3ABN 32nd Anniversary Special

32nd Anniversary Special Part 2

Three Angels Broadcasting Network

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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), Mollie Steenson (Host)


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00:11 Coming to you from 3ABN's Worship Center
00:15 for God's glory,
00:17 3ABN's 32nd Anniversary Special.
00:22 We want to welcome you back to the second two hour segment
00:26 of the 32nd Anniversary celebration
00:29 of Three Angels Broadcasting Network.
00:32 You mean, we're gonna do it in just four hours?
00:34 Just four hours. I'm not sure, I'm not sure.
00:36 We should at least have 32 hours
00:38 I would think one for each year.
00:40 Now we've been having a great time.
00:41 Hopefully, you watched last night.
00:43 And we did a couple hours and so this is the second half
00:47 because we're talking about world evangelism.
00:50 We have our great groups still with us here so far.
00:52 I think a couple of them may have to leave
00:54 before the program is over.
00:55 Melody has got to drive back and Greg's late.
00:57 I think Tammy's got to leave,
00:59 but we may get some new ones in.
01:00 I think maybe Brother Tim Parton
01:02 might show up here.
01:03 So we're glad for all of our folks here.
01:05 But we just want to thank you, those of you are at home,
01:08 who financially support, prayerfully support
01:11 Three Angels Broadcasting Network
01:13 over all these years.
01:15 Some of you are brand new,
01:16 you're just now watching for the first time,
01:18 and I don't know about the rest of you.
01:19 But for me, it's been good to look back over the history
01:23 and see what God has brought.
01:25 You're absolutely right.
01:26 And I wanted to say to you, if you weren't here last night,
01:31 you weren't able to watch the first two hours.
01:33 You need to get it and watch it,
01:35 because we went back and we looked at some pictures
01:37 of the way we looked 32 years ago.
01:40 And it is just funny.
01:42 And so you need to get those videos
01:47 and look at them over and over.
01:49 And Danny was the cutest little thing
01:50 when he was a little child.
01:52 We don't know what happened.
01:53 Don't you hate it when they say he was when he was little?
01:56 The rest of it is just unspoken.
01:58 You know what that means. Thank you, Mollie.
02:01 You're welcome. I resemble that remark.
02:03 Anyway, we've been talking about evangelism
02:06 and starting way back in the '80s and the '90s
02:09 and going forward
02:10 and recently in fact, just a few days ago,
02:12 we had the ambassador Bien Tejano
02:15 form the Philippines.
02:17 We just showed the end of last night's program,
02:20 we showed the President of the Philippines
02:22 and the grand opening of 3ABN Philippines there.
02:26 But he was here just a few days ago,
02:28 and he wanted to say congratulation to 32 years.
02:31 But to talk to all of you for a few moments
02:34 and tell you what is happening
02:36 in the Philippines and New Guinea
02:38 because of your support of 3ABN.
02:41 It's always an honor to be a part of the celebration
02:44 of the Three Angels Broadcasting Network
02:46 in its 32nd Anniversary.
02:49 And I'm so honored and privileged
02:52 to express my best wishes to the management,
02:57 especially to brother Danny
02:59 who has been there and leading this institution
03:04 with God's help and guidance.
03:07 I remember back then when we started
03:10 our Three Angels Broadcasting Network in the Philippines,
03:14 when we had the great challenges
03:17 of securing the license and the franchise,
03:21 we were told that there was no more available license.
03:27 And then I had the privilege of visiting
03:30 the office of the President,
03:32 then President Joseph Estrada at the time
03:36 and I told him if he can grant us the license.
03:40 But he told us it was there's no more available.
03:43 But they told him that I'm aware
03:45 that there are 4,200 applicants and we were one of them.
03:49 But I assured him that, Mr. President,
03:51 if you would grant us this license,
03:55 we will prove to you that this will be an asset
03:57 to our institution
03:59 because this will be broadcasting
04:01 all kinds of community services,
04:03 particularly on health issues,
04:05 in fact, jokingly I told him,
04:07 we will be lecturing on alcoholism and smoking.
04:12 At the time, he was,
04:14 you know, he was smoking and he looked at me
04:15 with strange eyes.
04:17 But I said, "It will be for the whole public
04:19 that will benefit."
04:20 So finally, he drew his pen and signed the...
04:28 request in a marginal note approved sign by the president.
04:32 And that was it.
04:33 We were given that license.
04:35 And then for the time,
04:36 I called up immediately Brother Danny with joy,
04:40 and said, "Brother Danny,
04:41 here we have this license
04:43 already granted by the president."
04:45 He cannot believe it.
04:46 You know, and of course, there was a lady that time,
04:50 who had been asking me and been pushing me
04:53 and inspiring me to continue to search for this license.
04:56 It was Sister Mi Chang, bless her soul,
04:59 she's really a very wonderful woman.
05:02 And I think the Lord
05:04 will give her a lot of crowns on her head, you know,
05:08 because of the effort
05:10 that thousands and thousands now of people
05:12 that have been brought to the foot of the cross
05:15 because of this ministry.
05:17 And I just want to thank them Brother Danny, Sister Mi Chang,
05:21 Brother Moses,
05:23 and all the staff there in
05:24 Three Angels Broadcasting Network.
05:26 We will continue to pray for you.
05:28 You are great men of God,
05:30 great men and women
05:31 that the Lord has chose to lead out in this ministry.
05:35 And as I was appointed as ambassador
05:38 of the Philippines to Papua New Guinea
05:40 and other countries,
05:41 I continue on to promote
05:43 the Three Angels Broadcasting Network
05:44 because I know that this will lead
05:48 a lot of souls to the foot of the cross.
05:51 But then in Papua New Guinea was also a big challenge to us
05:54 but, you know, there was another church
05:59 was trying to apply for a license
06:03 but when I arrived in Papua New Guinea
06:05 just immediately that they were there arrived.
06:07 I applied for the license
06:12 and then it was granted immediately,
06:15 the license was granted.
06:17 After one week, there was another church,
06:20 a leader of another church
06:21 who came from different denomination,
06:24 and because of his closeness to the prime minister,
06:28 he was also assured and granted
06:31 only to find out that the only license available
06:33 was already granted
06:35 to the Three Angels Broadcasting Network.
06:37 So to me, I feel that
06:40 if we are to be a part of this mission
06:42 and to this effort of preaching more people,
06:45 we have to do it as quickly as we can
06:48 because we have some enemies
06:50 that are there to stop these programs
06:55 reaching more souls for Christ.
06:57 So at that time, I called up immediately Brother Danny,
07:00 it was in the middle of the night.
07:02 I was thinking he must be angry at me,
07:04 but I was so overwhelmed and excited
07:06 and I was then sitting down
07:09 I went to the office of the head of State,
07:11 the Governor General.
07:14 And I told this good Brother Danny,
07:17 I know it's 12:00 midnight in United States
07:21 and this will not be a good time
07:22 but, you know, when you are so much inspired
07:26 and since time cannot stop you,
07:29 so I dial a number and luckily Danny picked up the phone
07:34 and I told him, "Brother Danny,
07:36 sorry, it's the middle of the night.
07:38 But I would like to tell you that, you know,
07:42 the license was granted.
07:44 Is it okay if the head of the State can talk to you?"
07:48 I think he was trying to avoid my call
07:51 but when I told him
07:53 it's the head of state beside me,
07:54 he wants to talk to you, and he "All right.
07:55 I'll talk to him."
07:57 And it was, you know, and they talked, and finally,
08:01 we pose up by putting up the television station
08:04 in Papua New Guinea.
08:05 Now it's broadcasting 24 hours, 24/7.
08:10 And it's so inspiring when I visit churches
08:13 and the villages of Papua New Guinea
08:14 and other parts of the country,
08:18 whenever I ask them if there is someone
08:20 who has been blessed
08:22 and was able to receive the messages
08:23 from Three Angels Broadcasting Network,
08:26 many been baptized through this ministry,
08:29 this may lead to rise
08:30 that a lot of my hands would raise
08:33 and thousands and thousands of them.
08:36 So, 3ABN people,
08:39 I hope you don't get tired of doing all
08:42 your part over there.
08:44 Please continue on.
08:45 The blessing is just flowing all over the world.
08:48 You may not know it here,
08:50 you may not know it in the place
08:52 where you're working but every minute, seconds,
08:56 the messages reaches to one soul, and it's a blessing,
08:59 and they're brought to the foot of the cross.
09:01 We appreciate him, don't we?
09:03 Oh, absolutely. You'll blessed by Brother Ben?
09:05 Yeah. And this man's amazing.
09:08 You know, he has clout in the country
09:10 when I flew over there once
09:12 and had no idea, 6:30 in the morning,
09:16 ambassador showed up, he had several people with him,
09:19 and they wanted to go through my luggage.
09:21 He said, "No, we don't have time."
09:23 And there, you know, how security has TSA,
09:26 they're like, "No."
09:27 So he said, "Look. I'm ambassador."
09:29 And he showed who he's with and they had representatives
09:32 from the president of the Philippines.
09:34 So they said, "Oh, okay,"
09:36 so they'll take your stuff and so we went in a motorcade.
09:39 I mean flags on it all through town and I said,
09:41 "Where are we going?"
09:43 He said, "You're having breakfast with the president."
09:45 And I thought, at first, he meant to church
09:46 as there have been I'm wondering
09:49 what church official was up six o'clock,
09:50 right, breakfast, having a party.
09:53 So he says, "No, no, no,
09:54 you're meeting with the president
09:57 Gloria of the Philippines."
09:58 And I said, "Why?"
09:59 And he said, "Well, I told her that you were here.
10:01 She watches 3ABN.
10:03 She wanted to have breakfast with you."
10:04 So I said, "Okay,
10:06 this man has some clout in his country."
10:08 But what an asset he has been, what a wonderful help.
10:12 And God has used him as a modern day Daniel,
10:14 a modern day Joseph
10:16 to reach Philippines and New Guinea.
10:18 You know, he just reiterated what Moses tells us
10:22 so often is that in these countries,
10:25 in Papua New Guinea and in the Philippines,
10:28 that soul's are coming to the Lord
10:30 through the ministry of 3ABN.
10:31 And we're so grateful for that. Absolutely.
10:34 There's a country that's been off limits for a long time
10:38 and we're gonna show something that happened there.
10:40 Where are we going? We are going to Cuba.
10:42 And again, it's Alejandro Bullon.
10:45 And this was in 2001. Let's go to Cuba.
10:55 This is amazing because religion,
10:58 as you know, was forbidden there.
10:59 Basically, you can't openly talk about God.
11:02 It was a communist country, 2001.
11:05 And yet the church allowed
11:07 or the government actually allowed
11:09 meetings to be held and people came out
11:12 by the thousands.
11:13 And it turned out that the communist presses,
11:17 I was told by the people there,
11:19 by some of the folks in America,
11:21 paid the communist presses
11:23 to print The Great Controversies
11:25 and Steps to Christ.
11:26 So here were these communist presses,
11:28 pressing out books to give away in Spanish
11:32 to the Cuban folk.
11:33 I mean is that miracle or what?
11:35 That able to do that.
11:36 And so this again, Elder Bullon,
11:38 we saw him a while ago,
11:40 but literally, around the world.
11:41 What an incredible ministry that he's doing.
11:44 And recently as we mentioned Elder John Carter
11:46 just came back from there,
11:47 I think 675 baptized and dozens
11:52 more preparing for baptism.
11:54 So we appreciate so much and the opportunities
11:56 that God has given us to go places around the world.
11:59 I went there to Cuba
12:01 and flew to a number of different churches
12:03 that were all being dedicated
12:05 that Maranatha had built by your donations.
12:08 So thank you,
12:09 not only what you do for ministries like 3ABN
12:11 but Maranatha who's literally building
12:15 places of worship for people around the world, Mollie.
12:18 I mean great ministries
12:20 that we're so thankful to be a part of.
12:22 It doesn't matter where we go in the world,
12:23 we find hungry souls, hearts
12:26 that are hungering for God.
12:27 How about Australia? Australia.
12:29 Did we go to Australia? Let's go to Australia.
12:32 Okay, we've got John and Rosemary there
12:34 and we have new production centers there.
12:36 Hello, I'm John Malkiewicz at the 3ABN Australia Studios
12:40 with my wife Rosemary.
12:42 We are grateful to be part of 3ABN's team
12:44 by producing television and radio programs
12:47 that reach the whole world via satellite and internet.
12:51 From Australia, we're able to add
12:52 to 3ABN's evangelistic efforts
12:55 to spread the Three Angels' Messages
12:57 around the world,
12:58 helping to hasten the second coming of our Lord
13:00 and Savior Jesus Christ.
13:03 We have reports of many people in Australia and New Zealand
13:06 who are now attending Seventh-day Adventist Churches
13:09 because of 3ABN TV and radio.
13:13 Many of these people have accepted Jesus
13:15 as their personal Savior through 3ABN
13:19 and joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
13:22 3ABN Australia has always believed
13:24 that part of its mission
13:25 is to encourage church members to spread the Gospel.
13:29 We have provided the tools form them to use
13:31 in local evangelism
13:32 either by obtaining local radio licenses
13:35 and becoming radio affiliates
13:37 or through distributing DVDs
13:39 or having satellite systems
13:41 installed in the homes of family and friends
13:43 so they also can watch 3ABN
13:46 and learn about the truth of God.
13:48 To empower church members,
13:50 we have taught hundreds of them
13:51 how to install satellite dishes for themselves and others.
13:56 Also, 3ABN Australia seeks to encourage young people
14:00 and children through programs such as "A Day with the King."
14:04 And through youth conferences,
14:06 we plan to formulate more youth programs
14:09 so that this important age group
14:11 can be encouraged to love God's truth
14:14 and live a life of faithfulness to Him.
14:18 Our locally produced television programs
14:20 that can be viewed each week
14:22 on 3ABN international channel include 3ABN Now,
14:27 Let God Speak, Healthy Living,
14:30 and A Day with the King.
14:32 Recovery Road, Faith Verses Finance.
14:36 Focus on God's Word, youth conferences such as AYC,
14:41 and Witness Conference,
14:43 and our own on the On the Road programs.
14:46 As well as being aired on satellites
14:48 through 3ABN international,
14:50 most of these series can be viewed via online stream
14:54 and on catch-up
14:55 from the 3ABN Australia website.
