:50 or if you're out of place.
09:51 There is no pretence in Chantal.
09:54 And one of the things I admire most
09:55 about her is her realness,
09:57 her desire to seek what is true,
10:00 to remain open and honest,
10:02 and to readily acknowledge her weaknesses
10:05 in an effort to transform them
10:07 through God's help into strengths.
10:09 She's not here to maintain or project a fa├žade
10:12 but is instead, unapologetically herself,
10:15 an individual seeking the face of God
10:18 in this dark and confusing world.
10:20 And today after prayer and special music,
10:23 sharing some of these insights with you.
10:25 Let's pray.
10:29 Heavenly Father, I uplift Chantal to you,
10:31 her words, her mind, her being.
10:34 May she rely not on her own strength but on Yours.
10:38 May she be a reflection of You.
10:40 Fill her with Your Holy Spirit and Your perfect peace.
10:43 I pray this in Jesus' name, amen.
11:04 The fire of His spirit
11:07 in faithful hearts is burning
11:11 Arise! You are called
11:14 To hold aloft its flame
11:19 Arise and shine forth
11:22 A light unto the nations
11:26 A beacon of salvation
11:29 A standard o'er the earth
11:32 Arise and shine forth to fill a world in darkness
11:39 With the brightness and the glory of the Lord
11:46 Arise! Arise and shine forth
11:54 A glorious dawn o'er all the world is breaking
12:00 For prophets again have heard the voice of God
12:08 He speaks from the heavens
12:11 To every tongue and people
12:15 Arise! You are called to spread His word abroad
12:23 Arise and shine forth
12:26 A light unto the nations
12:29 A beacon of salvation
12:33 A standard o'er the earth
12:36 Arise and shine forth
12:39 To fill the world in darkness
12:42 With the brightness and the glory of the Lord
12:49 Arise! Arise and shine forth
13:07 A glorious dawn o'er all the world is breaking
13:14 The hour is at hand when Christ will come to reign
13:21 When goodness and mercy will govern all creation
13:28 Arise! You are called to usher in the day
13:35 Arise and shine forth
13:38 A light unto the nations
13:41 A beacon of salvation
13:45 A standard o'er the earth
13:48 Arise and shine forth to fill a world in darkness
13:54 With the brightness and the glory of the Lord
14:02 Arise!
14:05 Arise and shine forth
14:11 Shine forth
14:22 Amen! Amen!
14:25 Good morning, GYC.
14:28 I didn't hear that.
14:29 Good morning, GYC.
14:31 Good morning!
14:34 I am great, friends.
14:38 I am so excited to be here with you this morning.
14:41 I am so nervous to be here this morning.
14:44 But I know that God will speak to us.
14:48 My first GYC was in 2009, it was in Louisville, Kentucky,
14:53 and the theme was Unashamed.
14:55 I was 13 years old and I was just excited
14:58 to be taking a trip without my parents.
15:01 And so, naturally,
15:03 I don't remember much about the conference.
15:05 I know that I was fascinated by
15:07 how many young people were passionate about God.
15:11 I was fascinated by how many young people
15:14 had opinions about their local church,
15:17 and a passion for the gospel,
15:18 and a personal commitment to the gospel.
15:22 One day, I remember taking a nap,
15:23 I took many naps at GYC,
15:26 and so I took a nap
15:27 and I woke up too late for the seminars.
15:30 So I was walking through the halls
15:32 trying to find something to do, and I see a group of people
15:34 just sitting on the ground and they're talking
15:37 and they're praying and I'm like,
15:39 "They're just so weird."
15:41 And so I stood around watching them
15:44 and it got awkward so they invited me into the circle
15:47 and I joined them and I'm like,
15:48 "Wait, they're so cool."
15:52 And so I continued through the weekend,
15:55 nothing life changing until Saturday night.
15:59 Saturday night, I remember sitting in the conference
16:03 and David Asscherick was preaching.
16:04 I don't know if any of you remember that.
16:06 But he was preaching
16:08 a sermon called Unashamed of the Crucified Christ.
16:12 And as I sat there, I realized for the first time
16:15 that God had this incredible love for me.
16:19 And I was like, "You know what,
16:20 I don't know that much about Him.
16:22 I don't know that much about the Bible,
16:25 but I do know that a God who loves me
16:28 this much is a God to be followed."
16:32 And so that night, I gave my life to Christ
16:34 and I was so inspired, a fire burned within me.
16:39 I didn't listen to the whole sermon.
