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00:03 male announcer: This presentation is brought to you
00:05 by the friends of the Amazing Facts Ministry.
00:09 Doug Batchelor: During the Pacific battles in
00:10 World War II, the Japanese eavesdropped on the U.S.
00:14 Marine communications, deciphering every U.S. code.
00:18 But Philip Johnson, an engineer and veteran,
00:21 made a suggestion.
00:22 He had been raised on the Navajo reservation,
00:25 and he knew it was virtually an unwritten language at the time.
00:28 Convinced that very few people of the world understood the
00:31 complex syntax and tonal qualities of Navajo,
00:35 the Marines authorized an official program to develop
00:39 and use the code.
00:40 Young Navajo men fluent in their native tongue and English,
00:44 some only 15 years old, constructed in master the Navajo
00:47 code which they use to transmit crucial
00:50 information during battles.
00:52 Historians believe the Navajo code talkers played a crucial
00:56 role in the U.S. victory in the Pacific and the
00:59 Japanese were never able to break the code.
01:04 Did you know the Scriptures teach that there's a simple
01:06 little known code that, once understood,
01:09 will unlock the mysteries of Bible prophecy?
01:12 Being able to decipher this code will make God's prophetic
01:16 messages come alive in your life,
01:19 bringing you peace and hope for the future.
01:21 Join me today as we examine this fascinating code.
01:29 Doug: Well, we are very excited to be with you here in
01:31 Charlotte, and we've been looking forward to this series.
01:34 We put together a set of new presentations based on Bible
01:37 prophecy, and especially in light of everything that is
01:41 going on in the world today, the last day of prophecy.
01:45 And our presentation tonight is dealing with The Secret Code
01:49 in Prophecy.
01:51 You know, I remember years ago hearing about
01:53 the enigma machine.
01:56 You've probably heard of that as well.
01:58 This machine is actually built back during World War I.
02:01 They used it for business.
02:04 But when World War II broke out, the Nazis found out that it was
02:09 such an incredibly sophisticated machine with the wheels,
02:13 and gears, and buttons, and wires,
02:15 so that they would transfer a message through this machine and
02:18 only those with a code book in the machine at the other end
02:21 could understand that message.
02:23 They figured it was an unbreakable code.
02:25 But what they didn't count on is there was a group of brilliant
02:30 Polish mathematicians who, working with some British
02:34 agents, they were able to crack the enigma code.
02:38 And that, along with their capturing a code book from a
02:42 Russian ewe boat that they ended up sinking so the Germans
02:46 wouldn't know that the code book was captured.
02:48 They were able to understand the correspondence between the
02:52 German military for the last half of World War II.
02:56 The U.S. even built a computer.
02:58 See once they got the message, then they had to decipher
03:00 it very quickly.
03:01 It was one of the first supercomputers,
03:03 as big as a truck, now it would fit in your watch.
03:06 And all that computer did was decipher enigma messages.
03:10 The U.S. built that machine for them.
03:12 So, through the combined work of the allies,
03:14 they figure they took two years off of World War II because they
03:19 understood the code of that machine.
03:22 Well, you know, in nature and in the Bible,
03:25 we see that there are cycles.
03:28 Even in the book of Ezekiel chapter 1,
03:30 it talks about a wheel within a wheel.
03:33 And you can see these wheels within wheels that are taking
03:38 place in Bible prophecy.
03:39 We're gonna talk a little bit about some of those unusual
03:42 cycles in our presentation tonight.
03:44 Now, first question, we're gonna do this in a series of questions
03:48 and the first question I'm gonna ask,
03:50 I like using this kind of question and answer
03:52 teaching method.
03:54 "Did Jesus give us some signs so we could know that they would
03:57 indicate that his coming was near?"
04:01 I'm not talking about the day and the hour, near.
04:04 What did he say?
04:05 "There'll be signs," Jesus said, "in the sun,
04:07 and in the moon, and in the stars,
04:09 and on the earth, distress of nations."