14:57 3ABN International
14:58 is also on the free 3ABN phone apps
15:02 and you can listen to 3ABN Australia's radio programs
15:05 there as well.
15:06 3ABN Australia is working with 3ABN
15:09 around the world in its evangelistic outreach,
15:14 in proclaiming the truth of God
15:16 so we can help people get ready, get ready,
15:20 get ready for Jesus' coming.
15:23 It's almost here.
15:25 Happy 32nd Anniversary to 3ABN
15:28 from all of us at 3ABN Australia.
15:32 Wow. 3ABN Australia.
15:35 And I just asked Moses,
15:36 he says, been three or four years,
15:38 I guess, since we've built a new studio there
15:40 so it's wonderful.
15:41 We have a great production center
15:43 that's producing programming every day
15:46 to get to Three Angels Messages
15:47 and that part of the world continues to reach out.
15:50 It does.
15:52 And we receive testimonies from that area of the world too
15:55 of souls that come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.
15:58 Amen. Where are we going next?
16:00 Well, I was asked to say
16:02 something on behalf of the Parent Network.
16:04 Okay.
16:06 For you to be a parent, what do you have to have?
16:08 Got to have children, I suppose.
16:10 Got to have children.
16:11 And so roll this that I prerecorded
16:15 about the children that we've got.
16:18 In the early morning hours of November the 15th 1984,
16:22 God impressed on Danny Shelton's heart
16:25 that he was to build a television station
16:27 that would reach the whole world
16:29 with the undiluted
16:30 Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14,
16:33 a message that would counteract the counterfeit,
16:37 he knew it had to be God
16:38 because he said he didn't use words like undiluted,
16:41 counteract or counterfeit,
16:43 so this great adventure called
16:45 Three Angels Broadcasting Network
16:47 began exactly two years,
16:50 one week, and one day later.
16:52 On November the 23rd 1986,
16:55 3ABN began broadcasting
16:57 the undiluted Three Angels' Messages
17:00 on the F1 satellite each Thursday
17:03 between 7 and 10pm
17:05 from a small transmitter shack in Southern Illinois.
17:08 Then, on the April 1st 1987,
17:12 3ABN began broadcasting
17:14 18 hours each day on satellite.
17:17 And just 26 days later, on April the 27th,
17:21 3ABN began broadcasting 24 hours a day
17:25 with 14 full-time workers.
17:28 I must interject here that it was an absolute miracle
17:33 that what began as a dream in the heart of a carpenter
17:36 could become reality in just two years,
17:39 one week, and one day.
17:41 John Dinzey, 3ABN's Latino channel General Manager
17:45 says that 3ABN is God's network of divine origin.
17:51 The dream was becoming a reality.
17:54 But we were still only reaching North America
17:57 and only in the English language.
18:00 But 3ABN was to reach the whole world
18:03 to fulfill the directive God had given Danny,
18:06 the parent network would have to produce
18:09 some children channels
18:11 to reach a whole world of precious souls
18:14 who have different needs and also different languages.
18:18 So on July the 1st 2003,
18:22 under the leadership of John and Idalia Dinzey,
18:25 3ABN had its first child.
18:27 The three 3ABN Latino channel was launched to satellite.
18:32 Today, 3ABN's Spanish speaking family is enormous
18:36 and continues to grow each year.
18:39 Then in 2008,
18:40 under the leadership of Julia Outkina,
18:43 3ABN's Russian channel was launched on the Internet
18:47 with 24 hour programming
18:49 to reach the world's Russian speaking population.
18:53 Later in 2013,
18:55 3ABN Russia launched a satellite covering
18:58 all of the ex-Soviet Union Countries.
19:02 In 2010, the parent network gives birth again
19:06 and 3ABN proclaim,
19:08 our preaching and teaching channel
19:10 under the leadership of CA Murray,
19:13 was launched to satellite.
19:15 In 2011, under the leadership of Dr. Yvonne Louis,
19:19 3ABN's Dare to Dream urban channel
19:21 was launched on the Internet and then to satellite in 2012.
19:26 In 2013, under the leadership of Moses Primo,
19:31 3ABN Francais was launched.
19:33 And also in 2013,
19:36 under the leadership of the Brenda Walsh,
19:38 the 3ABN's Kids channel became a reality.
19:42 And there's a 3ABN International channel
19:45 which covers much of the Pacific realm.
19:47 Today, 3ABN's original channel is the proud parent network
19:51 of seven very productive
19:53 and dedicated television channels
19:55 and five radio channels
19:57 that reach various segments
19:59 of the world's population
20:01 as the dream to reach the whole world
20:03 with the undiluted Three Angels'
20:05 Messages of Revelation 14,
20:07 a message that will counteract the counterfeit,
20:10 continues to unfold.
20:13 It's been a great adventure for the past 32 years.
20:16 We've seen God miraculously open doors to stretch
20:20 the reach of the Gospel
20:22 into the dark areas of the world.
20:24 We've seen precious people
20:26 who the world would have thrown away gloriously
20:29 changed through the blood that Christ shed at Calvary.
20:33 And we know that we have nothing to fear for the future
20:37 except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us
20:42 and His teaching in our past history.
20:46 Amen, praise the Lord, right? Yes.
20:49 Oh, Mollie, so good job.
20:50 Nothing to fear for our future, Danny.
20:52 That's right. Nothing.
20:53 Absolutely.
20:54 I think Ellen White makes a statement,
20:56 "We don't have to fear for the future lest
20:58 all we have to do is look to our past."
20:59 That's right.
21:01 See how God has brought us
21:02 where he's brought us and see
21:04 what God has wrought to keep us going and growing, right,
21:07 in the right direction.
21:09 And so this, it really is exciting to see
21:12 all of the areas that 3ABN is reaching around the world.
21:16 And once again, I have to say, we can't do it without you.
21:18 That's right.
21:19 Of course, our Lord Jesus Christ,
21:21 you will notice on a lot of our programs
21:23 says Supreme Provider,
21:25 and that's Jesus Christ.
21:27 But He works through people.
21:29 So we're so blessed that He's working through you,
21:32 those of you that watch,
21:33 those of you that listen around the world,
21:35 to support 3ABN
21:37 so we can continue
21:39 to reach the lost and dying world.
21:41 We've been talking a lot about television.
21:43 Now we're going to get into radio.
21:45 You know, I mentioned that we have five radio channels.
21:47 And I want Jay Christian now to tell us about radio.
21:54 Welcome to the 3ABN Radio Network.
21:56 I'm Jay Christian.
21:57 Well, it's been 17 years, 17 years ago,
22:01 my family and I moved to work here at 3ABN.
22:04 Then I was to start the 3ABN Radio Network.
22:07 And it's been an action packed 17 years,
22:09 a lot of things going on to keep us very busy
22:13 and to be very involved.
22:15 We started, we hit the ground running,
22:16 because from the time I came here till the time
22:19 we were scheduled to start broadcasting live,
22:22 it was like six months.
22:23 We had a lot of programs we had to prepare,
22:25 we had studios to build, we had lots of things to do.
22:28 And so it was, as I said, very action packed.
22:32 But we got that done
22:33 when we were ready to go on the air,
22:34 we knew that we were going to be reaching people
22:36 on C band satellites, you could listen to us there.
22:39 So for the people who had the big satellite dishes
22:41 in their backyards, they could listen to us.
22:44 But the Lord knew that, that was just the beginning
22:46 because shortly after that,
22:48 the Lord opened up low power FM stations in America.
22:51 And so we picked up a lot of affiliates
22:54 that way through
22:56 broadcasting our signal to local cities,
22:58 their local towns
22:59 through their low power FM radio stations.
23:02 The Lord wasn't done.
23:03 He was just actually getting started
23:05 because a little while later,
23:07 we started to broadcast on the internet.
23:11 And so anybody with a computer,
23:13 anyway to listen like that to the internet,
23:15 they could listen to us.
23:17 And then the Lord opened up
23:18 being able to listen on cell phones
23:20 and lots of other things, iPads now,
23:22 and just so many opportunities
23:25 to listen to us on the internet.
23:27 And we were real pleased with that
23:28 because people all around the world could listen to us.
23:32 But then God still wasn't done with that
23:34 because He went from that to now a music channel,
23:38 a second radio signal for us.
23:41 And we had always been hearing from people,
23:43 they wanted to hear music, they like the talk programming
23:45 but they also wanted to hear music,
23:47 and so now they can.
23:48 We're broadcasting that on the internet now 24/7
23:52 and we hope pretty soon to be able to make
23:55 this available to affiliates as well around the world.
23:58 So we're looking forward to that.
24:00 And who knows what's next.
24:02 We don't know but God does
24:04 and we're looking forward to it.
24:06 Thank you for your support.
24:07 We appreciate you very much.
24:09 All right, thank you, Jay Christian,
24:11 for what you've been doing all of these years at 3ABN.
24:15 Very faithful of what you're doing,
24:16 very committed,
24:17 and you're exactly where the Lord wants you to be.
24:19 We know that.
24:20 So thank you so much for what you do.
24:23 Well, you are welcome. I'm still thrilled to be here.
24:26 It's been over 17 years.
24:29 And for whatever reason, it feels like the first year.
24:33 Oh, good. So much to do.
24:34 That's wonderful.
24:35 That's the way it should be, right?
24:37 Absolutely.
24:38 Looking very quickly at the history,
24:41 we started with the 3ABN English,
24:44 and a little while later,
24:45 we went to the Latino radio channel.
24:50 We also had the Russian radio channel
24:53 and now again the music channel that we've got
24:57 and the Australian channel as well.
25:00 So there are five more children out there for you.
25:04 All right. Praise the Lord.
25:05 That's encouraging.
25:07 Isn't it? Yes.
25:08 Absolutely.
25:09 And, you know, people are still sending us
25:11 in their congratulations.
25:12 We have Ty Gibson.
25:13 And Ty wanted to come congratulate us as well.
25:17 Happy anniversary, 3ABN.
25:19 What? Thirty-two years.
25:22 Amazing.
25:23 Some of you are getting pretty old by now
25:26 but you're looking great.
25:27 And the work that you are doing for the Lord is astounding.
25:31 God has been with you all of these years
25:33 and He will continue to be with you
25:35 as you take the Three Angels' Messages
25:38 in the light of the Gospel to all the world.
25:41 It has been a privilege for me as well as my colleagues
25:44 at Light Bearers Ministry
25:46 to work with you over the years.
25:48 I want to give a special shout out to Danny.
25:50 Danny, thank you
25:52 for obeying the prophetic vision
25:55 that God gave you many years ago
25:57 and for continuing to nurture that vision
26:01 and not lose sight of the goal
26:03 that God has set before you.
26:05 I also want to give a special shout out
26:07 to those behind the scenes.
26:08 You know who you are, the technical people,
26:10 the people behind the cameras, nobody sees you.
26:14 I've had the privilege of seeing you.
26:15 I've had the privilege of being friends
26:17 with you over the years.
26:19 It's amazing what you do for God.
26:21 None of it would be possible without you.
26:23 Happy anniversary, 3ABN.
26:28 Thank you, Ty.
26:29 And the what a blessing he's been to this ministry too.
26:32 And they've literally printed hundreds of millions,
26:35 I'm not exaggerating,
26:36 hundreds of millions of pieces of literature
26:39 have been sent out
26:40 through the Light Bearer Ministry.
26:42 And it's Ty Gibson and James Rafferty.
26:44 I believe they've been on 3ABN now 25 years or longer.
26:48 When they came on,
26:49 they were like David Asscherick.
26:50 The first time I heard of him, I think,
26:52 he was literally 19 or 20, 20 years old.
26:55 And that's been probably 28 years ago, they said,
26:58 you ought to hear this young guy
26:59 that he's become a Seventh-day Adventist
27:03 less than a year ago and he's out there preaching.
27:05 And from the very first time we heard him,
27:07 I said we got to get this guy to,
27:09 this young guy to 3ABN.
27:11 I was the old guy then in my 30s, you know,
27:13 so I said we got to get this young kid to 3ABN
27:17 and get him preaching.
27:18 And what a blessing they've been.
27:19 That's right.
27:21 Johnny Dinzey,
27:22 we're looking to you now to tell us about 3ABN Latino.
27:27 I began to work at 3ABN in the end of 1989.
27:32 And I came to work at 3ABN
27:33 because literally God sent me here.
27:36 Miracles happened for me to come here.
27:39 And I was really impressed to find out
27:41 when I came that 3ABN already has Spanish programming.
27:44 3ABN began to impact the Spanish
27:46 and Portuguese speaking people in 1988
27:49 by participating in evangelistic campaigns
27:51 and even broadcasting
27:53 one and a half hours of Spanish programming every day.
27:57 Until the launch of 3ABN Latino in August of 2003,
28:01 then it was 24 hours a day.
28:03 Our impact increased dramatically
28:05 with the live translation of NET '95
28:08 with Mark Finley, NET '96,
28:10 NET '98 with Pastor Dwight Nelson,
28:13 and then an even greater impact with La Red 1999,
28:17 the first Spanish NET evangelistic campaign
28:21 that was broadcast live
28:22 by the request of the Hispanic leadership
28:24 of the North American Division.
28:26 Since then, we have participated
28:28 in many Spanish and Portuguese
28:31 evangelistic campaigns in the continent,
28:33 US, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia,
28:37 Cuba, Dominican Republic,
28:39 Mexico, Panama, Peru,
28:41 and we have joined our efforts
28:42 with the North American Division,
28:44 the Inter American Division,
28:45 and the South America Division.
28:48 It has been a tremendous blessing.
28:50 I have talked to people,
28:51 they have been rescued from alcohol,
28:53 and witchcraft, and gangs,
28:56 and God has used 3ABN Latino
28:59 to bring people to Christ
29:01 both young and old from every walk of life.
29:04 Phone calls, emails, and letters,
29:06 reveal that God has used our programming
29:08 to transform lives,
29:10 solidify members of the church, and bring back former members,
29:14 and to inspire people to get involved in ministry.
29:18 All this, God has done to help prepare
29:21 the Spanish and Portuguese speaking people
29:24 for the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
29:28 Amen. Thank you, thank you, Johnny.
29:30 And thank you, Idalia.
29:32 I know she couldn't be with us today.
29:34 So your commitment has been... How many years?
29:38 I've been here about 27 years coming up in a few days.
29:42 Twenty seven years coming in a few years.
29:44 Somebody, we ought to give him a hand for that, right?