16:42 At the time, I was incapable of listening to entire sermons
16:45 but I heard enough to start a revolution in my life.
16:49 And so going home...
16:51 The next day, I had come to GYC with my sister
16:54 and her husband and I told them,
16:56 "Guys, we have to switch seats
16:58 because I need to sit with a stranger,
17:00 I have things to tell to that stranger."
17:03 And so we switched seats and I plagiarized
17:05 David Asscherick's entire sermon.
17:07 I was like, "I'm ashamed of the crucified Christ.
17:10 I want to call you today to give your life to Christ.
17:13 Go home, find an Adventist church,
17:15 sign up and get baptized."
17:17 The woman was so gracious, she accepted.
17:20 I was so on fire for God.
17:24 But unfortunately, like many fires,
17:27 mine began to extinguish.
17:30 Our theme text today is Isaiah 60:1-3,
17:36 and I think that it's such a beautiful text
17:40 and we've focused on it in varied many different lenses.
17:43 But today, I want to focus on this text
17:45 through the individual and the cross, the what?
17:50 I didn't hear that.
17:52 I want to focus on the verge through
17:54 the individual and the cross, you and God.
17:59 The word arise means to get up or stand up,
18:01 to come up higher
18:03 than your current position or condition,
18:06 and shine literally means to give out a bright light.
18:09 So you put that together and you have a call to stand up
18:13 and give out a bright light.
18:16 You see the call to arise and shine implies
18:18 a current state of laying down and not shining,
18:22 or in other terms, a state of complacency,
18:24 inactivity, and darkness.
18:28 Arise and shine.
18:31 Let us pray.
18:34 Father, you know that I have nothing to say.
18:41 As I stand here and I read Your Word
18:43 and I read the call to arise,
18:44 Father, I myself find myself inadequate.
18:49 And so, Lord, I pray that
18:51 You will do a miracle this morning.
18:53 I pray that You will do for me what I cannot do for myself.
18:58 I pray that You will speak to each and every heart
19:01 that is here this morning.
19:04 And, Father, that we may see a clear picture of who You are.
19:07 In Jesus' name, I pray, amen.
19:11 Arise and shine.
19:13 As I was preparing for this, I wonder,
19:15 "Okay, so arise implies that
19:18 at some point in time, we fell."
19:21 And so I began to search the scripture
19:23 until I found the fall of man.
19:27 And it's in Genesis 3, the fall of man.
19:32 Genesis 3.
19:35 We know the story but we will still look over it.
19:39 Genesis 3.
19:42 And it starts in the Garden of Eden,
19:44 Adam and Eve are in the garden,
19:46 and we know that God gave them every fruit
19:48 of the garden to eat, right?
19:51 But He gave them a specific instruction,
19:52 and so in Genesis 3 says,
19:55 "Now the serpent was more crafty
19:56 than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made.
20:00 He said to the woman, "Did God really say,
20:02 'You must not eat from any tree in the garden?'"
20:06 So interesting how the devil works.
20:09 He misquotes God, he misrepresents God,
20:11 and often, many of us do not know
20:14 the Word of God and so we are fooled.
20:17 So he says, "Is it true?"
20:18 The woman says, verse 2,
20:20 "The woman said to the serpent,
20:22 'We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden
20:24 but God did say, 'You must not eat fruit
20:27 from the tree that is in the middle of the garden,
20:29 you must not touch it or you will die.'"
20:32 And so here we find that the serpent approaches Eve
20:37 with a question, a trick question.
20:39 He says, "Is it true that you must not eat of any fruit?"
20:42 And Eve knows the truth and she corrects the serpent
20:46 but we know how the story goes.
20:49 Even the truth, if it's not applied
20:52 in our lives cannot save us.
20:55 And so she eats of the fruit and she shares it with Adam,
20:58 so generous.
21:00 And Adam and Eve fall.
21:03 And the Bible tells us that they fall,
21:06 and when you skip to verse 7, it says,
21:09 "Then the eyes of them both were opened
21:11 and they realize that they were naked.
21:14 So they sewed fig leaves for themselves and made...
21:18 They sewed fig leaves together
21:20 and made coverings for themselves."
21:23 So the eyes of them were open,
21:25 and they realized they were naked.
21:26 I don't know if you've ever fallen
21:28 but there's a realization that hits you.
21:31 And you realize for the first time your condition,
21:34 you realize how naked, how wretched you are,
21:37 and your eyes are opened.
