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00:33 Oh, GYC, do you love Jesus?
00:37 Oh, yes, we love Jesus
00:40 Are you sure you love Jesus?
00:42 We're sure we love Jesus
00:44 And why do you love Jesus? All together.
00:49 Because He first loved me
00:52 That's the reason we all ought to love Him
00:57 Oh, how I love Jesus
01:01 Singing oh, how I love Jesus
01:08 Oh, how I love Jesus
01:12 Because He first loved me
01:18 How many of you that's why you're here this morning?
01:20 Amen. Amen?
01:22 Oh, what a privilege it is to be here.
01:28 Before I dive headway
01:31 into our message this morning,
01:35 I first want to say hi, Mom.
01:41 Then I want to say hello to my little four Braxtalinos,
01:45 Nafti, Zenin, Marari, and my new baby girl Ava.
01:50 Amen.
01:51 They all prayed for me this morning
01:53 before I came to preach, and I told them
01:55 when Papa gets on TV, I'll say hello to you,
01:59 and, of course, my heart and my best friend,
02:03 my sunrise and my sunset, my wife.
02:05 Amen.
02:07 So thank you for letting me be here at GYC
02:09 to minister for my Lord.
02:11 Amen. It's a privilege.
02:13 I miss you too, baby.
02:17 But moving forward,
02:22 this morning,
02:24 I've entitled my message "here's your church back."
02:28 Amen.
02:30 "Here's your church back."
02:31 Would you bow your heads with me as we pray?
02:36 Mighty God,
02:39 everlasting Father,
02:42 we are so grateful that in this moment
02:46 we can be in the audience chamber
02:49 of the Most High.
02:52 Father, we are not worthy to hear from our Creator.
02:57 But, Lord, as we gather about Your feet,
03:00 we have not come to hear the words of a man,
03:03 but we've come to hear the Word of God.
03:06 And so we pray that this man who is but dust in Your sight
03:10 that You would speak through him
03:12 and You would speak to him.
03:15 Father, that Jesus would be lifted up
03:17 and Jesus would be seen,
03:19 that we may leave this place transformed,
03:23 not the way that we came.
03:26 For whatever level we came to GYC,
03:29 may we finish this final meeting believing
03:32 that we go home to Korea, to New York,
03:38 to Carolina, to California,
03:40 to New Mexico having arisen,
03:45 people find us higher than when we came.
03:50 This is our prayer,
03:51 and we trust that You will help this
03:54 to be our experience.
03:56 For we offer this prayer from our hearts
04:00 in the mighty name of Jesus.
04:03 Let all of God's people say...
04:05 Amen. Amen.
04:07 Take your Bibles
04:09 and turn to the Book of Joshua 1.
04:14 Joshua 1,
04:17 when you're there you can say amen.
04:18 Amen. Joshua 1.
04:25 Are we there? Amen.
04:28 The Bible says, "Now after the death of Moses
04:32 the servant of the Lord,
04:34 it came to pass that the Lord spake unto," who?
04:38 "Unto Joshua the son of nun,
04:41 Moses' minister
04:43 or Moses' assistant saying,
04:47 'Moses, my servant is dead.
04:51 Now therefore arise,
04:54 go over this Jordan thou
04:56 and all this people unto the land
04:59 which I do give to them
05:00 even to the children of Israel."'
05:05 You know it was
05:06 January 30th, 2006
05:11 and Coretta Scott King had passed away.
05:16 She was the widower
05:17 of the civil rights pioneer
05:20 Martin Luther King Jr.
05:24 And at her funeral there were politicians,
05:27 there were leaders,
05:29 there were community influencers
05:31 that came to pay their respects to this great man's wife.
05:36 And one of the comments
05:37 that was made at her funeral was this.
05:42 They said,
05:44 "Coretta took up her
05:45 husband's work quietly
05:50 so that the world would not die from grief
05:52 from losing him so soon."
05:55 She recognized that she had to have
05:58 the courage despite her four children
06:01 having to help them go through the fact
06:03 that your father died at the very hands of hatred.
06:06 She had to have the courage to carry on despite the fact
06:11 that she had to deal with all the other leaders,
06:14 and the political jockeying, and the power struggles
06:17 that were going to go on in the movement,
06:19 she had to have the courage to carry on.
06:22 She recognized that the movement
06:25 was greater than the man.
06:27 And this is the moment that came to Joshua that Moses
06:31 who was his hero, Moses who was his leader.
06:36 Moses is the one that changed Joshua's name
06:40 from Hosea to Joshua.
06:42 Moses was his deliverer from slavery in Egypt.
06:46 Moses was the one that as Joshua sat down
06:50 at the bottom of the mountain
06:51 as it shook in the glory of God,
06:53 he watched his mentor, his hero go in and commune
06:57 with the very creator of the universe
07:01 and come down with the Ten Commandments.
07:05 Moses had died.
07:11 You see, what do you do
07:13 when you are called to follow greatness?
07:17 It is easy for us to come to GYC
07:20 and be spectators of greatness.
07:23 We listen to people, we say,
07:25 "Man, God is really using this individual.
07:27 God is really using this ministry."
07:28 And all along in the background as Moses raised his hands
07:32 and parted the Red Sea, there was Joshua.
07:36 And all along when Moses went into the temple
07:39 and his prayers delivered thousands of people
07:41 from the venom of snakes and serpents, there was Joshua.
07:47 All along, he thought to himself
07:49 who could ever replace Moses.
07:54 And surely Moses was God's chosen
07:57 to lead us to the Promised Land,
07:59 but on this very morning
08:01 after 30 days of mourning the loss of this great man,
08:05 God finally spoke to Joshua.
08:09 And He said, "Joshua, Moses,
08:12 My servant is dead but the movement is not dead."
08:17 "Moses, My servant is dead, but guess what,
08:20 the promises are still waiting to be fulfilled."
08:23 You see, this has always been
08:25 the legacy of the people of God.
08:29 When Abraham died,
08:30 Isaac was there and he had to know
08:33 that the promises still remained
08:35 even though Abraham died.
08:37 Someone had to have the courage to carry on.
08:40 And when Isaac died in blindness
08:43 and Jacob was there in some foreign land,
08:47 estranged from his only other earthly relative
08:50 in his brother.
08:53 Jacob had to have the courage to carry on.
08:57 When you come down to the Apostle Paul
09:00 and he's writing to young Timothy and saying,
09:02 "Look, I fought a good fight.