29:46 Twenty seven years.
29:48 But when you came here,
29:50 no-one promised you any positions
29:52 to be a head of Latino.
29:54 We didn't really have a Latino. Why did you come here?
29:57 As I said in the video,
29:59 it's because the Lord sent me here.
30:01 When the beginning of 3ABN started
30:05 when Gonzalo Santos
30:07 was sharing miracles stories at 3ABN.
30:10 And I said something that no one heard but God.
30:13 I said, I will love to work in a ministry
30:15 like that, that's preaching the gospel,
30:18 that's when 3ABN was under construction.
30:20 So the Lord took that thought and later said,
30:23 it's time to go over there.
30:24 Isn't that amazing?
30:26 This is just the short, short contribution.
30:27 Yeah, absolutely.
30:28 Thank you so much.
30:30 Isn't that like God to do that, he just said that, Lord,
30:33 I love to be in the ministry and the Lord called him here,
30:36 and sure enough,
30:37 so thank you so much for you and Idalia
30:39 and your family.
30:40 Earlier we saw Samuel, when he was little,
30:42 we didn't see Caleb then, that was so old,
30:44 but you got of course Caleb around too,
30:46 that's about what 16 now?
30:48 Caleb is 16, Samuel is 20, Samuel is over then in Pohnpei,
30:53 Ponape is called by Micronesia.
30:56 Well, amazing.
30:58 Doing work for the Lord?
30:59 He is a student missionary there.
31:00 Isn't that great?
31:02 In the academy at the Great Lakes Academy.
31:04 Absolutely wonderful.
31:07 And as we continue with those other ministries
31:10 that want to give congratulations to 3ABN.
31:13 Ivor Myers wants to share with us now.
31:18 I remember being introduced to 3ABN for the first time,
31:22 it was 1999.
31:25 I just got married living with my wife in California.
31:29 And I didn't even know that there was such a program,
31:32 such a station as 3ABN, and when I first saw it,
31:34 I was just blown away by the speakers
31:38 that I was being introduced to when just realizing
31:41 that the three angels' messages
31:44 were going into all the world
31:46 through this television,
31:47 television station was just amazing to me.
31:51 And seeing these powerful speakers,
31:54 seeing these powerful messages really had an impact
31:57 upon my Christian walk as I just become,
32:00 basically become a new Seventh-day Adventist.
32:04 Never thought that I would actually be able
32:05 to get on 3ABN.
32:08 And I remember when I was first invited
32:11 and able to share my testimony, that was such a blessing.
32:14 In fact we went home and when the testimony aired,
32:19 phone calls began to come in from all around the world,
32:22 and this actually helped put our ministry on the map,
32:26 and since then we've been able to work with 3ABN.
32:30 My wife and I doing the program called Battles of Faith
32:33 that has also gone around the world.
32:35 We're so thankful
32:37 for the opportunity 3ABN has given us
32:41 to be able to be a part of that work of getting
32:44 the three angels' messages into all the world.
32:47 And I just want to say a happy anniversary,
32:52 32 year anniversary to 3ABN.
32:56 Thank you for even they're having Dare to Dream
32:59 that is able to reach people in the inner cities.
33:03 I think the ministry is doing an amazing work,
33:05 and I pray that you will continue on
33:07 until the Lord comes again.
33:10 You know, Ivor has really become a good friend
33:13 to this ministry.
33:14 Oh, powerful speaker too.
33:15 We had him at camp meeting, folk,
33:17 we're all blessed by his ministry
33:19 for amazing people.
33:20 Yeah.
33:22 You know, he mentioned Dare to Dream
33:23 and I think now would be a good time, Yvonne,
33:25 for us to hear from you about the great work
33:28 of our Dare to Dream channel.
33:31 Hello, my name is Dr. Yvonne Lewis.
33:33 And I'm the general manager
33:35 of 3ABN's Dare to Dream Network.
33:37 And I'm Jason Bradley and I'm the assistant
33:39 to the general manager
33:41 of 3ABN's Dare to Dream Network.
33:43 Jay, can you believe that 3ABN is celebrating
33:45 its 32nd anniversary?
33:48 Thirty two years,
33:49 that's longer than I've been on this earth.
33:51 I know, don't make me feel old, Jay.
33:54 But we just want to say thank you,
33:56 first to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ
33:59 who has called us into his service here at 3ABN.
34:02 Then we want to thank
34:03 Danny Shelton for his leadership,
34:05 vision and obedience to God's call.
34:08 You know, 32 years ago
34:09 God placed in Danny the inspiration
34:11 to start a TV network to reach the world.
34:15 Yes.
34:16 And we also want to recognize our 3ABN family.
34:19 We're team here as we work together to share the gospel
34:22 and finally we want to thank our viewers.
34:24 That's right, we want to thank you
34:26 because we couldn't do it without you.
34:28 Thanks for spreading the word and supporting Dare to Dream.
34:32 Here at Dare to Dream,
34:33 we have so contemporary programming designed
34:36 with you in mind.
34:37 Take a look at some of the familiar programs
34:39 that we produce.
34:42 Enjoy stress. Oh, I love it.
34:45 Think about it, when people are stressed,
34:46 the biochemistry goes crazy,
34:48 they're more susceptible to disease and sickness.
34:51 I find my way in there.
34:53 And that's what you like.
34:55 Oh, I love it. I love attention.
34:56 Oh, it figures.
34:58 Well, I need you to know
34:59 that, that's not going to happen here today
35:01 because today our topic is stress.
35:04 When you're too stressed to be blessed.
35:07 What do you mean that's not going to happen.
35:09 Well, it's not going to happen
35:10 because I'm not going to let you stress me out
35:12 and anybody else out.
35:13 Oh, how you're going to do that?
35:15 Well, it's easy.
35:16 See I just start the program rolling.
35:19 That's how I do it.
35:23 And so we have this double emphasis on Christ
35:27 being called to God into this throne
35:28 which is what happens
35:30 as he's resurrected between his mediations,
35:33 in accessory work there.
35:34 Each one of these epochs and each one of these churches,
35:37 seals, trumpets and salvation signs begins
35:39 in the apostolic age,
35:40 begins at this holy place simultaneous ministry
35:44 and shows us churches, seals,
35:45 and trumpets are all cycles of seven
35:48 that parallel that run down together at the same time,
35:52 happen simultaneously.
35:53 So we couldn't say
35:54 that the seven churches occur here,
35:56 and then the seven seals occur after the seven churches,
36:00 or the seven trumpets occur after this.
36:03 No, they unfold simultaneously.
36:05 How do we know that?
36:06 Because we look back at the sanctuary law
36:10 and we see, yeah, the priest was to minister
36:12 how simultaneously.
36:15 I love those programs.
36:17 Now we want to share a sneak peak
36:19 of some of the newest programs
36:21 that we'll air in the upcoming months.
36:24 Check it out.
36:26 Hey, but man, you watch TV man,
36:28 then pastor would be making some big dollar bills,
36:31 yo, selling snake oil,
36:33 prayer clothes, splinter spoon,
36:36 the tree of life and all that stuff,
36:37 so if I can't make it in the real world,
36:39 I'm going to make some money as a pastor
36:40 that's what I'm trying to say.
36:41 I understand. I understand.
36:43 But you don't worry about it.
36:44 What makes you think you're good fit
36:46 for this particular position?
36:47 Man I got the experience, I got the education,
36:50 plus I bring some swagga,
36:52 you know, nobody in this company
36:53 is so far that I've seen God swaging.
36:55 This company needs some swagger,
36:57 that's G-effect bring to the table.
37:01 Now, I thought I told you to get this mess cleaned up.
37:04 You should did tell her, mom.
37:05 She never does anything you tell her to do.
37:07 I already cleaned up this room.
37:09 Who are you talking to like that?
37:11 I said get this mess cleaned up.
37:13 First of all, I'm going to need you to be out of my face
37:17 and stay out of my face.
37:19 I've already cleaned this room up yesterday.
37:21 Oh, no, no.
37:23 Oh, no.
37:25 You have me confused with somebody else.
37:27 Who do you think you're talking to?
37:29 If you don't get this mess cleaned up,
37:31 we're going to be planning a funeral in here today.
37:35 In the sneak peak that you just saw,
37:37 you witness the wrong way to parent
37:39 and the wrong way to conduct yourself in the workplace.
37:41 These programs working the dream
37:43 and pumped up parents,
37:45 demonstrate both the correct and incorrect modes of conduct.
37:48 At Dare to Dream we work hard
37:50 to bring you cutting edge programming
37:52 that will educate and inspire you.
37:55 We pray that you'll be blessed by it.
37:57 Thank you in advance for your prayers.
37:59 Please ask the Holy Spirit to impress you
38:01 as to how you can best assist us financially
38:04 as we continue to bring an undiluted
38:07 three angels' message to a lost and dying world.
38:10 May God richly bless you.
38:13 Amen.
38:14 Boy, for a minute there I thought
38:16 that was my mom yelling at me when I sass her.
38:18 That's the way she used to do, shut a quick right hand.
38:21 I know you're not supposed
38:22 to do that anymore but she could,
38:24 you didn't get those words out of your mouth
38:25 that she already had you
38:27 with that right hand right across your face.
38:29 Anyway, Yvonne and Jason, tell us a little more...
38:32 I mean that's wonderful programming.
38:34 You all like that, you enjoy it, right.
38:36 Praise the Lord.
38:37 Where do you come up with all this stuff?
38:39 You know, the Lord just impresses us
38:42 as to what the issues are that confront people
38:46 in the inner city and actually it transcends culture,
38:48 I mean it.
38:50 These are issues that our society in general has.
38:53 Parenting and also how not to interview
38:56 as we saw Pastor Lomacang being the bad interview.
39:00 Was that Pastor John?
39:01 I thought he was just a look alike.
39:03 That was Pastor John.
39:04 I didn't know he had that side of him,
39:05 that must have been the old John.
39:08 CA's face was just a blank like.
39:14 And they hadn't seen these clips yet,
39:16 I mean nobody has really seen them yet until now
39:20 but what we're doing is we're showing
39:22 the wrong way to do it,
39:24 and we show the right way.
39:25 We show the wrong way to interview
39:27 and the correct way.
39:28 We show the wrong way to parent
39:30 and use touch and we show the correct way.
39:33 So you just saw the incorrect way.
39:35 Very good, thank you Jason for what you do too.
39:38 You're a great asset to the ministry
39:42 so we thank you so much.
39:43 You came here how long ago?
39:48 Close to three years ago. Three years ago.
39:50 What is being here in this ministry
39:52 done for you personally, spiritually?
39:55 I've grown tremendously spiritually I mean,
39:57 I get to hear great speakers,
40:00 I get to be surrounded by great people
40:04 who truly love the Lord
40:05 and who has the light of the Lord
40:11 shining through them,
40:12 and you really see that, people are genuine here.
40:15 This isn't, it's not a front, there is no acting besides...
40:20 Yeah. Besides what you just saw.
40:23 Besides these tags with the swagger but...
40:26 So it's for real.
40:27 It's real and people are genuine.
40:29 And I want to thank you for answering the calling
40:31 that God placed on your life
40:33 because when I look at 3ABN
40:35 and I look at the story behind it,
40:37 I see the story of Noah.
40:39 You know, Noah saw that God gave him a vision
40:43 that he needed to build the ark.
40:45 God gave you the vision that you needed to build
40:47 the television station that would reach the world.
40:51 People looked at you
40:53 and said here is this young kid you know,
40:54 they didn't believe you,
40:56 they laughed at you or whatever.
40:58 Thirty two years later,
41:00 look at where we are by God's grace.
41:02 Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
41:04 As we continue to hear from our children, Danny,
41:06 doesn't it just make you proud?
41:08 Yes. Like a parent proud, so proud.
41:11 And we have another child
41:14 that we're going to hear from and that's Julia Outkina.
41:16 Okay.
41:22 Three Angels of Russia is a part of 3ABN's ministry
41:25 of worldwide evangelism through mass media.
41:28 Proclaims God's message of salvation
41:31 to all the Russian speaking people
41:33 on this lost and dying planet.
41:35 We praise the Lord with all our heart
41:38 as 3ABN has approached
41:39 its 32 years of God's miracles
41:42 and 3ABN Russia it's on its 25th year.
41:46 As a powerful tool of satisfying
41:48 the deepest need of a human heart in God,
41:51 our programs target different audiences.
41:54 We make Bible based programs answering the needs of youth,
41:58 spouses, parents.
42:00 We'll make programs for kids of different ages
42:03 and for different layers of society.
42:05 We'll reach people with Bible based programs on the history,
42:09 present and future of this world
42:11 with practical theology programs and testimonies.
42:14 Programs on in Christ character building,
42:17 health and lifestyle and much more.
42:20 Thanks to satellite broadcasting,
42:21 our programs are watched around the globe
42:24 in more than 200 large and small cities of Russia.
42:27 We're on seven TV and radio satellite channels
42:30 and are on about 100 local TV and radio stations
42:33 for on several minutes to several hours a week.
42:37 Our 24/7 internet, TV and radio streaming
42:40 is available through websites and mobile apps
42:43 for about 300 million
42:45 Russian speaking people around the world.
42:47 How precious Lord calls us to preach the gospel,
42:50 to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.
42:53 Besides the Russians,
42:55 there are about 190 different demographic groups
42:58 that speak Russian.
42:59 Some of these groups are Muslims.
43:02 Twenty two million Muslims
43:03 live in the Islamic regions of Russia
43:05 and there are more and more immigrants coming.
43:08 In June 2016 we taped a wonderful series
43:11 Bible prophets in the Quran
43:13 that brings the good news of salvation in Christ
43:16 to these tongues and peoples.
43:19 In our ministry we work in close cooperation
43:21 with the church.
43:23 We regularly make our presentations
43:24 in Nizhny Novgorod churches and a different church events
43:28 in our beautiful 3ABN Russia's evangelism center.
43:32 We travel to other places too.
43:34 The church in different levels is very thankful to 3ABN
43:37 for the impact it makes on the Russian people
43:40 leading them to Christ
43:42 and bringing them to our beloved church.
43:45 We praise the Lord for the wonderful 32 years
43:48 of the ministry of 3ABN,
43:50 out of which for almost 25 years
43:53 it makes it tremendous impact in Russia,
43:56 leading people to salvation and eternity.