21:39 It's not a good feeling.
21:42 I've been there.
21:44 So what do our first parents do?
21:46 The Bible says, "They sewed together fig leaves
21:49 and made coverings."
21:54 Ellen G. White commenting on their garment says,
21:57 and I want you to pay very close attention.
22:00 Adam and Eve both ate of the fruit
22:02 and obtained a knowledge which had they obeyed God,
22:05 they would have never had.
22:08 An experience in disobedience and disloyalty to God,
22:11 the knowledge that they were naked.
22:15 The garment of innocence, a covering from God
22:18 which surrounded them departed and they supplied
22:20 the place of this heavenly garment
22:22 by sowing together fig leaves for aprons.
22:27 This is the covering that the transgressors of the law
22:30 have used since the days
22:31 of Adam and Eve's disobedience.
22:34 They have sowed together fig leaves
22:36 to cover their nakedness caused by transgression.
22:39 The fig leaves represent arguments
22:41 used to cover disobedience.
22:44 When the Lord calls the attention of men and women
22:47 to the truth, the making of fig leaves
22:49 into aprons will be begun,
22:51 to hide the nakedness of the soul.
22:54 But the nakedness of the sinner is not covered.
22:58 All the arguments pieced together
23:00 by all who have interested themselves
23:02 in this flimsy work will come to naught.
23:07 You see, friends, fig leaves will not cover your sin.
23:11 All the arguments pieced together will come to nothing.
23:16 All the attempts to disobey God will not result in peace.
23:22 So Adam and Eve lose their robes of light,
23:25 they realize their nakedness, and for the first time,
23:27 they encounter the darkness
23:29 that is a natural consequence of sin.
23:34 Verse 8 says, "Then the man and his wife heard
23:40 the sound of the Lord God as He was walking in the garden
23:43 in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God
23:46 among the trees of the garden."
23:49 Now as I was reading this, I thought growing up
23:52 in an African home,
23:54 there's something scary about a father.
23:56 My dad is a great man but every time he came home,
23:59 we naturally just went to hide because we're like,
24:02 you know what, we might have done something wrong today
24:04 and so we would hide.
24:09 And so Adam and Eve,
24:10 they knew they had done something wrong
24:12 and they hear the voice of God,
24:13 they hear sound and they go and they hide.
24:19 Verse 9, "But the Lord God called to the man,
24:25 'Where are you?'"
24:28 I love God's approach in verse 9, God looks at them.
24:34 And you know when God came to the garden,
24:35 He knew full well what Adam and Eve had done.
24:38 He knew exactly where they were hiding.
24:40 But He looks at them and He says, "Where are you?"
24:45 You see, friends, I believe that today
24:46 God looks at your darkness, He looks at your nakedness,
24:49 He sees you hiding and He asks you,
24:52 "Where are you?"
24:57 And they replied, "We heard Your voice and we hid."
25:04 How many of us this weekend have been hearing
25:06 the voice of God, appeal after appeal?
25:10 And you know that God is tugging at your heart.
25:15 But instead, you hide.
25:20 "We heard Your voice
25:24 and we hid."
25:28 Verse 15, and this is where I want us to focus today.
25:31 I thank Shauna for her introduction
25:33 and for reading the scripture.
25:35 Verse 15 says, "And I will put enmity
25:38 between you and the woman,
25:40 between your offspring and hers."
25:44 So here we find that God asked, "Where are you?"
25:46 And they explained to Him their pitiful condition,
25:48 and He now outlines His plan.
25:52 And verse 15 says, "I will put enmity
25:54 between you and the woman,
25:56 between you and her offspring."
25:59 Here we find the plan of salvation outlined.
26:02 God looks at our pitiful condition,
26:04 He looks at our fig leaves apron coverings,
26:08 and He says, "I."
26:10 That's so interesting, friends,
26:11 and I don't want us to miss this.
26:13 God looks at our condition and He says that
26:16 the only solution to our condition is found through Him.
26:21 He says, I will put an enmity
26:23 between you and the serpent
26:25 because God recognizes that in and of ourselves,
26:28 we can never hate the devil.
26:30 In and of ourselves, we can never overcome sin,
26:33 in and of ourselves, we are doomed, and He says,
26:36 "I will put enmity between you and the serpent."
26:40 God says, "I."
26:41 And I believe that as He looks at your darkness,
26:44 as He looks at your nakedness,
26:45 as He looks at your pitiful condition this morning,
26:48 God says, "I will put enmity between you and the serpent."