09:04 I have kept the faith
09:07 but, Timothy, this is greater than me.
09:11 You must have the courage to carry on.
09:13 I know the persecution is rough,
09:16 I know that the emperor of Rome
09:18 is making it difficult for you to do evangelism
09:21 but you must have the courage to carry on."
09:23 We believe that secularism is post modernism,
09:27 it's causing us problems.
09:28 Let's go back to ancient Rome
09:31 where it was illegal to be a Christian,
09:34 where it was illegal to do exactly
09:36 what we are doing this morning, to show up
09:41 what's the guarantee certain death.
09:44 Don't tell me you got it hard
09:45 because all your professors talk about evolution.
09:50 Don't tell me you got it hard
09:51 because, well, they're preaching
09:52 all the boring sermons and nothing's really happening.
09:55 I don't invite people out to church.
09:57 You see, Joshua learned
09:59 something very, very, very special this day.
10:03 The Book of Joshua teaches us that leadership is important.
10:09 In fact, it is more important
10:10 than the leader himself or herself.
10:15 I remember when Charles Spurgeon
10:17 was talking to a minister,
10:19 and as Spurgeon was waxing eloquent
10:21 about how the minister is a liability to the gospel.
10:26 He says, "Because you are minister,
10:28 because you are a preacher, because you are a pastor,
10:30 you're a liability to the work of God.
10:34 God did not call you
10:35 because you were stronger than your members,
10:37 God did not call you because you were wiser
10:40 or more spiritual than your members."
10:41 Any preacher who is honest with his or her heart knows
10:45 that if they were not mounting pulpits,
10:47 they would be spiritually dying.
10:51 So Spurgeon said,
10:52 "Let me give you an illustration
10:54 of what I'm talking about."
10:55 He says, "There was a man on a ship.
10:58 And as they were sailing in the ocean across to America,
11:02 all the sudden a storm came in
11:05 and everyone started panicking saying
11:07 the ship is not going to make it.
11:10 So as this man was running around on the ship,
11:12 'We're going to die.
11:13 We're not going to make it.'
11:14 They said, 'Look, man,
11:16 we need you to have some courage.
11:17 Can you do something for us? This could save the ship.'
11:21 And he said, 'Sure, I'll do anything.'
11:22 They said, 'Look, man, you can be a hero right now.
11:24 This is what we need you to do.'
11:26 He said, 'Sure, I'll do anything.'
11:27 They said, 'Take this rope,
11:28 and I want you to pull this rope,
11:30 and hold this rope, and don't let go.
11:33 If you let go, this may be the end of all of us.
11:37 So I need you to hold this rope with all your life.'
11:40 So the man grabbed that rope
11:42 and he wrapped it around his arm,
11:43 and as he held that rope, and he wouldn't let go,
11:45 and people were doing their things on the deck,
11:47 people were doing things below, the captain was giving orders,
11:50 and finally the storm calmed, the ship was saved,
11:54 and everybody just went about their business as usual.
11:58 He was still holding the rope.
12:01 Then finally, he thought, "Man, it's sunny out here
12:04 like nobody's coming saying hey, let go of the rope."
12:06 So finally, he let go of the rope
12:08 and he went into the captain's quarters,
12:10 and he said, "Captain, you know, I'm walking around,
12:13 and I was holding the rope,
12:14 and, you know, the ship is saved.
12:16 How come nobody's giving me thanks?
12:18 And he says, "What are you talking about?"
12:20 "Well, they told me to hold the rope,
12:22 and they said this would save the ship."
12:24 They said, "Brother, we told you to hold the rope
12:26 so you could stay out of the way,
12:27 so we could save the ship."
12:33 This is the calling to preaching.
12:36 God needs to hide you in the work
12:38 so you don't get in and mess stuff up.
12:41 In other words, God doesn't need us.
12:44 God could finish the gospel by speaking one word.
12:48 He calls us to preach as a privilege for ourselves.
12:51 We must take up the work that Jesus started
12:54 that the world would not die from grief
12:56 from losing Him so soon.
12:59 More than anything else,
13:00 the world needs a revelation of Jesus Christ,
13:03 not a discourse, not a YouTube video,
13:06 not a Facebook post, not a Snapchat,
13:09 the world needs a revelation of Jesus through you.
13:15 And so Joshua being called to step up
13:21 in this very moment...
13:23 You know the word "arise"
13:25 is, kind of, like a nice clinical word.
13:27 We need to arise, it just sounds nice.
13:30 But when I started looking up synonyms,
13:32 I said, you know, I'm the kind of person
13:34 that when I was growing up, people say,
13:36 "Sebastian, you know, you need to get in touch
13:38 with your feminine side a little bit more.
13:40 You know, tenderness, compassion,
13:44 you know, smile in a picture every once in a while."
13:48 I'm like, "Well, if it's a virtue
13:50 to get in touch with your feminine side,
13:52 then it must be a virtue at some times
13:54 to get in touch with your masculine side."
13:58 And I believe in so many different ways
14:00 when we have moved the message forward,
14:03 we've neutered the message and just gone towards the nice,
14:07 tender, compassion, Jesus died for us
14:09 as if Jesus died on the cross as a coward.
14:14 No one has gone through what Gethsemane was,
14:17 and no one had the courage to say,
14:18 "You know what,
14:20 I'm going to give up my salvation
14:21 for someone else."
14:23 You know, at some point in time as Joshua was stepping up
14:27 in his mind,
14:28 he had to recognize
14:30 that, guess what, Joshua,
14:32 it's time for you to be the next man up.
14:36 So instead of just saying let's arise,
14:38 what if we just used the phrase "step up?"
14:42 Don't come to me and tell me about all the problems
14:44 in your church, it's time for you to step up.
14:48 Don't tell me about
14:49 oh, my conference this and my conference that,
14:51 it's time for you to step up.
14:54 My youth group,
14:55 you know, we're not really having
14:57 a lot of evangelism and outreach,
14:58 then go out by yourself and step up.
15:01 You know what's so interesting, everybody wants the reward
15:04 but nobody wants to bear the cross.
15:07 Everybody wants the results
15:09 and to stand onstage at GYC and say,
15:12 "Guess what, look at all the souls we reached."
15:14 You go forth sowing in tears that you may reap in joy.
15:20 This is why nobody likes colporteuring
15:24 cause it's hard,
15:26 ain't for boys.
15:30 It's for people who really love souls.
15:33 And someone asked me, they said,
15:34 "Sebastian, you know,
15:35 what would make you do canvassing for 10 years?"
