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00:33 We're gonna sing number 625, "Higher Ground."
00:36 And I want to invite you to stand
00:38 considering the arising
00:43 part of the song.
00:44 So please enjoy
00:46 our risingness.
00:51 I'm pressing on the upward way
00:56 New heights I'm gaining every day
01:00 Still praying as I onward bound
01:04 "Lord, plant my feet on higher ground."
01:09 Lord, lift me up and I shall stand
01:13 By faith on heaven's table land
01:17 A higher plane than I have found
01:22 Lord, plant my feet on higher ground
01:26 My heart has no desire to stay
01:31 Where doubts arise and fears dismay
01:36 Though some may dwell
01:38 Where those abound
01:40 My prayer, my aim, is higher ground
01:44 Lord, lift me up and I shall stand
01:50 By faith, on heaven's table land
01:53 A higher plane than I have found
01:57 Lord, plant my feet on higher ground
02:02 I want to live above the world
02:07 Though Satan's darts at me are hurled
02:11 For faith has caught the joyful sound
02:16 The song of saints on higher ground
02:20 Lord, lift me up and I shall stand
02:25 By faith, on heaven's table land
02:29 A higher plane than I have found
02:34 Lord, plant my feet on higher ground
02:38 I want to scale the utmost height
02:43 And catch a gleam of glory bright
02:48 But still I'll pray till heaven I've found
02:52 "Lord, lead me on to higher ground."
02:57 Lord, lift me up, and I shall stand
03:01 By faith on heaven's table land
03:06 A higher plane than I have found
03:11 Lord, plant my feet on higher ground
03:17 Thank you for singing, you may be seated.
03:26 Good morning. Good morning.
03:29 How are you all doing this morning?
03:31 Good! Amen.
03:33 My favorite verse in the Bible is Psalm 27:14.
03:38 It says, "Wait expectantly on the Lord,
03:41 be of good courage
03:42 and He will strengthen your heart.
03:45 Wait, I say on the Lord."
03:47 And I love this verse
03:49 because as we have been talking about arise,
03:51 sometimes it can be kind of scary
03:52 to do the things that God calls us to do.
03:54 But David here in Psalms tells us
03:56 that no matter what God is calling us to do,
03:58 He will always give our hearts the strength to follow.
04:03 So this morning, I just want to personally
04:04 welcome you back to GYC.
04:06 Those of you that are still here,
04:08 the faithful, I'm so glad that each of you are here.
04:11 Today, our program will include an e-com panel
04:14 where each of you get another opportunity
04:16 to interact with us, ask us questions,
04:19 and just help us be able to cast a vision
04:22 for the future for GYC.
04:23 There will be more information about that a bit later.
04:25 And then Sebastian Braxton will bring our final charge
04:28 so that we all can be inspired as we leave here
04:30 and go into a new year.
04:33 So I'm looking forward to this, and I know you are as well.
04:35 Let's pray.
04:37 Dear God, thank You so much
04:41 that You are who You say You are.
04:44 Thank You that we have the opportunity
04:46 to arise with You
04:48 and shine Your light all over the world.
04:51 And as we move into this last day of the year
04:53 and last day of GYC,
04:55 I pray that You will cover us with who You are,
04:58 so that Your light may shine through each and everything
05:01 that we do through this next year
05:04 and teach us who You are.
05:06 In Jesus' name, amen.
05:10 There has been a sweet spirit at GYC, amen?
05:13 We believe the Holy Spirit has really
05:15 done something magnificent,
05:16 and we are uplifting Christ, and we glorify Him,
05:19 and we thank Him for all that He has done.
05:21 The news of what God has been doing
05:23 at this year's conference has spread all over the world.
05:26 And Elder Wilson, our world church president,
05:28 heard about it and he has a special message
05:31 that he recorded this morning, early in the morning,
05:33 and he just sent it to us.
05:35 So he wanted to send you a greeting
05:37 because of what God is doing at this GYC.
05:39 We are gonna listen to it right now.
05:43 Good morning, young people in Phoenix.
05:46 I have been hearing
05:47 from your president Moise Ratsara,
05:50 from Melody Mason.
05:52 What God has done in Phoenix is unbelievable,
05:55 service outreach, prayer power, Bible study,
06:00 involvement in what God wants us to do,
06:03 total member involvement.
06:05 I'm so proud of you,
06:07 God bless you in a wonderful way
06:09 as you continue to look to Him
06:11 and pray for the latter rain of the Holy Spirit.
06:14 Just this morning, as I was reading
06:16 in our chapter for today,
06:18 Habakkuk 1:5,
06:22 it says, "For I will work a work in your days
06:26 which you would not believe though it were told you."
06:29 God is doing something extraordinary in Phoenix
06:33 and around the world.
06:35 Also, this morning, I was reading
06:37 in the book "Education",
06:39 I'm going through that book, and it says here on page 290,
06:43 "Lead the youth to feel that they are trusted
06:46 and there are few who will not seek
06:49 to prove themselves worthy of the trust."
06:53 I want to tell you, young people, we trust you.
06:56 Go out and win the world for Christ.
06:59 Pray for the Holy Spirit's power
07:01 to accompany you in all that you do.
07:05 May the latter rain
07:06 of the Holy Spirit come quickly.
07:08 Pray for God's leaders,
07:10 for God's people around the world
07:11 that we will focus upon that which is essential,
07:15 upon that which is heart-warming,
07:18 upon that which is life-changing,
07:21 an allegiance to God, a trust in Him,
07:24 a love for His love, and to share with the world.
07:28 Go out and change the world.
07:31 Jesus is coming soon. Maranatha.
07:37 All right, good morning.
07:39 You are doing well, yes, no? Yes.
07:42 Excited to be here, yes, no? Yes.
07:45 We have maybe 60% of you who are excited.
07:47 So we'll try to get the other 40% as we go along.
07:51 I have been tasked to tell you
07:53 the history of GYC in a short amount of time.
07:57 Does anyone know by chance the history of GYC?
08:00 Just by show of hands.
08:03 You are not many, okay.
08:05 So we shall start at the beginning.