26:55 The focus, the solution has always been in God,
26:59 never in human attempt.
27:04 God says, "I will do for you
27:07 what you cannot do for yourself.
27:09 I will restore you to the glory
27:12 that you just lost because I am your God."
27:17 Ellen G. White says, "As soon..."
27:20 I don't want us to miss this.
27:22 "As soon as there was sin, there was a Savior."
27:27 Did you hear that, friends?
27:28 As soon as there was sin, there was a Savior.
27:31 Our sin did not cause heaven to fumble,
27:33 our sin did not bring the angels
27:35 and God together like,
27:36 "Oh, my goodness, what do we do now?"
27:38 As soon as there was sin, there was a Savior.
27:44 Christ knew that He would have to suffer
27:46 yet He became man's substitute.
27:49 As soon as Adam sinned,
27:50 the Son of God presented Himself
27:53 as a surety for the human race.
27:55 With just as much power to avert
27:57 the doom pronounce upon the guilty
28:00 as when He died upon Calvary.
28:03 Doom pronounced upon the guilty, who are the guilty?
28:08 The guilty are you and I.
28:12 Friends, in any battle against sin
28:15 unless Jesus is our only focus, unless Jesus is our solution,
28:19 we will not overcome.
28:22 He is our substitute.
28:24 So in every youth ministry, unless Jesus is the focus,
28:28 it will fail.
28:30 In every Bible study, unless Jesus is the focus,
28:33 it will fail.
28:35 In every GYC convention, in every mission trip,
28:38 unless Jesus is the focus, it will fail.
28:44 Christ is our only foundation.
28:48 His love is our only hope.
28:51 It is a hard day when you realize that
28:54 no love here on earth is guaranteed.
28:57 It is a dark reality when you realize
29:00 that those who should be entrusted
29:02 to love and protect you will fail you.
29:06 Yet we have one sure foundation,
29:09 a God that loved you in your sin
29:13 and loves you too much
29:14 to keep you in your darkness.
29:17 I remember my own darkness.
29:19 When I too like our first parents drifted from God,
29:23 I became so discouraged by the world.
29:27 But unfortunately, as I look to the church for comfort,
29:31 I found a darkness there too.
29:34 I allowed people to determine my view of God.
29:39 I allowed people to distort my perception.
29:46 And ultimately, kill my faith.
29:48 And soon I deemed Adventism, a healthy culture, a tradition
29:54 rather than a church ordained by God Himself.
29:59 I share this not because it is easy
30:01 but because I know that some here are relating.
30:06 I know that some here realized long time ago
30:09 that the world was a dark place but what they did not expect
30:13 was for the church to be just as dark.
30:18 I encourage you, however, to hang in there.
30:23 You see, I realize,
30:24 it makes sense that the devil would attack the church.
30:28 You see, oftentimes,
30:29 the devil more than we ourselves
30:31 realize the importance
30:32 and the value of the church.
30:36 So it makes sense that you would have
30:38 his representatives there.
30:42 It was Gandhi who said, "I like your Christ,
30:44 I do not like your Christians.
30:46 Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."
30:52 Unfortunately, oftentimes as Christians,
30:56 we are a source of darkness for so many.
31:03 So mankind falls,
31:05 and God sends Jesus to restore humanity to its glory.
31:11 And Jesus walks among us,
31:13 He lives a life of no sin.
31:17 I think, sometimes, we forget that
31:19 Jesus really took on human nature.
31:24 I don't think we understand that,
31:26 He took on human nature and lived a life
31:30 with no sin.
31:32 For you and for me,
31:36 He dedicated His life
31:38 to relieving the suffering of humanity
31:40 and revealing the character and glory of God to mankind.
31:47 And He did so faithfully
31:50 even to the point of death.
31:54 John 17 tells us of Jesus praying before He died.
31:59 Let's turn our Bibles to John 17.
32:12 And it says, "After Jesus said this,
32:17 He looked toward heaven and prayed,
32:19 'Father, the time has come.
32:22 Glorify Your Son that Your Son may glorify You.
32:26 For You granted Him authority
32:28 over all people that He might give eternal life
32:31 to those You have given Him.'"
32:35 Pay attention, "Now this is eternal life
32:37 that they may know You the one true God,
32:40 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.
32:42 I have brought You glory on earth
32:44 by completing the work You gave me to do.
32:47 And now, Father, glorify Me in Your presence
32:50 with the glory I had before the world began."
