3ABN 32nd Anniversary Special

32nd Anniversary Special Part 1

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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), Mollie Steenson (Host)


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00:11 Coming to you from 3ABN Worship Center
00:14 for God's glory
00:16 3ABN's 32nd Anniversary special.
00:22 Well, we want to welcome every one of you
00:24 to this 32nd Anniversary celebration.
00:28 Danny, 32 years.
00:29 I know that seems impossible, doesn't it?
00:31 I know and we have got
00:34 some of the most incredible footage
00:37 to show you.
00:38 We're gonna start out with pictures,
00:40 I know we're not going to do that right this minute,
00:43 but I want you to know that we are going to have a,
00:47 it's a very humbling experience
00:49 for Danny Shelton to show something special...
00:50 Oh, thanks.
00:51 But you know, Danny, something that I noticed
00:54 you were a cutest little thing when you were young.
00:57 Oh, I've heard that before. What happened?
01:00 You were cute when you're little, what happened?
01:01 Okay, I'm used to that.
01:03 But 32 years, Danny, can you believe that?
01:06 No, it's a long time. We give God the credit.
01:10 Absolutely, because when we started this ministry,
01:12 my brother is here, my sister's here
01:14 which will be talked
01:16 a little bit later on our family,
01:17 it was basically just family,
01:18 we had no idea
01:20 where it was going and what it would do.
01:21 We just know the Lord said build a television station
01:23 that would reach the world with an undiluted three angels'
01:26 messages, one that would counteract the counterfeit,
01:29 and we just began to go forward.
01:30 And never occurred to me about failure,
01:33 I have to admit, I never ever thought it wouldn't work.
01:36 I don't guess you guys did either.
01:38 We just went forward and took one day at a time
01:41 as the old song says.
01:42 And 32 years later,
01:44 by God's grace we're still here.
01:46 That's not so important
01:48 as the three angels' messages are still going around
01:50 because I will guarantee you
01:52 32 years from now should the Lord tarry,
01:54 we're not all gonna be sitting here and talk
01:57 and many of us will be asleep.
01:58 And so, but that won't be the important thing ain't it,
02:02 the important thing is 3ABN
02:04 is still giving the message to the world,
02:06 that's really what's important
02:07 because sleep is just for a brief moment, right.
02:10 So right now we're happy that we're alive
02:12 and everybody here is,
02:13 so we want you to look alive and happy today.
02:15 Why don't you quickly introduce everybody some,
02:17 now this isn't our whole gang,
02:19 but this is a lot of our leadership team
02:21 and folk and you introduce them.
02:22 Okay, I'm gonna start right here on the bottom row
02:25 with Diane and Brian Hamilton
02:28 and next we have Moses and Audrima Primo,
02:31 Brenda Walsh she's in the middle
02:33 in that beautiful red dress,
02:35 then we have Kenny and Chris Shelton,
02:37 and Yvonne I'm hoping I don't have brain freeze
02:40 like you were talking about the other day,
02:43 Yvonne Lewis and her son Jason Bradley.
02:46 Behind her is Pastor Lomacang and Angie, then C.A.
02:51 and Irma Murray.
02:52 And then we have Bruce and Tammy Chance,
02:56 Melody and Greg Firestone
03:00 and E.T. Everett, we appreciate you so much,
03:02 this lady can play the piano, can't she?
03:05 And behind her is Jay Christian,
03:07 the General Manager of 3ABN Radio,
03:10 and beside him is Svetlana his lovely bride
03:13 all the way from 3ABN Russia.
03:16 And then Greg Thompson,
03:18 Greg it is so good to have you with us today.
03:21 John Dinzey and then next to him is Dee Hildebrand,
03:26 my bestest friend Shelley and J.D. Quinn
03:29 and then next to them
03:31 our very own Jill and Greg Morikone.
03:34 Great to have this group with us.
03:36 And this is Danny Shelton in case you don't know him.
03:39 This is Mollie Steenson.
03:41 And in the control room in just a little bit
03:42 we have some other folk that they didn't,
03:46 they like being behind the camera better than in front
03:48 but we decided to show them anyway.
03:50 We're just going to the control room.
03:52 I'm gonna make sure
03:53 this is not just a humbling experience for me.
03:55 So some of you all maybe humble too
03:58 by what you see a little bit later on.
04:00 But we're all humble when we come before God, right.
04:03 That's true.
04:04 So today what we're gonna do, this gonna be a long program,
04:06 we're not gonna try to tell you it isn't.
04:08 We have a tremendous amount of footage and rolls
04:11 and we literally want to go over the impact of 3ABN
04:16 not individuals God uses us in spite of us.
04:19 But we literally have some folk
04:21 who have sent us some great messages
04:24 some 30 seconds,
04:26 what would you call it congrats?
04:27 For 32 years of ministry
04:29 and we're gonna be showing those off
04:31 and on in between regular rolls.
04:33 People that's in ministry and people in the church
04:35 that we respect.
04:36 But we're just here to support
04:38 the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
04:39 the work that they're doing.
04:41 We're not a church.
04:42 We're not even legally part of the church.
04:44 We're 501c3 of independent or supporting ministry,
04:49 a non profit organization.
04:51 But our goal is to work together,
04:52 we're all one.
04:54 So our goal is to get
04:55 the three angels' messages to the world
04:57 so that Jesus can come back.
04:58 He says when this gospel of the kingdom shall go where?
05:02 Into all the world, not part of it,
05:04 to all the world, then he can come back.
05:06 Well, we're trying to do our part
05:08 but we couldn't do it without you.
05:10 So first of all we want to thank you today,
05:12 first of all Lord Jesus Christ
05:14 and then you the supporters of 3ABN.
05:17 Those who pray and financially support us,
05:20 thank you for making it possible for what is happening
05:23 literally this gospel of the kingdom.
05:25 And we'll show you
05:26 as we're going through the course of today.
05:28 We're gonna through a little bit of history right now.
05:30 Some of you may have seen this before
05:32 but then we want to show you
05:33 what God has been doing for the last 30 some years
05:36 and what is his great plans for the future.
05:38 Yes.
05:40 And so evangelism,
05:41 so we want to center in today on nothing.
05:44 If nothing else evangelism, evangelism, evangelism.
05:48 Because that's really
05:49 where each and every one of us
05:50 is called to take to bear literally our testimony.
05:55 It's the greatest asset that we have.
05:58 And so if we do nothing
05:59 but share what Jesus has done for us
06:01 you know what,
06:02 nobody can argue with you about that,
06:04 nobody can challenge you about it,
06:06 because they don't know
06:07 but when you show lift up Jesus he says,
06:11 'I if I be lifted up from this earth
06:13 will draw a few people to me."
06:14 Oh, man. Oh, they're awake today.
06:16 Hope you are too at home.
06:17 "Will draw all man unto me."
06:20 So I'm looking forward to this Mollie Su.
06:23 We've got history
06:25 that we want to show and photos.
06:27 Okay.
06:28 And we're gonna look at some photos.
06:30 But, Danny, when we get to end of today's program,
06:33 this is something that we know, this is just the beginning.
06:36 I don't think we ain't seen nothing yet
06:39 of what God is gonna do through this ministry.
06:41 So let's look at the history of 3ABN in photos.
06:47 Oh, that's my mother and father.
06:48 That's about 1959,
06:50 that's our little place on
06:51 812 West Worden Street, West Frankfort.
06:53 That's my brothers and all wrestling there.
06:57 Now see I told you how cute he was.
06:59 Now there you go and there's little Tammy
07:01 at the time.
07:02 That's okay,
07:04 and I think that's the first bicycle I got,
07:05 it was a new one
07:07 and I actually got a new bicycle.
07:08 That's I don't know,
07:10 look at that shirt my mother made
07:11 that out of dress, woman's dress.
07:13 She worked at a dress factory.
07:15 I think that was when I was in high school
07:16 like the sophomore or something in high school.
07:19 And that's K. Melody's mother
07:22 as Ronnie on the right,
07:23 me next to her and Tommy over there.
07:25 That's a picture of Melody
07:27 look quite a bit like your mother too.
07:29 Don't see? Pretty.
07:31 All right, so here we go The Shelton trio
07:33 and that's with Jerry Bears in the center there.
07:36 That's Melody when she's about a year old.
07:37 Is that cute or what?
07:40 That was so cute.
07:41 And there is Melody and Rhonda and Lisa.
07:44 Think you were about three,
07:45 you and Baby Faith look a lot alike Melody.
07:48 And there's Melody with her mother
07:49 when first time we recorded in the studio in the 70s.
07:52 And I don't know who that is with the beard,
07:55 that's Lisa and Melody and that's me.
07:57 And this is us way back in early 80s
08:00 I would say Melody
08:02 not even sure where's TV station.
08:05 This was a cover of a duet we did together
08:08 I think when you were 12.
08:10 And this is at TV station somewhere I'm not sure where.
08:14 And this is just I guess pictures of us singing.
08:17 This was after your mother was killed
08:19 in an automobile accident.
08:20 This is at the General Conference Session,
08:22 1985, actually.
08:26 Here's another one with TV station
08:27 I think that's Melody and Lisa.
08:31 And so I'm not sure where all these pictures where we were,
08:34 what we're doing but it shows we were in ministry together
08:38 before 3ABN after her mother was killed
08:41 in an automobile accident.
08:42 Melody and I continued to sing for the Lord
08:46 and through that singing,
08:48 I saw the power of Christian television.
08:51 So I wondered why isn't there a television station
08:54 giving the three angels' messages to the world
08:56 and then 1984 is like this impression came,
08:59 why don't you do it?
09:00 Why don't you go forward
09:02 and build the television station
09:03 to reach the world.
09:05 So by God's grace
09:06 that's what's happened, Mollie Su.
09:07 That's right.
09:09 God's impressed upon your heart you know.
09:10 When people come to work here,
09:13 when I'm interviewing people to work here at 3ABN.
09:16 I give them a little history of 3ABN
09:19 and part of that is that God,
09:21 by the power of his spirit impressed upon your heart
09:23 to build a television network
09:25 that would reach the whole world
09:26 with the undiluted three angels' messages.
09:28 And I tell him the proofs in the pudding
09:30 either it was God or it wasn't.
09:32 And this is 32 years later and it has come to pass.
09:36 Well, we praise the Lord.
09:38 We're gonna go to some other rolls,
09:39 I think this one says it's an Uplink construction
09:42 so we're gonna look at this.
09:44 All right here's the property that Fonda Summers donated.
09:49 And here is the grater that we rented
09:51 and this one Kenny and I was out building.
09:54 Maybe Ronnie was there too.
09:56 So this is what's commonly known as the Uplink,
09:59 so this was around 1985, when we were doing this.
10:03 So we were carpenters
10:05 so we had to do all of our own work
10:07 at the time.
10:08 I'm glad we got David Turner and others.
10:10 Now they can do a lot of it.
10:12 At the time it's just the Shelton Brothers
10:15 and we even got Tommy out there.
10:16 And he was not a carpenter
10:17 but he was willing to come and help.
10:19 This is the first Uplink Satellite.
10:22 The dish is 9 meters or 10 meters
10:25 as big 30 some feet.
10:27 And this is the little shack
10:29 that we actually started in the first
10:31 we went on the air with nothing else
10:32 but that little shack,
10:34 then we eventually got this finished and built
10:36 and put in a little studio.
10:38 And here some I guess pictures of early sets
10:43 at the Uplink Station.
10:45 And so here is the aerial view
10:48 and that's still there by the way,
10:49 Radio is still there
10:51 and we're moving out most of the other
10:53 after 32 years
10:55 we're moving out
10:56 into some other production facilities.
10:58 Because unlike some of the rest of us
11:00 are getting a little bit worn out so,
11:03 but we're working on it.
11:04 So anyway that's a little bit of the past and...
11:07 Yeah, unfolding of that dream and that vision that you had.
11:11 We're seeing it come to pass right before our eyes.
11:14 And we've got some pictures of some old staff members,
11:19 let's look at those.
11:20 Okay.
11:22 Well, I like we're just all thankful
11:23 just to be here at 3ABN
11:25 that we have a tool like
11:27 this that we can use to reach the world
11:30 and there're so many people that call us and write us
11:33 and are becoming more aware all the time of 3ABN
11:37 and what we're trying to do here.
11:38 And I think we all think it's a privilege
11:40 just to be able to set up here and talk to these people.
11:43 If you use as your excuse that you cannot forgive her
11:47 because she hasn't apologized to you,
11:49 then what you have just done is you have just sinned
11:53 against the word of God
11:54 because the word says for you to forgive
11:56 and that you know that word.
11:57 So now you must be obedient to the word.
12:00 You know, sin is disobedience to the word
12:03 or transgression of the law.
12:04 So you put yourself in double jeopardy,
12:06 I think how you used that a little earlier.
12:08 Now not only do you have to forgive
12:11 even though you were wrong.
12:12 But now you must ask God to forgive you
12:15 for offending his word so it's double now.
12:20 You forgive and then you ask God to forgive you.
12:23 And then and only then do you have clean hands
12:25 and a pure heart and I think that's where we are.
12:28 People that used to be friends
12:30 and people that we haven't spoken to in churches
12:32 that we used to go to or whatever
12:34 because somebody offended us, or hurt us,
12:36 or trespassed against us.
12:38 See this is something I said earlier,
12:40 if this person trespass against you, sins against you,
12:42 if they say things that are horrible
12:45 that intrigue you terrible.
12:47 And what you need to do is you need to forgive them
12:49 seven times seventy.
12:50 You forgive them
12:51 well, I'm waiting on them to come and bow down to me.