15:39 I said, "You know, to be honest,
15:42 I don't even know
15:44 why I was doing it for 10 years."
15:50 But I said, "When I look back at the years of service
15:53 in canvassing,
15:55 I recognize what canvassing produced in me."
15:58 When it's a 100 degrees, 100 % humidity, no shade,
16:04 nothing but rejection,
16:05 you're sitting and you're thinking yourself,
16:06 what am I doing out here.
16:09 Go into houses, and they said,
16:11 "Brother, do you have money in that bag?
16:13 You should not be in this neighborhood.
16:15 And you're still knocking doors.
16:17 When you roll up,
16:18 and somebody's dog is rushing out,
16:20 and you're like that dog does not have a leash.
16:25 And I used to tell people
16:26 I'm not afraid of what the dog will do to me,
16:28 I'm afraid of what I'll do to their dog.
16:35 But I remember grabbing a young lady's hand,
16:37 she was one of my canvassing students
16:39 and this dog was coming.
16:41 And it had like an eye that was like
16:43 at least two inches lower than the other eye.
16:47 And then it had pictures of the dog
16:49 all around the yard,
16:50 big posters that said, "Beware."
16:53 She said, "Mobile one, needs support."
16:59 So I drive up to this house.
17:04 Now as I'm driving up, I see the posters,
17:06 and you see the dog going back and forth,
17:08 and this yard was at least an acre.
17:10 So this dog's running back and forth free.
17:13 And she's like,
17:14 "There's no way we can do this house."
17:16 I said, "What if this is their last chance
17:17 to receive the gospel?"
17:21 She said, "I'm sorry. I can't do it."
17:23 So I grabbed her by the hand.
17:24 I said, "Sister, I know this may feel inappropriate...
17:30 But we're going to go to this house."
17:33 She says, "What are you doing?" I said, "Let's go."
17:36 She was a little Korean girl. I pulled her.
17:41 We started walking into the yard,
17:43 the dog started running to us, the girl started screaming.
17:48 She broke free and ran out of the yard.
17:52 So I ran out, and went and got her again.
17:55 And we walked back into the grass again.
17:59 And when we got to the door, there was a young man there.
18:02 And after all of this, he was like,
18:03 "Yeah, my parents are not home."
18:05 And he was interested in some Bible study.
18:06 So we signed him up and we walked out.
18:08 She says, "Nobody was even here.
18:09 We didn't even sell any books."
18:11 And I said, "Now you understand
18:12 what it's like to go to the cross."
18:15 You're not guaranteed results.
18:17 We don't go to the door for results,
18:19 we go because He commended us to go.
18:23 And guess what?
18:24 When I get to heaven,
18:26 this mortal will put on immortality.
18:28 I can survive a dog bite if it's going to save a soul.
18:33 How come we don't preach that?
18:37 How can we walk around and say,
18:39 "Well, you know, I'm not telling people
18:40 to go do crazy stuff."
18:41 That's not the point.
18:43 Don't put yourself in unnecessary harm
18:45 but recognize
18:46 if God called us to do this work,
18:48 He called us to success.
18:49 And whether we see that success here
18:51 or in heaven is irrelevant
18:56 because it's time to step up.
18:59 You know, I have to tell you
19:00 that when Joshua goes forward,
19:05 everyone's not called to be a Joshua,
19:09 everyone's not called to be a leader.
19:10 That's clear.
19:12 But everyone's called to cross the Jordan.
19:16 Everyone's called to engage
19:18 the battle on the other side of Jordan.
19:21 And everyone is called to go in
19:23 and possess the land that God is giving to them.
19:31 You know, I go back to the Bible
19:34 and look in verse 3.
19:36 The Bible says
19:37 that as God charges Joshua to arise
19:42 and go over this Jordan, He says in verse 3,
19:46 "Every place that the sole of your foot
19:49 shall tread upon
19:50 that have I given you, as I said unto Moses."
19:54 Now it's very interesting
19:56 that people will take this verse
19:58 and they start doing these,
19:59 you know, zip code prayer walks.
20:02 We're going to walk around this zip code
20:03 and we're going to claim this thing
20:05 because Joshua 1:3 says,
20:06 "Every place the sole of your foot treads,"
20:08 Well, guess what?
20:09 We're not reading the whole text correctly.
20:12 It says, "Every place that the sole of your foot
20:15 shall tread upon."
20:16 And then verse 4 says,
20:18 "From the wilderness in this Lebanon
20:22 even unto the great river,
20:24 the river Euphrates all the land of the Hittites
20:27 and unto the Great Sea toward the going down of the Sun
20:29 shall be your coast."
20:30 In other words, Lebanon's in the north,
20:33 the wilderness is in the south, the Euphrates is on the east,
20:37 and on the other side is the west.
20:38 This is your land.
20:41 If you tread in any other land, you will not have victory.
20:45 God doesn't just send people on and be like,
20:47 "Well, I'm just going to go here
20:48 and I'm just going to claim this land."
20:49 No, God is giving you the land.
20:52 You need to focus on and I need to focus on
20:54 what is God giving to me.
20:57 So when we go home,
20:59 we sometimes focus on this one soul
21:02 that we want to reach,
21:03 this one group of people that we want to reach.
21:05 We say, "Oh, you know, we have a big homeless problem
21:07 but what if God wants to give you
21:09 the wealthy and the influential?"
21:12 But we got no ministry for them,
21:14 all those people are hard, they have no need.
21:17 I said, "Yes, they do.
21:18 If they don't have Jesus, they got everything but...
21:23 That's all you have as need."
21:26 You like Jesus, you like everything.
21:28 I don't care how big your house is,
21:30 I don't care how much money you have in the bank,
21:33 I don't care what kind of connections
21:35 you have or political alliances,
21:37 you don't have Jesus, you have nothing.
21:40 And until we believe that,
21:41 it doesn't matter what color the suit the person is wearing,
21:44 how much money,
21:46 what kind of car he drives or she.
21:50 Do you know the Lord or don't you?
21:53 If you don't, you got need, this is the ministry.
21:57 Joshua goes forward and God says,
21:59 "This is the land and the territory
22:01 that I'm going to give to you."
22:05 And He outlines the boundaries.
22:08 Then in verse 5, he tells him, in Joshua 1, He says,
22:12 "There shall not any man be able to stand
22:14 before you all the days of your," what?
22:18 "Of your life.
22:19 As I was with Moses so I will be with," who?