32:56 So we find here that Jesus prays
32:58 and the word glory is mentioned so many times.
33:01 You see, friends, when I was reading
33:03 the Bible commentary said,
33:05 "Christ is not praying
33:07 for the manifestation of the glory of human nature.
33:12 He's not praying for the manifestation,
33:15 the glory of human nature,
33:18 He is praying to His Father
33:19 in regard to the glory possessed
33:21 in His oneness with God.
33:26 You see, friends, Jesus was always glorified in heaven.
33:30 He was glorified with the glory
33:32 which He had with His father before the world was.
33:36 But amid His glory, Christ did not lose sight
33:40 of His toiling struggling ones on earth.
33:44 So we find that Christ looks upon our darkness,
33:48 the struggle of this world and He humbles Himself,
33:51 and He comes to earth as a man to live and die
33:57 that He may remove the veil that hinders us
34:00 from being one with God.
34:02 So let's recap.
34:04 First, we have Adam and Eve and they fall.
34:09 They realized their nakedness, they realized the darkness
34:11 that will now mark their existence here on earth.
34:16 And then you have Jesus, as soon as there was sin
34:19 there was a savior.
34:21 And so He lives a perfect life
34:24 that He might restore to humanity
34:26 the glory that was lost with sin.
34:29 That He may restore the oneness
34:32 that humanity once had with God.
34:35 And now we revisit our theme text.
34:39 Turn with me to Isaiah 60:1-3.
34:47 Isaiah 60:1-3 and it says, "Arise, shine,
34:52 for your light has come,
34:53 and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.
34:56 See, darkness covers the earth
34:58 and thick darkness is over the peoples,
35:01 but the Lord rises upon you
35:04 and His glory appears over you."
35:07 I want to pause there.
35:10 "Arise, shine, for your light has come."
35:13 There's a few things I want us to focus on.
35:15 The first thing is the call to arise and shine
35:18 occurs because your light has come.
35:21 It occurs because the glory of the Lord
35:23 rises upon you and occurs in the present.
35:27 It doesn't say, "Arise, shine, for your light will come."
35:30 It says, "For it has come."
35:32 This is a present message.
35:38 Then the Bible recognizes the darkness,
35:43 it says, "There will be a darkness in the world
35:45 and thick darkness on the people."
35:48 And this is the darkness that necessitates the light.
35:54 And the last thing I love about this verse
35:57 is that it's so personal.
36:00 It's a personal call to arise and shine.
36:02 See, often, I think as GYC,
36:07 we read this verse as if the darkness is out there.
36:12 Oh, yes, it is dark out there.
36:16 But I've learnt that darkness is often
36:19 part of the human experience
36:21 regardless of who you are.
36:25 You see since sin entered our world,
36:28 darkness has been consistent.
36:33 It was a consequence of sin.
36:37 I've traveled all over the world speaking,
36:41 and one thing I love is talking to people afterwards.
36:44 And you hear their stories and I'm always so stunned
36:48 at how many tragedies one person can experience.
36:53 I've talked to so many people
36:54 and they tell me one thing that happened in childhood
36:56 and then something else happened
36:58 and then something happened,
36:59 it's like bam, bam, bam, all bad.
37:02 And I sit there and I'm like,
37:04 "How dark can it get?"
37:09 But, moreover, I think of God looking at us
37:12 and seeing the intention He had for us
37:16 when He made us and how far we've come from that.
37:20 How dark can it get?
37:23 And so God looks at you, He looks at me
37:26 and calls us to arise and shine despite this darkness.
37:30 Why?
37:32 Because His glory is risen upon you,
37:36 because His righteousness covers you,
37:39 because He does for you
37:42 what you cannot do for yourself,
37:45 because He already gave Himself as a light,
37:50 as a hope for our incredible darkness.
37:54 I remember getting to a point in my Adventist journey
37:56 where all I could focus on was my darkness.
38:00 I was so consumed by it.
38:04 And then week after week, I'd go to church
38:06 and there was darkness too, and I just simply lost hope.
38:11 I began to resent Adventism.
38:15 I looked at the Bible as an old book.
38:22 And I want to be honest with you,
38:25 this is a struggle that you can go through
38:27 while still going through all emotions.
38:31 It's a struggle that you can go through
38:32 while still looking very, very Adventist.
38:37 It's a struggle that I believe
38:39 many seated here are going through.
38:44 Oftentimes, we leave GYC so excited,
38:50 "We're going to go and change our local churches,
38:52 we're going to go and make a difference."