04:11 Things above, things in humanity,
04:13 things in nature, there'll be signs that will intensify in
04:18 frequency and their occurrence, and this
04:21 will indicate his coming is near.
04:24 Jesus said, "When you see these things,
04:25 lift up your heads."
04:27 I could stop right here and go into a presentation of about 50
04:31 different things that I think are signs that tell us that we
04:34 are living in, what I believe, is the last generation.
04:37 But I'm just gonna list a few that really stand out for me.
04:40 One is found in the book of Daniel chapter 12,
04:43 verse 4 where he says, "But you, oh, Daniel,
04:45 shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end;
04:49 many will run to and fro, and knowledge is increased."
04:54 You just heard Pastor Ross and I allude to,
04:57 we were on the other side of the planet couple
05:00 of weeks ago in South Africa.
05:02 And Karen and I this year, or within the last year anyway,
05:05 were in Fiji, and New Zealand, and just people
05:08 going around the globe.
05:09 They never did that back in Christ's day.
05:12 He never went more than 100 miles from the place
05:14 of his birth.
05:16 How many of you knew somebody that grew up and spent their
05:18 whole life and they never traveled 100 miles?
05:21 I knew a guy that was 70 miles from the ocean,
05:23 at 80 years old, he had never seen the ocean.
05:26 Someone finally took him and he was amazed.
05:29 Said, "Wow, that's a lot of water."
05:32 But people will run to and fro and knowledge will be increased.
05:36 How many of you have a smartphone?
05:38 You can access all of the wisdom of the ages now by just talking
05:42 to it and ask it a question.
05:44 I've just discovered this feature on my phone.
05:46 It's been on phones for a long time.
05:48 And it's amazing, my smartphone makes me feel dumb, actually.
05:53 But if you had showed something like that to the apostle Paul,
05:57 he would have thought you were possessed.
06:00 So, knowledge has increased more in the last 50 years than all of
06:04 the history of man combined.
06:06 So, that's one of the signs.
06:08 Here's another one, Jesus said, "This gospel of the kingdom will
06:12 be preached in all the world as a witness to the nation's and
06:15 then the end will come."
06:18 He didn't say, might come.
06:20 He says, "Then the end will come."
06:22 And, you know, even now this broadcast through the medium
06:26 of television, it is bouncing in about half a second off
06:29 satellites 23,000 miles up in space,
06:32 and ricocheting through the internet all over the world.
06:36 And this is just one presentation,
06:39 one ministry, or actually a group of ministries,
06:41 that are preaching the gospel and there's hundreds.
06:45 I had the privilege of conducting one of the first
06:49 public evangelistic programs in mainland China about a
06:54 year-and-a-half ago preaching to a group like this full
06:58 auditorium, free, 15 presentations.
07:02 They told me it was the first time that had been
07:04 allowed in 59 years.
07:06 And so, we've seen it happening.
07:08 And the DVDs and the Internet, the gospel is going
07:11 everywhere now.
07:12 Jesus didn't say everybody would believe.
07:14 He said, "But it would go to all the nations,
07:17 then the end will come."
07:18 I think we're living in that generation that will see this.
07:21 Now, this is a part I need to emphasize right at the front end
07:24 of our study tonight.
07:25 Next question, "Can anyone know the exact
07:28 date of Jesus's return?"
07:31 I'm gonna be talking about some signs,
07:33 but we've gotta be careful.
07:35 Jesus was very clear, "But of that day and that hour no one
07:39 knows, not even the angels of heaven nor the Son,
07:43 but only the Father."
07:46 Some people thought Jesus is coming 2,000
07:48 years after his birth.
07:50 I actually am on record in 1999 telling people
07:55 I don't think that's true.
07:57 You know why?
07:59 Because everybody thought so.
08:00 You remember the big fury in 1999?
08:02 Any of you alive back then?
