3ABN 32nd Anniversary Special

After Glow

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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), Mollie Steenson (Host)


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00:15 Welcome back to the conclusion
00:17 of 3ABN's 32nd anniversary special.
00:24 Well, we welcome all of you.
00:26 We keep trying to put a period
00:28 on this 32nd anniversary celebration
00:32 and it keeps being a coma,
00:34 our hearts are so full
00:35 and we have so much more we want to share,
00:38 don't we, Danny?
00:39 We do, Mollie.
00:41 And we're so thankful,
00:42 and we're glad that you are still with us.
00:44 And some of you maybe,
00:45 they were gonna be watching us,
00:47 we probably repeated a time or two.
00:49 So if you are joining us live or if this is your first time
00:52 just thank you so much for your love
00:53 and your prayers and financial support of 3ABN.
00:56 I hope that you've been blessed because it's done.
00:59 It's done me personally a lot of good
01:01 to look back over 32 years.
01:04 Now it's so small,
01:05 you can't look over 32 years
01:06 in four hours or six hours or eight.
01:09 But the theme of it all is that God is in control
01:14 and that He will provide every need and He has.
01:17 So when we look into future,
01:19 right now the future looks scary
01:22 from a physical standpoint, the future of 3ABN,
01:25 all of us, our lives looks scary, right?
01:28 But we don't have to worry about it,
01:31 because I think Ellen White made a statement.
01:33 She says, you don't have to fear the future
01:35 when all you have to just look back into the past
01:38 to see how God has led us.
01:40 And so that's what I'm thankful for.
01:43 I'm thankful for each and every one of you.
01:45 We let some of them go home.
01:46 You know, the older folk couldn't stay up with us young,
01:49 us young kids over here while ago.
01:50 We kept as youngsters on, you know.
01:53 We do stomp,
01:54 run over from the church here to the studio.
01:58 So we would have nicer chairs to sit in
02:01 and you all just look so beautiful over there.
02:05 We have Kenny
02:09 and his precious wife Chris,
02:14 and Greg and Jill,
02:15 they stag with the Pastor Lomacang and Angie,
02:18 and of course Yvonne.
02:19 It is so good to have you all continuing with us,
02:22 as again I want to say it again,
02:24 our hearts are overflowing.
02:25 When we look at back
02:27 at all that God has done over 32 years.
02:30 He has just blessed this ministry
02:33 and the people so much.
02:35 We thanked our viewers so much but we also,
02:38 we wanted to take just a little bit of time.
02:40 And that's why we chose to do
02:42 a little more of the programming
02:43 because I don't know where 3ABN would be
02:47 without some of the board members
02:49 that have been here for so long,
02:52 and some of those are now resting in Jesus asleep.
02:56 And we wanted to talk about those just a little bit,
02:58 Mollie, and just to say, you know,
03:01 to the families and to all the people
03:04 that know these board members.
03:06 People would have testimonies;
03:08 we could do programs for hours and hours
03:10 and hours on each one of the lives
03:13 that they have affected around the world.
03:15 They didn't just participate or board members here at 3ABN,
03:19 but we're in ministries
03:20 that literally reach the world for Jesus.
03:23 Amen.
03:24 You know, I came to 3ABN over 21 years ago,
03:28 and several of these were board members at that time.
03:31 And I just want to mention some of the board members
03:34 that have already gone to sleep in Jesus.
03:37 First of all is May Chung.
03:39 What a blessing she was.
03:41 Oh, absolutely, and those of who don't know May Chung,
03:43 we literally could talk for hours.
03:45 I mean, May if I couldn't look at one person in my life that
03:50 has had such a tremendous influence on me
03:53 when it comes to faith.
03:55 I don't think I've ever seen anybody with more faith.
03:58 Whenever the Lord will call them, they would go.
04:00 That's right.
04:01 And I always think about the story with the Philippines,
04:04 some of you heard.
04:05 She called me in the evening and you know,
04:07 she is probably mid 70s by this time.
04:09 She called me son, I called her mom...
04:11 I told her, I call her mom because she bossed me all time.
04:15 She said, you should do this son,
04:17 you should do that, I'd say yes.
04:18 First day you say, yes ma'am,
04:20 yes ma'am then I'd say yes mom, yes mom.
04:22 Reminded me of my mother, you know, Kenny.
04:24 But then, you know, all in good, I mean,
04:26 she was such a wonderful person.
04:28 But she said, you know what,
04:30 son I just thought I'll let you know,
04:32 I'm getting ready to get on airplane here in LA
04:33 I'm going to Philippines.
04:35 I said, all right so why are you going to the Philippines?
04:39 And she said, well, I really don't know, she said,
04:42 but the Lord impressed me to go.
04:43 And I said, May, you can't be...
04:45 who is going with you?
04:47 Oh, I'm just going, me and the Lord she would say,
04:49 and I said, well, you have to have a plan.
04:52 She said you know,
04:53 I used to make plans
04:55 but the Lord always changed them
04:56 so now I don't worry about making plans.
04:58 I just do what He ask and I said,
05:00 what are you gonna do there?
05:01 Where are you gonna stay?
05:03 You know son, I don't worry about that.
05:04 The Lord's got it all planned down,
05:05 I'm just supposed to go.
05:07 I mean, what incredible faith.
05:09 I said your kids know that?
05:10 She said, well, if they did,
05:12 they wouldn't let me go so you let them know that,
05:14 you know if they are worried about me
05:16 and we didn't have cell phones then,
05:18 so this might would have been, you know,
05:19 late 90s or something like that.
05:21 She didn't have phone or way to reach her so she said but,
05:24 when I get a chance I'll call and I'll let you know that
05:27 I'm okay, I tried to talk her out of it.
05:30 Three, four, five days later
05:33 I get a phone call and hey son,
05:35 I said, mom where are you?
05:37 What are you doing?
05:38 I haven't heard from you, I don't know if you're...
05:40 She said, well, I'm traveling on a train right now
05:43 with President Ramos and we're at...
05:45 I said who?
05:46 She said, you know, President Ramos,
05:49 president of the Philippines and he was doing a tour.
05:52 He is...
05:53 it's during election time campaigning
05:54 and he asked me to ride with him
05:57 on the train for few days.
05:59 And I'm like, wait a minute,
06:00 how do you get to not even knowing
06:02 why you are going to the president of the country?
06:06 And you're riding with the president
06:07 across the Philippines, I mean.
06:10 So I said, May what happened,
06:12 she said, well long story short.
06:13 I was sitting on the airplane,
06:15 I got upgraded 'cause I have a lot of miles.
06:17 They upgraded me and I was sitting beside a man
06:19 that ended up being in the cabinet
06:21 for the president,
06:23 and I said, oh my husband knew President Ramos,
06:27 he was the general and during, I guess,
06:30 I'm not sure which there is a war or after the war
06:33 but anyway her husband actually treated
06:35 when he was General Ramos.
06:38 So the guy said, oh, where are you staying?
06:41 And she said, well, I really don't have a...
06:42 Well, you must stay with my wife and I.
06:44 So she gets on the plane,
06:46 she ends up riding beside someone
06:48 who takes her home and says in the morning,
06:50 I must take you to meet the president,
06:52 'cause I'm sure he want to see you,
06:54 so she went to the...
06:56 We call it the White House there
06:58 and she went there and met him.
07:01 And they had this talk and May told him what she does
07:04 and she basically travels around the world,
07:06 just telling people about Jesus,
07:08 giving precedence to Ten Commandments,
07:10 you remember how she used to do that.
07:12 And so he said, well,
07:13 why don't you come and go with me.