43:59 May everyone on this planet hear the gospel
44:02 and may our beautiful savior come soon and very soon.
44:11 Amen.
44:12 Thank you, Julia,
44:13 what an incredible individual Julia Outkina is,
44:16 loves the Lord with all of her heart,
44:17 and soul, and mind,
44:19 baptized at the Carter Series in 1992.
44:23 A professor of linguistics,
44:26 specialty in English
44:28 and had only came to the meetings,
44:31 because she wanted to hear English.
44:33 One day heard, she heard American
44:34 from me in English from Elder Carter
44:37 and was baptized,
44:39 and then all of these years has been dedicated
44:42 to literally giving the three angels' messages
44:46 throughout Russia to multitude of peoples.
44:48 I know lot of you here are happy
44:51 that the Russia production center was built
44:55 and we have the ministry there,
44:57 but probably we nobody more than Jay
44:59 'cause sitting beside Jay comes Russian
45:02 used to be here right,
45:04 Russia's fiat I guess you were baptized
45:06 about the same time right
45:08 and came to the meetings with Carter and 3ABN, right?
45:12 Yes, it was 6 June 1992.
45:18 And thank you 3ABN
45:20 because it changed my life.
45:23 Now, praise the Lord.
45:24 What a blessing you've been too.
45:26 Thank you.
45:27 She worked in Russia there for years
45:29 and now of course she's here.
45:30 Thank you so much for what you do too.
45:32 You know, believe it's Habakkuk that says
45:35 that we're too write the vision and make it plain.
45:38 And those that read it will do what?
45:41 They'll catch it and then they'll run with it.
45:43 And I look at John Dinzey,
45:45 he caught the vision and he ran with it.
45:47 And I look at Yvonne and Jason,
45:49 they've caught the vision and they're running with it.
45:51 And radio caught the vision.
45:53 Julia has caught the vision and is running with it.
45:57 The same is true in Australia
45:59 and the same is true with CA Murray
46:01 in the Proclaim Network.
46:03 All of our children have to catch the vision
46:06 to run with it
46:07 and then this vision will continue to unfold.
46:10 Let's see what CA has to say about Proclaim.
46:14 Proclaim is in its one, two, three, fifth year.
46:18 And time just gets away from you.
46:20 The challenge with Proclaim is that we don't produce
46:22 specifically for Proclaim.
46:24 The other channels we produce specific programs for them.
46:27 Proclaim is a preaching teaching network,
46:30 so we are dependent upon preaching series
46:32 that happen here at 3ABN or preaching
46:34 and teaching series that people send us.
46:36 A lot of material is good,
46:38 a lot of it is not broadcast quality,
46:40 so it's really tough getting the kinds of sermons
46:42 that we want.
46:43 But so far we've done good,
46:45 we've added about three or four shows in just this year.
46:46 Amen.
46:47 We use our anchors, we broadcast our anchors
46:49 and other things that are done over the worship center,
46:52 we put on Proclaim that are of a preaching,
46:53 teaching nature.
46:55 You only know sometimes you know,
46:56 that you lose your water when your well runs dry,
47:00 but we didn't really know
47:01 that we have this sort of loyal group of...
47:03 A lot of guys just, they don't want preaching,
47:05 they don't want cooking, they don't want music,
47:07 just wanted, rather they just want sermons.
47:10 And so as I was in California just last year
47:13 and this husband and wife were sort of kidding around
47:16 and he's saying, well,
47:17 she wants to have two different TVs,
47:18 and he watches Proclaim exclusively
47:20 and then she watches 3ABN English
47:23 and she likes the cooking and she likes the other things
47:25 but he's not concerned about it,
47:26 he just wants the word.
47:27 So for those who are just word devotees dare I say,
47:31 that's what Proclaim is for.
47:32 It satisfies that hunger.
47:34 Amen, CA and Irma,
47:36 thank you so much for what you all do
47:38 for the cause of God.
47:39 How long you have been here at 3ABN?
47:42 We came, well, I came January 2005,
47:45 Irma came June 2005.
47:50 We came, dumped out our bags
47:52 and went directly to Saint Louis
47:54 for camp meeting and Mollie put us to work,
47:56 we've been working ever since.
48:00 It was general conference.
48:01 General conference. Yeah.
48:03 That's right.
48:04 And Irma you work in Latino
48:06 and so we appreciate what you do?
48:07 Yes I do.
48:09 I appreciate that you have given me opportunity
48:13 to work here
48:14 and to be with all these wonderful people.
48:19 It's been a blessing.
48:21 Thank you so much.
48:22 And Proclaim, lot of people love it,
48:24 so thank you for putting that together
48:26 and overseeing it,
48:28 and there is just a lot work
48:29 where you wear a number of hats.
48:31 I won't mention that's why
48:32 maybe you don't have any hair on your head anymore.
48:34 But you wear an awful lot of hats
48:37 so thank you for what you do
48:39 for the cause of God all these years.
48:41 When you're serving the Lord,
48:42 you don't really think that is work,
48:44 it's just what you do because that's what you are.
48:46 God works for you, with you too and through you.
48:49 And that's what it does for this ministry
48:50 so it is more than a blessing being here and working
48:53 with such a fine group of Christians.
48:56 You know, Danny,
48:57 there is a lady that Shelley and I,
49:00 sometime Shelley and I host ladies programs
49:03 and we invite other ladies in the church
49:05 and one that we have invited a few times
49:08 is Heather-Dawn Small,
49:09 she is the women's ministry
49:12 director for the General Conference.
49:15 And Shelley and I both have just learn to love her
49:17 and appreciate her so much.
49:19 We'll come to find out
49:20 she loves and appreciates 3ABN too.
49:22 Let's hear from her.
49:25 Joyful greetings to the viewers of 3ABN.
49:29 It truly is a blessing for me today
49:31 to bring you greetings
49:33 and to let you know how blessed so many people
49:36 who have been by watching 3ABN.
49:39 I've been privileged through the years
49:41 to be part of 3ABN programming
49:44 and as I've sat with Shelley Quinn and others
49:47 and we've shared about God's goodness in our lives.
49:51 As I travel the world field,
49:53 I meet many women who share with me their stories
49:56 and how God has blessed them
49:58 through the stories they have heard,
50:00 through the sermons
50:02 and especially through the music of 3ABN.
50:05 I remember sitting in an airport one day
50:07 and a lady came up to me and asked me,
50:09 have you ever been on 3ABN?
50:12 And I said to her, yes, I have.
50:14 And she said, yes, I saw you.
50:17 She says, I'm not a Seventh-day Adventist
50:19 but I want you to know
50:20 how much your testimony blessed my life.
50:23 I asked her do you enjoy watching 3ABN
50:26 and she said to me, I keep it on all the time.
50:30 This was really a blessing to me
50:32 to know that not only is 3ABN
50:34 reaching and touching the lives of those in the church
50:38 but it's also reaching and touching
50:40 those in need of Jesus.
50:42 I thank 3ABN for what they have done
50:45 and I pray God continues to use you
50:47 in so many different ways
50:49 to reach the world for Him.
50:53 Thank you, Heather Dawn.
50:54 I always appreciate hearing from her.
50:56 The lady has such a walk with the Lord
50:59 and she always is an encouragement.
51:01 And now we have someone
51:03 that's going to share about 3ABN Francais.
51:07 Now Moses didn't have to catch the vision,
51:10 he already had the vision.
51:12 My goodness, this man had the vision.
51:14 But what he has is our hearts cry
51:17 for the French speaking people in this world.
51:21 And so let's hear from Moses about 3ABN Francais.
51:25 In 2009
51:27 I remember talking
51:29 to Simon and Rose Billow.
51:33 They are couple that were watching 3ABN story,
51:38 the mending broken people,
51:39 and they were so impressed to call me
51:43 and to encourage me
51:47 to open a new channel
51:49 called 3ABN Francais.
51:52 Besides all the duties
51:55 that I have here at 3ABN,
51:57 I was also impressed to do that
52:00 and God has been opening the doors
52:03 and that we were able to by the end of the year 2009
52:07 open this channel 24 hours in the streaming.
52:11 It has been seven years of blessings.
52:14 I tell you that it's not easy to do all these programming
52:18 without any budget
52:20 and to depending volunteers
52:23 and we praise God for people like Rose and Simon Billow.
52:28 And many others that have devoted their time
52:31 to come here and record programs
52:34 in the French speaking language.
52:36 We have for sure received
52:39 the many letters and emails
52:43 from people that tell us how their life has been changed
52:47 because they're watching 3ABN Francais.
52:49 I remember in 2014,
52:52 a couple were baptized
52:55 and because they were watching 3ABN Francais.
52:59 In the next year 2015,
53:01 there was a woman
53:02 that had a tremendous conversion story
53:04 and that she wrote to us telling
53:06 that she was baptized because of 3ABN Francais.
53:10 Just recently this year
53:12 we received a email of three women
53:16 that decided to also get baptized
53:20 because of 3ABN Francais.
53:22 It has been a tremendous blessing for many souls
53:26 that are sincere seeking for Jesus.
53:31 I'm here at the 3ABN
53:33 but in the special room called master control
53:36 as you can see in the back
53:38 and there is a monitor
53:39 where you can watch 3ABN Francais.
53:41 And this room here
53:44 is broadcasted the 3ABN Francais
53:46 to many different outlets.
53:49 If you have a friend or relative that speak French,
53:52 tell them to tune into 3abnfrancais.org
53:58 or they can go on their iPhones,
54:02 iPads, androids,
54:04 or you can also buy the Roku or the mySDA TV box
54:09 or the media server box,
54:12 all of these outlets are broadcasting 3ABN Francais
54:16 and I guarantee you,
54:17 it will be a blessing to their life
54:20 to watch this message in their own language.
54:24 Thank you so much
54:26 for supporting this new channel.
54:28 And I want to thank 3ABN
54:30 for the opportunity to reaching a audience
54:33 that we had never reached before.
54:36 Amen.
54:37 Thank you Brother Mo
54:39 for what you're doing and Adjima,
54:40 thank you for being here and being such a support
54:43 and great help to this ministry
54:45 and everybody loves your wife here.
54:47 All the women in the church always talking about Adjima.
54:50 Mollie every time she walks by 'cause she is so beautiful.
54:53 She is beautiful inside, she is beautiful outside
54:56 so you've got a lot of friends here Adjima,
54:58 so thank you for what you guys do.
55:00 And Mo, of course
55:02 you're director of broadcasting.
55:04 We've seen amazing things happening in technology
55:08 even from 20 years or so ago you came till now,
55:12 I mean it just continues to grow, doesn't it?
55:15 Yes, it does and it is one of my call
55:19 desires to keep looking ahead
55:22 and keep my mind and my heart,
55:25 my soul open for God to impress and tell what to do.
55:30 Since when I got here you told me
55:32 to find the way to go all around the world,
55:35 I didn't know and I ask him,
55:38 he showed me and he told me to research,
55:41 we founded a DVB-S system.
55:44 We went to digital, we went to satellites
55:47 and now he has impressed me
55:50 to do this internet access.
55:53 We're developing new ways through the internet
55:55 to reach more people.
55:57 3ABN Francais was another channel.
56:01 You told me,
56:02 I don't have any money to start another channel.
56:04 You told me I don't have any people
56:06 to start a new channel.
56:08 And I ask my wife, you know,
56:10 if I could start more time to work,
56:13 and she said you already have enough of work,
56:17 so I guess all odds and against lack of direction
56:22 to start this 3ABN Francais
56:25 has been seven years on all these devices
56:29 reaching in 3ABN French message.
56:33 So I praise God that when he gives a direction,
56:37 he provides the way and he bring the volunteers
56:41 and he bring the finances and God opens the door,
56:45 so we thank him for what that he is doing.
56:48 Moses we appreciate you so much.
56:50 You've got such a heart for lost souls.
56:53 And thank you for always finding new ways
56:56 to bring to us to reach more people for Jesus Christ.
57:00 Danny, I think it's time now that we hear from our very own
57:03 Pastor John Lomacang on a subject
57:05 that's near and dear to his heart,
57:07 world evangelism.
57:10 Hello, friends my name is John Lomacang.
57:12 I'm not only the pastor of the 3ABN Worship Center
57:16 here in Thompsonville.
57:17 But I've recently been appointed
57:18 director of world evangelism and what a challenge that is.
57:23 You know the beauty of 3ABN
57:24 is we began with the evangelism.
57:27 Now 32 years forward,
57:29 we look back and see the foundation
57:31 was not only based on trust and vision
57:33 that God gave to Danny Shelton,
57:35 but he knew that for a ministry
57:37 to grow and accomplish the tune of heaven,
57:40 that evangelism will be a central focus on that.
57:43 As we look back in our video tapes
57:45 as you've seen today,
57:46 we can look back and see Pastor John Carter,
57:48 one of the largest evangelistic series
57:51 ever held has now resulted
57:53 in the largest protestant worship center
57:55 in the former Soviet Union.
57:57 Pastor Doug Batchelor, Pastor Dwight Nelson,
58:00 Pastor Mark Finley, Pastor Kenneth Cox,
58:03 and now yours truly Pastor John Lomacang
58:06 recently with eight other evangelists,
58:09 many from 3ABN went over to London
58:12 has re-participated with the South England Conference
58:15 in the tune evangelism everyone, everywhere.
58:19 Now when you think about world evangelism,
58:22 that's something that only God can really envision
58:24 and bring to fruition.
58:25 But when we sat down with Elder Richard de Lisser,
58:28 the conference president
58:29 there in the South England Conference
58:31 with Danny Shelton and Pastor CA Murray.
58:33 We thought what can we do
58:35 to reach this great metropolis of London.
58:37 A city that has 634 square miles
58:41 much larger than Manhattan,
58:43 New York where I come from.
58:44 And I said, Lord,
58:46 how can we accomplish such a great task.
58:48 Well, 3ABN never shrinks from the challenge
58:51 but we always go to our needs and say,
58:53 Father, what would you have us do.
58:56 And so we began with the series of articles,
58:58 laying the foundation for evangelism in London,
59:01 which in fact is a prototype of evangelism for the future.
59:05 We began with an article entitled Come Over and Help Us.
59:08 And I thought about that,
59:10 God used the United States and London to build a bridge
59:14 to begin to focus on winning souls for Christ
59:17 in that great and challenging city of London.