08:04 Any of you, if you remember Y2K, and the world was gonna end,
08:07 and all the planes were gonna fall out of the sky.
08:09 And I said, No, I don't think Jesus is coming
08:10 December 31, 1999.
08:12 "Really, why not?"
08:14 Because all of you think so.
08:15 And Jesus said, "In such an hour,
08:17 you think not, the Son of Man is coming."
08:20 Now the church has pretty much gone to sleep,
08:23 it could be any time.
08:25 Some people are then setting dates and saying,
08:27 "Well, Jesus is gonna come 2,000 years,
08:29 not from his birth, but from his ministry,
08:32 his baptism, his anointing.
08:33 Others say, "No, it's 2,000 years from his death."
08:35 Don't even go there, friends.
08:38 I'll tell you why, it could be sooner than you think 'cause
08:42 Jesus said, "Except those days be shortened,
08:44 no flesh would be saved."
08:46 It could be later than you think because the Lord is long
08:50 suffering to us.
08:51 We're not willing that any should perish.
08:54 He's waiting till the last minute to save as
08:55 many as he can.
08:56 So, we gotta be very careful to start trying to pinpoint dates.
08:58 And some of you, if you knew the date,
09:00 it'd be like filing your taxes.
09:02 You'd wait to the last minute to get ready.
09:05 So, the Lord wants you to just be ready.
09:06 Jesus was very clear, but we can know when it's near.
09:09 And that's what we're gonna be talking about.
09:12 Jesus said, "You know how to tell the weather."
09:15 I mean, the weatherman can try and predict the weather was some
09:19 accuracy by satellites, and they have a perspective.
09:22 And Jesus said, "How come you can't see the
09:25 signs of the times?"
09:26 So, the Lord has given us signs of the times,
09:28 but no man knows the day and the hour of his coming.
09:33 And I want you to make--I want to make that very clear in this
09:36 presentation 'cause I'm gonna talk about some of the signs,
09:38 and we're gonna talk about some times,
09:41 but not dates, for the Lord's coming.
09:43 All right, question number three,
09:45 "What number appears most frequently in prophecy?"
09:51 You knew it, the number seven.
09:54 And here's this one verse in the Bible in the book of Revelation.
09:57 Revelation chapter 1, verse 20 talks about the mystery of the
10:00 seven stars, "Which he saw in my right hand,
10:04 and the seven golden lampstands, and the seven stars of the
10:08 angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands which
10:11 you saw are seven churches."
10:13 It's pretty clear about the number seven.
10:15 I've just got a small list here in my Bible that I assembled of
10:19 some of the sevens that you find in Scripture.
10:23 Six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are
10:26 an abomination to them.
10:27 You've heard about the seven deadly sins.
10:30 Judgment, that's kind of frightening but because it's
10:33 connected with judgment, seven's also connected with forgiveness.
10:36 For instance, Peter said, "Lord, how often shall I
10:40 forgive my brother?"
10:41 Matthew 18. "Seven times?"
10:43 And Jesus said, "Seventy times seven.
10:46 He said not seven times, but seventy times seven.
10:48 Again, forgiveness.
10:51 When the priest went before the Lord,
10:53 he took the blood of the sacrifice and the sprinkled it
10:55 seven times before the Lord.
10:58 And so seven connected with forgiveness.
11:01 You may remember the story in 2 Kings chapter 5 about Naaman
11:06 the general who was a leper.
11:08 He was told to wash in the Jordan.
11:10 Jordan is a symbol of where Jesus was baptized,
11:13 death, burial, resurrection, baptism; seven times,
11:16 and he was cleansed from his leprosy.
11:18 Miriam spent seven days outside of the tabernacle with her
11:22 leprosy and then she was healed.
11:25 And so, seven is sometimes like a cycle of time that talks about
11:29 a judgment.
11:30 So, "What are some of the other Bible stories that reference
11:34 this cycle of seven?"