07:15 And they were traveling across the Philippines and said,
07:18 is there anything I can do for you.
07:19 And she said, yes, we need to build a hospital.
07:22 I'd like some acreage.
07:23 Well, now when you are asking for acreage in Philippines
07:26 that's, I mean,
07:27 especially in Manila that, you know,
07:29 that is worth fortune
07:30 because there is it's 24 million people
07:33 in metro Manila.
07:34 So they ended up giving property,
07:36 ended up building a hospital there.
07:38 And so I mean May Chung, her faith was incredible to me
07:43 and nothing, I never saw her upset.
07:45 Kenny, you knew her for 30 years, I mean,
07:48 25 years we knew her...
07:50 I never saw her upset, never angry,
07:54 no matter what people would say to her,
07:56 she always had a smile on her face
07:57 and she'd let people say whatever they want
08:00 and she would just continue to witness for the Lord,
08:02 but she when, financially she was a tremendous help.
08:06 We needed something I could call and say, mom,
08:09 could you think about helping this,
08:10 that or the other
08:12 and just recently we actually have just
08:14 sold some property that we've had for some years
08:17 that she left us there in Hawaii
08:19 and it couldn't come at a better time I think.
08:21 God allowed her to sell exactly when we needed it
08:25 to pay some bills to keep us on the air.
08:27 And so May Chung, what a wonderful lady,
08:29 I look forward to seeing her.
08:31 I know all of you want to that haven't met her.
08:34 Now, Yvonne, I don't think you met her,
08:35 I think most of the rest of you have didn't you all meet May.
08:38 But you want to meet May
08:40 'cause you could spend in eternity
08:42 just talking to her and learning from her.
08:44 I'm looking forward to it.
08:45 I'm gonna say how very pleased May would be to know
08:49 that even while she's sleeping in Jesus,
08:52 she's still helping the gospel
08:54 being proclaimed all over the world.
08:56 She was actually the very first person
08:59 to really catch the vision other than the McAlpins
09:02 who started here,
09:04 we went in ASI, we met her there
09:06 and she introduced me
09:08 to Ellsworth McKee of McKee Foods
09:10 now who we'll talk about in a little bit.
09:13 But May was one of those who helped raise funds,
09:17 not only gave it but she would talk to other people
09:19 about supporting 3ABN.
09:21 What would we do without her, and then there was Owen Troy,
09:24 with Carmelitas on the board still today.
09:26 Carmelita's daughter is there and how wonderful,
09:29 what a great guy.
09:30 When we started 3ABN, we didn't know much, I mean,
09:33 we were from Southern Illinois.
09:35 I never been to general conference,
09:37 you hear about those things
09:38 and I had seen the Illinois Conferences
09:41 for as I had been to, I don't even think I'd been.
09:44 You know, hardly to the Lake Union
09:46 and you know, until I was growing
09:48 and what have you,
09:49 so I didn't really know how the church works,
09:51 but of course we have communication director
09:53 for North America
09:54 and general conference communication director
09:57 but when we first started Kenny and I met,
09:59 we got a call from Owen Troy,
10:00 and I think it was Bob Nixon that ask us to meet.
10:03 Could we meet him in St. Louis, so they wanted to know,
10:06 we hear that you guys are building,
10:09 you're Seventh-day Adventist
10:10 but you're building a television station,
10:12 you say it's the one that's gonna reach the world.
10:14 Now we weren't on the air,
10:15 we were just starting but they said,
10:17 you know, we thought you should come and talk to us,
10:20 we're surprised, you didn't come and talk to us.
10:22 And I said, well, we didn't know,
10:24 we're supposed to you know
10:25 and so as we began to talk to them,
10:27 we say well we didn't, we didn't know,
10:29 I said I figure that the timing is right we need to,
10:32 you all may come to us which they did.
10:34 We met him there in St. Louis.
10:36 Owen caught the vision immediately
10:39 and instead of saying, men,
10:41 you guys are way over your head.
10:43 Now he is a communication director
10:44 for the whole entire North America.
10:46 He knows about the media centre,
10:48 how much it cost
10:49 and how tremendous an operation it was,
10:53 but Owen said, do you know what,
10:54 this is got be of the Lord,
10:56 I want to support you
10:57 and so Owen Troy literally brought
11:00 stability to young folks
11:02 starting out saying don't laugh at him,
11:04 don't scoff him,
11:05 let's support him and he did for many, many years
11:08 and literally until he died, I mean,
11:10 Owen was working in Africa.
11:12 He had such a vision
11:13 and what a incredible individual,
11:16 another one of those that has an impact
11:19 on all of our lives.
11:21 And Carmelita is following right into his footsteps.
11:24 Then there is Bill Hulsey.
11:26 Bill Hulsey, incredible man had...
11:30 from Chattanooga, Tennessee
11:32 and originally from Florida.
11:34 But Chattanooga for many, many years,
11:36 had a big business there, they built cabinets
11:39 and what have you,
11:40 and he was in charge of Collegedale wood products
11:43 I think when he was younger and got out of the service
11:46 and then ended up building a large business.
11:49 And when I met Ellsworth McKee,
11:53 and asked Ellsworth to be on the board.
11:55 Ellsworth McKee who is, you know,
11:57 has thousands of employees, runs a huge business.
12:00 He said, I'll come on the board
12:02 on one condition that
12:04 you bring my friend Bill Hulsey on the board.
12:07 I didn't know Bill, and I said, well,
12:09 I'd like to know him and what he believes and, you know,
12:12 see if how our personalities do and I said,
12:15 why is it important you bring Bill.
12:17 And Ellsworth said to me,
12:19 he is the smartest businessman that I know.
12:21 And I'm like wow,
12:23 Ellsworth a great businessman running great company,
12:26 but he said Bill Hulsey is the smartest businessman I know,
12:29 this man is brilliant
12:31 and he not only is brilliant in business
12:34 and got a great mind,
12:35 but he also loves the Lord and has a passion
12:38 to get the gospel to the world, so...
12:40 I will say his memorial service and there were two words
12:44 that I kept hearing
12:45 over and over concerning Bill Hulsey,
12:47 integrity and wisdom.
12:50 Absolutely, and we would have our board meetings
12:53 and if somebody would make a motion and you say,
12:57 how we gonna word that
12:59 and everybody look and say Bill word that.
13:01 He'd just, just spell it out right there, Mollie,
13:03 you would be writing down and everybody be like wow,
13:06 did he just come up with that so we say,
13:08 did you have that already planned.
13:10 Of course, he didn't because we just now are asking him,
13:13 but the guy had a brilliant mind,
13:15 wonderful person and a great supporter of 3ABN
13:18 and now resting in Jesus.
13:20 You know Brother Danny
13:21 that Bill Hulsey speaking with him.
13:23 He was one of those rare people in my opinion
13:27 that when he spoke,
13:29 soon as he open his mouth, you close yours.
13:32 And you listen to every word that he said.
13:34 Lot of people you just don't, you do that,
13:36 you kind of...
13:37 but once he open his mouth to speak,
13:39 he was right on target and what he said always fit
13:42 right where it's supposed to,
13:43 and we always learned from him,
13:45 and I thought man,
13:47 we need that kind of spirit that he has.
13:49 So you hit on the head, not only was a businessman,
13:51 he was a spiritual man.
13:53 Yeah, and you didn't move him off of center point,
13:56 what it was no matter what you did,
13:58 if you came to him, one way or the other,
14:00 he knew where we needed to go and kept us there
14:03 and I'm thankful for the spouse,
14:05 you know, Ann Troy.