12:56 You forgive them of their debt, they owe you that debt,
12:58 you forgive them of their debts is what you do.
13:01 It's wonderful to see how the people are responding.
13:03 There's many times when you get a phone call
13:07 here I'm working as a master control operator
13:09 and the phone call comes in
13:11 and somebody that's just really in need of prayer
13:15 and they phone in.
13:18 Sometimes it seems like there are on their last hope.
13:21 And 3ABN is on the air
13:23 and they make that phone call
13:25 and we pray with them and it's wonderful to see
13:27 sometimes they cry all over the phone.
13:31 Hi, my name is Moses Primo,
13:34 and I'm very happy to be here with 3ABN.
13:37 We came in July and we started to work,
13:40 I work for the engineering department.
13:43 And my family and I are very happy
13:45 to be here working for the Lord.
13:49 I would like to now introduce my two sons.
13:53 My name is Moses Jr.
13:55 and I thank God for dying on the cross for us.
14:01 And this is Daniel.
14:02 And why do you thank for Daniel?
14:04 I thank for loving us.
14:07 Loving us, huh.
14:09 Let's sing a song about love.
14:13 Jesus love me!
14:16 This I know
14:18 For the Bible tells me
14:22 so Little ones to Him belong
14:28 They are weak but He is strong
14:33 Yes, Jesus loves me!
14:37 Yes, Jesus loves me!
14:42 Yes, Jesus loves me!
14:46 The Bible tells me so
14:51 I've filled a variety of positions here at 3ABN.
14:54 Most of the time I work in production,
14:57 but sometimes I work in master control.
14:59 I've also had a little training on the video toaster.
15:02 Most of all, I'm thankful this season
15:05 for having a Savior that would come and die for me.
15:08 I'm also thankful for just the breath
15:10 that he gives us each and everyday.
15:13 I'm thankful for the family that we have here at 3ABN.
15:17 And I'd like to read a passage from the Bible,
15:20 it's found in Psalms 136,
15:23 ''I'll give thanks unto the Lord for he is good,
15:26 for His mercy endureth forever.
15:28 I'll give thanks unto the God of Gods,
15:30 for His mercy endureth forever.
15:32 I'll give thanks unto the Lord of Lords,
15:34 for His mercy endureth forever.
15:37 I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday
15:40 and a Happy Thanksgiving.
15:42 Hello, my name is Clarence Larson,
15:43 this is my lovely wife Tammy.
15:46 We have much to be thankful for this year.
15:50 I think of being thankful for the opportunity
15:53 to work in the Lord's ministry.
15:55 Tammy's camera operator, I'm an engineer.
15:57 I've had an opportunity to go all across the United States.
16:01 Even as far as Russia and touched the people
16:04 there as a result of support by people like you.
16:09 And the 3ABN family,
16:11 the programs that are produced here at 3ABN,
16:15 the unity that we have
16:16 whenever we produced those programs
16:18 and the opportunity for those programs
16:20 to minister to the people.
16:22 Hi, my name is Dee Hilderbrand,
16:24 and I'm a production assistant here
16:26 at Three Angels Broadcasting.
16:28 There are so many things
16:30 that I am thankful for this year.
16:32 First of all, I just started at Three Angels
16:34 so I'm very thankful for the Lord
16:36 to bringing me safely out here from Oregon.
16:39 I'm thankful for my Grant Pass Church family
16:42 that supported me on this move.
16:44 And I'm thankful to be here at Three Angels Broadcasting.
16:48 I was also recently widowed,
16:50 so to have the blessing of the Three Angels family
16:54 to start the day with in prayer and worship
16:57 and to have them here is a blessing to me.
17:00 Hi, I'm Bobby Davis, I'm senior editor here at 3ABN.
17:03 And this year when I sat down
17:06 to think about the things that I was grateful.
17:08 I came up with a huge list of things
17:11 and it's so nice not just once a year
17:14 but many times during the year to sit down
17:17 and actually write out a gratitude list.
17:19 I believe that an attitude of gratitude
17:21 is something that really helps our outlook on life,
17:24 at least it does for me.
17:26 It's been a terrific year here at 3ABN.
17:28 A lot of new programs have come on the air.
17:31 There've been some real challenges
17:33 and some real blessings, especially spiritual blessings.
17:37 This year as we worked on Satellite seminar
17:41 not only did we see the blessing
17:43 that it was to you our viewers,
17:45 but we received that same blessing also.
17:48 Many of us who worked on the program
17:51 were listening you know.
17:52 And it's such a joy to be able to work
17:55 in the field of television doing the work for the Lord.
18:00 Everyday when I wake up, it's a joy to come into work.
18:03 It's the one thing that I truly believe the Lord
18:07 gave me was that the desire of my heart
18:09 was always to work in television
18:11 and to get a chance to do it
18:13 with some purpose and a meaning
18:16 with results that can be eternal results,
18:18 it's such a blessing.
18:19 And I could remember many instances of praying,
18:22 we had family worship of course morning and evening.
18:25 And I can remember I guess just Christianity,
18:28 my father leadership
18:30 as in the home was very important.
18:32 I can remember as a little child
18:33 like being sick
18:35 and my dad coming into my room.
18:36 You know, I've been laying on my bed,
18:37 and of course he would pray with me.
18:39 But he would also sing to me...
18:40 Is that right? Sing Jesus loves me to me.
18:42 And I remember even to this day
18:44 I remember how he calmed me down,
18:46 made me feel so much better.
18:47 So it is very important to have a father.
18:49 My name is John Dinzey,
18:50 and I worked for pastoral ministry.
18:52 And it's such a blessing to work at 3ABN.
18:54 I'll tell about that in a moment
18:56 but I would like to introduce to you my wife Idalia.
18:58 We have been married for three and a half years
19:00 and we thank the Lord for the many blessings
19:02 he has given us, and has helped us
19:04 through the trials and difficulties of life.
19:06 And we are very grateful also to the Lord
19:09 for our son Samuel Elias,
19:11 he has been with us for a year and three months,
19:13 the Lord had gave him to us.
19:15 And he's such a blessing
19:16 and had brought a lot of joy to our hearts.
19:20 My name is Idalia, and I work in master control.
19:23 And I just praise the Lord for this opportunity
19:26 that we have to testify of his wonders.
19:30 I just want to thank the Lord for this holiday season.
19:35 For some reason or another,
19:37 it tends to for families to draw together
19:40 and just show our love for one another.
19:44 And I just want to thank the Lord for his love for us
19:47 because of his love
19:49 this ministry is what it is today 3ABN.
19:53 And I want to thank you all for all your calls,
19:56 the letters you mailed and the encouragement
19:59 that you just give us over the phone or by writing.
20:03 And I want to thank the Lord especially for our family,
20:07 I want to thank him for sending his son
20:09 to die on the cross for us.
20:11 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn. And I'm J. D. Quinn.
20:15 And we have a lot to be thankful
20:17 for this year and actually every year.
20:20 First I guess, the greatest thing
20:22 that I'm thankful for
20:23 is the privilege of being a child of God.
20:26 And I am very, very thankful
20:28 that God has opened up the doors for us
20:31 to come into his harvest field
20:33 because truly the harvest is great
20:36 and the laborers are few.
20:38 I believe that one of the things
20:41 that I'm most thankful for here on earth
20:43 is the love of my husband
20:46 and we're very blessed as a family.
20:49 We hope that you too are blessed
20:51 and that you are enjoying all of the many, many blessings
20:55 that got this Thanksgiving.
20:57 Well, first of all, I want to say
20:58 Happy Thanksgiving to Shelley and I too.
21:02 I'm one of the most blessed people on earth
21:04 to have a wonderful Christian wife.
21:06 Second of all I just want to thank
21:08 Jesus for being my King and my Savior.
21:10 And because of that
21:12 it just seems that I'm growing more each day,
21:14 I'm learning more about his work.
21:16 And I just raise him up
21:19 and I just thank you Jesus everyday.
21:20 Amen.
21:22 Hi, I'm Greg Morikone
21:23 and I'm manager of the 3ABN call center.
21:25 And this is my wife Jill.
21:27 You've probably seen her host some of the 3ABN cooking shows
21:30 and she also teaches music lessons in the local area.
21:32 That's right.
21:34 And at this time of year
21:35 we're so thankful for so many things.
21:37 But especially today we like to mention a few.
21:40 Yeah, and one of those things
21:41 is that I'm very thankful for my wife Jill.
21:43 We just passed our two year wedding anniversary,
21:46 so I'm very thankful for her.
21:47 And of course I'm very thankful for Greg and to God
21:51 for bringing us together.
21:53 We're also thankful for our families and to God
21:57 for bringing us here to 3ABN.
21:59 It's such a blessing to work for God's ministry.
22:02 And we'd also like to thank you as the viewer for your support
22:05 and your prayers over the past year,
22:08 they mean so very much to us.
22:10 At this time we'd like to wish you a Happy Holiday.
22:14 You know Danny, from the sound of this crowd over here.
22:17 That was a humbling experience for a whole lot more people.
22:21 Yeah, we gonna bring everybody in, right.
22:23 That's right.
22:24 And you know, three of the people
22:25 that we saw on here,
22:28 two of the directors and a producer.
22:29 Yeah, Rodney, Bradley and Bobby...
22:31 Rodney and Bobby Davis... Yeah.
22:33 They're back in the control room right now
22:36 directing and producing.
22:37 And so let's go back there
22:39 and see what they look like today.
22:40 Okay.
22:42 Oh, I see Bobby there, there's Bradley,
22:44 Rodney there he is turning around and waving.
22:46 Your hairs changed a little bit colors
22:48 just went from blonde to grey
22:50 like some of the rest of us and you got a beard.
22:53 I got rid off my beard and he added a beard.
22:55 And Bobby Davis' hair just disappeared.
22:57 No, no, I wasn't going to talk about that.
23:00 That's Mollie who said that, Bobby, not me.
23:03 But anyway those folks are in the control room.
23:05 So you see how many years they've been there,
23:07 you put them together is about 60 years
23:09 there between all of them.
23:10 So it's been a long time.
23:12 We appreciate what they're doing
23:13 and absolutely everything you see up here,
23:16 the folks back there behind the cameras
23:18 that make this happen.
23:19 Most of us out front don't know,
23:21 some of us do unlike Moses and Greg
23:23 and few over here inproduction.
23:25 But for the most part of it
23:27 you got these guys back here and the women, the ladies,
23:30 so we're thankful for all of you for what you do.
23:32 You went for the staff nothing would get accomplished.
23:34 Absolutely.
23:36 But you know, the whole purpose
23:37 of Three Angels Broadcasting Network
23:38 is to proclaim a message
23:40 and it takes preachers to do that.
23:42 That's right.
23:44 And I think we've got some rolls
23:46 of some preachers...
23:47 Early preachers.
23:49 Early preachers, you're going to enjoy this.
23:51 The Book of Daniel is a book of prophecy
23:55 and many people felt that, that book of prophecy
23:58 was a closed book that it couldn't be understood.
24:01 But you find that the books of Daniel
24:03 and Revelation go together like a hand in a glove.
24:07 Now notice the Bible says that he was led by the spirit.
24:09 The word is impelled, forced by the spirit.
24:12 The calling, the wooing of a Holy Spirit
24:14 to lay down the tools of the carpenter
24:16 and to take up the tools of the Savior.
24:19 After about 10 minutes
24:20 she stood in the middle of the street
24:22 and she began to call in Mark, Mark,
24:25 where are you son?
24:27 And all of a sudden frightful thoughts filled her mind.
24:31 He's been kidnapped.
24:32 The vast majority people in the world...
24:37 are going to be deceived by the antichrist.
24:42 And therefore, it is very, very important...
24:46 that we understand these truths.
24:49 He is called the prince of peace,
24:51 he knows what to do.
24:52 He specializes in saving the lost
24:55 and defeating enemies
24:56 and breaking down principalities,
24:58 and exalting valleys
25:00 while mountains are being leveled.
25:02 He specializes in taking care of whatever problem
25:06 plagues us today.
25:07 You know, it's amazing the questions
25:09 that people ask in the word of God.
25:11 I remember one time when the disciples
25:14 were on the Sea of Galilee with Jesus,
25:15 and they were in this violent storm
25:17 and the Lord was sleeping in the back of the ship.
25:19 They woke up Jesus and they said Lord,
25:22 don't you care that we might perish?
25:25 And here in to first 24 of the New Testament John 4:24,
25:31 it says,
25:32 ''God is Spirit
25:34 and they that worship him
25:37 must worship him in spirit and in truth."
25:41 I had an experience
25:43 that led me to search the scriptures
25:45 that I'd like to share with you.
25:47 I was doing some witnessing door to door,
25:49 sharing some books shortly after I'd become a Christian.
25:53 I was eager to share my new faith,
25:55 the truths that I had learned
25:57 were just brimming over from my heart and mind
25:59 and I just felt as though I had to go out
26:02 and find somebody
26:03 who I could share these things with.
26:05 When given the opportunity after opportunity,
26:08 we have this city calling us to come here
26:09 and come hold a youth runs crusade in our city,
26:11 come to our city, come to our city.
26:13 And so we believe hat God is just gonna continue
26:14 to do wonderful things.
26:16 The location, the site itself
26:19 needs to simply be user friendly,
26:22 accessible to the public.
26:23 And by the way in Port Townsend,
26:25 do you know that my,
26:27 years ago my grandparents Milton and Ralph Watts
26:30 used to live on Marrowstone Island,
26:32 which is right beside Port Townsend.
26:34 I preached in the little Port Townsend church.
26:36 On 7:7 he says, ''Londa, world cannot hate you,
26:40 but me it hateth
26:42 because I testify
26:44 there of that the works that they do are evil"
26:49 It's a great disadvantage to God that he can't lie.