11:36 How long was Moses on Mount Sinai getting
11:38 the Ten Commandments?
11:40 Forty days and forty nights.
11:41 But you remember, there was another time period before
11:44 he went up.
11:45 "Now the glory of the Lord rested on Mount Sinai,
11:48 and the cloud covered it," for how long?
11:50 "Six days and on the seventh day,
11:54 the Lord called to Moses out of the cloud,
11:57 and Moses went up."
11:59 Another law they had, just some of the other stories,
12:02 "If you buy a Hebrew servant," Exodus chapter 21:2,
12:06 "He will serve six years, and in the seventh year,
12:10 he'll go free."
12:12 Now, is Jesus gonna set the captives free when he comes?
12:15 So, six years, people in the world have been
12:19 enslaved to the devil.
12:21 He's a hard taskmaster.
12:22 But the Lord's gonna to come and he's gonna set the captives
12:24 free, and those who've trusted in Christ will be liberated
12:28 at that time.
12:29 Jericho, you know when the children of Israel,
12:32 the first battle to take the Promised Land was a city
12:34 called Jericho.
12:35 How many times did they march around the city of Jericho?
12:38 Thirteen times.
12:41 Everyone gets that wrong.
12:42 You all remember how many times they marched around the city the
12:46 last day, but it says they march around
12:48 the city once for six days.
12:51 Then on the seventh day, they march around
12:53 the city seven times.
12:55 That's a total of 13.
12:57 How many were at the Last Supper?
12:59 Thirteen, what does that mean?
13:01 I don't know, but I just think, I always
13:03 think about these numbers.
13:05 Just stir up your pure minds.
13:07 You might give me your ideas.
13:09 Anyway but notice six days and march around the city.
13:11 Then the seventh day, they took the Promised Land.
13:14 "What are some of the other patterns of seven in Scripture?"
13:18 We got a lot, friends.
13:20 Enoch, you can read in the book of Jude,
13:22 Enoch is the seventh from Adam.
13:25 He prophesied about these men saying,
13:27 "Behold, the Lord comes with 10,000 saints."
13:31 Now, we just talked about, Enoch,
13:32 the father of Methuselah, what direction did Enoch go?
13:35 He went up.
13:37 What generation was he?
13:38 He was the seventh.
13:41 So, if you count from Adam, Seth,
13:43 Emus, you make your way up to Enoch,
13:45 you got six before him, the seventh goes up.
13:49 And the seventh, Jude says, talks about the Lord is coming.
13:52 Very interesting, I don't know, maybe I'm seeing stuff that
13:57 isn't really there but to me, I just see a pattern.
14:00 You can read in Job, "In six troubles he will deliver you.
14:04 Yes, in seven no evil will touch you."
14:07 Why does no evil touch us in seven?
14:08 'Cause we're caught up.
14:10 You remember there was a famine in the land and Elijah
14:12 prayed for rain.
14:13 And he sent his servant to the ocean he said,
14:15 "Any rain yet?"
14:17 He said, "It hasn't rained for three-and-a-half years.
14:18 There's nothing."
14:19 He prayed again, he prayed again,
14:22 he prayed again.
14:23 Came to pass, after six times the servant came back said,
14:25 "Nothing, nothing, nothing."
14:27 Seventh time he prayed he said, "You know,
14:29 there's a cloud coming up out of the sea,
14:33 and that cloud grew and it filled the sky and it poured,
14:36 and there was a storm."
14:38 And by the way, there's gonna be a storm,
14:40 friends, in the future just before Jesus comes.
14:43 Christ said there's gonna be a time of trouble such as there
14:45 never has been since there was a nation,
14:47 even under that same time.
14:49 You've heard of the tribulation, this is why Jesus said,
14:52 "He that endures to the end will be saved."
14:54 We've gotta have a faith now where we believe his Word
14:57 and we love the Lord.