14:06 What a wonderful woman
14:07 she is and great support and still,
14:09 and you look at Myrtle Hulsey, great supporters, I mean,
14:12 they had great, great spouses and they all support it.
14:16 Amen.
14:17 You know, Merlin and Joe Ann father,
14:19 that's another and I think of Merlin
14:22 and he is somebody I think of as a wise man.
14:25 Oh, absolutely, he is one of those they say,
14:28 E.F. Hutton, when you, because Merlin wasn't a talker.
14:31 Merlin was very quiet and he came...
14:34 we met him years ago was out in Oregon,
14:37 and they invited us to their home,
14:39 and I saw his burden for ministry
14:41 in getting the gospel to the world.
14:43 He is a businessman but not like I'm real mouthy.
14:47 In other words he was very quiet
14:50 unless you ask him something,
14:52 he rarely just volunteered it.
14:54 And so, you know,
14:56 different people have different natures
14:57 but when I got to know him,
14:59 I said this man is very intelligent,
15:01 he is very smart,
15:03 but what I loved about him in a same way with Bill
15:05 and some of the others, common sense.
15:07 And that's the commodity today very few people
15:10 really have common sense,
15:12 and Merlin just could make something that was so,
15:16 you know, seem like it was here where are we going.
15:19 He just cut through it and get to the black and white
15:21 and say well, here is what we should do.
15:23 And so as I say, E.F. Hutton in that old commercial when he speaks,
15:27 you listen and Merlin and Joe Ann
15:29 were incredible people
15:31 and Joe Ann is still wonderful person,
15:34 still supportive.
15:35 Thank you Joe Ann for what you do to
15:37 for the cause of God,
15:39 and of course Merlin for all the years
15:40 that he supported 3ABN,
15:44 and then one time I got a call, he started 5,000 a month,
15:47 their business grew as the more
15:49 he dedicated time to in finances to 3ABN.
15:53 He said the Lord blessed, gave us 10,000 month,
15:57 then later that we were given 15, 000 a month
15:59 and this is not a huge business.
16:01 This is a lot of sacrificing to do this,
16:04 then I went to with McNeiluses and Maranatha to India
16:08 and then I was in India,
16:10 he watched it on television,
16:12 40, 50, 000 you saw some of the video
16:15 just a little bit ago,
16:16 a night coming, he called me, and he said man,
16:18 there is such a need for churches.
16:20 Do you mind if I quit giving you that 15, 000
16:23 and give it to India.
16:25 And you're like...
16:27 Take a big swallow like...
16:29 So I just said, well,
16:31 Merlin I'll tell you what to do,
16:32 he said now if you don't want me too, I won't.
16:34 And I said, you know what,
16:36 wherever the Lord is impressing you to give it,
16:37 that's where you should give.
16:39 And he did, he began to give there
16:42 and literally because of that one family
16:45 and we give the God the credit for this.
16:48 Because of this one family their sacrifice
16:51 getting others to support
16:53 and help financially working with Maranatha,
16:56 several hundreds thousands, I must say that again.
16:59 I think 2 to 300,000 people
17:02 have joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church in India
17:05 because of that ministry.
17:07 What if I had said no, don't support, you know,
17:10 don't support that's why we don't know God's will
17:12 and the Lord is impressing, you know,
17:14 let's let people do what they want to do and he did it,
17:18 and so Bruce and his family,
17:20 the rest of the family and Jackie,
17:21 they've caught that vision,
17:23 and Bruce now is a chairman of our board.
17:25 So it's interesting some of it
17:27 went from the parents to the kids
17:29 that have stayed on the board
17:32 and kept the family name going,
17:34 and so we appreciate them so much
17:36 and Bruce for his leadership.
17:37 Same commitment reminds me so much of his dad,
17:41 I can't tell you,
17:42 I didn't know Bruce for the first several years
17:44 when Merlin was on the board
17:46 but as I got to know Bruce,
17:47 I said not only looking at him
17:49 but how he thinks, you know.
17:51 And again, it's common sense and spiritual sense.
17:54 You know, Danny,
17:55 one of the other thing that sync
17:57 when you said that the theme of these individuals, you know,
18:00 father and son, and this is one thing
18:02 that just indelibly got in my mind,
18:04 I thought man,
18:05 Lord help me to keep that straight as he said one time,
18:08 'cause he's talking about how many baptisms,
18:09 several hundred thousand baptisms.
18:11 And the question was asked to them,
18:13 how many baptisms,
18:14 you know, all time you've been working in India,
18:16 how many baptisms.
18:18 He said, however many there were they are not,
18:21 he said, it's not enough.
18:23 He never gave a figure;
18:25 he said however many, it's not enough.
18:28 And I thought how wonderful that is to think about,
18:30 it's not just enough, there is not enough,
18:32 so that just did something to my heart,
18:34 I said, that's where I want to be.
18:36 Yeah, absolutely.
18:37 Another lady that was on our board
18:39 that when I think about faith and wisdom,
18:41 I think about Pam Rhodes.
18:42 Oh, absolutely, you all love Pam Rhodes and know her,
18:46 I mean, what an incredible lady she and Jim
18:49 and Jim still great person,
18:52 and always been supportive of 3ABN.
18:54 Thank you for what you're doing.
18:56 And Pam just died way too early and way too early.
19:00 I wouldn't give her name
19:01 because not that she would know it now
19:03 but at resurrection sometime
19:04 I might have to mention her age,
19:06 but we were close to the same age,
19:08 but what a wonderful person.
19:10 And the people to be around both of them,
19:12 I mean, the Rhodes just,
19:13 you couldn't be sad, you couldn't be depressed,
19:15 you can't be discouraged when they are around,
19:17 you're gonna be happy.
19:18 And of course the music they provided,
19:21 but also financially they were great support to 3ABN,
19:25 but just being around them it's infectious
19:27 because they believed
19:29 in getting the gospel to the world,
19:30 telling people about Jesus
19:32 and letting people know you're a Christian,
19:34 not by telling them but by your actions.
19:37 And so Pam Rhodes is an incredible,
19:39 incredible woman who is now sleeping in Jesus,
19:43 resting for the second coming,
19:45 but what a privilege to have people
19:47 and get to know people like that, you know,
19:51 and you think about it, we need eternity
19:55 because all people that we met here,
19:58 sitting at the feet of Jesus,
20:00 getting to know people from around the world,
20:02 it would take an eternity to do all that, right?
20:04 We're not gonna be up there twirling our thumbs
20:06 and nothing to do.
20:08 We're going to be busy, busy folks, reacquainting,
20:10 reuniting with those
20:12 who are now resting in the Lord.
20:15 Two other gentlemen that are enjoying their golden years
20:20 and both of them served as chairman of the board
20:23 at one time or another are Ellsworth McKee
20:26 and Dr. Walter Thomson.
20:27 Absolutely, two incredible individuals,
20:30 and if you all are watching, you know that I love you.
20:32 First of all we love you very much,
20:33 I can say that personally.
20:35 I've learned so much from both of you
20:38 and both gentlemen,
20:39 both men of integrity,
20:41 and Ellsworth runs a huge business
20:45 but is humble a person as you will ever meet.
20:47 I mean he's humbler person as you will ever meet.
20:50 Quick little story,
20:53 we one time here in West Frankfort
20:56 to Chamber of Commerce, we wanted to know, wow,
20:58 do you think you could get
20:59 Ellsworth McKee to come and speak.
21:01 It was Frankfort, now we're 9,000 people, right.
21:04 So you think you can get him to come and speak, and I said,
21:08 now Ellsworth, he doesn't get up front,
21:10 he is not talkative, you know, I'm sure he won't do it.