26:52 And this controversy that he's involved in,
26:53 isn't he?
26:55 Yes, that's right.
26:56 The enemy is the father of lies.
26:57 Jesus said there in John 8, ''Devil is the father of lies"
27:02 the original liar and the father of it.
27:05 Jeremiah 9:24,
27:07 we're here today to clear up a few things
27:10 on our precious loving heavenly father.
27:15 Oh, he's so kind, he's so good.
27:18 So the things that you heard about him in the past,
27:21 if it's anything negative push that out of your mind.
27:24 Always interesting to see how people age so gracefully.
27:27 Yeah.
27:29 And you know someone that was with us
27:30 from the very beginning, I didn't see him on that.
27:32 I know, we've held his out special.
27:35 There's a preacher that's been missing
27:37 but I think we're gonna show
27:39 Brother Kenny Shelton right now
27:41 way back in the 80s, all right.
27:42 Stop it.
27:45 I'm glad that you came today, doctor.
27:47 Well, Thank you, I enjoy being here.
27:49 And you know how 30 minutes
27:50 goes by rather quickly, doesn't it?
27:52 Pretty quickly.
27:53 Okay, so I'm gonna encourage our listeners today to be sure,
27:56 be sure and those who watch be sure to tune in tomorrow
27:58 will you for Behold the Lamb
28:00 as we ask our doctor once again come back
28:02 and we're gonna talk about the eight epidemic.
28:05 New York, and the place we visit
28:06 and the people that we spend time with
28:08 and they treated us like royalty.
28:10 Oh, they did.
28:11 We almost didn't want to even come home.
28:13 Oh, it was so nice there so we'll always have a place
28:15 when we go to New York to stay.
28:17 And I'm so thankful for that.
28:19 They were so enthused when you began to talk
28:21 about the miracles that were unfolding at 3ABN,
28:23 they were so enthused about it.
28:25 Now I agree they just about got as loud as you did.
28:28 Amen.
28:30 So we want to encourage you right now to sit down.
28:32 Write down your testimony.
28:33 Would you do that and share with us and put friends
28:35 on the outside of the envelope and nice smiley face.
28:37 And we'll be glad to hear from you.
28:39 God's working in a very marvelous way
28:40 and he's working in your life
28:42 and we want to know about it, we love you,
28:43 prayerfully consider what you can do
28:44 to support this ministry.
28:46 We love you.
28:47 We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
28:48 All right, what you think about that?
28:51 How about that, Chris?
28:53 I don't think he's changed a bit, do you?
28:55 He's cut his hair a little shorter.
28:57 Just cut his hair little shorter that's all.
28:59 Tammy you neither, you all look the same to me.
29:02 Thank you so much.
29:03 Of course I need glasses, I need glasses
29:05 but other than you still look good to me, right.
29:09 So we just tell each other that so it makes us feel better.
29:12 Let us in our bubble, all right.
29:14 You know hanging around 3ABN all these years
29:17 and particularly the Shelton family
29:19 something that I have noticed
29:21 is everyone of them can sing beautifully.
29:23 Have you all noticed that?
29:24 And something that has always been identified
29:28 with Three Angels Broadcasting Network has been music.
29:31 And we've got some early rolls of our early singers.
29:35 I think you're going to enjoy this also.
29:39 And in his eyes, there lives the power
29:45 That cease the hearts of all men
29:52 For he knows his father's mind
29:55 He speaks his father's words
29:58 For he comes in the name of the Lord
30:10 You place your hand of blessing
30:15 On my head and on my heart
30:23 And it seems too great and glorious to believe
30:34 Oh, I want to be remembered
30:38 As a girl who sang her songs for Jesus Christ
30:45 Who was willing to lay down her life
30:49 And do His will, no matter what the price
30:56 Well, I am singing for the deaf man
31:00 Who can hear about salvation through my song
31:06 And I'm singing for the blind man
31:10 Who can see the light in me and come along
31:17 Amazing
31:23 Grace
31:25 How sweet the sound
31:32 That saved a wretch
31:39 like me
31:45 I once was lost
31:52 but now I'm found
31:58 I was blind
32:00 but now I see
32:15 We stand here together
32:19 As a family we join hands together
32:25 Lifting praises to the Father above
32:31 For sending his Son
32:38 We've chosen together
32:43 As a family to serve him forever
32:48 And knowing nothing else will matter in time
32:54 We made up our minds
33:19 When I see my brother stumble
33:25 And all his dreams crumble
33:31 Let me be there
33:36 For I too failed
33:43 And when I see
33:46 His heart breaking
33:49 From a wrong turn he's taking
33:55 Let me be there
33:59 For I remember well
34:06 I want to spend my life
34:13 Mending broken people
34:18 I want to spend my whole life
34:25 Removing pain
34:30 Lord, let my words
34:37 Heal a heart that hurts
34:42 I want to spend my whole life
34:48 Mending broken people
34:54 That's the reason
34:55 we got the name of the mending broken people.
34:59 Absolutely.
35:00 The Lord anoints when you sing that song, that's beautiful.
35:03 Well, I remember a young lady one night,
35:06 right at the beginning of 3ABN
35:08 just knocked on my door and handed me a cassette.
35:11 Some of you old enough
35:12 to remember the cassettes, right.
35:14 And she said here's the song
35:16 and the Lord impressed me to give it to you.
35:19 Well, now.
35:21 She said this describes your ministry.
35:27 See if you want to sing it
35:32 32 years later...
35:35 And you're still singing it.
35:37 And it's still touching and it's still bringing people.
35:40 That's what this ministry is all about.
35:42 Mending broken people.
35:44 Mollie and I have said here and some of our family,
35:46 this ministry has mended us.
35:49 We've been broken
35:50 so over the years it's not like hey,
35:52 we are out of here trying to help all of you,
35:54 you all are helping us.
35:56 So we are helping to mend each other.
35:58 And I want to say a special thank you to Melody,
36:01 honey for all the years.
36:06 This girl went one year we traveled a 100...
36:12 after your mother died.
36:17 We traveled a 100,000 miles together
36:20 singing in church after church,
36:25 place after place.
36:28 I would go to people's homes.
36:34 She was just 11, 12, 13 years old,
36:36 she'd sit for hours
36:38 had to be boring, she never,
36:41 just sat no matter where we went,
36:44 no matter how many services,
36:46 how many times she heard me speak.
36:52 Never complained.
36:56 You knew God was in it, didn't you Melody?
36:58 You knew this was from God. Thank you honey, I love you.
37:02 And I think the proof now
37:05 is that God honored that faithfulness
37:08 and today the ministry is touching and reaching
37:12 and so many people continued to be blessed
37:17 by the ministry of Three Angels Broadcasting Network.
37:19 Yeah, I mean honestly,
37:22 there had been may be a 3ABN
37:24 we may not have been a part of it.
37:26 But it was after the accident, I wanted Melody,
37:30 I knew God had given her a gift.
37:32 She didn't have a mother
37:33 and I really wanted her to use that gift.
37:37 So by myself I wouldn't Kenny and I
37:40 probably still be having at least
37:41 when we're carpentering I would have done that.
37:43 But I wanted to be with her
37:45 and to give her the opportunity.
37:48 You know, to use her gifts
37:50 and that's when we had some opportunities
37:52 to sing on other Christian Networks.
37:54 That's when I said you know
37:55 why don't we as Seventh Adventist,
37:57 why don't we have a television station
37:59 to reach the world?
38:01 Some of these other folk were reaching,
38:02 no one of them was reaching the world at that time,
38:04 but here in America the number of other networks,
38:07 and so going to those and that's the Lord impressed
38:10 so thank you, honey,
38:11 for your faithfulness in all these years.
38:14 You know, Danny, this ministry had...
38:16 It's touched hundreds of thousands of people.
38:19 But there are ministers and ministries
38:22 that will tell us very quickly,
38:23 how this ministry has impacted them.
38:26 As a matter of fact we have some ministers
38:29 and ministries that have just sent us
38:31 a little message to tell us how much they appreciate us.
38:36 Hi, Danny and 3ABN,
38:40 it's been a lot of years
38:42 since I made the drive from Northwest Arkansas,
38:45 all the way up to the cornfields of the Illinois,
38:49 to find that great big building
38:52 in the middle of nowhere
38:53 broadcasting three angels' message around the globe.
38:57 I can tell you what it's done for me personally,
39:01 the opportunity that we seeing on that network
39:04 has literally taken our young obscure pastor
39:08 who was hearing God's call
39:11 to be a sweet singer of Israel.
39:14 Who stepped out in faith not knowing
39:15 how in the world God could provide
39:18 and then God sent 3ABN.
39:21 And 3ABN gave me that platform to the world
39:24 which has given me 25 years
39:28 of 85 concerts a year,
39:32 busy as I want to be and busier than I want to be.
39:36 And primarily, because when I called people say,
39:39 ''oh, we know you, we've seen you on 3ABN".
39:44 So that's certainly
39:46 something that has not gone unnoticed in our family.
39:53 And my personal appreciation
39:54 for all what 3ABN has done
39:58 cannot even be expressed.
40:02 But it even goes further than that,
40:03 the friendship that I've had with everyone
40:07 from the camera crew
40:09 to the front office people.
40:11 To Danny,
40:14 the travel, the opportunities to go
40:16 to different events as your guest
40:18 and to be a part of the team
40:20 for someone who loves community
40:24 being a gospel singer
40:26 is really contrary to that
40:27 because you end up alone all the time
40:31 by just traveling by yourself.
40:33 But 3ABN has provided
40:36 a sense of family on many occasions
40:38 that I'll cherish forever.
40:42 So 3ABN thank you,
40:44 thank you so much for what you've done
40:45 for other ministries
40:49 without asking anything in return.
40:52 So God bless you,
40:53 continue on with many more successful years.
40:57 Amen. Well, thank you Steve, that was nice, wasn't it?
41:00 And it's a two way streak,
41:02 it's a win-win because Steve Darmody,
41:05 he's been willing to come anytime we've asked him
41:08 as you can see since the 80s still willing to do it.
41:11 Yes, he is.
41:12 But it has been, we're so thankful
41:14 that God has allowed 3ABN to be a springboard
41:17 for so many ministries that around the world
41:20 that people literally came here,
41:23 they were interviewed and would get phone calls,
41:25 and I can't tell you how many people
41:27 have been able to quit certain jobs
41:29 they were in and even professionals
41:31 to go into certain types of ministry,
41:33 whether it's health, whether it's evangelism
41:35 and it's been amazing.
41:37 And some of those
41:38 we'll talk about little bit later on
41:40 but they left their occupation, making a lot of money
41:43 and we've got them to volunteer
41:45 and not paid them a penny
41:46 like Brenda Walsh over here for 20 years.
41:48 And had her work and then kept her busy too so,
41:51 but it's we appreciate people like Steve
41:54 and those we've been able to work with.
41:55 What a blessing, and for all of us to do this.
41:59 We have somebody else that we worked with,
42:01 quite a character this guy, you got to love this guy.
42:04 I mean he is a character,
42:05 and he was from right here in Southern Illinois.
42:08 You ran across him somewhere. Great singer, oh, yeah.
42:10 E.T. I think introduced us years ago.
42:13 Darrell Marshall, lets hear what he has to say.
42:17 Hello, friends, I'm Darrell Marshall.
42:20 I met Danny Shelton 17 years ago,
42:23 and he's changed my life.
42:24 Danny invited me to come over to 3ABN and do some work there,
42:29 where I met some of the most wonderful
42:31 devoted Christian people
42:33 that surround him and 3ABN here.
42:35 And they pray nonstop just to keep this going.
42:39 It's a wonderful ministry
42:41 that reaches all the way around the world.
42:43 Danny invited me to travel with him across this country
42:46 and singing and minister
42:48 to many people in many churches.
42:50 There I met some great people
42:51 that have impacted my ministry as well.
42:54 I know for a fact that a lot of ministries have started
42:57 just because of 3ABN.
42:59 I've talked to them personally
43:01 that still say 3ABN has reached more people
43:05 than they can ever ask or think.
43:08 So I'm standing on the stage here at the worship center
43:11 where I've been a part of many camp meetings
43:14 over the past few years.
43:15 I've had some of the greatest times in my life
43:18 as I met people back here, back stage and we've laughed,
43:22 we've cried together and we've had a lot of prayer
43:24 back here in the back.
43:26 And so I want to thank you
43:29 all over this world for supporting 3ABN
43:32 for 32 years in the ministry.
43:35 I pray God's blessings on Danny
43:37 and this worship center
43:39 and all that this ministry
43:41 is that they will continue
43:43 for many, many more years of healing the hurting
43:47 and saving the lost.
43:49 That's their goal.
43:50 And so thank you again for supporting them
43:54 and praying for them spiritually.
43:56 And we pray God's blessings on your life today.
44:00 Thank you.
44:01 Thank you, Darrell, you noticed how short the tie was.
44:05 That's not the tie that I cut off.
44:07 I go in trouble for that,
44:09 he was at camp meeting
44:10 and showed up with the tie with,
44:12 where was it Melody?
44:13 Like Looney Tunes one of like Goofy, Fred Flintstone.
44:18 So I said no you're not gonna go out and sing with that tie
44:20 and he said, ''Why not?
44:22 I said, "No, you're not going to."
44:24 He said, ''No, I'll go out."
44:25 I said, ''If you do, I'll cut it off".
44:27 So right before he went,
44:28 I got some scissors and I cut his tie
44:30 and he walked out with a tie that short.
44:32 But this one's on purpose, this is like the cowboy tie.