22:23 And God says,
22:25 "I will not fail you nor forsake you."
22:30 You know, the funny thing is God told Moses
22:32 the same thing in Deuteronomy 7:24.
22:36 This is why God is saying,
22:37 "You thought that the success of the movement
22:39 in the wilderness
22:40 and all these things came about because of Moses.
22:42 No, it's because My promises were with Moses,
22:46 My presence was with Moses,
22:47 and I told Moses I will not fail him."
22:50 So now that you are called to step up
22:55 into a fresh position,
22:57 you are now called to see fresh revelations
23:00 of the faithfulness of God.
23:03 You don't have to be afraid to step up
23:05 because as he was with the great men
23:07 and women before you,
23:08 He's going to be with you in the same way.
23:12 Listen, brothers and sisters, we sometimes sit back
23:14 and we're all afraid about the time of trouble.
23:16 Do you want to live through the time of trouble?
23:19 Are you afraid to go through the time of trouble?
23:21 And I said, "You know,
23:22 if you read The Great Controversy,
23:25 and you look at John Wesley
23:27 preaching on the plains of England,
23:29 and while he's preaching on the plains of England,
23:31 he says two men in the crowd with big pieces of wood,
23:35 super-strong men came looking for him
23:37 while he was preaching.
23:39 So as they come approaching him,
23:41 he's still preaching.
23:42 He's not backing down, he's not running,
23:43 he's not doing anything.
23:45 He just keeps preaching.
23:46 And finally, he finishes the sermon,
23:47 as he's walking out, they are cutting
23:49 through the crowd to try to find him,
23:50 and finally they find him, and he says,
23:53 "The man punched him so hard in the face
23:56 that blood immediately started coming out
23:58 of his mouth, just gushing out."
24:01 But he said, "It felt like someone had hit me
24:03 with a straw."
24:06 And he just kept walking.
24:08 And you're talking about
24:09 you're afraid of the time of trouble.
24:11 Because as I was with John Wesley,
24:13 so I will be with you, if you learn to step up.
24:19 These promises do not apply to you
24:21 if you don't arise.
24:24 The success and the victory does not apply to you
24:26 if you do not arise, if you don't step up.
24:32 If you leave this conference
24:34 and go back to your regularly scheduled program,
24:36 you will not receive those promises.
24:39 You will not see the testimonies
24:41 you saw on stage in your very life,
24:43 the Spirit of God is not restricted
24:45 by geography.
24:47 He's not restricted by,
24:49 "Well, you know, Elder Finley is not in our area,
24:51 we don't have any big preachers in our area."
24:53 That does not matter.
24:55 These men preach, these women preach
24:56 because the Spirit uses them.
25:00 There is nothing in them.
25:05 So this call to arise
25:07 is not just a nice little thing for us
25:08 to talk about for five days.
25:12 The whole concept of "arise" is to call us
25:15 to even greater dedication and service for God
25:19 when we leave.
25:21 GYC is not a conclusion of the year.
25:24 It is the inauguration of the next one.
25:27 This is where we need to take the movement.
25:31 And now we've been around for over a decade,
25:34 year after year,
25:36 seminars after seminars, and people say,
25:37 "Well, you know, can GYC do this?
25:40 Can GYC do that? Does GYC have this?"
25:43 This is not the kingdom of heaven.
25:46 This is a five-day conference that God uses to inspire us
25:50 but it's supposed to let us go and say,
25:52 "If GYC doesn't have it, then I'm going to build it."
25:57 You don't need the logo in order
25:59 to make it official of God.
26:04 But in our minds if it's not under GYC,
26:06 then I guess it won't happen, we'll wait.
26:09 You know, as Moise said, "Stay tuned."
26:12 And I'll just wait to hear from Moise.
26:14 I'll wait to check the GYC blog
26:17 or we could go home and step up.
26:26 He says in verse 5,
26:28 "There shall not any man be able to stand
26:31 before you all the days of your life."
26:37 He's talking about victory.
26:39 You know, what's interesting is God says,
26:42 "I want you to go possess this land
26:44 that I'm giving to you."
26:46 Then all of a sudden, He turns around and says,
26:47 "Oh, don't worry,
26:48 no one's going to be able to stand
26:50 before you in battle."
26:51 What do you mean battle?
26:52 I thought You just said You're giving me the land.
26:56 "Yeah, I'm giving you the land but you got to go possess it."
27:01 "Yeah, I'm giving you the land
27:02 but you got to go engage in the battle.
27:05 And whoever, and whatever, whenever it stands against you,
27:09 it will not be able to stand, you will win."
27:13 You know, I love the fact that this statement,
27:18 the testimony says,
27:20 "To stand in defense of truth and righteousness
27:24 when the majority forsakes us,
27:27 to fight the battles of the Lord
27:29 when champions are few."
27:31 This will be our test.
27:33 It is at this time...
27:35 At what time? This time.
27:37 It is at this time that we must gather courage
27:41 from the cowardice of others, loyalty from their treason,
27:45 warmth from the coldness of others.
27:49 People tell me, they say, "My church is cold-hearted,
27:51 I want to invite you to my church."
27:52 Then you better gather warmth
27:54 from the coldness of the others.
27:59 Listen, I came into a church that was not perfect.
28:04 But there were some people in there
28:05 that were living like Jesus.
28:08 All it takes is one.
28:10 Amen.
28:12 All it takes is one.
28:16 He says, "No men shall be able to stand before you."
28:19 You see that statement is so potent
28:22 because if we say
28:23 we're going to go fight the battles of the Lord,
28:24 the question becomes
28:26 what are the battles of the Lord
28:28 when champions are few?
28:30 We're not talking about arguing in your board meeting,
28:33 we're not talking about posting on blogs,
28:35 super-long comments.
28:37 That is not fighting the battles of the Lord.
28:40 The battles of the Lord are against three things.
28:42 How many things? Three.
28:44 Three things. The first one is against error.
28:48 We preach against error. Amen.
28:51 We recognize that when GYC started,
28:53 the goal was to make sure people knew
28:55 that there was an army of young people
28:57 on a mission for the Lord that loved the teachings
29:00 and the pure doctrine of this church.
29:03 We are unashamed,
29:04 unabashedly Seventh-day Adventists.
29:08 And people say, "Well, Sebastian,
29:10 you know, you don't think that's a little exclusive?
29:12 You don't think that's a little bit arrogant
29:14 to say those things?"
29:15 I said, "The truth is the truth."