21:13 They said would you ask him and I said, oh, I'll ask,
21:15 so I called Bonnie his secretary and said, Bonnie,
21:18 I know Ellsworth won't do this but would he come in,
21:21 the Chamber of Commerce wants him to come and speak
21:24 to the business people in West Frankfort.
21:26 She said, well, let me ask him.
21:28 To my surprise she called back and said,
21:30 he said he'd be happy to if it can help 3ABN
21:33 and it will do something,
21:34 so I said now I know to help 3ABN,
21:37 he is gonna go out of his comfort zone.
21:39 It would have been easier probably to ask for donation
21:41 than to get him to come and speak
21:44 but he did and he came and did a incredible job,
21:47 did a fantastic job,
21:49 and everybody there said,
21:50 I thought you said he wasn't much of a speaker.
21:52 I said no, I didn't said, he wasn't much of a speaker,
21:55 I said, he doesn't speak much, but when he spoke,
21:58 that it was really,
21:59 I mean he held the attention of everybody,
22:02 but the thing that people said was he is so humble,
22:05 you would not know that
22:08 he was a man of this type of means.
22:11 And years ago when we had the governor,
22:15 general president of Uganda came here
22:19 and so it was a big deal for a Southern Illinois,
22:22 so they had police cars and escorts and so,
22:25 while he was here,
22:26 we brought the governor general to see 3ABN.
22:30 he rode in the same vehicle,
22:32 newspaper writer Bob Ellis rode
22:34 in the same vehicle rode with Ellsworth and May
22:38 and with the president,
22:40 and one thing he said when it was all said and done,
22:43 it was all over, he would call me and he said,
22:46 I can't get over these people how humble they are.
22:50 They don't talk about themselves.
22:52 I tried to get them to talk about themselves,
22:54 they only want to talk about the Lord and His word.
22:56 And so that's Ellsworth McKee and Ellsworth sharing,
23:00 thank you for all the support, Debbie, Rusty,
23:02 all the family for what you do,
23:04 not only 3ABN but for what you do around the world,
23:08 I mean, thousands of churches have been built,
23:10 wells being drilled, literally drilled,
23:12 people being fed, orphanages,
23:15 things, seminaries,
23:16 I mean literally what this family has done
23:19 their heart is for mission.
23:20 Thank you so much.
23:22 Then quickly Dr. Thompson.
23:23 Dr. Thompson is a man,
23:25 he was surgeon for many, many years
23:27 and when we went to Hinsdale,
23:29 when we were first starting our first invitation
23:33 to go speak of Hinsdale, Illinois
23:35 which is a biggest church in the state,
23:37 Dr. Thompson was there.
23:39 We didn't have anything going,
23:40 we were just talking about
23:42 what the Lord impressed us to do.
23:43 He caught the vision right away
23:45 and said, you know what?
23:46 He said I remember his $5000 check
23:48 that was huge at that time didn't know him,
23:51 he said I was at the meeting,
23:52 what you're doing is the Lord's will,
23:55 I'll help you anyway that I can.
23:58 And 30 years later,
23:59 I have probably may have times that well,
24:02 I wished that, you know,
24:04 volunteered because he's traveled the world,
24:06 he was chairman of the board,
24:08 good time and bad times.
24:09 You know when you're what's Wintley Phipps say
24:12 when you are,
24:13 ego people shoot at you when you are up above,
24:15 well, when you are on the chairman's position,
24:17 you know, in a ministry or business
24:20 you're gonna have people shooting,
24:21 but we'll talk about integrity,
24:23 there is a man that loves the Lord,
24:25 he is honest, man of integrity.
24:27 And if I could count on all the people
24:29 that I knew in a world,
24:31 maybe five people that have had this impact in my life
24:35 as Dr. Thompson.
24:36 He would be one of those
24:38 because I have seen him year after year after year,
24:40 good times and bad times.
24:42 And, Yvonne, now guess what, who is on our board?
24:46 Greg, his son Greg Thompson,
24:48 so it's just as the mantle has been handed down,
24:51 and what a great guy we're finding out
24:53 that Greg is and the vision.
24:55 So thank you to Thompsons for all that you've done to.
24:58 And we just found like
24:59 we wouldn't be right to do all of these hours
25:02 and not maybe honor especially some of these folk
25:05 that who have had such an impact,
25:08 not only just ministry but me personally
25:11 that's helped me to go through good times
25:14 and bad times and many of you here too.
25:17 You know, both of these men, Ellsworth and Dr. Thompson
25:21 served on our board sacrificially for,
25:23 it was 26 or 28 years for many, many years
25:27 they've been a part of this.
25:28 Yeah, I know, Bill Hulsey all of them
25:30 right in the beginning.
25:31 Literally first year to Owen Troy,
25:32 all of these men came, they stayed on,
25:35 and it was not always popular
25:36 because we weren't part of the church,
25:38 we were independent or supporting ministry,
25:40 and people didn't know how to react back in the 80s
25:43 because they are used to just people working with the church
25:46 and not having supporting ministries
25:48 who are not answering,
25:50 and you're going out literally going into places
25:54 no one's ever been when it comes to media,
25:56 and you representing an entire world church
25:58 and they're scared, well,
25:59 we don't know who these folk are,
26:01 and what they're going to be preaching and all of these,
26:03 but having these types of people on our board
26:06 that everybody in the world church knows
26:08 brought some balance in,
26:10 right to us, John?
26:12 You know the Bible says the steps of a good man
26:14 are ordered by the Lord
26:15 and he delights in his ways, Psalm 37:23,
26:19 the men and women that God sent to be in this ministry,
26:21 you could never have gone out and pick them.
26:24 God order their step to something here
26:25 to support this ministry and while were there,
26:28 all the better for it.
26:29 I wanted to say something regarding Dr. Thompson,
26:32 you know, he has just poured wonderful,
26:35 I mean just he is very willing to speak,
26:36 he is the man of the God
26:38 and he has just given us lots of input,
26:41 you know, through the years
26:43 but one of the things that
26:44 I also appreciate about Dr. Thompson,
26:45 I had this quick story on him.
26:47 You know, he is a surgeon
26:48 and I had this little thing on my leg,
26:51 and I asked Dr. Thompson some years ago.
26:53 I said, oh, would you take a look
26:54 at this thing on my leg.
26:56 He said sure, I'll take a look at it,
26:57 so he takes a look at it and he says,
26:58 oh, we'll take it off right now.
27:01 I said, you'll take it off right now.
27:02 He said, yeah,
27:03 I got some little sutures over here,
27:05 a little bit of stuff to numb it,
27:06 and I've got a knife.
27:08 So lo and behold, I was there, he numbed it,
27:11 and I was trying to dab the blood,
27:12 there was no nurse and he said,
27:16 oh, this is much better than doing this
27:17 under a jungle tree in Africa.
27:19 He said this room is so much cleaner,
27:21 that's Dr. Thompson for he is so quiet,
27:23 but yet so full of wisdom and man,
27:26 we've been so blessed to get to know him and his wife.
27:28 Yeah, but just a great, a great guy.
27:30 Absolutely.
27:31 Yvonne.
27:34 We also should thank Jim Gilley for the time
27:36 that he was here as well
27:39 because he gave several years here.
27:41 Absolutely, almost eight years, seven plus years.
27:44 We're gonna get into that in a few minutes
27:46 but where we're at it, I mean, Jim came and Camille,
27:50 and they came in a time when it was...