38:54 And then we meet with opposition.
38:57 And by March,
39:00 we ourselves are out of the church.
39:10 But I love this verse because it says,
39:12 "Darkness covers the earth,
39:14 great darkness covers the people."
39:17 But the next word is "But God."
39:23 I love a sermon that was preached at GYC last year
39:26 by Sebastian that said, "Don't doubt in darkness,
39:29 for God has revealed to you in the light."
39:32 Friends, recall why you joined Adventism in the first place.
39:36 It wasn't because of the people,
39:39 it was because we heard a message that was so unique,
39:43 we saw a love of God that was so propelling.
39:47 When we got baptized,
39:49 we weren't committing to Adventist church members,
39:52 we were committing to God.
39:55 And so yes, at times, it doesn't make sense
39:58 when you look all around you.
40:01 And church is dark, "But don't doubt in the darkness,
40:05 for God has revealed to you in the light."
40:07 I still believe that this is God's ordained church,
40:11 I still believe that God's hand is moving in this church.
40:16 In fact, I myself as an executive here in GYC
40:20 will be open with you and say, "My goal for 2018 is to go
40:24 and study once again why I fell in love with Adventism,
40:28 to go and study once again
40:30 how Adventism applies to my personal life,
40:34 to go and find the light that I fell in love with
40:38 so long ago."
40:42 Oftentimes, you see, it doesn't make sense
40:44 to keep going to church
40:45 when you know it's so discouraging,
40:47 you know what doesn't make sense?
40:50 What doesn't make sense is that
40:51 Jesus left heaven and earth for you and I.
40:55 What doesn't make sense is that He died to save us
40:59 and look how many of us refuse Him day after day.
41:04 When you look at the death of God
41:06 from a human perspective, from a business perspective,
41:10 it was a fail.
41:12 Not even one out of two will accept His death,
41:16 that's what doesn't make sense.
41:18 But, friends, if the church gets dark and we all leave,
41:21 who will light it up.
41:29 Verse says, "Darkness covers the earth,
41:31 great darkness the people but God."
41:35 You see from the beginning,
41:37 the focus should have been God.
41:42 See, friends, we arise, we shine
41:45 because God arose and shone.
41:48 We overcome only through God.
41:53 He left heaven for us.
41:57 He lived a life of complete oneness with God.
42:00 He was light and He revealed the glory of God to humanity,
42:06 to remind us that we too can be one with God.
42:12 Friends, this morning, too many of us
42:13 are going through the emotions,
42:15 too many of us stopped fighting long time ago,
42:19 we sat down, we gave up, we stop shining,
42:24 and we've been sitting in complete darkness.
42:27 And that's the thing about darkness,
42:29 it too can become comfortable.
42:33 Someone here today is consumed by their darkness,
42:37 overwhelmed by their darkness.
42:40 Someone here is hiding from God.
42:44 Someone here is chilling
42:46 in their fig leaf covering.
42:50 But today, God asks, "Where are you?"
42:53 You see, friends, the darker it gets
42:55 the more we should cling to Christ.
42:58 The more we see our helplessness with sin,
43:02 the faster we should run to Him.
43:06 The glory of the Lord rises upon you.
43:11 Honestly, I love that
43:13 this verse addresses the individual,
43:16 constantly, you, you, you.
43:20 You see I'm tired of our lack of personal ownership
43:23 when it comes to our walk with God.
43:25 I'm tired of our lack of ownership
43:28 when it comes to Adventism.
43:29 When I ask, is the world better for Adventists having existed?
43:35 I don't ask us to quote ADRA's statistics,
43:38 I don't ask us to quote what Pathways to Health did,
43:41 I don't want to know about
43:43 the results of GYC outreach,
43:44 I want to know, was your world better
43:48 because you were an Adventist?
43:50 Was your home better because you were an Adventist?
43:52 Was your campus better because you were an Adventist?
43:56 Was your local church better because you are an Adventist?
44:02 The individual and the cross.
44:05 Don't tell me what ADRA did.
44:10 The call is a personal call.
44:14 You and the cross.
44:22 Arise, shine, why?
44:27 Because as soon as there was sin,
44:30 there was a savior.
44:36 I recently started a placement on a psychiatric facility.
44:41 And I'm a nursing student
44:43 so my scope of practice is very limited.