29:17 Amen.
29:21 And number two, someone comes and they say,
29:24 "Well, you know, this doctrinal purity
29:27 is not just about doctrine."
29:29 It's true.
29:30 It's not just about doctrine but it sure includes it.
29:34 Sometimes we got people beating up
29:36 on our doctrines, and I used to tell people,
29:37 I said, you know, coming into the church
29:40 from the world as an unbeliever.
29:44 It's interesting, people say,
29:46 "Sebastian, why do you think that people who are converted
29:50 in the church are "more dedicated"?
29:54 More dedicated than people who were raised in the church,
29:56 they just don't come in as on fire."
29:58 And I said, "You know why?
30:00 Because when you come into the church
30:02 and someone says, "Guess what,
30:03 this is the Seventh-day Sabbath?"
30:04 So all those Friday nights, and that partying,
30:07 and all the stuff you like to do,
30:08 you got to give that up."
30:10 And I said, "In other words,
30:12 in order for me to follow the truth,
30:13 and to come to know Jesus, and to join this church,
30:16 I had to give up things I liked.
30:18 It cost me something."
30:21 "I didn't just receive it by osmosis."
30:25 Oh, yeah, I'm used to singing these songs,
30:26 I know the drill, we always keep this out.
30:28 That's just how life is.
30:30 This is exactly what happens when we take people
30:33 who are raised in the church
30:34 and we do not call them to account.
30:39 So I love what Justin said, accountability.
30:43 But you know why?
30:44 Because we're afraid to offend somebody.
30:47 And I'm not talking about these people
30:49 who want to confuse, rebuke with being rude.
30:52 Some people are just plain rude.
30:55 It's the truth.
30:56 Oh, brothers...
30:57 So they think, if they pray with you and,
30:59 you know, if we say, "Hey, brother,
31:00 can I talk to you for a second?"
31:02 I just pray with you and as long as I'm quoting
31:03 the Spirit of Prophecy in the Bible,
31:05 you know, it's okay whatever I say to you,
31:07 however I say it to you.
31:10 It's not true.
31:12 You're just trying to mask the fact
31:13 that you're a judgmental person.
31:15 And you need the Lord in your heart.
31:18 Walking around accusing the brethren,
31:21 doing the devil's work for himself,
31:25 all in the guise of I'm more spiritual,
31:27 holier than thou.
31:29 You're not arising because your light has come,
31:31 you're walking in the sparks of your own kindling.
31:40 We talk about stepping up against error.
31:45 We need to learn to stand and be counted
31:47 when it comes to the truth.
31:52 But, you know, for many of us, it's about those worldly gains
31:55 and respectable conventionality.
31:59 The second thing we fight
32:00 the battles of the Lord against is hatred.
32:04 You know, if there is anything
32:06 that we need to grow as a church
32:08 and as a movement is the ability
32:11 to love people we disagree with.
32:15 I don't agree with you,
32:17 but you need to love that person
32:18 because Ellen White says, "The most fatal deception..."
32:22 Fatal means deadly.
32:25 "The most fatal deception is that people think
32:27 they're going to heaven
32:29 without having Christ-like love for their brethren."
32:33 You think you're just going to live on the other side
32:35 of the New Jerusalem.
32:37 Oh, yeah, her mansion ain't going
32:38 to be next to mine.
32:41 You won't be there.
32:46 Many people will come to Jesus,
32:47 did we not prophesy in Your name?
32:50 Did we not do many wonderful works
32:52 in Your name?
32:54 Did we not tell other people about You?
32:59 But God is against hatred of all forms,
33:03 even if the other member across the table
33:06 at the board meeting was your enemy,
33:08 the Bible says,
33:09 "Love your enemy even if they were your enemy."
33:14 But, you know, it's all just a deception of the devil
33:18 to bring us back in and forget the fact
33:21 that we wrestle not against flesh and blood.
33:24 People are not our problem.
33:29 Error, hatred are our problem.
33:32 And the last battle of the Lord
33:34 that we must fight as illustrated
33:36 by the Book of Joshua is sin.
33:41 We are against sin.
33:44 We fight against sin, not sinners.
33:46 Can you say amen? Amen.
33:50 The only thing that we should have a problem
33:52 with is sin.
33:55 And people come and they act all shocked,
33:56 "Can you believe
33:57 that this brother did XY and Z?"
33:59 I'm like, "Why are you shocked?
34:00 The Bible said,
34:02 "The heart is deceitful above all things
34:04 and desperately wicked."
34:06 Why are you surprised that a sinner
34:08 does what a sinner does?
34:10 The point is we need to be against sin,
34:13 preaching against it.
34:15 As we are always told
34:16 that the greatest one of the world
34:18 is the one of what?
34:19 Men. Men who do what?
34:21 Call sin by its right name, not justification.
34:25 You get to these people where they're like,
34:27 "Oh, you know, God knows my heart."
34:29 You're right, He does know your heart,
34:30 you're backslidden.
34:33 He does know.
34:35 But we come in,
34:37 and we want to justify, and say,
34:38 "Well, you know, is it really wrong
34:39 to have oral sex?
34:41 Is it really wrong
34:42 if you're kissing and making out?
34:43 You're not sleeping together."
34:45 Really, how close to the edge do you want to get?
34:48 Are you willing to bet your salvation on that
34:52 and find out in the judgment you were wrong
34:55 because we don't have the humility
34:56 to admit the fact
34:58 that I got a lust problem and I need to go to Jesus.
35:02 'Cause the gospel is able to overcome every tendency
35:05 to wrong.
35:08 Not just the ones we want
35:09 to come out of that bring us shame,
35:11 even the ones we enjoy.
35:16 But those aren't the sins that we want to rebuke
35:18 because the battles of the Lord
35:19 when champions are few.
35:25 People say, "I'm against sin in all its forms,
35:30 small white lies,
35:33 as well as gross dark deception."
35:38 You know, the next verse,
35:44 verse 6,
35:46 He tells Joshua three times
35:49 to be strong and of a good courage.
35:55 He says, "Joshua, I want you to be strong
35:58 and of a good courage."
36:00 And he says, "For unto this people,
36:02 you shall divide for them a," what?
36:05 What does the word say in your Bible?
36:07 Inheritance. "An inheritance."
36:09 He says, "You're going to divide an inheritance
36:11 unto this people."
36:13 So wait, wait, wait, why does
36:14 that require strength and courage?
36:17 What kind of courage do you need
36:19 to divide an inheritance among a group of people?