08:07 There was a group of young people,
08:10 they got together, and at the time,
08:11 it was sort of this novel idea, they thought,
08:14 "You know what,
08:16 we are radically committed to Christ,
08:18 and we want to bring our friends
08:20 to a conference
08:21 and ask the people
08:22 that have inspired us to speak to them."
08:25 All youth-led and somewhat...
08:28 No, I shouldn't say somewhat.
08:29 All youth-led.
08:31 They brought them to the conference.
08:33 Behind the scenes, pure chaos, everything was disorganized,
08:37 they missed some alarm clocks, they missed some meals,
08:40 but despite of it all, God blessed.
08:45 Somewhere along the line,
08:46 this became an annual conference
08:48 and shortly after that we decided, you know what,
08:50 we have so many people coming at one time,
08:52 we've got to do outreach.
08:54 And so Chattanooga was the first time
08:56 we had buses.
08:58 You know why we selected buses?
09:01 They're the cheapest, it's not really that exciting.
09:04 So we had buses and we had 20 buses lined up
09:07 and attendance started to swell.
09:10 And we thought, you know, "We need more buses.
09:11 We don't want people to not have
09:13 the opportunity to go on outreach."
09:15 So we moved, actually on Christmas day,
09:18 we went down to Southern Adventist University,
09:20 and in the dorm,
09:21 we printed out a bunch of Google Maps,
09:23 we highlighted and we moved it from 20 buses to 28 buses.
09:28 We had 28 boxes, don't miss the number,
09:30 28 boxes of maps highlighted out in a room.
09:35 Outreach day came, the excitement was there.
09:38 By chance, did anyone go out
09:39 on outreach in Chattanooga, Tennessee?
09:44 I don't even see one hand up. Am I missing anybody?
09:47 There's a few, all right, all right.
09:48 Anyone up here?
09:51 You're too young.
09:53 This is not good.
09:55 Twenty-eight boxes, how many boxes?
09:56 Twenty-eight boxes. Twenty-eight boxes.
09:58 How many buses? Twenty-eight buses.
09:59 Twenty-eight buses.
10:00 We loaded up all the buses and the leadership went back
10:03 to the room to pray for the 28 buses.
10:07 When we got back to the room, what do you think we found?
10:11 One box.
10:13 Now, 28 buses were out there doing outreach,
10:15 one box that had the maps was in the room.
10:20 God blessed despite of that.
10:23 Somehow, all 28 buses came back with maps.
10:28 There was a box that was sitting there
10:30 that had maps in it.
10:31 Now, your take away
10:33 from the history of GYC is this.
10:35 The young people that started GYC
10:38 including myself,
10:39 because I was the one responsible
10:40 for that box not getting in the bus,
10:44 we don't have talent galore,
10:47 we didn't have an ultimate amount of resources,
10:50 in fact, the first GYC was put on
10:52 a parents' credit card for $50,000.
10:57 But God blessed us despite of it all.
11:02 The thing that we did have is radical commitment to Him.
11:07 Each step of the way,
11:08 we have had radical commitment to Him.
11:11 Your take away from the history of GYC
11:13 is not that these young people up here
11:15 have something you don't, it's not.
11:17 It's that they are radically committed to Him,
11:19 and you are radically committed to Him.
11:22 And their expression of that commitment
11:25 is a conference.
11:26 When you leave here,
11:28 you need to express your commitment in some way
11:29 and it may not be a conference.
11:31 It may be something even more important
11:34 like your local church.
11:36 Setting the Sabbath school on fire
11:38 or revamping pathfinders to be something incredible,
11:41 radical commitment to Him.
11:45 When I was the president of GYC,
11:46 I had the opportunity to tell constantly.
11:49 GYC can be summed up into one word,
11:51 how many words?
11:53 One word. One word.
11:54 When you take away the conference,
11:55 when you take away the seminar rooms,
11:57 when you take away the screens,
11:58 when you take away the microphones and 3ABN,
12:00 and all the things that go with the conference,
12:02 you can sum up GYC into one word,
12:04 and it is faithfulness.
12:07 Faithfulness,
12:10 faithfulness.
12:12 Your appeal from the history of GYC
12:15 is that we have nothing special
12:16 to offer except commitment to Him.
12:18 You can have that same commitment.
12:21 You can do great things for God when you go home.
12:26 I was also tasked to tell you a little bit about the board,
12:28 the executive committee, these sort of things
12:29 but I ran out of time.
12:31 So I'll just tell you,
12:33 GYC is run by the executive committee.
12:36 We have a board,
12:37 we serve a sort of a big brother,
12:39 mentor type position, just by way of example,
12:42 we have met one time this whole conference,
12:44 you know what that was for?
12:45 To meet four of the new executive committees
12:47 and to pray a prayer of thanksgiving.
12:50 GYC make no mistake about it, it happens
12:52 because of the individuals up here,
12:54 the executive committee.
12:55 So I'm gonna turn the time over to them.
12:58 Moise, our fearless president in the middle
13:01 is here with a panel.
13:02 We are gonna field some questions...
13:04 We are not, I'm gonna get off the stage and let them do it.
13:06 They are gonna field some questions,
13:08 you can ask whatever you want.
13:09 We'll let Moise introduce the panel.
13:11 Well, thank you so much, Justin.
13:13 And we praise the Lord
13:15 for what God has done through GYC, amen?
13:18 This is God's movement.
13:19 It does not belong to any of us.
13:23 Today, we wanted to engage with you as participant
13:25 because we value your opinion
13:28 and we wanted to invite you to the table to talk about,
13:31 maybe make comments, or questions
13:33 you might have about the vision and the mission of GYC
13:37 to finish the work in this generation.
13:39 May be you have some ideas, or some comments,
13:42 something that will be beneficial
13:44 to moving mission forward.
13:46 We have two mikes
13:48 and two Christian ladies up here,
13:51 if you wave your hands.
13:53 If you like to go the mike,
13:55 please feel free to do so and line up right now,
13:59 so whoever goes first,
14:01 we'll go in that order and we'll give about 30 seconds
14:05 or so for you to ask your questions.
14:08 We are willing to engage with you.