59:20 Now we look back on London 87 precious souls,
59:23 hundreds more getting ready for baptism
59:26 and we know as one article said,
59:28 "It was not by might nor by power
59:30 but by God's Holy Spirit."
59:33 We thought about the key components of evangelism
59:36 which is in fact what is needed everywhere.
59:37 We began with revival.
59:39 Revival in the membership.
59:42 You know, in order to be effective
59:43 in the evangelism,
59:45 the heart of those involved
59:46 and call to serve must be revived.
59:50 We also had an article called A Thirst Quenching.
59:53 What's the secret of evangelism?
59:55 Quenching the thirst of those
59:57 who at times don't know that they have a thirst.
01:00:00 And Jesus being the water of life is the only great
01:00:04 lasting thirst quencher.
01:00:06 So we decided that in this evangelic series,
01:00:08 Jesus will be the central focus
01:00:10 as we lifted Him up night after night
01:00:13 all the many locations, Shelley Quinn at one location,
01:00:16 Pastor CA Murray at another,
01:00:18 Pastor Kenny Shelton at another.
01:00:20 We also had Pastor John Dinzey,
01:00:22 who's the General Manager of 3ABN Latino.
01:00:25 We had lot of challenges
01:00:27 but when the 14 meetings were done,
01:00:29 we all got together and praised God
01:00:32 for what He was able to accomplish
01:00:34 through the diligent work, lots of prayer,
01:00:38 lots of good preaching
01:00:39 and lots of trusting in God's power
01:00:41 and really in the power of God's Holy Spirit.
01:00:44 We also decided that
01:00:45 revival would be a central part of that.
01:00:48 We discovered also that there's never a wrong time
01:00:51 for a right message.
01:00:53 In an article entitled The Right Time
01:00:54 and The Right Message, we thought, Lord,
01:00:57 can you bring this kind of message
01:00:59 to London and make a difference.
01:01:00 Well, now the foundation has been laid
01:01:03 and precious souls are getting ready
01:01:04 in the future to be added to the kingdom of God
01:01:07 because of what He has done.
01:01:09 Well, friends, 3ABN looks now to the future
01:01:12 and your participation in evangelism
01:01:15 as we continue uplifting Jesus.
01:01:17 We look forward to the 33rd year, the 34th year,
01:01:20 and as we look to the past,
01:01:22 evangelism was the foundation
01:01:24 and evangelism will secure our future.
01:01:27 Matthew 24:14 says,
01:01:30 "And this gospel of the kingdom
01:01:32 shall be preached in all the world
01:01:34 as a witness unto all nations and then the end will come."
01:01:39 As you continue standing with us,
01:01:41 looking forward to the future,
01:01:42 and the continued success of the God's Gospel,
01:01:45 please pray and support evangelism.
01:01:49 It's the foundation, it's the central focus,
01:01:51 it is what will get the world ready
01:01:54 for the second coming of Jesus.
01:01:56 Continue praying for us
01:01:58 and we know that as we are faithful,
01:02:00 as we do what God has called us to do,
01:02:02 one day we will hear,
01:02:03 "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."
01:02:06 Praise the Lord for what you have done for 3ABN.
01:02:10 All right, thank you so much.
01:02:12 We're gonna switch directions a little bit now.
01:02:15 And where are we going next?
01:02:16 We're gonna talk about the youth, right?
01:02:18 We are.
01:02:19 And when I think about the youth at 3ABN, you know,
01:02:22 I have to think about Brenda Walsh
01:02:24 and the Micheff sisters Brenda, Linda, Cinda.
01:02:27 Oh, do those girls have a passion?
01:02:29 And they didn't catch the vision.
01:02:32 I think God had already put the vision
01:02:33 in their hearts for youth.
01:02:35 And so we're going to look at...
01:02:37 First, we're going to look at Tiny Tots.
01:02:40 So let's see the roll on Tiny Tots.
01:02:53 Can you hold Georgey for me? Yeah.
01:02:55 Be good, Georgey.
01:02:56 We're gonna see what's in our box.
01:02:59 Oh, there is something in here.
01:03:05 What do you think it's gonna be?
01:03:07 I don't know, probably a lobster or something.
01:03:09 Maybe it's something.
01:03:11 What do you think it's gonna be, big boy Noah?
01:03:12 I can't see. Here they are.
01:03:16 Wonder what's in here.
01:03:21 Yay!
01:03:23 Sing time.
01:03:25 Up, up in the sky The little birds fly Down,
01:03:31 down in the nest
01:03:37 It's story time.
01:03:39 Yay!
01:03:41 So you've got to go to a far away land
01:03:43 'cause I want a girl that loves God.
01:03:45 So he waved bye.
01:03:47 Can you wave bye?
01:03:48 Bye-bye. Bye.
01:03:53 Hi, boys and girls.
01:03:56 We're in the kitchen with Miss Cinda.
01:03:58 We're gonna have fun today.
01:03:59 Are we gonna have fun? Yes we are.
01:04:01 Can you say Genesis 1:14?
01:04:04 Genesis 1:14.
01:04:07 And let's repeat the bible text.
01:04:09 Goodbye, goodbye,
01:04:13 remember God loves you
01:04:17 Amen.
01:04:19 Praise the Lord.
01:04:20 How about that?
01:04:21 I'll tell you what,
01:04:23 I hope everybody watches Tiny Tots.
01:04:24 And, Danny, the truth is,
01:04:26 I think Miss Brenda can attest to this,
01:04:28 we have as many adults watching
01:04:30 the children's network as we do,
01:04:33 the children,
01:04:34 because everybody loves all those children
01:04:37 and the spirituality that is always
01:04:40 worked into every one of the stories
01:04:42 and every one of the scenes.
01:04:43 Amen.
01:04:44 Miss Brenda, thank you for what you and your sisters do
01:04:46 for the cause of God, all of these years.
01:04:49 And she's a volunteer.
01:04:51 And we keep her busy too and she travels the world.
01:04:54 So thank you so much.
01:04:56 Tell us a little bit where we're heading.
01:04:58 We see where have we been and Tiny Tots, Kids Time,
01:05:02 and now Kids Channel.
01:05:05 Well, Danny, it has been a real privilege
01:05:07 to be involved in the 3ABN ministry
01:05:10 and be a part of the 3ABN family,
01:05:12 which actually we've been a part,
01:05:15 our family has, the Mitcheff family,
01:05:17 for almost 30 years because 30 years ago
01:05:19 you asked our dad to have a program on 3ABN.
01:05:24 And that aired for 11 years called
01:05:26 "Walking with the Masters."
01:05:27 My sisters and I sang on every one of those programs.
01:05:29 So we've actually been on 3ABN for 30 years.
01:05:34 I can't even believe it's gone by that fast.
01:05:36 Next time we have something,
01:05:38 we're gonna look up those old ones
01:05:39 and have you and your sisters on that.
01:05:41 Oh, mercy.
01:05:42 I'll tell you, we saw some the other day.
01:05:44 We were looking at some footage
01:05:45 and we have those bib dresses with the flower prints and,
01:05:48 oh, my word, the big hair,
01:05:50 it was pretty embarrassing.
01:05:51 But we've been with 3ABN for a long time
01:05:54 and it's been an incredible privilege
01:05:57 to be a part of this ministry.
01:05:58 And my sisters and I had started off singing
01:06:02 and then also cooking on 3ABN.
01:06:05 And then in 1999,
01:06:09 I was asked to produce Kids Time.
01:06:12 And it's hard to believe that it's, you know,
01:06:15 17 years ago that we're, you know,
01:06:17 really where God has brought us.
01:06:19 And if I had, really...
01:06:21 I can't even imagine.
01:06:22 I'm blown away with what God has done.
01:06:24 And I just wanna show you a quick roll of Kids Time
01:06:27 when we first started.
01:06:29 You know, almost 17 years ago
01:06:32 and show what Kids Time was like.
01:06:34 Good, all right.
01:06:38 Hi, boys and girls.
01:06:39 Hi, boys and girls.
01:06:41 Hi, boys and girls.
01:06:44 Hi, boys and girls, Ranger Jim here.
01:06:46 Hi, boys and girls,
01:06:47 Ranger Jim saying welcome to nature time.
01:06:51 Hello, boys and girls.
01:06:52 Up on the rock And the rings
01:06:54 Came tumbling down
01:06:58 Hi. Today, we're gonna be making peanut butter yum-yums.
01:07:01 Ooh, sounds delicious.
01:07:06 Whoa!
01:07:07 Is that a beautiful cloud?
01:07:11 Fish swallowed Jonah out of the sea.
01:07:14 See, that's what I heard.
01:07:15 And I thought it can't be true.
01:07:16 It is true.
01:07:18 We're a whole bunch of people
01:07:20 that went to go listen to Jesus.
01:07:22 He can't do anything.
01:07:23 He's safe now from wicked King Pharaoh.
01:07:33 Jesus loves me
01:07:46 Well, I'm reading some letters, boys and girls,
01:07:48 I'd like to share with you.
01:07:49 This is a letter to my grandson Michael,
01:07:52 in Massachusetts.
01:07:53 And let's see if I have any mail.
01:07:55 It's time for Miss Brenda's book of the day.
01:07:59 Wow.
01:08:00 I can't believe, you know,
01:08:02 it's been 17 years ago and where God has grown
01:08:05 and what we're doing today.
01:08:07 When I think about what God is doing,
01:08:09 I mean, 14 years ago,
01:08:11 God impressed me to start a Bible study club for kids
01:08:14 and my mom is the Kids Club Director.
01:08:18 And today, we have over 35,000 children
01:08:22 enrolled in Bible studies from 119 countries,
01:08:26 different countries, 119 different countries.
01:08:28 I mean, every time mom gets a different country,
01:08:30 a new one, she calls me up and she goes,
01:08:32 "We got another country."
01:08:33 You know, and it's just amazing.
01:08:35 And we do have adults that take these studies as well.
01:08:38 And there has been countless baptisms.
01:08:40 It's amazing what God's done.
01:08:42 But I want to just give you an idea, technically,
01:08:45 where we have gone, God's given us a beautiful set,
01:08:49 brand new set, and new programs,
01:08:52 and I just wanna give you an idea
01:08:53 of what Kids Time looks like today.
01:09:00 Hi, boys and girls.
01:09:01 I have been sharing stories with you about Jesus
01:09:03 for many years now.
01:09:06 Oh, hey, everyone.
01:09:07 It's me Rich Aguilera. Aw!
01:09:09 There they are.
01:09:11 Whoa!
01:09:12 They are kind of big.
01:09:14 What are the names of these unique roots?
01:09:16 Aerial Roots.
01:09:17 That's right, aerial roots.
01:09:20 Come join in singing Join in praising
01:09:24 Let's all praise the Lord.
01:09:27 Come on, let's all praise the Lord
01:09:41 Shout to the Lord all the Earth
01:09:44 Through the nights Lead me on
01:09:50 And how long has it been
01:09:56 Bow down and pay homage to Queen Esther.
01:10:00 For the Savior of the world to be born in.
01:10:04 Throw him over. Throw him over.
01:10:07 Save me.
01:10:10 Lazarus, come forth.
01:10:13 Then there was a stirring within the tomb.
01:10:15 He's alive! He's alive!
01:10:17 And the men and woman present
01:10:18 witnessed one of Christ's boldest miracles.
01:10:28 Hi, boys and girls,
01:10:29 it's time for Miss Brenda's book of the day.
01:10:33 And how Jesus affects you life, right?
01:10:35 Yeah.
01:10:37 Chattanooga. That's right.
01:10:38 When we tapped Learning Time in Chattanooga,
01:10:40 didn't we have a fun time?
01:10:41 Yeah.
01:10:42 And who was our host? Ben Roy.
01:10:44 Ben Roy.
01:10:45 Well, that's all the time we have today.
01:10:46 So until next time, remember,
01:10:48 wherever you go, whatever you do,
01:10:49 it's Kids Time to share Jesus.
01:10:53 All right, wonderful.
01:10:55 Isn't that great programming for young people?
01:10:57 Really.
01:10:58 Well, I wanna show you what's coming up next too.
01:11:00 Two years ago,
01:11:01 3ABN launched their own 3ABN Kids Network,
01:11:04 24/7 Christ centered programs for children
01:11:08 and it's amazing to me
01:11:12 how many children we have around the world
01:11:13 that watch them.
01:11:15 When you think of reaching children
01:11:16 in their own home,
01:11:18 it's pretty amazing when you talk about
01:11:20 the most bang for your buck in evangelism
01:11:22 where you are reaching those children
01:11:24 anywhere in the world,
01:11:25 a mother busy in another country,
01:11:27 time zone that they can have
01:11:29 a Christ centered program for children.
01:11:30 And I'll just take a look right now
01:11:32 at what we have some of the things coming forward.
01:11:34 Okay.
01:11:40 Gentlemen, start your engines.
01:11:44 Put your fingers in your ears.
01:11:47 Oh, okay.
01:11:50 How many of you are heirs of salvation?
01:11:52 That means that you love Jesus Christ
01:11:54 and He's the Lord.
01:11:56 Folded my hands, bowed my head and I said,
01:11:58 "Dear Jesus, please get me back to camp safely."
01:12:03 But one brother was bigger and one brother was smaller.
01:12:06 And the bigger brother always wanted to have all the toys.
01:12:19 What does it tastes like? Delicious.
01:12:21 Really? It's really good.
01:12:22 It's really good.
01:12:23 See what it tastes like.
01:12:25 Lick it. Yup, as it is ginger.
01:12:26 What do you think? Ugh!
01:12:30 Pretty good, it's really good.
01:12:32 Squeeze it through the fingers, see these seeds here.
01:12:34 We don't add it in the drink,
01:12:35 so basically just hold up there.
01:12:36 See what it looks like.
01:12:38 Isn't it nice and chocolaty?
01:12:39 Mm-mm.
01:12:40 What do you think guys? Mm-mm.
01:12:43 It's really good.
01:12:47 Amen.
01:12:49 Thank you so much.
01:12:50 Well, those are some of the new programs
01:12:51 that are going to be airing very soon.
01:12:53 And then we're going to be producing
01:12:56 the Bible Program Game Show next year.
01:12:58 And I'm really looking for lots of kids
01:13:00 to contact me to be a part of this program.
01:13:02 All right, thank you.
01:13:04 You know, Danny, something that we have noticed
01:13:05 in looking in the past
01:13:07 and coming through the years is how we've aged.
01:13:12 You know, and I'm tired.