36:23 You see, when I was a little kid, six years old,
36:25 living in Chicago,
36:28 you know, I remember playing baseball.
36:31 And this girl, her name was Collette,
36:33 she has the same name as my mom.
36:35 But she was like the tough girl in the neighborhood.
36:37 I mean, she was known for beating boys down.
36:42 And so when it came to play baseball,
36:43 if the game was close,
36:45 she just had ways of pitching the ball,
36:49 that it was just either impossible to hit
36:52 or she would almost hit you with the ball.
36:56 And so there I was, six years old,
36:57 Collette was like eight or nine,
36:59 she was bigger than me.
37:01 And so she was pitching the ball, this crazy thing,
37:03 and, of course, everyone else was like,
37:04 "Sebastian, man, just let it go."
37:05 I'm like, "She's not supposed to do this, man.
37:07 This is not how this is supposed to work."
37:09 So I catch the ball, throw it back,
37:12 and then she throws the same thing.
37:14 Then I catch it and throw it back, same thing.
37:17 Third time, I said, "You know what,
37:18 I'm just going to throw this ball at her."
37:20 Everyone's eyes just opened wide.
37:23 After I threw the ball at her and almost hit her,
37:25 she started running at me.
37:27 I just held the bat in my hand.
37:31 And the whole neighborhood was gathered around.
37:34 They said, "Sebastian, this is a girl.
37:37 What are you doing with a bat?"
37:38 I'm like, "She is not a girl.
37:40 There's a female tiger as well."
37:45 "Put the bat down, Sebastian."
37:47 And one of my friends looked at me,
37:49 he said, "Sebastian,
37:50 are you really going to hold a bat to fight a girl?"
37:53 He says, "You don't have the courage to fight her
37:55 like a man."
37:58 See that just gets you right there in your pride.
38:02 So I put the bat down and I took my beating.
38:13 And after I took my beating, went in the house crying.
38:17 "What happened?"
38:18 You know, we don't talk about it.
38:23 But, you know,
38:25 she never pitched like that again.
38:29 You see, brothers and sisters, sometimes we have to recognize
38:32 that when we have the courage to do the right thing,
38:37 sometimes we don't win.
38:42 Sometimes we do everything right
38:44 and we still lose.
38:47 And too many of us,
38:48 we get discouraged when we did everything right
38:50 and the result doesn't come as if God is a magic lamp.
38:55 "Well, Lord, I fulfilled this. So You have to do this."
38:57 No, He doesn't.
39:01 Joseph was faithful to Potiphar and to God,
39:04 he ended up in prison.
39:06 Jesus lived a perfect life, they crucified Him.
39:13 Paul preached the truth and even humbled himself
39:17 to his brethren request,
39:18 he ended up in prison the rest of his life.
39:23 Brothers and sisters,
39:25 we have to come to accept that courage
39:27 is not the absence of fear, it is not presumption,
39:30 it is not just rush into it blindly
39:32 without thinking, without plans.
39:34 Courage is saying,
39:36 "Yes, I'm afraid but I'm going to go anyway."
39:40 I'm not the best speaker, but I'm going to go anyway.
39:44 That's courage.
39:46 Courage is saying,
39:47 "I'm going to go back home and they're going to say,
39:49 'Oh wait, weren't you the kid before you went to GYC,
39:52 you was out partying,
39:54 you was dating this girl and that girl
39:56 and now you want to come back all spiritual
39:57 talking about we need to have a Bible study?
40:00 Please, you need to go somewhere with that."'
40:03 You need to have the courage to go forward anyway and say,
40:06 "Yes, I was that guy.
40:08 Yes, I was doing that but guess what?
40:10 I went to GYC and Jesus found me.
40:13 Jesus transformed me and now I am ready to step up."
40:20 We got to have courage.
40:24 Three times He tells Joshua and guess what?
40:28 If a little girl came to me and she said,
40:31 "You know, Brother Sebastian,
40:32 I hear you're preaching on Sunday morning,
40:35 be strong and have a good courage."
40:38 You know, you'd be like, "Oh, that's so cute."
40:41 But if a Navy SEAL came to me and he said,
40:44 "Sebastian, you need to be strong
40:48 and of a good courage."
40:50 You're like, "Now, this guy's a Navy SEAL.
40:52 He's telling me to have courage,
40:54 that means there's some serious danger
40:56 waiting over there."
40:59 But how much more when God, who fears nothing,
41:04 comes to you and says,
41:05 "You need to be strong and of a good courage
41:09 because there's going to be battles
41:11 you have to fight in your life, I'm not sure I can win.
41:14 There's going to be dangers lurking for you
41:17 when you go into that land to fight
41:19 those battles of the Lord."
41:20 And it is no different, GYC, when we leave this place,
41:23 the devil is waiting on the other side of the doors
41:26 of this convention center.
41:27 As soon as you get on the plane,
41:29 as soon as you get on the bus, as soon as you get in the car,
41:31 as soon as you get back home, the devil is waiting for you.
41:36 And God says, "Guess what?
41:37 I'm charging you to arise, to step up, to go over this,
41:40 Jordan, to finish this work
41:42 but there are dangers waiting for you
41:44 on the other side."
41:49 And as my favorite preacher used to say,
41:51 "When you give your life to Jesus
41:53 and you want to do the right thing,
41:54 what do you expect the devil to do?
41:56 Pat you on the back and wish you well?"
42:00 "Thanks, man, you chose Jesus. Good job.
42:04 Have a good life."
42:05 No, as soon as you decide at this conference,
42:08 when you came up for the appeal,
42:10 when you came up and said, "You know what?
42:11 I'm going to do something for God.
42:13 I'm going to go on a mission trip,
42:14 I'm going to go through the Middle East,
42:16 I'm going to go on this service project."
42:17 As soon as you decided to do that,
42:21 you were put in the devil's crosshairs
42:23 and please believe your life
42:25 may go awry when you leave this place.
42:30 And then people come back and say,
42:31 "Maybe God doesn't want me to do it."
42:34 That's the exact opposite.
42:37 It is because we are doing the right thing
42:39 that the devil is there to try to discourage us.
42:41 He will contest every inch, every what?
42:47 Every inch of ground that we made back
42:49 to the heavenly Canaan, every inch.
42:54 The devil's not just content trying to get you into sin,
42:57 he's also content about making it hard for you
43:00 to wake up and study the Bible,
43:02 making it difficult you want to pray.