14:10 I want to let you know as well
14:12 that we are going to be in the front,
14:14 all of us are going to be in the front
14:17 at the end of the program, and any questions
14:20 you might have that might not pertain
14:22 to the vision, or the mission,
14:25 or comments, or ideas about GYC,
14:29 we'll be willing to engage with you
14:30 because we want to hear you out.
14:32 We value your opinion, you are a participant of GYC,
14:37 not an attendee.
14:38 You are GYC,
14:41 and we are here to serve you as the executive committee
14:44 and it is our privilege to do so.
14:46 So if you have any questions,
14:48 please have some holy boldness and love and come up
14:52 and please ask us some questions.
14:54 So we'll start with Nicole.
14:58 Please state your name and your question.
15:02 Yes, my name is Bob Munger.
15:03 This is the first I have been to GYC,
15:04 which is a blessing.
15:06 I was out in outreach and the software
15:09 that you guys were using for getting people's...
15:11 The questionnaire was awesome, I would like to suggest
15:14 that we were able
15:16 to put people's email address on there
15:18 before we ask their names, phone numbers,
15:21 and where they lived.
15:22 I prayed with many people out on the street,
15:24 but people on the street are very leery
15:26 to give you anything other than their name
15:28 and their email
15:29 but there was no place to put that on that software.
15:32 So you know, you might want to add
15:35 an email prior to asking phone numbers,
15:38 you know, more personal data.
15:40 Because they gave me the email
15:42 and all I did was kind of fake the information
15:45 and to get to a note
15:47 that was on the next page to put their email.
15:49 Just a suggestion for more people
15:51 that we can outreach to.
15:52 Excellent, thank you for that comment
15:54 and, Lisa, would you like to comment more about that?
15:56 Thank you.
15:58 Yeah, we wrote that down, so next year. Amen.
16:01 All right.
16:05 Hello, my name is Melissa. Melissa, yes.
16:08 And I just want to say that I love GYC,
16:11 and I got the opportunity to be an ambassador
16:13 this year and it was really exciting.
16:16 Something that I would like to see is
16:18 it's important to have the spiritual aspect
16:20 of prayer time
16:21 as well as spending time in God's Word
16:23 but also a health aspect,
16:25 even if it's guys and girls separated,
16:27 where we do some physical activity.
16:29 I think that's important because a lot of us were tired,
16:32 we were going and just having that health aspect
16:36 where we get to work out,
16:37 may be guys doing it together, girls,
16:40 where we do that every day
16:41 and also a social component maybe?
16:43 I know we did the small groups
16:44 but even like the Grand Canyon was here,
16:46 it would have been nice to, like, have it where,
16:48 you know, for those that would like to have
16:50 that social component out in God's nature.
16:53 All right.
16:54 Well, thank you so much for that,
16:56 Melissa, and Jonathan,
16:57 would you like to say any further comments?
17:00 Well, we appreciate your comments and we...
17:04 If you know last two years
17:05 I think we had a Five Pace going on,
17:08 and we were actually striving towards this, this year.
17:11 It just logistically didn't work out unfortunately,
17:13 but we are all about a healthy body
17:15 and mind and so we will
17:17 definitely try to integrate it again.
17:19 Amen.
17:20 Thank you so much, Melissa.
17:24 Okay.
17:26 I was at Pathways and I came to GYC,
17:29 and I felt the effect of that was very powerful.
17:32 I met a young guy at Pathways that I invited to come to GYC
17:37 and I was just wondering for the future conference
17:39 if you guys are still going to try and partner
17:42 with Pathways or what's the future of those
17:45 two working together look like?
17:47 All right brother, you asked a very deep question.
17:53 Praise the Lord.
17:54 Well, we are always open to partnering
17:56 with health ministries.
17:58 We believe that health ministry
18:01 is the right hand of the gospel.
18:03 You know, GYC, we are blessed with having a conference
18:07 that is spirit filled by God's grace,
18:10 but we also need the health aspect of things.
18:13 So we are open to it, we are praying about it
18:16 and we'll see how God is gonna lead us.
18:18 We go to Houston
18:20 because we have many needs there
18:22 and we want to attend to the needs of the community.
18:24 GYC exists to serve the community and the world,
18:28 and we're gonna do whatever we can,
18:30 so stay tuned
18:32 and maybe there will be something in Houston
18:34 that you will be excited about.
18:36 Thank you. Amen.
18:38 Okay.
18:40 My name is Sushita Patel
18:43 and I want to see
18:46 a crystallization
18:50 of lot of the programs that's going on
18:53 at the conference GYC level
18:56 with effective methodologies and plans
19:00 that could be effectively rolled out
19:02 at the local level,
19:04 so there is a seamless dissemination
19:07 of the Word of God and His glory going down
19:11 at the local level.
19:12 I'll give you an example of united prayer.
19:14 It's powerful, it's effective, it's revival,
19:18 it's Christ in His glory in that room,
19:21 and I would love to see that kind of intensity,
19:25 and passion, and zeal at the local level.
19:28 So if we can document
19:31 and get those detail plans
19:34 and have technology disseminate down
19:37 to the local level so we see a seamless transfer.
19:41 Well, that's a great idea
19:43 and we actually have the right person
19:45 to talk more about that, Eric Louw.
19:47 Yeah, thank you so much for that, Sushita.
19:49 You know, that's something that,
19:50 that's what keys me up at night.
19:52 I really want to see GYC go beyond
19:55 and that's why we had a whole beyond session this year.
19:57 We want to take every little piece
19:59 of what GYC has to offer
20:01 and to turn that into local mobilization,
20:04 and the only way we can do that is to cast a vision
20:06 that GYC is youth.
20:09 And so what we are planning to do this year
20:11 as we shared at that presentation
20:13 is where we've been working
20:16 throughout this whole conference really,
20:18 we've been spending hours and hours
20:20 trying to produce podcasts and blogs
20:23 and we working on a workbook
20:24 that will help people be able
20:26 to do things in their local church, school,
20:29 whatever setting they are in so they can do exactly that.
20:32 But you know what?
20:33 I don't have all the ideas
20:34 and so, I really solicit your support.