01:13:13 No, not for you, I'm only speaking for myself.
01:13:17 But we look at Brenda, she's eternally youthful.
01:13:20 Did you'll notice that?
01:13:21 I don't know. That's not right.
01:13:23 Something's wrong about that.
01:13:24 Yvonne Lewis is the same way, look she didn't change.
01:13:26 She is just gorgeous all the time.
01:13:29 Well, you know, for our children,
01:13:31 we have other...
01:13:32 Excuse me.
01:13:33 All the women up here haven't changed.
01:13:36 We got to live with these folk.
01:13:38 We certainly do. You did good.
01:13:40 Especially you, Mollie, you haven't changed a bit.
01:13:42 You're doing better.
01:13:44 Okay, we have other ministries for music too.
01:13:48 Danny, as a matter of fact, you have written some,
01:13:50 I mean, amazing songs for children.
01:13:53 And we have one "Love rules,"
01:13:56 and we've got a song
01:13:58 that we want to share from that...
01:13:59 "Love rules" and a then a little bit from
01:14:01 "It's a beautiful world".
01:14:02 It's a beautiful world. Two different CDs.
01:14:03 So let's look at those.
01:14:07 Love the Lord with your heart
01:14:11 And Love your neighbor as yourself
01:14:15 Jesus is the king to heaven,
01:14:18 heaven, heaven
01:14:23 Kids time to love one another
01:14:26 It's kids, it's kids time,
01:14:31 it's kids time.
01:14:32 I have come that may have life
01:14:34 and that they may have it more abundantly.
01:14:38 He promises, when in the night
01:14:42 that I feel all alone.
01:14:46 That's the way it's meant to be,
01:14:50 Since God is love, love rules.
01:14:56 I have peace, I have joy,
01:14:58 And a love that won't quit
01:15:00 'Cause Jesus is my song He brings me happiness
01:15:06 I am a Christian I call on Jesus name
01:15:10 I'll tell the world that Jesus died to save us from our sin.
01:15:14 It's a beautiful world that God made
01:15:20 Just for you and for me
01:15:23 Seven is a perfect number In God holy word
01:15:30 Seven is a perfect number
01:15:34 You know, Danny,
01:15:35 those two CDs, those two projects,
01:15:37 have impacted many children's lives,
01:15:39 not just children,
01:15:41 it impacts all of us here
01:15:43 because I think Shelly is the one that
01:15:44 brought this point home recently
01:15:47 so clearly was that as we repeat God's word,
01:15:50 it goes deeper and deeper into our hearts,
01:15:52 it changes our thinking, and we become what we behold.
01:15:55 And so those songs are so impacting
01:15:58 and have changed,
01:16:00 impacted the children.
01:16:01 And as Kids Time and Tiny Tots
01:16:05 have impacted the children,
01:16:06 we are seeing lives changed, children coming to the Lord.
01:16:10 And that means that
01:16:12 they won't go through some of the things
01:16:13 that some of us went through in that process
01:16:16 of trying to find ourselves
01:16:18 because they find Jesus early in life.
01:16:21 Train up a child in a way he should go.
01:16:23 These two projects,
01:16:25 I think there's 21 songs, maybe 22.
01:16:28 I never really had to work at them.
01:16:29 No, I'm not a prolific song writer.
01:16:31 So what I'm saying to you, what you hear is from the Lord.
01:16:34 I'm giving God the credit.
01:16:35 I would just sit down, think about a topic and say,
01:16:38 "Okay, Lord,"
01:16:39 and I'd sit at the computer and while I type,
01:16:42 the music would come to me.
01:16:43 And I mean,
01:16:45 I didn't hardly find any of these, you know,
01:16:47 if any of you have written anything,
01:16:48 you're writers or songwriters, unless you're talented...
01:16:51 Oh, by the way,
01:16:52 speaking of talented songwriters,
01:16:53 Tim Parton showed up.
01:16:55 All right. Hi, Tim.
01:16:56 So, Tim, we're glad that you're here.
01:16:58 We're gonna be talking about music here little more
01:17:00 in just a little bit.
01:17:02 You're a songwriter and a musician,
01:17:04 so these songs came really easy.
01:17:06 Then what really helped me was
01:17:08 when I went in a studio to record them,
01:17:10 I said, "Some of these are little rough,
01:17:11 Tim, what can you do?"
01:17:13 But when Tim takes whatever you got that's rough,
01:17:15 it turns into being something
01:17:17 really beautiful and ET working together.
01:17:20 So I want to thank you too, ET,
01:17:22 for what you do at the sound center,
01:17:23 for how many years?
01:17:25 You got a microphone there?
01:17:26 How many years you've been in...
01:17:27 Sound Center's been 17 years.
01:17:30 And then I came in '96, I started doing some music
01:17:33 'cause I remember some of the clips.
01:17:35 I was thinking it was '98, but it was '96
01:17:38 that I've been actually traveling.
01:17:39 But we met you, you know,
01:17:41 prior to even 3ABN's birth
01:17:43 and it's been an awesome journey.
01:17:45 All right.
01:17:47 Well, thank you so much
01:17:48 for what you do for the cause of God.
01:17:50 And you've put out an incredible amount of music
01:17:53 and we appreciate all that you do.
01:17:55 And sitting next to you, Brother Tim,
01:17:58 we hadn't talked about it,
01:17:59 we didn't have any clips ready
01:18:01 but we are working on building up
01:18:02 enough programming for 3ABN.
01:18:05 Tell us what it is?
01:18:06 All right, the 3ABN's Praise Him Music Channel.
01:18:09 Praise Him, okay.
01:18:10 Right, it'll be 24/7 music channel.
01:18:13 Yeah, that's wonderful.
01:18:15 So another child's coming along.
01:18:17 All right.
01:18:18 But it takes tremendous amounts of programming
01:18:21 to get enough to really feed these,
01:18:23 we call these machines 24/7
01:18:27 but you are doing that, you've been scheduling,
01:18:29 getting a lot of folk up here.
01:18:31 So the folk are gonna be very happy, I think,
01:18:33 you're gonna be like what you see.
01:18:35 Tim has a lot of connections in music
01:18:38 and brings a lot of wonderful folk up here
01:18:40 who love the Lord and who are very talented,
01:18:43 so doing a lot of new programs
01:18:45 that you're gonna be seeing here
01:18:46 in the next few months.
01:18:48 So thank you so much.
01:18:49 Now if you...
01:18:51 Anybody ever hit a deer do
01:18:53 when you're driving down the road?
01:18:55 I actually have.
01:18:57 Oh, look at all the hands.
01:18:58 Can we get a shot?
01:18:59 Raise you hands.
01:19:01 No, no, no, let me rephrase that.
01:19:02 How many of you had a deer hit you?
01:19:04 There you go. There you go.
01:19:07 I had one commit suicide on me, he ran.
01:19:09 He did.
01:19:11 He ran past my car
01:19:12 and I started to slam on the brakes
01:19:14 and he went by and it went, almost hit him,
01:19:17 and then he turned around and jumped right into the car,
01:19:20 and it happened to be, you know, a buck.
01:19:22 So his we call them antlers was on the side of the car
01:19:26 and creased at the whole length,
01:19:27 3,000 and some odd dollars.
01:19:30 And of course, he died from it,
01:19:31 I said this deer committed suicide
01:19:33 'cause he missed me, I missed him.
01:19:35 So anyway, Tim,
01:19:37 on the way up here just hit a deer.
01:19:39 So you're still without a car, right?
01:19:41 Yeah.
01:19:42 You were in Kentucky. I was.
01:19:44 You haven't got your ride but you're okay.
01:19:45 I am fine, I think, yeah.
01:19:47 Airbags went off and all that. Right.
01:19:49 How did that...
01:19:50 That was my first experience with that whole airbag thing,
01:19:52 it was.
01:19:54 Yeah, didn't break your nose or anything.
01:19:55 No.
01:19:56 Some times they do. Yeah.
01:19:58 But you said, you had it all over you.
01:19:59 You looked like the blue man,
01:20:01 only you were orange or whatever...
01:20:02 I was quite white, yeah, I was just...
01:20:03 And it didn't smell good. No, it did not.
01:20:05 But it protected you. Right.
01:20:06 So you are healthy. Absolutely.
01:20:08 All right, maybe in few minutes we'll get enough time.
01:20:11 We're trying to get all these rolls in,
01:20:13 we'd have you play something for us.
01:20:14 But so glad God protected you on your trip up here.
01:20:17 Thank you.
01:20:19 And, all right,
01:20:20 we're gonna switch some gears again, right?
01:20:22 We are.
01:20:23 We are going to look at the impact
01:20:24 3ABN has had on our church members.
01:20:27 Oh, good.
01:20:28 And we are going to start with a roll
01:20:30 on the Ten Commandments Weekend.
01:20:32 That was an incredible...
01:20:34 It was started I believe in 2006.
01:20:36 We did it then for three years.
01:20:38 Yeah, Shelly Quinn helped me.
01:20:39 She and I wrote a book. Yeah.
01:20:41 The Ten Commandments twice removed
01:20:42 and ended up passing those out
01:20:44 and churches began ordering from all around the country
01:20:47 to the tune of millions of them.
01:20:49 And then we went to Washington DC,
01:20:51 Brother Kenny, you remember going there.
01:20:54 And so for few years,
01:20:55 we had Ten Commandments Weekends
01:20:57 and it brought people from all over.
01:20:59 So we're gonna show you a little bit of that.
01:21:05 The Ten Commandments Weekend.
01:21:08 All right.
01:21:09 Somebody didn't raise their hand.
01:21:11 But how many like good music?
01:21:17 1 Peter 1:2 tells us that we are sanctified.
01:21:22 Let me read that.
01:21:23 First of all, you have Israel going to Egypt,
01:21:26 becomes a great nation.
01:21:27 There's probably two million people,
01:21:29 600,000 men.
01:21:30 He said, "What would you do if somebody had saved your life?"
01:21:35 The Fourth Commandment draws attention to itself
01:21:40 right out of the box.
01:21:42 The Ten Commandments are like a precious chain of 10 links.
01:21:50 And just to play just a small part
01:21:53 in helping to finish God's work.
01:21:56 I heard one preacher say one time,
01:21:58 "We become like that which we worship."
01:22:04 Talking of His future days, talking as it were of a cross.
01:22:11 It's the Ten Commandments Weekend 2008,
01:22:14 the constitution of grace.
01:22:16 We've had some amazing things happen.
01:22:18 We've had people who've had brain tumors
01:22:20 that just simply disappear.
01:22:22 Beginning with Rosh Hashanah,
01:22:24 ending with Yom Kippur, 10 days.
01:22:27 In Judaism, 10 adults are required
01:22:30 quorum for a prayer service.
01:22:33 People want to hear that
01:22:34 which is scandalous and disgraceful.
01:22:37 And that becomes exciting to them.
01:22:40 In ancient Rome,
01:22:42 they would hurl you headlong.
01:22:44 Amen.
01:22:45 You know, we would take a whole weekend
01:22:47 and go sermon after sermon after sermon
01:22:51 on the Ten Commandments, we did this,
01:22:52 I think it was for three years in a row.
01:22:54 And while we were doing it here, I think, Johnny,
01:22:55 some places you all have done it in Spanish.
01:22:59 Yes, we were, Puerto Rico, Mexico,
01:23:02 Dominican Republic, and Columbia,
01:23:03 doing the Ten Commandments Weekend.
01:23:05 Then we had Wintley Phipps at his church,
01:23:06 I think, at some point and where else
01:23:09 maybe Doug Batchelor was doing it?
01:23:11 California, California, Florida, the Wintley Phipps.
01:23:14 Yeah, all at the same time.
01:23:16 Where? We did the French.
01:23:18 Oh, yeah, French did French too.
01:23:20 So all of those Ten Commandment Weekends
01:23:22 and seen tremendous results.
01:23:24 And in fact, speaking of that, one of the guys who really,
01:23:28 became dear to us was a pastor, Pastor Reggie Whiddon.
01:23:32 He's from the Huntsville, Alabama area.
01:23:36 And he is a pastor.
01:23:38 I don't know what his church was
01:23:39 but he has a church school of,
01:23:41 I think, 100 or 150 students.
01:23:44 And some of the folks
01:23:45 within the area sent their children,
01:23:48 some of the Adventists sent their children
01:23:50 to his church school and a man offered him a book.
01:23:52 So we'll look at a little roll of him.
01:23:55 Yeah. And Reggie's testimony.
01:23:59 Now you had one of these books
01:24:01 and you decided to bring it
01:24:04 and give it to this pastor, why?
01:24:07 Well, frankly, I had watched Pastor Reggie for some time
01:24:13 and he has a sincere walk with the Lord.
01:24:17 All right.
01:24:19 And I just felt like he would be
01:24:20 a nice Seventh-day Adventist Christian.
01:24:26 He said these words,
01:24:27 I respect you and he said I've believed
01:24:31 what's in this book, as a matter of fact,
01:24:32 I base my life on this book.
01:24:34 He said, I respect your opinion
01:24:35 and I would like you to read it.
01:24:37 And when you're finished,
01:24:38 tell me what's wrong with this book.
01:24:41 Didn't say, tell you what's right,
01:24:43 then he said, tell me what's wrong.
01:24:44 Tell me what's wrong with the book.
01:24:45 Okay, all right, that's a good approach.
01:24:47 And he was setting me up, setting me up.
01:24:51 That's called a set up, well. That's called a setup.
01:24:52 He wanted your critique. He wanted my critique.
01:24:55 He respected you, which he honestly does.
01:24:56 Yes.
01:24:58 So I decided that I would read it
01:24:59 because he asked me.
01:25:01 And really, I wanted to rescue him.
01:25:03 All right.
01:25:05 Yeah, I wanted to rescue him. You wanted to rescue him.
01:25:06 That's good.
01:25:07 Well, really, I mean,
01:25:09 you are thinking here's a guys,
01:25:10 he is a great guy
01:25:11 but he is probably wasting a lot of good Saturdays.
01:25:14 Wasting a lot of good Saturdays,
01:25:15 that's exactly what I though.
01:25:17 Yeah, all right.
01:25:18 And so I read the book
01:25:20 really out of respect for him,
01:25:21 actually, I read it three times
01:25:22 before that I gave the book to Cathy.
01:25:24 Okay, Cathy, he gives the book to you.