27:53 we needed somebody and they prayed about it,
27:57 Jim said, he thought, oh well, it won't be me,
28:00 you know, they got two or three other people,
28:02 then he was shocked when I called him
28:03 and said the board really wants you to come,
28:05 and he came here and said,
28:07 you know this was a best time of his life and they retired,
28:11 they're out in California with grandkids
28:14 but we do want to say thank you to Jim and Camille Gilley
28:17 for the years that they put here as president
28:20 and chairman of the board,
28:23 and what a great job that they did
28:26 because it's not easy,
28:27 and you're responsible for so much going on.
28:30 And of course we can't do it without you,
28:33 but when it comes to finances, when it comes to employees,
28:35 when it comes to all these things
28:37 and you're looking around at world vision,
28:40 it's a tough seat to set in sometime
28:42 especially if you're not the right one for the job.
28:45 He said I love it, I love being here.
28:47 Owen Troy said,
28:48 that he said I've been on boards
28:50 in the church for years.
28:51 This is the only one I love coming to and enjoy
28:54 because I get so encouraged by all the testimonies.
28:59 Let me just read a list of the men and women
29:03 that have served through the years,
29:05 Ken. Denslow, G. Ralph Thompson,
29:08 Larry Welch, Wintley Phipps,
29:10 Larry Romrell, Garwin McNeilus,
29:12 Stan Smith, Max Trevino and Jim Stevens,
29:16 and now the current setting board is Danny Shelton,
29:20 Mollie Steenson, Carmelita Troy,
29:22 Bruce Fjarli, C. A. Murray,
29:24 Yvonne Lewis, Brian Hamilton,
29:26 Greg Thompson and Greg Morikone.
29:28 So I know Danny and I from the bottom of our hearts
29:31 we thank all of you
29:33 that helped us for so many years.
29:35 We appreciate you so much
29:36 and for you that are sitting now,
29:38 we need your help and we need your love
29:40 and we need your prayers and we thank you so much.
29:42 Amen. Absolutely.
29:44 We want to talk a little bit...
29:46 Chris, you've been involved
29:49 and I know you've been sitting over there for several hours,
29:51 Chris always has good things to say
29:53 and she just quietly didn't say anything,
29:56 and I know Greg and Jill,
29:57 but you look back now for four plus hours,
30:01 give us something, encourage us,
30:03 something what you see for the future.
30:06 What do you have in your heart?
30:07 Well, I was sitting quiet but I was about to burst.
30:11 My heart was about to burst
30:13 because you know 32 years ago,
30:15 we had no idea what satellite TV was,
30:18 and to get a dish,
30:19 most of us couldn't afford a dish.
30:21 We didn't even know what a dish was.
30:24 And I remember just watching the rolls and looking,
30:28 and of course I know a lot of behind the scenes too.
30:31 And I thought wow,
30:34 what God has done and I was quietly whispering
30:37 and so many times I was saying thank you Lord.
30:39 This came about differently, you know,
30:43 before we started this,
30:44 this After Glow program you mentioned that,
30:47 that 3ABN is like the greatest
30:49 television station in the world.
30:52 Evangelistic tool,
30:54 I'll say television station too,
30:56 because God actually had his hand
30:59 in every step of the way.
31:01 He knew the explosion of technology,
31:05 none of us had a clue.
31:07 We didn't have, in fact, if any of us sitting here,
31:10 except maybe Pastor John,
31:13 if we were asked to do a lot of these things,
31:16 we still are technologically ignorant as it were,
31:21 but wow, what he knew.
31:23 And you know, I think about you mentioned earlier
31:25 about we need help, we need help right now.
31:29 This is not a time that we should be going backwards,
31:31 but it's a time to go forward.
31:33 You know, you mentioned earlier about
31:36 the babies that you've had, and you know,
31:38 I know some of the babies like Dare to Dream are no longer
31:41 on some of the main television stations.
31:43 And we have an interesting perspective
31:45 being at Behold the Lamb,
31:47 and to be quite honest,
31:49 we don't get near the phone calls we used to get.
31:53 You know I realize that a lot of this is
31:55 accessible to internet
31:57 that people are still like the rest of us,
32:00 we want to go turn on the channel.
32:02 We want to see it,
32:03 and so I just implore people this is different.
32:07 A lot of the other stations,
32:08 they came after the technology was here.
32:11 God put this one in play before,
32:14 and you mentioned May Chung in the faith.
32:17 I can think of you boys in the faith.
32:20 How many times you would go and buy
32:22 a five gallon bucket of gasoline not knowing
32:25 where the money was going to come,
32:27 digging the foundation not knowing
32:30 where the money was going to come.
32:31 The satellite dish not even understanding about what is it,
32:36 satellite Atlantic or what I forget.
32:38 Scientific Atlantic and the cost
32:41 to even get it started,
32:43 and just the fact that there was not even
32:47 'cause I know that SIU,
32:50 I'm an alumni of SIU here in Southern Illinois,
32:53 and they had look us back,
32:54 then you had to have a hole in the radio waves
32:57 and they couldn't find one to start a station.
33:00 But God had his hand over it.
33:02 This is a special, special station,
33:05 and some of the people that
33:07 I have met and continue to meet,
33:10 they're different when they keep this channel on.
33:12 I kid you not.
33:14 And I know some that had joy and a love for the Lord,
33:17 they've come into the truth so many
33:19 because of 3ABN but you know
33:21 the enemy is always out to kill,
33:22 steal and destroy.
33:23 And we've been talking about this over the weekend
33:25 because there are a few that were so on fire
33:28 had such a love for Jesus
33:31 and then they start going to the internet
33:32 and they hear this one and that one
33:34 and who is the accuser of the brethren,
33:36 sisters, who is it?
33:38 Satan.
33:39 And they think that they're doing the Lord's work
33:41 by accusing and stealing all the stuff
33:44 what they are listening to on the internet
33:46 and really they're destroying,
33:47 they're actually working for the enemy,
33:50 and they're destroying God's work.
33:52 But you know I'm like you.
33:54 There is a elder in our church and has helped me
33:57 so many times 'cause he says,
33:58 we have nothing to worry about,
34:00 but we have a lot to pray about.
34:02 There you go. That's good.
34:05 That's a church of that explosion...
34:07 Thank you.
34:08 I want to go over go to Angie for just a little bit,
34:11 and I know John, you used to,
34:13 John doing most of the talk and within little bit,
34:15 we got a few minutes,
34:16 we're gonna bring C.A and Irma out here but,
34:19 Angie, maybe give a word to us, you've been here,
34:21 how many years you've all been?
34:22 Thirteen years.
34:24 Thirteen years, and in a nutshell
34:25 what's your experience here?
34:27 This is a place of miracles.
34:30 I've seen miracles almost everyday.
34:33 And I'm blessed beyond measure to be here,
34:36 John and I as a couple in ministry to be here,
34:41 we're totally blessed.
34:42 And I never thought I'd be working in a media ministry,
34:46 and I worked in radio
34:47 which I absolutely love 3ABN Radio,
34:50 and I do editing, I even host a program,
34:54 never thought, I would host a program
34:57 in a million years, that's God.
34:59 So I'm so privileged to be here and to be the pastor's wife
35:04 and to get to know people on the personal basis,
35:08 going to their homes and minister with people.
35:11 And I'm just blessed to know Danny, Mollie,
35:14 you two are such a blessing to this place.
35:16 You are anchors in this place.
35:18 And I'm so glad and privileged to know you both,
35:21 and I just thank God for this ministry,
35:23 it is a blessing,
35:25 it continue to be a blessing in my life and John's life.
35:28 We appreciate you guys
35:29 because you're like our world PRP,
35:32 for you guys traveled around the world,
35:33 and I guess a lot of that
35:35 because people have seen you John on 3ABN, right.