20:37 If you have any ideas
20:39 for how we could really mobilize it
20:42 and bring the conference into something
20:43 that would be local, please contact me.
20:46 I believe the email you want to contact is probably just
20:52 that will be the easiest
20:53 and that will just get forwarded to my email address.
20:55 But we would just love new innovative ideas
20:58 to be able to do that most effectively.
21:00 So I would suggest that an appeal be made
21:03 to all the business executives and consultants
21:07 that are in the room
21:08 that have a proven experience of doing that,
21:12 and to gather those
21:13 and then do a brainstorming session
21:17 and delegate to each one
21:19 as to how to bring things together,
21:21 how to disseminate,
21:22 how to put it in technology and resources,
21:25 and how to filter that down,
21:27 and I would love to contribute in areas like that myself,
21:30 but I'm sure there are many in the room here.
21:33 Amen. Well, that will be great.
21:35 After at the end of the program, let us talk.
21:38 Thank you.
21:40 Okay.
21:42 Happy blessed 2018 to everyone.
21:46 Amen.
21:47 My name is Levassa Turango,
21:50 and I want to say thank you for equipping us.
21:53 I'm like super crazy excited to share
21:57 the canvassing in our local Pilipino churches
22:00 in Vancouver, Canada and our youth group.
22:03 And so, thank you for equipping us
22:05 with the phone and I'm ready to go,
22:07 I'm ready to run with it and go beyond call of duty.
22:12 But now at the very end of the scroll, it says,
22:15 would you like Bible study in person or online
22:20 or whatever.
22:21 So my thing is,
22:23 how would I be able to equip them online
22:26 in Vancouver, Canada?
22:27 All right.
22:29 Would you like to answer that, Taylor?
22:30 Sure.
22:32 So essentially with that survey,
22:33 the different options we had online,
22:35 in the mail, or in person, the contacts,
22:38 anyone who signed up for a Bible study,
22:39 any of you who did that will all be sent in
22:42 It Is Written guide to get them started,
22:44 so every single one.
22:45 But also we have people following up in person.
22:47 Now, for yourself personally, there are many amazing facts,
22:51 has an online Bible study thing you have, It Is Written.
22:55 There are so many different resources out there.
22:58 Now, the biggest thing is you would have to be the one
23:00 taking the initiative to going on
23:02 to those same websites.
23:03 So again, Amazing Facts, It Is Written,
23:05 and I do think
23:06 that that's a really good tool, so.
23:08 Thank you. Amen.
23:10 Praise the Lord for your passion
23:11 as well sister.
23:13 Amen.
23:16 Oh, I'm nervous.
23:18 I'm nervous. Don't be nervous.
23:19 First, I'm gonna say thank you
23:21 to the Lord for sending me here,
23:23 I'm not even planned to come here.
23:25 I want to praise you for your hard work,
23:28 and I just want to share with you
23:31 that may be Satan is working hard
23:34 to attack us too
23:36 while we are trying to promote Christ.
23:38 So my point is, are you guys aware
23:41 that may be outside there or anywhere that somebody
23:45 either from anywhere denomination
23:47 will try to infiltrate us because you know,
23:51 we need to know, we need to be aware that,
23:54 you know, Satan wants to work hard
23:56 try to fool us,
23:57 you know, because when the pope come
23:59 to the United States, Loma Linda University
24:01 with the leadership of Dr. Hart,
24:05 make a conference about why a pope coming
24:08 and what is the connection with the SDA thing.
24:14 So when I got a chance to ask them
24:17 about some other reference that came,
24:20 there are some people that out there used to be
24:23 with Seventh-day Adventist, they are not.
24:25 For example, Mr. Jan Marcussen that wrote
24:28 the National Sunday Law is not.
24:30 That's number one.
24:31 And number two, I want to support
24:33 the next GYC
24:37 but when it comes to about funding,
24:40 that makes me stumble because if God wants me to help
24:45 why the cost of that which is kind of like high.
24:49 Okay, very good question, brother.
24:52 I want to tell you as well,
24:54 there is an interesting information
24:55 that all of us here in the executive committee
24:58 pay our way to GYC.
25:01 Amen.
25:02 We get about a $20 discount, that's called early bird,
25:06 and so we know that it doesn't...
25:10 It's not a cheap conference to attend, but it's worth it.
25:15 I believe it's worth it.
25:17 We all here plan it all year long,
25:19 we have families,
25:21 and if God wants you here, you will be here,
25:23 I believe that.
25:24 We've seen that happen,
25:25 we've seen people canvas all summer long,
25:28 save up and be here.
25:30 Because we believe that young people
25:32 can do great things for God.
25:34 About your other question, I wanted...
25:36 We know that
25:37 the wheat and the tares will grow together.
25:40 Our job is to stay faithful. Amen.
25:43 Success is already guaranteed.
25:45 How do we know that? Jesus wins, amen?
25:47 Amen. Jesus wins.
25:49 Whatever the devil is going to do, Jesus is going to win.
25:54 But are we faithful today?
25:56 You know, we could think about all sorts of things
25:59 that are attacking us today.
26:00 We know that the world is dark and we can taste it.
26:04 But God is working even harder
26:07 and we want to keep our eyes on the Word of God,
26:10 we want to keep our eyes involved
26:12 in the church,
26:13 and we want to go to the ends of the earth
26:15 and be the light that God seeks us to be.
26:18 Amen? Amen.
26:19 So thank you for your comment, brother,
26:21 and I'll pray that I'll see you in Houston a well.
26:23 Amen.
26:27 I just want to let you guys know
26:28 that I really appreciate you, guys,
26:30 like you guys are really awesome,
26:32 just like to clap for you guys.
26:34 Amen. All the glory to God.
26:35 So I understand leadership position
26:37 can be really hard so
26:38 I just want to say thank you, guys,
26:40 you guys are really awesome, very much.
26:42 This is probably like
26:43 one of the most meaningful GYCs I've been to.
26:47 With the booths and everything,
26:48 you guys like have done a phenomenal job.
26:50 I just want to like really appreciate you, guys.