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15:34 Doug: "Did Jesus foretell there might be an appearance
15:36 of delay connected with his return?"
15:40 I mean here 6,000 years have gone by.
15:42 It's been 2,000 years since Christ was born,
15:45 how come he hasn't come back yet?
15:46 Don't forget when Jesus came the first time,
15:49 was the church ready for his first coming?
15:51 Did his own people, with the Bible,
15:54 grow tired of waiting for the Messiah?
15:57 Why would we think the devil's gonna be any different?
15:59 It's gonna be the same way, the Second Coming,
16:03 as it was the first.
16:04 And they weren't reading the Bible.
16:06 There was a few wise men in the East,
16:07 couple of people in the temple, Hannah and Simeon,
16:09 some shepherds in the field, but most people were not ready for
16:13 the first coming.
16:14 The devil hasn't changed.
16:17 So, what are some examples Jesus gave us so we can know that he
16:19 told us, "Prepare for a time of delay that will test your
16:24 faith," or at least the appearance of delay.
16:26 After Jesus gives the signs in Matthew 24 talking about the
16:30 Second Coming.
16:32 He tells the disciples, "If that evil servant says in his heart,
16:35 'My Lord is delaying his coming,'" and he begins
16:40 to eat and drink with the drunken.
16:41 Why would he mentioned if that sermon says,
16:43 "My Lord delays."?
16:46 You know, it sounds like Christ is quoting what happened when
16:49 the children of Israel got tired of waiting for
16:51 Moses to come back.
16:53 Moses went up the mountain to get the Ten Commandments,
16:54 but he was, you know, over 80 years old,
16:57 and he went up there, and there's thunder and smoke coming
17:00 out of the mountain, and the mountain's shaking and after a
17:03 few weeks, you'd start to worry.
17:05 You know, an old guy up there, he could have tripped,
17:07 he's by himself.
17:09 He's probably not coming back.
17:11 After three weeks, four weeks, after 40 days
17:15 they said, "Oh, this is it.
17:17 He's not coming back.
17:18 We can't go up the mountain, we're forbidden.
17:19 We gotta get someone else."
17:21 It says, "While Moses delayed.
17:23 When the people saw that Moses delayed coming
17:25 down the mountain."
17:28 They were being tested.
17:30 What did they do?
17:31 Many of them failed the test.
17:34 They made a golden calf.
17:35 They compromised their worship.
17:36 Could the church be faced with the same kind of test today?
17:39 We're in a time of waiting right now.
17:41 When our faith should be going stronger,
17:43 and some are compromising trying to be like the world.
17:46 Another example in the Bible.
17:50 You've heard of Samuel the prophet,
17:53 Samuel anointed king to be--Saul to the king and he said,
17:58 "You're gonna have an epic battle with the Philistines.
18:00 Don't go into battle till I offer sacrifice for you."
18:03 Samuel was the prophet, he was the priest.
18:05 He was the judge of Israel.
18:07 Well, he said, notice what he says,
18:09 "You shall go down before me to Gilgal and surely I will come."
18:15 Did Jesus tell you that, "I will come again"?
18:17 Does he lie?
18:19 "Surely, I will come down to you to offer burnt offering and
18:22 sacrifices of peace offerings.
18:24 Seven days you'll wait, wait till I come.
18:28 Wait till I come to you."
18:29 Very clear instructions.
18:31 But then the Bible says Saul, the Philistines were gathering,
18:35 his men were getting afraid, many were deserting.
18:38 Six days went by, Samuel was not even there.
18:43 And the Bible says he waited seven days,
18:45 but Samuel didn't come.
18:47 And Saul finally said, "Look, we've got to offer sacrifice."
18:49 When the seventh day came, he was being tested.
18:52 He did something that he was forbidden to do.
18:55 The king was not the priest.
18:57 He was not supposed to offer the sacrifice.