44:36 Speaking of the cowboy tie,
44:38 we had to put in about 30 seconds
44:41 of Uncle Olen with his cowboy tie.
44:44 I'm sure he has it on, I haven't seen it
44:45 but I'm sure because he always wore that.
44:47 But this is from Uncle Olen way back in the 80s.
44:52 Our uncle Olen Shelton, and that we called him Big O.
44:56 And he came on and never sang anywhere in his life
44:59 till he sang here on 3ABN
45:00 other than at home in West Frankfort church
45:02 and once he did, people loved it
45:04 and we had to have him back time and time again, so.
45:06 Right now we'll listen to Uncle Olen
45:09 and his trademark song says,
45:11 Life is like a mountain railroad.
45:15 Life is like a mountain railroad
45:21 With an engineer that's brave
45:27 We must make the run successful
45:32 From the cradle to the grave
45:38 All right. Thank you Uncle O.
45:39 Tammy you and Luray could sing with him
45:43 because timing he would sometimes
45:46 he'll give an extra bar or half a bar
45:48 and it just, how did he do?
45:50 We would just watch him and kind of watch his hands
45:52 on the guitar
45:54 and it was kind of like jumping in
45:55 when somebody's turning the rope
45:57 you know, you kind of like this
45:59 and then soon as that first word
46:00 would come out we jump right in with it.
46:02 Yeah, they could do it, I couldn't really keep time
46:04 with him I mean,
46:05 and because he had his own timing
46:07 and it was consistent with it
46:09 but it's I call it the off beat.
46:10 You know so instead of coming on the beat
46:13 you think you come in on,
46:14 but he didn't and people loved him
46:16 and was on for many, many years.
46:18 Speaking of people that I love.
46:19 I think the next one we've got some grandkids on
46:23 and this is back when Melody
46:25 who probably let her enjoy this one.
46:27 You haven't seen it, I think we were on the set
46:30 one day doing a interview with them so I hope enjoy,
46:34 and I think four of the grandkids are on this.
46:37 Thanksgiving Day.
46:38 Thanksgiving Day will soon be here.
46:41 It comes around but once a year.
46:44 If I could only have my way,
46:46 we'd have Thanksgiving everyday.
46:50 All right, ain't that a neat little poem.
46:52 What are you thankful for Jesse?
46:53 You.
46:55 Oh, that's a good answer, all right.
46:57 Good answer for papa what else?
46:59 Mom, Dad,
47:02 Hailey, Noah, Justin.
47:04 All right.
47:06 Okay, but I found out you are very smart with numbers.
47:09 Because I've practiced on him and I did one program already
47:11 but he always amazes me.
47:13 I'll give him some numbers maybe I didn't give before.
47:15 What's 5 plus 5? 10.
47:18 What's 10 plus 10? 20.
47:21 What's 20 plus 20? 40.
47:23 You're kidding, you know all that.
47:25 I bet you don't know 30 plus 30.
47:27 30 plus 30 equals 60. Man.
47:31 What's 50 plus 50? 100.
47:35 What's 100 plus 200?
47:39 100 plus 200? Yeah.
47:42 300.
47:44 I tricked him because before I said 100 plus 100,
47:46 but you got me, didn't you?
47:48 100 plus 200.
47:50 That's right and you did a good job.
47:52 You've answered it right, it's 300.
47:54 So one day he shocked me and said,
47:57 200 zillion plus 200 zillion is how many?
48:02 400 zillion.
48:04 You're too smart for me,
48:06 I can't go up any bigger numbers.
48:08 How much do you love momma, show me this much,
48:11 this much, this much?
48:12 How big do you show? Oh, wow.
48:16 Well, can you give momma a kiss and tell her I love you.
48:17 Say I love you mom.
48:19 I love you. I love you.
48:21 We didn't get much to know while in there,
48:23 but is that too cute or what?
48:24 Yeah.
48:26 So that Justin,
48:27 I mean he was about five or something?
48:29 I'm not even sure he was in school
48:31 and you couldn't fool him with numbers.
48:32 I mean, he actually knew it, it wasn't like he memorized.
48:35 You can throw some big numbers out there.
48:37 And for some reason they just clicked in his head.
48:40 So I don't know if he still does that or not.
48:43 But what a blessing these grandkids.
48:45 We've got some older ones that are not here Greg,
48:48 Brooke and Bradley.
48:49 So we love them all so we got a,
48:53 how many we got all together now?
48:56 Eight, okay, because we have two younger ones here today.
48:59 We'll have to bring them on,
49:00 they weren't even alive back then,
49:03 but of course we got the Baby Faith.
49:05 Well, I should call her Faithy, right not Baby Faith no more.
49:09 And then who else do we have?
49:11 Jonah, and so they both have been
49:14 and you've probably seen them on Tiny Tots
49:16 or Kids Time or something over the years.
49:18 But they're actually with us today
49:20 and maybe at some point
49:21 we'll get them up for a couple of minutes to say hello.
49:25 What do we got next, Mollie Su?
49:26 Well, next we're going to look at some footage of our campus
49:30 and see what we have accomplished here
49:33 through the power of God.
52:35 You know we did just view 32 years
52:37 of the physical blessings
52:39 that God has blessed this ministry with.
52:40 Amen.
52:42 How I wish that we could have
52:45 taken that drone and go to,
52:48 circled all of the souls
52:49 that have come to the Lord
52:51 as a result of this ministry
52:54 that would have encouraged us more.
52:56 Thank God for all of his physical blessings,
52:58 but all thank God for all of those names
53:01 that are now written down in the Lord's,
53:03 in the Book of Life, thank you Lord for that.
53:06 And you know,
53:08 even the leadership in our church
53:10 has recognized and appreciates so much
53:14 what the Lord is doing through this ministry.
53:16 And our very own president,
53:18 President Wilson has sent us a roll in,
53:22 just letting us know that he appreciates
53:26 what God is doing through this ministry.
53:29 On behalf of the General Conference
53:31 and the world wide church family
53:33 of Seventh-day Adventist,
53:34 let me take this opportunity to congratulate 3ABN,
53:38 Danny Shelton and the network team
53:41 on their 32nd anniversary of a network
53:45 that is reaching the world
53:46 with a gospel of Jesus Christ and the three angels' messages.
53:52 We thank 3ABN and other supporting ministries
53:55 for their evangelistic contribution to the growth
53:59 of the Advent movement
54:00 and the spiritual growth of church members.
54:04 In Gospel Workers page 352,
54:07 Ellen White indicates,
54:09 "The work of God in this Earth
54:11 can never be finished
54:13 until the men and women
54:15 comprising our church membership
54:18 rally to the work and unite their efforts
54:21 with those of ministers
54:23 and church officers."
54:25 What a fantastic quotation.
54:28 Thank you for joining hands
54:30 with the church to help finish the work
54:33 and we wish you God's continued blessings
54:36 in your outreach for him
54:38 as we lift up Christ, his word,
54:40 his righteousness, his sanctuary service,
54:43 his saving power in the great controversy,
54:46 his three angels' messages, his health message,
54:49 his last day mission to the world
54:52 and his soon second coming.
54:55 God bless you, Maranatha.
54:57 Amen, and thank you Elder Wilson,
54:59 I'll send him a phone message the other day,
55:01 he's saying how much we appreciate him
55:03 in what he does and taking a stance
55:06 for the cause of God and not to compromise.
55:09 When you have nearly 20 million members,
55:12 you gonna have a,
55:13 you know everything's not always gonna run smoothly.
55:15 So when I said here at 3ABN and see the few little problems
55:20 that we have is nothing when you think about.
55:22 Kenny, if you had 20 million members,
55:24 you're trying to get everybody in one accord to be happy about
55:27 that it'd be tough to do,
55:28 but he does a great job and he doesn't compromise.
55:30 And we're praying for you
55:32 and we support you in what you're doing.
55:34 Thank you for the opportunity of working together
55:37 with the General Conference.
55:39 Speaking of that, we started,
55:41 there was Adventist only had
55:43 the Adventist Media Center in the 80s.
55:45 That's out in Thousand Oaks, California.
55:48 It is Written had a ministry
55:49 and I think Breath of Life was out there.
55:51 They had the Spanish program, Voice Prophecy Radio,
55:55 but none of those were channels
55:57 or networks to reach the country.
55:59 Each program developed a 30 minute program
56:03 that they would either play on television stations
56:06 or on radio and they do it some cities
56:09 across America on Sunday mornings.
56:11 So we didn't really have Adventist television.
56:14 In fact at this time
56:15 there was not one television station
56:17 on planet earth giving three...
56:20 Adventist programming,
56:22 which we call Bible programming 24/7.
56:25 And so when 3ABN came along,
56:28 and so in 1990 General Conference,
56:30 while we're all pros by then, Kenny.
56:32 So we, you know.
56:34 we started here the building in '86
56:36 went on the air little bit.
56:37 So by '90, someone donated us a bus it was a...
56:41 It wasn't really a bus, it was a,
56:43 it might hold 20 people
56:45 was actually it is some people used it,
56:47 as said to haul people like to nursing homes
56:50 and what have you.
56:52 Had glass on it and on all around the sides,
56:54 but we said wow, this is a great bus.
56:56 So we loaded up some equipment,
56:58 television equipment
56:59 and headed to the General Conference
57:01 and actually showed for the first time
57:03 in the history the Adventist church
57:05 people could stay at home
57:07 and watch the General Conference session.
57:09 Most people as you know can't go.
57:12 Back then we only had six million Adventists
57:16 prior to 3ABN five to six million.
57:18 And since that time not just 3ABN
57:21 but all the media together
57:23 almost 20 million members since then.
57:26 But I think we have some footage
57:27 there we did in the 1990,
57:29 then we loaded up boxes after box, after box
57:32 and flew to Utrecht, Holland, for the 1995.
57:37 And so here we have some of them right now,
57:39 think that's Indianapolis, The Dome in 1990,
57:44 it says 55th World Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist.
57:48 So church members for the first time
57:50 got to see a General Conference.
57:53 1985 was the first one I've ever had been to.
57:57 This was in Holland, in the Netherlands
57:59 and we had a huge crew over there
58:01 and we were able to take that up
58:03 and let people watch from around the world
58:05 that couldn't go to the General Conference.
58:13 This is just more,
58:15 some of the inside shots
58:17 we didn't have so maybe some of the outsider,
58:19 the whole crowds,
58:20 but everyone of these you got 50,000, 75,000
58:23 up to a 100,000 people literally.
58:28 We did 2000 also in...
58:32 No, Toronto I think was Toronto
58:35 was then in 2005
58:38 was St. Louis and 2015...
58:42 10. 10 was at Atlanta.
58:44 Thanks Jill. And then 2015 was San Antonio.
58:48 So all of these, man I can't believe
58:50 we've been doing this many General Conference sessions.
58:54 And so the last one since Hope Channel came,
58:56 we show it they're doing the actual video of it
58:59 and we rebroadcast it
59:01 to all of the folk around the world,
59:03 so millions of people can watch now that never could before.
59:06 So that's been a blessing to be a part of that.
59:09 I know that it makes
59:11 the laity feel more a part of the, of the church
59:15 and it's just a, it's good for all of us
59:20 to be a part and to know what's going on in the church.
59:23 I think we have a clip of Reggie Smith,
59:26 he actually sang there in Atlanta
59:30 and someone try to get him 2010 right,
59:34 in Atlanta Reggie Smith singing a song
59:37 that came from the 3ABN pillars Project,
59:40 ''I have fixed my mind".
59:55 I have fixed my mind on another time
01:00:02 On another time
01:00:09 And here I mean to stand until
01:00:16 God gives me more light
01:00:23 And that is today, today
01:00:30 Today until
01:00:34 He comes
01:00:37 I have fixed my mind on another time
01:00:45 On another time
01:00:56 I have set my course on the narrow way,
01:01:02 On the narrow way
01:01:09 For I know the time is close at hand
01:01:16 For which I watch and pray
01:01:23 And that is today, today
01:01:29 Today until
01:01:33 He comes have set my course
01:01:40 On the narrow way, on the narrow way
01:01:51 Even so Lord come quickly
01:01:58 This is my fervent prayer
01:02:04 For I've caught a glimpse of glory
01:02:12 And I'm longing to be there
01:02:33 When shall the Son of Man appear
01:02:40 The trumpet sound its blast
01:02:46 And Christ descend in glorious fire
01:02:52 With all the saints amassed
01:02:59 We'll rise with those
01:03:02 Who sleep no more
01:03:06 To meet Him in the air
01:03:13 When shall the Son of Man appear
01:03:23 The Son of Man appear
01:03:32 Even so Lord come quickly
01:03:38 ThiS is my fervent prayer
01:03:45 For I've caught a glimpse of glory
01:03:52 And I'm longing to be there
01:03:59 For I've caught a glimpse of glory
01:04:10 And I'm longing
01:04:16 To
01:04:21 Be there
01:04:29 I have fixed my mind on another time
01:04:42 On another time
01:05:10 Oh, Danny, can anybody sing like Reggie Smith?
01:05:12 No, you know what, I don't think so.
01:05:15 That is amazing. Amazing, absolutely.
01:05:16 What a beautiful song too. Oh, I love that song.
01:05:19 You know in watching this
01:05:23 and looking at the rolls from the General Conference
01:05:25 it makes, it just makes me proud
01:05:27 to be a part of a church
01:05:29 that's reaching the whole world
01:05:31 with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
01:05:34 There are times when maybe I'll get a phone call
01:05:37 and people ask me are you all independent ministry,
01:05:39 and I know what they mean by that,
01:05:41 but this is what I always tell them,
01:05:43 "No, we're not.
01:05:45 We are totally dependent on God."