26:54 My question though is just out of curiosity,
26:58 and I would like to know why, how come,
27:01 and you guys did it one time which is really cool,
27:05 but how come you guys don't do a blood drive,
27:07 like every GYC just out of curiosity?
27:12 Oaky, well that's a very good question.
27:14 I'm going to ask
27:18 Lisa, Glesni.
27:23 That's a very good question.
27:25 We did a blood drive when we were here in Phoenix,
27:32 which was inspired by our theme at the cross
27:35 and at that time we thought
27:36 what a better time to give sacrificially.
27:42 So we have considered it at other times
27:46 and we are considering for the future,
27:49 but logistically
27:51 it just depends on where we're located
27:52 and who we are working with and what...
27:54 Where we decide to channel our energies.
27:56 So we can't do everything
27:58 and we try to get some variety in,
28:00 so you can all participate in different ways,
28:03 but thank you for your suggestion.
28:06 Thank you, brother, amen.
28:11 All right, we'll go to Nicole's mike.
28:16 My brother.
28:18 Well, this question is also out of curiosity like his.
28:22 But what goals did you have
28:25 whether it be as a group or whether be individually,
28:28 what you would want to see future
28:30 in the future at GYC?
28:33 Oh, that's a very good question.
28:36 I'm going to say a little bit
28:38 and then maybe two or three here can also expand
28:41 and our desire is to experience the latter rain at GYC.
28:47 We saw the prayer room, even I was rebuked,
28:50 you know, this morning I thought,
28:52 well, it might be...
28:53 The room might be somewhat full,
28:55 but there were people outside
28:57 and I was one of those people outside standing up.
28:59 And God wants to pour out His Holy Spirit
29:03 and we want to finish the work,
29:05 but in order to finish the work,
29:07 we are praying for an army of youth rightly trained
29:10 who love to profess a crucified, and risen,
29:14 and soon coming savior to the end of the earth,
29:17 that's our objective.
29:19 Maybe we might have two more comments here as well.
29:21 Chantal, you look like...
29:23 You like to comment as well.
29:25 Wow, you put me on the spot.
29:29 I think one of the things
29:30 that I would really love to see in GYC,
29:33 a personal goal of mine is,
29:36 for young people to go back
29:37 and really replicate that in their local churches.
29:41 I think sometimes we rely on GYC
29:44 to be our spiritual, like, boost
29:46 but the goal is not for GYC
29:49 to be your spiritual boost once a year,
29:51 the goal is to experience that on a continual basis
29:54 all throughout the year,
29:56 and so yeah, that would be one of the greatest goals.
29:59 Amen. Praise the Lord.
30:01 Jonathan?
30:03 Don't get me started, this is dangerous.
30:06 I'll try to hold back.
30:08 This is awesome question, a question we ask ourselves
30:10 all the time and it is really a lack of time
30:15 and that we can't do more.
30:19 We want to do so much for the Lord.
30:20 You should be, you know, we would love to have
30:22 what we call a green light session
30:24 with all of you.
30:25 We as a team, we meet together every year,
30:27 we have green light sessions where every idea is accepted
30:30 and if you hear those ideas,
30:31 it's the most radical things you can think of.
30:34 We want to change the world, not in our strength,
30:37 we want Jesus to use us to change the world
30:39 and we want to finish the work in this generation.
30:41 We believe it's possible by God's grace.
30:44 And I'm very excited for next year's GYC.
30:47 This year we're gonna plan a lot of things
30:49 for the upcoming time, and I believe that God
30:51 has just begun something and I'm not just saying this.
30:55 As you know, this year's GYC,
30:56 God has really, really touched all of us in a special way
31:00 and I think it's just, you know,
31:02 level 0.1, He wants to take us so high
31:06 and He wants to do something wonderful.
31:08 What that will be, we will see.
31:10 But He wants us to take us to the end of the earth,
31:13 and He wants us to be so sold out
31:14 for His work so that He can come in this generation.
31:17 So stay in prayer, stay on your knees,
31:21 and then work out your prayers
31:22 by God's grace in your local churches,
31:24 and I think God will orchestrate something
31:26 as we come together next year
31:28 that will change the world forever.
31:29 Amen.
31:31 Thank you for those comments.
31:32 Yes, my sister.
31:34 Okay, my name is Madison Napp,
31:36 and I just had a question about the survey for outreach.
31:43 The first question was,
31:45 do you want help with your physical, mental,
31:47 or emotional, or spiritual health.
31:49 I heard a couple of people
31:51 that asked like, I want all three.
31:53 But we can only click one
31:56 and that's one, that's what I was wondering.
31:59 I mean, it was all the question,
32:01 like some of them wanted, you know?
32:06 It's a really good question.
32:07 Okay, so wherever you are,
32:09 just so everybody knows with the survey.
32:12 We talked specifically at the beginning of the year
32:15 with a few of the conference officials from this area,
32:18 and they are having evangelistic series
32:19 in February.
32:21 Now a lot of times, like last year's survey,
32:23 if you went on outreach,
32:25 we had options for them to do other things
32:28 in the Texas Conference with health.
32:30 Many of the local churches here
32:31 are doing different health events
32:34 and so what they wanted
32:36 in the beginning of the year when I spoke with them
32:38 was more of a Bible study field survey.
32:41 So if you go through the survey,
32:42 it kind of is a leading type of a survey
32:44 that gets kind of eases them into the question,
32:48 do they want a Bible study?
32:49 So next year, we will give multiple options to click
32:52 but we don't, I'll just be upfront,
32:54 we don't want to offer something
32:56 that's not actually being offered.
32:57 Does that make sense?
32:59 And so, we specifically were doing
33:01 a Bible study survey because we knew
33:03 that was what would immediately be followed up.
33:05 So next year is, more follow up opportunities
33:08 are available and we are certain of that,
33:10 they'll be able to click more than one, so.
33:13 All right. Thank you so much.
33:15 Time is running out,
33:16 so if you could keep your questions
33:18 a little bit shorter,
33:20 and close to the mike as well so we could hear you
33:23 or speaking your preachers' voice,
33:26 and so we'll like to get us
33:29 through many questions as possible,
33:31 so here we go, my brother.