44:48 And so I had so many patients
44:50 and I fell in love with my patients,
44:51 I broke every ethical protocol, patient,
44:56 you know, client privilege,
44:58 no, no, no, nurse-patient therapeutic relationship.
45:02 I broke everything.
45:04 And so I fell in love with my patients,
45:06 we disclosed too much, and I remember,
45:10 just hearing their stories, darkness after darkness,
45:13 and it's actually something that we write in our charts,
45:16 you know, the patient is dark.
45:17 And we don't mean their complexion.
45:19 We mean, they're literally just dark.
45:23 Their world view, their perspective,
45:25 everything is just dark, it's doomed.
45:29 And so one specific patient I had,
45:32 I've been struggling with depression
45:33 for a very long time.
45:37 And every day I would talk to him
45:38 and he would tell me how just dark everything was
45:41 and how he longed to be happy again.
45:46 And so we talked and we talked and we talked
45:48 and, finally, my clinical instructor said,
45:50 "Tomorrow Chantal, you'll be giving meds."
45:53 I was so excited because in the psychiatric facility,
45:57 most meds are injections
45:59 and they're IM injections so intramuscular.
46:02 And this was a skill that I had never tried before.
46:05 And so the night before I was supposed to give the med,
46:08 I went and I researched everything
46:10 I could about the medication, what it does,
46:13 you know, all the complications,
46:16 the side effects, the adverse effects,
46:17 what you monitor, for everything.
46:20 I was a pro at this medication.
46:22 And so I began to look at the pharmacokinetics
46:24 and that's basically how the drug
46:27 interacts in the body and the implications.
46:30 And as I was reading, I was like,
46:31 "My goodness tomorrow when I give this injection,
46:34 my patient will be changed forever.
46:38 His depression will be cured."
46:40 I was so excited.
46:42 I was like, "Wow, heroes in scrubs, love it."
46:47 But as I continued to read to the bottom of the page,
46:52 it was one line that broke my heart.
46:56 The line said, "This medication is not curative."
47:01 And it dawned on me.
47:04 My patient would live
47:06 in their darkness forever.
47:11 Yes, the injection was thousands of dollars,
47:14 yes, it had so many things that it could do.
47:18 But my patient would live in darkness forever
47:23 because the medication's not curative.
47:28 Friends, that broke my heart as I realized
47:35 that darkness really is part
47:37 of our experience here on earth.
47:45 And I understood for the first time
47:48 how God feels when He looks at humanity
47:53 and He looks at the intention He had for us.
47:58 And He looks at the darkness
47:59 that marks our experience here on earth.
48:03 And He looks at all of our attempts,
48:06 the way we rely on ourselves.
48:09 But He knows at the bottom
48:11 of the page of all of hard times,
48:15 this medication is not curative.
48:20 Friends, there is only one thing
48:24 that can cure our darkness.
48:28 There's only one remedy and it's so simple,
48:32 it's been there since the beginning
48:34 but yet, I don't know, we're just so stubborn.
48:39 We insist on finding every other method.
48:46 The only permanent solution to our darkness,
48:49 the only hope for our nakedness
48:54 was outlined in Genesis 3.
48:58 "I will put enmity.
49:03 Arise and shine.
49:05 Darkness covers the earth,
49:06 great darkness the people, but God."
49:12 You see, friends, the darker it gets,
49:15 the faster we need to be turning to God.
49:24 When you think of arising and shining,
49:28 you know, it sounds great at GYC
49:30 but then you get home and you realize
49:33 what it actually implies in your daily life
49:36 and it gets discouraging sometimes.
49:39 But every time I think of a call outlined in the Bible,
49:44 I remind myself of the character of God,
49:48 the character of the God
49:49 that calls us to arise and shine.
49:53 There's a song that says,
49:54 "The love of God is greater far..."
49:58 I know many of you know it,
50:00 "Than tongue or pen can ever tell.
50:03 It goes beyond the highest star
50:08 and reaches to the lowest hell.
50:12 The guilty pair bowed down with care,
50:16 God gave His Son to win.
50:19 His erring child,
50:21 He reconciled and pardoned from His sin."
50:28 It goes on to say,
50:29 "Could we with ink, the oceans fill.
50:34 And were the skies of parchment made
50:37 were every stalk on earth a quill,
50:40 and every man a scribe by trade.
50:45 To write the love of God
50:47 above would drain the oceans dry.
50:51 Nor could the scroll contain the whole
50:55 though stretched from sky to sky."
50:59 Friends, that's the God
51:01 that calls us to arise and shine.