18:59 And he went and he did it 'cause the other nations did it so he
19:02 thought, "It doesn't matter if I do it."
19:03 He offered sacrifice and as soon as he was done,
19:05 guess what happened.
19:07 Samuel came.
19:08 Same thing that happened as soon as they made the golden calf.
19:10 Moses came, there's gonna be a big test in the last days
19:14 of God's people.
19:16 That's why Jesus said, "Many will come to me
19:18 in that day, 'Lord, Lord.'"
19:19 He'll say, "I don't know you.
19:21 Depart from me, you who work iniquity."
19:22 They lost patients waiting, time of testing.
19:26 Why do you think Jesus said in Matthew 25,
19:28 Matthew 24 signs of the Second Coming.
19:31 Matthew 25, "While the bridegroom delayed--"
19:34 Who's the bridegroom in that parable?
19:36 He's a symbol for Jesus, we all agree?
19:38 Did Christ--is he trying to tell us something?
19:41 That there was a period of testing where those--there is
19:45 10 virgins, 5 wise, 5 foolish, right?
19:50 You know the parable?
19:51 There's a time of testing, half of them failed the test 'cause
19:55 they thought, "Well, he's not coming back."
19:57 The Lord sometimes tests our faith.
20:00 "Will Jesus actually be late for his return?"
20:04 What do you think?
20:05 Let's read some prophecies on this.
20:06 It says in Habakkuk, "The vision is yet for an appointed time,
20:11 but at the end, it will speak and not lie."
20:14 Notice, it says, "Though it tarries,
20:18 wait for it because it will surely come.
20:21 It will not tarry."
20:23 In other words, he says though it tarries,
20:25 but it will not tarry.
20:27 Though it appears and many of the world are saying,
20:29 "I guess the Lord's not coming back."
20:31 You can read here in Hebrews 10:37,
20:34 "For yet a little while, and he who is coming will come
20:37 and will not tarry.
20:39 And the just shall live by faith."
20:43 Friends, is your faith hanging on?
20:45 Jesus said, "I'm coming again."
20:46 This ought to be the great hope, the blessed hope of believers
20:50 that will mobilize us.
20:52 And if, how would you live if you thought the Lord was
20:55 coming in a week?
20:57 We ought to be living that way every day.
20:59 He said, "I will come again," and he will reward everybody.
21:03 You can read in Hebrews chapter 10,
21:05 verse 37, "If anyone draws back, my soul has no pleasure in him."
21:10 That's the rest of that verse.
21:12 Here's one from 2 Peter 3, verse 3 and 4,
21:15 "Knowing this first, that scoffers will come in the last
21:18 days," that's in the words of our song,
21:22 mockers and scoffers.
21:24 "Walking according to their own lusts saying,
21:27 'Where is the promise of his coming?
21:29 Forever since the fathers fell asleep,
21:31 all things continue as they were from the beginning of the
21:34 creation until now."
21:35 What is Peter talking about scoffers in the world?
21:38 There's always been scoffers in the world.
21:40 Maybe he's talking about scoffers in the church in the
21:44 last days, walking after their own lust.
21:47 And I'm walking godly lives saying,
21:48 Ah, he's never gonna come.
21:50 Yeah, we've heard it, Jesus is coming,
21:51 Jesus is coming.
21:52 You preachers been saying that for years.
21:54 That's right, and one of these days we're gonna be right.
21:56 He is gonna come.
21:59 He told us to let people know.
22:01 How does the Bible end?
22:02 Even so come, Lord Jesus.
22:04 We can't lose faith in that, friends.
22:07 It says, Peter says, "But the day of the Lord will come as a
22:12 thief in the night in which the heavens will pass away with a
22:14 great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat and
22:18 the earth also and the things that are in it
22:20 will be burned up."
22:21 He's gonna come.
22:23 Romans chapter 13, verse 11, "And knowing the time,
22:28 that now it is high time to awake out asleep.