33:33 Okay, my name is Chingo,
33:36 and first of all, I'd like to express gratitude
33:38 for previous GYCs,
33:40 I've had people complain about the food.
33:42 But the food this year was beyond awesome.
33:44 Amen. Praise God.
33:46 Thank you for your hard work
33:47 and also, for the music, it was rich.
33:50 It was diverse and it was really uplifting.
33:53 Now regarding the music, I had met just in the lobbies
33:58 and talking to people musicians find each other.
34:00 How do other musicians
34:03 from different parts of the country
34:06 contact you guys and to share,
34:09 sometimes it's the only gift they have to share
34:11 and they would like to share it with their brethren,
34:13 how do they upload a video, send something
34:15 and get to share their gifts?
34:17 Excellent question, my brother, and Jonathan?
34:20 If you go to our website, there's a way
34:22 where you can send an application in,
34:24 so that you can participate.
34:26 You will be connected with our GYC music committee
34:29 and they will be working with you
34:30 to see what we can do to...
34:33 So you can be able to share your talent there as well,
34:35 and you know the Lord really uses
34:37 the music to touch hearts and to lift us up to Him,
34:40 and so we're really appreciate when musicians come.
34:43 We really want good quality music out there
34:46 and that's why we produce CDs as well,
34:48 so you can send your application
34:49 in on the website.
34:52 Thank you.
34:54 Yes, my brother.
34:55 My name is Nathan.
34:56 This year, I worked manning an exhibit
34:59 and I was the only one for my exhibit.
35:02 So I kind of had to be there all the time
35:04 which made it very difficult for me
35:05 to go to the small group or networking sessions.
35:08 So it got me thinking that
35:11 when I do go to the networking sessions in the small groups,
35:14 some of the people that I really like
35:15 to be able to talk to are the people
35:16 that are stuck in exhibits.
35:18 Is there any way we can make it easier
35:20 for them to go to those small groups
35:22 and networking sessions and maybe even encourage it?
35:25 Okay.
35:27 Glesni or Jonathan?
35:32 We work a lot together to try to make the schedule
35:35 as accessible for everybody.
35:37 Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day,
35:39 so we can only fit so much in and so every year
35:42 we have this discussion about what to overlap
35:44 and what to have by itself
35:46 and every year we change things as you probably have noticed.
35:50 So we are continuing to work to meet the needs of everyone
35:54 but there's, like we said, only 24 hours in a day.
35:57 So we do our best and we are seeking
35:59 to give as many opportunities to each one of you
36:02 throughout that day as possible,
36:03 so we really appreciate your comment.
36:07 Thank you. Thank you.
36:09 Yes, my brother.
36:11 Hi. My name is Dino,
36:13 and several of my friends and I
36:16 have decided to start a GYC chapter
36:18 at our university or Adventist university,
36:21 and I was just wondering
36:22 if you had some short pieces of advice
36:23 that I could remember from this time.
36:25 All right.
36:26 Well, I have the right person for you, Taylor?
36:30 So if you go to the website, go to
36:33 Go to the about tab, click on it and you'll see
36:36 what it's called GYC Affiliates.
36:37 When you click on that, the first thing you'll see
36:39 is the affiliate document that walks you
36:42 through how to start a GYC in your local area.
36:45 So here's the process in brief.
36:46 First, find critical mass.
36:48 So find friends who are all similarly minded,
36:50 interested in starting GYC.
36:52 Have an idea of what you would run,
36:54 have a conference that you plan,
36:55 and get that out on paper,
36:57 how are you going to work financially,
36:58 you know, the small details?
37:00 Yes, we work by faith,
37:01 but we also need some practical stuff.
37:03 So how does that work?
37:04 You submit that to us,
37:05 we help you throughout that process
37:07 and then we come and watch you run a first conference,
37:10 that's not called GYC
37:11 but just your first initial event
37:13 and if it carries the spirit of GYC
37:15 and as we try to aid you through that process,
37:17 then we take it to our board for a motion,
37:19 and then you become an official affiliate.
37:20 Typically, it takes about a year-and-a-half at best,
37:23 two years could be decently normal.
37:27 Thank you for your question,
37:29 and God is gonna use you brother, thank you.
37:34 Yes, hello GYC. My name is Caleb.
37:37 I had a suggestion for, like on the GYC website.
37:41 Lot of people don't have
37:43 the resources to make it to GYC,
37:46 I actually share a room with a guy
37:48 who wouldn't have been able to come
37:49 if we hadn't you know, been able to share the room.
37:53 So I thought it would be a good idea if we have,
37:56 on GYC website, a place where people can go
37:59 and search in their area for people
38:01 who want to go to GYC,
38:03 group up like single men with other single men,
38:05 and single women with other single women,
38:08 to cut costs.
38:09 All right, very good question, Eric?
38:12 Yeah, if you go on Facebook,
38:14 I don't know if everyone has a Facebook account,
38:16 but we have a page that we do list each year
38:20 on GYC's website which allows people to do that.
38:23 It used to be called, GYC lodging logistics,
38:25 I think it's GYC Roommates, Rides, and More now
38:29 but that's exactly what that's for.
38:31 So that you can partner up with other people
38:33 and you can basically cut down on costs like that
38:35 and it's phenomenal.
38:37 We've had thousands of people using
38:39 that I think in the last,
38:40 this year even, and that's really taken off
38:42 so that's a great way to do at GYC Roommates, Rides,
38:45 and More I believe.
38:48 Thank you. Thank you.
38:50 Yes, my sister.
38:51 Hi, my name is Lauren.
38:53 Just a question, so I know the purpose of GYC
38:56 is to prepare an army of youth,
38:58 and I wanted to know if it was possible
39:00 to have like specific training tracks so like,
39:03 Bible work training track,
39:05 or a medical missionary training track,
39:06 that you would do the entire time
39:08 and then you will get some type of certificate
39:10 or something at the end of GYC?
39:12 All right. Well, very excellent question.
39:17 I love it.
39:19 Yes, yes.
39:24 Thank you for that question, that's an excellent question.
39:27 One that we were thinking about
39:29 and as we are going into Houston,
39:32 it's one we are gonna revisit again,
39:34 and we definitely want to have
39:36 an army of youth rightly trained.