43:04 You know, I love the fact
43:05 that we're getting together in the prayer room.
43:07 My question is how many of us
43:08 are going to be in the prayer room
43:09 when we get home?
43:13 That's my favorite part of GYC is outreach.
43:15 What outreach are you doing at home?
43:17 There's houses in Phoenix
43:19 and there's houses in your neighborhood.
43:20 Amen.
43:22 There's no difference between them.
43:23 The only difference is if you decided to step up.
43:28 Stepping up in a crowd is easy.
43:31 Stepping up when you're by yourself is not.
43:36 That takes courage.
43:40 You see, I believe there's a lot of stepping up
43:43 for us to do.
43:45 You know, if you're a preacher,
43:48 stepping up means that,
43:50 you know, I need to make sure
43:52 that my sermons are biblically correct
43:54 and not politically correct.
43:57 I need to mount the pulpit
43:59 as the mighty proclaimer of truth
44:01 that Jesus called me to be
44:03 when I stepped into the ministry.
44:05 I need to make sure that the message
44:07 and not the massage of my ego is the goal.
44:11 I need to make sure that I'm worrying
44:13 about when God invites me to give an account
44:15 for my sermon
44:16 than if they're going to invite me back.
44:20 Everybody wants to be popular.
44:22 Nobody wants to be Jeremiah.
44:26 Nobody wants to say the uncomfortable things
44:28 but those are the sermons that change lives.
44:31 But, you see, we can also step up as members.
44:34 You know, stop complaining
44:36 about boring sermons and preach one.
44:38 That's fire.
44:39 Stop worrying about my church is a dead church
44:41 and start a prayer
44:43 and Bible study group to revive it.
44:45 No, no, no, stop worrying about what's happening
44:48 at a GC vote
44:50 but you don't even show up to a church business meeting.
44:54 And probably don't even know
44:56 what a union constituency meeting is.
45:00 We're constantly looking for the next event
45:02 as if it was cocaine.
45:05 "When am I going to get my spiritual fix?
45:07 Oh, there's GYC affiliate meetings,
45:08 I'm going to go to GYC,
45:10 I'm going to go to GYC Southeast,
45:11 and I'm going to go to GYC West,
45:13 and I'm a volunteer here at Pathways."
45:14 We're just looking for the next event.
45:16 That ain't going to carry you through the end time.
45:19 You got to have your own personal experience with Jesus.
45:22 Amen.
45:23 When all the lights are off,
45:26 you got to have the courage to carry on.
45:33 But, you know, even as a GYCer,
45:37 we got to stand up and be counted.
45:41 You know, the beauty of the movement,
45:45 since I've been a part of it, is that we all don't agree.
45:49 That's part of the beauty.
45:51 There are things we all agree on
45:53 but there are things that we don't.
45:56 And the fact that we can come to unity
45:58 on the mission
46:00 and the message of what God is calling us to do,
46:03 that's what makes it beautiful,
46:05 that's what makes it unity in diversity.
46:08 But, you know, even stepping up there reminds us of the fact
46:11 that many of us,
46:13 we need to stop worrying about being judged
46:15 and we need to welcome accountability.
46:18 We can't dis-phrase of saying, "Hey, man, you know..."
46:20 Before we say that we did something,
46:22 we know we shouldn't be doing it.
46:23 "Hey, man, don't judge me."
46:26 As if that's just going to give you an excuse to do
46:28 what you did.
46:30 Rather than being like, "You know what?
46:32 I know I was tripping, I was backsliding,
46:35 I was whiling out,
46:36 I was doing something I knew I shouldn't be doing,
46:38 and I'm welcoming the accountability.
46:40 Don't judge me, get on your knees with me,
46:43 and pray for me."
46:44 Amen.
46:46 And say, "If a brother be overtaken in a fault,
46:49 restore such a one."
46:50 Amen.
46:52 Considering yourself also
46:55 with meekness and gentleness.
46:58 Amen.
47:01 I got to hurry to my conclusion.
47:03 My time is out.
47:08 I want you to notice in verse 9,
47:10 the last question.
47:15 The only question that God asked Joshua
47:19 when He charges him,
47:21 He says, "Joshua,
47:25 have not I commanded you,
47:30 be strong and of a good courage."
47:34 You know, I remember in the military,
47:37 they have this concept called "the commander's intent."
47:42 The commander's intent,
47:45 the purpose of this concept is to say
47:47 that most military plans...
47:49 And they are long, you get a military briefing
47:51 it's like 40 pages long, everything you can think of,
47:55 every possible contingency.
47:58 And they say, "Here is your plan."
47:59 But the first thing they learn is
48:01 that the plans become obsolete the moment
48:04 you come in contact with the enemy.
48:06 You laid all these plans and then you get out there,
48:08 and you're like, "This ain't going to work."
48:11 So then they're like what do we do,
48:12 these soldiers are out there.
48:14 We told them to go forward.
48:15 We told them here's the mission
48:16 and now the step-by-step nitty-gritty instructions,
48:20 it doesn't work
48:21 because they get to step five, and they're like,
48:22 "Wait, what do we do?
48:24 It's not here. It doesn't work."
48:25 So they came up
48:26 with the concept in the 1990s called
48:28 "the commander's intent."
48:31 And the purpose of the commander's intent
48:33 is when you get your military briefing,
48:36 at the very top and very plain language
48:40 is the very central objective of the mission.
48:44 It'll say something like,
48:46 "To neutralize the enemy in this city."
48:49 That's the intent.
48:50 So when you get out there, and you're following the plans,
48:52 and everybody says,
48:54 "Oh, man, the plan, this is not working."
48:56 We learn to improvise
48:59 because we remember what's the commander's intent.
49:02 So in the same sense, when we go to GYC,
49:04 yes, we can give you workbooks and step-by-step instructions
49:08 of how to start a Bible study group
49:09 but then you start going forward
49:10 and guess what?
49:12 Plans fail immediately upon contact.
49:15 "Oh, we can't do that. Oh, this is not working out."
49:17 Well, guess what?
49:18 We need to remember the commander's intent.
49:22 The goal is to leave this place to arise,
49:25 to step up, and to go over this Jordan.
49:28 It is to finish this work.
49:30 So if that means, guess what?
49:31 The step-by-step plans are not working, then so be it.
49:36 I got to improvise and go a different way.
49:40 So he said, "Hey, here's your step-by-step plan
49:42 of how to start your small group."
49:43 And you're like, "It's not working for me."