35:38 You get request around the world.
35:39 Yeah, we do
35:42 and we always go on that very premise.
35:44 We always say, we would like to welcome,
35:46 we like to say hello on behalf of our president
35:49 and founder of 3ABN,
35:50 wherever we go,
35:52 we make sure that people remember.
35:54 If we go, we talk about what's available at 3ABN.
35:56 How to get the app, how to get the mySDA tv,
36:00 how to be a part of the go evangelism
36:02 because we know that
36:03 the world is really our audience.
36:06 Sometimes we are here at home where we sit in these chairs
36:08 or we do a program,
36:10 and I say to people that visit here,
36:12 sometimes they would come to the worship centre
36:14 and preach a sermon or do something.
36:15 I'll say, don't look at the audience,
36:18 look at the camera, they are potentially...
36:21 What's the potential audience?
36:22 1.2 billion, I think, Mollie.
36:24 I'll go with that. You'll go with that.
36:27 And so those are the people that
36:28 God has called us to minister to
36:29 but it is humbling because anyone,
36:31 we said and I want to talk about this one day,
36:33 anybody could have been chosen, but after I've come to 3ABN,
36:37 I see that God had a particular reason to bring us here.
36:39 I remember back in 2002
36:41 when we just said no, no, no, no
36:44 to come to the mid west,
36:45 here we on a thriving church in California,
36:47 what's in the mid west.
36:49 We've never been there.
36:50 From the East Coast to the West Coast
36:52 but in the Midwest, what's out there.
36:54 And the Lord imposed upon us to come out here
36:57 by reading a devotion one day.
36:59 And Oswald Chambers says,
37:00 "Woe be unto you
37:02 if you put your foot in any other direction
37:04 once the call of God has gripped to you.
37:07 That helped us decide and then we got to St. Louis
37:10 and were there for nine months and said Lord,
37:13 this is not what you had in mind,
37:14 why would you take us from California to St. Louis,
37:16 and you call me two days later.
37:18 And I didn't know you like I know you now,
37:20 and the Lord moved upon your heart
37:21 to invite us to be a pastor and wife of this church
37:24 and so here is now,
37:25 we've seen each other grow up.
37:27 Yeah, I came here idealistically with black hair,
37:31 thanks to just for men,
37:33 but I've decided to allow a time to show
37:36 so we can look back and say
37:38 praise God for what he has done
37:39 and to be a part of it,
37:41 I mean that any pastor could have been chosen to be here.
37:44 It's humbling to think to be a part of this,
37:46 so thank you, Danny, surely thank you, Mollie.
37:48 Somebody watching maybe right now
37:51 and we're at the end of the year
37:52 thinking about their giving and what they should do,
37:56 what would you say looking into the camera
37:57 and talk to that person right now is
37:59 we're looking at the end of the year,
38:01 in the year giving and for 3ABN for them,
38:05 what would you say to folk?
38:06 Well, you know, I would say to those
38:08 who are thinking about giving...
38:10 Don't think about giving,
38:11 pray and ask the Lord what he will have you to give.
38:14 I mean, this to me is a no brainer,
38:17 when we think about the gospel
38:18 that the Lord says is going to go into all the world
38:21 and when it does the end comes.
38:23 You may not be the preacher,
38:25 may not be the singer or the speaker or teacher,
38:27 but you can participate
38:29 by the finances that God has given to you.
38:31 I'm mindful of a text in James,
38:33 you know when the last days come,
38:35 and this is a humbling text to share with you.
38:38 If we fight ourselves in the last days
38:40 saving for that rainy day as it were,
38:44 the times will come and catch us,
38:45 we're in such an unstable world today.
38:47 You have the opportunity to make a decision about
38:50 where your finances are going to go
38:52 and every dollar you send and I know,
38:54 I've been here at 3ABN translates
38:55 into another program, another life for the kingdom,
38:58 another ministry that touches people in darkness,
39:01 so many of the people that
39:03 we meet around the world had said,
39:05 had it not been for 3ABN,
39:07 I would not know the truth today.
39:09 I would not come to Christ.
39:10 Even in prisons, they said, where we could not go,
39:13 we could not go behind the bars,
39:15 people said the Lord somehow chose that ministry
39:18 to be on in our prison.
39:19 So don't think about giving,
39:21 pray and ask God
39:22 what would you have me to give
39:24 because there is no better investment
39:27 than an investment in souls for the kingdom.
39:30 You know, I remember once a treasurer I knew said,
39:33 when the Lord comes and we have money in the bank,
39:35 it should be there for only two reasons.
39:37 One we are so busy giving that God keeps giving back.
39:40 Or the second reason which is not the one we want
39:43 that we have given nothing
39:45 and has now cankered up as a witness against us.
39:48 God says when you give, it will be given back to you,
39:50 press down, shaking together and running over.
39:53 And so if you think about how much to give,
39:55 not whether or not to give, consider 3ABN
39:58 and you're giving for the New Year
39:59 and you along with all of us
40:01 who are working for the cause of Christ
40:02 will one day hear the words,
40:04 well done thou good and faithful servant.
40:06 This is the time,
40:08 there is no better time than now
40:09 to give to a cause that will one day eternally triumph.
40:12 God bless you.
40:14 Thank you, John, what we're gonna do,
40:15 we're gonna bring a couple of more folk in
40:16 but since that's such a great appeal,
40:18 I think we put up our address,
40:20 and if the Holy Spirit is impressing
40:22 and you would like to support 3ABN,
40:24 you may do so at the following address.
40:30 If the Holy Spirit impresses you
40:31 to support 3ABN's world wide ministry,
40:34 you can do so in a variety of ways.
40:36 You can write to 3ABN, PO Box 220,
40:40 West Frankfort, Illinois 62896.
40:44 Again that's 3ABN, PO Box 220,
40:48 West Frankfort, Illinois 62896
40:51 You can call us at 618-627-4651.
40:56 That's 618-627-4651.
40:59 You can also visit us online for a live programs,
41:03 schedules and more at 3abn.tv.
41:07 That's 3abn.tv.
41:13 You know Danny,
41:14 what Pastor Lomacang said reminded me,
41:17 at this past camp meeting a couple came up
41:19 and they said that they had overheard
41:21 us talking on behind the scenes
41:24 where we said that's it not the seed
41:26 that's in the barn that produces a crop.
41:28 It's the seed that you plant and just...
41:31 They said, we have God, we've been talking it over,
41:35 we've been praying about it, we've got some property
41:38 that when the Lord returns or when we go to sleep in Jesus,
41:42 we don't want that property to just be sitting there.
41:45 We want to put it into the work of the kingdom
41:48 and so they're planting their seed
41:51 and there will be a mighty harvest
41:53 and what we're looking for is
41:55 a harvest of souls for the kingdom.
41:56 Amen.
41:58 And speaking to that for those who have properties
42:01 who want to contact
42:02 our department is Roy and Arleen, right.
42:04 Roy and Arleen, yes.
42:06 And I guess, you can call here and get phone number.
42:08 Just ask for Roy and Arleen Hunt
42:10 and they'll be happy to put you their way
42:13 because a lot of folk,
42:14 it helps 3ABN tremendously
42:17 when they remember us in their wills and trust
42:20 and what have you,
42:21 so thank you for what you're doing.
42:23 Well, we've added CA Murray and Irma Murray,
42:27 we're glad that you guys are here.
42:28 Before we go to you for a minute,
42:30 I want to talk to Greg and Jill,
42:31 they have sat for four and half hours,
42:33 really not said a word
42:35 and these are folk that are been
42:37 such an incredible blessing to us.