01:25:26 He says I've read it three times
01:25:28 or did he tell you that?
01:25:29 Well, I didn't know how many times he had read it.
01:25:32 He just handed it to me and said would you read this
01:25:34 and tell me what you think.
01:25:35 I said sure, so I've read it
01:25:38 and I looked at him, I said,
01:25:39 what's the question?
01:25:41 Why aren't we doing this?
01:25:43 Oh, have mercy. All right.
01:25:44 You know, this is a no-brainer.
01:25:47 Okay. That's true.
01:25:49 Yeah, yeah.
01:25:50 Sometimes there is a reason
01:25:51 why the Lord gives us a good wife.
01:25:53 That's exactly right. All right, all right.
01:25:54 There has only been two times in my life
01:25:58 that the Lord has spoken to me.
01:26:01 And the closest thing to an audible war said
01:26:03 I can imagine it being.
01:26:05 One time was when the Lord spoke to me about
01:26:08 starting this school.
01:26:09 Amen.
01:26:11 That was such an impact on my life,
01:26:13 I knew that I heard His voice on there.
01:26:14 There is no question.
01:26:16 The second time was
01:26:17 when I got finished with that book the fifth time.
01:26:20 And when I read the book,
01:26:21 embraced the truth
01:26:23 and I called the Sabbath my delight.
01:26:25 I'm so passionate about the Sabbath now.
01:26:26 Wow.
01:26:28 I'm passionate about it.
01:26:29 Amen. I'm passionate about it.
01:26:33 I look forward each and every Sabbath coming.
01:26:35 Wow.
01:26:37 And matter of fact, we moved our services
01:26:38 from Sunday evening to Friday evening,
01:26:40 the beginning of Sabbath.
01:26:42 All right. Welcoming Sabbath.
01:26:43 We welcome in the Sabbath on Friday evenings.
01:26:44 That's great. We welcome it in.
01:26:47 We usher it in. Yeah.
01:26:48 That's right.
01:26:50 Amen, you know, Shelly Quinn,
01:26:53 I know you kept for a while
01:26:55 after there is several millions of those books have gone out
01:26:59 but you had contact with pastors,
01:27:01 I think there were a number of pastors
01:27:03 from other churches who accepted just like Reggie,
01:27:07 read it and said, you know, why haven't I been doing this.
01:27:10 You know, Danny, there were about...
01:27:12 Before my computer crashed,
01:27:13 I think I had a list of 37 or 38 pastors
01:27:17 who had been convinced and changed
01:27:19 and many of whom had brought their entire congregation.
01:27:22 But we don't know the half of it.
01:27:24 Those are the people who contacted us.
01:27:26 Recently, I was interviewing someone from Cuba,
01:27:29 a pastor from Cuba,
01:27:31 after we finished the interview,
01:27:33 he said, "Do you have any idea
01:27:36 how many Sunday pastors are now
01:27:39 in the Seventh-day Adventist church
01:27:41 because of that book?"
01:27:43 He said they studied it and they came into the church.
01:27:47 And, you know, the book has been translated,
01:27:50 I believe, in 18 different languages,
01:27:53 maybe 19,
01:27:54 'cause I just found one that I didn't even know I had,
01:27:57 don't know what language it is
01:27:59 but it's nothing like what I've had before.
01:28:02 And it is so amazing to me
01:28:05 how a simple book about the truths of God
01:28:10 can touch so many people's hearts.
01:28:12 And I know, Johnny keeps passing me stuff of people
01:28:16 who also have come into the church
01:28:18 or pastors who've changed because of that book.
01:28:22 Amen. All right.
01:28:24 Six pastors in Cuba and one in Puerto Rico.
01:28:28 Wow, okay.
01:28:30 They're all coming in.
01:28:32 Well, praise the lord. Yeah.
01:28:33 After all these years
01:28:35 so the book continues to go out.
01:28:37 And we praise the Lord for that.
01:28:39 We've done a number of other projects.
01:28:42 We won't have time to get through all of this.
01:28:44 We can take another hour or two, we won't.
01:28:46 We'll probably end this hour.
01:28:48 But we've done some music projects
01:28:50 because music is a universal language.
01:28:54 And so I don't care where you're from,
01:28:55 anywhere in the world,
01:28:56 if I go and I sing Jesus loves me,
01:28:59 this I know, the kids sing it with me
01:29:02 and maybe in their own style, in their own language,
01:29:05 but it's a universal language.
01:29:07 And so we've done a number of those and I think,
01:29:09 we're gonna go to Pillars of Our Faith
01:29:12 that we did in 2009.
01:29:13 We got David Huntsinger and Kris Wilkinson,
01:29:16 they began to read and study, really,
01:29:18 what we believe as Seventh-Day Adventist
01:29:20 and went down to Nashville
01:29:23 to meet with them about another project.
01:29:25 And David Huntsinger, a very well known musician,
01:29:28 great musician, friends of Tim and of course, ET.
01:29:32 And he said, "Look I've been studying this."
01:29:36 He says, "I'm a musician
01:29:37 but you should have songs on some of these songs,
01:29:40 the Pillars of Your Faith."
01:29:42 I said, "Let's get together and we'll do it."
01:29:44 So together,
01:29:47 I'm just amazed what happened
01:29:50 because ET and I didn't have intentions of it
01:29:52 going this direction.
01:29:54 But after David and Kris got involved,
01:29:56 they began to write songs,
01:29:58 we brought in Reggie and Ladye Love Smith
01:30:00 and a few others and ended up with Pillars of our Faith.
01:30:04 And so we'll take you to Battle Creek right now.
01:30:08 The first song is simply the most distinct
01:30:10 or at least in the public imagination,
01:30:13 the most distinct Adventist doctrine
01:30:15 and that is the Sabbath is Saturday.
01:30:17 The day of rest,
01:30:18 commanded to be observed through Moses,
01:30:22 the Ten Commandments,
01:30:23 and Adventists believe that that's an eternal message.
01:30:26 God rested after six days of creation,
01:30:29 we should rest too.
01:30:35 Remember the Sabbath
01:30:38 To keep it holy
01:30:44 Honor the day
01:30:48 That our Lord commands us
01:30:52 To cease our toiling
01:30:58 And we obey
01:31:01 Take me to the water
01:31:05 To be baptized
01:31:10 Bury me with Jesus
01:31:15 The crucified
01:31:20 I have fixed my mind on another time
01:31:27 On another time
01:31:33 We have a high priest up in heaven
01:31:40 Hallelujah, hallelujah
01:31:50 Beautiful Zion, built above
01:31:58 Beautiful Zion
01:32:04 He's blotting out my sin
01:32:11 In the Sanctuary
01:32:17 I could tell a little of the glory
01:32:21 Of a better world
01:32:28 Of a better world
01:32:35 Of a better world
01:32:44 Amen, this project also has been heard
01:32:47 and been sung around the world.
01:32:48 I've actually been in another countries
01:32:51 and even when we were in London
01:32:53 when we heard it,
01:32:54 when I was down in Chile, think we heard it,
01:32:57 and other countries,
01:32:58 people were singing these songs from this project.
01:33:01 And all of these projects are available,
01:33:03 call any time other than Sabbath hours
01:33:06 if you are interested in them.
01:33:08 The next one we want to go to,
01:33:09 we did it a couple of years ago with Lari Goss
01:33:12 who is now resting in Jesus.
01:33:14 What an incredible man, musician, wonderful friend.
01:33:17 Yvonne, right?
01:33:18 And just a wonderful person.
01:33:20 But we wrote some songs together,
01:33:22 then we just took some older songs.
01:33:25 And Yvonne and I wrote the title song
01:33:28 "Hallelujah We're Home at Last."
01:33:30 And this one, I think 35,000
01:33:32 or so of them went out
01:33:33 and so we praise the Lord for that
01:33:36 because all the songs are talking about
01:33:38 the second coming of Christ.
01:33:40 And so really, as Seventh-day Adventists,
01:33:44 we believe in the second advent of the Lord Jesus Christ.
01:33:47 That's where we get our name.
01:33:48 So we'll show you a little bit of
01:33:50 "Hallelujah We're Home at Last."
01:33:54 Live from 3ABN's Worship Center,
01:33:57 it's a special celebration
01:33:59 of the second coming of Jesus Christ.
01:34:01 Hallelujah We're Home at Last,
01:34:04 with you Host Danny Shelton.
01:34:08 Featuring Reggie and Layde Love Smith,
01:34:10 Yvonne Lewis, Melody Shelton Firestone,
01:34:15 John Lomacang,
01:34:16 and our 3ABN Choir with special national guests
01:34:20 Marty Funderburk, Tammy Jenson,
01:34:24 Juile Goss, Bonnie Keen,
01:34:27 Rod Fletcher,
01:34:29 and our very special guest
01:34:31 the legendary award winning composer,
01:34:34 arranger, and orchestrators,
01:34:35 Mr. Lari Goss.
01:34:42 Coming again, coming again
01:34:50 In compassion and love
01:34:55 He looked down to earth
01:35:00 We shall behold Him
01:35:08 Her heart was broken, she could not sleep
01:35:16 But a shout from heaven
01:35:20 Can now be heard
01:35:26 Heaven means home to me
01:35:34 Where Jesus is, I want to be
01:35:41 It will be worth it all
01:35:48 When we stand face to face
01:35:54 Then we shall know Him
01:36:00 So until then
01:36:05 My heart will go on singing
01:36:14 Until then
01:36:19 With joy I'll carry on
01:36:26 We're home at last!
01:36:29 Hallelujah, we're home at last!
01:36:36 Hallelujah
01:36:41 we're home, we're home at last!
01:36:49 Home at last!
01:36:53 Praise the Lord. Amen.
01:36:56 And every time I hear that song,
01:36:57 my heart just, oh, it's overwhelmed.
01:37:00 It will be a great day. It will be.
01:37:01 We will be singing hallelujah, we're home at last time.
01:37:04 Amen. Amen.
01:37:05 Beautiful song, beautiful project.
01:37:07 Thank you all for doing that.
01:37:09 And we have another project that we wanted to...
01:37:10 Brand new, this one is brand new.
01:37:12 The DVD is not quite out.
01:37:14 It's almost finished.
01:37:15 But it's just about ready, but the CDs are out already.
01:37:20 And this is Calvary, Love Found A Way.
01:37:22 And we worked with Lanny Wolfe who is my favorite songwriter.
01:37:26 I don't mind saying that publicly.
01:37:28 He's incredible.
01:37:29 I think some of you here will agree with me,
01:37:31 those of you at home,
01:37:33 surely the presence of the Lord is in this place,
01:37:34 whatever it takes more than wonderful,
01:37:36 we could go on and on.
01:37:38 But Lanny wrote a number songs
01:37:40 and actually co-wrote a few of them
01:37:42 with some of us to do this song
01:37:44 and every song in this project,
01:37:47 of course, it talks about Calvary
01:37:49 and the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross of Calvary.
01:37:53 And so he and Melody,
01:37:54 co-wrote a song "Love Found A Way."
01:37:57 So it's Calvary, Love Find the Way.
01:38:01 Mercy there was great and grace was free
01:38:05 Pardon there was multiplied to me
01:38:10 There my burdened soul found liberty at Calvary
01:38:17 You are the precious
01:38:22 Lamb of God
01:38:29 He suffered Gethsemane
01:38:35 Through blood, sweat, and tears
01:38:40 Each drop of blood He shed
01:38:46 Bought me a million years
01:38:53 Praise the Lord
01:38:59 From whom all blessings flow
01:39:05 For He has washed
01:39:12 And made me white as snow
01:39:21 I received my sight
01:39:27 And now I am happy all the day
01:39:40 Did angels question God's master plan
01:39:46 When man fell from grace?
01:39:50 Could redemption be bought
01:39:55 Or would the price be too great?
01:40:00 Oh
01:40:06 Sometimes it causes me
01:40:14 To tremble
01:40:17 I'm saved today and all because
01:40:23 Love found a way
01:40:27 Love found a way
01:40:30 I'm saved today and all because
01:40:36 Love found a way
01:40:40 Love found a way
01:40:50 Amen. Oh, wow.
01:40:52 This has been a tremendous project to work on.
01:40:55 I'm just so thankful for all of you
01:40:56 who are part of it, sang on it,
01:40:58 and worked behind the scenes and put it together.
01:41:01 It's a big project but wonderful project
01:41:04 because without the cross of Calvary
01:41:06 and Christ's shed blood on it,
01:41:08 there'd be no hope for us for sure.
01:41:10 Did you all ever feel this way like
01:41:12 nothing could ever exceed that project
01:41:15 and then comes the next project?
01:41:17 Yeah.
01:41:18 And then the next
01:41:19 and it seems like God's blessings
01:41:21 just continue to unfold.
01:41:23 Somebody else has sent their congratulations to us
01:41:26 and we saw them on these projects,
01:41:28 Reggie and Layde Love
01:41:30 are sending their congratulations to us.
01:41:34 Happy 32nd anniversary, 3ABN.
01:41:37 Happy 32nd.
01:41:38 Man, we are so excited
01:41:40 that we've been a small part of a wonderful work
01:41:42 that goes all over the world.
01:41:44 You know, Danny talks about
01:41:46 the signal going all way to the satellites
01:41:48 and to the heaven and the space,
01:41:50 and it's just an amazing thing
01:41:52 to know that in that studio there in Southern Illinois
01:41:55 that people are touched
01:41:56 for the cause of Christ all over the world,
01:41:59 from Australia to London to Russia
01:42:02 and everywhere in between.
01:42:03 And we're just so excited
01:42:05 that we've been a small part of the ministry,
01:42:08 Danny, with you
01:42:09 and the whole 3ABN family and team.
01:42:11 And when I say family,
01:42:13 we do feel family with you guys.
01:42:15 We really do.
01:42:16 I mean, we feel like great friends with you.
01:42:17 But we've been able to share a lot of great
01:42:20 and wonderful and hard times too,
01:42:21 along the way, in all of our lives, you know,
01:42:24 for the last 10 plus years.
01:42:27 Danny, we met on that cruise in Alaska 10 or so years ago.
01:42:31 And yes you did beat me very badly in ping-pong
01:42:34 but you know what?
01:42:35 Who would know that that would start a great friendship
01:42:39 that Layde and I feel so honored to be part of?
01:42:42 And it has been an honor to minister
01:42:44 with you over 10 years together.