49:46 Then you say well,
49:47 but the intent is to start a small group of people
49:49 who study and pray over the Bible.
49:52 So if I got to do it in my house,
49:53 if I got to do it at the park,
49:55 if I got to go to Barnes & Noble,
49:56 then that's what I'm going to do.
49:58 Because I know the commander's intent.
50:06 You know, I want to end...
50:11 With this story.
50:14 It's about a man named
50:17 Charles Decatur Brooks.
50:23 Also known as CD Brooks.
50:28 It's on June 5th last year
50:30 that he passed away at 85 years old.
50:35 They said that CD Brooks
50:40 probably brought somewhere around 20,000 people
50:43 to the church in his ministry.
50:50 And when he passed away last year,
50:54 you know, as a product of his ministry
51:00 influenced by the fact
51:03 that he was willing to preach the Word with nerve,
51:06 with backbone,
51:08 and unafraid of what people thought.
51:13 And you think to yourself what do you do
51:16 when you're called to follow greatness?
51:22 We lost this man
51:23 whom God had been using for so many years.
51:28 And I thought to myself,
51:30 one of his signature sermons was titled
51:34 "I want my church back."
51:38 The church was going awry as he says in the sermon,
51:42 Sabbath on the golf course,
51:45 picnicking, theater-going.
51:50 And he said right before he got up to preach,
51:52 he didn't know what to title his sermon,
51:53 and his friends slipped a note under his door, and said,
51:55 "Charles, I want my church back."
52:00 So as he was preaching his sermon to other ministers,
52:05 eventually we had the privilege to have him come to GYC,
52:09 and I had the privilege to pick him up,
52:12 and also to pick up his wife.
52:16 And I remember
52:18 just talking to him and in my mind,
52:20 you know, I didn't even know how to behave,
52:21 I was a young GYC volunteer.
52:24 You know, you just say nothing, just be quiet.
52:29 You don't want to mess this up.
52:32 So I just said nothing.
52:35 And every single time,
52:37 you know, I had to check on him,
52:38 make sure everything was fine,
52:39 he would say, "Everything's fine, brother."
52:44 But eventually when I reflected on last year
52:47 and I think about that sermon,
52:49 I realized that GYC
52:52 was supposed to be an answer to that question.
52:56 He said, "Those individuals
52:58 who died spent their whole lives in ministry,
53:03 they didn't die for a backslidden church,
53:06 they didn't endure weeks,
53:08 and hours, and days away from their wives
53:10 and family for a backslidden church
53:12 that doesn't now want to step up
53:14 to its identity and its mission,
53:17 that doesn't want to surrender to its calling.
53:21 They spend all these things and that's why
53:23 when they saw where the church was going,
53:25 the statement was made, "I want my church back."
53:28 And so I decided that, you know what?
53:33 It's time for us and for me
53:35 to live a life that says to him,
53:37 here's your church back.
53:39 I'm going to show you
53:41 that we are still holding to the old values
53:43 that have always been since very beginning.
53:46 We are still holding the truths,
53:48 we are still holding the mission,
53:50 we are still pushing things forward.
53:53 So that Martin Luther who died for the truth,
53:57 who was persecuted for the truth, Jan Haas
53:59 because he was persecuted for the truth,
54:02 the apostles who died for the truth
54:06 as they stand in the halls of the champions
54:09 who have run the Christian race before us.
54:11 That means now it's time for us to step up to the starting line
54:16 and to tell Peter, here's your church back.
54:19 We are still here.
54:21 There is a remnant that the dragon
54:22 could not squash out of the earth.
54:25 And we're going to hold on
54:27 and we're going to run this race with patience.
54:29 Amen.
54:31 Because no man shall be able to stand
54:33 before us all the days of our life.
54:37 Because God is not going
54:38 to fail us.
54:43 So my appeal is very simple.
54:50 You want to say to those great men and women
54:54 who have gone before us, you want to say,
54:58 "Here's your church back."
55:00 And I'm coming to represent, as the song says,
55:03 though no one joined me, still I will follow.
55:08 If I'm the only one that's holding on
55:11 to true Adventist values,
55:13 if I'm the only one moving forward
55:15 in the mission, then let it be me.
55:19 As Athanasius said, contra mundum,
55:21 me against the world, if that's what it takes,
55:23 then I'm going to stand
55:24 because me and God is a majority.
55:28 And no man shall be able to stand
55:30 before you all the days of your life.
55:32 You want to come up front, and you say,
55:33 "This morning, Sebastian,
55:35 I want to say to the faith of our fathers,
55:38 here's your church back.
55:41 I'm going to stand and be counted.
55:44 I'm going to leave this conference
55:46 and I'm going to be strong and of a good courage."
55:51 "And I'm going to make sure
55:53 that when the devil thinks he has squashed
55:56 this little remnant group of people off the earth,
55:59 there is still one like God told him in Job."
56:03 He says, "Have you considered my servant Job,
56:07 that there is none like him in the earth."
56:10 Everyone else had gone
56:13 but Job said,
56:15 "I'm still going to stand and be counted."
56:16 And when he lost his children, when he lost his wealth,
56:20 when he lost his health,
56:21 he didn't go back in discouragement and said,
56:23 "God, I was faithful.
56:24 Why did You forsake me?"
56:25 He bowed down and he worshiped. Amen.
56:29 And he says, "Even when I lose everything,
56:31 even when I feel like I'm discouraged,
56:33 even when I want to give up,
56:38 You're still worthy
56:40 of all that I am and all that I have.
56:44 I'm still going to stand and be counted,"
56:47 even when his wife comes and says,
56:48 "Curse God and die."
56:52 I'm still going to stand and be counted.
56:56 You want to frustrate the devil,
56:58 you got to learn to arise
57:01 and step up.
57:07 Be strong and of a good courage
57:12 because when we leave this conference,
57:15 I've been in this movement a long time,
57:19 I know the struggles you face
57:22 because I've counseled many of you.
57:27 I know the losses you've had,
57:30 and my wife knows the truth, and pray for you all the time.
57:37 But, brothers and sisters, we're almost home.
57:41 This is not the time to go back.
57:46 We want to let the apostles, and the reformers,
57:49 and the angels of heaven, here's your church back.
57:54 And one day the church of this earth is going
57:56 to be united with the church in heaven.
57:58 Amen.
58:02 And Gabriel is going to say,
58:04 "You stood exactly the way I would have stood.
58:12 Because you were strong and of a good courage."


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