51:05 That's the love that calls us to arise and shine.
51:08 That's the God that looks at your darkness and He says,
51:13 "Arise and shine
51:14 because the glory of the Lord rises upon you."
51:20 God longs to restore us to our glory.
51:26 Friends, what type of love is this?
51:30 How can we remain inactive?
51:34 How can we remain in our darkness
51:36 with such a love?
51:41 You see, I think, so many times we try to strategize
51:44 and we beg people to go and evangelize.
51:48 But, friends, once we experience
51:49 the love of God,
51:51 have you ever seen someone in love?
51:53 You don't have to beg them to tell you
51:54 about their boyfriend,
51:56 they're telling you everything, you're eating a salad,
51:59 "Oh, that's my boyfriend's favorite salad."
52:02 How does it relate? You don't know,
52:03 but they're just so in love,
52:05 you don't have to beg them.
52:08 But yet we beg year after year begging GYC attendees,
52:14 please, go home and just reach one, please.
52:20 And I ask myself, "Are we in love with God?"
52:24 Because if we were experiencing God,
52:26 you know, when God shines in your life,
52:29 when you experience the way
52:30 He takes you out of your darkness,
52:32 it's the natural response to rise and shine.
52:38 We shouldn't have to beg Adventists to be Adventist.
52:47 Arise and shine.
52:53 There's another aspect to this.
52:57 The reason why God calls you specifically to arise and shine
53:02 it's because there's one thing God cannot do
53:06 and that is create another you.
53:10 You see, when you arise and shine,
53:13 you reveal a part of God
53:15 that no one else could ever reveal.
53:19 You reveal His glory in such a light
53:21 that no one else could ever reveal.
53:25 You see if God is a puzzle,
53:27 we all bring a piece of that puzzle.
53:31 And so when you and I neglect our part,
53:34 God's puzzle remains incomplete.
53:38 That's why He calls you,
53:40 not Adventism to arise and shine,
53:42 not GYC, you specifically in your seat
53:46 to arise and shine
53:48 because you reveal an angle of God
53:51 that I could never reveal.
53:54 You reveal a perspective,
53:56 your testimony, your praise is unique
53:59 and God longs to hear your praise.
54:04 That's why He would have come
54:07 even if it was just for one.
54:11 I'm running out of time.
54:14 And so I'll make my appeal.
54:17 It's a very specific appeal.
54:20 The call to arise and shine
54:24 starts with each of us.
54:27 See, I know that
54:29 there's someone seated here today
54:30 and you've been hiding from God,
54:33 you've made your fig leaf covering
54:35 and maybe you're comfortable in your darkness,
54:38 maybe you've come to terms with your darkness,
54:42 and maybe your intention was to go home
54:45 and remain the same,
54:48 but God.
54:52 But God calls you today.
54:55 And you're saying for the first time,
54:56 "You know what, I'll try this thing out.
54:59 I want to experience what God can do in my darkness.
55:03 I want to experience the plan of salvation when He says,
55:07 'I will put enmity between you and the serpent.'"
55:11 And you're saying, "God, look at my darkness."
55:15 God says, "Let there be light."
55:19 And you want to experience that for yourself,
55:21 you want to go home and say,
55:23 "In 2018, Lord, I want to experience Your light."
55:27 I'm not asking you to go and evangelize.
55:29 I'm not asking you to do anything.
55:31 Just to experience
55:33 how God can change your darkness
55:36 because, I know, the natural outworking of that
55:40 would be that you will shine for others.
55:44 If you're saying, "Lord, change my darkness.
55:48 I want to experience that."
55:51 If that is your desire this morning,
55:53 I invite you to come forward.
55:56 Saying, "Lord, I want to see
55:59 how You can shine in my darkness.
56:03 I want to see You do for me what I cannot do for myself.
56:10 I want to see Your glory revealed to me."
56:15 If that is your desire this morning, come forward.
56:20 The second appeal is even more specific.
56:24 And this is to someone that saying,
56:26 "Chantal, just like you,
56:28 I deemed Adventism a culture.
56:31 I deemed Adventism a thing of the past.
56:35 I forgot that this was a church ordained by God Himself.
56:39 I forgot why I came in the first place.
56:43 I lost my first love."
56:47 And you're saying, "Chantal, just like you,
56:49 I want to go home and discover
56:51 why I fell in love with Adventism in 2018."
56:57 If that is your desire this morning,
57:00 I invite you to come forward.


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