42:39 They've been here what nearly 15 years or...
42:42 It's actually over 17, I'm working on 18.
42:43 Seventeen years, I'm sorry, yeah,
42:45 17 years and but you haven't changed,
42:48 you still look young to me, both of you.
42:49 Praise the Lord.
42:51 Still look young but we believe
42:52 that God has really positioned you people
42:55 that should the Lord tarry in a few years that,
42:58 you know, with this kind of gonna be handed to you,
43:00 we all be here to help you but you got the youth
43:02 and the brains and the physical everything
43:05 that you need, right.
43:06 Strength to go forward and so...
43:08 And a heart for God.
43:09 Absolutely, and a heart for ministry.
43:11 So, Greg, give us a little,
43:13 you've been here all these years?
43:15 Well, we know that all things come from God.
43:17 So we're grateful for the opportunity to be here,
43:19 you know, as we've been sitting here for these hours...
43:22 What a blessing though it is
43:23 because I think of the song to God be the glory,
43:26 how great things He has done.
43:28 You know think about how God has led this ministry
43:30 for all of these years
43:32 and how you literally started out with nothing.
43:35 What God has done, it reminds me of like those
43:37 the five loaves and the two fish,
43:39 what God can do,
43:40 He can multiply things and look where 3ABN...
43:43 Yesterday and I think back,
43:44 I think it was at the first hour
43:46 when we're showing some of those old clips
43:49 and you were singing the song,
43:50 "I want to spend my life, mending broken people,"
43:54 and how that song was given to you.
43:55 Someone knocked at your door,
43:57 I think you said and just say,
43:58 I don't know if you wanna sing this song or not
43:59 and what a theme song,
44:01 also I think for the ministry of 3ABN.
44:03 And I know I want my life to always be an honor to God
44:06 but I also want to spend my life
44:07 mending broken people,
44:09 and being a minister for the Lord,
44:11 it's neat to be part of this ministry all these years,
44:14 but man, it's ministered to me, you know,
44:17 'cause we're all broken in some way or another, and man,
44:20 what a privilege it is to be here
44:22 and I was thinking also.
44:24 You know, it's easy 3ABN, 32 years
44:27 it seems like quite a while
44:29 and you know for those at home
44:31 you may be have supported us
44:32 since the very beginning and it's easy to just say,
44:35 wow, 3ABN is matured,
44:38 they don't need my support anymore,
44:39 let me go support something else.
44:42 But 3ABN continues to need your support
44:44 even though it maybe all grown up
44:46 at 32 years of age, wow,
44:48 we still need the support here...
44:50 more than ever before
44:51 and you think about the stories that come in
44:53 because, Mollie, you get those good letters.
44:55 We call them on a daily basis
44:57 of how people's lives are being touched for eternity.
45:00 This hasn't just been just touched
45:02 for some temporal thing,
45:03 for eternity, how much better it can get,
45:06 so anyway what a blessing to be here.
45:08 Thank you, Jill...
45:10 It's a blessing to be part of the ministry of 3ABN.
45:12 You know, I feel like we've grown up here.
45:15 In the sets of 3ABN,
45:17 I was in my early 20s
45:19 when we came and we're still young.
45:21 But...
45:23 But it's a privilege to have a part.
45:27 To have a small part in helping to spread the gospel
45:30 with each one of you, to be mentored by you,
45:32 to learn more at the feet of Jesus.
45:35 You know what a privilege
45:37 and just watching through these five hours here
45:40 with that we've been sitting
45:41 and seeing what God has done in this ministry is incredible.
45:47 God started with a vision,
45:49 with stepping out by faith and walking in obedience
45:53 and to think of the people way more than the 200,000
45:57 we just talked about with India,
45:59 the people who have come to know Jesus.
46:03 When we get to have it,
46:04 the people who are gonna come and say,
46:06 I'm here because I flipped a channel
46:10 and I found out about Jesus.
46:13 I chose to give my life to Jesus
46:15 or I found out the truth of the Sabbath.
46:18 I learn that when I die,
46:20 I'm gonna rest in the grave until Jesus comes.
46:24 That's what this ministry is all about.
46:26 Just this morning, if I can share a scripture,
46:28 this was in my devotions,
46:29 I'm in Isaiah and I just happened to read Isaiah 61.
46:32 And this is not the beginning part of the chapter
46:35 which Jesus read, you know,
46:36 to announce His messianic mission there,
46:39 I'm in Luke 4 he read that, but this is not that,
46:42 this is toward the end.
46:44 It says, this is Isaiah 61:8,
46:46 "I will direct their work in truth,
46:49 I will make with them an everlasting covenant.
46:53 Their descendant shall be know among the gentiles,
46:57 and their offspring among the people,
47:00 all who see them shall acknowledge them
47:04 that they are the posterity whom the Lord has blessed."
47:07 And I know this was originally written to the Israelites,
47:11 but I believe this promise is for 3ABN.
47:14 For this ministry here in the end time
47:17 that everyone who sees the descendants,
47:20 the off spring,
47:21 the people who come to know Jesus,
47:23 who come to the truth as a result to this ministry
47:26 are going to acknowledge that God has blessed this ministry.
47:30 Amen.
47:32 Thank you so much. What a privilege to be part.
47:34 Irma Murray, what are you...
47:35 you guys been here?
47:36 How many years you all been here?
47:38 We've been here 12 years,
47:39 Okay, you have done most of the talking
47:40 but in the next couple of minutes is yours.
47:43 What impact does this had
47:44 and what do you have to say to the folk at home?
47:47 Danny, coming here to 3ABN was for the first time
47:51 that I worked for a Christian entity.
47:56 I always worked in the world and has challenges
48:01 that the Lord had for me,
48:03 so that I could grow in many ways.
48:06 I am very sure that He can do anything,
48:11 whatever you are,
48:12 but being in here is been a big, big blessing.
48:16 And when we go places and the people you can see
48:22 and they tell you by the love that they have for 3ABN.
48:26 It is amazing,
48:28 and when I hear your stories, Danny,
48:31 they always really impresses my heart
48:34 and it touches my heart,
48:35 and the kind of person that you have been
48:38 and how the Lord have used you,
48:41 and sometimes I have said Lord, you know,
48:43 what else can I do.
48:45 Some people do so much,
48:48 but I know the Lord every day has a plan for us
48:52 and sometimes we don't do big things
48:54 but the Lord still uses in small ways,
48:57 and it's been a big, big blessing in growing.
49:01 When I answered the phones
49:04 that many times that people wants the free offer.
49:09 But they always say it, they says,
49:11 always say it has changed my life, it has,
49:14 it's been so good,
49:16 and I want to share it with other people,
49:19 and that is wonderful.
49:21 And then when they said just this week,
49:24 last week at the end of last week,
49:27 I had a phone call from a man and he says, you know,
49:31 we were watching Lassa,
49:34 that's Spanish evangelical
49:37 and for but then all of a sudden
49:40 Lassa is not there,
49:42 and then we find this station 3ABN.
49:46 And we are so blessed,
49:47 it says because we have learned
49:51 so much truth about it.
49:53 So he was praising the Lord
49:56 and he want to pray a prayer for his family
50:00 and so those things just really make you excited and continue.
50:05 We're so thankful for you and CA and all your work,
50:08 dedication over these years.
50:09 Yvonne, a couple of minutes,
50:11 well, tell us what's on your heart?
50:12 Oh, oh my Chris, I might burst.
50:17 Well, you know,
50:19 I think so often we can take things for granted.