01:42:46 And thank you for allowing us to be a part of your ministry
01:42:49 and for us to minister together for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
01:42:52 And we here, just, we so appreciate
01:42:54 everything that you have done for us,
01:42:56 you've been like a mentor to us
01:42:57 and you've mentored our child.
01:42:59 And your teachings have helped us tremendously.
01:43:02 And everything that we have learned
01:43:04 and gather together at 3ABN,
01:43:06 thank you for all that you do for everyone on the earth
01:43:09 and thank you for what you have done for us
01:43:11 and how 3ABN has impacted our lives.
01:43:14 Happy 32nd anniversary, 3ABN.
01:43:16 Happy 32nd.
01:43:17 And also, I just want to let you know that
01:43:18 I'm looking forward to the next 32 years of ministry together.
01:43:23 I know we can keep this going.
01:43:24 But you know what?
01:43:26 Lest the Lord comes back before then end,
01:43:29 and you know what?
01:43:30 There's a good chance, I think, that he could,
01:43:31 and that would be incredible,
01:43:33 that would be a great reward for all of us.
01:43:34 You know, so let's just keep digging in 3ABN
01:43:37 and just thanks for allowing us to be a small part of it.
01:43:39 Yes.
01:43:41 And let's keep making great music together
01:43:42 and great memories together.
01:43:44 And more importantly,
01:43:46 let's just keep telling people about Jesus.
01:43:48 Amen.
01:43:49 Well, he's young enough to say 32 more years.
01:43:51 I'd be 97.
01:43:53 So 32 more years.
01:43:55 So I hope that's in heaven
01:43:56 'cause then age won't mean anything there.
01:43:59 They've become such good friends.
01:44:01 Oh, wonderful, absolutely.
01:44:03 And such a blessing to this ministry.
01:44:04 Incredible, wonderful Christian people
01:44:05 and we're so thankful for them.
01:44:07 You know, somebody else
01:44:08 that has been a real blessing to this ministry
01:44:10 and the music aspect of this ministry
01:44:13 is ET Everett at our 3ABN Sound Center.
01:44:16 And we want to hear from ET now.
01:44:19 Hello this is ET Everett greeting you
01:44:22 from the 3ABN Sound Center,
01:44:24 where we produce and record a lot of the wonderful music
01:44:29 that you hear on 3ABN.
01:44:31 We have been here since the year 2000
01:44:33 in the Sound Center,
01:44:35 working with the music and Mr. Shelton,
01:44:38 with riders, with rangers,
01:44:41 with lots of friends and artists.
01:44:44 And as Mr. Shelton would tell you,
01:44:46 I can probably talk your ear off
01:44:48 about all the wonderful experiences
01:44:50 that we've had here,
01:44:51 the testimony of how God has used
01:44:54 the availability of this particular building
01:44:57 and facility at 3ABN to minister to people
01:45:00 as well as to produce great music.
01:45:02 But as I was thinking about
01:45:03 what I really could share with you quickly
01:45:06 that would really say what's in my heart,
01:45:08 a old hymn from the church came to my mind
01:45:11 that's really taking from Lamentations 3:22, 23.
01:45:15 And the old hymn is Great is Thy Faithfulness.
01:45:18 And the words say,
01:45:20 "Great is Thy faithfulness, Oh Lord, my Father.
01:45:23 There is no shadow of turning with Thee.
01:45:26 Thou changest not.
01:45:27 Thy compassions, they fail not.
01:45:30 As Thou hast been, Thou forever will be."
01:45:35 The second verse says,
01:45:36 "Summer and winter and springtime
01:45:38 and harvest, sun, moon, and stars
01:45:40 in their courses above..."
01:45:42 This is the best part,
01:45:44 "They join with all nature in manifold witness
01:45:47 to Thy great faithfulness, mercy, and love."
01:45:50 And that's what I want to do today
01:45:52 and what I would ask you to do
01:45:53 is to join with us here at 3ABN
01:45:56 and with all nature
01:45:58 in manifold witness of the great faithfulness
01:46:01 that God has had to each of us in our personal lives
01:46:04 and to us here at 3ABN
01:46:05 in the celebration of our 32 years of ministry.
01:46:09 God bless you.
01:46:10 Thank you for your support and your prayers
01:46:12 for our ministry here.
01:46:14 Amen.
01:46:15 And of course, we've already thanked you ET
01:46:17 for all that you do.
01:46:18 Thank you so much.
01:46:19 We're looking forward to a lot more music.
01:46:21 Me too.
01:46:22 Coming out of the Sound Center.
01:46:23 I think we want to...
01:46:25 CA, can you give us a brief up,
01:46:26 you literally just got back from Philippines,
01:46:30 had a lot of baptisms,
01:46:31 did an evangelistic series, you and Irma,
01:46:33 maybe you could just update us a little.
01:46:36 God blessed the meetings,
01:46:38 we preach in the city of Victoria,
01:46:41 they hadn't had an evangelistic crusade in 20 plus years.
01:46:45 The churches are very small.
01:46:46 It's a very difficult area to work.
01:46:49 And the pastor was pleased because we baptized 66.
01:46:52 And that is by far the largest baptism
01:46:54 that we've ever had.
01:46:55 But I think what might be of interest to our audience
01:46:57 is the fact that we ran across
01:46:59 in the city of Bacolod, Irma and I,
01:47:03 a group that calls themselves the 3ABN Club,
01:47:07 a group of doctors and lawyers
01:47:09 and people of means and positions
01:47:13 who pay for 3ABN out of their pockets.
01:47:16 They have been keeping 3ABN on for 14 years.
01:47:20 And their slogan is 3ABN till Jesus comes.
01:47:24 And they have seen people walk into the church
01:47:27 as they call them high-end people,
01:47:29 people who own businesses,
01:47:31 who own factories, who do a lot of work,
01:47:33 and they have seen a steady stream of people
01:47:35 with means and substance come in
01:47:37 so the club will keep going until Jesus comes.
01:47:39 They fund it themselves because they love the Lord.
01:47:41 Love it, absolutely.
01:47:43 You know, one of the last,
01:47:45 and we saved it purposely for the last,
01:47:47 it's a congrats,
01:47:48 are we're coming to close of nearly
01:47:52 four hours of programming last night and tonight,
01:47:55 and was James Rafferty
01:47:58 and what he said really hit me hard when he said it.
01:48:02 And so we want to play it and you listen to what he says.
01:48:06 And I think it'll have you dig down a little bit and say, wow.
01:48:09 It really got me to think and maybe you will too.
01:48:13 As I was thinking about the ministry of 3ABN,
01:48:15 a question came to my mind,
01:48:17 "What would this world look like
01:48:18 if 3ABN had never come into existence?"
01:48:22 Now if you're one of the millions of people
01:48:23 have been blessed
01:48:24 by Three Angels Broadcasting Network,
01:48:26 the idea of a world without 3ABN is unsettling.
01:48:30 I mean, have you ever tuned into 3ABN and been blessed
01:48:33 by a message that was just for you,
01:48:35 a message that came just at the right time?
01:48:37 Has your heart been lifted by the ministry of music
01:48:40 just when you needed it?
01:48:41 Has your life been impacted
01:48:43 by the powerful reports of what God is doing through
01:48:46 thousands of missionaries working all over the world?
01:48:48 What about the Kids Time and children programs
01:48:51 and the various branches of 3ABN ministry,
01:48:53 like the Radio Programs or the Hispanic
01:48:55 and Russian programs?
01:48:57 How about that Dare to Dream channel
01:48:59 that's been plugging up all kinds of new programs
01:49:01 including a daily on prophecy with Yvonne,
01:49:04 Jason Iver, and yours truly?
01:49:06 Have you been corrected or biblically instructed
01:49:08 by the sound teaching of the scriptures
01:49:10 presented in a loving yet clear and straightforward manner?
01:49:14 How about the impact made on your health
01:49:15 through the cooking sessions
01:49:17 and the health and exercise programs?
01:49:19 Have you ever learned about Bible prophecy
01:49:21 so that you have some idea about
01:49:23 what's really going on in this world?
01:49:25 In over the last 32 years,
01:49:27 the ministry of Three Angels Broadcasting Network
01:49:29 has taken the undiluted three angels' messages
01:49:32 to every corner of the globe.
01:49:33 Again and again,
01:49:35 God has brought this ministry
01:49:36 through obstacles and challenges and setbacks
01:49:39 that would have ended a ministry not protected
01:49:40 and directed by His mighty hand.
01:49:43 Over the last 32 years,
01:49:44 the exact number of years that I had been privileged
01:49:47 to call myself a Seventh-day Adventist,
01:49:49 I have seen God grow the ministry of 3ABN
01:49:51 from its tiny cornfield beginnings
01:49:54 to a mighty yet humble voice to Gospel truth
01:49:58 in a dark and hurting world.
01:50:00 The millions of lives, including my own,
01:50:03 that have been impacted by the hand of God through 3ABN
01:50:06 remind me never to take for granted
01:50:08 the blessings this ministry showers upon the entire world.
01:50:11 So back to that question,
01:50:13 "What if 3ABN had never come into existence?
01:50:17 Oh, but it has.
01:50:19 And God has poured out through this ministry
01:50:21 a blessing on the world that should never be underestimated
01:50:24 and can never be over appreciated.
01:50:26 I'm truly thankful to God for the dedicated staff,
01:50:30 for the volunteers, and leadership that have,
01:50:32 over the past 32 years, made themselves available
01:50:35 to proclaim the Gospel to the world,
01:50:37 to the ministry we know and love,
01:50:39 the ministry of Three Angels Broadcasting Network.
01:50:42 Happy 32nd anniversary, 3ABN.
01:50:45 Wow.
01:50:47 Amen. Wow.
01:50:48 What do you think about that? I'll tell you.
01:50:49 That touches my heart.
01:50:51 Didn't that touch you?
01:50:52 He spoke to the whole world and touched their hearts.
01:50:56 And I appreciate that. Absolutely.
01:50:59 So thank you again for what you do for the cause of God,
01:51:01 it's amazing.
01:51:03 I feel like, again as always,
01:51:05 we've been standing on holy ground for 32 years.
01:51:10 And I know we don't have too many microphones out here
01:51:13 but maybe we ought to just sing in closing a little bit here.
01:51:17 Tim, he is already over to piano, I like him.
01:51:19 He is a minute man.
01:51:22 Maybe about the key is C probably.
01:51:28 As I walked through the door
01:51:33 I sensed His presence
01:51:38 And I knew this was a place
01:51:44 Where love abounds
01:51:48 For this is the temple
01:51:53 Jehovah God abides here
01:52:01 We are standing
01:52:04 In His presence
01:52:10 On holy ground
01:52:13 Sing it with me if you will.
01:52:16 We are standing
01:52:22 On holy ground
01:52:29 And I know that
01:52:32 There are angels
01:52:36 All around
01:52:42 Let us praise
01:52:48 Jesus now
01:52:55 We are standing in His presence
01:53:02 On holy ground
01:53:08 Lord, we just thank You
01:53:10 for Your blessings and Your love.
01:53:11 And we thank You for Your hand
01:53:13 that has guided this ministry for 32 years.
01:53:17 And we realize Lord that
01:53:20 we're not worthy to be in Your vineyards,
01:53:22 we are not worthy of anything, no.
01:53:26 Nothing righteous about us, we are all as filthy rags, but,
01:53:29 oh, God we are so thankful today
01:53:32 that You look down
01:53:33 and You see us just as we are
01:53:35 and You're willing to accept us
01:53:37 no matter what shape we are in.
01:53:40 And, Father, thank You that when we come to You
01:53:42 and we confess our sins that You're faithful
01:53:44 and just to forgive us from our sins
01:53:47 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
01:53:50 I pray, Lord, today for each viewer
01:53:52 that's watching this program,
01:53:54 watching last night and tonight,
01:53:56 and when this program airs again,
01:53:59 that each of us
01:54:00 will take a look at our own lives and say,
01:54:03 you know, we have nothing to fear
01:54:05 because we are looking at the past,
01:54:07 how You have led us.
01:54:08 And, Father, I pray that anybody
01:54:10 that's watching this program
01:54:12 and listening on radio has not fully given their hearts to You
01:54:16 and taken up the mantle of Christianity
01:54:19 and what You've told us to do the commission
01:54:21 to go unto all the world,
01:54:22 that we would even now as the Holy Spirit works on us,
01:54:26 that we will recommit, resubmit our life to You
01:54:30 and go and tell what You've done for us.
01:54:32 Thank You, Father, for what You've...
01:54:34 Your hand has been here for 32 years,
01:54:37 in spite of our shortcomings, in spite our failures,
01:54:40 we realize as long as we keep the message
01:54:42 going forward that you will hear,
01:54:45 you will answer our prayers,
01:54:46 you will continue to provide every need
01:54:48 through our viewers around the world.
01:54:51 Thank you that we can join hands together
01:54:53 to take an undiluted three angels' messages,
01:54:56 one would counteract the counterfeit
01:54:59 unto all the world.
01:55:00 Thank You, Father. In Jesus' name, I pray.
01:55:03 Amen.
01:55:06 Tim, play the chorus again, on holy ground.
01:55:11 We are standing
01:55:16 On holy ground
01:55:22 And I know that
01:55:26 There are angels
01:55:29 All around
01:55:34 Let us praise
01:55:41 Jesus now
01:55:48 We are standing in His presence
01:55:56 We are standing in His presence
01:56:03 We are standing
01:56:07 In His presence
01:56:12 We're on holy ground
01:56:19 Anywhere that you are,
01:56:21 no matter where you are in the world,
01:56:23 when you ask Jesus come into your life,
01:56:26 you are standing on the holy ground
01:56:28 because He inhabits the praises of His people
01:56:32 when we submit and commit our lives to Him
01:56:34 and we're willing to let Him
01:56:35 come in and clean house,
01:56:36 then He rules and reigns.
01:56:39 We are standing on holy ground.
01:56:40 We want to thank you for spending,
01:56:42 thank you, Mollie,
01:56:43 thank all of you here and those of you at home
01:56:45 for spending this last number of hours with us.
01:56:48 But our time is all gone for today.
01:56:50 So until we see you tomorrow,
01:56:52 may the Lord richly bless you abundantly
01:56:54 more than you could ever ask or think.
01:56:57 Stay tuned for the conclusion of
01:56:59 3ABN's 32nd anniversary special.
01:57:02 It's coming up next, so don't go away


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