01:05:47 All right. "We are not independent."
01:05:49 I know what they mean by that is we are not...
01:05:53 We are self supporting.
01:05:54 There's a difference
01:05:55 in self supporting and independent.
01:05:57 Doesn't independent just can't just kind of sound here like
01:05:59 we're off out here doing our own things?
01:06:01 Oh, we're part of the church.
01:06:03 We are supporting
01:06:04 ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:06:07 that is reaching the whole world
01:06:08 and has such an evangelistic program.
01:06:11 I am just so happy
01:06:13 that God called me out of darkness and into light
01:06:16 and brought me into a church
01:06:18 that's got a vision to reach the whole world.
01:06:20 Amen. Amen.
01:06:22 Well, that's part of the remnant church
01:06:23 with the identifying marks of a remnant church is a church
01:06:26 that will take the gospel into all the world,
01:06:28 am I right, pastors?
01:06:30 Over here, one that take
01:06:31 so that's one of the identifying marks.
01:06:33 Now when I met Hal and Mollie back around the late 70s.
01:06:37 Mollie was a preacher, Hal was a preacher,
01:06:39 they both could get up and preach,
01:06:41 they had a large church, it started with few people
01:06:43 and grew to hundreds.
01:06:45 But in our church women didn't preach
01:06:46 so I'd tell, I'm a teacher...
01:06:48 What I heard you...
01:06:49 But that way they let me teach...
01:06:51 I thought she was preaching, I couldn't tell.
01:06:53 There's a lot of noise going on in those churches they get,
01:06:55 people get happy and excited, you know, that they're there.
01:06:58 Some of ours we could use little excitement
01:07:01 and we'll be happy about it, right?
01:07:03 But absolutely, so when I met Mollie
01:07:06 she was a...
01:07:07 both she and Hal, they were Christians already.
01:07:09 So many people around the world
01:07:11 that joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:07:13 were already Christians, Shelley and J.D back here.
01:07:15 You know many of you probably number of others of you
01:07:18 from of different denominations so you're already Christians
01:07:22 but people watching 3ABN said, you know there's truths
01:07:26 that I've never really understood,
01:07:28 and as a church
01:07:29 we've been commissioned to give the three angles' messages
01:07:33 that's in Revelation 14 Chapter if you want to read it yourself
01:07:36 sometime or continue to watch 3ABN.
01:07:39 But basically it's an end times message
01:07:41 for an end times people.
01:07:42 That's all it really is, is to let you know
01:07:45 that we have a gift of prophecy.
01:07:48 And the gift of prophecy, what's so important about
01:07:51 that is the fact, guess what?
01:07:52 We don't have to fear the future.
01:07:54 Amen.
01:07:55 All right 'cause we know what's going to happen,
01:07:56 the Bible tells us
01:07:58 but a lot of churches do away with Daniel
01:07:59 and Revelation and they'll say, oh, that's old stuff.
01:08:02 No, if you want to know what lies ahead.
01:08:04 For instance, say you're having in financial troubles
01:08:07 and you knew that three weeks from now you had a,
01:08:10 your ship came in as they say, you wouldn't be too worried.
01:08:13 Well, in a spiritual sense you can be in this world
01:08:16 and everything seems to be against you,
01:08:18 you can be struggling but you say you know what?
01:08:20 I have read the back of the book.
01:08:22 The back of the book says and they overcome him,
01:08:25 the devil, by the blood of the Lamb
01:08:27 and the word of their own testimony.
01:08:29 So we know that in the end we win.
01:08:32 Amen.
01:08:33 As Christians we win,
01:08:35 so the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
01:08:36 I'm happy to be a part,
01:08:38 I'm thrilled to be a part of it.
01:08:39 People say, but your mother was an Adventist.
01:08:42 So maybe that's why you, you know out of tradition
01:08:45 your dad became one little later
01:08:47 after you guys when you were young,
01:08:49 but I said, "No, I actually studied,
01:08:50 I studied with, with Mormons, I studied with the Baptists,
01:08:53 I studied with Jehovah's Witness,
01:08:54 with Pentecostals,
01:08:56 I studied with numbers of people
01:08:57 over the years because I really wanted truth."
01:09:00 I don't want to be something because somebody else was
01:09:02 and I said, "You know if this is so,
01:09:05 if there were a church
01:09:07 that I believe was closer to the Bible,
01:09:10 I'd be a part of that church.
01:09:11 I'm not stuck on the name Seventh-day Adventist
01:09:13 but I happen to believe that this is God's Church.
01:09:16 It's a remnant church giving an end times message
01:09:19 for an end times people.
01:09:20 So I'm thrilled to be a part of it
01:09:22 and my Uncle Olen said one time and,
01:09:24 and I always loved it because my,
01:09:26 my folks say were kind of straight,
01:09:28 my aunts and uncles,
01:09:30 and you know maybe it's a generation
01:09:31 some of yours were too.
01:09:33 They just got straight to the point.
01:09:34 Anytime something would come up in the church
01:09:37 and somebody was want to go to the left or to the right.
01:09:40 And people wanted to say, well, maybe we should consider.
01:09:43 He said, hey look, this is what we believe,
01:09:46 this is what the Bible says, and if you don't like it,
01:09:48 I want you go join another church
01:09:50 or start your own.
01:09:51 Don't try to change this one so.
01:09:54 So sometimes I think
01:09:55 we need to do that Greg Thompson.
01:09:57 Sometimes we need to just say you know what?
01:09:59 This is what the Bible says because we try to bring in this
01:10:02 and go to the left and go to the right.
01:10:04 Now devil doesn't care which side of the boat
01:10:05 we fall out of as Teresa Boone used to say
01:10:08 just long as we fall out.
01:10:10 So 3ABN for what we've been doing
01:10:13 and as a board
01:10:15 and I'm thankful for some of the board members
01:10:16 that are here, and if we didn't introduce you
01:10:18 as a board member earlier Greg Thompson, Dr. Thompson son
01:10:21 that Dr. Thompson has now handed the gavel over to you
01:10:26 if that's what you call it and to Greg,
01:10:29 so thank you so much for what you do
01:10:31 and for being here today,
01:10:32 but I'm so thankful that 3ABN has kept an emphasis
01:10:37 on the message.
01:10:38 So there's a lot of things
01:10:40 we've been accused of over 32 years especially me.
01:10:43 But what no one has ever really said
01:10:46 and you can try if you want to go ahead.
01:10:50 But after 32 years no one says, well, 3ABN is way,
01:10:53 they are legalist on this side or,
01:10:54 well, they're way over here so liberal
01:10:57 because we know what the message
01:10:59 has always been from the foundation,
01:11:01 not only of the world but of this church
01:11:03 from what the mission has been,
01:11:04 and we've decided to have a board
01:11:06 who supported you know what?
01:11:08 We're not going go the left or right,
01:11:09 we're going to continue to give the truth
01:11:11 as we believe it and see it in the Bible
01:11:14 and let the chips fall where they may,
01:11:17 not trying to please people, but please God.
01:11:20 And if we love people, we'll tell them the truth.
01:11:23 We won't try to win a man by all kinds of means
01:11:25 and try to say, well, maybe you should be able to know.
01:11:28 We just have to stick with it, so for 32 years
01:11:31 that's why I believe 3ABN is still going forward
01:11:34 is not because of any of us
01:11:36 as I said earlier it's in spite of us,
01:11:38 but it's still going and going to the world
01:11:41 because you the viewers at home
01:11:43 and all of us here have said, you know what?
01:11:45 We know what God has called us to give,
01:11:47 we're not going to compromise it.
01:11:48 We're not going to try to change
01:11:50 what we believe is the truths of the Bible,
01:11:52 and we're going to continue to preach souls
01:11:54 because Jesus says after the gospel of the kingdom
01:11:57 as we mentioned while ago goes into all the world.
01:12:00 Then what happens? The end comes.
01:12:02 It's the beginning of the world
01:12:03 now writes the beginning of eternity.
01:12:06 Emphasis on an undiluted message
01:12:09 and an emphasis on evangelism.
01:12:11 3ABN has impacted this world with evangelism.
01:12:15 Well, praise the Lord.
01:12:16 And we have some, some footage of some of these men and women
01:12:23 that have impacted the world with evangelism through 3ABN.
01:12:26 Let's look at John Carter.
01:12:33 This is back in Russia 1992,
01:12:37 went to a city of three and a half million people,
01:12:40 there were only 200 plus Seventh-day Adventist.
01:12:44 Communism had just fallen and we...
01:12:47 John rented this huge building facility
01:12:49 and everybody said no one will show up,
01:12:52 they don't know anything about God.
01:12:55 They don't even have transportation,
01:12:57 very few Adventists.
01:12:58 Look at this is baptism time, folks after four weeks.
01:13:02 Praise God.
01:13:04 It gives me chill bumps.
01:13:07 2300 and I think 2532 people
01:13:12 were baptized that day in there
01:13:15 and they baptized 20 some odd preachers
01:13:18 for four hours
01:13:19 people who had never knew it, had never had a Bible,
01:13:23 had never known anything about God.
01:13:25 When they heard it,
01:13:26 couldn't get the message enough,
01:13:28 isn't this amazing?
01:13:29 So 3ABN was privileged to team up
01:13:31 and have been for 30 years with Elder John Carter
01:13:35 as he continues to reach the world.
01:13:38 And I would say he just got back from Cuba
01:13:40 and 600 some odd baptisms there just in the last few weeks,
01:13:46 and then actually had some health issues,
01:13:50 was in the hospital in Europe and then left
01:13:53 and now he's in care where have you.
01:13:55 So he continues to travel for the Lord
01:13:58 and we've seen thousands and thousands of people
01:14:00 come to the knowledge of the truth
01:14:02 and join the church
01:14:03 through the ministry of the Carter Report.
01:14:05 So many ministries we've been able to join hands with
01:14:08 and what a privilege that is.
01:14:10 You know in 1996,
01:14:11 there was a great event that 3ABN was a part of to.
01:14:15 Let's look at that roll, and, Danny, tell us about this?
01:14:18 Okay, good.
01:14:20 What we had is Mark Finely,
01:14:22 and this for the first time in history
01:14:24 the Adventist church was speaking here in America
01:14:28 where 3ABN had installed dishes throughout Europe
01:14:32 in a number of churches all across
01:14:34 so we brought translators here from numerous countries.
01:14:37 This is right here at our Uplink center.
01:14:39 We brought all of these translator,
01:14:41 translators and to come as Mark preached.
01:14:45 It was going out live
01:14:46 literally throughout all of America and Europe,
01:14:49 and guess who was in charge of all these translators
01:14:53 and who the General Conference sent here to make this happen?
01:14:56 Brad Thorp. Many of you know Brad Thorp.
01:14:59 And so Brad came and it's where he caught
01:15:01 the vision of, of television
01:15:03 and later as you know was in charge of Hope channel
01:15:06 for a number of years.
01:15:07 And so to us this was amazing.
01:15:09 We would go down
01:15:10 and I would just love to hear all of these
01:15:13 and if you stand by the board,
01:15:14 you'd hear all these different languages
01:15:16 at the same time saying you know,
01:15:18 isn't this amazing
01:15:20 that we can to now send a signal to Europe.
01:15:22 That was 1996,
01:15:24 and now literally around the world.
01:15:27 And not just in English
01:15:28 but in every one of the different languages.
01:15:31 Listen to this.
01:16:03 It gives me those chill bumps.
01:16:10 What an amazing,
01:16:12 what amazing opportunity to see this gospel
01:16:15 starting to go literally to the world
01:16:17 and a special thanks to
01:16:19 McKee's of McKee Foods, Garwin McNeilus,
01:16:23 now the McNeilus families
01:16:24 because they put a lot of money,
01:16:26 a tremendous amount of money in purchasing
01:16:28 hundreds of dishes, satellite dishes in Europe
01:16:32 and helped us put up our first European dish
01:16:36 that went outside of America that literally sent this
01:16:39 so they put tremendous amounts of money in it,
01:16:42 and churches they would have
01:16:43 as many as 60,000 people a night
01:16:46 coming in Europe to hear Mark Finley preach
01:16:49 and there in result in hundreds
01:16:51 and even thousands of baptisms.
01:16:53 And so for us to be a part of that
01:16:55 the very first time taking it
01:16:57 to the world was a great thrill.
01:16:59 We did a net '95 the year before here in America
01:17:03 but '96 was the first time we went to Europe.
01:17:06 That's right.
01:17:07 And Mark Finely was the preacher for that.
01:17:11 And now Mark Finley
01:17:12 is the General Conference vice president of evangelism.
01:17:16 And you know he sent something to us
01:17:18 to thanking us for what
01:17:19 we have done through for him.
01:17:23 Thirty two years ago,
01:17:25 Three Angels Broadcasting was a vision, a vision in the mind.
01:17:30 It was a dream of what God might do.
01:17:34 A dream to take the gospel to North America
01:17:36 and then on to the world.
01:17:38 It was Jesus who said in Matthew 24:14,
01:17:42 "This gospel of the kingdom
01:17:43 shall be preached into all the world
01:17:45 as a witness to all nations then the end shall come."
01:17:48 God is using a variety of means to accomplish that commission
01:17:53 to take the gospel to the world
01:17:55 and one of those means is Three Angels Broadcasting,
01:17:58 God has blessed the ministry for the last 32 years.
01:18:02 Tens of thousands of people have come to Christ.
01:18:04 They've come to know the truth of the Bible
01:18:06 and they become part of God's last day movement,
01:18:09 his last day message.
01:18:11 The future for the proclamation of God's message on television
01:18:15 is still great.