50:22 You know, some station is on and you watch it
50:26 and you're blessed by it,
50:27 but you don't really feel impressed to do anything
50:33 because you're just not,
50:34 you're not in touch with it.
50:36 Once you ask God, what should I do,
50:39 it doesn't even have to be money.
50:41 Sometimes it's something that
50:42 you have in that, you know,
50:45 one man's trash is another man's treasure.
50:47 So we have a donations department here,
50:49 and you can send something there.
50:52 So we can all do something
50:55 and one thing that
50:57 I think is important to know
50:59 and that is that everybody here
51:01 really believes in this ministry.
51:03 We are not just saying this is a great ministry,
51:06 we really believe
51:07 because we see on a daily basis
51:09 what God is doing through this ministry,
51:12 and so it is such a privilege and a blessing
51:15 to be a part of 3ABN.
51:18 I feel so honored and I feel as though,
51:21 we are here for such a time as this
51:23 and that Jesus is coming soon.
51:26 And the sooner we can all rally together
51:29 and come together
51:31 and really get the gospel out with your help.
51:35 We can just get the word out, so that nobody has to be lost.
51:41 And if people don't hear about Jesus,
51:44 guess what is on us,
51:46 your blood is on us.
51:48 So we have to really, really ask God
51:51 what He would have us to do and then do it, just do it.
51:55 Good. Thank you.
51:56 CA, we have a couple of minutes.
51:58 We want to give Kenny a couple of minutes.
51:59 Go on what's on your heart four and half,
52:02 almost five hours now.
52:03 I know we're tired you got any thoughts left for us?
52:07 You know, it's interesting that
52:08 Jill quoted from the Book of Isaiah.
52:11 Isaiah is my favorite Old Testament book
52:14 because in Isaiah we see God on the stretch.
52:17 Okay.
52:18 We see a God who is desperate to save His people
52:22 and 3ABN is a latter day manifestation
52:25 of the desperation of God.
52:28 God was so desperate that He roamed the earth,
52:31 His eyes roamed on the earth and He says you know,
52:33 I'm gonna take this little guy in Southern Illinois,
52:37 he doesn't know it yet but he's got a burden
52:39 and I'm about to put a big burden on him.
52:41 And you were just smart enough to listen to the voice of God.
52:47 And God will use anyone at anytime
52:49 and in any place to do what He wants.
52:50 I've seen God do so much with so little
52:53 for so long that I'm convinced God
52:54 can do anything with nothing.
52:56 And what He has done here is
52:59 made this entity a tool in the hands of God
53:02 for the salvation of the souls of men and women,
53:04 and then He's brought people
53:06 from the various parts of the world
53:08 and planted them here.
53:09 And there were some people who came here,
53:11 who perhaps shouldn't have been here
53:12 and then God just moved them to something else,
53:14 and those who have the 12 years,
53:16 the 15 years or the 17 years are here
53:18 because they have the vision.
53:21 I look at the people on the board,
53:22 I do this real quick.
53:24 God has put people on the board,
53:25 who are not, yes people.
53:28 You look these are all accomplished people
53:30 who know how to say no,
53:32 but the reason the answer is always yes is
53:35 because the vision is the same,
53:37 and when you got the same vision,
53:39 it doesn't take a lot of selling,
53:40 it doesn't take a lot of huckstering,
53:42 you just cast that vision and people pick up the vision
53:44 because the vision is from God.
53:46 And 3ABN will go just as far, just as fast,
53:49 just as long as God wants to go.
53:51 We are on the battlements now,
53:52 when we go others will come on the battlements behind us,
53:55 and God will use this ministry to save every man,
53:58 woman, boy or girl that He wants to be saved.
54:01 And it is a privilege and a pleasure
54:03 to work with such wonderful Christian people,
54:05 and be part of something that I know is bigger than me,
54:08 bigger than all of us,
54:09 it was something in the mind of God
54:12 that He made happen and we are...
54:14 It's marvelous, you know
54:16 this is the Lord is doing
54:17 and it is marvelous in our eyes.
54:19 Amen, Brother Kenny, 32 years?
54:22 Well, you know, I was just thinking back,
54:24 I preached a sermon just not too long ago
54:26 and I thought how appropriate would be
54:27 at the end of the year,
54:29 you're talking about people getting involved,
54:30 and it says, how we rob God even in death.
54:34 It's interesting subject, people are robbing God,
54:38 you know, through life even after they die,
54:40 they are still robbing him.
54:42 So we need to be aware of how we might do it
54:44 and a lot of people are not aware
54:46 because they are taking what God has loan them.
54:49 They are given to unbelieving children,
54:51 all those we learned about it.
54:53 You know, they are not putting it back into the treasury,
54:56 so there are things that we need to be doing
54:58 since the work is wrapping, Jesus is coming soon.
55:01 We need to be ready for His coming.
55:03 This probably 3ABN as everyone has said here,
55:06 it's a real thrill and real privilege for us to be involved
55:09 what little bit we are,
55:10 we've come to love each and everyone,
55:12 we see that the love for Christ is real.
55:14 If it was not,
55:16 I wouldn't want to be here and everyone agrees with that.
55:18 The message is real, it is a timely message,
55:22 we need to be giving that message
55:24 and God's people,
55:25 we want them to get involved,
55:26 I think it's about four five hours it's about,
55:29 give God the praise, the honor
55:30 and but please everybody get involved.
55:33 Everyone needs to hear the gospel,
55:34 everyone will hear if their ears are open
55:37 and God is gonna give us
55:38 that opportunity and privilege to hear this message.
55:41 We need your help, please,
55:43 help get this message preached to the world
55:46 so that the bottom line,
55:47 I see, I heard just a passage
55:48 'cause you talk about that
55:50 the board members also who passed away.
55:51 I want this for me if I happened rest
55:52 before Jesus comes,
55:54 I know you wanted to found in Revelation 14:13,
55:56 I'll hurry, it says here,
55:58 "And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me,
56:00 Write, Blessed are the dead
56:02 which die in the Lord from henceforth:
56:04 Yea, saith the Spirit,
56:05 that they may rest from the their labors
56:08 and their works do follow them."
56:11 Okay. All right.
56:12 praise God. Good, good.
56:14 It's been a biggest blessing in my life being part of 3ABN.
56:17 Praise the Lord, me too.
56:18 I just told Yvonne the other day,
56:20 woke up with this thought
56:22 that you have to be humble enough in ministry,
56:25 you need to be humble enough
56:27 to know you can't do it on your own,
56:29 but confident enough
56:31 to know God can do great and mighty,
56:34 and marvelous things through you.
56:36 Other words, so it's not he is doing,
56:39 it's not you is humble enough to know you can't do it
56:42 but get confident enough,
56:44 strong enough to go forward
56:46 and know and expect
56:48 great and mighty marvelous things
56:49 to happen in spite of us.
56:51 God work through us,
56:52 Mollie, we have few seconds in closing.
56:55 In our inability, He is our ability
56:57 and in our weakness He's made strong,
56:59 in our insufficiency He is our all sufficiency,
57:02 and when we walk with that in our hearts and in our minds,
57:06 there is nothing that God can't do
57:08 through us and for us.
57:10 All right, love it.
57:11 Amen, can't believe that our time is just about going
57:13 and we are not coming back on another hour,
57:16 what have you, you can go home,
57:17 go to sleep, go to bed
57:18 whatever you want to do,
57:20 but thank you for your love
57:21 and your prayers and financial support.
57:23 Until we see next time,
57:24 may the Lord richly bless you
57:26 abundantly more than you could ever ask or think.
57:29 Yes. Amen.
57:30 All right.


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