22:31 For now is our salvation nearer then when we first believed."
22:36 What were those--how many of the ten virgins were wise?
22:41 How many of them were foolish.
22:44 How many were sleeping?
22:46 I wonder if the Lord's telling us something about the condition
22:50 before the bridegroom comes.
22:51 We need to wake up.
22:53 The Bible says, "The night is far spent,
22:55 the day is at hand.
22:57 Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put
23:00 on the armor of light."
23:02 Friends, I believe we're living in the most exciting time
23:05 in the Earth's history.
23:07 I believe the Lord has told us in his Word in through the signs
23:10 of the times, through the stories of the Bible,
23:13 through the cycles that we see in prophecy.
23:16 And we'll be sharing a lot more.
23:17 You need to stick with this program because we're gonna be
23:19 sharing things that you maybe never heard before,
23:21 but I promise you it will be from the Word of God and it's
23:24 all gonna tell you that Christ is coming soon.
23:27 What's happening behind the scenes in prophecy right now,
23:29 much of the world is confused about and how we can be ready.
23:34 The Lord has not forgotten us.
23:36 He is gonna come again.
23:38 I remember back in 1995 when all this unfolded during the Bosnian
23:43 War, one of our fighter pilots, Captain Scott O'Grady,
23:47 was flying over war-torn Bosnia when his F16 when a SAM missile
23:52 tore through his aircraft.
23:55 And as he pummeled towards the ground,
23:57 he pulled the ejection lever and he exploded out of what was left
24:01 of the cockpit, burned his face, injured eye it a little bit,
24:06 and he parachuted down.
24:08 And they saw, the enemy on the ground,
24:09 saw that they hit him.
24:11 They saw him parachute down.
24:12 They couldn't get to the spot quick enough and he dropped his
24:14 chute, went and hid like a scared animal in the brush
24:17 in the woods.
24:19 And for six days, he was trying to evade the enemy in strange
24:24 territory, and he was hiding under bushes.
24:28 Says, sometimes he saw the boots going just right near him of the
24:32 enemy looking for him.
24:33 They knew if they could get that American pilot,
24:35 it would be quite a trophy.
24:37 He had a radio and he kept calling for help.
24:38 He saw the battery was slowly fading on his radio,
24:41 and he wondered if anybody was hearing him.
24:44 And he said, the only thing that sustained him during that time
24:47 was his love for God, his love for his family,
24:53 and his love for his country.
24:55 For six days, Captain O'Grady hid,
24:58 drank dirty water, and he ate bugs and did all he could to
25:03 survive, kept calling for help.
25:05 And finally, he heard somebody call back on his radio.
25:10 They were afraid to call him for fear that others would pick up
25:12 the transmission, and he was given some instructions.
25:15 And after six days, there was a clearing.
25:18 He set off a flare, and a helicopter descended with twenty
25:22 Marines jumping out to create a perimeter.
25:25 He ran to that chopper and jumped in as fast as he could,
25:28 and the whole thing took seven minutes.
25:30 And he got back and you know, it was amazing.
25:34 Whenever I hear this story, I don't know,
25:37 I'm getting old and emotional or something.
25:38 Just it was amazing to me that while he was going through that
25:43 ordeal, he wondered, "Has my country forgotten about me?
25:47 Is anybody doing anything for me?
25:49 Are they gonna come back?
25:50 Maybe I'm just one soldier and they don't care."
25:52 And if he could only know what was going on behind the scenes,
25:55 the whole United States Military plus the military of allies had
26:02 been mobilized to save one soldier.
26:05 Now, if faulty men can do that for their fellow man,
26:09 will God forget about us?
26:11 Is he gonna come again?
26:13 Friends, you can count on it, and I think that the time
26:16 is coming soon.
26:18 He wants you to be ready.
26:19 And once you are ready, he wants you to help get other people
26:22 ready because friends, can you tell me what is more important
26:24 than eternal life?
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