01:18:17 So I want to thank Three Angels Broadcasting
01:18:22 for the impact
01:18:23 that they are making around the world,
01:18:26 and I want to wish them
01:18:27 God's richest blessings in this vision.
01:18:32 Not yet fulfilled to take the gospel to every nation,
01:18:37 kindred tongue and people,
01:18:38 this vision to touch people with the three angels' message,
01:18:43 this vision to move ahead
01:18:46 in the unreached areas of the world,
01:18:49 the great cities of the world.
01:18:50 How are they going to be reached
01:18:52 if it's not for television?
01:18:53 I thank God for Three Angels Broadcasting
01:18:56 and for every ministry in television, radio, media,
01:19:01 that God is using to finish his work,
01:19:04 so happy 32nd Anniversary.
01:19:08 May your ministry increase,
01:19:11 expand for the glory of the kingdom of God.
01:19:14 Amen. Amen.
01:19:16 Thank you, Pastor Mark.
01:19:18 We appreciate Mark will have many, many stars in his crown
01:19:21 because he's literally preached around the world,
01:19:24 and what a tremendous gift,
01:19:26 but not only a gift,
01:19:27 you have to be willing to be used of God,
01:19:30 and he's been willing to be used of God.
01:19:32 He traveled to Poland,
01:19:33 your dad used to travel with Mark
01:19:35 and do all the health programs Dr. Thompson.
01:19:37 Ahead of time you get people there
01:19:39 by teaching health.
01:19:40 Dr. Thompson would go
01:19:42 and then Mark would do the evangelism.
01:19:44 And it's resulted in,
01:19:47 I'm sure hundreds of thousands of souls
01:19:49 coming to Jesus over the years,
01:19:51 it's been great working with Pastor Mark all those years.
01:19:54 And it's great to have him as a friend to the ministry
01:19:57 and he is a good friend.
01:19:59 And that was in 1996 that we had that net.
01:20:03 In 1997, we had another net
01:20:05 and I think we've got a roll on it too.
01:20:10 This is actually with the Amazing Facts,
01:20:12 the church didn't do on that year
01:20:14 so we said, hey why not do it right here.
01:20:16 So Dough Batchelor came and this actually
01:20:19 was what for some of the folks here
01:20:20 you'll be surprised Boss Auditorium
01:20:22 which is just behind.
01:20:24 We keep building and adding on.
01:20:26 And I don't know what that was about,
01:20:28 man Doug with the guitars there.
01:20:30 I'm glad there was no audio on that one.
01:20:34 And we were young enough then,
01:20:36 I remember that Doug could do a backward flip
01:20:38 right on the stage.
01:20:39 And you could walk on your hands.
01:20:41 I'd walk on my hands
01:20:42 and he would do backward flip which show,
01:20:43 it show what healthy living you know can do for you,
01:20:46 that also had to do with you too for sure.
01:20:50 But we did that and 5 to almost 6000 people
01:20:54 were baptized through this satellite seminar
01:20:56 that we knew of there because we had home churches,
01:21:00 and so what Amazing Facts did a great job
01:21:03 of literally getting study guides
01:21:05 into everybody across America and said, have home churches,
01:21:09 churches can do it,
01:21:10 but have these, invite your friends.
01:21:12 And at the end of this,
01:21:13 this in 1997 almost 6000 people was baptized
01:21:18 in the Adventist Church
01:21:20 through this little effort
01:21:21 from just across the street over here so,
01:21:23 I mean the power of television, radio is just amazing.
01:21:28 And Pastor Batchelor is another one
01:21:30 that's a really good friend to this ministry.
01:21:32 Absolutely.
01:21:33 And he sent us his thanks as well, Danny.
01:21:37 Hello friends.
01:21:39 This is Pastor Doug Batchelor and we here at Amazing Facts
01:21:42 want to extend a special congratulations
01:21:44 and praise the Lord to 3ABN on your 32 year anniversary.
01:21:49 You know it's really been a wonderful thing
01:21:51 to watch the way the Lord has opened doors and blessed,
01:21:53 and we've had such a warm family relationship
01:21:56 working together
01:21:57 doing revivals and evangelistic programs
01:21:59 for about 25 years now.
01:22:02 I think one reason the Lord has blessed 3ABN
01:22:04 so much is because they have opened their arms
01:22:07 and allowed God to use the ministry
01:22:09 as a platform to share what many ministries are doing
01:22:13 and you know the principle
01:22:14 "As you give it will be given unto you."
01:22:16 And I think that's why the Lord has blessed
01:22:19 and expanded the influence of 3ABN.
01:22:22 Greetings to all of our friends there,
01:22:24 Lord bless you Danny and the team,
01:22:26 and whenever we get together it's like working with family.
01:22:29 We look forward to working together again,
01:22:31 and we expect that God will continue to supply
01:22:34 as we share the good news in the future.
01:22:36 The Lord bless you
01:22:37 and once again praise God and congratulation.
01:22:39 Thank you, Pastor Doug.
01:22:40 Many of you know and probably seen his book,
01:22:43 The Richest Caveman,
01:22:44 the guy actually lived was a hippie,
01:22:46 lived in a cave in California there in Palm Springs up
01:22:50 in the mountains for a while
01:22:51 and used to come down in the streets
01:22:53 to eat out the garbage can and without any clothes on.
01:22:57 He got in trouble from time to time
01:22:59 and then you find out why would he do that,
01:23:02 his dad was worth hundreds of millions of dollars,
01:23:04 you know and his mother.
01:23:06 They're both very, very wealthy but he was a rebellious kid
01:23:09 and said, I'm just going to make life on my own,
01:23:12 I don't need the money, I don't want anything.
01:23:14 About every year
01:23:15 they kicked him out of whatever school he went to
01:23:17 and didn't have very many more schools to go to,
01:23:20 so he just decided to take off, had the long hair
01:23:22 and now he doesn't have to worry about long hair.
01:23:25 But he's now to see
01:23:26 what God has done somebody left was a half of a Bible,
01:23:30 and a Bible in the cave and he began to read it,
01:23:34 came to Jesus, and Doug Batchelor,
01:23:36 I mean honestly,
01:23:37 if I look at all the people the letters that we've got
01:23:40 for 25 to 30 years
01:23:42 I would say Doug Batchelor's name has been on
01:23:45 as many as any of these thousands of people said,
01:23:47 I was watching the Amazing Facts on 3ABN.
01:23:50 I was watching Pastor Doug Batchelor
01:23:52 and I came to Jesus and joined the church,
01:23:55 so literally again hundreds of thousands
01:23:57 may even, maybe millions.
01:24:00 We'll see when we get,
01:24:01 that's why heaven needs to be for eternity.
01:24:03 We'll need all of that time to discuss
01:24:06 how good God was to all of us to,
01:24:08 to bring us from here
01:24:10 to take us to live forever with him.
01:24:12 So if any of you parents are discouraged
01:24:15 because you've got wayward children,
01:24:16 be encouraged,
01:24:18 look what God has done through Dough Batchelor
01:24:20 who lived in a cave.
01:24:23 You know, we're talking about
01:24:24 how 3ABN has impacted the world with, with evangelism.
01:24:29 We went from Pastor Carter in Russia to mid '96
01:24:34 then satellite seminar in '97
01:24:37 and now in 1998 Dwight Nelson...
01:24:42 That's right Pioneer Memorial with 3ABN went there.
01:24:44 He did...
01:24:46 We sent it all over to Europe and America as well.
01:24:47 All over the world we have these evangelists
01:24:51 that would be preaching in a church
01:24:54 and that's the only audience that they would have,
01:24:56 but with the cameras rolling,
01:24:58 it can go all over the world
01:25:00 and what a harvest of souls has been a result of that.
01:25:05 Let's look at his roll from Dwight Nelson.
01:25:10 It's called The Next Millennium
01:25:12 and so Dwight at the university crowds
01:25:15 that he had each night University
01:25:17 at Andrews University
01:25:19 there the pastor of Pioneer Memorial.
01:25:21 I think he's been there 20 some odd years or so,
01:25:24 been very that the people love him there.
01:25:26 He's always literally given the gospel
01:25:30 not only there but around the world,
01:25:32 and of course Pioneer does their own television programs,
01:25:34 it's been amazing.
01:25:36 When we started no one had television.
01:25:38 Now to look at all of these ministries
01:25:39 and Adventists universities, the colleges,
01:25:42 even the academies doing their own programming,
01:25:44 and grade schools now use,
01:25:46 kids using their smart phones
01:25:48 and put together little, little programs.
01:25:50 I mean it's amazing
01:25:52 the technology that God has given us.
01:25:54 This also reaped literally thousands of people
01:25:58 in America and Europe.
01:25:59 We were still just going to America
01:26:00 and Europe at this time,
01:26:02 but joined a church through Pastor Dwight Nelson.
01:26:06 Then Danny in 1999, we changed gears a bit.
01:26:10 We went with little red with Pastor Alejandro Bullón,
01:26:15 and this one of course wasn't in English was it Johnny,
01:26:19 this one was in Spanish, and so we thank God
01:26:22 that we were expanding
01:26:24 to our Spanish speaking family here at 3ABN.
01:26:29 Let's look at that roll.
01:26:31 Wow, look at the crowds.
01:26:34 Elder Bullón, everywhere I was in Brazil with him
01:26:37 back as far as 1990, tremendous crowds,
01:26:40 he like Elder Carter and some of the others
01:26:42 just has a gift that God has given him
01:26:44 anointing of the Holy Spirit.
01:26:46 And he's another one that literally
01:26:48 when we talk about hundreds of thousands of people
01:26:51 coming to the Lord through his ministry
01:26:54 over the last 30-40 forty years.
01:26:55 John, I think there's no exaggeration right,
01:26:57 people around the world,
01:26:59 literally Spanish speaking people
01:27:01 and English speaking around the world.
01:27:03 I mean he's an incredible evangelist.
01:27:06 These are the kind of folk
01:27:07 we need to be lifted up in prayer
01:27:08 all the time and this man,
01:27:11 and it seems like he never ages
01:27:12 either because that's a human he continues the strength
01:27:15 that God gives him continue to minister
01:27:18 is just amazing.
01:27:21 And then the next was in 2000, the year 2000
01:27:26 and that was our own Pastor Ken Cox
01:27:28 and it was entitled, The Time of the End.
01:27:34 Paul revere...
01:27:36 And this was in Chicago, I believe.
01:27:38 Some of you were there, you remember it.
01:27:40 And once again I say this about all of them
01:27:43 but these guys literally travel around the world.
01:27:45 I've seen him down in Sydney Opera House
01:27:48 have it full every night.
01:27:50 No matter where he goes he's able to draw.
01:27:51 Look at these crowds of folk and this is 3ABN,
01:27:54 and of course Kenneth's ministry
01:27:56 together in Chicago area
01:27:58 which resulted in hundreds of baptisms
01:28:00 of people knowing Jesus
01:28:02 so really evangelism,
01:28:04 evangelism, evangelism, am I right?
01:28:07 That's literally what we have to continue
01:28:09 to concentrate on,
01:28:11 take this gospel of the kingdom into all the world.
01:28:14 Elder Cox has been doing this
01:28:15 for I'm going to say probably 50 years or so,
01:28:18 and he continues to be a great witness to the Lord
01:28:22 and what a great influence he's had on my life
01:28:25 because I see a man who believes what he teaches
01:28:29 and he lives a great Christian example
01:28:32 very kind, very humble, and willing to talk,
01:28:35 pray with me any time I've ever asked him to
01:28:37 he's been there for me.
01:28:39 Thank you Brother Cox. Oh, we love Pastor Cox.
01:28:41 You know something about
01:28:43 these evangelistic crusades that we take.
01:28:45 We just don't tape them and air them one time, do we?
01:28:48 We aired them over and over and over.
01:28:51 You know people can get born again
01:28:53 and come to the Lord Jesus Christ,
01:28:54 their lives totally be changed on a rerun.
01:28:57 It happens all the time.
01:28:59 Thank God for reruns
01:29:01 and so each one of these crusades that we,
01:29:06 that we tape, that we aired all over the world,
01:29:08 then we aired them again and again,
01:29:10 and the results just kept multiplying and then,
01:29:14 and David Asscherick.
01:29:17 Oh, he came on the scene, he was so young.
01:29:20 He was when he first came to the Lord
01:29:22 and what he's doing in Discovery Prophecy.
01:29:25 I think that's around, we'll show it here.
01:29:27 I think it's around 2001
01:29:30 or what have you that he actually came.
01:29:32 He was a skate boarder.
01:29:34 I think a punk rocker is what he said, and he...
01:29:37 but he became a vegetarian and ended up
01:29:39 going to a vegetarian restaurant somewhere
01:29:42 and ended up finding out about Seventh-day Adventist
01:29:45 and about the Bible and about God
01:29:48 and about Jesus' saving power.
01:29:51 And this man, I mean in his 20s started preaching,
01:29:55 didn't go to the cemetery...
01:29:56 seminary, didn't go to cemetery to learn.
01:29:59 And I mean
01:30:01 what an incredible ministry that he has,
01:30:03 he's still preaching, he travels around the world
01:30:06 and has been on 3ABN many, many times,
01:30:08 still does programming with us.
01:30:10 And I don't know, he was an Adventist five or six years
01:30:15 when I heard him preach and I said, "He knows,
01:30:17 I think he knows a lot more about the Bible than I do."
01:30:20 And what we believe is
01:30:22 he's just got an incredible brain and,
01:30:24 and he knows how to bring it in and then get it out
01:30:27 where you can understand it so,
01:30:29 thank you Pastor David for what you've been doing
01:30:31 for the cause of God all these years.