39:37 So thank you for that question, sister.
39:41 This question may have been addressed earlier,
39:43 but I just want to know who to talk to about becoming
39:46 a GYC ambassador for my local church
39:48 and by becoming an ambassador I would like to know
39:51 what I would be doing in my local church.
39:53 All right, excellent brother, excellent question,
39:55 and thank you for
39:57 your willingness to be involved.
39:58 Eric, tell us how that can happen?
40:01 Yeah, if you go to,
40:04 you will find
40:05 that we've basically taken ambassador,
40:07 we have taken all the best ideas
40:08 that we have gotten from it
40:09 and we are basically putting that down,
40:11 we are putting up beyond
40:13 as kind of a new face of that idea.
40:15 So we are working on podcasts, and a workbook,
40:17 and we'll try to put up everything
40:19 that we can there to support people.
40:21 We have a Facebook page for GYC beyond where each of us,
40:24 as an executive committee, will make ourselves available
40:26 to answer questions and to try help you
40:28 if you face any challenges there.
40:30 We really want to have a model
40:31 where we are not just working for a conference once a year,
40:35 but we are helping you in any way
40:38 that we can be successful in ministry
40:41 in the local church, in your school,
40:43 wherever you might be.
40:44 So go to
40:46 We'll be adding more in the next week or two.
40:48 It's got a bit of hectic now,
40:49 so we've only got some stats and some basic,
40:52 you know, coming soons on there but you'll be able to see
40:54 some stuff coming up very shortly
40:56 and we have some stuff there already.
40:57 Amen.
40:58 And I want to tell you, we're gonna engage with you
41:00 as well throughout the year.
41:02 Stay posted through our social media platforms
41:05 because more is yet to come.
41:07 When you come to GYC,
41:08 there so to speak a conference within a conference.
41:11 There are many things that are happening
41:13 and we want to engage with you throughout the year.
41:15 So stay tuned, stay connected,
41:17 because God is gonna do wonderful things.
41:20 Due to time we can only take about two questions,
41:24 so we're gonna take one question here,
41:26 and then our last question from our brother there.
41:30 So I just want to affirm GYC
41:33 and you know, the seminars and stuff,
41:35 if you want to be a Bible worker or missionary,
41:39 all these types of things,
41:40 there's definitely a track for you
41:42 and I think that's wonderful.
41:43 My question is this, what are the plans for GYC
41:46 in the future for integrating classes
41:49 or other dynamics that would be specifically
41:51 for young entrepreneurs.
41:53 I know that just nationally, as far as in the United States,
41:57 we make up a minority, definitely of the population
41:59 so I can see why it might have not have been thought of
42:02 or it's an oversight on my part,
42:03 maybe you had it,
42:05 but I am just wondering what are your ideas
42:06 for integrating specific classes
42:08 for young entrepreneurs like myself
42:10 that are getting out into industry
42:12 that want to be able to work our faith actively
42:16 into our businesses that we are using
42:18 to meet a need within our society?
42:21 Well, excellent question, brother,
42:22 and I want to tell you that
42:24 a lot of pioneers were just like you
42:26 and just stay tuned to see what's gonna happen,
42:30 just stay tuned.
42:32 Thank you.
42:33 All right, our last question.
42:35 Yes, sister.
42:36 Good morning GYC, my name is Shane.
42:39 Yesterday on outreach, we met this lady Amanda,
42:41 and we did the survey.
42:43 She was interested in Bible studies.
42:45 But once we submitted the survey,
42:46 we realized we didn't personally
42:48 have her contact information
42:50 and our partners and the people who are going outreaching
42:53 with me would like to know
42:54 how we would get that information,
42:56 and in the future, is there a way for you know,
42:58 the people who go on outreaches stay in contact
43:00 with the people that we meet?
43:03 The only way that you can stay in contact
43:05 with someone you meet is if you personally
43:07 get their number and they allow that.
43:08 I can't give information out
43:12 unless they gave direct permission.
43:16 The other question that you had
43:18 as far as her address missing or whatever,
43:20 you can find me afterwards up front.
43:22 Okay.
43:24 Amen. Amen.
43:26 Well, I wanted...
43:28 We just want to thank you so much as participants.
43:33 I want to challenge you, we want to challenge you
43:35 with three things as we're gonna close here.
43:39 One, is read your Bibles, be in the Word of God,
43:44 experience Jesus Christ for yourself.
43:49 Number two, when you go back to your local churches,
43:51 GYC does not end here, GYC is beginning here.
43:57 When you go back to your local churches,
43:59 we want to challenge you to give a Bible study.
44:02 Start a united prayer,
44:04 open your house to small groups,
44:07 do something for God
44:08 that is bigger than yourself, amen.
44:11 Can we do that? Amen.
44:14 Number three, we want to challenge you
44:18 to be involved in literature ministry.
44:21 If you could, may be, pass out three Glow tracts every day,
44:26 at the end of the year, you will pass out
44:28 may be 1000 Glow tracts.
44:31 If all of us commit together to pass out literature,
44:35 we could pass out more than 2 million
44:38 up to 3 million Glow tracks in just one year.
44:40 Amen? Amen.
44:42 You heard yesterday
44:43 that the president of this conference,
44:45 the Arizona Conference was touched by literature,
44:48 and I believe that the literature ministry
44:50 is one of the ways that we can impact people
44:53 all year long.
44:56 So I want to thank you as well, all of our GYC participants.
45:00 We look forward to seeing you in Houston by God's grace
45:04 and as we plan for Houston,
45:08 let us be involved in the work of the Lord.
45:11 The best is yet to come.
45:14 Amen? Amen.
45:16 We are this time going to have a special guest and a friend.
45:22 He's gonna tell us something special
45:24 that is happening among us.
45:28 Good morning. Good morning.
45:31 I like to, at this time, ask the e-com to stand up please.
45:36 GYC is a living movement,
45:40 it is an organism constantly in transition
45:43 and our leaders are also in transition.
45:46 And this morning,
45:47 I like to take a couple of minutes to say
45:50 before all of you,
45:52 that we have been very honored
45:54 to have this select group of young people.