01:30:33 You know he's another one of those
01:30:34 that we get the letters, the e-mails,
01:30:36 the reports of what an encouragement,
01:30:39 what a blessing that he has been to so many people.
01:30:41 And if we take him off 'cause some of his programs
01:30:44 that we air, we aired him quite a few times.
01:30:47 We can take them off and there are people
01:30:49 that are going to be calling saying put him back on 3ABN,
01:30:52 they love him so much.
01:30:54 And we had World Coverage in 2000
01:30:58 and let's see the roll on that.
01:31:05 This is actually where we're building
01:31:08 the Uplink that takes it to Europe.
01:31:11 This is how we began to go to the world to begin with.
01:31:14 So we had a big 30 foot dish but this is,
01:31:17 there's a McNeilus truck so they supplied all of the,
01:31:19 made a deal with the local concrete company,
01:31:22 they supply all the concrete and force at no cost.
01:31:27 So there's our dish that did America
01:31:30 than this one actually took us to Europe
01:31:32 and eventually around the world
01:31:34 because Moses Primo had come on the scene
01:31:37 some time before this.
01:31:39 And so we'll talk a little bit more about that later bit
01:31:42 around 2000 here is where we literally for the first time
01:31:47 was able to take the three angels' messages
01:31:50 to the entire world.
01:31:51 Here's the grand opening, there's Pastor Rick Warren,
01:31:54 May Chung, some of these folks now resting in Jesus,
01:31:57 Leonard Westfall there, we see Bill Hulsey,
01:32:00 number Johnny Clarke, there we go at,
01:32:04 Owen Troy and number of those folks
01:32:08 that now are resting in Jesus but you know what,
01:32:11 the hope that they have is alive.
01:32:15 That's right.
01:32:16 And very soon the next thing
01:32:17 they will know literally
01:32:19 is the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ,
01:32:21 but all of these people invested their time,
01:32:24 their talents, their finances for many, many years,
01:32:27 and without these folk
01:32:29 it wouldn't have been possible
01:32:30 and all of you at home, so we keep saying that to you.
01:32:33 We couldn't do any of this without you.
01:32:35 So thank you for your love and your prayers
01:32:37 and financial support and it's not easy.
01:32:39 We don't have money in a bank.
01:32:40 In fact right now we actually owe money.
01:32:43 We try not to do that but when we look at it
01:32:45 from a business standpoint
01:32:47 things doesn't look too bright for 3ABN
01:32:50 but as I told the auditors the other day you know what,
01:32:53 I'm going to be nothing but positive
01:32:54 because for 32 years God supplied every need.
01:32:58 And as long as we keep the message that God's told us
01:33:01 to get to the world, focus on our mission,
01:33:03 guess what's going to happen.
01:33:04 He's going to continue to supply every need.
01:33:07 And so 2000 was the first time we put up the European dish
01:33:12 and or the dish that actually it took us to Europe,
01:33:14 then later we begin to broadcast around the world
01:33:17 and that was at Toronto I think, wasn't Moses in 2000,
01:33:22 in the year 2000 was the first time
01:33:24 we were able to reach the Pacific Rim
01:33:26 and New Guinea and all of that.
01:33:27 Papua New Guinea in 2000.
01:33:30 Let's see that roll.
01:33:32 Oh, here's the Governor-General,
01:33:34 we call him President, Sir Silas Atopare.
01:33:37 I was able to greet him there.
01:33:39 He brought us to the palace and guess what they made us,
01:33:42 a vegetarian, vegetarian meal,
01:33:45 I wish I could get rid of some of the weight again.
01:33:47 And as I said, who's that thin guy.
01:33:50 Oh, there we are, we have a license literally,
01:33:54 there's an Ambassador Bien Tejano
01:33:56 was very instrumental.
01:33:57 He's the ambassador from the Philippines
01:34:00 to New Guinea.
01:34:02 And so this was 1999, I believe.
01:34:05 And thanks to Moses Primo a lot of hard work
01:34:08 and Ambassador Tejano that we have a license
01:34:11 and we're still broadcasting
01:34:13 and literally thousands and thousands of people
01:34:16 are coming to churches all across New Guinea.
01:34:20 I'm told by the ambassador because of 3ABN being there.
01:34:24 So we appreciate Brother Silas Atopare,
01:34:28 the Governor-General who made this possible to,
01:34:31 so these are our actually operating license.
01:34:35 And he came to America a little later
01:34:37 and I interviewed him here, I think he's on just briefly.
01:34:41 And maybe you could share with us what that is.
01:34:44 I heard lot about 3ABN packet from my country
01:34:48 and I always wanted to come here
01:34:51 and to see the place for myself and see how the things,
01:34:55 how you televise the word of God
01:34:57 throughout the world
01:34:58 and now that the Lord had made it possible for me
01:35:02 to travel to America, and it was my first time,
01:35:05 it is my first time to come to the United States
01:35:09 with my wife particularly to visit the 3ABN station.
01:35:14 The department there in Papua New Guinea,
01:35:18 the Investment Promotion Authority
01:35:21 asked me to delivert his to you.
01:35:23 This is a certificate of registration
01:35:26 of overseas company and this is about
01:35:29 the Three Angels Broadcasting Network
01:35:31 officially registered in Papua New Guinea.
01:35:35 Wonderful, praise the Lord.
01:35:38 And that was a great praise the Lord by you, Danny.
01:35:40 Oh, it was.
01:35:42 It was a miracle, actually I don't have time to go into it
01:35:44 but they were actually...
01:35:46 It was between us
01:35:47 and another the world's largest Christian Network
01:35:50 who was to get this license and it ended up
01:35:54 the Lord opened up the doors and it end up going to us
01:35:57 as well as in the Philippines,
01:35:59 we hear a little bit later on
01:36:01 to be able to reach 24 million potential viewers
01:36:04 in the Philippines.
01:36:06 I mean that's absolutely, Metro Manila, amazing.
01:36:08 That is, you know in 2001 we went to India and I was,
01:36:13 I was part of 3ABN then,
01:36:15 and I remember the excitement of India.
01:36:18 Absolutely.
01:36:19 We've got to roll let's, let's show this.
01:36:21 Seeing is believing as you would say.
01:36:23 They would bring as many as these trucks
01:36:26 that have 200 trucks a night that McNeilus has rented
01:36:28 to work in there with Maranatha,
01:36:31 they're building churches.
01:36:32 They would have 120 people in the back of the truck.
01:36:35 Look at the crowds each night 40,000 maybe 50,000
01:36:40 watches it continues to go and these people are sitting.
01:36:43 This is not in seats or in a building,
01:36:45 this is outside, they're sitting on the ground
01:36:46 and they've been...
01:36:48 Look at this far as you can say to the back
01:36:50 night after night after night, 15,000 people out there...
01:36:54 There's Bob Paulson. Now Bob's not a preacher.
01:36:57 He's a layman,
01:36:59 and he actually does write on stuff,
01:37:01 Kenny put up awnings and all there is.
01:37:03 There's Dr. Thompson there
01:37:05 and he preached and Mark Finely,
01:37:07 he took some of Mark's notes and it shows layman can do.
01:37:09 Look at this.
01:37:10 It was amazing night after night
01:37:12 and these people demanded that you pray with them.
01:37:15 They would literally rush you up soon as...
01:37:17 There's big David ever and me together.
01:37:19 He was over there and when I say big,
01:37:22 I mean big, he's a big boy.
01:37:23 He's good to have with me in India there
01:37:26 and watch the folk cares Garwin McNeilus
01:37:29 all of as soon as the meetings was over
01:37:30 the people would rush you and demand
01:37:33 that you pray for them,
01:37:34 and what a blessing that is people wanting
01:37:37 you to pray for them literally coming to you.
01:37:39 I would be praying for somebody
01:37:41 and then I feel my hand move away
01:37:42 and somebody to have it on them and the other grabbing
01:37:45 and they were in their own language
01:37:47 translator said, that he's praying for me
01:37:49 leave him alone and he said, no it's my turn.
01:37:52 And so they do all of us that way, they wanted prayer
01:37:55 and they were introduced to Jesus
01:37:57 for the first time, and literally thousands,
01:38:00 thousands of people and people like the Farleys
01:38:02 who is on our board and Merlin Farley back then.
01:38:05 Bruce who is now a chairman of our board, their family,
01:38:08 they saw this video and said we want to support
01:38:11 and because of this family alone
01:38:13 and their efforts raising funds
01:38:15 and building churches working with Maranatha
01:38:18 who does an incredible work.
01:38:20 It's amazing they havebeen several hundred,
01:38:23 hundred thousand people I didn't mix that up
01:38:26 these reports I've got all the way from
01:38:29 as far as a General Conference,
01:38:31 several hundred thousand people in India have been baptized
01:38:35 because of the efforts of these folk,
01:38:37 and so little is much when God is in it.
01:38:40 And when we showed this on the air,
01:38:43 I had some people call me Mollie,
01:38:45 they were missionaries to India.
01:38:46 They said what's going on.
01:38:48 What is happening and I said, "What do you mean?
01:38:50 They said, "We were missionaries
01:38:52 in India 19 years,
01:38:54 19 years, and we only had 23 baptisms,
01:39:00 and you guys are going over there and 40 and 50
01:39:03 that we couldn't get anybody come to our churches.
01:39:06 What are you doing?
01:39:07 And I said it's the times we're living,
01:39:08 it's the Holy Spirit and the Lord is anxious
01:39:12 for his people to come home,
01:39:13 so heaven is not heaven until God's children are there,
01:39:16 so literally what a blessing it's been to be
01:39:19 a part of a ministry that's impacting
01:39:21 so many parts of the world and it's just,
01:39:23 just as we look back, it's to thank you Lord.
01:39:27 Yeah, we're going to look at some other parts of the world
01:39:30 but you know there are people right here in the United States
01:39:35 and in North America
01:39:37 that need to be ministered to as well
01:39:39 and we have a program called Christmas Behind Bars,
01:39:43 actually it's Lemuel Vega's ministry.
01:39:46 But where he's allowed us to be a part of it,
01:39:49 and we want to show you some of the impact
01:39:52 that we are having in our prison system.
01:39:57 We are really excited to be here at 3ABN today
01:40:00 and be part of their celebration
01:40:02 for their 32 Anniversary.
01:40:04 And my name is Lemuel Vega and...
01:40:06 My name is Donna Vega.
01:40:07 And we're part of Christmas Behind Bars.
01:40:10 Christmas Behind Bars, that's an outreach ministry
01:40:12 that started probably 20 years ago,
01:40:14 with one county jail.
01:40:16 It's a celebration of not only us,
01:40:19 the excitement that we have to be
01:40:20 part of this ministry
01:40:21 but the inmates that are in their cells
01:40:23 today watching this program,
01:40:24 they celebrate with 3ABN
01:40:26 because they have been an active part of 3ABN
01:40:29 through your sponsorship there's a program now called?
01:40:31 Free Indeed.
01:40:33 Free Indeed, and can you tell us
01:40:34 a little bit of what Free Indeed is
01:40:35 for our viewers that don't know?
01:40:37 Well, 3ABN goes in
01:40:39 and the inmates get to encourage the people
01:40:42 on the outside...
01:40:44 Around the world. Amen. To serve Jesus.
01:40:46 'Cause the inmates can reach other people
01:40:47 that are downtrodden in the world,
01:40:49 so again we are excited
01:40:50 to celebrate the 32nd Anniversary with 3ABN.
01:40:54 We've actually been married for 32 years.
01:40:56 We don't have any children biologically
01:40:58 but yet we have?
01:41:00 Many.
01:41:01 Thousands of children and they're all behind bars.
01:41:03 We've adopted them through the 3ABN family.
01:41:05 You know through the ministry of Christmas Behind Bars,
01:41:08 the prison ministry
01:41:09 that has been started many years ago,
01:41:11 ordained by God,
01:41:13 3ABN's prison ministry has had the opportunity to go in
01:41:16 and share and preach and teach.
01:41:18 Who are some of the people
01:41:19 that's come from 3ABN to the prisons with us?
01:41:22 Shelley Quinn, CA, Brian Hamilton.
01:41:25 There's J.D Quinn, yeah J.D
01:41:27 and there's just been a lot, C.A. Murray,
01:41:29 Pastor C.A. Murray and so it give not only
01:41:32 the speakers and presenters and singers
01:41:34 Yvonne Lewis phenomenal at the women's prison last year
01:41:38 not only the speakers and presenters of 3ABN
01:41:41 but the camera crew, the crew behind the scenes,
01:41:44 they have come in and they've formed lasting relationship
01:41:47 with those people that are incarcerated.
01:41:49 They have laughed, they work together,
01:41:50 set up cameras.
01:41:52 They've showed them how to run the audio
01:41:53 and just lots of different things.
01:41:54 So that's been phenomenal.
01:41:56 And it's amazing what God is doing here at 3ABN
01:41:58 for these last 32 years,
01:42:00 and we just know God has great mighty plans in store
01:42:04 for 3ABN and for your life as well.
01:42:07 We encourage you to be actively involved
01:42:10 in the ministry Christmas Behind Bars,
01:42:12 Free Indeed, 3ABN.
01:42:14 And I know by God's grace,
01:42:16 you will see many people in the kingdom of heaven
01:42:18 because your prayers, you stay focused on Christ,
01:42:21 and you are willing to sponsor.
01:42:23 This ministry here at 3ABN,
01:42:25 we are so grateful to be a part of this ministry.
01:42:28 It's been a joy to work with every aspect of the ministry.
01:42:31 The ground's crew
01:42:32 that takes care of the grounds here at 3ABN,
01:42:34 the people that clean the homes here at 3ABN
01:42:37 in the offices, the cameramen
01:42:39 and the crew that go on the road.
01:42:41 It's just amazing the mechanics here at 3ABN,
01:42:44 God is doing great things,
01:42:45 and we're thankful to be part of this 3ABN family
01:42:48 for the 32nd Anniversary,
01:42:50 and we're thankful that you're a part of 3ABN
01:42:53 through our viewing audience.
01:42:54 God bless you and we love you,
01:42:56 and we're looking forward to another year
01:42:58 with Jesus and 3ABN.
01:43:02 Now we have been so blessed
01:43:03 to get to know Donna and Lemuel Vega.
01:43:06 They have such a passion for prison ministry
01:43:09 and they have imparted that
01:43:11 into our very own Brian and Diane Hamilton.
01:43:13 That's right.
01:43:15 What an incredible job, thank you Brian and Diane
01:43:17 for what you're doing to ministries
01:43:19 not only prisons throughout Southern Illinois
01:43:22 but you all are traveling now quite a bit too
01:43:24 and seen a tremendous,
01:43:25 isn't that amazing what you're seeing.
01:43:28 A little bit later we may have some time to talk about it
01:43:30 but it's what they're doing is an incredible job and,
01:43:33 and people who love Jesus.
01:43:35 I mean it, it to us again go...
01:43:39 James says we should be reaching
01:43:41 the people true religion unto before God is basically,
01:43:45 it's saying helping those who can't help themselves
01:43:48 or maybe don't have the opportunities,
01:43:50 whether that's motherless,
01:43:51 the widows, maybe souls behind bars.
01:43:53 Those folks that maybe never had any kind of
01:43:56 Christian training whatsoever, 3ABN comes in through Lemuel,
01:44:01 through Brain and Diane and we see lives changed.
01:44:04 Literally hundreds and thousands of people
01:44:07 will end up in heaven because of you guys' efforts.
01:44:10 Thank you so much for what you're doing.
01:44:13 We do praise God for all the souls
01:44:16 that are touched in those prisons.
01:44:18 Thank you Lord for that.
01:44:19 You know, Bill Knott is a good friend of 3ABN
01:44:24 and he has sent us his congratulations
01:44:26 as well, Danny.
01:44:29 And so I have a collection of Bibles
01:44:30 that have become meaningful to me over the years.
01:44:33 Some of them have been on the shelf read
01:44:36 and not read at various times
01:44:38 as I moved to different versions.
01:44:39 One of my favorites now
01:44:41 is one that's been in the review office
01:44:43 for more than 60 years.
01:44:44 In the front of it you'll find the handwriting of FT Nickel,
01:44:47 Kenneth Wood.
01:44:49 Dr. Bill Johnson and myself for 60 years
01:44:52 we've been using that same Bible for staff worships,
01:44:56 for our personal devotions.
01:44:58 I love those things that have an impact over time.
01:45:01 Jesus actually tells a story about impact over time
01:45:05 even when we're not paying particular attention.
01:45:08 Mark Chapter 4, Jesus tells a parable,
01:45:11 "The Kingdom of God as if a man should scatters seed
01:45:14 upon the ground and should sleep and rise night and day
01:45:17 and the seed should sprout and grow he knows not how,
01:45:20 the earth produces of itself.
01:45:22 First the blade, then the ear,
01:45:23 then the full grain in the year,
01:45:25 but when the grain is ripe at once
01:45:27 he puts in the sickle because the harvest has come."
01:45:30 Jesus reminds us that those things
01:45:33 that sometimes feel like
01:45:35 the background in our lives are actually the most powerful.
01:45:39 3ABN has had that kind of role for 32 years now
01:45:43 in the lives of both Adventists and Christians
01:45:46 around the globe including in my family.
01:45:49 I watched as my own parents found the attraction of
01:45:54 a faith building television station
01:45:57 that continued to help them grow
01:45:59 well into their older years.
01:46:01 I've watched the impact 3ABN has had in communities
01:46:04 where I pastored where when we did evangelism,
01:46:08 suddenly there were so many more people
01:46:09 ready to make a decision for Jesus
01:46:11 because they had had the impact of 3ABN
01:46:15 in the middle of the night at the odd hours.
01:46:18 That impact is what I think we need to celebrate,
01:46:20 how God uses the persistence of this ministry
01:46:23 to bring people to his truth.
01:46:25 I want to congratulate
01:46:27 the leaders all involved in 3ABN
01:46:30 for 32 years of powerful witness
01:46:33 even when we weren't always conscious
01:46:36 of what was happening.
01:46:37 God was at work.
01:46:38 Thank you for what you're doing to advance the kingdom.
01:46:42 We always appreciate hearing from Bill.
01:46:44 He is such a good friend to this ministry,
01:46:46 and thank you so much for your kind words,
01:46:49 I appreciate.
01:46:50 Absolutely.
01:46:52 I think we ought to go to the Philippines,
01:46:53 we're getting, I can't believe we're getting close to the end.
01:46:56 It's almost two hours. Wow, where did it go.
01:46:59 We got a lot more to cover, I mean a lot more
01:47:01 and you're going to hear a lot more
01:47:03 from our folk here too,
01:47:04 but what we'd like to do in 2004,
01:47:07 we had the blessing of Manila, the Philippines,
01:47:11 the president coming to 3ABN
01:47:14 inauguration of 3ABN Philippines
01:47:16 and we'd like to show that right now.
01:47:18 This is just a shot of
01:47:20 the 24 million plus people the city,
01:47:24 some second largest city in the world
01:47:27 and here were you'll see shots coming in.
01:47:30 There's a big welcome.
01:47:32 And that night we actually had thousands of people
01:47:35 to Filipino Convention Center.
01:47:38 And I think Moses should be really talking about this,
01:47:41 this is building the television station there
01:47:44 that Moses oversaw and to get it done
01:47:47 so that it literally would reach up on a hill.
01:47:50 We had a good property, there was a tower,
01:47:52 build a building,
01:47:53 put the transmitters everything in
01:47:55 and then we were able to get
01:47:56 the president of the Philippines
01:47:58 to come at the convention center.
01:48:00 And should be on here in just a moment
01:48:03 but what a incredible amount of people
01:48:05 and what an opportunity to reach millions
01:48:09 and millions of people 24/7
01:48:11 they were in the palace with the president there
01:48:15 and Ambassador Bien Tejano.
01:48:17 We're honored and happy to announce
01:48:20 to the arrival of her Excellency,
01:48:25 the President of the Republic of the Philippines.
01:48:55 Please welcome your Excellency President of the Philippines
01:49:02 Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
01:49:06 I mentioned to madam president on the way in
01:49:10 that I would like to apply for dual citizenship.
01:49:13 Though I'm an American,
01:49:15 I would love to have a Filipino citizenship
01:49:18 so I can vote for her in the upcoming election.
01:49:24 I am very pleased to be able to join you
01:49:27 this wonderful evening
01:49:30 for the inauguration of the 3ABN in the Philippines.
01:49:40 This is the beginning
01:49:43 of what will be surely yet another of your valuable
01:49:49 and significant contributions to Philippine culture.
01:49:55 The last but not the least
01:49:58 to receive the flag is Mr. Danny Shelton.
01:50:24 Thank you very much madam president.
01:50:46 We had it, isn't that amazing.
01:50:47 We had a very interesting...
01:50:49 It was actually funny later experience
01:50:52 she asked ambassador Tejano and me
01:50:54 to accompany her instead of coming to the back
01:50:58 through with security wanted her
01:51:00 she decided that we all would come from
01:51:02 the front of opening the gym.
01:51:04 They weren't prepared for security
01:51:06 and walked down among the people
01:51:08 and so and there's thousands probably 9 or 10,000 people
01:51:12 inside several thousand people outside.
01:51:15 So we're walking right.
01:51:17 And I'm staying close to her.
01:51:19 Well, I notice somebody
01:51:20 coming over to the side getting too close
01:51:23 for some reason I began to think
01:51:25 I'm the security guard, right.
01:51:26 So I make sure I don't let him get close.
01:51:29 I don't know who he is, I say this is dangerous.
01:51:31 They didn't really want to do it.
01:51:33 There's no security.
01:51:34 So he gently is pushing me to the side sorry Mollie
01:51:39 and I'm gently pushing him out of the way
01:51:42 and we're not looking at each other very much.
01:51:45 But he's determined to get next to her and I said no,
01:51:48 I'm not going to let, I don't know who this guy is
01:51:50 I'm pushing him.
01:51:51 And finally I look at him
01:51:53 and I think this thing in his ear.
01:51:55 He's her security
01:51:57 and I'm moving him out of the way
01:51:59 he was, and I'm trying to and he's gently
01:52:03 because I'm a guest but he wants to be up there
01:52:06 by her to take the bullet if need be
01:52:08 and I thought I'd say,
01:52:09 okay I've learned my lesson from now
01:52:11 and I won't do that.
01:52:12 Somebody, we just have three or four minutes
01:52:14 who's got a microphone Yvonne you got one
01:52:15 what do you thinking so far.
01:52:17 What's going through your mind?
01:52:18 You know as I was watching this whole thing,
01:52:22 it is just so obvious that God has had his hand
01:52:25 on this ministry from the inception of it,
01:52:29 when he gave you that idea,
01:52:30 Danny to, to now,
01:52:32 I mean God is just leading and guiding
01:52:35 and so many souls have been won as a result of this ministry.
01:52:40 Praise God, I can't wait to meet the souls in heaven
01:52:43 that have been won through this ministry.
01:52:45 Brother John, what's going through your mind?
01:52:48 You know, you can see that this is not a coincidence
01:52:50 nor is it a dream that was born in the mind of a man
01:52:53 but a vision born in the mind of God
01:52:55 and you look for somebody who is willing.
01:52:57 And Danny, if I could use one word
01:52:59 to describe what God has done in your life you're willing.
01:53:02 You know the Bible says, "If there's first a willing mind
01:53:05 `a man is accepted according to what he has."
01:53:07 And I praise the Lord that what he's done in your life.
01:53:10 Keep that willing heart because as Mollie said,
01:53:13 we haven't seen anything yet.
01:53:14 Praise God for that.
01:53:16 Brother Kenny, what's going through your mind?
01:53:17 The excitement here.
01:53:20 I've had the spiritual goosebumps.
01:53:22 It's been jumping over my neck and my body to see
01:53:24 what God has been doing all of these years
01:53:27 and then it just keeps coming
01:53:28 over and over in my mind is God's not done.
01:53:31 There's more to come and it's going to be better.
01:53:34 There's going to be some blessings,
01:53:35 it's just going to astound the people,
01:53:37 we need to hang in there.
01:53:38 We need to get tight for Jesus many more souls
01:53:42 going to be won to the kingdom through 3ABN.
01:53:44 And Pastor C.A. Murray and Tammy?
01:53:47 I think it is more than anything humbling
01:53:50 to know that you can be
01:53:51 even a small part of a move of God.
01:53:54 In the world God chose
01:53:56 to put this place here at this time
01:54:01 and then to call this wonderful group of people.
01:54:03 It is humbling to know that God chose to use us
01:54:07 to work with him in the greatest gift
01:54:09 ever given to mankind
01:54:10 and that's the gift of salvation
01:54:12 and we are a part of that.
01:54:13 Amen.
01:54:14 Tammy?
01:54:16 I just kind of wanted to mention because it,
01:54:18 it's a part of history.
01:54:20 It's a part of the 3ABN history
01:54:21 and part of the history of the church.
01:54:23 I think and correct me,
01:54:24 if I'm wrong that Kenny was the first
01:54:26 to ever do a revelation seminar.
01:54:29 Yeah, on 3ABN he was absolutely.
01:54:32 First one in the church
01:54:33 I think to do a revelation similar on the air.
01:54:35 Yeah, on the air absolutely...
01:54:36 that's there's a lot of first there,
01:54:39 lot of the pioneering is not always that easy though.
01:54:42 And but the Lord opens up those doors.
01:54:44 See the blessing is on the go.
01:54:46 We've said that over and over and over again.
01:54:48 Melody, I don't think I'll give you mike
01:54:51 unless she want one
01:54:52 'cause she would rather sit back
01:54:54 and she'll sing to the world
01:54:55 we should have her sing that's what we should do
01:54:57 should have ET over here playing maybe,
01:54:59 maybe the next program.
01:55:01 We decided let's don't get in a hurry.
01:55:03 We're celebrating 32 years
01:55:05 and Lord willing in for all still here
01:55:07 and maybe on 35th so it would be three years
01:55:10 or so more before we have another one.
01:55:12 And so why don't we get together
01:55:14 and just show what God has done in spite of all of us,
01:55:19 but thank you for all of you for your part.
01:55:21 Moses Primo we've got 30 seconds or something.
01:55:23 What's going on in your mind right now?
01:55:25 And first of all thank you,
01:55:26 because of you we're going around the world
01:55:28 that your brain power that's got us there
01:55:30 and your willingness to be used of God.
01:55:32 Well, it's amazing like pastor said
01:55:35 before when we put ourselves
01:55:38 and make available what God can do
01:55:40 it's just amazing.
01:55:41 It's a privilege to be here.
01:55:43 It's a blessing to be here
01:55:44 and to be part of this end message
01:55:47 of reaching souls for God's kingdom.
01:55:49 Amen.
01:55:51 Okay, for those of you to home.
01:55:53 We're going to have to end this program this evening.
01:55:56 We've got maybe two more hours of miracles
01:55:59 that God has performed and continues to perform,
01:56:02 so we'll continue this tomorrow evening.
01:56:16 Stay with us, we'll be back in a moment
01:56:19 with more of 3ABN 32nd anniversary special.


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