45:58 And I'd like to ask you if you have been blessed
46:00 by their leadership, it is appropriate.
46:02 Would you join me in just giving them
46:04 a round of applause?
46:17 This group is comprised of 11 individuals,
46:21 five male, six female, five married, six single.
46:26 Average age
46:27 of 25.0909
46:31 0909.
46:36 There are many people who help GYC,
46:39 many people behind the scenes who do very important things,
46:43 some do very menial tasks, but the ones directing
46:47 and co-ording all these efforts are these individuals.
46:52 They have given lot of their time, sacrifice,
46:56 commitment, they have sacrificed
47:00 their single lives,
47:02 some of them are still single because of GYC.
47:07 Some of them managed to get married
47:08 while serving GYC.
47:11 They have spent many hours in writing emails,
47:15 and teleconferences, and we don't really know
47:19 the amount of psychological weight
47:21 and mental energy exert for GYC.
47:24 So on behalf of the board, I'd like to say thank you.
47:29 Amen.
47:38 So the average age is 25 years old,
47:41 and we present them here before you not to elevate them
47:44 as the super uber Adventist.
47:49 We present them before you saying
47:51 they are young adults,
47:53 and they are the ones running this organization.
47:57 There is no one else...
47:58 Well, there is the Lord Jesus, amen?
48:00 Amen.
48:01 He is the ultimate one running this.
48:05 So these are young adults we present before you.
48:08 Their term is two years
48:10 and the current term ends today.
48:14 So like to at this point transition
48:18 into our incoming executive committee.
48:20 We say goodbye to three individuals,
48:22 Shana, Casey and Chantal
48:24 and welcome the other individuals
48:26 to come onboard here.
48:34 The new incoming executive committee is comprised
48:37 of 13 individuals, seven male, six female,
48:41 five of them are married, eight of them are single,
48:46 average age 25.3.
48:48 We aged a little.
48:51 I like to introduce you to the new incoming e-com,
48:55 when I mention your name, if you can step forward.
48:59 President Moise Ratsara
49:01 will continue as leader of this organization.
49:04 Secretary will be Bailey Gallant.
49:09 Glesni Mason
49:10 who is the former VP of Logistics,
49:12 will now be assistant to the president.
49:14 Taylor Hinkle
49:15 who is the General Vice President
49:17 will continue as assistant to the president.
49:19 Lisa Topetey was the Vice President
49:22 of Evangelism is now the General Vice President,
49:25 Esther Nanasi will continue as Treasurer.
49:30 Emory Dent will continue on
49:32 as VP of Resources.
49:37 There are some changes that we would like
49:39 to present before you.
49:41 Jonathan Walter,
49:43 who was the VP of Programming
49:44 will now serve as Vice President of Missions.
49:48 Eric Louw, who was the VP of Communications
49:50 will now serve as VP of Networking.
49:54 We have some new officers this year.
49:56 Vice President of Evangelism is Tara Vang.
49:59 Vice President of Logistics is Aubrey Seiler.
50:03 Vice President of Programming, R.D. Gallant.
50:05 May I also have Vice President of Communications,
50:08 Seth Shaffer and he is not with us today
50:11 as he is flying somewhere in North America.
50:19 We present these individuals before you, again,
50:22 not as super Adventists,
50:24 but to place before you a responsibility,
50:29 not to be the standard of the ideals of GYC,
50:34 but to carry the sacred trust given
50:36 to your shoulders.
50:39 They are these ideals of GYC and these ideals are
50:44 what are needed for our young people today.
50:48 I'd like to ask all of you,
50:51 I'd like to appeal to all of you,
50:53 will you pray for this group?
50:55 Amen.
50:57 I'd like to ask that in 2018,
51:01 every time you see the GYC logo,
51:03 every time you put on the GYC T-shirt,
51:07 every time you watch a GYC video
51:09 or listen to a GYC sermon,
51:11 will you commit to pray for these leaders?
51:16 If you are willing to commit,
51:17 I want to ask you that you raise your hands,
51:19 keep them high.
51:21 And the leaders, I'm gonna ask that you take a mental picture,
51:23 that this is the accountability
51:25 and the prayer support that you have.
51:29 Please lower your hands.
51:32 We do this not to showcase
51:34 but we need to keep each other
51:35 accountable, yes?
51:37 And we are not doing this before you,
51:39 you are not before us, we are all before the Lord
51:42 and we need the Lord's help.
51:43 Amen.
51:44 So in the next two years,
51:46 we are not looking for more sacrifice,
51:48 more commitment, more hard work,
51:51 more zeal, more numbers.
51:54 We are looking for the emptying of ourselves.
52:00 The more we empty of ourselves,
52:01 the more we fill the Holy Spirit,
52:02 we can arise and go to the end.
52:07 So this time I'm gonna ask that if you can kneel,
52:09 and brothers and sisters, you can join us in prayer,
52:12 we're gonna ask the Lord's blessings
52:13 for the next two years of leadership.
52:23 Gracious Father, we can easily do this,
52:25 backstage somewhere, and this can easily
52:29 be misinterpreted as some kind of show
52:32 but, Father, that's not the case,
52:34 we follow the principles found in the Book of Nehemiah,
52:37 these are leaders who are not specially talented,
52:42 or gifted, or elevated above us,
52:47 but if anything, they are in more need
52:50 of Your Holy Spirit.
52:53 So, Father, we present them before Your people,
52:56 and we want to be held accountable to each other.
52:59 We are a movement together, we want to see Jesus
53:04 come in our lifetime, we want to see Him
53:08 with our eyes, and before that time comes,
53:12 help us to be about Your business.
53:15 Father, all sorts of temptations
53:17 will come upon these young people,
53:20 we ask that You wipe away ambition,
53:25 wipe away all self,
53:28 wipe away pride, hypocrisy.
53:31 We ask for the strength to empty ourselves,
53:35 to take up Your cross and to follow You.
53:39 For this we cannot do ourselves,
53:41 but only by Your power.
53:42 We ask humbly in Jesus' name,
53:44 and let everyone say...
53:45 Amen. Amen.


Revised 2018-07-06